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msmst25 08-02-2022 06:18 PM

Trailer Rental for RV-10 Fuselage
It's time for me to move the fuselage out of the garage and into a hangar at Aurora. The wheel base seems a little wide for your average trailer. Does anybody know where I can rent a trailer big enough to accommodate this in the Portland metro area?
Thanks for any suggestions.

lr172 08-03-2022 09:12 AM

climate differences may make this impossible, however, I rented a two place snowmobile trailer that worked great. It is more than wide enough and it tilts for easy on load off load. Not too expensive either.


Bsquared 08-19-2022 06:54 PM

The only trailer I found that was wide enough was going to cost $250-$300 to rent. I ended up finding a flat bed tilt bed tow truck and the driver only charged me $200. It worked great and 3 of us were able to safely load and unload it. I think many folks have used this method for a 14 fuse on it gear. Not sure if the 10 gear is wider

Mike S 08-19-2022 07:18 PM

Look into trailers for moving heavy equipment.

N427EF 08-19-2022 07:33 PM

Towing company
I doubt you'll find a trailer to rent for less than calling a towing company.
Their trailers are wide enough to accommodate the RV-10 wheel base and loading is easy with their tilt loading deck and winch equipment.
That is what I did and it was a non event.
See post #4

9GT 08-19-2022 09:43 PM

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A large roll back flatbed wrecker works perfectly for the move. Widths differ on these roll backs so make sure the company you use has one wide enough. I made prior arrangements for a specific roll back, but when the driver arrived with the smaller truck, he had to return to the yard for the wider deck wrecker.

Moresushi 08-19-2022 09:46 PM

Call a Moving Company
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I called a local moving company. The forward half of my Fuse fit right in the box truck. Plus no wind issues on the freeway.

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