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Fri Jun 28  1152Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

RV-10 Self Portrait ...Tim Blake and family (and hat sighting)
Farther's day, my daughter can't make it home from TX State so I take the family to her.  [ed. Tim is based at my home field.  Good guy! dr]

Now that felt pretty good. I soloed in my -8 today ...Paul Tuttle
  It's been a long haul since I bought the kit years ago, but I finally soloed in my -8 today. I have to thank my test pilot/instructor Tom Sabean who demonstrated lots of patience and courage while sitting back there. No way I would have done that.
  Now the journey begins.

Well, I guess summer is here
....ugh.  Screengrab from yesterday.  So begins the time of year where you fly at 0600, if at all <g>.

Q: RV-12 pulls to the left when taxiing
(Some feedback:)
- Since it sounds like you checked everything related to a possibly dragging brake or wheel friction... did you check axle alignment and shim if needed, when installing the gear legs and axles?

(Some more feedback):
Not a trick really, but you could get a good idea of the situation with a couple of straight edges (4 ft carpenters levels). Lightly clamp one to the outside of each tire with them parallel to the ground. Drop a couple plumb lines from the belly center line and measure front and back to see if the values are all close to the same. Checking 2 ft for and aft of the axle should be more than enough distance to detect if things are off very far.
  Your next question would likely be how much is acceptable. I don't know the answer to that. You could calculate the value based on what the KAI suggests, but I think the best thing to start with would be just verifying if there is a difference between left and right.

Factory Closed Next Thursday

Van's RV-10 Build Vid #277. Baggage Door 4 ...from www.edandcolleen.com


Thu Jun 27  1122Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

N427TD Airworthiness Inspection ...Tom Delaney RV-12 (St. Louis, MO)

Mud Dauber Problem in the Hangar
  Mud Daubers ... we call 'em dirt daubers here in East Texas ... have taken over my hangar. They especially like hot, dry places. I have covered all the obvious vents, etc on my RV-3, but these critters like to get anywhere they can and build a mud nest. I have seen them crawling into my flaps and, who knows, where else. I worry that I may have missed something and one will cause me untold grief someday.
  Has anyone tried the "wasp traps" that are available at Home Depot, Lowe's and Walmart? I've been thinking of hanging several around the hangar to lower the population, but I have read that they are mostly ineffective. Any suggestions to help solve the problem?

An interesting thing happened to me today
  I flew up to my country place in the Catskills from my home base, Long Island's 1N2. We landed at Freehold 1I5 and tied down. My buddy picked me and my other friend Steve up and we spent a few hours at my place. It started getting grey so we decided to head home. Steve and I got dropped off at freehold at around 1:00pm. Untied the plane and took off for home. My plane is an RV-6 with full dynon Skyview system. I also have a backup steam airspeed, altimeter and a compass. My thinking was that if the entire electronic system went poof, I could probably get home on steam. Anyway, when we were taking off on the grass I noticed that the stall warning was screeming like it never had before. I mean beeping way more than normal. I chalked it up to taking off on the grass, and once we were off it stopped and we started climbing out. As soon as we got to the end of the runway we started hitting light rain. Very light rain and I let it climb to around a 1000ft and throttled back. I have a wood prop. I didn't want to damage the prop in the rain. We were climbing slowly and I headed home. I could see the weather was clearing ahead so I kept it throttled back and continued on. I noticed that the airspeed seemed very low like 100 knots, but figured it was because I was throttled back. I usually donít fly that way on a trip like this. I was climbing slowly and had the autopilot set. All was well but it seemed much slower than normal even though I was throttled back. It looked like a nice tail wind because we had a ground speed of around 135 even with an indicated of 100. The trip is about 109 nautical, around 45 minutes. Steve fell asleep, I was up to 5500 ft cruising along and all of a sudden I hear CAUTION in the headset and the plan dives. I look at the screen and it's saying speed too slow, or some such thing. Steve jumped up and the airspeed indicator went from 90 knots up to 145. What the heck? I hit the auto pilot cancel button when the plane dived and wasn't sure what was going on. What we think happened was something crawled up the pitot and partially blocked it. It must have either blown off or back into the tube further and cleared. The rest of the trip was uneventful. Luckily it cleared, I donít know what I would have done had it still been blocking the pitot. I did hit the cancel button and level it off before I even looked at the screen. But had it been reading stall and I was really not? I thought I was so cool having backup steam airspeed and altimeter but guess what if both are fed from the same pitot you donít really have backup. I looked at the log file and you can see where it dives and the pitot clears and the airspeed jumps from 90 to 150 knots while the ground speed goes from 138 to 150. I havenít gotten to taking apart the pitot and lines, but I will before I fly again.
Richard Fazio N966RV RV-6 Slider

Used it....Dayton Murdock

Advanced Flight Systems PIREP
...Jim Frisbie
  I would like to offer Kudos to Rob Hickman and the team at Advanced Flight Systems for their recent help. I have attached a photo of my panel featuring their displays...
   Two weeks ago on a Friday I notice that my EFIS was flicking back on at shut-down. I had experienced this before, and since I was planning a trip to Boise for a conference the next week I gave Rob a call from the cockpit. He gave me some suggestions and told me to get back with him if it persisted.
  Two days later (Sunday) I was coming back into the pattern when I heard another RV entering on downwind at 7S9 (Lenhardts). I followed the RV in, and noticed when I rolled out that it was Rob's gorgeous RV-10. I didn't think much of it, taxied back to the hangar and started to pull the cowl to do an oil change. Then in walks Rob, asking, "Is your EFIS still causing problems?"
  I told him it had been OK on this flight, but if he wanted to, he could check it out. He did and found it was not shutting down properly.  He offered to check in out on the bench the next day if I brought it in. (Their shop is nearby in Canby.)
  I did, he did, and with a couple of back and forths we had the problem solved and we flew to Boise on Wed. with no further problems.
  This is customer service at it's best, for a unit that has been relatively trouble free for three and a half years.
  I am especially enamored with his AOA system, which I believe is the best out there.
  Thanks again to Rob & Jenn and the team at AFS!

July Sport Aviation Online

Grass field landing video ...Marc DeGirolamo (Canada)


Wed Jun 26  1140Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Where did you hit the wall? ....bret
  Well, full steam ahead for three years, just finished the slider, now waiting on funds for the expensive stuff. I think I just ran out of stuff to do on the build. I don't want to put it on a shelf, what have folks done in this situation?

Step "Crack" ....J Twilbeck
  I found a crack in my RH step....well more of an "un-welded" spot. I sent an email to Van's to see what they suggest, I suggest a new step but that's my opinion. We'll see. ...anyone else have an issue like this?

What a difference...with some rest ...David-aviator
  Yesterday was hot, humid and just plane oppressive. Literally, it was a "plane" oppressive day.  I spent quite a bit of time installing the canopy latch and getting it to work smoothly. About a quarter inch of material had to be removed from the hook to allow it to catch the latch pin on the roll over bar. It all came together after lunch so it was disassembled, primed and painted.
  I then took on installing the rudder. That's where I ran into difficulty. I could not get the center attach bracket to line up with hinge. It seemed an impossible task, I was tired, sweaty and seemed incapable of getting it done.
  This morning after a good nights rest, the task was accomplished in 10 minutes.
What a difference a little rest makes, seems to clear out all the confusion and chaos of being tired and wiped out physically. I will venture to say the same applies to flying these machines, a little rest before flight will make a difference in how the brain processes information and reacts to it.

Kitplanes is Looking for Your Story!
  Have you ever had one of those moments where you found yourself in the air, wishing you were on the ground (instead of those moments where you found yourself on the ground, wishing you were in the air)? Anyone with much flying experience has Ė we all know that. And I assume that most of us have read the popular columns such as ďNever AgainĒ, ďI Learned About Flying From ThatĒ, and their similar incarnations in other magazines.
  Well, at Kitplanes, I am planning on starting a similar feature Ė but with a purely homebuilding twist. ...

Tina's Pilot Shop July 4th Specials
....free shipping option if you mention this site.  (2) image flyer below:

     -- Rotax filters for our Vans' guys!!"

Just Ordered ...bhassel
Well - this probably isn't a normal Milestone but...  The emp/tailcone kit is going so quickly and over all so well, that just an hour ago I sent in the order for the wings, finish and fuse. Everything but the engine and panel stuff.
  Thanks to Van's and NAFCO!
  I'm hoping that the Dynon radio will make it into the mix before I need to order the remainder sometime next year.
  Of course with an 8 - 10 week wait on the remaining kits, there will be some down time from building...bummer...
  Maybe I'll paint the inside of the garage and hook up the garage air conditioner better.
Bob Hassel
RV-12 (120706)

RV-1 Poster #27 Signed by Artist ...Vlad

New Vertical Power Product Announcement at OSH
  We'll be announcing a new product in a few weeks that is complementary to the VP-X and the VP-400. But the announcement will be a bit different than our other new product announcements. We'll be announcing it early in the product development cycle to that you can see how we "build" a new product.
  There's a few reasons for doing this:
1. Share with fellow airplane builders how avionics that go in homebuilt aircraft are built.
2. Get feedback and ideas.
  This will be posted in the electrical systems section of VAF forums and Vertical Power forums. Keep an eye out there in a few weeks.
  PS -
If you're thinking of buying a VP-X or VP-400 between now and AirVenture - rest assured those products won't change or be outdated by the new product announcement.


Tue Jun 25  1159Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

YESSSS!!!! Painting is done!!!!....ao.frog (Norway)
Just want to share some pics with you all, because another milestone is just passed: the paint shop has just finished painting our plane!

The Eagle's Nest RV gets a coat of paint at Grady's GLO Custom ...I took the pics, and anyone can use them for anything - no need to ask.

June Canopy Cover Sale Wrapping Up
  (from Bill Miksich at Cleaveland Tool)
  ""Cleaveland Aircraft Tool is wrapping up their June sale on Canopy Covers for the RV-4,6,7,8,9. They're discounted to $160, and supplies are limited. Get'em before #OSH13 http://bit.ly/135sbm8""

RV-7 Status: ...bkthomps

Don Christiansen's -8 Baggage Mod
...I took these during Don's recent visit to theVanCave.  He said he uses it to store no more than 10 pounds of stuff (usually large pillows and fishing rods on camping trips).  Two 90* screws open a door to a small shelf about one foot tall. pics

My dumb story, and the danger of breaking your routine
...N546RV (building RV-8)
   When I say "routine," I mean in terms of things like checklists, preflights, etc.
  This past Saturday, I reserved my favorite spam can (an Archer) for a couple hours of general rust removal. I'm flying into OSH for the first time this year, and I'm being very conservative about the whole experience, including making sure I'm comfortable with the airplane. ...

Flying Mag Piece on RV-12

First trip to Johnson Creek ...Neal@F14
...you'll look at every picture, and it's been too long since my last visit to JC.  What a great place.

What is your build schedule?
...multiple answers.  All interesting.

My favorite Russian (caption contest)
...featuring Vlad (9A)

Van's on Medium
  (an email I got yesterday)
My name is Jason Paur and I am the aerospace writer at Wired magazine. We actually met at Oshkosh a few years ago after I had flown out with Van in the RV-10 for a story I did for AOPA. But I'm guessing you meet a ton of people there as the man at the center of the RV universe.
  I also recently took on the task of helping the team at a new writing platform called Medium. I'm writing you on two fronts. One is simply to share a new story from one of the contributors to the Lift and Drag collection who just wrote a nice story about being humbled by the tailwheel after buying an RV-4 (he's a USMC F-18 pilot). And the other is to try and recruit more contributors for the collection.
  As you can see, it's not a commercial news site, it's really aimed at trying to promote quality writing on a wide variety of topics. It was started by the founders of Twitter (who also founded blogger) and in addition to being a new type of writing platform, they are trying to grow a non-snarky, quality collection of content. I'm trying to grow the aerospace collection. I would be happy to send you an invite if you had any interest in contributing stories, or please feel free to suggest others if you have some people in mind.
  Here's the story about the RV-4.
  Here's the intro to Lift and Drag:
  And other stories in the collection:
Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes...the dreaded missed dimple

RV-10 Status ...paul330
   Three weeks ago I was close to despair after damaging the aircraft on the move to the airport. Feeling a lot better now!


Mon Jun 24  1158Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

1st International flight, Nova Scotia ...tkatc
  I wanted to post this trip report for numerous reasons. I wanted to encourage builders who think the work will never stop, I wanted to give some insight on how easy it is to cross into Canada, I wanted to thank our Canadian hosts for going ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty to make us feel welcome, and lastly to show how great the people associated with RVs really are. Hopefully the 5 RVs that made the journey and the crew will contribute to this thread as well. ...

Welcome Sporty's Pilot Shop
...from John Zimmerman (VP Sporty's)
   "Sporty's Pilot Shop has supported kitplane builders for decades, but in 2013 you'll see a new level of commitment to the RV community--the most exciting segment of general aviation today. It starts with the Signature Edition RV-12 we're giving away for our 2014 Sweepstakes, but there is much more to come. We are proud to support VansAirForce.net."

GOT IT!! ...VETE76
  I started 7 years and 3 months ago!! I have my airworthiness certificate!
the only thing he didn't like was I didn't have a 100LL decal on or near gas cap! Off to Tx for trans training next week.

Deburring drilled holes in tight spots

A view of MT. Shasta from Weed, CA
  ...Rob Holmes

Self-portrait: Rob Holmes
  Castle Crags in northern CA

First Flight PIREP ...Jay Pratt

First flight / Phase 1 issues
  So I am about 60% of the way through with the hours and items on my phase one test program. Several issues have been exposed during this time and it would be great to have a Thread or Category for listing of these and how they were dealt with or solved.
  Such as, I need a rudder trim on my 7-A because the ball is out of center when everything is trimmed for level flight. I also know it is crabbing slightly because I can't fly a straight line without rudder input. This is a simple one but what is the process to fix it? I know people add trim tabs but what is the process for attaching, positioning, etc? (I ordered a piecs from Avory and hopefully it will come with some directions)
-Why do my fuel tanks take so long to fill the last 3 or 4 gallons?
-My SL30 is full of static but the VOR works. Just the com side is out. Is this an antenna problem?
-My TT autopilot doesn't want to plan nice. I checked all the values against the book but what are others experiencing?
-I've lost about 50 RPM on my prop compaired to when it was first flown. The only thing that has changed is the OAT is about 30 degrees hotter?
  You get the point. Is there a clearing house for phase one questions?
Paul K

Thanks, Tom Berge! ...Jay Honeck
  As many of you know, Mary and I have been searching for an RV-8A since last winter. Somewhere along the way, someone recommended that we hire Tom Berge, of Minneapolis, to help us evaluate an aircraft we were looking at in Minnesota. (We were long-term aircraft owners and pilots, but new to the homebuilt world.)
  That went extremely well. Although we did not buy that first aircraft, Tom was extraordinarily helpful, and his RV expertise was in evidence from start to finish.
  Since then, Tom has helped us in a thousand different ways, and I wanted to give him a big thumb's up recommendation here on Van's Airforce. He is truly a "one stop shopping experience", helping us with initial evaluation (looking at photos on the internet, specifications, etc.), physical evaluation (prebuy inspections), test flying, purchasing, modifications, delivery, AND transition training!
  And, I'm glad to report: Success! Tom spent the last four days with us in Texas, teaching us how to fly our amazing new (to us) RV-8A! Earlier today we delivered Tom to the big airport in Corpus Christi, where he rode the executive mail tube back to his home in Minnesota. ...

LOE 2013
  NEWSFLASH --- LOE 2013 will be held this year in Colorado at the Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport (KFNL) on October 4-6, 2013.
  After 2 years of bad weather in Weatherford, Oklahoma we are have worked out a deal to bring back LOE to the State where it first started, just at a different airport.
  More news to follow in the next few weeks.
Russ Daves & Russ Kamtz
Co-Chairs LOE-2013


Update on theVanCave Office
  Bought a $119 a/c unit from Lowes over the weekend for the hangar office project.  Game changer.  Free TV dinner tray desk courtesy Randy Richmond (on the condition I never bring it back) and an office chair the previous hangar owner left behind.  Fresh white paint on the walls and ceiling.  Trusty HP laptop in my ever present backpack.  I think I can safely say I officially have an 'office' at the airport now.
  Rolled up shop rag for a doorknob and no flooring yet - paying for improvements slowly over time.  It was 96*F in the hangar and 70*F in the office.  I'll take that!
  RVs out the window (best office view in the area) - clickable iPhone panorama below.  It's smaller than it seems at 9' X 9', but it's cold!   

New Video: Air Compressor and Rivet Set Basics  ...54 minutes.
  Hey everyone. I'm posting on behalf of Cleaveland Aircraft Tool today so Mike can stay focused on some other exciting projects.
  We hosted our first "Tool Chat" last night on our Google+ page and it was a lot of fun. We had about 10 participants total and talked a bit about air compressor basics and rivet sets. Be sure to follow us on Google+ to attend future events: http://bit.ly/19apsd4
  Here's the recording from the June 2013 session...


Fri Jun 21  1200Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. dr

My RV12 Mpumelanga South Africa
...Hansgiant in Johannesburg

Eagle's Nest in the news - Houston Chronicle
  For some teenagers, the high school years are often a time when first dates and first kisses are nervously anticipated.
  But for a few local youths, the anticipation was wondering when they would get to take that first ride in the airplane they just built.
  Really? Teenagers build an airplane?
  That's exactly what Clear Springs High School engineering students did this year.

Assembled before move ...rockwoodrv9
  We are in the process of making a change in scenery and moving to the Boise - Meridian area. I assembled my plane so we could show some of our friends what I have been bragging about the past year at a dinner party. Everyone got to sit in it and move the stick around and pretend they were flying. Now I will take it apart and load it on my trailer over the weekend for the 700 mile trip. Our son is deploying to the rock pile this fall and we want to be able to help our daughter in law with our grandkids.
  One advantage is hangars are MUCH cheaper in Caldwell than Aspen! I will miss my garage. It is nice to be able to have it all together - even if we can't get the cars in!

A RV-7 can be used to haul freight too!
Today, I discovered that my -7 is a great cargo-plane, in addition to all the other missions you can do with it....

Mike Starkey's RV-10 Painted
  After two and a half years, the plane is no longer running around naked.

Misconceptions about pipe threads ...Steve Smith
   I keep reading posts by some folks in threads that indicate a serious misconception about pipe threads.
   Pipe threads are tapered. When a fitting with a pipe thread is tightened, it will tighten until the thread flanks contact and make a contact seal on the thread flanks of the mating part.
   *****BUT**** ...

Calling all Vanís RV owners around the world.
  Charles Dart, a seasoned and adventurous Vanís RV 7 pilot turned filmmaker, is taking his passion to the silver screen, and inviting all the Vanís community to join in.
  Flying from Australia later this year, he will circumnavigate the globe with destinations at thirteen countries, and with interviews and film capture of this amazing and never before attempted journey. ...


Bahamas, May 2013 ...Scott Schmidt
Life seems to get busier everyday for all of us. Luckily there are places like the Bahamas that can recalibrate us and allow us to just relax, build sand castles with our kids and have a good margarita. We were invited to join up with three other RV-10's and head to the Bahamas in late April.
   Seems like all of VAF was in the Bahamas the same time so I will try to just hit the highlights and share some pictures.  Of course the kids came with us who had just turned 3 and almost 20 months old. I was a little concerned about the long flight from Salt Lake to the Bahamas but they did perfect. They never complained and were either sleeping, eating or watching a movie. ...

- Continue Part I  - Part II  - Part III  - Part IV  - Part V  - Part VI
- Part VII  - Part VIII  - Part IX


Thu Jun 20  1159Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Yesterday morning was another example of WHY I enjoy the Van's RV community so much.  I woke up at my usual 5:15 AM to finish putting together the Wednesday edition for delivery around 7 AM Dallas time. Around 8:30 AM or so, after an hour and a half of doing some computer log file cleanups, e-mails, and other maintenance chores, I drove out to the airport to hopefully get off the surface for a bit and maybe work out.  16 1/2 min. in the Z axis and my mental gyroscopes are once again recalibrated (these gyros precess rather quickly).
  After shutting down, and just before getting on the treadmill, a car pulled up to the hangar. Bob from Virginia (I won't give his last name because I didn't get permission and I'm not comfortable revealing that someone is away from home. He is a regular forum visitor/poster). Also Robert, who is building an RV-8A in the hangar stopped by for a few minutes. While we three were sitting around on the couches shooting the bull, Ross drove up. Four guys sitting in an RV hangar, talking about RVs on couches the previous owner left.  Then Clayton arrives on his cycle (building -8).  Almost a bona fide gathering.
  This is what it's all about, right?  I mean, it's got to be.  Bob is building an RV. While he's in town he plans on visiting a friend who is building an RV. He stopped by a hangar full of RVs just to see if someone was around....to talk about RVs. An RV builder and an RV owner showed up while we were talking about RVs.
  Spontaneous, unplanned RV-themed back and forth midmorning on a nothing special Wednesday. That's why we do it.  It's that *thing* that keeps us engaged. Keeps us young. Keeps us longing for time off the surface in a mechanical marvel.  Mostly (for me) it's hanging out with friends in a fun environment.  The hub at the center of a spoked wagon wheel - the airport.
  After 15 min. or so the group broke and went down their respective spokes, I got on the treadmill for a half hour, took a shower and headed back home for an afternoon and evening on the computer. The tone had been set for the entire day.  It's all good.
  Thursday...you're on deck.

PS:  Mom gets her lens replacement done this morning in her left eye.  If you could send some kind thoughts her way I'd appreciate it.

Chšz King RV-10; Massachusetts N1XS
...freshly painted

Amazing RV-10 art work! ... BSwayze find.
  .... I put this on facebook and it has been a big hit, so I thought I'd share it here, too. I must emphasize, I don't know this artist, I'm not trying to promote anything. It just really struck me as an amazing piece of work, and I thought I'd share it here. This guy does these amazing 3-D chalk drawings on sidewalks. His work can be found online, just google his name. This one looks like an RV-10 climbing up out of the abyss, busting through the concrete sidewalk! What do you think?

Like the Beach Boys say


Wed Jun 19  1158Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

John Goodloe shuts down his RV-8 after a flight. (theVanCave)

N277PM Rollout and Move to Monticello IN
  Moving Papa Mike to Hangar 10 at the White County Airport with some help from my friends Dan, Dave, Mike and my wife Mary.
Oakley Airwave goggles with GPS HUD
  Ok, so who is going to be the first to try these puppies?

Sporty's Pilot Shop Sweepstakes RV-12 headed for home...

Help interpret my Ignition Stress Test
  Following the advice of Mike Busch from a Jan 2012 Sport Aviation column, and having recently completed my first condition inspection (at which time I cleaned and gapped all plugs), I ran an ignition stress test on cross-country last weekend. Unfortunately, I really don't have much idea how to interpret the results.

VansAirForce.net Cap Charities at Work

   fmi: About the cap

DJM prototype tailwheel fork

GRT Avionics Press Release

Well I just took the plunge and placed my order
   Folks, Van's outlasted me. I was going to wait until they released the RV-14 empennage kit before I ordered, but I just can't wait any longer.
  I just emailed them my wing kit order form and sent my deposit. No turning back now! Wish me luck.
Nathan Harwood
RV-14 Wing Kit Ordered!

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the mountains I go... my way ;) ..video (Stephen)
Curving and swooping in the Great Pacific NorthWestWhat a way to fight the Monday blues.

Rudder skin
Need opinions;
Folded the rudder skin per instructions. I understand the need for a flat surface and not bulge. Didn't get a bulge but do have a "bow" at a couple of the stiffeners. Trailing edge is otherwise straight.

As promised...a bit blurry,  ...pic of the RV-4 prototype cockpit (Chad Jensen photo)


Tue Jun 18  1147Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Scott (L) and Troy (R) helping out Rob Reece on his RV-8 build.
Guys day out at theVanCave last Saturday.

RV-10 Status ...J Twilbeck
Fuel Tanks tested and installed....no leaks!

At 750 hours starter solenoid ...Vlad
  Starter solenoid quit on me in the middle of a wonderful weekend before a glorified crowd what a shame. It was still operational later but I had to knock on it or press the start button several times.
  Autopsy revealed similar to Paul's problem here are Xrays

Advanced Flight Systems Support Story
  I wanted to share a very positive support experience, simply because I believe good support should be, in turn, supported. I purchased an AFS-5600 a number of years ago, and have had it in the plane for a while waiting for me to finish and get flying. (I'm getting close ... I swear.) Recently I noticed that from time to time the AHRS would not initialize. It would go into a loop of trying to init over and over again. Annoying, and worrying.
  I communicated with Rob about this, including sending and getting text messages over weekends. Eventually we decided the first step was to see if the magnetometer might be the culprit (based on some of the behavior) and he sent me a new loaner to check out. No joy. He then suggested that the AHRS could/should be switched out as a next step....

Aerosport center console with stock Vans panel

First Flight - Barry Jespersen (vid)

Hat Sighting
...with Wally Amos, founder of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies in Waikiki Hawaii.
Dr. D. Allan Stern

AeroLED Press Release

Shallow spar dent and elongated hole

Sunset with Bernie

2nd Annual 1P1 Summer Fly-In Pics ...Vlad


Mon Jun 17  1157Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Alternate transportation ...Rob Holmes -3

Alaska via Inside Passage
  Just got back from a 4 day trip to Alaska via the coastal route. Words or pictures cannot describe the raw beauty of the area. My Alaska trip was a dream come true for me, and knocked off #49 of the states. Hawaii is next. ...

Andrew's RV-4 with a smoke on!
   I know that I just posted a pic of the 4 the other day...but now there is one with smoke!

Golden West Airshow video- West Coast Ravens
  This is a video from our performance at Golden West Airshow. It was taken by Tankerbelle.

GoPro on the tail
  That is just my first experience in camera usage in flight. There is a nice follow-me car on fashion wheels at the end.

Father's Day Weekend Mountain Flying
  With a full-day pass in my hot little hands from the lovely Missus for all of Saturday, which happened to be forecast CAVU all day, I fueled up the Goodbye Girl and flew over to Butte to pick up my youngest son for a day of mountain flying, airstrip volunteering, and...fishing. First route was Missoula to Butte, picked up the little feller (now 21 and 6'3") and launched for Meadow Creek (0S1) for the annual work party sponsored by the MT DOT/Aeronautics Division. ...

Back in the saddle... (long)
  SoÖ some quick background.
  I bought an RV-6 in late 2010. Awesome plane with an O-360-A1A and Hartzell CS prop, smokiní paint job and well built (A&P second build) but a very basic ď4 packĒ panel (and the turn coordinator didnít work). Flew it for a year, and at the end of 2011 took it down for a panel upgrade. ...

The first year ...Brandi
  Today marks the first anniversary of our first flight! In the past 365 days we've flown 239 hours, gone to 59 different airports in 14 different states and 2 other countries.

Welcome: www.VictoryGirl.com
World's Foremost Source of Original Aviation Nose Art
 ...ad in the previous day's news section

The Annual Free Speech Email...dr
  I got an email over the weekend from Los Angeles regarding how, in the sender's opinion, VAF stifles first amendment free speech - assuming it had to do with recent FAA/EAA/AirVenture threads that were closed.  "If I want these type of restrictions I will move to Russia.  It is your site but freedom of speech is not your choice," were his exact words.  He requested I delete his posts and refund his donation from last December.
  We seem to touch on this cyclically - I guess it's time again.
  This website is an American private business, and free speech laws do not apply to private businesses here.  But, for the sake of argument let's say I would allow talk about government agency this and association that.  We can't forget this would have to extend to EVERY country.  RVs are globally enjoyed, it's not just a U.S. thing.  Lots of RV folks who contribute here live in countries outside the America.  Tens of thousands, actually.  Data point: countries in shades of blue below visited the VAF forums in the past 30 days, so says GoogleAnalytics.  Click to enlarge.  Lots of different governments and GA associations in that blue.

  Depending on the source, there are between 189 and 196 independent countries on planet Earth, all with governments and small planes (and issues between the pair).  The U.N. recognizes 192 governments.  The U.S. State Department 194.  That's an awful lot of non-RV pro-this and anti-that to cloud up the 'New Posts' results, wouldn't you think?  You couldn't possibly be so shallow as to assume only the U.S. citizens would be allowed to complain on VAF about their government and GA issues, would you?
 Go Google 'aircraft associations'.  You'll get over 11 million hits.  'Aircraft Advocacy' returns over 3 million hits.  Plenty of places for people to discuss how their government and GA associations interact with their country's small plane owners.
  I hope now you can understand why here at VAF we're just gonna stick with talking about building and flying and enjoying Van's RVs.  Not governments, or aircraft associations, or government agencies and their alphabet soups.
  If you simply can't live with that, you don't have to.  Nobody is forcing you to either sign up or stick around.
  The posting rules are short, and quite similar to tens of thousands of other forums online.  Go Google "free speech and online communities" if you don't believe me.  Nothing out of the ordinary in the VAF posting rules.  Further research will reveal that online communities that allow any topic under the sun, with no rules, quickly self-implode.  Godwin's Law and all that...
  Feel so passionately about your government, its GA agencies and/or associations that you just have to type about it somewhere?  I'd suggest going to blogger.com or any other number of free hosting solutions and set yourself up a free spot on the web.  All the free speech a person could want is only a couple minutes away, if you agree to their terms of service (which means you can't talk about ANYTHING you want).  All the big GA association sites have online forums themselves, and interacting with local government on behalf of pilots is in their respective mission statements.
  I appreciate and read all private feedback emailed to me, but these free speech emails always make me roll my eyes to tell you the honest truth.  It's not just your country we're talking about here.  An RV-8 took flight in Thailand for the first time last week.  Thailand!  I recall reading they've had some political tension in the past, but that doesn't mean it should be hammered out here on VAF.
  Take the government talk somewhere else, please.  I'm good with keeping VAF discussion focused on one specific activity.....the hobby of building, flying and enjoying Van's RVs.  Something that is figuratively, and literally, uplifting.
  Sometimes though, people can't deal with that, and that's fine.
  As for the SoCal individual, I deleted his posts (as requested), his forum account (as requested) and PayPal'd him his 2012 donation back (as requested).  He complained later how I sent the refund (via PayPal check).  I wish him well.
  I happen to believe this site offers a good product, one worthy of its reader's yearly donations.  I strive daily to continue earning your trust, friendship and financial support.  I truly believe we have something special here, so much so I bet my family's financial future on it.
  Yours in Van's RV construction and flight,
  (and family)

  The simple and short VAF forum posting rules.

PS: Want to email me your feedback?  I'll read it, then move it over to a folder called 'Feedback' so it can be reflected on periodically.


Fri Jun 14  1202Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. dr

First RV Flight in Thailand ...Gary McNair

  After 6 years building from a basic kit I made the first flight of my RV-8, HS-GMC out of NOK Airfield in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was under a test flight permit and all went well. Waiting for final paperwork to do more flying. Superior XP-360, Sensenich Prop, Dynon Skyview with transponder, EMS and Autopilot, Icom A210 radio & VP-50 for electrical panel. To my knowledge this is the first RV flight in Thailand. A RV-9 is also being built at Nok Field.

Class of '61 UofPortland
  I have a hangar buddy, Greg Fuchs, who is an alumni of UP and showed up with this journal from UP dated 2008. Yes, this is RV related!

Main gear bearing fail (-12)

Polish thought ...Bob Collins
  You know, it's funny. I haven't been out to the hangar in about a week or so and the last few times I was there, I'd get frustrated at looking at some of the areas I want to polish better than they are... generally wondering if the whole polish thing was worth it.
  But, like I say, it'd been a few days since I'd been out there.
  So last evening I opened up the door without much thought and looked at the plane and my first reaction was " DANNNGGGG, that thing is shiny."
  So there's that.

First flight, N456HL ...Hakan Langebro
I did the first and second flight on Tuesday. All went well, with some minor issues, such as high (425F) cylinder temp during climb, even with the cowl flap fully open. Transponder didnt work properly and the OAT was intermittent, but apart from that everything was great!
Cylinder temps were find during level flight, around 370-390 depending on how much the flap was open!

Vanís Fans- More Than Ever, NationAir And I Are Here for You ...Jenny at NationAir
  Hello, Vanís RV enthusiasts Ė
Thanks to the many of you who have offered congratulations on my new position as NationAirís Light Aircraft Sales Manager. I want to reassure you that Iím still a contact for all things Vanís. I value your community too much to say goodbye to you! While my new position means additional responsibilities, I still oversee the Vanís RV program. Iím still here to help, here to answer your questions, and Iíll still see you at all the Vanís events I enjoy attending. ...

A Tale of Two Trips...Paul
  Sometimes, logistics get complicated. I needed to be in Carson City to approve the placement of our new house and hangar on our lot, and I wanted to get the Valkyrie out west (the beginning of a vast migration). Our Four-Runner was parked in our Big Bear hangar in SOCAL Ė and I needed it in Reno for the week. Hence Ė fly to Big Bear, and drive to Reno the next day. Two trips, two modes of transportation. Guess which was faster? ...


Thu Jun 13  1203Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

What a Day! ...Bob Ellis

First Flight...stinson46
N184RM AKA "Crazy Woman" has seen the air for the first time today 1.3 hrs---and what a great day it is--The flight was amazing and uneventful with the handling and speed that the RV's are known for. I am a very happy man and can't wait to continue the phase 1 testing and see where my wonderful aircraft will take me.

N984AW takes flight ...AF_Alan
  After 2,692 man hours over nearly 7 years (both irrelevant), I realized a flying dream come true on 2 May 2013 at Creswell, OR.

Polish section of VAF Forums created

Hat Sighting ...Bob Hill
I just got back from the US Open and have a hat sighting of Mark Santoleri RV-9a Builder/Pilot/VAF member having lunch with the president of Merion Golf club, host of the 2013 US Open, wearing his VAF hat. I was ejected by security after I got this shot, as I had busted the TFR of the club house dinning tent overlooking the 17th green. Sorry it wasn't a straight on shot.  [ed. 'A+' for effort!!!  dr]

"The Big Cut"... on a -4
  So this past weekend was a big milestone for me in my (re) build. I got my sliding canopy frame operational (which is actually the HUGE milestone) and I cut the canopy down in the back and then for the finally... "The Big Cut"!

Finally got G-RVGO in the air in the UK after a 2 year build
From outside (video)
From inside  (video)
Dave (Dave Stephens)

Cavanaugh Bay(66S) RV friendly
  As soon as I decided to build my RV, I had the vision of it on a smooth green grass runway. We've got a dirt strip(8U9) 6nm away which a few folks fly over and get ice cream...I drive not wanting to chip up my plane. I couldn't take it anymore when Stephen and Melissa said they were going to Cavanaugh Bay (66S) in Northern Idaho, it was high on my list for destinations which look RV friendly, So I invited Kris and Myself along....

Info for Van's Homecoming

Update #2 on the Aircraft Specialty Wheel Chock Group Buy
  "Demand has been good, and we ran two batches of wheel chocks this past week. Due to your requests, we have added orange as a color option for the wheel chocks, and they also look very nice.
  Also, we have updated our website to include the group buy option. If you go on there, select "Group buy grey, black or orange." You will receive 2 pair of chocks. Also, notice that the pricing is $76.....when you checkout $8.95 will be added to your purchase for shipping, bringing it to $84.95 total with free shipping. Also of note is that you can order another $73.95 worth of merchandise before you bump into the next shipping level...so if you want a set of flap handles, custom engraving, or some other items, we can send them to you at no additional shipping cost with this wheel chock group purchase.
  One last note...PLEASE CLEAR OUT YOUR BROWSER CACHE to make sure that all the new items on the website load when you go to it.
  Have a great day, and thank you again for allowing us to earn your business"

So I sat in one today . .
  I even sat in the back first, hoping to ease the effect.  This might get expensive. Curse you all!


Wed Jun 12  1200Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

MOA status website- See and Avoid

Ring gear placement
  I just want to verify before I safety the prop and spacer on that I've got the ringgear support on correctly.
  My finger is pointing to the lug on the crank that has a shoulder on it that is .03 larger diameter. The 0 hole on the flywheel support goes on this oversized lug.
180 degrees to the shoulder lug is a shorter lug that is flush with the ringgear support.

A few pics of the -12 SB
  A few pics of the modification. I ended up spraying it with White Rattle can. But a small amount will show under the wing. My fairings cover most of it, but you can still get the idea.

Hat sighting
Alaska, Denali National Park ....flytoday
3 am, Mount McKinley, Alaska, 40 miles in the background. Highest peak in North America, 20,320' MSL. 25th Anniversary Trip.

Cleaveland Aircraft Tool is holding their first online Tool Chat next Thursday, 6/20 from 7:30-8:30pm CDT. The event will be recorded, and it's an opportunity to see owner, Mike Lauritsen, demonstrate both beginner and advanced techniques, as well as field a few questions. Register on the Cleaveland Aircraft Tool Google+ page: http://bit.ly/11dXO6q

I brought air blast tubing
   I brought air blast tubing from my right ramp and attached a plastic pipe cap with silicone tape. Tubing has slots which blow into diode cooling window on alternator. Cap is lower than slots and has 1/8" hole for water drainage. Not flying yet so take it for what it's worth...

Slider rear skirt help
I'm on my second try for this rear skirt and I'm just curious what people think and if it is good enough or fixable with some rubber insulation. The gap at the center top is about 1/4 in and about 3/8 at the side. Also I cut this piece even bigger than the Van's one so it needs to be trimmed but I hope that doesn't ruin the part that is sealing. What is a good way to trim the aft part without exceeding what is covered? This is my second try because I miss drilled a hole in the other one but it was pretty close at the top and the sides like this one until I messed it up. I know my frame isn't perfect so this might be about as good as it gets.

Johnson Creek Approach and Landing ...Sean Strasburg


Tue Jun 11  1202Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

There could be no other top story today...

Audrey Reeves, High School Graduate.
(walked across the stage last night)

Various things around her neck represent:
National Honor Society
National Merit Commended
Science Honor Society
Distinguished Achievement Program Recipient
French National Honor Society

College at SMU starts in three months...
(biomedical engineering and/or chemistry)

We love you so much, and are so
proud of both what you have achieved,
and who you have become.
Mom and Dad

Audrey and RV-6 tail kit in 1996.

PS: Several of you helped pay for this wonderful child's upbringing via ads and donations, and for that both Susie and I thank you so very much.  dr

N1769K received its Airworthiness Certificate today from the Indianapolis FSDO. First flight will happen as soon as the weather and my test pilot's schedule permit.
Ken   Indianapolis  RV-12 #359   N1769K

Here is my setup ...turbo's iPad mount

Pilot n Paws Sunday
  It was a pretty nice Sunday afternoon. The Wife decided to fly a PnP mission with me. It would have been a pretty mundane trip except for the weather. We flew three legs. KXSA to KCHO to get the dogs. Another pilot Kay (flying a Columbia 400) brought the dogs to Charlottesville from Logan, WV. We took the dogs from KCHO to KCPK, then made the quick hop home. ...

Don't Rely On Radio Only!
  SO, I had a near mid-air with a twin Cessna yesterday on landing at my home airport (KAWO). As I was on very short final, about 30 feet in the air just over the numbers I transferred my gaze from the touchdown point to the far end of the runway and had my canopy filled with twin Cessna. Fortunately he was above me and climbing, but it got my attention. Good thing I didn't have to go around.
  Arlington (WA) is a non-towered airport with two runways. 16/34 is the primary runway with 11/29 as an auxiliary. The wind yesterday was all over the place. 34 was active when I left, but an hour later when I returned 16 was a (slightly) better choice. I was listening to the frequency for about 15 minutes before I approached and a few airplanes had been using 16 there was then silence for a while. ...

Insert witty "scared me death, learned something new" title heree ...Sig600
  I debated on whether to share this. I really just want to bury this in the recesses of my brain and experience tool box. It's not so much a bruise to the ego, as I am angry at myself for getting to this point. But figured if it can save a flat lander who heads west on some windy day, then here goes...
  Quick back ground, 99% of my GA flying experience is all east of the Mississippi. Most of my mountainous flying experience is in turbine aircraft with the structure/power/wing loading to make mountainous turbulence a non-issue. I've been doing a little charter flying on the side recently in and around the Sierras, mainly just for the fun of it. I've got the exposure, education, experience that I should've seen this one coming... but didn't.
  Our current SOP is to cancel anytime the wind is higher than 25 knots. I had a quick out/in charter to do, literally one hour total. When loading passengers for the flight out, there were thunderstorms in the area moving through however I had a clear path there and back. The storms were never a player, and out here 80% of all the radar returns are virga that dry up above about 9K feet anyway. So we taxi out, and launch. The wind is a stiff 15-20, but nothing unmanageable. However I can see a dust plume rolling towards the airport and the turbulence tells me the upper air is a lot more active than I thought. I should also add this leg requires clearing a mountain range that's at 8700'. Quick hop over going out, nothing worth noting, it was a nice flight. I land, and am curious/concerned with what looked like a gust front (minus precipitation) approaching where we now had to go back too. On the ground about 20 minutes, and I'm calling home to the ASOS every 3-4 minutes when the winds start picking up. By the time my pax show back up for the return leg ASOS is reporting 25G33 but it's only 30 degrees off RWY heading. If it's too bad, I've got a VFR divert with calm wind, not too worried. ...

Flying in the Bahamas ...Brandi -10

Trip to a Dealership ...Vlad
  A good friend of mine is driving a yellow cab in New York City. He works on his instrument ticket and we often go places. He is obsessed with cars especially those running on jet fuel. For two years he was looking for a specific model and finally found it.  ...

-Leg to Providence, RI was
-He went back driving. Poor
-D How did you know-
-Flight back was
-I went the other


Mon Jun 10  1155Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Three of a Kind
  3 RV12s met up for breakfast at S37 (Smoketown). Dave & Linda, Mark & Paul ( aka Daryl and Daryl) and Peg and me. Great time was had, along with a photo op for VAF. There were a lot of onlookers providing many nice comments from the locals at the airport.

Aurora's first grass strip

Red Cube FF drop outs to zero flow
   My fuel flow indication from a red cube transducer to a Skyview system have just started to intermittently display a zero flow drop out. No fluctuation of the flow is observed, just an apparent complete loss of signal to zero for several minutes then back to normal.

Mysterious Intermittent Vibration (long)
  Stock ELSA RV-12, 173 hours, current on all SB's, firewall mod accomplished.
  Over the past couple of flying hours I have noticed a slight change in the spinner "picture" (edge of spinner/ edge of cowl) as viewed from the left side of the cockpit in different flying regimes. F'rinstance: at idle, some movement is seen, at run-up the spinner appears motionless. It stays "frozen" all during climbout at 5,000 RPM, no vibration felt. ...

N59LG Update
  I finally have a plane! Well, I've had one for a while now, but when its based across the country its easy to forget. Chris Kleen flew it from Philly to SF last week in 3 days and around 18 hours....without auto pilot and barely enough extra room in the cockpit for a granola bar. Here is a pic of 59LG in its new home.

RV-12 Engine Simulator
  have not yet ordered my engine or avionics, but I do have all of the airframe and finish kits. I wanted a way to get the airplane on its gear (so I would not have to continuously support the tail. To accomplish this, I used 1.5" stainless angle and schedule 40 stainless pipe and welded together a mount that bolts directly to the airplane in the same points used by the engine mount. Once in place, I used two 50 lb. barbell weights. The resulting 100 lbs is approximately in the same place on the datum as where the engine will be, and allows for the cowl to be installed with plenty of room to spare. ...

Increased Useful Load?
   ...However, there was one I could not bring myself to wipe off.

First ride in an RV
  I had caught wind of a special day that had been planned by a member of EAA Chapter 240 at New Garden Airport (N57). One of the older members, Jim (whose last name escapes me at the moment, but he's a gentleman and a scholar!), had arranged to have a P-51D visit the field to give rides to the first 10 (which turned into 12) people to get their names on the list. Before you get the wrong idea about where this story is headed, I was not one of those 12! In fact, that's not what this thread is about really (although seeing the -51 in such a low-key, uncrowded environment was every bit as cool as you think it was!). ...

Saturday Lunch

Van's Banquet Tickets (OSH)

Thank you Michael Wynn
   ...from the 'Polishers Unite' thread.  [ed. And yes, I'll probably create a 'Polishing' section in the forums. dr]

Accidental Anti-Splat Destruction

June Sport Aviation Online
....note James Clark and Doug Crumrine running for office on p119.  We don't do the whole politics thing here, but these two guys have been members of the VAF forums for years (screen grab below).  Here's a link to the EAA forums for the political back and forth discussions.  dr


Fri Jun 7  1155Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. dr

RV-1, -3, and -4 in the EAA museum ...update.

Gotta Love Mile-Stones during the build!!!
...Daniel S.
  This may not be a huge mile-stone but my -7 wing panels are finally free of the wing stands / jigs after 300+ hours of work. It feels so awesome to have the first "bigger" pieces floating around my shop. I could not be happier with how well the top skins came out. We used a mushroom set & bucking bar method & low gun pressure while riveting the top skins & they came out absolutely flat & looks like a mirror. A big thanks goes out to fellow RV -10 builders / bucking partners Bill & Gordon!!!

My first leading edge!...ConAgraPilot
  I was waiting for a time when I could get some help to roll the leading edge of my rudder. I have worked ahead on the elevators and just finished bending their trailing edges with my new brake.  ...

Can you feel my pain?
  Old guys should have a trained monkey or grandkid to do this. Oh how it hurts to get back in there! (Just getting there and back out again is pure misery)

In-flight Self Portrait ...pmccoy
Waited a long time to have a photo of me flying MY RV9A. Phase 1 out over the SoCal desert
  Note: I started putting SUN SCREEN on after these flights. Getting a bit of a burn with all the light coming in the canopy.

Little flight ...moll780


Van's RV-10 Build Vid #270. Baggage Area 7


Thu Jun 6  1155Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Over-the-numbers ...Brent Owens RV-8

  No words can describe just how simply amazing these machines are. I have only been flying the airplane for 4 days but I have already found the most relaxing thing you can every do. After work I quickly changed and headed straight to the airport, pulled the cowls real quick to check everything was still in order from yesterdays flights, put everything back together and launched. The plan was to head 40 miles south to KTDO (Toledo) then over to KCLS (Chehalis) and back home, planned on about an hour of flight time.  more pics

Why we fly
  I know I don't need to convince anyone on here about WHY we love to fly, and why we love our planes, but had to share one of those "ah ha" moments from last week.  ...

Flight Time Milestone ...Craig Taylor
  Today, while participating in formation training with Falcon Flight instructor Roy Geer, I crossed a flight time milestone - 700 hours RV8 time in four years! What a great airplane; it does everything well: Cross country, Formation, Aerobatics, Instrument, and even ACM. All at a very low cost of operation. The RV8 has provided for me the most fun of any aircraft that I have flown. Thank you, Van!

June EAA Experimenter

Group buy update...custom chocks
Group buy is going well....have a few RV guys and a bunch of other guys from other forums interested

Looks like we are hitting good numbers, so here's what we are doing....group buy is now at $84.95 per

set with shipping and will accept orders at that price through July 10th for delivery by Oshkosh. We

are making them as the orders come in so delivery will likely be quicker.

Eagles Nest-3 "Inaugural" Flight Video


Wed Jun 5  0247Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Sorry for the earlier-than-usual edition push today - driving my Mom to a doctor appointment Wednesday in Waco.  I'm waking up at O'God thirty and spending most of the day in the car.  Upside is I'm out of summer housecleaning duty for the day (heads up to our kids - Mom is looking right at you). dr

John Jones RV-12

Should I round these corners?

Pancake Breakfast's 2013
  Attended my first pancake breakfast flying in my own RV-12 N470MB into Gettysburg Regional Airport W05 1-June-2013. Followed my friends Dave in an RV-12 and Scott in an RV-8 from Heritage Field KPTW. ...

Tying the Tail Down

What a 12yr old and 13yr old should be doing
  ...playing w/motorized things and spending the day at a GA airport.  Tate and Alex putting around our home field last weekend.  Future aviators, maybe (fingers crossed).  dr

NationAir Aviation Insurance Announces New Public Entity Group
   "Publicly funded aviation programs have a far greater level of complexity than those of private aviation, and have additional budgetary issues as taxpayer funded entities," said NationAir President Jeffrey Bauer. "With the Public Entity Group, we can focus on their very specific requirements."

Once Again ...Ron Hasenbeck
  I'll start this with an apology up front, but please bear with me while I rant a bit:
 Do you wish to remain alive? How about your passengers? Maybe your loved ones...they'd probably like to see you on this earth a while longer. Well, if you do, and if you come down to Key West, then STAY OUT OF R-2916!!!!!
  Let me tell you a story of what happened an hour ago, and maybe everyone will be able to understand my frustration and dismay. We got a small break in the weather (right now, small breaks is all we're getting, so we'll take 'em). I made the decision that we'd go out and fly the aerostat and try to get our customers some data while we could...EZPZ. So, out to the pad we go, get set up, come off the tower, begin outhauling, when one of my crew members shouts over the radio, "Airspace Violation!!!" I turned and looked up just in time to see a single engine aircraft banking left (he was on a direct path towards us) and setting a course towards Key West. Folks, this aircraft missed us by approximately 1000 ft horizontally, and no more than 1000 ft vertically. Guess what? Not only would he have killed all aboard his aircraft, but in this case, the full launch crew (including myself) were directly under the aerostat (it was at 500 ft and outhauling) and would have stood a very good chance of being severely injured or killed by falling debris.
  To sum it all up, here's the deal...if you hit the aerostat, you will die, and all aboard will as well. If you hit the tether that holds the aerostat, you will die and all aboard will as well. If you hit either the aerostat or the tether, you have put many innocent folks on the ground in harms way. If you simply violate the airspace around Cudjoe Key, we will get your tail number and do everything we can to have the FAA have a chat with you (as we did in this case and with all others).
  I wish I could say I'm overreacting to this incident, but I'm not. This is truly a life and death situation. I was on shift when the 182 was brought down after he hit our tether. I never, ever wish to witness anything like that again. I also don't wish to leave my 3 year old son fatherless due to a lack of judgment on someone else's part. This is all very avoidable; stay South of US1 all the way down to Key West and you will clear us. Simple, huh? That's why it makes me so crazy every time another aircraft violates the airspace...it is that simple.
  Now, here's an offer I will make to anyone who's flying down here...get in touch with me. I will let you on site...I will give you a tour...I'll even give you a piece of the tether that the aerostat flies off of. It will possibly open some eyes as to what goes on here.
  Hopefully, I haven't offended anyone, but if I have, I can't apologize for that. I'd rather have you offended and alive, than happy and dead.


Tue Jun 4  1155Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

The View From The Treadmill
   The family treadmill found its way out to the hangar recently, as well as a recliner that Susie and I have owned for a quarter century.  That and the wonderful news that the shower has been squared away and made functional in the last 36 hours.  Yesterday made for a pleasing work environment at 'theVanCave'.  A short flight (.3hr) after pushing out the site, a 30 minute workout with RVs in the field of view, tunes in the ears and A SHOWER!  Finished off with vmails/emails in a recliner already broken in to fit my body.  Drove home after that without the feeling that I was behind the curve needing to play catch up.
   In the eleven years I've been using this airport, a shower has never been a real option.  What a difference this simple pleasure has made.  I hope my renters enjoy it also.  It kinda gets hot around these parts this time of year - a cool shower ten feet from the plane is pretty wonderful.

Eagle's Nest (EN-3) / Inaugural Flight
   It was a big day for the PLTW Aerospace Engineering students at League City's Clear Springs High School.  It was the day the Eagle's Nest RV-12 they spent the past 7-1/2 months building was going to fly!
  In attendance were 30+ student-builders, aerospace engineering instructor, Mr. Roger Elder, assistant school principal, Mr. Troy Scott, City Council representative, Mrs. Heidi Thiess, ABC Channel-13, and numerous other news reporters.

Issue Solved (and more detailed first flight report)) ...flyguytki

Mikey Flies Again!
  Just eight days after all the boxes showed up from Stein, Mikey is back in the air with a new suite of avionics!

Garmin 430W Overheating - Suggestions
 ...and a DIY defroster idea in the replies!

Nice pull tab

iPad layout ...turbo

Fuel line routing, carb, O-320


Mon Jun 3  1203Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Crater Lake, OR ...Mike Macon

  "We will remember this Memorial Day week for sure.  On May 31, George Longino arrived in Aurora and was presented with the key to N232VA, the very first fly-away airplane delivered by Vanīs Aircraft."  ...

(thread re: this in VAF Forums - if you don't use facebook)

It's here, It's here, It's here, It's here!

Awesome Saturday ...Brantel

FLY Trip to Tenn ...acroflyrgirl
Day one, where is BFE?


Harlem Shake Rain Dance

LLT Sat improv

Sunday, almost home

Disaster!! ...fuse falls on side

The RV is already showing me a great time!

First Flight Report! ...Flyguytki

The Petroglyphs...Pete Howell

Don Hall Accident Probable Cause Published

N163CM with some paint

Pancakes and 100LL ...hydroguy2

Proud to be a new RV-8 owner!...colojo

RV-12 Air Shots ...Dvalcik

Carole likes the first engine start
...Steve Melton

Why some ribs look different from others
 ...Scott M.

Dave 'cropdusterdave' Johnson -7 Status
  Just got my engine back from overhaul yesterday. Hung it by myself in like 30 minutes! Somebody please tell me there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I started the emp in 2004.  [ed. There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!  dr]

Just out of the Up North Aviation CNC machine ...Bill Morelli pic.

fmi: www.upnorthaviation.com

Small cracks in wing spar web