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Originally Posted by thiggins View Post
No expert here at all, but if you watch some of Mike Patey’s carbon fiber YouTube videos, he does use clear coat very often for that purty finish. Darned amazing skills he has there.
One of the things that Patey does, I think, to get such nice looking carbon fiber weave is to pre-impregnate the cloth with resin. He doesn't explicitly show this step, but he's always applying sheets of cloth that are already wet. You can sometimes see him cutting the sheet from a larger sheet of cloth sandwiched between layers of plastic sheet, which he cuts with a rolling style cutter, usually.

That way, he's not stretching the fabric all over trying to squeegee resin into it while it's lying out on a curved surface, which will probably cause weird stretching and bunching. I'm no expert either, but from what I've seen some composite people do, it's all pre-layed up on a flat surface, impregnated with resin, and between two sheets of plastic to make the resin spread evenly, and make sure the cloth is all filled with no bubbles before ever laying it up into the final shape.
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