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The AP knob stuck in. It could just be a chance thing, or the encoder switch could be malfunctioning. If you see this happen, just pull back out (gently) on the knob and it will stop the gyro set.

You will need to do a gyro set (on purpose this time) to recenter the gyros. This should be done on the ground while stationary.

Originally Posted by Sdemeyer View Post
Today while taking advantage of the rare nice PNW weather my relatively new TruTrak 385 malfunctioned. "Gyro Set" appeared on the screen for a few seconds, the RV6 started wandering around the sky on its own and I could not shut off the AP without pulling the breaker. The AP disconnect button disconnected the AP for a few seconds but then it reengaged itself with no input from me! This was repeatable so I have to leave the circuit breaker pulled until I figure out what is wrong.

There does not appear to be too much MFG support from Bendix/King for these AP's. I'm not sure what could cause this? It has always worked fine for the last year or so up until now.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Scott
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