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aelbrown 07-30-2022 01:58 AM

Tailwheel-RV instructors near San Diego?
I have ~220 hours, ~15 TW, and ~8 hours instruction with me flying from the backseat of an RV-4. I'm really struggling to fly it from the back, but my instructor does not specialize in RVs and is also reluctant to fly it from the back.

The backseat is set up with a rudimentary, but stable, throttle and FlyBoys rear rudder pedals connected with climbing-grade knots and accessory cord instead of the standard chain that is liable to break. However, flaps cannot be operated while the left rear rudder pedal is in use and I have yet to perform a landing with flaps.


Do you know anyone near San Diego that could give me instruction from the back seat in the next week (or even better, this weekend!)? Or anyone who instructs out of their own RV. I'm based at MYF. I don't know if I could travel to you as I've yet to fly it from the front seat.

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