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Well, not my RV, but a friend's new to him. My first almost Coast to Coast cross country in a little airplane:

Left the Bay Area noonish on Saturday, had to take the southern route due to smoke from a fire that's about to
eat my house. Landed on Maryland's Eastern Shore just after sunset Sunday.

2+3 three-hour-ish legs split by an overnight in Albuquerque. VFR all the way, some time on O2 (system
failed or I would have done more), always left myself an out when dealing with convection. Sometimes
flight following, sometimes just 121.5 and some sweet tunes (the cockpit dancing videos will not be shared,
you're welcome).

M'lady said "I can't believe you finished the trip from Albuquerque in one day!" to which I said "You wake
up on one coast and fly eight hours to the other to be home for dinner all the time." Perspective, I guess.
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