Fri, Sep 30, 2011.  1107z
  Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
      Delta Romeo, LLC. RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

October '11 Wallpaper Calendar Online ...image courtesy Pat Hatch

● TruTrak Gives $1,000 Gift Certificate to Raffle Off at LOE'11

● Vetterman Exhaust Gives 4-cylinder Crossover System to Raffle Off at LOE'11

● Next to Last Day to Pre-Register for LOE'11

Thanks to JD Air - Darwin and Jason!!

I just wanted to send a shout out and say thanks to Darwin Barrie and Jason Krause of JD Air Parts!

While running at the Reno Air Races this year, during qualifications, I had a failure of my previous tail link (different type, it just became a victim of the beating of our humongous expansion joints here at Stead). I tried a local welder at the airport for a quick field repair, but was not really satisfied with the outcome.

An e-mail to Jason and a call to Darwin later, and they had a JD Air Tail Link on the way to us in Reno ASAP. Darwin actually pulled his personal link off his plane and shipped it himself!

I just wanted to let everyone know how they pulled out the stops, and what nice guys they are!

I ran the link in 2 races on Friday, and promised them a picture of it in front of home pylon. Sadly, the events that day prevented me from taking the picture, but I'll morph one together for them and post it when I can.

In the meantime, just wanted to say thanks guys! Really appreciate it!

Great RV community we have...these are a couple of the good guys!

Bob Mills
RV-6 "Rocket Six" N600SS
Reno-Stead, NV (KRTS)

Effectus AeroProducts New Product Announcement

Dave Hertner of Effectus AeroProducts has just launched a new product called Dial-2-Start!!  Dial-2-Start is a cellular based remote switching unit that is controlled by a phone call or SMS text message.

Dial-2-Start can control any two 110v devices up to 12 amps from anywhere in the world. This means that your engine pre-heater can be turned on in the morning when you get up and see that you have calm winds and blue skies. May pilots lead busy lives and they have to fit flying into their hectic schedules. This can be a challenge in the colder months when a one hour flight can easily turn into half a work day away from the office.

Dial-2-Start solves two problems for pilots who want to fly in colder climates. First, it allows you to begin pre-heating the engine well before arriving at the hangar without risking damage to your engine. This results in a more thorough pre-heat and a reduction in the usage of expensive fuel to get the engine up to take off temperature. How many of you have plugged the engine in, had to go for a coffee then came back to a partially warmed engine and had to sit on the ramp revving the engine in an attempt to get to take off temperature?

The second benefit is the reduction in engine wear that results from heating the engine using a timer. Having an engine pre-heater controlled by a cycle timer leads to moisture buildup on wear surfaces and premature engine component failure.

The Dial-2-Start unit has completed electrical safety certification and its cTÜVus certification is the equivalent to UL and CSA safety ratings. There are other control units out there that may look similar but they have NOT gone through the stringent testing that Dial-2-Start has. All high voltage components in the unit are independently UL rated and the units have been beta tested in the field for 2 years now. The design mantra for this product is: "Be the Strongest Link in the Electrical Chain!"

An initial run of 40 units has been assembled and is available for purchase at the introductory price of $399.00 You can read more about the Dial-2-Start remote switching unit at

You can contact Dave Hertner at 519-933-2055 or e-mail him at if you have any questions.

Want to work for Van's Aircraft? ...looking to hire an engineering drafter

RV-3- Going Half-Raven! ...Paul Dye


Jamie lee
Brisbane, Australia
RV7A - Now Flying.
0-360,carb,catto 3 blade.
My Build Log

Close call- Great visibility but you've got to use it ...Louise Hose

Cleared to depart the Class C airport and turn southeast on course, I made my usual departure yesterday afternoon. At about 1500' msl, the controller came on and announced traffic immediately above me at 3000', headed southeast, and appeared to be a Cessna. I pulled off my ball cap and searched the sky above. Nothing. I shallowed out the climb and kept an intense search straight up, with quick scans ahead and to the sides. I tried to look behind but the bow/roll bar of the -6 blocked the view behind. Maybe the first time I wished I was in the -8!

Finally, at about 2500' msl, I spotted the Skylane. Slightly behind me, in level cruise, and moving slightly faster than I was (in climb). The Class C tower controller, who had no obligation to tell me anything since the Cessna was outside his space had given no further advice but I told him that I had the traffic. Now outside his airspace, he acknowledged and made a positive release of me (which they typically don't do at this airport). I sidestepped to the east, continued climbing to my usual 2800', then leveled off and finally pulled ahead of the Skylane. I'm sure he didn't see me until I sidestepped and he wasn't apparently using flight following. I don't know for certain that he ever saw me.

While I commonly S-turn during steep descents into a field, I had become lax about climb outs, trusting the excellent upward visibility of the RVs. I was shocked how close I got even knowing there was traffic up there. I now realize how blind my RV is to the rear, especially when wearing a cap. I'll be MUCH more aware of looking up during climbs in the future.

Major crack in canopy frame

I was going through the process of putting it all together, aligning, drilling, taking apart, deburring and putting it all together again when I noticed this crack in the aft canopy frame tube.

PLEASE tell me there is a fix! PLEASE tell me I can still make this work!

  Some Replies:

I broke my -7 tip up frame almost exactly in the same place doing initial fit ups. took it to an area weld shop that does nice TIG work. $20 bucks later. it was fixed.

just make sure they keep the same curvature as the other side for you when they weld.

it seems worse than it is when you hear the "Snap!"

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Sep 29, 2011.  1105z   Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

RV-1 Work Day Photos (#2 work session)...Ann Asberry photos.

#3 work session scheduled for Oct 1st ...lunch will be served.

RV-12 Center Console Mod ...Keith Boardman (Scotland)

Updated RV12 Tool Kit ...Mike Lauritsen of Cleaveland Aircraft Tool

Well updated online anyway... we made a significant change 6 months ago to the tool kit for the RV-12. I finally have it available online and there is an excel sheet as well that you can download and tweak to your needs. This kit is mostly from Van's plans, so actual builder opinions are welcome.

The new kit conforms to the changes that Van's made in the last plans revision. Mostly sizes of drill bits and taps that are needed.

VAF Family
Airpark living -- what's it worth to you

My wife and I are considering buying a house on one of the many airparks in our area. Having read most of the posts that come up in an "airpark" search, I'm curious what those of you living on an airpark consider the added value to be compared to a comparable house elsewhere. I realize different parts of the country value things differently, but, as pilots, what is living with your plane worth?

Given the current real estate market, putting a price on a home with few comps available is tough. As previous posts have pointed out, banks don't assign any value to the runway proximity, and I've heard that some don't even give much value to a hanger beyond its 'outbuilding' status. Other than saving on hanger rent, its hard to quantify, especially given the trade-off of a 20 minute commute for a 45+ minute commute from any of airparks around here.

Any input that would aid our decision is appreciated.

Wings On! (and panel powered up) ....Andrew's RV-4

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Panel Upgrade - pictures ...Richard Fazio

I upgraded my panel a little. I brought it into the 21st century. When I look at the old panel it seems like it was from the war era. What do you think?



That's Awesome!

Totally Off Topic

Nothing but the 52 second mark.


Hump Day, Sep 28, 2011.  1112z
   Sometimes productive flying opportunities just pop right up out of nowhere. Two days ago my friend Alex DeDominicis ( gave me a call to let me know he was dropping his airplane off at Randy's shop Tuesday, and was wondering if I could give him a ride back over to his home airpark a couple dozen miles away.  Absolutely.  Alex is a CFII as well as an air traffic controller, so I threw my foggles in the back and met him over at our airport about 8:30 AM.  He liked the new 'Traffic Page' feature of the G3X (at right - click for ~actual size).  Spent the whole flight under DFW's class B veil - I usually leave the 2nd screen on this now.  Doesn't show everybody, but it helps.
   Logged a little simulated IFR time for the cost of the gas and helped a friend out.  Almost have enough time now to take the IFR test (started this process on 5/30/1997...pacing myself <g> ).  Landed back at 52F before it got hot enough to make you sweat (we are still in the mid-90s around these parts).  Back home shortly after that.  A productive morning!
  Woke up this morning to see Paul's great new post in the IFR section of the forums.  Yep, gotta top story now...
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

West Texas Weather - Using Tools Wisely ...Paul Dye

A couple of years ago, I was removing an old fiberglass shower enclosure using an angle grinder. The thing slipped out of my hands due to the torque, and rattled its way to the floor – but not before visiting my knee on the way down. Five stitches later, Louise convinced me that I needed to use my tools more wisely…it wasn’t the grinder’s fault, it was the user!

Well, the same thing is true with our well-equipped modern homebuilts chock-full of advanced avionics. Many of us can tell stories of under-experienced pilots getting themselves into nasty spots due to expensive equipment that they could afford – but that they had not yet acquired the wisdom to use (note that airframe names and pilot occupations were left out on purpose to avoid going down an ugly road…).

A good example of the care to which these tools must be put is a recent trip we took from our home near Houston to the mountains of California – Big Bear Lake, to be exact. Texas is suffering the worst drought in recorded history, so naturally, the one day that we had set aside for this trip saw a prediction for thunderstorms in West Texas and low clouds until late morning/early afternoon for the central and western parts of the state. We usually have enough fuel to make El Paso without trouble, but my number one rule when dealing with weather is that you can never have too much fuel (the better to run away with). Rule number two is that I rarely file IFR around thunderstorms, because I’d rather be out of the clouds where I can keep an eye on things (even though I am watching XM weather). But in this case, the low ceilings forecast made that a bit problematic – MVFR on both sides of the Texas hill Country means IFR in the hills themselves (in general). Not a place to scud run. Of course, we wanted to leave early because we wanted to get across the convection area before anything major cooked up – but earlier meant lower ceilings along the way.

The plan I settled on was to file IFR for the extreme west side of the Hill Country – right up to about fifty miles short of the convection. I could retreat all the way home and have an hour’s reserve if I had to. We’d fuel up there, re-evaluate, and do the most sensible thing – go on, go back, or sit and wait it out as seemed prudent. The first leg was simple – good weather, clear until Austin, with a “cleared direct Sonora” as requested after clearing Houston Approach’s airspace. After saying goodbye to Austin Approach and hello to Houston Center, we were cleared to descend at PD for Sonora, and broke out about 2,000 AGL so a procedure wasn’t necessary. It was good that this was a simple leg, because after checking to make sure that Sonora was a no-brainer on the weather, my attention was mostly diverted to the weather beyond – what we’d be dealing with on the next leg.

We all know that NEXRAD radar in the cockpit is a god-send (at least those of us who have used it know that). We also know that it has limitations. Those limitations include latency (it can get old), and coverage holes – there are still places with no useful radar coverage (mostly out west). Storms can hide in those holes, and that can be bad. The answer to both of these limitations is, of course, to spend some time watching in advance of arrival – to look at the coverage and see how things develop. The time to deal with weather is not when you penetrate the first bad stuff – it is way out in advance, when you have a time to study and develop a safe route through or around.

In this case, there was mostly one developing area of weather right around and west of Fort Stockton. It showed lots of green precip, some yellow, and was beginning to show the orange and read pixels that told me it was growing. There was additional green up towards Midland. Down south of Fort Stockton…well, that you have to take with a grain of salt – the old “radar coverage” thing. I have often been able to end-run these storms by going down around Marfa, but have also seen storms there where none were showing on the NEXRAD. The valuable thing about watching the NEXRAD pictures as we flew from Houston to Sonora was developing a feel for how fast things were building (or not) and how good the coverage was out west – you can do this by looking to see if big, developed things magically appear at the edge of what you see, or if the development looks complete. I would never want to take on a line of weather that I was just shown, fully developed – I want to know its history!

This shows the early part of the trip – and what we were looking at ahead!

The next thing about being wise with tools is “expecting to lose them”. Especially with single-string tools, like NEXRAD (yes, you might have two weather receivers – as we did this trip – but it’s still coming from a single source…) you need to know what you are going to do without them. This is why I rarely file IFR into an area of convection, because things can blow up behind you and cut off a planned escape route. And it is another reason to take a good look at the way the weather is developing In this case, I “got the rhythm” of the weather and realized that we’d always have a good escape to the northeast, because there was a frontal boundary that was separating the good from the bad. So long as the area didn’t form a strong, thick line before we got there, we’d punch through the rain quickly and be through to the other side and freedom in no time.

Part II - Caution is Advised

Caution is the watchword – you have to expect things to go wrong, but weather doesn’t usually just “fail” – knowing what it is doing (and has been doing) in advance is a good way to predict the (near-term) future. Aircraft failures? Well, that’s what we have redundancy for. Single engine? Sure…but have you seen the flat-lands of west Texas? There is an abundance of places to go where you might tear up the airplane, but the landing will be survivable, so long as it is under control. Having an advanced EFIS suite of tools such as moving maps, Synthetic Vision, and Synthetic Approach capability gives you a significant edge if you suddenly needed to make an emergency approach to just about anywhere. I long ago accepted the risk of single engine IFR, and the tools we have today give us much more margin than we had back then.

Bottom line – why was I willing to bend my “No IFR with thunderstorms around” guideline?
1) Though there were broad areas of light rain, the actual convective regions were small.
2) Careful LONG TERM study of the convection showed it to be slow to change
3) Low VFR flight was impractical due to low ceilings, and would have been more hazardous
4) Good bailouts to the east could be maintained
5) XM/NEXRAD coverage was verified good by LONG TERM study
6) Terrain was fairly benign
So as we climbed into the clouds on departure from Sonora, I was feeling pretty confident that we were going to beat the development of the “bad stuff” for the day. We contacted Center when airborne and were cleared direct to Silver City (NM) with deviations for weather approved as required. Most of the yellow (and greater) radar return was south of the I-10 line through Fort Stockton, so I began a slight detour to the north to keep it twenty miles off my left wingtip. The few orange pixels to the north were well right (over Midland), and ahead we merely had a little green.

For an hour or so, we cruised along between layers and with little wisps of cloud or small cumulous buildups to punch through. The rain, when we got to it, wasn’t really enough to wash the bugs off the windshield, but it did get the GIB (Geologist in Back) a damp neck. We both kept a careful eye on the NEXRAD, which was set in animation mode so that we could see trends, and were happy to see that while the cells were changing shape, they weren’t moving much.  (continue with Part II)

Need a website?  ... contact VAF's newest advertiser:

Smitty loves to work on his RV, but also has a passion for web design. He has been doing contract programming for the EAA for the past 5 years, creating applications such as the EAA event calendar, the event scheduling system for AirVenture and many others. Check out

This ad will live in the "Older VAF news" section.

Group Buy Updates
EFII Boost Pump Module Group Buy ...purchase window runs through Oct 10.

September 27 update:  "We have made it to the second tier discount level.  If a few more get in, we may make it to the next level.  Don't forget, the Group Buy is over on October 10, 2011.

We look forward to helping with your projects."
Robert Paisley

Cathy Vanover's pics from last Saturday ...fmi:

Rocket Landing playing with HD're going to want to go full screen and 1080 with this.


Seat belts - potential safety issue

Last week my flap lever jammed while extending flaps for landing, and I had difficulty lowering the flaps.

Subsequent investigation revealed that my wife (right seat) had wrapped her left lap belt around the flap bracket, before attaching it. There's a loose label on the seat belt which normally is on the "inside" (between the belt and the seat cushion). If the belt is wrapped around the flap bracket the label is now between the belt and the flap mechanism and can, and indeed did, get jammed in the flap extension mechanism.

Not too serious perhaps, but an unexpected problem for me just prior to turning final.


Totally Off Topicc

Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - The Joy of Stats
Hans Rosling's famous lectures combine enormous quantities of public data with a sports commentator's style to reveal the story of the world's past, present and future development. Now he explores stats in a way he has never done before - using augmented reality animation. In this spectacular section of 'The Joy of Stats' he tells the story of the world in 200 countries over 200 years using 120,000 numbers - in just four minutes. Plotting life expectancy against income for every country since 1810, Hans shows how the world we live in is radically different from the world most of us imagine


Tue, Sep 27, 2011.  1122z
  Mitch Lock (Van's east coast RV-10 / RV-12 demo pilot) and I traded some good natured trash talk via text message last night before, during and after the Cowboys / Washington game.  For the record, Mitch started it with "Go Skins" showing up on my phone during dinner.  Good, close game and a lucky win by Dallas if you ask me.
  Need an RV-10 or RV-12 demo ride in the Maryland area?  Mitch's contact info at right.  Tell him you're a Cowboys fan. ;^)
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Zell am See, Austria weekend trip ...Christian Thygesen (Denmark)

Nice high pressure weather over Europe allowed my friend and I to make a weekend trip from Roskilde, Denmark to Zell am See, Austria. (more)

Stepped on my flap!!!! ...from the RV-10 forum

I had a guy step onto my flap yesterday. Who has experience from something like this? I have obvious damage to the left flap attachment. There is about 5 degrees difference between both flaps now and the left flap will not go into the reflex position while the other one will. There is a lot of play at the flap root. I have not had time to remove the flap but plan to do that tomorrow. If you had had something like this happen to you can pass to me what you found failed and what you ended repairing? Thanks.

  Some Replies:

If the flap itself is damaged you can buy one direct from Vans already built. It is part of the quick build kit and they usually have some in stock

We leave them down on the ground... makes it harder to step.on them without falling off

...what Dave said. Even with "No step" decals on, they'll still get stepped on

RV-9A Canoe! ... Al Girard of Newport, RI

Confession Time Static Ports

Well here it goes, I have been putting this off but it is really bothering me. Somehow when I wasnt paying attention, (I had a picture in my mind of how the static ports look on my old 150). I installed my Safe air ports on the outside of the fuselage. I used JB weld and riveted them in Place. Then I realized what I had done. After kicking myself numerous times I have decided to put it to the forum to see what I should do.
So should I just leave them alone or attempt to remove them and Install new ones from the inside. (I am concerned about the JB weld I Used) What are your thoughts. I have read some threads on Static ports and incorrect IAS. Help!

  Some Replies:

I would drill out the rivets then get a hardwood wood block or a brass bar and give the safe air port a tap from the side. JB Weld is brittle after it sets.
I'll bet it pops right off. Re-install with existing pre-drilled holes. No sweat, unless you have all your fuse skins on. If you're left with an over sized hole,
install as it should be and use aero-fill or other approved epoxy filler to fill the void between the port orofice and the fuse skin. My port stands proud of the skin
by about an eight of an inch

The error referenced is due to the 'port' hole being too close to the surface, yours would be dramatically away from the surface.

I don't have experience with jb weld, if it is pliable I might see if a small wire like fine piano wire would work down behind it and 'cut' the sealant

Use a heat gun to soften the epoxy and it will detach with little effort. Just pay attention and don't overheat the area. You don't need to heat it to the point where it smokes

Back when I bought my ports, the nipple didn’t stand proud of the skin, which caused some errors with the static system. Thus, I elected to mount mine on the outside, which works well and doesn’t detract from the looks or slow the plane down more than 1/16th a knot

September Callback Online

Vic Syracuse Alaska Trip DVD Available opportunity

We are pleased to announce that our Alaska videos are complete and ready for purchase. I want to thank you for your patience, and I owe most of the thanks to my son, Nick, for doing all of the editing and production, and to both Nick and Carol for all of the music selections. This has been much harder (and more expensive) than originally anticipated, but we now have the original 25 hours of video down to 1 disc with two 98 minute movies on them. We are offering it in both standard DVD and Blu-Ray format. The Blu-Ray edition includes the standard DVD as well. I would encourage you to get the Blu-Ray, as it is absolutely stunning in HD. The first movie, Flying Alaska is set to music and narration, and the Glacier video is currently set to music.As a reminder this is the trip that Carol and I took this summer to Alaska in our RV-10 with a group of other airplanes, and the video is from an under-wing HD 170 Drift Camera. We have heard comments that it rivals National Geographic videos. J

The web site is now open to take orders. There is a 30 second promo clip here,, and on the main site, which some of you may have seen already. We are currently only accepting PayPal or credit and debit cards through PayPal, so if anyone needs/wants to use checks, please let us know and we will work it out.

Here’s the special for this group (VAF). Between now and December 1st we are going to donate $5 of every package ordered to Doug Reeves for him to donate to a charity of his choosing. By every package I mean if you order 4 Blu-Ray’s so you can give them to family and friends, we will donate $20. Hopefully, we can help Doug make a nice Holiday gift for some needy Organization. We actually didn’t plan on making a video of the trip, but once we started showing them and realized how long they were, we received a lot of encouragement to capture the highlights of the trip. But now we need to sell about 150-200 just to break even on the production costs. And while going through this process we realized how lucky we were to be able to make this trip and how much the weather cooperated to even be able to get these pictures. We can’t make LOE this year, and we know how this group always gets behind a good cause.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. I know I have never gotten tired of watching them throughout the production. It was very interesting to me in that I was able to see many things in the video for the first time as during the actual flight I was spending a fair amount of time focused on the airplane directly ahead of me. Sometimes we were pretty close, as you will see by watching the shadows of the airplanes while landing and taking off, and other times it was easy to lose sight of the airplane in front of you due to the varied lighting conditions and/or landscape.
We have A LOT of unedited video left, so down the road there could be a second release if the interest is there. We certainly welcome any feedback you might have!

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Sep 26, 2011.  0959z
  A good Monday morning to you.  Last Saturday was the first game of our son's new flag football team.  A local flag football league sprung up around our neighborhood, and several of his old soccer friends wanted to give that a try.  The game was close at 18-14 (we lost), but Tate caught a touchdown pass on the final drive to get the score pretty close.  I think I'm going to give that kid an airplane someday.  Their team name is 'The Saints'.  The Highland Village Saints.
  It was a really nice weekend around these parts.  I got in a little bit of flying on Friday but never made it out to the airport Saturday or Sunday - the usual combination of washing cars, mowing the lawn, washing clothes, and the 5000 other things I have put off too long.
  Hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday goes swell.  Go HV Saints!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

a) 'The Catch'.
b) Spin and Sprint into the end zone
c) Clutch Reeves
d) The Highland Village Saints - post game.

RV-8 N784DE 'Contrary Mary'

New virtual hangar entry by Brent Owens.

about the virtual hangar project

Hilltop Lake Fly-in Pics ...Tim Kirk

Here are some pictures from the Hilltop Lakes Fly-In today. Sorry, but I am not much of a photographer. However, I am biased and like to see the RV's! Thanks guys for coming, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Touring review - Europe trip ...Keith Boardman of Scotland.

FWIW here's some comments from over the pond on a vacation I just completed in my RV12.

Objective - fly to Corsica and back from Scotland, maybe 3000 nm

Status - before the trip the plane had around 50 hours on it, wheel spats had been fitted, and the prop hub had just been replaced following the Sensenich recall, no autopilot.


* the plane had a six-hour round trip to the LAA rally at Sywell the week before (this is the UK version of Oshkosh - much smaller obviously, but the first time an RV12 had been on display in Europe

* following this trip I repitched the prop to reduce the maximum speed to 120 knots! and improve the takeoff performance

* I had fabricated a box from thin plywood (I have no aluminum sheet bender) to sit in the U-shaped structure that is holds the plane together. This storage module held a laptop, all my charts (15), and Jeppesen airfield plates. It also included a three-level storage module that held consumables in the bottom level, tools in the next level up, and tie-down stuff in the top level. There's also a receptacle for a one-litre drinks bottle. I put 10kg (22lbs) in this. I reckoned that this would still leave 50lbs in the baggage area behind provided I still met the gross weight and CofG limits. In the event I reduced the baggage load behind the storage module to about 40lbs to stay within the max weight with two aboard and full fuel. CofG wasn't an issue.

* I took a plastic 20 litre (5 gallon) fuel container and strainer in case I had difficulty obtaining fuel, if I went to Italy.


My wife and I left Scotland just in time to escape the remnants of a hurricane that our American cousins had sent us, got to Corsica, and Elba, flew the Italian and French Riviera coasts, got bounced around in the Alps, and then got back to Scotland.


We spent two weeks touring, averaging a couple of hours per day, and flying every day. In fact we flew 32 hours, all at 4700rpm giving a cruise of 100 knots and a fuel consumption of 16.3 litres (4.3 USG) - this was after deducting 10 minutes from each engine start-stop for warm-up, taxying etc.

● Newly added LOE'11 raffle prizes

- ECI/America's aircraft engines: 20% off a 340-S Engine
- $100 gift cert from Van's

VAF Family
It took a while, but it finally happened!

After 752 days, 67 flight hours, 2 flight instructors, 2 repeat stage 3 checks, 2 Private Oral exams, one checkride postponed for 10 months due to weather and schedule conflicts, lack of money, many many many attempts at short field landings, and 1 check ride retry. (Darn short field landings!) I have finally earned my Private Pilot Certificate. This momentous occasion was followed by a flight with my first passenger and wife, Heidi. Also, I think I have finally discovered a good technique for consistently hitting the spot on short field landings. I couldn’t be happier. I think I will treat myself to a set of RV-3 preview plans.

So, to that end, I would like to thank all of you for what you have shared in this forum that helped to keep me motivated to keep pushing to earn this. The drive to finish was fueled by the desire to build and fly my own RV. The journey is not over by any stretch, but additional ratings are being put on the backburner until I can save enough money to pay for them all and then knock them out. As far as the RV-3 bug is concerned, I would like to thank Randy Lervold, Paul Dye and Louise Hose, Rob Holmes, and everyone else who has built one or is in the process of building one for infecting me with “tresitis.” (Yes, I made that up) I look at the pictures you have all posted and am impatient for updates of your progress. DR thanks for this great site, it has been motivating me to build since a deployment to an undisclosed location in the Middle East since 2004. The only thing that came close to providing as much pleasure during those hot, humid days was the awesome pool! (With that…some of you may know where I’m talking about)

Bob Collins first engine start

related: Pete Howell's pictures

Moving day ...Ernst Freitag RV-10 (Concord, CA)

Tight Countersink ...RV-10

In the image, I need to countersink the 3/32 hole in the top center. This is the wing spar and the countersink is for the fuel tank attach nutplates. It's a tight spot because of the height of the step bar behind the hole. Even my modified cage (visible in the image) doesn't fit. See page 13-4 of the RV10 plans. I started to do it by twisting the csk cutter with my hand but decided I'd ask how others managed this one before doing something dumb

  Some Replies:

Remove the bit from your auto countersink tool. Install it in your 90deg air drill (same thread). Countersink your part.

VERY carefully!! I think I ended up doing it by hand.

New RV-10 Waterjet Cut Parts ...Chris Sands

Here are 2 photos of the handles and 1 of the access covers. I did a couple handles in Black, and a couple in Natural Aluminum. They simply slide over the existing Vans Supplied RV-10 interior door handle and are held in place with 2 set-screws, Installed in a just couple minutes. $100 for the set L&R either black or Aluminum.

I waterjet cut 2 extra sets of RV-10 Access Covers for the "Tunnel" to ease in accessing the fuel system and other parts and pieces inside the tunnel area. Also a set for accessing the boarding step bolts under the floor. The Tunnel covers are 18" long by about 8" high (tapered lengthwise) and the step bolt access covers and flanges are about 6"x8". $60 inc. shipping on the covers (set of 4, 2 tunnel, 2 Step bolt)

People can call 480-231-7630, or email me for more info or the buy them.

EAA's homebuilders headquarters Facebook page... Now online courtesy Chad Jensen

If you haven’t already been there, now’s the time!  Check out EAA’s Homebuilders Headquarters Facebook page!

I am the personality behind the page now, and I intend to post things I see around the Oshkosh area, as well as any and all Homebuilt news I can find wherever I happen to be! There will be plenty of RV coverage on the page over the coming year with the special recognition to Van next summer at AirVenture 2012, so check it out, “Like” the page, and participate in the updates as they come streaming through!

Chad Jensen
EAA Homebuilders Community Manager

Totally Off Topic

I believe we are screwed as a species.....

Fri, Sep 23, 2011.  1055z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV filled weekend.  Go Bears!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

A risky paint scheme...Rob Holmes RV-3

These are just a few of my finished parts so far. I'm going for what I call the "preview plans" look. I have some cool graphics for the fuse and wings that are going to tie it all together. It will be a love it or hate it job for sure!

Fall Cleanup Sale ...Stein Air.   These go fast.

From the factory FB page ...get those calendar submits IN !!!!

Vlad Tennessee Trip Update

... I was offered a seat in rear cockpit of the

Evening rides were totally different. Relaxing

Everything good ends fast. The Gathering was

I waited about an hour no joy. Then a truck

LOE'11 Prize Courtesy Walt Aronow of

1) Dynamic prop balance ($150 value)
2) VFR transponder certification ($100 value)

LOE'11 Prize Courtesy Mel Asberry

Airworthiness inspection certificate valued at $450.

Searchable RV-9/9A PDF Parts Index ...Mike Culver.  Excel file saved as PDF.
Same thing in Excel format ...if you want to sort it by any column.

In The Shop....
Dodged a build bullet today

I have been putting the finishing touches on my empennage in preparation for my wing kits arrival sometime in the next three weeks. I have been working on the fiberglass tips for the horizontal stab and elevator. When I installed the elevators on the HS I did so with the HS upside down on a table. I meticulously followed the rod-end bearing distances and carefully drilled the control horns for the center bearing. The center bearing bolt slid in perfectly. I should have known life wasn't going to be that easy.

I had excellent elevator travel down (which was up with it on the table) and I thought I had great travel up (which was down with it on my table). I rolled the HS/Elevator assembly over to work on some fiberglass and that is when I noticed to my horror that the elevators actually rubbed the horizontal stabilizer spar along their rolled leading edges when they reached about 20 degrees of travel (20 is the minimum acceptable up deflection). They were fine going down. Realizing that if I had taken 5 flippin minutes to check this with the HS turned over the other direction before drilling the control horns/main bearing hole this wouldn't have occurred, I absolutely was ready to toss my horizontal out the window into the swamp behind our house.

A quick call to my counselor (tech counselor that is
I'm lucky...this set me back a day. It could have been worse. Lesson learned, CHECK EVERYTHING TWICE AND THINK IT THROUGH BEFORE DOING SOMETHING THAT CAN'T BE REVERSED!!!

Time for bed...I have an early meeting in the AM.
PS...Thanks Tom Berge!
Aaron Arvig, DC
RV-9A Empennage 95%
Wings   N568AK Reserved

Fuel Tank Blocks Tailcone Access ...RV-12

I was going to install the fuel tank last night when it finally dawned on me that the F-1207F Baggage Bulkhead Corrugation must be installed beforehand. But when I look back in the tailcone, there's this lonely 9 pin female D-sub connector dangling back there waiting for ... something. The connector is featured on Page 31-12 and is labeled EDC-10A. I've been delaying installation of the Baggage Bulkhead Corrugation until the component that connects to the EDC-10A shows up, assuming it's in the avionics package which I don't have.

So my question. Am I missing something? Does the fuel tank installation have to be delayed until after the unknown component has been installed and connected back in the tailcone?

  Some Replies:

It doesn't take long to remove. You need to install it to get the lines bent to connect up properly, and you need to see how it fits. Takes 15 minutes to take out. Dont put the fill neck in if you want to save some time. My opinion

An avionics magnetic heading sensor connects to the D-sub (for the D180), The OAT also connects to it. For Skyview, both the pitot and static lines will connect back there. Since you will need to be inside the tail cone to mount the hardware, leave the fuel tank out until after that. (Unless you are REALLY REALLY skinny.) You can't start the engine without the avionics package anyway since it has the engine instruments AND the ignition switch... You can download the entire avionics section of the kit manual at Vans - But only for the D180. It has been useful to have that even though I am "waiting for Skyview.)

There is a small electrical device, for direction, that hooks up there. Will have to get into the rear at that time. Some have laid the fuse on its side, and they could reach in far enough to get it done. For sure, don't install the side turtledeck skins. They are in the way until the very end

There are two sets of holes in the F-1208 FUSELAGE FRAME where the F-1208B EDC-10A mounting brackets can be installed: the correct holes and the wrong holes. Do not ask how I discovered that

While your tank is on the shelf, you may want to confer with the person who will be inspecting your plane. I asked FSDO which was preferable: visibility of right flapperon or tank in final position. They were more interested in seeing the control linkages. You might also want to do some thinking about assuring yourself access to that right flapperon and the tailcone later on

Flight testing 'Mel' question

  Some Repliess:

(Mel Asberry: DAR)  The "purpose" of all flights during phase I is flight testing the aircraft. Therefore, flight instruction cannot be the "purpose of the flight."  I know some people will agree with your theory. But this is discussed every year at our DAR seminars and it is simply not acceptable.

VAF Family
In the running for the 2011 persistence award:  Mr. Bob Collins

Why it takes 10 years to build an RV

A sadly typical timeline for me.

I'm trying to get things buttoned up in anticipation of first engine start on Saturday (10 am KSGS, bring a fire extinguisher)

Last Saturday I stuck an AN5-10 bolt (from Van's) into the rear spar attach point (yeah, THAT attach point) , added the washers, added the castle nut and stuck the cotter pin in.

Oh oh. Cotter pin wouldn't fit.

Head for the tray of cotter pins and other hardware which over the last 10 years has kind of gotten mixed up.

Try several cotter pins. Nope. Try several more. Nope.

Shoot, I don't have the right sized cotter pins.

Sunday. Order cotter pins from Van's. Pay freight and shipping fee.

Wait 3 days.

Cotter pin shipment shows up. Back to hangar. Cotter pins don't fit.

Light bulb goes off. Maybe there's something wrong with the bolt.

Remove wing bot, notice the drilled hole is slightly off center.

Ride bike over to Wipaire. Buy new AN5-10 for $1.25.

Insert bolt, add washers, add nut, add cotter pin done..

Total time it took to insert one cotter pin: Five days.
Bob Collins
Finishing. I think.
St. Paul, MN.
N614EF RV-7A Blog

Simple doesn't mean simple.....

Bob! I'm sitting at more than 2x my construction original time estimate.  In a similar vein (time consuming) I decided to run JUST A COUPLE of wires about a foot in the engine compartment.

After I was done, I looked at the pile of tools needed for the "simple" job.

This was a period where you could not tell anything was happening. I started taking pictures of the trash on the floor (wire scraps, etc) as proof of action.
Bill Pendergrass
RV-7A: SB 90% done 90% to go


Registered members in the VAF Forums as of 2200Z September 22.  Seemed like a nice round number to report...

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Panel upgrade status ...Steve Eberhart wiring harness tip.

Now all the fun begins. I started with a schematic Stein created for me that included most of the items that will be in my panel. You "gotta" love the hand holding you get from SteinAir. (continue)

Recent RV-12 forum activity
● A couple of screen grabs.  That place is always hopping.

Visit the RV 12 forum

Kavin Short's Father Passed Away
she's selling his RV-6 and RV-6A projects.  I was asked to help promote it - description (what I was given) in photo album has specifics and contact info.  dr

Totally Off Topic

   It's Friday...time for some levity.  dr

Reality Hits You Hard, Bro!  

Painter George Lindell gives what is being described by some as the best description of an auto accident ever given to a news reporter.  Of course, it has become an Internet hit and people are starting to songify, autotune and remix it.  Enjoy, bro.

If some dealership doesn't give this guy a brand-new Van I'm gonna be really disappointed.  My guess is he'll hit the talk show circuit shortly (as he should - he's great).  He'll have his own show inside six months.  You heard it here first.

The original interview

One of the first remixes

Thu, Sep 22, 2011.  1115z
  Special thanks to RV builder/owner Jerry Kinman at nearby Hicks airport.  In this age of keeping costs down and me trying to continually tweak the accounting workflow process of VAF, Jerry helped me out - gave me a 20yr old IBM Selectric II typewriter that 100% solved a problem.  Jerry said he tried to sell it a local garage sale.  No joy.  Then he saw my note a few weeks back asking around for one.  He completes me.
  I have 30 years of computer experience, and it turns out (for doing 1-2 envelopes every couple days) the old way is fastest.  Sounds cool, too.  Reminds me of that video clip where the telegraph operator waxes the tale of the champion phone texter.
  This morning Tate is taking out the r/c plane in the backyard by himself before school (he learned to fly it yesterday).  I'm just some old guy who's slowing him down now - and I couldn't be happier.  "Outta my way old man, I gotta fly!"
  I may take the RV-6 out for a ride today at lunch.  Still a few years before he'll be wanting to borrow that.  Cooler air is finally here.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

New Private Pilot ...from Ken Howell (RV-7 FWF)

I am happy to report that my lovely wife Terri, RV-7 building partner and riveter extraordinare, passed her Private Pilot checkride on Friday and is now a certified pilot. Next step: tailwheel endorsement.

Vlad (RV-9A) Weekend trip to Tennessee update

There were many beautiful boats.

A workshop. In couple hours two boats were built

Bigger homebuilt boats had their share of attention

About one of the LOE'11 Charities Last Year

Find the paragraph that starts with 'Jones said the program....'

Fisheye lens fun ...Mark Frederick's panel.

17,200' on the transponder (17,300' on the EFIS).

Movie trailer from the couple flying their RV-7 around the world

Engine Start ...Dave Hertner RV-10 with LS1 (Dave runs Effectus AeroProducts Inc).

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Exhaust hanging mod ...Doug Gray

This method has been tried and tested on numerous local RVs, the arrangement was pioneered by Simon Pike (probably up to about his 10th RV now).

The support is steel angle approx .125 X .75 x .75.

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
Dynon Announces Skyview version 3.2 featuring VP-X support and map panning.

E-MAG Ignitions Press Release

Totally Off Topic

"Here's your sign"  -- Bill Engvall

Hump Day, Sep 21, 2011.  1121z
  This isn't RV, but I need to brag.  Our 10 year old son solo'd my little R/C plane in the backyard yesterday evening.  We have one of those computer software r/c simulators, and he's been getting pretty good.  Last night I thought he could try the little micro r/c.  Nailed it.  After about twenty seconds of 'helping' I realized I was wasting my time.  After about two minutes he was hand launching it, flying lazy 8's in front of us, and spot landing at our feet.
  Me:  "You could start saving up for a plane of your own if you wanted to."
  Him: "Wouldn't it be cheaper to just fly yours?"   Yep, he's mine.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

St. John's Airpark (KSJN) fly-in breakfast a success

We had a great turn out at St. John's Fly-in breakfast..  13 planes & 43 people for great food.  My wife, Sharon & I, Sheldon, want to thank all that came. We hope to be able to do this again next year.  (continue)

Weekend trip to Tennessee...Vlad. 

I like boats. Classic mahogany ones. Thinking of building some day. Last year with help of Roberta Hegy I found an amateur boat building community and decided to visit their annual gathering. It's a sort of boating oshkosh event.

This year the boaters were meeting on Lake Nickajack, TN. Boats were towed from as far as Canada and Oregon. Beautiful wooden crafts from all over the country. Having the time machine (my RV-9A) ready it was a quick HAVE TO GO decision.

Weather was vfr at departure, destination and along the Appalachians. Take off from Princeton, NJ.  (continue w/part I)

Part II

Part III

In The Shop....
Canopy Latch Installed ...Dave Gamble RV-12

Canopies: they are the best of airplane enclosures, they are the worst of canopy enclosures, they are works of wisdom, they are works of foolishness, the are the epoch of in-flight visibility, they are the epoch of build complexity, they provide gobs of Light, their construction brings days of Darkness, they are the spring of hope, built just before the winter of despair....

with abject apologies to Mr. Dickens. I have two to deal with, one being attached to a flying RV-6, the other being a recalcitrant detriment to an RV-12 ever taking flight.

The RV-6 canopy was not mine to build and has, if the truth be told, been pretty reasonable when it comes to maintenance chores. Basically over the years it has all come down to cleaning the bugs off of it now and then. Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday was one of those days that you wish you could squeeze into a ZipLoc back and put on the snack shelf in the pantry to be parceled out as a tasty snack every now and then when the weather gets bad.

I had to fly.

I had to fly!  (

VAF Family
Big Bear (L35) this Saturday (Sept. 24th) ...Louise Hose

Once again (3rd year in a row) we expect to find ourselves at Big Bear for Paul's birthday. We'll plan on lunch at the Barnstormer's Cafe, sitting down at 11:30 am. Cake at the cabin a couple blocks away afterwards. If you would like to join us, please let me know so I can give the cafe folks a head count.

As we are headed into Death Valley early tomorrow morning, I may not respond to any questions/email/PMs until Friday. But, we'd love to have some folks join us.

We've also got a roll of "Friends of the RV-1" stickers - show up to claim yours!

Painted ...Bill Hollifield RV-12

Import inspection DONE!

Hi; I am a new RV owner; purchased a flying 6A out of Missouri a few weeks ago and had it flown up to marvelous Moose Jaw, SK. Bit of a story with customs and my ferry pilot, but that's for another post.

Anyway; I just had my import inspection done last night, and now I'm waiting for my paperwork to arrive so I can get checked out and go flying. Just wanted to mention that it appears I may actually have my requested 1800 lb gross accepted. The inspector told me (as I expected) that they normally won't approve a gross above Van's recommended 1650, but when he looked at my paperwork, he saw that MDRA had processed all my applications, report on eligibility, etc with the 1800 lb gross listed, all without comment or change, so he went ahead and accepted my appplication for special c of a with the 1800 lb numbers on it. Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get changed or delay processing the c of a.

So, Steve; all the paperwork is being couriered to speed things up, and hopefully we'll have a legal plane next w/e!

Now I just have to put all....those.....screws.....back in ;^).



If the thermostat inside the oil-cooler fails, does it go to full open?

Starting with strobe on

Engine quits after landing/braking

Need help on what to do if anything

Antenna drag?

Avionics powered up, no smoke! But...

Finally back in the shop

After about 13 months with almost no activity on my airplane (new job, bought a house, sold a house, moved, got married) I'm finally back in the shop again working on my baby. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started picking up drawings and blowing the dust off them, and looking at my fuel system again where I left off.

Now I've just gotta finish up the fuel system in the next few weeks so I can cut my canopy before it gets cool, and I'm looking at panel options anticipating that part of the build. Feels great to be back!

Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm not one of those builders that quietly fades off into the sunset only to have a scrap sale 20 years later. This one is gonna fly, and I'll be in the left seat when it does.
Greg Niehues
Midland, TX

Totally Off Topic

Seen on the web.  Minus 25 for multiple grammar errors, but you have to admire the effort.

Tue, Sep 20, 2011.  1105z    Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Wish I had time to do this every Friday ...Jon Clements.


RV-7 N821RV Dave Chapdelaine

New entry in the virtual hangar section...

RV White Pages updated and current ... Courtesy of the lovely Audrey Reeves.  3015 entries in 26 countries.

Alex DeDominicis' RV-7A Might Be Painted in Time for LOE'11

I got the following two pictures from Alex yesterday...

-7 Panel Status ...some guy named Steve

It's been a while in getting to this point, but the project is really starting to feel like a plane now . Here's my first installation of all of the electrical stuff on the panel. Of course, like everything else, it all came out while I worked on harnesses on the bench. I have the cool 3-lever throttle quadrant, so left the space in middle as a keep-out zone for when the throttle levers are forward. Several smaller holes are for some very nice McFarlane push-pull cables with anodized/engraved knobs. All of that should be installed this week, and the wiring is coming along (I've even gone so far as to learn how to use lacing tape instead of zip-ties for's very zen-like to make those knots ).

I'm trying to have a panel with no labels...everything is self-labelled and the switches are internally lit, etc. I'm after clean, simple and elegant.

(ETA: I had the panel waterjet cut, and then powder-coated to match all the other stuff that Van's couple of hundred bucks ever spent!

VAF Family
Matterhorn, Switerland

Hat sighting near Zermatt on the Rothorn; Worn by the Owner/Builder of RV6 N9EY

● RV-10 Doors ...Andy Turner

I built a RV-10. Doors. Began the door section on July 18 and worked pretty steady on them since, with some time out for the merriment of fitting windows and finishing the cabin cover. Many clouds of fiberglass dust later, today I completed final fitting (I hope). They actually fit fairly well, nice even but tight gap all around. Some minor deviations from cabin surface elevation, but nothing that some fiberglass work can't fix. Latches work smoothly and without undue force. Proper engagement with the door seals. Only an RV-10 builder can appreciate the emotion associated with this particular milestone...

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
Open source EFIS. Here is the first one

I have today released the full source code as well as free development tools including compiler for one of our older EFIS systems.
This is the monochrome Ultra HXL which is still an active product of ours and in regular production.

You will find a download link for an installation program on the Ultra page at This will install compiler and the Ultra HXL project ready to use. It requires Windows XP but will probably run OK on later versions.

The source code is released under the Free Software Foundations GPL license which grants you a lot of freedom but requires you to equally grant anybody else the same freedom for any changes or additions you make (i.e, you can't keep things for yourself).
You may use the source code and the compiler in any way you see fit, even create products in competition to ours (but with open source).

The Ultra HXL is in many ways an ideal testing ground for us to find out how open source could (or could not) work for an EFIS system and we are doing this as a test case. The project is relatively small and a reasonable programmer should be able to grasp the system and make changes fairly quickly.

One big thing though: This is released without a promise of any support by myself or MGL Avionics. I probably do not have the time to support your changes or find bugs in your code or figure out why something does not work.
This you must understand. You get all of this for free - but you are on your own.

CEO MGL Avionics

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Sep 19, 2011.  1102z
  Good Monday morning to you.  A bad weekend for aviation with the accident in Reno.  Prayers to everyone affected.
  On a more positive note Baylor and the Cowboys won, but Jay Pratt's birthday gathering was the high point.  Happy Birthday my friend and wishing you many more!!!
  Audrey promised to update the RV White Pages tonight.  So, get your info in if you want to be in this next push.
  Hope Monday goes swell for ya.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Jay Pratt of RV Central Turns 65
   ...burgers, cake and some RV-1 update pics.  Yesterday at his hangar.  Wishing one of my best friends a great 65th! (and 65 more).

(see rest of pics)



My attempt at a plenum ...Chris Welsh of Livermore, CA

Here's a few shots of my plenum. This has taken forever. I hope it works well.

● Canoe!

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
New panel coming back together ...Steve Eberhart

This shows the GDU 370 mounted beside the GPSMap 696. The two don't look too bad together.  The partial instrument holes will be filled in this winter when I patch and refinish the carbon fiber panel.

SteinAir, the class operation that they are, sent a schematic, tailored to my panel, for me to use in making the
new wiring harness. This level of service sure makes me glad I went with Stein for my new G3X.

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
New MGL engine monitor (EMS) available now

MGL is happy to annouce immediate availability of the new low cost Engine monitoring system (EMS) - the XTreme EMS

Based on the popular XTreme EFIS, this device brings a dedicated, universal engine monitoring system to the cockpit.
The XTreme EMS is compatible with MGL's RDAC devices allowing firewall forward installation of a physically small monitoring system with just a single connection into the cockpit. This greatly eases installation of an engine monitoring system and avoids the need to extend bundles of probe wires into the cockpit itself.

U.S. pricing is expected to be below $800 for the XTreme EMS unit itself. Add RDAC model and probes as needed for your installation.  (more)

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Sep 16, 2011.  1109z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Go Bears!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Boomer's RV at the Pecan Fly-In

LOE'11 Prizes Starting Off Nicely....more to come of course.
 - The first prize is from Classic Aero Designs. 
      Aviator Seats in Ultraleather ($2,442 value)  courtesy www.Classic.Aero

GDU 37x Cockpit Display v6.2 Now Online ....Garmin software upgrade.

Another figure 8 Dimple Story

Greetings fellow RV8rs. I created a dimple problem that seems to be a bit different from other posts that I searched on. Same story though: skin slipped off male dimple die and I pounded the ram and made a new hole right next to the intended one. My goof is along one of the Stiffeners of the top right elevator skin, whereas most folks seem to be doing this along the spar rivet line.

I used my flush set on the rivet gun and a back rivet steel plate to" level out" the new hole - always works nicely. Then I decided to re-dimple the intended hole. The pics below show the result. Obvious crack along the edge of the dimple.

So I ask those of you that are wiser than I, how should I fix this?

1. Apply an oops rivet after drilling out? (Please specify the drill size and oops rivet size I should use).
2. Flatten this dimple with my flush set and drill and dimple 2 new holes on either side of the bad one? (Concern I have here is leaving the crack alone without dressing it out somehow, and that it may continue to grow even after it is filled.)
3. Time for a new skin

  Some Replies:

One, stop-drill the crack, and rivet the now-dimpled hole as-is. Two, stop-drill the crack, flatten the dimple again, and make a new hole and dimple a safe distance from the old one (or one on either side). Then plan on filling the old empty hole before paint

Stop drill, flatten the stuff out and drill a new hole at a reasonable distance. However, if this is the rivet on the stiffener at the leading edge of the rudder, I would consider two rivets (one on either side of the bad one). Those rivets (leading edge of the rudder at the stiffeners) sometimes tend to cause cracks anyway unless prosealed onto the skin

Assemble with proseal and an "A" rivet. I don't think one non structural rivet in a line is going to create any more problems than a AD rivet that will expand in the hole with enough force to possibly propagate the crack. I can mail you a few if you want

Andrew means you should use an AN426A 3-? as opposed to an AN426AD 3-? rivet. However, I don't think there will be that much difference. In either case you should check after setting the rivet to be sure expansion has not extended the crack. If it has not, there should be no further worries

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Tip- My RV-8 Control Lock ...Randy Hooper

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Chafing on Upper Left Motor Mount ...RV-12

During annual condition inspection, on the upper left side, I found chafing between the large, powder coated, forward washer and the motor mount. It had worn away the powder coating over an area about 1/2 inch long. Even after loosening the nut all the way, the interference prevented the washer from being rotated.  more

New Sites for Junior's build

The former site has become very burdensome to load with about 1000 photos and growing so we've taken a little time from the build to establish some new sites for the different parts of the build. This effort is very much a work-in-progress and you'll have to hunt for the photo you want to find, but chances are it is there somewhere. We've also added a lot of photos from the last few months. I will keep the old site up for awhile if anyone has bookmarked specific photos and wants to save them.

The new sites are:


Panel and avionics:

Wheel assemblies:



Firewall forward:


Louise and Paul

Reuben Willard's RV Photoshop'd RV-4

"I grabbed this pic of Justyn Gorman's RV-4 about a year ago and decided to tweak it.  I call it the RV-82."

Totally Off Topic

Nailed it...

Thu, Sep 15, 2011.  1106z
  Spent every second yesterday doing tax stuff for the CPA.  Yuck!  At least it's done (for now) ;^).  Cool front has arrived in north Texas - 68°F this morning with a high in the 80's today.  Weather guy said our string of 100+F days might be over (70 days here in 2010 - we beat the 1980 record this year).  But it's a dry heat...(rimshot).
   Delta Romeo, LLC. RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety


Van's Safety Corner added to front page of VAF (left side)


In The Shop....
Engine Hanging - Swiss style ...multiple photos.

● Nickb145

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
Built-to-Order Complete Cylinder Assemblies Shipped in 2 Days

Kudos to ACS

What I was really asking was how accurate people had found the shipping estimates, planning on trying to call ACS again when I got home from work today. Well Jim Irwin saw my question on here (VAF Forums), tracked down the order from the post, found there was an error on the shipping and has already had my credit card credited. I am very impressed. Mistakes happen, quickly fixing them, that is rare and appreciated, especially when I had not yet even been able to ask.
Bill Greenley
RV-10 wings in progress

Thanks to DJ!

I’ve just got to give a public Thanks! To DJ Lauritsen at Cleaveland (which, interestingly enough, is in Iowa…). Over six years ago, I went to her for custom seats for the RV-8 I was building. The design and workmanship was outstanding, they have always been very comfortable, and she easily incorporated the design I wanted to embroidery on the seat backs.

1350 hours and close to six years of flying later, I am still totally impressed with the seat and aside from a fuzzy spot that got grabbed by some Velcro, they looked like new. Unfortunately; time, temperature, and sun take their toll….and a couple of weeks ago, I was getting out of the airplane after a short cross-country and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted…FOAM! I did a double-take, and sure enough, there was a tear, right across the middle of the pilot’s-seat back, right next to a seam. Closer examination showed that the material had simply pulled apart – and I could see that sun and sweat had done their damage to weaken the fibers.

A quick call to DJ the next morning confirmed that yes indeed, they could fix it – and that they could turn it around the day they got it! While they still had the same fabric, DJ couldn’t guarantee that it would match the stuff that had been in the field for six years, but replacing the entire center panel would at least make it uniform. I shipped it off on a Tuesday and DJ called me on Thursday to tell me that it was ready to return – and they’d replaced the side panel with the Velcro damage for good measure. The cost? Well, all I can say is that I hope they make their living selling tools, cause s he’s not going to get rich doing repairs for this price!

The repaired cushion arrived in a couple of days, and looked like new – and it matched the old fabric perfectly – no fading! I was impressed with the whole process – the fact that the cushion could be repaired, the speed and cost, and the cheerful, “can-do” attitude of DJ and her team. I don’t think you can go wrong if you’re looking at them to do your interior!

Paul Dye

Totally Off Topic

Donations List Updated

- donations at 50% of last year's total to date (we're 70% done with 2010)
- more on donations

- list with every donation the order received.

Wed, Sep 14, 2011.  1142z    Delta Romeo, LLC. RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Service Bulletin 11-9-13 ....all models.  Comply before further flight.

fmi: Letters, Service Bulletins, Revisions and Safety Alerts

Badlands fly-in notes from Larry Vetterman

"Thank you all for coming and making the Badlands flyin another memorable event.  The count was 43 aircraft, coming from as far away as California, Texas, Michigan,  Indianna, Illinois, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and other states too numerous to mention.  We want everyone to know that we are already working on next year's event and will incorporate a session at the Mammoth Site and a tour down into Wind Cave.  We just happened to pick a great weather weekend this year and will try to do the same for next year. We also want to thank all of you who did the behind the scenes work that seem to go unnoticed--job well done. 

Hope to see all of you next year. 

Larry & Cathy Vetterman,  Clint & Crystal Busenitz,  Dennis & Myrna Lewis."

Garmin unveils aera 796 and 795 portable touchscreen aviation navigators w/3D viz.

DanH's Thoughts on Baffles ...good stuff

"...if you walk around fly-ins with me as we talk to owners, you'll see me looking and feeling up inside cowls to check the fit of the baffle rubber. I've never met an owner with really, really nice rubber fit who also complained of high CHT. It is not the whole picture, but it is an indicator; you can bet the baffle tin was fitted and sealed, with everything just so.

The norm is conventional GA baffling tin, which is rarely tight or sealed. We're used to seeing it that way, and hey, it works fine on your Cherokee. Your A&P or local Old Crow looks at the same fit on your RV and declares it fine and dandy. What gets forgotten is that the Cherokee example is flowing vast quantities of mass through the cowl to make it work, while our tight little Vans cowls were designed with an eye toward minimizing cooling drag. The RV cowl just doesn't flow as much air, thus we must get maximum heat transfer to the air we do flow. We cannot afford leaks; every molecule must carry away heat.

If I were a cooling doctor I would, like your medical doctor, insert a thermometer in your exit as a very early diagnosis step. I'd be looking for high temperature cooling air.....or to be more precise, I'd want (exit temp - OAT) / (CHT- OAT) to be 0.3 or higher. The 0.3 figure is not carved in stone (I'm still learning), but it's not far off. For sure higher is a good thing."

VAF Family
Hanger Party (Ft. Worth)

Jay Pratt is turning 65.  Carol is giving a party to mourn this passing
Time: 2:00 PM
Sunday Sept 18, 2011
Jays Hanger 584 Hicks Airport, Fort Worth TX
Hamburgers, BYOB

You can fit an RV-7 in a 17' Uhaul

Elevator position in flight

I am flying an RV9A that was already built when I purchased it. It flies great but doesn't perform as well as others. One concern I have noted, is that in level cruise flight, the forward sections of the elevator are approx 1" above the horizontal stab. (ie. the elevator is pushing the nose down) It doesn't seem to matter how I load the plane, how much fuel or how fast I fly. The plane is typical O-320, CS Prop, typical avionics, etc... Besides the obvious drag of the protruding counterweights, I'm figure something is not rigged correctly leading to other additional drag.

Any thoughts?

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
New G3X Panel ...Steve Eberhart on his 3rd panel.

Well, this is going to be an interesting adventure. My RV-7A has a strictly VFR panel and the only attitude information is a now dead electric turn coordinator. The current panel has a 696 mounted and a two axis Tru Track Digiflight II auto pilot (without vertical steering). Lack of an artificial horizon has made using the turn coordinator the primary attitude indicator for the hood portion of my BFR.

The EFIS savings envelope just reached the amount Stein quoted for a new Garmin G3X Single display GDU 370 system; so I did what any red blooded RV pilot would do - I ordered one Since I already have the 696 with WX weather and the Tru Track autopilot, and there are no more funds in the upgrade budget, my new panel is going to have to be built up with what I have. It isn't going to be IFR capable since a 430 isn't in the budget but I will be able to fly under the hood with a safety pilot and the EFIS is there for emergencies.

There isn't much connectivity between the GDU 370 and the 696 so flight plans can't be exchanged between units but I can load the same flight plan into both systems using a SD memory card. There may be a little more undocumented capability/compatibility between the units but Garmin doesn't want you to load a flight plan from a non-certified navigation source into the non-certified G3X system. I can understand this limitation for certified IFR systems but a simple check box to enable the 370 to accept flight plan data from the 696 or to export the flight plan data via the rs-232 link would seem to be reasonable.

Anyway, I am starting on the new panel and will post periodic updates on the progress. This is only possible because of Garmin's recent price reduction - THANKS GARMIN and Stein. I wouldn't have been able to afford a G3X otherwise.  continue

Event News
Badlands Write Up

Totally Off Topic

Yes, that's retractable gear...


Tue, Sep 13, 2011.  1100z    Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

First Aerobatic Contest...Darren Scarlett

I just came home from competing in my first Aerobatic Contest. What fun !! Challenging, exciting, educational and nerve wracking all wrapped up in one.

The contest was held at the Rocky Mountain House (CYRM) airport up here in Alberta. I think it’s division 7 and a few guy from Division 8 showed up to compete and help. 

Winston-Salem 9-11-2011 ...Jerry Morris

The Winston-Salem Air Show conducted a moment of silence in tribute to the victims of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Fire trucks, EMS and police vehicles drove slowly down the taxi way and then the men and women of the rescue vehicles parked and received a mighty show of appreciation from the crowd. 

Dan Horton Triple Tree Pics

I'm told Pat built this place just to host the Joe Nall RC fly-in, this full-size fly-in, and for his private use. Here's a view from up by the main hangar. The lake is big enough for amphibs. All the grass (everywhere!) is manicured. The runway extends from way off the photo on the far left to way down in the trees on the far right. The control tower hill is in the middle of the photo. The main fly-in area is out of sight on the far side of the control tower! None of this is a camera trick; the place is huge.  more

D.J. Roberts Badlands Pics 

More Pecan Plantation pics ...Steve Ingraham

A Zero-Sum Evening… ...Paul Dye

Any builder who says that he hasn’t had one is suffering for selective memory – or isn’t really a builder! These are the times that make you wonder if you’re ever going to finish, and sometimes even if yu want to continue. I’m talking about those kind of days where you spend lots of hours, cut and shape a lot of aluminum – and have nothing to show for it in the end. Yes, it happens to everyone, and it’s time we admit it so that the guys experiencing one for the first time don’t get too discouraged!

Here’s an example. Building the RV-3 is an adventure in detailed design – there are lots of details on any airplane of course, but in the -3, most of them are left up to the builder’s imagination. Such, amazingly, is the trim tab hardware. Yes, building it to the plans is probably simpler than putting in electric trim, but even the “stock” system requires a lot of imagination. So I have been sort of working on the trim on and off for a year or so. I knew we wanted to go electric, and we had Randy Lervold’s airplane as an example – he mounted a servo on the aft fuselage deck and ran a short cable to the elevator. I had found some interesting-looking miniature servos from Firgelli that I considered, and even obtained, but after trying to fit it in, I became dubious of some plastic parts in something as critical as pitch trim (I am still using the sub-miniature Firgellies for aileron and rudder tabs). By this time, I had already cut some holes in the elevator and tried to build some brackets, so I was beginning to make mods to mods. 

VAF Family
Flood - Bloomsburg Pa -N13

As many of you may know, we have had the worst flood in Bloomsburg, Pa since 1908. Our airport sits right next to the Susquehanna river and was completly under flood water. Thanks to everyone that have called or emailed me.

Fortunately, I was able to fly my RV6 and Challenger II out before the major flood waters hit. Unfortunately, two other RV's did not make it out (and a bunch of spam cans). A 9 and a 6A. The 9 was completely submerged under about 8 feet of water and muck, and the 6A was covered over the wings.

Here is a link to some aerial pics I took right before the water crested. I took these from my Challenger II. I took about 100 more pics, but I really don't have time to post them. The planes that you see were parked at the end of runway 8 which has never been under water during previous floods. It sure was this time. 

A Model Ground Control After Brake Failure

Copied below is an excerpt from a message from Mike Thompson about the race today (9-10-11) in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Some of you may have heard of the miserable luck of Race 84 (Sherwoods) in the form of a failed brake -> runway departure on landing -> wiped out main gear -> prop strike.  more

Ground loop on the perfect evening ...Brian Carroll

Yep that's right, started off what was to be a perfect evening by ground looping Aurora on RY27 in HLN. but now the good news. no harm was done and the evening progressed as planned.

OK I guess I should start at the beginning. Kris had to work Friday until 4 in Helena and had to be at another job at noon on Saturday. I had to work part day friday and saturday afternoon also. I got someone to cover my on-call hours and dashed out at noon. Dogs to the sitter, I'm running late but load the plane and blast off for Helena. 15minutes later I'm cleared to land 27, no delay, inbound traffic for RY9'r. got there made a sweet landing even short. rolling out I didn't notice anything, but when I turned on Taxiway Echo. I wasn't paying attention and my normally very responsive rocket link tailwheel was in full swivel mode. I was doing maybe 5mph, full rudder deflection, but not enough brake (right foot not fully on the brake) so ended up doing a 360. Nothing other than spinning around, was actually kinda fun. Pulled up to my old FBO where I was picking up Kris, she wasn't there yet. I borrowed a wrench and a bench. Pulled the tailwheel and cleaned the detent pin. Whew easy fix and back together as Kris drives up.

NOTE to self: clean & inspect tailwheel EVERY oil change.

Part II
All good, so Kris and I launched for Polson(8s1). 45minutes and a bumpy ride later we were tying down. My friend Neil had gotten here earlier and already had the keys to our room. Dropped our bags and we walked along the waterfront to an excellent Mexican dinner. Flathead lake was like glass. Later we wandered around and found huckleberry ice cream with our name on it. Neil headed to his room, but Kris and I were enjoying the evening so we sat out on the pier until well after dark. 

Event News
Petit Jean Mountain Fly-In / Camp-in Good Time Nov 4-6 .....(map)

Petit Jean Camp-in Fly-In on the calendar! Ross and Doug have conferred and approved Fri, Sat, Sun .... November 4, 5, and 6th. Ask them about star gazing on the runway? Hoping that the crew from last year and many more will show for a great weekend of flying, camping, socializing, and general RV Good Timing :-) Put it on your calendar and plan to play! Come Friday afternoon if you can or Saturday if you can only make it one night! Hope someone will post a few pictures from last year! Just a bunch of RV folks camping, cooking, swapping lies and talking airplanes!

There is a general plan for those that can to fly in Friday afternoon arriving in time for dinner. The folks at the Rockefeller Foundation who sponsor the airport campground along with the Arkansas Aero Commission have offered a BBQ Brisket/Rib dinner at the Boathouse on the lake for anyone that comes Friday afternoon. We expect 6-8 planes from the Mid South group and it would be great if we had some of the Central Texas group just like last year.

Jay, Danny, Scott,... if you could drag Doug and make Ross take a little time off we would have a big flock of something :-) going on!

Local EAA 165 will provide Coffee, donuts, and gereral breakfast stuff on Saturday morning. We will have a couple of suburbans for those that want to camp or take a tour of the Rockefeller car museum during the day. Might have some fly out activities but mostly just hanging around the campsite and doing airplane things....flying, twisting, turning, formating checking airplanes, etc. We expect a few of the folks from the Formation Clinic held in Pine Bluff on the 16 of October to amaze us with their newly learned skills.

We will have the big cooker there, charcoal, etc and provide lunch Saturday in the form of dogs and burgers and soft drinks. Same gig as last year!

The gala :-) Saturday Night Steak Out will be at the campground and all you need to bring is meat. EAA will provide fire, baked potatoes, salad and fixings. Our mission is to make it EASY for folks to fly in and camp. Bring camping gear or there are some cabins available locally.

Come mid-Day Saturday if you can't make it Friday afternoon, aero-socialize Saturday, hike Sunday morning (transportation provided and free) and scoot when you feel like it.

Ross and Doug have promised to promote and EAA 165 will provide the ground support and guarentee a low effort high output good time! All we need is some sunshine and a flock of RVators :-)

More details as somebody thinks of them

Bill Schlatterer

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My new RVbits Plenum

I just finish installing and fly testing my new RVbits Plenum, I have to modify it a little because it was a little short at front(on the spinner back), but anyway looks and work great   more

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Sep 12, 2011.  1106z
  Good morning!  Saturday chapter 983 at Granbury put on a real nice event at Pecan Plantation.  Our RV-6 and (120) other airplanes attended.  The Badlands and Triple Tree Fly-Ins were well attended also, and discussed/illustrated below.
  Sunday flew our flag and reflected on the past decade and how all our lives have changed.  Later, to watch something uplifting, enjoyed seeing Alonzo get a podium finish in the F1 Italian Grand Prix at Monza on the DVR.  Those passionate Italians - you gotta love 'em!
  So much RV news to cover today...plan on wasting at least an hour of your work day.  Well, I wouldn't call it 'wasting time', actually.  More news than I could fit into today's edition.  Will spotlight the rest tomorrow.
  God Bless America, all her citizens and those who protect her.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Personal 9/11 Commemorative RV Flight

Like most people, I recall clearly where I was and what I was doing on 9/11. I was a recently commissioned lieutenant in flight school working on a systems simulator when an instructor came in and said, "They just hit the pentagon too." Of course that got our attention, so we turned on the TV and watched as the towers fell. In that moment I realized that these events had set a path before me and everyone else in that room. I turned to my stick buddy and said, "So much for a quiet career", as we all knew things were about to get busy.

I went off to Korea for my first assignment as the events in Afghanistan unfolded and watched and listened as the Iraq debate heated up and eventually resulted in the invasion. I listened to the war coverage on the radio as we we're conducting a gunnery in a field environment so we didn't have CNN. I was on assignment to a unit that was templated as the reserve force for the initial invasion, and within weeks of returning from Korea I was enroute to Baghdad. The rest is a blur and I can't believe ten years has passed. I think often of the friends and fellow Soldiers that gave their lives. Sometimes I get the question about what Iraq had to do with 9/11. It's a good question and worth discussing because I think it's important for people to understand how we got there politically and strategically. It's not all good news. However, regardless of any debates, I'll tell you that I think every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine that has given his life did so in the name of fighting Terrorism and defending our way of life.

I'm not the wax romantic type but I wanted to do something today and could think of no better thing than flying. With much deliberation I gave up operational flying a couple of years ago and bought an RV when I did. I put "IZ" on the tale as a commemorative touch as "IZ" is the country code that represents Iraq. The flight was even more fitting now that I’m stationed near our nation’s capital. I was amused with some of the discussion going on in some other forums this week about the increased security at the DC area airports and the possibility of TFRs restricting our ability to fly on 9/11. 9/11 changed our lives, but it didn't take away our fundamental freedom. A terrorist's strategic goal is make us live in fear, distrust and question our security to simply go about our lives. We're winning if we don't let that happen. Charlie Sheen has that much right.

As I strapped in my four year old son I was thanking all of those that will never get to see the pure joy on his face as he was getting to go fly with Dad. We spent 30 minutes "making his tummy feel funny". He asked me if he was a good co-pilot. I told him he was the best I've ever had, and those are big shoes to fill.

RIP- Corry, Dennis, Brian, Steve and 4,470 other brave souls.
Michael Roder
MAJ, US Army
RV8A Purchased Flying

9/11 memorial formation flight ...Axel

We conducted a formation flight on Saturday in support of the local 9/11 memorial. The town of Ridgecrest, CA is mainly composed of people that directly support the war and security efforts. The town hosts a parade during the week of 9/11 called the parade of 1,000 flags. Over 1,000 people walk down the main strip carrying flags. All the flags are then placed in a park.

This year I had the honor of participating from the sky. We put together a flight of 4 RVs and also "walked" down the main strip. Our callsign was Memorial Flight. I requested to carry a few flags (we all did). The event went very well from the ground and air. I was told that every time the flight went show center, everyone cheered and clapped. I was also told that during the missing man many people started crying and some were speechless.

It was emotionally draining for me however, very especial. I would like to thank Sun Block (#2), Wingnut (#3) and Rosie (#4) for the excellent performance. It is the talk of the town and will be for a long time. 

Birth of another RV-10, N410DP, SN- 41135 ...Doug Peterson (Arizona)

I’m proud to announce the birth of another RV10, N410DP, SN: 41135, my first flight was September 10, 2011.  This RV10 took 10 months slow build, and was my 4th RV, so I’m defiantly a repeat offender.

My first build was an RV6 in 2000, my second build was an RV10 in 2005, my third build was a RV8A in 2008 and now another RV10 in 2011.  The building process is very addicting and I plan to start supporting other builder’s projects to keep that addiction satisfied.

I have 750 RV fun flying hours and hope to accumulate many more. I want to say thanks to my son Thomas for all his wonderful help and thanks to a very patient girlfriend.

Badlands Fly-In Pics
 - Larry Geiger 
 - Scott / Deb Mills

ch 983 (Granbury) Pecan Plantation Fly-In Pictures
  - Doug Reeves
  - Chris Pratt

Triple Tree Pics
Robert Cutter

So much to keep track off -- So little time ...Larry Pardue

Ok, who knows, is Texas east or west of New Mexico? Well it is generally east but from where I live there is a heap of Texas, and it may be the best part, that is west of me. There are many interesting things out there to keep track of, and I missed one of the big ones today, the 1,000 year clock, which is in the Sierra Diablo Range. I need to take a look out there soon.

I have been keeping an eye on Jeff Bezos and his space flight ambitions at his Blue Origin facility north of Van Horn, so I have been thinking about the recent destruction of the vehicle before the completion of the planned mission, that happened on August 24th. The event reportedly happened at about 45,000 feet at mach 1.2. I have been wondering where the remains of that vehicle ended up and if it might be possible to find that spot.

Then I got a visitor to the office this week. I had heard of ag pilot Bud, but had never met him. Apparently he had seem some of the stuff I have posted on my website about the West Texas stuff. He had noticed something interesting near Cornudas, Texas (population 10?) and thought I should check it out.

So that is two things to check on and I haven't been by the secret Salt Flat Airport for a while, so that is three. Time to saddle up the RV-6. 

Go Cyclones! ...Pete Howell

Today was the day! Corn it what you will, the Iowa State - Iowa game is always fun! 

Kate and I launched at 7am for Ames and got to see a beautiful early sun. 

Rest in Peace: Mr. Cliff Robertson ...first Young Eagles Chairman.

Birds of a Feather- SoCal Ravens ...Scott Chastain

A (video) tribute to those who call me a friend—members all of the West Coast Ravens RV Formation Team, SoCal contingent. Thanks for the love you have shown me.

Totally Off Topic

Yeah, ummmmm....I got nothin.  Seriously.....WTF!?!?

Sun, Sep 11, 2011.  0043z
 Delta Romeo, LLC. RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety


Don't ever forget.


Fri, Sep 9, 2011.  1102z
  TGIF!  Wx looks outstanding for both the Badlands RV gathering up in SD and the Pecan Plantation Airpark gathering near Granbury.  I'll get some pics at Pecan for Monday and am looking forward to pics from SD.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Part II of the Greek Islands Summer RV Vacation Now Online ...Bernie Daenzer

Fuse Air Inlet Tufting Test and video ...Ken K. RV-8

Issue: Air flowing through the fuselage NACA inlet, located just aft of the cowling along the left side, is significantly hotter than ambient temp whenever airspeed is below 130mph or during descents. I suspect the slow moving boundary layer air is being heated through conduction of the engine compartment via the cowling. I added a small vortex generator upstream from the NACA vent in an effort to entrain cooler air outside the boundary layer. It has been suggested heated air spilling from the engine compartment through the cowl inlets maybe the cause or possibly air flowing from the cowl and exhaust exit area from under the fuselage. This TUFT test was conducted to understand the flow path from cowl inlet to fuselage NACA inlet throughout the full airspeed envelope during level flight as well as typical climb and descent profiles.

Test and Test Conditions:
A/S: 0-175 mias
ALT: 20-2500ft PA
DA: 2000-4100ft DA
GW: 1550lbs CG 80.3"
OAT 86-72F
RPM range - 450-2700rpm
Climbs @ Vy (110 mias) max RPM, clean
Descents @ 130 mias 1650 RPM
Landing configuration: Flap 20 deg, gear down

T/O Climbout @ 110 imph full power (2400 rpm)
Level off at 1000 ft PA (2900ft DA) accel to 130 mias stabilize
accel to 175 mias
climb to 2500 ft PA (4000ft DA) @ 110 mias (Vy) full power approx 1600 fpm
descend to 1000 ft @130 imph 1650 rpm approx 800 fpm
Level off at 1000 ft PA, decel to 80 mias, flaps @ 20 deg
decel to 70 mias, flaps 20 deg
descent to landing @ 80 mias, power idle from 180 to touch-down

Results: flow remains mostly longitudinally aligned with AOA. Some perturbations noted just aft of the VG. Prop wash appears to have little affect from idle to full RPM while in flight. Flow around cowl inlet appears to flow parallel with the flow further aft and above the NACA inlet suggesting this isn't contributing to heating. No flow noted from cowl or exhaust exit area.


In The Shop....
Underway ...RV-9 builder Pete (NSW Australia)

TFR Map (USA) ...wildfires, etc.

Sept/Oct Issue of FAA Safety Briefing Online  ...40 pages.

Overall paint scheme ...Bill Hollifield RV-12.  Austin Powers voice, "YEAH BABY!!!!"

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Two Announcements from Wally Anderson of Synergy Air

Rob Hickman, owner and founder of Advanced Flight Systems, will be offering a hands-on trial of AFS at the Synergy AirQuick Building the Vans Quickbuild” class in Sunriver, Oregon on October 3-7th.  Find out if this is the system that works best for you.  AFS is also offering a special promotion for students attending the class which could save you BIG on your avionics package!

Wally Anderson of Synergy Air shares about "Quick-building" your Van's kit



Totally Off Topic

Cleansing your mental palette...

Thu, Sep 8, 2011.  1052z   Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Sharing is Caring  ...Brian Carroll

Last week, my daughter commented that she STILL had not ridden in my plane. Her other small plane experience is when her firm would charter a 340 to travel to a client. So, today I took her for a first flight. I asked, that since she is also my CPA can I right off the gas?.......apparently not   continue

Factory Site First Flights  ...status as of yesterday

Jimmy Risher's RV-8

First Engine Start: Gary Palinkas

Ok, so I have been a bit remiss in posting my project status.....

Moved to airport for final assembly several months ago....

Wednesday, 7 Sept. 2011. After 10 years in the shipping box, 2 years in my garage on the airframe and about 6 months at the airport, my engine started before the second blade came around..... YEAH!!!

First engine start video: (lousy camera but you will get the idea)

Can't be long now...

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Well, Abby worked her magic ...Larry Geiger RV-10 forum post

Well, Abby worked her magic and turned my creation into a very nice arm rest / storage box. What a nice piece of work! Colors match exactly even though the interior was done somewhere else 5 years ago!

Thanks Abby, Flight Line Interiors! You rock!

Tip- More Room - Empennage Access Cover

I have short and stubby hands, not the kind that fit into the opening of the empennage access hole very easily. On the F1 Rockets, the hole is even smaller due to the location of the aft most ribs. If I was ever going to get my hand inside there to connect the rudder horns to the torque tube, I needed to create more space.

I don't remember where I got this idea but I borrowed it from another builder. In all likelihood, it came from Tom Martin, but I can't swear by it. I hope this is something that you might be able to use on your empennage to give you at least another 1/2" or more of access space. Enjoy! 

otally Off Topic

Bet you watch every dang second of this clip!  Choose 720p HD and full screen if you have the bandwidth.  There's a series of landings around the 8min mark that might result in Post Toasties on your monitor (and an OSH joke or two).   A good use of 8min 26sec of your morning, me thinks.

 Vectored thrust, baby!!!

Wed, Sep 7, 2011.  1108z
  Hump Day!  Tuesday was 8 out of 10 on the running around with your head cut off scale.  Audrey has a wisdom tooth saying hello, so lunch was scuttled.  Up to the school.  Wifey ate some bad salmon and is in the back approaching NREM Sleep Stage 4.  House rigged for quiet.  New registration sticker for the Honda got up and R-U-N-N-O-F-T, off to the DMV to get yelled at.  Email coming in by the second and accounting needing to get done - house ain't gonna pay for itself.  Teacher's meeting for the son 5:30pm.  More dynamic than usual is the point I'm making.  Challenge Accepted.
  Later, after the HAZMAT crew left (joke) I stepped out into the garage and did some drilling on the -3B right elevator.  The crazies fell away - and they never even stood a chance.  Every hole is a challenge on that thing, and the therapy is twelve steps from the living room whenever it's needed.  Why everyone on earth doesn't have an RV project in the garage in some state of construction is, no fooling, beyond me.  Who cares when you finish it!  I think I'm 3+yrs into this project and it's averaged about a buck a day for the tail kit experience.  Cheaper than therapy...and White Russians.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Pat Tuckey's RV-8 ...has the attention of the Thunderbird's ground crew

● Welcome ...their ad will live in the Older VAF News section

"Vx Aviation offers the Mx series of miniature audio devices and the AXIS family of EFIS wiring hubs."

VX-Aviation Products.


How do you remove stick-on N-numbers

What's the best way to remove stick-on numbers from bare aluminum? They have been stuck for quite a while. I've tried scraping with a razor blade, but they just come off in tiny giblets. Is there any chemical process that would help the glue give it up?

  Some Replies:

if you are talking 12" N numbers, the 'eraser' is going to be slow.
It takes a little practice to scrub off the viinyl without burning the air drill with the pressure turned down is good.

Here's how I tackle vinyl removal from vehicles, but there are a lot of variables, so experimentation is the word.
I would use a razor blade, to lift only the corner of the letter/number.
dull it first by scraping it on the concrete floor or driveway, ( like you are stropping a razor) and knock the sharp corners off ...which will keep it from digging in to the aluminum and leaving a big gouge. some plastic razor blades are good for this if you really want to be safe.
If the lettering has been in the direct sun, it is probably warm enough for trial one. try to peel the tab you've lifted with the razor at 90 degrees to the surface.
If it snaps, or the adhesive stays on the surface, try a different angle, speed, and heat. the ideal of course is when the vinyl takes all the adhesive with it! If the vinyl is old, thin, and breaks a lot, you may be unable to peel it.

Another method is to coat the vinyl with a solvent that softens the vinyl, soaks thru and softens the adhesive. ( check your yellow pages for
'sign supply'....or automotive graphics/detailing?) 'Vinyl-Off' 'Rapid-Remover' and 3M all make similar products.
You now have a real gooey mess, but most of the orange based cleaners like 'goo gone' will clean it up pretty well. Good ol mineral spirits or other slow thinners will also allow you to scrape the adhesive off with a plastic squeegee blade onto a paper towel.
spray, scrape, rinse, repeat.
If you are going to paint afterward, be aware that a scrupulous cleaning will be required to get all this adhesive snot out of the rivets and seams

We peel a lot of vinyl truck lettering here at PHAC. The commercial large-area method is to place a space heater inside the aluminum truck box and run the temperature up to 200F, attack it with plastic scrapers, then use a specialty adhesive remover.

Cabs and doors are done with a heat gun. Warm a square foot or so of metal just past too hot for your bare hand. The vinyl and adhesive should get soft

In The Shop....
-4 duct diving ...Dave 'Nauga' Hyde

Mounting a Dynon compass module on an aft bulkhead where it's nice and non-ferrous. My daughter thought these were hilarious, but that might have had something to do with the 'audio accompaniment'.

VAF Family
RV License Plate

Matt Z's RV-4

"At 7A8 (Avery County, NC) enjoying the fall colors in the Smokies."

Competitive Fun
RV-10 races a Bonanza

Event News
Win iPad at Pecan Plantation & VAF Fly-In this weekend (N. Texas)

Event poster

Transponder Woes

Need some help from the Gurus!

I have a Collins TDR-950 transponder in the -9A and over the last week it has been wonky(technical term). When cold, it fires ups and transponds just fine, but about 10-15 min after launch, it goes tango uniform. No reply light, nuthin'. I checked with ATC, Even "ident" does not work when it is not transponding.

More info: Shut her down for a while and she will work again for another 15 min or so. The reply light fires up when the switch is set to test and when ident is pushed.

Any thoughts for trouble shooting or repair? I know this thing is as old as I am and I got it cheap, so no regrets. The question is if it is worth fixing - If the cavity tube is blown will it work at all?

Dropping in a Garmin 320 would be the plan, but it will require some panel rework b/c the Garmin is quite a bit longer.

BTW, ATC In Minne and Madsion were great about working with me and the issue - they just asked to get it fixed ASAP.

Thanks for any help!

  Some Replies:

It could be the power supply, the tube or any number of things, bottom line....Do yourself a favor and go get the Garmin, the old gal just ain't worth fixin

Its been a while since I worked on those units but it sounds like the power supply may be the problem. Since it is an issue after a given amount of time I would think a bad capacitor or diode. Also since you are not getting a reply light I don't think you have a bad tube. Might cost a few hundred just to look at it, so it is up to you what is worth sinking into it. I can recommend the shop I used to work at if you don't feel you have someone local to look at

Dan got my KT-78 fixed up and certified my encoder. Quick turn-around.  He can probably tell you about how much $ to fix by your description.

Totally Off Topic

If you could use another $3.50, know...keep your eyes peeled.

Tue, Sep 6, 2011.  1100z
  The car said it was 68°F as I pulled into the airport grounds yesterday 0630.  Whole airport to myself.  Breezy but almost down the runway, so no worries.  Orbited a grass fire about four miles from the house (contained), went over the lake to look at a friend's house.  Had my eyes on a cloudless horizon as the sun broke.  Never get tired of that.  Two minutes later my EFIS changed over to 'day mode'.
  The 'Oh Sh#t' moment was earlier, just after takeoff on 35.  I caught a glance of something right after rotation that looked like a bird off my right wing - about 500' agl inside the ground track of where left downwind traffic would be for runway 17.  A kite!  I was momentarily pissed, then realized it HAD to be caught in a power line - nobody in their right mind would fly a kite 500' up inside a traffic pattern.
  After I landed and got the plane put up I investigated.  Yep, it was tangled.  iPhone pic below on the drive out.  Added 'look for kites' to my pre-takeoff mental checklist.
  Back home on the keyboard at 0735 - kids were still asleep.  Noon Mass with the kiddos (wife teaching a yoga class) and an afternoon piddling around the house (with some -3B time in the garage).  A good Labor Day.
  It's supposed to be in the 80's(F) all week here.  Halleluiah!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

PS:  There was an edition yesterday.  Check HERE if you didn't visit Monday.

Kite noted with yellow dot in first pic - string yellow line.  North at top.  I saw it when it was directly off my right wing at my altitude on climbout.  Not really that unsafe, it just kinda made me jump, as I wasn't expecting it.

Axel in the Air ...Ridgecrest, CA (AX-O in the forums)

Van's 2011 Homecoming Pics ...Ted Glick


VAF Forums Update:

Changed the name of the 'Test/Misc' folder in the forums to 'Temporary/Test/Misc' in an effort to get more of the time sensitive posts (like fly-in this weekend - who's going?) in there.  Posts that don't necessarily need to be archived for eternity. 

Turned OFF the feature that displays birthdays at the bottom of the front page of the forums.  Lots of folks use a phony date at registration for their own privacy reasons, and not displaying them makes things run a tad faster.  Tanx, .

In The Shop....
Bruce Hill 'Big Cut' .....'bruceh' in the forums

Aerobatics this morning ...chutes and all!

Painted ...Randy Ware 7A

300 HOURS 9-5-2011 ...John Bender RV-12

Flying home from a great fly-in breakfast in far northwest Iowa, she turned over. Great day. FOUR (4) RV-12's were there. Super weather. Great day.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Dynon sending unit internal wear

Have you ever wondered what happens when the sending unit on your Fuel Press/Oil Press/Oil Temp/ etc goes bad? On our Dynon unit when the resistance on the unit drops, the reading on the engine monitor goes to the highest reading (and so does your blood pressure). We have had a fuel pressure reading that started to be inconsistent, and then would stay at 99PSI when the boost pump was on or the engine was running.

Trouble shooting the unit, I found the readings to be accurate near the low end, but then as the pressure rose to the normal levels, the indication was high. This was confirmed with an ohm meter at the sending unit. The high pressure reading was basically “open”, the same as if the ring terminal was removed from the post. 

Event News
LOE'11 Update ...Russ Daves

I received a note from the Weatherford Airport that the downtown vendors really enjoyed having everyone at Weatherford last year.

This year we are going to have a "Downtown Tour" on Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm with a passenger van running at about 30 minute intervals from the airport to downtown. This will be completely a "come and go" thing for anyone who doesn't want to hang around and talk airplanes all day.

There will be a fashion show for the ladies at one of the downtown boutiques with more information about the downtown tour in the coming weeks.

Russ Daves
Russ Kamtz
Co-Chairs LOE 2011

Totally Off Topic

Weight and Balance....Dan Horton find.

Mon, Sep 5, 2011.  1101z
  Labor Day (USA) and hoping you have the day off!  It's 71°F this morning in N. Texas as I type this (finally a cold front has come through!).  The second I push out today's edition I'm in the car for the airport.  Winds 360 at 12.  It's been months...
  Hope you had a great weekend.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

RV-3A S/N 838 gains Aussie citizenship & flies

At 4pm, Sunday 4th September (Father's Day in Australia) my Blue Angel and I slipped the surly bonds of Earth and completed a circuit around Jandakot Airport (Perth, Australia). Haven't stopped smiling since! Happy to report a very smooth wheeler landing, and no issues whatsoever (other than hitting my head on the canopy 'cause there were too many cushions). She goes like stink, but is amazingly light and responsive on the controls. Wow!  more

A daytrip with a RV-7 through Sweden, across some water and into Denmark

A couple of days ago, it was time to visit some friends in Denmark.

A high-pressure ridge had formed for a couple of days, making the weather suitable along the route, so off we went.

We wanted to fly over water as little as possible, so from our homebase Rygge in SE corner of Norway, we followed the SW coast of Sweden southwards.  Then, abeam Gothenborg, we turned SW, flew along the Danish island "Læsø" which have small airport, then onto the Danish mainland.  Then finally down to our destination "Varde" which is a small uncontrolled airport, it has two intersecting grass strips and it's situated slightly northwest of the city Billund. 

RV-10 Panel Upgrade ...Rob Hickman

In The Shop....
● Dave Gamble RV-12 Canopy Drilled


Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
5kts of free speed (mod)?  ...Joe Underwood.

While nearing completion of my RV6, I saw pictures of a fairing Larry Vetterman made for his plane. The idea of the fairing was to reduce the noise inside the cockpit. The side benefit was a several MPH increase. That got my attention since speed was always on my mind throughout this build. What's another two weeks after ten I decided to copy this fairing and enjoy Larry's free speed.  more

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
RV-6 Tip-up Canopy -Frame- Crack ...Rob Prior

I have been trying to localize a problem with my tip-up canopy for a couple of months now... The front corners of the canopy frame "lift" in flight, making my attempts at weatherstripping the join between the canopy and the cockpit sidewall useless. Sitting on the ground, I could see about 1/4" gap between the bottom rail of the canopy and the top of the cockpit sidewall. In flight, that gap grew to somewhere between 1/2" and 5/8" on my last flight. This gap is much worse on the pilot's side, the passenger side the gap is only 1/8 to 3/16" in flight, and none on the ground.

On shutdown after my last flight, when I opened the canopy, I found the culprit. The weld between the hinge arm and the front canopy bow is cracked, almost all the way through on the pilot's side, and more than half-way through on the passenger side. And on top of that, the C-channel that it rivets to is also cracked.

Totally Off Topic

Baby, don't worry.  I can fix this...

Fri, Sep 2, 2011.  1059z
  TGIF!  Hey, are there any RV owner/pilot/builders in the DFW area that are AME family practice doctors?  I'm looking for a place where I can get my 1) annual blood workup*, 2) physical, and/or 3) flight physical if need be all under one roof.  Being self-employed, my insurance of course stinks, so this is 100% out-of-(my)pocket.  Cash discount?  If you are in a nearby city, I can even fly over (travel story / business expense).
  College football (sched) spools up tonight on the idiot box (Baylor Bears vs TCU on ESPN 8pm ET).  Halleluiah!  Something to do on this 67th day of 100°F+ temps (ugh).
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Go Bears!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

*Complete metabolic profile (liver, kidney function tests & electrolytes), prostatic specific antigen (PSA) & Lipid Panel.

OSH'11 Dick VanGrunsven (and possible 'caption contest' in the making)

In this age of instant communication, any “Oshkosh ‘11” report at this late date may seem pre-historic. My reason for delay was a post Oshkosh sojourn to Uvalde, TX for a soaring contest. Why, you might ask, would any sane individual in his retirement years follow up a challenging week at Oshkosh with an even more challenging two weeks enjoying South Texas-in-August weather (heat)? Brain fade caused by being a pilot for almost 55 years might offer partial explanation. It's fun, challenging, rewarding, and more adventuresome than sitting in a rocking chair or exploring the neighborhood golf course.

Teenflight RV-12
As mentioned in Ken Scott’s 8-9-11 posting, we brought the Teenflight RV-12 to Oshkosh this year, along with 9 of the young men who had built it. The considerable effort and expense of doing this were based on our strong belief in and commitment to the concept of helping young people get a good start in aviation.

Scott McDaniels and Bob Kelley had scheduled and prepared for a forum promoting the concept of youth aircraft building projects. I attended this for the purpose of adding a few words of support. As the forum time approached and the presenters and many of kid/builders gathered, I noticed that only a few “listeners” had shown up. Going back out to the Forum Schedule Board, I noticed that the forum was titled “Conducting a YACP”. It was immediately obvious why there were so few attendees. What in tarnation is a YACP? Ain’t it obvious? It’s a “Youth Aircraft Construction Project”! Forum titles need to be short, so someone on the EAA staff apparently came up with this abbreviation. A simple thing perhaps, but it sure wasted a lot of planning and preparation on the part of the presenters, and wasted an anticipated opportunity to publicize a great program to a broader audience. We’ll know better next time.

A few years ago an unflattering photo of Van appeared in the “Oshkosh News” issue of the RVator. Ken Scott had taken a snapshot of Van as he snoozed while resting in a chair in the Van’s booth. Well guess who had camera in hand this year while Mr. Scott nodded off for a minute or three? Payback is so sweet! (see accompanying photos, including Daryl, Gus, and Mitch hamming it up for the camera.) What would the Oshkosh experience be without a bit of mischief.

Those who have attended Airventure and stayed the full week may be able to identify with the ability to fall asleep even amid all of the hustle and bustle and airshow noise. After a number of long days and short nights trying to sleep in the "luxury” of the UW dorms, nodding-off sometimes comes easy at inappropriate times. Oshkosh is truly a working vacation for those on Van’s staff. We’re always relieved when it’s over, but nonetheless ready to return the following year. Go figure!

The other photo is that of Mitch Lock pointing out the features of his RV-12 to Jeff Skiles (who should need no introduction). Jeff had expressed interest in the RV-8. Because we had left our RV-8 at home, he had taken an introductory flight with Mike Seager in the RV-7. We enjoyed our brief visit with Jeff, and found him to be very congenial, and a genuine “airplane nut” like the rest of us.

Homebuilt Safety Initiatives
Because of FAA budget funding problems, the FAA portion of the FAA/Industry EAB Safety Coalition was not present at Oshkosh. However, a number of industry-side representatives met to continue the process started in our January meeting in Sebring, FL. There was general agreement that transition flight training was probably the most effective means of reducing Amateur Built Aircraft accidents. All present agreed that there needs to be more transition training aircraft and instructors available, representing a broader cross-section of the EAB fleet. It was emphasized that many more “Type Clubs” needed to be established so that assistance would be available the majority of builders and pilots of all EAB aircraft.

In the same vein, we had a visit (at our booth) from NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman. The NTSB has also focused in on the poor safety record of EAB aircraft and she and her assistants were in the process of familiarizing themselves with the unique nature of our little industry. We explained the safety initiatives being implemented (with strong emphasis on transition training) by ourselves, and all conscientious builders. Hopefully, continued effort and progress on the part of EAA, builders, and kit manufacturers will minimize the need for more NTSB involvement.

August Sport Aviation
I was surprised to see the “At What Price” article printed in the August 2011 issue of Sport Aviation. I suppose that Ken Scott had something to do with it appearing there. This is a slight re-write of the “What Price Masterpiece” I had posted on our Facebook site a couple of months ago. It had generated quite a few pro and con posts when it also appeared on the VAF site. I found the majority of comments supportive of the general theme of the article, and appreciate all comments, both pro and con. As always, I only ask that readers carefully consider exactly what I wrote and then form their own conclusions.

Suggested Reading:
Was It a Deep Stall, is the title of author Peter Garrison’s “Technicalities” column in the August 2011 issue of FLYING magazine. The subject is a review of the probable causes of the Air France Flight 447 accident, an Airbus 330 that went down in the mid-Atlantic in May 2009. In addition to being interesting subject matter, I found Peter’s very clear explanation of deep stall behavior to be easy to understand.

While you have that issue of FLYING open, you might also read Tom Benenson’s “Airwork” column in which he describes a number of airwork maneuvers and exercises important to transition training. Nothing really new, but a good review of flight basics which are too often overlook.

Have fun and fly safely.

Dick VanGrunsven

VAF Family
Newest RV owner!!

Hello fellow RV owners.

I just wanted to introduce myself to other RV owners. I just purchased an RV-6A (N426JM) originally built by Howard Jenkins.  I have it hangared at Gillespie in Sky Harbor Hangars. Hangar D-7 if you are in the area stop on by! Look for me at future fly-ins, cause next to flying, eating is a favorite hobby!!!

Special Thanks to:

Reuven Silberman for doing my RV transition training!
Ed Holyoke and Mike Phillips for conducting my Pre-Purchase inspection!
Bill Judge for agreeing to let some strange guy come pick his brain about RVs and storage at Gillespie.

Look forward to meeting more of you!


Dan Thompson (San Diego)

Airventure 2011 video form Argentina

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
Gemini orders open! ...TruTrak's Lucas

As of today you can place an order for the Gemini ADI and PFD units. ADI delivery will be in October and PFD in November. Thanks!

Totally Off Topic

Parenting Fail.


Forum Wisdom

Thu, Sep 1, 2011.  1108z
 0859 Wednesday morning 'FIFI' flew over my house - well, I didn't know it was FIFI until I raised the blinds.  The (4) hybrid Curtiss-Wright engines got my attention.  I just had time to grab a camera on my desk and get off one shot (at right).  That's my motto: "Always keep a camera ready in case the world's only flying B-29 flies over."  I need to clean that window.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

September Calendar Wallpaper Online ...finally some rain in N. Texas.

It rained the other day in N. Texas, for the first time in about a billion days.  Nothing heavy, you could see through it.  But it was enough to make a guy stop what he was doing and go out to the airport to crank up the plane - just so he could fly around in it for a bit.  Dallas is on its 66th day of 100°+F temps this year.

On a northerly heading at 1800' MSL on the west side of Lake Lewisville.  In and out of light showers.  dr

Midwest LSA Expo ...RV-12s will be there

Welcome Cleaveland Aircraft Tool ...their ad will live in the 'Older VAF News' section

Team RV 2012 - "Made in America" ...Ron Schreck

"Here it is! Team RV is proud to present our 2012 video teaser. There are still six more air shows featuring Team RV this year and we expect an even bigger schedule in 2012. Visit us on the web at for more information. And we sure would like to meet you if you make it to one of our shows."


Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
New Video Tip from SynergyAir ...SafeAir Pitot-Static Systems


Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Thoughts after first Condition Inspection ...Ken K (RV-8)

157 hours after first flight and I've just about completed my first RV8 condition inspection.

First Impressions: Fairly easy to maintain and inspect compared to other planes I've built and owned.

Things I'd do different if still building knowing what I know now:

1. Add an inspection cover to the aft baggage shelf to avoid having to remove all those screws to inspect the elevator linkages and tail cone (especially un-fun in the Florida August heat)

2. Add 1/4" u-channel rubber along the rear seat back edge to prevent scratching the paint along the bulkhead and the canopy handle - I just added this today.

3. Add inspection covers to the center section of the fwd baggage compartment for quick and easy access to the rudder pedals and brake assembly. Removing all the screws in the far aft corner area wasn't fun - I did this already.

4. Make the landing gear tower mod for easier access to the landing gear bolts. I still haven't done this and want to punch myself in the stomach over it.

5. Don't forget to run the fuel lines dry after you shut-off the fuel valve when preparing to remove and inspect the fuel filter - DOH! Have plenty of rags and paper towels in the cockpit if you do.

6. Use the shortest screws possible when securing access panels (1 or 2 threads showing is good). For some reason I had screws in most of my panels which were about 1/4 too long. All this does is make for a ton of extra work.

I spent the entire month of August going through the inspection focussing on one section at a time and never taking the plane out of service. I continued flying between inspections. I was able to still have fun and never had trouble seeing the trees through the forest (or something like that).

The only issue I found was a little wear on the both the inboard and outboard wheel spacers which I'm a little perplexed about to be honest.

my .02

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From ACS...

Totally Off Topic

Nailed It