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Mark Albery 05-12-2022 08:55 AM

What's the latest for flying into Canada
I plan to be taking my RV-8 from the US through Canada next month and have been trying to get up to data on the procedures.

I'm familiar with the eAPIS and flight plan requirements and have downloaded the ArriveCan app, but that does not seem to cater for private flights and crew.

Can someone kindly give me a quick synopsis of what I need to do to satisfy the Canadian requirements?

Ralph Inkster 05-12-2022 02:44 PM

You can get current Covid related information here:

You can get list of open AOE airports here:

You will be required to use the ArriveCan app to confirm your vaccination status upon arrival.


Min 2 hours before arrival time, you call Canada Customs (Canpass) at 1 (888) 226-7277, report your intensions to arrive in Canada, have your travel documents (passport etc.) for you and your passengers handy.

File (& OPEN!!) a flight plan.

File your Eapis departure report (US requirement)

Contact a ATC unit for your trans border xpdr code.

Land at your planned AOE airport, taxi to the designated Customs area.

If no Canada Customs Officer meets you there, call the 1 (888)226-7277 phone# to report your arrival.

Welcome to Canada!

Norman CYYJ 05-12-2022 04:07 PM

Make sure that you call a FSS and verify that your flight plan is opened.

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