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October 31, 2018.   Issue #4,688.

Kay taxiing in after a morning flight...52F.


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...snopercod

Darwin and I flew to Spartanburg today to try out their new runway, which only opened a few days ago. Owen couldn't make it because his RV-12 failed the mag check on runup. The KSPA runway is nice but the taxiways are still under construction. I had to taxi all the way to the end to get off. After partaking of their $4.20 AvGas, we decided to fly on up to Rutherfordton for a burger at 57A rather than take a courtesy car into Spartanburg. We parked next to a Piper LSA, which I had never seen before. Made in Czechoslovakia, apparently. Nice looking aircraft!


14/14A SB 18-09-17 PIREP ...TimO

I ordered and very quickly received my SB kit (Thanks Vans!). The upside is that I already now have the parts on hand to fix the issue, or prevent the issue.

The downside is that I'm already built/painted/flying, and it's now cold out, so it's very hard to be interested in drilling into painted rivets and painting a new doubler and doing the install right now. It may be a good spring project.

I wish I knew how likely it would be that the cracks would affect me. I'm right around 295 hours on the plane now, and I can see no sign of cracking or anything wrong from the outside belly of the plane. If there are cracks, they haven't yet caused anything to be visible through the paint. I'll have to get my fat a into the tail and see how it looks from that side.

Considering that I have in no way been babying the airplane, I really am curious as to the frequency of issues that have been seen, also. At present though, I just feel fortunate.


New Guy Chimes In ...GeoffP

Hi everyone,
I’ve just started building an RV-9 and I simply cannot believe just how much this project has drawn me in. I’ve had ups and downs already, but I am finding that it’s such a wonderful way to expend lots of brainpower and physical effort. I received the EMP kit in late August, and have slowly progressed through to commencing assembly of the HS now.

There is so much to learn, and fortunately so many people to learn from, both here in the VAF forums and through other builders where I live. Van’s Tech support has been great, as I’ve already called upon them twice and received prompt and very useful responses.

To anybody starting out, here are some things I’ve learned (some the hard way, some by adapting my engineering brain to some different ideas, but most have been learned already by others).

1. Do your research. Read, plan, read some more, think, plan a little more, do some more research, double check the drawings, check the drawings against the plan instructions, read the plans further on in the build so you don’t paint yourself into a corner.
2. Buy good tools. They work, they’ll save you time and damage.
3. Tape up your bucking bars! This worked a treat for me after I read it in a post here.
4. Put tape on your AN470 rivet snaps & say goodbye to smilies. For flush sets, I’ve used a criss-cross of rivet tape over the snap.
5. Listen to others who’ve built before.
6. Buy some hand shears. Much better than snips, but obviously can’t do everything snips can do.
7. Be inventive with tools. I’ve already crafted an old ride-on mower blade into a thin bucking bar. Right shape - hard as nails.
8. If you’re tired, or making mistakes, leave the workshop. Have a shower, sit on the lounge, watch netflix, have dinner & get a good night’s rest. Miraculously the next day you won’t make the same mistake again.
9. Be proud of what you’re doing. Not only are you among those who can fly a plane - soon you’ll be amongst fewer still who’ve actually built one.
10. Sometimes things in the instructions just don’t seem right, particularly in the order of how to do things, so don’t be afraid to change the order you put things together in. Before you do though, go through step 1 again.

Lastly, and just for good measure, I have an entry in the primer wars. I’m going to Alodine all the small fiddly and generally unseen but really important structural stuff (ribs, brackets, HS/VS spars), then hit with a light coat of good spray primer. For the skins, I’ve decided to just clean in detergent with scotchbrite on the insides and exterior rivet lines, then dry and use a foam brush or spray to put on an etch primer (again the foam brush was an idea I read on here).

Thanks to all, this is just so much fun.


Press Release: Aircraft Extras

YES! We now offer a “Seat Heat Option” for both seats for $125.00!

Take advantage of the Fall and plan to add one of our interior packages to your aircraft. We are offering interiors for models RV-6, RV-7, and RV-9 and will also do custom seats for other aircraft as well. Choose your own materials and we will make your seats, armrests, and stick boots. The seats feature an inflatable lumbar support. An optional EZ-Step can be incorporated in the seat. It is a convenient place for a person to put their foot upon entering the aircraft.

P.S. DON'T forget about our accessories such as the roll bar handles and our easy tire-fill valve extensions! We just received a new batch in of these popular items.

See all of our newest products at www.aircraftextras.com


Double Discomfort

(40) minutes of before-work treadmill time Tuesday morning with Commercial Oral Study Questions in front of me (forgot my ear buds so couldn't listen to music).   Maybe if I covered the walking belt with tacks that would make it worse?  Studying and exercising at the same time?  What a glutton for punishment... ;^).  Here's my oral study cram sheet if you're interested.  From cram.com, exported and formatted for my iPad.  You know, for your treadmill ;^).

On the up side, when the new brake lines are installed (on their way I think) I'll soon be needing a DPE for the commercial checkride/oral.  If you know anybody nearby....

click to enlarge


Another New Guy Chimes In ...Tucker Lambert

Overzealous deburring

Hi all -

I’m a first time poster but a long time lurker. I’m currently working on an RV-7 tail kit. I finished the HS which went well, however in deburring the ribs and spars of my VS, I believe I was a little overzealous with my deburring causing larger than normal chamfers on my holes. Now I understand that chamfers are essentially a fact of life when using a three-flute deburring tool like I am, however when does it become too much? I don’t believe any of my holes are enlarged, however say on my .032 rear spar, many are likely a little more than the 10% chamfer limit identified in the Van’s rivet specs.

I have ordered all new spars and ribs for the VS. My concern is, however, is that since the skin was already final-drilled to these orignial spar/rib parts, that I run the risk of making oval or enlarged holes as I try to final-drill the skin to these new interior structures if they’re slightly off from the original kit parts.

My question is, do I accept the slightly deep duburred holes, or do I redo the interior understructure?

I appreciate everyone’s input.

- Tucker



October 30, 2018.   Issue #4,687.

RV-10 Mountain Biking ...Guy Prevost trip write up

At Oshkosh a lot of people asked me about fitting bikes in the RV-10. Most people believed that road bikes fit, but not large FS mountain bikes. It is quite doable. With the rear seats removed we routinely fit road bikes, our coupled tandem, and full suspension, trail (slack) geometry trail mountain bikes in our 10. Not all at the same time of course--it depends on the trip.

Here are some photos from a recent couples getaway to Durango, CO. Days were filled with Bikes, Food, and Hoppy Beverages.  ...


(3) Petit Jean Photo Albums

1  2  3  ...amazing pics!


Coffee!! ...Maxrate

A little fabrication, just because Mama has to have it.....


Poor Man A/C Idea ...rvanstory

I live is South Texas where summers can be VERY hot. Thought long and hard about adding A/C, but just didn't want to be saddled with the weight penalty or add another system to maintain.

So, I'm trying something out and thought I'd share the idea in case others are faced with same decision point in their build (A/C vs. No A/C). ...


Feedback on Rivets Please! ...Girraf

I set the rivets on the left side HS-707 tonight. They look acceptable in my opinion, despite the fact that I expected them to seat in the dimple slightly deeper. After a booboo working the same parts for the right side and still struggling to drill a rivet out, I'm really convinced I should leave these be.  ...


56sec Video: Initial and the Break

Caught yesterday at my home field.  I think that's Sid, Ross, Stan and Matt (R to L).  If you have a big monitor you can see them change from fingertip strong left to right echelon about 15 secs before the break.

Pretty dang (sierra hotel)...


Mr. X Entry:  Half Moon Bay



October 29, 2018.   Issue #4,686.
  John Platner flew his dad's RV-8 for the first time last Saturday.  He's been flying a C-140, so this was kind of a performance boost to say the lease.  Proud dad Gary Platner in the back seat (looking somewhat relieved now that the flight is over) ;^).
  Way to go John!!!!


First Flight - N382TB

Not sure if Trace Blakely is a member of the forums here, but I haven't seen a post regarding this, so....

I had the honor and privilege of performing the first flight of Trace Blakely's RV-7 last evening (25 October, 2018). The airplane is gorgeous, and flies as good as it looks. No major squawks (and really only a couple of minor ones).

I'll be putting some more time on the airplane in the coming days, and we will be using the Additional Pilot Program to get Trace and his build partner/helper, Eric Abraham transitioned into the airplane.

Congratulations to Trace and Eric on a job well done!


First Flight - AviationNation

This evening 120453 became an airplane! It broke the surly bonds and flew as designed, no heavy wing or anything. The RV-12 was built by students at Jennings Co. High School (where other students built the first Eagle's Nest plane.) The kids did a wonderful job and four of them are well along in getting their PPLs. Three have passed their written and are scheduling check rides. We are quite proud of our students and they are well on their way to becoming fine aviation professionals. We have at least 27 students (some on other projects in other states) working on their licenses. If you would like to pass on some of what aviation has done for you, consider starting an AviationNation project in your school system. Let us know.
Bob Kelly, Scipio, Indiana
Tech Counselor
Founder, Eagle's Nest Projects


Well, Farts.

I guess (16) years is too much to ask for brake lines <grin>.  I came out to the airport Saturday to hopefully fly - walked in to find this puddle.  A call to Tom Swearengen at TS Flightlines (VAF advertiser) got me all squared away, even on a Saturday!  New hoses ordered and will be installed this week if all goes swell.  Thanks for making this a very minor inconvenience Tom!!!


RV-7 #74771 ...new guy chimes in


I've just accepted delivery of my RV-7 empennage kit. I'm a first time builder, and new to VAF. So I still have a lot to learn. A couple of weeks ago, my garage was bare. Now its full of work benches, tools, an air compressor (thanks for all the great advice) and two large boxes. I'm planning on a slow build, tail dragger, with a slider cockpit. As for a lot of the other details, like much of the project, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, and then change my mind. So I'll be happy to accept all the advice offered. I also live in the North East outside of Boston, so if there are any other builders in the local area. I'd love to stop by and ask you about 1,000,000 questions. Build and fly safe.


Status Report...jcarne 7A

Well I have been kind of all over the place just having fun. I'm gearing up to start focusing on the front deck as you can see in the last pic.

Test fitting all the fuel lines I ordered from Tom S. Great guy to deal with!


I got Carb Ice

This morning, I was attempting an early departure and there was fog in the vicinity of the airfield (the field is adjacent to a river). Some parts of the runway were fogged in, others were not. I was in the runup area waiting for temps to come up and the RPM began sagging. They probably dropped from 1500 to 1300 before I figured out the cause - carb ice.

In hindsight, it isn't surprising at all - very high relative humidity and a low power setting are two of the common causes.

So, to sort it out (before I realized it was carb ice) I checked both ignitions, then had the aha moment and pulled the carb heat knob. I have the standard Van's carb heat and it cleared the ice within a very few seconds. I was impressed with the performance because I've always wondered about the effectiveness of the system.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting and that I'd share..

Kyle Boatright
Atlanta, GA
2001 RV-6 N46KB


Transition Training Syllabus ...v3.3 online (Vac)


Heat in engine compartment, Part II ...DJP

On October 24th I posted a problem that I was having with heat in the engine compartment that destroyed my EarthX 900 Lithium battery. I check with Vans and EarthX but no one knew exactly how hot it gets in the engine compartment, Vans just repeated that they recommend putting it in the back. Wanting to know exactly how hot it did get, I purchased test equipment and documented the results. I did one flight and recorded all of the temperatures and then when I shut the engine down I opened the oil service door to let the heat escape. On the second flight I did the same thing except that I left the oil service door closed and recorded those temperatures. The results are below:

Test Equipment used +/- 1.8 Degrees accuracy

Lycoming IO-540 Engine Compartment Heat Test Results

Outside air temperature at engine start 59 degrees F.

Idle 91 F
Taxi 107 F
Run up 101 F
Take Off 112 F
Climb 119 F
Cruise 115 F OAT 69F @ 4,500 Feet, MP 21/RPM 2300
Descent 110 F
Taxi 108 F  ...


More Intel on the Cars From Last Friday

Near Palo Pinto, TX.  Look it up.  It's a storage lot for VW diesels (google 'dieselgate').  I got a couple pictures on a quick flight Friday.


Dip stick not staying seated - any one else have this issue?


I threw this out on the traditional motor forum and got nothing so I though I would try it here.

The dip stick on my IO540 C4B5 is the friction fit style vs the screw on style.

I have recently noticed a little leaking around the stick and thought I must not have properly seated it, but coming home yesterday about 1.1 into a 1.2 hour flight I noticed oil streaming from the aft end of my oil access door. Upon landing I pulled the top cowling and saw oil around the top left side of the engine and the inside of the rear baffle.

I was also able to easily lift the dip stick ~.25" without using the lever. I didn't take an picture, but I am pretty sure this was the source of oil due to the mess.

I had made a concerted effort to ensure the dip stick top was down before I started the return leg and had seen no leaking when I check the level before starting the return leg, after looking closely due to previous mentioned leak

I was going to order a new washer and try that but really would rather swap to a screw in style if possible. Anyone else experience similar issues?



October 26, 2018.   Issue #4,685.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

B-"Double E"-"Double R"-U-N Beer Run! ...petehowell

Work was kinda slow today. (OK is wasn't, but the weather was nice and Buddy Malibu had a mission, and I just left.......)

Malibu's boys and my Little Kate attend Iowa State, just like Malibu and our wives did, and it is Homecoming this weekend. Iowa is great, but the beer is lacking, so we figured we could get some forbidden treats from the Badger state to entertain the masses. We found an airport Equidistant from Malibu's home base at KBNW and my lair at KANE with a car and a supply of New Glarus' finest.  ...


First Flight - AviationNation

This evening 120453 became an airplane! It broke the surly bonds and flew as designed, no heavy wing or anything. The RV-12 was built by students at Jennings Co. High School (where other students built the first Eagle's Nest plane.) The kids did a wonderful job and four of them are well along in getting their PPLs. Three have passed their written and are scheduling check rides. We are quite proud of our students and they are well on their way to becoming fine aviation professionals. We have at least 27 students (some on other projects in other states) working on their licenses. If you would like to pass on some of what aviation has done for you, consider starting an AviationNation project in your school system. Let us know.
Bob Kelly, Scipio, Indiana


Tail Art: How it was Done...Joewebb video


Questing regarding lifting horizontal stabilizer.

Hi folks. First post from a new-to-me RV-6 owner. Purchased in May (made the front page when Doedo Schipper posted me picture) and have about 120 hours or so on "Kismet."

The other day I took a tow-pilot friend for a ride and in his exuberance to get going and help me move my plane from grass to pavement, he picked up my horizontal stabilizer to move my non-castering tail around. All before I could say anything.

In this gentleman's defense, he carefully placed his open palms under the inner-most and next to inner-most rivet lines corresponding to the nose ribs on the right stabilizer. I calculated that he had to lift about 75 lbs across his two hands in total. He said there was no creaking, oil canning, or anything untoward. He only did this because he was taught to move all tailwheel aircraft this way.

I've been losing some sleep over concerns of damage, despite having carefully inspected for any signs of tweaking or cracks by removing the rear fairing. All looks good. But the unsupported nose-ribs forward of the front HS spar give me pause and would certainly discourage me from ever lifting the plane the way he did.

I would never think to lift my tail this way, of course, having only resorted to lifting the tailwheel spring to manhandle the aircraft when left without a towbar. My napkin math after looking at drawings and my stabilizer suggest it ain't a good idea, but that the nose-ribs can support such a load without bending or fatiguing the attachment to the spar. The load is ideally partially shared by all rivets under compression on the top surface and tension on the bottom of the horizontal stabilizer skin, and the nose-rib is a solid plate that would be resistant to bending up or down.

Can someone reassure me that this load placed directly on the two inboard noseribs is probably fine "just this one time" so I can put it out of my mind.

It is for this very reason that I would never manhandle someone's plane (or even open their ****ing canopy) without asking them first.


What is This?

...out near Palo Pinto, TX in the middle of nowhere.  I might fly the RV-6 over for a look see.


Creative Places to Prime During Winter ...Strikefinder

At the rate I'm going, I think I'm going to be in a position to prime the bulk of my wing aft and leading edge ribs and skins in about a month or two, which will put me square in the middle of the cold season up here in New England. Though there's a possibility of an errant warm, nice day, the likelihood that I'll be able to line it up with a day I'm available seems fleeting.

I hate to wait until Spring, so I was wondering if anybody had come up with any unique ideas to rent a space (like in a body shop or something) to do priming work. The commercial hangar I work at won't allow painting anywhere (HAZMAT, ventilation, and disposal issues), and I don't have any space to build a negative pressure table or anything similar in my workspace...it's either outside in the elements or not at all. Any creative ideas for how I can keep the process moving when it gets chilly?


From the mothership...



October 25, 2018.   Issue #4,684.
  Stable, moist air, poor visibility and showery rain all Wednesday in N. Texas with no orographic lifting.  Why am I talking like this?  Because I passed my Commercial Written yesterday and I still have those questions jammed sideways in my mind brain.  I’ll be glad when they’re out of there.  Checkride next on the list...in the RV-6! ;^)


RV-14/14A Service Bulletin SB 18-09-17 published:
possible cracking of F-01478 skin ...mothership

Van’s Aircraft has released a service bulletin for the RV-14/14A (SB 18-09-17) addressing possible cracking of the F-01478 “Aft Fuse Forward Bottom Skin” that may occur in flying aircraft. This service bulletin is applicable to all RV-14/14A aircraft empennage/tailcone kits shipped prior to September 26, 2018. It calls for inspection of the F-01478 skin in specific locations, and a modification in the event cracks are found. This inspection needs to be conducted at or before the next annual inspection, and then at each annual inspection until the modifications described in the service bulletin document have been completed.

The Van’s part number to order for the kit used to complete this change is Part no. SB 18-09-17. The cost for this kit is $10 plus shipping.

I’ve inspected my aircraft and did not find any cracks. Should I install this modification proactively?

Installation on an airplane that has not yet developed the described cracks is optional and at the discretion of the builder/owner. Note that for the affected aircraft kits, operation of the aircraft without this modification the aft fuselage bottom skin is likely to result in eventual formation of the described cracks, at which time the skin will need to be stopped drilled and the modification kit will need to be installed. Until the modification kit is installed, you need to conduct regular inspections as described in the service bulletin document. The cracking that may occur is limited in area and is primarily cosmetic in nature, rather than a structural issue. Due to the wide variety of flight conditions and operational characteristics between different aircraft, we cannot predict when the skin cracks may form for a particular airplane. Proactive installation of the modification kit is an acceptable method to prevent these cracks from forming in the first place.

My airplane has not flown yet. Does this service bulletin apply to me?

Yes. The service bulletin and modification parts apply to all RV-14 empennage/tailcone kits shipped prior to Sept. 26, 2018. If you have not yet assembled or flown your airplane and you received a kit that was shipped prior to that date, the service bulletin’s instructions include a section that describes steps to follow when applying the update to affected aircraft kits which are under construction. For kits that were shipped after September 26, 2018 the updates are already incorporated into the RV-14 kit and related assembly instructions/plans; as such the service bulletin is not applicable to those kits.

fmi: http://www.vansaircraft.com/pdf/service_bulletins/sb18-09-17.pdf


Engine rebuild questions

I have decided to rebuild an io-360 that had a power off prop strike. It has a roller cam and 9:1 pistons built by aeosport. I have for certain decided to replace the crankshaft. I am leaning toward a clone since both Superior and lycoming both have extensive wait times. The engine has 760 hrs. Do I just re-ring or do I bore and go with an oversize and replace the pistons with the 8.5:1. Lycoming says to replace the roller lifters at overhaul but I am leaning on not doing that. It costs $3,000. I had the case inspected and it is good. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Can a GPS antenna cable length be reduced-

Does anyone know if it's "possible" to reduce the GPS antenna length?  I have one from GRT like this, but with a much longer cable:

I'll be mounting my antenna on the glareshield, so I don't need the extra 10 feet of cable. Thanks for any tips.


ADS-B traffic assisted a save today ...Brantel

ADS-B's traffic services likely assisted saved my life and a bunch of others today.

On the way back from KLUK to KMOR cruising straight and level at 7500ft, I noticed a target that was going to cross perpendicular to my course at about the same time and place I was. I checked the target and it was 1500ft above me so I almost dismissed it.

While looking for it to cross overhead and unable to find it with my eyes, I decided to check the target again and saw that it was descending rapidly as in he must have had a bead on my head.

Continuing my visual scan, I saw the plane just in time for me to swerve and dive a bit as it crossed behind me at about 200ft above me I could see my reflection in his chrome exhaust! It was way too close and obvious that he was descending rapidly and did not see me at all. I am guessing over 2000ft/min descent.

Had I not had both eyeballs out and the info provided by ADS-B traffic, I would not have known he was descending like that let alone crossing my course at the wrong time.

It was a large single engine turboprop of some sort. Likely a TMB or similar.


RV-10 Door Alignment / Fit ...Bill Boyd

Worked very well for me.  Use enough cleco's and I doubt you'll need to break out the duct tape. Very happy with the fit of my doors to the frame.


Gas, Cans, & Bonding

Newer member here. If this is already clearly covered in another thread, I apologize. I've been reading so many conflicting and unclear posts, blogs, and articles my head is spinning.
1. Originally, I thought in a Rotax 912 ULS I was going to have to run "Clear" - non-ethanol, high octane gas. After reading many things, including info right from Rotax, I now believe I can safely use AKI 91 w/ 10% ethanol. Is this correct?
2. Again, from reading many conflicting articles/postings, I am confused about the proper container to use in humping fuel to the airport: plastic vs. metal. I've read that the action of pouring gas through plastic creates static buildup that can jump to the fuel/air mixture when entering the plane. I've read that metal is safest and yet most pictures/videos/and even ads have plastic jugs being used.
3. Bonding: I cannot find any picture or video of someone demonstrating bonding their portable gas can to the plane. My CFI doesn't bother; he just pours directly from the plastic 5 gallon container into the plane.
4. Do most RV-12 owners recommend using Mr. Funnel, and if so, which model.
Thanks in advance! Jim



October 24, 2018.   Issue #4,683.

Jon Thocker's Memorial Service ...Brantel pics/vids

I flew the RV up to KLUK today to attend the memorial service for my friend Jon Thocker. It was an amazing turnout. I am guessing over 400 were there. The event was well planned and prepared. Ken led 2 formation flyovers in Jon's original Redline RV8.

Later Ken flew the missing man ship in a final MM formation flight as Taps played over the PA. Very moving event....

The memorial service was a great tribute to Jon and all the speakers did an amazing job. I was most moved by Haley's speech and the maturity she displayed as she spoke.

5 of the 10 RV's that Jon has built participated in the flyovers! Great job by all the formation pilots and by Ken! You truly honored Jon's legacy!

Godspeed Jon Thocker! You were one of the best!  4 videos / pictures

related: Steve Melton pics from the service.


N127KT The Dirty Bird flies ...mill2978

On Tuesday October 16 N127KT The Dirty Bird flew for the first time. What a rush! First flight had a couple of squaks that were easily taken care of and the second flight went amazingly well!!!  ...


Need Help With an Electrical Issue I Can't Solve ...Nihon_Ni

I've been working on installing my electrical system for a couple months now, and I'm starting to feel pretty confident with what I'm doing. However, I ran into an issue this weekend that I can't figure out, and I need some help from the collective to figure this one out.

I have two pairs of red LED lights that I'm installing in the cockpit on a dimmer switch.  ...


D. C & Cowboys ...MarkW

My oldest son has recently moved to Virginia and both my boys and I are cowboys fans. I am a Texan born in Dallas.  Jesse invited Tyler and myself up for a Cowboys game being played in DC so we flew up Saturday for the Sunday evening game.  Trip up was good but through a front moving through the mid Atlantic. Light to moderate rain and IMC for about an hour.  ...


Garmin AP Roll Pushrod too Short for iS installation ...rolick22

The pushrod that I made (5 1/4 inch) IAW 44B-02 dated 4/02/14 does not appear to be the correct length for the iS installation. I have tried to install the AP servo with the rod end this way but it is way to short. The stick is approximately in the neutral position. Guessing the geometry is a little different then the original ULS installation with the manual flap handle. I know there is no avionics plans yet available for the iS but maybe someone knows if the length of the pushrod for iS installation is different or the same. I have double check the rod length of all the other push rods and they check out good.  ...


RV-8 and the Mount of Olympus ...Steve Rush

Sunday 10/21/18 was a pretty fine day, at least in my neck of the woods. The fog cleared a little earlier than Saturday and the air was calm and smooth, though pretty hazy. Clear, smooth days are perfect for mountaining, so I did. Here is what it looked like around Mt. Olympus.

It was really warm at altitude and there was noticeably less snow than the last time I was up there a few weeks ago.

It looked a lot like this.  ...


Adding elevator balance weight after paint ...Joewebb video

If for some reason you need to add a little more balance weight to your left elevator after the fibreglass tips are installed and painted..Here's how I did it on my Six


Status Report ...Brantel RV-10

HS is done! (less fairings)  ...



October 23, 2018.   Issue #4,682.
  A couple updated pics of the C-150 that landed off field at 52F Sunday.  I took a short 5 minute hop in the RV-6 to get pics Monday a.m. - two pics starting HERE.  You can see if you zoom in (the little icons lower right at the link) how he landed on the down slope of an area where water was pooling.  Landed soft enough to roll up the other, muddy side before stopping.  Dang good airmanship.
  My shoes are still caked solid with mud from walking out to see if he needed help. ;^)


Mom's Birthday Lunch ...petehowell

Sister sends text: "What are you doing this weekend....?"  "I reply: depends on the weather, there's a Pie-FlyIn at Rushford...."  Sis says: "Surprise birthday lunch for Mom's 82nd - can you be here Sunday at 11?"  Wheels turn.... Wx looks good, depart at sunrise...."Yep see you at Niles at 11!"  So we got up early, and headed to Anoka County, presents in hand. The sunrise did not disappoint!  ...


Let there be LIGHT ...kiljoy RV-14

Its been 9 months since my last post. A lot has gone down since then:

Lost my job in January along with my entire team. That one sucked. I wasn't even in the office the day it happened. I had members of my team texting me around 10:30am mostly containing expletives. The details are fuzzy mostly due to a non disparagement clause in my release contract.  ...


Petit Jean RV Flyin ...Paul_5r4 video

It was an F5 weekend on the mountain!!! F5???? Friends, Food, Fun, Fellowship and Flying! WHAT A WEEKEND it was at the Petit Jean, Arkansas fly in. I was one of the early birds, 4th I think, that arrived on Thursday to assist with whatever Bill and the guys needed. It seemed to all come together quickly.... from the smaller tents to the big Red.... no the Green.... that's not right.... OH YES, the big blue top tent, (you had to be there). I know what I was seeing was just the tip of the iceberg. Bill, Jerry and the rest had started weeks earlier working on everything. The cutting of the grassy areas for instance.... not lawn mowers.... tractors! Bill puts in an enormous amount of work. I just can't say enough about that bunch that puts this event together to bring out the "Magic on the Mountain!" I don't know all the names and I feel bad about that. Bill has a great team. Another thank you to AIR BOSS Bob. He does a great job at keeping the PJ traffic flowing smoothly!  ...


Weekend get-a-way including WAAAM fly-in ...joe_rainbolt RV-7A

After taking the summer off I'm back at it, finding new places to go in our RV-7A. What did I learn on this trip? Fly high or cough. The flammability of California and Oregon cannot be underestimated.


Petit Jean Balloon Busting ...Veetail88

Without question, the most fun at Petty Jean this past weekend, in my humble opinion, was the balloon busting competition!

Having spent pretty much 100% of the 530 hours I have on my 8 doing everything I can to avoid hitting anything, suddenly that is exactly what the goal is and it was a blast!  ...


New 3D Model of a RV-6 ...mbauer status report

A friend who designs paper models designed a download for the RV-6 using my proposed paint graphic.  ...



October 22, 2018.   Issue #4,681.

Milestone: Moving to the Airport ...Mike Gregory RV-10

Great day with friends from the chapter coming out to help us finally move the plane to our hangar and get the wings on.  many pics


Trip Write Up: Hike and Fall Colors ...Josh 9A

Near Chicago, the leaves seem to go from green to brown and down. But just a short 185NM northeast, the fall colors were 85-95% peak.


RAIN CHECK for NORTH TEXAS ...Chris Pratt RV-8

After several weeks of miserable rain in North Texas, we finally got some relief in the form of a gorgeous Fall day. So everyone with a plane seemed to be out flying today.

With record setting rains for this time of the year, I had to check on my favorite grass strip and restaurant at Cedar Mills on Lake Texoma. The field is, shall we say, a bit damp. The photo below shows the eastern end (about 20% of the runway) under water. So a no-go for landing. Looks like the annual Cedar Mills Splash-In has been cancelled; ironic since it would seem ideal conditions for the seaplane crowd. The marina restaurant is still open (I called today 10/21/18 to check with them), so all is not lost. But the water sure looks close.  ... (and off field landing)


Aircraft Specialty News

"Van's has finally begun shipping Engine kits and we have now been able to do fit verification tests on our CNC bent Rigid Tube kit for the RV-12iS.

AS Flightlines has decided to offer the F12127E, F, G, H, J, and K lines. They will come pre bent and pre flared. The cost of the kit is $324.95, and we will be happy to buy back the unused AN Nuts and Sleeves from customers for $25 that won't be needed if you purchase this package.

Below are some pictures of the pre bent tubes as well as what they look like once installed." ...


RV IAC Aerobatic Competition Standings - 2018

I know this is getting boring; seeing the same guy walk away with all the marbles. Well there is no relief in sight. Jerry "Hustler" Esquenazi ran away with all the loot at the Keystone, Florida contest this past weekend. He posted a score that's really hard to believe so I am posting the official score sheet here as proof:  ...


First Flight RV-14A ...Erimo in France

Two years and half of pleasure to build it. It was the companion of my evenings; Now it miss me at home. Fortunately it presents me other pleasures in the sky and soon with passengers.  It will be paint next march at Aerostyll workshop, in the south of France. it will be time to show you more photos

Panel Data ...Erimo (France)
RV14A F-PJEM panel.  This panel tends to become conventional now but it's like I dreamed it
Dual G3X Touch, GTN650 (COM1), GTR 20 remote (COM2), GTX 35 remote, GMA245, GMC307, GAD27, G5 as backup flight instrument with battery, TCW backup battery for PFD, GTN and GEA24.


Milestone: Engine Hung ...dwranda 9A

After a good bit of struggling I finally got the engine hung by myself. My James cowl is coming next week so I wanted to hang it to be able to work on the cowl. I also had to mount the propeller just for fun to see how it looked. I think it looks AWESOME!! I don't have the tail weighted down so still have the shop crane holding the engine weight.


Paint Update ...WingsOnWheels (Plano, TX)

Adding a few more pictures. Painting has been a little slower than I like. It has been raining almost every weekend for the last month and a half, and now it just got cold. Just bad painting conditions all around. But it is done now. I just finished the second wing. Still have to do the wheel pants and gear leg fairings, but that will be down the road a bit. For now, it is time to start bolting this thing together.


Had an Excellent Flight this Morning...Jim Stricker RV-12

I woke up at 6:30am and it was 30F outside with a heavy frost on the grass. I texted the hanger cell phone switch to turn on the engine preheater for 2-1/2 hours. When I got to the plane at 9am skies were sunny and no clouds. I powered the EMS and oil temp was 75F. I installed the largest of the three Van’s winterization covers for the oil cooler. I called the local AWOS and Density Altitude was -200 ft. Air was heavy so engine made more power and prop bit into the air really well causing the plane to accelerate fast on the take-off run. Initial climb rate was 1200 fpm with ¾ fuel and one person. 133 mph indicated cruise and 136 true at 2500MSL. Visibilty must have been 100 miles and air was smooth. Just love’n it….



October 19, 2018.   Issue #4,680.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

So This Just Happened Today ...Chris Moon RV-14A (Leesburg, VA)


Show Us Your RV-3 ...RWoodard

This thread is getting a bit stale so I figured I’d bring it back to life.  I didn’t build it, but after more than 20 years, it’s still darned purdy!  This was taken near Glenwood Springs, CO approximately a month ago.


Puddle Jumping 2 (Update) ...Mark Albery

And now a professionally produced video of our trip last year from the point of view of Tim, the non-pilot photographer and adventurer! 10 days flying in 16 minutes.


Stabilized IFR approach in a 6A

I am currently working on my IFR rating in my 6A.  I have a 430W, SL-30, S-Tec-30 with standart steam guages.  IO360B1F6 with MTV12B CS prop.

Using approx 17"MAP and 2000RPM for 90 KIAS flying around.  My instructor wants minimum adjustments in the event of a go around so I've been trying Full rich with 2500RPM and 13"MAP (I think that's what I remember using) as I descend so that all I need is to add throttle if a missed approach is called for!

Anyone else flying final this way?  How are you doing it?

A: (Larry) I am FP, so not sure this helps. I slow down to 90 or 100 Kts and add 10* of flaps at either the FAF or GS intercept. Rest of flaps go in after having the runway in sight (while it hasn't happened to me, I would slow down and add more flaps on the approach for a short runway at ILS minimums). With 6000 foot runways, I have no concerns being forced to land with just the 10* of flaps. For me, the RPM varies a bit based upon the wind. I work the throttle as I settle on the GS to get the speed I want for the conditions.

I don't fully understand the CFI's concerns. If you aren't capable of pushing in an extra knob without crashing at 200 AGL, I would not think you are prepared for the greater challenges of maintaining the LOC and GS on a windy and turbulent day. I find that much more difficult than pushing in a knob. For me anyways, pushing in the throttle is pretty much muscle memory and requires no thought or even looking at it. Prop should be the same.

When I was in primary training in the 172, I was taught to firewall both the carb heat and throttle with the same motion for a go around. Should be easy to to the same with the blue knob.


A: (Kurt) In my fixed pitch 9A, I find I have trouble descending and slowing at the same time. The plane will do one or the other at a given moment, but not both. I'm currently exploring other methods for instrument approaches, but the one I've used the most is to set up full flaps and 70-75 kts prior to the FAF, and maintaining that configuration to minimums.

The 9A has a flaps deployment airspeed around 80 kts for anything over 10 degrees, so there's a fine line between enough drag to land after breaking out at minimums, and carrying all the drag you have throughout the whole descent. If you arrive at minimums with more than 80 kts IAS, the 9A seems to require a really long runway.

Very interested to see what other RV9 drivers do. I do agree with the OP's CFII that configuration changes inside of the FAF are best avoided if possible.


Garmin Pilot v9.5 is Out

"The most significant new feature, available in Garmin Pilot version 9.5, allows you to create a flight plan online at Fltplan.com and then see it in the app. This is basic but really powerful. Many pilots (especially in turbine airplanes) are fiercely loyal to Fltplan.com’s online planning tools but fly with a cockpit full of Garmin avionics; now the wall between the two has been knocked down."

related: article


Petit Jean Bound! ...Capt Sandy

This morning Roy and I launched from KHIO (Hillsboro, Oregon) for a 7 week journey in our RV-7A. First destination: Petit Jean, Arkansas for the PJ Fly-in! We can hardly wait to see our friends!  But first, a wistful good bye to the great PNW. The air was hazy, and it was still a 9 volcano day.  ...


Rocky Mountain Renegades Sizzle Video ...Bob Markert

Our 2018 airshow season is over and it’s not too soon to begin preparing for the 2019 season. We’ll be heading to the ICAS (International Council of Airshow) convention soon to promote the Rock Mountain Renegades for next years season.

Here is the link to our short 60 second “Sizzle” video that will run at the convention. Turn the sound up!


From the Mothership FB Page...



October 18, 2018.   Issue #4,679. 

DC and East Tennessee Trip ...crabandy trip write-up

So I bid my vacation a year in advance to try and catch the Petit Jean weekend, I missed it by one weekend this year. Oh well, I'm still loading the airplane and taking my oldest daughter Hope flying. I"m kinda a sucker for trips in the RV with my family.

I was planning on a trip out west, but with TS Sergio moisture working it's way through the southwest I shifted my focus east. After a look at the long range weather and a couple last minute calls, emails and texts I made a "flexible" plan for a trip to DC and East Tennessee. ...


Finished, But The Polishing Continues ...Scott Ahrens


Act of Charity ...Whit Nanna RV-4

"The little RV-4 that could!  Running hurricane relief supplies between Destin and Panama City.  Operation Airdrop.  They are primarily out of Gainesville, FL this week."  Four pics starting here.


Jon Thocker Memorial

(Scott Hersha text fwd'd to me by Gary Sobek)
"The memorial service for Jon will be held next Tuesday, Oct 23 at Lunken airport at the Waypoint hangar - on taxiway H, at the south end near 3R. There will be a gathering starting about noon and a flyover at 1:00. The service will be at 2:00 pm.   Ken will be organizing the formation and will be in Jon’s original Redline RV8. The last pass will be a 4 ship MM with Jon’s plane as MM."


A Neat Oil Cooler Install ...seen at my home field.

RV-8.  The top/bottom pieces custom made.


Gas Run, 360s, Chandelles

Wednesday I drove out to the airport after a little computer time to work out.  Rain forecast all day.  But, the clouds calmed down when I got there, and since it's rained for the last four days straight, that plan went out the window and I climbed in the RV ;^).  Over to KXBP for gas (and the RNAV 18 practice approach) - circle to land 36.  On the way back, with a 41kt wind at 2,500' from the NE I decided to work in some commercial rating practice.  You can tell from the track below that my right and left 360s were pushed just a tad to the side <g>.  Standard rate and ball centered on both of them.

Gas $3.89.  Logged .9 (a lot for me).  Lovin me this airplane.  I'll work out tomorrow.



October 17, 2018.   Issue #4,678. 

Seen at Richmond Aviation (Monkey's place)

...brace for the back of the baffle made out of alum. tubing threaded and affixed.  Two pics starting heredr pic.


Jon Thocker Memorial

(Scott Hersha text fwd'd to me by Gary Sobek)
"The memorial service for Jon will be held next Tuesday, Oct 23 at Lunken airport at the Waypoint hangar - on taxiway H, at the south end near 3R. There will be a gathering starting about noon and a flyover at 1:00. The service will be at 2:00 pm.   Ken will be organizing the formation and will be in Jon’s original Redline RV8. The last pass will be a 4 ship MM with Jon’s plane as MM."


Status Report ...mjanduda RV-14


Weather Decisions ...a robust discussion

I need advice on how to make the go/no-go decision. I cancel a lot of cross country flights because some element of a forecast is less than ideal. I'm still VFR only (currently working on an IFR rating) and a low-timer. I like ceilings greater than 3000', no precipitation, and visibility with the ground (i.e., I fear getting stuck on top).

Three times very recently I cancelled flights because the forecast was less than perfect for me and all 3 times the actual conditions ended up far, far better than the forecast. Most recently I cancelled a flight and drove for 15 hours because one area of my route had a forecast of 2500' overcast with possible heavy precipitation. Actual conditions turned out to be perfect, sunny, flying weather.

Obviously we can't ignore a forecast but seeing how inaccurate they really are makes me even further apprehensive about flying cross-country because a good forecast can just as easily end up very bad (the pessimist in me, I guess).

If there are any other fearful-little-weather-snowflakes like me who can relate to all this, how do you cope and make your go/no-go decisions?
-Joe Wilbur


Elevator Trailing Edge Gap ...mulde35d

While finishing up my right elevator I noticed this gap between the inboard rib and the trailing edge. I am not talking about the fact that it is open (since it is supposed to be) but rather the bend in the metal skin between the aft end of the rib and the trailing edge. When relaxed it bends outward, when pressed with my finger in bends inward. When I release the metal it make the distinctive pop as it bends back outward.

I am thinking I will place some pro-seal on the last quarter inch of rib (between the rib and skin) to hold the metal skin inward. Any other thoughts on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

Not completely sure how this manifested itself (I am thinking it is how the proseal on the foam rib dried to the skin), but figure it is more of an annoyance than a structural issue as long as it doesn't fatigue over time from movement back and forth.  ...


Have I Forgotten Anything? ...asw20c RV-14

I'm about 1 shop-session away from the step where I will begin riveting the bottom skins onto both wings. I've spent months ensuring I had the pitot system designed and built such that I could install it and connect the wiring harness and plumbing by feel, installed conduit and extra pull-strings to future-proof both wings and be able to add new wiring without much trouble in the future, shielded the wiring harnesses in the left wing to protect the magnetometer from EMF, installed the RG-400 cable in the right wing for the VOR/ILS antenna in the right wingtip, and installed the Van's supplied wiring harnesses for nav lights, landing lights, stall warning switch, aileron servo, roll servo, magnetometer and ADAHRS. I think I have everything covered but I thought I'd do a shout out and see if there is something any of you guys might have included in your wings that would be a good idea and should be installed now before it is too late after the bottom skins are already on. Thoughts?
Empennage Complete Except for Tips
Wings Underway



October 16, 2018.   Issue #4,677.
  The pic here is a walk down RV memory lane.  Taken around '05 I think.  On downwind for landing at Big Creek, ID (U60) with (3) RVs in front of me (Jay Pratt, Don Christiansen and Danny King).  We had breakfast - hard to do with your jaw on the floor from the scenery.  Digital cameras took smaller pics back then....;^).  I'm also glad smartwatches that recorded my heart rate weren't around yet.  Do numbers even go that high?

(click to enlarge)


Mug Shot ...eric.the.blonde

Funny how this wing looks like every other wing.


RV-14 Status Report ...kbalch

I've been moving along nicely on my wing kit. At this point, the left wing is done (less the wingtip), as are the right tank, leading edge, flap, and aileron (finished yesterday; photo below). The left aileron will be completed today, leaving only the main structure of the right wing to do before my fuselage kit shows up in 2-3 weeks. Plenty of time!  ...


Status Update ...Jereme Carne 7A

Well I have been putzing around a little, but now that my primer is finally here get ready for the train to start rolling again before winter!

Started fabricating the mount for the ADAHRS unit.  ...


RV-3B Status Update ...David Paule

I’ve been sort of roaming around the fuselage, doing things that looked interesting.

I put together the pitch servo mount, following the Dynon RV-4 mount arrangement. It also holds the elevator bell crank. Here it is from the front, looking aft. I need to touch up the primer slightly and then the baggage floor skin fits under the forward end. I used nutplates under the mounting bolts.  more pics



October 15, 2018.   Issue #4,676.

Today we start off with horrible news. Our online friend Jon Thocker of Redline Airshows perished in his RV-8 at the Culpepper airshow over the weekend in Virginia.  Jon was a regular in the forums (jthocker) and served as one of its moderators. With over a thousand posts his last few were, in typical Jon fashion, posts helping out other builders figure out issues with their RVs.  We mourn our friend and pray for his family and all those who knew him.

It hurts.

Jon's home airport Sunday...

If you would like to chime in on this thread with stories of how Jon impacted your life, please do.  If and when I get information regarding a service I’ll pass it along. I think the fact that over 10,000 views have been racked up on this thread in the last 48 hours is a testament to the impact Jon had on so many lives.

Rest in Peace, Jon, and thank you for all you did.  You set the bar high.


Short engine stumbles ...Claude Pitre 9A

Went up for flight this morning and ran into something new. I was in level flight at 60% power, mixture running at peak EGT or slightly below and I had a series of 3 short low fuel pressure events. Pressure dropped below 10 for 2 seconds, I could hear it in the engine sound, I got an aural alert from my Skyview EMS and I saw the fuel pressure gauge drop. Each event lasted about 5 seconds where pressure was below the normal 25 and they all resolved themselves. I responded to the first one by turning on the boost pump and pushing in the mixture all the way. The second event followed 30 seconds later and the last event a little more than a minute later. Fuel flow stayed steady through each event (corresponding with the state of the boost pump and mixture at the time) and I didn't see much change in the RPM although I'm on a C/S prop. After the third event I switched back to my left tank - I'd been on the right tank since about 5 minutes earlier. I didn't have any issues on the left tank and immediately returned to land. I did switch back to my right tank after landing and did an uneventful runup prior to shutting down.

I feel good about how I responded to the hiccups, I reacted quickly with the boost pump and mixture and was running through my immediate options including a precautionary landing at the small airport I had overflown a few minutes earlier. I had plenty of altitude, about 3500' AGL and I would have had about 4 minutes to get it down should the engine have quit.

My question for the brain trust here is this. Is this a highly unusual and concerning issue? I don't know what caused the stumbles, fuel contamination? air pocket? My data logs are pretty thorough, is there any other counter that would give a clue about the cause? I'm a little reluctant to go back out without some idea about what happened.

At least I found out that my autopilot works well as was the purpose of my flight today.


Status Report ...Bullseye RV-7

GOOD DAY IN THE SHOP, high fives all around.

So....0.5 hours toward the tank. 2.5 hours toward the wings.

6 rivets for the spar nutplates, and 65 rivets each on the top and bottom of the leading edge. That makes 136.


Ready for winter flying ...Dvalckik RV-12

Getting ready for cold weather flying - oil shutter installed to keep engine temps up at -10


New Guy Chimes In ...Diego in Oegstgeest, Netherlands

Another do I fit thread...

Hello everybody,
my first post here... but have been reading for a while...
First let me say that you are an incredible community. I see huge competence, great passion, enriching diversity... really I am impressed and would love to join.
Where am I...
Would really like to build and fly a 9, I think I have most things sorted out but still a big question mark: Do I fit comfortably in a 9?
I know the question has been asked many times, I am 2.00m/85kg (6'7"/188lbs) and I understand I might fit but, before embarking myself in this big project, I need to be sure I would fit with sufficient confort. For this a proper "fit check" is necessary, in a 9 or 7 set up for a tall pilot (possibly with the almost RV14 mod...) and here comes my next issue... I live in the Netherlands and couldn't find anything suitable close by up to now.
So the big question is: do you know of a suitable RV (even still under construction) in the Netherlands or somewhere in Europe (ideally close to the NL but also close to Italy would work)??
Thanks and happy building/flying to all of you,


Status Report ...didja RV-14A

Busting right along with the wing kit. I got the kit sometime in June and am now just about complete with the right wing (I decided to start on the right wing for some reason!). I have the leading edge, flap, aileron, and wing with top skins all assembled and wiring completed. I just have to close out the fuel tank after replacing for leaking rivets from the water test and then on to the bottom skins and linkages!



October 12, 2018.   Issue #4,675.
  Practicing right chandelles Thursday morning for the commercial checkride in the RV-6.  Used 123kts as an entry speed and 73kts as my end-of-maneuver speed.  .3 hrs on the button.  Kinda came across as 'footy'. ;^)
  Still fiddling with the weather page (up to 35 maps now).  Stale data in the old version - a work in progress....
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


Sid Checking His Smoke System ...7A at Aero Valley

Sid recently installed a smoke system.  He's been dialing it in lately, asking us to occasionally see if it's feeding too thick/thin.  I think it looks just fine - cutoff is sharp.


Hurricane Michael check in

Here in the Upstate of South Carolina it is raining hard with winds at ~20 MPH, gusting to 30.

Enough water to saturate the ground and then have trees blown over by the winds.

The storm keeps changing tracks so our forecast is improving up here.


Pine Bluff Formation Clinic PIREP

It was an awesome clinic at Pine Bluff!

Links to photos and videos below Bulldog's report!

Here's a report from Bulldog:

We just had one of the best clinics I have been to. There were 29 pilots and a few guests. The weather was very good and the food was excellent. Bad weather across the mid west caused a few cancellations and we missed you guys. Safely flying formation is our goal and we did a lot of it.

I want to congratulate Dean Marvin (Gumby), Dave Romuald (Torque), Frank Brewer (Bogie), and Scott Sundstrom for passing their Wingman check rides. Also David Grover deserves recognition for passing his Flight Lead check ride. FFI Cards are not easy to earn. Good job guys.

We had 3 Red Scary new formation pilots (Brian Freeman, Rajiv Chalasani, & Jim Ivey) solo in 2 ship flights. I hope you continue to progress up the FFI ladder to eventually earn a formation card. You will enjoy the journey.

We need to thank all of the people that made this possible. Doug Hale (airport manager) and his staff did a great job taking care of our every need and allowed us to have full use of their facilities.

The EAA Chapter volunteers are just wonderful. Sara Works our chapter president worked continuously all weekend to be sure we were taken care of and she got some good photos & videos that she will share. Bruce Rogers, Richard Swartz and his lovely wife were the main cooks. They did a fantastic job. A week ago we had a hangar clean up day and there were even more volunteers there . Thanks for the support .

I want to thank Cassandra Shaw, head of the Pine Bluff Transit department for furnishing our bus transportation. The drivers were courteous and on time. We appreciate your help.

Greg Reese (Greese) our check pilot and all up flight lead came a long way to help & provide guidance when needed. Thank you to the Flight Leads & Safety Pilots too. You came at your own expense and didn't complain about what ever flight assignment you were given. The FFI family is better off for your effort.

Also thanks to Bob & Linda Connor, our Air Boss & Bossett. They own an RV-7 and Bob has been through a clinic at PBF before. They came down from North Little Rock Friday to helped with registration and then came down again on Saturday to provide Air Boss services for us.

Thanks a lot Bob.

I know I left out someone, so forgive me.

Thanks again,

Randal "Digger" Warren's video he put together.

Photos from Sara

Photos from Dana

Video from Curt Rausch "Delta 4" with Brian Freeman filming.


Before Gluing Canopy To Frame ...WingRock RV-8

I have trimmed my canopy to fit my frame and separated the windscreen and the rear of the canopy. I have also read all the threads on how to best make the canopy fit the frame, and still, It is approximately 1.25" out from the frame just ahead of the weldment. I will be gluing it on using 1/8" spacers as many of you have done. I am really hoping for a "crack free" canopy and just want opinions from those of you that have glued your canopy on and have had to pull the sides in and clamp it until the adhesive sets up.

Is 1.25" on each side (near the back.... where they all seem to crack) an excessive gap, or normal?


Close-up take off ...Simon RV-7

Dropped in on a friend a few days ago for lunch. On departure he took this video

Love the sound of these aircraft. IO-360 with a Vetterman trombone exhaust system.



Elevator counterweight installed wrong side RV-8

So I managed to install the right elevator counterweight (trimmed) in the left side (and vise versa right side) during final riveting.
note: fiberglass tips are not installed

Problem is, when the counterbalance skin is riveted around the counterweight it is not easily removed. (did I mention that I also used Proseal on the counterweights).

Looking for advice on options

1. Do nothing and the elevators will still balance as a complete assembly but not individually.

2. Carefully trim the right counterweight in place and save the piece removed to bond/fasten to the left side.

3. Carefully trim the right counterweight in place and drill remove counterbalance skin install new full size weight on left side(possibly skin ribs spar if damaged during removal).

Is it important to be able to individually balance the elevators?


Runway FOD Check ...Aero Valley (52F)

...my home field.  Today's take.  Hand model Rob Reece. 



October 11, 2018.   Issue #4,674.
  Fiddling with a new weather page - (27) maps pulled from various sources.  Just the maps.  No clicking, they all load full size.  Work in progress slash developing...

RV-14 Pics ...Jared Solomon

Completed for a while now (September 2017). Plane was vinyl wrapped for about a year. I removed the vinyl back in August 2018 and painted it. Here she is!


What videos would you like to see Van's publish? ...mothership

We've been working on a few short(ish) help/instructional videos here at Van's, with plans to publish them on the web for folks to watch. For example, we'll have a quick video or two about assembling and sealing fuel tanks at some point, which will cover the techniques and things our tank builders have found one should be aware of and pay attention to.

So, we figured what better way to decide what sorts of topics would be useful than to combine out own thoughts with the community of Van's kit builders. No guarantees we'll publish on any given topic, but please post your ideas about what you might like to see.

Over the next months and into next year we'll be developing and publishing some of these videos, as well as some inside stories that we hope you'll enjoy. When we launch our new web site in the coming months, we hope to provide more of this sort of helpful content.

Okay - What do you think might belong on the possible topic list? Ready? Post!


RV 4 Canopy NACA vent enhancement ...GWBaker

As most of us know, the canopy mounted NACA vents on the RV 4 are in a bad location. Most new builders are not putting them there. Those of us who have purchased an RV 4 with these already installed will not be building a new canopy just to relocate or eliminate these vents. If you are like me, you do not like having a somewhat non-functional thing attached to your plane, so my thought was "let's do something with it". I have read the posts about installing the vortex generators that Vans recommends, but it seems like most people agree that it is not that effective as it creates a low pressure in an area that already suffers from low pressure.

Please forgive me if this has been done before and mentioned, but I have not seen it on the forum yet. This is not the most elegant solution, and some will say that it will create drag. My plane did not lose 1 mph with this mod. It's basically a clear plastic scoop that is designed to interface with the NACA design. It works perfectly and makes the vents completely usable. I actually find myself modulating the vents now to adjust airflow as I cool down as apposed to just flying with them wide open all the time and getting no flow or reverse flow.


Status Report  ...j-red

Finally got to put the driver to the screws this morning and officially install my panel. Had been waiting for the engine monitoring wire harness to be completed and now all the back-panel wiring is done and secured! (cable on the left side is a LAN cable that connects the VPX to a laptop for programming. It stays attached and stows underneath when not in use). ...


Garmin VNAV User Tips

We really appreciate the feedback we have gotten since the GTN 6.50 and G3X 6.20 software release. See below for links to each software release post.
G3X Touch Software 6.20  ...


IFR experience

I've been flying my RV10 for a year now. But I started IFR training two years ago in a 172 and decided to stop after about 30 hours so I could finish the RV10 and complete training in my own airplane. I got my first experience under the hood this morning.

We climbed up over a broken layer and I had the strangest experience. As I got started with the foggles on, for a good 10 minutes I was having an almost uncontrollable desire to turn left. I would notice (often with a reminder from the CFII) that I was in a turn, I would correct it, and then sure enough I'd be in a 20 degree left bank within a minute.

Eventually I realized I was seeing clouds go by out of the lower corner of the foggles which was giving me the sensation I was in a right turn - just by the way they went by. I didn't even realize I was seeing them. This never happened during training in the 172. It was just the strangest thing to be concentrating on the instruments and still end up in a turn based on subtle, almost subliminal visual queues of motion around me.

Once I realized what was happening I was able to do it right. But what a realization of just how easily and disorienting it can be when senses lie. It was, in the end, a good experience in forcing myself to ignore everything but the instruments. You know you're supposed to do that but actually doing it, it would appear, is another story.

... It was a fun time and I just thought I'd share.

-Joe Wilbur (N520LW)


RV-10 Status Report ...Brantel

In progress on the HS. This thing is taking a while! Tonight I match reamed over 940ea #40 holes!  Had a few distractions over the past couple weeks that is also slowing me down.


PJ Status


Garmin® begins seamless integration between FltPlan.com and Garmin Pilot

OLATHE, Kan. /October 10, 2018/Business Wire — Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announced the initial phase of integration between the Garmin PilotTM app and the popular FltPlan.com web portal. As a result of Garmin’s acquisition of FltPlan.com in August, both companies have made rapid progress in merging portfolios. Beginning next week, pilots will be able to use FltPlan.com for pre-flight planning and filing, and automatically view the same flight plan within the Garmin Pilot app on Apple mobile devices. This announcement represents the first of a series of cohesive enhancements between the FltPlan.com website and the Garmin product line.  ...


New Guy Checks In ...Bartman14

First post and first time builder. Awesome community here !
After researching the 10 and 14 on this and other sites and blogs for about 6 weeks I settled on building the 14A. Since I work week on week off I have the time, but the work location is in a different city about 100 miles away. Should have a good 10-14 days relatively uninterrupted at home every month, and a couple of hours most days while away. Looking at maximizing my time and thinking of buying two kit segments and working on the empennage while away and haul it back when completed, but do the big stuff at the main home. Completed segments will be stored and assembled in my hangar a few miles from the main home. I know I'll have some duplication of tools and workspace but many tools can be hauled back and forth. Excuse my ignorance, but is it reasonable to build the empennage and maybe other portions in a townhouse community away from the main home, or would I just be setting myself and the neighbors up for a bad experience with complaints like noise and such ?


RV-7 Status Report ...Bullseye



October 10, 2018.   Issue #4,673.
  "On Ten Ten Ten Tate Turns Ten."  We came up with that phrase when our son was born back in 2000.  Today he turns 18, and his mother and I could not be more proud of the young man he has grown into.  There really are no words that adequately describe it.
  Today's edition is all Tate, and I'm pretty sure he'll find these pictures embarrassing.  I'm doing it anyway ;^).
  And to the VAF readers, thank you for letting a proud Dad hog the whole day's edition with these.  Happy 18th Birthday to Mr. Tate Reeves!  Your parents love you very much.

Seven years ago...

Thank you Lord for bringing this wonderful, kind hearted miracle into my life.




October 9, 2018.  0001Z.  Issue #4,672.

Paint Model Build Revision #15 ...mbauer

I plan to experiment more with the model. Gives better look for fit of graphics. Thinking I will be able to add skins to attempt different looks.  Will be doing a model or skins of your modifications to see how it will look.  Built a second model last night, modified some of the parts for better fit and ease of build, still took two hours to complete. 

Compound curves are a real pain in paper, will have to form a canopy later, it will take several hours of work to accomplish. Due to the curves in the real canopy, the paper one will have several cuts and gluing to form a semi-curve look using flat panels.  Here are some photos of a RV-6 Convertible:  ...

[ed. I just really dig this little paper model Mike made.  I mean come on...how awesome is that?!?! ;^)  v/r,dr]


RV-14A Status Report #2 ...Roman and Dima in Isreal

The plane is yet in the ocean and will hit the shore of Israel in about 1-2 weeks from now. But we are not wasting our time. Since our last report we managed to prepare the environment for the project, and first and most important is the workspace:


Spousal Approval ...Paddy

Buy-in from the better half is indeed critical. Here's one angle from a prospective builder who was recently married...

Him - I've always wanted to build my own plane, I think an RV-8 would be fantastic!
Her - If you're going to spend all that time and money, the plane better have room for kids. You want kids don't you?
Him - Of course I want kids. I'll build an RV-10 with 4 seats, the whole family will have wonderful adventures...
Her - That sounds like a better idea.
Him - I'LL TAKE IT! er I mean, OK, I'll give up on my dream of my own personal fighter and build a family station wagon instead, just for you dear.
Her - Good, I'm glad you're such a great husband

8 yrs and 2 kids later - mission accomplished, marriage intact, wonderful adventures in progress.
Flying as of 10/30/16 after 8 yrs building


RV-8 and the Forks Lunch ...Steve Rush video

Saturday 10/6/18 was a truly nice day in the Pacific Northwet. It stopped raining (briefly), the fog lifted (eventually) and the air was clear and calm. We decided to go out to Forks for lunch. This is a nice trip as Forks is truly out in the middle of nowhere on the northwest tip of the Olympic Peninsula and it is a lot of fun getting there.

Carl (from whom I bought the airplane) was nice enough to get some video of me landing and taxiing in (and I managed to make it look, at least to the uninitiated, as if I knew what I was doing).


RV-10 makes forced landing on dirt road SE of Bend

Two aboard OK; pilot reported loss of power.
A single-engine plane with two people aboard reported engine trouble and landed safely Sunday evening on a dirt road in the desert about 30 miles southeast of Bend, authorities said.  ...



October 8, 2018.  0014Z.  Issue #4,671.

RvPilotLife: Angus Steak Dinner ...Josh 9A

It was a long last week and the forecast wasn't looking good, so we took an evening to try out a new steak house. What a time warp The Angus was. Looking for a good steak and the 70-80's traditional supper club experience in Western WI? Then this trip report is right for you!



0TX1 NOVEMBER 3 0930-1600 NOVEMBER 4 0700-1100.  Silent Auction, Fly Mart, Young Eagle & Eagle Flights. Pot Luck Dinner Nov 3 PM, Pancake Breakfast Nov 4 AM.  OVERNIGHT CAMPING AVAILABLE


Cylinder Scoring ...jump4way

I'm looking for a little help on something. I have an ECI IO-360 parallel valve engine with 44 hours on it now. I've been breaking the engine in using the oil and oil change schedule recommended by ECI (Phillips 20/50 XC). I've been following their break in procedure running the engine between 65% and 75% power respecting CHTs. I've tried my best to keep them at or below 400. I haven't always been successful, the highest CHT I have seen is 445 for less than 30 seconds.

I'm 44 hours in now and the CHTs seem to have dropped a bit but oil usage is still 1 qt every 2-3 hours. I decided to pull the spark plugs and take a look inside to see if I could find any cause for the oil usage. What I found was vertical scoring on all of the cylinders but cylinder 2 was the worst. Below is what I found but I'm not sure of the cause.  ...


Mothership News: ...FB

“Great news about the further reduction in accident rates year-over-year as reported for 2017, plus the numbers are looking like they will be better again in 2018! The Van's Aircraft flying community - which is significant in both its size and influence - is in part responsible for improvements in safety metrics in the EAB category. Things like transition training, promotion of positive behavior amongst ourselves, and the use of safety tools and technology have really paid off. As a community, let's keep up the good work!”


JCarne 7A Status Report

Well after getting the left landing mount installed in significantly less time than the right it was time to move on. My primer shipment didn't make it by the weekend so I had to change plans. I decided to install the engine mount and start working on all the brake/rudder stuff. Things seemed to turn out good and it was pretty fun too!   ...


Pulsar NSPs on older W-415 wingtips ...N804RV

I decided to install nav/strobe/position lights on the outboard in the traditional position; no light coves, no rudder position light.

Q: Is there an established method for locating those lights to meet FAR visibility requirements? (Hoping someone can tell me "x inches aft of leading edge" or something similar.)  ...

A:  (Smokey Ray)
With no tail strobe or light, you need to mount your tip lights to have the rear quarters covered as depicted. This is definitely a grey area as I have seen just about every iteration you can imagine over the years.
Suffice to say, if the DAR inspector has an issue when he inspects your -7, he will tell you. The lights should be mounted mid-span just below the edge tip on the W-415's. I can't give dimensions, but there are many examples flying and on the web, here are a few ...


Just &$%!!$%

Today, the wings, flaps, ailerons, and tips are headed from the basement to the airport and co-located paint shop. Everything is cleaned up and finished to the level of "Paint shop shoots its preferred primer, then paints."

Except the wingtip I dropped on the way out of the shop door. It landed right on the corner of the trailing edge, and took a chunk out. That's in addition to the road rash it suffered landing on the brushed concrete drive.

Just dumb.

The good news is that the wing, flaps, one aileron, and one wingtip are safely at the airport.

Obviously, I have the damaged wingtip to repair, and I noticed a minor blemish on one aileron, so held it back to take care of the blemish.

The other good news is that my basement/shop now has a lot less stuff in it. I have comfortable working room again... Woohoo. Plenty of room to finish the tip and aileron, pretty-up the cowling, and do the final sanding on all of the wheel pants and gear fairings.


Sept 2018 Status Report Cont.... ...j-red

Front baggage door has been finished, as evidenced by the last photo. The top skin had been riveted in place, but the locking mechanism was absent, and the interior skin had not been riveted yet. Not easy to locate those blocks and keep things tight, but managed to do it without having to crawl into the abyss and drill them from the inside.

The lock is nice and tight and, the fit around the firewall side is excellent. The canopy side is just slightly off, but hardly noticeable and there was no tweak that seemed to make any difference. Overall, I'm content with it. ...



October 5, 2018.  Issue #4,670.
  I need to brag on my son Tate for a bit.  He came home from school yesterday (he's 17 and a senior) and handed me the VAF logo-themed pen holder below.  Made in his welding class.  Cut out of plate steel, stylized lines cut with a plasma cutter, MIG welded, ground and clear coated.  Look at that beading technique, baby!  He's 17.  How cool is that?!?!
  So yeah, it's on the work desk front and center for the next thirty years or so.  I'm gonna ask for RV-6 wheel chocks for Christmas <grin>.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


The Class E Link Generates some Discussion ...various

Seeing the article about Class E airspace got me thinking about something a former student of mine asked the other day that I couldn't find a good answer for. Wondering if there is anyone in the VAF braintrust from around the Las Vegas area that can shed some light.
About 40NM west of Las Vegas, starting just east of Calvada Meadows airport (74P) and running north to near Desert Rock airport there is a rectangular section of Class E airspace where on the outside Class E begins at 1200 AGL and on the inside it would be 14,500 MSL. That is simple enough. The question is why? What is the reason for this very specific shape and sized area?

If there are any instructors/pilots from the Vegas area who know why I would love to hear the reasoning for the shape, size and placement of this area.

Another interesting thing is, if you look at a sectional the rectangle is there. If you look at the Foreflight Aero chart, it isn't.


DXF File Import For Front Panel Express ...ssokol

I'm working on a new panel design for my 6A and was planning on using Front Panel Express to do the cutting. I have the RV-6 panel DXF from Van's website, and the FPE design tool has a DXF import function. However, the import of the DXF from Van's results in errors.

I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with CAD - at least with traditional 2D CAD. So... Is there anyone out there with enough CAD savvy to figure out the issues with the import? If so, I would be more than happy to provide them a reasonable quantity of their favorite beverage at OSH, or to give them a discount on a FlightBox or other Open Flight product.

Thanks in advance!

Here's the fixed DXF File.


GA prop weight difference help

Q: Changing my 45lb prop to a 26lb GA prop, and wondering if anybody has done this while already flying.

I will move my ELT forward, and replace my tailwheel with a light tailwheel (maybe save 1lb) then redo the W&B but am pretty positive I'll have to add some weight to the nose and am wondering what options there are.

I've read about landoll rings, and being hard to get, but what about adding static weight to the engine as in lead weights bolted on? Any suggestions about that?

A: The most efficient means of adding weight fwd would be to switch to using a steel prop extension (assuming the one you have now is aluminum.

Doing so puts the added mass as far fwd as possible and it is doing other work that already needs to be done.


Petit Jean Room Update ...Bill Schlatterer

UPDATE .... 10/3/18 3 weeks out and we have over 80 RV's registered. As of 10/3/18 5:00 PM CST There are 4 rooms open and a 3 bedroom house at Cedar Falls for the weekend. The 3 br is nice, several of us will be staying there Thursday. All rooms at the RCC are full, Mather is full, but some left at Cedar Falls. We're got a great venue this year and some new flying events that should be very entertaining. Bring a friend and come to the Mountain. Plenty of camping still available! See you at Petit Jean!


Seat PIREP (9A) ...KRviator

I built a -9A, being 6'5.5" and 180lbs, with most of my height in the legs. Using the standard panel I have no problems whatsoever. I even hung a KLN-90 underneath the RHS of the panel and while I do need to be mindful getting in that my jeans don't snag the knobs, I do fit well.

I did put the rudder pedal bearing block hard up against the firewall gusset to compensate - but this means you can't have a rear-mounted prop governor as the firewall recess won't fit. Depending where the builder installed his, you might be able to move the pedals forward an inch or two.

I use a pair of seat cushions from a Suzuki Swift over the standard Vans aluminium seat back on the rear-most hinge setting and am quite comfortable. They are relatively thick and rigid and while this does move you forward slightly enough to be noticeable vs the original "sewed by myself" cushions, but isn't a problem.

Testing before I had an upholsterer cut out and sew in a cutout for the stick movement.



October 4, 2018.  Issue #4,669.
  More than a little embarrassed to admit that yesterday I made my first flight to get fuel in the RV-6 since Aug 29.  In my defense I did get (7) flights out of that avgas.  You know me....... .2s and .3s.
  Penny pinching runs deep in this one. ;^) 

Fuel run to KXBP ($3.89).  Enlarge

(8) waypoints on a (11) min. flight <grin>.  Enlarge
Because America, that's why.


Whats the deal with connecting rod and bottom numbers- Can I mix them-


I was measuring my connecting rods and I got:
#1 top part: 686,5 grams, bottom: 165 grams, total: 851,5 grams
#2 top part: 691 grams, bottom: 163 grams, total: 854 grams
#3 top part: 692 grams, bottom: 168,5 grams, total: 860,5 grams
#4 top part: 684,5 grams, bottom: 167 grams, total: 851,5 grams

As it is possible to see there is 9 grams difference between connecting rods and also 9 between opposite connecting rods. My idea would be:
#1 top 2 plus bottom 1 total 856 grams
#2 top 3 plus bottom 2 total 855 grams
#3 top 1 plus bottom 4 total 853.5 grams
#4 top 4 plus bottom 3 total 853 grams

Like this, I would have maximum 3 grams between connecting rods and 1 gram between opposite rods. However, the overhaul manual says to assembly the rods with the corresponding numbers with the corresponding bottoms.

Can someone clear me on this? what is the best thing to make? Leave it as before or should I mix them as I was thinking?

Thanks a lot,


The Logic Behind Class E Airspace ...website

Guy at Aero Valley sent me this link - something he stumbled across recently.  He told me that in over 50 years of flying airplanes, this article explained it in a way better than he had ever seen.  He said it was so good he almost understood class E airspace for the first time in his life.

Almost.  Rimshot.

The secret with a punchline is the timing.  Kidding aside, pretty dang good read.  There might be hope for me yet. 


RV-14 Panel Status Pic ...jeffw 'at' sc47

Here's the panel almost completed, the rest to be done is more of the wiring connections behind the panel.

All of the currently acquired panel instrumentation is mounted and the harness that connects everything is installed and wired to a VP-X Pro (equipment harness built by Approach Fast Stack). 'Most' everything is wired up to the common fuselage harness, still have a few days to a week to get everything connected, that is to the 97.5% done point.

In the panel equip is Garmin; a G5, a GDU465; the stack top to bottom - TO/GA button switch, GMU507, GTN650, GTR200, GMA245, an ECK ELT remote control panel above the G5; and on the right side a partially water-jetted cut out (the corners) for a GDU470 7" portrait, and I have left enough space in the right panel and behind it to put in another GDU46X if that suits me or some future owner instead of the 470. Starter, mag, and alternator (B&C 60A and a B&C 20A) switches below the G5.

Lighted rockers along the bottom for electrical items, four dimmer switches, a Hobbs, next right one of a 5 rocker switch place-holders (black snap-in cover plates), and the special 'WINGS ON / WINGS OFF' rocker switch for good measure to keep passengers thinking and to hammer in the passenger warning placard. A panel mounted dual USB port and two alternator field breakers; a few more breakers to follow as I ran out of circuit assignments in the VP-X.


Milestone: Electrons in Panel ...control RV-14 video


Kids and Condition Inspections (and other things)

...some folks adding to crabandy's wonderful post with their own pics....


Remove the rear inner cap from the crankshaft

Q: I am changing my crankshaft from a CS prop to a fixed pitch prop. I should make a hole or remove the inner centre cap. I do not have a so long drill to make a hole on it.

Can someone advise me on the easiest and best way to make it? I try to push it forward from the front but it did not move. I did not apply much force afraid to damage something.

A: (Mel) You don't have to remove it. You just need a hole to relieve pressure.



October 3, 2018.  Issue #4,668.

Baffle Sealant ...DanH thoughts

The sealant you want is Loctite 598.  Available in a 300ml caulk tubes or small squeeze tubes. In the US, Permatex Ultra Black is the same product. In additional to not being monkey butt orange, it is remarkably tough, oil resistant, and has a good temperature rating.

It's not hard to understand what you want to accomplish, which is to make sure every molecule of cooling air (1) remains in close contact to hot parts, and (2) actually gets to the hot places.

A light bulb held under the engine will highlight gaps.   ...


Magnetometer Interference ...asw20c 14 emp

Q: I, like many on this forum plan to install a full suite of sensors to feed the future G3X system that I plan for my build. I know now that the magnetometer is to go in the first bay outboard of the wing-walk ribs in the left wing. Yup, the same wing as the heated pitot, which I had been thinking would be a real problem for the magnetometer because there is no way to locate the wiring harness 18" or more away as recommended by Garmin, assuming you use the magnetometer install kit from Vans. I dutifully twisted the wiring harness in an effort to mitigate any leaking magnetic field, and had an electrical engineer come have a look at my work. The surprising feedback from him was that despite the heavy current that could potentially be drawn by the heated pitot (if it is cold enough) it probably would not be a problem since once on the field is stable it would not affect the magnetometer. It was the wiring harnesses for the strobe and landing lights that are the real problem because they aren't shielded, and since both will be pulsed, that means an electromagnetic field that will be repeatedly growing and collapsing which will have a far greater effect on the nearby magnetometer. He recommended using mu metal (yeah, I hadn't heard of it either) to wrap all of the wiring harnesses in the vicinity to help mitigate the field near the magnetometer.
So, my first question to those who are now flying and have both heated pitot and wig wag landing lights with their wiring harnesses running near the magnetometer, does it indeed impact the functioning of the magnetometer? And secondly, has anyone used mu metal to shield any of their wiring harnesses? Was it effective?

A: However, your EE friend is a bit misinformed: When charges (electrons) move, they create an associated magnetic field. A DC current (a humorously redundant term...direct current current) will create a constant magnetic field that could cause the magnetometer to have a constant induced error (hold a compass near a wire carrying DC to see this). An AC current (e.g., sinusoidal, square, etc.) or other changing current (e.g., impulsive like that in a strobe light), given its non-constant nature, can create a varying induced error

A: I note on the standard Van’s wiring kit they are very light on shielded wire.  Instead of trying to mitigate the problem, I recommend you strive to eliminate it. For your LED strobes run three #20 conductor shielded wire. I’d also replace the wire for your magnetometer to shielded cable. If you do wigwag landing lights it would not hurt running shielded wire for them as well.  I mounted both SkyView ADHARS modules in the same wing location. No issues.  The pitot heat will not be an issue either way.

A: My magnetometer is in the left wing with my heated pitot.  I'm fairly sure that I used sheilded wire for the pitot and have no problems. I initially had interference from the wingtip strobes using the standard wiring when the instructions had the nav/strobes lights grounded at the wingtip. Vans advised me to ground these lights right back to the fuse and that fixed the problem. I think the plans have been revised.  170 hrs and no further problems.

A: I installed standard Van’s harnesses in the wing and fuselage, with fuselage ground per the revised plans. Magnetometer installed in the left wing per plans. No interference from any sources per the Garmin test protocol except pitot heat, with rerouted power and ground wire (twisted).


Fun With Photoshop

(Rock helping Mike)
Nice Mike. I did a quick copy and paste. I think you are going to love your new bird!


RV-12 Builders Conducting Own First Flight...

Q: How many have done it?  Did you have transition training?  How'd it go?

A:  I did mine. I had kit number 18. At the time I was ready, there was no RV-12 transition training available.  My previous 400+ hours had been in a C-150. I spent a few hours in an Evektor Sportstar and a few in a Tecnam Sierra to at least have some LSA time. I also spent some extra dual time going over emergency procedures and locating local places suitable for emergency landings. The first flight went very well and all was great.  That said, if I had the opportunity I would have loved to get a few hours with Mike Seager, or at least in an actual RV-12.

A: I did mine too. I describe exactly how it went in a YouTube video. Not trying to promote the video, just want to give you the info, so go to the 57:13 mark in the video, which is where I cover the first flight.


Current Stats


Crankshaft Seal Leaking ...Ralph Ketter PIREP

I had this issue once after changing where the breather tube exited in the cowling. Initially I did not have an issue until I changed the breather tube routing and exit location. After that I suddenly had a lot of excess oil in the forward cowling. I came to the conclusion that I must moved the exit to a location where there must be a higher positive pressure.

- I then moved the exit so it is low between the exhaust stacks (RV6). For the lower part near the exhaust stacks, I used a flexible but rigid stainless water line connection normally used for a water heater connection (I cut the integral fittings off). I still had some oil weeping but much less.

- Some time after adding the lower breather exhaust tube, I removed the prop and replaced the one piece seal. I've put about 300 hours on it since and have not had any visible leakage since.



October 2, 2018.  Issue #4,667.

5th condition inspection ...crabandy

It's "Maid Oliver's" 5th condition inspection, I never imagined how it would morph into our family's lifestyle. Summertime is too busy, and winter time too cold so when exactly is the best time to ground the airplane for a condition inspection?

Never a good time but September/October is as good as any month, you really get used to having this magic carpet at your request. It seems to always take about a month, but I come away with re-learning the airplane and a physical wrench on every bolt/system helps re-assure my amateur skills.

Just cleaning, lubing and torque checking every bolt/nut on the inside. 


Rest in Peace Mr. Allen Fulmer

(Dan Horton post)
Allen passed last night, at home with family.

I'd like to thank all those who expressed an interest in his RV-7, and of course Daren, who purchased it. Same for various hangar clean out items. Putting his airplane affairs in order was a huge comfort to him, and Joan.

A stand up guy. We'll miss him.


RVs and Rockets at Reno 2018 ...rvmills

Reno 2018 was a fun year for the RV and Rocket gang! I saw Ross's thread on Reno 2018, with its great discussion on performance ignition and fuel systems and prop RPM, so thought I'd start a separate thread to talk about the great performances turned in by RV pilots. I also saw a question about 49's bird strike, so I'll start a separate thread about that...and the repairs...after this.

We had 7 RVs and 1 Rocket race in Sport Class this year, which is 22% of the Sport Class field (8 of 36 entries). At least 3 other fast RVs took a year off this year, so we have a lot of fast RV Reno Racers! Pretty cool, eh!

The builders and pilots are getting more competitive every year, and supercharging, turbocharging, and especially nitrous are being used quite a bit, after extensive testing by the pilots. Here are the 2018 RV race pilots, and their qualifying speeds:

Dan West, Sport 270, Supercharged RV-8: 248.4 mph
James Stringer, Sport 49, RV-Super 6: 245.8
Jason Rovey, Sport 76, RV-8: 244.1
Lee Ulrich, Sport 101, Turbocharged RV-7: 242.2
Neil Wischer, Sport 888, RV-8: 242.1
Scott Prewitt, Sport 314, Harmon Rocket: 240.2
Skylor Piper, Sport 80, RV-8: 235.9
Matt Beaubien, Sport 81, RV-4: 222.2

The first 4 raced in the Sport Bronze, and the last 4 raced in the Sport Medallion.Great racing in both heats, and the RVs duked it out with Lancair 360s and other glass airplanes, with good success. Dan was trying to get his 250 mph patch, and came oh, so close! Jason was giving James a run for his money all week, but that dang hawk spoiled the Bronze final for 49. Everyone had a great week of racing, and a great week of camaraderie.


Status Report ...David Paule -3B

Glue Technique Tip -
As the total thickness builds up, you may need longer rivets. Buy them early and you will have them when you need them.

When that riveting work was done, I really truly had a canoe.

Back when I ordered the finish kit, I ordered a clear Todd’s canopy. More recently, I decided that a light tint would be better. Lance Logan now has canopies available. He took over Todd’s equipment. Lance Logan is the supplier to Spruce, so I had the option of ordering direct or through Spruce. I discussed it with Lance and decided to get it directly from him. The quality of the pre-purchase assistance was terrific.

I chose the 2515 Light Smoke, which blocks 88% of UVa and 99% of UVb. The other easy option was 2094 Gray. Lance sent a sample of both and the decision was pretty easy. The 2094 is pretty dark.  ...


Head on a Swivel ...Herold

A couple weeks ago at a non-towered airport a fellow aircraft did everything wrong and this was while on frequency.
Long story short the aircraft flew directly through the departing runway airspace. Wrong side to enter pattern. Wrong altitude. Wrong location. Unannounced.

WE WERE in communication. That is to say he announced his intent to land on the active runway 5 and 10 miles out. I radioed my departure before taking the active runway for a straight out departure. At the time the other aircraft was still quite aways out. Everything good. Smooth take-off. Another call announcing my departure and heading then the other aircraft flew directly in front of me BELOW pattern altitude.

Luckily I was able to see and avoid but wow!!!

The only thing I can figure is he was announcing but not listening and that given the airport has little traffic that perhaps he just assumed there was nobody else there?

Great learning experiences eh. Also nice that Van's are so nimble.


RV-Super 6 Hawk Strike during Reno Races...and the repairs! ...rvmills

During the Sport Bronze Final on Sunday of the 2018 Reno Air Races, Sport 49, the RV-Super Six I own with James Stringer, and piloted by James that day, had a close encounter with a large hawk while rounding Sport Pylon 4. James saw the hawk above and to the right, and tried to climb as the hawk tucked and dove, but the hawk went through the right windscreen, and pretty much exploded on the baggage bulkhead. James called the mayday, and expertly maneuvered the plane to a safe landing on the off-duty runway (RWY 14, for those that follow Reno or know Stead). I was above and behind in the pace aircraft (Mark Frederick's F1 Rocket), watching the battle between James and Jason Rovey, when the birdstrike happened. James may post about his experience here, but he reported tremendous noise and wind blast, and although his mayday calls were loud and clear, he could hear nothing on the radio. He flew very professionally, and was awarded the 2018 Sport Class Tommy Rose award for airmanship for his performance. Well done, partner!

I'll post a few pics of the damage, then post some photos of the repair, which I began this weekend. If anyone has replaced a front windscreen, any lessons learned, advice and gotchas are absolutely welcome. I'm searching the VAF archives for info as well. If this can become a chronicle that can help a future windscreen replacer, then all the better!

Here's what a hawk strike looks like up close...not pretty! 


Colorado fall flight ...mchargmg

It finally cooled down some, so we took the 6A up into the high country to see if we could find any color. Launched out of KFLY, and headed south, past Spanish Peaks, and up over Mosca Pass. You can see the sand dunes in the distance.  ...



October 1, 2018.  Issue #4,665.
  Taking the practice test daily for the commercial rating using one of the free King online sites and scoring 80% and higher.  Neat site.  I'd like to do a little better, so studying continues...
  Hope you had a nice weekend and your Monday goes swell.

October Wallpaper Calendar ...Ed Hicks photo


Bowstring Fall Colors Fly-In ...petehowell

Winter is coming........ but the the weather was nice, if not on the cool side today in Minnesota. Earlier this year, the RAF helped save the airport way up north in Bowstring and this weekend they were sponsoring a fly-in/camp-out weekend. I decided to fly up to enjoy breakfast and the fall color and was not disappointed! They even had Home-made caramel rolls!  ...


RV PIREP: US National Aerobatic Championships ...ronschreck

It's over! The 2018 US National Aerobatic Championships wrapped up with the awards banquet on Friday evening. Our two RV competitors didn't walk away with awards but did do us proud. Jerry Esquenazi finished with a very respectable 6th place in the field of 19 Sportsman competitors and Galen Killam finished 16th. Both pilots improved their placement in the standings after their first flight but weather and ATC delays precluded a third flight so further improvement was not possible. Here are the final results for the category.  ...


Mothership Ping

"In the eastern part of the USA and thinking about attending one of the popular fall fly-in shows? Want a chance to see our latest RV aircraft models up close and personal?

Van’s east coast rep Vic Syracuse is looking forward to being at the AOPA fly-in at Carbondale, IL next weekend, and hopes to see you there! He will be taking the RV-10, and will co-present a talk on amateur-built aircraft with Dave Hirschman.

The next AOPA convention is at Gulf Shores, AL on Oct 25th-26th. Vic plans to take the RV-14A to that one.

Between those two shows is the Petit Jean fly-in, and he is currently planning to take the RV-10.

And, first week of November is the DeLand Light Sport show, and Vic will have the factory’s RV-12iS at that one. So, it looks like Vic will be at aviation events for four out of the next five weekends. Can't really complain too much about that! Be sure to stop by and say hi while you’re at the shows."


Status Report ...jcarne 7A

Well not a lot to show as I have mainly just been deburring stuff. Finding some more Akzo has been tough, UPS managed to completely trash a shipment from ACS and they are now out of stock. Ended up ordering some from Graco despite their ridiculous $250 minimum. Oh well, maybe having an alodine pen too will be useful.

Anyways, I have been taking care of all kinds of other tasks since I can't prime and paint. I'm waiting on a few shipments from different places to keep the ball rolling. In the meantime I installed the vent lines inside the cockpit. Turns out spending 4 years doing HVAC paid off since I used to bend tubing all the time. I may try and tighten up two of them bends but we will see, looks pretty good so far.

Here are some pics from my latest endeavors.


Tate's Friends Getting RV Time

Got in .7hrs of time off the surface in the RV Saturday giving (3) of our son's friends a ride - two of them their first ride in a small plane.  Tracks/times below from the watch and the picture courtesy the Tater.  Lowish clouds in the area called for staying around local, so it was mostly pattern work and TnGs.  All had fun.


RvPilotLife- Janesville Diner, then...

Had a two flight day in the RV. The first trip is a quick write-up on 'Bessie's Diner' located at Janesville, WI. Really great place to eat. ...

RvPilotLife- Landing at Midway Airport

My morning flight to Bessie’s was a great start to Saturday. After running home to enjoy lunch and some shopping with my best friend and co-pilot, I started to plan an evening in the burbs with a friend, a fellow pilot from the South Loop in the City.

Metra Northwest to my town? Metra West to Schaumburg where I fly down and pick him up? After all, it was a great day for flying. Wait, I have a crazy idea! He lives in South Loop, why not have him take the ‘L’ to Midway Airport (KMDW). I wonder if they’d let me land? Only one way to find out. Calling the Signature FBO, they informed me there were no landing restrictions at KMDW. Let’s fly! ...


A Little Paranoid

OK folks, I've been worried about this part of the build since I got my empennage kit - The Firewall Forward Fuel System.

First let me say that the plans call for VA-129 to be run from the gasocolator to the fuel pump. I found this hose to be too long, so I used VA-139 instead which is shorter. Using VA-129 from the fuel pump to the carb seemed to be a good length.

Please tell me if this looks right mostly because I have some fittings that I can't identify (for example KB-000), and want to be sure I'm using the right ones:

Gascolator to fuel pump.   ...


15 Years Ago ...Ross Farnham

I was cleaning up a PC today and found some old photos of my first flight and some tuft testing a few months later. Has it really been 15 years already? Time certainly flies...



September 28, 2018.  Issue #4,664.
  Spent .4 Thursday morning practicing (5) chandelles to the left (commercial checkride training).  2nd pic shows the altitude gain/loss each time and the final pic the notes after each try (altitude and airspeed start and airspeed and altitude after.  You can click on 'em to see a bigger version.  Garmin D2 watch tracks (I'm a quasi-beta tester).  Seeing improvement in technique.  Need to do again with a passenger to better mimic the testing W&B.  Saw the track and first thought was 'that's my splash image tomorrow'. ;^)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 


Happy Not-A-Date-Anniversary ...Capt. Sandy

To my Darling Husband, Thank you for taking me flying that evening, 13 years ago, when I said I wasn't interested in dating. Thank you for changing my mind, and my world, and I will always be willing to sleep on the floor of an FBO with you.


Motivation Video

Danny King in 'Beautiful Doll' taking off at Aero Valley (complete with little wing dip to say hello)


Seen at Monk's

Luke (Classic Aero) interior going into a 7A.  Pics start here


Aircraft Wake Turbulence Shown Vividly



September 27, 2018.  Issue #4,663.
  I posted a question on what entry speed to use for an RV-6 chandelle if anyone is bored.  Also, does anyone here work at Cessna/Textron.  I have a question if you got a sec.  Thanky. 

Wright Brothers 'Master Pilot' Award

...goes to RV guy and VAF user Mr. Vern Darley.  Way to go Vern!


Where to find a good magnifying glass?

I've been trying to find a good 5x (preferably 10x) mag glass for general use around the shop.

I've searched the **** outta google and amazon and of course there is tons of hits, but they all seem to have review's saying it's not actually the power noted or some other deficiency. Most of them look like very cheap pieces from overseas.

Yes, I have looked at my local HW stores, but they are all 3X. Maybe 3x is enough and 5x or 10x is just gonna make me drive myself crazy trying to fix tiny things.

Does anyone have a link to a mag. glass that they use and have found to work well around the RV building environment? I know you all have answers to what you use, but I'm looking for specific links for ones that have worked well.

Building RV-14A


Tire help please ...Simon Hitchen

Hi guys, I’m just into my first annual and I’ve found this cut on the outside of the tire. It’s an inch long, does the necessitate a new tire?

Many thanks,


DID YOU KNOW lost logbook information isn't covered by insurance? ...VAF Advertiser

Have you ever wondered if your logbooks are covered under your insurance policy? Well, the answer is not really. Although the physical logbook may be covered, there is no coverage for the document reconstruction. This means once the information is lost, it’s up to you to recreate it. To make the aircraft airworthy, the aircraft and engine logbooks must show the required inspections and AD compliance. We recommend keeping a backup electronic record by taking pictures or scanning the pages of the logbook. Not only will this backup keep you flying, it will maintain the value of the aircraft by having complete logs. Lost logbooks can be difficult and time consuming to recreate. If you’ve lost or misplaced a logbook, the last shop where you received an annual inspection will be your first stop. Many shops have switched to electronic recordkeeping as evidenced by printed stickers in your logbook as opposed to handwritten or ink stamped notations. As long as the shop has a record of your completed annual (electronic or otherwise) at least you can get back in the air while you attempt to recreate the rest.

Happy flying!
Leah Ringeisen, Shanna Linton, & Katie Escalante
Gallagher Aviation


Under wing cargo pod tutorial video ...Carlos post

I was watching Utoob and came across this little gem of a tutorial on forming under wing cargo pods for the RV's. I'm not much on fiberglass (not enough patience for this big of a job) but for you dark side adventures this would be a fun project especially for those with RV8's that have thought it would be cool to have the drop tank look on your little fighter plane!


Seen at Monk's

...air powered vacuum setup.  Cool, simple, and a lot smaller than a shop vac.




September 26, 2018.  Issue #4,662. 


Rudder is done! (Less Fairings).  So the rudder is done (less the fairings) and I am now working on the horizontal stabilizer.  Lots of details in the build blog if you are bored!
Brantel (Brian Chesteen),


Landing My RV9A on a Grass Strip (Underwing camera)

I've been playing around with cameras on my plane off and on and recently decided to try out making a movie using iMovie on my iPad.

Well, it's no academy award winner and it's not polished at all but it was pretty quick to do and it's all the complexity that I need. Also, it's neat to see what the gear does on a grass strip.

Trying to synchronize the various views is not easy with the iPad since iMovie doesn't appear to have any precision timeline. You just drag things around to make the action in both views sort of close but they are not synchronized. Maybe on a Mac it's different but that is what I found playing with it on the iPad.

Anyway, check it out. Unfortunately my underwing cam spit out a corrupted file on the takeoff from Frazier Lake so I don't have that video. I'm going to have to go down there again to get some takeoff footage.

Here's the link:


Control column installation and bearing stiffness (page 29-05 step 7)

I got the bottom fuselage skins riveted together tonight and proceeded to install the control column. There is almost no play when one side's hardware is installed so I do not think I need any shims. But when the hardware is torqued to spec, the bearings seem rather stiff. It moves smoothly without binding, but it resists movement and will easily hold itself in position against gravity. How freely should the control column move?

Feedback #1
  You may need to try different combinations of washers/shims to eliminate bearing load. I believe there ought not be a change in friction as you torque the nuts. Shim with care.
  If it's any consolation, as I look at my time lapse from when I completed that task on 4-Jul-15, it took me 3 hours to find the right combination. I obtained very smooth movement in both axes with no noticeable friction. It was frustrating but worth the time invested. It's best to do this now when access is so easy.
  Not everyone's will be the same as mine, however my ultimate washer stack ended up being two NAS1149F0363 on the left inboard and single 363 and 332 washers on the left outboard (top image). The right side had two 363 washers with a single F-14146A shim (sandwiched between the washers so it won't contact anything) on the outboard side and a single 363 with the same size shim on the inboard side (bottom image).

From Scott (re: above)
I have been working on RV's for almost 30 years now (and work on the oldest side by side RV flying ) and have never had to replace one of these bearings.
If the control column is shimmed properly so that there is no side load on the bearing, and they are lubricated occasionally, they will last. That is the main reason that even though design effort is typically made to make things reasonably maintainable,maintainability was compromised in this instance because it is unheard of to have one of these bearings fail.


Inspection Mirror

I found this articulating and lighted inspection mirror with a clip no less in the women's makeup isle at Wal-Mart for less than $10. It comes with a USB to micro usb charging cord.

Lights off for this face


IO-390 hard second start

Good Morning all,

Almost finished with an RV-14A. The IO-390 fire up good on the first start. 1 sec fuel boost pump, 1/4 inch throttle and mixture back about 1 inch. Its the second start that is the problem. I've read the different post about hard starting and none of those techniques are working for me. I've tried the hot start procedure and the flooded start procedure. Engine never kicks over.

1. How far back does the mixture control have to be to be considered lean? Can this be described in inches or do I have to run the engine to find that position?

2. Not currently get a fuel flow reading on the Dynon EFIS, I have to trace the wires from the cube to the VPX and the EFIS. The engine is not using the fuel flow reading for anything, is it?

Any suggestions would great greatly appreciated.
Tim W.


Oil cooler line fittings

Is thread sealant only applied to the pipe tread side of this fitting?


Adding Paint To All Ready Painted RV-6

I'm thinking of changing/adding to my already painted RV-6.

Spent this weekend drawing up a planned addition. Want to paint this on top of the Ivory white color. Colors added will be red, white (pure white) and blue.

This is a first rendition, have some changes needing done, will work on them as I get time, kind of tired working at the desk, well over 14-hours working in AutoCAD on this so far.

Anyway here is a 1st rendition of what my plan is:



September 25, 2018.  Issue #4,661. 

Above the OVC enjoying the morning sun after a few days of rain.  dr

From Cynthia at the Mothership

“Happy Tuesday, RV owners and builders!  Today, while ferreting out a serial number, I discovered in the faa.gov database that there are 101, yes, 101, RV’s of various flavors registered as “001.” This poses a challenge when transferring ownership of accounts as well as distributing service bulletins and letters.

If anyone has a serial number “001” or any other serial number besides the original number issued by Van’s, and is aware of that assigned serial number, please contact Van’s to ensure that Van’s database is correct.

Thank you in advance!"


You're Gonna Want to Watch This

Don't be this guy...or the person that jumped out...


Heavy Wing Update ...togaflyer

I finally have time to address my heavy wing issue again so I’m reaching out once more to get your input on my current status. I have the issues and things I did in bullet format:

My right wing continues to be heavy

I have required significant left aileron trim correction to offset the heavy right wing.

I rechecked and rerigged according to specs. Everything is right on, in a static condition.

In flight, the left aileron will lower approximately 1/4 inch based on the trailing edges of the wing tip and flap vs the left aileron. The right aileron looks about in trail.

I used a square 6 inches long, it will strike into the top of the outboard left aileron forward spar. Inboard side of left aileron and in and out areas of the right aileron spar clears.

I attached a plastic trim wedge under the outboard side of the left aileron. In flight it corrected the amount of aileron trim required to almost zero. The left aileron trailing edge is still slightly lower then the trailing edge of the wing tip, the right aileron looks like it holds just slightly above, but very minimal.

So with a slotted bracket, do I attempt to lower the outboard left aileron or ? On the aileron, Does the airflow load come from over the top of the wing or from the bottom pushing upward.

You continued input is appreciated.



Mr. 'X' Photo Dump

Many new pics.  Enjoy....


Videos of my three OSH talks now online ...Bernardo (RV-6A / Boeing Structures D&DT Researcher)

Hello, fellow RV-ators.

At Oshkosh this past summer, I gave three talks at the forums. I finally got around to posting the videos online, and I think you would enjoy them.

Note: Each talk has a link to a page where you can download a PDF of the slides.

  • The Uses of 3D Printing in Aviation
  • The Physics of Aerobatics
  • Questions About Why Airplanes Are Designed the Way They Are


Mothership Calendar Ping



September 24, 2018.  Issue #4,660. 

Tailgate Express! ...Pete Howell

The 11am college football game times seriously limit tailgating fun - especially if you are 200 miles away. The RV makes it possible to see the college buddies and our youngest at our Alma Mater, Iowa State, in Ames!   ...


Studying via Cloud

Work continues studying for the commercial written.  The other day all nine brain cells aligned and I thought I would take a picture of each page of the test prep book and supplement, then upload those images to private folders using my SmugMug account.  Screen grabs below.  Can't provide the link due to copyright laws, but it's a perfect solution for me - fewer things to lug around. 

I have a tablet and smart phone, so it's pretty easy to have 'Figure 51' pulled up on one device and the question on the other.  Scratch out the wrong answers and highlight the right answers before taking the pictures and Bob's your uncle.

Saturday morning during the downpour in the drive thru at Whataburger to get breakfast for me and the Tater, I sat for 15 minutes with all the other trophy dads.  With the phone in the holder I comfortably studied (those questions not referencing figures).  Made the line time go fast.

(221) pictures for the test prep book.  (56) supplement pictures.  All in my pocket.

Lazy nerds of the world unite!


RV-Lancair Botherhood Day ...9/22 edition

The Brotherhood flew out to Rutherfordton for lunch today. We had four RVs, a C-170, and my Lancair 235. Owen's RV-12 was way down the line and so was Mike's beautiful green C-170...so they're not in the group photo. Lunch was excellent at 57A. It was fun.


Panel Porn ...Mark Dickens

I "think" my panel is now done...LOL. There always seems to be another little thing to add, but for now it's done...


Photos of RV-8 Access ...f14av8r

Here are a couple of more photos to illustrate.

This is the panel after I opened everything up to do the GTX-345 install. I took care of some other items too so it was easiest just to open it all up. You can see the back side of the baggage compartment panel in the photo. Clearly I'll have to be careful cutting the access panel hole. I'll probably have to pull the panel again to get access / move things.


Engine is Hung!!

Thanks to Justin Griffin the engine is hung plus several items installed onto the engine. A very productive day. It's nice to see it sitting in the garage with the engine on the frame. I step closer.

John Johnson
Murphy, NC


Elevator horn drill  ...RV-10

Well, I decided to go back to the empanage attach while I wait for my finish kit. I mounted the elevators and did the horn drilling. I followed the instructions exactly but ended up with an off set hole downward. It’s still in perfect fore-aft alignment because my elevators are only about a 1/32” off between them. I’m going to check with Vans, but thought I would get some weekend input


Storing the RV-10 EmpCone ...update

Thanks for all the help , managed to store the other day and inventory the wings i have room again!!!


New Guy Checks In ...RV-7 Houston, TX (Justin Wallace)

Did not see a good area on the forums to post this so feel free to move if needed.

Long time RV lover, first time builder. 90's kid currently working as a Cessna Citation pilot in Houston. Own a Grumman yankee (looks alot like an RV6a) as my personal airplane. Flew it to Oshkosh 2018, life long dream in the bag there.

I finally convinced myself that even though I can not afford the RV7, I will find a way! Currently prepping the shop and looking into the tool options. Here is where I am on tools.

Clevland or Brown?

I like that Brown has free shipping, but does not even stock a DRDT2 dimpler !?!? Wants : DRDT2 and Pneumatic Squeezer in the kit.

Is one kit more complete than the other? ANY input is greatly appreciated. I would like to scout some used tools. Atleast on the expensive items. Alot of these tools are foreign to me.

Planing on connecting with my local EAA chapter to find a new RV friend. There are plenty of RV's in Houston.


Pic of Dynon Roll Servo ...N804RV

Hope this helps. This is on my RV-8, right wing:


New RV-10 Builder Says Hey

Hi Everyone,

Started our RV10 build 8/24/18. Just finished the vertical stabilizer on Friday 9/21/18. Here's our website if you would like to stop by and say hello.

Michael Smith
EAA Chapter 35 San Antonio Member
Bristell NG5 (Flying to build time for preparation for RV10)



September 21, 2018.  Issue #4,659.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

First solo flight

It's as official as it's going to get. This evening I took my newly finished plane out solo. I put in 7 flights with my engine builder to get me completely comfortable handling the plane. I decided to leave him behind today and went out for some circuits resulting in 9 decent landings (out of 9). Greased the mains every time, bounced the nose wheel a little a couple of times.

This really is an easy plane to fly, I'm probably a little fast, final at 75kts, touching down at about 65. No problem getting down to those speeds with my c/s prop. I'm finding it to settle down very well, sinking exactly like I'd expect it to. I haven't used full flaps yet, 1/2 (18 deg) is good enough.

Flying solo showed a bit of a heavy left side - not there at all dual. I had a full left tank as well, so I would have been surprised if the wasn't some heaviness to the left. Didn't need to adjust anything to fly it like that other than a touch of right stick that I hardly noticed.

This also marked the first flight where my EGTs stayed below 400F all the way. I hit 399 on #1 on the first circuit, it peaked in the low 380s after that. Fuel flow was 8-9 gph on downwind while indicating 103-110 kts.

The most surreal part of the flight tonight is that I didn't need to schedule anything and I didn't need anyone's permission. I can get used to that! I'm looking forward to starting on some of the actual testing over the next few flights. The grin may be permanent.
Claude Pitre
RV-9A #91081, C-GCPT


Panel Status/Ideas/Thoughts ...Carl Froehlich

The base element on panel design is to separate what stuff and wires stay in the plane, and what comes out when you pull the panel.

Below is a photo of my panel test fit on the new RV-8 project (third project with this approach). This will be a full dual SkyView EFIS install (a 10” and a 7”), Dynon radio, XPDR and ARINC module mounted on the bulkhead forward of the panel.

On the removable part of the panel there are breakers only for the removable panel stuff; two for the GTN-650, one for the audio panel and one spare. These breaker get power via a 0.093” pin Molex connector from the Left Vital bus. All the interconnection wiring between the GTN and the audio panel comes out with the panel (as do both trays). The connections to all the other stuff are either coax or D connectors. All of the other panel is connected via D connectors on the back of the component (both SKyView displays and the three SkyView remote modules). All this wiring says in the plane when you pull the panel. All remaining Left Vital load breakers are on the left panel wing, Right Vital load breakers on on the right panel wing - they stay in the airplane when you pull the panel. Non-vital loads and associated switch breakers (landing lights, nav/strobe, Pitot heat, Start solenoid, Voltage Regulator, etc.) are on the side breaker panel.

Note - both the GTN-650 and the PDA360EX audio panel trays get rear supports. For the GTN this is a piece of aluminum connected to the bottom of the tray, the forward end having a nutplate. Support is via a single screw coming in from the baggage compartment. The audio panel is similar, but is supported via the cross tie below the panel.

Goal - never be on your back with your head under the panel.


Empennage Mistake

So I made my first mistake when I misread the plans while countersinking the flanges on the VS-1003 spar. The holes at the top of the spar where the skin mates to it but the stiffeners don't on the back side, I countersunk all the flange holes instead of dimpling the top 5 or 6 holes. I actually found it quite miraculous that the holes didn't elongate and cause the countersink to chatter in the holes. Anywho, probably going to order a new spar tomorrow, yalls thoughts?
Brandon Flores
N710LL Reserved


RV-6 for IFR (Status).  ...rolivi

Sadly, my plane is allowed to fly IFR but I am not, yet.

I heeded the autopilot advice (2-Axis) and probably overspent a bit on the panel. I learned during recent IFR certification check that when a backup altimeter is installed it too must be to standards. [That meant rebuilding it] Also had some static leaks. All and all, the inspection cost a bit more than expected, but even VFR I know my P/S based instrumentation is completely up to snuff so there is some comfort where my $$$ used to be.

And since you asked for photos...


RENO PIREP ...Chkaharyer99

Dynon Dave and Associates,

It was my great honor and privilege to act as crew chief for my friend Lee Ulrich, #101, a turbo charged angle valve IO-360, Vans RV-7, called the "General Lee".

My job as crew chief was made significantly more effective and efficient because of Dynon's generous provision of an appropriately sized hospitality tent. The tent was in close proximity to the 101, and served as a base of operations for discussing tactics, race strategy, and/or cooling off or getting out of the wind.

Many enjoyed the numerous amenities, treats, cold drinks and other refreshments supplied by the folks from Dynon. The couch and comfy chair were especially popular. There always seemed to be enough chairs to accommodate everyone who visited.

The Dynon hats, stickers and other swag were very popular.

Countless folks gawked at the Dynon panels in both Dan "Nordo" West beautiful blue and white Super Charged RV-8 as well as Lee's 101.

As for what Dynon can do better next year? That's difficult to say because your support was, in my opinion, over the top. Maybe more exposure to your staff, a few more hats, some T-shirts. If appropriate, consider a raffle.

It was really cool meeting you Dave. I was impressed to see you hanging out pumping gas in race planes. Your hard work and support serves as a great example to everyone who participated. Thank you!



14” spinner ...Carl Froehlich thoughts

For those who want to step beyond the as provided plans.

In my opinion, the RV-10 cowl set up for a 13” spinner is just not to scale for this airplane. While I clearly understand the benifits of common parts across the Van’s models, the standard 13” spinner just looks like an afterthought.

This photo is an RV-10 with a James cowl design for a 14” spinner. The extra inch, I offer, makes all the difference.

Will James no longer sells this cowl, but if enough people pinged him perhaps he will offer it again.




September 20, 2018.  Issue #4,658.

Bungee Starting (Comedy) ...azrv6

The battery in the RV6 was dead this morning so I decided to give bungee starting a try:

...read the rest


Mothership Job Openings


RV-8 and the Day Off Work ...Steve Rush RV-8 video

The past couple of weeks have been a little dreary with rain and clouds on the weekend only clearing up during the week. Since it had been 2 weeks since I had flown I decided to take Monday off to go fly, since it was a better day than either of the week ends. This was the result.


RENO RV PIREP...Johnnie Painter

Fastest official RV-4 at Reno (non-rocket)

So, the best I could find is 2016 Matt Beaubien #81 "Low Motion" ran 230.239 in qualifying. That is the fastest official lap at Reno for an RV-4 that I could find.

Anyone know if there has been a faster official lap? Not a Rocket....just a regular RV-4.

I'm planning on racing next year hopefully. I need a target


Luke D Spotlight ...VAF advertiser

"It's an RV-7A built by Krea Ellis in Georgia (build assist from Synergy Air). It features a very unique and beautiful paint scheme, and our full interior. The overall combination is impressive. Thanks Krea!"


Question about prop governor ...AX-O

I did some searching around but did not find info on thesequestions. I am purchasing a PCU5000-X prop governor and there are some options that I need help figuring out. Specifically, the following for my RV-4 installation:

-Control Lever Angle. Default is 290 deg. Can I easily change the lever angle around after I figure out what works best?

-Control Lever Rotation. Do I need Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise?

-Pressure to Increase P-520, Yes for Non-Counterweighted prop. What does this mean?

-Pressure to Increase P-540, Yes for Counterweighted prop. What does this mean?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Help needed troubleshooting rough running O-320 ...TShort

I'm hoping for some wisdom / assistance in helping a friend troubleshoot a rough running engine in his purchased RV-9.

Background: RV-9, carb'd lycoming o-320, dual mags, pretty much basic setup as per vans.

Jim bought the airplane earlier this year, it was pretty new with phase I flown off. Has about ~75 hours now. Aside from some warmer CHTs, the engine had been running fine.

Early Aug, he and a friend flew to a nearby airport for fuel. On return, (in the dark!) the engine began running rough. Runs rough at higher power, seems to smooth out if the throttle is pulled back.

I am going to link to engine data from 2 flights:


Wing Bolt PIREP ...RV-14A

Wing attach bolts were super easy. They all slid in real nice with gentle tapping. Per plans, just Boelube on the bolts (clean threads before introducing nuts). No freezing of bolts or anything special was done. Start-to-finish, both wings were on and torqued down in 40 minutes.


RV-8 Avionics Access Panel ...Randy King

My RV-8 does not have an avionics access panel in the forward baggage compartment like I've seen in other RV-8s. Not having access to the back of the panel is frustrating. Even the most minor maintenance usually means pulling the entire panel.

I'd like to modify the airplane to include some sort of access panel. I've attached a photo. I realize a lot of builders do this during construction. I'm looking for advice on the feasibility of doing it on a finished airplane. Your thoughts and assistance will be greatly appreciated.



September 19, 2018.  0022Z.  Issue #4,657.

Sunset flight...Veetail88

My bride Nancy and I had dinner with Ron and Kathy Moring at an old school Wisconsin Supper Club in Prairie Du Chein, WI last Saturday evening. Nice place right across from the airport.

Upon departing we enjoyed a little formation practice during which Kathy grabbed this pic. I thought it was pretty nice and thought I'd share.


Ironflight's 60th Birthday Fly-In Breakfast/Brunch this Saturday! ...Louise Hose

When? Saturday September 22, 2018, 8:00 am-noon

Where? 311 Yeager Ct., Dayton, NV; A34 – Dayton Valley Airpark (8 miles east of Carson City -- KCPX). We are on the northwest side of the runway on the Rwy5 approach end. The hangar and adjacent shop doors will be open and we'll monitor the radio.

RSVP? Not needed….it’s (for some) a fly-in!

Presents? Are you kidding? He’s already got a new work shop AND a SubSonex jet kit for his birthday. He doesn’t need anything more!

PM me if you have questions.


Nickel Plated Finishing Washer on Tank Screws...Ron Schreck

(Do the make the screw head sit proud?)
Very slightly. See for yourself:


Gen 2 (ON SPEED AOA) Audio ...Vac

The new system includes code that allows the user to manipulate the tone waveform and volume for different parts of the tone logic, which is simply a fancy way of saying the tone can be made to be much more pleasant to listen to: https://youtu.be/WTHszmvjI24




Performing at local AirShow ...lucaperazzolli

It's always fun having an AirShow in our home base. My family was with me and seems that we did a good job.

Despite the FB/Instagram delirious with tons of photos I like to share with you the shots from our friend Giuliano Basso who is the father of our livery.

I hope you'll enjoy them.


Corrosion and well painted aluminum

Exactly how durable is well painted aluminum from corrosion?

Well, here is an example of aluminum that was buried underground for over 44 years!

In 1974, we had a retaining wall built at my mom's house. The workers took a break, and left these cans to be buried. This year, a tree root finally pushed the wall over, and we have to rebuild it.

Here is what we found! 44 years in a damp area under mom's front lawn. Just goes to show how important a good paint job can be!

Pretty Cool


Jerry Esquenazi to compete at the US National Aerobatic Championships

I have been closely following Jerry's progression in competitive aerobatics for two years now. We became good friends following our first contest together in the Fall of 2016 at Sebring, Florida. I blew a tire while taxiing for takeoff for my final flight in the competition. I was on my way to a spot on the podium but with no time to repair the blown tire I was resigned to pack it up. Then Jerry stepped up an offered to lend me his RV-8 to fly that final flight. If you have seen Jerry's plane you know that it is one of the finest RV's on the planet and up to this point no other pilot but Jerry had ever flown it. Now he was begging me, practically a stranger to borrow it! And turn it upside down!  ...


Hat Sighting ...WWE match in Dallas 9/17. 

Jonathan (RV-7 builder in Lewisville, TX...my neck of the woods) works for a lighting/audio company currently contracted with WWE.  That's him wearing a VAF cap under the monster screens he's responsible for.  He invited me to the show at the American Airlines Center on Monday (and Rob Reece RV-8 and Susie).

There are no words to describe a modern wrestling match - there really are no words.  Harlem Globetrotters meets the rehabilitation scene from Idiocracy maybe?  Part soap opera, part circus, part Jerry Springer.  We laughed until our voices were strained <grin>.  Actually had a really, REALLY fun time.

HERE's a short video which doesn't come close to conveying the noise.  Those insane screens?  Thank Jonathan.  I can now say I've been to a wrestling match.  Check that box <g>.  My head still hurts ;^).

Jonathan, you rock.  Or as they say in the WWE.....JONATHAN!!!!!  YOU ROOOOOOCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Get that RV finished - you're just weird enough to fit in nicely at Aero Valley <g>.



September 18, 2018.  0001Z.  Issue #4,656.

Milestone: Moving to the Airport ...Colin P. RV-6A

This past Friday I started my move to the airport. I am taking parts as I finish the paint (need to get them out of the way to make room). I started with the fuselage since it was residing in the paint booth (no other place for it to go).

Since it came off the assembly fixture, the fuselage has been living on a rolling cart I built. It carries the weight at the firewall and the main-spar. I put a padded support under the tail when working just in case I shift the CG aft...don't want it to fall on the tail.

For the move I kept it on the cart. I used a wood blank bolted in place of the main spar as a tie-down point, along with the engine mount.

I made a very slow drive from east Plano to Aerocountry. I'm sure the other traffic appreciated me going 25-30 in a 45. That is why went during light traffic.

My wife was able to help me load it, but had to stay to get the kids from school. Offloading by myself was exciting to say the least, but the plane and I both survived.


Flat tire...Ivan Kristensen

Yes I had an issue with a flat tire while I was there. It just went flat overnight, the reason was that the inner tube developed a leak where the valve stem intersects with the tube. I am sure glad that it happen there and not at the Monument Valley airport the next day.


RV-3B Status Report ...David Paule

The Fry jig is sold and gone. It will be used by a repeat RV-4 builder in the area.

The concept of installing the main landing gear legs is still on the table, since I could do it with the canoe upside down on the sawhorses. I asked some of the local builders and Eric Lanning volunteered to spray them with Azko Nobel primer for me. I included the tail spring too. Azko Nobel is one of the better primers and frankly, I’d have been better off to have used it myself throughout. It’s very tough, resistant to aircraft chemicals, and epoxy sticks to it. It was ideal for the landing gear legs.

Here’s Eric spraying the legs in his priming booth.


RV-8 #82497 Status Report ...j-red

N Number Reserved 9/17/18

Lots of work has been happening resulting in the baffles, vertical air intake housing (snorkel), and windscreen attachment/fairing all being very near completion. Will post pictures when they are finished which should be toward the end of this week.

Update today is that I've officially reserved the number N801DR, and begun getting paperwork together to be sent off to the FAA for registration. EAA says to do this 3-6 months out in case of any delays. I'm really hoping to have the airworthiness inspection sometime in January/February, which means that this is just about the time to start all that.

Goal by the end of October is to have the fuselage ready to take to the Hangar. This will mean:

  • Prop hung and spinner fitted
  • Cowl joints and "gaps" filled and sanded including oil door recess
  • Horizontal cowl pin securement (is that a word?) figured out and completed
  • Fuel and oil hose fabrication/installation
  • CPI ignition system installation
  • Slick harness modification for auto plugs (ala G3i instructions)
  • Engine monitoring sensors/wiring completed including starter, alternator, and engine grounding cables.
Pretty aggressive schedule, but I've been getting 2-3 hours work done 6 mornings a week, so I believe it is do-able.


Wire Size Chart

I need to run a wire 15' carrying 3 amps. If I am using the Continuous Circuit Chart from AC 43 1B correctly then 20 gauge would suffice. However, when I check it using the Wire Barn Calculator I get a different answer. I figure I am doing something wrong. Your help is appreciated.


Roll Servo Install ...RV-14

I have been trying to wrap my head around what capabilities come with the generic wiring harness that Vans supplies as part of the wing kit, what harnesses I need to make myself, and what comes with a panel built by Stein. The otherwise excellent build-plans that Vans supplies are silent when it comes to this type of information. It would be so helpful if the plans simply included a note saying something like: "The left wing harness includes wiring and connectors for a landing light, magnetometer, ADAHRS, stall switch, and heated pitot for manufactures Dynon, Garmin, etc.. The right wing wiring harness includes blah blah blah". That would make it perfectly clear for what systems a builder wants to include that he will have to do himself.
Anyway, I know the roll servo for the autopilot goes in the right wing. I bought a VOR/localizer/glideslope antenna that goes in the right wingtip, and I know that I have to run the coax for that myself. I see there is a small molex plug that is in the bay just outboard of the wing walk ribs and I'm pretty sure that is for the aileron trim servo. What I'm not sure about is where the roll servo goes because according to Stein, when they build you a panel they include a wiring harness long enough to reach the servo. In this case, all I need to do is make sure I have a way to pull the harness to that location. The problem is that I don't know where it goes. Because the aileron bellcrank bracket has a large molex plug mounted in it, I'm assuming the roll servo goes there? Or somewhere close to that bay? Can anyone confirm this? Or better yet, send a photo?


Paint Update ...WingsOnWheels


Oh ---- moment need advice

So I got a lot of work in today on my tank. I should have stopped 20 min before I did. I think I was tired and made an error in reading the plans and orienting my inboard tank rib. The image below is of my T-703. As you can see I did not have the part oriented correctly when I drilled the first hole for the fuel vent line. I realized my problem and drill the correct hole. So now I have to decide what to do with the bad hole.

The way I see it I have three options.

1: order new parts and build the a new rib. (my least favorite and I don't think necessary)

2: Use the bad hole for a fuel return line. I was going to install one anyway but I was planning on putting it up higher on the rib and having it return fuel to the third bay. Anyone see an issue with putting it lower on the rib and working the fuel return line to the top of the tank in the first bay then straight over into the third bay?

3: creating a patch. Cutting a piece of AL to fit over the hole and using tank sealant to close the hole. If I did this would it be necessary to sandwich the rib between two pieces of AL or could I just put a patch on the outside?

Any advice is appreciated

Also while I am at it. I have read about people using HEX head screws to secure the fuel tank access panel. Are those ordered from vans? Anyone have a part number or link if they are from an outside source.




September 17, 2018.  0001Z.  Issue #4,655.
  Milestones to report.  Sixteen years ago today our RV-6 'Flash' first slipped the surlies, and 1,287 hours later it’s still kickin @ss and takin' names.  I will forever be grateful for how my life has been enriched entering this wonderful RV hobby.
  A happy, unplanned consequence of RV ownership presented itself the other week.  When I totaled my logbook three weeks back I discovered I now have 1,500+ hours PIC.  Sixteen years of those .3hr flights added up via the tortoise method.  That with my new(ish) instrument rating makes me barely attractive now to people who pay other people to fly, so I'm studying for my commercial rating.  Cuz why not?
  I have a friend who flies a Grand Caravan EX (and is a CFI) and I've been offered the occasional flight in the front in exchange for slinging bags, etc.  Did a day trip already - great fun and learned a LOT!  That counts as honest to goodness turbine time at a rate I can afford.  And as you might already know, those ten hours of turbine time count as complex time (notice / aeronautical experience requirements (§61.129)(a)(3)(ii)).  As of April '18, as I did with the IFR ticket, I can now take the commercial checkride in my RV-6 when the time comes (article).  So I'm really only out the price of the written test, DPE and gas.  Practicing the maneuvers now in .3hr hops.  Instead of looking for deer, turkeys and hogs for .3, I look for .2 then practice one of the commercial maneuvers.
  We'll see where it leads; in a perfect world an additional income source a couple times a month.  Being self-employed I've found extra money to be pretty useful, and having another set of marketable job skills wouldn't be the dumbest move I could make.
  I started a folder for my tablet's annotated pics/grabs of the commercial test questions that require charts and stuff.  You're welcome to give 'em a look.
  Hope you had a nice weekend with your RV plane or project, and hope you enjoy today's edition.  Quite a bit of RV news over the weekend!


1,546 hrs PIC.  594 hrs XC.  4.7 hrs turbine. ;^)

VS done (less fairings) ...Brantel RV-10

The VS is done (less fairings) and I am on to the rudder!

Belfast Fly-in recap ...Dvalcik RV-12

Loring AFB visit and lobster dinner;

Due to weather only many of the planned out of state arrivals for Thursday did not happen. We did fly 6 RVs to the former Loring Air Force Base. The gaggle of 6 arrived at ME16 with permission from the authority. It was an incredible day to fly, blue skies with low winds. Looking down that 12800 ft runway was great. Even though I just used the 1st 500 to land on and then back taxi'd, it still was a sight.  I could just image a large B-36 lumbering down the runway.

We were greeted by Carl from the development authority and Ray from the Historical Museum. They provided a 2.5 hour tour. There was also a TV crew there upon arrival.

2050 Hour Borescope ...petehowell

Daughter Megan was home from San Fran for the week and said she needed a pancake run this morning....so we went! On the way home, we tipped over 2050 hours and we did an oil change.

Compressions were 76/78/77/77 all cold. Lower plugs looked great!

The filter had some carbon in it and the screen was clear.

Here's your valve porn via the $11 camera on a wire - they look pretty good - sorry about the #4 Pic...  ...

Too rich? ...DaleB

Well, today was my first longer trip post-inspection. A little under an hour each way. EGTs look low to me. Ignore the fuel flow... for whatever reason, after having the fuel pump out our fuel flow indication has changed dramatically, and I'll need to re-calibrate.

Unfortunately I can't tell you the actual fuel burn for the trip. I don't know exactly how full the tank was when I left, nor exactly how much it took to fill it -- not that that would matter, without knowing the exact amount when I left. Plus we fill from 5 gallon cans, and I don't have one marked in fractions of gallons yet. The good news is, it wasn't full when I left, I flew 2.0 hours, and it took around 12-13 gallons to fill it when I got back.

This is after I did the 200 hour carb inspection/parts replacement. The balance is the best it's ever been, and the engine runs smoother than it has since I've owned it. We use a Carb_mate, and with the sensitivity all the way up the carbs are within one light of dead center from idle all the way to 4000 RPM. I've NEVER seen it that close. We also found and fixed a problem with the choke cable that may have been keeping one choke (starting carb) from completely closing.

No wheel pants (fiberglass repairs) so it's slooooow. Both shots taken about halfway, so everything was stable in cruise.  ...

RV7 return oil hose routing with SW8432R ...pazmanyflyer

Hi all.
I have a new -8 engine to cooler return hose that is 21.5" flare to flare from Tom at TS Flightline. My first attempt was a touch short. You can see here that I am stretching the hose straight and it's not bending at the fitting to my liking. It was way to tight with to much stress at the fitting.

RV IAC Aerobatic Competition Standings - 2018

Congratulations to Dennis Parks who flew away with a solid third place finish at the Apple Turnover contest last weekend. This is the second contest for Dennis this season and the scores show that Dennis has been burning a lot of avgas in practice. It pays off! Well done Dennis. Scott Emery flew in the same contest but chose to strap on his Yak 50 instead of his RV-8. (Deciding which airplane to fly is a decision few of us are bothered with. )

Triple Tree 360* Video ...Md11av8r

Here is my Triple Tree work in progress with my new Garmin VIRB 360 camera. Still trying to figure out the Garmin Edit software. Not much documentation available explaining its use and features.
RV 7

Punctured Skin

Punctured my rudder skin while it was on the DRDT-2. I didn't have the holes lined up and slipped, and now there's a dimpled hole where there should be no hole at all.  See Picture Here  My initial thought was I would need to get a new skin...however, can I just drop a short rivet in there to cover it up?

Almost done ...jjbardell

The panel planning has been a great learning experience around avionics, what is needed and how fast one can run out of panel space. We are 90% finalized in the layout and almost ready to cut.

Check out my latest blog update if you are interested in the official CAD layout. One neat thing we did was identify how to place, cut and incorporate the vents into one sheet of aluminum to create a refined finish.

I chose to buy the D10a because it was used and saved me quite a bit over a G5 or mini-extreme.

Jabiru 3300 Fitst Engine Start

N7944A Jabiru first Engine Start.  All went well.  Video Link .  Thanks Phil, Merle, Dennis, Lynn and Marcia for your help

Long -14A non-stop... bmarvel

For those of you still building and needing motivation or for those wondering about -14A performance, here's something more to look at.

I've got 330 hours on ours now in two years. Two days ago we flew it nonstop from home base in Grand Junction, CO to Torrance, CA (KGJT-KTOA), by far our longest non-stop trip.

IFR routing was via airways at 12,000 to 14,000 with a 30 knot headwind. We had three minor route revisions from ATC along the way so the trip ended up being 596 NM. Total flight time was 5.1 hours.

My red cube totalizer has never held accuracy very long and showed us landing with 10 gallons fuel remaining. The much more accurate float sensors in the tanks showed 15 remaining, or almost two hours reserve after 5 hours in the air.

When I refueled in Torrance the pump agreed with the float sensors and indicated the airplane took 36 gallons to top off both tanks so the actual reserve was 14 gallons.

Average ground speed was 120 knots given about a 150 knot TAS at those altitudes (approx. 50% power) so fuel burn was just a little more than 7 GPH at full throttle and 2300 RPM.

This is just a normal RV-14A kit airplane with IO-390 and Sensenich CS prop, built per the plans. There is no added fuel capacity. So far it has been trouble free and continues to impress me with its performance.

Status Report ...jcarne

Got the seats mostly installed. All I have left on them is to upsize the holes to #30 and they are ready for deburring.

New Guy Says Hey

Hi VAF friends!

I'm Steven Scherer - a younger (25) Aero Engineer in the Seattle area working for a large aerospace company. My wife Kelsey and I just started building the RV-12iS; received the empennage kit last week. Finished the inventory and are just now starting on the plans. We'll have a website that I can post later for progress pics and such.

Just checking in and saying thanks for being a great community. The active members here are one of the many things that convinced me to build an RV instead of buying a cheap (old!) certified plane. I'll admit that I still feel like I don't know enough to post anything intelligent, but most of what I have read has been very welcoming, so I'm sure I'll get enough confidence soon .

Shout-out to anyone in Washington to wants to build an RV - we had a great "Intro to Building" experience with Axsys Air. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend getting in touch with Axsys Air and spending the weekend with them to learn that you can really follow the plans and build an airplane. Friendly folks. Bring your significant other along as well if they are on the fence too (or just want to know why your insane)!

#67 Amaknak Island ...Vlad

An island once owned by Russia, one of the most populous in the Aleutian chain. I arrived there early June 2018 and spent couple days flying around. Surreal place.

Avionics failure in IMC

Ok so here I go exposing myself to the flame thrower to hopefully help someone else avoid my SNAFU.

I departed In my -10 at night on a stormy, night IFR flight plan for a 50 minute hop home after a long duty day as a corpotate jet jock. I climbed into the clouds around 2000’ climbing to 10’000’ and upon entering the soup, the landing light was glaring off the clouds. I reached up to turn it off and grabbed the avionics master instead. The G3 and all three displays went black as did the com radio just as ATC was issuing a change to my clearance.

Luckily I had added a G5 with it’s battery backup shortly after buying the plane. I immediately went into mental reversionary mode and began hand flying while the G3x system ran through the reboot process. It was a long 2-3 minutes for the ADAHRS to realign and even longer for the Garmin 650 to join the fun.  ...

Mackinac Island Trip Write-up: jjbardell 9A

ON SPEED Angle of Attack ...update and new vid (VAC)

I posted a new, long unedited video of a recent software validation flight here: https://youtu.be/-iudL-gAL5E . We’ve added an additional oblique camera to our test RV-4, which provides the view over the left wing. This view can be helpful for pattern operations. The relative sound levels, including engine noise and radio give some idea of the general volume adjustment for the AOA tone.

We are currently working on reducing the perceived “harshness” of the simple digital tone by using more advanced digital to analog capability. We hadn’t done this yet, since our original intent was to simply demonstrate the utility of this type of aural logic to assist with energy management. The basic digital tone was sufficient for that purpose. Unfortunately, this simple digital tone has not translated well to video, especially if other ambient sounds are edited out and tone volume is increased to ensure proper recording; so, we think that’s an important fix to overcome what we’ve dubbed “green eggs and ham syndrome.”   ...



September 14, 2018.  Issue #4,654.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  

Ontario to California and return ...Ivan Kristensen

Three of my "Bucket List" RV-10 flying items got checked off on this recent trip. They were #1. Fly by the Mount Rushmore monument, #2. was the fly by the famous "Mittens" buttes near the Monument Valley airport (UT25) and land at that airport and #3 was the visit Yosemite Natl. Park in California.  ...


Houston area monthly lunch (September)

OK friends, we've reached that important time of the month again. Let's plan on getting together at Hooks for some B-52 burgers this Saturday at 11:30.

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it, so I'll catch you all next month.


Hat Sighting ...catmandu

Not in a Pilatus (although I’ve seen a few flying around), 7k MSL on Pilatus, near Lucerne, Switzerland.


Last part  (part 3 of 3)

Sorry for the delay of part 3, but here I am.

And then I hit water. I cannot remember exactly the moment, despite the strong braking effect of water, I do not recall it (while when I see the video makes my palms sweating).

The "flip" was there, again, no particular issue, but then something happened: tha canopy was closed.

I was inverted, I could see the "roof" of the canopy completely covered with sand, realizing in that moment that I was lying on the "bed" of the sea, actually some mixed sand and water with bubble was coming in from the perimeter of the hole of the canopy handle.

What really scared me, it was what I could see on the lateral side of the canopy. In Italy we have marvellous carribbean style blue water in Sardinia and Sicily, but not in that area, more "ocean" style with brown. So what I could see was brown water. I was, let's say in half a meter water deep, but that's enough for an inverted RV to see only water. It seemed like seeing an acquarium from the RV.

First question was: did I make a mistake? Am I lying in 3 meters? Somebody will pick me up?

I could hear the pump of the smoke running (remember? I told you that master was left on) and there I was, I unbuckle and I could not open the canopy or brake the canopy.

From the camera, you can clearly see the last portion of the canopy "pushed" while I was trying to escape.

No, it was impossible to die (water will have arrived at a certain maximum), but that was an awful moment, maybe worse than the collision itself.

Then, suddenly the light came, because bystanders lifted the wing, allowing me to see that I was actually just where I planned to.

During the lift, I heard a "crack" and then I pushed hard with my left hand, the canopy finally cracked and I could escape from a big "hole" on the left side of the canopy.

And that's the end of the story, now some considerations. ...
Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti
Brescia, Italy
Former RV7 Owner & Pilot


How about adding Triple Tree videos from this year?

Carl Raichle gets the ball rolling.


Intermittent Transponder problem

I replaced my KT76A with a GTX327 and it seems to work most of the time. In the past 20hrs of flying, 4 times I've had ATC tell me they can't see me. Once, recycling the transponder fixed the problem. One of the four times, they said they can't see my altitude. The other times, they can't see me at all (position or altitude). The interesting thing is that my ADSB can always see me, even when ATC can't. This leads me to think it's an antenna problem.


Starting rebuild of a landing accident RV-8 ...new guy checks in.

Hey guy's,

I've just put a deposit on an RV-8 that had an "issue" on a landing. Looks like I'm going to have to rebuild from the spar carry thru fwd. I'm going to try and find a set of unfinished wings. Just looking for any ideas about making sure all the rest of the airplane is square, and going to need fwf kits. Gear is ok. I'm just an old Pitts builder so I need all the help, advice , and moral support I can get!!!


Canopy Frame Help (RV-14) ...Avoca1us

My canopy frame doesn't line up with the roll bar. It sticks out on both sides about 1/8", and is about 1/8" low at the very top. I'm waiting on Van's tech support to get back to me. Puzzling.


RV14 emp ordered. Now what? ...new guy checks in

My RV14 emp will be shipped in a couple of weeks. I have acquired 99% of the tools. Its the primer I'm still pondering. I do want to prime. Its between rattle cans or Stewarts system as I want to paint during our somewhat cold winters here in Canada in my heated garage. What is the consensus on Stewarts (which one) whether its as good as the more toxic epoxy stuff. Is there a difference in the color?


Customer Interior Spotlight ...VAF Advertiser

Here are some new pictures from Ian in the UK of his very nice RV-7. This is just a great looking plane. I really like the colors, and the layout of the paint scheme. The interior looks pretty nice too Thanks Ian!

Click on the link to see more about Ian's plane.


Garmin G3X Touch Software V6.20 (September 12, 2018)

Version 6.20 contains the following changes with respect to version 6.10:1.Added support for GTN vertical navigation guidance
2.Added display of VNAV target altitude to PFD (GDU 46x only)
3.Added annunciation of secondary armed vertical flight director mode
4.Added VFR annunciation to HSI
5.Added Navigation configuration page
6.Added configuration for VNAV deviation scale
7.Added EFIS/Airdata 2 ARINC 429 output format
8.Added GPS AGL height sentence to Text Out RS-232 format
9.Added configuration option to invert display of elevator trim gauge when using Vertical Power position data
10.Changed autopilot airspeed annunciation display
11.Changed default name for coolant temperature gauge
12.Improved interface with GNC 300XL and similar navigators
13.Improved flight director command display across multiple displays that use different attitude sources
14.Improved display of Mogas availability
15.Improved airspeed comparison between multiple GSU 25Bs
16.Improved Rotax FADEC caution/warning annunciation
17.Improved Connext data interface
18.General improvements to system operation
19.Includes update to G5 software version 5.60
20.Includes update to GDL39 software version 4.81
21.Includes update to GEA24 software version 3.40
22.Includes update to GMC507 software version 2.50
23.Includes update to GTR20/200 software version 3.20
24.Includes GAD27 software version 2.20
25.Includes GAD29 software version 3.00
26.Includes GDL5X software version 2.11
27.Includes GI260 software version 2.70
28.Includes GMA245 software version 2.40
29.Includes GMA245 audio software version 2.20
30.Includes GMA245 Bluetooth software version 2.00
31.Includes GMU11 software version 2.00
32.Includes GPS20A software version 2.20
33.Includes GSA28 software version 4.10
34.Includes GSU25 software version 3.70
35.Includes GSU73 software version 3.70
36.Includes GSU73 IGRF database version 1.03 (Base Year 2015)



September 13, 2018.  Issue #4,653.
  Reminder that today NW Regional's (52F) name changes back to its original Aero Valley (more).  Pushing out the Thu edition early to get the newest hurricane relocation info out front and center a few hours sooner.  

Hurricane Relocation Additions (start here)

More Hurricane Florence Info

Recent Additions

- Room for one plane at Lumkin County, Ga. 9A0.

- I have a hangar open at IPJ for anyone that needs to get out of Florence's flow for a few days - weeks. Give me a call or PM me. Eight 2 Eight two 3 4 forty seventy six. We also have two rooms open for the RV hotel as long as you don’t mind dogs!

- I can squeeze a couple in at X35 with a car or 2-room RV Hotel.

- We have space available in our EAA Chapter T-Hanger at KPUJ. We can take one RV.

- free to storm refugee. If you want to fly that far... Possibly until midweek next week 9/18/18 depending on repairs to club plane in repair shop

- I have a large t hangar at S37 smoketown, PA if anyone needs it. I won't need it for about 2 weeks, at least. Have spare room available if needed as well, but must like dogs.

- I have an empty T-hanger at KFIT (west of Boston) available for anyone seeking shelter from the storm. Send me a PM if interested.

- I just spoke with the airport manager where I have my hangar, 1A3, in Copperhill, TN. He has hangar space for six or seven RV's. His name is Shane Keldahl. He is also an A&P, IA and a super nice helpful guy. His cell number is 706/490-4143. I told him to expect some calls.

More: Hurricane Inland Bases


Lower Intersection Fairing Fitting ...Lynnb

So I have the 10 off the ground, and I've aligned and fitted the gear leg and intersections fairings. I have split the lower fairings so I can epoxy them to the wheel pants. Now to my question. Do I fill the leading edge of the intersection fairing with an epoxy/filler mixture to get a nice snug fit to the gear leg fairing, or does there need to be some gap in there to account for flex when the weight of the plane is on the gear?


New Guy Checks In ...Steven Scherer

Hi VAF friends!

I'm Steven Scherer - a younger (25) Aero Engineer in the Seattle area working for a large aerospace company. My wife Kelsey and I just started building the RV-12iS; received the empennage kit last week. Finished the inventory and are just now starting on the plans. We'll have a website that I can post later for progress pics and such.

Just checking in and saying thanks for being a great community. The active members here are one of the many things that convinced me to build an RV instead of buying a cheap (old!) certified plane. I'll admit that I still feel like I don't know enough to post anything intelligent, but most of what I have read has been very welcoming, so I'm sure I'll get enough confidence soon .

Shout-out to anyone in Washington to wants to build an RV - we had a great "Intro to Building" experience with Axsys Air. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend getting in touch with Axsys Air and spending the weekend with them to learn that you can really follow the plans and build an airplane. Friendly folks. Bring your significant other along as well if they are on the fence too (or just want to know why your insane)!

And of course, dues paid now. Thanks, Doug, for keeping such a great community up and running.


Hat Sighting: Sentosa Island Singapore ...Ken W.

About the charity cap.



September 12, 2018.  Issue #4,652.   

Carp ON to Stanstead QC ...Lycosaurus trip write-up

Last Sunday we flew to the Weller Farm (CTQ2) in Stanstead following a lunch invitation for Beefalo burgers. Hmmm. Took about an hour and 20 minutes and though Montreal air traffic controllers said they were too busy to have us transit through their zone at 7,500 ft. They changed their mind when I told them I would fly under it. I must have some sort of reputation there :-)

Beautiful day for flying. Approximately 60 airplanes made it for the gathering. Even Vlad from NYC did a fly by in his RV9A, but could not land due to not having customs clearance available to him.  ...



NW Regional Returns to Founder's Original Aero Valley on 9/13

...my home field

Last December during the annual 52F property owners meeting a vote was taken to return the name of the airport back to its original ‘Aero Valley’, the name picked out by the airport's founder Edna Gardner Whyte (right).  The name used for the first 20+ years of its existence.

That change goes into effect on 9/13/2018. You should see it popping up in sectionals and online databases in the very near future. It might take a few weeks for it to propagate to most online data sets.  We have assembled a team of property owners to aid in getting the word out efficiently and expeditiously. 

Welcome back Aero Valley!  We missed you!  (more info).

From the newest sectional (bought 9/11/18)

Partial list of races won by Aero Valley founder Edna Gardner Whyte:
1930 Closed Course Pylon Race (Racine, Wisc.)
1933 Kate Smith Trophy, National Air Pageant (Long Island, N.Y.)
1934 Annette Gipson Trophy Race (Roosevelt Field, N.Y.
1934 Men and Women Pylon Race (Baltimore, Md.)
1937 Women's Alcazar Trophy Race (Miami, Fla.)
1939 K.K. Culver Trophy Race (Miami, Fla.)
1953 Women's International Air Race (Canada to Florida)
1954 Skylady Derby Efficiency Race (Raton, N.M., to Kansas City, Mo.)
1957 Dallas Doll Derby Efficiency Race (Dallas, Tx.)
1958 Women's International Air Race (Canada to Grand Bahamas)
1960 Women's International Air Race (Florida to El Salvador)
1961 Women's International Air Race (Florida to Bahamas)
1964 U.S.A. Rally, Men and Women (Winter Haven, Fla.)



Wow the people on this forum never cease to amaze me. As of last week I had never flown in an RV much less a -10 and now I can say with an RV grin on my face a big thanks to you TJ for taking me up and even letting me fly a bit and making my horrible attempt at a landing. I couldn't believe how quickly the -10 accelerated and how quickly we were up at altitude, what an impressive piece of machinery! My empennage will be here mid next week, and I cannot wait to get started!

Thanks Again TJ, I am eternally grateful! Look forward to keeping you and the Vans community updated on the build. New builders website to come soon in my signature.
Brandon Flores
N710LL Reserved


Ever Seen One of These?

...seen at my home field Tuesday.  Four pictures beginning HERE.


Heads up on operating limitations ...Bill Greenley RV-10

Going over my operating limitations and found an error. The flight area limitations from phase one was duplicated in the phase two section. Called my DAR and he found the template he used from the FAA was putting it there. Mine is getting corrected but you may want to check yours.


Crankshaft Flange Paint/Protection ...az_gila PIREP

The shops do cadmium plating because that is what the overhaul manual calls for...   There is potential for a lot of load in that area.


Aircraft Registration question

I have been working with my DAR to get my aircraft registered. He mailed me a completed form 8050-1. The aircraft serial number that is typed in the field is incorrect.
•Can I simply one line the incorrect serial number and neatly print the correct serial number?

•Do I need to get a new form?

•Has anyone used the online form on the FAA website? Is it just a matter of filling it out online, print it, and mail with the other required documents?
My DAR was not familiar with the online forms.

Thanks in advance.
Paul Bonorden
RV-6A under construction



September 11, 2018.  Issue #4,651.   

Never forget.


RV Grin  ...Ross F.

A friend of mine was visiting from Japan this week and I got to take him flying yesterday evening. The photos say it all. He kept saying "sugoi" which roughly translates into amazing or terrific.

He's worked at an FBO in Japan and for Toyota and now Denso near Nagoya so he appreciates airplanes and things mechanical.

They don't have anything like Experimentals in Japan. He was so impressed that we are allowed to build and fly our own aircraft over here. Yes, we are very lucky indeed to have this freedom.


New Hot Start Problems

I fly an RV-7 with the IO-360 w/ slick mags it has about 400 hrs on it. Recently, I've had trouble with hot starts. I use the full throttle mixture cut-off dance; which up until this summer has worked without fail relatively quickly. Lately it's been much more difficult to start hot, or even warm after it sits for an hour or so. Every time except once I was able to get it started eventually but took a fair amount of cranking which is not normal (and to be honest slightly embarrassing when you're at a fly-in with people watching ). Cold starts are no issue and it usually fires after 3-5 blades. No other anomalies once started.

I guess my question is where to start looking, it feels like ignition but I'm not sure. Spark plugs looked fine in May, mags haven't been touched. second option is I'm just out of practice with the dance and its pilot error, but it doesn't feel like I've changed anything.
Chris Odens
Alexandria, MN
RV-7 N914N


RV-10 Status Report ...Brantel

Back at it after the family vacation!  A few updates to my build blog have been posted. Ready to prime the vertical stabilizer parts tonight!


Moving your aircraft out of the way of a hurricane ...VAF advertiser

If you are in the path of one of the incoming hurricanes, we hope you are staying safe. We also wanted to remind you that many aviation insurance policies will reimburse you to move your aircraft out of the path of a named hurricane or wind storm if possible. Each company is different, but several offer a reimbursement program. These companies would rather pay the reimbursement expenses (usually up to a set limit) rather than pay for a totaled aircraft. If you’re wondering if your insurance company partakes in a program like this, it will be listed in your policy. You can also contact your insurance broker for more information.

If you are unable to move your aircraft and need to turn in a claim, here are numbers for the companies we insure Vans Aircraft through:

• Global Aerospace - 913-451-9660 or 888-228-2281
• AIG - 866-463-0408 / AerospaceClaimsPhoenix@aig.com
• AIM/Aerospace – aimclaims@hallmarkgrp.com
• Starr – 404-946-1400 / aviationclaimreports@starrcompanies.com/if an emergency Jeffrey Greenawalt 214-223-0202
• U.S. Specialty Insurance Company - 801-467-8731 / claims@ussic.com
• QBE – Western USA 208-891-3275 / Eastern USA 513-833-7076 / Southern USA 470-277-0048
• Old Republic – 770-590-4950 / http://www.oldrepublicaerospace.com/...t-a-claim.aspx
• USAIG - 866-789-1986 / Michael.wilhelms@usaig.com AND Carol.Turner@usaig.com
• Elevon - 833-837-7268/ claims@versantrisk.com

Leah Ringeisen, Shanna Linton, & Katie Escalante
Gallagher Aviation

Related: The VAF Hurricane Inland Relocation List


Gasket Work ...crabandy

I've decided to keep the gascolator for now.

I've also decided to add a 1/16" inch Phenolic spacer between the carb and sump, the 1/16" inch should work with the existing studs and airbox to cowl angle.

Prior to making the spacer I wanted to get a fresh look at the carb/cable bracket/oil sump assembly. I found the center hole of the cable bracket was too small, it stuck out into the sump hole creating a sharp lip.


DAR Inspection Results ...Mark Dickens

I had a great inspection with Vic today as I mentioned in an earlier post, but there were three issues noted that I thought, in the interest of helping future inspectees, I'd cover. One was more serious than the rest. Vic is free to chime in with more if he wants:

1. The bolt securing the B lead to my PlanePower alternator had come loose from vibration during the several engine starts that had occurred since I'd installed it. The nipple cover had covered it up and I didn't notice it. I installed a lock washer and retightened the bolt. My only comment about this is that the nut provided by PlanePower should be tossed in the trash and replaced with a better alternative, but being a metric size, AN hardware isn't going to work. I will replace this with a better more robust solution. Really, aside from all the Plane Power complaints and now this, I fully expect to replace it with a B&C alternator in the future. It's just a matter of time.

2. Even though my mixture control goes full forward to full rich, the mixture lever on the injector did not reach full rich (off by a millimeter maybe) because of slop in the mixture cable. A two minute adjustment, but reinforces the need to check both ends of the cable.

3. Lastly, and the most serious, I had substituted a AN castellated nut and cotter pin for the plate nut on the fuse to fuel tank attachment bracket...ironic since this came up for discussion just yesterday in another thread...turns out that you REALLY need to use the platenut per Scott's comments in that thread, so this weekend's tasks will include removing those brackets, installing those platenuts and doing it over. I wonder how many others have made this assumption and mistake over the years. I certainly saw no harm in using the AN4 castellated nut, but you know what happens when you assume...

That's pretty much it. Vic had some very helpful advice and thoughts. I count this day as one of the best I've had during this project.

RV-8 #81077 Super Slow Build


Mothership:  RV-14 Stats


Aeroleds ...Joe Parish

Wanted to give a shout out to Aeroleds for standing behind their products even tho it was out of warranty. I bought a set of landing lights and Wing tip Nav lights along with there suntail light that mounts in the rudder fiberglass. I purchased them in August of 2011 thru Vans. Fast forward 7 years and the airplane is flying and had 42 hours on it when I noticed only half the suntail light was working. I called Aeroleds and was told to send a video of the light on a bench test with only half working. I did that and they informed me they would be shipping a new light that day. The warranty for their products clearly states five years. The light was about 2 years out of that warranty, it only had 42 hours on it. I really appreciate them standing behind their product even tho the warranty was up. I know they did not have to that, but they did.

Thanks Joel Parish
RV-9A N525XC



September 10, 2018.   0001Z.  Issue #4,650.   

First Flight RV-8 ...Jeff

Chalk up another one for the Van's RV-8 fleet ... I successfully completed my first flight today in N605TT. I had a beautiful morning with winds about 6-8kts right down the runway out at KFYE. The flight was about 35 minutes from start up to shut down. The airplane is very well balanced and flew hands off. The power developed by the Titan IOX-360 and Whirlwind 200RV prop was impressive even at a reduced power setting. The GRT HXr looked great on the panel and the radios were 5x5. Still can't believe I wired this all up myself and the boxes even speak to each other nicely!

I found a few items to tend to, most notably oil temperature a little higher than I would like, but I had a baffle seal blow backwards so that fix may help. Cylinder head temps shot up quickly on departure to 385 deg but after adding about 30 kts with a shallower climb, they cooled just a bit and remained stable.

I have to give much thanks to my wife for her patience and understanding of my long days and nights at the hangar. I need to also say thanks to Mark Dickens (RV-8 KFYE) for his invaluable assistance and helping hands, to Dwight Smith (RV-4 KFYE) for his expertly experienced second set of eyes on the plane, and to Bruce Bohannon for getting me trained up for RV-8 ops.

And, thanks to Van's Aircraft for a great airplane and to Van's Air Force for the wealth of knowledge, advice and Q&A.

Here's a screenshot pulled from the GoPro video. Some quality was lost with the web hosting process.


RV-14 First Flight ...kaber56

First flight today after 5 years and 8 months build time!   Fly's great


New Guy Chimes In ...Barry Klussman (Washington, MO)

Let the fun begin

Tomorrow I pick up my empennage kit for the RV-10. Never built anything like this so it will be a journey. The kids are gone and I need a hobby. I am looking for suggestions on setting up the workshop, and any suggested links to get started. We just moved into our home so our garage is empty and will need to set it up.

Thanks in advance for suggestions


SCBC Vid of Trip to Triple Tree ...Gene Mohr RV-6A

Here is a nice video from this years South Carolina Breakfast Club's fly-in
to Triple Tree. A great time for all.


6-Seater Crash at 52F Last Friday P.M. ...pics.

....(6) onboard - all survived.  Lost power taking off to the north.  I took the drone out the next evening and got some pics after the rain stopped, with permission of the airport manager who we did call ;^).   Maybe useful to the NTSB.  Look for the little icon for full size photos.  Very grateful to hear all survived.


Facet fuel pump failure mode?

We’re just finishing up our CI, or trying to. 2011 RV-12 with 400 hours. We sealed up a slow leak in the fuel tank, so before trying to run the engine I put 5 gallons of fresh alcohol free mogas in the tank. Removed the drain from the gascolator and started running the pump to flush out the lines. It pumped about 2 gallons and suddenly stopped dead. Fuse is OK and there is power to the pump. The fans run with the master on. Only a minor drip of gas with the valve open and gascolator drain removed. I removed the baggage floor cover and gave it a couple of sharp taps with a screwdriver handle, no effect. The pump is not making any noise at all that I can hear...

Before I tear into this, what’s the most likely problem? Would a chunk of debris like Proseal that we missed with the vacuum do this? OF COURSE it has to happen on Friday afternoon...


Canopy Frustration ...dwranda

   For the first time in my build I am regretting building the 9 instead of the 14. I had to get away from the plane before I ripped the canopy frame off and ran over it with the car. I thought I had it fitting pretty well then I cracked the tube on the frame. I had that welded then it still didn't fit right any more. I was carefully bending it to try to get it to fit and the other side started cracking.
   I read on Bruce Swayzes excellent build site that he riveted the sub panel structure to the plane so there would be no possible movement of anything that could screw up the canopy. So I just did that. I had a great riveting day when all the rivets came out perfect even the hard to reach ones. That doesn't happen too often. Didn't have to drill any out. I was HAPPY.
   With much trepidation I just tried to fit the canopy frame. It fits worse than it ever has. I don't know at what point it stopped fitting well or what caused it. I was hoping it was the crack, but that was repaired and that still didn't help. It's as if the holes I drilled for the pivot points are wrong now.
   The only thing I can think to do is see if the welder can fill the pivot holes and push the canopy into a relatively decent fitting place and redrill the holes. Does that sound feasible? In the pics attached you can see the gap on the right side and the huge amount the frame sits above the front skin on the left side. It was never that high at the front like that. Anybody have any ideas???


Grass Strip Collected ...Vladster

After visiting with Bob and Terry at Lake Placid I went to North Creek, NY. An idyllic place in the Adirondacks very interesting upslope curvy runway. There are sandy spots and some roughness. Watch where you glue your training wheel in. <g>


F-711 bulkhead prep

VAF searches show several builders encountering skin fit issues with this F-711 bulkhead. During prep I see mine are quite warped along the vertical axis:

Could this be related to later skin fit issues? Is there a way to straighten these so they lay flat? I know fluting tends to straighten about the horizontal axis (perpendicular to the flute) so I doubt that would help. I noticed other bulkhead ribs don't lay flat either.

Also, look at the flanges on F-711B as they come from Van's. Are these supposed to be squared like that? The instructions don't suggest it. I have an irresistible urge to round off those corners.



September 7, 2018.   Issue #4,649.   
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Oshkosh 2018 Father-Son Adventure ...Guy Prevost

Every year, I block off Oshkosh week in my calendar. My wife has to plan vacation time a year in advance, so whether we go to Oshkosh or not, it's a great placeholder for some time off. This year, her work schedule changed, but I still had an open calendar for the first few days of the event. What to do? Go to Oshkosh!

Last time we went, the kids were 1 and 3 and both still in diapers. We camped in HBC. That was a bit too much of an adventure. This year I decided to take my now 5 year old son. I just didn't think I could handle both kids by myself, especially camping. About a week beforehand I pitched the idea to Ayrton, pointing out that since he was a good listener and a good stick he would get to fly left seat. (I fly from the right anyway.) He was beyond stoked--flying, camping, and his sister didn't get to go. I'll warn readers ahead of time. I really didn't take any airplane pictures. I took a few of some wonderful friends, but this trip was really about the first father-son adventure. Our plane was a huge part of that, but this trip to Osh, more than any previous for me was truly about people.  ...


Finished RV-8 Pic ...Richard Raymond

Announcing a first flight on August 30, 2018 at Caboolture, Queensland, Australia.

VH-RKX took just shy of 10 years and features a Sam James' Cowl, with a Showplanes Fastback. The instrumentation is dual 10" Skyviews, and a GTN 635. The engine is by Aerosport Power and the prop by Whirlwind Aviation.

The exterior is a combination of polish, wrap and paint on the fibreglass surfaces.

Like many builders before, and those who will follow, we are deeply indebted to the good folks at Van's, and the sound advice from members of this wonderful forum, and you Doug who host us so well.


Build Status Report ...jcarne

Well believe it or not I haven't been just sitting around. The top skins are almost ready to be riveted on and I have been steadily working towards finish the interior area.


Van Vid ...34 min


Door bonding error fixes

How should I fix an error?

Apparently during the bonding of my first door some of the cabosil goop was probably smeared off the area shown in the sketch -


Elevator trailing edge bending ...vid

Hey everyone. I have a video out of me bending my left elevator skin. I would love some advice from all to see if I’m going too far or not. I’m also a little worried that the skin on top of the stiffeners is concave by a mm or so. Could this have happened during back riveting? Should I be worried.

Not meant to be click bait

Thanks in advance for your time.



September 6, 2018.  0003Z.  Issue #4,648.   

RV-7 Andrew Z #73658 Status Report 

...start here....lots of pics posted.  Andrew was a machine today!!!

With the girlfriend gone for the night, I managed to clean up all of the electrical stuff I had out messing around with my wig-wag experiment, and pulled the left spar out of the box. Here it is, in all of it's golden glory.


Flyboy Access. pneumatic tailwheel pilot report ...Andy Elliott

I recently installed the new Condor2 8" pneumatic tailwheel and fork produced by Flyboy Accessories, described here.
I have flown it a few times now and find it to be "most excellent"!

The fork looks very much like the Doug Bell fork. It is the same width (same axle bolts will work), but is a bit longer to account for the 1" of additional tire radius. No change to the steering link were required. The shiny aluminum split rim is very pretty and uses replaceable sealed bearings. The tire is the 200x50 (8.00-2) AeroClassic 6-ply with a 45°-stem tube, inflated to 50 psi.

Note: This size of tire and tube are used on many scooters, so non-aero, less robust versions are available very cheap. Maybe as a travel spare or if you operate exclusively on grass? You can even get foam-filled versions, but such might take a set with the kind of parked weight that is on the -8 tailwheel.

On the plane, the visual difference between the 8" pneumatic tailwheel and the 6" solid tailwheel is minimal. Over the 14' distance between the main gear and the tailwheel, the pitch change due the <1.5" net change in vertical at the tailwheel computes to about 1/2°. This is not really noticeable while taxiing or TO or landing. This will raise the step about 0.4", which is also not noticeable.

What is noticeable is the complete loss of the "banging aluminum drum" noise during all ground ops! Small surface cracks are completely absorbed by the tire, and larger cracks produce a "thump" instead "bang". I have had passengers ask "Is that OK?!" during normal ground ops just because of the tailwheel-induced noise. It's pretty loud in the back seat, I think. That won't happen any more for sure. And when I smoothly and carefully (sic) lower the tailwheel after a wheel landing, now it smoothly and quietly kisses the ground.

Net result: I think this is a great improvement to the ground operations of the plane, especially on less-than-smooth surfaces and with a back-seater, at a cost of ~$400. FWIW,


Mothership Scoreboard


Build Status Report ...David Paule RV-3B

Sunday before Labor Day was kind of a big deal. With the help of Charlie Stein and with Rod Woodard observing, we glued the LH side cockpit skin to the frame.

This marks the final skin while on the jig.

This skin, like the entire RH side, tailcone and cockpit sides, are as yet unriveted.

Rod Woodard took the first four photos.

The day was interesting and fortunately, uneventful. It went pretty much according to plan. It took 77 grams of mixed epoxy and there was a little left over. In the photo, the lids were ajar because I wasn’t sure if I’d need to mix another batch or not. As you can see from the cans, I’ve been using them.


Traveling Woes

So late last year i had an ongoing conversation with my wife regarding which plane I was going to build and she kept saying it doesn't matter because she wasn't going to be hopping in one with me anyway. We have 2 sons that are 20 months old and it was likely that if mom wasn't flying with me the boys weren't either until they got somewhere near double digits in age. We would just have to see about that, so i figured the RV12iS fit the bill for the next 8-10 years or so. Well low and behold we spent a total of 21 hours in the car over the past 4 days visiting my family in New Orleans and on the way back, the wife looks over at me and asks, "so how many seats does the plane your building have?" to which i responded "2" and then the BIGGGGGG Question..... "Well can you build a bigger one, I cant do this drive again?" Y'all, I about lost my jaw when it fell off doing 70mph on I-20! "WELL HEHAW H**L YEAH I CAN!" I had just ordered the RV12 Fuselage a couple weeks ago, a call to Vans this morning to cancel the order and sent in the RV10 order! See y'all soon, building a 10 this time.
Brandon Flores
N710LL Reserved


Sept/Oct Issue Online



September 5, 2018.  0001Z.  Issue #4,647.   

Left Wing Pics ...crabandy

Auto-Pilot doing the flying with a shallow turn at the IAF when I pop into a big hole in the BKN layer and catch the wing reflecting the sky above.

It only lasted a handful of seconds but I managed to snap a couple pics.


I'm doing it

Now that the -12 is flying and doing well, my wife commented, "where are the grandkids going to sit?". It was one of those moments where I wanted to say "I thought we talked about this about 4 years ago", but after over 3 decades of marriage, I'm learning. Later in the afternoon, with her encouragement and support, I placed an order for an RV10 empennage. I'm doing it again, or rather "we're going to build an RV-10 together".

Ooh Rah.
Ron Gawer


RV-4 Video ...mbert

For those that love flying Van's Aircraft here is a fun video. Special Thanks to all my Oklahoma and Texas friends!


RV-14 HS Rear Spar MisAlignment ......Alex C. input from his blog

I also had this issue with a kit received in July 2018 (exact same hole positions that "E" mentioned on his blog here: http://rv-14a.blogspot.com/search/la...l%20Stabilizer). However, after first clecoing the spars and then reclecoing the skins, the problem wasn't as severe, and I just #40 reamed the skin-to-rear spar holes a bit so the rivets would sit straight in the dimples.

Did anyone else with a recent kit (mine is #509) experience this issue?


Shameless Post ...Mel (10,002 posts)

Just one shameless post to round off post count!  I figure one out of 10,000 shouldn't hurt.


Hangar Rash - Left Aileron ...BH1166

I struggle to say the least to push my 6A backwards while steering, in grass that always seems a bit soft due to the rain we seem to have daily this year in Georgia.

After getting it up on the concrete slab in the T hangar, I reached for chock, and the plane rolled back and hit a post. Lucky for me, the plane was not square on the slab or both ailerons would have hit posts! I DO NOT like the way it looks and it needs addressing, but I'm even more concerned about safety. I have attached a few photos of the left outboard aileron and ask for input as to what should be done from a safety perspective. Based on my limited knowledge of sheet metal and how the 6 aileron is constructed ( thumb drive from Vans with documents/drawing) a new skin is likely needed at a minimum, an entire aileron a possibility. You will notice in one of the pics there are a series of holes drilled near trailing edge underside...WHAT !!!! I called the previous owner of 9 years and he was not aware of the holes. I was not aware myself until on my back looking up. Nothing in a complete set of logs for the plane nor a comment by AP during conditional over the years about these holes. Moving aileron full travels shows no issues or sounds of things rolling around in aileron. N72TX has 760TTAFE.

I'm hoping the brain trust here can share some ideas on how they think this should be addressed. I'm open to just about anything. I just want to STOP waking at night, thinking about it and not able to get back to sleep :-)




September 4, 2018.  0001Z.  Issue #4,646.   
  Rain in DFW Monday, an inch as of this writing in the last 24 hours.  We needed it.  A quick .2 flight in Flash this morning early before the rain hit to warm the oil for a change.  Mostly through with it, done between laptop checks, should have everything zipped up Tuesday.  Need to flush the brake fluid and stop drill a tiny crack I found in the baffling.  Five pics starting here.  Normal wear and tear and no surprises or drips.  Great airplane.
  Hope you had a nice Labor Day and that you got the day off.   If you didn't check the site Monday, there was an edition (previous news).

Baffle crack found checking oil. 


New Builder


I am now RV-7 builder 74755!!
I've ordered the tail kit, a couple of tool box and practice kits, a set of Cleveland tools and I've reset my garage from a woodshop to an aircraft factory.
The catch? I'm US military serving in the UK right now so everything takes a while and everything is just a little "off" when it comes to tools, shipping, and many other things.
I've signed up for the Vans forums here in the UK, but I'm US so my shipping is a little different, and there's a number of things that are a little different from my British counterparts.
I'll also have the fun of shipping this thing back to the US in a few years when I move back...we'll see how far I get before that day comes.

As my tail kit is supposed to arrive in a few days, is there any advice you guys would like to give a new guy?
I haven't decided for sure tail or nose-dragger, pretty sure it will be a tip-up, and I guess I'll prime due to the weather here in the UK and the fact it's going on a boat across the Atlantic someday.

Looking forward to the adventure. I'm sure I'll be back with lots of questions.

Greg LeCrone
RV Builder 74755


Multiple Upgrade Update...AX-O

The cutout is done. I only ended up getting one cut on my hand. I consider that a win. I ended up with an extra row of holes on both of the new flanges because the way they were originally riveted prior to bending 90 deg down. However there are aluminum angles behind the flanges so it shouls work out great.  ...


Canopy Loss In Flight Additional Info ...RogerH

Unfortunately the canopy did hit the right horizontal stabilizer causing a dent on the leading edge. It's not creased so I'm hoping I can pull it out rather than have to replace the sheet metal.

As to the failure mechanism, hopefully the assembly is located and there will clear sign of what happened; however, even then I may never know exactly. It was about 45 minutes into a local flight to another airport, 3-4 touch & go's and cruising about 1,000ft AGL fortunately close to my home airport when it released. I had just a few moments earlier hit some pretty rough turbulence so I'm speculating that may have been a contributing factor. The release happened incredibly fast. It peeled the rivets on the right side and the hinged arm that locks when the canopy is upright clean off.

It's hard to overstate the impact of going from a steady-state flying to the unprotected blast of air that resulted. It's quite a shock and now several days later I'm still dealing with the effects on my hearing.

I'll be following up with Van's and canopy sources tomorrow to see what my options are. I have zero experience in airplane building so needless to say I'm worried how long & what it's going to take to return to an airworthy state.

Additionally there is the lingering concern that without a clear understanding of how this happened all the repair effort could be for naught if it is a recurring event. A more secure method of locking that doesn't compromise safety in case of an emergency would be good. I understand how others have experienced similar situations on take-off but it seems odd it would have taken 45 minutes to release like it did ???????

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the performance of the RV-4 during my brief time flying it but this has been a hard introduction to the world of Experimental aircraft.


The hardest part of building an RV-8?...goatflieg starts the convo

Current status: two forward nuts/washers started; working on the left aft now. Since this photo was taken, the aft bulkhead bolt adjacent to the bracket bolt has been loosened to get clearance. I can get the nut and washer onto the bolt, but despite fabrication of custom tooling, I'm unable to get the threads to catch. Spent many hours trying. Tomorrow I'll have a helper turn the bolt while I hold the nut against the bottom of the bolt; hopefully that will work. Did I mention the fuselage is upside down? It's upside down, all right. (photos courtesy of borescope cam)


Tire Problem

I am posting this situation to keep someone else from making the same mistake I did. I am a new owner, I bought my RV-12 in February 2018. I have been a pilot for many years, but am new to maintenance.

Saturday I flew from KEET to KBGF to attend a fly-in breakfast. I took a friend with me so we could enjoy the fly-in together.

When I landed at KBGF I could not steer the aircraft. It started going left and nothing I could do would stop it. I was able to miss a taxi light by using the left brake. The aircraft ran off the runway into the grass and did a 180 before it stopped. So we were sitting in the aircraft, facing the way we flew in, and not knowing for sure what happened. I thought the left tire had blown.

We got out of the aircraft and the left tire was flat. The aircraft has slid on the wheel pants on the runway before it exited to the left. The airport manager and a couple other people came out to see if we were OK and we were. They help me jack the aircraft up, get the wheel pant off, and then we were able to pull it onto the runway, put a dolly under the left wheel, and tow it to the ramp. We then had breakfast and after eating I went to work taking the left wheel off. When I got it off, I was surprised that there was not a bad spot on the tire and it appeared normal. I put air into it to see what would happen. It was holding air except it was leaking through the valve stem. After tightening the valve stem, it held air. I reinstalled the wheel, and flew back to KEET. I went to the airport today and the tire was still holding air.

I was thinking about what happened to cause this. Several months ago I purchased a tool that came with new valve caps so I could check the tire pressure and add air with the wheel pants on. There is a hole in each wheel pant, and by inserting the tool into the hole (after aligning the value stem with the hole) you can take the valve cap off. I also bought an air chuck with a straight stem so I can add air through the hole. The tool is then used to put the cap back on.

Shortly after getting those new caps and installing them, I went to the hangar one day and the left tire was flat. I went through the procedure and added air. For several months the air pressure has remained good.

Last Thursday I decided to check the pressure in the tires and I added a couple of pounds of air to both main tires. Saturday morning I looked at all the tires and they all appeared to be normal.

After winding up in the grass and taking the wheel pant off, I realized the cap on the left valve stem was on crooked and therefore it was not tight. I realized that it had cross threaded when using the tool blind through the hole. The cap has a rubber seal in it so that when it is tight, it will seal the valve stem.

So after thinking about this entire situation, I realized that for the last several months the cap has been sealing the tire and keeping the air from escaping. When I didn't get it on tight, and flew up to 5,500 feet for the trip, the outside air pressure was lower and allowed all the air to escape and therefore I landed on a flat tire. I was fortunate that the only damage was to the wheel pant.

The moral to this story, and the reason I am sharing it, is that if you think there is a problem (tire losing pressure), there probably is. I had wondered for a few months why that tire was flat that day, and why it held air pressure for several months after I filled it. I now know, the valve stem was leaking and I did not check it. I should have investigated further and found the problem initially and before flying the aircraft.

I now have all the wheel pants off, and will have them off until I repair the left wheel pant. I like them off so I can see the whole tire and add air easily. I am wondering how much speed you really gain by having the wheel pants on.

I am going to Triple Tree this week so I will see what my cruise speed is without the wheel pants.

The people at KBGF were wonderful. The airport manager, a couple of mechanics, etc. helped get the aircraft to the ramp and then loaned me tools so I could get the aircraft flying. A friend who is an RV-12 owner and lives fairly close flew over and brought me a tire and tube, which I ended up not needing. But the friendless and helpfulness of aircraft owners, mechanics, etc, was wonderful.

I look forward to going back to the breakfast there again, and arriving in a less eventful way and getting to enjoy the breakfast and the company.

Thanks again to those people who helped me. I hope by sharing this story, my mistake, that someone will be able to avoid a similar situation.



September 3, 2018.   Issue #4,645.   
  The mothership is closed for Labor Day.  I went ahead and published a Monday edition.  Lots of comments added to the Case for the RV-Super Cub doc over the weekend - nice to find out there are others thinking like me.  Fun to think about!
  Hope you got the day off and have a nice Labor Day.

It's a plane -) ...Greenley RV-10

As of 8/31/18 at 1:09pm my project is now a plane. N188TB. Thank you for being a great support group. It has been an year journey with a very patient wife and a very helpful son.


RTW trip completed

After two hurricanes and waiting three weeks for a weather window to open, Thursday looked like the best day to fly from Hawaii to California. On Saturday another hurricane would sweep in from the east, disrupting the favorable winds at altitude. The weather forecast predicted tail winds for 70% of the flight. In reality, I encountered 1000 nm of head winds followed by 1000 nm of tail winds towards the California coast.

The 17 hour journey from Hilo to Oakland/Concord was very exhausting, especially since I had difficulty sleeping the night before. Prior to flight, "May" was loaded with 127 gallons of fuel and I was packed in the plane surrounded by fuel tanks up to the canopy top.

Now that I am back home, I will update the blog with entries for all legs from Pakistan back to the USA.

Thank you all for for your kind words and support on my journey around the world.



Van’s Aircraft to Build SLSA RV-12iS and RV-12iST at Oregon Headquarters

August 31, 2018 (Aurora, OR) – Over the years, Van’s Aircraft has endeavored to expand and refine our manufacturing processes and capabilities. We do this to enhance our product line, thereby providing our customers increased value.

In keeping with our desire to deliver the best quality at a reasonable price, Van’s Aircraft is excited to announce that it is establishing its own aircraft assembly facility and team at its company headquarters in Aurora, Oregon. Future RV-12iS and RV-12-iST SLSA aircraft models will be assembled and delivered at this new facility.

Synergy Air has been Van’s assembly partner since the launch of the RV-12 SLSA program and has done a tremendous job for Van’s and our customers. As Synergy Air continues its expansion into and emphasis on the builder-assist arena, we are excited to continue to work together to create opportunities that will expand the RV fleet and the Van’s Aircraft family.  ...


Build Update ...PilotjohnS RV-9A

Much progress has been made on the fuselage. I realize this is a long build; much like the wings, I look at the instructions and see what I have accomplished and what I have left to go, and just gain a little more respect for all those who have gone before. I keep telling myself there are over a thousand flying, and at least one that has flown around the world. Thanks to all those trailblazers.

The fuse continues with the center section assembly. Much of it to plans, but the crotch belt hold downs were an update that is not explicitly called out in the instructions. I decided to do this while installing the ribs. This allowed me to use solid rivets. I also had to use the 90 degree drill adapter and a 12" #30 bit. I was able to use solid rivets due to my doing this as the center section was assembled. (The separate instructions assume a retrofit and used pulled rivets.)  ...


Thoughts on ditching after a big accident with my RV7 in 2015

...Part II

I cannot remember my airspeed, but it was sure high (I cannot remember exactly how much), because we were performing at IAS 150 knots @ 500’ and considering the sudden descend (let’s call it in that way), I am sure that I picked a lot. Starting an emergency with plenty of airspeed is surely a good thing, especially if you are few feet from sea surface. More time available to pick the best suitable place for the emergency, it was immediately clear to me that my engine was out.
It was not the “silence” of the engine, it was the sight of my prop. The Hartzell was simply completely bent, very similar to turboprops when the pilot “flags” the props. It was just moving very slowly and I will tell you one thing that is unbelievable, but it’s 100% true: I thought “OK, now the props are giving very low resistance, expect a better glide ratio”. I am still surprised on what I thought in those few seconds, especially considering the other things that were performed afterwards.
Again, no particular steel nerves, aircraft untangled and controllable, that was the miracle and I had only to do what my instructor always said, “just fly the airplane”.  ...


Match wits with Van's Engineering!

Woe is me, but might as well give the VAF brain trust's mechanical engineering neurons a tickle over the long weekend.

Due to a tear in the spacetime continuum, the trailing edge of my -9A's right flap was bent during pushback into the hangar when an unauthorized tool chest suddenly materialized in its path. (That's my story and I'm sticking with it! )

The T.E. distortion was limited to the most-outboard bay. (See the poor picture--in all senses of the adjective.) AEX wedge bent downwards, double-flush TE rivets in the vicinity distorted, and up visible gaps between the skins the wedge, and the outboard rib opened up. The bottom skin creased to a greater extent than the top skin in the picture. Every other part (especially the ribs) is undamaged. Nevertheless, I don't think trying to unbend the TE is likely to succeed, aesthetically or structurally.  ...


RV-4 Canopy Conundrum

Long story short, I need some advice, input, help on replacing a canopy & frame.

I recently purchased Oly Olson's RV-4, successfully ferried it from St. Louis to SLC, UT with no issues, thoroughly enjoying the aircraft and it's capabilities along the way.

Yesterday 45 minutes into my first local flight, I hit a pretty substantial bit of turbulence and within about 30 seconds the canopy decided to detach and departed the plane, along with the canopy my glasses and headset also departed. Fortunately I was just 4-5 miles from my home airport at the time, NORDO, but squawked 7700, the training kicked in, and I got the plane on the runway without further damage.

I've advised the County Sheriff, airport personnel, fellow pilots, etc hoping the canopy, frame, and a Go-Pro camera are recovered...should make for some interesting video.

In the event, the original is lost for good, any chance someone might have a spare canopy frame & canopy for sale? I'm a pilot, not a builder so if that question is on the dumb-side, please be gentle...my hearing isn't quite what it was prior to the canopy departure.


Day 1 - Already an issue ...Girraf RV-7

First day of many and already need an opinion. I was test fitting the horizontal stab rear spar reinforcements and noticed that the 2 pieces that butt up together to form the spar don't exactly line up. They are about .035" askew. When I lay them end to end without the reinforcement, they are exactly the same size, but as soon as I cleco the supports in there, the parts shift. Is this normal variability in production? It looks to me as though the holes that are punched in the spar halves are in fact just slightly off from eachother.


Runway Incursion

A few days ago, I was flying around the pattern at my home airport. After about a dozen touch and go's, I was about to do a full stop landing and put the airplane away. There wasn't much in the way of other traffic; one other airplane had departed the airport about 10 minutes earlier.

I was calling out each leg of my pattern on the CTAF. During my final go around, I heard a 172 pilot call out that he was back taxiing on the main runway. He back taxied and then pulled into the run up area while I was on down wind. I called out my down wind, base, and final turns. Just as I approached short final, I'd say less than 1/4 mile from the runway, the 172 pilot calls out that he is departing runway 26. However, he is not lined up on the runway; he is still in the run up area.

At this point, I make the erroneous assumption that he sees me, and that he is intending to pull onto the runway just after I land. WRONG!! At the last minute, he pulls out onto the runway right in front of me. I was able to abort my landing, pull up and turn safely to the right, and return to the base leg area, but it really rubbed me the wrong way that he never looked to see if anyone was on final. There is no way he looked because I was so close with landing light on, he could not have missed me.

After a pointed radio transmission from me, he said that he was departing IFR and was on the clearance frequency, not on the CTAF, during my transmissions.

My lesson leaned here is to never assume anything. I believe very strongly that the other pilot was more at fault here, but I did have the opportunity to simply broadcast that I was on short final before he entered the runway, and for whatever reason, I did not do that.


Van's will be closed on Monday for Labor Day

Van's Aircraft will be closed on Monday, September 3rd in observance of Labor Day. Orders placed Friday afternoon through Monday will be processed when the factory re-opens on Tuesday, and technical support hours will resume as usual on Tuesday morning. Enjoy the holiday weekend and be sure to get some serious RV time (building, flying or both) in!