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Hi all,

Thank you all for the responses. I am overwhelmed by the replies and debates. I did not think it would become some hot topic.

Just for clarity, I do not own this aircraft. I am only filming as I have an interest in this project. I personally would like to see more diesel in GA due to above comments that Avgas is hard to find in some parts of the world.
I am personally concerned about GA. Avgas might be full up in some parts in the world but, for how long? I would rather let the development and research happen sooner than later.

I do understand that there are costs and I unfortunately do not have the numbers. Maybe an idea for a later video to look at some of the real world costs.

I noted in some replies, that the engine is not sold to the experimental market and that is correct. It is to OEM clients only at this stage. The RV-9 being built by Robin Coss will be a production built aircraft. This development will add additional options to the current production built Vans RV range.

I will not be replying on here often as I would like to keep some content for the videos but, I am still reading all the replies.

Feel free to continue the discussion
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