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Ralph Inkster 01-19-2022 11:56 AM

Vans RV Numbers in Canada
RVs are fairly popular here & I wondered what our numbers actually were. So I figured a quick search through the Transport Canada data bases could cook up a quick survey, but... I soon realized the actual data lines were based on Registered Owners, not aircraft... and there wasn't consistency in Make and Model fields (eg. RV6A called by a different name) to do a clean search. These numbers are understated because I wasn't going to go thru a huge editing effort to get closer to actual counts, but it gives you an idea of how many RVs are flying up in the Great White North.

I gathered these numbers during my morning coffee break, If you have more time (& inclination), you could get the real & larger count.

----- RVs - owners
AB - 133 - 160
BC - 141 - 162
ON - 207 - 185
PQ - 66 - 75
the balance of RVs reside in the rest of Canada's provinces & territories
total CDN - 609 - 710 - so there at least 710 RV fanatics (plus a bunch of builders) up here

It was gratifying to see registrations for RVs I've built & owned over the years. It was also interesting to see RV partnerships out there. I thought 2 or 3 partners would be normal, but there is an RV-10 listing 6(!) partners - there should be some good stories from that!

So, why is it still, about every 4th airport I land at that someone will walk up ask 'What's that you're flying?' ??

Weefle 01-19-2022 09:21 PM

Interesting numbers Ralph. I had no idea there were that many. I know in Vernon here there are quite a few.
Hopefully next year one more RV 10 will be added to the numbers.


kearney 01-20-2022 07:40 AM


It would seem that you are personally responsible for a significant portion of the Canadian builds!

Snowflake 01-20-2022 07:49 AM

And if you're searching, you'll also have to include all the RV's that are registered as a "Joe Bloggs Model 1" and not as anything you'd recognize as an RV...The builder is the manufacturer, and the builder can call it whatever they want to...

Ralph Inkster 01-20-2022 09:00 AM

Yep. If someone's RV was listed "Hummdinger-6A" or such in the Model field, it's not in my count. It would take much longer than my morning coffee break to catch all the unique names & add them in...

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