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rockwoodrv9 03-06-2013 10:33 AM

I will have to come over and go through your scrap pile! Having the first kit done must be a good feeling. I was in Denver Monday and Tues. I was going to come on up, but got stuck in meetings until late yesterday afternoon and had to drive home.

Next time I am in town, I want to see how you are going to set up your wing jigs and how you plan to build them. I like how you have everything put away already. I am working on my garage getting rid of a bunch of **** I don't need or want anymore to make more room.

My FWF kit is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. That should be fun.

David Paule 03-06-2013 07:42 PM

Ppilotmike, I sent you a PM.

Rocky, I sent you an email.


ccrawford 03-06-2013 11:20 PM

Blue stuff
I just took the blue stuff off my tail kit, been on there since 2006. No problems taking it off, and moisture is not an issue here in Denver.

It was nice to have them protected while mounting so they didn't get all scratched up.

David Paule 03-07-2013 12:55 PM

That's what I figured. And seeing the clean parts that were in my kit but fabricated in 2009 and then stored in OR before shipping them to me, that kind of helped with the decision.


David Paule 03-16-2013 07:12 PM

Wing Jig Ready
With the tail put away, I designed and built this wing jig. For those of you who have the pre-punched kits, you won't need something this rigid, but the RV-3B requires something stiff upon which to support the wing's frame during construction.

As of today, the jig is trued and Bondoed to the garage floor. It awaits the angle brackets which actually support the spars. In the meantime I've started the rear spar. Thus, the game continues.

I had to use a wide angle setting to take the photo. In reality the legs are actually vertical and parallel to each other.

Almost forgot to mention that the reason for the four legs is to build both wings together. But you probably figured that out....


David Paule 03-24-2013 09:41 PM

Rear Spars
As I mentioned, I'm trying to build the wings together. Started with the assembly of the rear spars per the manual. This shows the root ends of them. I've left the holes pilot-drilled for the ribs but went ahead and riveted the other holes.

Incidentally, remember that this is an RV-3B. None of the parts shown here came pre-drilled or shaped, except that the rear spar itself arrives bent and one inch too long.

This was the first time I've riveted the long AN470AD4-11 rivets in the fork portion. They went okay with the pneumatic squeezer but that's about the minimum length that will work there, at least when using primer on those parts. The plans call for -10. Probably a -11.5 would be ideal, and I didn't try a -12.

The doublers at the aileron pushrod and tip are riveted too, using shorter rivets, but you'll have to use your imagination to see them - no photos today for that (mostly because they aren't very interesting).


rockwoodrv9 03-24-2013 10:01 PM

Those are some big rivets! How many times did you measure the spar to make sure you were supposed to cut it? I bet it took some convincing to make that cut! I have a 2x and 3x gun you can borrow if you need one. Looking good Dave.

David Paule 03-24-2013 10:48 PM

Rocky, I measured that cut about four times each spar, using two different measuring tools each. I figure I got it within half an inch or so. ;) Maybe even closer.

I understand that the extra inch is for attaching to the jig for the QB wings. I wanted to use it for my jig too, but it conflicts with the aileron hinge attachment later on. And at that point trimming it is more difficult because of the tip rib. I gave some thought to stretching the wing an inch but there were too many negative issues associated with that. That notion was easy to abandon.

I've got a decent 3X gun, but thanks. Didn't use it for these. The squeezer did fine at about 95 psi. They weren't really that hard to set.


David Paule 04-16-2013 07:56 PM

Ribs and Small Things
I've been working on small things:

Rib lightening holes cut, using the Malco HC-1 hole cutter. The photo shows the first practice cut, in a scrap seat rib. This tool is wonderful for cutting holes in aluminum. Easy and safe. What it doesn't do is cut a smooth cut, at least with the Sioux palm drill I was using. But a moment with a drum sander and that's done.

In the RV-3B standard build wings, there are a number of lightening holes to cut on just the ribs. There are also the usual various holes in the tank ribs too, generally much smaller, so a stepped bit was used for those.

Flanges had been previously squared.

Flanges marked for rivets and fluted in between them. No drilling here until I'm ready for the skins.

The tie-down fitting and it's aileron bellcrank mounting holes were all made and drilled. These were the first holes through the spar. These parts are now drying from the priming, and still need assembly.

The Duckworks landing light kit is on hand now. I bought two, so that I could install one on each wing. But after thinking it over, I think I'll just install one of them. After all, this will be a day VFR airplane, and that's sufficient for the rare time I'll be flying at night. I've still got to make the hole for the actual landing light. That'll wait till I have it because its installation directions don't include a pattern for cutting it out.

For this and the items below, some thought and figuring and head-scratching was required for each one of them.

I've got the "kit" for the pitot tube, which will be a scratch-built affair, somewhat cleaner and lighter than some of the ones we see. It needs to be built.

The stall warner is here too. It's a standard Van's kit and is designed for the -7, -8 and -9. It's very clearly NOT designed for the -3 or even the -3B, which I have. Some engineering is needed but not much. Good thing I'm an engineer. Now probably some of you will much prefer a full AOA system, and you might be right. I've never flown one. But this is a single-point AOA that warns when near the stall - that's all it does. My Cessna 180 has a similar one and it's great. I'll be comfortable with this thing, and safe. I hope.

The autopilot roll servo mount hasn't been ordered yet. I'm still undecided whether to install it in the fuselage, looks like it'll fit, or the right wing.


David Paule 04-28-2013 10:02 PM

I drilled the joints between the rear spar and the aft flanges of the main ribs today. This follows drilling the aft flange of the ribs earlier. I used a 12” #40 drill to back-drill through the rib flanges. It mostly went okay. It was more difficult where I had the mid-span or outer doublers, because the spar was .080 thick there.

The thing showing progress are the clecos atop the rear spars.

I'm using the main spars as (expensive) fixtures. And for reference, that table is 7' long by 3' wide, to give you an idea of the scale of things.

Previously, I'd mentioned that I needed to build the pitot tube. I wanted to get its mounting out of the way before attaching the ribs to anything. Here's the pitot tube -


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