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Tue, Jul 31, 2012.  1117z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First Flight: Ryan Allen RV-7 ...'miyu1975'

Well today was the day. After 3.5 long years and many hours of pounding rivets..RocketBob did the honors at the stick. He said it flew great.

A few more transition hours and its my turn.  video

First Father Daughter Flight - Pics ...Peter Fruehling and daughter

After returning from Oshkosh this year we decided the time was right for our daughter to take her first flight in N200PF. I have to say it was the most rewarding flight of my life...the two of us flying in our homebuilt. I'll never forget this day as long as I live.

Here are a few pictures from the flight...

Last OSH'12 Photo y Jeff Point

"Van's tent the day after..."  [ed. Note the RV-shaped grass. dr]

AX-O's OSH'12 Pics

In The Shop

Does anyone else get as excited as me at a freshly dimpled skin?

Video: Oshkosh Salute to Vans ...36 minutes and change (the Theater in the Woods event)

Video Featuring RVs ...Jim sent me this yesterday

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Jul 30, 2012.  1037z  
  Good Monday morning!  If this is your first visit since you left for OSH a week ago, there are (25) little updates below that were pushed out last week - as opposed to the usual (5).  That might keep you occupied for a few minutes.  Turns out staying home was a blessing in more ways than just financial, as my mother-in-law is a little under the weather, requiring my wife to go down to Waco for several days (down there now).
  Hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday goes swell.   
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Your Best Oshkosh picture

AirVenture 2012 RV Picture and Video URL Thread ...post 'em here please.

Brent Owens

Smiling Jack

Jim Piavis

40 ship Participants ...Stu McCurdy

Every year someone asks who the pilot participants were for the 40-ship Flight of Forty Large Formation, so here goes.

Falcon Flight 10-ship
1- Stu "Falcon" McCurdy
2- Bill "Gunnbody" Gunn
3- Lowell "Pfantom" LeMay
4- Ron "Shorts" Walker
5- Pat "Glider" Tuckey
6- Roy "Jarhead" Geer
7- Jeff "Shiner" Jackson
8- Steve "Lizard" Richmond
9- Tom "Woody" Jett
10- Scott "Scoot" Card

The 4 (West Coast Ravens and Denver Renegades)
A1- Mark "Dula" Dulaney
A2-Dan "Sunblock" Hall
A3- Dave "Rodoc" Leonard
A4- Brad "Tailwind" Ransom
B1- Jim "Gringo" Gray
B2- Mike "KB" Smith
C1- Tim "Tank" Redden
C2- John "Brick" Brick
C3- Steve "Shifty" Payne
C4- Dan "Lava" Miller

The 0 (The KC Flight, Cincy River Rats, and Denver Renegades)
E1- Bill "BeeGee" Gill
E2- Steve "Weasel" Cox
E3- Phil "Ripper" Lamb
E4- Keith "Jazz" Schult
F1- Kevin "Husker" Loseke
F2- Jon "Mutha" Thocker
F3- Bud "Joker" Newhouse
F4- Kent "Yobo" Yohe

Spares (who turned out invaluable and a very important part)
1- Gary "Condor" Sobek
2- Paul "Rosie" Rosales
3- Axel "xxxxx" Alvarez (who actually flew the A3 spot in the arrival)

TeamRV 12-ship
1- Mike "Kahuna" Stewart
I know the TeamRV players but do not know their order, Kahuna can you fill them in??  continue

In The Shop
● Canopy Glued ...'Flyguytki' in Olympia, WA

Newbie's unusual arrival to Oshkosh (Don Jones video....and a nice hat!)

This year was the first year I have ever flown into the show. When Russ invited me to go in his 9A, I wasn't missing that chance. They always say to expect anything and our arrival was no different. Inbound to fisk Saturday afternoon and almost over Fisk they had a mishap on the runway closing the airport, so off to Rush lake we go for 30 hot bumpy minutes flying around in circles. It just so happened that when they opened the airport, we were #1 for Fisk. When over Fisk we heard "RV over Fisk cleared inbound for RWY 27....I need max forward speed to the airport..." Russ firewalled the throttle and just as we crossed the extended centerline of the runway I looked down to see our ground speed clicking past 170 knots... then we hear "RV on downwind start your decent" ha, who you kidding! Once we got it slowed down the approach and landing was a non-event. Had a blast!

Here is a video of the arrival.


Totally Off Topic


, Jul 30.  0036Z   (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Last To Leave.....Joe Blank

Sun, Jul 29.  1910Z 

Maybe the last picture taken
....HBC as photographed by Jeff Point just a moment ago.  "The Sea of RVs at airshow time.  Can count them on both hands."

Sun, Jul 29.  1533Z 

2012 OSH Winners

AirVenture TODAY ...Sunday

Sat, Jul 28.  1446Z 

OSH Day 4 ...posted on the Van's FB page

Boy, if you think the weather’s changeable where you live,try this place Wisconsin. We’re standing under hot, blue, sultry skies when far –off and barely audible loudspeakers start say something like: “….storm….tie-down….minutes…grunddkk….storm….” Hard to understand until you walk around thetent and look due west.

Uh-oh. Here comes Cape Horn, Midwest version. A wall of nasty grey cloud stretched from the ground up to as high as you could see. Every bit of it was swirling and twisting and it was headed directly for us. ETA maybe ten minutes.

Joe Blank had the best view. He was at 1000’ in the RV-12, racing for the airport , in bound from a demo ride over Lake Winnebago. The “ground crew” caught sight of him as he rolled off the north end of 36R and turned toward the tent. The sky was getting darker by the second, rain was starting to whip around our ears and it was getting pretty darn gusty. Our only hope was that Joe could cover the half mile to the booth and that we could get the airplane secured and tied down before the real windstorm hit the fan. It was going to be close...... continue

AirVenture TODAY ...Saturday edition.

Saturday sunrise ...Don McNamara
"Last dawn pic from me, DR. I'm all OSH-ed out and the weather gods have decided to let me leave today"


Fri, Jul 27.  1425   (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Van's FB Page ....OSH Day 3
   Sunny and HOT was the forcast for Wednesday at Airventue. Ice cream sales peaked around 4:30pm that day I think.
   Earlier in the day we had a visit from the Hightower family who were ready to place an order for an RV-12 Emp-TailCone Kit. (In case you didn't know, Rod Hightower is the president of EAA!) Since Rod has an incredibly busy schedule and had to be in meetings most of the day, the rest of the family came by the booth to fill out the paperwork. What they didn't expect is that we knew in advance about the impending sale. So when they arrived, they got to shake hands with not only Van, but their new tailkit, all crated, and ready to take home! Their intention is to build the RV-12 as a primary trainer for the family. What a great idea!  continue

On EAA Radio Today (RV stuff)...streaming link HERE.

Friday AirVenture TODAY

Fri, Jul 27.  1129Z
Today at 1300 at OSH's Homebuilder's Hangar, Guy Prevost will be discussing the build process, flying and maintenance of his RV-8A.  Jeff Point texted me that there were 284 RVs still on the field as of 8:05pm last night.  Tony Spicer got 9 stitches yesterday and a damaged left elevator, but otherwise OK.
  I hope you have enjoyed the additional updates this week here during OSH (this is the 21st update - I would normally have pushed out 5).  If a few more online photo galleries from folks go online over the weekend I might push out one or two more, otherwise I'll see you Monday.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
   (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Brent Owens OSH Pics

from the same guy....

Matt Burch photos from yesterday's rain storm ;^)

Before, during and during....

Tire Problems ...Bob Axsom 6A

I like the shape of the Air Trac 500-5 tires for my application. The tread is rounded (a sectional cutaway would have the profile of an inflated inner tube) and I can closely fit my subfairings to them without any pressure points during operation. However, I have recently had two right main landing gear flat tires. The first was on 4-21-12 on the way home from the Hill Country Air Race and the second was on 7-23-12 on the way home from the AirVenture Cup Race. In both cases the middle of the tread was worn through completely in a spot an inch or more in diameter. After the first flat I went to an Air Hawk tire which has a square profile. I installed it and it didn't touch and after several years of operation with the subfairings I was a little concerned but after a successful landing I though it would be OK. I was wrong. On a subsequent landing with a little more stress the square sharp cornered flat tread caught the edge of the subfairing and caused significant damage to the subfairing requiring packing modeling clay around the tire and building it up again. I some unrelated testing I found that the MLG subfairings were good for around 1 kt. I bought a replacement Air Trac and all seamed well again until the hot landing on 7-23-12 which instantly destroyed it and damage the sub fairing again (ground the bottom off on the concrete).  continue

Thu, Jul 26.  2316Z

(from Jeff Point) "No serious RV damage that we could find. A few pulled their tie down stakes out and moved around. One used nothing more than tent stakes. A few of you got the tie down lecture from me, this is the reason why. You may not care about your plane but I guarantee the person next to you cares about theirs."

(from Jeff) "How'd you like to be
parked next to this guy?"

On Display at the Garmin Tent at OSH ...they'll be parked RIGHT HERE
     Danny King's RV-8 ...(2) G3X and (1) GTN650

     Peter Fruehling's RV ...G900 Avionics (SteinAir panel). 
     Classic Aero Designs interior.


Thu, Jul 26.  1959Z
Storm blows through OSH ...more photos

Mark Santoleri

Chris Pratt

Thu, Jul 26.  1905Z
Storm blows through OSH......discussion thread.

Talked with Joe Blank and he said the Van's gang and demo planes were OK.  Very dynamic there for a minute he said....

Rob Reece photo.

Chris Pratt and Brian Chesteen photos.

Thu, Jul 26.  1347Z
OSH Day 2 ....on the  Van's FB page

The RV OSH Schedule Summarized as a PDF File  

Thursday Airventure TODAY

Thu, Jul 26.  1115Z

Your Best OSH Picture ...Steve Stucky starts the thread
    ...[ed.  Steve, can I use this as the August calendar wallpaper? dr]

Rudder v2.0

Well, construction begins on the new rudder (old one is showing too much crack).  I brought the portable a/c unit home from the hangar and pointed it at my back (99°F with heat index of 102°F), dug out the 3-ring binder (existing rudder started on 9/16/97 - that would be 5,518 days...or 15.11 years ago), unboxed what I ordered from Van's and started inventory.  The replacement skin is not only thicker, but prepunched around the edges.  Thank you Van's!

Of course I can't find the actual rudder plans...found everything but the emp group.  I'll keep looking.  I've got the preview plans though, so I've got a pretty good mental image on it.  (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Another Banquet Photo - The Original RV Grin ....Fagg Sanford photo

Van graciously acknowledged the effort that went into the RV1 restoration, then recounted his memories of the RV1 and the early air show years. When queried about the "tiny" RV1 cockpit, he brought out and demonstrated a recreation of the original RV1 seat (long lost) that made it possible for an adult to sit in reasonable comfort and ....

... simultaneously have a removable "rocking chair" for spectating!  The man was ahead of his time even then

A pleasant sunset at the seaplane base ...Colin Richardson photo

For Sale:  $61,975

Air Shot ...Aden Rich

Hot Hot ...from Jed at SteinAir

Wed, Jul 25.  1718Z

Van's FB page summarizing Day 1 ...the RV-1 handoff

From the 9/9A Get Together This Morning ...Scott Balmos sent me this

Wednesday Airventure TODAY

New GRT Avionics Stuff ....new stuff

(from Carlos at GRT)  "GRT Avionics announced its 12.1 HXr at AirVenture 2012. The 12.1 HXr is a larger version of the 10.4 HXr GRT Avionics announced at Sun-n-Fun.  Several GRT customers flew into Airventure 2012 with the HXr 10.4. The HXr 12.1 shipments will begin after Airventure2012."

Wed, Jul 25.  1119Z

Teen Flight / Eagles Nest Kids Last Night at the Banquet ...talking to Van

...Chris Pratt photo

...Chris Pratt photo

Wednesday morning.....Don McNamara photo


Home safe from Osh ...Jim Wright 9A

  Made the trip up Saturday morning and came back this morning (Tuesday).
  Took my grown Son who is also a pilot and soon to be an RV-4 owner when finances allow. We had a ball together. I have never seen so many RV's in my life. There were also a sea of yellow Cubs. Dan Horton was camped just down a few planes from me so I had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time. His RV8 is awesome looking. We could only carry a very small cooler so every time we bought ice we sneaked over and refilled his cooler but he finally caught on. more

Jim Wright's OSH Photos...36 of 'em

From John (RV-12) ....Day 2 photos.

Hat Sighting:  Brian Murphy (RV-8 builder)

Wed, Jul 25.  0031Z

The Van's Banquet (as it is happening)

2nd pic here by Chris Pratt

Hat Sightings:
Coupla Goofball RVators in a R-44 copter (Turbo and Rosie)

Tue, Jul 24.  1506z

Underneath every RVer lies a Cub enthusiast ...Chris Pratt (RV-8)

AOPA vid with some RV stuff in it. ...7 min in or so.

Someone requested a pic of the RV-14 nose strut

Tuesday edition of 'Today'

Tue, Jul 24.  1106z
Sunrise ...Don McNamara photo (sent a couple minutes ago)

RV count on field 10:53pm last night ......455 (courtesy Jeff Point)

Two Cards and a Buono ...RV social at the SOS Bros. Tent

Well, we did our duty and closed it down. In the best form possible. The stories were ALL true. The people were all bigger than life. My beer was always cold, I'm sure I owe a few, I just have to figure out to whom. I'm only sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to more people, but wait, there are still many days left, this is only a primer for the impromptu chance meetings with new and old friends in the days to come. Hey, how about that 40 ship! Ok, ok, it is done... but was a big highlight (and a lot of work) of my OSH 2012.

That is the end of this beer social story for this year. Where were you?

I'm still looking forward to a nice conversation with 'The Horton' about micro or some such technical detail to send me back to the engineering texts for the next 9mo when I get home.


Cup Results By Time ....Box Axsom


Critique My Panel ...Brian Huffaker

Tue, Jul 24.  0107z
First Flight in LA ...Paul Rose RV-9A
  After a great inspection by Vic Syracuse and transition training last week with Jan Bussell, N417PR finally got air under her wings yesterday morning here in South Alabama. It was a very uneventful first flight with the thanks for that to Van's. It's been a long 6-1/2 years since I shot the first rivet in the tail but oh, so well worth the wait!!!!
  Thanks are due to so many people along the way, but especially to my family, this website, Al DeWeese, Larry Westbrook, and Tim Pethel. Larry (flew chase) and Tim were there for the first flight. Al was off someplace in WI doing who knows what
  It flew wonderfully just like everyone said it would. I have a little issue with CHT's that are higher than I'd like to see them but it's a new engine and I would expect it to run hot though the oil never got above 190 even with the OAT in the mid 90's yesterday.  videos

Five minutes after the RV-14 was announced....421 people in the forums.  Yikes.

RV-12 Builder Get Together

AOPA Piece on RV-1 Being Donated to EAA Museum

Mon, Jul 23.  1930z

Just landed....Rob Reece photo.

It's bigger than you think.....Don McNamara photo.

Monday edition of Airventure Today

OSH Webcams: North / Central / South / Airshow

Mon, Jul 23.  1118z
Morning!  There will be multiple editions of VAF today - this edition here, after lunch and before bed.  Check back often (and hope you had a nice weekend). 

Monday cell photo by Don McNamara ...wonders of the interweb

First Flight: N328KL ...Kyle Lewis RV-12
Around 3PM on 7/21/12, N328KL flew for the 1st time...80-825 hrs on the build meter and 2.5 years of work (includes wait time on Skyview). Waited the low ceilings off early and by 3 had 4,000' to play with. Flew great, need a minor adjustment to the flaperons for a heavy "left wing", rudder was center and yes, did float a bit on the landing. looking forward to flight #2.

TruTrak and Advanced Flight Systems Form Strategic Partnership
   ...both announcements below.

OSH Pics: Jetguy RV-12

Video: 40 ship RV Flyover ...Seb Trost video

AirVenture TODAY: Sunday Edition

Video: N218HM Back Seat View ...Jeff Atkinson

Doug Weiler's RV-7 Complete

Above 20,000' in an RV-7 ...Gary

Rest in Peace: Charles "Pete" Peterson 1921-2012

Mon, Jul 23.  0238z

Jeff Point texted me....."385 RVs on field tonight at close.  Same day last year - 254.  Wow."

Sun, Jul 22.  1915z

RV 40-ship Arrival ...Brian Chesteen photo

Sun, Jul 22.  1522z

Danny 'Sky' King Showing the Garmin Salesmen How It's Done
....they don't go to work for another 22.5hrs, but Danny's at his plane        at the Garmin tent demoing the panel right now. Don McNamara photo....

Sun, Jul 22.  1237z

The ONE inbound for OSH ...Joe Blank PIREP.  Stein pictured here...

Friday at 1300:
Homebuilder’s Hangar: Guy Prevost will be discussing the build process, flying and maintenance of his RV-8A.  Added to the list

Fifteen Years! ...Rob Ray

Sun, Jul 22.  0201z

(got a text from Jeff Point)  "Hey Doug.  158 RVs on the field tonight.  Compared to 108 on Saturday last year.  50% increase."

Sat, Jul 21.  2117z

The ONE in Lakeville, MN ...on way.

Foreflight Mobile: New Edit View and Route/Altitude/Procedure Advisor

N159SB 'Brantel' Arrives ...first OSH for him/his RV.

Garmin Updates:
(from Matt) "Software updates to add support for GDL 39 FIS-B weather and ADS-B traffic data for the following Garmin products are now available for free download:

As in previous years, we will also be doing free software updates for these and other portable GPS units at the Garmin booth in Hangar D at Oshkosh all next week."

Standing On Her Own ...Steven Stella RV-10

Sat, Jul 21.  1357z

Streaming OSH Tower ...listen online.
RV-12 Gathering Time Changed to MONDAY
One more joins the fleet ...Harvey Havir RV-12
The “Heat Wave” Trip Report: KJYO–KLVN–KJYO: 7/4 through 7/18
G3X software version 7.00 has been released to the public.
N328KL is Airworthy ...Kyle Lewis RV-12

Fri, Jul 20.  1129z  
OSHapalooza starts Monday!  Plan on coming to VAF's front page more than once a day M-F all next week.  There will most likely be more than five updates, with all the photo links going online as fast as they tend to do during the week - I'll organize them here on the front page.  Probably 50,000+ camera phones, cameras, camcorders on the same field, thousands of RV folks with laptops and their own online photo albums....and my contact info is at the end of the next paragraph.  Let's really lower productivity in offices around the globe next week!  ;^).
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  FLY SAFE!
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Another first flight, part 2 ...Jeff Rosson RV-9A

Yesterday was the first flight of my RV-9A, done by transition-training instructor Jan Bussell at the controls. Today was my first solo attempt.

I seem to be experiencing plug fowling and I nearly aborted my first takeoff when, during the run up, I had some deep mag drops (I have both a regular Slick mag and a PMAG). Drops on both were about 250 RPM! I consulted with the old timers and two A&Ps who felt I needed to run the engine hard and lean it out (even though I lean aggressively on the ground). Let me add I have a new Lycoming YIO-320, though it has been sitting around for several years.  continue


RV-1 (and Van's Gang) On Their Way ...Montana overnight (Joe Blank)

A flight of 3 RV's departed Vans Aircraft this morning with a tyical NW Oregon gray overcast and light winds. The Teen Flight RV-12, the Red factory RV-12 demo, and the RV-1 were Oshkosh bound! Heading east, we took the only available route out of the Portland area, which was the Columbia River Gorge. It was quite scenic flying the gorge at a couple of thousand feet looking DOWN on all of those waterfalls along the way. Once we popped out at Hood River, we were treated to bright sun and clear skies.  continue

Group photo in front of 'The ONE'

RV OSH'12 Stuff
   - The RV OSH Schedule Summarized as a PDF File ...print this out if you want.


On Display at the Garmin Tent at OSH
be parked RIGHT HERE

Danny King's RV-8 ...(2) G3X and (1) GTN650

Peter Fruehling's RV ...G900 Avionics (SteinAir panel).  Classic Aero Designs interior.

   - Model-specific gatherings:   RV-12, RV-10, RV-3, 8/8A, 9/9A
   - VAF Advertiser OSH'12 Specials

Homebuilders and RVers on the radio at Oshkosh ...STREAMING

VansAirForce.net Charity Hats at the Avery Tools Booth

Avery Tools will have the (120) VansAirForce.net caps left from the latest batch ordered with them at their booth during Airventure. If you didn't know, they cost $7 each to make and are sold for $12 ($5 profit goes to charity - neither Avery or I have ever made a penny off them). The last batch of hat charity money went to the Joplin, MO tornado victims ($1,440). Hats are ordered 288 at a time.

If Avery sells the 120 hats while at OSH we'll have another $1,440 for folks that could use it. Pretty kick @ss reason to stop by...if you were looking for one ;^).

Every VansAirForce.net baseball cap you've ever seen, or will ever see, represents $5 that went to someone in need. And thank you for helping us do that!

New Garmin Sport Aviation Web Site Online

VAF Family
The 'Show Us Your Day Job' Thread Comes Back To Life

...so how does a guy get a VansAirForce.net cap in a nuclear reactor control center?  Cuz THAT would be awesome ;^)  dr.

'So There I Am I'm Flying My RV Over a Blimp'

Event News
RV-1 Tour Info

VAF Calendar 45 Days Out  
Single, All Day Event Add Single, All Day Event.   Ranged Event Add Ranged (day or hour) Event
       Please format subject line like this when adding events: (ST) City: short description

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● From www.BatteryMinder.com

Gauging Interest in a Bare Bones, Low/Slow, Hot Weather RV
        ....98 people have expressed 'ready to order' interest to date.

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Jul 19, 2012.  1142z  
  Men plan and God laughs...
I have (6) cracks in my 10yr old rudder (old style thin skin RV-6) where the stiffeners meet the spar (pics taken yesterday at right).  Common issue on older RVs.  Last year I had (4) and they were being monitored (and covered with tape with a little pen mark identifying the end of the cracks).  This last annual, finished a few days ago, shows (2) more tiny cracks, and the existing (4) have grown a few millimeters in length (I measured them last year).  I haven't really flown the plane *that* much over the past six months, so erring on the side of safety has me thinking a 10+ hour round trip flight to Wisconsin and back at cruise power might not be the smartest move.  Remember that 'promote safety' mindset we'd like to see pushed in the GA world?
   My A&P friend Randy and I have talked it over, and we came to the conclusion that it would be best to accelerate the replacement of this rudder.  I ordered a replacement three months ago and was going to build it this fall/winter.   Let's do it now instead.  No OSH for me.  Uncrating the rudder kit on the workbench today.
   The silver lining is I'll be able to push out a much better VAF product during the week of OSH as I'll have a fiber optic connection to the web and my two big HP desk monitors in front of me.  I'm pretty sure there's more than one camera and laptop at OSH. 
And I'll save over $2,500 that can be used for college, and that is huge.
   Danny King's 'Beautiful Doll' RV-8, complete with (2) Garmin G3X screens and GTN 650 touchscreen Nav/Comm will be taking my plane's spot* in front of the Garmin tent (pics below).  Come meet Danny, and thank him for helping me out.  He's more interesting to talk to than me anyway.  Ask him why he likes his G3X more than what he used in the B777.
   Oh, and before I forget....Danny's AF buddy that is hanging with him at OSH gets my Van's banquet ticket.  Joe, or Gus, or Daryl....give my ticket to Danny King for his friend (I'll call the office, too).
   I can't wait to see lots of online photo albums trickling in.  I'll spotlight the ones filled with RVs on the front page.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

     * 95% sure

Another first flight! ...Jeff Rosson RV-9A

N296JR made its first flight today after almost exactly 5 years of effort! I had hoped the first flight would have occurred on Friday July 7, but since the Orlando FSDO won’t allow DARs to issue temporary airworthiness certificates, I had to wait until the following Tuesday. But, that was the day I and my kids were heading to Comic Con in San Diego for a week, so my plane had to sit to await my return. That, and I still had a bit of transition training to complete with Jan Bussell of Okeechobee. Comic Con was fun, obviously, but I was happy to get back to Florida and pick up my airworthiness Tuesday and have Jan come back to complete my training today (Wednesday). We also did my biennial while we were at it, and reviewed slow fight, stalls and we did a bunch of landings in his RV-6A.

I had long debated with myself and others about me making the first flight. I have not flown much in the last few years and that was in either a C-152, C-162 or C-172. The C-162 (Skycatcher) was nice in learning to fly with an electronic panel but, of course, is nothing like an RV. Learning to fly Jan’s RV-6A wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be, but that is more of a testament to his instruction than my piloting skills. Anyway, I was pretty confident that I could pull off the first flight given Jan’s training, but I still knew I would be very nervous, and nervous pilots make mistakes. Plus, with my relative lack of recent experience, I realized that what would be a minor issue to an experienced RV pilot could become major for me. So, I asked Jan to make the first flight and he agreed. So, after conducting a thorough inspection of my airplane, he hoped in and……

….he went flying in my airplane!!!  continue

Jekyll Island ...Brian Unrein RV-10

Now this trip is what building this plane was all about! Brandi's birthday was this past weekend and I had planned a little surprise trip down to Jekyll Island. We arrived at the hangar around 9:30am Saturday morning and all the guys were already there busy cleaning things up. We pitched in and then I did an oil change on our bird. Bill generously loaned us a case of oil and Walt saved the day by having an oil filter we could use. We took off, got fuel at a nearby airport for $4.99/gal and off we went. There was some weather between ATL and Jekyll so we climbed up to 10,500 feet, which was high enough to get over it all. We did jump up to 13.5 briefly to dodge some taller clouds. The view was spectacular. I have always loved flying among the clouds. We cruised at 170 knots (195MPH) most of the way there. As we got closer we began to see some really pretty scenery as the river and wetland area permeated the area.  continue

Flight to Oregon Dunes Recreation Area ...Tony T RV-12

I flew my RV-12 from Seattle to Cottage Grove to spend a few days with friends and made this side trip out to the Oregon beaches. The pictures were taken by my passenger, Deann Plocher. continue

In The Shop
David Domeier RV-8 Status ...from his RV Build Project entry

Old School ...Dave Paule RV-3

I'm drilling and clecoing the skin to the horizontal stabilizer. This is the first skin on my RV-3B, and one of the first holes, in this case to the front spar.

I've gotta admit I was mighty glad to see that line through the hole!

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Totally Off Topic

Wed, Jul 18, 2012.  1125z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First flight RV-7, VHS-EWS, Hunter Valley Australia ...video.

On Monday the 16th July at about 12:30pm, Keith McGeachie my test pilot, made a successful first flight of my RV-7 after a 4 year build.

Duration was 0.4 hours, just long enough to evaluate aircraft handling, no issues where reported and engine temperatures where all in the green, take off was quick even with a fixed pitch prop, and he was off the ground before the first taxiway on 35 at Cessnock.

Static rpm check before the flight for the 72” dia x 85” pitch Sensenich was 2100 rpm, and 2350 rpm on climb out.  I have one dead EGT that we knew about, which I need to sort out.

After the flight we de-cowled and inspected the aircraft from front to rear and found no issues except for some oil that I had spilled on the bottom hinge line, which I assume the negative air pressure was helping to work its way out, this left a small mess on the forward bottom skin, about ½ a teaspoons worth.

Video screen shot.

With the RV reassembled, I took it up to continue its initial run-in, 75% power for the first 2 hours and then varying between 65-70% until oil consumption drops, not sure how quickly I will be able to detect oil consumption, but at the moment after 1.7 hours I can’ tell if I it has used any???

I bored holes in the sky over Cessnock airport for about 1 hour and generally got the feel of things, and then did 3 stop and go landings before calling it a day resulting in 1.3 hours of flight time.

My landing technique leaves a bit to be desired at the moment, because once I loose visibly of the runway over the nose in the 3 point attitude, I am not using my peripheral vision to gauge when to continue flaring and am over correcting a little by flaring too early, which resulted in a small bounce for each landing, practice practice practice.

Checked the belly again after pulling it into the hangar and found about 1/8 of a teaspoons worth of oil, I’ll keep an eye on this to ensure its not coming from anywhere else, engine seems dry and oil free, I will de-cowl again before next flight to check all is OK.

Without wheels spats or fairings, I am seeing about 137-140 knots at 2370-2400 rpm, I assume this is about normal.  Handling through the range, I tried 55 knots to 160 knots in a slight dive is rock solid.  On climb out my CHTs are hitting about 380-390F and drop to 345-355 in cruise.  EGTs for the 3 that are working are all close at around 1250-1300 ish.  Oil temperature is cold at 165F so might need to block off the oil cooler a little.


Destroying the Rhineland's Ability to Make White Wine ...Chris Santschi comedy pic.

(it's a joke....he's not really flying with 'em)

Phase One
Testing at max gross weight

The Phase I endorsement for the logbook that's required seems to suggest that the testing for V speeds should be done at as many different weights as possible, which would seem to include maximum gross weight.

I'm 170. Full fuel is 250... give or take... which gives me about 350 pounds for ballast I'd need in a fashion that allows me to move it forward and back.

What are people using to provide this much ballast (in an affordable way)?

  Some Replies:

I used 60lb bags of concrete. Just put them each in a garbage bag so you don't get dust all over. I took out the passenger cushions and they stack up nicely and can be belted in

I strapped duffle bags full of dumbbell weights and sandbags into the pax seat and baggage area

I used sand bags in various tote bags and used the handles of the totes to tie the bags to spots to keep the weight from shifting. In the baggage area I tied it to the central flap housing and varied the length of rope for various loading scenarios. I also put various weights in the passenger seat and ran the seat belts through the tote handles. It was still a bit messy until a friend loaned me some bags of lead shot which I also put in the totes for securing. Much easier with the bags of shot

Large dog food bags #34. We use to breed Boxers so the extra bags didn't go to waste. Not as dense as concrete but not as messy if/when the bag breaks open

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Mike Hilger RV-6 Panel Upgrades

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Jul 17, 2012.     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First flight--Eagle's Nest One!

This evening at 6:13 local EN-1 put air beneath her wings for the first time. I offered Jeff Malcomb (11,000 hour pilot with lots of GA time, plus RV-12 transition time) the honors. The plane was signed off this afternoon by the FAA and the kids jumped on it to get all the inspection plates in place, etc. Some of the paint (fiberglass especially) will have to be touched up after Oshkosh, but it looks and flies great.

I have to say there was as much satisfaction watching a first flight as there was when I did my own RV-9A. I got to watch the kids as they saw THEIR creation take to the air.  It is a special kind of joy.

The pilot report says that we need to increase the pitch of the prop, but there was NO heavy wing tendency. It needs a very slight tab to correct about a one-half ball to the right.

The last few weeks have had their ups and downs, hoping to make Oshkosh. Nothing is guaranteed, but we should make it. That will be one of the proudest moments in the lives of ten high school age builders, and I imagine in my life, too. I remember two years ago when I asked for money for tools to build this thing, and you guys gave generously. You can be proud, too.
Bob Kelly, Scipio, Indiana
VP, Chapter 1328, Tech Counselor
Founder & Director, Eagle's Nest Projects
Supervising high school RV-12 builds
RV-9A N908BL, Flying

Bernardo Malfitano's First VAF Forum Post....I like this guy already!

New Garmin ADSB - Portable and Wireless

...Garmin announced their new portable bluetooth ADSB receiver, the GDL 39 includes a built in WAAS GPS receiver (which by the way can send the GPS data to your Ipad). Includes both traffic and weather info (except for the 496 which is traffic only), is portable and can display on the G3X, Garmin Pilot App/Ipad, most of the portables, and note that Bluetooth support will be added to the 795/796 later. Price is $799, but includes a whole lot of goodies.

Compatible with...

Much more info on this (pictures) ...and a hint of more to come!

Fuel Drained on my RV-4

Yesterday I went flying and during my preflight check I went to drain fuel out of my left tank to find that nothing was coming out. I had 33 litres or 8.8 US gallons in it after my last flight. My tank doesn't leak and there was no signs of Avgas leakage on the grass below the wing. At least the person had the decency to replace the gas cap. The cost of my 33 litres or 8.8 US gallons at the current rate was $69.76.

I'm pretty sure everyone does this but goes to show you that never assume you have fuel in your tanks before you go flying.

Has this ever happened to anyone else and can you get locking caps for the RV-4.

Thanks and safe flying everyone.
Brian Eisner RV-4 C-GRJT
Bedford Nova Scotia Canada

Interesting Photo ...in US Airways magazine

Kind of funny... I'm sitting in an aluminum tube on the tarmac in Philly this morning - about 15 in the cue - remembering how much I loathe flying the airlines. Flipping through the US Airways magazine, when I see this!

In The Shop
Fiberglass Edge on Plexiglass ...DanH

It's one of those questions which pops up on a regular basis: How do you get a nice edge where fiberglass overlaps plexiglass?

You do it with plastic tape.

Lay down a tape line on the plexi precisely where you want the glass edge. If it's not straight or perfectly positioned just pull it off and do it again. Tape is cheap.

When you have the first tape layer on and positioned where you want it, go back and lay another ply of tape exactly on top of the first. Depending on the thickness of the tape you may want a third layer too. The total thickness of the tape buildup determines the thickness of the subsequent fiberglass edge.

Now do the fiberglass cloth layups. Butt them up close to the tape. Paint a little excess epoxy at the butt so any gap between tape and glass fabric is filled. The glass layups will be thicker than the tape line. The wet epoxy edge should lap over the tape. Allow full cure.

Make up a little sanding block, maybe 6" long and 1" wide, whatever is comfortable and fits the work. Stick 120 grit paper to it and start sanding carefully along the butt joint. Your goal is to sand the new glasswork down to the thickness of the tape. Stop when the tape edge becomes fully exposed.

When you peel the tape you'll have a defined edge with a consistent thickness.

Team RV OSH Trailer

Teaching Kids to Multiply ...that REALLY looks like an RV

Totally Off Topic

If you ever wanted to know how to dance to 'Thriller'

Mon, Jul 16, 2012.  1115z  
  Morning!  Got out to the airport early Sunday morning for a hop in the RV before it got too hot.  Friend Chris Pratt (RV-8) was along and got some time flying my -6 from the right seat.  We went over to Decatur, TX (KLUD) for some TnGs, as its runway is 1,000' longer and 20' wider than our home field.  Don't you just love that identifier?  Klud!  Chris did great, especially considering almost all of his RV time is in a RV-8 (larger rudder than the -6).  The springy gear of my -6 didn't confuse him for long, and he was nailing slightly tail low wheel landings after only a few tries.  He said he still likes his -8 better, but I think if he flew my -6 solo it would give him a run for his money.  He did mention the bubble tip up canopy was nice in the pattern turns - he hadn't experienced that before.
   Unrelated, after 10 years of flying the RV I finally spotted deer from it.  I've been spending the hot months of the summer mostly in a J-3, at 500' with the door open and windows down, and I'm getting better at spotting them.  Now that I know where to look, dang if I didn't spot a couple from Flash.
  Hope you had a great weekend.  Hope Monday goes swell.  
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First Flight

Passed the inspection on Friday and took the first flight Saturday! Thought my RV9 flew great. The 8 is Awesome. Slow build kit took 22-1/2 months.  Retirement is Great!
Joe Ramotowski
RV9 sold!
RV8 Flying

First Trip Log: Part I ...Bryan Douglass RV-10

After reading, and being motivated/inspired by, so many great trip logs, it's finally my turn to put up a few pics from a great trip we just took to Oregon in the recently completed plane. I hope there will be many more to come and I hope to get better about taking the right photos, and taking better ones.

It started as a short 2-day business trip to central Oregon. Work got done in one day instead of two. What to do? A call to Wally Anderson at Synergy Air in Eugene (who taught me everything I know about building RVs) and John Stahr (Stahr Design, who helped design my paint job) also in Eugene, revealed they would be around Thursday morning. Off we launched from Prineville to Eugene.  continue

Part II   |   Part III

RV-6A C-GERZ- Gerry Julian ...Virtual Hangar entry

C-GERZ was born N242UL in 2003, built by Ulrich Luhnau in Houston. It went through two more owners; one in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and the gentleman I bought the plane from just outside of Kansas City. I bought the aircraft last summer, went through the delightful process for importing a homebuilt into Canada (not that bad, actually), and flew for the first time Oct. 1, 2011. Beautifully built aircraft with about 340 hrs tt, a factory O-360 A1A, Sensenich FP prop, nice VFR panel with steam flight gauges, a Becker com, TT autopilot, KMD 150, and EI engine gauges. I have EI dual fuel gauge and an EI fuel flow gauge ready to go in, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Has a Ray Allen/MAC G207 grip on the pilots side, with electric elevator and aileron trim, and the simpler grip with just PTT on the copilot side. Seat cushions are Classic Aero. Since the panel pic was taken I have also added a g-meter on the center post. I've also installed the Nose Job brace from ASA (along with the Lip Skid and modified nose wheel) with it's larger fairing since these pics were taken. I have 35 hrs on the airplane to date and have enjoyed every single minute!

About the VAF 'Virtual Hangar' Project

Driggs to Custer ...Tommy and gang.

Last Sat morning we flew out of Driggs about 30 min before rain moved into the area. I was flying this leg as Bonnie had flown into Driggs. I climbed to 11.5k and flew around the north end of the Tetons. This was the view out the right wing.

In The Shop
Bonehead Composites Center Tunnel and Quadrant

I have spent the last couple of weeks getting my center tunnel and throttle quadrant from Bonehead Composites fit and finished in my 7. Overall I am very happy with the outcome and quality of the products Chris makes. The Tunnel needed a little bit of work and needed to have a few inches taken out of it and then a strap had to be fabricated to hold the two pieces together. As far as the Throttle quadrant goes, other than mounting the quadrant it dropped right into place with no modifications needed.

Overall I am very happy with the outcome and just wanted to help Chris out show another example of his excellent product.

Engine valve video made using cheap dental cam ...Ted Chang

After reading Erich Weaver's report on cheap Chinese made dental cam I brought one and modified it. This morning after oil change I inserted the camera through lower spark plug holes and recorded video of valves. Since I held the camera in one hand and turned propeller using the other at times images were shaking. I don't have experience on engine thus can not tell if my valves are fine. If you see any problem please let me know.


Playing Hookey

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Bob Axsom Continues...

Event News
Arlington photos / videos


Time-lapse video ...RV-1 in foreground.
I'd swear that is Joe Blank around the 26 second mark.

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Totally Off Topic

My wife sent me this....

Fri, Jul 13, 2012.  1127z  
  I was digging around in some old files on my computer and found the first mention of this site, positioned in scope as catering to the entire RV planet instead of just 'The Texas Wing'.  The date was April 6, 2000, and it can be considered the date this web site came into existence.  Two weeks later I bought the domain name VansAirForce.net and directed it to the page you are currently reading.  That makes this site...counting today...4,481 days old.  In business 12¼ years, the last five as my full time gig.
  Set a note in your calendar, VansAirForce.net will have been in business 5,000 days on Dec 14, 2013.  We might just have to have us one heckuva party (it's a Saturday).  Or not....dinner and movie with my wife sounds pretty nice, too. ;^)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Another Pink ...Ryan Allen RV-7

Today I got my pink slip from the FAA. First flight soon to follow after I finish my transition training. Big Day and a big thanks to all on VAF.

ONE at Arlington...Joe Blank

The flight up to Arlington yesterday was nice and cool at 8,500'. It didn't start out that way though. It was quite warm in Oregon for us Northwesterners, who never see the sun except for a couple of times a year. When I climbed into the ONE to go, I was just dripping with sweat. Ugh! So I positioned the aircraft in the large hanger, had Ken Scott help me get belted in, then had him shove me out the door, fired up and left. Arrived AWO about 1.7 later. I did pass the setup crew (Daryl & Lindsey in the -9A) in flight around Renton WA as they were heading south. We briefly chatted on the radio and they gave me the scoop regarding the booth setup. Nice flight all things considered.

Ken Scott arrived this morning in the RV-10 with several Van's employees (Adam, Amber, and Vonn) who typically don't get to go to the shows. It was a welcome break for them...

Update on OSH RV Social (new location SOS Bros. tent) ...event coordinator DanH.

RV-10 OSH Potluck Tentatively Planned 

Static checks and controlled airspace

Q: I had SteinAir do my transponder check. I did the pitot/static check myself.  Can I fly in Class B?

A: Yes, there is no reqmnt for a "pitot-static" check (actually just a static check as there is no required pitot check) unless you fly IFR.

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Changed the cover cutout from 'Batman'
...Bob Axsom

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Engine Making Metal -( ...Kevin Horton

There were a couple of things about the engine that troubled me on the way back from Yarmouth 10 days ago. The rate of climb was noticeably lower than expected above 6,000 ft. And the #2 cylinder EGT didn’t vary quite the same as normal when I leaned the mixture in cruise. I hoped that I simply had a partially plugged fuel injection nozzle, which would cause the #2 cylinder to be running too lean, and the others to be too rich during the climb (I lean during climb to keep the highest EGT at the value seen during take-off, as recommended by Advanced Pilot Seminars and John Deakin).

Sunday morning I pulled the cowling and inspected the fuel injection nozzles. I couldn’t see any evidence of a partially plugged nozzle, but I cleaned them with an ultrasonic cleaner, and reinstalled them in the same cylinders they came from. I checked the air filter - it was in good shape, but I cleaned and reoiled it. Still looking for the smoking gun, I did a differential compression check. Three cylinders were good, but #3 was worryingly low at 63/80. Air was felt to be coming out the exhaust pipe, which means the exhaust valve was leaking. This cylinder was 74/80 on the previous compression check, but it was the only cylinder where the escaping air was coming from the exhaust on that check.  more

Totally Off Topic


Thu, Jul 12, 2012.  1044z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First Flight: RV-8 N317DC ...Dave Casey

N317DC took to the sky for the first time over Northern Nevada on a dawn patrol launch at 06:00 10 Jul 12. Absolutely a joy to fly. Exceeded all expectations. Planning 40 hours Phase I over Stead then fly her up to Medford for paint. Hanger doors will be open during the Reno Air Races. Come on by, get out of the sun and have a cold one. Thanks for sharing all the great information on this site/

The Automated RV-3 ...Paul Dye

We’re having a full week of rain in the Houston area – the mornings seem sort of OK, then deteriorate into either Thunderstorms or steady drenchers once the atmosphere wakes up. Quite a change from the great drought of 2011, but it makes it hard to enjoy a little flying. One benefit, however, is that the air is very smooth before the rains set in, and this morning I was up in Tsam, playing around with a few maneuvers and watching on the XM as some rain showers slowly crept in from the south. Now that we have over a hundred hours on the airframe and have worked out most of the kinks, I have been trying to take part of each flight to gain more experience and do some testing with the G3X/GXPilot/GNS 430W system. We plan on using the airplane for instrument flight (hence all that equipment), but I like to go slow getting there with a new airplane.

Today, with no traffic and smooth air, it looked like a good opportunity to try for a fully-coupled, complete approach at our local ILS runway. I wanted to see the system do the whole thing, horizontal and vertical, including the full procedure turn. I was about 20 miles southeast of KLBX at 3,000’ when I got started – brought up the approach on the 430W and activated it, then punched up “External” on the G3X flight planning page. This immediately populated the G3X flight plan with the waypoints for the approach, and told the G3X we were going into approach mode – the 430W was driving. I engaged the G3X with the stick trigger, and this brought it up already integrated to the EFIS in pitch and roll hold. The next thing was to get it descending and headed to the IAF, so I dialed in 2500’, a 500 fpm descent, and punched it into “Nav” mode. Tsam obeyed immediately with a turn in the proper direction and a little dip of the nose. From here on out, all I was going to do was work the throttle and cross-check the airplane’s flying.  continue

N45678 Cruise testing ...Joel RV-10

....This was after about 60 miles of level flight with the a/p flying and everything stabilized.  Fuel flow is 11.8 running 179kn TAS at this altitude LOP. I am still testing and contemplating tuning #5 cyl as you can see it is quite a bit leaner than the rest of them and is always the first to peak.

It appears to make about the same speed on approx .4-.5 GPH less with each 1000ft of increase in DA but I have not yet made a chart to reflect that. I might do it in the future....

The Cards Trip Out West Photos ...9A

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Got Lucky Today

Coming back from a morning flight, set up for landing on Rwy 17. Touchdown was uneventful until just after the nose touched the ground. The right main went flat and created a lot of drag. I immediately hit the brakes and the plane stopped while still on the runway. I got out and fortunately had no damage to the wheel pant, just a little tar stain. With help form the FBO crew, managed to get the plane off the runway the tire changed. Found a hole in the tube from some foreign object. Lesson learned - replace the tire before it gets too bald.

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Gemini PFD software 1.01

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Jul 11, 2012.  1133z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

VH-VNZ First Flight

You know how it is, the cut hands, lack of social life, short temper, long days, dwindling bank account, and then one flight makes it all worth it, that was today for RV-7 VH-VNZ out of Bankstown, Sydney Australia.  When the controller said how'd she go I could only mutter... I cant talk for grinning!!!!  Thanks for everyone and in particular this website for all your much needed support. See you at OSH.

Rgs Chad Boot
Rv-7 Slider

An Invitation to Talk to the FAA About Amateur-built Safety ...Wed 6:30pm

[ed. You know how some people complain that the FAA doesn't care about homebuilders?  Well here's your chance to take part in shaping the A/B policies of the future.  My buddy Mark Giron works at FAA HQ in Washington, D.C. and is looking to get input from the A/B community.  He flies an RV-6.  He wants our input.  I've added this event to the RV-specific OSH'12 list I created, even though it's not technically 'RV only'.  Lawn chairs plopped down in a sea of RVs....talking about safety.  Let's pack it! ]

(From Mark)  Airventure is nearly here.  For most of us, we can't wait,,,although some could use a few more days to put the finishing touches on our projects!  Here at the FAA, we're doing the same thing.  It's been a busy year in a lot of ways when it comes to policies related to the experimental world.

I work at FAA's Washington, DC Headquarters, in the General Aviation Operations Division, AFS-800.  I serve as the subject matter expert on Experimental-Amateur Built policy regarding pilot operations.  I was hoping to utilize the knowledge of those attending the show in an open forum last year, only to have to cancel in the final hours due to funding...and perhaps a bit of politics.  This year, after all of the dust has settled, I've managed to make the very short list of those attending from Washington.

I would like to invite you all to bring a chair and attend a Wednesday Evening 6:30 PM gathering in the Homebuilt Parking area (rough location outlined in RED near the Ice Box I'm told).  I've invited some folks from different organizations outside the FAA to come out and share their thoughts as well.  I believe it will give you a better sense of what really goes on.  I know the silver screen is playing Red Tails at 8 PM, so we'll conclude by then if we get that far.  

Here's what I have in mind for the event.  I'd like to have a candid discussion on amateur-built safety.  Some of the topics I'll put out there are:

* Transition training and obtaining an authorization (LODA) to do it
* Recent NTSB Safety Recommendations
* The fatal accident rate
* Some new "stuff" we're looking at

One thing I'd like to try to avoid:
* Having to wear Kevlar.  Let's keep the discussions respectful, healthy and meaningful.

This is truly an opportunity to take part in shaping the amateur-built policies of the future.  I hope you'll consider attending.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Time: 6:30PM-8PM
Location: Homebuilt Parking (see picture)

Mark E. Giron
Aviation Safety Inspector, General Aviation and Commercial Division (AFS-800)
Washington, DC HQ

Tom Lewis RV-10 Summer Travels ...continued.

After a wonderful week at Johnson Creek, we flew out last Sat. This was the view on the flight out...

O@O (One at OSH) Update ...Joe Blank

Well things are getting pretty busy and I should have probably have had this task done a month ago, but it seems something always got in the way...

I'm doing the flight plan for the RV-1 and the two RV-12 escort ships tour from Aurora to OSH. We'd like to make a few stops along the way to show off the airplanes and perhaps trade hanger lies over a hamburger. Of course all of this is weather dependant...

Our first planned event stop is at Townsend MT, to meet up with EAA Chapter 344. Brian Carroll (hydroguy2) is coordinating that stop and we've already been in contact.

So if you are along a rough line from Oregon to Wisconsin and are interested in seeing a piece of this flying historical artifact, contact me via PM and we will see what we can work out.

See you at OSH.

In The Shop
Ed and Colleen RV-10 Build Clips      

The latest...

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Latest in Aviation Wheel Chock Technology ...George Ford sent me this.

A friend of mine forgot his chocks at our club fly in... no worry. His two quarts of oil worked fine.

Totally Off Topic

 Matt Burch sent me this...

Tue, Jul 10, 2012. 
  Hello Tuesday!  Avery Tools will have the (120) VansAirForce.net caps left from the latest batch ordered with them at their booth during Airventure.  If you didn't know, they cost $7 each to make and are sold for $12 ($5 profit goes to charity - neither Avery or I have ever made a penny off them).  The last batch of hat charity money went to the Joplin, MO tornado victims ($1,440).  Hats are ordered 288 at a time.
  If Avery sells the 120 hats while at OSH we'll have another $1,440 for folks that could use it.  Pretty kick @ss reason to stop by...if you were looking for one ;^).
  Every VansAirForce.net baseball cap you've ever seen, or will ever see, represents $5 that went to someone in need.  And thank you for helping us do that!
    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

  related: Hat sightings

Another one leaves the Nest ...Bill Wootton RV-6 first flight.

SLOOOOOOW build -6 well started her back in Dec 96 and Last Saturday she got kicked out of the nest. OMG, what a feeling of working something for so long and now have it fly.  Now I need to figure out the paint. That should only take 5-6 years ;-)

N212BJ is an airplane!

Somebody started a thread of the scariest noise that you heard in the shop while working on your project... I think the scariest noise is no noise at all!

The RV OSH Schedule as a PDF File

...the stuff I know about, and I'll be updating it as I get more info.  The idea (at least for me) is to print this off a day or two before I leave for the show.  Maybe some others will find some benefit from it also.  Click to see what I have so far. 

Flying into OSH- Required Reading

Negrito Breakfast

My First Flight...Brandi RV-10

VAF Family
Doug Bell Senior's Last Flight ...Rest in Peace Mr. Bell.

Took a friend flying, she had some great expressions!

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Melted Lens

Hat Sighting: Farnborough Airshow ...Keith Southard

Totally Off Topic

It's kinda important where you put the sticker....

Mon, Jul 9, 2012.     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Screengrab from Dan Benua video

She Flies- RV Zulu X becomes an airplane ...Rudi Greyling

I been to the desert in a plane with a name

Two new ones in LA (Lower Alabama) today! ...Paul Rose 9A and Tim Pethel 8A

Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania tour and more

July Sport Aviation ...the RV parts

pg 58 (Van) pg 114 (Vlad) pg 128 (Eagle's Nest)

Painted: Bill Schlatterer RV-7A

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
The Pre-OSH Annual Continues....no runs or errors...minimal drips...compression and plugs good.  dr


● What did you use YOUR spinner for?

from http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?p=677551

Donations list updated

Totally Off Topic

For the Moleskine* lover with a sense of humor...

Fri, Jul 6, 2012.  1133z  
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  

       (contact)  Thoughts on safety

2012 Oshkosh VAF Social ...DanH coordinator

Breakfast at OBE, July 4th

We had a good turnout at Okeechobee yesterday for the RV crowd. 18 planes showed up. The Mooney in pictured here is why you should monitor your fuel "really carefully". The famous Sam James will be at OSH giving classes on fiberglas construction for RV's. Be sure to see his presentation.


First family xc trip- 687 nm ...Wayne Gillispie RV-10


Gemini PIREP ...Brian Chesteen

In The Shop

400 hours on RV-12 - - - ...John Bender

Coming home from fly-in breakfast this morning, it turned over 400 hours. Hope this helps encourage those still building.


Powered up!


Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
More on Taping the control surfaces for racing

SportAir Workshop Info (RV Assembly)

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From Brad at E-MAG Ignitions....

Totally Off Topic

 Maple Seed-inspired UAV.

Thu, Jul 5, 2012.  1107z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

My Daughter just soloed! ...Colin Richardson

It's a great day to be an American and a father. My daughter Lindsey just did her first Solo out of North West Regional (52F) in Texas today. I bring this up on the RV-12 website because she did her first introductory flying with me in the RV-12 and after that first flight she wanted to do more flying. Her first primary flight training was in the 12 with me and after learning to taxi and about 8 hours in the 12 she said taxing and flying a 172 is a piece of cake.  I did not want to do all the primary training in the 12 so I sent her off to Marcair out of 52F which is a part 141 flight school. Congratulations to my daughter Lindsey!

It's Done: Presenting RV ZULU X ...Rudi Greyling RV-10

After 3 years and 1743 Hours, allow me a minute of fame to showcase my RV10 Build. I am proud how she came out    more

Father's Day Bucket List Flight ...Mike W.

Friend of my girlfriend asked it I would take her father for a flight for Father's Day. A flight in a small plane was on his bucket list. No problem! Arranged for one of our formation group (Tom) to fly photoship. Originally my girlfriend was supposed to take photos, but the daughter got brave at the last minute and rode shotgun in Tom's RV-8. Turns out dad was a WWII refuge, brought to the states from England via the Warner Brothers program (his dad worked for them) at age two. Returned to England in 1945 and eventually came to the US via Canada. Nice guy. Got some stick time too (after the knock-off!).  more

BC/Yukon 2012

Following in the wake turbulence of James Bagley (who just landed in Alaska), we're headed north to Atlin BC and Yukon.  more/pics

July/August FAA Safety Briefing Online ...44 pages.

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Bob Axsom Update

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Starting the pre-OSH Annual

Took Flash out to Randy's yesterday so he could start the 2012 annual...it's spending the week in front of the Garmin tent at OSH so I want to make sure everything works.  I let Randy do it because he ALWAYS finds something (A&P/AI) I miss and I sleep better doing it this way.  In the background note the used Ford Ranger I bought from RV-8 guy Dan Horton (his car site).  Easiest vehicle I've ever bought....."Can you find me a used, cheap, bare bones truck that won't break the bank?"   Took two days.  He delivered it.

One thing we're having to address on the plane is the grey sealant that is used on the roof of the hangar dripping on the plane.  It's been so hot down here that, apparently, the hangar is melting.

Seen from the air

Yesterday I got the following shot from the air.  Five deer down near a creek (another out of frame).  I guess I need to start bringing the 'big lens' with me on all flights.  Here is a cropped image, unprocessed...

Buck?  Doing a little Photoshop enhancement brings out what could be a rack.
Sure looks like something is curving up from behind those ears...

Not bad for just outside the DFW metroplex, and no I won't say where ;^).

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Tue, Jul 3, 2012.  1136z  
  Hoping you have a nice Fourth of July.  No Wednesday edition due to Independence Day.  See you Thursday, and may God Bless the United States of America!  
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WW-II Russian Winter Camo Paint Scheme ...RV Aggressor Squadron grows.

Mannan J. Thomason's freshly painted RV.  more

Dick van Grunsven to head Aircraft Kit Industry Association

In The Shop
Aaaaaand on to the wings! ...Ed Kranz RV-10

I took delivery of my (slow build) wing kit last Wednesday. I got lucky with FedEx, and the crates were in good shape. Van's also got the order perfect with no missing parts.

...Dave Casey

Finished and Painted ...Mike Kraus RV-10 (Great Lake, MI)

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Mon, Jul 2, 2012.  1138z  
   Good morning!  Quick note that there will not be a July 4th edition - taking the day off to fly my flag. 
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A typical Saturday morning ...Ted Chang

Every Saturday morning there are two groups flying out from Spruce Creek - Beech Group and Gaggle Flight. This morning I decided to give four new friends a ride. All of them got their RV grins. Life is good!

Calendar Wallpaper for July Updated Over The Weekend

...Graham Cooper photo.

Vlad Wraps Up His Recent Across-the-Country Trip Report

Time to wrap up the write-up
The deeper into Wyoming the
Where I went- -D
Landed at local airport for
High elevations ended and

Engine is Hung! ...David LaSala

Another milestone completed. Engine is now Hung, everything went well and we were able to get everything torqued down in a little less than 45 minutes. Big day with HUGE motivation.

Donations updated (red bar across top of this page)

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fmi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transit_of_Venus#Past_and_future_transits

Sun, Jul 1, 2012.  1351z 
July Calendar Wallpaper Now Online....Graham Cooper photo.

Fri, Jun 29, 2012.  1039z 
   Very hot here in Texas, but hoping to get out to the airport Saturday morning before sunrise to get in a flight while it's still in the double digits.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!   
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ONE Update ...Joe Blank

Life's been pretty busy lately to add any posts for the last week or so, but this should catch everyone up on the ONE's recent activity. Unfortunatley the Langley BC trip was cancelled due to adverse weather. While the rest of the country swelters, it is still late winter or at least some version of spring here in the NW. Oddly enough, freezing levels were down around 5,000' with some snow accumulations at the ski resorts, which are oddly enough, closed for the summer...

On to the Lenhardt's Oregon Pilots Assn. meeting, where featured speaker Gus Funnel from Van's gave a nice talk and powerpoint on the history of the RV-1 and how it ties in with the 40th Anniversary of Van's. About 50 attendees swarmed over the ONE which produced a lot of questions and photo ops. The following pic is one of my favorites... This little gal was SO excited to sit in the ONE...!    continue

Vlad's X/C RV Trip Report ....2nd batch

- Hazen ND to Townsend MO -
- Sitting in total comfort and -
- Aurora was in -
- We ate tasty burritos then -
- Holy Hindukush! Stunning -

Golden West Winning Planes

RV Assembly, Sheet Metal Basics Workshops Scheduled...EAA site

"The RV Assembly course, supported by Van's Aircraft, teaches the skills needed to assemble the popular RV kit planes like the RV 12 LSA. Taught by expert RV builder and sheet metal construction expert Jack Dueck, the classroom portion includes discussion of amateur-built aircraft FARs, tools required, workshop requirements, insurance, engine and propeller selection, flight testing, and more. The main (hands-on) portion of the workshop is where students gain experience in techniques necessary to assemble the airplane. This workshop also may feature a very special guest with intimate knowledge of the Van's RV line!"

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IEFIS flight testing completed, ready to rock ...Rainier of MGL Avionics

Proving flights, which form the final part of the iEFIS product development have now been completed. The only change done to the system during the proving flight schedule was a change of colors used on the writing of some touch screen items to improve visibility under very bright sunlight conditions at certain angles. All software and hardware items passed testing first time around with zero issues. You can tell we have done this a couple of times in the past - experience is starting to count.  more

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