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Fri, Sep 28, 2012.  2110z  SPECIAL  
Service Bulletin 12-09-26 for the RV-12 ...before further flight.

Fri, Sep 28, 2012.  1121z  
  LOE'12 raffle prizes are now over $11,000 (and climbing).  All the money raised goes to charity.  More info below.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
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Introducing 'The Van Cave'

...the new hangar of VansAirForce.net.  It's finally here, and your RV could be based in it!  Twelve years in the making (now you know why I don't go to many fly-ins....saving money).   


In The Shop
Automatic, Self-shimming workbench...LAMPSguy

First, this is to shim (prevent from wobbling) a workbench, NOT level it. Level would be to have the bench top normal to the gravity vector. This technique will just prevent your bench from developing a wobble.

Background: A plane (in this case your garage floor) is defined by three points. But three points of contact are unstable for a bench. So, how to have 4 points of contact (stable) act as three to define the irregular plane of your garage floor?

As you see, the two casters on the left are fixed, as well as the two on the right. The two on the right though are free to pivot around the bolt to "self shim" for floor irregularities. If you have an extremely problematic floor to deal with and worry about stability, standard screw-type levelers can be used just inboard of the right casters as "overtravel bump stops" and you just set for how much clearance you want  ...

Steam to Glass RV-6 panel ...a.k.a. 'Mutha's Makeover'.  Jon will be an advertiser shortly.

VAF Family
Matt Hartnett Hat Sightings

Stonehenge, Checkpoint Charlie, and the QE2.

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Sep 27, 2012.  1125z  
  LOE'12 raffle prizes are now over $11,000 (and climbing).  All the money raised goes to charity.  More info below...   
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One Man's First Flight

This past weekend I did my transition training with Alex De Dominicis. And I am proud to say I one of hundreds of pilots on his list of students. What a pleasure it was to fly with Alex. We have all had those instructors that say just jump in and lets go fly but I really enjoyed his way of doing things. Alex has a very relaxed style of instructing and discusses with you first about his approach to training and what you are going to do during the flying portion. As a builder just getting back in to regular flying again I found this approach worked well for me. His pre and post flight discussions after each flight made it possible for me to make this transition much easier.

His operation is first class in all aspects. All 3 planes look like they are off the show room floor complete with A/C. And when doing low level flying doing the repetitive touch n go thing I cannot emphasize enough how much this really helps. If you are a builder and getting ready for your first flight do yourself a favor and go fly with Alex. The confidence you will have after will be well worth it.

On my drive back to Houston on Sunday I spent a lot of time thinking about what Alex and I discussed and what I needed to work on going forward. I really wanted to do the flight when I got back in to town but I did not want to rush things just to get it done but I still made up my mind I was not going to wait very long. In my case I had a good friend with a lot of flying experience including RV's do my actual first flight exactly 31 days prior to my day. I know many folks dream of the day of flying the plane they built themselves but remember your first flight is still "Yours". I decided this approach was the best one for me and I am so glad I did. After seeing my plane fly for 3 plus hours you can only imagine the increased confidence I had in the plane.

So this past Tuesday Sept. 24, 2012 after work I did my first flight. What an experience. I got a bit of a late start and didn't want my first landing to be after dark so the total flight time was around 40 minutes. With the time on the plane now I am seeing the CHT temps dropping and I think breakin is just around the corner.

Anyway I wanted to share my approach with others getting close to completion. I know as you are in the shop building you spend time thinking about this very special day and there are many ways you can do this first flight thing. Just give it thought about what you think will work best for you and your situation and be safe and don't rush it. Also many thanks to John, Jim and Alex for helping me with this process.

As everyone says.... Keep pounding those rivets it is so worth it!!!

Daryl Tolliver

related: RV Flight Training

A few trips: 2012

...Bernie Daenzer RV-7.  Zurich, Switzerland.

Backcountry Flying and Mountain Biking w/video

This past weekend I was able to combine some RV flying, two backcountry airstrips, and mountain biking. What an awesome combination! I've posted the full report here on my blog including a video of the Me-Own backcountry airstrip. ...

In The Shop
Our Experiment- Lord Adhesive vs. Weld-On ...Brandi Unrein

On our -10 we have one door window installed with Weld-On and all other windows installed with Lord adhesive. We've noticed a few areas around the weld-on window where the surface is raised at the window gap. (the Lord adhesive windows are all fine) This gap was sanded real well before I applied the filler (no glass) and was smooth at first flight. I have some speculation that it was caused by a quick change from hot temps on the ground to pretty cool temps at altitude.  ...

Transporting complete airframe ...rockwoodrv9

I purchased an airframe from a builder in Oregon and had to get it back to Colorado. I was going to have Tony bring it back, but I wanted to look at it first and it gave me a chance to spend a couple days with my son and see Vans factory.

I have a 5'x10' trailer that has 14" sides on it. I got the measurements of the airframe parts and drew up what I thought would work on ACAD. The wings would lay flat on each other - with padding below and above, then a deck of 2x12 was built over the wings. The fuselage was put on the deck, 2x4 cleats were screwed into the deck holding the fuselage from moving. Wheels and the HS were placed on the deck and plywood sides for wind protection were added. The wheel pants and a few other misc parts were put into the cockpit and the canopy was closed and taped shut. Im not sure why I thought I had to tape the canopy shut to travel 80mph max, but I did.

The Empennage parts were put in the back of the Explorer along with MANY boxes of other parts that came with the purchase. The landing gear and fairings ended up on the floor of the middle seat. There was a little rattling, but everything made the trip without any damage or other issues. The 2 day, 1300 miles back home was a LONG drive, but my wife and I were able to get everything unloaded this evening once we got home. I used an eye bolt with a pulley and strap to unload the fuselage onto a cart into the garage.

I don't think we could have carried much more, but so you know, an entire RV-9 airframe including all parts through the finish kit - less motor and interior finishes can be transported on a 5'x10' trailer being pulled by an Explorer. If anyone needs more pictures or details, PM or email me.

I really want to thank Bill for the great workmanship he put into the building of this airplane. It was great to meet him and his wife and I am looking forward to finishing this project! Have fun flying your Kitfox Bill, it is a great airplane too!  ...

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Og Leprechauns!

Wed, Sep 26, 2012.  1131z  
  Several new items added to the LOE'12 raffle list (below)!   

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It Flies...Scott 'selhardt' Elhardt

Well - after 3 years and 5 months - TO THE DAY, N32SE is an airplane.

The grin aside - when I brought the tail up on this thing for the first time, well, you know.  Half an hour over the airport. Some minor squawks, but all the numbers are good and transition training by Jan Bussell made the first flight a non-event.

Those of you banging rivets - keep banging. Like childbirth, you will forget those rivets, the fiberglass, the cooling plenum the moment the wheels break free.  There are a bunch of you - and you don't even know who you are, who have contributed to this airplane in the way that these forums do. I hope to thank you personally once this time machine leaves phase I.

I'm a test pilot now :-)

Scott Elhardt
RV-8 N32SE
Minneapolis, MN

I wanna go see the Lighthouse!!! ...Wesael

Over the past several months our daughter Georgiana has started asking more and more questions. It looks like she will grow up to be very inquisitive about things.  ...

Mondays images

......hard to stay cought up when your having fun. I have a new project going that's taking time away from all but flying.  ...

Prime time!!!!!

Should stay good thru next weekend, if we don't get any big winds.  ...

Formation Flight

After KP duty at the monthly EAA105 breakfast at Twin Oaks back in April, I had the opportunity to hop in the back of Dan Miller's RV8 for my first formation flying experience. Thanks to Joe Blank for inviting me to join in, and, of course, to Dan for having me as a passenger. Here's a quick compilation of my iPhone clips for your viewing pleasure.


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Sent to me by Terry Ruprecht...

Tue, Sep 25, 2012.  1126z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Wendover Airshow GoPro Pics ....sent to me by Joe Blank

"Pics are of the West Coast Ravens from the Historic Wendover Airshow, Wendover UT last Saturday.  Flights lead by Bob Mills and Tim Redden. Wingies Steve Payne, Sean Farrell, Scott Randolph, Tommy Ishii, Randy McFarland, and myself.  More good stuff when I have time to edit it."

related: Scott Randolph's ground pics

FS- Here's a Great Upgrade ...PHAviation (VAF advertiser)

(Pat Hatch)  "Like many of you, I have the standard electric flaps on my RV-6. I’ve been testing a prototype kit for stopping the flaps when they get fully up. There are three basic elements to this kit. One is a limit switch to stop the flap motor when the flaps reach the full-up position. Next, you need a couple of reversing relays to control the flap motor up and down (the standard DPDT switch won’t work with the limit switch). And finally you need a control switch that spring loads to the down position but remains up in the UP position. This is known as an (ON-OFF-(ON)) switch where the parenthesis indicates the spring-loaded position."  ...

Flying new panel at night

Took the RV4 out last night for some night XC time behind the new panel/AP now that I've done about 10hrs of day VFR with it verifying everything works

Here's some shots, still fine tuning a few bits but so far it's a blast to fly. If you haven't upgraded your panel yet, hopefully this is some extra motivation.  ,,,

First engine run-up ...Håkan Langebro (Simi Valley, CA)

Most of things went well, but 2 things that are puzzling me:

1. The indicated oil pressure was only 20PSI. The rpm's I ran then engine at was in between 800 and 1400.
2. This might not be so puzzling, but the machanical fuel pump did not work at all. I will remove it today and order a new one.

The electrical fuel pump was able to produce 9 PSI, and if I left it on it would flood the card and the engine would stop. That doesnt seem normal to me..or? Shouldnt the need valve be able to prevent more fuel getting into the carb?

I have the Dynon Skyview system with all the sensors that came with it. I would appreciate some input regarding the oil pressure issue. Next weekend we will try to hook on a mechanical gage, to see if there is any difference. As far as I remember I should have been able to see around 55PSI at those low rpm's.  ...


Possible morning sickness-

I have a parallel valve Superior IO-360 in my RV-7. Vertical draft P/A Silverhawk fuel injection, 8.5:1 (180HP) pistons, dual Light Speed Plasma III ignitions, auto plugs (currently NGK BR8EIX), roller cam. Delivered new to me with 1 hour of dyno time in January, 2007. Sat pickled until first start in early June, this year.

The engine has always started easily, idles smoothly, with no signs of roughness on the ground other than the initial 1-2 seconds after it catches. Has only been run on 100LL. About 50 hours TTSN as of yesterday, oil changed regularly, burning about 1 quart in 25 hours now.

At about 5 hours of flight time, I was cruising at 6500', approximately 24 squared, leaned somewhat, when suddenly the engine started missing badly. After the initial panic and 180° turn back towards the airport (I was maybe 15 nm away at that point, airport is at sealevel) I noticed that CHT and EGT on #2 cylinder were dropping way off- it had gone completely cold. It was obvious that I was going to make the field, so I continued. Suddenly the cylinder came to life, as if nothing had ever happened. The symptoms reappeared as I was on downwind, but disappeared again by the time I was halfway through a 180 to final. Ran fine on the ground. My first thought was clogged injector, so I removed the line and the injector, checked for contamination. Found nothing. Reassembled, test flew, everything seemed fine.

A few hours of flight time later the problem reappeared, #2 cylinder again, once again it was only after I'd been flying for at least 15 minutes. Warm day, probably 80 degrees at altitude, but not scorching hot. That time it was intermittently less severe, but the cylinder eventually dropped off. During a beeline back to the airport it once again cured itself. Maddening, the worst type of problem to troubleshoot. This time I removed all the injectors, and, after calling Precision Airmotive, disassembled the flow divider to check for contamination. Found nothing. Ran fuel through the system with nozzles in glass jars which confirmed even flow. Swapped injector nozzles between #2 & #4 just in case, to rule that out. Reassembled, test-flew, everything was fine.

Yesterday, 35 hours after the last incident, the problem reappeared, intermittent in the air as always. Once again I returned to the airport and landed, only this time the problem continued intermittently on the ground. I ran it up to about 1500 rpm and watched the engine monitor. #2 would intermittently cut out (every few seconds) and when it did the EGT would drop precipitously. Once again I disassembled the fuel system from the flow divider on, but once again found nothing. I buttoned it up and test-ran it last night but didn't fly- it started and ran fine, all temps came up evenly.

Now I'm thinking about morning sickness, but I'm not sure what the symptoms are. It never happens at first start or when the engine is cold, but maybe that doesn't matter. What would one expect to see on an engine monitor? For what it's worth, I've checked compression, it's consistently 80/77 all around with a warm engine. Checked plugs, they looked fine everywhere yesterday. If an exhaust valve is sticking open, wouldn't EGTs go up instead of down?

I've spoken to a few local mechanics, but they don't have any ideas. I'm new to aircraft engines, but I've been working on ground-based engines my entire life, so I'm comfortable turning wrenches. I've read the description of the "rope trick" and I'm happy to do that if it makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any input!  ...

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
What is this on my intake

My O-320-D3G is used. It has some sort of probe on the intake pipe of cylinder number 3. Here's a picture of it. Do you know what this is? Maybe it was where they were taking the manifold pressure from. The primer port on cylinder number 3 had a plug in it. I'm now taking my manifold pressure from there per the Vans manifold pressure gauge instructions.  This is ugly and I'd like to remove it. How's the best way to plug it? I'm thinking of plugging it just like they have attached the probe.  ...

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Mon, Sep 24, 2012.  1152z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

The Cross Country of Justice ...Indy

RVators like to do a lot of things--use their speed to fly long distances and see things, fly formation, do aerobatics, land at challenging strips, and just enjoy flying. I've flown plenty of cross countries, but always wanted to do something bigger. Instead of just flying to one place, I wanted to do a trip that was just as much about the journey itself. In my old squadron big cross countries always got named "the cross country of justice". I read Stephen Coonts's "Cannibal Queen", Richard Bach, and about the Rinker Brothers doing simliar things when I was growing up and had always wanted to do the same. Life never gets less busy and it's always so easy to just keep putting it off. No more. Today was day one of a two-week trip around the US; coast to coast, from highest (airport) to lowest.

Aussie and his RV-8 will be joining me tomorrow, but today I kicked off the trip by flying to Kitty Hawk with my brother and fellow pilot. Being in North Carolina I've been to Kitty Hawk many times, but I figured there's no better way to start the journey than with my brother, at the site of another two brothers over a hundred years ago; first flight of this airplane trip at the site of the first airplane flight in history.  ...

Over yonder and back - my 1st xc ...David Nelson

With all the fairings nearly complete, my boss getting on my case about needing to take vacation, the Wife going out of town for the week, and the WX outlook looking good, what else to do but to spread the wings a bit.

The original plan was to depart Taylor, TX (close to Austin) explore the southwest, camp out at Kern Valley, CA, head north towards OR and WA then make my way back down the east side of the Rockies back home camping along the way. That was "the plan", anyway.

Given the remote,and sometimes hostile, country I was going to be flying over, a lot of priority was given to survival and ability to repair things. So much priority was given to these tasks that I essentially forgot to "plan the fun parts of the trip", per se.  ...

Part II  |  Part III

Around the Corner..Vlad

Not as colorful as Gary's and not as scientific as Paul's, my short trip around Appallachian Corner was right on the money. A lot of fun was had.  ...

II  |  III  |  IV  |  V  |  VI

Great RV trip- low-hassle hiking with wine ...kevinh

So I thought I'd contribute a small trip report. Last weekend we went on a four day "wiking" trip along the Rogue River in Oregon. I really enjoy hiking/camping but this trip was appealing for the following reasons:
  • My wife is not a big fan of camping - this trip has us in lodges each night.
  • The full hike is 40 miles, but you can bail out and take a raft if you want to skip a portion (good for my so-so knee).
  • The boats carry all your stuff - you only need a day pack (water + camera etc...)
  • The guide company will pick-up and drop-off at the Grants Pass airport (3S8) (so a perfect RV destination). Just get the plane tied down in time for an 8am pickup.
  • A vintner goes along on the trip and hosts nice wine tasting every night.
  • Nice swimming holes.
  • Fly out of 3S8 at 5pm the last day. If weather is bad or you are tired, they can also drop-off at local hotels. Decent dining in town.
  • Easy-cheezy!  ...

In The Shop
How does my starter cable

I'm just beginning work routing and securing wires forward of the firewall. One of the first wires I secured was the starter cable from the starter contactor to the starter. I wanted to get some feedback on whether the way I've secured and routed it is appropriate. Here are some pictures.  ...

Craig Hagen Sent Me This....


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Fri, Sep 21, 2012.  1145z  
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
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Bob Stack climbing out at 52F yesterday morning.  The plane is painted like
the P-47 his dad flew in WWII (note the painted-on bomb).

EAA Chapter 105's 11th Annual Poker Run ...Justin Inman

Last Thursday I checked my email late in the afternoon and found a message from Mr. VanGrunsven inviting me to ride along with him and his wife for the EAA chapter 105's annual Poker Run. Being hardly able to turn down that sort of offer, I responded that I was available. There were seven airports on the fly-in list this year: Dietz Airpark, Lebanon, Independence, Scappoose, Seaside, Tillamook, and Twin Oaks. Saturday morning dawned clear in the Willamette Valley with promising conditions along the coast. We arrived at Dietz around 10am for breakfast and for our first gambling card.  continue Part I

Part 2   |   Part 3

She is finished ...SuperCubDriver in Germany

I just finished my RV-7 and wanted to share some pics. First flight is still some weeks away - now waiting for the permit to fly.
I worked very hard the last 16 months, used all my free time and was kind of addicted building this thing. I surely have stolen time from my family. I logged over 1600 hours actual building time and I probably spent the same time again roaming this forum and other builder´s websites. And I must say this forum is really great, most arising questions can be solved by just using the search function. And when this doesn´t help usually one will get answers when asking within one day!

Here are some details: Aerosport-Power IO-375, AE-400 Fuel Injection, Raven Inverted oil system, right tank flop tubed, Hartzell Blended Airfoil CS-Prop, dual 7" Skyview System, Classic Aero Interior, empty weight 1148 lbs.

RVs at Reno (photos) ...rvmills

snip......I do have a few pictures of the RVs and Rockets that raced. I hope others will post more. And if anyone has pics from the R3 BBQ, please post them. It was great to meet everyone there, and I kinda wish we'd put our VAF call signs on our name tags...I'm just beginning to connect more of the dots after reading some of these posts. It was great seeing Paul and Louise again, and spending some great time with Ernie Butcher. Good to meet Pete Hunt and others from here...wish we had more time...it really blew by!

Changing fast ...flyinmonque

.......colors are going fast and a big wind will change the viewing over night. Been smokey the last few days so you better do it while it lasts.

(more pictures)

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
● From Tina's Pilot Shop...

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 (1937) How Differential Steering Works ...Mike Starkey sent me this.

And using LEGOs...because you know my son is going to want to build one...

Thu, Sep 20, 2012.  1143z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

C-47 Formation ...Joe Blank

I recently had the opportunity to organize a formation ferry flight that primarily was a photo op for a C-47 that had been ramped at Hillsboro OR for many years. Planned to undergo restoration in the near future, this aircraft was built for the RCAF in 1941, she crossed the Atlantic at least twice before the end of the war. She spent the next 35 years working almost continually in the far northern reaches of the Canadian arctic. Sold into civilian ownership in the late 1970s, this aircraft has worked for a living until very recently.

Rather than just a photo ship and the subject aircraft, the restoration business and I agreed that, since she was a former warbird, that a formation flight around her might be a interesting and fitting thing to do. It's not everyday that you get to fly formation with a 70 year old piece of flying history... So we organized the flight, six RV's and one C-47. The flight yesterday was well briefed and was very successful in all regards. The flight was conducted at sunset for best photography, the smoke from the wildfires in the region added additional color to the scene. More info and pics later on as this project as the restoration continues.  continue

My x-country adventure ...prkaye

It's been quite a while since I visited or posted on VAF, but I thought maybe I'd post my trip report from my recent x-country adventure. Perhaps it will be motivating to some of the builders still pounding rivets. Here it is - pasted from an email I sent to friends and family after the trip. I'll have to do it in two consecutive posts as the forums is limiting me to 8000 characters per post...

It’s still surreal to me that I flew the airplane I built in my garage to Calgary and back. Here’s the story of my 5-day Moose Jaw adventure, covering over 6000km and 25 hours in the cockpit.  continue

Mike Vaccaro has updated his online RV-4 POH

In The Shop
● Videos #105 and #106 ...EdandColleen



Paying it Forward
Who needs a ride? ...Bob Collins 7A

You've been building your RV for awhile and you could use a little shot of motivation? Good. I'm looking for builders who need a little ride in an RV-7A. If you're in Minnesota, Iowa, or Wisconsin, let's take care of that. Post here or PM me.

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 Clip link sent to me by Danny King.

Wed, Sep 19, 2012.  0619z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

George Ford's RV-1 Video 

George Ford, known as Cipher on Vansairforce, flew his wife Lori and their RV-4 from Washington State to Oshkosh AirVenture in hopes of doing some video work with the RV-1 Arrival. Not only was he able to get video of the RV-1. He was allowed to install cameras in the cockpit when Van flew it for the final flight into the airport where thousands of people were waiting. Joe Blank was instrumental in making this all happen. While at OSH - Joe introduced George to Paul Dye for an interview of how the RV-1 story began. Then George and his wife Lori - stumbled upon two others to interview - Jay Pratt and Bob Avery of all people at the booth in the convention area. In this video you will see some behind the scenes footage and some of the true-grit it took to fly the RV-1, Falcon flight of 40 aircraft and the selected Van's aircraft in the 100 degree weather. Look through some of the other Video's on his YouTube page as he was able to capture many other events at Airventure pertaining to Vans Aircraft.



Wife's first camping trip! (Part 1) .....Omega232Devils

I don’t know if I can write a trip up to Vlad’s standards, but here goes:

This weekend I planned to take the wife camping for the first time ever in her life. And like any good RV pilot, I said “why don’t we fly and camp!” It always amazes me how we can work flying into just about any plan.

So the plan was to take off out of Providence, RI (KPVD) and head over to Salmon River Fly-In to meet up with Turbo and some of his ‘rotor’ friends, but after a late start we decided to just press up to Newport, NH to Parlin Field (2B3). It is such different flying on the east coast.  continue Part I

Part II  Part III

It's that time

.......of year here in the colorfull Color-ado mountains. Next two weeks should be prime viewing.

Need Engine Troubleshooting Help- Mags or Carb- (Long Post)


I have an old Lyc O-360-A1A of uncertain provenance that I've been flying for about 500 hours in my E-AB GlaStar with great performance and reliability until now. I hope you don't mine me posting here to get the benefit of this huge community -- I am helping a friend build his RV-8A! :-)

Recently on engine start, Cyl #4 wouldn't fire -- very rough engine, no CHT or EGT rise on Cyl #4. The first couple of flights, it cleared up after a minute or two and run-up was normal. The situation progressed so now neither Cyl #3 or #4 will fire -- engine very rough & shaking like a dog. CHT's & EGT's rise on Cyl #1 & #2 but not on #3 & #4. I have to shut it down after a couple of minutes.

Here is what I have done to isolate the problem and the results:

1. Compression check: All Cyls at 75 PSI or higher.
2. Timing: Correct on both mags at 25 degrees BTDC.
3. Spark Plugs: Cyl #1 & #2 look good -- nice tan color. Cyl #3 & #4 have carbon build-up, but not too bad. (Swabbed exhaust stack with finger -- some carbon soot but nothing I think is abnormal. No noticeable black smoke from exhaust.) I cleaned/blasted and checked the gaps on the plugs and tried another ground run. Same results. I don't have a spark plug tester so I wasn't able to test the plugs themselves. Next ground run, I'll switch plugs from rear cylinders to front cylinders to see if problem follows them.
4. Ignition leads: Will test those tomorrow with borrowed lead tester. They are about 4 1/2 years old and 500 hours since new (Champion).
5. Mags: Older Bendix, again of unknown provenance. Impulse coupled mag on left and shower-of-sparks on right (shower-of-sparks not used).
6. Carb: Marvel Shebler (sp?): New/overhauled 500 hours (and about ten years) ago. Mixture and throttle linkages and throws are fine. On one ground run, I got a slight backfire. On another, as I pulled the mixture to idle cut-off, as Cyls #1 & #2 started to die, Cyls #3 & #4 seemed to fire up for a few engine revs before the whole engine died.
7. Intake manifold tubes. Inspected rubber hose connectors between intake tubes and oil sump. They look OK. Inspected attach points of intake tubes to cylinders for any evidence of air leaks (which would lean mixture). No evidence of air leaks found.

I lean aggressively while on the ground but don't lean in flight until at 5,000' MSL or above.

My first hypothesis (which was wrong): I have a Van's primer system with the solenoid valve on Cyls #3 & #4 only. Since it seemed like the engine (at least Cyls #3 & #4) was running rich, I thought the solenoid valve had failed and additional fuel was being sucked into Cyls #3 & #4. (I also confirmed that the solenoid was installed correctly re "in" and "out" ports.) I completely disconnected the primer system and blocked the primer inlets in the intake manifold. No change in behavior during subsequent ground runs.

So, other than spark plugs and ignition leads (which I'll test tomorrow), it looks like I'm running out of "cheap parts" as the root cause of this behavior. It seems to me that it is coming down to either the mags or the carb.

My question to you experienced hands out there: Are there any diagnostic procedures that I can run that will definitively point me to whether it is the mags or the carb? I don't want to just start replacing or overhauling them willy nilly to see if that fixes the problem ($$$). A neighbor A&P/IA suggested pulling all plugs and looking for sparks by grounding each plug in turn to the cylinder while motoring the engine with the starter. Could this be a definitive test?

Or it is something else entirely that might be causing this? The consistent, but mystifying, behavior I see is that neither Cyl #3 nor Cyl #4 appears to be firing at all based on lack of CHT and EGT rise. But that implies the failure of two mags, two sets of ignition harnesses and four spark plugs (or some combination of them), or a carb/intake manifold that is feeding a too-rich mixture to two cylinders and the correct mixture to the other two.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you have for me.

Best regards

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Tue, Sep 18, 2012.  1136z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

RV-9A N385TE goes aloft! ...Terry Ruprecht 9A

Happy to pronounce that newly registered 385TE put air under her and runway behind her yesterday. Wheels up on First Flight at 9:30CDT on a cool day at a very busy BMI. As planned, a short first flight of 0.7 hrs … everything went as expected . She flew as billed and climbed like the proverbial homesick angel. Climb-out was 100kts at 900 to 1000fpm. Wow. In no time I was at 4000MSL and orbiting BMI. Landing was OK … not bad, not great …. but happy to be back on the ground safe and “unbent.” All engine temps were on the money … one minor annoyance with low voltage alarms ; not sure if it’s really LV or maybe a loose connector. A BIG big day for this guy …and wife Kris … who was videographer.
… the takeoff and landing video .....continue

54 days, 323 hours, since june 15th ...Turbo

PR-ZJV ...Antonio Carvalho

Hi Friends!
I'm proud to share with you some pics of the newest Brazilian RV7... and it's Mine!!!!  Now i just waiting for the paper work from Brazil's National Civil Aviation Agency to fly this baby to his home

Want Your RV in the 2013 Van's Aircraft Calendar?...deadline Oct 26.

In The Shop
98% Finished Panel ...SuperCubDriver

My Panel ...Antonio Carvalho (Sao Paulo)

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Suddenly unemployed software engineer in Atlanta ...N546RV

So yeah, as of this morning I and pretty much the rest of my company are out of work. At least I get a couple weeks' severance, some people didn't even get that. I've got a number of leads going already, but wanted to throw it out here as well...any of you Atlanta RVators in the software field have any ideas?

I'm a web software guy with seven years experience, well-versed in PHP/MySQL/JS with recent experience scaling big stuff with MongoDB. I can certainly provide more details if needed.


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Delta Pop UAT antenna with Garmin GDL-39

I recently received these screen shots from a Dallas area customer that installed a Delta Pop UAT antenna on the lower fuselage feeding a Garmin GDL-39 receiver.

Prior to installing the Delta Pop UAT antenna, the GDL-39 with the stubby antenna was positioned on the glare-shield allowing reception from 1 and sometimes 2 ground stations.

With the external Delta Pop antenna the ground station count went as high as nine all with excellent signal quality.

Needless to say he was very happy with the results.

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Mon, Sep 17, 2012.  1140z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Italian Best Homebuild Prize ...Luke in Italy

In Italy we we have our mini 'Oshkosh' event.  It's the EAA Chapter 459 Annual Meeting with the Airshow, EAA Chapter Meeting, Exhibitors, Fly-in, Gliders, Homebuilts, Ultralights and Vintage Aircraft'.  This year it was in Reggio Emilia were we celebrate our 40th meeting

The first, most important prize is the Trophy named 'Gianfranco Rotondi', an University Professor who was a pioneer in the experimental aircraft Italian world.  Yesterday I won that Prize, it's a great achievement for me and I like to share here, without you, my friends, it was impossible to reach it

Airplane to the rescue ...Glen RV-8

I recently became the blessed recipient of a rescue dog who had to do a lot of traveling. Is a small way, my RV-8 was part of the plan. The full story is here. The RV made it possible for me to travel round trip from Virginia to Vermont in a single day to spend time with "Nick". What an airplane. What a dog!

Nick has a checkered past but both he and I have an exciting future ahead of us

Reno Recap ...the Bobs

Reno 2012 Day 7
Breakfast at 0630 at the Home Town Café in Lemmon Valley behind the Shell Station. In four days of trying to connect with the SARL racers there I finally made it. There is a story there but I’ll just leave it hanging for folks like Mike Thompson to stew on. Good food, large portions surrounded by racers and fans. I sat at the end of a long table that I suspect was arranged for the racers that eat there every morning. I was a few minutes late and I sat at the end across from a gentleman called Ollie Crawford. He told me only his mother called him Oliver. I learned that he lives in San Antonio, Texas and I mentioned that I was stationed at Lackland AFB there in February of 1954. He asked if I took Basic Training there and I said yes. He told me that he took Basic in 1943. I asked if he was a pilot and he said yes he was. I asked what he flew and he said P-40s. Now, younger folks that have the insatiable love of airplanes may have a fuzzy notion of a P-40 in shape and size but to school boys like me during WWII the Curtis P-40 was the first fighter we ever knew and it was special. I told him I saw the movie “God is My Copilot” and I read the book – I think it was the first one I ever read. The Flying Tigers and Robert L. Scott were the essence of fighter pilots and the legends that surround them. Ollie slowly pulled his hat out of his lap and showed me the Flying Tiger identification. He asked if I had heard of Tex Hill and I said I had. He told me of some political situation that prevented Tex Hill from getting medals he was recommended for and his (Ollie’s) effort to correct that situation including communicating directly with Robert L. Scott to get his eye witness confirmation of the heroic feats of Tex Hill. Now Ollie Crawford is working to get an Air & Space Museum established in San Antonio. Later in the day Ollie was in the Crew Holding Pen for the Sport Silver race right up against the rail nearest the taxiway in the sun. I was back against the hangar wall in the shade as our pilot Bob Mills was the alternate for the Sport Silver Race. Watching him and his son as Alan taxied by in his Lancair Legacy with his arm sticking out under the canopy holding a small American Flag was a touching moment, an observation of two patriots.  more

2012 Reno Air Races Day 8
Today was Saturday, the next to last day of racing and Bob Mills the magnificent in Race #43 held off Radial Rocket #105 for one more time to finish 2nd in the Sport Bronze class for the third time in a row. Once again Race 105 was a little high and outside as if ready to pounce on Bob but Bob held his ground and after three laps the margin was starting to open up again. If you were on the crew for #105 it was probably not so great but we liked it … A LOT! When the Sport Silver class race was run, Race 43 was once again the alternate that was not required. After we spotted the plane on the start grid and Bob Mills taxied out to the runway and back again we were done for the day. I sat by the Blue Bird and met a lot of nice people until around 4 pm then I went to the hotel. I passed Radial Rocket #105 as I walked out of the hangar, its cowl was off and serious faced experts were gathered around. I have a hunch tomorrow’s race will be even tougher than today. more

Reno 2012 Day 9
The Sports Bronze Class Race was run early today we positioned Race #43 in the number two spot in the Racing grid on the ramp. When all was said and done it was a heck of a race between Bob Mills and his RV-Super 6 and the Radial Rocket of Peter Malone from Sikeston, Missouri for 2nd place and Tim Cone in his RV-8 and David Casey in his RV-3 for 6th place. Bob and Tim won those races that weren't on the program but they were oh so close. In the four races our team of Tommy (Turbo) Ishii Crew Chief, Brian Adams & Bob Axsom Crew and Bob Mills Pilot/owner/dedicated worker kept trying to reduce drag anyway we could with wax and tape and Bob Mills kept flying Rocket 6 a little faster each race. He had to because so did Peter Malone and he didn't slowly fade in the last race. They were together to the very end running hard and neither yielding

Well Bob, I am magnificently
   Well Bob, I am magnificently washing my flight suit and savoring a magnificent time at the R3 BBQ, as well as a Stead BBQ and a SWA BBQ...all great parties. Lots of great RV folks at the BBQ, and many came by to visit between races heats today in the Sport Class hangar as well. We're all hoping to see more friends tomorrow.
   Early go tomorrow, for the Bronze (nice, cool, smooth air...all good!) 4 RVs in that race! We've been having good, clean, fun racing so far, so please wish us luck!!
   There have been some fun races throughout the week. The RV-8 (Tim) and RV-3 (Dave) dueled it out one day, and Tim and Steve (RV-S8) had a nice duel today. Pete in the Radial Rocket is right there, and I'll tell ya what...a Radial Rocket casts a big shadow when he's sitting over your shoulder! Sport Silver provided perhaps the best race of the week today, with 2 Lancairs chasing a Glassair for 6 laps to a photo finish. I think it was the Glassair by a spinner...literally!  more

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VAF Family
Services for Mr. Don Hall Today

Funeral Services will be held at 11:00 AM on Monday, September 17, 2012 at Brown’s Bridge Community Church in Cumming, GA.

Memorial donations may be mailed to The DON HALL MEMORIAL FUND / c/o Gennett Hall - A College Fund for Abby and Allie Hall. Bank of America. 201 West Main Street Cumming, GA 30040.

My RV (project) outside for the first time! ...Bret 7A

Moved my -8 to the airport ...Paul Tuttle RV-8

My friend hauled my -8 fuselage to its new home today. It was a nice day so a bunch of us provided a motorcycle motorcade for the occasion.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
First year of owning an RV 10 ...N331JH at 52F


It's been one year since I became a -10 owner so I decided to see what it costs to fly the 120 hours I put on it so far.

Including insurance, hanger, condition inspection, fuel, oil changes, oil added, engine reserve (assume $20,000 at 2000 hrs) but no "improvements/changes" I made, the cost comes to $111/hr. I've got to fly more to get the per hour cost down!

This is less than I budgeted for and is cheaper than renting a 172 and a lot more fun! Having your own a/c let's you do spontaneous trips like we did during labor day to Santa Fe.

Of the 120 hours flown, 100 have been cross countries, virtually all over 420nm. I averaged 159 knots and 12 gph.

This is the first plane I have owned and was concerned if I would use it the way I thought I would. Every well tells you to think of the mission. The only thing I miss is no aerobatics. However, I have used it for more X-countries than I expected and have had more flights with 3 folks or more on board than I expected (over 80%).

So far, so good! Update next year!

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Mike Starkey sent me this...

Fri, Sep 14, 2012.  1148z  
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Niagara Falls...Vlad RV-9A

I forgot to post my Osh 2012 video ...AX-O

With all the excitement of Osh 2012, the 40 ship and the RV parade, I forgot to post this video of my dad and I on VAF. I only thought about it after I saw Darren’s cool father/son video.

Piece on Greg Marlow and his RV-9A in GA News

ACS Piece on Chris Lucas and his RV-10

Reno PIREP Day Five ...Bob Axsom

This was supposed to be an off day for Race 43 but the Gods of Chance smiled on it with a series of events that revealed problems that would have been devastating had they occurred tomorrow during a scheduled Sport Bronze race day.

I changed the oil and filter in the Blue Bird in Bob Mills' normal hangar so I didn't even know there was a problem, well two actually, until well into afternoon. Bob and his Crew Chief Tommy Ishii had replaced the starter solenoid and were working on the replacement of the oil cooler when I showed up for a routine check-in before going to the hotel. I stayed and offered token help until the oil cooler was replaced. It was starting to get dark but they still had to go back out across the "No Prop Turn Line" test run the engine and test for leaks. From Bob Mills' post above I assume it all went well.

All the time during the day the races and the show were going on for the paying fans. I never saw the stands on the front side so I don't know anything about how the show is going on or how it is being reacted to by the public. On Sport Class Bronze race day we we get to spend time in an area affectionately known as the race crew holding pen and get to see a race. This is after we spot the plane (Bob Mills' RV Super 6 AKA Race 43) on the ramp in an assigned order. We go to the pen, the racers start at a specified time and taxi to the assigned runway. After takeoff they form up on a pace plane and make a flying start like the Unlimited Class.

Tomorrow is race day again for the the boys in Bronze and the competition will be tough. I will be keeping my eyes on the Radial Rocket that was pressing Bob hard early in Heat Race 1C. I think Race #43 has a margin on the rest of the entries but the winner of Heat 1C, Race #22 a Glasair II-S and the Radial Rocket will be tough.

I recognized Earnie Butcher from this VAF community among many of Bob Mills friends and other fans that stopped by to see him and his gleaming red airplane. His crew Chief Tommy Ishii Spent many hours waxing it to add to it's general appeal.

Want Your RV in the 2013 Van's Aircraft Calendar?...deadline Oct 26.

Near elimination of prop in videos

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Harbor Freight Humor ...Kelly Johnson find.

Thu, Sep 13, 2012.  1149z    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Another RV 7 Flies ...VETE76

4:25pm yesterday at the old Griffis AFB - SAC - 416th Bomb Wing - B-52, now just Rome NY airport at 4:25 pm N861B became the latest RV7 flying. flew 30 min landed, the pilot today is walking around here in a daze. i think he's still flying. we are building 3 of them. mine will fly around spring the 3rd next fall. you talk about motivation to finish building!!! wow.

#3 grandson's first flight!! ...Mark Burns

Yesterday afternoon I took my grandson Gage up for his first flight.  We both had a great time!

While building I mostly dreamed about places Cindy and I would fly.  I never realized how good it would feel to take my grandkids flying.  I can't describe the feeling.

Gage loved the intercom, and on final was singing the ABC song.

I gotta go on a ride with DADDY ...Wesael

Today when I was playing in the shop I saw daddy pushing the RV-10 out and then started pushing the RV-8 out.

I said: What are you goin ta doo?

He said: I gotta run to a close airport to drop off some parts for a job.

I said: I wanna go!

He said: Well maybe you can.

We went inside to get some stuff an I told Mamma: I'm gonna go with daddy in the RV-8 maybe!

So we got a lunch box for me ta sit on and got all strapped in...

Reno PIREP ...Bob Axsom (day 5)

We had a good day in the Sport Bronze group (Our Pilot Bob Mills refers to them as the Bronze Gods). He finished 2nd in the Sport 1C heat. To find the detail reports of the races and qualification go to:  http://Reports.AirRacing.org

In the morning the Sport Bronz5e group ran some practice racing just to sharpen the procedures but the real thing came at 14:55. All went well and as reported earlier Bob Mills in his RV-Super 6 did well holding off a Radial Rocket but chasing a Glasair II-S. His speed was 242.39 mph. We tried to refine the taping but it came loose in a couple of places. We will try to do better in the next Sport Bronze heat on Friday.

The outstanding performance of the day was given by Steve Senegal in Formula 1. He flew Race # 11 Endeavour to a new race record:

260.775 mph

Steve also flies in the Sport Bronze Class. He walked up to our group around Mark Frederick and Bob Mills airplane and said I just flew the fastest Formula One race ever - I'm stoked! He was so pleased that he might have burst on the spot but I asked do you remember when I gave you tha bottle of water the other day. He slowly said "yes", wondering where is this going and I responded "how about an autograph. With the tension broken he wrote in my little notebook:

Formula One
Race 11
Fastest Formula One
in a heat race
Steve Senegal

I'm going to change the oil on our airplane tomorrow and some folks are planning to take a look at the baffling with the cowl off. Bob Mills, Stan Sutterfield form Port Orange, Florida and Red Hanilton for sure

When the race day was over I had dinner with Red Hamiltom and Marilyn where we discussed an engine rebuild.

End of Day 5

Pics (2 sets and an interview) from Californai Capitol

Interesting Neighbors ...Mike Macon

While based at Livermore, Ca (LVK) for a work project, I subleased a hanger next to a hanger full of nice airplanes. One day they were cleaning the hanger floor and moved everything outside. I could not resist the urge to get a pic with my 6A under the Beaver's wing. You might have noticed the P-51D behind the Beaver and that was only two of the four planes kept in that hanger. Livermore has a lot of interesting aircraft and it is an active place. I enjoyed my stay.

Mike Starkey Badlands Pics Online

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Ongoing Maintenance Issues
The First 50 Hours ...Bill Pendergrass RV-7A

I had a good day today and had to post about it so I thought I might make the post more worthwhile by talking about some notable experiences of my last 50 hrs.

First, leading up to today I have been fighting with my avionics because they would not show LOC and GS. Last weekend I finally figured out what I had done wrong in the programming behind the scenes. This is GRT H1 WS wide screen and 430W. The instructions were clear, but the GRTs are very capable and as a result have MANY settings to get right. I missed turning on the 4 annunciators fed into aux 1 thru 4.

So, this afternoon I got a chance to start brushing up the IFR skills in my own plane for the fist time. GRIN. I LIKE IT. I would call my system "simplified" since it is using RS232 and not ARINC. It won't do some things with autopilot but it is still WAY better than steam. I shot a localizer and an ILS at different airports. I'm rusty but it will come back quickly. My RV7 (and probably all others) is touchy in pitch. Altitude holding while hand flying will be the skill to regain.

I have round backup gages and realized that I had been using them nearly 100% instead of the glass while flying VFR. The hood practice helped me focus on the GRT. I noticed some helpful details (like the track indicator under the DG tape) today.

In other learnings, I wrote elsewhere about my leaky canopy. I have a tip up. I prosealed the rear window when I installed it, but the act of getting it installed messed up the sealant beads. It leaked badly. Since then I ran another bead on the exterior of the windor to seal it. Untested as of yet.  continue

Brake leak out

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Sep 12, 2012.  0542z  
  Pic below is
7 1/2 min into a flight to Gainesville for catfish at lunch - first trip there since 6/1/11.  Can't believe it's been that long (it's only a 16min flight for corn's sake).  24.6mpg and 159kts GS.  The traffic paralleling me at my 9 o'clock about 4 miles is Jay Pratt going to the same lunch.  Jay gave us a nice debrief on Larry's fly-in.  It was only in the 80's at wheels up.  What a nice change!
  Before launching for GLE, DarylT and Jim Kiloh landed and asked for directions to GLO Custom.  Daryl and Jim, I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer and visit, but the planning committee called for '1100 on the ramp' at GLE....and they leave with the courtesy car if you're late!
Picture of Daryl (L) and Jim (R) below, also.
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OT: Galaxy Writer

I'm leading with an off-topic item today, but it's so cool it has to be the top story.  You can type in any phrase and it will be displayed using galaxies for letters. 

Go play with it at www.mygalaxies.co.uk.  And yes you can do the dirty words, too.  ;^P

Reno PIREP ...Bob Axsom

Days 2 & 3
The big introductory IN-BRIEF has taken place and a Crew briefing completed , wrist bands, head bands and yellow validation tags are in place so that part of Sport Class Race #43 is set. I have seen Bob Mills and Mark frederick, Alan Crawford, Ernie Sutter and Lynn Farnsworth from SARL fly so far and all seems well. there have been some flat tires and one mayday but nothing major. Tomorrow is another practice and qualification day. With a lot of briefs and tune up flying. I expect few have qualified so tomorrow will be tense.

Day 4
Our guys in the Sport Class did well today. To my knowledge everyone qualified Mark Frederick went a little over 260 mph and Bob Mills was a little over 245.  The minimum qualification requirement was 200 mph. A fellow flying an absolutely beautiful RV-3 made it in the Sport class and he is going to race at Reno.

There is a little fenced off area at the north end of the first hangar west of the ramp where all of the crews are to go to when their planes leave the ramp for flight. This fellow's crew is his wife. When one of the guys in the area that was timing the planes accurately but I think unofficially, stated that #89 was over 200 mph the smile on that woman's face was not for show. There was a deep inner pride and happiness that was for them alone. It was a major or a small victory depending on your view but it was deeply felt by the principles in the story and it didn't matter a whit that they were at the bottom of the heap, they were in. I saw the smile and it made me feel good as I too have shared such a victory in other arenas and I understand the private joy it can bring.  There are so many stories at all levels here at the Reno Air Races it is like a small cross section of life with an aviation and racing spine.

Tomorrow there is still some practice time but the real racing starts. I will be watching the SARL racers closely and pulling for them all but maybe a little harder for Sport Class #43 (my team) and our close associate #12.

The NTSB presented a slide and video program on the devastating crash last year that provided far greater insight than I had ever seen. They too want the races to continue but they are doing their job to make them safer for everyone

24 Hours, Five Airplanes – Plenty of Grinning!

It’s not uncommon for me to fly two of our airplanes in the same day, and occasionally, maintenance requirements have me flying all three. But the past 24 hours has been a blast – five different RV’s on five different missions in just 24 hours – and only one of them was ours!

Badlands Fly-In Write-up

Re-creating a belly blister ...DanH

Re-creating a belly blister for a certain yellow airplane. I have no idea how a certain skinny kid made the first one, but it was my honor to make the second.

Sending Large Files to Van's ...instructions.

Regularly Scheduled Site Maintenance on the evening of the 15th...

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Halloween idea for you early planners...


Never Forget

, Sep 11, 2012.  1141z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

A public thank you ...Don Alexander (9A Finish Kit)

Over the years I've been a member hear I've seen a lot of posts about the generosity of the RV community and what a great bunch of people they are. I've experienced myself a few times, too. Last week though Vlad stopped for a visit on his way to Triple Tree and Tennessee. He arrived early enough so I could add to my RV-9A time as I slowly finish my plane. We had tried flying together back in April but the weather cut our efforts short. Vlad, being the kind of person this board likes to talk about, wanted to come back and let me really fly his plane and see if he couldn't encourage me to finish my plane.

Normally you'd think 30 minutes or an hour would be generous. Vlad's comment was, lets use all the fuel in the tanks (with reserves, of course). We departed KOFP (just north of Richmond, VA), he gave me the controls and explored Lake Anna for a bit when I asked him if he remembered Bob Martin from this board. I told him Bob was based nearby so he let me do a low pass at Louisa and I was able to see Bob's hanger was open and just seconds later Bob was greeting us on the radio. Vlad let me actually land the plane, which revealed both generosity and trust.

After chatting with Bob and his friends for 20 minutes, Vlad talked Bob into going flying with us (and no, it wasn't a difficult task - Bob just needed an excuse). So we headed west, crossed the Blue Ridge, navigated between the Blue Ridge and the Massanutten mountains for a bit. The photo below was taken by Bob of Vlad and I as we were passing south of Charlottesville. After we crossed the Blue Ridge we'd planned to go further north but the weather was changing and clouds were just starting to obscure our way back over the mountains. So we turned east with Bob pointing out sights for us. Bob turned south for Louisa and Vlad and I kept heading east before eventually turning generally south for a touch and go at Blackstone (BKT). I work at the community college there and thought it would be fun to do a T&G with a Ruskie friend on a joint use (military-civilian) airport. My second RV landing.

We'd been dodging clouds most of the afternoon and Vlad suggested climbing to 4,500' to get over the clouds, and RIC's air space. The fuel gauges were showing that we needed to make a stop so we went off to KXSA, my home base, for "cheaper" fuel. It was time to learn more about the 9A - on my first approach I didn't slow down enough and we'd have landed mid field unless I did a slip. I chose to do a go around (more flying time and more time to learn to do it right). So this time I flew the last bit of down wind and base at 70 kts and final at 60 kts and made a respectable landing.

We filled the tanks and headed back to KOFP (Hanover) at near gross weight. Vlad was sure there'd be another go around as the 9A handles differently at gross weight vs empty tanks. It wasn't my inclination to do a go around - I wanted to show my gratitude for Vlad's great instruction on how to handle the 9. The plane was easy to stabilize at 60 kts on final and I swear the plane felt like it landed itself.

All told Vlad gave me 3.2 hours of RV time and 4 landings and lots of great advice on how to fly. Priceless.

Thanks Vlad!

Midwest LSA Expo ...Mitch Lock PIREP

It’s been two years since I’ve been able to attend the Midwest LSA Expo in Mt. Vernon, Ill. Last year’s event was plagued with rainy weather and low ceilings keeping most vendors, including Van’s, from attending. This year, despite a long line of thunderstorms that kept pushing me ever southward, I was able to make it to KMVN on Wednesday evening.

Thursday morning was bright, sunny, hot and very humid. Attendance was fairly good and traffic lingering at the RV-12 was at least as good as could be expected for a weekday. Friday was pretty much the same with a stiff breeze all day long. Thankfully, it was straight down the runway. With my demo ride dance card filled, I really don’t mind demonstrating the crosswind capabilities of the airplane, but it sure is fun showing how low a groundspeed you can have when landing the RV-12.  continue

Did my first "Airshow" ...Bastien

This summer when I just first flew my RV8 I meet a guy with a SF-260 Marchetti. After his landing, he rolled to a neighbor hangar with his plane, shut the engine down and jump out his plane.
At the same time I was rolling the aircraft out of the hangar to do the third of fourth test flight. We spent a lot of time around the plane and he really like the way the RV was built (I believe it was the first time he saw a completed RV as there are not a lot in France).
He really liked the finish of the plane and after discussing a lot he told me a little about himself. That he is the owner of Czech Ride ( Yak 3 modified into a Yak 11 and that had raced in Reno long time ago).

A month later and after I completed the test flight period of the airplane I went to an airfield close to mine to do the first "navigation". When I landed I saw his Marchetti on the apron and met him at the airfield office. We sat on the bar and discuss a little further on the building process of my RV8, about my studies and about him. He told me that on the airfield he is based on, he (with others) was organizing a small airshow and invited me to come with my plane to see it.

Without an hesitation I told him that it would be a pleasure for me to come.  continue

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In The Shop
Painted the Interior This Weekend...WingsOnWheels

I stuck this in general since it is part product review, part vendor review, and part how-to (or at least how I did it).

So, I have been putting off painting the interior of the my RV-6A until I had done as much as I could inside to minimize the change of me beating up the interior paint. Well, the time finaly came for me to get it done.

A few weeks back a made a trip to the local English Color automotive paint supply store off Avenue K in Plano. I went in expecting to get the "we only deal with professionals" treatment. Boy was I wrong. The folks at EC were very helpful. I told them what I wanted to do, how much I wanted to spend, and they made some great recommendations. I decided on what paint and colors to use and they set me up with all the activators and reducers to go along with it. I ended up with a quart of PPG Omni Epoxy Primer in Grey and a quart of PPG Omni MTK Urethane single-stage topcoat, plus all the othe chemicals to go with it. I plan to buy a second helping of a darker color for the rollbar, canopy frame, and panel so then gave me more reducer and activator than I needed since the larger quantity now would save a couple $$ later (cheaper to buy a quart vs 2 pints...ect). Total cost was ~$160.

Last week I finished up the last few items I needed to do before painting and started in on the prep work. I stripped everyting out of the cabin that wasn't riveted in place. most of the parts are already primed with rattle-can duplicolor self-etching stuff from the auto parts store. I scuffed up the existing primer with fine sandpaper and green scotchbright pads to smooth the finish and remove any overspray dust. The interior (and the shop) was vaccumed and blown out with air. I wiped down the bare metal with acetone and the primed surfaces with a paint-prep I bought years ago at auto-zone. I masked off everything (that was lots of fun...).  continue / lotsa pics

VAF Family
Came to visit and check Grandpa's work ...Paul Tuttle

My little grandson came to visit me in the shop today. He seemed to enjoy himself, especially when I turned on the TVs for him to look at.   I can't wait to take him for a ride when he's old enough.

I Got My 1st Class Medical Back ...steve91t

Looking back on it, I probably should have gone through ALPA like so many told me to do. Turns out the FAA lost ALL of my medical records, hence the reason for the crazy denial letters. They had missing information. My records were sent to Atlanta, then sent to Oklahoma, then to some place in New England. Somewhere along the way, someone didn't do their job.

Anyway, who the **** cares, I have a medical!

I basically got my start in flying at a glider airport in SC when I was 13. I ended up working there just about every weekend until I went off to college. It was like my 2nd home. A couple of weeks ago I got checked out again in gliders. Words cannot describe how much I have missed flying gliders. There's absolutely nothing like it. Another passion of mine is towing. It is some of the most fun I have EVER had in an airplane. I just got checked out in the Pawnee again and started towing. Once again, words cannot describe the feeling of being back in the air. I know that I've taken flying for granted in the past, that will never happen again.  continue

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New 12.1" EFIS (5800) on AFS Website.

Safety Net Restored....

A couple weeks ago my wife stole started using my laptop when hers flatlined.  The one I take to/from the airport and use as a backup in case my home office PC goes coo coo for coco puffs.  Long story short is there is a new HP Envy Spectre laptop in the family, and I'm slowly getting it up to speed with the authoring tools I use to churn out this site.

Picture from the hangar today with an RV-6 reflecting off the screen.

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Sep 10, 2012.  1138z.
  Morning!  Saturday we woke up to a wonderful 65°F here in Dallas.  Yessssssss!  Graph at right...  I had intended to go to the Pecan Plantation Fly In, but when I felt that cool 65°F morning air, I decided to spend the day doing yard work without passing out from heat exhaustion for the first time in about four months.  The afternoon and evening were spent doing the photo shoot for our daughter's senior portrait.  We bought a quarter panel in the back of the yearbook and are going with the one labeled '2012' below.  You don't have to tell me how blessed I am.  I already know.
  Sunday the 0700 from-the-air animal count was (13) deer, (1) wild hog and (3) turkeys.  Four of the deer were bucks.  Total time off the surface 18 min.  Rest of the day was spent on Mt. Email, keeping the house rigged for quiet (Audrey is writing college entrance essays), building today's issue and watching the F1 race at Monza on the DVR.  At 12:16pm, while working at the computer, an RV-6 or -7 went over my house west to east with the throttle on 'rabbit'.  Whoever it was it sure sounded great!
   Hope your weekend went great and your Monday is swell.
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Our daughter - the 'AR' in N617AR (the 617 also)..

Dirk Schlichtenhorst Sets the RV Video Bar 50' Higher ...RV-4 Germany

"..after 5 years of building and another 5 years of flying my RV4 I thought it would be time for a '10 Years of RV virus' video."


Dirk's website is: www.rv8r.com
He is 'rv8r' in the VAF Forums.

Vetterman's Bad Lands Fly-In Pics

Tanya Card Pics Day 1 / 2 / 3
Marc DeGirolamo Pics

1630 miles, (1) RV-8, (2) pilots...(1) day! ...Paul Dye

When the weather is right, ya' gotta make the best of it! Louise and I left Houston at 0610 CDT and arrived at Aurora (OR) about 1830 PDT. 1630 miles - had to deviate for low clouds/mountain obscuration in in New Mexico (went south around Santa Fe then around through Farmington to Cortez for fuel), and made an extra stop in Clovis when the fuel pump at Muleshoe was empty - but other than that, it was just a long day of flying. It gets bumpy across the Basin and Range in the afternoon, but the views of southeastern Oregon were magnificent, and it''s nice to be out of Humid Houston!

A few days here, then down to Reno...

2012 Reno Adventure (2nd Attempt) ...Bob Axsom

After much typing the computer said what you have typed is not that interesting - START OVER! ARHG! I hate when that happens! So an abreviated second attempt:

I flew the RV-6A that my wife Jeanine and I built in our garage like so many of you, out here from Fayetteville, Arkansas (Woo pig ... sorry it's a local thing) Friday. Refueled at Goodland, Kansas and Rock Springs, Wyoming. The weather was so good that I just threw a flight plan in the 695 got a briefing and tookoff improvising on the way.  continue

Blessed by the Gods of wind - a tailwind both ways !...humptybump

Want Your RV in the 2013 Van's Aircraft Calendar?...deadline Oct 26.

In The Shop
Van's RV-10 Build Vid #98. Wing Top Skins 9 ...EdandColleen


VAF Family
Anyone else with interesting neighbors?...docsuresh

West Coast RaVens at the California Capital Airshow -- KTXL

ANOTHER RV Grand Champion ...Janekom

Just to let you guys know that our RV10, ZU-RVI has been awarded three trophies at this year's National EAA Convention in South Africa. We won the following:

Winner Best Metal Aircraft 2012
Winner Pertec Shield Best Homebuilt 2012
EAA Grand Champion Homebuilt 2012

We did not receive the trophies up to now hence the rather late placement of this message and picture.

Moving Day ...
Paul K

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Sep 7, 2012.  1140z  
  Both the Badlands and Pecan Plantation Airpark fly-ins are this weekend.  We're supposed to catch a temperature break here in the DFW area tonight, keeping us in the 80's on Saturday.  What a welcome change!
  The top story of the weekend, of course, is today is my wife's birthday.  She's finally turning 35* years old.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

*You don't think I'd be dumb enough to type the actual number, do you?

Tom and Bonnie's Summer Travels Continue

Last Monday, our 45th wedding anniversary, we flew out of Hillsboro to Minden, NV to spend a week at South Lake Tahoe. The following pictures are of that flight.

RV improves the daily grind ....hydroguy2

Been working 6 days a week lately and more to come. But wednesday I had time available for catch up. I'm no Vlad...or any of you lucky ones traveling around the country but I try to put the RV to good use. SO:

My tour as President of the HomeOwner Association came to a close recently. The new President wanted to discuss duties and responsibilities. I live 4.5hrs away(by car) so she suggested a 10am phone call to save me travel.

I woke up and the weather looked good so I called and said "I'll be there by 0930. Climbing out I wondered what I had done the visibility was about 8miles of smoke in the valley. Once I got above 9000' I was on top and other than a 25-30kt headwind viz was better and smooth. Guess that's why I call my RV "Aurora" after the Roman Goddess of the Dawn, I love morning flights.  continue (many pics)

Acroflyrgirl's Cape Trip Continued

Want Your RV in the 2013 Van's Aircraft Calendar?...deadline Oct 26.

VAF Family
The Cards got loose

Tracking up to Larry's fly-in.   (from Scott)  The autopilot flew most of it until it got really bumpy in Colorado, then nuttin' but me hand flying. Nice easy trip. Contrary to popular belief, Vlad, you aren't the only one out having a ball with RV adventures . I just noticed that ours has been 55k miles so far!  Looking at aprs, it looks like someone needs to put a radio out here in the badlands. I promise I'm not stuck at 13k' over Nebraska

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Seen on a RV-6 at 52F

Uses a cooler ice fan and this shade to lower the temps inside during trips from Houston to Dallas during 100°F days.  Says it makes a real difference.

Totally Off Topic

Susie and I went to a college application / planning
meeting last night up at the high school.  Somehow
this picture seems appropriate.  Sigh....   

Thu, Sep 6, 2012.  1142z    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Day one, Tucson AZ to Dumas TX ...acroflyrgirl

Day two, where do we go from
Day 3, yes day 3, to the Cape

Some numbers from Gary Palinkas' recent trip

  • 1405 nm/1617 sm from Venice, Fl to Moriarty, NM
  • 9.7 hrs flight time (does not include startup/taxi time)
  • 166.6 mph average speed, which accounts for climb/descent profiles. At times, I climbed to 12,500 as I went from Texas to New Mexico
  • Burned 83 gallons 100LL ranging in price from $4.60 to $5.65/gal. (approx. $350 for the one way trip)
  • more detail

5-page write up on the RV-14...in the new Sept issue.  Pg 38.

[ed.  I think I owe the pilot a cold beverage. dr]

In The Shop

● Self Portrait ....pitman

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
A Little Maintenance Issue ...Paul Dye

So we have this bolt that jams up going into a long threaded tube – it’s not like a regular nut that just has a few threads to go through – more like a Van’s wing tie-down receptacle. The bolt goes in about 4 turns, then binds up – torque gets higher than allowed.

Rather than damage anything further, we backed it all out and waited a few days to think about it (always good practice) and fabricate a few tools. The first tool was a tiny wire gun-barrel brush – we put this in a power driver and SLOWLY ran it into the female threads, then back out. This generated a bunch of small metal debris. Did this a couple of times until it came out without any more FOD. We then blew out the hole using a littel nozzle. Next came a cut-down toothbrush with lube on it to get lubricant deep into the threads. We followed that up with a bolt (not the one we were going to use in final assembly – it was a sacrificial bolt) to test the (hopefully) now cleaned threads. This was carefully driven in with a “T” Handle and a ratchet wrench when it got harder. Frankly, this was a bit of a “re-tapping” exercise. It got just a little tight at the same place as before, then smoothed out – I think we found the damaged thread area! Since the fastener isn’t going to really see a lot of load in use, having a slightly damaged interface probably isn’t a serious issue – so long as we could get it tightened down.  continue

Totally Off Topic

Word of the day...

Wed, Sep 5, 2012.  1152z  
  "Yoink!"  That's exactly what my wife said as she took possession of my laptop.  The one I take to/from the airport and on trips, and keep loaded with backup copies of all the VAF authoring software in case my upstairs bedroom office computer gives up the ghost.  About a week ago her laptop finally decided to throw up on its shoes with motherboard issues.  As she worded it, since it was her primary computer and my backup computer...."the prosecution rests".  She runs her handmade jewelry store off her laptop, and that does pay for some family food, so I guess I'm shopping for a new laptop now.  I'm amazed computers last as long around her as they do.  They get the snot knocked out of them 18 hrs a day for years in ground zero of our house (kids, neighbor's kids, dog, living room chaos, etc).  They've been used as doorstops.  Poor guy fought hard, but I knew something he didn't.....he never stood a chance.  ;^)
   HP.com, expect a visit from my I.P. address today.  I've tried some of my authoring tools on a Macbook Air using PC emulation software recently, but building this site daily requires some tools/techniques that don't lend themselves to the Mac environment.  I'm a PC guy through and through (I do like my iPhone though).
On another topic, daaaaammmmmnnnnn it got hot again here in Texas!  100°F+ all week.  Ugh.
  One last thing.  Is it just me, or are 10,000 RVators living vicariously through Vlad's adventures?  I know I am.
Happy hump day.
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Stanley Fly-in, Moncton Center and $100 Lobster ...Vlad

This trip was spontaneous and on short notice. A fly in was held at Stanley N.S. CCW4 on Labor Day and I planned to visit. I had a right seater committed but work obligations interfered and he made other plans. So I went to Canada alone.

To get to Canada is a walk in the park. Canadians are very friendly folks and have border crossing procedures well explained and super simplified.  continue Part I

Part II / Part III / Part IV / Part V / Part VI / Part VII

Best Kitbuilt Aircraft ...Bob Ellis RV-8

(from the factory FB page) The British Oshkosh equivalent is the Light Aircraft Association's Rallye, held this year at Sywell.

Congratulations to Bob Ellis - whose recently finished -- and beautiful -- RV-8 won the awards for best Kitbuilt Aircraft and best RV at this year's Rally. Ed Hicks caught up with Bob before he flew home with his trophies.

John Bone was Commended (the equivalent of a special mention or craftsmanship award) for his RV-9.

Triple Tree Airport Closed Wednesday Morning Due to Storm ...Bill R. PIREP

I just received a phone call from one of the board members at Triple Tree and he asked me to get the word out. They had an early evening storm today, Tuesday, September 4th, which dumped three inches of rain on the field. Due to this, they are going to temporarily close the field. They expect it to drain quickly and reopen by Wednesday afternoon, September 5th.

(Having flown in there a number of times, I can attest that their runway does drain quickly and once it opens, it will be solid.)

If you are heading to SC00 for the Triple Tree fly-in, it is suggested that you divert 10 miles south to Laurens Count (KLUX) until the airport reopens. Laurens has a nice long (3,900’) and smooth runway with clear approaches. They are also known for their low fuel prices and they have a courtesy car available.

The Triple Tree Board of Directors sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience and wanted to let everyone know that as soon as Garmin comes out with an X96 that can control the weather, they will buy two.

In The Shop
Build a paint booth----check

Photos at last ...Bob Redman

First flight video RV-9A N194MH ...Mike Hoover

I had my first flight last week and announced it here on VAF a few days ago but just wanted to share this video of it that my good friend Steve Richardson put together. (wish I had shaved.)

Multi Camera Video RV-6 Mild Aerobatics ...Richard Fazio

I've been having fun playing with the GoPro cameras. I made a video with multi cameras and edited them together in one clip. It is a big learning process to edit these things but a lot of fun. Check out the latest one, stay tuned to the end for a different view.

Goofing Off Visualized

Poking around in the stat software yesterday to find out where people are viewing from (holiday on Monday in U.S.).  More goofing off than I would have expected on a holiday.

Avg time on site: 8min 19sec

Visits yesterday...



Totally Off Topic

Tue, Sep 4, 2012.  0627z  
  Yesterday it was 100°F here in north Texas, and my 11yr old son and his friend spent a large part of the day outside running their lemonade stand.  I tried more than once to get them to go play or just goof off, but they were all business.  They ended up making $15 each, after expenses.  I can think of worse things than my son running this site someday.  I'd hire him based on his work ethic alone <g>.   I took a pic with the phone (right) while he wasn't looking...his friend was at the street corner with a big cardboard arrow with 'LEMONADE' on it.  Excuse the mailbox tilting like the Tower of Pisa.  'Straighten mailbox' is #567 on the things to do list. ;^)
  I hope you got yesterday off and spent some quality time either off the surface....or building something for the task.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

16 States: FL-NM-GA-OH-FL -34 Flight Hours ...Gary Palinkas

Short story: 16 States - FL-NM-GA-OH-FL - 34 Flight Hours.

Long story below. Continue at your own risk….


I didn't plan it this way but this is how it happened. (Or, How about that weather!!)

Late July 2012 - Ok, so we had our grand-daughter and 2 of our grand-sons in Venice over the summer school vacation (great fun) but now we had to get them home for school near Albuquerque, NM .

What to do? Well, I say to my lovely wife "Why don't you take the kids home via commercial air and I'll fly the RV-6 out to get you". She bought it and left 2 Aug. with the kids. We planned on being gone 12-14 days. Yeah, right.  more of Part 1

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Ocracoke Island - Labor Day Weekend ...Bill R.

Hurricane Isaac canceled our planes to visit my wife’s grandmother in Oklahoma. So, the sun came up on Saturday of Labor Day weekend with no plans. After a leisurely breakfast we decided a trip to the beach was in order. After much discussion, we deiced to head to W95, otherwise known as Ocracoke Island, located on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, for lunch.  more

In The Shop
Expensive Spacer....Matt Burch

Okay, so the raw materials cost only about a dollar, and the vertical milling attachment for my little tabletop lathe wasn't terribly expensive either... but the realization that I can actually make a useful part with a milling machine has already caused me to want to move up to a bigger and more capable (read: expensive) setup. In the meantime, my oil pressure sender no longer hits the firewall. It's all part of that "education and recreation" thing...

Bird strike

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Bob Axsom Aileron Mount Drag Reduction Data
.....round one.

What a fiasco - I hate when this happens. It was very hot here today - 102F and it was not a real fun day to be out at the airport (BIG SWEAT!). However, my plan was to test plugging the hole in the end of the aileron counterweight pipe today. I didn't want to remove Nav antenna elements, remove the tiedown rings, and install the fresh air vent covers and tape the various landing gear joints so I said to myself (I talk to myself a lot these days) you need to fly two triangular speed tests as is with WOT, max rpm, leaned for best speed (I kind of faking it here The only thing that is sensitive at this point is EGT and I have come to look for 1300 F - MAP is maxed, speed seems to plateau and is very insensitive to small mixture movements - but I try) at 6000 ft. d alt with full fuel tanks; then plug both ends of one pipe, top off the fuel tanks and fly two more; then plug both ends of the other pipe, top off the fuel tanks and fly two more speed test triangles. Well I got the first two sets of test flights in but not the third.  more

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Mice attacks ...Bruno in Quebec

Well today I had the displeasure to find a mice nest just behind my instrument panel on my RV-4.

It took the little buggers less than a day to build their little airborne condo as I had removed the access panel on Friday and there was nothing there..

Now the problem is how do I get ride of them.  That's the second nest that I find so far in my RV.

I fly off a farm strip so it could explain their love for flying.

Any ideas anyone?

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Sep 3, 2012.  1211z  
  Good morning!  Hope you got the day off.
  Yesterday was the ten year anniversary of my RV-6's first flight (honors done by my friend Jay Pratt).  What a great reason for a flight!  I snuck out the door at 0549 for a traffic-free drive out to the airport in the dark.  By the time I got everything squared away for flight, you could just make out things without a light - sunrise about thirty minutes away.  Still calm on the surface, but a 37kt wind from the SW about 1,500' up.  I had noticed a nearly full moon about 45° off the horizon, so I made sure to, in honor of one of my childhood heroes, do a couple of barrel rolls around it.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Armstrong.
  Sunrise was still a few minutes away so I putted over to where I usually see deer for a pass.  There were (6) eating breakfast, and they didn't even raise their heads.  I think they are getting used to me, or at least sick and tired <g>.  The G3X said sunrise was at 0703, but that was ten minutes away and the yard really needed mowing...forecast called for 99°F later.  I needed to get home and knock that out early before it got too hot.
  Pulled in the driveway with donuts at 0730 - everyone still asleep.  It was a nice flight.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

It Flies! ...Jake Lewis RV-7

The pile of parts that's been going together in my garage for the last 4 years, 9 months is officially a "flying machine". The first flight on Saturday 9/1/2012 was uneventful. The airplane flies straight and level without any need for trimming. I'd like to thank the VAF community. Many of you unknowingly contributed to the project through the search function on this site.

I have to say it's a bit surreal. How long does it take for it to sink in that the plane is flying? (Notice I didn't say finished, I know it will never be finished).

Factory closed today....Labor Day

Pecan Plantation Fly-In Sept 8 ...Granbury, TX 

[ed. If you're not going to Larry's Badlands event, the Granbury, TX gathering is the same weekend.  dr]

VAF Family

Flying The Hudson Corridor ...blueflyer

[ed. Zoom lens makes all the difference! dr]

Sept/Oct FAA Safety Briefing Online

First Track Completed! ...Brian Chesteen [ed. look for the link in Brian's autosignature. dr]

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Aileron Mount Drag ...Bob Axsom

I have previously made two "safe" attempts at addressing these seemly draggy locations and both failed. One was to cover the top hole with a thin aluminum plate that moved up with the aileron at the wing tip and the other was to flush plug the recesses in the ends of the flaps and ailerons. I have rationalized a cause for the failures similar to holding a bottomless cup into the wind out of a car window compared to the same cup with a bottom in it. In both cases the inlet was unaltered but the outlet was closed or choked down. There is rational thought that says they should have worked but experiments and testing showed otherwise.  continue

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
First year - maintenance & service ...Bob Redman RV-7

We have just completed the first year of flying the RV-7 - only 45 hours due to other priorities and weather.

The issues that we have encountered are listed below.

Continuous Duty Solenoid (Vans PN ES24118). Symptoms: slow deterioration in battery performance. Recharge would recover the volts, but eventually not enough current to turn the prop. Rapid volt drop after battery switch on - volt/amp readings normal after alternator on. Determined a leak of about 0.25v per day through solenoid, batt switch off. Replaced solenoid - problem fixed.

Re-Torque of Nuts. The following nuts needed re-torquing - they were not loose, but would have been if left much longer: both lower outboard engine mount, removed/replaced split pins; Both gear legs (nyloc); the two nyloc nuts on the two horizontal bolts which secure the tail wheel to the tail-spring.  continue

Found a few things during condition inspection ...Glen RV-8

I just had the second condition inspection on my RV-8. Not being the builder, I have an exceptional A&P who lets me help. It's very much a teach/learning opportunity.

We found a few things that I didn't expect (but probably should have) ...

Engine continues to run well, with the timing lock solid since last year. However the fine wire plugs were starting to look thin as the tips. The plugs were used when they went in so I have no idea how many total hours. I installed a new set of REM40E plugs (not fine wire) so they went in.

The oil change with Shell 100W Plus, Tempest filter, and replaced the crush washer on the sump screen. Cutting open the oil filter revieled a continued improvement - less material and very few and very small non-ferrous particles.

The tires were more worn than expected. I need to add "get down on hands and knees to look at tire tread" as part of my pre-flight. The tread was still safe but it warranted flipping the tires on the rims as well as planning to ordering new tires and tubes.  continue

Totally Off Topic

Sent to me by Devid Nellis
(F-18 low altitude canyon run)

Sat, Sep 1, 2012.  1245z  
Sept Calendar Wallpaper Online