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Wed Jul 31  1145z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

The 2013 RV Social at OSH. ...organized by DanH and held in NationAir's backyard.

August Calendar Wallpaper Online ...Joe Blank photo at Copalis State Airport, WA.

RV-12 Builders/Pilots Get Together

SoCal Cable to Oceanside ...pmccoy's first trip write-up!

Readington Balloon Fest ...Vlad

Press Release: MGL Avionics Debuts V6R Remote VHF Com
   MGL Avionics today officially launched the faceless remote version of its popular V6 Aviation Com radio for Experimentals and LSAs, the V6R. The V6R is identical to the V6, except for the lack onboard controls. It features the same 6.5 Watt output power with standby channel monitor, built-in 4-place VOGAD stereo intercom, stereo music input and 2 mono audio inputs as the panel mount V6.
   The V6R can be completely controlled by the MGL Avionics iEFIS, Odyssey/Voyager or the upcoming R2 Control Head. It is designed for use in panels with limited space or with limited mounting depth. It can be controlled by up to 2 devices.
   The V6R is available now for $1,050

Brian Vickers RV-4 Oil Filter Extension

From AFS....
   We now support the new PS-Engineering PAC15ES blind Audio Panel with any of the AF-5000T touch screen EFIS's.

From Dynon....

FS- Alum Spinner Kits Oshkosh 2013 Special Price ...VAF advertiser

More household repairs with airplane hardware....

2013 Factory Oshkosh Special Pricing
Save $1000 ...factory site

'A' Model Bumper
  Here's a neat bumper I recently saw on a RV-9A. Piece of bent spring steel welded to the tail tie down ring.

Chris Pratt photo from OSH'13 opening day....


Tue Jul 30  1157Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Looking forward to pics from the RV social last night.  I'll update the front page this afternoon if a link to photos turns up in the OSH 2013 Pictures and PIREPS thread.  Hope those at OSH are having a great time.  Looking forward to the pics and pireps! 

Tommy Lewis Travel Update
  On Friday we stopped at LaMar, Iowa for lunch and to wait for a line of rain to move past OSH. When it was slow to move we decided to spend the night. It was a very pleasant place to stop. Did you know it is the ice cream capital of the world as designated by the Iowa legislators? We used the courtesy car to get some great ice cream. On Sat Bonnie flew us into OSH. We are parked in row 307 for the week.

Building Injuries
  Accidents aside, what is the worst injury you have suffered during the building process?

My version of the Toolbox Trainer
  My wife presented me with a broken food grater shortly before I left for the airport. Given the tools (and rivets) at hand, the local builders dropped their Onex work and helped me convert the grater to EXPERIMENTAL.  All it's missing is the sticker:

  I don't think it's going to break again - not until their spar does.

"Thumping" on aileron during roll
  I've noticed this lately. In an aileron roll, rolling pretty fast but not full stick deflection, somewhere around about inverted I feel two "thumps" or tugs on the ailerons in rapid succession. It almost feels like what you get when you override an a/p servo. I have no control binding or anything.
  Q: What is this? Is some surface stalling or something?
  A: Yes

Airventure Cup 2013 Results

Been some time since I posted build pics
...tkatc (multiple new posts w/pics)

Rear window flange width?

Why Vans Does Not Mark the Revised Parts of Drawings

The Squeeze Box ...by Cleaveland Tool

2013 Factory Oshkosh Special Pricing
Save $1000 ...factory site


Mon Jul 29  1201Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

OSH 2013 Pictures and PIREPS

Weekend trip to Columbus...bullojm1
  My buddy "Bull" from college has an annual summer party in Columbus, OH. A bunch of my friends from OH and MI come to it, so it's a great opportunity to have some good fun with good friends. I have driven out there before for a long weekend, but now that I have the RV, is driving really an option? 2 hours in the RV vs 6 hours in the car. No real choice there!

Advanced Flight Systems AirVenture 2013 Announcements
- Probe-Based Angle-of-Attack System
- AF-5400T EFIS in the booth

A blast from the past ...Rosie 1998. Canopy cut. 105*F in the hangar

RV-14 Emp/Tail Cone Kit Now Available

RV-8 1st Flight Video (at high speed)

Walt's offer of AP/IA help at OSH
  "...if you have a mechanical/electrical issue that you need some help with please feel free to give me a call. 972-746-5154."

Tim Blake's RV-10 Panel Upgrade Complete

Gascalator removal challenge

Skin never looked so good...blueflyer

Welcome Smoke System Helper

fmi: http://www.smoke-system-helper.com/


Fri Jul 26  1151Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Spins: Take 2 ...schristo vid.

Safety: Keep your VFR data source(s) up to date ...Glen -8
   I'm planning an annual trek up the east coast from VA to ME. My standard procedure is to flight plan on the iPad and then fly the route with the Garmin 795 in the airplane.
   Like many, I update my VFR GPS "periodically".
   I have made this trip several times over the past few years and here is a typical route.
For all of my past trips, this route kept me clear of all the big airspace as well as the alert, restricted, and prohibited airspaces.
   So imagine my surprise when I went to plan this year's trip and the current sectionals now have expanded PHL airspace and the corridor is gone.
   I have a new route set for this year's flight and a healthy reminder to the importance for keeping (and using) current charts.

GRT Now Shipping Val Avionics Remote Nav Radio

  "Garmin’s Team-X has been quietly developing a new unit to replace their SL-40. We have been testing the new GTR200 comm radio/intercom in an RV-12 for a couple months and have been quite impressed."

The annual OSH Pictures and PIREPs thread has been created ...post 'em when you got 'em.

SkyView 6.2 Software Update

Video: 2012 Mid-Atlantic RV Fly-in
...held on 14-July-2013 at the Carroll County Airport in Westminster, MD

Flaring tool operation
  Just did my first flares today. The first one I did turned out to be a bit too wide despite using the depth stop as a guide. I also noted I could really crank down on the cone making it expand further than desired. This technique proved to make a flare which was too wide for the AN-6 fitting.
  The second attempt I puposely inserted the tubing just shy of the depth stop and made certain not to crank down the cone to excess. This made a very nice fare that I assume is usable/acceptable.
  My question is, how do you make consistent flares? Is this just a feel/sight type of thing? If you get it wrong does this introduce leaks?  several suggestions

Emergency Hose Repair at OSH...TS Flightlines and Aircraft Specialty
   TS Flightlines, (www.tsflightlines.com) in partnership with Aircraft Specialty (www.aircraftspecialty.com) is happy to announce a new service for all of you going to Oshkosh this year.
  If for any reason you run into any leaking hoses on your aircraft, we want to make your life a bit easier.
   Thought we won't have an official presence at the show this year, we will be able to coordinate and get emergency hoses to you right at the show. In fact, we will even hand deliver it. The lead time on hoses to get to Oshkosh will be anywhere from 1-3 days, depending on when you order them. The cutoff for Delivery on Saturday August 3rd in the morning will be an order by Noon on Friday August 2nd. We currently have ALL fittings in stock, except for the -8 45 degree fittings which are a custom make and add a few days to the lead time.
   Please contact Tom at 843 271 2329 or Steve at 262 853 1380.
  These are the same great hoses, and same great prices that you have become accustomed to.
   We sincerely hope that we don't get any orders for emergency hoses at the show because it means that you are having a maintenance issue. But, if you do, we are happy to help you get back in the air quickly.
Have a great day,
Tom and Steve


Thu Jul 25  1148Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Cool front comes through N.TX....for a bit.
   There for a couple of hours it was a glorious 78*F in the N.TX area yesterday morning.  Most of the folks on my field were seen standing out in the open, like prairie dogs, facing into the cooler wind with amazement (myself included).  Near 100*F later in the day, of course.  It was great while it lasted!  Panorama iPhone pic below....

Acro w/daughters waiting to meet YOU!
  ...Luke in Italy (note: Italy has different rules about requiring chutes during acro).
This morning was perfect to put Giorgia and Lisa in their first loop (and roll too) !
  They enjoy a lot and video is on the way, see you next week !

Classic Aero Designs
   ...will be closed this Thursday and Friday.  (www.classic.aero)

34 hours and the cowl is hung
  ...David Domeier
  It took more time than anticipated.
  The oil check door took 5 hours today, I'm slowing down, maybe its the heat.
  The hinge pins are tight but that's how it is at first. After a few flights, the Lycoming will shake them a bit and they loosen up.
  Speaking of the Lycoming, I sure hope it settles a quarter inch or so. It is riding high right now in accordance with the plan.
  The overall install went well after I figured out how to get started. The plan is rather primitive and the best info available is right here under "cowling" search. Dan Horton has an excellent image that was worth many words, at least to me, on getting the two pieces aligned for trimming. I had the parts on and off at least 10 times sanding edges and like the canopy, finally quit. It is not perfect, but perfect enough for me.
  I like the front area shot - this airplane does not have much barn door effect, its frontal area very appealing.

Garmin Adds to its Experimental Aircraft Offerings With the GTR™ 200 Comm Radio
   "...The GTR 200 is anticipated to be available in August for an expected street price of $1,199.00."

TruTrak to continue offering AFS products

related: Dynon Acquires Advanced Flight Systems

Voltage Regulator Fun
  "...Revealing...an adjustment screw! So, I give it a quarter turn, reinstall -- and voltage drops to 14.9. Pull it out, give it another quarter turn, and voltage drop a to a perfect 14.2 volts."


First Flight - RV-9A (and hat sighting)
   ...Ranger Craig
   After 4 years and 2150 hours, RV-9A N214DX took to the sky this morning! It flew hands free, stalls straight forward, and performs just like Van said it would. It is Day/Night VFR with a Dual Skyview system, Lycoming XIO-320-D1A from Aero Sport Power, Hartzell Constant Speed prop, Dual P-Mag electronic ignition with auto plugs, and weighs in at 1080 with paint. Many thanks to Wally Anderson at Synergy Air for the great RV building class to get the project started and for continuing advice when I would get stuck, which was frequently. Thanks, also, to all the great builders who make up VansAirforce who helped immensely along the way. Frank Sneed did the airworthiness inspection and Brian Moentenich did my transition training in his RV-6A. And, thanks to all the talented and helpful people at Van's for a great design and assistance. What a dream come true!

Canopy skirt frame fit/bending...Ed Hicks
  We've been working up towards drilling the slider rails, and are just tweaking the frame fit. Everything fits pretty much as desired, except the mid section of the left and right parts of the frame that support the skirt - this appears to sit a little too far inside the fuselage profile. At the fore and aft tube ribs, you can get the get the trial bits of skin the manual talks of using, to sit nicely to the top edge of the fuselage. This makes us a bit conscious of the fact it's not a case of pulling the whole of the sides outwards.
  Any ideas on how to tweak these sections outwards (or other advice) would be gratefully received

HS-710 / 714 countersunk rivets. HOW?


Thu Jul 25  1155Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Paul Tuttle Selfie...
   "Flying off the Canadian 25 hour restriction. It ain't so bad. "

  "Here are a few quick shots of the great job by Dial Eastern States"

More sights (and leaving Candada - and hat sighting)...tommylewis

I did not paint the seat area ...Brandi -10
  For the bottoms, I completely covered them and carpeted under them.
  For the seat backs, I made covers similar to a pillow case. They are open at the bottom and slide down over the foam AND the aluminum back support. The bottom seat hides the bottom of this pillow case design.

Garmin GDU 37x Cockpit Display v8.20 Released ...9.91MB download

Welcome RPX Technologies
  ....dynavibe propeller balancer
  DynaVibe is an economical, state-of-the-art dynamic propeller balancer designed specifically for the aircraft industry. DynaVibe displays the magnitude and phase of propeller vibration allowing precise weight adjustments for balanced and smooth engine operation

fmi: www.rpxtech.com/rpxweb/Dynavibe.asp

Things used as fuel cap openers....pics from this thread.

[ed. Me, I've used the phillips screwdriver tip from my
Leatherman Micra since around 2002.  It's always w/me
is the main reason, that and I can use it to tighten
loose fairing screws during the preflight walkaround. 

Tina's Pilot Shop OSH Specials


Tue Jul 23  1144Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Windscreen Done! ...AJ Wessels (RV6 Australia)

Spins in -7 w/GoPro on head ...video

Console Install Turns Into Panel Upgrade ...Tim Blake RV-10 in N.Texas

Dynon Acquires Advanced Flight Systems

First Completed paint photo
     ...KALEWIS RV-12

Static Leak Test ...scard

Visit to the Ocanagon Valley
      ...tommylewis (RV-10)

July/August Issue Now Online


Mon Jul 22  1203Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

John Goodloe (R) and the three folks he gave rides to Saturday
...Robert Owen, Katie (niece) and Betty (Mom'n'law).  theVanCave photo.

First flight RV4 ...'Yen' in Australia

Recurring exhaust pipe cracks - advice wanted ...Kevin Horton RV-8

4 generation flight ...RNewman

Initial Flight Test ...FP to CS prop upgrade (Brantel)

Patch Hatch panel upgrade status

A rollbar and me ...scard

Looks like my A-D wood prop is toast --(

Flying to Canada ...tommylewis

Rocky Mountain Round Robin trip 6/2013

Update on the Missing Man at Robert Beremand's Service ...by John Brick
   Of course the credit for this belongs to Steve, aka “Memorial Ground,” who cleared us in hot at just the right moment!
   This was the Wenatchee missing man flyover. We had a 6-ship briefed up but weather killed that plan and we wound up with a 3-ship. Me, IFR out of PLU; Pete, special VFR out of TTD and thru the gorge; Wendell, up thru a hole at MMV and over the top.
   Weather was clear at Wenatchee and we joined up as a 3-ship in echelon with Pete in the middle and Pete doing the mm pull. Can’t believe how nice it worked out. Steve came out to the airport and joined our debrief.
   He said “it was perfect, the family knew we were coming and as taps ended they could hear us and they turned to watch, couldn’t have been better.”
   I almost canceled the whole thing. Glad I didn’t because the family was so grateful. Six of the immediate Beremand family came out to the airport to meet and thank us.
   Robert Beremand flew the C-46, C-47, C-119 in WWII and Korea. He was 91.

The Big Move For N959RV

New TCW Technologies
     ...IFC-10 flap controller

fmi: tcwtech.com

Welcome Cummings Spinners (Australia)

fmi: cumminsspinners.com

Oil Change Drip Catcher ...John Goodloe RV-8 at theVanCave
Couple of notches on the side hold the wire in place.  No drips on the floor.

Van's OSH Tent (complete with new sign) standing
....and the grass has days to live (from the factory FB page).


Fri Jul 19  1205Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Danny King's 'Beautiful Doll' RV-8 ...you can see it at the Garmin tent at OSH.

Help me find the Oil Pressure fitting
  I'm gearing up to hang this beast and looking to find the port for the oil pressure restrictor fitting. Please Help

More work on the gear leg fairing

KALEWIS RV-12 Status ...paint ON

One step forward, two steps back...removing my panel
...Michael Burbidge
   My family wants to know why I'm sitting in the office crying. Well let me tell you.

New addition to the MGL iEFIS family- Welcome Challenger ...MGL Avionics

Welcome Training Squadron ...ad in the Previous Day's News Section
  (from Anandeep Pannu) “Like  RVators, Training Squadron is in this business for the sheer joy of airplanes and flying.  We want to move beyond the mundane and embrace what a flying machine can do for our soul. At the same time we like to challenge ourselves and our students to gain more skill so that one can enjoy a machine like an RVsto the maximum extent possible.  Stick and rudder skills including tailwheel flying and aerobatics are definitely taught at Training Squadron, but we pride ourselves for having that intangible attitude that encourages artistry and rigor in flying.”
fmi: http://www.trainingsquadron.com/vansairforce


Thu Jul 18  1146Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Stan 'Grumpy' Price Retirement Flight
  Stan doesn't fly an RV, but he has probably led more RVs around N.TX in formation in a Globe Swift than anybody on earth.  My son and I were invited to attend the festivities yesterday at Love Field, and we were both grateful to witness our friend's last SWA arrival as PIC.  Stan is one of the good ones, and his professionalism makes me strive to be a safer pilot.  The smiling lady he hugs in the clip below, Gloria Schafer, called him 30 years ago to tell him he got the job.  There she was three decades later.  What company in 2013 still does this?  What a refreshing thing to see.
  Congrats Grump on a long, successful and safe career!  dr

Flight to Wisconsin ...bullojm1

RV Community, German Style
   ...Bryan Douglass
   My wife and I just returned from a 3-week trip to Europe, which included a week-long river cruise then driving around Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Czech Republic for two weeks. We looked at a ton of "really old stuff" and had a great time, but I was very unhappy about being away from my RV for that long. Fortunately, coincidence, combined with the worldwide friendly RV community, provided some much needed (and appreciated) respite from all things old and musty - as well as introducing me to some new friends....

July Tool Chat ...Cleaveland Aircraft Tool
  The Cleaveland Aircraft Tool Chat recording is now available for viewing. Mike talked about our newest product, The Squeezebox™, countersinking, deburring, and tight fit dimpling. See you all at #OSH13! Watch the video now.

Garage test: Gear leg intersection fairing airflow video
   I have been working on my gear leg intersection fairings and wanted to see if the work I did was a waste of time or if it would potentially work. I decided to do a quick test for FUN. I put some tuffs on my plane and then used a 6HP vacuum cleaner to blow air over the surface. I changed the angle of the airstream to simulate different flight path. On the last part of the video you can see some reverse flow. I may have to do this test again in a more scientific way with additional and better tuffs.
   The reverse flow on the last few seconds of the video , I was pointing the nozzle along the longitudinal axis but at approx. 45 degrees to the fairing/fuse.
   BTW, I have been pretending to be a little air molecule all week. We use this same method at work but we use 4 jet engines to generate localized airflow at high speeds.


N214DX is Airworthy! ...Ranger Craig
  Another RV-9A got her pink slip today! DAR Frank Snead drove about 300 miles to do the inspection. Great guy and knows RV aircraft. With a couple of minor tweaks, he signed it off. Now, it is off to the Westside for transition training.

Worst screw up yet, what should I do?
  While assembling the wing skeleton of my RV-9A I was riveting the number two rib from the wing root to the rear spar/W907B/W907C doubler plates. Of course, this rivet toppled over in grand style and I had to drill it out (hindsight 20/20 I should've left the little bugger but I didn't and now I have an even bigger mess to fix
1.) Can this be repaired in a structurally sound manner?
2.) If so, HOW?
3.) Should I bite the bullet and replace the rear spar/rib and doublers? (If this is the case I have a lot of rivets to drill out).

July 4 in Yellow Pine ...Tommy Lewis
If you ever spend the July 4th in Johnson Creek, you must go into Yellw Pine for the parade. This is truly small town America in action.

N.TX Bunch


Wed Jul 17  1156Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Copalis, Washington ...from the 'Where else did you land?' thread.  Matt Z. pic.

N143RW joins the ranks of the flying 10s
  On July 15th 2013, at approximately 19:30 central N143RW took flight. It has been said many times, but what an awesome airplane.

Summer 2013 Travel ...TommyLewis
  The prelude to this series of trip reports is we are two old retired folks who spend the summer traveling in our RV. We are living our dream. I was not going to do another series of trip report until I visited with Troy during our stop in Canada, but now I will be trying to keep it up to date.....

Help Vertical Power Develop New Product
  "We’ve been working on a new product recently, and thought it would be fun and useful to share the development process here on the web. We’re all invested in building an aircraft – so we hope you’ll find it interesting to see what goes into building a product that goes into the airplane." ...

New weight after paint and interior finish etc ...Mike Starkey RV-10
   Just had the plane weighed again after having it painted, and installing the remaining components of the interior------carpet, glare shield cover, side panels, baggage door organizer and adding the SL 30 and Zaon XRX.
  Old weight was 1631, new weight is 1677. Same scales and operator, so should be good figures.
  Due to more surface area behind C/G getting painted, and moment arm of such, the C/G moves aft a slight amount too, but only a fraction of an inch.
  All in all, pretty with the new numbers.

Panel Status ...crabandy
  Not complete but the first trial fit for the boxes of stuff I got today. Thanks SteinAir for all the help and Hasty Awards in Ottawa for making my labels.

Pink Slip (sort of) ...Bob Leffler RV-10
  "I asked John why my “pink” slip was salmon. He didn’t have an answer."

Taking my princess to Shriners Tampa
  My amazing daughter was born 2lbs 2onces. Now she is 9 years old and doing great. However, we still have complications and we will have these issues for the long run. Shriners in Tampa has been taking amazing care of our daughter since she was 4. Normally we load the family of 5 into a vehicle and make the 4 hour drive across Florida.
   This trip daddy got his wish and turned this trip into a 51 minute flight and $20 rental car. 10-15 minute drive from Tampa exec to hospital.
   Big THANK YOU to Bud Smith for the loaned aircraft. (My 8 is still in phase 1)

Sporty's Signature RV-12 in Flight

Not going to Oshkosh?  Where are you flying?
   "...Will likely do some touring around Michigan, spend a few nights at different airports exploring unknown areas to me. Just wondered who else is in the same boat, and what you are doing to burn avgas and $$."


Fred Edmunds first flight....
"...July 4th 2013 my RV7 N861E and I made our 1st flight! Engine ran perfectly. all in all it was a great flight! hopefully the landings will improve w/practice LOL."


Tue Jul 16  1153Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Welcome Jon Charno ...Lake Oswego

The year is half over...

 - Donation Status:  Executive Summary.

 - Who should donate & how

  ...God Bless the folks that help keep
     the lights on here (and in our house).
     This concludes the mid-year reminder
     (no emails, nothing mailed).


RV-9A- N682TX Smith
  ...Christopher Smith introducing himself

First Engine Start ...Bob Leffler RV-10
  I've been busy with getting the RV-10 busy, new job, and moving into a new house, so I haven't been posting much.  This actually happened early last week.  First engine start. A few issues discovered, all easily fixed. No leaks found

Phase 1 Completed ...pmccoy
  Phase 1 flight test period has been completed. Yes, I am out of the box. For the first 40 hours of flight, I have been restricted to an area between Victorville and Barstow out over the Mojave Desert in Southern California. It’s hot. It’s bumpy. There is nothing to look at but sand. I am glad to be past the phase one restriction, as it was actually getting boring just flying around in circles and do nothing but passing time and of course lots and lots of flight testing.
  On the flight testing front, here is a partial list of the kind of things I was repeatedly testing; Slow Flight, Turns, Climbs, Descents, Stalls in several different configurations, gliding, fuel burn, leaning and economy RPM settings, speed tests, gross weight testing (actually added 50 pound bags of gravel until I was at max gross weight) and more. Flight testing was very helpful in getting to know my new plane. I think one of the lessons that really stood out for me was the gross weight tests. After adding each 50 bag of gravel, I went out and did stalls. Watching the stall speed increase with each additional pound of weight was great testing and very eye opening. It also made me rely on my Lift Reserve Indicator. As the stall speed increased with weight, the LRI still showed the same position to indicate a stall. When the plane is clean, power off stalls happen at the intersection of the Red and White lines on the LRI. When you add flaps, the stall happens a couple of degrees into the Red area on the LRI. Gross weight stalls were 6-7 knots faster then solo. But the LRI was a constant. I like it!
  Here are a couple exciting photos from my phase 1 box...

Van's Aircraft, Inc. is looking for an aeronautical engineer/drafter

Daryl Tolliver Selfie ..."with my best co-pilot!"

Van's RV-10 Build Vid #286. Brake Lines 2 ...EdandColleen

Plasma EI - Is this a timing problem?
   I'm 20 hours into my Phase I and have been troubleshooting a mag-drop/rpm-drop issue for the last 8 hours. Here's my set-up: ...

El Mirage Dry Lake Bed in Southern California.
  The landing surface was very good; as good as an asphalt runway.

Engine Rec'd ...mrblob
  Woohoo! My new ECi IOX-370 arrived today! Delivery date got delayed by a couple weeks, so ECi picked up the tab for expedited freight shipping. Customer service has been great! Can't wait to get it in the air.

FP to CS Prop Change Update ...Brantel


Mon Jul 15  1134Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Saturday Morning
  Jerry Lawlor (RV-8 flying) talks with Rob Reece (RV-8 building) at theVanCave in N.TX.  IPhone pic from the treadmill.  Big chunk of this hobby is summed up in this one image.  Knowledge transfer, friendship, time away from the cube and TV, etc.
  On a personal note, our daughter begins two days of orientation at college starting today (SMU).  Driving there as I type this.  We're very proud of her.  She'll do you proud, also.  Many of you helped raise her in a very real way (thank you).
  Hope you had a nice weekend.  dr

Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's ...photos

Visiting 53VG ...Vlad

Paying it forward ...S.McDaniels
  While helping out out with the TeenFlight 1 RV-12 condition inspection recently (it is two years old already... 185 hrs worth of fun and learning for teenagers), I overheard a conversation that just makes me smile inside.
  A couple of the teens were giving a progress report on the RV-12 they were helping a local retired gentleman with (he was apparently apprehensive about starting in without some "experienced" help). They mentioned very matter of fact, that after 6 work sessions (approx. 3 hrs each I think) in the past couple weeks, both of the wings are ready for riveting on the skins.
  Some of them are also involved with helping a TeenFlight mentor accelerate some progress on his languishing RV-8A project.
  I know of a few of the TeenFlight 1 guys who work on a regular basis with a Physician (brain surgeon, actually) on an RV-9A project.
  Just more evidence, that if we take the time to invest in young people, it can provide them with valuable life skills and ability's that can pay huge dividends for themselves, and may end up reaching much farther than we would ever imagine.

Texans in Alberta

Pat Hatch Panel Upgrade Status

Another RV-8 leaves the nest ...Dean Merchant

Warning From Anti-Splat

Honey, Can you fly to Augusta to get my brother?

Saturday Mission- Tahoe

More Cyclo ...B.Collins 7A
  Since I don't have any flying to do, and I finally fixed that big honkin' gap around the nose of the cowling that I've been meaning to get to, I spent a few hours today testing out the various techniques that we've been talking about on VAF and elsewhere wrt NuVite polishing.

Where else did you land?

Hat Sighting ...Tom/Bonnie Lewis (Banff National Park)


Fri Jul 12  1155Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Jerry 'Wolf' Lawlor and grandson Ty...

The trials & tribulations of selling an airplane ...Dave Gamble

The Odyssey of N5183
  Here is the only picture from my phone I took on my way back from 77S (Creswell OR to Winder GA of my RV1....

Stein came through
  I received this teaser photo from Doyle at Stein. My goal was no switches on the panel. All my switches (except master caution test) are on the custom side consoles. The consoles are the handiwork of master builder and Oshkosh award winning builder Jim Gray. I'm gunna have to go to school on this! ...

AF-5600T Touch Screen Videos ...Rob Hickman

Panel Upgrade Progress ...Pat Hatch

ACS Headset Buy-back Program

Sent in by upnorthaviation.com 

Van's at Arlington Fly-In...factory FB image.
  Great first day at the Arlington Fly In! We had the RV-7A, RV-14, and Bob Bogash's RV-12 on display. Come on by and check us out...

Dinner at theVanCave

Rob Reece (renter) sent me this pic of his dinner during a break from working on his -8 in the background.  Drove there after a day at the office.  The a/c was most definitely ON! 


Thu Jul 11  1206Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

The Honecks (right and center) and Jay Pratt
  Driving around the field yesterday I saw Jay Pratt's -8 over on the other side by the restaurant.  He was eating lunch with the Honecks, here from Port Aransas getting their prop balanced over at Walt's shop (you can see the tail in the background if you click on the image).
  The Honecks run Amelia's Landing Hotel down in Port Aransas, and several local RV folks have stayed there.  They are jjhoneck in the VAF forums.
  No need to introduce Jay Pratt.....everyone on planet Earth knows who that guy is!  They don't get much better than Jaybird.  Honored to call him friend. 

Jay Honeck's prop balancing PIREP

N328KL Update ....KALEWIS
  "Getting closer. Next is blue on top and silver stripes. Checkered tail"

Around the corner First Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's - July 13th

3 View of all RV models in PDF format
...courtesy Adam Burch.  Added to the 'F.A.Q. / Downloads' page.

July Experimenter Online

What is this used for?
  "This is for you guys out west (USA). Have you seen this while flying around? What the heck is it for?"

Prop Swap Update ...Brantel

Taildragger Steps

Arlington Fly-in ...from the factory
  "Join Van's Aircraft at the Arlington Fly In this Thursday through Saturday (July 11-13)! We will be in exhibit spaces 16 & 17. See you there!"


The little rotary OFF/LOW/HIGH switch on my shop fan gave up the ghost last week after 16 years of service.  Disintegrated into about eight pieces.  To replace the switch was going to cost about $25 after shipping and all.

Nuts to that.

$0.67 single pole switch from Lowes.  $0.37 switch box.  $0.29 for a switch plate.  Two yellow scotch locks (a nickel?) and three cents of electrical tape and we good for another decade or so.  I only need the low setting anyway....high is too loud.  Felt nice to revisit some of the skills I picked up in high school/college while working at Leland Collier Electric part time with several of my friends.


Wed Jul 10  1200Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Double Eagle Aviation Adventure Summer Camp ...factory FB page

Decluttered RV-4 Panel

Baggage door hinge mod ...RV-10

New Video from Team AeroDynamix

Baffle Mod Thread Picks Up Steam

2000 hrs in... B.Thomasson -10
  Well at 2 years 5 months I have now reached 2000 hours in a slow build kit.
Guessing I have about 600 hours left, hopefully will complete it right at the 3 year mark.

Best way to detect source of oil leak
  I have a strange situation going on which I see a streak of oil on top of the cowl about 3-4 inches from the center line on the co-pilot side that starts from the cowl’s very front to the back of it. This is the second time that I have seen this as the first time I thought it was residue of water from washing the canopy. I cleaned it just to see if it comes back, and sure enough it did after 3-4 hours of flying. It is of a very little amount, my guess about a couple of drops as you only see traces of it.
  It does not seem to come from the spinner as I looked very closely and did not see any sign of any oil, also it would be strange that it has been exactly on the same spot. I took the top cowl off and could not find any trace or sign of oil on the inside of top cowl or baffle material that could have sipped thru. My guess is that it is coming from the bottom of the engine, perhaps due to excess pressure, and from the gap that exist between the cowl and spinner but again I did not find any trace of oil on the lip of the cowl.
  So, I have a few questions for the gurus:
- Has anyone seen such thing or have any idea where this could be coming from?
- What is the best way to detect source of oil leak
- If I was going to wash and clean the engine what is the best method? I was thinking of covering the megs, battery, starter and alternator. Any other precautions that I need to be aware of?

Hat Sighting
  Attached photo taken March 2013 at museum located at Olduvai Gorge, Serengeti Plains (Tanzania) location of Richard Leakey's work.

Always enjoy your site,
Scott Achelis: RV6-A Flying since 1996 / N-95RV


Tue Jul 9  1157Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Bungalow 2013 Summer

Mike Bullock write-up   |   Vlad's write-up

Live near theVanCave?  Wanna Cancel Your Gym Membership and Join theVanCave Health Club?...
  As you most likely already know, in order to save more money I don't fly much.  Over the next decade it kinda looks to be the same drill.  Our family is in 'financial max-Q' as the daughter, then the son, plow through college sequentially.  You know the drill as well as I do if you have college age kids.
  Looking at the logbook, this year I've averaged 2.1 hours a month in the RV-6.  But, you say, you have access to a shared-by-eight-people Cub also that sips fuel!  Yeah....I've average 1.5 hrs a month in that.  I'm not flying much.  College bills are going to hurt, but (IMHO) my generation has passed on enough debt to its children, so my thinking is our kid's college is entirely on me.  Our small family business (this site) and rough economy be damned....we'll find a way to pay for it.  Flying is priority #125.
  So what have I been doing instead of flying all the time?  In a word....exercising.  Using more words....building up a small gym of neglected equipment in the corner of theVanCave, and cleaning the airplane a lot.
  I call it 'theVanCave Health Club'.  It has a nice atmosphere, the soundtrack is planes taking off, and instead of strangers in designer outfits staring at themselves in mirrors you're surrounded by airplanes.  And pilots with 20-yr old T-shirts with oil stains.

What I currently have:
  A treadmill, an incline bench with weights, an inversion table and a pull up / bar dip stand.  A shower and a fridge and microwave (lunch).  I bought the treadmill and weight bench 20 years ago.  The pull up bar was left in the hangar before I got there and the incline bench was thrown away donated by a friend.  He never wants to see it again.  Talking with a couple other folks about them 'long term storing' their workout stuff in the VHC, but thought I'd cast a wider net.

What I'm hoping to find:
  One or two pieces of equipment that are easy on the knees/hips and good for aerobic exercise.  Anything sorta like...

What's in it for you?
  Well, if you live near my airport, and would like to store your whateveritis at the hangar, I'll make you a key so you can use ALL the equipment / shower / kitchen whenever you wish.  Come workout on all the stuff, including yours, clean up, then heat up your lunch and grab a cold drink.  Talk about RVs with RVators.  Go flying every now and then.  How many healthclubs offer the real possibility of you getting asked RV construction questions while you're on the treadmill?  Or your iPhone music getting drowned out by a rivet gun?
  You'll get healthier, you'll get that corner of your spare bedroom back and you'll save money on a gym membership.  We'll both spend less on avgas.
  Any DFW area takers?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Florida Trip- VAF= Very Awesome Folks

Wow..Move is Complete ...Bayou Bert (Prairieville, LA)
  I purchased an RV9A kit that was about 85% complete. Problem was...it was in Lawrenceville, GA..and that's about 550 miles from Prairieville, LA. So after much study, help from the forum folks we made the move
this weekend. It all worked out great.

FLAP POSITIONING – Features that are often overlookeddddd...Rich Meske
  "Flap Positioning system features are often overlooked. Please take a fresh look at the three systems we offer, the FPS-Plus, Fps-Plus-nt, and FPS-Plus Reflex. Our systems offer the customer a variety of standard features. One feature is the customer’s ability to program the system to accept 1 to 10 flap positions customizing it to your plane. There are no hardware flap stops. You can also reprogram this at any time. Another great feature of our FPS-Plus is the ability to automatically position your elevator trim for every new flap setting. This allows you to stay right on your glide path without ballooning up or sinking every time you change flap settings. This is a GREAT feature for you IFR guys like me. I love that feature. Another good feature of the FPS-Plus is the ability to sense if the flap is bound up and not moving. It will sense this and remove power to your flap or elevator trim motors to prevent motor burn-up. Our FPS-Plus Reflex model was the first flap system available that will operate the reflex flaps properly. This is important for planes like the RV-10 and Murphy Rebel. For more details on this and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit www.aircraftextras.com."

RV vs Airlines
  Anybody notice lately that flying the RV is becoming less expensive than the airlines when we talk about 2 place travel?
  It used to be that when flying > 1000 miles, the airlines beat us out most of the time. Now, the roles are reversed.
I suppose there are exceptions, especially when going to a major hub.
The bonus is no TSA or elevated auto parking fees.

Just Moved to Tucson AZ; who's here?

1967 DFW Sectional.  Pic taken with my iPhone ...dr

And now........


Mon Jul 8  1149Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

It Flies - First flight for N928MT ...Mark Cooper RV-10 (CharlieWaffles)

Wedding + Vans RV

Operating RV12 on 1260' Strip

Wheel Chock Group Buy Update #3

"Planes" models

A Week with the Plane

Home for the 4th

N1991M with paint by Stahr

A mother and her chick

Continued firsts (for me and Diane)
  "...Anyway, we went in. KROC vectored me for the 7G0 approach, (I love all the glass displays, HITS, flight path vector, etc). Shot it and popped out at about 800 feet. Landed."

Prop Tip Condensation - Short Video
   ...Brent Owens

Rolled the sucker but how close for F-714

Mystery Picture - Old Ideas? New Ideas?

Plane loaded with Planes

Off Topic...but not really

Grasshopper 325m Test | Single Camera (Hexacopter)
...near where my grandmother worked during WWII (and my Mom during the 50's).

During WWII my grandmother (Dad's side of the family) worked at the Bluebonnet Ordnance Plant outside McGregor, TX (map).  Her first 'job'.  Dad was 12, and it was 1942.  If I remember the story right, the first time they went 'out' for dinner as a family was with his Mom's first paycheck from this job.  Hamburgers.  After the war she went back into the family business (farming and raising chickens).

In the late 50's my just-married mom worked in the same spot, now called Rocketdyne, making JATO motors used primarily to boost B-47 bombers.  Maybe this is where she developed her love of horsepower (and how it got to me).

I've flown over it in the RV-6 a few times over the years, always thinking of relatives.

Fast forward to 2013 and I stumble across a YouTube video of a SpaceX test launch last month....with ordnance storage bunkers familiar to my family tree in the background.  As a kid riding in the truck on the way to Mother Neff State Park, the site of all these bunkers was a high point of the trip.  They looked like something from space to me.  Now it sort of is...

I'm not sure Granny would have believed me if told what was going to be happening 71 years in the future on that same land.  Remote-controlled hexacopters with remote-controlled video cameras documenting throttleable rockets that take off and land by themselves.  How many words in that last sentence didn't even exist in 1942.

I've met (via email) a SpaceX employee that is an RV fan.  What a small world, and what an age we live in.

Watch the video in HD



Fri Jul 5  1108Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Recently out of SteinAir's shop
  ...images courtesy SteinAir.com

  "Attached is an RV10 panel we did for the folks in the Philippines (build the quickbuild kits for Vans)."

   "Also an “upper main panel” RV10 panel for a customer in Canada who retrofitted his old steam gauges with new GRT screens along with new radios, but retained all the existing switches, CB’s, etc.."

Hot #2 cylinder - options please

Triple Tree event 60 days out...
  We're now officially 60 days out from the Triple Tree Fly-In scheduled for Sept. 4-8.   You may remember that Triple Tree is a world-class aviation facility located near Woodruff, SC (SC00) offering:
  7000x400 ft. ultra-smooth grass runway, plenty of aircraft parking, event fuel available, six miles of walking trails, unlimited camping, fishing lakes, bathhouse facility with granite countertops, fabulous BBQ and cook-your-own steak night. This fly-in is different. It's not product or air show driven. Rather, it's all about the people, the planes and their passion for aviation. We'd love to have a HUGE RV contingent join us for the Triple Tree Fly-In!

OSH RV Social Update ...DanH
  Just a little more than 4 weeks until departure...the Beer Fairy is so excited she peed her pants (again).
  Looks like 353 tasty servings reserved. Make your plans and use the poll so we have enough for everyone.

Getting to know our 12...Sporty's
  We've had a lot of fun the past few weeks getting to know our Signature RV-12. Flies great, easy to check new people out in.

Throw master.click...no smoke
  I've made good progress on my electrical system over the past few weeks. I have a much of the wiring finished.
  Today, I wired up the master and after a good amount of rechecking the wiring got up the courage to through the switch. No fuses installed so all I was hoping for was for the battery contactor to engage.
  I threw the master, heard a simultaneous click from the firewall...wait a few seconds, no smoke, no fumes. Yea! Another milestone.
Michael Burbidge
Sammamish, WA (RV-9A)

Clockwise West flight ...acroflyrgirl
  We are planning our trip for AWO etc and want to add a bit to it. Skip has college friends in Bozeman and I want to stop somewhere along the way and either camp or find a little motel or cabin.

Up North Aviation CNC News
 ..."attached is a photo of a panel I CNC cut to accommodate the new Dynon Comm and Intercom units"

fmi: www.upnorthaviatin.com


Wed Jul 3  1141Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

33 hours with a 1-year-old ...Rob Kochman (and family)

Fly and Hike- Cape Blanco 5S6 ...jbagley

Formation flying makes people do funny things ...scard
  This morning, Tanya snuck out of the house sometime around 6am under the cover of darkness I assume. I wouldn't know for sure as I was "hoonnnk, shewwww, honk sheeewwww..." Around 7:20am I started to open one eye to start thinking about, maybe, considering the world around me for the day. When I hear a two ship pass directly over the house, southbound! I recognized the whistle of MY airplane, and it was working very hard to stay IN as I could hear the big throttle movements. ...

Avery Tools (again!)
  My pneumatic squeezer quit working last week. It was out of warranty, but I packed it up and shipped it back to Avery Tools with a note asking them to please repair it and let me know what I owed them.
  I received an email from Bob Avery today advising that he had replaced two o-rings and shipped the squeezer back at no cost to me. I called Mr. Avery and he still refused to accept any money for his time, parts or shipping. We had a nice conversation in which he mentioned "Give Kids the World" and the work that he and Judy do there when they visit Florida.
  After our call ended, I looked up Give Kids the World and found that they accept online donations. I made a small donation in honor of Bob and Judy Avery. I also plan to purchase some more tools from them tonight (I want some washer wrenches!).
  If you want high quality tools at a great price with customer service that cannot be beat, I highly recommend Avery Tools!
Con Kelley

AX-O RV-4 Update
  Since my back is still not well enough to work inside the plane, I had to figure something else to work on from the outside. I did not want to work on the wheel pants, gear legs, fairings yet but it is one of the only things left to do that don't require a lot of heavy lifting. I know how much I dislike fiberglass work but get reminded ever so often. The wheel pants, gear legs and fairings are a pain. I should have waited but the process has started and it must be completed. Some pics below.

What is up with my windscreen?

Al Rubin (-8QB) Hat Sightings
...Little Cayman (map)

Converting N159SB from FP to CS...the complete story ...Brantel

RV-14 Empennage Kit Update ...from factory site.
  "On June 27th, Van´s Engineering team froze the design of the RV-14 empennage kit.  Drawings were released to the production guys, who immediately dove in and began punching skins, ribs and other components. Like the RV-10 and RV-12, the RV-14 empennage kit will contain both the tail surfaces and the aft fuselage.
  While the majority of parts are made at Van's, some come from vendors. Given their lead times, as well as our own, we anticipate being able to accept orders for the RV-14 "empecone" kit, either at Airventure or shortly thereafter.
  We're still crunching numbers and will post pricing information on our website as soon as it is available. For our customers who already have RV-14 Wing Kits, we'll contact you directly just as soon as we are able to accept orders and will give order priority to those customers who already have RV-14 Wing Kits.
  Please watch the website for progress reports.
  Once again...Thank you for you patience. We think it'll be worth the wait!"


Tue Jul 2  1159Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Great Hat Sighting! ...Turbo (RV-6A guy getting some glider time)

Stopping your engine in flight
  Last month I finally climbed up over the airport a few thousand feet and pulled the mixture to cut-off position. I then slowed the plane down just to the edge of stall to get the prop to stop. I then increase speed to 90 mph and glided in to land. Yesterday I climbed up to 8000' and pulled the mixture back. I was 10 miles out from my airport and by the time the altimeter hit 2000' I knew that making the field would be no problem. I figured I could get a mile for every thousand feet of altitude, wind does need to be factored in, but actually doing it was a great learning experience. I figured that putting the plane in a dive would make the prop start windmilling again to start up, it wasn't the case, but I only got up to 135 mph. I can't really think of any reason why there would be harm to the engine but I thought I would ask if there is anything I should be aware of before doing this again. Maybe shock cooling?

3 new countries for IKON in 24 hours.

Aurora photoshoot

RV-7 Status...John Courte
  Wings are on and connected, prop is on but not yet safety-wired.

Let's go swimming ...Vlad
  The air is smooth as silk but visibility sucks. Something is brewing in the skies but I still have couple hours. Let's go SWIMMING! There is a place somewhere in upstate NY.

  Discounts on many items + $1.00 shipping for orders over $100.00 value.
  Check the Avery Tools tool sale out at our website www.averytools.com 
  Our 4th of July sale starts July 1st and ends July 15th
  We hope to see everyone at OSHKOSH / AIRVENTURE July 29 – August 4.

Q: Use of Crazy Glue on canopy
A: NO!

No Smoke! ...Acrophil
  The smoke stayed in!  Programming is the next hurdle.


Chad Jensen's RV-7 (now sold) New Paint Job


Mon Jul 1  1155Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Roche Harbor and the San Juan Islands 2013 ...Mike S Trip Report

Pink Slip...CharlieWaffles RV-10

Complacency ...Dayton Murdock RV-4


Therapy versus Flying
Therapy = $150/hr. (50 minutes actually)
  Flying my 6A from Goheen Field to Nahalem Bay State Airport, walking from the airport to the beach, walking along the Pacific Ocean for an hour, walking back to the plane and flying back to Goheen Field, took cost 8.5 gallons of AvGas = $50. Psychological value = priceless. Done easily in one afternoon. Would have taken all day in a car and I would not have seen Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson on the way back.
Larry Tompkins
544WB -6A

Got My Grin Yesterday ...Wes Ripley
  First I would like to say hello to all, and tell a little story that I'm certain we all share. I have been lurking around this forum awhile now. Seems like a great group here, very knowledgeable and diverse. Until yesterday I haven't really had a need to "chime" in on anything.
Nice morning yesterday so the lady and I rolled out of bed early and to airfield we went. Pulled the 172 from its resting place and headed over to T82 for breakfast at the airport diner. Straight over and back since she had to report to work around 10. Landed back at the home and sent her on her way. While coming in to land I notice a fellow aviator washing his RV-6 by his hangar so I walked over to take a look. I have met the gentleman before but I'm terrible with name so I introduced myself again. One thing lead to another and we decided that the plane need to be dried off. Boy was I excited, my first ride in an RV. We took off and head towards GYB to see a mutual friend who runs the FBO there. As soon as we were safely off the ground to my surprise I hear "your airplane". I have never flown anything like it, it's fast, it's responsive, it seems to read your mind through the stick, I was blown away to say the least. Made our stop and shot the bull for a few minutes. All I could think about was the ride back home. We did some sight seeing on the way back and to soon the fun was over, but the the grin, well now I can relate. My lady returned home shortly after me and she immediately ask what's with the smirk on you face? Fortunately she love to fly to so maybe I won't need to twist her arm to much.

First Flight 1-yr Ago ...Seamus

July/August FAA Safety Briefing Online

Moab! ...Pete Howell Trip Report

New Blue Origin Construction ...Larry Pardue RV-6
  One of my favorite things about RV flying is the ability to go look at stuff that people don't really want you to look at.

Don't laugh at my cheap iPad mini mount

Fly and Hike- Fort Vancouver at KVUO...jbagley

Young Pilots Flying Tour (France)

400hr Milestone...Weasel
  I really did not think that we would put this many hrs on the plane in such a short amount of time.
  The first flight was March 30, 2012 and today it rolled over 400 hrs.

How EAA Chapter 1494 is trying to promote Sport Aviation in East TN

July Calendar Wallpaper Online

theVanCave office desk prototype #2 ...actually I think I'm on to something
with this minimalist approach. 
Scrap board clamped to window sills with
Vice C-clamps.  (3) RVs in various states out the window (nice).