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Lote 10-28-2014 11:41 AM

I got ramp checked
Flew from Marysville OH to Savannah GA on Friday IFR and stopped at Lauren County (KLUX) SC for the cheap fuel based on recommendations I saw here on VAF. Landed about 9:30 AM and all was quiet. There appeared to be no one around. The airport manager had left a sign indicating he was away running errands. I stated fueling up at the self-serve pump and out of nowhere a man appeared and stated he was with the FAA and wanted to see my paper work. Specifically, my pilot certificate, repairman certificate, medical certificate, airworthiness certificate and operating limitations.

He was cordial and all my paperwork was in order. He said he was passing through. He told me about some violations he had seen. Such as an experimental owner who never bothered to get his repairman certificate but was doing annuals on his plane.

It took about five minutes. I'm embarrassed to say I forgot to ask him for his credentials. I didn't write down his name and don't remember it.

Afterwards I started wondering. My wife and I make the trip to Savannah fairly often, but I've tried some different airports for the fuel stop. We were IFR as usual so were positively identified. There were no other airplanes around. Possible check for drug runners/terrorists? Who knows.

I've never been ramp checked before and don't know anyone who has. But be aware--it CAN happen.

LeRoy Johnston RV-6A Esperanza 855 hours

ArVeeNiner 10-28-2014 11:58 AM

I wasn't aware that we needed to carry our Repairman's Certificate with us. I keep mine in the hangar with my aircraft log books. Does anybody know if this is really required to be carried?

BCP Boys 10-28-2014 12:00 PM

I can see checking for everything but the repairman cert ... ?!?!?!?! That is not something that is needed to be legal and flying. Having your pilots license, Air worthiness, medical, heck even if he asked for a weight and balance but repairman cert? IT IS NOT required. The only way this would be an issue is if you don't have one and you signed your log book during your annual/conditional inspection. Which means he would have to see your log books ... which do not have to be in the airplane during flight.... so no, it's not required.

Very strange . . . I'm glad it wasn't me. It would not have been that uneventful.

humptybump 10-28-2014 12:02 PM

This is an old question/answer but "how would an FAA 'inspector' know that an owner of an experimental aircraft had been doing the condition inspection without a repairman's certificate?"

I was of the understanding that the Pilot is not required to carry their personal logbook nor the maintenance records for the airplane *in* the airplane - although those documents may need to be produced at a later date. The Pilot is supposed to have current charts for their flight, the aircraft airworthiness certificate, registration, operating limitations, (radio license if operating outside the USA), and W&B.

DaleB 10-28-2014 12:04 PM

It can happen any time. I got ramp checked as a student pilot... on the one day my CFI forgot his wallet, so didn't have his cert. He managed to dodge the FAA guy. The FAA guy was nice, no hassles, but I was really wishing ALL the log books were not in the back of the plane when he asked about them. I wouldn't ever keep them there, but it was a club plane, club rules... dumb as they may be. He cut it short when the 135 operator with the King Air taxied up, I think I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Most pilots I know say they have never been checked. ::shrug::

I agree that unless he's examining maintenance logs that have your signature in them, he shouldn't need to see your repairman cert. Then again, they can ask for whatever they feel like asking for... doesn't mean you're necessarily required to produce it.

rv7boy 10-28-2014 12:39 PM

Show versus Surrender of MEDICAL CERTIFICATE?
I've never been ramp checked but have been a passenger in an RV-9A at the Talladega NASCAR race track when my friend, Dan, was ramp checked.

One thing I remember about the Bob Hoover fiasco, when an FAA inspector was apparently trying to make a name for himself about 20 years ago, is that Bob Hoover said he made the mistake of handing his Medical certificate to the FAA.

[Update: As is usually the case, my recollection is not supported by the facts. For those interested, I found a page posted by a lawyer that more accurately describes what happened in the Hoover case.]

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression we are required to SHOW the paperwork, but we are not required to SURRENDER the paperwork to the inspector. [Another Update: See the link I posted above that explains the suggested procedure, except the FAR part that deals with Inspection of our certificates has been updated from FAR 61.3(h) to 14 CFR 61.3(l). That's an "l" as in LIMA :-) .]

Here is 14 CFR 61.3(l):
"(l) Inspection of certificate. Each person who holds an airman certificate, medical certificate, authorization, or license required by this part must present it and their photo identification as described in paragraph (a)(2) of this section for inspection upon a request from:
(1) The Administrator;
(2) An authorized representative of the National Transportation Safety Board; or
(3) Any Federal, State, or local law enforcement officer.
(4) An authorized representative of the Transportation Security Administration."

So my understanding is I can hold the certificate(s) and let the government representative look at it (inspect it), but if I let him/her hold it, he/she may not give it back.

My friend Dan allowed the inspector to hold his Pilot certificate, Class III Medical, Airworthiness Certificate and Aircraft Registration, etc., but he did give them back to him. And I don't think there was any discussion of his Repairman's Certificate not being with him.

aerovin 10-28-2014 12:55 PM

As per the FARs:

Sec. 65.105 ? Display of certificate.

Each person who holds a repairman certificate shall keep it within the immediate area where he normally exercises the privileges of the certificate and shall present it for inspection upon the request of the Administrator or an authorized representative of the National Transportation Safety Board, or of any Federal, State, or local law enforcement officer.

As stated, it could be kept in the hangar where work is normally done.

jrs14855 10-28-2014 01:39 PM

No medical required for Light Sport and Glider.
Ops limits can be placards.
No requirement to carry pilot logbook, therefore no requirement to carry proof of BFR. The only requirement is to produce proof of BFR or equivalent at a later date if required by FAA.

Mel 10-28-2014 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by jrs14855 (Post 928617)
No medical required for Light Sport and Glider.
Ops limits can be placards.
No requirement to carry pilot logbook, therefore no requirement to carry proof of BFR. The only requirement is to produce proof of BFR or equivalent at a later date if required by FAA.

For experimental amateur-built, special light-sport, and experimental light-sport aircraft, the operating limitations issued with the airworthiness certificate must be on board the aircraft during all operations.
This is stated both within the operating limitations and on the airworthiness certificate.

Bavafa 10-28-2014 01:52 PM

On that note, I just checked and can not locate my repaire certificate but have my number. I wonder if I can get another one issued?

Does any one know what would be the process?

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