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June 30, 2017.   Issue No. 4,342.

Dear VAF Community,

I知 off now to start life in the real world! All my hard work at SMU paid off when I found out I壇 been accepted to UC Berkeley, one of three schools tied for the highest-ranking chemistry graduate program in the country. In exchange for working for the university as a TA, tuition is waived and I値l be paid an additional stipend (plus health insurance!) over 5 years on my journey to earning my PhD. But what痴 most exciting is that I値l be spending most of my time performing cutting-edge research in some of the most famous chemistry labs in the world. Did you know that 16 elements were discovered at Berkeley (and more)? I知 a little excited to say the least!!

More specifically, I値l be working in the field of chemical biology, which involves researching new ways to use chemistry to better understand biological systems. This leads to more effective treatments of diseases, as well as a better understanding of how our world works. My work at Berkeley this summer will involve fluorescent probes in the detection of copper to determine its role in living systems. I知 so grateful and excited for this opportunity and can稚 wait to get started!

Your support gave me one of the best gifts a kid could ask for: more quality time with my dad growing up. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support of our family!!

Audrey Reeves



[ed. Obviously, it's a very emotional time for Susie, Tate and I.  Audrey headed out Thursday morning and it's bittersweet and painfully raw.  You want them to spread their wings, but you also don't want to let go.  It hurts.  I'll pray for her every day, and hope a lot of Texas got stuck in those cells at a molecular level.  Thank goodness for FaceTime and iPads/iPhones.  An airline pilot friend offered a buddy pass once in a while for mama to visit, so I'm sure she'll take up that offer!

Thank you again for all the support and love you've shown our family over the years.  I do believe Audrey will help make the world a better place, and I'm confident that one of the reasons is that she has been shown so much love and support her whole life from so many wonderful people here.  I'm guessing she'll do you proud.

Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Doug, Susie and Tate.
Your hosts.]


VFR to Russia (In Memory of Bob Axsom) ...Vlad -9A trip write-up begins

The idea of flying my RV to Russia floated in my head for years. In 2016 I did an extended run polishing Alaska perimeter testing myself if I could swing the challenge of crossing Bering Strait. For couple years I was digging world travelers' blogs and read anything I could find on the subject of flying VFR to Russia. There was a group of Alaskans who did a run to the closest Russian airport and back but their accounts didn't tell much of a positive. They encountered border hurdles, absence of avgas, lack of services and language barrier. So there wasn't much info online. I planned to visit the first large settlement Anadyr on Chukotka Peninsula and for the life of me I couldn't find anything useful.  ...


Any Progress is Progress ...Jason Hess RV-7

Excited to share that BOTH tanks are LEAK FREE and now mounted to the wings. Next up are the right top skins and then the wings can come out of the stands. Can't believe how life can go by so fast.


3rd Annual Lobster Fly-in Belfast Maine ...9/16 (mark those calendars)


Epilogue (broke stuff away from home) ...Tod Stoval RV-10

We're back in business thanks to Mark Olson. Not only did he graciously ship me his backup screen and provided me with instructions to assist me in exporting my config file, he's extending me the loan of his DU through Oshkosh if I can't get mine repaired in time. I can't thank him enough!!!!! Also I'd like to thank all of those who responded to my call for help via text, email and online offering tools, workspace, and advice--the RV family is second to none!!!!

This is a beautiful sight...


Puddle Jumping 2 - The Sequel ...update

Qikiqtarjuaq to Pangnirtung (spectacular valley) to Iqaluit.


Thanks Gary, Clayton, Tommy and the rest of the gang.

Some of the usual suspects at my home field (52F) had a fish fry Thursday.  Gary's hangar, Clayton's catfish caught in the Neosho River in Oklahoma, and Tommy's fry rig and chef skills.  25-30 people or so, and some great banana pudding courtesy Teresa Hood. 

With our daughter heading out earlier in the day 1,400 miles away for her PhD program for somewhere between five years and the rest of her life, the food and fellowship helped a couple of pretty sad parents get through a couple of hours.  Thanks again.

click for SmugMug enlargement


June 29, 2017.   Issue No. 4,341.

How 'Bout Them Cowboys...and some avgas.

(click to enlarge)

Wednesday I flew (track) up to KSWI for $3.25 fuel, and on the way went by 'The Star' for the first time (iPhone picture).  The Dallas Cowboys new(ish) practice facility up in Frisco.  As I understand it there are some retail spots (left side if pic), a hotel (foreground) as well as an outdoor artificial field and natural grass field.  Covered indoor field just right of the hotel.  There was a TV screen bigger than my house that I could clearly watch from two miles away.  Kinda impressive.

I was trying out Garmin Pilot's newest version (v8.8.0) showing your track as an orange line on the map - attached with the corresponding logbook entry.  Partial pic below, click for 2048 x 2732 pixel SmugMug image. 

Came back direct, no 'Star' pass, for the overhead.  I kinda like this track feature - less work than downloading files from the EFIS and converting.  Back on the ground before it got to hot...and got on the computer.


Status Report ...David Paul -3B

With the stiffeners glued and riveted to the tailcone belly skin, I clecoed it to the bulkheads. In spite of my efforts, the bulkheads pulled the skin inward a bit. Never as much as 1/4" but at about 1/8" in more than one place, these skin depressions were, I've got to say it, depressing.

Can't have that.

There were only three options available that I could see.  continue


Complete Instrument Panel & Avionics, New ...Stein

We have for sale a completely finished NEW instrument panel including all avionics. Customer ordered the panel but then due to some unexpected life issues is not able to complete the transaction, so we're offering this as it at a greatly reduced price.



June 28, 2017.   Issue No. 4,340.

Another New RV-14 Takes to the Skies ...n982sx (Bob Meyers)

In another thread I posted that I got my airworthiness certificate last Friday.  Today was a perfect day for flight. The weather couldn't have been better and I took N626KM out for its first one.  The flight was wonderful, no squawks. Two hours in the air.

The RV-Grin strikes again.


N829MS First Flight ...Marvin McGraw RV-14.

Yesterday I took to the air for a first flight. It runs smooth and stable. I now have 4.5 hours on it. I will add the gear fairings in the next few weeks. My wife took takeoff and landing videos.


Surplus Avionics (Garmin, Dynon, PSE, Vertical Power), etc

...Stein using the Classified section LIKE A BOSS.  Things going fast.  Edits quick and often.


RV-Lancair-Corby Starlet Day! ...snopercod

We had a crew of four at GMU today, including an RV-12, RV-4, Lancair 235, and a beautiful Corby Starlet. While we were eating lunch and telling stories, it came to light that all four of us had either worked in a steel mill, had a parent who did, or had taken a tour of a steel mill back in the day. What are the odds of that these days?


Near Miss (Bird) ...Steve 9A

This past fall we had an experience with a Bald Eagle. We were climbing out through 2500' out of Rosecrans Airport (KSTJ) on the Missouri river. Just as I was going through 2500', without warning, there was a very large Bald Eagle about my 11 o'clock and I was climbing into it fast. There was no time at all to react as I passed by the bird. It was very close. I estimated maybe 25-30 feet at the most as I flew by him. There was no action I was able to take as everything happened in milliseconds. All I can say was we were very lucky. I just cannot imagine a 6' wingspan sized bird impacting the windscreen. The positive to the event was for that second I was as close as I have ever been to a beautiful bird like that. I just wish it were in different circumstances so I could have enjoyed the beauty of it.

(and from Don Hull)
I know a pilot who survived a goose through the windshield of a 150. Frankly, I'm surprised we don't have more "near-misses" south of Pryor Regional Airport, Decatur, Alabama as the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge sits about 5 miles south of the airport. Lots of geese, pelicans, and other migratory birds can be seen at different times over the Refuge.

My friend was a retired Air Force pilot who had rented a 150 to take another retired Air Force friend for an aerial tour of the area. As he told me, the sudden blast of air with blood and feathers was almost heart-stopping. Then the tremendous drag on the airplane required a nose-down pitch change to maintain control. Fortunately he was headed straight for the airport when it happened, so he didn't have to make any turns.



June 27, 2017.   Issue No. 4,339.

Gearing Up for Oshkosh

Danny King is putting in the newest version of his panel in his RV-8 "Beautiful Doll".  Here he is pictured working in air-conditioned comfort during a hot Texas summer. So cold in the cockpit he says he has to crack it open every now and then. It looks like a bowl of spaghetti now, but during the show his airplane will be parked in front of the Garmin booth and he will be talking it up with anyone who stops by. Developing

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)


They grow up fast ...crabandy

I started building my RV shortly after getting married, still not sure which is crazier .....
My oldest helping me make airplane sounds.  continue


Garmin avionics videos. Third video is online ...RickA

The second half of the 52F to KLUD flight is available now. Production quality is getting better and I think I have solved most of the background noise issues.  I have about 10 more minutes of in-flight vidoe on a different flight to upload, then I have to get back in the air to shoot some more footage.

I have a few ideas for the next videos but I open to suggestions for future episodes.

My ideas:
1. VOR approach that starts with a Direct to VOR, then an "ATC" defined Hold, then the approach.

2. Entry into a Leg of an approach - like you would get if you were being vectored.

3. An ILS approach but I want to make sure I all the audio issues resolved so I can do it in one take.


Vac's Transition Training Syllabus ...v1.4

This version has a couple of slides added based on other forum discussion regarding deviating from designer recommended weight and balance limits.


Gettin' close! ...bkervaski



June 26, 2017.   Issue No. 4,338.

Astronaut Candidate Jasmin Moghbeli ...enjoying AX-O's RV-4

(Axel) "I took this young lady flying in my RV on Friday.  I also flew with her at work for years. Recently she was selected to be an astronaut candidate. This year had the largest number of applicants at almost 19,000.  She was selected as one of the 12."

fmi: Jasmin's BIO


Lawyers, Guns and Money ...Pete Howell Trip Write-up

With apologies to the late, great Warren Zevon....

"Well, I went home with the waitress
The way I always do
How was I to know
She was with the Russians, too (Hey Vlad!)" 


New Garmin video posted - 2nd in the series ...RickA


Milestone: 7A Tail ...jcarne

Well after 6 months of work I am official done with my tail except for a few odds and ends that will get addressed when I mount to the fuselage. The empennage was filled with great learning experiences and a handful of frustrating ones. I am that much closer to having my dream come true! My wings are here and inventoried, time to start on a new journey!


'MoJo' Got Her New Clothes ...woodmanrog


X-wind Take-off Technique in A Models ...lr172

I fly from an airport with an E-W strip. Most strong wind is usually from the south and we have buildings and tall trees just south of the field. It makes for challenging landings due to the rotors, turbulence and variable gusting. It's not uncommon to see all three wind socks pointing in different directions. However, we never see really strong sustained cross wind at the runway level, only 30' above it.

I have mastered landing and taking off in these conditions, but don't get to do many x-wind landings or take-offs with more traditional cross wind conditions. Today I did some T&G's at a nearby airport with a 90* x-wind 15G20 (pretty sure most wind was 20). The landings were no issue, but I had an issue with the take-offs.

I have been carefull to do all of my take-offs with the nose wheel a few inches off the ground. I was taught to let the cross wind aileron out as the take off progresses, however, I rarely need much aileron in the situations that I fly and therefore don't get much practice. Today, I kept skipping sideways during the take-off roll and was subconsciously keeping the aileron full in too long to keep from skipping. On my final take-off, the gusts were strong and I must have had most of the aileron in to track down the center line. As I lifted off, the wing went down quickly and scraped. The damage is only the size of a quarter on the wingtip and an easy repair.

In thinking through what I did wrong, I realized the error of full aileron at lift-off, but it raised the issue of how else do I keep from skipping sideways. I had remembered reading that you need to keep some down elevator to keep the wheels planted and use tire friction to avoid sideways movement. I had become so afraid of going easy on my nose wheel that it seemed unnatural.

I was wondering how others manage this type of situation in their A model RVs.


OSH '17 RV Social is 30 Days Out ...DanH


Great video of Gold Hill Airpark, NC ...ronshcreck

Thanks to my neighbor, Brett Osborne who has produced a great video of our airpark home (NC25). A community of thirty homes surrounding a 3000-foot paved and lighted runway, just 40 miles NE of Charlotte, NC. Enjoy!



June 23, 2017.   Issue No. 4,337.
Thursday morning I woke up and sat down at the computer. And worked. Drove out to the airport and flew .2 hours. Worked some more using my phone and iPad. Exercised for 40 min.  Worked some more on the computer. Took a shower. Took a sip of my iced tea through the straw.  There was a fly in that straw.  It had drowned on sweet tea.  I thought it was a lemon seed for a second or two.
  I have, as of today, adjusted my "drinking sweet tea at the airport" procedure to include the following line:

  •   Cover the straw, dumb@ss.

  I'm still a little creeped out by the whole ordeal :-).  Ugh.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, straw-covered and RV-filled weekend.!

Sky, Scorch and Scroll taxiing in at Hicks.
Random image from the PC.  dr


Puddle jumping number two the sequel An update

Today has been quite an adventure. Our companions in the Beech 18 got out their lightweight balloon to do the 4th ever balloon flight in Iceland and the first by a female pilot.

We then loaded up and set off for Isafjordur. My co-pilot Rocky was flying this leg and I sat behind. After backtracking the runway we had a call to stop and exit because the wheel was on fire!

We quickly got it extinguished, removed wheel fairings, got new O rings and fluid to repair the brakes. Tyre was damaged, but only on the surface and cords OK no bulges. We managed to get a new tyre sent fron Reykjavik to our destination. Just arrived 30 minutes ago and will be replaced ASAP.

Wonderful scenic flight across northern Iceland, with a bit of formation flying with the Saratoga and Beech 18 (Betty the Beech).
You should be able to see some pictures in the link below.


No "BOTH" Positions Allowed on RVs ...Vic

Please, please, please don't do this. I was performing a prebuy on an RV-8 today and for the second time I found a fuel valve with a BOTH position. Huge NO-NO! A both position in a low wing aircraft will fool you into thinking it works correctly, especially when both tanks are either full or above the fuel pickup. But let one of the tanks get below a fuel pickup and even if you happen to have a full tank on the other side, it will suck air. Probably at the worst time, like when turning base to final. More accidents are caused by modifications to the fuel systems than any other modification. It was a even very nice Andair valve, too.


Music input noise trouble-shooting ...UnPossible

Q: Hey - recently I am having some trouble with noise in the music input for my audio panel. When I built the plane, I installed a 1/8" headphone jack in the rear of the plane, wired to the aux music input of the audio panel (PS engineering PMA5000EX). This has worked well for 5+ years.

Now whenever I try and play music through the Aux input, the music is very muted, with a bunch of "fuzz" that sounds like waves. I have not changed anything in the plane. I've checked the wiring at both ends, and everything looks fine. I've tried two different music sources and several cables. At this point I am about of ideas. Any suggestions or ideas on other things to try?

A: If the music input jack is grounded to the airframe, often times this introduces a ground loop that creates problems similar to what you're hearing. Try isolating the input jack from the airframe and see if that helps. All-plastic jacks are available, with solder connections on the rear for wiring, that prevent the ground loop issue

A: Try shutting off things one at a time while you are getting the noise.......strobes, xpnder, position lights etc.

Other possibilty is ignition or alternator........both have parts that wear over time and could start causing issues that were not there when new.

A: This exact thing happened to me recently. I use an IPhone 6 for the music source. I discovered that it was the music jack on the phone that was malfunctioning. I then put on earphones and only heard one side. If you have an IPhone you can get a lightning adapter (plugs into the main power charging port) that will allow you to plug straight into your music jack from the phone. Now my music is crystal clear again. I have a GTR 200 comm with music input via the 1/8" music jack on the right side near my headphone jacks.

Solved: Problem solved....... and it wasn't anything I expected. The culprit was a new phone. I googled "Samsung S8 static from headphone jack" and found several articles mentioning solving a similar problem by enabling a UHC setting in the audio quality menu. I flipped the switch, and the static is gone. Glad it was an easy fix...I really was not looking forward to tracing out wires, etc.



June 22, 2017.   Issue No. 4,336.
Five of the usual RV suspects at my home field flew over to the Beacon Caf at nearby Hicks airport (T67) for breakfast at 08:15 Wednesday morning. We seemed to have reached that part of the year where breakfast fly-outs are replacing lunch fly-outs due to the heat. It was nice seeing Christie again (her and husband Gene ran the restaurant on our home field several years back). Wonderful folks who we don't see enough!  Logged .3hrs.
  It felt good to fly in the morning and it also felt good to be back on the ground before the heat got unbearable.
  Wishing you a nice Thursday!


Shell Lake Burger Night ...Pete Howell

Andi and I have a goal to fly to as many burger burns and pancakes breakfasts as we can this summer. Been to quite a few already - Shell Lake, WI was on the agenda tonight, short flight on a beautiful evening.....continue


Milestone: -7 Empennage Finished! ...Frank Cordrey

I posted back in Jan. that I was going to start building (here).  I haven't posted since then and have been chipping away here and there. Well I'm finished with the empennage (except fiberglass tips)

It has been fun and frustrating all at the same time. I've learned a lot in the last 5 months and 160.5 hours. Lots to figure out all at the same time. I have messed up and had to reorder parts. A couple emails to Vans with problems and they would set me back on the right road. They have been great! I've got REALLY good at drilling out rivets.....not sure that is something to brag about but....

I found a tech counselor early on and he looked over my VS before I closed it up and was told I was doing fine keep going. I've tentatively scheduled another meeting with him to look over my project. Just want to be sure I'm doing things right.

My wing kit was ordered in March and came in on June 8th. It has been inventoried and I'll be working on it in the next couple months.


RV-10 N657FW ...begins

No pics yet, but tail kit has arrived and commencing on building my tables, doing the inventory and getting the shop ready to go...

Been waiting a long time for this...


RV-9 for Formation?

Q: After decades of dreaming, the stars are aligning and I'll be able to start building sometime this fall! I've had A LOT of false starts over the years, but fingers crossed that this is the time! My wife says I've been responsible for enough years that it's my turn to do something completely irrational, like build a plane.

I've pretty well settled on the RV9A for a variety of reasons that don't need to be rehashed here. I am curious though, while I have no real desire to flip upside down, formation flying is something I'd love to get into. It seems like most formation guys are flying anything but RV9s. Does that just say something about the guys who fly formation or the planes themselves? Would I really be hampered from flying formation if I fly a 9?

A: I know of three FFI Formation Pilots that fly the RV-9A. (Scoot, Cookie, and Gunner) It can and has been done. Falcon Flight Formation Team has an RV-9A in its group

A: If there is a lack of RV-9's in formation it doesn't have anything to do with the plane. I fly formation and even have a fix pitched prop. No problems

A: Ha! Yeah. For a non-acro show, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a -9. Ours has been flying the Falcon Flight show for years. Heck, after a couple of years in the same position, your wingman might just come to appreciate that it is just a little less twitchy in roll. In fact, it is scheduled to perform a show in a couple of weeks

A: Bandit Flight Team has two Yaks, an RV-14, several RV-8's, an RV-6, several RV-7's, an RV-4, and an RV-9. No issues with formation work

A: As already said, the RV9 is fine for the standard FFI formation flying (non-acro). As for possibly being more challenging than the other models, I don't think so. All models with the O-320 engine and fixed prop will be more challenging than the larger engine/constant speed models. It's just a mater of technique, anticipation and practice


Finishing External Window ...bruceh's take

Get some "pipe tape" at your local big box home improvement center store. It is a bit thicker (20 mils) than electrical tape and you can sand right down on top of it with no problem to get a nice edge.  My painter (after painting the canopy frame) used some black silicon sealant as a fillet along the edges of the fiberglass where it meets the plexiglass. It is probably around 1/16" wide at most, but it looks great and keeps the edge of the paint from chipping.



June 21, 2017.   Issue No. 4,335.

RV-8 Panel Upgrade Complete ...WingnutWick

So a few months ago I decided that I was sick of my old nasty cockpit an panel that was not complimentary to my otherwise beautiful 8. I was also tired of having an unreliable engine monitoring system with multiple broken plugs. I wanted to go digital as well as change many of the things that were bugging me with the original setup. I had ZERO experience with working with electricity or avionics but knew that I could use this as a learning experience while taking advantage of fantastic online resources like this fine site to make sure I am doing it correctly and safely. The other goal was to save significant money not only through doing the work myself but also through non-traditional avionics equipment: a hard mounted iPad behind the dash with quick release connectors and 2 AHRS that pump flight data to the iPad.  continue




Formation Flat Blowouts (now that's impressive!;^)) ...newt

To explain Eddie's last comment:

He and Glenn BOTH had flat tyres on landing at home base, about ten minutes apart from each other.  We're now sufficiently well trained that we can have formation tire blowouts.


Arizona Heat and RV-10 ...Dave Ford

Q: The Arizona heat is in the news recently and just curious how that has been affecting RV10 performance? Some commercial flights have been grounded.

A:  The RV-10 really has a lot of excess power and is not usually a problem during high density operations from an iarcraft performance standpoint. However, engine operating paramters can be easily exceeded, such as CHT's and oil temps, especially during the climb phase. Climbing at airspeeds high than usual, and allowing for step climbs can help if needed. Really paying attention to ground ops during the heat is important, like making sure to perform runups facing into the wind and minimizing taxi time.

A:  I had a 7 with IO 360 and used to fly it to work. The hottest I every took off was 117 degrees. No problems.  A word of caution, if you go to a higher altitude check the DA and your aircraft performance

A:  I can't speak to the RV10, but the overall performance of the RV series means less effect with high density altitudes. I flew Cessna for 40 years.... just like many others. Very hot days were very evident on takeoff in a Cessna with full fuel. Calculations and planning were imperative.
Now, as an RV owner... the added performance I experience on cool days, pay off in the heat. Even if I am back to the anemic 500 FPM climb rate I was used to in Cessna operations.... I am flying safely. I do see that I need to do some step climbs to keep CHT peaks within limits. But this is easy to accomplish.
When packing the plane, we often carry more than needed. I am sure the roomy RV10 can hold more than you might actually need for the flight.
Calculating partial fuel loads has an enormous effect. Liguids are HEAVY. Respect that fact in physics. In fact, we are heavy! I won't get into that here... but we are mostly liquid and fat... which translates to more lift needed.
On these hot days out west.... three things rule. 1. get up EARLY and fly.
2. Check fuel needed and don't top off if not required. 3. Check load in aircraft and adjust. THEN--- enjoy the best designed flying machines on the planet....

A:  I just flew back from Southern Utah and Colorado yesterday where we had daytime temps of 103F when we were there. As Vic said, the RV-10 has a lot of extra power in general. Certainly power and lift won't be the issue in Phoenix in an RV-10. Oil temps and CHT's may be. You'll have to be careful here.

On my recent trip my daughter landed at Leadville, CO. Pattern altitude is 10,727' MSL, with field elevation 9,933'. It was a warm day, so DA's were a couple thousand more at least. The RV-10 departed just fine with tons of runway remaining, and it was very neat to see the altimeter hit 10,000' within seconds of taking off. No issue with performance in the RV-10. We are very lucky as RV pilots that we can almost ignore performance charts. It's actually almost sad that it can make us poorer and more complacent pilots in that we have less to worry about and calculate.

For flying around Phoenix this week, I'd recommend basically not bothering doing it unless you have somewhere to go where it isn't as hot. It just won't be comfortable. If you do have to fly, do it in the a.m. You'll want to manage the flight by CHT and oil temp, adding forward speed in the climb. We climbed out at 125KTS to keep temps in check when we flew in the west the past few days. Altitude is your friend, so get there and stay there. LOP operation also is a great benefit to cooling. Just don't get yourself in a position around terrain where you are forced to climb quickly. That may cause you to mis-manage your engine.

Also, I'd have to say that after being in the 103F dry heat, I'd say it's still easier to tolerate than the 85-90F humid heat where we are. I got home and this week we're looking at 70's all week long. I wouldn't mind mixing some of our air with that down there so that being on the lake would be warmer.


Burnt Cowl...Dusyone -10

I had a customers RV-10 in the workshop last month for some upgrades and repairs. (new windscreen and Planaround door upgrade )
This particular RV-10 is 10 years old and has flown approx 1100 hrs.

The lower cowl exhibited external heat damage and on closer inspection the heat shielding was no longer doing its job and not covering enough of the cowl.
The heat shielding had been allowed to get stained over time and was no longer able to reflect any heat.


COMM Mic Feedback Whine? ...RidiGreyling

(traced to TWO Zulu 1 headsets)



June 20, 2017.   Issue No. 4,334.

VAF Charity Cap Sighting: Millennials Edition.
My daughter Audrey and her boyfriend Daniel.
Both on their phones - not talking to me.
(about the charity cap)

Advanced Formation Flying at Temora ...newt (Sydney, Australia)

Eddie (RV-7), Mal (RV-6A), Glenn (RV-7) and myself (RV-6) did a formation flying course in Sydney last November. It's a flight activity endorsement on a pilot license in Australia, all very formal and well organized, modulo the usual regulatory bureaucracy.

We've been out on weekends practicing, and wanted to get one of our instructors back to hone our skills, set us some new challenges, and generally step things up a notch.

So we brought Jeremy Miller from Mildura and Michael Jorgensen from Brisbane across to Temora in central NSW, and spent three days on it last weekend.  continue


New -14 Builder (possibly) ...Dave12

Hey fellers, I am thinking about moving up two notches to a 14. Yes, I am fixin to squeeze the trigger on a 14 (RV not mini, but I like those too). I have been pondering this for several years and have decided to make the decision at Kosh next month. I am wondering which prop, which engine, who has the deals, y'all know what I mean? I am fairly firm on Advance 5600's and Avidyne. Any and all advice is appreciated.

Proud Dad of a Navy Corpsman
FMF "Devil Doc" 2nd Marines
N588DF RV12 #336 Sold
N73DF RV12 #244 Flying


Vents ...1001001

I was in Japan for a couple of weeks last December, and in several vehicles there I saw these neat air vents that are like an eyeball, with a dial in the center that opens and closes a set of radial vanes to control air flow.  I wasn't sure where to find them until I rented a Chevy Sonic during a trip last month. Very similar to what I saw in Japan. I think the vehicles in Japan where I saw them were a Mazda and a BMW.

Now, they are rather large in diameter, and possibly too deep for an overhead console, but I am still considering them for the foward and rear fresh air vents. Bonus: They're pretty inexpensive, and probably available at an auto wrecking yard. I may pick one up just to see where I could make it fit.

Edited: Now that I look at these pictures, I see these are different than the ones I saw in Japan in that they have a folding butterfly behind the vanes to regulate airflow rather than the radial "petals" that rotate on their individual axes like I saw over there. I will now have to find those. I bet the "petal" ones aren't as deep, since the split butterfly has to have at least a depth equal to one radius of the opening...


DID YOU KNOW liability coverage on a builders risk policy can give you peace of mind? ...Leah (advertiser)

Builders policies protect your project from the unthinkable but have you thought about protecting yourself? By adding liability coverage to your builder痴 risk policy, you will not only have coverage for the aircraft itself, but you will also have peace of mind. For example, if you are trailering your aircraft and it comes loose from the trailer, the project could become the least of your worries. What if part (or all) of the aircraft falls off the trailer and hits a car head on? How much damage could an aircraft in the middle of the interstate do? Liability coverage would help you in this situation. Liability insurance for builders risk policies is important for other reasons too, such as your aircraft causing a fire or someone being injured while helping to build or move the project. If you have your project covered, think about getting yourself covered as well.


Paint Crinkling ...rvdave

From time to time I run across this problem in painting and can't figure out what is causing this sporadic crinkling of the paint. Seems to be in the surface or primer or some contamination but have been cleaning it all the same. Looks like this:


Getting the FRZ PIN, Washington DC- just DO IT ...Lycosaurus

In order to fly in to the Washinton DC Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ) you need to have a unique PIN code that positively identifies you to the Potomac TRACON when you file a special flight plan (for both IN or OUT, as well as VFR or IFR).

In the last year or so, obtaining a PIN code has become somewhat easier, in that you do not need to be physically present in Washington, or have to circumnavigate the different government agencies and airports. You can be interviewed remotely, as well as more flexible locations for taking your fingerprints.

Being a Canadian living in Ottawa, my process required some travel for the fingerprinting part, however, other this, you should be able to follow the same procedures.

Here goes:


Progress! 10 steps forward, 2 steps back...bkervaski RV-14

We finished the vertical stab, rudder, horizontal stab, and elevators+trim tab .. started on the tail cone this weekend .. but dropped the bucking bar during a rivet and trashed the bottom skin .. ugh .. this hobby needs a therapy hotline!  [ed. I think you've reached it <grin>.  dr]



June 19, 2017.   Issue No. 4,333.

First flight for C-FIJT ...ackselle

So in February of 2014 I started building RV-7A s/n 74310. With a lot of help from Bill Funk, Rob Hickman, Mark Elste and all of you on this forum, C-FIJT took to the air fir the first time on June 16, 2017 at Steinbach airport (CJB3) with Bill Funk at the controls.

Here's a link to the first flight/ first landing video.

Special thanks to my wife Bev....without her support, I wouldn't have started. Now we plan to use our little plane together to fly between Winnipeg, MB, Mesa, AZ and Sarasota, FL...and other places just because.


Van's #9700 Flies ...pilotkms -7A

Yesterday 6/16 was first flite of my Vanessa. According to Van's site they claim 9,699 flyers. So I have identified mine as # 9,700. And the 1,581st RV7/A. Rocket Man Fred Laforge and RV9A Doug Kott were there for guidance. Short 30 minute flite. The RV grin was acquired, and still there today. Getting her set up and dialed in will be FUN. If u have a Dynon VPX panel, make sure u calibrate your flaps. Hope to be headed to OSH next month. Keep banging them rivets!


GMU for Father's Day

Three of us flew from the Asheville area to Greenville Downtown [GMU] for lunch today. Darwin took off right behind me from AVL and we demonstrated that his RV-4 is faster on climbout than a Lancair with it's gear down. Yup, like a dumb azz I forgot to raise my gear for a few minutes (how embarrassing for me). ATC actually had to de-conflict us so the RV-4 didn't chew my tail off!  continue


My Helper for Tonight.  She's Getting the Aviation Bug Early! ...CubedRoot

[ed. A really cute thread begins....   dr]


Avionics Going In ...Ron Gawer -12

It's been a while in the making, but I finally got my avionics mounted in my panel.


1800 Hr Borescope Pics ...Pete Howell

On the way home from the dad's day fly-in @ KTOB Andi and I took Niner-pop-hotel over 1800 hrs. So I dropped the oil, checked the filter, checked compression, and scoped the valves.

Filter was clean, compressions were above 77/80 on all cylinders, and the valves looked pretty good - plugs were clean, too. #4 cylinder clearly got into the Spotted Cow........

O-320/Carb/EI/Mogas/Lots of LOP.  more pics


Tire observation ...PilotBrent -12

Just replaced my original tires at 355 hours. Might still look new for Vlad, but after a couple of rotations, it was time. Both are Aero Classic 5.00-5s from Van's.

The used tire, is actually a little bigger than the new one when its placed side by side. Clearly the used one has less rubber, but I guess being under pressure for three years or so, weaken's them and they permanently stretch out some? Anyhow, might not be news, but something I hadn't seen before.


Fuel Tanks - Part Duex, Is it a comedy or tragedy? ...PilotjohnS

Tank assembly begins!
The bottom stiffeners were installed per the plans. I mixed up 1 gram of Proseal per linear inch, and this was just about right, taking into account losses from leaving stuff on the mixing plate, smeared on the ceiling, etc. Did I mention this stuff gets everywhere?

The next day, I mixed up another batch of Proseal per the instructions, and using the baggy technique, applied it to the ribs. I then cleco'd the ribs to the bottom skin using a cleco in every hole.  ...


Special Request from a VAF Reader
[ed. In striving to keep the signal-to-noise ratio in the forums as RV-specific as possible, I am happy to post a non-RV personal request like the one here occasionally on the front page when emailed to me.  v/r, ]

17.2 Acres for sale ...Jim Pappas   jimpappas13@gmail.com
17.2 ACRES OF SMOKY MOUNTAIN HILLSIDE WITH GORGEOUS VIEWS AND YOU CAN WALK TO IT FROM JACKSON COUNTY AIRPORT.  Build your dream home or subdivide this land. Endless possibilities.  Currently 1 parcel , 17.2 acres zoned AG. County has said it can be subdivided up to 6 homesites. Located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina between the Blue Ridge Parkway and The Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  Close to precious historic downtown of Sylva , Dillsboro , Waynesville and less than 50 miles from Ashville, NC.  Near WCU, Jackson County Airport, and all the action and fun, yet serene privacy and a bold creek on 17.2 acres with a Jackson County TAX VALUE almost $200K. Asking price only $121,000 or OBO.  Owner is a licensed real estate broker in IL and SC.

1799 Little Savannah Rd. Sylva, NC 28779 (GoogleMap link)



June 16, 2017.   Issue No. 4,332.
  My A&P buddy Randy 'Monkey' Richmond is "looking for an uncut (newish) RV-8 fuel injection (no scoop) engine cowling.  Maybe you went with a James cowl instead and you still have the vans cowl laying around?"   Can anyone help Randy out?
  Gonna be hot here in Texas this weekend.  Hope a little cooler where you are.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Propwash (16X).  Click to enlarge


Route 66 Trip Advice ...Allen Rice -9A

Planning a Route 66 trip this Fall, Chicago Midway to Santa Monica in my 9A. Any suggestions on mandatory 'can't miss' stops and preferred mountain routes? We are going to take our time and do a lot of sightseeing/pictures along the way. Thanks.


Cabin Top- Carbon Fiber Overhead to paint transition ...ERushing RV-10

The Aerosport overhead console is finally mounted on the cabin top and I'm starting to work on the cabin top cosmetics and overhead to cabin top transition.

For those who have kept the carbon fiber look, how have you made the transition from carbon fiber overhead to paint on the cabin top above and around the door opening? I'm struggling with how to make the transition along the shadow line of the overhead console look good and not have a ridge of paint or overhead clear coat.

Any advise would be appreciated.

In the photo below, the shadow line will be the bottom edge of the green fine line tape. I'll sand the clear coat between the green tape and the raw carbon fiber/ flox blend line. I'm planning to put a single piece of thin fiberglass tape over the transition and then micro to near the shadow line. Sand smooth, fill, paint. But that transition from the actual shadow line to the paint has me perplexed. I'm planning to use a single stage PPG product for paint so no clear coat on the paint.


Mothership Stats


Welcome Numatx-tools.com

...ad lives on the Previous Day's News page.



June 15, 2017.   Issue No. 4,331.

My friend Rob working on baffles and intakes...


Stars and Bars Going On ...Boomer506

The letters and numbers are vinyl applications from the local FastSigns shop, but the stars and bars were masked by hand. It wasn't as difficult as I thought in might be.


Puddle Jumping 2 - The Sequel ...Mark Albery

The Prologue

Some of you here may recall my RV-8 flight from L.A. to the UK in 2013 when my time working on the Tesla Model S finished and I returned home to the UK in my RV-8.

Soon after that happened I got a call to join another automotive start-up in the Bay area which has now grown to be Lucid Motors; going well but still a couple of years from production.

There was no time to arrange getting the RV-8 back, so I made arrangements to get friends to take care of it and keep it in good airworthy condition. That went through a few cycles of partners coming and going and came to a head recently when my current partnership was about to end due to him getting a job offer, also in the US.

Decision time. Do I try to find another partner, sell the RV, pickle it and store it away or bring it back to the US. You've probably already guessed the answer!

I sold the RV-4 that I bought on my return to the US in 2013 (thanks DR for helping with that, there'll be a token of appreciation in my next donation).  continue


New Guy Chimes In ...'rplittle' Bob (Seattle)

Hi all. I figured I'd introduce myself and share a trip report since this forum has helped me recently. My name is Bob Little, and I'm a new owner of an RV-6A as of two weeks ago!

I heard of VAF over a decade ago while going to college and dreaming of owning an RV some day. I remember Paul and some other folks coming out in their RV's to my college in San Luis Obispo probably around 2004 to give rides to those of us in an aircraft construction class. Since that time, I haven't been on here much until recently when I was finally able to start shopping for an RV. When it was looking more and more like I would actually be buying an RV, I paid my dues (thank you, Doug!) and started using the forums to learn. Man there's a lot of information on here!

I found an RV-6A in Locust Grove, GA that had been finished up by Kent Gorton in 2014. After many phone conversations and quite a few prayers later, I purchased a one-way ticket from Seattle to Atlanta and headed off. Reading the positive reviews about Kent on this forum gave me added comfort as I headed to Atlanta.

After about a day and a half of inspecting and flying the airplane, I completed the purchase and headed back towards the west coast! After two days and just over 20 hours of flying, I made it back home to North Bend, OR (KOTH). A few days later, I was able to fly the airplane up to work in Seattle for the first time. What is usually about a 7 hour drive for me is now about 2 hours from engine start to engine shut down!

I'm looking forward to getting to know folks on VAF more, and hope to get to see some VAF folks in the Seattle and Southern Oregon Coast area!  More pics


Dog copilot ...Norcalrv7

Rebel, my girlfriends bulldog is my hangar and flying buddy while she is at her real job.  (and) His favorite toy, which is about the only thing on this planet he can't chew up.



June 14, 2017.   Issue No. 4,330.

10 Minute Therapy Session Before Work...(click to enlarge)


June 2017 - Capital to Capital (Washington DC) ...Lycosaurus

Ottawa to Washington DC

I have wanted to visit Washington D.C. for the longest time. My first visit was many years ago (I was 18 then, can you believe it) with my high school friend Jack. We managed a trip to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and I remember how I was in awe of the space ship displays.  (multiple parts - continue)


Mitch Lock Says Thanks

To everyone who attended the fly in on Saturday,

With all of our hearts, my family and I wish to thank you so very much for taking your time to come and share this day with us. Old memories were relived and new ones were made. It truly was one of the best days of my life.

A special thanks go out to the folks who talked with my wife and daughter about our move. She was unbelievably touched by your concern and compassion over such a tremendous change in life. The support you have shown her is priceless.

I cannot even begin to thank Helen Woods, owner of Chesapeake Sport Pilot. Her dedication to Van's Aircraft is unparalleled and her friendship is a valued treasure.

To Steve Koziol of EAA Chapter 1384 and Mike Regan, thank you guys for taking your time and efforts to organize this event. It would not have been such a great day without your touch.

So it's off to Oregon with a new adventure in aviation and a new chapter of life. I thank God everyday that my life's book still has many pages yet to be read.

Bless you all!

Mitchell Lock
President Van's Aircraft


In the French Alps ...trackdom


Old newbie ...Rick from Tyner, NC (retired Army Officer)

I've owned an empennage and wing kit for "years".  Life got in the way. Last builder log entry was 9/11/01- I had finally found time to get started. Well the next 12 years were a little busy, multiple deployments. Now retired, relocated want to try again. BUT, do I need to get fresh rivets? Will my sheet metal parts still be ok to use? Do I throw it all in the trash and start with a new kit. Bought and viewed the updated Orndorf build videos but have lots of questions. Thanks.


5 RV-10's fly to Quebec City ...Ivan Kristensen

Many months ago while at a BBQ in Ohio I floated the idea to a few of my flying buddies of an RV-10 weekend flying trip. After a few "adult" beverages at the Combs' Pig Roast in Canal Winchester the idea of a June trip to Quebec City was born.

On Thursday June 8th. 5 couples and 5 RV-10's assembled at the Waterloo regional Airport (CYKF) in SW'ern Ontario Canada to prepare for the 438nm trip to Quebec City (CYQB).  ...


Status Report ...crabandy

Several tanks of fuel later, #4 cylinder dropped 15* and is now right in line with #3 in climb and all cylinders in cruise. Oil temp is close to the same, the lower duct was consistently showing .25 inch H2O less pressure than the lower cowling at cruise speeds. No speed difference was found, structurally everything as installed.

One difference noted, oil temp increases with a power reduction and increased airspeed in descents. I need to measure the upper face of the oil cooler and see how it compares to upper plenum pressure.

I modified the lower duct from mostly constant area to an expanding duct, I sliced off a portion of the duct leaving the attatchment and cowling/engine mount interference points.


Where to start after long hiatus? ...Orlando, FL

I've got an RV-7 project that I've been away from for several years and I'm ready to get started on it again, but I've been out for so long I don't know where to get started again. All sheet metal is complete, canopy complete, basic interior complete, fiberglass work complete except for finish prep.

I'm basically at the point where I'm ready to work on the instrument panel and the firewall forward. Basic wiring and a couple of instruments are installed in the panel but nothing else.

This may seem silly, but I'm not sure where to start back again in order to get the momentum going to 'completion'...



June 13, 2017.   Issue No. 4,329.
  Bob 'Skykingbob' Corriveau was in town yesterday for work. When I pulled up to the hangar in the morning he was parked in front waiting on me (he might already be back home as I type this). It's always good to see my friend from the NE with the 'funny accent'. Turns out he was driving Jim 'izzybear''s car.  Interesting how RV folks touch base before trips and find a way to work some RV stuff in there.
  Bob, great seeing you and wish you could have stayed longer...and tell Izzy not to be such a stranger! 

This spider is in for one heck of a surprise...

RV-7 Status Report ...Carlos in AZ

First light for project. My son Alonzo (12 yrs old) helped me re-position the fuse yesterday.


Mothership's New 'East Coast Guy'

(from the mothership FB page)
"Van's is excited to announce that Vic Syracuse has agreed to take over duties as Van's East Coast representative from Mitch Lock.

Vic lives at Mallards Landing in Georgia with his wife Carol, and is lucky enough to have his son and his family right across the runway from him! He learned to fly while stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB, soloing in 1977. Since then he has amassed over 8500 hours in 70 different kinds of aircraft, with almost 4000 of that in RV's. He has built 11 different aircraft, starting with his first RV-4 in 1981, followed by an RV-6, RV-7A, RV-8, 2 RV-10's, 3 Kitfoxes, a Prescott Pusher, and a Just SuperStol. Vic is a DAR for 7 Southeastern States, and holds a Commercial License with multiengine and seaplane ratings, a CFII, and an A&P certificate.

Vic is also the author of the monthly "Checkpoints" column in Kitplanes magazine, and a member of the EAA Homebuilt Council. Vic also flies as part of a Stearman Formation team, performing in airshows across the Southeast.
He is also the owner-operator of Base Leg Aviation, baselegaviation.com

Vic will look after the care and feeding of our RV-12 S-LSA and RV-14A East Coast demo airplanes. These will be operated out of Henry County airport (KHMP) just west of Hampton, GA, about 16nm South of Atlanta.

Vic can be reached at 404-307-5133 or vicsyracuse (at) gmail.com

Welcome aboard, Vic."


Oil leaking from Sniffle Valve ...Aussieflyer

My aircraft has now flown 110 hrs and I have changed my oil from Mineral oil to Shell 100W 5 hours ago. ( Vans supplied IO-390 )

I am now getting oil dripping on the floor from the Sniffle Valve.  This is approximately the same amount I was getting when I tried to change from Mineral oil to 100W at 50 hrs, I was advised then to put the mineral oil back in and run for another 50 hrs.  Oil consumption while running on Mineral oil is approx 2 qts every 25 hrs and no dripping at all from Sniffle Valve.

Why does this happen when I change the oil ?  Can anyone advise what action I can take ?


RV and EAA help beyond

My wife Judie had to go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. I reached out on the forum for help and we got it in spades. First Ronn said he might have hangar space then Rich and Cindy said they did have space for sure. Rich made all the promises and then went fishing and Cindy met us, put us in the hangar and took care of us all week. A tour of Rochester, took us out to dinner and delivered us back to the airport to leave. Joe picked me up at the hotel so I could get my airplane cleaned up for departure and stayed with me because transient pilots can't be left alone on the Rochester airport. Dick listened to my stories and offered margaritas. All of this because we own a RV. Judie's results from the clinic were very good and I want to thank all of these folks for making a stressful situation much easier. Rich, Cindy wants a new ceiling fan and I told her you would get it for her. Hope to see all of you at Oshkosh. Thanks and Thanks!


Pics from the 5th Annual Mid-Atlantic / Mitch Lock Fly-In


RV-14A Status Report ...kiljoy

So I've picked my side for priming. I'm going with a straight rattle can as you can see in the pics before you:


Here's the Competition... ...ronshcreck

In the 1970s and 1990s the Pitts reigned supreme in IAC and World aerobatic competition. And then came the monoplanes! Now the dominant aircraft in the Advanced and Unlimited categories are known as Panzl, Staudacher, Lasar, Extra, MX and others. Most of the "legacy" aircraft that once dominated the upper reaches are still being flown but the majority are now in the Sportsman and Intermediate classes along with the RVs ...



Based on over 32 years of experience as a pilot and FAA A&P/IA, Bill Ross new book,
Engine Management 101 gives pilot/owners proven tips and insights into how to get more performance, reliability and value out of their piston aircraft engine.

Coppell, TX, (June 09, 2017) Scott Hayes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Superior Air Parts, Inc., announced today that the company has published 摘ngine Management 101 written by the its V.P. of Product Support, Bill Ross.

典his year Superior Air Parts is celebrating 50 years of producing FAA-approved PMA parts that help make flying more affordable, Hayes said. 展hat better way to highlight our commitment than to capture all of Bill痴 knowledge and experience in ways to extend the life of a airplane engine and put them in a book that痴 both educational and fun to read?

With over 32 years of experience as an FAA A&P/IA technician and thousands of hours as a pilot and aircraft owner, Bill Ross has quite an interesting story to tell.

的致e spent my entire career around piston aircraft engines, either as a charter pilot, A&P/IA or working for an aircraft engine manufacturer, Ross said. 的致e see just about everything an owner can throw at their aircraft engine and have learned the right ways to operate and maintain an engine to avoid all the major problems. That痴 the insight I致e put in this book."

Ross explained that Engine Management 101痴 144 pages divided into 11 chapters packed with valuable information on subjects ranging from Choosing the right mechanic, to Improving engine operations, to Cylinder compression testing, to How PMA parts help owners save money, and much more.

典here痴 a lot of great information in the book. But, when you distill it all down, my message is simple: 禅he purpose of scheduled maintenance is to prevent unscheduled maintenance,樗 he said. 展hile it may go against the grain of some so-called engine experts, that痴 what I truly believe.

典hat痴 why getting this book into the hands of other pilot/owners is a dream come true for me, Ross said. 的f it helps just a few owners get their engines safely to TBO, then it has done its job.

Engine Management 101 will debut at this year痴 Oshkosh AirVenture as part of Superior Air Part痴 50th anniversary and ongoing forum series. Everyone who attends a Superior Forum will receive a free copy of the 144 page book.

擢rom our Millennium Cylinders to our FAA-PMA replacement parts, to our XP-Engines, Superior is all about providing exceptional products at true value prices, Hayes said. 徹ur forums are an opportunity for Bill to share his valuable insights during AirVenture and Engine Management 101 is a way for owner/pilots to continue to learn long after.

The free, 45-minute forum sessions will be held at the Superior Air Parts tent (#257), located just north of the Bendix/King Hangar B. Forum times are 9:00, 11:00 and 12:30, Monday through Friday.

For more information and complete forum schedule, visit: www. http://superiorairparts.com/about-us/event/oshkoshforums2017/

About Superior Air Parts, Inc.

Superior Air Parts, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Superior Aviation Group. Founded in 1967, Superior Air Parts is the leading manufacturer of FAA approved aftermarket replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. In addition, the company manufactures the FAA certified Vantage Engine and the XP-Series Engine family for experimental and sport aircraft builders. For more information, visit: www.superiorairparts.com

Dale Smith
Media Relations Representative
Superior Air Parts, Inc.



June 12, 2017.   Issue No. 4,328.
  A couple of us flew RVs from 52F out to Mineral Wells (KMWL) to try Natty Flat BBQ (401 SW 1st St, Mineral Wells, TX 76067).  About as nice an experience as you could ask for!  Called Unicom 10 miles out and they had the crew car keys on the counter and the sign in sheet turned around facing us with a pen ready when we walked in.  Brenda handed us a map and fueled the planes from the truck while we ate.  The food was OUTSTANDING.  You kinda figure it's going to be good when you have this exchange at the FBO, "You going to Natty Flats?"  Yes.  "Here's a $10 bill...would you please get me some ribs?"  I'd be happy to! ;^)
  Took some pictures with the iPhone - of note is the menu and the map on the wall at the FBO showing all the staging fields that were used during the Vietnam War.  Mineral Wells is where 95% of helicopter pilots got their initial training.  The staging areas around Mineral Wells matched exactly the bases they would fly to/from in Vietnam.  Google it.
  Great food.  Smooth air above 3,500.  A new food stop is in the rotation. 
  Hope you had a great RV weekend, also.   


PIREP from the Mid-Atlantic/Mitch Lock Gathering

Sunburn, burgers, dogs and somewhere North of 75 RVs were in attendance to wish Mitch and his family a HARDY SENDOFF to the great northwest (otherwise known as the birthplace of RV Country!! An accurate count of arriving RV's was lost after 75 due to the continuous onslaught of arrivals and rumor that our parking crew ran out of fingers and toes to help keep track!

Mitch Lock

It is no surprise that the attendance records were shattered from our previous Mid-Atlantic Gathering which reflects the admiration, love and appreciation we all have for this man who has been our friend and now heads off to command Vans Aircraft. Mitch was presented a wooden plaque by Helen Woods "owner of Chesapeake Sport Pilot" that depicted the Maryland flag and a crab as a reminder of his Maryland heritage. Mitch also was honored with our EAA Chapter 1384 polo shirt. Mitch thanked the 120 plus pilots and guests in attendance and was touched by the heart felt tribute.  ...


RV7 on Beach ...seattleworm pics

Landed on and took off from WA beach. RV can do it!  ...


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...continues <g>

Owen and I met at Rutherfordton Co. [KFQD] for lunch at 57 Alpha Cafe. It's a quaint little place with about ten chairs inside, and some rocking chairs and picnic tables outside. Closed Mondays. (There was another beautiful blue RV-6 there, but the couple left before I could snap a photo.)


N26ED relocated from ksua to khfd ...turbo

...thursday looked like decent wx to fly ifr from florida to connecticut. i filed 9,000', had some diversions around some lines of wx in florida.  pics


Making a Bit of Metal

...update.  I finally got an afternoon free to pull a cylinder--the #2. The second cam lobe looked pristine. But here's what the forward-most lobe looks like:


My 4th IAC Aerobatic Contest! ...RV8Squaz

I just returned from my 4th IAC aerobatic contest, the Bear Creek Bash, held in Rome, Georgia this past weekend! As in previous contests, it was a ton of fun and tremendously rewarding! Once again it was great to see those familiar faces again and meet some new ones. However, this contest was a little different experience for me in so many ways. First, it was hosted by my home chapter, IAC 3. This was my first contest outside of Florida and it was only 60nm from my home. I also played a very minor role as Assistant Contest Director. Assistant CD just means help the CD wherever I could. I got to monitor the Unicom, welcome the arrivals, and get them parked. I also ensured the waiver was signed and organized the practice slots.  continue



June 9, 2017.   Issue No. 4,327.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Fifth Annual Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's - And Mitch Lock Day - June 10th

"Please join us at Chesapeake Sport Pilot (W29) Saturday, June 10th from 10-2 for a celebration and send off party for our friend Mitch Lock as he moves into a new roll at Van Aircraft."

Heads up for W29, Bay Bridge Airport, they have a some noise abatement procedures that everyone is asked to follow. Most important to know is that the left pattern for Rnwy 29 is a 2nm offset from the runway (2nm X-Wind and 2nm Base legs). Use the water tower South of the runway for guidance.

Runway 29 Departures / Arrivals
匹limb to 700 feet and 1 mile before turning X-Wind.
Extend X-Wind to 2 miles before turning downwind, reference water tank for turns.
Avoid over flight of Bay City neighborhood (depicted as yellow area south of airport).

Runway 11 Departures
謬urn left 10 degrees when able and follow Route 50 on climb-out.
Departing aircraft climb to 1,000 feet before turning.


Radar Altimeter Functionality for < $200 ...Brantel

Disclaimer: This project is for fun only. No we don't really need this on our airplanes. No I don't plan to use it to shoot approaches. Use at your own risk. Yes it is a total waste of time and money. Yes I am a GEEK!

Saw a quick mention in this thread about LIDAR and went investigating.....

Found that Garmin sells a small and very lightweight eye safe infrared laser distant measurement sensor for $149.99.

So I just had to try one and see how it works. This is an OTS solution that could be done slightly cheaper if you wanted to assemble your own boards.

Simple hookup to an Arduino Uno ($24.95) with 4 wires and I was up and running. I used the I2C interface so I could have access to the many setup parameters inside the unit.  continue


Bored with building or flying around the pattern?

Life can be far more exciting, just try trailering your plane. If you do enough stuff wrong, life can definitely get more exciting!! Maybe even more than you really wanted.  ...


Special Request from m VAF Reader

VAF Community,

Hello. You may recognize me from many of my post in the forums. I wanted to let the VAF community know that I have started a new side job ferrying airplanes and here is why. At the age of 41 I decided it was finally time to do what I have always wanted to do, become a professional pilot. Thanks to the current high demand in the airlines (also a very supportive wife) and beyond, now was the time to make a move.

This winter I completed my instrument training and check ride in my RV7. Last month I finished my commercial training and check ride in an Arrow. I am currently training for my CFI and then CFII (which will be done in the RV).

As a way to make a little money, but mostly as a time builder, I have started ferrying airplanes on the side. To date, I have flown many different types of airplanes and wanted to offer my services to the VAF community should you be in need of having an aircraft repositioned.

Please visit my site alpharomeoaviation.com.


Ryan Allen

[ed. In striving to keep the signal-to-noise ratio in the forums as RV-specific as possible, I am happy to post a mostly non-RV personal request like the one above up here on the front page when emailed to me.  v/r, ]


Nice RV-4 Panel...Jesse

This panel just flew for the first time yesterday. Not room for much more in this one.


Neat trick in tight spaces

Does anyone know of a trick to use to tighten or loosen nuts in a confined space like this?  I don't seem to be able to even get a crows foot on it.  How are you guys doing this?



June 8, 2017.   Issue No. 4,326.

RV-7A N23VC Out of the Paint Shop ...photo shoot

Robert Ellis' RV-7A is fresh out of GLO Custom at my home field, and I was lucky enough to see it out on the ramp yesterday before it was picked up.  I asked Grady if I could shoot a few pictures

What a gorgeous airplane!  The pics don't do it justice. 


1st flight ...Alain Van Severen (France)

On Sunday 4 June I flew my RV-7 after a 7 years build.


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...another outing

As I was closing the canopy to do some boring touch and goes at AVL, my RV buddy walked up and asked if I wanted to to the Western Part of NC. Heyal yeah! So we both launched off and flew down the Blue Ridge Parkway at 8,500'. Our first stop was Macon County [1A5]. I had never been there before.  ...


Randy's Improved Taco Cart

Randy 'Monkey' Richmond's day job is aircraft mechanic (Richmond Aircraft Service), so this stuff gets used for hours each day.  He recently added a backboard to his 'taco cart', something continually tweeked.  This latest addition seems pretty appealing.  He let me takes some pics.

Click on each image to enlarge...

Custom flashlight holder...

The back is for rulers and stuff...

Aluminum channel modded to hold socket extensions...

Aluminum channel modded to hold screwdrivers

Wood tilted enough to see the top of the socket.



June 7, 2017.   Issue No. 4,325.
  I took a picture of my friend Rob 'Mashy' Reece before he went for a short RV-7 flight Tuesday around 0745.  I went up for a couple of minutes myself before plopping down at the computer, nabbing a digital image of (5) turkeys in a recently cut field - long lens.  Sorry for the shoddy quality....I was focusing on other things <g>.  Hope you had a nice Tuesday.

Larger pics


N. Fox Island part 2 ...Paul K

Circled the island once then set up for the landing. Beautiful view, difficult to stay on task and not look around at the beaches and water. ...


N Fox Island part 3  ...Paul K

We heard reports of snakes, lots of snakes, but none to be seen!

The walk to the beach only takes about a minute and is an easy downhill trail. There is a marker at the bottom to help find the trail back up but in reality, the beach ends at the trail head, only clear to the East. Rocky and swampy to the West.  ...


"The River" ... filming with an RV ...Richard Welch (U.K.)

Here's my latest film, Made with a combination of boats, drones ,,,, and an RV-6

Hope you like it


Paint Data Point...Chris Pratt RV-8

For those thinking about what brand of paint to use on their RV, I値l give you a data point to consider.

The pictures below show my exterior paint after today痴 flight through rain. Paint is 12 years old:
- water still beads
- never been waxed
- always hangared except for 10 Oshkosh visits and a few other trips.

Paint is Sherwin Williams AcryGlo. Yes, I have the usual hangar rash and paint does get thinner with age, but overall still looks good and garners compliments. I致e been pleased with it. Hopes this helps.


Engineers- Check my math

i've been plugging away at my RV-14 and I've run into a snag. After installing the main landing gear and performing the toe-in/toe-out measurements it appears that my left landing gear has a twist in it resulting in 2.8 degrees of toe-in. I decided to machine myself a shim to take the twist out (I have the equipment, so why not!). I installed the shim and it went on no problem. It got me thinking about the preload I might be putting on the bolts with the 2.8 degrees of deflection. I reached out to Van's. I spoke with Gus who in turn spoke to engineering. His response was engineering felt it should be fine, but he thought it was best to replace the gear. There shipping me out a new gear leg today. As a side hobby i've been trying to learn more about mechanical engineering. So I decided to try and run some calculations of my own to see how how much pre-load, particularly in shear I am putting on the bolts with the shim. I used an online beam stress calculator to run my calculations. Am I in the ballpark?  ...



June 6, 2017.   Issue No. 4,324.

First flight of N696VA...waterboy2110

Flew the first flight today. I can't express how well this plane flies. I decided to rent the SLSA from Scanlon and flew with Will. He's a great CFI and for all you NorCal folks I would recommend him. We did some slow flight, stalls and after three landings it was time to fly the C152 home to KCCR and bring out the RV-12.  Will said he's taught a lot of people in the 12 and he felt I was ready good to go. I told him I'd write a check for that statement. ...


N245JM no longer project only, now a flying machine! ...Johan

N245JM took to the air Thursday May 25. It surpassed all my expectations, performed very well, temps stayed within limits and was easy to fly and land. The whole experience was awesome. It is a beast!!! It has now flown close to 10 hours, not a single issue, still running high power to break engine in.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank VAF and all its members. It will be impossible to say how many ideas (MANY) were implemented during the build, the endless stream of advice and knowledge expressed on this website that has proven to be of great value as well as the encouragement to keep going.

I would like to thank SteinAir who built my panel. Everything in that panel worked as it should. Everything that did not work was through my ignorance and stupidity. I am especially grateful that after about 2 years after receiving my panel they still take my calls and e-mails, answer my questions and give good advice and guidance patiently. Thank you Doyle!!

Thank you to my family for their support!! I was blessed to have some of my family present. (Wife, daughter and grand daughter)

Thanks to all on this website. I am a blessed and happy man!


Stephenville for an RV Lunch  ...pics

(5) RVs made the short flight from the DFW area for lunch at the Hard Eight BBQ in Stephenville Monday.  It's been a long time - too long!

I stopped in Mineral Wells (KMWL) on the way for fuel ($3.50).  Forecast VCTS after lunch had us threading around some of the Florida-like afternoon pop ups, but no big deal.  Chris and Sid both had planes with Wx onboard and they were sharing headings and suggested routes.  Worked out fine, and the rain-cooled air was a nice treat.  We're really greening up around here.

Great seeing friends I don't get to see enough.  Great food.

See the pics...

Ground Track Link
courtesy AirPRS.com

Chris Pratt's Write-up


North Fox Island, MI ...Paul K trip report

During a visit for a family funeral, my son and his wife came home from Vandenberg AFB and as an added bonus, stayed with us for a couple extra days. His wife left early for Denver to pick up the kids from grand parents but David, had a couple of extra days so we spent them together as much as we could including some flying!  ...


Zero oil pressure ...RV-12

After changing all of the hoses per the 5-year recommendation, I started the engine to check for any leaks and the alarm went off, showing zero oil pressure. I did not have any issues with the sending unit up to that time.  I have read previous blogs, going back for some years and not sure what the consensus is for the best sending unit replacement. I have logged 260 hours and have the Dynon 180 efis.  I intend to move the sending unit to the firewall as has been recommended by many.


Danielle Olson - 16yr Old Solo Milestone ...Tim's daughter


Status Report ...kentlik 7A

Here is how the bend point came out. I need to add some more bend to the flange that goes under but other than that I think I am good. Not perfect, but acceptable.


Bandit Flight Team Flyover ...video

Attached is Bandit Flight Team's National Anthem flyover of the All Star a race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

-- Josh Staples



June 5, 2017.   Issue No. 4,323.
  If you're in the N. Texas area and would like to meet in Stephenville (KSEP) for BBQ at the Hard Eight Monday the 5th, rumor has it a few RVs from the DFW area will be headed that way.  The usual plan is for those in attendance to begin walking from this spot towards the food at exactly 1130.  Wx may scrub all plans.  Those enroute will monitor 122.75 MHz.  Consider yourself both briefed and invited! 

VAF Poster 'TeamFAS' with his "two 3s"

(an email from his father)
VAF member Lt. Keith Stock (my son) with his RV-3 parked by an E-3 (AWACS). His day job in the the Air Force is as an E-3 copilot. This piture was taken May 20, 2017 at Tinker Air Force base in Oklahoma City at the annual open house.


Long term Tie-down Tips ...Auburntsts

Well it looks like a year from now we'll be moving to Ft Myers, FL. The bad news is there's a 3-year wait list for hangars at Page (FMY). So no matter what, my RV-10 will have to live outside for a prolonged period of time (I'm still not sure how to break this news to her )

So for those who tie their planes down on the ramp, are there any products that I should be looking into (especially with OSH coming up) to help my 10 survive the FL climate until a hangar opens up?

I have a good gust lock (Anti-Splat Aero), cowl plugs, and a Bruce's Custom Cover (but it's a travel cover):

Note: this is an old pic, she has since been painted.


Pics from the Bakersfield Annual Fly-In ...Bruce Hill 9A

Flew in, ate and had a nice time.  The tri-tip was delicious!


RV14A - N225HK ...new guy checks in

(Andrew Kilroy...San Fran)
Hi Everybody,

So finally after years have gotten the universe aligned up just right and have
started my RV14 build. The stars aligned, I found a hangar and friends to help and my wife approved.

I couldn't be happier and I only wish I didn't sleep so that I could spend all night working to get her in the air sooner.

I've got a few pics of the empennage arrival and the very first clecos. Most of the time I'll just be uploading time compressed raw video log of the build along with some voiced over commentary. Its mostly so that when I build my next plane I'll have myself from the past there to help me not make the same mistakes twice. I'll be posting these on here as well.

Continued thanks to the Vans Air Force community at large. I couldn't do this without help from such a helpful group of good people.


Purchased Flying RV6 Flight Back to Alaska ...mbauer

PAPG to PAYA (Petersburg to Yakutat, Alaska)
After topping off with fuel at the Petersburg Temsco Helicopter FBO, pushed the RV to the West end of the apron to do a little laptop flight planning.

WX still looked good. Since there were a few clouds developing an overcast layer up high, decided to verify Yakutat was still good.

One of the great briefing tools we have here in Alaska is the FAA Webcam website: http://avcams.faa.gov/

If you visit the above page, you can see that even BC Canada has a few. Great to see the weather conditions.  ...

Photos Added


Paint Shot ...Steve Melton

...view from the trailing quarter as requested. windy day. rudder has centering springs


Aerobatic Contest Results: Coalinga Western Showdown June 2-3, 2017 ...Gash

I just returned from the Western Showdown aerobatic contest in Coalinga, California. There was a great turnout with some very full categories. We had 16 pilots in Sportsman (15 competing and 1 for the patch). The weather was perfect and we all had a blast! I had the only RV there...hoping for more soon! I'm getting many comments from people who would really like to see more RVs flying in contests. There's lots of untapped opportunity here for competition, fun, and good old pilot camaraderie.


RV-10 N657FW ...new guy checks in

(Michael Meyer....Titusville, FL)
No pics yet, but tail kit has arrived and commencing on building my tables, doing the inventory and getting the shop ready to go...

Been waiting a long time for this...


Close Out on Voltage Regulator Move ...Keith Williams RV-12

Mike and Joe, the VR move is finished. Two comments in closing:

1. You were right in your first stab at why fuses were blowing. When I got the wires all the way back out I found that the scraped part I had noticed was, indeed, all the way through to a short.  Lesson - follow the Vans instructions about protecting the wires by putting some sort of shield in when pulling wires through that tight spot. (Or make another hole.)

2. I installed the JD type regulator purchased on line ($23, free shipping). The hook-up was easy with your info in previous posts. It seems to be working better than the Ducati - 14.2 volts instead of 13.8 and seems to do it at a lower engine speed than I remember with the Ducati.

Again....what a great resource this forum is. Thanks for your help.


Interesting antiques ...Matt

While browsing through an architectural salvage store in Portland, I found this pair of gems...


3D Printed RV-8 Mirror Housing ...Steve Melton



June 2, 2017.   Issue No. 4,322.
  I'd like to give a big shout out to our son Tate for making a 90 on his Algebra II Pre-AP final (last day as a sophomore was Thursday).  The Tater put in some long hours prepping for this and should be recognized for the big deal it is.  Outstanding Tater!!!
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

K-Rod Returns to the Air!!!

Got the following text Wednesday from local RV guy and friend Kay Frizzell.  Due to a broken leg and subsequent surgery, he hadn't flown PIC in his RV in 121 days.

Fast forward to Thursday morning (below).  We're very happy for our good friend and wish him thousands of RV flights in the future.

In addition to the pic above, please enjoy the 37 sec video below using my iPhone's slo-mo feature.   In 720pHD.  That 200hp FI engine sounds neat in slo-mo.

Kay is back! 



The Shrinking Exit ...DanH

I happened to be looking up some old data from past tests, and just out of curiosity, ran the numbers for coefficient of pressure as defined in NASA CR3405, to wit:

(plenum static pressure less freestream static) / freestream dynamic pressure

The three measurements made in level flight were done at partial power, in each case just enough to maintain the desired 120, 140, and 160 IAS. The resulting true airspeed (NTPS method) is shown here. A Cp in the high 0.8 range is very good.

The curiosity point was the effect of propeller outflow at full power and 100 IAS, given a constant speed BA Hartzell, with low Vi/Vo inlets moved outboard as far as possible, and in close proximity to the blade. Cp turned out to be 1.17 when calculated using 100 knots for the dynamic pressure. The difference between Cp in the 0.8's and 1.17 is almost entirely due to high velocity air from the prop, meaning prop outflow is a very large part of cooling power in a steep climb.

There is a probable prop outflow contribution in the level flight values too, but not nearly so much, as the power settings were quite low, and the difference between prop outflow and aircraft TAS gets smaller as velocity goes up. It might be interesting to get some pressure numbers with the prop stopped, for comparison.

Note, these measurements were taken several exit iterations in the past....a small fixed exit ending at the plane of the firewall, the smallest in the very first post.


Corsica Forever ...Remyswing (Servon, France)

Aluminium Lady has for the first time crosses Mediterranean sea to visit Corsica. Engine has never run so smooth over the water! "Ile de Beaut" really earns its nickname !


ALERT! - Fuel hose obstruction! ...BSwayze

So... I'm working on my firewall forward tasks, and I'm at the point where it's finally time to install the fuel hoses to the engine. So the first one is the short foot-long hose that goes from the firewall fuel outlet to the engine-driven fuel pump. So I grab the hose that's been sitting on my shelf for several years now. I bought it new from Vans, and it's still shiny, clean, and brand new. Perfect.

Just before threading it on to the fittings for a trial fit, almost as a casual afterthought, I lifted it up and stretched it out straight to look through it. I could barely see a bit of light coming through it. Hmmmm... seems to me there should be more light coming through. Maybe I don't have it straight enough. So I try it again. Same thing. I wasn't sure if this was really unusual or not, having never done it before. I shrugged and reached in again behind the engine to install it. It had to be okay, it's still brand new. Then, I thought, maybe it wouldn't hurt to run a long pin or something down through it, just to make sure.  ...



(the purchased flying RV-6 flight back to Alaska continues)

Arrived at KBOI using Alaska Air & Horizon. Arrival was at 10:05 AM. Picked up my rental car and drove over to visit/help my brother who recently had back surgery. Spent some time helping him do some shopping and chores around his home.

Then I drove back to the Western Aircraft ramp to get it ready for the next leg of my flight back to Alaska.

As I pulled up to the gate Rockwood was waiting. Rockwood offered to help look at a couple of maintenance issues. He brought some tools and spent the afternoon helping me with doing minor maintenance.

Outstanding person and talked as we worked-he did most of the work. He put off some flight training to help! Wonderful person!

When we found out that the spark-plug wrench wouldn't fit the plugs-took a short drive to an auto parts store to get a couple of tools we needed. After bore scoping a couple of the cylinders, time to put everything back together.

Rocky did most of that by his-self while I crawled around on my back with some de-greaser to clean the underside of the RV. Had some oil built up the whole length from a leaky oil fill tube.

My cowling is held on by piano hinges, Rocky was able to get the pins back in without much help from me. The final safety clip took most of the time to install.

After getting everything back together it was time to return my rental car, Rock followed as I returned the car and then gave a ride back to the Western ramp.

It was near 4pm local time, it was time to depart Boise. I thanked Rock for his help, and he left. My battery, a 6-year old Odyssey PC 680, was showing yellow charge after sitting for 6-weeeks.   continue



June 1, 2017.   Issue No. 4,321.

June Wallpaper Calendar

This month is Sid Mayeux (RV-7A) imaged from the near-top of the beat up scissor lift at the Van Cave.  Due to the F.O.V. issues involved, I had some space left over on the side.  I chose to make that a black strip for anyone with computer icons over on the left (Windows PC).  Of special note, Sid took his IFR written test Wednesday 11:00 at my home field and passed.  Congratulations Sid!

You can see the rest of the pictures from the shoot HERE


Flight Tracking / ADS-B vs APRS ...Scott

I'm hoping to do my ADSB validation flight this weekend. Messing with the install got my wife asking me what exactly it does...I really don't know the answer.

BUT, she also has been asking about me getting a SPOT device like I got for my dad several years ago; I was looking at APRS tracking as well.

All of that said, can't she track me pretty reliably through the ADS-B websites like ADS-B Exchange or others?

Do any of you have a favorite website, or any of them work any better than others? Is there a reason other than geek factor for me to get a license and do APRS if I have ADSB?

If I were to put my plane down somewhere, would ADSB give a reasonable enough last signal for search and rescue purposes?

Thanks to you all who know more than me!


Prefabricated Fuel Lines ...Aircraft Specialty (VAF advertiser)

How much interest would there be in prefab rigid fuel lines for the RV-12? There is no set time frame on this, and there would be some hurdles to overcome. It may be possible to offer rigid fuel lines that drop right into place. Some would be pre flared, and some would need one flare put on after installation.

Any thoughts from current RV-12 builders? Or any thoughts from those who already built lines and would have liked to have this option available?

If we did something like this, it would be similar to the lines we prefab for the rv-14. They would be bent with a CNC tubing bender and come ready to install.

Thanks in advance for the input.


RV8 Elevator Trim Servo Question (curious)

We have an RV-8 here that we did the elevator spar service bulletin on to reinforce around one of the hinges where a crack developed.

Unfortunately we cannot figure how the servo is attached when re-assembling the elevator. The guy that removed the elevator is not here. So on with the questions:

The servo appears to be a Ray Allen 8A servo (gold colored part marking label is covered). This servo has a threaded rod sticking out of the thick end where a Heim joint attached through the spar itself. Here are some photos:  ...


RV-7A Rebirthing Status Report ...kentlik

Starting work on the left side skin. Time to do that curly bend on belly tab deal.


EGT Spike ...Jesse

I have a fuel injected engine that runs a little rough at full power and the EGT on cylinder 4 spikes. The data log shows 1560 on that EGT with no significant change in CHT, up or down. When I pull power back, things seem to smooth out, and the data log shows that EGT coming down to roughly inline with the others.

I have looked at the nozzle and it doesn't appear to have any obstructions in it. I have done a flow test on the injector line, and it flows like the others. I have tested the plugs and they fire fine and wires are good.

Any other things to check before flying again for more data?




May 31, 2017.   Issue No. 4,320.

Another RV-8 is complete! ...Steve Riffe (Gunter, TX)

Just completed airworthiness inspection! 7 years and 2631+ hours. Phase I--here I come!  Mel Asberry (DAR) and me...


RV-7 Status Report ...pazmanyflyer

So while out in the sticks in the land RV my engine builder sends me these teaser pics for the RV7 project. Fantastic weekend closing booster!  IO-360-M1B


RV-10 Status Report ...Bill Boyd

I got the doors glued up last week and I'm ready to attempt the installation of the factory locking hardware and Sean's excellently-made PlaneAround center latch kit.  ...


Help Me Choose A Paint Scheme ...tfriendshuh


The Formation Pilots' Knowledge Guide ...v2.0 (77pg PDF)

While trying to find my copy of the T-34 Formation Manual (never found it), I was directed to the URL above by Stan Price on our field.  I hadn't known the F.A.S.T. folks had updated their online manual so well, and that it was available for free download.  I got my F.A.S.T. card years ago through the Swift group Stan is associated with.

Chock full of illustrations, which works well for my brain.  Nice to keep on the iPad.  If you didn't know about this PDF, you do now....  

related: How to save PDF files to iBooks (iphone/iPad)


RV-14A Empennage Kit Arrives in Damaged Crate ...the factory knows about it and is working the problem.

[ed. from a later reply.]  Frustrating .. same thing happened to my empennage kit, looked like they drove the forklift through it .. quick inventory of damaged parts and call to Vans and the replacement parts showed up a few days later. Vans was great at getting it resolved quickly and with minimal hassle.



May 30, 2017.   Issue No. 4,319.

Cleared for Takeoff ...waterboy2110

Received the airworthiness certificate yesterday. It's been a long haul. Time to get serious about flight testing.  Thanks to everyone on the site for all the great info.


Another Airworthy RV-7A ...Keith Sremaniak

10 years, 2 months and 25 days after first kit arrival, i obtained my Airworthiness Certificate today.

What a journey - totally awesome. I cant imagine what i would have wasted all that time on had i not built my own airplane. One that outperforms most commercial aircraft. New friends, new places to visit, great vendors providing quality products and great service. This forum provided countless number of ideas and motivation to keep pounding those rivets. So for all you just starting, keep at it. The feeling when your DAR says OK and hands u that Cert is amazingly satisfying. Second only im sure to the feeling that awaits me when I complete my first flight. Thank you all!!!

The RV GRIN awaits !!


377KG RV7A out of Evoke Aviation paint shop ...Bugsy

Cant say enough good things about Jonathan at Planeschemer and his new paint shop Evoke Aviation in Gadsden Alabama. We flew the plane down from Milwaukee and boy was it worth it. Fiberglass work is perfection and design/paint job a work of art. Email Jonathan at planeschemer 'at' gmail.com to take you from design to finished product. See you at Oshkosh.


Just pulled the trigger on tail kit ...Chris Salter RV-14

Hello all, I am new to the forum and fairly new to RV's. I have seen RV's for years and was impressed with their looks. Then this past September I started assisting a friend of mine with his RV9A.

He was already very far along with his build as he had all the main kits already built but not put together.

Long story short, I assisted when I could and we got everything together, inspected and flying in February.

The RV bug bit me and now I have pulled the trigger on a -14 tail kit. I am looking forward to it, as I missed most all of the construction part with the 9A.


In Your Face! Lighting Mount ...Steve Melton 3D printing


From Stein...

First, we now have available a Flushmount Bracket for the Garmin G5 EFIS/HSI.  It痴 designed so you can mount it vertically or horizontally (above a radio stack or beside a screen) and not have to do any metal fabrication.  Price is $59 and currently shipping.

Second, a nice RV-10 panel pic w/the new Dynon Skyview HDX screens in it.   www.SteinAir.com


Anybody lose a propeller over Gainesville, TX?

(Brock Street reply)  "I sent the link to the prop's owner. The crankshaft broke while doing aerobatics. He safely flew the plane back to the runway and is working on repairing the engine. Thanks for posting, and I'm sure he'll contact you soon!"


Why haven't I been using this thing for the past 15 years?

My late Dad's tool set contains a small socket spring extension.  The diameter of the end is small enough to fit into the cordless, and the right socket will work with a phillips head bit.  VERY useful for working in/out those inner screws at the cowl inlet.  Dad is smiling <g>.



May 29, 2017.   Memorial Day.

General Orders No.11, WASHINGTON, D.C., May 5, 1868

i.The 30th day of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet church-yard in the land. In this observance no form of ceremony is prescribed, but posts and comrades will in their own way arrange such fitting services and testimonials of respect as circumstances may permit.

We are organized, comrades, as our regulations tell us, for the purpose among other things, "of preserving and strengthening those kind and fraternal feelings which have bound together the soldiers, sailors, and marines who united to suppress the late rebellion." What can aid more to assure this result than cherishing tenderly the memory of our heroic dead, who made their breasts a barricade between our country and its foes? Their soldier lives were the reveille of freedom to a race in chains, and their deaths the tattoo of rebellious tyranny in arms. We should guard their graves with sacred vigilance. All that the consecrated wealth and taste of the nation can add to their adornment and security is but a fitting tribute to the memory of her slain defenders. Let no wanton foot tread rudely on such hallowed grounds. Let pleasant paths invite the coming and going of reverent visitors and fond mourners. Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic.

If other eyes grow dull, other hands slack, and other hearts cold in the solemn trust, ours shall keep it well as long as the light and warmth of life remain to us.

Let us, then, at the time appointed gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with the choicest flowers of spring-time; let us raise above them the dear old flag they saved from hishonor; let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us a sacred charge upon a nation's gratitude, the soldier's and sailor's widow and orphan.

ii.It is the purpose of the Commander-in-Chief to inaugurate this observance with the hope that it will be kept up from year to year, while a survivor of the war remains to honor the memory of his departed comrades. He earnestly desires the public press to lend its friendly aid in bringing to the notice of comrades in all parts of the country in time for simultaneous compliance therewith.

iii.Department commanders will use efforts to make this order effective.

By order of


Adjutant General



May 26, 2017.   Issue No. 4,318.

Thursday I made an early morning gas run up to KGLE for gas ($3.45).  Went over the top of KDTO to maybe see some of the damage from the other day (all cleaned up and nothing to see).  On the way back shot the 16L ILS practice approach at KAFW - complete with a right 360* for spacing for a King Air and (3) T-38s.  Lotsa bumpy and getting warm.  After landing I sat in the lawn chair and checked in with some emails and made some calls.  The chair calm never lasts as long as you would like it too - online work is always calling ;^).  For a little bit, though, the office view was perfect.  Something about that blue sky from the shade that really re-calibrates my mental gyros well.

Note: The factory will be closed on Memorial Day (next Monday).  Plan accordingly if you're ordering parts, etc.

It's forecast to be windy most of the weekend here in DFW.  Hope it's nicer where you live.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  


Eagle's Nest Projects - Clear Springs HS Completes Their 4th RV-12 ...Ernie B.

N916EN s/n:120960 A/W Cert: 5/18/2017.  Flying off Phase-1 hours - GLO Custom next week - See ya at OSH!
Pictured below are the PLTW Aerospace Engineering 2nd and 3rd period build students.

Aside:  Scott Malcomb, Director of Eagle's Nest Projects at Circle Christian School in Florida, several years ago developed a strong working relationship between Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Eagle's Nest Projects and that relationship continues today to pay dividends to Eagle's Nest build-students. Two seniors from Eagle's Nest-Clear Springs HS, Nikki and Blake, were accepted to Embry-Riddle's Florida campus and were told separately by the admissions office that their participation in an Eagle's Nest build project was a consideration in their acceptance. Congratulations Nikki and Blake... you make us proud!


VAF Courtesy Cars & Food List Updated

...added the following, and simplified the layout.  It doesn't have to be more complicated than a simple text list IMHO.  Much easier for me to edit quickly.

USA/NV/Mesquite/67L. 禅errace at Wolf Creek Club, (702) 345-6701. Golf course fare. 5-minute walk from transient parking, or they will send an EZ-Go cart to pick you up from airport. (have a few bucks ready for the fella driving.)
USA/UT/St George/KSGU. Cracker Barrel, 1736 S Convention Center Dr (5-minute drive) Free courtesy car, sign out keys at the desk.
USA/AZ/Sedona/KSEZ. Mesa Grill. 1185 Airport Rd (5 minute Walk). Great view of approach area and USS Sedona.
USA South Carolina, Barnwell, SC. KBNL. Courtesy car as well as snacks and drinks. Local restaurant is Anthony痴, about 4 minutes away. Very friendly, and cheap fuel, as well as unleaded 93 octane mogas.
USA Maine - Auburn Lewiston Airport - KLEW - Backwoods BBQ. Located right in the terminal building and open 207-753-1746 backwoodsbbqandgrill.com
USA Maine - Augusta - KAUG - Sweet Chili Thai. Great Thai food located right in the terminal building. 207-621-8575 sweetchilime.com
USA Maine - Belfast - KBST - Off the hook Shuckin Shack. Great fresh seafood. About 1/4 mile walk down the access road to the airport on the left. Picnic tables outside. Open 7 days a week. 207-338-3852 offthehooktakeout.com
USA Maine - Limington - 63B - Runway Restaurant. Located right across the street off the 29 end of the airport. 207-637-2210 runwayrestaurant.com
USA Maine - Oxford - 81B - Oxford Grill & Bar. Located at Oxford Casino a few miles from the airport but they will pick you up at the airport if you call ahead. 207539-6700 oxfordcasino.com/dining
USA Maine - Sanford - KSFM - Cockpit Cafe. Classic fly-in restaurant located right in the FBO building. Great breakfast and lunch. 207324-7332
USA New Hampshire - Hampton - 7B3 - Airfield Cafe. Classic little airport and restaurant located right at the airport. Great breakfast and lunch. 603-964-1654 theairfieldcafe.com
USA New Hampshire - Franconia - 1B5 - Franconia Inn. Grass strip in northern New Hampshire right across the street from the Franconia Inn. Serves breakfast till 9:30 and dinner in the evening. 603-823-5542 franconiainn.com/dining
USA New Hampshire - Laconia - KLCI - Kitchen Cravings. Beautiful restaurant located in a former bank building across the runway from the FBO. You can walk or they FBO usually has a courtesy car and if not they'll give you a ride over and pick you up. Serve breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. 603-528-0001 kitchencravingsnh.com
USA New Hampshire - Nashua - KASH - Midfield Cafe. Located right at the airport. Serve breakfast and lunch. 603-594-0930
USA New Hampshire - Jaffery - KAFN - Kimball Farm Restaurant. Located a few hundred yards from the 34 end of the runway. Seasonal serving fantastic seafood and homemade ice cream. 603-532-5765 kimballfarm.com/jaffrey
USA Massachusetts - Stow (Minuteman Field) - Nancy's Airfield Cafe. Serve some of the best food you'll ever get at a small airport. Right in the FBO building. 978-897-3934 nancysairfieldcafe.com
USA Massachusetts - Lawrence - KLWM - China Blossom Restaurant. Terrific Chinese food with great buffet located right at the end of the access road to the airport. 978-682-2242 chinablossom.com
USA Massachusetts - Lawrence - KLWM - Dominic's Diner. Serve breakfast breakfast and lunch right in the main terminal building. 978-682-8822
USA Massachusetts - Martha's Vineyard - KMVY - Plane View Restaurant. Located right at the airport. 508-693-1886
USA Massachusetts - Chatham - KCQX - Hanger B. Located right at the airport serving breakfast and lunch. 508-593-3655 hangerbcapecod.com
USA Rhode Island - Block Island - KBID - Bethany's Diner. Right in the FBO building. Wonderful place to eat with indoor and outdoor seating. 401-466-3100


Mothership Stats



May 25, 2017.   Issue No. 4,317.

Safe Margin of Tread Wear ...Blain

Been spending most of my time shooting landings. Have tire wear to show for it.

Not sure how far to run these out before they become subseptible to puncture. Flying off good pavement but there is always the chance of sharp rocks, etc.

Do I wait until cord is showing? Haven't done that since high school.


What Happens If You Don't Change Your Engine Oil? ...nigelspeedy

My engine is fitted with a filter so by rights I could change the oil at 50 hours but given that it is the single most expensive part of the plane changing it at 25 hours seems like a reasonable idea. Since new I have sent a sample away for analysis. Well all good intentions but SnF came up when I had 20 hours on the oil and I was in a rush getting ready so I pressed on to 50 hours before the next change. Turns out engine oil gets dirty as you can see in the attached plot. Pretty normal but the second to last sample is the one with 50 hours on it then back to normal with a 25 hour change at the end. So I guess the good news is that even small changes are picked up. What I am not sure of is the major source for each of the different metals detected. Seriously where does Lycoming use Silver in an IO-360?
So for my continuing education and recreation where does the majority of the metals come from.

While the graph for an individual engine will show variations from its normal state are there any published absolute limits for these engines?


Check my Data Tag ...Deuelly

Just made a sample tag this morning. Before I do the final rendition is there anything I need or don't need? Is there something you would add I don't have?

Thanks, Brandon


New Guy Chimes In ...Bryan (Frisco, TX)

Been watching from the sidelines for a few years now. Just jumped in and bought the RV-7 tail this week. A leap of faith since I've never even been in one and have no tail wheel time.

Any particulars I should begin with? Or probably more important, things I shouldn't do?

Anybody building in North Texas?



Thank you Wind Gods (200kt GS Club) ...Jetj01


Best master switch saver?...BruceMe

I'm handy with electronics and I'm sick of killing my battery because I forget to turn off the master... I know, this is a "millenial problem" like FADEC and glass panels. But it's getting old and a $5 circuit can fix it.

筆ust not accidentally turn off on final after a long flight (simple timer)
筆ust have very-very low current when off (<1pA)
稗e cheap and reliable
柊void failing-off... ie if it dies, stay on


Use a micro-controller connected to a sensitive vibration detector that resets a one-hour timer. After one hour of near-total-non-movement or 2 seconds of holding the power-switch; then collapse the power supply and de-energy the master solenoid. An LED would indicate "On" when solid, blink when in some state of turning-off.

It would be installed in place of the master switch on an aircraft and could be built using a single LED momentary switch.

柊TTINY85 (8-pin micro controller)
不ensative vibraswitch
畢ED Power Switch
3.3 volt regulator
姫-Channel MOSFET
逼PN transistor
5 - Resistors
2 - Capacitors

I'll post an updates as I'm building and when it's done.


Announcement: Introducing the VIRB 360



May 24, 2017.   Issue No. 4,316.

Amateur Built, Amateur Maintained ;^) ...crabandy

Almost made it to 50 hours this time for oil change/air filter/general look-see under the cowl service. It's more fun for everyone when they are challenged and involved, this supervisor was busy!


Bodie and Lone Pine ...Joe Rainbolt RV-7A


What's in a Name (Proud of those Kids!) ...Bob Kelly

Tonight the kids building an RV-12 at Columbus North HS (Indiana) picked a name for their plane. It will be known as "Jeanne," named for a Columbus graduate, Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck. She took flying lessons while in her senior year of HS.

Jeanne, born in 1912, went from Columbus to graduate with honors from Washington State. In 1941, while working as a swimming instructor in Honolulu, she watched as Pearl Harbor was bombed. This inspired her to join the WASP.

She was working as a test pilot when a red lined (previously grounded for control problems) BT-13 she was evaluating came apart on final. She was killed. She is the only civilian woman we know of that was given a military escort and funeral. She has been honored many times, but one more certainly won't hurt. I know her nephew, who was 13 when she was killed (1944.) I expect he will be thrilled.

We often lament our younger generation, and how little they seem to relate to our history and heritage. It isn't always true. AviationNation attempts to work some history into our build projects, and it must work. I was proud to see these kids discuss the naming of the plane, and agree on "Jeanne." There is a lot on the web about her, and googling the name brings up some interesting reading. It would be worth a few minutes of your time.


RV-12 Status: Done ...waterboy2110


Come Celebrate!

Students from Georgetown High School and East View High School have built a fully functional airplane as part of Georgetown ISD's Aerospace Engineering course. Please join us for the unveiling of the student-built Vans RV-12 and ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 25, 2017. We encourage you to come experience the student-built airplane for yourself.  more info


A Shout Out to Stein ...Paul Bonorden RV-6A

Just started installing the one that I received from Stein. Very pleased.


Pretty Close to Home

We had some Wx in the area Tuesday morning around 0300.  Denton airport, a few miles north had several flight school aircraft turned upside down.  More pics HERE.


RV-10 Door Lock is broken..can you help?

The key was put in the barrel on the left hand main door and the barrel then broke away with the key in it. It was my passenger, not me, so am not sure how much force was applied.

Just trying to source the aftermarket part - any help would be appreciated. We have spoken to VANS and they suggested a post here.

Thankfully the handle still works, it is just the locking mechanism!



May 23, 2017.   Issue No. 4,315.

RV-7A Facilitates Boat Repair in San Juan Islands ...Capt. Sandy

There are plane repairs in exotic places, and boat repairs in exotic places. This weekend our RV-7A rescued our boat. Roy and I flew from KHIO to KORS to get our boat ready for the sailing season. We had a GREAT flight up. The weather was clear and the islands lovely. And of course, the boat needed work, because, well, it is a boat. The Jib needed repair and no sail repair places to be found in the islands. Roy came to the rescue and schlepped our 135 Jib to a sail loft in Bellingham. Much Thanks to Tony at KORS for the use of the crew car, and the kind folks in Bellingham also.


Now I Know Why I Built an RV...David Perl (Watford, UK)

I finished my 7A 18 months ago. Ive enjoyed 100 hours of fun flying around the UK, gradually making longer trips with the local flying club i joined.

This weekend was a highlight. I flew across the English channel intro France with a Cirrus and 3 other pilots. We spent 2 days landing at 8 airfields around Paris. We stayed over saturday night and enjoyed some wonderful French cuisine.

The weather was perfect, the company fun and the plane behaved immaculately.

Definitely a highspot to file in my memory banks and made the 5 years of building all the more worthwhile. The more I fly the RV the more i enjoy it. And when i landed back at my home field, a yellow Swiss registered RV7 landed. The weekend was rounded off with a pleasant chat with the builder, his second RV7 and true to form, his build was immaculate, just like a Swiss Watch.


RV-9A Status Report ...Andy C. (Kalamazoo, MI)

Moving onward to the fuel tank assembly! Was looking forward to the wet riveting that I've read so many nice builder reports about.

All in all not that tough though. The worst part so far, is my stupid Harbor Freight digital scale, it turns off automatically in about 10 seconds.... I guess they figure that you can weigh a letter in that amount of time. So have to work around that little nuisance.

So yea, it's messy and you have to clean tools up constantly, and the sealant is sticky, but this isn't the hardest job I've done so far on this project.

Note that if your glove tears and you get the fuel tank sealant on your thumb, and it turns sort of black locally, it does wear off no problem (in about a week).


RV-7A Rebirthing ...kentlik

Rudder pedals and framework installed...



May 22, 2017.   Issue No. 4,314.

There could be no other top story ;^).
Audrey Reeves.  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.
May 20, 2017.  PhD program to come.
More info when I have it...

11 years ago...

17 years ago...

20 years ago...


RV-14 Build Log N829MS

It's more of an overview.... ;^)


Mitch Lock Day RV Fly-In @ W29, 6/10/17

As everyone knows by now Mitch Lock, previously the East Coast Vans Rep, is now the president of Vans Aircraft. In celebration of this there is an RV fly-in scheduled on June 10th from 10-2 at W29, Bay Bridge Airport.

Helen Wood who owns Chesapeake Sport Pilot is hosting the event and will be providing lunch for everyone.

W29 Bay Bridge Airport is located on the shore line of the Chesapeake Bay on Kent Island right next to the legendary Bay Bridge, outside of the DC SFRA.  We hope to have RV's in every crevice of the airport so please come out and congratulate Mitch in person.


RV Formation Flight at Corsicana Airshow ...vids


Status Report ...Jereme Carne RV-7A

Well after taking a few days off of building due to being sick I am finally back in the game! I got the left elevator parts primed and started working on "the first" trim tab. Bending the trailing edge was nice as it came out almost perfect! I did however mess up bending the ears and have to reorder a trim tab skin (bend buckled in a bit so I can't just cut it off) but oh well, looks like I will join the multi try trim tab club. I will however abandon this joke of a process and go the riblet method now. I suspected this would be the case but I wanted to try the Van's way first if only to learn more.


Status Report ...David Paule -3B



May 19, 2017.   Issue No. 4,313.
  This weekend is special for our family - Audrey walks across the stage at SMU.  Chemistry degree....CHECK.  If I understand her correctly, we're not going to the BIG event where hundreds and hundreds of people walk across the stage for hours, but instead a smaller one for the chemistry types.  Maybe Monday I'll have a picture of the graduate to share.  Susie's 92yr old mother will be attending, as well as my sister from Houston.  Audrey pictured at right working with SMU's nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy hardware (NMR).  Here's a 47pg PDF entitled "An Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy off the SMU website.  She understands it.  I don't.  My usual 'but I can land a plane' argument is seeming more and more insignificant these days. ;^).  As it should be.
  Next item on her list....PhD.  She's motivated - the exact opposite of me at that age.  Rest assured you'll be kept in the loop regarding her research projects <g>.  To say we're proud parents is an understatement.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


Out of the Paint Shop ...Lorne Montgomery (GLO Custom)


Intro ...Dave Mills of Warrenton, VA

Finally getting started on my build journey.  I bought my tail kit many years ago. Just after it arrived I started a new job, moved many states, bought a house, got married had a child. Things always got in the way.   Recently divorced and settled in to my new life. I have a young son that's been flying with me since age 3. I also have a wonderful woman in my life now that is very supportive. Actually make that EXTREMELY supportive of my aviation endeavors.

In the next months I hope to have tools, work area, etc all in place.  I will definitely be a part time builder 15-18 hours per week. I added up TV time and various time wasted activities. If I discontinue such I'll have plenty of time and I'll have something to show for it.

The goal is pay as you go so I hope to have the big ticket items saved up for by the time they are due. At my projected build rate that should give me many years before I reach that point. This is my pre and post retirement airplane. I want it paid for before I retire.

I have decided my mission to mostly be me enjoying the airplane. Maybe a GIB on occasion and my future spouse riding out for Saturday breakfast. I have decided to continue with my original choice of an RV-8.

Always looking for pointers. It will be a slow build and part timer hours too.

Must haves list. These are not negotiable
1) Alodine and epoxy prime airframe ( I live on the east coast and will retire on the beach in FL eventually)
2) Trim...electric!!! #laziness
3) Fuel injection

I'm 70/30 constant speed vs a fix pitch. VFR instrument panel but design modularity for ease of upgrade to IFR should I change my mind. My take on spending an additional 10k to infinity $$$ on IFR is that I'll be saving money and NOT flying. Rather have a VFR machine and $10k gas money instead.

I want to get the alodine and prime process down to an efficient level. I understand it will slow the build but it's important to me. Just looking for tips on how to incorporate this process into my build effective and efficiently.

I've been a long time lurker on here. Many thanks to all of you past and future.  Created a user name and paid my dues. I also reserved my N number.  Small steps but it's progress.

I'm predicting a conservative 2024 completion date. Wish me luck...


Cracks in Engine Mount Powdercoat ...prkaye

Doing my annual recently I noticed these cracks in the Engine Mount finish... I assume these cracks are only in the Powder Coat, but I thought I'd post them here for opinions... should I be worried about these, or do anything specific about them?


RV-7A UL Power Update ...taverroi

Firewall Forward is 95% Complete.

Weve been waiting on a 3 Screen G3X System. They wont be available for a few more weeks its seems. Initail panel work should begin in the next 2 weeks Id say.

Cowling work is being adjusted to give a scosh more clearance from componants. We want it to be right the first time so taking the time to make that happen.

Its coming along. Steadily working.

Attached is a pic of what the final product has been planned to kinda look like. Its just rendering from my X-Panel Software. The round instrument by the throttle is the Electric prop controller..I just put something there the same size for now. Remember this is a FADEC Controlled Engine so no mixture.

Any Suggestion based on what you see here for the panel would be received and accepted well!



May 18, 2017.   Issue No. 4,312.
   My ISP had some issues on a piece of hardware between my box (and others) and the web around 2:30pm DFW time Wednesday.  Affected more sites than just me.  Down for ~1hr.  It wasn't ransomware ;^).  Sorry if you tried to get on and couldn't.  Technology happens...
   Unrelated and in the motivation column, Audrey texted Susie and me today that she is going to be published in a scientific journal.  How cool is that!!!  I'll post a URL when I have something, and I don't expect to understand much of it ;^).  But still...neat.


Almost Ready to go to the Airport ...Simon Hitchen RV-7 (Port Perry, Canada)


Videos in my RV-8 ...Planenut

I am about to retire from the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and I planned a RV8 trip across Canada. I've been taking good POV videos: I mounted camera externally but footage is static and gets boring, I tried handheld inside the cockpit better but canopy glare. I want to take sensational videos footage, especially over the Rockies.

I think this installation will provide all I need for extraordinary videos


Alternate fuel pickup ...gyoung RV-6

I'm starting to work on these tanks for the partially completed kit I picked up 15 years ago. It appears the original builder had a different idea for the fuel pickup and reversed the original pickup fitting, possibly for a return. I've already modified the left tank for a flop tube so I'm only concerned with the right. I do need a return in the right for my AFP purge valve so I'm tempted to leave it as is. I don't see any inherent problems with this pickup but I might move the return lower and switch to a -4 fitting to match the return hose. Any comments?

For the sharp-eyed among you, that IS the left sender plate in the right tank. Discovered after the photo.


Mothership Stats



May 17, 2017.   Issue No. 4,311.

RV-10 Build Begins ...SeanM


Found Broken Start Ring Cogs  ..David Domeier

Am doing condition inspection and have had to replace the start ring on fly wheel due to 4 broken gear cogs.

The issue is kick back from electronic ignition on start. In talking with Robert Paisley, this is happening because I do not have back up 12 volts for the system. Voltage drops during start and EI looses its brain and fires way off schedule.

I stopped using EI for start some time ago when this happened repeatedly. It does not happen starting with left impulse coupled mag. I have mag hooked up to top plugs so it starts very easily. When engine is running smoothly, turn on EI. No big deal.

It is not a starter issue, am using Sky-Tec NL unit, it spins engine very nicely and its gear cogs are like new.


200kts in Level Flight ...tfriendshuh


RV fly in, May 20 2017, east Canada  ...Gilles Lessard

We are hosting our second annual fly-in for RVs. Last year we have participants from Quebec, Nova Scotia and Maine, USA.
It will be held on Saturday may 20 at Saint-Georges Airport in Quebec. (CYSG) (reset on Sunday 21 in case of bad temperature)
Every type of aircraft will be welcome
Lunch on site
We hope to see a lot of RVs !!

If you'd like more details soon give me an email: gilesard 'at' globetrotter.qc.ca


Introduction of New-Style Carb Floats ...David Heal

(RV-12 folks)  FYI -- ROTAX has issued an SI describing their new-style replacement carb floats.


Free 6 Month Membership in the IAC ...Ron Schreck

I'm proud to announce that the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) is now an advertiser on Van's Air Force. IAC is continuing it's popular "Join for Free" campaign. With a free 6-month membership you will get access to the digital archive of Sport Aerobatics magazine and access to the entire IAC.org web site where you can find aerobatic instruction in your area and a wealth of information on getting started in one of the most challenging and fun sports in all of aviation.  You may recognize the RV featured in the IAC banner ad. That's Jerry Esquenazi"s beautiful RV-8, also pictured below. Jerry is new to IAC competition aerobatics and has managed to bring home a second place trophy in the Sportsman category at his second competition at Dunnellon, Florida this Spring.

Not sure if IAC competition is for you? Only about 10% of IAC members participate in competitive aerobatics! Many are there to volunteer at IAC events as judges, starters, registrars, tech inspectors, etc. They just want to be a part of the events and enjoy the social aspects of IAC participation. There are IAC events that reward your passion for aerobatics in non-competitive ways that also improve your piloting skills such as the IAC Achievement Awards program. There is something for everyone in IAC!

Still not sure if aerobatic competition is for you? Join me at the IAC Pavilion at AirVenture 2017. I will be giving a forum presentation on Friday, July 28th at 10:00AM on "What to Expect at Your First IAC Contest". Following the forum I'll be available to field any questions.

Your first step is to take advantage of the 6-month free membership in IAC. I hope you will join us.


KFFC RV Spring Fly-In near Atlanta ...May 20th


What is this "clamp" on the prop governor?

In checking out the engine compartment, I saw this silver colored clamp on the end of the prop governor:

You are looking down on the governor.

What is it's function? Nothing seems to be attached to it.

Also, it's on there very solidly but there doesn't seem to be a lock washer and the head of the screw has a hole in it...probably for safety wiring. But there is no flange or place to run a safety wire except around the screw/nut assembly.

What is this part? What is it's function? And how would one go about safety wiring it?



May 16, 2017.   Issue No. 4,310.

RV Grin ...Rob Traynham

My three year old granddaughter went for her first RV7 ride with her dad today. Photo says it all!


Formation Flight Practice Never Ends ...lucaperazzolli (Italy)

Slow northern Italy spring gave us some pre-season activity (video coming).

RVs are totally fun machine as I said after my first flight in 2010 they give an "Irresistible Euphoria"


New Guy Checking In ...JoopSJ (Netherlands)

Hello all,

The kit is ordered and the adventure is going to begin.
VAF was of great importance to me while preparing myself for deciding to jump-in as well as deciding what to build. I want to thank the host DR for providing this forum as well the members providing all the valuable information.

It's going to be an RV-7/Slider.  The adventure will start in September as my son and myself will join the empennage building class at Synergy.

I am an airline pilot planning to retire in the near future. Flying an RV feels like going back to the source of my career when I started sport flying, more than 40 years ago. Building it myself feels like connecting the last dot to complete the circle.

Best regards, Joop


Can Somebody w/a Flying RV Give Eric a Builder Motivation RV Flight?

....Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  Credit for this idea goes to Bob Collins in this reply.  [ed. Eric later ordered new parts and is continuing, BTW.  v/r,dr]


New Guy Checking In ...Jeff (Oregon)

Hey y'all, I've finally been making a little progress on this RV-3 project. I've never done the chat-room thing before, but I figured it's time to get a little community now that I'm spending time on the 双l -3. Just making a test on this section here. I am looking for some info on type-II wings; I'll post details on the -3 section.


Mother's Day Delivery

(crabandy) The RV sure makes traveling easy, kinda ironic after all that work. A Mothers Day special delivery to Grandma....


New Advertiser Helping Support This Site

International Aerobatic Club (IAC)

Their ad...

They do this stuff...and you can too.



May 15, 2017.   Issue No. 4,309.
  Susie joined me for a short .2hr flight Saturday morning here in the DFW area around 0730 when the winds were 00000kt and the OAT 59*F.  CAVU.  I asked her just before we took the runway what she wanted to look at.  "Cows."  I can pull this mission off!  'Airspeed alive, positive rate, cows on your left...'  Short flight, but very high quality.
  We don't get many mornings like this past Saturday.  I hope you had nice Wx also, and got to spend some time off the surface in your RV (or in the shop working toward that goal).  Sunday was spent at Mass, continuing the climb up Mt. Email, working in the home office on admin tasks......and doing anything Susie said (Mother's Day).

RV's to the Caribbean, From the Right Seat ...Capt Sandy

Hello RV'ers. Roy and I joined the trip to the Antilles. Here is a write-up from the right-seat perspective, and some photos to share. We had a GREAT time. More info to come, on our time in the islands.

Hoping to see your project and find out what I'm in for

I am just hoping to swing by and admire your project and talk shop.

I am hoping to build an rv-14 (not 100% sure). I am military serving in Japan and am currently in Altus Oklahoma for some flight training. one of these weekends before I go back home I was hoping to be able to talk face to face with some builders.

Cowl fitting issues ...madmaveric

I'm in the process of fitting the cowling but have come across an issue, I've searched on here but I can only see issues with spinner clearance and nothing around the back of the cowling.

I cut both cowls to the scribe lines and fitted the bottom cowling with the two holes wither side as per plans and then added the lower hinge. All seemed to be going good and I was happy with the fit.  ...

Update on Making Metal ...Martin Pred

Since last year I installed the magnetic drain plug and ran through a couple oil changes. At first I thought I was within the Lycoming limit of 20-40 hairlike ferrous particles of 1/16" or smaller. Now I'm starting to think I'm exceeding that limit. Here's what it looked like yesterday:

Pretty in Purple ...bruceh

I added a whole new folder of picture galleries documenting the Painting saga.  Here's the beauty shot with a bit of Instagram filtering.

Rivet Corner Bracket Deals on Top ...kentlik

So, final drilled a lot of holes...just scanning the fuse to figure out what I have skipped over as I have to jump around a bit.
I thought I posted this yesterday but don't see it so maybe I messed it up. ...

Repair ...whittfic

So there I was applying some colour to various bits and pieces at last. I had this painting thing nailed, the prep was done and the paint was going on nicely, no runs, no orange peel, nice coverage without being too heavy. Life was good... and then this happened!!  This is the inboard rear corner of one of my elevators. I was in the process of suspending it from a hook in the roof of the spray booth when the support wire slipped from my hand and it hit the floor!! Needless to say I was less than happy and all I wanted to do at that moment was start flinging tools around the workshop. After I stopped calling myself all the idiot names I could think of I actually decided to clean up and call it a day.

So now I am asking the collective wisdom here for any suggestions/guidence to fix this. I'm thinking I should be able to carefully manipulate this back into shape fairly easily but if anyone knows of any potential 'gotchas' I am all ears.

Another RV-8 Panel Leaves the Shop ...Walt



May 12, 2017.   Issue No. 4,308.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  And Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. 

GRT Upgraded Panel ...Dvalcik

I pulled the trigger and upgraded my GRT panel in my RV12. I had been holding out for the 8.4 HRx touch.  many pics


Another 10 Gets Its Interior

This RV-10 got a full interior upgrade. Looks like it was done by a custom interior shop. Nope! It was installed by Philip, Kristine and Steve from Tucson Arizona. They purchased a full interior kit from South Florida Sport Aviation and installed it themselves. Great job guys! Beautiful Airplane!  many pics


Squawk code TFR intercept ...Turbo

did my BFR yesterday in the r-44 and today in the rv6. didn't know there was an intercept code for TFR busting but my helo instructor brought it up and i had never heard of such a thing but we found with google, not finding it in the AIM. there it was, very lucky numbers in vegas but not very lucky in a TFR incursion case,so now you can rock your wings, listen on 121.5, follow the jet the way he is flying and squawk 7777. hope you never need this one. busted


Time to throw in the towel ...epaslick RV-12

I don't appear to have what it takes to build an RV-12, so I'm thinking it's coming time to bring this unpleasant disaster to a close.

[ed. You'll be happy to read later in the thread Eric has a change of heart.  And I remember having those same feelings, Eric!!!  Just means you're normal <g>.  v/r,dr]


Mothership Stats


Tate's Collision Repair Project

Some of you might know our son Tate is taking a collision repair class at his high school (he's in 10th grade).  Please excuse me bragging a bit, showing off his hood painting project.  It's got some cartoon logo on it that the kids would understand.  The kid can paint! 



May 11, 2017.   Issue No. 4,307.
  You might have seen Alex's air-conditioned RV-14A that went up for sale here on the front page yesterday.  I told him I thought it would sell in 24 hours - the first 14A going up for sale (we think).  I was wrong....he had a deposit in his hand in 18.  How cool is that?  Very happy for my friend, the buyer, and I'll let you know if anything changes. 

RV Hotel Birthday Party

It's my wife's birthday today and Rob Handberg's tomorrow, so we are having a birthday party while they stay at the RV Hotel on their way from California to the Bahamas!


Another -10 gets its wings ...Jason McKay

Sorry no pictures to post but the inspection went very well and I'm looking forward to phase 1 which I was informed is only 25 hours due to the engine and prop combo I purchased from Vans. Bonus!

I'd like to thank everyone on this site. The amount of knowledge and willingness to help was/is a huge help. By no way am I done but at least when the weather is nice I no longer have to watch others sneak away for the day.

All the best!


Article on RVs in news-press.com


New Member in Denver ...welcome Seth Andrews

Hello there! New member in Denver buying a RV10 project in the next week. Any Denver RV 10 owners here?


Pic from Day Before First Flight ...Chattin35


Status Report: 7A ...jcarne

Just finished the right elevator today after spend 2.5 hrs rolling the edges yesterday. Rolling the edges on the elevator I thought were waaaay more difficult than the rudder.


New Panel w/AHRS ...WingnutWick

just finished ripping out my all my old heavy steam gauges and re-designed and built the panel with a modular system. Using a hard mounted/powered iPad with quick release fasteners for ease of removal when desired. Powered by iLevil AHRS (with air data inputs) and a stratus backup AHRS. New Dynon D-10 EMS with all new plugs and custom push button start. USB chargers and music inputs installed as well.  ...


DID YOU KNOW the difference between new and established insurance companies?

(VAF advertiser)  "Insurance companies can come and go over time, aviation insurance is no different. Occasionally, a brand new insurance company enters the market. As it often happens, they start by offering lower rates or better coverage to 澱uy their way into the market. To be informed, there are some questions to be answered: Are they a start-up or is it an established insurer that has decided to enter the aviation market? Will they be offering a full line of policies or are they only interested in a niche market? What financial rating have they earned? At Gallagher, a company must have at least an 鄭 rating for us to offer their products. We require this to protect you. Experience has shown that lower rated companies seldom survive long term."  ...



May 10, 2017.   Issue No. 4,369.

RVs in Switzerland ...newt

Couple of months ago, I posted on VAF to say I was visiting Zrich on a work trip: Are there any RV people in Switzerland?

Near immediate contact from lots of people - far more than I imagined, given my impression of EASA territory was that it was near-prohibitively expensive and bureaucratic for E/AB aviation. But no, it's positively thriving.

Marcel (mzund on VAF) is building an RV-4 near Geneva. As luck would have it, he was visiting Sydney, and I caught up with him at Wedderburn. He had pics on his phone showing spectacular mountain scenery, and landing a cub on skis on glaciers near Mont Blanc.  I locked in a visit to his field.  continue


Airworthiness Cert Issued! ...Phil

It's been a while since I've posted but wanted to share another certificate being issued. Vic Syracuse made the trip to Texas for me yesterday and performed the inspection. Many thanks to him for coming out of the area and spending an entire day to perform my inspection. He's built two RV-10's, inspected many more, and I really wanted his experience with the airframe in going over it one final time.

I had the paper work ready about a week early, we had reviewed it together before his trip, and everything was in order. No surprises and a relatively straightforward process. I've never certified a plane before, so this was my first rodeo and it really wasn't that bad if you've got a good inspector to guide you through the process. I can't thank him enough for going out of his way to get here.  continue


RV-7A Rebirthing Update ...kentlik

I managed a few photos of the firewall prep and installation. I had my firewall finished but needed to remove the main brackets from each corner as I am using the original firewalls brackets, they were in excellent shape.


Status Report ...RV7ForMe pics

So I am done with most of the riveting but I had left out a few hard to reach rivets on the rudder & elevators. I asked Vans about using pop rivets as the plans do say I can use the CS4-4. There is a problem with that.  ...


Planet Earth's First 'For Sale' RV-14A...I think.

...my buddy Alex De Dominicis (my RV-6 transition trainer back in the day - got my tailwheel endorsement with him also).  Selling due to job change that conflicts with his ability to do RV training for a few years.  Out of phase 1.   43 hours TT.  Ready to paint.  Air Conditioning.

(5/10 Update:  Sale pending after being online for 18hrs.  Deposit in Alex's hand and he'll let me know if something changes.  v/r,dr)

Link to larger pictures

(2) Airflow Systems Oil Coolers


The Game is Afoot Again ...with kiddo #2

Tate and the fam are beginning the 'ol college hunt.  We had a college fair at the high school the other day and we went (Tate is in 10th grade).  SMU wasn't there (Audrey's college), but as always I'm pushing schools w/in 1 tank of RV avgas. ;^)  The brochures we grabbed below...

Love those kids. 



May 9, 2017.   Issue No. 4,368.

Got the "PINK" slip ...Dorfie RV-10

Vic Syracuse flew into KLEX this weekend and did the final inspection on my RV10, serial No 40596. GOT THE PINK SLIP!!! Thanks Vic for taking the time and effort to fly to me.  Thanks to VAF site and its contributors for all the good advice and support through many years. I surely dug deep into it all and a lot of those ideas were incorporated into my project.  This is now the start of the next phase in the life of this RV10. May it be many safe, trouble free and pleasant flights!

Best wishes and thank you from a happy builder, soon flyer!!.


252kts GS ...Rusty Cr4awford

Rusty Crawford sent me this shot today from his 7A.

"On my way to Ohio this week for work, I experienced a nice tailwind. I was cruising at 11500 feet 172 knots true airspeed, 57% power, lean of peak, 7.7 gallons an hour fuel flow, 32.72 nautical miles per gallon. Works out to 80 knot tailwind. Of course, what comes around goes around though, terrible head winds, bad weather and icing coming home. But it's all good. The "Working Girl" is flying very nice with your SDS system."


Work With What You Have...the dummy doesn't muck it up for once.

Monday a.m. the winds were light, so I took the used-by-many-Cub up for a few minutes to re-center my flying chakras (or something like that).  Saw what looked like somebody burning trash off in the distance.  As I got a little closer it looked more like a grass fire.  When I arrived it turned out to be oil pumping equipment burning AND a grass fire....and I just might be the first person to know about it.  I could see flames around the pump.  Not many houses out here.

In the RV I would have called KAFW tower on 135.15, hit IDENT and asked them to relay to the proper folks.  But the Cub has 1) no radio and 2) no XPNDR.

So what are you going to do?


I trimmed the Cub for a slight climb so I could more easily keep the wings level with rudder only.  Hands are now free to use the smartphone.  250' agl and 48mph - the phone will work just fine.  I got about halfway through Googling 'Northlake Police Department' when I decided I wouldn't be able to hear them (I wear shooting muffs in the plane - no comm, so no phone bluetooth tie in).

Plan B.  I took a selfie* picture, then started GoogleMaps on my phone and held down my finger on the map to give me my lon/lat.  Got a screen capture (below).  Annotated the image with my finger and texted the note and pics to Monkey back at 52F (I'd seen him before I took off).  He'll figure it out.


About three minutes later I got the text below.  I'm guessing he's been waiting his whole life to use that phrase <g>.  I admit it made me laugh out loud.  Later he said the hardest part was getting the point across that he only had lat/lon, and that he was passing on a message from a pilot with no radio - he couldn't actually see it.  911 forwarded him to the Justin FD, and they figured it out fast.


Plan C was going to be land at a grass strip a few miles away and call myself.  Using Randy was faster, and I'm jazzed it worked.  Good times.

*I did not take a selfie...



Please take a fresh look at Aircraft Extras, Inc. custom aircraft interiors. Presently, we are offering interiors for models RV-6, RV-7, and RV-9. If you would like to purchase interiors for other models, please contact us. Choose your own materials and we will make your seats, armrests, and stick boots. The seats feature an inflatable lumbar support. An optional EZ-Step can be incorporated in the seat. Also, check out our newest products at www.aircraftextras.com.



May 8, 2017.   Issue No. 4,367.

First Flight: RV-12 (and video) ...Paul Straub

Aerobatic Contest: Apple Valley, CA ...Gash PIREP

I'm at the Duel in the Desert aerobatic contest at the Apple Valley, CA airport. I'm competing in the Sportsman category with my RV-8. We were only able to fly once today before the winds went out of limits. We should be able to get in one flight tomorrow morning before it gets too windy again.

I'm the only RV competing here. A couple RV-4 pilots stopped in yesterday during the practice day to check out all the activity. It was nice to see other RV pilots here, if only to say howdy.  ...

All Done ...Lyle

Well she's all finished. Took 9.5 years. I built and painted the plane. First flight was on April22/2017 and she flew great, no issues. I now have 10 hours on her flying off my 25 hours. As a side note to Canadian builders, apply for your certificate of registration early, it took 3 months from Transport Canada to get this done, ridiculous.

Top Skin Blind Rivets (RV-8/8A) ...cdeerinck

Two questions here:

1) Does anyone know why the plans call for two different rivets as indicated below by the purple arrows? This is for the RV-8 top skin over the avionics and luggage areas. The row that attaches the skin to the firewall calls for 3-5 rivets, but those two call for 3-4 rivets. The material is the same thickness throughout. I can't for the life of me figure out why.  ...

Erratic Ammeter Readings ...bardample

I need some help. I have a single Dynon Skyview in my RV7 with a recently installed EarthX ETX680 Lithium FePo4battery, a Plane Power 60 A Alternator (internal Regulator) . My ammeter measures Alternator output( Position B as per Dynon).

For 2 recent successive flights, my' amps low' warning flashed and the ammeter was reading erratically minus 8-25A and occasionally reading normal( i.e. pos 6-7A). Throughout these flights of several hours bus voltage remained at 14.1- 14.2v. If I flicked the Alternator off and then on again the ammeter reading would briefly read 'normal' + 6-7 Amp for a few moments before returning to erratic negative values. I assumed that the fault lay with the ammeter connections or in the EMS monitor of the Skyview.  ...

200kt GS Club ...Chris Johnson 9A

200kt GS Club ...brad walton

Shield Against Magnetic Fields ...pierre smith

We flew to the Bahamas in February and my D-100 was 40 degrees off...usually spot on so I asked the other three passengers what they had packed.  Turns out that my buddy had packed his C-Pap machine and it has a motor in it, apparently with fixed magnets in it.  After we landed and unpacked, the D-100 was spot on again.

On the return trip, we changed the location of the C-Pap and were off 20 degrees.  I wonder if wrapping it in aluminum foil would shield the interference to my magnetometer.  Any ideas/suggestions.

Best Air to Air Shot ...SuperCubDriver pics

RV-3B Construction Status Report ...David Paule

Marked and trimmed the F-326 aft bottom fuselage skin so that I can start fitting the larger tailcone bottom skin F-325.  ...

Got My -9A Back! ...Dbro172

I'm happy to announce that my bird is coming back to the nest. An opportunity came out of the blue and I couldn't pass it up. Her keeper took exceptional care of it and cant wait to fly it home in the next week or so. Might have to head to KOSH this year!

Induction Tube Boot Alternative ...Toobuilder

There has been plenty of discussion about induction tube boots lately so I thought I'd share the direction I'm taking with reinforced silicone hose and constant tension clamps.

Disclaimer- I have not flown this yet so I have no idea if this hose will live up to its promise of long service life, but its cheap enough to experiment with.

The hose is a 12" length procured from Summit which was easily cut into 2" boots with a utility knife. The clamps are Roto Clip brand PN HC-34.

ILS Practice w/the Yoga Instructor

Susie went up with me Saturday morning for a quick hop over to KAFW and its practice 16L ILS.  CAVU, no hood and Susie no pilot, so can't log any numbers in the practice IFR columns.  But it's always fun to go flying with my wife, and it's always helpful for me to practice the buttonology flow.  It has a short shelf life with this particular meat servo.  As is my M.O. ...I logged .3hrs.

click to enlarge



May 5, 2017.   Issue No. 4,366.
  Met my lovely bride 33 years ago today - nickle beer night at Graffiti's in Waco, TX.  It was a Wednesday, and there is a 'Big Lots' standing on that spot now (lon/lat).  I can't say I miss the music of the 80's all that much, but I do occasionally miss my hair.  Not as much as you might think ;^).
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

West Coast Formation Clinic ...Axel PIREP/Video

Despite a rough start to the clinic on Friday due to winds in excess of 30 kts, we had a great turn out. Saturday and Sunday were almost perfect.

The clinic was a successful event. The new red scary folks got valuable training and a few of the folks that have been working on certifications earned their wing, lead or check pilot cards. I can't really explain the feelings you get to experience during a clinic so our friend George Ford is doing that for us via this video. I hope you enjoy it. He did a great job once again.

Get out there, pound rivets, lay the fiberglass, run those wires. Because after it is all said and done, you can fly the you know what out of your plane.


Yoga Helps With RV Maintainence

Took out the pax seat and stick, and spread out the yoga mat my wife threw out gave me.  This allowed me room to lay completely on my stomach for easier battery removal.  Wish I had discovered yoga 14 years ago ;^).  My battery issue seems to be resolved.  Terminals read 0.00 volts across after removal, which coincides with the protection circuitry activating in the EarthX 680 (page 26 in the manual).  Following the instructions, and it is now charging.  I think the problem was I don't fly enough (or long enough) to keep the battery charged.  This is the first time I've had to do this, however (the battery held a charge for two years).  I'll let you know if it's something else, but the outlook is good.

Pic from above showing the mat...



Radio Problems - Epilogue ...terrykohler RV-9A

Finally got the plane over to the avionics shop (about 40 NM from Pontiac). Long story short, I've been transmitting and receiving at about 50% strength with my new GTN650. It wasn't the radio or the connections. Turns out the installer had hooked my now-vacant market beacon antenna to the COMM connector on the back plate. When I was in Jacksonville, I only checked security of connections and didn't follow the wires. Their mistake followed by my mistake. Didn't really notice a problem earlier as my flying since install has been pretty much local. ILS and GPS worked fine, and I initially thought I was having intercom issues but was still communicating OK when close in. Another lesson learned.


Panel Pic Added...to the 'RV Panels' area


RV-7A Rebirthing Update ...kentlik

Have the lower longerons done now. Not too bad. Few pictures of them and the bottom skin getting holes for the gear.


Quirky ...Vlad

Time 7:30 pm
Altitude 1,800 feet
Distance 54 NM



May 4, 2017.   Issue No. 4,365.
  Got the spongy left brake fixed two days ago with a little brake fluid and five minutes of Monkey's help.  Cowl and pants back on now, swapping out two screws that had less-than-new heads.  Next issue is a possible dead battery that cropped up Wednesday, or maybe it's the master switch.  Or solenoid.  Flipped on the master and avionics switches after lunch to look at something real quick, and didn't get the 'ka-thunk' solenoid sound.  Bringing the multimeter to the airport tomorrow.
  Never boring this hobby, and always the opportunity to learn.  ;^)


Milestone: RV-8A Weighed ...bifft

Got my RV weighed today. 1002 pounds. Don't think its the lightest 8A ever, but not bad. Realized I need to measure the gear position in the level attitude (needed 3.5" blocks under the mains) do don't have accurate CG position yet. This is with paint, but no gear fairings or wheel pants. Helps make up for 261 lbs of me in it. Now just need to calibrate the fuel guages and time to call the DAR.


Status Report ...Brad Benson RV-6A

This is the current state of my instrument panel; it's changed several times since I first built N164BL. Like Gene's panel, this started out as a fiberglass panel blank from Laird Owens (thanks Laird - it was super well thought out and manufactured!); I cut the aluminum inserts on my mill and after doing a number of them feel like I could do it almost blindfolded at this point :-)

The flight instrument section has a Skyview system along with a MGL ASI/Altimeter and TrueTrak T&B standbys. Also present is a TAWS annunciator, which is wired to the IFD540. The annunciators are crazy expensive new, but 28v units can be found on eBay for as little as $40. Cut a trace here, jumper a trace there, and now it's a 14v unit :-)

The radio stack has a King audio panel, an Avidyne IFD540, and an ICOM A200 secondary comm. The IFD540 is the most recent addition, and has a couple of things not shown in the panel. I modified the software and image of a Stratux box and built a custom enclosure for it; this allows it to be tucked behind the panel and feed weather/traffic data to the IFD540 and not be subject to image corruption when the avionics master is turned off thanks to a read-only filesystem. It also supports more of the GDL90 standard and excludes some of the stratus-specific stuff that neither the IFD540 or FF appear to use.

The engine stack has a Dynon EMS-D10, which I find I prefer to the Skyview's EMS for a couple of reasons. The PS Engineering PM3000 intercom is there as well along with the ELT switches. I built a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver and mounted it behind this panel as well; wired to both the audio panel and intercom it provides the usual music and phone capability. There are some other custom electronics behind that panel that I'll write up separately as well.

The air vent eyeballs are from Stein and work awesome - no leaks and very smooth operation. The cigarette lighter plug is connected to the hot bus and can be used to charge a cell phone, or can be used to provide ground power for running the avionics with an adapter cable I made (try that with a USB jack!). Speaking of USB, not in view but underneath the panel just to the right of the engine controls are USB jacks and serial lines to both the IFD 540 and Dynon system. This allows me to charge stuff in flight but not have a USB jack take up panel space, while the serial ports facilitate development projects or portable stuff to exchange data with the panel mounted equipment.

There are no circuit breakers - all the switches are toggle switches are from B&C. Circuit protection is fuses across three buses: main, avionics, and hot/battery.

Not sure what's next for this panel, but the modular design makes updates really easy and I love the aesthetics of it. I don't think I'd change anything if I was going to do it over again.


Painting Update ...Boomer506 RV-8

Starting to paint in my temporary booth in my shop. What I came up with is providing good ventilation and dust free. Plus some reasonable lighting. My rudder and spinner have turned out pretty well. Good learning before I paint the big stuff.

...(scheme modeled after) utility hack airplane for VA-165 off the Nimitz, Air Wing 9.  ...


B-25 Day ...and an RV-12

(snopercod)  Owen and I flew down to GMU for lunch again. We both tried to get some others to come along, but some were sick and some were busy. Oh well, we had a great lunch and got to park next to a CAF B-25 from Wisconsin. Apparently some more warbirds will be flying in on Friday and giving rides.


May/June '17 FAA Safety Briefing Now Online ...40 page magazine



May 3, 2017.   Issue No. 4,364.

Post-House Fire Checking In...our online friend Bill Boyd

The VAF sure keeps me in touch with a great community. The people who have stepped forward to help materially and practically since the house fire and starting the 10 build have touched me profoundly, and I'm grateful. The knowledge base here is so much superior to what I had available 20 years ago building an RV alone and without mentors close by. I read up all I could and took the dreaded door plunge. Kind of anticlimactic in a way, although the process is only maybe 1/3 done.

This weekend I got my mower back from the shop after getting a blade stuck on so tightly that neither my impact wrench nor my extended socket wrench would budge the bolt. In the meantime, the abundant rain and warm weather had tried to reclaim the runway into a hayfield from whence it had come. I had to mow high and will need to make a second, lower pass tomorrow (so Vlad doesn't complain about the high grass if he happens to drop in).

Jax, a.k.a. "Li'l Boy," our 5 month old pit-lab mix who never ventures more than fifty feet from home, decided that Sunday was a beautiful spring day for chasing me on the zero-turn, so he roamed further than ever before. I was afraid he might stray into the road, but the runway end markers creeped him out and he bristled, barked, and turned tail for home once he caught sight of them.

More RV Stuff for the "Mitch Lock Fly-in" June 10th...Steve Koziol

"I would like to update you on what will be going on with Helen Woods, Mitch Lock Day. Our EAA Chapter 1384 (KMDW) Carroll County Airport in Westminster, MD will be holding our 5th Annual Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's in conjunction with Helen for Mitch's send off this year. Yes, (W29) will be the location change for us. Our two groups are teaming up to make this one great send off for Mitch. We will be posting more info soon."

Alum Sleeve Fuel Drain Fairing...Steve Melton 3D DIY

"...thicker than the bronze sleeve but still workable. no threat from galvanic corrosion"

About This Month's Calendar Wallpaper ...the photographer chimes in (Ed Hicks).

If you've been following the progress of Brian's brilliant radial RV-8, I figured it was worth pointing out its the May wallpaper here on VAF.  I had the privilege to visit Brian back in Feb to shoot some pictures - I'll add some more in future, but for now...

Bent Elevator Spar ...jcarne

(reply from Van's Aircraft)
"I don稚 see any reason that bending this back would compromise the spar, no deformation in the bend radius or the web of the spar. Flatten and build on."



May 2, 2017.   Issue No. 4,363.

Niagara Falls RV-6 Tour ...John Canty

It was a nice weekend for the most part up in the Northeast. Took the opportunity to do some formation over the Falls. If you are ever up in the area, check out the falls scenic tour.  ...

A Great if Unspectacular Trip (continued) ...Ed Wischmeyer

Two days later, it was time to head back home but the winds were still howling out of the south, 20+ knots from 3,000 feet on up. The night before, the bus took us to the wedding at 3:30 and dropped us off back at the hotel at midnight, so there was one tired aviator the next morning. A big breakfast and going back to bed helped.

In addition to the winds aloft, surface winds at the destination were forecast 20G30 at a forty degree angle to both runways, more than I wanted to attempt, even with the tricycle gear on the -9A. If I absolutely had to, I probably could have landed okay, but it was not worth taking the risk. And there was a major front from the west due in the next day -- typical spring weather in the southeast -- and some little stuff blowing up from the south ahead of it. Time to be real careful.

It looked like I could make it from Charlottesville, VA to Greensboro, NC, VFR under the clouds, that stop chosen because it would be a good place to spend the night if I had to, and because I always like my first stop to be about 90 minutes out for "physiological reasons." It was light, occasional moderate turbulence the whole way. Translation -- the ride was miserable.  ...

Gary Platner Lovin' That Tailwind ...RV-8

Recent storms in DFW moved east, leaving us with a strong westerly wind Sunday.  Gary was flying from Midland, TX back to DFW at 9,500' and had a 48kt tailwind.  Goundspeed of 236 kts spinning 2400 rpm and 21" of MP.  iPhone pic below...

That's 271.4 mph using 7.3 gph (37.12 mpg).

Current RV-6A Panel ...gmohr

Here is my current RV6A panel. I am trying to find out who manufactured the panel blank and if possible purchase or make new panel inserts in order to change to my GRT Sport SX EFIS. I will keep the current radio stack, everything else will probably go.

So close - Bleeding Brakes ...Mike 9A

I was hoping to have already done my first flight but I can't seem to get over the hurdle. My last issue seems to be air in the lines of my brakes. I have tried various methods to try to push fluid in to the reservoir from the calipers and have had some success. What I am seeing now is air between the lines running from the pilot master cylinders to the passenger side(the high point in the loop of the lines). I have searched the forums for some advice but getting a mixed opinion if this is really an issue or not. I put an overflow can from the reservoir for the fluid to go in and I get fluid there but still haven't been able to get the air out between the master cylinders. My brakes feel solid but I want the air out to feel total confidence in them. Before I purchase another bleeder method just looking for some current feedback.

Painted ...Todd Stovall RV-10

Cleco Farms...various.

First Trip! ...Jon RV-10



May 1, 2017.   Issue No. 4,362.

Student Plane Build Kicks Off ...Omaha

The tool box bench and shelves are assembled and the empennage kit and tools inventoried. This coming week each student will build their own practice tool box kit, then it's onto the real thing! Thanks to everyone who has been a part of making this happen, especially the 'big kids' (aka mentors) in back who are teaching and mentoring these fine young adults.

A Great if Unspectacular Trip ...Ed Wischmeyer

So the mission was to get from Savannah GA to Charlottesville VA for my nephew's wedding. There was an airmet for moderate turbulence and the surface winds forecast to be ugly gusty at the mid point -- after all, who wants to fill up on destination avgas at $6+?

So I decided to brave the weather and fly the -9A rather than drive (8+ hours), and aimed the loaded car at the airport instead of Virginia. Tower forgot to hand me off to departure control, and departure didn't know that I was on a vector. Training in progress, no doubt.

So after bumping along under the clouds for a bit, I went up to 5,500 and had cool, smooth air (forecast moderate turbulence did not appear) and a smoking 20+ knot tailwind. Yeh, it wasn't 200 knot club stuff but so what. Time came for descent to the gas stop, 90 minutes out and my back was sore and ready for a break. I asked for an IFR descent through the clouds, and they wanted to know what approach I wanted. I chose one real quick, knowing full well that I'd cancel IFR as soon as I was 500' below the cloud bases. Worked like a charm. And the surface winds were not nearly as bad as forecast.  ...

Jereme Carne's Build Begins

Well I just noticed this section here so I figured I would start a log so people could follow my build. The picture here puts a face to the name. Also I am done with everything on the tail except for the elevators.

Brake Issue Discovered ...Peter Costick RV-7A

This problem took a bit of finding. I only discovered it when I added fluid to the brake system, the fluid worked its way through the whole system but the right hand brakes would not work. I tracked it back through part by part until only the elbow could be the issue. I must admit I couldn't imagine how this was until I removed it from the brake cylinder and discovered that a stray rivet had somehow got into the fitting. A messy but successful bit of snagging.

Silver Bullet Steering Link - Finally Broke ...Chris Pratt RV-8

Well it finally happened. Only took eleven years but my Silver Bullet tail wheel steering arm finally bit the dust. It happened as I landed at our wonderfully smooth (sarcasm here) runway/and taxiway at 52F. Sure hope this pile of rocks get paved soon.

Here痴 a full view of what I am talking about for those unfamiliar with the steering linkage on the RV-8.  ...

Flat Tire, But No Leak ...Michael Burbidge RV-9A

A week ago I went to go flying and found that my nose wheel was completely flat. I pumped it up to 45 lbs., waited an hour and checked it. It was still at 43 lbs., so I figured it was a slow leak and went flying.

I ordered a new inner tube. I went up to the hangar today to find that the nose wheel was still above 40 lbs.

So now I'm puzzled. Why would my nose wheel be completely flat, but apparently does not have a leak, because now it is holding air again?

Quirky ...Vlad

Paint Tease Shots ...bruceh

Three years of fun flying and the (finally done) finish line is getting near. I put off painting for various reasons - mainly because I like flying too much, but it could wait no longer. I've had the airplane in the paint shop for 5 weeks and finally got to see some teaser shots from the painter. I hope to pick it up next week.

Happy Birthday N65XX ...Dan 9A in Reno

Today my pride and joy is 10 years old. It has accumulated 1642 hours to date and I plan on keeping up that pace. The aircraft specifics are: RV-9A, fixed pitch Sensenich, IO-360 w/P-Mags, Dynon Skyview Touch, auto pilot, ADS-B, and iFly 740. Now I know where all my savings account went. Dan from Reno

Courtesy Cars & Food List Updated

Missing Man, Tucson ...Feetwet

The Missing in America Project (MIAP) researches records of homeless Americans whose cremated remains have not been claimed, and if found to be eligible, arrange for them to be interred with honor.
See: http://www.miap.us/

On April 15th this year, 30 homeless veterans and one dependent were interred at the Marana Veterans Memorial cemetery and many individuals and groups turned out to honor them. The Arizona Scorpions RV group flew a Missing Man formation to commence the activities and an excellent video was made. It can be viewed by those interested at the following link.

HBC's New Pavillion OSH