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Fri, Aug 31, 2012.  1143z  
  I won't get to share a group picture like the one below next year on the first day of school, as Audrey will be at college.  Since the site advertisers and those who donate yearly quite literally help feed, shelter and clothe these two kiddos, I'd thought I'd share these with you so you can keep an eye on your investment. ;^)  We have this little tradition in our family of taking a picture of them walking away each first day.  So, here is the 2012 pair....Audrey driving as a senior and Tate in sixth grade.  Tidbit...Tate is carrying and using the trumpet my parents bought me in 1977.  Polishing compound is an amazing thing.
  Weather looks good for some flying this weekend here in N. Texas.  I'm hoping to get out a bit for some quality upside down time off the surface, if possible.  If not, there's always F1 on the DVR.  I'm juiced for the return of racing after the summer break - at Spa!  Turn #2 (Eau Rouge) is my favorite F1 turn, especially later in the race when the cars have burned most of their gas and are much lighter.  Hope the rains stay away and they floor it.  Video on Spa.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
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She has left the nest ...David Valcik RV-12

I am beaming with pride – my baby took to the air today. After 11 months I am now entering phase 1 and starting a new adventure. I have to thank Jetguy for his help. He had first honors punching the first hole in the sky with N25DV.

After flying we had to tweak a few things, she had a heavy left wing. After checking the flapperons we needed to put a few turns in the heim joints the left flapperon. Also adjusted the idle down just a little, and re-pitched the 3 blade Sensenich.

Weather was perfect - wind calm and 80 deg

A few photos before we ran out of daylight.  continue

Jim Daggett Retires ...from the mothership FB page.

Back when Van´s was based in the small town of North Plains, we’d often see a local guy making his way past our shop to the post office or the market. He was easy to spot - he was the one with the white and red cane. Yeah, he was blind... but that obviously didn’t keep him from doing what needed doing.

One day, he tapped his way to the door, and inquired about job opportunities.

"I hear the saws running," he said, "and I know my way around a woodshop..."

The guy we had building our shipping crates wasn’t happy with his job and the feeling was mutual. So General Manager Bill Benedict decided to take a chance and hire Jim Daggett.  It wasn't a fun job - the woodshop was unheated and dark, and the tools were pretty basic.  Jim pulled on his jacket and went to work. After all, as he said, "dark don't bother me."

If you’ve received an RV kit in a handsomely built crate, you’ve benefited from Jim's craftsmanship. His work has safely delivered airplane kits to more than fifty countries.

Yesterday, after seventeen years and 28,000 shipping crates, Jim retired as Crating Supervisor. His work ethic and sly sense of humor will be very much missed around here. We hope his retirement will give him back as much as he’s given us.

Tom and Bonnie's Summer RV-10 Travels Continue

After two great weeks on Orcas Island, last Sunday we flew out of East Sound to Hillsboro where we rented a car and drove out to the Oregon coast to spend a week. We had some clouds but good vfr weather.  continue

VAF Family
Hunter's Oshkosh Interview with AOPA Live ...video

This was our first year to fly the RV to Oshkosh. The AOPA Live film team found us walking around one day and wanted to talk to my son, Hunter, about young people that want to be pilots. Hunter really enjoyed being followed around by the TV crew and had a great time at Oshkosh. The young pilots section starts at 16:10 in the video. We hit 501 hours on the RV-7A on the way home.

On the Bench at SteinAir

1)  RV-10 with dual AFS600 screens, full Garmin stack and TruTrak Gemini for backup.

2) RV9 with Dual Dynon Skyviews and VP400 from Vertical Power.

3) Two RV10 panels equipped identically but painted differently, both headed to the Czech Republic. Dual G3X’s and a 696 with a nice Garmin Stack.

Cascade Sunset flight

I take my first passenger...my daughter Jenna! ...photos through the years by Kelly Johnson [ed. GREAT photos!!!!  dr]

By Golly, she's a REAL airplane now

Proud to report that as of 12:45 CDT today I am the possessor of a genuine airworthiness certificate for N385TE. No pictures, no flourish of trumpets, no drum roll ... just a very BIG day after 6 years of building. I have another 1.8 hrs of transition training to complete and then we'll see if her "wings 'n things" all play nicely together.
(I have a million thank you's to express, but I'll wait til first flight to do that.)
Terry Ruprecht
RV-9A Tip-up; QB, IO-320;
Done! ; she's airworthy!

Totally Off Topic

Word of the day.....                                                          

Thu, Aug 30, 2012.  1131z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

N819WB Painted...jcbarker

After flying naked for two years (airplane not me...most of the time) I finally got it painted. Ray's Aviation at Santa Paula Airport. Did a great job. Crystal Silver and Surf Blue. Both Mini Cooper colors.

The Oshkosh interviews ...Bob Collins

You probably missed all the great interviews I did at Oshkosh this year on EAA Radio because you were busy doing other things. Now you have no excuse.

[ed. A great reason to goof off at work today!  Thank you Bob!! dr]

Mark in Formation ...Zack Spivey photo

Flying back from the Concordia Parish breakfast on August 18.

Painted Own Plane: CHECK!

Oil pressure restrictor...Michael Burbidge

I'm installing a "pre-owned" engine in my RV-9A. The engine was recently on a certified aircraft. There is already fitting in the pressure port, but I don't know if it is a restrictor fitting? It does appear to be steel. I'm really afraid to remove this fitting for fear of damaging it and/or the port trying to get it out.

One option would be to assume that it is a restrictor fitting and just try and use the fitting as is.

I've enclosed a couple of pictures. The directions say to install the fitting "45 degrees outboard and 45 degrees down." The fitting is installed 45 degrees outboard but is about 30 degrees up. I assume that this will interfere with the engine mount, but I'm not sure. Will the 30 degrees up be a problem?

What are the chances that this is a restrictor fitting? Is there anyway to tell?

If I either have to or decide to remove it, how is the best way to go about that? I've read that heating the area up with a blow torch will usually soften the sealant enough to be able to remove it. Are we talking a micro torch or a regular sized blow torch? The edges of the fitting have been rounded a little so I can't get a solid hold on it with a wrench. Any suggestions about how to remove this fitting?

From Flyingmag.com

Pilots N Paws Canada just started!

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My wife sent me this...

Wed, Aug 29, 2012.  0732z  
  I have it on good authority that my friend Alex De Dominicis of RVTraining.com is turning 50 today.  That 'good authority' may or may not be his wife calling me yesterday to see if I could put the event up here this morning <grin>.
  HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY ALEX!   And, thanks again for the transition training and tailwheel endorsement a decade ago.
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First flight of N194MH ...Mike Hoover

After nine and a half years of building my Vans RV-9A, it flew for the first time this past Sunday, August 26, 2012. It was a perfect evening for the flight and all went well. The most surreal feeling I have ever had. Thanks James Clark for the training and managing the process. Thanks Ken Harrill for all the advice and the Technical Advisor visits. Thanks Tom Roberts for all support in recent years. Thanks to everyone that helped and encouraged me over the years - 9.5 years! I began the building process when I started cleaning out my old single car garage on January 4, 2003, to convert it to a workshop. My preview plans arrived on February 13, 2003 and my empennage kit on March 5, 2003. Thanks to my lovely wife for all her patients and support. Can't wait to take her up when the 40 hours of phase one are completed. My four pillars of support have been: my wife and the girls, EAA Chapter 242, our local RV builders, and the VansAirforce.net community. Thanks to you all!!

First flight of RV6A, N624XP, kit # 22369 ...hjacquart

On Thursday, 8/23/12 at 1830 hours my RV6A, kit # 22369 slow build, non pre-punched, took to the air for the first time. The plane performed as advertised and flew very well. After 4 and a half years of building pretty much every spare minute I could muster it was a thrill to get it into the air for the first time.

Why I love my RV ...RickWoodall

Well, after a year of flying, two trips to oshkosh and several few hour cross countries.....GHOST was in need of some bigger trips.

VANS HOMECOMING was the reason we used. We took 10 days and flew the following. ALL BIRDS RETURNED WITHOUT ISSUE. Unbelievable number of miles.  continue Part I

Part II
Part III
Part IV (and video link)

In The Shop
I don't know why it took me so long to think of this -PIC-

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SPECIAL VAF 1/8" Spring Cleco Offer - Limited Time Deal! ...Brown Tools

A special deal - just for VAF!

Recently, our cleco manufacturer approached us with a great one-time deal. The plating company that normally plates the cleco bodies for color coding had made a mistake and not properly prepared the cleco bodies for the plating process - the result was a "splotchy" plating job. This is a cosmetic issue only, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the mechanical operation of the clecos, but they cannot be sold as first quality because of the appearance.

We are offering these 1/8" Spring Clecos at a one-time special deal of $22.00 per bag of 100 pieces. We normally sell these for .45 each, and most of our competitors sell them in the .47 - .55 each range (and some even higher than that). With this deal, you get brand new clecos at over half off of our normal list price.

This is a limited deal - we have 15,000 clecos available at this special price and when they are gone, they are gone forever . If you need, or think you will need, 1/8" Spring Clecos, this is a perfect opportunity to stock up and save.

Again, these are brand new AMERICAN MADE clecos and there is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with their operation - they just got short-changed in the color coding plating process.

To make this deal even more attractive, we will offer FREE standard shipping to ANY address in the USA if you buy two or more bags of 100. And, if you order any additional items with the two bags of 100, we will ship those items for FREE as well. Our online system will not automatically give you free shipping unless your total order is over $95, but REST ASSURED that we will plug in free shipping for you when we finalize and process your order for shipment. If you order at least two bags of 100 pieces, and your address is in the USA, you will receive FREE shipping continue

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Tue, Aug 28, 2012.  1137z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

N100WL is a flying airplane ...Wade Lively

Yesterday, our -8 project of 14 years and 6 months finally released it's earthbound shackles and took flight. Pilot reported it flew great.  Now on to fixing squawks and completing phase 1. (video)

Perfect Monday ...Vlad

Part II: This is the route. Two
Part III: Riiiight 5 feet. It was

Video - Rio Salado River ...YellerDaisy

Carb Ice Documented on Video ...GoPro video of it happening.

[ed. About 4min in the engine starts running rough. dr]

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Think you've seen it all?...RBD

My buddy recently delivered an RV to its new owner. The plane was bought sight unseen with no pre-buy inspection. This was subsequently found (below).  If you don't see the issue, look just above the rudder pedal and you'll find a rubber drain plug stuck in a hole in the firewall - chain and all. Maybe this is an emergency cabin alt air source? Grab the chain with your toes and pull the plug!?

Check your brake fluid levels! ...Don McNamara RV-8  'N8RV'

Confession time. Ignorance bit me in the butt (pretty typical), but nothing was bruised but my ego.

When the RV-1 was on the Barnstorming Tour of the Midwest, I landed at Toledo, OH, to meet Bob Mills and The One. Upon landing and rollout, I discovered that my tailwheel didn't lock. I had to use differential braking while taxiing to the ramp.

As I contemplated borrowing someone's hangar and tools to service the tailwheel, I jostled it a bit and the wheel locked OK. We took off, landed back home without incident and I reminded myself to service the tailwheel ASAP.

I had no issues for the next 10 hours or so. Tailwheel was locking perfectly, so I figured I'd just wait until condition inspection time and do it then. That is the moment when a little voice should start saying, "Stupid ... stupid ... stupid ..."

Last week, I took Smokey up for a local flight just for fun. Came back to land and, as the tailwheel came down, started an immediate departure of the runway to the right. I immediately knew that the tailwheel wasn't locking, so I pushed on the left brake to straighten out, but to no avail. I was no longer a pilot but a passenger.

I missed the runway lights, careened into the grass and came to a stop. The tailwheel locking pin was stuck again, but of more concern was that I had no brakes.

As I taxied to the hangar, I realized that I had brakes, but not much. Far more pedal resistance on the right than on the left.

I pulled the tailwheel and disassembled, cleaned, deburred and regreased it. Works like a charm now. However, checking the brakes was another story.

When I checked the brake pads last year, I still had significant pad thickness left, so decided that I'd change them this year. I pulled the left wheel pant and found that I still had decent brake pads. Hmmm... so, I pulled the baggage compartment floor to see how the brake fluid levels were (I have the kind with the master cylinders and reservoirs mounted to the brake pedals). I pulled the plugs and found NO brake fluid!

I was quite surprised, as I hadn't noticed any brake fluid puddles on the hangar floor, none in the cockpit and no leaks when I did condition inspections the last two years. I just assumed that, being in a "closed system" like that, there's no place for the fluid to go and that the level really didn't need to be checked. Wrong.

I still can't explain where three years' worth of brake fluid went, but I topped off the right one in the reservoir because I still had firm pressure, and drained the left system and refilled it from the bottom. I now have solid brakes again.

So, if you're assuming that your brake fluid reservoir is full because it was when you filled it and you haven't seen any leaks anywhere, you might want to check the fluid level to be sure. It's a good item to have on your annual condition inspection list.

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Mon, Aug 27, 2012.  1148z  
  Good morning!  Saturday out at the airport was the usual mix of suspects, pancakes, flying and lying.  Talk of aviation, cars, guns, motorcycles and all the other He-Man stuff.  Tate and I were enjoying his last weekend of summer before sixth grade begins, and the weather couldn't have been nicer.  You might even call it cool above 1,000 AGL.  Really nice for the first time in a long while.   The rest of the day was spent reflecting on the life of Mr. Neil Armstrong.  Rest in Peace, Sir.  You inspired this kid...and still do.
Sunday morning I woke up earlier than everyone, due in part to what must be a snow pea-sized bladder.  I made all quiet like and slunk out the door for the airport.  The RV needed gas, and Sherman (KSWI) had it for $4.57/gal.  Our local pumps are $5.25.  Best I could later figure was it cost me a little over $8 to go fly .8hr.  I saved $20 by going to Sherman, but spent about $28 doing it.  Drug a wing through some drizzle to wash off the grime and pulled back in the driveway at 0857.  Everyone still asleep.  Last day of summer and all.
As I type this the house sounds like a train station.  It's the first day of school and the kids are running around in various states of chaos.  I realized last night around 9pm that it was the final 'last night before school starts' that our daughter will probably spend in our home.  Next year she'll be at college on that day.  Crap.  Starting to understand why some folks have five dogs.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

1) Convective.  Stayed close and watched animation closely.
2) Getting home before the 'real' rain started.  6.5gal/hr and 19.4mpg over the ground (24kt headwind)  iPhone takes a surprisingly good photo.

Lake Chelan ...pics from the RV by flyinmonque

VAF Family
Life changing event, ready or not...

Visited the MotherShip this Tuesday and Wednesday. Flew the plane, caught the grin, placed the order. Was just notified a couple hours ago that the first kit will arrive Monday.

I'm mentally ready, but that's about all. I suppose I could've thought up a thousand excuses for waiting just a little longer, but that line from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" keeps haunting me. You know the one..."if y' don' eat yer meat, y' canna have any pudding."

Special thanks and howdy to Ken and Daryl at Van's... good troops.
John Halcrow
Irvine, CA
RV-12 120682 Emp & Wing Kits

How do you fund your RV Project?

Curious today as to how others have funded their project.

I make good money, glad I went to college and it's paying off. As with everybody you never make enough for all the toys you want as quick as you want.

Fairly new to aviation hobby, but been building and working on cars for years. I've made a fair amount of cash on the side doing side work, fabrication, design, manufacturing of items for cars in the past. Probably be doing similar to build my RV.

Wondering what others have done?

RV-12 Video - startup and taxi...Dvalcik

Today finished closing things up after the DARs visit. Still had a few things to test on the Rotax - looking for leaks and asking the guys at KPTW to put a second and third set of eyes on the bird.

We ran it for the 2nd time this afternoon for 15 - 20 min, made some adjustments. Ryan shot this video on his I phone.

Flying soon!


A family dilemma (help) ...combating airsickness

I need some advice. I completed an RV7 last year and my 11 year old has helped with the project since he was 2 years old. He started, at 2 years old, just keeping me company in the shop and 9 years later he was helping attach the wings. He has all the simulator games and loves all things that fly. He has been up with me 6 times now and has gotten queasy every time. A few times he has thrown up. We both feel terrible about this situation. Has anyone else had this happen to them? And what did you end up doing about it? He is the best co-pilot i have ever had. Any advice would be great.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Tip- Clip-on Air Dam...Paul Dye

The Valkyrie has always had a very nice, even distribution of Cylinder Head Temps, right out of the box – the baffle kit back then didn’t have air dams as part of the stock setup, and the recommendation was to go without them, and add them if required. I never needed to, so I never did. But ever since I changed all four cylinders a few months ago, the #1 CHT has run about forty or fifty degrees cooler than the others. Don’t’ ask me why – same baffles, same sealing system – just Lycoming jugs versus ECI’s.  more

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The Synergy Air "Quick Building the Vans QuickBuild" class is quickly approaching...


Fri, Aug 24, 2012.  1151z  
  What?  You don't have a 1-man hot air balloon that fits in your RV-7A?  Noah Forden turns the OMG fun meter to eleven (below).
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Tom and Bonnie Summer Travels Continue ...RV-10

A Homebuilt Ultralight Hot Air Balloon for my RV-7A...Noah Forden

After the first flight of my RV-7A last October, I started to get a little empty nest syndrome in my workshop. No parts lying around that needed to be worked on, so I decided I needed a new project. Nothing that would take years, mind you. I have been building and flying hot air balloons for 25 years, and thought it would be cool to build an ultralight hot air balloon which would fit in my RV-7A. 

DarylT Makes the Front Page Two Days In A Row ....  First Flight Daryl Tolliver RV-7A

Some More Vlad Story Installments

- Aviation life in Maine is
- Looked at Redneck
- Monday morning. FOG!!!! Man

Vans 2012 Homecoming Video now up ...George Ford's 27min video

Hey everyone, if you missed 2012 Vans Homecoming click on the link below. Scott gives some interesting numbers on kit's started and finished along with other good information and of course see and hear from Van.


Factory Looking for 2013 Calendar Photos

● Welcome New Advertiser www.amt-aero.com

"FlyCool™ is a light-weight, all-electric, air conditioning system developed for the expanding LSA market.

The system includes a maintenance-free, hermetically-sealed, brushless dc motor/compressor, a light-weight condenser assembly and a compact evaporator unit. The AC runs from either a 70 amp alternator specially designed to integrate well with the 912 Rotax engine or from a 28 VDC ground power source. When ground pre-cooling, the system provides a 20°F cabin temperature drop in just 10 minutes. The system weighs only 20 pounds installed."

In The Shop
● Bob Axsom Fairings Pictures

- First the fill of the strut
- The way I made the upper

Another RV12 - Airworthiness Certificate

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Tina's Pilot Shop Special

New Skills for Garmin Aera 5XX

Donations list updated.....thanks to those that help keep it online.

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Because it's Friday....let's do two today.

Thu, Aug 23, 2012.  1133z  
  Yesterday morning it was forecast to be mist, 4 mile viz and in the high 60's, and that made my Spidey sense go off.  We just got a good rain and I was thinking the deer might be active around breakfast time.  Anywho, I pushed out the site yesterday at 0629 local and slipped out the back Jack for a little local morning recon - never got more than five miles from the runway or over 1000' agl.  Spotted 32 deer in 37 minutes - a new record for me.  And 20+ wild hogs and 6 turkeys.  Seemed like every animal in the county was out moving in the open.  Back home on the keyboard by 0845.  And if you're into deer hunting, no, I won't tell you where they are (I want 'em alive).  My reasons are like the comedian Ron White's (NSFW and blue language).
A good start to the day...and I probably won't see a deer for a month now.
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RV-12 First Flight ...Lewis Flyr

Ser. No. 120100, N12VZ, flew this morning at KGAI in the DC SFRA. No Blackhawk or F-15 for escort, slightly heavy right wing, prop pitch about perfect---otherwise uneventful. Thanks to RDAWG and Jetguy!!! What a great airplane. Keep popping those rivets, guys and girls. It's worth it.

Time for First Flight ....DarylT

Thinking back over the last 11 months of my build....Dvalcik RV-12

It is hard to believe that my 12 is almost ready to fly after 11 months. For those 12 owners that don’t know, I went a little different route and build my 12 as an EAB. I used the Rotax and avionics off of my LSA and sold the Hornet without Avionics and 912. The Rotax had about 100 hours on it (4 oil changes).

Monday night was a big milestone she fired up without even a full turn of the prop. (video link below) The 912 was removed off of my Sporthornet back in Oct and she has been sitting for 10 months to come back to life.

Tuesday night after work was consumed with on the last min checks for the DAR’s visit. I also installed a custom longer Pitot tube. This was due to the mods I made for the external alternator and Sensenich prop extender. Mark B another RV12 builder on the field came by and assisted. Extra set of hands was great since hoses were in place.  continue

Weekend in Vacationland ...Vlad

It's hot and muggy in the City and it's cool and nice in Maine. I have full tanks of gas and I know how to get there. It's mostly up.

- Continue Part I
- Crisp and clear next morning
- After Carabasset we took a

First Video - Cascade Fly-by

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Fiberglass repair---wheelpant ...Mike S

I did a bit of a carrier landing a while back, and cracked one of the wheelpants when the tire bulged a bit too much and caught the edge of the pant.

Knowing that many of the folks here at VAF are a bit put off by the thought of working fiberglass, I thought I would document the repair process, and maybe help someone out in the future.

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fmi: www.upnorthaviation.com.

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Thrifty Tips.  No particular order...

Wed, Aug 22, 2012.  1130z  
  It was a little like Oregon here in N. Texas yesterday - rain/drizzle and highs in the mid 70's.  Really quite nice if you only have to deal with it for a day or two ;^).  Today we're back to all-sunshine VFR with climbing temps.
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Prep on Orcas Island ...Tom and Bonnie (RV-10 summer travels)

Some of you maybe wondering what we could possibly be doing to keep busy on this island. Well we have been very busy. We have explored Moran State Park and taken several hikes that included the Twin Lakes hike, Cascade Lake hike, Obstruction Pass hike and Cascade Falls hike. We have a couple left to do.  more

In The Shop
Do whatever works to the fairing - don't cut rubber ...Bob Axsom

Oops, is this considered a lightening hole?

Yeah, that looks about ...KRviator's RV9A project

VAF Family
Flying Club looks at promoting aviation’s community role

Nuthin’ But Rolls and Loops…

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Dynon SkyView 4.0 Ships!

The VansAirForce.net Sombrero ...Mike Starkey prototype

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Tue, Aug 21, 2012.  1132z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Coming Home from Homecoming ....acroflyrgirl's photos

Oldest Passengers You've Flown



On the factory FB page ....


v1.2 Draft of the RV-Type Training Syllabus (RV4/6/7/8) Ready for Review...Vac

In The Shop
Glass RV-4

VAF Family
Hey, I'm famous! ...RVators finding themselves in GoogleMaps.

New Mexico Sights ....via RV

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Removable Bottom of Rudder

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Aug 20, 2012.  1129z  
  I'm no Deadhead, and my idea of hell on earth is a smoke-filled club full of weekend hippies, but thanks to the interweb I had a '74 live recording of 'Sugaree' playing in my ears as I scanned for deer, turkeys and wild hogs yesterday morning.  A very pleasant 21 minute, 71°F post-rain flight around the local.  Three deer, 30+ turkeys, one falcon, no wild hogs.  A friend I've known almost my whole life was in his backyard as I went by.  A dip of the wing and a wave back prompted me to stop by their house on the way home to catch up on families, dogs and aging bodies.  Saying 'hi' by airplane might be the best way there is.  Easily better than email or phone.
  Later at the house I FaceTwitteroogled a version of the same song by Chris Robinson from back in '03;  clean ES-335 through Orange/Vox amps, Leslie cabinet for the organ and no autotuned vocals.  What a great cover!   Enjoyed how the two bass players chose to play most of their parts an octave apart.  Anywho, it added to the flight.  Maybe it was just the cooler temps, but it got the day off to to a nice start.  Hummed that dang song the rest of the day.

 'Just one thing I ask of you, just one thing for me
        Please forget you know my name, my darling sugaree'

  Spent the afternoon listening to our daughter bounce off ideas for college admission essays while I helped the wifey turn the house from a pig sty into something slightly less than a pig sty.  It's the last week of summer and we're getting in a few more days of laziness.  If the camera crew from 'Hoarders' shows up I'll let you know.  Flying before housework.
  Hope you also got some time off the surface this weekend, and that your Monday goes swell.
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Homecoming 2012

related: Mecca ...acroflyrgirl

Epic Journey:  Mitch Counce ...from the mothership FB page

The “Epic Journey” began with me as a six year old kid. My grandfather, who farmed the area around the Auburn airport in southeast Nebraska, introduced me to Fred “Bud” Farrington. Bud managed the small grass-strip municipal airport. He flew charter flights, worked on airplanes, gave lessons and was also a spray pilot. He did it all. He was also an Ace P-51 fighter pilot who served our country in WW II and flew with the RAF. During the summers, I was his “assistant manager” of the Auburn airport. Bud would always call when he had a spare seat and I would go with him. He would always say, “Whenever you can reach the rudder pedals, I will teach you how to fly.” That never happened. When I got to that age, I needed to stay home to work on our own farm and ranch in western Nebraska.  continue

In The Shop
Engine Hung ...Matthew Lorenz of Lakeland, FL

VAF Family
● Toby McCrary of Nashville, TN

A Quick Video – the View from the RV-3 ...Paul Dye

Totally Off Topic

Surface tension image....

Fri, Aug 17, 2012.  1135z  
  Homecoming is this weekend!  Looking forward to seeing pictures of RVs with vegetation in the background that is still green <g>.
  Wishing you and yours and happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
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The Travel Adventures of 'Acroflyrgirl' ...next five installments.

Leaving Big Bear
Day 2
The coast was not suprisingly
I didn't stay very long, this

Tom and Bonnie Still Seeing the Country ...next two installments.

Moving on
Let the adventure continue

● From the Factory....

VAF Family
Michael Foss Starts Construction

RV-8 Empennage has been ordered!! Hi all my name is Michael Foss! Long time pilot, very very new builder! Got a chance to meet the Pratt brothers in OshKosh and that solidified my decision. Now I need to find a support group in the Aurora, IL area as I just got word I'm being transferred in October. I have been poking around the forum for a little while and have started building up the tool database. Just a big THANK YOU for all the advice you have given indirectly through this forum!

Some shots of Don M's RV-8 ...Marthajane King on the camera

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Crack in VS attach plate

Totally Off Topic

Baby Safety Briefing...

Thu, Aug 16, 2012.  1127z  
  No grasshoppers or sweat for once.  Yesterday it rained here, so several of the locals ended up at the airport in the early morning just to see what things looked like damp.  Mid 70's and overcast - hasn't been this way in a VERY long time (I know you folks in Oregon are probably rolling your eyes at someone excited about rain).  There were two small remnants of the storms off to the NW a few miles, with light rain that you could see through.  Since I could very well be the laziest person on the planet, I took the opportunity to push the RV-6 out and go for a short flight in order to wash some of the dust, grime and bugs off.  It was a refreshing change to be flying in the RV and not be covered in sweat.  Honest-to-goodness rain flowing up and over the canopy.  After playing in the wet for a couple of minutes, I dialed in the airport and turned on the autopilot, using the VNAV and heading hold features to dump me at the right altitude on a two-mile initial.
  Turning off the runway it was nice to see, or more accurately not see, hundreds of grasshoppers jumping out of the way.  This time of year they're pretty bad.
  I left the house at 7:30 AM and was back home on the keyboard by 9:50 AM.  Sixteen minutes off the surface... $10.78 in avgas is my best guess.  The cost of a lazy man's airplane rinse.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

S/N 83040 is now an airplane ...Vannes, France (Bastien)

Hi everyone,

I am proud to announce that my RV8 is now flying since 07/27/12 and is out of the French equivalent of phase one from Monday.

I took me 2 1/2 years from reception of the empennage to first flight but 2 years of building as I did not anticipate how fast the empennage was going to be built.

I receive the empennage for my 18's birthday (majority in France).

For the story I was thinking of an RV8 for a long time but my parents were saying that I should finish my studies before thinking of building an airplane. As my birthday was getting closer and as my parent didn't find an unforgivable present, they asked my plane instructor what could that present be? and without hesitating a second he told them "an RV8".

Having never seriously discussed of that with my parents, I let you imagine how happy and surprise I felt when I discover the empennage kit in the living room.

As a aeronautical engineering student, the most difficult thing during this 2 years experience was to conciliate the studies and the work I had to do on the plane if I wanted to finish it.

I did the first flight on a calm evening and get no surprise with the plane expect that it performs much better than other airplanes I used to fly.  The plane had no heavy wing and no left or right yaw tendency.

With the plenum, on first flight I noticed that the CHT temps were pretty high (410°F) but get the same temp on all the cylinders and oil temp was in the 205°F range.

Now after 20 hrs of flight time, the CHT are now on the 350°F range and oil temp in the 185°F with 77°F OAT.  The plenum seems to be very efficient as in cruise I have 0-2°F difference between the cylinder heads.

The plane is a joy to fly and gave me the RV grin each time I jump in it. continue

Day 1 ...acroflyrgirl

I took off this morning from Tucson, forgot to take any BTO (before takeoff) pix.

New updated Van's Aircraft website coming this weekend!

...(from the company Facebook page)  "Over this upcoming weekend (August 18-19), you may notice that Van’s website has disappeared. Not to worry – it will only be gone for an hour or two… Or three… Just for a little while, anyway.

When it comes back there will be a whole new look.

Our old website was originally “composed” in the 90s.  It’s served us well – like the company itself, there wasn’t a lot of flash and hype… just a lot of good factual information that customers and potential customers could use to base decisions upon.

The new website continues that tradition, but updated information, improved navigation and better internal linking will make gathering information and placing orders easier than ever. Plus, the pictures are flashier!

The following website browsers have been tested while developing the new website and work well.

  • Windows Internet Explorer version 8.0.600
  • Safari version 5.1.2
  • Google Chrome version 21.0.1180
  • Firefox version 10.0.2

Monitor screen resolutions settings tested to view the new site with good results are:

  • 1680x1050
  • 1920x1080

The majority of our users currently view the website using the Windows Internet Explorer. On Version 8 and higher of the Windows Internet Explorer there is a Compatibility View Settings tab.  DO NOT use any Compatibility View settings on the new website."

VAF Van's Family
Post OSH - Van ...from the Van's FB page

"The past few months have been busy and interesting for me and my family (which includes the Van’s A/C family). The feature in Sport Aviation, the RV-1 tour, the RV-14 introduction, and the Oshkosh activities have kept us all busy.

You’ve probably all seen the June SA with my mug shot splashed on the cover. You may have missed the photo credits listing my daughter Cheryl as the photographer. Because of this, we have access to a lot of the photos that were not used, most of which are also very good. Presented here is the original photo used for the cover. The objective was to get one of our airplanes in the background. This was mostly cropped out for the final presentation, as well as “photo-shopped” to eliminate shadows and warts. The “Hollywood treatment".

For your entertainment, and to further show Cheryl’s talent, we’ve attached a couple other photos which we thought were good candidates for the cover.”   continue

Cheryl Vangrunsven photo

And So It Begins ...Dave Leonard RV-10

From Lurker to Builder. I've been doing a lot of reading here and wanted to finally introduce myself and my building partner as we start construction on our RV-10, builder number 41373. Got the shop set up and attached the picture mostly to learn how to do it. We're ready to rivet together the VS and at the point of dimpling the rivet skins; trying to decide if we're going to add rudder trim. Anyway, I'm in (very) south Georgia so hello and thanks already for the tips so far. Partner is Rick Gilbride, owner of an RV-6.

Glacier Peak at sunset...flyinmonque

339A and a Couple Harriers ...339A

I had to travel to Amarillo (KAMA) on Monday for a three day business trip. When I arrived at the airport this morning what to my wondering eyes should appear?  more

Aircraft Kit Industry Assoc. Press Release

“In accepting our invitation to participate on an Advisory Board, these men bring a level of credibility, knowledge and experience that not only contributes instant recognition to AKIA, but which will be invaluable in addressing the issues currently confronting all of us in the EAB movement,” said Dick VanGrunsven,  President of AKIA. “We’re pleased to have them with us and believe they add  significant power to the voice of AKIA.”

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Aug 15, 2012.  1149z  
  Hump day!  We finally got some rain yesterday and this morning here in N.TX.  It's been over 100°F here for the past two weeks and the yards can be described, as I heard Matt Burch say one day, as 'walking on a plate full of Doritos'.  The downside of the rain (log at right) is it arrived in typical Texas summer fashion - house shaking thunder, cloud to ground and cloud to cloud lightning every second for over an hour....and hail.  The whole family, including the dog, was wide awake at 0200 having the 'what do we take with us if lightning strikes the house' conversation.  Summer in Texas <g>.
  Going to the airport this morning to check on things (and enjoy the cooler morning temps).   
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Newest Grandchild flying Buddy! ...Jim Wright RV-9A

This is Nash August Wright. His adoption was finalized today. My daughter has been working through this process for 16 months and it became official this morning. After we all had breakfast Nash and I decided it was time for his first airplane ride. I think he liked it. He's ready to go again!

Service Bulletin SB 12-08-14

RV-7/7A, -8/8A, -9/9A
...Inspect for missing wing attach bolts before further flight

In The Shop
● Ed and Colleen's Latest ...RV-10 Build Vid #91


RV-12 N25DV build update

It was good to see all of the fellow RV12 builders in Oshkosh. Still is hard to believe I took delivery of the kit mid Sept 2011. What a fun journey and met some very good people on the way.

A quick update and photos from last night;

Final touches on the 12, going through the check list getting ready for the DAR. Weight and Balance tonight, then open her back up for the DAR.

I am a few weeks behind and heading off to my son’s wedding this weekend, so I pushed the DAR’s visit back till next week.  continue

VAF Family
● Hat Sighting ...Jim/Kathy Moore (building RV-12)

We were in the San Juan Islands in Washington state and took this picture at the Friday Harbor marina and ferry dock.

Rethinking Nexrad ....Robert Goyer.  Flyingmag.com

Following the NTSB’s chilling recommendation for pilots not to put all their faith in the accuracy or timeliness of satellite-delivered weather, I’ve really started to rethink my flying in a way that is as profound as any change I’ve gone through since I started flying IFR seriously, that is to say, in order to get somewhere as opposed to practicing toward that end.

I like to think that from my home base in Austin, Texas, I fly in one of the most meteorologically challenging areas of the country, and there’s a lot to be said for that argument, though those pilots who live with ice and crud for a good part of the year are sure to disagree.

Where I live going flying in the summertime is tantamount to going flying with thunderstorms. There are occasional days when there are no CBs forecast, and on a few of those days the forecast is actually correct, and you get to enjoy hot, clear and often smooth skies, at least above 6,000 feet or so. It’s different than the great Southwest — look at a map; Texas isn’t in the Southwest; we’re Midwesterners with a twang. Over the real desert, which you begin to hit in West Texas, the power of the heat and the terrain, the wind and the general cantankerousness of the region create mechanical turbulence higher than light airplanes typically fly. On the worst days, and there are plenty of them, even the airliners and bizjets aren’t immune to the moderate chop, or worse, created by the brown on brown rock garden of the great American deserts.  continue

Video of Tetons at Jackson Hole ....RV6airplanePilot


Bud Smith First Engine Start

Might be of interest to you. ECI IO-360 been sitting for awhile waiting for the plane to be done, finally at the hanger and starting to be assembled.

First start very successful and accomplished the objectives. Temp's and pressures all fine, learned that E-Mag's put out 2 pulses/rev (got that corrected).


Ongoing Maintenance Issues
New Panel...Pete Pengilly

After 12 years Casper has a new panel. The old one was rather hacked about and would not stand being hacked again to install an EFIS, so starting from scratch was in order. That allowed me to remove the Exp Bus 2 electrical system that was becoming unreliable and to replace it with regular fuses and a 2 bus distribution system, as suggested by Bob Nuckolls.  several pictures

From Luke at Classic Aero Designs

"We're out of the office 8/15 and 8/16.   Back on Friday."

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Aug 14, 2012.  1132z    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Mississippi to Virginia and Back ...Wesael RV-10

"No real story to tell here other than the pics.  This is a great SUV!!!!"

[ed. Picking today's 'splash image' was a no-brainer!  dr]

Service Bulletin: RV-12 Wheel Fairing (SB 12-08-09)

...kits shipped before Aug 9, 2012

Jeff Atkinson RV-8 Has a Close Call with TX Wx

While my RV was tucked away snug-as-a-bug [Sunday], this was happening on the other side of the hangar door.

Jeff's RV-8 looking out at the damage.

related: Troy Whistman's photos of the damage

Donations list updated ...1,270

...and a HUUUGGEEE thank you to those who help keep this site (and my family) fiscally afloat with your yearly donation.

In The Shop
● 3 year anniversary...

VAF Family
Mr. 16,000 ...Arlie Conner of Lufkin, TX becomes the 16,000th registered VAF Forums account (interested in RV-8)

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
iPad Mount ...Brian

This works great for me, as described in my earlier post to this thread. The HBC sign works great for shading the iPad when the sun angle isn't good. The Koger sunshade also helps. I use the iPad in my RV all the time, and it works just fine for me. I also have a glare shield coating on the iPad, which helps.

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
From Andy at www.iFlightPlanner.com 

I wanted to share with you and the VAF iFlightPlanner's announcement of the iFlightPlanner Widget, a simple set of HTML code we designed to allow the addition of iFlightPlanner's airport and aviation weather information to any website.  It's perfect for personal blogs, flying clubs or association chapters.  The press release is hitting the wire tomorrow (August 13).

We've created a post on the iFlightPlanner Blog detailing the Widget.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know! 

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Aug 13, 2012.  1143z  
Morning!  Saturday morning around 0645 I snuck out to the airport for some time off the surface.  As I was pushing the -6 out Clayton, from across the runway, yelled 'Good Morning!  Got an empty seat?'  Sure.  Clayton flies a C182, but recently bought an -8 project on the field.  He's ridden in an RV, but not a side-by-side model.  Pointed out a couple features on the EFIS that he needed to know (altitude/airspeed/etc) then gave him the controls.  I looked for deer....kind of a habit I have developed.  Clayton's a really nice guy and is going to enjoy that -8.
  Swept up my corner of the hangar when done, then went home for a little time in the garage fiddling with the RV-6 replacement rudder project.  Half that time was spent organizing the front of the garage, and the other half peeling blue plastic and marveling over how much my vision has changed in the 15 years since building the first rudder.
Hope you had a nice weekend and that Monday goes swell.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First Flight this AM--7A ...Jim Diehl

Well, after 8 years of thinking about and/or working on this project every day, it made it's first flight this morning. Morning temperature in northcentral Pa. was 60 degrees with calm winds. With the help of my son (now 19) that assisted in every step of construction, we gave it a final check before I climbed in and made the first flight. CHT showed 400 F in climb but settled down to 375 for the remaining 30 minutes. Oil temp hung at 170F. Indicated airspeed @2400 rpm was 145 knots.

No squawks to report. Thank you to Jan Bussell for preparing me for this flight. Oh yea, the landing was a real greaser!

First Flight in Lower Alabama...Tim Pethel RV-8A

Well I officially have a flying airplane. N59TP took to the air today for the first time. What an incredible experience. The plane flew well hands off and has no issues except for being about a "half ball" out of trim. Many thanks to many people but especially to my wife who has unselfishly supported me for the six and one-half year build. Also thanks to Paul Rose who was my build partner and who finished his 9A about three weeks ago. What a great flying airplane. Almost like soloing all over again. I'm still high. Tim Pethel

MY first flight ...Ryan 'miyu1975' Allen

Sorry no video this time. But this morning I finally took her up. Amazing..what a great feeling it was. I flew for about an hr...made 3 t/o and landings. At cruise 25sq'd I was showing about 162 kts TAS (slow?)..engine temps looked good. Only issue I am having is the MGL V6 radio. It sounds and acts great on the ground, but as soon as I add power all I hear is static...otherwise I would have stayed up longer.

Trip Report- Friday Harbor lunch with wife ...Chris Hand RV -6A

Last month my family and I relocated from Mountain View, CA to Poulsbo, WA with my RV moving from KRHV (San Jose, CA) to KPWT (Bremerton, WA). So with the moving activities getting settled down, or at least us getting tired of unloading boxes and cleaning up clutter, I was able to get my wife Kellie to make a lunch trip with me in our RV. And what a spectacular day and incredible scenery for the flight! Pretty cool day for about 30 minute flight each way.

For those still building, it was worth all 12+ years of building (and moving the project for military PCS moves)! Posted for motivation, and to let my former CA flying friends know it doesn't always rain in the PNW   continue

A glimpse of Mt. Baker

In The Shop
RV-12 Revisions/Changes

Bob Collins' RV-7A Returns Home ...video made by his kid

16,000...should pass this milestone of registered VAF Forum users today. 

Totally Off Topic

Possibly Photoshopped....

Fri, Aug 10, 2012.  1148z  
  It can sometimes be difficult to decide on a 'splash image' for the top of the site each day.  Some days I don't know what it's going to be until 60 seconds before pushing it out.  Well, today's image was a no-brainer.  Thanks Luke!  Great looking kid (even worked in a SteinAir T-shirt). ;^)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Washing the Airplane with daughter's staff ...Luke in Italy

Paint Complete on our RV-12 - N321UT ...Scott Schmidt

We drove up and reassembled the plane yesterday after it had been at the paint shop for the past 4 weeks and we were very happy with the results. We really liked this scheme from a -12 in England and decided to go with it after going through a few designs. (thanks Jerry)
Just a few more things to add and it will be complete. It is a very fun plane to fly with great visibility, quick responsiveness and so simple. Great job Van's Aircraft, thanks again.

RV-1 / Mission Accomplished!!! ...Ernie Butcher

A dream come true...
Working in concert, Friends of the RV-1, EAA, and the RV community have successfully created a new page in homebuilt aviation history - and done so in a most spectacular manner. The historic RV-1 is now preserved in the EAA museum for future generations, hundreds of dedicated volunteers and supporters were directly engaged in "restoring" the aircraft to airworthy condition, a special team of pilots and escorts barnstormed the RV-1 across the USA and into Canada, and the RV-1's creator, Richard VanGrunsven, has been properly recognized for his significant contributions to the homebuilt movement. A sincere and heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone. Our shared dream is now a reality!
Job well done!


Garmin GDU 37x Cockpit Display Software version 7.10 Now Ready for Download

In The Shop
VS touches top skin

Is this typical, I fit the vertical stab two years ago and did not have the top skin on the plane. Today I put it on to discover that is just touches the top skin. I will be cutting some of this away. Is there a minimum space I should leave. I am thinking 1/8", what say you out there is VAF land. I rechecked the rigging and the VS is in fact vertical and plumb.


The last bit of the build seems like it should go faster but man there is a lot of nit noid things as you go.

VAF Family
Hat Sighting ...Jason Hess

"Somewhere over Minnesota after a great week at KOSH. I am in severe need of being re-domesticated."

N35JF ...John Field of River Falls, WI

"I think it is an amazing airplane. I really did take 22 years to build it, purchased the plans in 1987. Lots of things can happen in that amount of time. I suppose I was lucky to finish. I did everything, including the painting, except SteinAir wired the intercom. It has an 0-320D1A with an Airflow Performance injection system, inverted fuel and oil, Hartzel CS prop, a very simple electric system with the 10"Dynon Skyview for instrumentation. Empty weight (full oil and 3/4 gal fuel) is 1037lbs. I might configure it a little differently if I could start over but so far the airplane is working perfectly and exceeding my expectations. The pilot is coming up well short but what a fun challenge to have."

A little aero with tail mounted GoPro ...Richard Fazio RV-6

I've been trying to get the GoPro working with it mounted on the top of the rudder. I used the mount that comes with the camera and the results were terrible. Very shaky, you couldn't watch it. I made my own mount and finally got it looking pretty good. This is my first video decent enough to post. See what you think.

So much fun ...1,000 hr milestone

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Aug 9, 2012.  1055z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Andy Johnson's RV-12 ...OSH award winner.

"I didn't get many pics of the plane while at Oshkosh. It was my first time flying there, and it was a really special, and busy experience - The week went by so quickly as I was busy with friends and all the airplane stuff. I have included an in flight picture that is one of my favorites of the plane.

I didn't run into the judges, so I didn't get any feedback. I too was surprised that an RV-12 made it. I did look at quite a few nice RV-12's, and like the owners of them, I am proud of mine. If mine had a strong point I think it would be the fit and finish, particularly of the fiberglass pieces. Its a really good kit that turns into a really good airplane."

N614EF coming home ...out of phase I this Saturday (Bob Collins)

"I have 1.5 hours left in Phase I. Bottom line: I built one heck of a great airplane (which speaks more to the design more than the builder).

Crosswind? She doesn't care.
High density altitude? She doesn't care.
Need to maneuver in a hurry? No problem.
Want to land like a pro? She can make you look great.
Want to impress the chicks on the airport ramp? Well, sorry, there's only so much an airplane can do.

The plane returns to KSGS at noon on Saturday. Stop by for some champagne."

VAF Family
Newest member of the club ...Colin Richardson RV-12

"You all may remember my daughter soloed on the 4th of July. She got her private pilot ticket today on the 8th of August. Congratulations to Pilot Lindsey Richardson the newest member of the Pilot Corps."

Gauging Interest in the Future (maybe)
Milestone: 100 people now on the list.

In The Shop
Picked up my Engine ...Bruce Swayze RV-7A

Let's see... it's a beautiful Saturday morning late in July... tomorrow is my birthday. What should I do today? Hmmm... what to do, what to do... Oh! I got it! I'll go get an engine for my airplane. Yeah, that's it!  continue

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Aug 8, 2012.  1121z  
  Useless trivia:  I was playing in the spreadsheet yesterday and came up with the number 3,180.  That's my best guess of how many M-F daily editions of the front page here that I've pushed out over the past 12.34 years (yesterday the VAF front page passed the milestone of being online for 12.345 years).  Nice sequential figure, and a good day to make a family I've never met smile (top story below).
  Wishing you a nice Wednesday.  
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Parents of Alex Cueller, check your mailbox...

....because there's a check for $1,500 headed your way.  If you don't know who Alex is, read this.

Every now and then I order a batch of (288) VansAirForce.net baseball caps.  For the past few years the wonderful folks at AveryTools.com have done the thankless job of accounting and shipping them out.  Neither they or I keep a penny from any cap or shirt with VansAirForce.net on it....100% of the profit goes to a charity of some kind.  Worded another way, every VansAirForce.net cap or shirt you've ever seen, or will ever see, represents money that went to help someone who could use some help.

So anywho, in the past the money has gone to Make A Wish, and one year we gave it to the tornado victims of Joplin, MO.  When we sell out of caps I start looking around for someone in need.

We're out of caps for the time being, and that means it's time to make someone smile.

This time around I'm giving it to Alex's parents Michelle and Alejandro, to be used for medical bills....or a big screen TV....or three hundred trips to Taco Bell.  Whatever they want to spend it on is fine by me, and I don't ever need to know.

I'll re-order some more hats here in a few weeks, and will let you know when we're ready to take orders again.

Mike Rettig or Paul Merems, or one of the guys that helped so much getting Alex and his family to/from OSH, I'll let one of you give Mr. and Mrs. Cueller the news, along with my family's best wishes.

To the folks that buy these caps/shirts, God Bless You.  Thank you for helping ¯VAF¯ project happiness out in the actual (and virtual) world. 

RV-4 Sportsman Freestyle Acro Practice Video

In The Shop
RV-9A Root Rib and Elevator (pic)

I cleco'd the left elevator horn to root rib and spar and, just to see how it would line up with the skin, cleco'd the spar to the outside of the skin. There's quite a bit of divergence from the expected alignment of the rib and skin. The rib is (as per instructions) riveted to the spar but I suspect I might have increased the radius of the riveted rib flange during the "slight bending" to allow the riveting. Since the rib is now riveted to the spar, how can I put the squeeze on that acute angle on the rib flange? Or is there something else I'm totally missing? Thank you for your replies.

Installing a GRT HXr in an RV-7 (oh, and rewiring most of the airplane...)

So I recently received my GRT HXr from Steinair, and it's time to start thinking about installing it.

First off, here's what she currently looks like...  more

Paul the painter goes to Oshkosh video ...good stuff

I traveled to Oshkosh this year with COPA president Kevin Psutka. He sent along this amusing little video clip he put together.


Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Aug 7, 2012.  1129z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

N810VK rolls out of the paint shop! ...Kent Stitt RV-7A

A Stab at EAB Safety/Training Documents ....looking for input.

(from Mike Vaccaro) I participated in several discussions at OSH regarding EAB transition training and flight test and one of the challenges we face is having a sufficient number of qualified instructors in the field to support the growing EAB fleet. One of the keys to effective training is to have a syllabus and objective grading criteria, so as a first step, I wrote a syllabus for transition to two-seat RV types. I also put together an accompanying "grade book" for documentation (which USAF aviators will find familiar).

This type of syllabus could be used to obtain a LODA, or could be used by instructors in the field conducting training in an upgrading pilot's airplane. I think it would be beneficial to generate some discussion and solicit forum comments from instructors, pilots that have undergone transition training and pilots that will upgrade in the future. We can incorporate changes or make corrections as need be.

The sole purpose of this drill is to maintain our privilege to continue to build and operate these great airplanes; and I'm confident with a small amount of work like this we, as a group, can offer some solutions that will benefit the EAB and general aviation community as a whole.

I'll participate in discussion on the thread or can be reached by PM or email at vacntess99 'at' yahoo 'dot' com.

Fly safe,
Lt Col Mike Vaccaro, USAF (ret)
ATP, CFII Single/Multi
RV-4 #2112
Niceville, Florida

Documents (PDF):
- RV-Type TX Syllabus 1.1
- RV TR Gradesheets

RV Formation - Acoma Rock, NM ...JD Finley post.

"Another RV formation video... this time around Acoma Rock southeast of Grants, NM."

Motivation ...Kyle Lewis

Thanks to Dave Gamble for flying photo ship in his RV-6.

● Video: KC Flight, NASCAR Nationwide Race ...on ESPN2

Aug. 4, 2012 KC Flight over Iowa Speedway, NASCAR Nationwide Race

N964JB out of Phase I ...Jason Tremble 7A

Hey - big milestone tonight..... the Hobbs meter on N964JB rolled past 40 hours and I am out of Phase I. I was able to give my lovely wife and kiddos each a brief introductory flight before we lost too much light. Glad to say that after 4+ years of building, all three loved thier flights and are anxious to go up again as soon as we can.

Below are a couple of pictures of Josh and Jillian just before their inaugural flights.

For those still building, keep pounding those rivets, its worth it!

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.

from Bill Morelli at Up North Aviation....

Members4Members Yahoo Group Created

...being discussed on the EAA site.  The link above takes you over there.  No politics talk on VAF, and this is 100% politics, so the discussion needs to be there.  I'll report the occasional milestone (like the creation of this group) here on the front page (not in the forums) as a courtesy.

related: VAF forum posting rules

ch 1536 iPad Raffle ...Tom Finch

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Aug 6, 2012.  1138z  
At 0622 Sunday it was already 82°F and climbing as I turned the key.  Left the house for the airport at 0555.  The mission was a short, local .3hr flight in the -6 to
shoot some GoPro test footage.  Nice sunrise was an unexpected plus.  Back home before 0800 so I could mow the grass without melting.
  This was all just a test hop to expose flaws in the mount, but note how both HSIs turn into G-meters during the acro - entering and exiting the loop just shy of 3 Gs.  Also note the habit of leaving the MFD on the traffic page most of the time (isn't gonna show me the Cub, but it helps), and maybe I'm the only person doing this.  DFW's class B can get busy.  The music isn't really my bag, baby, but I'd just seen one of the Bourne movies and had a little techno still stuck in me head.  The entire flight topped out at 17 minutes, and I might be able to use some of the non-shaking parts in a later, actually-trying attempt.  We'll see.
  $15 in avgas and $6 in car gas roundtrip.  $21 ain't too bad for a few loops, rolls and a couple touch-n-gos.  What an amazing airplane.  Beats mowing the yard, too.  ;^)
  Hope you had a nice weekend and your Monday goes nice.  
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

 It's recorded in 1080p HD if you want to go full screen...

Transfer of control in tandem airplane

As I am nearing the end of Phase 1, and trying to complete a comprehensive POH, I have a question for all of you military pilot types out there....What is the PROPER way to transfer control of a tandem airplane from one seat to another? What is the proper phraseology/terminology to ensure both pilots don't sit there with their arms folded thinking the other person is flying the airplane? Although the scenerio is slim, I've read more than one accident report that has dealt with this subject, and want to know what the best course of action is. Thanks in advance....

  Some Replies:

Shake to take, pump to pass.

first, with intercom capability, clear statements

"You have the aircraft"

"I have the aircraft"

comm out, person flying lightly presses rudder pedals such as left, right left (pump) to gently wag the airplane

nonflying person then lightly 'shakes' the stick to take control, enough that the airplane moves in roll, that way the flying pilot knows the nonflying now has the control.

comm in, i also shake the stick lightly even when verbalizing "I have the aircraft"

if ever in doubt, continue to fly the plane

Interesting. When I learned to fly, we only did it as a two-way transfer.

If the person flying was initiating the transfer, he would say "You have control." The person taking control would say "I have control."

If the person not flying was initiating the transfer, he would say "I have control." The person giving control would say "You have control."

I can't think of a situation where we needed more confirmation than that, but that's probably because I just didn't run into one

I fly a side by side but our technique is pretty standard into the tandem apache community. 3 parts....verbal (positive three way) visual (showing hands off the stick if relinquishing) and tactile (shake her to take her, especially under NVGs). Positive meaning you never use negatives, ie "I don't have the flight controls", because if the radio cuts out on the don't, no one is flying the plane. 3 way meaning "i have the flight controls, you have the flight controls, I have the flight controls". Too redundant? Maybe, but I've heard of several instances where no one was flying the airplane. Additionally, the army is pretty big on saying "flight controls" because if you say "you have the airplane", but copilot thinks pilot is referring to traffic and says "I have the airplane" and the pilot relinquishes control unbeknownst to the copilot...no one is flying

From a crew resource standpoint, the most important thing is to brief your chosen method prior to walking to the aircraft. Realistically doesn't matter what you call it. If you brief it as a positive 3 way change of controls using the phrase "You eat the cornflakes", "Roger, I eat the cornflakes"... that should work just fine. We always use the previous mentioned 3 way change of controls, but I would argue that the only times I have seen an improper change or release of controls is with a poor brief or not using the agreed upon terminology


Aircraft Storage (6-9 months)

I'm going oversees for a few months and my RV will be flown very little....if at all. What things should I consider doing before leaving town? I'm in Tucson, AZ so low humidity. I could probably have the battery charged / engine started once or twice at a minimum.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

  Some Replies:

May not be an option for you, but the very best thing would be for someone to fly it once a week.

Otherwise, fog the engine during shutdown, place a sign on the prop that says "Do Not Turn", and leave it.

Do not start the engine unless the airplane will be flown. Running the engine on the ground is NOT good!
It just creates moisture within the engine. See Lycoming Service Letter L180B.

● Please Welcome a New Advertiser: www.flightenhancements.com
    This ad will live in the 'Previous Days News' section.

Their Ad:

What they offer:

OIL Pressure Issue Solved. ...fstringham7a

A year ago this past June I noted that my Oil Pressure was low ( this problem was from the beginning ... low 50 in cruise ) , CHT's were finally showing that the engine probably was totally broken in, and the oil temp was climbing through what I considered the roof ( near 250 on a hot desert 100 plus degree day after a 1000 ft a minute climb to 7000 ..... 240 plus in the pattern .....).   continue

Reminder to wear proper footwear in the shop

Even when you are just "popping in for a quick second to take care of something".

Wear proper footwear, not flip flops.

Oh, and don't drop a bench vice on your toe.  picture / GRAPHIC WARNING

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Wesael's RV-10 Cooling System

For those of you that asked about the cooling system at oshkosh and wanted to see some of the mods that we did for a (hopefully) more efficent cooling air system. Here are some pictures.

OSH' 12 Video and Pictures ....Scott Mills

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OT: Curiosity Has Landed
News release: 2012-231 Aug. 6, 2012

NASA's New Mars Rover Sends Higher-Resolution Image

The full version of this story with accompanying images is at:

PASADENA, Calif. - About two hours after landing on Mars and beaming back its first image, NASA's Curiosity rover transmitted a higher-resolution image of its new Martian home, Gale Crater. Mission Control at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., received the image, taken by one of the vehicle's lower-fidelity, black-and-white Hazard Avoidance Cameras - or Hazcams.

The black-and-white, 512 by 512 pixel image, taken by Curiosity's rear-left Hazcam, can be found at: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/ms...edia/msl5.html.

"Curiosity's landing site is beginning to come into focus," said John Grotzinger, project manager of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission, at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. "In the image, we are looking to the northwest. What you see on the horizon is the rim of Gale Crater. In the foreground, you can see a gravel field. The question is, where does this gravel come from? It is the first of what will be many scientific questions to come from our new home on Mars."

While the image is twice as big in pixel size as the first images beamed down from the rover, they are only half the size of full-resolution Hazcam images. During future mission operations, these images will be used by the mission's navigators and rover drivers to help plan the vehicle's next drive. Other cameras aboard Curiosity, with color capability and much higher resolution, are expected to be sent back to Earth over the next several days.

Curiosity landed at 10:32 p.m. Aug. 5, PDT, (1:32 a.m. EDT, Aug. 6) near the foot of a mountain three miles (about five kilometers) tall inside Gale Crater, 96 miles (nearly 155 kilometers) 7in diameter. During a nearly two-year prime mission, the rover will investigate whether the region has ever offered conditions favorable for microbial life, including the chemical ingredients for life.

The mission is managed by JPL for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. The rover was designed, developed and assembled at JPL, a division of Caltech.

For more information on the mission, visit: http://www.nasa.gov/mars and http://marsprogram.jpl.nasa.gov/msl .

Follow the mission on Facebook and Twitter at http://www.facebook.com/marscuriosity and http://www.twitter.com/marscuriosity

Guy Webster / D.C. Agle 818-354-6278 / 818-393-9011
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.
guy.webster@jpl.nasa.gov / agle@jpl.nasa.gov

Dwayne Brown 202-358-1726
NASA Headquarters, Washington

Fri, Aug 3, 2012.  1204z  
   I recently acquired a GoPro HD Hero2 video camera and spent thirty minutes on three separate mornings over the last ten days gathering some test footage.  I got the first stab online last night (link).  Man, I look like such a dork.
  I know it's not the RV-6, but you gotta give me a pass - the heat index yesterday here was 111°F.  The door and windows open in this thing, I'm in the shade, and putting around in this for .3 in the heat is no sweat (literally).  Fly the RV-6 in these temps and you land more cooked than some steaks I've eaten. <g>  The next video will be in the RV now that I kinda know how to work the device by feel and am getting more comfortable with the editing software.  Fun stuff and an amazing little camera.  RVs rule, of course, but I've really come to appreciate the affordability and hot weather benefits of this type flying.  It's a great RV sidekick, giving our local RV group the option to enjoy the landscape at a laid-back 39kts.
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Finley Atherton Australian RV Trip Report Continued....all links have pics

At Halls creek we entered the...
Cape Leveque We stayed at...
After a good rest at Cape...
Spent the night and fuelled...
Got up early for the leg back...

RV Grin Video ...Bruce Ray clip

Van's Dinner Banquet Oshkosh Video...George Ford video.


Post-OSH Notes from Mark Giron (HBC rally)

Let me start by saying that good ideas were generated by the folks at Airventure. That in itself was my measure of success in all that was planned. With new safety recommendations delivered by the NTSB to the FAA directly involving the way amateur-built aircraft are certificated and operated, the reality is policies surrounding those items are being reviewed and scrutinized. With a week’s worth of meetings with groups from all over aviation now in the rearview mirror, I can honestly say that all those groups mentioned in conversation, forums or otherwise were included, and they all have some stake in the end product.  continue

[ed. Mark flies an RV-6 and works for the FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector]

Brent Owens OSH'12 Pics

Brian Meyette OSH'12 Write-up (RV-6A)

Karla and I got up before dawn Saturday 7/21 to go to Oshkosh. As usual when planning a "first light" departure, the weather was not cooperating; some of the thickest fog I’ve ever seen at Springfield, VT - KVSF. By 0730, it had burned off enough for us to depart, so we headed for our first stop at 5G0, Le Roy, NY – just east of Buffalo. We found out later that Dave Bridgham was passing over Springfield on his way from Claremont to Oshkosh in his float plane as we were taxiing.   continue

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Thu, Aug 2, 2012.  1055z   (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Golf in Scotland ...Keith Boardman RV-12

A brief weather respite from a dreadful summer (and from the Olympics). The portacabin about 30 yards behind the plane canopy is the driving range at the Royal Dornoch course, one of the championship links courses in Scotland. I reckoned this was close enough to walk <g>.

The Trip Home ...Ken Scott on the Van's FB page

Unless you’ve been awaiting the Mayan Apocalypse in an isolated cave, you probably heard that we introduced a new airplane at AirVenture this year. Since I’ve now flown the RV-14 on a long cross-country and you – hee, hee – haven’t, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about the airplane, the role it plays in the RV line, and the trip across more than half the country.

Ed Kolano will have an article in Sport Aviation soon, and you can read all about the phugoids and stick force gradients there. Ed’s a professional and provides excellent objective information about the airplanes he flies. I, on the other hand, am your basic amateur English-major-with-an-airplane, so everything here is purely subjective. Take it so.

I’d flown the RV-14 just twice on local familiarization flights in Aurora, so when I found myself scheduled to fly it home from Oshkosh, I was delighted. I’d have a chance to really get to know it on a long cross-country. Better yet, I was flying with the guy who led the RV-14 design team and had done much of the flight testing:  Ken Krueger. Nobody better to give me an education enroute.

On Sunday, Ken and I tossed our bags in the back, sorted out the charts and settled in for the 1500 nautical mile journey. My first impression was room with a capital R.  I’d never been in the airplane with anyone else. Ken and I are both a couple inches over six feet tall and we average 200 lbs (that’s an average, not an “each”…as anyone who has seen us knows, Ken’s a wraith. I’m not). Sitting with another person in the RV-14 is sort of like sitting down to dinner with a friend. Leg room, elbow room, head room… the RV-14 has it all. The lowered longerons through the cockpit area make the visibility down and to the side better than any other RV, except for maybe the RV-12. continue

RV-14 prototype over somewhere

More on the 'VAF Make a Wish' Alex to OSH Trip ...Paul Merems

I returned home from Oshkosh and got back into the workweek grind. After setting into my normal routine I finally got a chance to post my thoughts and experiences with Alex and his father Alejandro Cuellar.

First off I want to personally thank everyone who contributed to a very successful “RV make a wish” for the Cuellar’s. I was just another RV guy who cared enough to put in a little time and energy to raise funds to help make a dream come true.

I arrived late Saturday night at the Christian School and was hoping to hear that Alex and Alejandro had arrived safely. They did and I found them in the common area putting a puzzle together. I have never met them before and only spoke to Alejandro the day before to arrange a few things and most importantly give them the money that was collected. I sat down and started talking with Alejandro and soon Alex joined in. Alex is a quite and reserved young man. When he speaks he truly has something to say.  continue

In The Shop

Adam Holdsworth RV Video

Got to go up for a couple solo flights last week with the -8 before I moved back down here to Daytona. Rough on a few things but it was actually my first aerobatic flight in it and first aerobatic flight in over a month. Everything was kept positive so it wasn't the most precise. Enjoy!

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Aug 1, 2012.  1123z    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

VAF 'Make a Wish' - Alex's Trip to OSH'12 ...Mike Retting PIREP

VAF community,
I am happy to report that the VAF "Make a Wish" mission was a complete success! Thanks to all of you, Alex Cuellar and his dad, Alejandro, had what I think many would consider the "dream trip" to Airventure this year. The following is my writeup of their trip, a few of my favorite pics and the link to their picasa web album for more pics. On behalf of Alex and his family, thank you all for your generosity, encouragement and support for this young man.  continue

Wallpaper Calendar for August ...the RV-14 prototype of course!

RV-9A to Northern Australia ...Finley Atherton

Last year my wife and I flew our 9A across Australia from east to west and back to attend a fly-in at Perth. This year we flew to the remote Kimberley region in NW Australia.

Total distance was about 5,000 nm over about 2 weeks. If you want you can see the exact track on Spidertracks starting on 16/July 2012. We usually flew between 6,500 ft and 9,500 ft and had head winds more often than not. Typically at around 8,500 ft amsl we had a TAS of 150 kts burning about 24.5 to 25.5 litres/hr depending on how much the carb 0-320 was willing to be leaned before running rough on the day

With full fuel and 50 kg (110 lb) of baggage we were about 2 lb below Vans max weight. Vans max baggage compartment weight is 100 lb but I had about 10 lb below the seat back fwd of the flap actuator tube so I figured this as extra pilot/copilot weight rather than baggage.  continue

Canada tour ...Troy Branch RV-10

Here is a link of our trip we are presently on. Our flying club is updating as I update them. It has been a great trip so far. Just hope the weather will keep cooperating. The top right corner of the site has the different updates

Teen Flight / Eagle's Nest Merge

(from Bob Kelly)  In an effort to concentrate our effort in getting kids involved in building projects, TF and ENP have joined forces. At a joint meeting Sunday evening before the start of AirVenture, it was decided that Teen Flight would join with us, under the Eagle's Nest banner and share our various skills and talents.

We recognize the pioneering effort of Teen Flight, and the contribution made by Van's Aircraft to get this amazing movement off the ground. They were an inspiration and guide for the first Eagle's Nest project. Both groups have added to our knowledge base and capabilities. By joining forces, we hope to be able to reach an even larger part of our youth population. This effort includes the projects already beginning in New Zealand, and will be an international effort. Friends of the RV-1, the umbrella organization, now is able to devote more time to this effort. I feel very blessed to have been a part of all this from the very beginning. I thank all of you who supported us over the past two years, and ask that you consider Eagle's Nest Projects as something deserving you support. While our website is just getting underway, you can follow us at eaglesnestprojects.org Sign up for our newsletter by e-mailing me at vbob1 at hughes.net

Van's Employee Thanking Team RV ...when you get the Van's employees to look up, you've got something there.  dr

(Scott M.) "I want to say a public thank you to Team RV for performing at OSH this year, and add a big thanks for all of the time and expense you guys invest in training for and planning your performances.

Being able to see you guys live in person was truly one of the highlights of my week.  There is very little time for any of us at Van's to actually enjoy the event, but I think it says a lot that when the day was done, tent was closed up, and everyone ready to pile into the cars we couldn't leave yet...

Everyone of us was standing there looking skyward, because Team RV was a closing act of the show. You guys are a class act, and you make it look so easy (we know it is not... that is why we can't help but watch).

Thanks again, and I know we will be seeing more of you guys at OSH in the future (unless the people that make the airshow decisions don't know a top notch act if it hits them in the face!)."

Chris Lucas' RV-10 on the Flying site

Donations updated.

...thank you to those helping keep this site (and my family) fiscally conscience. 

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How to pass any 'true or false' test...