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Originally Posted by aitor11 View Post
I just finished doing this. I did get all correctly drilled, but your mileage may vary.

Let me try to explain my method:

- Install the receptacles.
- Put the cleco holder in place (you can tape it or just have someone hold it for you).
- Insert something that is roughly the same size as the cleco hole and use that as a guide to draw lines (I used a awl).
- Draw six lines into the fuselage. Two of them will be parallel between themselves every time. I made the groups roughly 0, -45 and +45 degrees between themselves all moving aft from the awl.
- Did all receptacles this way.
- Installed the cowling.
- Using the six lines for each hole I draw them into the cowling until they all intercepted.
- Made a #30 hole at the intersecting point for each receptacle.
- Enlarged them with the step drill.
- Done.
Thanks for posting this. I think out of all the methods described before you this one I can grasp.


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