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Default PSA: Yardstore Microstops

I was having some trouble with consistency of depth with my microstops (13031) from the Yardstore. I have two of them. One of them would stay +- 0.001" or so but I'd randomly get some that were under depth by 0.002"-0.003" based on how hard I'd press. The other would do the same but finally jumped 0.021" one day I ended up replacing a doubler because of it.

I did some measuring and the return spring inside the unit is too long or the counterbore for the roller bearing is too shallow or the roller bearing itself is too tall or the stop is bored too deep. Whatever it is, the stack up is wrong and the plunger is bottoming out on the spring and not on the thrust washers.

If you have these units, I'd highly recommend you check the compressed height of the plunger then take them apart, pull the spring out, reassemble, and check the compressed plunger height again. If they don't match, clip about 1/4"-3/8" (of wire not total length) from each end of the spring and reassemble and check. I only needed to make room for about 0.030", which is roughly the same diameter as the wire. I clipped them back just to the point where the end of the wire clears the next loop of wire instead of touches it.

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