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idubrov 05-10-2022 11:10 PM

RV-7 #75069
Started building an empennage kit of RV-7. Made some progress working on the vertical stabilizer.

And this is my damaged front spar assembly for the vertical stabilizer:

Lesson? Don't try to fix what is not broken :rolleyes:

idubrov 05-21-2022 10:48 AM

After many working sessions, getting to the point of no return: this nose rib is going to be hidden inside the part!

Looks good to me. Couple of rivets are not exactly straight, but this should do. I noted that I instinctively tend to get shop heads on a smaller side. There was one head ~0.126" (which is still good according to the spec, which gives ~0.122" minimum for 3/32" rivets), but I hit it few more times.

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Mr_Sierra_Juliet 05-21-2022 05:22 PM

Ha! Small world, I'm RV7 75070! I'm a long way behind you thanks to Vans loosing my final payment for a month and living in the UK so no doubt further shipping delays there!

I'll follow you with interest if for no other reason than your builder number and for knowing what's next in my build!


idubrov 05-21-2022 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by Mr_Sierra_Juliet (Post 1609693)
I'll follow you with interest if for no other reason than your builder number and for knowing what's next in my build!


Meanwhile, horizontal stabilizer is complete! Turned out, I was intimidated by the rivet gun for no reason. Running 3/32" rivets with the mushroom set is nothing to be scared of (I am still intimidated by the universal head -4 rivets, but I'm sure, I'll get there).

I was thinking to show my rivets to somebody before I close the part, but I couldn't hold myself from finishing it. Not much to see there anyways, all the rivets are perfect :D

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idubrov 05-24-2022 10:15 PM

...and vertical stabilizer is finally complete, too (after rebuilding the whole front spar assembly).

Some random rivets inside the vertical stabilizer (I think, they look worse than the horizontal stabilizer ones, but hey, it took me much less time!)

Does not look like my dimples are crisp enough! However, I think, truly crisp dimples are a myth :D

idubrov 08-03-2022 03:12 PM

Okay, so the empennage parts are somewhat complete (except for the fiberglass and fitting parts together).

Still debating if I want all fairings to be removable or just the rudder bottom one (and maybe the elevator ones, so I can keep additional counterbalance weights inside them).

Taltruda 08-03-2022 04:58 PM

You can get crisper dimples.. they aren’t a myth. Cleaveland tool has a great YouTube video you can check out showing the difference between under dimpled and right ones. You either need to squeeze or hit harder, but also check the brand dies and if they aren’t quality ones such as brown, Avery or Cleaveland, you might find a difference there too.

idubrov 08-03-2022 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by Taltruda (Post 1624420)
You can get crisper dimples.. they arenít a myth.

I know, I was being a bit sarcastic, given all the discussions about "crisp dimples" I've seen. I primarily use DRDT-2 which I think I set up properly (lots of pressure).

I'll try more pressure (or maybe buy Cleveland dimple dies).

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