The RV-Workshop Learning Centre has been established to provide prospective
builders of Vans aircraft a range of metal aircraft building experiences.
Though not presenting a comprehensive survey of all required technology, the
course covers skill development at a basic level in several areas. Included
are: imperial measurement and layout; cutting of aluminium materials;
jigging; drilling and preparation of components for assembly; riveting, and


In June 1998 the 'Vans College' was held in the Hunter Valley. It drew
21 prospective builders from four states
to learn about RV building from six experienced builders who kindly donated
their time, expertise and tools.

The RV Workshops continue the tradition but permit greater flexibility
without the co-ordination of so many resources and people. This new format
aids long-term planning and continuity of future workshops.


A strong practical content is used to promote an understanding of how the
technology functions. Small-scale practical exercises are designed to
familiarise participants with materials,
their limitations and uses; aircraft building processes and techniques; and
the application of these basics to the production of RV components.


A builder's manual is sequentially issued to participants in three sections.


Sessions are held in an RV-6 workshop where reference is made to actual
details on a Vans aircraft under construction. Sessions are limited to four
participants with work space and tools provided for two working pairs.
Students can expect experience with a range of aircraft sheet metal hand and
air-driven tools. Tool and equipment selection and maintenance issues are
also covered.

The experience gained in this workshop is applicable to the construction of
other aluminium aircraft types.

Costs and Terms

Charge for the two-day Introductory Workshop is AUS$385 pp incl. GST.
Bookings are confirmed on receipt of a AUS$175 deposit and are dependent on
workshop vacancies. Applicants may also wish to elect an alternate date in
the event that first choices are already filled. If placement cannot then be
made, deposits will be returned. The balance of the workshop fee is due 21
days prior to the workshop start date. Cancellations before that due date
will receive refunds in full; after that date no refunds of deposits will
be made. If balance is not received by the due date, cancellation of
booking will be assumed, unless prior arrangements have been made.
If a fully-paid participant cannot attend (e.g.: due to sickness) on the
workshop date, an alternate date may be arranged whereby participant agrees
to attend on a 'stand-by' basis. Participant would be informed of his/her
inclusion approximately three weeks prior to the start of workshop.
Confirmation of bookings will include details of local accommodation and
access by rail, road and air.

For further information and workshop dates contact:

Sam Richards
RV-Workshop Learning Centre
8 Slade Close
Rankin Park, New South Wales 2287
Email: samrv6@bravo.net.au 
Phone: 02 4957-4465

Special courses will be offered in the future.
Details will be given by mail and email.




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