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Default EarthX battery


Not a -14 but I have an Odyssey PC680 in an aft fuselage battery mount behind the baggage compartment in my -8. It is mounted on the floor in a mount made by a company called StreetRays. I have been considering upgrading to the ETX 900 and got an empty case from EarthX for fitment testing. Yes the E case on the ETX 900 is slightly deeper than a PC680 but the ETX 900 does fit the StreetRays mount in the first picture below.

I saw the second mount below online and it looks like it could be made to fit the ETX 900 by slightly elongating the front screw mounting holes if needed. It may fit as is though.

I’m not sure where the standard QB fuselage battery mount on the -14 is, if it’s on the firewall not sure these mounts would work since these appear to be floor mounts. Just some options.....

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