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Default Wheel pant removal before heading into the backcountry?

Do you pilots who land at backcountry strips remove the wheel pants before you go "off-road"?

I am building a -7. It seems like the pressure recovery wheel pants would be pretty easy to remove and stow in the baggage compartment.

For example, one could fly into McCall, ID remove the wheel pants, then make the short hop to the ID back country strip of choice. I suppose one could replace the wheel pant with a little "bicycle fender" a la Cessna 310 to limit rock damage.

This would avoid the cruise speed penalty for most of the trip while preventing abuse of the wheel pants. I fly off a turf strip and the wheel pants on my Cherokee were a maintenance item. The nose wheel pant really got so blasted from the prop wash over time I thought about putting some of that clear mylar 3M tape over it.

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