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turbo 10-22-2021 12:59 PM

old farts forming up for another season
Old Farts...
The photos pretty much tell the story! Give or take a couple… 45 Old Fart aircraft graced the ramp at Okeechobee County (KOBE) on Thursday, October 21st. This was our kickoff of the 2021-22 season.

As usual, we had a broad mix. I saw everything from a tiny Sonex to a much larger vintage 1957 Cessna 310 twin. My old Stearman was the only biplane. Turbo Eddie’s R-44 was the only chopper. Several Old Farts arrived in new, or new-to-them, aircraft… to include a Rans Outbound, Javaron Cub, Glasair IV, CTLS and an Alon/Mooney Ercoupe. What a GREAT turnout! A huge thanks to all who attended! Your presence makes Old Farts the fun, friendship and camaraderie that it has evolved into.

We did a great job of spreading things out over breakfast and lunch. Old Fart Ed Crouse was our usual “early bird”. Ed was there, ate and left in his Rans, before my 8:30 arrival… hence no photo. Old Farts Eric Delawder, Lisa Heidinger and myself were the “Last Flights Out” at around 2:30.

Thanks also goes to Yeda and staff at the Landing Strip. As always, the food was great and the service was as good as can be expected, when a small restaurant is overrun by Old Farts!

Craig Roser was at Okeechobee and officially passed the Old Farts baton back to me. I want to thank Craig for his efforts in managing “Summer Farts” during the off season. I know the numbers weren’t there for most Thursday outings, but several have told me that having a $100 Hamburger destination was much appreciated! Thanks Craig!!!

I’m not certain where we are going next Thursday, but I have a pretty good idea. Look for an invite Sunday or Monday. I’m hoping to put together a visit to Everglades City on November 4th. There are pretty definite plans to close the airport in mid November, to replace the runway. Stone crab season is open, so we need to squeeze this visit in. If anyone is willing to drive to this one and help with ground transportation, please shoot me an email.

That’s about it for this week. Great to be back!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

Old Fart Roger

This Week’s Favorite belongs to Old Farts David and Connie Piper. Their “Brand Spanking New” Javaron Cub is incredible!!! Completed during a year and a half “owner assist” build, it has a ramp presence that is awesome. In the brief time I had to speak with David and Connie I learned that they literally camped near the facility where the plane was built. If I remember correctly, that was near St. Augustine and the Pipers live at Placid Lakes. Connie kayaked most days, while David, newly retired from the airlines, worked alongside the builders. The outcome is just stunning. The airframe boasts the 4” wider fuselage, about 65 “Alaska” Cub mods and the engine is a 195 horsepower Titan. The Alaska tires and black composite prop make it look, pardon my French… “Badass!!!” Congratulations David and Connie on a stunning aircraft!

turbo 10-22-2021 01:03 PM

if you are interested in getting on rogers emails contact him on the above email..

here is a link you can see it thru your browser.

turbo 10-28-2021 10:20 AM

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