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rondawes 05-15-2022 09:53 AM

Tail support for my -7A
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I'm going to be adding the Super Tracks and to do that I need to move my ELT antenna back about 10" and to do that I need to get in the tail cone and to do that I need a tail stand to keep the tail from crashing to the ground.

So I priced some on AS and they were way more than I wanted to pay. After poking about on the interwebs, I came up with this:

A $35 Harbor Freight grinder stand, some eyebolts, and 3/8" pipe & fittings from Home Depot aviation supply. I didn't even have to drill the grinder stand, just used the existing holes. It would have been a bit simpler if HD had a 8" long nipple but they didn't so I put the coupling on one end and just screw the 6" nipple into that when I hook it to the plane.

wirejock 05-15-2022 11:09 AM

Tail support
That's clever. Gotta remember that one. Does the aft section need any support at a bulkhead or is that adequate to handle a human back there?

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