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If you have an article that you think would benefit the RV community, please submit itNote:  The Western Canada Wing of Van's Air Force has a very impressive article section (see it)

Buying A Flying RV Pre-construction Considerations Construction Painting (a series by Don Hipskind) Vinyl Striping (a series by Eric Mann) Engine / Propellers

Articles (and much more) are kept in the Firewall Forward section of the site.

Insurance Flying


Nasty little things I found inspecting my airplane

What will go here are photos and descriptions of little gotchas that crop up during condition inspections, the odd bits you find by accident when you are working on something else, etc. 


What RVators Do When They Aren't RVating.

  • Bill Goeken (RV-8)
    Bill is half owner of a RV-8 and flies corporate for his gas money.  He took me along on a ride in the Citation so I could compare my RV-6 with his jet.  Holy cow.
The Tag-along Tourist            
  • Hot Springs, AR 
    Susie Reeves is the 'The Tag-along Tourist'. Her articles are written specifically for the non-pilot spouse who gets dragged around the country in the family airplane.  Its purpose is to get the destination planning process back into the hands of the non-pilot spouse, where it belongs <grin>.

Voices of Experience   

This section shows that you don't have to be a millionaire or retired to build your own plane.  The people listed below have built multiple RVs.  Trust them.  They've been where you're headed.

Words from Austin Tinckler

Enroute Sightseeing            

Miscellaneous I Learned About Flying From That! (aka "How I Almost Died And What I Learned From It.")