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Fri Aug 30  1142z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Good Day Sunshine

Fresh out of GLO Custom and enjoying the Texas Sun.
....more pics of this RV-10

Wallpaper Calendar for Sept.
...Alvord Desert (Stephen Christopher photo).  What a GREAT photo!!!

Factory closed Next Monday ...Labor Day
  "Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web Orders placed after 12PM noon (Pacific Time) on Friday, August 30th will be processed on Tuesday September 3rd."

AF-5000 Series Manual Update v 2.12

Matt Burch (RV-7) got his blog up to date
....read on.

Rocket Airshow Video

Register for Larry Vetterman's Badlands Fly-in that is coming up.
....call (605) 890-0525 to register if you haven't already. Thread

Panel Finished...Pat Hatch

Garmin 37x Cockpit Display v8.3 released

Tom, Bonnie and Gang Continue

Tina's current specials:



Thu Aug 29  1134z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Left to right:  ...ordered for my daughter and two friends.  Click to enlarge.
   The 'I am a freshman at SMU' version....for daughter Audrey.
   The 'I am a Naval Aviator' version...for Gary Platner (USN ret.)
   The 'I am a Marine' version...for Jerry Lawlor (USMC ret.)

   Jerry wanted me to tell you that his is best.

fmi: About the caps | VAF Charity Section

Thanks again for helping make the VAF Forums the RV resource that it is.
  Poking around in GoogleAnalytics last night revealed that there have been just at 15,000,000 pageviews served up to over a half million unique visitors so far this year.  We're on track for twenty million by the end of December.
  The RV community communicates!
  Thanks again for spending part of your busy day here. 

Oil Hatch bulging in flight
  I made the first flight of my RV-8 the other day and noted that the hinge side of the oil door bulges out slightly due to air pressure. I have used the hidden hinge and the standard vans latch fittings without the wing nut ears. Is there a good way to stiffen the door? I have thought about adding a small piece of channel to the underside of the door or possibly installing a couple more of the push and turn fasteners at the hinge corners.

High Oil Temp
  I am running a ECI O-360-A2A built by Aero Sport Power. I have about 20 hours on it in a RV7A and always have very high oil temperature. I have check most of the normal items that may cause this and finally decided to check the vernatherm. It appears to be operating properly when heated in water but when I checked the seat in my angle oil filter adapter it appears to have the port labeled by the ECI instructions as 'Return from Oil Cooler" partially blocked by a gasket.
  Is this normal or is the gasket improperly installed or incorrect?

  The hole that is partially covered by the gasket is the return from the oil cooler passage.

Paint booth- How does it look?
  It took about 2 hours to put together. Any thoughts on the design? I think that I will put some plywood on the bottom to keep paint off the floor of the garage.

RV-6 First Flight! ...Rod Schneider
  Today at 12:30PM Eastern Daylight Time, my RV-6, N164ME, took to the air for the first time! Thanks to Jim Lawrence for performing the flight for me, and also Scott Will, who flew me in his RV-7 as a chase plane.
  The flight lasted 30 minutes over Cherokee County Airport (KCNI) in North Georgia, during which the 3.0 liter Subaru H6 performed flawlessly. The plane has a slightly heavy left wing and needs a touch of right rudder, so there will be a little adjusting to do. A second, 45 minute flight this evening also went great.
  Thanks also to Vic Syracuse, who performed DAR duties yesterday, and Jenny Estes at NationAir, who was super fast getting an insurance policy activated on the plane.
  It's been a good day!

Be in Van's 2014 Calendar!

September Sport Aviation Online

Children of Magenta
  A '97 AAL safety seminar video concerning airplane cockpit automation.  The speaker is an RV-8 builder/owner.

First flight (8 yrs old!) ...odlee
  Interesting paper by our grandson. They were told to not worry about spelling, just tell a story. I must say he has possibilities as a fiction writer!



Wed Aug 28  1154z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

My Wife.
  Susie was interviewed a few weeks back by someone interested in the yoga non-profit for cancer patients and survivors that she started with her friend Pam.  The article went online yesterday, she forwarded me the link.
  If you would like a peak behind the curtain of what motivates my wife every day, I would be honored if you took a moment to read the article.  It was written by Rob Schware, Executive Director, Give Back Yoga Foundation.
  I'm lucky to have her in my life.  VAF would not exist without her. 

fmi: www.yogabridge.org

Alex and Rob

  Yesterday Alex DeDominicis (L) dropped his RV-7 off at Richmond Aircraft Service for an annual (N.Texas).  You all know Alex.  Rob Reece (R), budding SteinAir shirt model, gave Alex a ride back home in Scott Toornburg's RV-7.  Rob is on the insurance and is completing his RV-8.  If you didn't know, Rob's dad is Bob Reece.  Chief Judge, EAA Airventure and Chairman, EAA Judging Standards Committee.  Rob co-wrote the software the judges use, and my cube was near his cube for a decade at the old corporate gig.
  One time at OSH, while resting with Rob/Bob in the air-conditioned judging trailer, I asked Bob who was the most interesting fellow to come in the trailer for a visit.  "Neil Armstrong, his son was a judge for awhile and he would stop by.  Sat right there in that chair for an hour - we mostly talked about aircraft judging."
  You meet the most interesting people via the RV hobby...

My longest X-country yet- KPAE(Seattle) to KSTS(Sonoma), over San Francisco, and back ...AirShowFan

Don't mess w/Bruce Swayze's plane <g>

Scroll's Chair ...Sid is building a 7A

Pic from Homecoming

Cub Flying ...N941WR vid (from the RV)

Video RV7 Aerobatics in New Zealand

Petit Jean Mountain 2013 RV Fly-In Camp-In Lodge-In is .... ON Again!!

RV-7A N74WL Joe Gepner ...it begins

R3--Reno Air Races Hangar Party, Saturday 14Sep

Western States Circle Tour ...LarryT
  I left W52 (Goheen Field, Battle Ground, WA) on 8-3-13, returning on 8-14-13. The route of flight was 1W1 (Grove Field - for fuel), WMC (Winnemucca, NV) - SGU (St. George, UT) - RYN (Tucson) - SEE (El Cajon) - TSP (Tehachapi) - MER (Merced) - CCR (Concord, CA) - O81 (TuleLake, CA)
  Overnight stops were Winnemucca, St. George. Extended stops were Tucson where I visited my Dad, who turns 93 in October, El Cajon to visit my son, daughter-in-law and celebrate my grandson's first birthday (He weighs 26 lbs.! and has already been jokingly "recruited" by a high school football coach) and Concord to visit my sister.
  I was also fortunate to stop at Merced to visit Ed Banks, the former owner of N544WB, from whom I purchased the plane sight unseen. Ed turned out to be just the kind of great person I thought he was when were negotiating the sale by e-mail and telephone. It was wonderful to finally get to meet him.

RV-10 Panel Status ...Aiki Aviator

Watsonville Fly-In and Airshow
  ...factory FB site
  "Join Van's Aircraft this weekend at the WatsonVille Fly-In and Airshow Aug 31 thru Sept 1. The RV-14 will be on display there along with The West Coast Ravens RV Formation Team!"

Musi iOS app ...all the free music you can stand for when you're in your shop building...or on the treadmill working up your G-tolerance.
  My daughter told me about this (popular at the college).  Search for a band you like (I searched for Stone Temple Pilots first, and immediately found a 1.5hr concert).  It produces a list of YouTube videos with their music.  Search for the word 'concert' if you want a rather long list.  Or 'unplugged'.
  Click 'Add Song' if one interests you.
  That's all there is to it.  You're not downloading the music, only saving a link to that YouTube video.  You can turn off the screen and just listen to the music.  Shuffle.  Add playlists.  Etc.
  A trick is to look at the length of the video (those over an hour are probably live concerts or entire albums).
  Might not be free forever, but it is for now.  Make sure you're in a WiFi bubble, or have an unlimited data plan, as it chews data.  Free app.
  Thank my daughter if you haven't heard of this and end up enjoying it.
fmi:  http://feelthemusi.com  

Proof of Enjoyment

Trim went to full up during run-up?
This has happened to me only a couple of times in about 130 hours now...

Sometime after engine start, during taxi or run-up, my pitch trim has run to full up, despite not having touched the trim button on the stick *at all*. I noticed it after run-up (during which I keep the stick full aft), because it's a checklist item (pitch/roll trim set).

It's a Ray Allen trim servo, and Ray Allen stick grip with push-button trim buttons, wired just as diagramed by RAC.

It's disconcerting, has never happened at any other time though...and I have no idea if I can reproduce it.


My initial (ridiculous) thought was the the aerodynamic forces from run-up are moving the tab, but that can't be, can it???

ETA: Trim position is indicated via Dynon Skyview, wired as diagrammed/per Dynon installation manual.


Tue Aug 27  1136z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

First engine start and "Oh! That's what those 2 wires were for! ...w/video.

RV Hotel List Updated
  There might be some data drop in this latest rendition.  VAF is transitioning from my daughter updating it (she's now in college) back to me doing it.  Tate just started helping out with lawn, so I figured, you know, baby steps.

BK8000 borescope first images ...turbo
  i have been lookn for a scope to see the valves in my engine. here is a $1,000 scope from snapon made in china. it can view 90 degrees off the head.
  the picks are from a cylinder i borrowed from my mechanic. the test went great and i plan on keeping the unit. love the features and it connects up to the mac to transfer images.
  cant wait to see inside my 360, 540, 582 and other places.

From the 'Ways to keep people off your airplane at fly-ins' thread
   ...Sometime later in the day, having wandered away from the Mustang yet again, John came back to find the same man up on the wing this time. The kid was actually sitting in the cockpit, pretending to fly and talking into what he took to be the radio mike.
  "Sir, you really shouldn't let your son do that."
  "Blah blah blah I paid to get in blah blah whatever I want blah blah..."
  "Sir, that's not a radio, it's a relief tube. I pee in that."

Video of Bristol NASCAR Flyover Last Saturday Night
   ...Team AeroDynamix

New One!!!
  We flew Mark Yellen's RV-8 this morning. He has been working on it for about 5 years. It flew straight and true. And will be very fast, once we get all the pants and fairings on.
  I did the first flight, with Roy Geer flying chase in the 'Borrowed Horse' . Mark was in the rear of the 'Horse' taking pictures.
No Runs! No Drips! No Errors! that is #43 for me and my team here at RV Central. Wow! what a run.
  Thanks Mark, Roy, Carol, and Steve!!! We have a winner in this plane.
Jay Pratt

DAR says OK ...Burke Wick RV-8 Alaska
   I had my inspection yesterday, Sunday August 25th and now have my pink certificate and operating area limitations in the plane. Thanks to Rob Russell (DAR) for the inspection and comments on construction quality. He really was impressed with all the riveting, driven by my wife Peggy and bucked by me. I started construction on October 31st 2010 and completed well, now. My build hours were 1,357. First flight on Monday the 26th now planned. This website has been instrumental in helping solve many problems and questions I have had during the build. Thanks everyone. Will post some photos later.

That Dancin' Nosegear
  "...Watch the first minute on takeoff and the last minute on landing especially.
   The stuff in the middle is just boring tuft testing and gathering some pressure/ velocity/ temp data on the scoop."

Morning sickness? ...w/video
  My engine runs rough for 20-30 seconds after cold start. Based on the sound in the video and the EGT chart, could this be a sticky #3 exhaust valve? Note the CHTs appear normal. Engine is an Aero Sport IO-540-D4A5 w/ Lightspeed Plasma + Slick Mag. 230 hrs SNEW. Thanks for any advice.


Mon Aug 26  1133z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
(from my Mom re: Team AeroDynamix fly-over at Bristol NASCAR race Saturday)
 "...If you get the chance, please pass on to the guys they thrilled a lot of people, and give them our thanks and appreciation for a job well done."  Mom was well pleased.

Years of RV Enjoyment ...more proof (Turbo's worn in pedals).

RV-12 S-LSA Photo Mission - Ken
   ...factory FB page
  "A few weeks ago, I learned that British aviation photographer Ed Hicks and his wife were vacationing in the Puget Sound.  Back at Van’s, we were bemoaning the fact that we had no good air-to-air photos of a fully dressed-out S-LSA RV-12.   Down in Eugene, SynergyAir were finishing up another pair of airplanes and would install the wheel fairings before we picked them up.  This looked like three legs that would hold up a stool, so I hatched a plan."  continue

Some more S-LSA pics from Ed Hicks

How do I get my G tolerance back?
  So I just bought an RV-8 (had an RV-4 years ago) and got my tailwheel skills back within the ball park, but I've got no G tolerance to speak of... and I used to be good for 3.5 - 4 Gs with little to no effort.
  Then I started thinking about it:
* Just turned 64
* Back surgery a year ago
* Abdominal surgery a year before that
I think that the two surgeries clobbered my core / upper body strength. Going back to gym and working with heavy weights is not likely to be permissible, so the most likely alternatives seem to be 2G turns, then 2.5G, etc.
  Anybody got any better ideas? Not ready to go to the long wing RVs quite yet...

First Condition Inspection - Happy Birthday Al ...Scott Elhardt
  I finished my first condition inspection today - man that's a lot of work!
  We took a moment to celebrate Al's first birthday. Got him some Aeroshell and a new filter, he seemed to like it.

ForeFlight Mobie 5.3 Plate Overlay

I fly for pie...humptybump
  Sometimes you find yourself in the enviable position of having all your chores done and left to your own to fill an afternoon. It's even more rare when the weather deities have chosen that same afternoon to bestow dry air, light winds and only the puffiest of cotton ball clouds. ...

Paine Field to Calgary ...Troy Branch -10
  Here is a video link of our flight home this week. We left on Friday for Seattle and came home Tuesday. We cleared custom in Spokane, then on to Yakima to visit Cub Crafters and lunch. Then on to Paine field. We toured Seattle and flew out to Friday Harbor for a boat tour. (You go no where in a boat) After that we did an evening flight back to Paine around the Islands. It is a beautiful place. Next day we left for home. This video is our day on Tuesday. It was a fun day. Its a long video, love it or hate it .

Armchair Flying ...two videos by CharlieWaffles.  One from the cockpit and the other from the tail tiedown.

Airworthiness Certificate Issued
...Dwight Frye -7
  I tend to be quiet on most forums (this one included), but thought I'd share a bit of news. After almost 12 years of building (I'm slow, so sue me!) my RV-7 got it's airworthiness certificate yesterday. I had Bob Wood (DAR) perform the inspection. His price was quite reasonable, and he actually gave the plane a fairly thorough inspection. He was extremely enjoyable to work with, and I very much appreciated his attention to detail and willingness to share his experience. All in all, it was a great visit.
  I now have the pink slip and my operating limitations in my hot little hands. I need to put the plane back together, address a few lingering issues, and get her ready to fly. I ordered my empennage kit on August 29, 2001, did the first work on the plane on September 13, 2001, and set the first rivets the next night. Next stop, first flight.

GRT Autopilot PIREP ...Jim Lewellyn

Oil Funnels ...Glen's take.

RV-12 Bullsession ...Tony T.
  Usually August in the Northwest can be depended on for good flying weather. Our planned RV-12 Bullsession was scheduled today and it was 800 foot overcast at KPWT this morning at 0800, with a prospect of some clearing and scattered showers later in the day. By 1100, three ships were on the ramp, two that are based PWT and one that flew the ILS on an IFR flight plan. The instrument aircraft is Dan Masys in the center of the picture. (continue)

Tom and Bonnie ...continued.

Cross Country Air Race Point Standings as of 8-24-13

Cracked Windshield ...Larry Brown -8

Cleco holder: Anyone try this?
  I was thinking about a way to have easy access to clecos while using them.
  Anyone ever use a shot gun shell holder on a belt? Like the one in the link below

Teaser ...more to come.

Off Topic...

My daughter starts classes today at SMU.  The kids at 'fish camp' took this picture Saturday.  If you feel like sending some good mojo her way, I'd surely appreciate it.  Tate starts 7th grade today, too.  He's got it nailed.  No worries on the tater.

Click on the photo to see which one Audrey says was her.


Fri Aug 23  1141z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Bill Gossen RV-3 ...recently purchased (more pics)

EAA Founder Passes at Age 91

EAA Founder Paul Poberezny Passes at Age 91 ...eaa thread

A Legend goes west ...vaf thread

Four Years Down ...Bruce Hill
  Back from my summer vacation. Hit the 4 year mark of building while I was away. Came home and had some seats waiting for me.  They still need to be upholstered, but they sure are comfortable.

OSH 2013 RV Award Winners
     ...factory FB page

NASA | From the Cockpit: The Best of IceBridge Arctic '13 ...video
  The views from the cockpit of NASA's P-3B aircraft on an Operation IceBridge campaign are truly stunning. The mission doesn't travel to both ends of the Earth for the scenery of course -- the airborne mission is there to collect radar, laser altimetry, and other data on the changing ice sheets, glaciers, and sea ice of the Arctic and Antarctic. But for those of us who aren't polar pilots, here's a selection of some of the best footage from the forward and nadir cameras mounted to the aircraft taken during IceBridge's spring deployment over Greenland and the Arctic Ocean.

  IceBridge, a six-year NASA mission, is the largest airborne survey of Earth's polar ice ever flown. It will yield an unprecedented three-dimensional view of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, ice shelves and sea ice. These flights will provide a yearly, multi-instrument look at the behavior of the rapidly changing features of the Greenland and Antarctic ice. Data collected during IceBridge will help scientists bridge the gap in polar observations between NASA's Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) -- in orbit since 2003 -- and ICESat-2, planned for late 2015. ICESat stopped collecting science data in 2009, making IceBridge critical for ensuring a continuous series of observations. IceBridge will use airborne instruments to map Arctic and Antarctic areas once a year. The first IceBridge flights were conducted in March/May 2009 over Greenland and in October/November 2009 over Antarctica. Other smaller airborne surveys around the world are also part of the IceBridge campaign.

Hat Sighting ...Ed Hicks photo
  "Spotted on Joe Blank's head during the Van's photoshoot for the new SLSA-12..."


Thu Aug 22  1148z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Random formation pics ...Brent Owens

My daughter in her dorm room (dropped her off yesterday at SMU).  I am, as are Susie and Tate, emotional wrecks.  A happy sad.  I get to drop some things off she left at the house in three days.  72 hours and counting...(sigh).
  Thanks for the kind notes and emails of support yesterday.  

Around Lake Michigan ...Vlad
  Tour around Lake Michigan was my dream for years. On my way to Oshkosh 2006 we drove around it but didn't see much from the road. I told myself after my RV is airworthy I would fly around it. And I did in 2013. It took Saturday all day and most of Sunday. Weather was perfect VRF as usual. Below is a loose slideshow with some subtitles. There will be some pictures looking rather provocative but they were planned and no safety was compromised.

Tip-up top deck clean-up ...Stephen

Lets go to the Lake ...Weasel

I think you will like this picture ...Bill F.

1st Solo at Van's! ...factory FB page
We had another 'First' here today at the mother ship... Congratulations to Van's engineer Mike Schwartz after soloing in one of the S-LSA RV-12's this morning! Mike has been taking flight training in his spare time in one of the new factory S-LSA RV-12's that is located on the field here at KUAO. Of course, in his usual engineering style, Mike greased the landing and made the 1st exit off of the runway. Well done and way to go Mike!

RV-12 Service Bulletin: 13-08-08


Wed Aug 21  0140z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

A short note of thanks from Audrey Reeves...our daughter, college freshman.

  "To the advertisers and all who have donated yearly here at VansAirForce.net over the years, a very enthusiastic THANK YOU for helping this website grow into what it has become today. Through your financial support, my dad was able to work from home these past seven years and I was able to spend more time with him than I ever thought possible. I am so, so thankful and honored to know that this time was given to us through the kindheartedness of others.

  My classes start Monday (already???), and I want to thank all of you for helping make the start of my higher education journey possible. The support you have given me now, in high school, and throughout my entire life is unmatched, and I don’t know where I would be today without it.

Thank you all again, and know that I’ll be working my hardest at SMU this fall and beyond.  I'm sure Dad will keep you in the loop regarding my grades.  :^)

Audrey Reeves
(the ‘AR’ in Dad’s N617AR)
SMU Freshman

PS: For those of you who are interested, as of right now I’m a Biochemistry major/French minor with the intent of pursuing medical research. I say ‘as of right now’ because I’ve already changed my major from biology to biomedical engineering to chemistry to biochemistry. I’m not really 100% sure what I want to do yet, but I do know that I love, love, LOVE science!"

[ed.  Susie and I drop our first born off at college today.  Only a 39min drive to the south, it's near where I worked when she was born.  Susie, Tate and I are planning on (hopefully) weekly trips down to take her out to dinner somewhere, in lieu of our family's usual Wednesday night Tex Mex date.
   She has been taught since she was young that many, many folks (most of whom she will neither meet or know) have invested in her future through our family business with their hard earned dollars.  As our family starts this emotional day, we want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our family's product...and her future.  Audrey is continuing down the path of becoming a productive, loving, respectful member of society, and her mother and father could not be more pleased (or grateful).  God Bless you all.
& Susie.]

(I can now say)
My daughter and nearly all of our money now go to...


Can this garage rash be repaired?

Starter Interlock ...Vertical Power
We received feedback in this thread and other threads that builders would like some sort of security feature on the starter circuit.
  Below are two ideas - what do you think? Any preference?
  A small keypad and status light...

  A keyfob - press the button and the starter is enabled. We can also include a status light for the instrument panel.

My new rocking chair, because a guy's gotta relax ....Paul Tuttle
This ejection seat was in my shop the entire time I was building my 8. I sat in it many times in those days. I thought it was fitting to have it at the airport now that my plane is flying. I decided to build a rocking base for it and as it turns out it's pretty comfortable. The seat is out of a F-101 Voodoo. It will be here for the Stanley fly-in. We're thinking 5 cents to sit in it 10 cents if you want to eject and a buck if you want to eject with a chute.

Does this look right for a 7?...BillL
I have seen the prop gov bracket pointed, well, differently, so how does this look? It seems the Hartzell gov has 12 holes, so it can only be moved 30deg to the right or left.

Garmin's New Action Camera

George Fox (RV-7) at his day night job


Tue Aug 20  1147z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

  Yesterday I saw six deer (three bucks for sure, possibly four) during a short nine minute flight around the patch for proficiency.  Cruddy iPhone pic below that Photoshop couldn't save - the only camera I had on me.  I won't tell you where they are, but they were less than 4.5 minutes from my field.  I like 'hunting' them with the camera. ;^)
  I gotta keep a better lens on me than the iPhone, and put it in the front shirt pocket as part of the pre-takeoff checklist.  One never knows.
  Anywho, make way for deer below...and good Tuesday to ya. 

(click to enlarge)

Eagle's Nest - 4 New Project Starts
  ...R.E. Butcher

Rocky Mountain Renegades @ KBJC
   Airshows are magical places if you let them be. Kids have no problem doing that. The Rocky Mountain Airshow concluded this past weekend at KBJC (just NW of Denver). It was fun to watch young and old enjoy the excitement of being around airplanes of all types…. From powered parachutes to FiFi, the only B-29 left flying. The Rocky Mountain Renegades performed an 8 ship show all three days. We have 7 RV’s and a Giles 202 on the team. The RV series are truly amazing machines that can do it all!!!! (and Steve your Giles 202 is no slouch either!). I haven't heard what attendance was this year , but last year was over 60,000. (pics)

LOE'13 Hotel Info ...Russ Daves
  HOTEL INFO - Advise Reservation Person LOE Fly In Rate

All Rates include tax:

Holiday Inn Express: (970) 663-0057
$95.99 /night - or - $109.99 /night for a suite

Candlewood Suites: (970) 667-5444
$84 /night (No Breakfast)

Embassy Suites: 1-800-362-2779
2 room Suite - $129 (Includes airport shuttle, breakfast and cocktails at open
hosted bar)

Hotel rooms are filling up quickly, it is recommended you make your
reservations immediately.

If staying at the Holiday Inn or Candewood Suites local pilots will provide shuttle service to and from hotel. Phone Number to call for pickup from hotel will be given out at Registration.

Texas heat and a makeshift outdoor hangar! ...Gary Robertson (Arlington, TX)
It was finally time to test fit the wings, and to match drill the flaperon torque tubes. As I mentioned in an earlier post, while my shop is 1200', based on the layout I still didn't have room to mate the wings. So like thousands of others before me, it was time to move the project outside to do the work. Keep in mind that the Texas heat in August can be brutal, not to mention it will make your beer get way too hot when working outdoors. So I decided to use my new $44 portable 'hangar' from Academy Sports and Outdoors
  My wife and I installed the wings and they fit perfectly! The spar stubs mated up great and there is no noticeable play in the wings / stubs. I match drilled the flaperon torque tubes, then removed the wings and moved back inside. A successful day!

  Note: Some dude in a silver RV-something or other, with black and white military bars/stripes painted on the bottom of the wings, saw my project from aloft. He passed over my house, must have noticed it was odd that an airplane was in this guys back pasture, and hooked a 180 to come back for another look. It was pretty funny. Based on his heading, I'd bet he was going back to NW Regional or Hicks.

Looks better all together! ...mkaratsonyi

Latest construction shots ...crabandy


Mon Aug 19  1157z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Chris Pratt on the way to OSH'13 (Jerry Lawlor on the wing)

Made it back to 66S this weekend
   ...Kris had to catch up on some work stuff, but I got a kitchen pass to go to the SARL race in Couer d 'Alene(KCOE). Going over was going to be rough with afternoon build-ups and 90+ temps. But finally left around 5pm.... 1.5hrs later I was at the Prerace BBQ at KCOE. 45 people I think and a mountain of succulent BBQ ribs.

Badlands update thread
 - (From Larry Vetterman) For anyone arriving on Thursday 9/5/13, we have a limited number of vehicles and drivers available to take anyone up to Mt. Rushmore on Friday. This transportation is being made available by some church members, so they are asking for a donation to the church to cover the costs. Plan on leaving the motel @ 9 am Friday morning. Thursday arrivals can plan on an evening meal at Wolleys restaurant. MUST contact Larry Vetterman at 605 890 0525 to make advance arrangements.
(From Russ) I suggest that a reasonable donation considering the costs of a car, gas, and driver for a good portion of the day should be at least $100.00 per vehicle. Hopefully 3-4 people will be able to split such cost.

New Pilot! Congratulations to my son!
  Yesterday my son Christopher had his check ride and earned his PPL. I'm so proud of him. A happy day in a father's life.

Son takes the controls for the first time
...Bill R.
  Last Sunday my son, who turns 5 in a few months, and I went flying.
  Nothing big about that since he has been flying in the -9 since before he was born.
  The current configuration is to add two inches of padding under the right side cushion, removing the seat back cushion, and placing him and his booster seat on top. The shoulder harnesses go through the hooks of the booster seat and the sub strap keeps the entire thing and mini-me from moving forward.
  The stick remains in place because some time back he complained when I removed it, even though he wouldn't touch it and when I offered to let him fly he refused because he didn't know how.
  Well, Sunday was different and he asked to take the stick for the first time.
  I think it might have been that for the first time he realized he could see over the instrument panel and out the sides, but I'm not sure.
  He very gently and smoothly took the stick and started a slow right hand turn toward a lake he wanted to see. Then he made some smooth left and right hand turns, pushed forward and back, all very smooth, giggling all the time.
  He did much better than many Young Eagle passengers (and adult pilots) I have had in the plane.
  Too quickly it was time to land and put the plane away.
  For some reason we never mentioned it to mom; however, later the next night I reminded him that he had flown the plane for the first time.
  Keep in mind he is not yet five years old.
  After telling him how good he did with the airplane he blurted out, "I was about to roll it but you took the controls away from me!"
  Oh boy, am I ever in trouble!

Panel ...Greg Puckett

OSH 2013 pics ...Jim P.

Panel getting close ...Robert Cutter

Comes with baggage ...Smokey

How many RVs do you count?

Exp Aircraft Services "Member Profile" in AEA magazine

The Obligatory First Engine Start Video- N9459RV ...David C.
  Last week we weighed the RV 10 empty and then full of fuel. Couldn't think of a good reason not to do an engine start so we pulled it out of the hanger and gave it a try. Not so much of a sputter on the first few tries so we disconnected the fuel line at the servo and bled the air out, then did the same at the spider. This time she came to life almost immediately. The engine came out of a 2001 Maule wreck that suffered a mild prop strike with only 291 hour's TTSN. My building buddy Thane and I did the tear down and reassembly following the Lycoming overhaul manual and prop strike procedures. The only repair needed was to straighten the prop flange on the crankshaft that was .007" out. I had the rods re-bushed while they were in the shop for inspection and reassembled using new crankshaft rod bearings. New rod bolts/ nuts and a gasket set. The required inspections, repair, and new parts set me back less than $3K. A new or rebuilt engine was not in my budget and I was fortunate (lucky) to get a late model low time engine. Today we were able to do a little taxi testing which was pretty cool in my book.

My new bullet proof rudder lock...scard
  Over the last six years and 1300 hours, I've turned my fair share of stainless wire gust locks into pretzels. Some of those times I wondered if I would ever get the "gust lock" separated from the airplane, and the rudder unlocked, it was waded up so well. All the while thinking to myself that I'm insane to keep repeating a known failure condition. I finally got off my lazy butt and took an hour to fix it right. This locks it solid whereby the next failure point is the rudder stop.
For those of you with little tiny rudders, understand that the -9 and -7 rudder is Huge! It requires a substantial gust lock. I think next I'll make up some other sort of contraption for the other side .
  Yes, it was made out of the mighty pile of scrap tubing that I prepared special for Dan over the last few months

RV-14 T-Shirt ...new factory item.

Almost Hat Sighting
...Rate of Climb 13.64'/min
  I am sorry I forgot to put on my VAF cap, it was in my pack. Your VAF readers might be interested in a climb I made of Mt St Helens in WA state on Thursday Aug 15, 2013. It was 4 days after my 62 birthday and one week after completing my transition training with Mike Seager in Vernonia, OR. The trail and climb is approximately 4.5 miles and 4500 elevation gain. I made it in 5.5 hours which equates to an average vertical rate of climb of 13.64’/min. Completion of the climb was NOT a given. The trail was strewn with boulders, sweat, doubt, exhaustion, stumbles, lots of rock and volcanic ash. Our party consisted of my two sons, my sister, a niece and a friend. I was going to take a picture with my VAF cap on when we finally reached the summit (8331’) but it was shrouded in the clouds, totally IFR and we took a quick photo op of the group and began our descent which took another 3.5 hours (vertical rate of descent of 21.4’/min) for a total of 9 hours on the trail. Picture attached is about 7300’ and starting into the cloud layer. I am definitely putting climb Mt St Helens on my bucket list so I can cross it off. No plans to repeat!
Dave Paradis RV-8

Panel Update Status ...Patch Hatch
  Slowly grinding my way to the end of this project. All wiring is done, final assembly in process. Next step is installing boxes and the configuration and calibration process, but I have a trip up north for the coming week, so, alas, it will have to wait until the following week. I began the project on June 23rd so two months to here and my target completion date (first flight) is September 1st. Actually, I am still waiting for the GDL 39R to be delivered which should be while I'm gone, so that will work out well. It's all wired and provisioned for, so it will be just a matter of making the connector and bolting it in. My only complaint is that I could have used an air conditioned hangar!

  Oh yeah, I did flip on both masters and all seems OK to this point. Also was able to put a charger on both batteries all day (I used two dual-purpose cigarette lighters on the lower right for aux power and charging the batteries).

RV Time Tops My Log Book...pmccoy




Fri Aug 16  1206z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Haley-batics #2 ...Jon Thocker video

  This the sequel to my video of 3 years ago with my daughter.  This time around we:
Are wearing "chutes".  Are over open farmland.  Above 1,500 ft AGL.  At least 500 ft from any structure.  Not under a federal airway
  Also, if I had time to figure out how to edit these things I would, and I apologize for my daughters mild expletive in advance.
  Otherwise enjoy!

Big Sky Air Race ...video (Brian post)
  My friend Greg, Zoom Productions was passing through the area when we held the Big Sky Air Race. He couldn't stay for the whole event, but nice some nice footage of the start. Way to go Greg, Quay and Jentry.

Oil louvers: Where to buy or make
  Q: So I mounted my oil cooler on the firewall because of the cracking on the corner angle of the oil cooler mounting as reported. Now I have a 3" scat tubing running from the rear baffle plate to the firewall mounted oil cooler. I would like to install air louvers at the rear baffle plate rather than the bottom of the oil cooler. Thinking if the louvers are at the bottom of the cooler would make the scat tubing always under pressure. Course not sure it even makes a difference so Iam asking your thoughts on the subject.Thanks guys
  A: Van's

  A: Nonstop Av

Pics: Robin's trip to OSH in an Air Cam

Sights from Orcas Island ...Tom and Bonnie RV-10 travels
  We are really enjoying the cool temperatures here on Orcas Island.

RV-9A Baffling, Two front panels around flywheel
  Q: Have my ramps completed. Last two front panels around flywheel appear to be a inch too long. Not sure if I should trim those to be no farther forward then the teeth on the flywheel. Seems my 3 nutplates that hold the two cowl haves together are up against that baffle plate on each side of the flywheel. Does the rubber material need to be fastened that far forward? Also crossed my mind will the flywheel teeth come in contact with that plate at start up or the shut down vibration? Plans pictures are not quite close enough to get a clear picture.
How did you do it and did you modify the plate by trimming the forward edge after flying?

What could it be? ...scard
  I couldn't resist getting out the torch and putting my straw hat back on... What could it be? (other than pure awesomeness of course)


Welcome BRSParachutes.com ...new VAF advertiser

fmi: brsparachutes.com

Recent Press Release: BRS Aerospace
South St. Paul, MN, July 25, 2013 — BRS Aerospace is pleased to announce the availability of a BRS whole-airframe emergency recovery system for the Vans RV-7 and RV-9. The bag deployed system meets the ASTM Standard F 2316-12 for recovery parachutes. The unit is stowed in a specially designed frame suspended from structural aluminum angles spanning the upper aircraft longerons on each side of the aircraft on the back side of the aft baggage bulkhead. It deploys out of the right side of the fuselage behind the wing and angled upwards.

“We are very excited to release this installation to the Vans Aircraft market,” says BRS Aerospace CEO, Larry E. Williams. “We listened to the customer base and responded”. Our most frequently request for an installation is on a Vans Aircraft – BRS Aerospace answered with the installation kit you see today that incorporates key features to allow the kit builder to perform the installation. “I am very proud of our designers and engineers who crafted such a well-thought out solution for the Vans RV-7 and -9,” Mr. Williams added.

BRS Aerospace will display the RV-9 installation on a fuselage at its booth during EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh next week.

Since 1981, BRS has delivered more than 30,000 parachute systems to aircraft owners worldwide, including over 3,500 systems on FAA-certificated aircraft. To date, BRS parachute recovery systems have been credited with saving the lives of 299 pilots and passengers. To promote this new installation, BRS Aerospace is offering a corresponding $299 discount to customers who place an order and put down a deposit on the system during AirVenture.

The installation kit for the RV-7/9 series is now offered for sale with a lead-time of approximately 6-8 weeks after placement of the order.




Thu Aug 15  1201z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

RV work sidelined for a day by some guy in a Stearman

Gary 'Plaster' Platner: USN '67-'87: A-7, F-8, F-4 and retired SWA smiles at the idiot line boy (me).

  After pushing out the site yesterday morning, then dropping Tate off at band camp, I pulled into the airport around 09:30 for an hour or two of RV annual work and/or time on the treadmill and other pain-inflicting, life-extending devices.  Robert was there working on his -8A when I pulled up.  Couple minutes exchanging pleasantries and then a short walk over to Randy's hangar to check in w/the usual suspects.  Gary Platner was needing another set of hands to help push out the '43 Stearman he owns a 1/4th share of.  He owns a fourth of a yellow RV-8 also.  Moved RVs out on the ramp to make room (I had my splash image for today in the bag - click to enlarge).
  "Can you ride the brakes and throttle while I hand prop it?"  Sure.  Hot, cracked and brakes.  "Wanna ride up to the pump with me?"  Sure.  "Hand the hose up to me after I climb up here?"  Sure.  Hot, cracked and brakes again.
  "Want to do a takeoff?"  Why, yes.  Yes I do.
  Gary knows my RV-6 has been flying since 2002 and that I fly a '46 J3 every now and then (he flies it, too).  "Stick forward as you add the power in and the rest is like the Cub."  Just like he said, the only strange sensation was the rudder pedals felt like they were three feet apart.  Acceleration was somewhere between the RV-6 and the Cub, as was control feel.  Gave the plane back to Gary on climbout and enjoyed a five minute, low level tour of some area creeks with a shower off in the distance.  Pic at right.  I pulled up MyRadarPro on my iPhone so we could say we had 'radar in the Stearman'.  Localized wet in the area.
  "You want to do the landing?"  No thanks this round.  Thought it might be smart to see the flare sight picture done right first.  It was somewhere between the RV and the Cub, again, so I'm fairly confident I could do it without making the cows go inverted -  even with my butter fingers.  The pedals were moving around about like the Cub's.  More than the RV-6.  I wonder if a T-6 would be much different...or a Corsair.
  Work done on the RV: none.  Time on the treadmill: zero point zero.  Lunches bought for Gary a couple hours later: one.
  The RV community came through again - this time with my first Stearman takeoff.  It was a good day.  Thanks Plaster. 

Up and away - first flight ...Steve Melton 9a - Cincinnati, OH
  RV-9A first flight. Special thanks to Bill Duffy, Jon Thocker and all of the other guys at HAO. I counted 20 RVs on the field, based at HAO, a great community.

August Builder Hangout
  "Mike Lauritsen will be hosting the Cleaveland Aircraft Tool Builder Hangout – Thursday 8/22, 7:30pm CDT. Swing by for discussion on:
1) Proper use of the DRDT and C-Frame for dimpling
2) How to tell a perfect dimple from not quite perfect.
3) How using inferior dies can allow you to make 14,000 mistakes on your airplane."

Glaucoma a problem!
Q: I have been dealing with Glaucoma for many years and have gotten to the point where I need major eye surgery to reduce the presure in the eyes. I know about the surgery and would like to know if anyone has had it and what the results of your recovery netted you. My greatest fear is that I will not have the visual acuity to be capable of landing an aircraft and that the FAA will pull my medical. I have asked the opthomologists and they tend to give a very general non specific reply. Therefore does anyone know of someone who has had the procedure or possibly had it themselves and can give me a little perspective. Thanks.
P.S. Just finished my 7A and had it certified in Oct of 12. 54hours on it now."

A: I have not had the surgery. I am an optometrist who worked for some time with a group of glaucoma specialists. These are difficult questions to address.
  Glaucoma first affects the peripheral field of vision, then in later stages may affect the central vision. If peripheral field loss is significant, passing a medical could be difficult even with good visual acuity.
  As you probably know, if there has been vision loss, the ophthalmologist doesn't expect to restore that vision. Instead, treatment is an attempt to prevent further vision loss. With glaucoma, it is difficult to predict an outcome of treatment, because results are quite variable. But it is easy to predict the result on vision if nothing is done. So if eye drops do not adequately reduce the pressure in the eye, surgery would be the next step, and it often helps. Ideally, your ophthalmologist specializes in treating glaucoma but even so, that doctor will have difficulty predicting an outcome.

A: I'm an Optometrist as well with lots of experience treating Glaucoma and will add a few things.
  Your prognosis depends heavily on the present status of your vision loss and the ability of your care givers to frequently monitor and control the pressure down the road.
  Surgical control of Glaucoma is an ever changing and always debated topic. You will find a variety of surgical approaches employed by different physicians, but I will say that there are some newer procedures that are less invasive and show promise. Therefore I suggest that you are comfortable that your physician is on the cutting edge of research and technology in this field. You might even get a second opinion before undergoing surgery.

In the event of a forced landing, wood or water?
  We were having a discussion the other day regarding "what ifs" in the event of a forced landing. We fly in a rather remote area a lot of the time up here and our options would be land in the trees or land in the water. My personal thoughts are that I'm choosing the trees because they might soften the impact and I don't think I'd like to be upside down in a lake trying to get out of the plane. I hope I never have to make the decision, but it would be nice to have a bit of a pre-plan in case.
  A bad scenario either way, but I'd like to hear your opinions on this.

Found "RVenture!"
...the RV cycle of life.  [ed. If you read the piece here yesterday on Jim Wright selling his RV-9A, this is from the person who purchased it. dr]
A little over a month ago I had posted in the classified section that my father and I were looking for an RV-A model to go on "RVentures" together. I guess Dad decided that after flying with me and listening to me talk about flying that he wanted to be a pilot too. In February of this year, he became a private pilot. Now with this father/son bond, we decided we wanted to buy an airplane together; One that was fast and efficient. We decided we wanted a Van's RV.
  A little back story. Several years ago when I received my certificate, I came to know a gentleman on the field that had just finished building and experimental aircraft. It was sleek looking and fast to boot. At the time I had a partnership in a 172. I had to inquire about building one of these aircraft. He shared a wealth of knowledge with me about Van's aircraft, and the building process and told me to check out the website vansairforce.net.
  Wow, what a resource this site has become for me. Little did I know at the time, it would become the conduit to linking me with the seller of my new aircraft. Thank you Don "Squeak" Schnarr for turning me on to Van's Aircraft and vansairforce.net!
  A couple of years past after getting the bug. I had even taken a builders class at Grov-air, near Indianapolis. I was getting serious to build and talked my Dad into going with me. I was ready, but with three active boys 8,7, and 4, time was going to be difficult to find. My wife shared the concern that she didn't know when I would have time to build. I put off the thought about building for a little while. I even entertained the idea of building a RV-12, just so I could reduce the build time. It probably wouldn't have mattered, but that was my thought process.
  Fast forward, Dad is now a private pilot and he and Mom are now moving back to town. Now was the time to start looking for a flying RV that we can enjoy. I scoured all the trade classifieds and looked at the ads here on this site. I posted a WTB ad in the classifieds and received a personal message from an individual who had a 2011 flying RV-9A he would be willing to sell and gave me his number to call. I didn't hesitate and had a pleasant conversation with Mr. Jim Wright. I could tell in his voice that he wasn't totally convinced that he wanted to part with his plane, but we scheduled a time to visit. Jim is totally a class act.
  I visited Jim and his plane and brought my mechanic with me to do a pre-purchase inspection while we were there. Jim was a generous host and I knew from inspecting the plane that he was meticulous and that his plane was well cared for. My mechanic is actually a DAR as well and has certified many experimental planes. He was impressed with the quality of the build as well, giving me a good feeling that this was the plane for Dad and I. After making sure that Jim was still okay with parting with his beautiful aircraft, the deal was made.
  This past Sunday, Mr. Wright delivered the plane to me. Jim was great through the entire process. I couldn't have asked for a better transaction. Not only did he deliver to me a wonderful machine, I consider Jim now one of my newest friends. Dad didn't get a chance to meet Jim. Not to worry, we will visit him again soon, but this time just for a nice friendly visit!
  Now Dad and I are planning our "RVentures!"
Blue Skies,
Matt Meredith

Продолжение ...Vlad's travels continue.



Wed Aug 14  1207z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Detailed Intro to the RV-12  ...Scott M.
  "Here is a video of Justin (RVTrumpet here in the forums), one of the TeenFlight 2 program participants, giving a detailed walk around of the TeenFlight #2 RV-12 at Airventure 2013.
I think it will be obvious to anyone familiar with building an RV-12 that Justin knows what he is talking about, and any one interested in the RV-12 should find it very informative.
  Good job Justin!"

Gary, Jay I am not too good ...Vlad's Travelling w/Cubs thread continues.

Perseverance Award - Billy Taylor.
   ...from the factory FB page
   On July 3, 2013, Billy´s RV-4 N485GB flew for the first time. His hometown of Ozark, Missouri, was so excited they celebrated with a terrific fireworks display the next day.
   Billy's builder number? Ninety-nine. Not 10099 or anything like that. Just 99. The ninety- ninth set of RV-4 plans in the world. We've sold exactly 4,500 RV-4 tail kits since Billy's went out the door. There have been tail kits for other airplanes as well... As far as we know, the EAA doesn't offer a "Lindy" for `perseverance´ at AirVenture. If they did, Billy Taylor would surely take it home this year.  continue

Advanced Flight AF-5000 Video Input
  "...We have just added video input support for AF-5000 systems. The video input can be used to display movies or a FLIR camera in full or partial screen mode.
  We are not done yet.... more cool features are on the way..."

From www.UpNorthAviation.com
  "Did Airventure get you motivated to finish your RV panel?"

Just before my Last flight in my RV-9A
  ...Mr. Jim Wright moves on.
   I sold my RV-9A to a great guy in Indiana and delivered it to him last Sunday. He and his Dad are planning lots of exploring together. I spent nearly 8 years building her and only flew her for 2 years but enjoyed almost every minute of the experience.  RV's are wonderful machines. For me at 62 years old the effort in keeping current with medical issues and all the other flying requirements just got to be more work than the fun I was getting out of flying.  Looking back I wish I had bought a flying RV-9A and flew that 8 years instead of building. Not to say I didn't enjoy the building process but I enjoy flying more. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why Roberta would give up flying and switch to building boats but I completely understand now. I am not through flying but am seriously thinking of building a Legal Eagle Ultralight. That is flying in its simplest terms. Oh, I did buy a boat with some of the proceeds Roberta. :-)
  Anyway I'm not going away from the forum as a friend is getting ready to build an 8. I get to be a mentor and tool loaner for flying privileges if I decide to keep my medical. To everyone here who has answered all my questions and offered support when I needed it I am very grateful for the experience. This is the best forum on the web as far as I am concerned. Thanks Doug.

West Yellowstone to Orcas Island
...Tom & Bonnie's travel continues
   On Sunday morning, we checked the weather for our flight to Orcas Island and found lots of rain over the San Juan Islands with high ceilings and low ceilings over Seattle. Since the TAFs indicated an improvement by afternoon we targeted an arrival at 1pm and took off. We were expecting to fly VFR on top over Seattle and to find the donut hole over the Islands. ...

Van's RV-10 Build Vid #298. Flaps 3
...EdandColleen posted 8/10




Tue Aug 13  1157z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Slight build delay encountered ...KCBerner RV-14A
  Well, we've encountered a slight delay in the build process. Introducing my future bucking bar holder, Grayson. You can see, I properly represented Van's at the hospital. Hey, I knew there would be pictures taken, I had to dress appropriately...

Homecoming This Weekend ...from the factory FB page
  Join us for the Independence Fly In & Van's Homecoming Friday August 16 through Sunday August 18, 2013! The Independence Fly-In has been combined with the annual Van's Aircraft Homecoming. It offers a very unique opportunity to meet and greet other pilots, builders and those still considering a project. Take advantage of the opportunity to see other RV's (over fifty are based here and more under construction), fly out to some interesting destinations, eat, socialize with builders, their families, and enjoy some beautiful Oregon scenery.
  The Independence Fly-in also offers an up-close opportunity to sample airpark living. With about 240 homes, and a unique "Residential Airpark" zoning overlay alongside a state airport (7S5), Independence Airpark is one of the most successful airparks in the country. Pre-registered attendees can take advantage of free accommodations with airpark homeowners, who have asked to host visitors. Airplane camping is allowed at 7S5, and there will also be space to camp in participating homeowners sites.
  Don't forget to attend the Van's Homecoming banquet held on Saturday evening. Tickets can be purchased online here.
  For more information visit: here and here.

The danger of being one of Stein's friends
...building injuries thread (eight friends, eight injuries).

We just received a new batch of NO-WELD Handles.  These handles allow yourself and your passenger to get your aircraft without stumbling or leaning on something fragile, like the canopy.  They really help the older people, like my dad, . . who is not too steady on his feet.  At least he was still able to get in and enjoy the ride!  For more details on this and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit www.aircraftextras.com.

ECi Press Release re: Proposed FAA AD
...520/550 Cylinders

related: Cool is the Rule!

  "...a graph showing a time history of the dyno run."

Safety ideas [long] ...Ralph Finch post

Group Buy starts ...switchbox remote control

Flying with Piper Cubs ...Vlad's pictures.

RV-4 aerobatics on a budget ...video


Mon Aug 12  1157z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Learning how to turn a wrench...and a screwdriver.  Young Mr. Tate Reeves (12)

  Our son Tate spent Saturday morning out at the airport with me removing stuff so we could begin our RV-6's eleventh annual (we get it all 'naked' and my buddy/A&P Randy does the actual inspection).  How to take off a wingtip without stripping any screws.  How to properly set the clutch on a cordless screwdriver.  How to use Vise Grips to pull out the wire between the top/bottom cowls.  I was sorta hoping he would strip a screw so I could show him how to use a screw extractor, but he didn't do it.  I'll have him take off the brake pads next, then the rear baggage wall and floorpans.  And yes, I'm paying him for his work. ;^)  Money well spent, as he easily fits where I don't.
  It seems to me these non-Wii, non-computer, non-staring-at-the-TV skills will serve him well down the road.  He has this idea he'll be Randy's part time assistant during the summer one or two years from now.  I'll drive him to work.
  No flying Saturday, but quality time with one of my role models.  Hope you had a good weekend too. 

Helicopters at OSH ...video over RVs

Tail cam photo over Columbus, OH
...Brent Owens (and how he did it)

Skylor's Updated Panel Pics

August Experimenter Online

Indy Race Results

Fresh ground shots ...schristo

LOE'14 Charity Stuff
 - What your $35 registration fee gets you
 ....I'll be starting (or maybe one of the Russ's will) a dedicated LOE'14 thread here shortly and will spotlight it until the event.  dr

RV-14/14A Emp/Tailcone Kit Sales Status
...from the factory FB page
  "Van's announced the availablity of the RV-14/14A empennage kit just as we were leaving for Oshkosh. We took several orders at the show and more came in directly to the office.
  Today, we entered the 100th RV-14 Builder's number into the data base, so the breakdown looks something like this:
  15 new customers chose to start their project with the empennage kit.
  8 orders were received for RV-14 emp kits
  34 more orders were received for RV-14A emp kits.
  Thank you to all that ordered; you are going to love this airplane!"

New Product release ...Airflow Performance
Forced by suppliers we have redesigned our boost pump package. By some creative engineering we have eliminated the return line connection and reduced the cost o the pump package. Due for production release in August 2013, the pump now has a simple in and out hookup.
  New price $390.00

South Dakota to West Yellowstone
   ...Tom/Bonnie update
  We left Mom's house in SD Friday morning and overflew my brother's condo on the river, then overflew Sturgis to see all the camping rigs as pictured by another RVer that attended that event and then on to Gillette to fill up with some cheap gas. We had expected isolated rain showers and they were starting to develop as we left Gillette. We were successful in dodging the showers and made it to Cody where we intended to over fly the park by way of the east entrance. This is the picture out the front as we passed the east entrance.

Welcome Redline ...Jon Thocker's business
fmi: redlinethegoal.com/wp

Hat Sightings ...Summit Fly-In (John, David, Al & Jeff)


Fri Aug 9  1157z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

The Wilsons and their RV-10 ...based in SW Washington ('dwilson' in the forums)

Newly minted RV grin ...colojo
  This afternoon I finally soloed in my RV-8, N8812T, after the torture of watching it sit in my hangar for 2 months while I got my tailwheel endorsement and transition training.
  The takeoff was perfect, the 30-minute first flight was great, and my approach to landing was spot on... but the landing itself was not a thing of beauty, I'm afraid. I see a lot of pattern work in my future. Fortunately, the only thing I damaged was my pride.
  Thanks to all who helped me segue to this new and exciting place in my flying career: 5G Aviation for the tailwheel endorsement, Alex De Dominicis for my RV transition training, Roy Geer my ferry pilot, and the gentlemen who spent 3.5 years of their lives producing this beautiful aircraft.
  My RV grin is quite wide right now!

Tight fuel inlet hose to carb
  The fuel inlet hose to my Avstar Carb on a Lycoming 0 - 320 is forced to take a tight turn over the exhaust shield.  I'd prefer to use a 45 degree nipple into the Carb, entering from above to avoid the exhaust. Avstar doesn't supply a 45 degree nipple, does anyone know of a supplier or foresee any problems in making this change?

My first video ...walkman RV-6
  This is the first half of a recent flight from Hogan field near Cincinnati to Gwinnett County near Atlanta. Its shot with a GoPro Hero 3 black mounted on the wingtip, shooting 1 jpeg per second, then assembled into a 25fps video. I'm not using any fade to black, it just gets dark. I had hoped to be able to see lights on the ground after dark but, well, there just aren't many. At the beginning, while I'm at the hold short line, you can see Plumber leading a flight of 3 RV-8's in from an overhead break.

Using RV build skills to fix the storm door  ...Sid Mayeux

Holy Buckets...Brad Benson RV-6A
  Over the last nine weeks, I've been without N164BL - my RV-6A that I first flew in November of last year. I completed the phase one test period and added another sixty or so hours after that tweaking this, that, and the other thing. I dropped it off at the paint shop in June. Yesterday, I drove up to retrieve it and....WOW!

New use for VAF.....memory aid!...Perry Y.
  Yup, I was about to check the nose-wheel break-out force at annual, and was sure I'd need to tighten the nut, possibly running into the problem where the next slot on the castellated nut is too tight.
I searched the forums, and saw lots of ideas to shim the nut, drill another hole thru the gear etc etc. Then there was an idea to simply drill another hole on the flat of the nut between the slots provided.
yeah, you guessed it......it was MY idea, posted a year ago....and long forgotten.


Thu Aug 8  1156z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Wolf says work smart not hard...
  Jerry Lawlor stopped by yesterday while I was in the cave office doing web stuff to ask if he could use my shade, water and soap to wash off the Wisconsin dirt he brought back to Texas from OSH'13.  His hangar has no water and faces south.
  It was 104*F yesterday here in DFW.  Shade is heart healthy.  It goes without saying that anyone in the RV community is welcome to use the shade/water/soap here when they need it, but I'll say it anyway.  We'll work you in.
  If you ever meet Jerry, he can answer all your AV-8A Harrier questions.  He spent some time in 'em during the late 70's in VMA-231 (Ace of Spades).

related: Vintage 70's USMC AV-8A Harrier Recruiting Commercial (Youtube)
Note to Jerry: Check your logbook for bureau #68385 (the one in the commercial)

Back Home...
  ...at 81D after OSH-13. (R.E. Butcher)

OSH arrival pics Sunday AM 28 July ...for the following tail numbers (Jon's offer to send to you)



Welcome Team AeroDynamix
  ...new VAF site advertiser
  Team AeroDynamix fills the sky with a stunning display of precision formation aerobatics that engages audiences from start to finish with a graceful, powerful, and exciting aerial demonstration. From the moment Flight Lead and Team Founder Mike "Kahuna" Stewart calls "smoke on" in the opening burst, Team AeroDynamix masterfully maneuvers its fleet through air show center to create an action adventure performance for spectators.
  No other air show act in the world puts as many aircraft before the crowd at one time as does Team AeroDynamix. The resulting nonstop action is one reason spectators rate this show among their favorites, said Stewart. "From the ground, people watch all of us flying into and out of difficult formations right in front of them, and they share the same sense of anticipation and exhilaration that we feel up in the air," he said.
fmi: www.teamaerodynamix.com

Homecoming Aug 16-18

Fishing Report from South Dakota ...Tom/Bonnie utilizing their RV-10
  We had a great time fishing for walleyes in the Missouri River at Pierre. Bonnie caught the biggest and the most with these 2 samples of the 9 we caught on the last day. Must have been the VAF hat as good luck charm.

Van's RV-10 Build Vid #288. Controls 1 ...ed and colleen


Wed Aug 7  1147z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

RV Trip - Michigan with son...Rick Woodall
  I was looking for some fun places to fly in nearby Michigan for some short trips and had posted on VAF for some ideas. A rv8 builder/flyer named Doug Bell reached out and suggested we try his town, his resort. Manistee National Golf in beautiful Manistee,  Michigan.
  Sounded great, and just a short 1.5 flight from out base in Windsor Canada. They met all the criteria, on Lake Michigan, sandy beaches, great quiet little airport, great golf, great rates, and good people.
  A good flying buddy of mine, Perry Burford in his rv7, was interested in taking his grandson for the trip too.  It was official, a guys trip...weather looked great so we booked it.

Eagles are big up close! ...Paul Tuttle
  I was out for a hop yesterday. I'd just finished my downwind check and looked back outside in time to see an extra large bald eagle right in front of me and very close. He was performing some rather impressive collision avoidance maneuvers, which was a good thing because I didn't have time to. He went over the canopy I'm guessing about 20 or 30 feet over my head. I'm glad I was slowed to about 85 kts for the encounter. Made the helmet debate come to mind.

OSH Withdrawl ...Bob Collins
  It happens every year at this time. Today I get to go back to work and sit in a cubicle. And I'm having very painful withdrawal symptoms after spending just a few days at Oshkosh.
  People sometimes ask me, "what do you do for a living?" I tell them, "I go to Oshkosh. And the other 51 weeks of the year I try to pay for it."
  Update: Oh, also, in the "what I learned at Oshkosh this year," number one on the list is: "Don't throw out the air mattress over weight-and-balance concerns."
  Number two is : "Don't have any weight and balance concerns."

Build on....

My First Airventure in Pictures
   ...via Bruce Sacks

WD-716 'forward rib flanges' ...RV-7/7A
  Since this appears to be one of the most challenging parts of the build, I figured I'd better get this cleared up before touching anything
  The manual says something like "When the forward ribs of the WD-716 canopy frame assembly are manufactured, the flanges are not 90 degrees. Use a file to remove some material from the aft edge of the upper flange so it is 90 degrees when checked with a square..."
  Is this what they are referring to?

Ted Chang's 9A ...Leadville, CO


Tue Aug 6  1156z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

More New Mexico Photos from Larry Pardue's RV-6

Avionics in 5-10 Years?

AI Busted

Videos Driving Through Camp Sholler '13

Badlands Fly-In 9/6-9/8
  (from Larry) The badlands flyin is scheduled for Sept 6-7-8 this year. We will have the burger burn at my hangar on fri eve. and the adult beverage cooler will be well stocked. This year you will have a choice of doing the aerial tour of the Black Hills, or fly over to Wall SD, get on a bus and do a 5 to 6 hour ground tour of the Badlands. I am working on motel rates and will have that information in a short time, but as in the past we will plan on staying at USA Stay 605 745 4411 or the Budget Host Motel 605 745 3130. Saturday evening meal will be at the Allen Ranch. There will be a registration fee to cover transportation, meals, and the Badland tour. As in the past, bring your own tie downs ie. claw type as the soil is very hard and screw in types do not work well. To make planning this event easier, we are requesting that you call us so we can plan for enough transportation, food and beverage. Larry Vetterman 605 745 5932, Clint Busenitz 605 891 1290. We will post more information as we get closer to the event. (thread)

Weasel's AHRS Tray in the -10

Indy Race 8/10 ...Bob Axsom

RV-8 Aerobatics at Oshkosh 2013

Cowling Fit

Packing to go home from OSH ...DanH


Mon Aug 5  1150z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Oshkosh -- We did it! ...Bob Collins 7A
  That's right! YOU made this possible. You with your friendship, and encouraging words, and advice and admonishments as needed.
  Thanks to a lot of people -- but of late, Brad Benson -- I was able to fly an airplane I built into the world' busiest airport.
  I couldn't tell you what Oshkosh looks like from the air; I was much, much too busy on the way in keeping track of everyone around me (I CAN tell you EXACTLY what the back of an RV-9A looks like). So on the way out, Brad filmed the taxi and departure, because I was, again, too busy flying an airplane.
  It was, as I'm sure you can imagine -- breathtaking. What I didn't anticipate was the tremendous boost in confidence it provided. (more / video)

The Great North Road ...Larry Pardue -6
  For a long time I have been intrigued by The Great North Road from Chaco Canyon. This is one of many roads in the area for commerce? religion? who knows what? Some of them are elaborate and wide, over 10 meters wide at times and sometimes are lined at the edges. The roads tend to continue straight despite various barriers. Sometimes there are steps carved in rock if the road is continuing over a rock hill. I had read that many of the road discoveries were made from aircraft. (continue)

Beer social after action report ...DanH
  Counted this AM and determined we handed out a little over 350 stick-on name tags. A great many attendees were wearing business name tags and didn't need a stick-on. WAG is 400-450 folks total. The yard held 'em all just fine.
  Apparently pilots lie about how much they drink. The last keg ran dry about 7:40! It looked like one of those depths-of-the-Amazon piranha films in front of the taps. Note to self; multiply beer poll total by 1.5.
  For those who really liked the Fixed Gear Amber (middle tap), here's the rest of the story...it's 6.8 ABV. Now you know why you were a bit wobbly walking home
  The crowd included all the Usual Suspects from VAF, at least one representative from the FAA, the Van's tent crew (including the boss), a certain well known formation team, plus six maids a-milking, five leaping lords, and probably a few French hens.
  I appreciate all your kind comments, but please add Jenny, Stein, Rhonda, and Darwin to your thank-you list. And of course the Beer Fairy.

Oshkosh Awards 2013
Kit Outstanding Workmanship - Plaques
Michael Brantseg
Sonoma, California
2011 RV-7, N362MB

Michael Cooper
Manson, Iowa
2011 RV-7, N668MC

Oren Heatwole
Dayton, Virginia
2012 RV-12, N330JA

Al Dinardi
Jacksonville, Oregon
2010 RV-10, N104AL

Jerry Esquenazi
Senoia, Georgia
2007 RV-8, N84JE (more)

Team AeroDynamix ...at OSH'13

Crosswind practice ...in Australia

Planes watching planes

Miss GiGi

Night Landing Video ...Fernando in Chili

Hole in Fuse Solution

Video of arrival to runway 27 OSH

Par for the course

Tom/Bonnie Travel Stories cont.


Fri Aug 2  1200z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

Gary Wilcox RV-7 (Ontario, Canada) .....'C-FAH Q' in the forums

Things that take the wind out of your sails

Wait, scratch that.  We good now....

Team AeroDynamix and Hartzell Announce Partnership


The "home safe from Osh" thread

The Complete AirVenture Cup Race Results

Jaybird ...rock star
  I got a text from my buddy Jay Pratt yesterday - said he made the cover of AirVenture Today.  I asked him to take a pic w/his phone.

Bird Strike Wing Damage: How to fix?
  A good buddy had the unpleasant experience of smashing a swallow bird today. Here is the damage. There is no hole, just a good dent just outboard of fuel tank, and ribs seem to be ok.
  Any suggestions on how best to fix? He has a few trips planned including wanting to go to KOSH this week. Need to figure out how best to tackle this one quickly and properly.

Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co.
   ...August special

fmi: www.browntool.com

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Thu Aug 1  1143z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

TeenFlight and Eagles Nest Participants at OSH ...Scott McDaniels sent me these.

"Page flew the new TeenFlight 2 airplane to OSH."

- TeenFlight/Eagles Nest participants recognized during forum presentation
- TeenFlight and Eagles Nest participants working the display.

The RV-8 Builders/Pilots Gathering ...Luke from Italy sent me this

N427TD First Flight ...Tom Delaney
Following 26 months of fun building my first flight was 7/27/13.  The 40 minute flight was fun and uneventful thanks to the great training by Jetguy.  The left wing is a little heavy but not a distraction

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RV-12 Canopy Fairing Fit

The dreaded missed dimple returns

Ready for first flight ...chiricuca 9A in Madrid, Spain

Feelings about my first Oshkosh
  ...Andrew Z

As some of you know, I sold my RV-7 slow build kit a few months ago to a nice gentleman from Charlotte, NC.

My new wife pointed out that by the time I finish the RV-7, I'll need four seats (primary mission is XC to see the parents in FL).

Also, she has more fun flying with me now than watching me fret about how long it was taking me to finish the RV-7.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I made the trip to OSH this year to support the HJ two-ship formation demo on Monday, and then took the red one home first thing tuesday morning.

Here are my highs and lows:

High: Holy cow, OSH is awesome. I spent a couple hours just driving around getting the lay of the land, and I can see how people spend the whole week here. I can imagine spending an entire week just going to seminars, forums, and workshops. I can also imagine spending an entire week just looking at airplanes.

Low: Had to leave Tuesday morning. I have made the pledge that if I am not coming back next year with work, I'll be camping underneath an airplane wing.

High: It was awesome to meet some RV people.

Low: It really sucked to be introducing myself as a former RV builder. I feel like I gave up...ugh.

High: After telling people that, many responses were "Oh, you're still an RV builder...you're just paused."

In the meantime, I think an older spam can might fit my 2 adults plus 2 future small kids mission profile in a more economical fashion, but I managed to snag a few pictures of RV-10s, and the wife likes the airplane a lot.

Maybe we'll spend a few years with a 172 and then try to buy an almost-completed kit.

Anyway, bottom line, I'm sticking around...I bet you guys thought you had gotten rid of me.

RV on Norwegian VFR Manual ...Alf Olav Frog (Norway)
  I just saw that "Luftffartstilsynet", the Norwegian equialent to the FAA, have pretty cool pic on the front page of their 2013 edition of the official Norwegian VFR-guide.
  The VFR-guide is released annually and is meant as a guide to foreign pilots wanting to fly VFR in Norway.
  I enjoyed to see that they this year have selected a very cool pic of a Norwegian RV-4 to be on the front page