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Bungalow Al 01-20-2022 10:54 AM

EarthX and Battery Box

Anyone have any advice on which EarthX Battery fits in the standard QB Fuselage Battery Box on the RV14?

I know that I can order a custom box from EarthX, but have been told that some like the ETX900 actually are slip in replacements for the PC680?

Any info always appreciated from this bastion of great knowledge and experience.............:)


Tankerpilot75 01-20-2022 11:45 AM

I don’t believe the ETX900 fits the PC680 box. I know when I swapped out my PC680 for the ETX900 I ordered and installed the EarthX battery box specifically for the battery. In my case the swap out involved just two screws - but of course getting to them and installing the new box was a half day effort with a price paid by my hands and back!

bjdecker 01-20-2022 01:21 PM

ETX900, 14/14A battery box
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The depth of the ETX680/900 is a bit more than the Odyssey PC680, so the front "lip" of the battery box interferes with the battery case.

You could easily remove this lip, attach a piece of .040" angle a little farther forward, and you would need to add a couple of AN960 washers and a longer AN3 bolt for the front hold down strap.

See pic.

SteveHicks 01-21-2022 01:16 AM

ETX900, 14/14A battery box
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See here for a possible method to use the Vans battery box with an ETX900.

olyolson 01-21-2022 07:21 AM

EarthX battery

Not a -14 but I have an Odyssey PC680 in an aft fuselage battery mount behind the baggage compartment in my -8. It is mounted on the floor in a mount made by a company called StreetRays. I have been considering upgrading to the ETX 900 and got an empty case from EarthX for fitment testing. Yes the E case on the ETX 900 is slightly deeper than a PC680 but the ETX 900 does fit the StreetRays mount in the first picture below.

I saw the second mount below online and it looks like it could be made to fit the ETX 900 by slightly elongating the front screw mounting holes if needed. It may fit as is though.

I’m not sure where the standard QB fuselage battery mount on the -14 is, if it’s on the firewall not sure these mounts would work since these appear to be floor mounts. Just some options.....

Bungalow Al 01-23-2022 04:42 PM

Thanks everyone for the info, advice, and help. Going to look at possibly modifying the current box for the ETX900, or more likely just replacing it with the box you can get from EarthX.

Since I don't have the Engine hung yet, now is a good time!

Thanks again!

lowdrag 04-28-2022 06:47 PM

why not just get a lithium battery that DOES fit the box ???

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