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Thu, Jun 28, 2012.  1145z    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Carson City Trip ...Jon Friedmann

Trip down from the Portland area was blue skies, head winds, and some pretty good bumps through NorCal and the NV stretch. Once east of the Cascades, the route pretty much follows I395 through high desert valleys and Juniper and Pine forests.  I had arranged my arrival with Dayton Murdoch (buy his tailwheel if you want to pull some weight off the back of your RV), and was very glad to have my airplane tucked safely away in his hangar for a few days.  ...


First (literal) X-country or How to Burn Paycheck
        ...our friend Vlad turns 50 in RV style.

continue Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

Unique RV-10 Picture

In The Shop
SikaFlex Finished on my Tipup ...Bruce Swayze

VAF Family
Hat Sighting.....Alaska (James Bagley, Jr)

We made it!

Flew from Oregon to Alaska and arrived today. Cleared customs in Northway and got fuel in Gulkana. Made it to Wasilla earlier this afternoon and visiting family for a few weeks before returning. Good times!

Fuel Tank Calibration ...Scott Schmidt RV-12

Today I tried to do the fuel tank calibration and my voltage is stuck at 5 volts. When I measure the resistance of the float it works just fine. Has anyone else seen this?
I have the Skyview with the conversion harness (meaning I received my wiring over a year ago and decided to wait for the Skyview).

When I look at the screen that has the setup information, it is set to "resistivity", yet the calibration page displays 5 volts. I don't quite understand what it is doing there.

  Some Replies:

It sounds like an open circuit. The problem could be the wire from the panel to the fuel sender. But a more likely cause is that the sender is not grounded. The mounting screws should have lock washers with teeth that will bite through the proseal and ground the sending unit to the tank.

Measure the voltage from ground to the wire on the fuel sender. If it is 5 volts, then the sender is not grounded or it is defective. Well, in your case it is not defective because you already checked it with an ohmmeter.  If the voltage is zero, then there in an open circuit somewhere between the sender and the instrument panel.

What Joe said. Install the ground and forget about it

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From the Factory site...

What is it and where?

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Wed, Jun 27, 2012.  1154z  
   Well, we're in the deep heat now.  Here's the good stuff in the table below starting a little before 1000 local.  107įF around 4pm.  Yes, I spent a couple minutes
hanging an old towel over the blinds in my office with thumbtacks to better insulate the room (a yearly summer ritual in our house).  And yeah, my wall is still purple after moving in here 8 years ago.  You gotta problem with that? ;^)    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Wingtip Video ...Brent Owens

I was experimenting with mounting my DRIFT170HD on the wingtip and shot this short video last week.


RV-7 First flight ...actually two first flights.

Summer 2012 Travels ...Tom and Bonnie

Tom and Bonnie started our summer travels with a trip to NH at the end of May and a return to TX two weeks ago in our RV 7a. Last week we continued our travels with a flight out of TX to Cheyenne in our RV 10 to visit our son and family. After a great couple days visiting a grandaughter, we loaded up the RV10 and flew to Steamboat Springs to join the Sutters in their RV7a and McDonalds in their RV10 for the week.  more

"Cover of the Rolling Stone...." ...RV-1 prototype makes the cover of Kitplanes.

In The Shop

● Wing Stand Signed and Passed On....

VAF Family
Mystery Photo ...Scott and Deb

Deb and I made our way back home from San Diego yesterday. The weather was gorgeous while we were there...70 degrees all weekend. The climb out of Montgomery eastbound was nice and smooth. That all changed when we were about an hour from St. John...

During the nice part of the trip, we were treated to the following. The photo isn't the best, but any ideas where we were and what's going on here?

Notice the four little smoke trails in the pic??

PnP Canada up and running!

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From Rich Meske.

Take a fresh look at our Tip-Up/Slider Canopy Modification for the RV-6, 7 & 9. This year marks our 12th year anniversary for this product. We now offer two canopy modifications, our original kit and another gentleman's laser cut kit. Both kits have their own advantages. We let the builder choose which is best for their needs.

This year also marks our 12th year of doing business! We now offer many new products for the experimental aircraft market. Please check out ALL of our great products at www.aircraftextras.com.

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You had one.....admit it.

Tue, Jun 26, 2012.  1126z  
   Well, we hit 103įF here in Dallas yesterday.  'Real' summer begins....  
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

They keep multiplying ...Lars Pedersen first flight.

RV-7 N718WG got airborne on Sunday, June 24 at about 0730, out of KDWA. Many thanks to my support crew in the air and on the ground yesterday: Lee, Richmond, Ray, Dan, Evan.  more

And another first flight

Well after the storms blew threw and after a few high-speed taxi tests N313RT took off. Everything went extremely well. I circled the field at 5000ft checking all the controls, trims, airspeeds, temperatures, etc. Flew for 30 minutes and then landed. I will do an inspection in the morning and hopefully fly again tomorrow.

....Yeah I'm still smiling.....
Russell Turner
RV10 #41043

In The Shop
Dave Casey's Panel

VAF Family

RV8 EC-XJG first flight video ...Javier Del Cid (Spain)

Tru Trak Yaw Damper Problem On Preflight - solved

Earlier this week during preflight I found the rudder was difficult to move. When swung vigorously from side to side, the rudder would fight the applied force, jerking through it's range of motion. I pulled the baggage panel wall and observed the Tru Trak yaw damper bellcrank was jumping around whenever the rudder was moved. Removed TT YD servo, bellcrank then moved smoothly, rudder moved smoothly. Servo, however, seemed nearly jammed -- very difficult to move servo torque enhancer rod. Removed servo from plane, servo magically became easy to move -- smooth operation, no problem. Hmmm. Reinstalled servo wiring and reinstalled servo in plane -- servo difficult to move again. What the....?

Cause/solution: Although the master switch was off during preflight, I'd left the avionics master switch and the landing light switches "on" from a previous flight. Every time I moved the rudder (with the servo installed) the servo motor generated voltage which flowed to the avionics bus, and crossed from the avionics bus to the main bus via the closed avionics master switch. (Servo motor apparently has permanent magnets, so it acts like a generator when it is turned.) The voltage generated a current to ground through the loads on the main bus (landing lights, etc). So the servo motor (generator) output saw a path to ground, causing the servo motor to fight any applied force. When I turned the avionics master switch off, the problematic rudder jerkiness went away. Or, when I turned off the yaw damper power switch, the problem went away. Path to ground removed, problem goes away.

Lesson learned: turn the avionics master switch off (like I normally do) during shut-down.

Problem solved, went flying.
Tim Lewis

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Go fast... use some speed tape ;) ...Stephen

I recently ran my first SARL race... great fun, come on out and play!

For the first race I decided to run pretty much exactly as I would normally... no speed tape or special fittings, etc. to get a baseline. I compromised a bit on this since my tanks were not full and I removed most all of my baggage for the race. I did leave my Oxygen bottle but pulled my flight bag which included tools. Okay idea at the time, but after Brian had to divert for a precautionary landing with engine trouble and ended up having to scrounge around for and hour to get a screwdriver and plier just to remove his cowling, I have decided to include my flight bag and tools as mandatory cross country race gear

Several racers had gap tape of various kinds here and there... beyond looking the part of real racer I figured that it must actually work so I decided to give it a try.  more

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Can you hear me now?

Mon, Jun 25, 2012.  1117z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First flight of N861MM ...Matt Giordano (Sr. and Jr.)

Yesterday my dad and I passed our airworthiness inspection and N861MM had its first flight! Other than being terribly nervous, everything went well. What a wonderful airplane.

Has anyone seen my Russian?...good stuff.

Great Adventures West ...the Cards

Ha! This is all pretty amusing. I'm just now catching up on Vlad's great adventure. We've been on our own, very similar adventure for the last three days over on the Card TV channel. However, through two pilot's worth of skilled aviating, we did in fact make it to the west coast. Currently typing in front of a cozy window overlooking Crater Lake in Oregon. Yesterday was Crescent City to check out the monster redwood forest, before that was Albuquerque. There has been a big turbulence airmet over the whole desert for the past few days, and I can tell you for a fact, that it wasn't lying. We probably won't do that again . We spent 10.5hrs navigating the other day. Over, Under, Around, whatever it takes. 22C turned 1000hrs yesterday. She is throwing just a touch of prop grease that I'm watching carefully. I'm thinking due to the hours of huge turbulence the other day. Hopefully our adventure will continue all the way up to Victoria, BC over the next few days. All dependent on weather. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll be headed out of Medford, OR for Aurora.

A trip of no particular exotica ...Bob Collins

I don't have any exotic trip to report since I'm not close to being out of Phase I testing, but the forum category says trip write-ups can motivate a builder. So here's some payback. It was just a little cross country hop -- the first such cross country for the plane. Nothing happened, I took off at a few airports, landed at a few others, and otherwise noticed that the world that seems so hopeless if you pay attention on the ground, seems much lovelier if you pay attention to your flying.  more

In The Shop
● RV-4 in West Australia....

VAF Family
● Hat Sighting ...Shawn Franklin

RV-1 NEW Short Music Video clip

New Camera, First Video ...Dan Benua [ed. Music choice won't let me embed it.  Gotta go to Youtube.  dr]


And another one is ready...Russell Turner

Well after 2 and half years the day has come. #41043 received its airworthiness certificate. Thanks to all on VAF for the help. The wealth of knowledge here is just amazing. Now on to phase 1. I went the certified route and got the 25hr fly-off. Used DorBrook Aviation as my DAR.

● Donations updated....red bar at top.

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from: http://bobshermanspage.com/USAFPlanes.html

Fri, Jun 22, 2012.  1144z  
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Moved to the Airport ...Mike "Nemo" Elliott

Well after 5 years my plane has left the nest, well sort of. I made the move to the airport. The move went very smoothly. I have moved all the tools and started to organize the hanger so I can get back to work.

TT Gemini PFD 'Unboxing' PIREP ...Brian Chesteen

This will be the first post of a series of Pireps on the new TT Gemini PFD.  First will come the desktop review and later once installed I will do a in flight review.  more

Eagle's Nest - Welcomes Emerald Ridge HS

VAF Charter Jet to OSH and Back Same Day ...sweetening the pot

"If you're coming from some other airport, your RV can stay in our hangar for the day."

New TCW Technologies Product, control valve servo kit

Our new control valve servo kit is now available. This linear actuator servo kit is ideal for controlling heater valves, oil cooler butterfly valves, alternate air doors and other similar damper valves. It provides a very nice way to get rid of those push-pull cables and put a nice control knob for each function in a more convenient place in panel.  more

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Solar Panel in Wingtip

I built in two solar panels into the wing tips. They are only 1/4" thick and produce around 800millamps when the plane is parked outside. When parked in the hanger they only produce around 20millamps. They weigh next to nothing as there is no glass but are covered in clear epoxy.  more

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Thu, Jun 21, 2012.  1134z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Dave Henderson's RV-7 ...Lawrenceville, GA

VAF Charter Jet to OSH ...there and back in one day (Lear 35)

"...Opening day, Monday July 23 - this is the day the RV-1 is scheduled to arrive and be put on display at the show.  One day up and back. Leave form McCollum Airport in Atlanta (RYY) at 0700, arrive by 0800 CDT. Return after the daily airshow.  Up to 7 pax (6 minimum)..."

Bits of Philly and Captain Steve ...Vlad

I was grounded for couple hours due to a crack in baffle doubler. By the time I got to my hangar Tony chased short final two times. I desperately needed a well equipped shop to repair that baffle and voila: what could be better!!!

Up we go in Tweety. Cousin wanted to check if I have any change in my pockets and rolled me over so unexpectedly if I had any kopeks they would have fallen out.

In the Field
Battle Damage............again!  ...Mutha

Mutha is starting to feel like his beloved ride is one giant magnet for airplanes and or pieces of planes! After the Sun n Fun fiasco, Mutha thought he was now "pre-disastered"!

Not so fast Mutha! A few years ago we teased Joker about not wanting to fly behind him, due to his post flight discovery of a MISSING filtered airbox (Airflow Performance). This was to have been remedied after the 2nd occurrence! Fast forward a few years, and we find our hero (Mutha) slated as #4 in a 4 ship line abreast takeoff out of Cincinnati Lunkens wide runway.

Bud Newhouse aka Joker is our fearless flight lead. The brief was for Mutha to move to the slot (to form a diamond) immediately after takeoff. Takeoff and departure happened as briefed and the flight was in the process of exiting the Lunken area in close formation, when things got interesting.  continue

Vapor Lock Confirmed and Replicated

I need the forums help with this one. I have recently confirmed that that my RV-9A, O-320 E2A (Carbureted, FP Prop) is suffering from bouts of Vapor Lock. Early in the week after a prolonged taxi and hold I was cleared to depart the main runway. Elevation 2880, air temp 85 degrees F. All checks normal so I departed with the boost pump ON. About 10 feet off the ground the engine coughed and just about died. Luckily with lots of runway I was able to land with no issues. Taxied back to run-up area and engine seemed to be running rough and when power was applied about every 2nd or 3rd time the engine would cough and just about die. Something was wrong so I taxied back to the hanger.

Day 2 84 F I took the cowl off and looked for anything obvious, nothing. With the cowl off I ran the engine, hard, to try and duplicate the problem. No luck. Limited by CHTís I must have run it for an hour ranging from static max rpm to quick idle to max. Limited by CHTís I would have to back off after a while to prevent damage.

Day 3 85 F Replaced the cowl and repeated the ground runs. However, this time after the engine was heat soaked from prolonged running it began to cough again. Interesting note that with the boost pump on it seemed to make it worse, not better! From idle to around 2000 rpm it would sputter and want to die almost 100% of the time with the boost pump on, and only 50% of the time with it off. The fuel pressure would hover around 3-4 psi at idle. When the engine is cold it would stay there until full power, however, when hot, once power is applied it would drop to near 0 psi with the boost pump off, around 2 with the boost pump on.  continue

Aircraft Rigging Problems

Now flying our 12 and have a 5 degree/sec roll to the left if release stick pressure with rudder trim tab installed and used for centering the ball and with the ball centered in level flight with 5000 rpm from the rotax at about 95k. Looked at Vans info for acceptance testing and don't want to crush the trailing edge until I have exhausted all possible other options. No wheel pants installed yet. Slight difference in alignment at the trailing edge of flaperons with stick centered, about 1/8 inch difference. Aircraft close to 1050 lbs with 10 gals of fuel and pilot in left seat. When we weighed the aircraft, right scale about 13 lbs heavier than left side. No drastic warp of flaperons, no unusual misalignment of vert stab or rudder, LOOKING for ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR HELP to trim this great machine up. Thanks in advance.

  Some Replies:

Don't think rudder trim tab is involved, certainly not to the degree you describe. It will help coordinnated filght, keep the ball centered, etc. Your options are two, imho.

1. Squeeze the light wing

2. Add a trim tab to one flaperon.

3. Add an adjustable mechanical spring loaded flaperon trim mechanism.

I would go with the squeeze route first. Don't see the downside. It worked for me years ago with a six I built. I'm not sure how trim tabs work with flaperons, though the mechanics seem the same as with ailerons

If the roll trim is off that much, it is highly likely that your flaperons are not the proper shape. This can actually effect flying /handling quality's.

To do a quick check, lay a straight edge on the flaperon cord wise (so that it parallels normal airflow) Check that the aft skin is flat between the lap joint of the leading edge skin and the radius at the trailing edge.
If you find they are not (rather likely), squeezing the T.E. until they are would likely totally solve your trim problem, or at least get it very close to were just a small amount of tweeking will make it near perfect. It will also make your RV-12's roll response act the way it is intended to.

Once you get the flaperon surfaces flat, and need to "tweak" the flaperons for roll trim, do so with VERY small adjustments. It is easy to overdo it. Ask me how I know It will most likely take several test hops with very small squeezes each time.

Another suggestion. Pad your seaming pliers with foam (sticky back weather stripping works good) and use them for the gentle squeezing. The 3" surface will help you not to kink any spots in the metal


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Wed, Jun 20, 2012.  1150z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

RV White Pages Updated and Current ...courtesy Audrey Reeves (daughter)

Contact information for over 3,000 RV builders and pilots in 26 countries.

From the 'Spiraling Slipstream' thread ...

In The Shop
From the 'Fuel Tank Dimple Dies Thread ...DanH

Pneumatic Squeezer

It is not a good idea to leave the air connected whilst cleaning proseal from between the rivet sets, especially if the squeezer is laying trigger side down on the bench.

Event News
RV-1 Tour Info

RV-1 Ferry Flight to Parkside ...posted 18th.

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Dynon is hiring - Systems ...Seattle area.

Dynon is looking to add a Systems Engineer to our team and we need a pilot to fill the role. If any of you pilots (or someone you know) are interested please see our employment page and submit your resume. The job description is below.

We are also looking for a Senior Quality Engineer. While a pilot is not required for this position, it is worth mentioning, because you just may be out there!  more

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"I Bless the rains down in Africa..."
No, this is not Joe Ferraro and me at Corner Bakery.

Remember back in 1982, when you needed seven professional session musicians* to get a sound this big?  Fast fwd to 2012...here's two guys, an auto-tuner, a vocal processor and a GREAT cover of Toto's 'Africa'.

*David Hungate played bass on the pressed cut of 'Africa' back in '82.  He is a graduate of the music program at the University of North Texas and was a member of the world famous 'One O'Clock Band'.  And as for the other session musicians in Toto, Steve Lukather's 2nd guitar solo in 'Rosanna' at the 4min 44sec mark was about all my 17yr old learning-guitar brain could take at the time.  Bet I listened to that solo a thousand times trying to learn it (never did 100%).  I do know I wore out three cassette tape copies of the song trying.  And yeah...I spent some time last night watching Toto clips on YouTube <g>

Tue, Jun 19, 2012.  1145z  
  Good morning!  Plenty hot and already gusting 23kts (5:53am) around our neck of the woods - hope nicer where you live.
  I put a little red bar across the top of the front page giving the latest update of the donation page.  I'm going to try to update this weekly to keep the community better informed of the fact that this site is how I put food on the table.  I'm trying to strike a nice balance between reminding folks without any of the in-your-face (or in-your-inbox) stuff.    
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First Flight on Fathers Day - 2012  ..Scott Schmidt RV-12

On Sunday afternoon we flew the RV-12. I thought it would be great if we could do it on Fathers Day and it turned out to be a perfect afternoon. My dad and I built this plane over the past 2 years. I had the inspection the previous Wednesday and everything passed with no discrepancies (other than the nav lights were swapped on the wings before the inspection on Wednesday, no one caught this until after the flight and there were at least 20 different pilots looking at it including the DAR. I had one nav light that didn't fit completely flush and I wanted to see if it was the mounting hardware, the light or the fiberglass. I forgot to put it back.)

After the inspection, I installed a new panel on the right side that eliminates the glove box. We installed the remote oil pressure kit that moves the sensor to the firewall and everything passed on the final inspection checklist that Van's supplies.

Here are some pictures of the first engine run and prep for first flight. I need to thank my brother Todd for all the cool pictures. 
continue w/Part I

Part II  |  Part III

Maine = family, friends, food, and chicken-palooza  ...Glen (RV-8)

The Devastator had downloaded the weather report for the weekend and was itching to get out of the hangar.  Given Zen's latest rebellion at flying, I made a local resort appointment for her and then planned a trip north to my old stomping grounds in Maine.The winds up high were not favorable so the Devastator and I decided the first leg of our mission would be to insure New York was safe from Russians.  continue

My first SARL air race... Great Northwest Air Race ...Schristo

Fast and low is exciting... can be too exciting! Sure glad that we did not have to contend with birds.

I pulled my track log and imported it into google earth to evaluate... VERY interesting to see the story brought to life with wiggles and turn overshoots.  continue

Visual demonstration of spiraling slipstream

Causes of High Oil Temps ...Scott McDaniels

"One cause of high oil temps (when everything with the baffling and cowling installation appears to be well installed) is excessive combustion gas blow-by because of poorly seated piston rings.

The hot blow-by gasses entering the oil sump, adding heat to the oil, that was intended to exit through the exhaust.  A cyl. compression check will not necessarily give an indication of this problem."

related: Ernst Freitag RV-10 Oil Cooler Mod

After 90 hours of flying and just now flying in 100 degree weather, I can say without a doubt that my cooling set up works very well.
While I do see Oil temps approaching 200F on really hot days and high climb out power, I make no adjustment for oil temps.
I did make a few changes to the standard oil cooling set up. The funnel you see is a 5 inch into 4 inch reducer and a smooth curve. I believe the additional louvers on the bottom of the cowl just below the oil cooler have a lot to do with the oil and Cylinder head temps. I also installed a curved baffle inside the cooler plenum.  continue

Event News
Badlands Fly-In ...from Larry Vetterman

"The Badlands flyin hosted by Vetterman Exhaust Inc. and HSR Fueling is scheduled for Sept. 6-9.  Here is a list of the events that we have planned this year.   

Arrive thursday- Evening buffet at Wooleys restaurant.

Fri. events for the thursday arrivals: tour the Mammoth Site and do a cave tour at Wind Cave National Park.  Return to the airport to meet the friday arrivals and for the hangar party/ evening meal at Vetterman's hangar.

Sat.  arrive at the  airport and get a preflight briefing and then depart for the Black Hills Aerial tour.  The tour route will be the same as before ie.  Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Spearfish Canyon, Devils Tower, Bear Butte,  Wall Drug, view the badlands and return to Hot Springs.  For those that do not want to do the aeiral tour on sat., we may have another Mammoth Site tour if enough attendees request it. By popular request the sat. evening meal will be at the Allen Ranch which is in a beautiful country setting just out of town.

Sun.  arrive at airport and depart for home or other destination."

Advertiser PIREP
SteinAir = Good People!  ...Brian Chesteen

During my recent CC trip to the upper midwest, I took the opportunity to drive over and meet the folks of SteinAir in person.

Pretty much dropped in unannounced on these folks. The sign on the door says GO AWAY or something like that. The fine print lets you know that it is meant for unsolicited solicitors. Anyway the wife and I took our life into our own hands and went inside....

Once inside we found a 5-6 people heads down busy working hard on building panels. An entire room full of bench after bench of just about every brand of EFIS made and all the associated accessories.

Panels galore! Some finished, some just starting and everything in between.

Stein was out to lunch and running errands and while we waited Christer gave us the grand tour. I was like a kid in a candy store. I got to see systems that I had not seen in person yet and twist knobs on all the latest gear. He showed me their scheduling system, inventory areas, staging area and stacks of avionics ready to go into customer panels, their custom wiring diagram creation program that one of the SteinAir guys developed in house that is amazing, their CNC panel cutting machine, and a couple airplane projects in the back. One RV10 and another personal project of Stein's. (Think huge radial engine, tons of hand worked aluminum for the cowl and fairings, no fiberglass on this plane!)

After about an hour of touring and twisting knobs and asking Christer a million questions, we decided to go have a bite to eat. When we returned Stein was back and he spent at least another hour with me talking shop and discussing the way their business runs. We discussed many of the pros-cons and details of most of the major avionics brands these days. Looked at a few more details of some of the projects on the benches etc.

It was an awesome experience to get to spend a couple hours with those folks and I have to say Stein and his group are top notch people. He has a hard working shop and their attention to detail and knowledge of their business will be hard for anyone to beat.

I highly recommend anyone that is purchasing avionics/panels/instruments etc. to give Stein a chance to serve you. He most likely won't be the cheapest but SteinAir will end up being the most value for your dollar! SteinAir is way more than just a mail order broker of avionics!

Phil's good idea takes off ...see it in action.

Editing his auto-signature in the forums to reflect that he made is 2012 financial contribution.  Thank you Phil - great idea!

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Jun 18, 2012.  1138z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

N817HS project off the ground... literally ...Steve M. RV-9

After 2500+ hours over 7.25 years of building, RV-9 N817HS finally left the ground at about 7:30 Friday evening at Bowers Field, Ellensburg, WA. After a brief 20-minute flight, first flight pilot Bill White had no issues to report other than it flew great and that, perhaps, the Catto prop might be a bit underpitched. No wing heaviness, no engine issues, nothing. I can live with that!  continue

First Flight!...Brian and Brandi RV-10

Success! Flies straight, fast, and simply amazing. I've done 5 more flights since the first one and loving every minute of it. Thank you, Pierre, for doing the first test flight.  continue / video

Big South Adventure...Pete Howell

Big project at work with no vacat since New Year's..... so now that things have settled down a little bit, Andi and I took off to see family and friends. I snapped a few photos along the way!

Plans to leave Monday night were scrubbed by bad weather, but Tuesday dawned clear and cool, so we got up early and headed southeast. 
continue part I

Part II  |  Part III

Great Northwest Air Race III pt. 1 ...Brian Carroll

Part II

Part III

ch105 with the ONE ...Joe Blank PIREP

In the Portland area, our local EAA Chapter 105 conducts a monthly meeting at various build sites or interesting locales. Typically the June meeting is reserved for the BBQ at the residential Parkside airport (WA87). An absolutely spectacular airpark with many RV projects, pilots, and some very interesting non-RV offerings too.

Jon Freideman thought it would be neat to display the ONE there. It's a challenging runway environment if you've never seen it before, but JJ's had plenty of experience since he lives there with his RV-6, Bucker, and someday a Fiat G.46. All in all, there were over 70 folks and 20-some aircraft that arrived. Here are some pics from the event:   continue

Bob Collins 7A Phase I Flight Testing Continues

"I think we've got this thing licked. Looks like the problem was a plugged injector."

In The Shop
Tool Deathmatch: Costco Borescope vs Chinese Oral Scope...Scott Mills

Well this all came about because my #3 cylinder exhaust valve was leaking by again. A few years back I had the same problem. I lapped the exhaust valve and compression went back up. My last oil change showed a pretty significant drop down, about 70/80. Another check a couple weeks later had it at 65/80. This is getting somewhat serious now.  continue

VAF Family
Another reason to celebrate Fathers Day ...Phil (RV-10)

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Spark Plugs Erosion ...Vlad

Just an observation. Plugs are checked visually, cleaned and rotated every oil change. Carburetor, conventional magnetos.  continue

RV-12 Wingtip lights go into space ...Dean at AeroLEDs

I thought the RV-12 community would find it interesting to learn that the same Pulsar EXP lights used on the RV-12 wingtips recently went into space onboard a commercial cargo module to resupply the International Space Station. The astronauts reported that the strobes were visible over 2Km away.

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Jun 15, 2012.  1151z  
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Trip to Ireland...Tony Kelly

Just got back from vacationing in Ireland. Very beautiful rain or shine! I made a post here looking for fellow builders/flyers over there and Loman replied. He is building a -9A and offered to show me his project and introduce me to RVators in Ireland. I think I've read somewhere that RVs are not just about the airplanes but the people as well...   continue

 - Here is Bryan's very nicely -
 - After a nice meal and a lot -
 - Final -
 - They even had some new pups -

Calgary to New York and back. Write up and video Part 1

Years ago I read about a guy who flew his Beaver RX 550 Ultralight from Southern Alberta up to the Arctic Circle. At the time the ink was still wet on my Ultralight Permit and I couldnít imagine doing such a trip. I didnít even know where to begin. My Ultralight training taught me nothing about weather, navigation and radio work. It wasnít until I finished my PPL that I had a basic understanding about these principles.

Iíve just returned home from the longest and probably the most exciting Cross Country trip Iíve ever undertaken to date. My Dad and I flew in my RV-7 from my home field just outside of Calgary to Washington, DC up to New York and back.

This trip write up isnít going to be so much focused on our stops and the things we saw, the accompanying video will cover this, as much as it will be on my way of Cross Country flight planning and the enroute decisions I was faced.

I enjoy reading narratives about other intrepid aviators and the predicaments they get themselves it. There is usually a solution and a good lesson to be learned. My way of doing things isnít going to be agreeable to all who read this. Your comfort level maybe different to mine and thatís fine. Safety is first, in all I do, and not once did I feel out of my comfort zone.

This maybe a bit lengthy, so grab your coffee, sit back and enjoy! 
continue Part I | Part 2 (w/video)

Even my RV needs a day at the beach

Today seemed like a great day to head down to the beach. Unfortunately, the beach is 120 miles away. Fortunately, the beach is also an active airport - Copalis Beach - the only airport on the west coast where you can land (legally) on the beach.

TeenFlight 2 Update

Hopefully this thread is still getting some views. TeenFlight 2 has been progressively working through the kit and has made lots of progress. Between September of last year and the end of May this year we have been out at the hangar every Saturday for six hours building. As with the first year of the original TeenFlight there was a decision to take the summer off with sporadic work sessions here and there. Here is a quick overview of the TeenFlight progress this year.

September 2011-December 2012: Students and mentors began work on the empennage kit late in the fall of 2011 and the wing kit arrived before Christmas. The right wing was assembled first after the completion of the empennage.

January 2012: The fuselage kit magically showed up in the hangar one morning in early January and all eagerly jumped in to it. The center bulkhead took a few weeks to match-drill etc... but by the end of the month the center section of the airplane was fairly well complete and the forward lower firewall was eagerly awaiting its union to the fuselage. The roll bar was assembled and the entry steps were prosealed against water.

February 2012: The tailcone was mated to the fuselage as was the forward lower firewall. The project really started to look like an airplane. The fuel lines were installed and the flaperons were started. Also the interior of the plane was painted at the Vans Aircraft factory (we at TeenFlight have a very good connection with Vans Aircraft). Mr. Paine came out and wrote us up at the end of the month and his article was published in the this month's edition of Sport Aviation.

March 2012: Our rear window was inserted, matchdrilled and taken out for later use. The left wing was assembled and finished. We are installing the optional lighting kit so the wing was cut open to make holes for the lights. More work was done on the fuel lines and the fuel tank was begun.

April 2012: Our options kit arrived, and the big focus this month was WIRING! It actually took us well into May and there are still things that are not complete. The landing gear were assembled and the cowling started to be ground down to size. Some flight controls were started and the empennage fairing was begun as well. Some restructuring of the program went on as well to provide a more balanced student to mentor ratio.

May 2012: The wings were fitted, and temporarily installed. The flight controls were mostly completed, the flaperons finally were finished, and the fuel tank got its cover. The tail feathers were attached and the cowling was fitted. The canopy was also fitted, and a few monkeys wrestled it (beat it) into submission. Before the program was closed for the summer, the canopy was drilled and the avionics panel was wrinkle coated black.

I'm sure that I have missed a few things but that is the main progression of the build. As always check out the blog. It has the article from Sport Aviation as the first item on the homepage.

Some of the crew from TeenFlight 1 have obtained their student pilot certificates and at least one of them is on track to have his license by the end of the year. In fact one of the TeenFlight 1 builders who is mentoring in TeenFlight 2 is on track to have his private by Oshkosh and there is a chance that he will be flying N212TF into Oshkosh.

TeenFlight will be represented this year at Oshkosh by representatives from both TeenFlight 1 and 2.

In The Shop
Building a plenum in a vacuum

Ok, so the title has a bit of a double meaning here. Being new to fiberglass and having a building partner absolutely adverse to epoxy, I decided to build my own composite plenum. The only problem is I didn't know anyone versed in composite construction or have the proper tools. I only knew the concept of using a plenum seemed sound. Less distortion in the cowl, less cooling drag and a lack of the sealing issues was my goal. I considered aluminum, after all I have done 10,000+ rivets in the last few years but this task needs compound curves. That I did not want to tackle in aluminum!  continue

Parking is starting to get a little tight...Steve Stella RV-10

Finishing kit is due in next week and its starting to get a little congested in my current parking spot.

Remember The Floating Dock from Japan that Ended up in Oregon?

...Gus F. photo from the RV

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Jun 14, 2012.  1154z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

KSZP view ...RVs in GoogleMaps (Lars Pedersen post)

Happened to be perusing Santa Paula Airport using Google Maps satellite view, since I'm looking forward to flying there once I'm flying and out of Phase 1. When zoomed in close, it appears as if you are viewing from an angle rather than straight down.

How is this RV-related? Well, have a look at the link. Rare when I l view an airport with Google Maps that an airplane landing or departing is visible, but in this case there is.

More From Our Friendly Travelling Russian ...Vlad 9A

 - First Seaplane Ride 
 - Ron's plan was to fly
 - Here is his first wingman
 - Brad built this cottage
 - Ron Belliveau Shipyard
 - Boat excursions
 - Equestrians
 - Well, everything good ends


Latest RV-1 pilot ...Joe Blank PIREP
Len Kaufman (aka 'Nel') got his chance to take a crack at flying the ONE today. Len's a former military and airline guy (MD-11, OV-1, UH-1, and probably other cool stuff), can fly just about anything it appears, and regularly trades jabs with Lauren Paine.

By the 3rd landing I felt he was just showing off and ordered him off the runway... Some guys have more in their bag of tricks than others. He done real good...

JJ Leaves His Mark ...in blood also.

Flying to OSH - What should I bring?

In The Shop
Caption Contest

Bruce Hill 9A Has Wings

Big day and some Major Visible Progress (MVP). With some expert help from Roee Kalinsky (RV-7A builder), and some assistance from my kids the wings are on the fuselage.

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Jun 13, 2012.  1147z  
   I'm particularly pleased with the 'totally off topic' picture today.  Maybe I have a slightly warped sense of humor.  Anywho, happy hump day! 
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Flight Test Follies: Part II ...Bob Collins 7A FLYING!

I admit to being more than a little bit bummed that the first test flight, flown by me, last week was cut short, but I can safely say a Second First Flight is pretty darned cool, too.

The gusty crosswind conditions abated at KLVN (Lakeville, MN) today,leaving only 7-10 mph winds mostly down the runway. And it was cool and dry. And the engine instruments were properly calibrated (thanks to Lars Pedersen who sent me the configuration for the fuel pressure on the Grand Rapids EIS 4000). And the engine purred like a kitten last night.

She wanted to fly. And so did I.

There was nothing about N614EF's performance today that didn't want me to give it a big hug. I had rigged up my laptop to take in the engine monitor data but if there's one thing on my wish list, it's a decent logging program for the EIS 4000 engine monitor instead of the cranky ones and, alas, I found out on returning that none of the data got recorded.

But the engine monitor is a big help since I got it configured to my liking. I've got the red light glowing until the oil temperature reaches 110 degrees, meaning it's ready to fly.

I have to use the memory to remember some of the readings but it seems to me the RPM was over 2300 racing down the runway, and it climbed easily at more than 90 knots -- perhaps even 100. I circled the field at 2500 feet a bit and then firewalled the throttle in level flight to see if it could develop 2700 RPM. Maybe it could; I couldn't. I just couldn't bring myself to do that to a new engine, so I throttled back as it was still developing RPM and going past 2500. I decided, for now, to be convinced: this engine can haul me around the sky just fine.  continue

Voyage to Hidden Paradise ...our resident Russian.

Trip was well planned thanks to Ron Belliveau who responded to my question What's up in Nova Scotia? with Come and See. Now Ron owns it.

Cont. Part I  | Part II  | Part III

The picture says it all....

In The Shop
Skirt and WS Done! ...Mike Elliott

Yesterday I declared the skirt and Windscreen done! The skirt has a slight low spot at one rivet but I will let the painter handle that, we talked and he said to get it close so I hope this works. I also have 5 or 6 pinholes mostly at the edge of the WS layup. This turned out much better than I had hoped. Thanks for all the help from VAF members getting me to this point. A year ago glass work totally intimidated me.

Flame test standard for fabrics

  Q: Can anyone point me to any standards that exists re: how long aircraft fabric must withstand an open flame before catching flame itself?

A: http://www.tc.faa.gov/its/worldpac/techrpt/ar00-12.pdf

Event News
"Honey, You'll never guess what airplane I'm sitting in!"

...if this was a caption contest, Joe Blank would have won it.  Update on The ONE at the mothership.

Totally Off Topic

                                                    (Sean Connery)

fmi: If you have absolutely no idea what this picture is about, click here.
I bet you laugh out loud at least once.

Tue, Jun 12, 2012.  1153z  
  107įF heat index just north of DFW yesterday.  Air conditioner turned to eleven and we're hiding under rocks until the sun goes down.  Bleah...
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Lake Eyre, South Australia ...Mark Newton RV-6 (Adelaide, South Australia)

Australia has a Queen. The Queen has a birthday. Several, in fact: In New Zealand they had a long weekend for it on June 4th, June 11th was most of Australia's turn -- except Western Australia, where they'll do it on October 1st.

Must be great to be a Queen. So many birthday presents.

So anyway, there's a 3-day weekend, nice weather, and an RV-6 in the hangar. What to do, what to do?

cont. Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

RV-1 Northwest and on to OSH ...Joe Blank flies 'The ONE' back home for a visit.

Daryl (Maverick) Sahnow (Vans employee) and I had a very enjoyable flight home yesterday after a long and windy weekend at the Golden West Regional Fly In. After a good turnover brief from Tim Cone and phone briefs with Paul and Bob Mills, we departed KMYV. The airplane climbs great and settled in right about 117-120Kts for the trip. Least headwind appeared to be around 8,500' for the 1st leg to Medford.  continue

[ed. Am I wrong, or does Joe Blank now have the 2nd most time
in the RV-1 prototype of factory employees (behind Van)?  dr]

2012 Nearly Half Over: VAF donations Like Way Down, Daddy-O (ugh)

Donation page contains new 'Perception vs Reality' section.  I'd appreciate the regular readers give it a read. 

In The Shop
Mail Wheels - Valve stem

Q: I've been putting my tubes, tires, and wheels together. The documentation for this task is really weak. I'm still trying to figure out how the brake calipers are held on. But meanwhile, the valve stem sticking out of the wheel is crooked. Is this a common problem? How do I fix it?

Here's what the tube looks like. The instructions tell you to remove the washer and nut at the base of the tube, next to the rubber, and discard them. I did it both ways, and mounted the tire on the wheel and inflated it, and it didn't make any difference. It's still crooked, either way.

Here's the inflated tire on the wheel. Is this normal? This just seems unacceptable to me. But I'm afraid to start bending things before checking with those more knowledgeable.

A: Good to go, that's the way it is.  (Walt...A&P)

RV-10 Forest of Tabs Ground Location

I'm looking for pic's of people's grounding block installation for placement. Facing the firewall somewhere between the center and left ribs. I'm just wondering if anyone ran in to a gotcha in that location anywhere?

Mike S.

Sean Strasburg

Ernst Freitag

Firewall sealant and Fire Safety ...one year PIREP by DanH

"Long term add-on.....

One year ago I submerged samples of cured CS-1900 and cured 3M FireBarrier 2000+ in a jar of motor oil. After all, aircraft engine compartments do tend to be oily.

After a year I find very little physical difference between the oiled samples and dry control samples. Hardness, toughness, etc all seem to be unaffected."

Event News
Golden West EAA Chapter Competition ...Jeremy Constant

This year Golden West started a friendly competition between chapters, inviting each of them show 5 airplanes from their chapter to represent it. They would then be judged and the total points would be tallied and the chapter with the most point would win. Well, for the inaugural contest EAA Chapter 663 from Livermore won! Participants were: Harry Crosby-RV6, Bob Steffen-RV7A, John Youngblood-Velocity and highest points winner, Bob Cowan-RV7A and Jeremy Constant-RV7A. What we didn't win was any prize for photography...nothin', nada, zilch. I'll see if I can't get some photos of all the planes separately. One interesting thing to note...they were all painted by Juan Solorio at T and P Aero Refinishers in Salinas, CA. I know that in every region there's a place that establishes a reputation for high quality at a price that folks feel is fair for that quality. Well, Juan has earned that reputation around Livermore.

The planes represented by all the chapters were very impressive and there were some beautiful examples of many different types. A personal favorite was a gorgeous Volksplane that was also there the previous day, braving the howling winds tied down in the dirt. Most participants appeared to fly in that morning. Some left before the airshow, some after. I think it's a great idea and gets more channels of communication going between the chapters. Apparently, in the process of setting it up, it also enabled some Young Eagles call for pilots to go out to some neighboring chapters that hadn't previously communicated.

A suggestion for next year was to include a provision for very high time airplanes to have some kind of allowance made for condition, based on flight hours. If a plane was once stunning and has been well maintained and cared for but has a lot of hous on it, well, that's why we build them and it's an inspiration for those people still building or thinking of it. It's a shame if they aren't included in representing the accomplishments of a chapter because of wear. Perhaps some kind of points multiplier based on hours. Any suggestions for making it even better will be passed along. We're just participants not organizers.

All in all, good fun and congratulations to everyone.

Ernst Freitag photo (RV-10 in back).

Tip- Cheap Wheel Dolly ($7.99)

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You saw Star Wars, right?

Mon, Jun 11, 2012.  1148z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

2012 Vacation Flight Report ...Joe Schneider (RV-7 Oklahoma)

A couple of years ago, my daughter and I attended the Black Hills RV fly-in. When we came home and showed the pictures to the family and talked about the good time we had, my wife mentioned that she would like to go up there some time. Well that time had come.

cont. Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

'The One' Visits Home ...from the factory FB page

"The ONE, finally home at the mothership, meets its much younger siblings for the first time in over forty years..."

Pink slip acquired! ...Brandi/Brian RV-10

NM Forest Fire PIREP...Larry Pardue RV-6

VAF Family
Big Muddy 2012 Race Results

Test pilot tales- N614EF ...Bob Collins

@#%$& Bird Strike! ...Greg Vouga and son.

So there we were flying a six ship formation demo over Raleigh. We had just turned inbound on our target with smoke on and BOOM a red tailed hawk wanted in on the fun. The ******* obviously wasn't carded or he would have realized that in formation we try to stay on the OUTSIDE of the other planes!

So, I've got my shorts cleaned out, Will home safe, Momma reasonably calm, and the plane secure. Now it's time to start dealing with the logistics of plane recovery and FAA.

What happened ....(continued)

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Fri, Jun 8, 2012.  1140z  
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  

    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Brian and Brandi's RV-10

(Brian) "I took this photo the other night while working late on the build and really love how it turned out. Thought you all might enjoy it too."

related: The RV-10 Forum | Brian & Brandi's Site

June Sport Aviation Online

...you may have heard of the guy on the cover.  Article page 28.

In The Shop
Got my Rear Seat Today!!!

DJ got my seat to me today.  I yanked the box open and ----Sure Enough---- they looked like I thought they would. Just GREAT   I just sent some pics and some drawings that I had in mind and sent them some foam that I had carved out to my liking and they modified it from there.

Good people.

Rudder stiffeners, a dumb mistake, and a sanity check

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Valkyrieís TurnÖ

Almost a year and a half ago, I reported one of the saddest things that can happen to an -8 builder/pilot Ė a big **** had appeared in that big canopy. No the first to experience it, I knew that the cause was very cold temps and sharp turbulence Ė and that long canopy that builds up significant thermal stress. Fortunately, the stop-drilling worked, we flew home fineÖ.and proceeded to fly fine ever since. You see, we had this RV-3 project going, and I just never could find the time to take the Val out of service. Heck, we had the new canopy delivered two weeks after the crack Ė itís been in the garage ever since!  continue

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Jun 7, 2012.  1156z  
   Today's edition a little tardy - daughter's post-wisdom teeth extraction pain and swelling peaked early this morning and I'm on mashed potato and applesauce duty.  I know you're OK with it ;^).  
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New RV-10 First Flight ...Chase Snodgrass (Presidio, TX)

The weight of N104EP was supported by the atmosphere for the first time on June 5, 2012 at 8:23 a.m. Edward Earwood and I began this project in February 2008 naively anticipating completion of two RV-10ís in about 18 months. Ha! Four years and four months later our first ready-to-fly RV-10 emerged from my simple but well-equipped hangar in Presidio, Texas. Presidio is one of the most isolated and remote settlements in the continental United States, and this is the first airplane to have been built at Presidio-Lely International Airport.

The landing gear fairings are done, but we omitted them on purpose to keep the speeds down and identify any trim issues. The airplane flew hands off with no trim adjustments required. All temperatures remained well in the green throughout the entire flight. The highest CHT noted was 390 degrees Farenheit. The Bonanza chase plane monitor was not able to keep up with the outlandish climb rate! Wow! A YouTube video is forthcoming but that's gonna take a few days.

related: The RV-10 Forum

Cleveland Stamp, RnR Hall of Fame and Cheap Subway Sandwch ...Vlad's latest

Part I | Part II  | Part III

● Welcome www.ExperimentalAero.com

...makers of the DRDT-2 welded steel C-frame rivet dimpler.  Their ad lives in the Previous News section.


My first passenger! ...Chris Hepburn RV-8

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods

Event News
RV-1 Tour Info

Photos of Today's RV-1 Flight

In The Shop
Axel RV-4 Fastback Updates

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Jun 6, 2012.  1159z  
  Our daughter's wisdom teeth extraction went swell.  Home resting and being treated like a princess (her words).  Out of respect for her, and recognizing the fact she can stab me while I sleep, I won't show you the video of her babbling under anesthesia.  Instead, go to YouTube and enjoy this search for 'coming out of anesthesia funny' - there's a good 30 minutes of your morning.  Of note is Audrey's interest in the medical sciences, so of course (I found out later) she asked to take home the teeth beforehand so she could look at the vascular pulp later under the microscope if any of the teeth had to be split.  Nerd.
The 'ol RV-6 isn't going to get much flying love before OSH comes around on cashflow grounds, as Dr. Tooth's bill was not insignificant and self-employment equal sign no dental insurance.  In the words of our daughter, "You want kids or not?"   Yep.
  I'm keeping that video for her wedding day rehearsal dinner, just so you know.  Advantage: Dad.   
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RV-7 VH-JWC riding sidesaddle with P-40 Kittyhawk

...look what Jon found flying off his wingtip. (more)

Another Pink Slip! ...Jim Diehl 7A

Just shy of 8 years and my 7A project now has the infamous pink slip. The Harrisburg, Pa., FSDO folks drove the 125 miles to Lock Haven (home of Piper) and signed-off on my project. You may recall that they had an initial visit about a month ago and had some concerns about the design of the rudder stops and the wiggle in the trim tab. I raised the rudder stops as much as possible and riveted in-place a doubler atop the stop to add some additional height to minimize the cable riding up and over the stop. That satisfied them. As for the elevator trim wiggle, I added an adel clamp or two just before the cable goes into the horiz stabilizer and I squeezed a viscous grease into the cable at the trim knob which helped considerably.

The FSDO inspector(s) performed a very thorough inspection from nose to tail. I appreciated their critical eye and, of course the price was right! To my delight, I have a very generous area for flying- off the 40 hours

In The Shop
RV-10 Door Threshold Ideas

Tip- Flush Map Box Door

I just finished moding my map box so that the door is flush with no visable latch. I though I would put this on for forums for anyone that is interested.

A little background: I designed my panel in CAD to be modular. There is a subframe that rivets to the skin and structure. On top of that are separate panel section that screw to the subframe. Each panel section can be removed and replaced without messing up the rest of the panel.  (more)

VAF Family
Rest in peace: Mr. Gary Garvens (CEO of ECi)

Work Shmork.  VAF on...  

RV Laptop Wallpaper....Mission Control NASA (ISS on upper left screen)

paul dye photo

● Latest dashboard graphic.....

Regularly scheduled maintenance on the VAF servers Saturday night

Totally Off Topic


Tue, Jun 5, 2012.  1142z  
  Tuesday!  Here's the rest of the news that all the recent first flights crowded off the front page yesterday (isn't that a great reason?).  Another first flight and more milestones to report today, BTW.
  Totally unrelated, our daughter gets her wisdom teeth yanked today.  We bought her lots of ice cream yesterday, and she played her 'it's my last meal' card last night for dinner, guilting us to take her out to a place of her choosing (Chipotle).  Around her little finger this guy is.
  And who knew?  Chipotle has margaritas.  Win win.  
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OO-156, First RV-9A Flying in Belgium ...Jef Vervoort (many pics)

Another pink slip ...Lars Pedersen RV-7

"The most expensive one I've ever received <g>"

VAF Family
Finally saw and sat in one! ...Bob Hassel

Thanks to the 'White Pages' I found John Fasching's name and phone number listed under the RV-12/Colorado section. There aren't any in New Mexico (yet).

I talked with John on Saturday and found he had his bird down for an annual inspection. What a great time to look and see. By Saturday night we decided to call up my father-in-law Bill and head up to Salida, Co to see John's bird on Sunday. I wasn't sure we'd actually get there in time to reasonably get back so I didn't even call John back until we were in Alamosa, Co (a little over an hour away from John). He was ready to show his bird and would meet us at the airport!  multiple pics / continue

Continue Part I / Part II

First engine start - 13 PSI Fuel pressure ...Mike Hoover

Had first engine start yesterday that went really well. My Dynon Skyview was showing 13 PSI pretty much the whole time, with or without the booster pump. The carbureted O-320 engine ran just fine. Wonder why the high fuel pressure indication? Thanks for any suggestions.

Thanks to Tom, James and Ken for mulling over my FWF this past few weeks leading up to engine start. Thanks to Steve for video taping the start. And Scott, Ron for the moral support! Was a great day!


First engine start ...Tim Pethel 8A


Paint my own plane......CHECK! ...Scott Elhardt

Well - 3 years and a month later, I unplugged the air hose for that last time yesterday.

For those of you that are on the fence, I have to say that I am really glad that I painted it myself. The PPG base/clear is a wonderful product line. I chose to clear coat because I think it is more tolerant of the kind of mistakes that I made. (A couple of runs).

Now comes the cut and buff. I tried a small area yesterday and it looks so good that I don't mind wet sanding my very shiny plane!

I am daydreaming about the first flight and all that follows now.

RV-10 Wings ON ...Rudi Greyling

Event News
Homebuilders at Oshkosh ...Bob Collins

"I did get confirmed today that the 12-1 hour on EAA Radio during Oshkosh will be homebuilder specific. I'm hosting the show. As such, I'm always looking for people who fit the bill. Ideally, I'm looking for people/stories that aren't already getting attention. Maybe it's the guy who took 20 years to build a plane. Or the person who's a test pilot. Or the person who does something really interesting for a living and builds the plane on the side.

Anyway, this is one of the "put up or shut up" moments for those of us who want more homebuild/experiment chatter during the week."

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Jun 4, 2012.  1434z   SPECIAL
  A gateway at my ISP threw up on its shoes this morning around 0800 local (our servers were fine).  Site was inaccessible for about 20 minutes and 'New Posts' and 'Today's Posts' didn't work for about 45 minutes, until I could run some database-repairing scripts.  All better now...sorry for the hiccup.  Technology happens.  dr

Mon, Jun 4, 2012.  1119z  
  Couldn't be any other top story today....gotta be Bob.  Eleven years in the making.
Hope you and yours had a great weekend.   
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

N614EF- The little plane that almost couldn't
        ...Bob Collins 7A Flies!

When I started this project 11 years ago, I wanted to end up with two things: (1) An airplane and (2) The same person next to me who was next to me when we started. By the way, that's not in order. What I got out of it that I didn't anticipate was a great number of friends I met along the way, managing to keep most of them...

N964JB First Flight ...Jason Tremble 7A

Hey Ė big day today. N964JB got air under her tires for the first time.... almost 4 years to the date my tail kit arrived (6/4/2008). The only issue was an oil temperature sensor that was a bit flakey.

Thanks to Dale Meyers for all his building help and for flying chase in his RV-9A... we got some great air to air shots. Thanks also to Steve Flattum (test pilot) for a completely uneventful first flight and Roger Doran for taking some great pictures

This afternoon I pulled the cowl to inspect the firewall forward area after the first flight, and everything looked great. If the weather cooperates tomorrow, we are planning on flying again tomorrow evening.

I think I will sleep well tonight!


RV8 SP FIRST FLIGHT ...Javier Del Cid (Spain)

1st $100 burger with the wife in the new bird

...I did finish Phase 1 this AM.
Afterwards, my wife (Diane) and I quickly hopped down to GMU for lunch, did some airborne sightseeing and stopped by the WNC Air Museum open house (0A7) before coming home.

Most excellent day.

Videos of my first flight of my RV-9A on 5/28/12 ...Kelley Johnson

RVers Impromptu brunch!

RV7 Move to the airport 140km away ...eddieseve

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
6-1-12 ready to fly ...Bob Axsom

Event News
RV 1 Reno visit

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Photos in RVs

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Jun 1, 2012.  1138z  
  First day of summer vacation for our kids, and they are (you won't be shocked to learn) still asleep as I type this.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 
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June Calendar Wallpaper

The Vlad Show Continues

...... Stuart, FL familiar spot. I've been there several times within last three years. They have famous bridge, nice marina and eMas on both sides of a runway. But most important part of Stuart is immaculate RV Hotel managed and maintained by Ed D'Arcy or simply Turbo Eddie as we call him here.  continue

RV-1 Prototype Moving About

RV-1 OSH'12 Timeline ...Arrival, Dedication Set for RV-1

In The Shop
Ground run shroud ...Wade Lively

VAF Family
Hat Sighting: Red Bull Hanger 7 at Salzburg, Austria ...Jerry Calvert

[ed. Jerry, this is of special significance to me.  My dad, during the one time he ever left the country after getting drafted, was stationed, worked and lived about 2000' from where that museum now sits in Salzburg.  One of my 'Bucket List' items...  Thank you for the picture.  dr]

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Bob Axsom Exhaust Fairings Continued

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Corrosion ate my Wheels

Motor Mount Damage ...DanH

Totally Off Topic

 Cutaway tour of Sauber F1 Race Car