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Default Rivet Gun Misfiring?

Happy New Year all!

Have any of you had a rivet gun "misfire" in the middle of setting a rivet? I've been using my trusty Taylor 3x for a year and a half now and it's been great. Finished the empennage and am about to start wings... All with no issues except when it was a few months old - it would push the rivet set out but not cycle when the trigger was pressed. Lots of tapping and air tool oil fixed it and it was running perfect ever since.

I was bucking some 470-4 rivets the past few days and once every 15 rivets or so, the gun would literally sound like it was an engine misfiring. Every time it sounded like that, the rate of hits slowed as well. What sucks is that I ended up smearing the rivet slightly when this happened. If I was quick enough to release the trigger, it wasn't an issue. But a couple of odd sounding hits in a row and it might deform the head enough I would consider drilling it out and replacing the rivet.

I've used pneumatic tools for many years and keep them well-oiled and clean. I have a call in to Taylor and Cleaveland Tool to get an idea of how to best address it. But in the meantime, I'm curious - have you had something similar happen to your rivet gun and what were you able to do about it?


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