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June 30, 2016.  00:04 UTC.  Issue No. 4,149.

Bird or Bug?

Found this big splotch on the cowl while pushing the RV back into the hanger. Never heard or felt anything during my flight. Nothing on the prop.


N199MJ Panel Lights Up ...woodmanrog

Here is a pic of our new panel. Ready to go! Data inputs are underneath on the bottom lip directly beneath the touch screens. Thanks to Stein and his crew for another well done job.


Wheel Fairing Plans - Read twice cut once ...TimO RV-14A

This is from page 46A-04 for tricycle gear builders...

The plans are ok, but, there is a way to misinterpret the plans and make a mistake, and this hopefully will prevent you from doing that.

You are locating a gear leg and brake line cutout in the wheel fairings, and it gives you some reference points. When I first laid out the hole I did it using the green marker in the photo below. I mistakenly used the dimple hole in the fairing as the reference, which is the hole below the cutout in the drawing. This is not correct. This is a hole that is not yet located. So your SOLE reference when marking the cutout is the hole ABOVE the notch you are creating....the one 2-3/16" from the hole along the fairing surface arc.
That is in red in my photo.

If you mix these up, your gear leg cutout will be in the wrong spot. If you do it successfully (I'm glad I caught it), it should fit almost perfectly with only a little filing to do.

I'm sure that 99% of the builders aren't as dumb as I am, so you won't have this issue, but, having that hole which is labeled "mark then match-drill" got me going down the wrong path. It makes perfect sense once you know what you're doing, but if you start using that point as a reference you're doing it wrong. It may be helpful to actually have a sentence in the plans in bold saying to use the upper hole as the reference, or a "do not use as a reference" listed by that hole.

Otherwise, so far the process has been pretty good. I do like these brackets better than the ones on the RV10, and the pre-dimpled fairings make the process pretty nice so far.  continue


Fly In, BBQ, and Hangar Dance ...S. of Amarillo, TX

Join us for our annual Fly In, BBQ, and Hangar Dance. Sunday July 3rd.
Location: Blue Sky Airfield, Just south of Amarillo.
17/35 3800x60 Turf
Field Elev. 3615'
CTAF 122.8
Airport Identifier: 2TX0 (zero)
Lat./Long.: N35.06 W101.85
PNH VOR 211/13 DME

In conjunction with the Vaughan's Annual Barbecue and Hangar Dance, Blue Sky Airfield will host a fly in for attendees that day.  If you fly in, be sure to bring tie downs. Camping available. Hotels 5 miles away.  There will be a Magni Gyrocoptor or two that will be demonstrated.

Plan on staying the evening for a great free Barbecue and hangar dance featuring a live band, Young Country.

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

For questions or information contact:

Lynn Vaughan 602-321-8186 lynnv737 'at' comcast.net
Larry Vaughan 602-315-8990 lv737 'at' aol.com


Day 3. Aerial Tour and Departure ...Vlad

The French weatherman opened the sky for us around 9 am. We were already in the tower/FSS.  continue


Probable Cause Released; N57DC

14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Sunday, April 06, 2014 in Summerfield, FL
Probable Cause Approval Date: 04/14/2016
Aircraft: MONROE DENNIS RV-7, registration: N57DC
Injuries: 2 Fatal.
NTSB investigators either traveled in support of this investigation or conducted a significant amount of investigative work without any travel, and used data obtained from various sources to prepare this aircraft accident report.

The private pilot, who was also the owner/builder of the experimental amateur-built airplane, was assisting with the production of a film throughout the afternoon, and the purpose of the accident flight was to record video footage from the air. After departing from the grass runway, the airplane entered a circular left orbit around a tightly clustered group of actors on the ground at an altitude just above the tops of nearby trees. The airplane had completed three circuits, and during the fourth, it appeared to witnesses to be flying slower than it had during the previous circuits. Analysis of video from onboard the airplane, video taken of the airplane from the ground, and witness statements showed that the airplane banked steeply left and began descending toward the ground at a relatively steep angle, consistent with inadvertent entry into an aerodynamic stall. As the airplane descended, the engine power rapidly increased, and the airplane began banking back toward a wingslevel attitude as its pitch attitude increased; these actions are consistent with the pilot recognizing and attempting to recover from the stall. The airplane subsequently impacted the ground in a nearly level and slightly nose-down pitch attitude. Signatures observed on the wreckage were indicative of high engine power at impact, and no evidence of any preimpact mechanical malfunctions or failures were observed on the airframe and engine. Examination of damage to the airplane’s horizontal stabilizer revealed that it failed from overstress due to ground impact. The majority of the spar cracks and fracture surfaces exhibited features consistent with overstress failure. The other damage features present on the spar section were consistent with ground impact. Although some fatigue cracks were present in the spar sections, the fatigue crack sizes were small, and crack orientations were inconsistent with the stress direction of the overstress portions of the fracture. These cracks were unlikely to have resulted in an in-flight failure of the horizontal stabilizer. Even if the spar had fractured before impact, the remainder of the part was still riveted to adjacent structural components within the stabilizer.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows:
The pilot's failure to maintain airplane control while maneuvering at a low airspeed, which resulted in an aerodynamic stall, and his decision to maneuver at an altitude that did not allow an adequate margin to recover from a stall.  continue

related: RV Accident Probable Cause Listings



June 29, 2016.  00:10 UTC.  Issue No. 4,148.

GMA 245 and G5 PIREP ...jthocker

Completed my panel finally! Changed out the GMA 240 for the new 245 and the GRT Mini X for the G5. The GMA 245 is great. 1st, the auto squelch works as advertised and the ability to select noisy cockpit seems to reduce the background hiss while using intercom. 2nd, the bluetooth to my iPhone works superbly. I was able to have a 5 minute conversation at 2500 ft msl while enroute to an air show last weekend. 3rd, the 3D audio is especially helpful in our air show environment in that the 2 coms are separated in my head, Air Boss is in my right ear and lead is in my left ear. 4th, dedicated music volumes for pilot and copilot will be welcome to my wife. 5th, bluetoothing to our Garmin Virb XE's will make our videos more interesting by adding our cockpit audio.

The G5 is the perfect compliment to my G3X touch. Should I lose the main display, I will still have autopilot capability along with moving map and approach capability via the GTN 650. But, best of all is a full time dedicated "Baro" knob for both displays via the G5 multi function knob that is defaulted to "Baro" until pushed. It also changes the Touch baro setting via Can Bus.

Hopefully this is my last panel upgrade for a while!


Recording feature on ForeFlight/message in the sky ...brianwallis

The King Air type rating was expensive.... It broke my soul to sell my RV-3 to help pay for all this and then the recruiter says "you are 67 hours short for our minimums of 1000 PIC". Well darn and hold the phone. I made arrangements to build time in an RV-6. After flying ALL over Houston, it was time to do something really fun. So to answer the burning question of what to do to help burn 67 hrs of flying, here you go! I drew out a message on my iPad and traced it with the airplane to create a visual flight plan message. It was the first try doing this and my apologies for the horrible handwriting but maybe if I slip this in with the job application... It might put me over the top. Input? Big thanks to all the wonderful RV folks I've met in Houston!!!! Especially Hank for trusting me with his baby.


Ever loose a tool in your airplane?

Have you ever lost a tool in your airplane and never found it? Not a good situation.  Read this interesting article about loosing a pair of pliers only to be found many decades later.


Status Report ...kentlik

Moving forward...thanks for the help Darrell of Aurora/Hubbard, OR.


RV Grin Captured ...AdamB vid


For you creative googlers ...Vlad

Can anybody fish any info from the Net about this airstrip in Newfoundland? Or maybe somebody already been there? If I weren't on a leash I would have checked it myself by landing there. I have approximate coordinates and a picture. Can anybody savvy help me out? Glen?



June 28, 2016.  00:10 UTC.  Issue No. 4,147.

Flying saves time and money (new stuff)  ...hydroguy2

Ashley creek, 2 miles east of 97MT, was looking fine last Monday on my flight home.  continue


Vlad's Suprise Birthday Party ...from Vlad viewpoint

Thank you guys that was cool! I've been through couple fed checks before and this one looked real. With all CAP setup, parking etc. I just went through two customs couple hours ago so all paperwork was perfect. Good laughs!

What a weekend! Early morning I did a quick 3 hour run to Canada.  continue


France.  Day 2 ...Vlad ads to a previous trip report

Next day weather was as forecasted. Windy, foggy, in low 40ies. Not even a chance for island hop. Typical Aleutian climate.  continue


I Knew Better ...1001001

...but I Wasn't Thinking

I think I know what happened here, but can anyone tell me and help confirm or deny my suspicion?


Mothership Scoreboard


Garmin Pilot v8.3.0 is out. ...just FYI.



June 27, 2016.  00:03 UTC.  Issue No. 4,146.

RV Gathering @ KPYM and Vlad's Birthday Surprise! ...Dvalcik

RVs in the NE all converged on Plymouth MA, KPYM. Captain John our host out did himself along with his Neighbors on either side of his hanger. Great get together, good conversation, a lot of lies, and fun for all.  continue


Teen Flight 4 RV-12 First Engine Start ...greghughespdx

On Saturday, student members of the Teen Flight 4 class in the Portland, Oregon area met for their regular weekend session at KHIO, Hillsboro, OR. This class of young men and women has been working on the fourth RV-12 being built by the program, which is part of the Airway Science for Kids organization.

This weekend was a rather momentous one, as TF4's Rotax engine was started for the first time. Mr. Jerry Van Grunsven, one of our mentors, did the honors with one of the students, Matt, in the cockpit to help. Afterward, all the students who were in attendance posed for a quick photo to commemorate the occasion.  continue


Cumulo-Granite ...RV8JD

A few pics of Mt. Olympus peeking out of the clouds today, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.


Pylon Racing School Videos ...AX-O

Finally got around to looking at some video. Below are 2 short videos.  The join ups at Reno for the races are different than the standard rejoins. There you always join to the outside.  This was my first lap around the Medallion course. I was "following" my instructor Shane. He was flying Bob Mills' Super -6.


Beautiful RV-8 Flight Over the Rockies ...colojo

The smoke from the western wildfires finally cleared out a bit and I enjoyed a nice, smooth flight over the foothills west of Denver this morning. Captured a nice shot of the hills with the high peaks in the background. Great day for an RV grin!


Next Generation RV Grin ...Rob 'Traynhr'

My son and grandson continue to experience the "RV grin" every time they take the RV8 out! Today, my grandson wanted to go from 3 g's to 3.5 g's in turns. The guy is five years old and is already emulating his dad's fighter pilot background. We've had lots of planes and flown many more but never, ever have we had one that brings us this kind of joy!


A2A Pics ...Closterman

Some great pics of my RV-7A. Now 42h on the hobbs and I truly love it !!  A dream come true!



June 24, 2016.  00:01 UTC.  Issue No. 4,145.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Eagle's Nest Projects - An exciting week in the life of two teenage girls ...Ernie post

What makes for an exciting week in the life of two teenage girls?
-Jim Senft, Program Director - Eagle’s Nest Projects Central High School (WI) June-2016

How about graduating high school with honors and distinctions and completing your First Solo flight in an airplane you helped build. That’s exactly what Olivia Rasmussen and Nicole Jackson did last week at Central High School-District of Westosha. Nicole completed her ‘first solo’ flight on Monday, June 13th, and two days later on Wednesday the 15th, Olivia completed her 'first solo' flight.

The rest of the story...

-John Putra, CFII
“Both Olivia and Nicole have done a tremendous job in achieving their first solo flight! The weather conditions for both solo flights were sunny skies, temperature in the mid-80s, and light and variable winds. For the dual portion of this lesson, we ran through traffic pattern emergencies, making proper corrections for high and low approaches, bounces, and Balked Landing Procedures. After a grueling hour and a half and at 8 times around the pattern, I declared them ready, parked the plane, signed their log books, and sent them off for that first half hour of PIC time! They both did three takeoffs and landings that would make any flight instructor proud. They were a pleasure to fly with, they always came prepared to their lessons with all assigned reading and homework complete, and because they helped build the airplane they were able to articulate in areas the average student pilot would likely stumble. I’m looking forward to helping them complete the remainder of their training and being there when they earn their Private Pilot license!”

“The Eagle’s Nest program has provided me with a unique experience in which I have worked to build meaningful relationships in addition to forging an array of unique skills. Throughout the build of “Falcon One”, I was exposed to real life engineering applications that further inspired me to pursue a degree in engineering. I was also introduced, quite unforgettably, to the world of aviation as I never would have imagined before, both through the build and in training for my license. Eagle's Nest Projects has truly given me the opportunity to take part in a sincerely memorable experience that has helped prepare me for college and my future in so many ways.”
Olivia is currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Madison; Mechanical Engineering.

“Eagle’s Nest Projects has helped me peruse my private pilot license and choose my degree. Building "Falcon One" gave me more background on the physics of flight so when I started flying it was easier to understand how flight works. The experience I received from Eagle's Nest Projects helped me decide that I would like to work with the design of airplanes and become an aerospace engineer. My first solo flight was an incredible experience. It really is one of those things where you just smile and think that that really just happened!”
Nicole is currently enrolled at MSOE, Milwaukee School of Engineering; Aerospace and Electrical Engineering.

-Jim Senft, Program Director - Eagle’s Nest Projects Central High School
The partnership between Central High School's STEM Aviation Program and Eagle’s Nest Projects has provided our students an exciting and truly unique education experience and a venue for further developing knowledge and skills in the areas of STEM. The Eagle’s Nest program emphasizes the importance of setting goals, planning, teamwork, and respect as students work “hands-on” on complex processes and problems in the same way accomplished scientists and engineers perform their jobs. The program also motivates, empowers, and encourages students with technical abilities to pursue STEM careers. The combination of teamwork, the challenge of learning so many skills, and accomplishing something as unique and outstanding as building a flying aircraft really instills something that's incalculable and invaluable to the students. Eagle’s Nest Projects is a life-changing program.

[Aside: Please take a moment here to congratulate these outstanding young ladies on their accomplishment. I'm sure any words of encouragement would also be appreciated and I'm guessing will take a permanent place in their scrapbook of life. /reb]


Status Report ...crabandy pictures


Alternator weirdness, help required ...nigelspeedy

I have a Dynon Skyview system with EMS. The ammeter shunt is set up so it measures the alternator output. I also have a Vertical Power VPX Pro. The VPX measures the current flowing through it and then calculates the difference between VPX current used and Alt output and figures any difference must be going to/from the battery. I have a Lithium Ion battery and at rest with no load it has about 13.3 volts. I also use solid state relays that have a quirky property that even when off there is a small voltage (~2.3 volts) on the output side. The alternator is a Plane Power 60A and only has about 50 hours on it. With the engine off, if I turn on the alternator I see about 4 amps on the #1 Alt Vse, although in flight this value alternates in the display between 0 & 1 Amp.  continue


Engine Issues to Work Through ...TimO RV-14A

I wanted to post this to make sure that everyone has a good engine run experience and help eliminate some of the potential you may have for issues. I feel this is important for many reasons, but one big one is that I believe that Lycoming has been making a serious mistake on the engines they're shipping out.

First, this is an important one...
Check your engine data plate. The IO-390 has a timing setting of 20 degrees BTDC. At least on mine it is. In my case, I also am using a Lightspeed ignition, so I had to make sure that when I sent my flywheel to Klaus for drilling, it was drilled for magnets for a 20 degrees BTDC setting.

I've been finding that Lycoming is not properly setting the timing on the engines they're shipping.

Case 1: There is another airplane at our airport who just got a new factory IO-390 in his Mooney. He had high CHT's that went over 400. The mechanics did their troubleshooting and found that the factory had both his mags timed to 23 BTDC. Once they corrected that his CHTs dropped into the normal range. They warned me and I checked mine.  continue


Milestone: Finished RV-10 HS ...AdamB



June 23, 2016.  00:06 UTC.  Issue No. 4,144.

Sunday fun ...video from NZ.


Classic Aero Designs Customer Pictures

(longtime forum advertiser Luke)
I thought I would start a thread with some of the recent pictures customers have sent us of their completed airplanes. We have been putting these on our company Facebook page for quite a while, and they have been very popular. This way VAF readers who don't do Facebook can see them too.

We put many hours of effort into each order that goes out our door, so it's also very nice for us to see the finished product in the completed airplane. We hope you like them.

PS: We sent each of these customers a gift certificate from Aircraft Spruce as a thank you for taking the time to get back to us with some nice quality pictures. If you have pictures of our products in your plane, we'd really appreciate pictures from you too. Thanks!


Mannan Thomanson ...Rest in Peace

Born: October 03, 1940
Died: June 16, 2016

MANNAN THOMASON, age 75, of Alto, Georgia, passed away on Thursday, June 16, 2016.

Mr. Thomason was born on October 3, 1940 in Habersham County, Georgia. He was a member of Good News Baptist Church, and a life member of Grant Reeves VFW Post 7720. Mr. Thomason was a retired veteran with the United States Air Force having served for 20 years. He was also a member of The Pilot Association with The Habersham County Airport. He is preceded in death by his parents, Marion Jones and Lomie Wilbanks Thomason; and brother, Milton Thomason.

Survivors include his loving wife of 11 years, Becky Hess Thomason, of Alto; daughters, Jennifer Thomason, of Austin, TX; Rebecca Thomason Kovacs, of Austin, TX; sons, Kevin Thomason, of Oakland, CA; Scott Thomason, of Omaha, NE; sister, Trudy Thomason Wade, of Alto; 5 grandchildren, and special nephew, Matt Wade, of Alto.

Memorial Services are scheduled for 11:00 a.m., Saturday, July 16, 2016 at The Habersham County Veterans Wall of Honor, 660 US Highway 441 Business, Cornelia, Georgia 30531, with Rev. Austin Kelley officiating. Full military honors to be provided by United States Air Force Honor Guard.

In lieu of flowers, the family request that donations be made to The Habersham County Wall of Honor for Veterans, P.O. Box 298, Demorest, Georgia 30535.

Arrangements are in care of Whitfield Funeral Home & Crematory, South Chapel, 1370 Industrial Boulevard, Baldwin, Georgia. 706-778-7123

Those wishing to express online condolences to the family may do so by visiting our website at www.whitfieldfuneralhomes.com.


Flight over Laguna Beach, Hemet

Here's the first video I made after having the plane painted. Video quality varies a lot with the camera mounted on top of the V-stab; very shaky with lots of gyrations during takeoff as result of prop wash, but not too bad when throttled back.

Kinda smoky, a result of the Santa Barbara fire.

Landing at Hemet was a little crossed up, but done at walking speed (nearly!) thanks to a decent headwind component.


Whelen Tail Strobe (many pics) ...TimO RV-14A

Over the past couple years as LED NAV and Strobe packages became more popular, I've heard one thing about some of the systems. People complain about having noise generated by the LED's or Drivers, and it affects their avionics or audio. I've always done what I can to eliminate noise possibilities.
In both of my planes I have a single-point ground, and run nearly everything that requires a ground, to it. I do sometimes utilize airframe grounding but more often than not, I run a ground wire. Considering the rumblings I've heard about LED kits, I ran a ground for my NAV and Strobe wires.  continue



June 22, 2016.  Issue No. 4,143.

Pylon Racing School (PRS) 2016 ...AX-O

I will write something up about PRS soon. Just wanted to say that I was not the only RV person there. There were a group of us. Some renewed their certification and some of us earned the qualification for the 1st time.

Video of my plane being pulled out to the ramp. No, I did not add the music. There was an ice cream truck running around.  continue


Why Karl's RV-8 is Painted Like a Corsair

Thanks Jim. One of the cool things is that my old Navy squadron (VFA-151) used to fly Corsairs in the late 1940's. Hence the registration number N151TK and the 51 nose number. They were originally established as VF-23 and flew off the USS Midway, CV-41. Ironic that that's the last ship our squadron flew off of before she got decommissioned post Desert Storm.
Karl Richcreek
N151TK "La Otra Chica"


Women's Air Race Classic Update


Catching Up: Recent RV-14A First Flight ...TimO

Just catching up...

Regarding Scott's cowl mod inquiry.... I agree it's too early to worry much about it, but I do have a good general feel for how this airplane is working out and I do think if the oil cooler could more easily evacuate to the outside airstream it would be an improvement that will likely be needed by some people later. Yes, my temps will come down with time, but I also don't live in the hottest region of the country. I probably will actually need to install a throttle valve in front of my oil cooler, like I did in my -10, just to maintain enough oil temperature in the winter. But what really annoys me is when I have to step climb to keep temps down. On my return trip from the cayman islands a couple months ago, with 1180 hours on the RV-10, flying in turbulent clouds talking to foreign controllers who aren't easy to talk to, I found myself asking to stop my IFR climb to 10,000' to let my oil temps relax a bit. I don't want to deal with that in this plane too, and I'm still open to chopping the cowl a little in the -10 to fix it there as well. I just want to know the quickest, easiest, guaranteed way to get the job done without any more modification than necessary. A week or two ago I saw a mod that an aussie flyer says is common there. You slit the cowl in a square pattern on 3 sides, with the aft side not being slit. Then pull the cowl flap created upwards into the cowl about an inch or so. Then glass in the sides between the cowl and the flap. This creates a little slot..they called it a mailbox slot, that although facing forward, apparently exhausts really well. It doesn't disturb the paint too much, and is easy to do. If I can find a dozen people who say that mod works well, I'll probably dig in and do it on both planes. At this point it's a gut feeling that even after break-in the oil temp is still going to be an issue on hot days or extended climbs. It's not urgent, and I don't plan to even spend the time on it until I get the hours flown off...certainly not before OSH. But if I find that by August it's still acting the same, I'm going to figure something out. The cowl cooling is definitely much better than expected...I've very very happy with my CHT's.  continue



Tuesday morning I had the distinct pleasure of giving an 18-year-old kid in our neighborhood his first ride in a small airplane. Spencer's plan is to be a professional pilot.  He just graduated from the same high school Tate is in, and will be starting OSU in the fall.

We did a preflight, climbed in and launched into the sticky, hazy, already 90*F morning North Texas air. Climbed to 2500 feet and I gave him the controls.  Let him fly, figuring things out as we went along for the next 18 min. He did wonderfully and picked up things quick.  He flew .3hr of the .4hr flight.

Takeoff (me), straight and level (him), some very small turns, following the heading and holding altitude and then back down safely.  No vomit, drips or errors. Win-win.

I think I enjoyed it as much as he did. What a privilege to be able to be a part of such a momentous occasion in a potential aviator's future.

photo courtesy Sid Mayeux


The Rock ...Vlad

Off the coast of Newfoundland there is a French enclave. Two islands Saint Pierre and Miquelon both have nice airports. Both claim to be stunning tourist destinations. So a scarce intel was pieced together, a crew member found, couple calls made and up went against the time on a cool May day northwest bound.

The flight was uneventful. We had a breakfast in Massachusetts then refueled at Wiscasset Maine. From there we were on course to Prince Edwards Island but encountered some clouds loaded with hard water and diverted to Stanley, NS. There we topped off with $2 a liter avgas and continued our journey.  continue



June 21, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,142.

Last Flight...Brian Eisner

Yesterday I took my Dad who is 84 years old to a Fly-in at the Fredericton(CYFC) Airport to celebrate the Fredericton Flying Club's 50th Anniversary. He informed me before we left Stanley(CCW4) Airfield that this would be his last flight in the RV. He had a knee replacement many years ago but the pain is too much for him to sit in the back of the RV. I just want to say that I'm very fortunate to have been able to have my father fly with me all of these years. Here is a picture of Dad and me taken at the Fredericton(CYFC) Airport before leaving to fly back to Stanley(CCW4).

Thanks Dad for all the great memories.


First flight video ...Dominik in Switzerland

[ed. Yeah, I thought that screen grab would get your attention :-). v/r,dr]


RV Grins on Father's Day

Flying with your son is one thing, but these photos show two generations of 1st flights flying with me. One is of my Grandson Tripp in my RV-7 late last year and the second is of his father (my oldest son, Aaron). Both photos taken by my beautiful wife Melonee more than thirty-two years apart.


Jim Lechleiter


12 hours of detailing on Dad's RV 7 for Fathers Day!!! ...ScottSundstrom

2 Days of washing, clay bar, compound buff, polish, and Wax


Woman's Air Race Classic Starts Today! ...Doug Dunston post

"The Air Race Classic starts tomorrow!  Here's the live map of teams - look for team 24, Vans Air Force 1 in their RV-7.  Wishing all the pilots safe flights & a great adventure!"


Milestone: AX-O Gets His Reno Card!!!


First Flight Pics ...TimO RV-14A


Canada RV News ...Martin Rousseau

I have done a radio interview this morning at the regional radio about the completion of my RV-7A and first flight. A web article was done from the interview. In resume, I said that Experimental aircraft are even, if not more safe than certified aircraft, and build an aircraft are not a way to save money....

I'm pretty proud to have build my own aircraft, and VAF greatly help me all along the process. Thanks for all who have help me in the last 6 years !

I have now 38h on my RV and I really like it ! So fun to fly, it's amazing!

P.S.: The interview and article was in french, sorry for my English friend


Product Announcement...FDS


Quirky from the air ...Vlad


Welcome AeroLab

The main goal is to have a filter gascolator easily accessible and serviceable from outside the aircraft, without loosing/tightening the AN fitting of the fuel system.



June 20, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,141.

Painted! ...Karl Richcreek pics


RV14 First Flight ...TimO

Hey all, had a great first flight today in N14YT. The plane flew perfectly, and I was happy to find that all the temps were great. My CHT's were in the low 300's and oil temps were in the mid-180's to mid-190's when doing full power climbs. It climbs like a rocket and OAT is around 90F today here. It wasn't as stable as the RV-10 but that's not a negative....it seems to have a bit better roll rate and should be not quite an RV-7 but fun for Aerobatics. We'll have to find that out after a few more hours. Otherwise, it's very nice to be near the end of being in the shop and be able to spend more time in the sky. I still have to finish the wheel and leg fairings to earn my higher top speeds, but that's about it...I'll post a pic or two later. Time to get back in the cockpit for some more air time to get rid of these flyoff hours.
Tim Olson


Canopy Frame Repair

In January I bought a wonderful fastback RV-4 from a guy in Kansas City. I'm very happy with it - in about four months I've put about 100 hours on it! It was finished in '08 and is built nicely.  continue



I have been a long time lurker just reading and trying to learn. I have been flying for three years now. I'm SEL & SES rated. I have got a little over 90 hours in a 172N and 6.5 hours in a PA12 seaplane. I still rent but really would like to own someday.

I keep trying to define my mission and keep coming back to a side by side Vans. One can learn a ton on these forums but at some point you need more. I have seen 6's and 7's @ Sun & Fun and a few other places tied down and have never had the chance to do more than just look. Well my opportunity came this week thanks to BABALU. I came across one of his posts and saw he was really close to me. I contacted him about meeting up sometime so I could ask questions and look at his RV9A up close. He did just that and on very short notice (like one day) as I ended up in his neighborhood first of the week. He was very accommodating meeting me after he got off work , letting me look and sit in his airplane and answering my questions. This has cleared up some things for me and I know now that I fit comfortably . I'm not a standard FAA pilot! So I'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to BABALU (Andy) for helping me out and letting me bug him.

I guess the next step is to actually fly in one... So if any of you side by side drivers find yourself in northeastern NC and feel like helping me out let me know. I'm really interested in a 7 but would like fly in any side by side as well for comparison.



RV-4 New Panel ...TnMike

Just finished upgrading my RV4 panel and thought I'd share the new look ...
Still need to make labels,lines,etc.....I used the new Guardian Avionics mount for hte iPad mini with GRT miniX on the left and miniB on the right ... kept the Trio as a separate item (just in case) and the GRT EIS as well.  continue

(New vs Old)


Linch, his F-16 and RV-4

So I was watching this show on the Smithsonian channel called 'Air Warriors'. It was on the F-16. I kept seeing them interview this guy and referring to him as "Linch". I'm thinking to myself "I've seen this guy before, and I think he was standing in front of an RV-4".

So I hit pause on my TV, took a picture of it with my iPhone, then send it to Rob 'Smokey' Ray with something along the line of "do I know this guy from your F-16 days"?  Rob called me back in a few hours and said yes that was his friend and that he used to have an RV-4. And I said something to the effect of they were talking about how they would put the F-16 in a dive and get it above the speed of sound and use the shock wave to disrupt enemy troops on the ground when they couldn't get a visual on the enemy troops surrounding the British special forces they were trying to help. I asked Rob if he was familiar with what Linch was talking about on TV.

"I'm very familiar with the mission he is discussing. I was flying with him."  When I stopped laughing he filled me in on some of the details. Pretty cool stuff, and a great RV tie in.

Here is the schedule for the show 'Air Warriors' if you want to try to give it a glance.  http://www.smithsonianchannel.com/tv-schedule

PS: I know the battery in my remote needs changing…

Upcoming airings:



June 17, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,140.
  I would like to start today by wishing our wonderful daughter Audrey a very happy 21st birthday. N617AR, the registration of our RV-6 stands for 'June 17, Audrey Reeves'.  I don't think I can adequately put into words just how proud we are of the young lady she has turned into. Typical of the budding scientist she now is, she's spending her 21st birthday in National Nuclear Chemistry Summer School on the west coast (sponsored by the American Chemical Society and the Department of Energy).  I have her syllabus, and see she will be spending the 17th learning about 'Nuclear Mass and Stability' and 'Radioactive Decay Kinetics - Radioisotope Dating'. After that she listens to two guest lecturers discussing "Separations in Actinide Science…." and "Plutonium and Beyond: Understanding Bonding in Actinides".
  In contrast, I think on my 21st birthday I drank a pitcher of beer, played air guitar to Def Leppard, and threw up in the bushes afterwards.  She may be thinking this through a little bit more than her old man did.  Happy birthday, Sweetie!
  Hoping everyone has a happy, safe and RV filled weekend.


Jonathan Stranberg RV-3
I really love the old school stuff.


Superior Air Part's Incorporated Oshkosh Forum's Announced

Monday 11:00; Friday 12:30
• Maximizing engine longevity. RAM Aircraft.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 12:30. Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11:00
• Engine flight management for enhanced safety, reliability and efficiency.
Superior Air Parts. Tuesday 11:00
• Communicating with and choosing the right aviation mechanic. Superior Air Parts.  Thursday 9:30
• Compression testing aircraft engines and maximizing cylinder life.
Superior Air Parts. Wednesday 11:00 and Saturday 12:30
• Superior Air Parts’ complete engine options for kit builders. Superior Air Parts.  Friday 9:30
• CamGuard. Aircraft Specialties Services.  Tuesday 9:30; Wednesday 9:30; Thursday 12:30; Saturday 9:30


From the "Do you collect grass strips?" Thread. Jim Stricker entry…

My home base - 1OA2 Mole (pvt) Grafton, OH.


From Scott Card…

I don't think I was ever lacking eyeballs to critique my work. Heck, the airplane arrived at the airport and a line formed!

"The line starts here boys."


And also from the Scott Card comedy files :-)

So, I'm flipping back through some old build pictures...

It seems that it took me a few tries to get the coax stripping tool setup just perfect.  How many tries did it take you to get something just the way you wanted it?


Welcome Guardian Avionics...iPad/iPhone flush panel mounts

"Guardian Avionics is honored to support VansAirForce.net and the RV community! Many RV’s feature both our panel mounted and remote mounted aviation CO detectors and we are proud to unveil our new line of flush panel mounts for iPads and iPhones to seamlessly and safely mount your phone or tablet inside your instrument panel!  Take a look at http://www.guardianavionics.com/vaf2016 for more info!"  Guardian Avionics is offering 10% off for all VAF customers from now until July 15th on all Panel Mounts and CO Detectors to RV builders, owners, and pilots. Just enter the coupon “VAF161” at checkout!”


Press Release


30th anniversary shirts and shirt/hat combo now available



June 16, 2016.  00:15 UTC.   Issue No. 4,139.

Juneau ice field tour photos ...Greg Arehart


New RV7 Build - Finally

Took the EAA class and built my shop about 2 years ago. Spent the interim time finding a plane and flying the heck out of it. Now that's out of the way:

Logged my first, 1.5 hours last night unpacking, inventorying, going through paperwork and plans, and trying to figure out where to store stuff. Thought I would feel overwhelmed with all those parts, but I got more excited the more I organized everything. I'll need to take a break in a few days as I want to knock out another practice kit quickly, but I've just been lying in bed thinking about it the past couple nights, and concentrating on work sure isn't happening.

What primer should I use and what parts should I prime? Just kidding! Time to forge ahead.

1961 C172B
Tail kit in progress


Shiny new paint! ...Doug Kott 9A

No more pink cowl comments! I'm really happy with the results. Two-part epoxy primer, three coats of Valspar polyurethane (Mazda NU Vintage Red, Nissan KL2 Silver Metallic, not sure about the black) and Acry-Glo clear coat. Took about six weeks at Century Aircraft Painting at Chino.

This afternoon, I took the first flight in the newly painted machine (other than the quick hop from Chino to Cable). A very serene sunset flight, 1.2 hours on the Hobbs...neat to see those orange-ish hues from the setting sun reflecting off the silver wings.  continue


Finally!!! ...mciaglia RV-10 begins.

I think I have been on here for 3 years now. I have read almost everyone's build thread from Tim Olsen, Ed Kranz, Mouser, Jason Ellis, Ivan, Bob, Charlie "Mark" and countless others. I have discussed the time, financial and other issues with undertaking this build and my wife and my life is finally in a good place to do it! I have already got my workshop ready (4 EAA tables, compressor with 3 air stations, drill press, band saw, TV and fridge!). Planning on purchasing the empennage at Oshkosh and a tool se and am taking the sheet metal class.
Are the tool deals worth it at OSH or should I get them now? Planning on Isham kit.
Thanks for all the knowledge this site has provided.
Hope you guys follow along




www.tailwheeltransporter.com  Sale Ends June 16th....

$30 off TTII.


So you think you got 'em all ...Bill Pendergrass entry

As a reminder to myself, I did a couple of things during the build.

Maybe this is same as most everyone else. It helped me.

1) I used torque seal to mark fasteners and fluid connectors that were 100% "finished". (Note: I agree with Walt about not relying on that paint as an indicator at annual. Many fasteners had "settled in" and needed a few flats to regain torque values at annual)

2) On the incomplete connections that could more likely kill me, I put flags of various sorts such as red tags wired on or a big flag of blue painters tape.

There were many structural fasteners that could go together permanently early in construction. They were easy of course. However, that final year of construction saw a huge amount of off-on/in-out/cut to fit/paint to match activity and I had to be very fastidious about fastener/connector marking.

Added to that, as has been said above, have an inspection party with the local EAA or allow any visitors with a modicum of aviation knowledge to look over your plane frequently as you get towards the end.
Bill Pendergrass
RV-7A: Flying since April 15, 2012


Got my tools this week ...nacoblio

I took delivery of our first set of tools this week. Went with a few companies including Cleveland, browns, the yard, ebay and the manufacturer of the DRDT2 (also honorable mention to harbor freight for some small odds and ends and a new tool chest. All in I am around 1700. Thats with the drdt2 and a pneumatic squeezer along with most of the stuff they include in the pre-packaged kits. I also splurged and bought a grab box from browns. Its basically a mystery box. I have included a picture of the contents below. The box was 25$ i cant even identify all the tools in the box but I have found a few that I think I can start using on this build. If anyone knows what some of tools are and how much they cost I would appreciate it. Thanks.


RVs Filling in for the Blue Angels

(Jon Thocker)  Thanks for the pitch Steve! Yes, we were somewhat surprised with the call, but had been in contact with them over the last couple of years trying to get hired for this show. It seems we were to be hired next year, and they were very happy that we were available this weekend for this years show.
This is a "bucket list" show for us as was/is OSH and Sun n Fun.
We do enjoy showing what the RV8 can do in the air show environment and have convinced ourselves we have the "Perfect" plane!!


From the calendar...



June 15, 2016.  00:09 UTC.   Issue No. 4,138.
  A picture from the archives... RV-8 'Beautiful Doll' builder/owner Danny King and RV-8A owner Scott Doores discussing the intricacies of something or another. Probably about beer or taxes would be my guess...


Medical Update Status ...Brian Chesteen

"To close the loop on this, I have my fresh medical certificate in my hand. Even better is that they graciously extended it more than a year as so I did not have to immediately start the process all over again!"


Classic Aero Designs RV-14 seats now available ...Luke at Classic Aero design

"Just in case any RV-14 builders haven't heard, our RV-14 Aviator seats are available for sale. The first wave is working it's way through the shop now. RV-14 Sportsman seats are planned as well.

Our Aviator seats don't use the stock Vans backrest frame, so they look like the picture below when installed, they have an adjustable lumbar support, 3 types of visco elastic foam, and include a large pocket on the back side.

If you don't like the colors in the picture we can make them any way you want. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions, or would like a free set of samples. 1-866-219-1087"


10 year VAF veteran

I realized today that my join-date for vaf forums was june 2006. ive been a part of the family for 10 years . i've now been flying my RV for longer than i spent building it (in terms of years, not flying hours!) which i suppose is another milestone.
Flying since July 2010!
Ottawa, Canada


Bad AvGas Problem ...Jerry Folkerts

I'm based at H19, a small municipal airport in Northeast Missouri. The City has an above ground fuel tank, and recently installed an expensive credit card reader and pump. They don't sell much fuel and it sits in the tank for up to a year. For the last year, the City has failed the State Fuel Vapor Pressure test. Evidently, they are really close, but it always comes in a decimal or two off. They have had the supplier drain the tank, put new fuel in etc., but shortly after it always fails the test.

The tank has an unusual arrangement in that the pickup tube for the pump is 18 inches above the bottom of the tank, so the bottom rarely gets drained. We first noticed the problem when Aaron Christensen was visiting with his RV-7 and noticed some off-color fuel. Shortly after, it began failing the test.

I'm not a chemical engineer, and neither are any of the city employees. Since they tend to just sit on the problem and worry about what it will cost, they are doing nothing. I would appreciate any help someone might be able to lend us. Do we have a supplier issue? Feel free to contact me off line and lets discuss.


First Flight: The 'Other' Plane

RV-9/RV-10 builder/pilot Troy Branch of Calgary Alberta Canada did the first flight on his other airplane yesterday.  This is absolutely RV related because my friend Randy Lervold is the president of Cub Crafters :-)  Congratulations Troy!


From www.ToddsCanopies.com

"Tragically, Todd passed away suddenly on June 12, 2016 following a plane crash. His funeral will be held on Thursday, June 16, 2016, at the Collegedale Church, located at 4829 College Drive E, Collegedale, TN, 37315. This will be live streamed online and the link will be available closer to the time."

[ed. Both Susie and I would like to extend our sincerest condolences to friends and family of the Silvers. This is such a tragedy I can't even wrap my head around it. I probably won't ever be able to. v/r, dr]



June 14, 2016.  00:32 UTC.   Issue No. 4,137.

Kiddo Update ...crabandy

We just got the news, we should be heading home with PIE tonight!!! Lots of work/recovery to do but we are going home!!


Quirky ...turbo


Loose Fuel Tank Air Vent ...Saville

Just this weekend I positively determined that the B nut on the left fuel tank air vent - on the inside of the tank - was so loose I could tighten it with my fingers.

Don't know if it's been that way or got that way or, if it got that way how it got that way.

But it happens.

Now I have to tighten it and figure out how many turns (or facets) past finger tight I need to go. I have to get it right because I DO NOT want to go through the thrills of removing an access plate again if I can avoid it.


Final Painting ...Blain

I can honestly say I've had enough paint, fiberglass and sandpaper for a while. Lower cowl is the last item. Even came out well. Not a curtain to be found!


Aileron bellcrank rib (RV-4)

I'm wondering how other builders have dealt with this problem. Two of the rivets that attach the 3/4 angle are located right on the flanged ring around the second lightening hole. This is as per the plans but this leaves a gap between the angle and the rib web. Unfortunately I didn't notice this until I had started riveting.

I'd like to flatten this area to the angle with a pair of flat sets and my squeezer by I don't think it will lay tightly to the angle. I'd rather not have to drill out the rivets to disassemble it. Any suggestions?





June 13, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,136.
  It's been a pretty horrible weekend for news, so I'm going to publish this quick and start focusing on the Tuesday edition.  Prayers to all those affected in Florida.

First Flight, Unique addition to the RV Family!!! ...Bruce Eicher post

It is with great pleasure that I get the rights to tell you Klaus-Peter Morhard of Southern Germany has successfully completed his first flight of his LOM engine powered RV-7!!!

I first met Klaus and his family two summers ago when we accepted his request (on VAF) to host his son Matthis for a school year here in Wilsonville Oregon. So we have been following the -7 project, anticipating the long awaited first flight. The decision to install a non-Lycoming power plant as always brings difficulty and added design and fabrication. Klaus-Peter’s strive for perfection might have also added a bit of time. Even the need to change prop choices after a failed test run added almost a year. But Klaus kept at it over many years and built a beautiful airplane!

And Friday here is what I heard from Klaus in Germany:  continue


Update on the Kiddo ...crabandy

Doctors think she's on the mend, she's starting to look and act like a little girl again. We're hoping the progress keeps up and we'll get to go home Monday.

Thanks to everyone for the shared experiences and show of support, helps to keep this daddy "coordinated."


So, you think ya got em all?...bret

I was in the shop today and decided to set fuel pressure at the regulator and test the fuel system for the first time, made up transfer lines and a ground wire for the 5 gallon gas can, (wings off) and discovered port plumbing was reversed at the duplex valve, so I crawl under to switch the lines and discover one of the fuel line was loose! After years of hearing of this and told myself over and over to check every B nut during the build, and I did over and over, I still had a loose fuel line! I guess I am human and will make mistakes, still cant believe this........could have been real bad.




Flying an RV is...

When I talk with student pilots or GA pilots who have never flown an RV I always try to describe what it is like to fly one. I have a hard time expressing what it is really like. I've said that "C or P" brands are like a Yugo or VW Bug and an RV is a Porsche. I have never driven a Porsche or a Yugo (many of the younger generation don't even know what a Yugo is/was) but I did own a Bug or two.

So I am throwing this question out the RV community. Please finish the sentence.

Flying an RV is?


The definition of sport aviation

C and P are like Chevy sedans...an RV is like a Miata with wings

I like the VW vs Porche comparison. Both have horizontally opposed, air cooled 4 cylinder engines, just like Cherokees and RVs. Compare the performance and handling of the two and it is appropriate.  I owned a Cherokee 140 until my first ride in a RV-8 and subsequent ride in an F1 Rocket. I also owned a 1973 Super Beetle and stepped up to a 1973 Mustang shortly after

Station Wagon/Truck v.s. Sports Car.
Same idea.....

It's a little different for us 10 drivers...  An old 182 is like driving a 1983 Chevy Caprice Wagon.  The RV10 is like driving a 2016 Audi Q7

I just tell people double your rate of climb and add 50 knots to your cruise speed.  Granted, ive never flown an RV, but im building one (g)


Milestone: This past Friday

Tate Reeves got his learner permit for driving.  2.5 hours waiting at the DMV.  On the way home I pulled over, took the picture below, then I had him drive me home on side streets.

Fair warning. 



June 10, 2016.  00:30 UTC.   Issue No. 4,136.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Eagle's Nest Projects - Graduation Snapshots 2016 ...Ernie post

High School Graduation – a milestone and the close of an important chapter in a young person’s life. With hormones, emotions, reasoning, and self-discipline engaged in constant battle, diploma in hand these young adults are eager to charge forward and make their mark on the world.

Photos are still coming in but I thought you might enjoy a sneak preview of tomorrow’s business and community leaders. Yes, they’re all Eagle’s Nest Projects build-students!  more


Brantel Medical Update ...Brantel

After being forced to return my medical certificate (fully expected and not unreasonable) and receiving the "You have been denied" letter from the FAA in late March which was a response to me informing them of receiving a new stent in my heart in December, I obtained confirmation that I have a new medical certificate on its way to me this week!

Important tips for those that come behind me:
  • Don't wait on them to tell you what to do. If I had, I would still be waiting because to date they have never responded to my request for re-authorization of my special issuance medical. Do your homework as most disease protocols are listed on their website with the exact requirements needed for each class of medical and what they will require. Get that stuff done and send it to them proactively.
  • Be as precise and complete as possible. You will have to force your doctors to comply. Dot every i and cross every t. Check, double and triple check your documents to ensure that you have exactly what they want per the protocols listed online. When I submit documents directly, I always organize them, put a sticker on every page with my name and PI#, include a table of contents and a cover letter.
  • If your special issuance is canceled and or denied, don't forget that you must formally request in writing for it to be reauthorized. They don't tell you this up front and you can waste months on this fact alone.
  • Call them every week to get an update. Sometimes this can cut days out of the process because the desk clerk can let you know what that letter in the mail says. Waiting on the USPS can add weeks to the process. Call your regional office as they are sometimes not as busy and I think they are actually FAA employees. Seems to me the contact number for OKC goes to a contractor hired to answer the phone. (not sure on that one).
  • Get help from someone that can call the FAA on your behalf. My understanding is that this is either your AME or someone you hire that is in that business. If your AME is not stellar, good luck and you better find someone else! The hired route can be very expensive for the services they actually provide since you are the one that has to do all the work anyway. Someone that has privileges to call on your behalf may or may not be able to speed up the process but at least they can get past the front desk and let you know where you really stand and what is really going on.
  • Always send your documents via certified mail and get a return receipt. Call and check to ensure they acknowledge receipt of the documents.

That is all I can think of right now. I am sure there is more but starting with those tips will help out a bunch. Obviously each persons situation is different and your results may vary. Finding an AME with lots of experience with the SI medical process would be key. Unfortunately none exist fairly local to me. Next time I will be traveling to the closest one that has a great reputation in this area.

Now all I have to do is get current again....My BFR is due so that is good timing. Condition inspection is in progress.

Looks like I will make it to Osh afterall!


Little Screwdriver ...Weasel

While I am working in the shop my 4 year old daughter bothered me with....Hey daddy, what do yall use this tiny screwdriver for?

I quickly start. That's NOT a screwdr....... uh wait. I guess I never looked at it quite like that.

Man these little ones and there imaginations <g>.


Rope trick gone bad ...scard

The other day I performed some minor exhaust valve maintenance using the standard rope trick. I used 3/8" rope, which I'll never do again. Somehow I must have hit the lottery because the rope tied itself into the most perfectly tight slip knot inside the cylinder. I was on the verge of pulling the cylinder because there was just no way this knot/rope was coming out.

Tanya said, "Don't pull that cylinder just yet. Not until I get a crack at it." She loves puzzles and this one was a doozy. So I took a deep breath and sat for a few minutes, all the while thinking "I could have this #2 cylinder off and back on in an hour and a half."

Was I really going to let her show me how this is done? I don't think so!

I drug out the borescope and computer for detailed evaluation. Yep that is one tight slip knot. With the borescope in the bottom plug hole, looking at the computer screen, a hemostat and flat head screw driver went in the top hole. To my amazement, in about 45 minutes, I was able to mostly untie the knot in the cylinder and extract the rope. Wow, that was close.

I think a smaller rope, maybe 1/4", would be more appropriate such that if it tied itself in a knot, it could still be pulled out. I'm sure some unsuspecting mechanic has already learned this lesson. Now I have too.



June 9, 2016.  00:15 UTC.   Issue No. 4,135.

Morning fuel run: KGLE.   dr photo

Mental Gyros Re-Calibrated

I call short flights in my RV-6 "mental gyro recalibration sessions". Yesterday things worked out in a way so I could get in a half-hour off the surface before it got too hot. Our son is currently taking drivers education classes in the morning, and Susie's schedule worked out where she could take him and pick him up. So I mentioned before going to bed last night that I may try to wake up early and sneak out the back Jack before the sun comes up. The temperature high was supposed to be in the mid-90s with the humidity in the 30% range, so the dog days of summer have arrived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Getting up and down before 8:30 AM in the morning is the preferred plan.

The bladder tank was full around 6 AM, so that's when my eyes popped open. I put on the same clothes that I was wearing before I went to bed so I wouldn't need to open any drawers or cabinets, snuck out past the bathroom without brushing my teeth or taking my multivitamin or taking my baby aspirin, and quietly put on my shoes without waking up Cujo Moondog.

It's been awhile, so I had forgotten how nice it is to drive out to the airport before the roads are congested with morning traffic. Couple this with the fact that it's summer and there are no hot school zones, and the possibility arises if you catch the lights just right you can drive for 15 min. without taking the car off cruise control. It's the simple things, right?

I arrived at the airport around 0630 and had the place to myself. Zero wind. Zero clouds horizon to horizon. Preflight the airplane and pushed it out into the still morning air. The mission was a fuel run up to Gainesville and to verify avionics functioning properly after a recent database update.

I usually set the elevator trim visually before I even climb in, and I found the sweet spot that results in stick forces that I find pleasing right when I reach rotation speed. For some reason I actually got it right this morning, and the plane got up on the mains and everything was all trimmed nice and happy, only needing the slightest back pressure to break ground. Right after leaving the surface if conditions are right you can ease up the back pressure just the smallest amount and let the speed build up so that the second time you pull back it just feels… Solid.

The sun is about my 10 o'clock just breaking the ground and I enter a long gentle sweeping graceful climbing turn to the left. Slowly lowering the propeller RPM, trimming on-the-fly and glancing at the engine gauges every second or two between scans for traffic. God, what a wonderful feeling! I forget sometimes how absolutely amazing this feels. The first 10 seconds of the flight and I knew that was the peak and that it was all downhill from there.

I had preset the radio so that number two was the AWOS at Gainesville and the standby on number one was Denton tower. As soon as I got established northbound I set the altitude bug for 2750 feet and checked in with Denton tower. That puts me over the top of their airspace but under the Dallas class B, making everyone happy. They were working a couple of targets in their pattern and pointed them out.  Good mornings were exchanged.

The winds were still 00@000 so I opted for a straight in approach at Gainesville making announcements on the radio with my distance. Just for grins I set up a VNAV approach flying through the magenta squares and noticed after a few minutes it was taking me to the center of the airport, which makes sense because I hadn't loaded an approach, or runway.  Just the airport. One more little piece of data squirreled away for some day when I might need it.

There was a car on the East side of the airport and was driving across the runway as I was on short final. I had my landing lights on and was making radio calls, and I think they were listening which is why they stopped. I had my hand on the throttle and was ready to go around if they came across the centerline. I think it was somebody who's working on the East side on one of the cropdusters.  They're based over on that side.

Gas was $3.25 a gallon and I filled it up to the top. Went inside to visit the powder room and texted my wife good morning (it was a couple of minutes after 7 AM and I knew that her alarm had just gone off). Topped off the tanks, walked around the airplane looking for stuff (found nothing), then climbed back in for southbound departure.

I took the long way home down the western side of Lake Lewisville so I could enjoy the view of the morning fishermen and their long multi-mile wakes on the glassy water. Running parallel to the western side of the lake was Interstate 35 and its morning clog. It wasn't lost on me how incredibly fortunate we are to get the views that we get - I would imagine not a soul in all those hundreds of cars had any idea of what beauty lay just a thousand feet above.

This arrival back to the airport takes me over my house, so I go as low as I legally can, and pumped the throttle just the tiniest bit over the top of our house to say good morning to the wife and son. They said later that they heard me. It's a nonevent for them, but it still impresses me and makes me smile, so I'm going to keep doing it.

After saying hello to the family I go out to Argyle to say good morning to one of my high school friends and then drop down to about 500 feet above the western shore of Lake Grapevine. It's been raining a lot lately and the rain has really swelled the lake. There is a beach on the west side that has a picnic table and a sign that says 'pick up your trash'. All you could see was the top of the sign.

Popping back up to 1000 feet AGL away from the lake across Highway 377 and establish myself on a 45 for the left downwind 17 at 52F Northwest Regional.  Make my radio call, slowly pull back on the throttle, twisting a little prop to slow the plane down and as the speed comes off feed in the first click of flaps. At low key everything is stabilized and I begin my descending 180° turn for runway 17. Halfway through this turn I dropped full flaps and begin my scan of the airport property looking out for lawn tractors, soccer moms, bicycles, deer, FedEx trucks, SAMs and all the other things that make landing at a smaller airport interesting.

Sometimes if the conditions are just right, like they were this morning, I can time the flare, or do I say I get lucky enough to time the flare, where you can feel the wheels spool up over the course of a full second. It worked out and right as the RPM came up on the wheels I reached over and raised the flaps. The plane stops feeling light on its feet and instantly feels like it's in glue. I like to land long at our runway right now because the first third of the runway essentially looks like the backside of the moon. The newly re-established Property Owners Association (link) is working on that 33-yr-old problem right now, so sometime soon I'll be able to report we're getting a new runway. But currently I land a little long and used this raise-the-flaps technique in good conditions so I can land on a smoother part and still make the turnoff to my hangar. It worked out just fine. The still air made it easy.

I shut the plane down in the hangar and pulled off the headset and just sat there with a shit eating grin on my face listening to the clicks and pops of the engine cooling down. The miracle occurred again and my mental gyros are freshly recalibrated.  Bring on the day!

It was hardly dramatic, and many people would say it wasn't even that interesting of a flight. Just a fuel run. Nothing fancy. But to me it was everything. These short flights in perfect weather conditions rejuvenate me at a base level. I honestly don't know what I would do differently if I won $100 million in the lottery. I'd still want to do this.  Well, as Steve Martin said he'd do, I'd probably buy an electric dog polisher and a fur-lined sink.  And some dumb stuff maybe...

Actually I think I already won the lottery. I have an amazing airplane, good friends and family, and get to occasionally enjoy the jaw dropping beauty of flight - seeing things few others get to see. We are a fortunate bunch, we RV flyers.  It's humbling.

It had been nine days since my last flight, and that flight was only 9 min. long. It really didn't count. The one this morning was over a half-hour and it made all the difference.  Forty minutes on the treadmill afterwards and I was feeling like a mere mortal again. Grunts and drips and sore muscles and e-mail notifications and all the other stuff that harshly brings you back to reality.  But there for a half hour it was golden.

I know what makes me feel better, and in 22 or 23 hours with the right forecast I can be there again.  Flying this RV-6 for 14 years and the visual and mechanical beauty of it all still takes my breath away at times.

For those still building, or thinking about building, you're in for a real treat. 

PS:  Voice to text software made this possible - I'm much too lazy to type all this.



June 8, 2016.  00:05 UTC.   Issue No. 4,134.
  I think a few years ago I read somewhere on the site (maybe in a 'what is your day job' type thread) that somebody around here worked for John Deere.  If that person is still around, I was hoping they could reach out (vansairforce 'at' gmail 'dot' com).  I have a mower question, because, you know, it finally stopped raining here in N.Texas.
  Yours in Hank Hill mode (I tell you what),


TeenFlight Puyallup congratulates student for first solo

TeenFlight Puyallup student, Bryan Newman, completed his first solo in our teen built RV-12. Bryan is graduating HS this year and is pursuing his goal of becoming a commercial pilot. He has participated in out TeenFlight program for three years and is currently serving as a student mentor to our new students. Congrats Bryan!


Welcome Rotec Aerosport ...ad lives on the front page

"Rotec Aerosport is a young, innovative Australian company, established in the year 1999. Rotec is headed by Director Paul Chernikeeff. Our passion and goal is to produce, high quality, world renowned. dependable and affordable radial aircraft engines and fuel injection systems to the experimental aviation market place. Engines range from the 110HP 7 Cylinder R2800 through to the 160 HP 9 Cylinder R3600. TBI fuel injection for all aircraft engine types up to 250 HP."


Status Report ...David Randall 9A

Finished the left wing top skins today with the help of my son. He is an aerospace engineering student at Embry Riddle so this is his summer internship!


RV-10 Retrofit Door Locking Kit Updated Product Release Information ...Aircraft Specialty

"...We have been asked to provide pictures of both the Red and Silver locking systems. Our website has also been updated to reflect this. We will maintain our introductory pricing of $329.95 on the kit through Oshkosh in the hope that we can get as many of these kits out and installed on aircraft prior to the show as possible."  ...


FREE 6-Month International Aerobatic Club membership - Yes, FREE!  ...Ron Schreck

"I am forwarding to all VAF readers this email from Mike Heuer, President of IAC. Even if you have no interest in flying aerobatics this is an opportunity to receive the IAC magazine and read about the sport. Who knows, that may spark and interest in flying aerobatics or volunteering at IAC events in your area. (Sometimes I think volunteers have more fun that the competitors. Really!)

This is not one of those offers that automatically switches to a paid membership at the end of six months. If you do nothing the offer expires. Period. I think many of you will choose to join after getting a tasted of what IAC has to offer. Try it!"  more



June 7, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,133.  
  Today I've added a new section to the front page called "mothership news". It'll be down at the bottom, and as items pop up on the mothership website I will add them here so you'll have the last five or 10 items in front of you.

Milestone ...Jason Hess RV-7

Been some (far too much) time since I have had an update worth sharing but...  My tanks are fully sealed!


Naming a Pilot ...Jennifer @ Gallagher Av. Insurance

As Shanna Linton had previously posted in the article mentioned below, when letting another pilot fly your plane you may be unintentionally voiding your insurance policy. The previous post quickly went in a different direction, Ha ha ha! Although those were all good questions and topics, the main idea we were trying to convey is that you should always read your policy or check with your broker before allowing another pilot to fly your aircraft.

Here is some more information regarding naming a pilot to your policy:

When you have a 'named pilots only' policy, it is intended for just that. When you request to have a pilot added to your policy the underwriter may require a check out or a specified amount of dual hours to be completed with a CFI. If this check out or dual is completed in your insured aircraft, this pilot and the CFI must be named pilots on your policy prior to receiving this training. You must notify your broker to make this addition, and they will have the underwriter add these pilots to your insurance policy (there may be an additional fee, depending on the pilot). If the training is completed in another aircraft, then you must follow the guidelines of that policy.

If you proceed with training and do not name these pilots on your insurance policy, any potential loss may not be covered. We would hate for something unfortunate to happen and have no way to help you. 


Turbo Eddie Arrives! ...Vlad reporting


Using All Your Tools ...Randy Pflanzer RV-12

On Sunday, I returned from a 5-day father-son fishing and golfing vacation in Branson, MO with my #3 son, Ross. While the trip was not a particularly distant one, about 370 nm, what makes it worth noting is that this trip would not have been possible with any of my previous airplanes. Why? One word, avionics. The ability to get updated TAFs every 5 to 10 minutes and NEXRAD images make good weather decisions just that much easier. In the past, I would have never attempted a flight that day due to the enroute conditions and the hourly forecast in Branson. We decided to give it a try because of high ceilings, reasonable visibility, and the lack of convective activity. Once airborne, I relied on the TAFs along my route to determine if going further was wise. In the end, we navigated around some rain shafts but otherwise had a very uneventful flight.  continue


GPS Interference Testing

7 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z
9 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z
21 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z
23 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z
28 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z
30 JUN 16 1630Z – 2230Z


KLBX - Angleton TX, Airport Closure with Flooding

Noon photo flight today, 6/6, LBX airport, 25 south of Houston Hobby airport, closed this morning by Airport Mgmt. Interesting talking to HOU approach, I gave them pireps and got a cell # to send them some of the pix. An inbound flight stated that they had coordinated a landing at the closed airport to evacuate planes. Approach said they couldn't authorize anything, but terminated their coverage (squawk 1200) and passed on my verbal report to them. Normally the Brazos River is miles away.


Beringer Wheels & Brakes for RV-14A Now Available ...czechsix

After flying and maintaining my RV-8A for almost a decade I have developed a great appreciation for anything that increases reliability and reduces time spent on maintenance tasks. To that end when I decided to build an RV-14A I started thinking about improvements that could be made during the construction process that will make my life easier once the airplane is flying. Wheels and brakes are one of the most time consuming repetitive maintenance headaches (second only to oil changes), and a flat tire away from home is a major inconvenience at best. So I spent some time researching Beringer’s wheel and brake products. Beringer has been around for over 30 years, getting their start in the motorcycle industry and began making aircraft wheels and brakes in 2002. They have developed a number of improvements and benefits compared to the traditional designs (Cleveland, Matco, and Grove) that Vans supplies with the stock kit. Here’s a list I compiled:  more


Do You Need to Move Your RV out of the Way of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane?

Tropical storm Colin doesn't seem to be big enough to do huge damage to the RV community (currently), but I thought I would use this opportunity to remind people that there is a hurricane relocation list available on this website. If you look over in the menu on the left side of the front page you can scroll down you find the words "hurricane inland bases".

Go there now: Hurricane Inland Relocation List.

Related: Tropical Storm Colin Info


Help Wanted at the Mothership



June 6, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,132.  
  Tate starts driver's education today.  You've been warned....

Round one done FL TO CT ...turbo


My Pie and I

[ed. crabandy's kiddo is fighting some stuff, so if you could, please send some good thoughts their way. ]


Matt's RV-9A is For Sale

[ed. We mourn the passing of his father, and wish Matt the best of luck in whatever the future presents.  His 'for sale' listing was presented so well I felt the need to put a little spotlight on it today.  Matt, very sorry for your loss, and please do visit from time to time.  ]


1000hrs ...Weasel's many great pics!

This milestone edition is mainly focused on "Friends of the -10" people who have rode in the airplane.


RV-7A Flight over the Grand Canyon ...Capt Sandy

Our latest post is a short write-up and a few pictures of our flight from Bryce Canyon over the Grand Canyon on our way to Arizona. Enjoy - and love to hear your comments.


N313GT Phase 1 Status Report ...Chris Johnson RV-9A

34 hours down now, and still grinning, even more so after blowing by a 172 yesterday like he was standing still. And I was climbing.

I have been working on my timing with respect to getting slowed down, and experimenting with different ways to fly the pattern. Also did a no-flap landing yesterday. Practicing more stalls which are non-eventful but I still need more work flying right above stall speed.

I have my main gear fairings and intersection fairings attached, and plan to do the nose gear leg fairing this week. Definitely a bit faster now.

I broke down and bought a used Lightspeed Zulu. Never going back.

I have also semi-permanently installed the Stratux box which is now hardwired to my GRT Sport. I love being able to pull up METARs, especially since our ASOS transmitter at ZPH has been down for weeks. I also bought an AP510 APRS transmitter that I finally got setup last night and will test next time I fly. Yes, I have a license (AE4KN).

I had slightly high CHT's on #3, which had been reduced by triple-checking all my baffle seals, as well as adding the gear fairings, however #3 was still just barely below 400* at 75% cruise (although it is quite hot out). A few days ago I finally bit the bullet and fabricated a channel into the rear of the #3 baffle that directs some air under the cylinder. Noticed immediate improvement now with #3 well under 390* even with higher OATs yesterday. I still think I can do better though because #1 is around 350-360*. I think adding to the air dam or at least some speed tape on #1 can help even out the temps. The only challenge is that #1 tends to get hotter faster on climb out, so I want to keep it cool enough in climb as well.

Other squawks: My old Dynon D10 backup EFIS has the leans, and indicates a slight left bank while straight and level. If it's a hardware issue my only option is to upgrade to a D10A I guess. But since I'm not flying IMC I'm not immediately concerned with a backup EFIS. Besides, the airspeed and altitude on it work fine.

Baffle cracks: Sure enough, the baffle is cracking along the outside left rear corner at the oil cooler mount. Tomorrow I am going to fabricate a doubler angle that will be well secured, with the goal of lasting until I order some new parts and make a beefier setup. Should've listened to those before me...

Everything else is going well, and I am experimenting with leaning technique, and will start a separate post with some of those questions.



Crater Lake Fly By ...kaweeka

Took this snapshot of Crater Lake last weekend flying from KLHM to KBND. What a beautiful view.


Fairing delamination ...mgregory176

So I was pretty happy with the results of the windscreen fairing until I started seeing the leading edge lifting as I sanded to the recommended thickness so I kept sanding it back hoping that the bond would be better further back.  No joy. The bond to the plexiglass seems to be very good. Is there any way to salvage this short of removal and redoing?


Help Wanted at the Mothership


June 11 in Stevensville Maryland if you didn't know...


DIY Seats/Upholstery Done ...Cbull RV-10



June 3, 2016.  00:05 UTC.   Issue No. 4,131.
  It rained virtually all day Thursday here in Dallas, Texas.  93% humidity and raining as I type this. The meringue that I tried to make for the chocolate meringue pie (made for my wife as an anniversary gift) never got as fluffy as I wanted it to - never reached 'stiff peak' as the chefs say. It turns out after some web searching that when you have high humidity you most likely won't have success making a good meringue. Now I know. So I used what I had, then threw a couple of Reese's peanut butter cups in the freezer, ground them up in the food processor and sprinkled on top.  Adapt and overcome.  Can't fly the RV-6 in storms, so might as well cover a pie with candy.
  Happy anniversary to my wonderful, beautiful, loving wife of 26 years, who for some strange reason stuck around 20 years ago when I mentioned I'd like to build an airplane in the garage.  She's braver than me.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


The Best Thing You've Ever Heard in Your Heaset

"Papa, what’s that down there?

Papa, is that flashing light another airplane?

Papa, is that plane landing?

Papa, we’re going fast!!

Papa, are we going to fly through clouds?

Papa, etc., etc.?

I’ve flown with the family many times, flown with the kids, flown with the kids with their kids, etc. One thing that I had been waiting on was flying with Chris - my son, Eli - my oldest grandson (4 years old) and me … and it just being us guys.

Wednesday night was the night. I flew from KJCA to KCCO (Northwest of ATL to Southeast of ATL) and back to pick up my son so he could borrow my pickup. No reason for Eli not to join us so away we went. Me in the right seat, my son Chris flying us back and grandson Eli in the back entertaining me (until he fell asleep). Of course, I did leave a 2 yr old not happy that he wasn’t getting to come along with Papa but that is still to come."


Alaska 2016 Here We Go Again ...Vlad

Two RVs will start leasurely from Bozeman, Montana. Trekking northbound on early morning Aug 2nd (or 3rd or 4th...). We will take it easy this time 5-7 hours a day. We plan to keep on east side of the range to intercept Alcan. Question to Canadian friends - which side of Calgary airspace would you pass?  continue


Checked out in the P-51D ...brought to my attn by Jim Lechleiter

'traynhr' in the forums.  Rob owns an RV-8 with his son.  You'll want to read every word of this article.  Very entertaining!


Charity Hat Sightings ...XOverZero

I took advantage of an offer to join a long-time buddy at the 100th running of the Indy 500. It was a fantastic experience! Also added a couple extra days to visit the National Museum of the US Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, and the Wright Cycle Company/Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park. Both of these are absolute musts for everyone and anyone involved in the aviation world, right up there with Oshkosh.


Status Report ...Martin Filiatrualt RV-8

A quick status update:
During this building hiatus I attended the Synergy Air Quickbuilding Class in Oregon... see my blogspot blog for details, as well as comments in the VAF reviews section.
Yesterday was a big step. After a phone call to Van's to sort out some details, I placed my order for my RV-8 quickbuild wings and fuselage. My hands were almost trembling as I hit "send" to place the order. I also got on the build list for a set of Grove airfoil landing gear legs... and I'm told I was just in time to get in on the next batch. So things are on the move again. While waiting for the kits to arrive, I'll be talking with engine, prop and avionics guys at AirVenture, attending the Sherwin-Williams training program in September (the April class was cancelled), visiting the Barrett shop in Tulsa, building wing stands, getting heat installed in the main shop and starting the fiberglass work on the empennage. As Oat Willie would say, "Onward, into the fog..."


Welcome www.tailwheeltransporter.com

Ad lives on the front page.  Video of it being used HERE.



June 2, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,130.

You might be a builder ...Tim Freeney RV-10

I've been working on this project now for 2.5 years. I'd love to say I'm further along than I am, but there have been certain milestones along the way.

Each time a subassembly comes together...or trying a new process...

This weekend I got the pleasure of a new milestone. Drilling out a LARGE number of rivets to fix a mistake. Over 300 to be exact. Of course I've done the onesy twosey rivets along the way, but this was another mountain altogether.


Tuscon over Memorial day ...Georff McHarg

We took the 6a down to Tuscon over Memorial day to visit my niece and help her unpack from moving. the weather was really nice. We left KFLY early Saturday and went down via Grants, Show Low and into Tuscon. On the way back we came up north to Canyon de chelly.  continue


Know your avionics ...Don Stiver RV-8

I experienced an alarming avionics display incident today and it was not the result of a failure of either of my GRT displays (HXr and miniAP). However, it points out a potential safety hazard that I bring to your attention. I may find after this post that there is already a solution that I am unaware of.

I experienced a dual screen total blackout and could not get the screens back on line: note that I said nothing failed.

My aircraft is a Vans RV8 which has a bubble canopy. Today in Florida was cloudless sky and very bright. I’m going to try to describe the button pushes that got me into this predicament. I departed Venice, Florida this AM about 0945. While on runway heading and scanning for traffic I wanted to turn the heading bug about 90 degrees North to get me on a gps intercept path. I’ve done it so many times that my left hand just knows about 90 degrees I then pushed the right button to call up the AP heading mode. Looking down to fine tune the setting I was shocked to see both screen blacked out. I went thru all kinds of trouble shooting steps, cb’s, avionics master, frantic pushing of soft keys all to no avail.

First my HXr is on the Master Switch with a TCW Smart Battery so when I start the screen does not reboot. If I had cut the MS that would have helped. Second, the left knob on the GRT HXr has two functions: heading AND Dim. If you are in Screen mode the Dim feature is activated. Two short spins to the left and you are in Blackout mode; but not exactly, more on that later. If you don’t notice that you are in Blackout mode and push any softkey or button the menus change and there is no way in heck you can find your way back. Once back in my hanger with only skylight as a source of illumination the min Dim setting had enough light to see the screen BUT NOT enough light to discern any of the softkey menus which change every time you select a different mode and there is a zillion of them. Once you lose track you are toast.  continue


Big Day Today ...The Swede

Thanks again for the cheers

After weighing in at 445,4kg/982lb on 180,73cm/71,2inches time has come to start up the engine <g>


It Can’t Be Nashville Every Night ...Colin McG

I’d have to agree with the Tragically Hip who said “It Can’t Be Nashville Every Night” as, after just one night, I was completely exhausted. This all started many months before when Dave Matheson had suggested, to Matt Pearson, that it might be fun to fly Matt’s RV-7a (C-GIME) from Ottawa, Carp (CYRP) down to Nashville for a hockey game. When this was mentioned I, somewhat under the influence of alcohol, suggested that perhaps John Weir (who I blame for influencing me with the alcohol) and I should tag along, in John’s RV-7a (C-GWUL), and make it a formation (loose) exercise.

Plans were hatched and lines drawn on virtual maps but the November weather failed to cooperate and the trip looked like it would be consigned to the ‘potentially great trip’ bucket as winter was fast approaching.

However, the Nashville Predators were clearly not being as negative as we were and, just as the snow started to melt, they got through to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Perhaps there was still time to grow our playoff beards.

Nashville continued their winning run, beating Anaheim in the first round and the weather was improving all the time. For round 2 they faced the San Jose Sharks and, as the first two games would be in San Jose, we decided to target game 4 with a potential bad weather alternative as game 6. Of course there would be no guarantee they’d make it as far as game 6 so daily weather watching became our hobby in the days leading up to game 4. The game was scheduled for the Thursday and, as Matt Pearson wasn’t able to make it, Matt Mountain stepped up as the 2nd GIME pilot and Jedi master of all things EAPIS and flight planning.  continue


Dinner ...'cause 'Merica!

I know it's not RV related, but I haven't had a banana split for dinner in like 35 years. Tomorrow's the last day of school for Tate's freshman year in high school, it's also Susie and my wedding anniversary (26), and we had just seen an episode of 'How It's Made' where they did ice cream.

Life has been crazy busy as of late, so screw it for an hour. I'm eating ice cream for dinner.   'Cause 'MERICA!

I may be throwing up in another couple of hours, but it was pretty awesome. Susie, Tate and I all agreed that the banana split was probably better for me than the fried steak fingers and french fries they had :-).

60 min. on the treadmill/elliptical scheduled for tomorrow - probably won't be enough.

Sorta related....if you Google 'Merica and click on images....you get some comedic gems.  Like...



June 1, 2016.  00:06 UTC.   Issue No. 4,129.
  The other day I was out at the hangar and I noticed that Rob had come by to work on his RV-8 project over in the corner.  It looks like his avionics wiring harness arrived from SteinAir, as well as his custom cut panel blank.  Looks great Rob!
  A bit of trivia: The workbench you see in the picture here was cut from one of the lanes at the bowling alley Rob grew up playing at in San Angelo, Texas. When they were tearing down the bowling alley you could go over there and buy a little bit of the lumber if you wanted to.  Rob and his dad thought it would make a nice workbench, as well is a nice stroll down memory lane.  It could be the only 'bowling alley workbench' on Planet Earth being used to build an airplane <g>. 

(click to enlarge)


Another great Pilots N Paws Mission ...UnPossible

Hey - Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, I was able to complete another PNP mission - this time with the assistance of my son, Josh.

I had planned to put the pup in the baggage area of my 7A, but the pup had other plans. However, once we fired up the engine and started heading home she settled down. She spent most of the flight with her head nestled in between my and my son's shoulders.

Here's a quick pic I took at 8500 feet above central Texas..... I'm not the dog whisperer, but that looks like a RV Grin to me!



Mystery Island ...Vlad

Anyone been there?


Delta Oscar Golf ...David

Our 2 year old lab loves to go flying - I lift her up and she crawls back where she belongs and waits till we get out to help her out of the back.

Short 2 min video.


Gas Cap

I've been meaning to post this for a long time. Each time I think about doing it, I consider how trivial it is, and that I may well be the only person on this earth that did not know this. So, here we go. While at the RV fly-in at Petit Jean last year, I was chatting with another RV-12 guy, and the subject got around to gas caps. I mentioned that often I had difficulty in removing the cap. I made a nice tool for lifting the tab, but the well fitting "O" ring made the cap removal a real struggle. We happened to be standing by my RV-12, and he politely demonstrated a simple procedure. All it takes is a little push down on the stem, and the cap can be easily removed. What a simple fix for an aggravating problem. After lifting the tab, that little push down on the strm relieves the tension that is against the "O" ring. This may not be much help to most of you, but if it just saves one guy from this struggle that I have been having for over a year, it was worth posting.

What a fantastic bird!!!..........Tom


Status Report ...The Swede RV-4

Got the reluctant spar bolts in after they spent the night in the freezer.  And more...

....Skyview lit up ok and brakes finally bled after some serious head scratching.


About Aging Rivets ...Bill Boyd

I have quite an assortment that came with the partially-completed kit, including some that were probably in the builder's shop from even older projects. Most that are part of my kit are still bagged from Van's, in 2010-2011. I've heard about age-hardening of rivets and don't want problems with cracked heads when it comes time to shoot these.

Any way to tell ahead of time what the likelihood of issues is? Is there a rejuvenation trick for ancient rivets, if I have any?


AX-O Update

Well…. The first conditional inspection is almost completed. I can’t believe she has been an airplane for a year now. I was only able to fly her for about 55 hours in the first year as there was a lot (I mean a lot) of what we call “fly-fix-fly” mods. The most significant were the numerous oil cooler and oil cooler configuration changes to include the engine plenum.

I have not found anything unexpected during the conditional inspection as I have kept a close eye on things. Taking things apart, cleaning, lubricating, etc. more than usual. The small things I added in the build process to simplify maintenance have really paid off. IT IS IMPERATIVE to think about how you will maintain the aircraft during the build process. If there is something you don’t want to open up, or crawl into or just plain do; figure out a way to overcome that issue during the build process.

I did take the time to make a few “upgrades”.
-Added a 5th harness strap for my wife.
-Painted a few interior parts.
-Reset the control stick to the right so it would be more ergonomically suited for my flying position.
-Made/installed an exit fairing at the bottom of the fuse covering the engine-mount cross-tube. This was a new concept for me. I let a friend (Brian, future RV builder) make the part and just provided guidance and requirements. It turned out very well, flight data to come at a later date. I also came up with a way to interface the new fairing with the DanH’s style cowl flap. Will post pics later.

In the process, I discovered that the injector restrictor nozzles on the 340 were .028. Long story short, Don at Airflow Performance (the nicest, most supportive vendor I have ever talked to) is sending me .022 restrictor nozzles. That should also help with my idle issue. Fingers crossed. Will report out later.

Still to do:
-Arrive at the final rudder trim wedge size. Slowly cutting it down.
-Make aft wing root fairings.
-Reset the incidence angle on the horizontal stab.
-Motorize DanH’s style cowl flap. Brian is working on a concept to automatically open/close the cowl flap based on engine temps and also provide the capability to override the position.
-Install the right pitch/length prop. Waiting on the 4th version.

Keep pounding rivets, running wire and sanding fiberglass. See you at OSH.


Rainbow Formation ...Smiling Jack

Nice 82 degree day in Naples today with some scattered clouds to make a nice rainbow formation picture.



May 31, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,128.

Honey, can you pick me up in Albuquerque?...GLPalinkas trip write-up


Well it happened ...welcome Nick Coblio

Moved to the Tacoma area this month. After we got settled we decided to make the pilgrimage down to the RV plant and check things out. I had planned on maybe getting the practice kit and preview plans at best. After my wife and I got to go for a flight we ended up with a RV7 emp with electric trim and a practice tool box. For anyone who is on the fence about this and can get to their shop in Aurora Or I would good. The flight was amazing and with the 7 the first kit fits easily into a car.  ...


Wallpaper Calendar for June

N383RV in the flare at 52F.  D.Reeves photo.



I always dread asking, but a man's gotta eat.

It's the end of the month again so it's time for our family to, as unobtrusively as we can, gently remind regular readers that honor system yearly donations determine whether or not our family business here runs at a profit or a (loss)The year is a little over 40% done, and 3.75% of the 22,253 registered forum users (853) have donated so far in 2016.  This doesn't include the 30,000+ unregistered users who also view the site regularly.  More like 1% if you count those...

THANK YOU!!! if you help support this site financially with your hard earned money.  We're trying our hardest to provide the RV community with a motivational, informative, entertaining product that is worthy of your fiscal support.  We think it is unique in the online world.

We don't want a mansion or a yacht, but we do need the business in the black to continue doing it.  Please donate yearly if you use it, and thanks again to those who do.

Doug, Susie, Audrey and Tate Reeves
(your hosts)


Bahamas Weekender in the Abacos ...Dan Landry trip report

...via RV-7


Milestone: Jeff Green ...wings installed.


Using the RV-10 to fix the house a/c ...Weasel trip report

I found myself almost asleep Thursday night when my dear bride abruptly wakes me up with..Hey! The air conditioner is making a funny sound outside.  ...


Farmington NM, trout fishing, no luck ...Steve Melton RV-9A trip

"They have too much water and were releasing it from the dam and that made for poor fishing. delivered one to Wichita and picked up another in El Paso. flying into El Paso (Dona Anna airport, 5T6) in the late afternoon, I was blinded by the sun and dust. water temperature was 40F. cheap lightweight waders make you talk like a girl."  ...


Milestone ...Philip RV-8


Exhaust Valve Trauma ...Pete Howell


Status Report ...Mike Gregory -10


Closer Than Ever ...Carl in Sweden

Near completion now, waiting for calibrated scales/weighing.  Canopy is on.


Status Report ...David Paule -3B


Testing New Plenum integraty ...bret



Memorial Day, 2016. 


May 27, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,126.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

dr photo.  52F.

Looking over Rudder ...LuisR

Ok, finally finished Ning the time to look over the rudder from the partial built kit I just picked up.

1. First, I'm just now noticing that the skin rivets may have been set with the blue vinyl then later removed. I say this because I see blue specs stuck underneath a dozen or so under the rivets.

2. There is a very small gap between the left spar cap and the rear spar.

3. Page 6-4 says to leave 3 horizontal places open. Well, they were riveted. These are part of the VS-1004 or bottom rib.

Is 1 and 2 above a "build on" situation or do I need to remedy them? What's the best way to drill out those 3 rivets in 3 above. I'll post pics later.


RV-8 gear tower wire holes ...laz

Q: I have searched the forum. I have called Van's support ( not a real definitive answer).
Soo I need some help.

I am running a lot of wires down the inside of my left gear tower. I need to exit them near the bottom in the same area that already has holes for fuel lines. ( there are two and both are used). The Right Gear tower has a huge hole (at least an inch). Form many reasons I cannot run all my wires on that side.

1. Can I drill an addition two 3/4 inch holes in that area?

2. Has anyone else done this?

3. What should the spacing be?

I can easily keep 3/4 " spacing between the edges of all holes if that info helps.

A: How about a 2" scat tube hole and some other holes.


Service Bulletin 16-05-26 ...RV-12 Data Plate


Chased by a B-29 in the RV-1 ...Paul Dye in Air & Space

"Lakeland Tower, RV-1, out of the flyby pattern for landing on Two Seven Left.”

“Roger RV-1, continue your crosswind and fly downwind as close as you can. Your traffic is a B-29 on a 45 entry to the downwind.”

“Roger the B-29, I have him in sight. Do you want me ahead of him or behind?”

“Definitely ahead!”   continue


Van's Aircraft, Inc. will be closed Monday May 30

Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web Orders placed after 12PM noon (Pacific Time) on Friday, May 27th will be processed on Tuesday May 31st


Two Guys Enjoying Retirement w/RV-12 ...Jim Strickler video



May 26, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,125.

First Flight RV-3 S/N 11452

Today saw the first flight of Steve Lenne's RV3 in Cobram Australia.  Around 6 years in the making, with an Aerosport IO-320, Whirlwind Prop, AFS3500 and Trutrak A/P recycled from my RV7 panel upgrade.  Reportedly no major issues other than a slightly heavy wing to be addressed.

Congrats Steve!


VAF Airport Courtesy Car List Updated

...one page, no fuss.
[ed. Hey, FBOs!  Want your car listed here?  It's free!  ]


Mothership Stats


2016 OSH NOTAM Now Online ...32 pages


SteinAir News ... fmi: www.SteinAir.com

1. Newly redesigned website.  Take a look...

2. Four recently completed panels:

3. 'Premade' Stepped circuit breaker panel inserts for the RV-8 that allows folks to put breakers down the side of the armrest.  Cool!



May 25, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,124.
  The RV community got word today Chris Johnson lost his battle with colon cancer on the 19th of May.  His last post was late July of last year.  Please keep Chris' friends and family in your thoughts and prayers.

RV-4 - Sacramento, CA to Pittsburgh, PA ...Al Hibpshman Trip Report

It was my privilege to ferry Jeanette Hibpshman's and my RV-4 from just North of Sacramento, CA to the Pittsburgh, PA area. The trip took one long and one short day, a total of 12.9 hrs "Hobbs" time. The weather was amazingly VFR the whole way. I stopped approximately every two hours for fuel. Good to stretch the legs, empty the bladder and take in the sights.

I flew at 11,500' for the first two legs, then 9,500 the rest of the way. Using the disposable supplemental oxygen bottles to take a deep breath of 95% oxygen every 10 minutes worked to keep my pulse oximeter higher than 85.  continue


Another Oshkosh talk show ...Bob Collins

Hi there. I'm weighing a request from EAA Radio to do another mid-day talk show from Oshkosh, like I did in 2012. That was a blast and I had some fantastic guests (listed here), but, man, it was a lot of work. The prep time alone chewed up a lot of free time but I met so many fascinating people that it was more than worth it.

I try to do shows that emphasize grassroots aviators, that is: not bigshots but people who build and/or fly and who have their own interesting journeys in aviation.

So as I think about whether to do this this year, that leads to the question: Who would that be?

Many of the guests in 2012 came as a result of a request posted here (Alex Cuellar, the Unreins, Don Hull, etc.), so I'm hoping you'll step forward and pass along information on people in aviation you've met who you think would have a great story to tell for 15 minutes. Or maybe it's even you.

Please post here, or you can email me at bcollinsrv7a 'at' centurylink 'dot' net.


Status Report ...crabandy

I made another "plug" to simulate the reinforcement ring of the inlet duct out of the same HDPE I've used for the rest of the project. I made the radius 1/16" larger than the inlet ring to give me some wiggle room, after I sanded things smooth it was probably more like 1/32 larger. Since the cowl split line doesn't bisect the center of the circle I also squared the sides of the HDPE plug tangential to the half circle (not sure how else to word it) so the top cowl can slide over the top of the inlet duct reinforcement rings.


OSH AirVenture 2016 RV-10 Dinner/Social ...tradition continues.

Sticking with tradition, we will be hosting the annual Oshkosh RV-10 dinner/social on Sunday 7/24 this year. Location will be in Camp Scholler (in the area of 54th & Lindbergh) as in the past but we won't know the exact area until we get on site, about a week before. We will also acquire an additional site as in years past for a hangout area during the week.

Start time will be 5:30, feel free to show up early if you'd like to be put to work setting up! We've had best luck just taking care of the food rather than doing pot luck so we'll stick with that approach and have a container for a free will offering to help offset cost. If you'd rather bring something that's ok, it's just difficult for a lot of folks to do much if they flew in and/or are camping.

Not sure what the menu is yet but probably something different than the standard burgers and brats. This is intended to be RV-10 focused but as always, those still in the planning stages, vendors, etc. are also welcome.

More details when the date gets closer, as of now there isn't much more known. If you are planning to attend I'd appreciate a heads up (PM limit will be quickly exceeded, email or just reply to the post please) so we have some idea of head count.


RV-12 SB 16-05-23

...before further flight.



May 24, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,123.

N76CX First Flight! ...Jeff Caplins

After 14 years of building and thanks to the support of family, friends and the VAF community, N76CX took to the skies.
The takeoff roll was short. The climb and racetrack over the airport was smooth and predictable. The landing wasn’t too bad either (some sort of weird hybrid 3-point/wheel landing) with Mike Seager’s voice haunting my thoughts; “keep the stick back, keep the stick back. Feet up to the brakes….”

0.4 hours in the logbook, and I needed a nap.


RV-12 SB 16-05-23

...before further flight.


Quirkies ...Vlad


Milestone: Painted ...Dave Ambrose RV-8A

"I did all the dis-assembly (1 day) and reassembly (2 days) with the assistance of my wonderful wife. The paint is AkzoNobel Black Mist and Medium Silver. The green is called Sublime Pearl and is a Chrysler color."


Checking In ...Mark Bishop RV-10 (Tampa, FL)

"I acquired a previously started kit (full emp and 3/4 of one wing done) and now have it sitting in my garage awaiting inventory and organization."

related: The RV-10 Forum


John S. “Jack” Wallace ...Rest in Peace

John S. “Jack” Wallace, EAA 10381, was a long time member of Chapter 723. He was a retired captain for TWA, a Cosmic Wind builder, and an RV-3 flyer. Carl Wright recalls that his hangar was a place where many issues, aviation and otherwise, were debated, if not resolved.

Jack started flying in 1936, and was a tower operator, a flight instructor until December 1941, and then a flight instructor for the Army Air Corps. Later he became a production test pilot for Douglas Aircraft on SBD and A20 aircraft. He flew for over 33 years as a pilot for TWA, amassing over 25,000 hours in his career. He was in the initial group of captains who checked out on the L-1011 and he helped immeasurably in introducing it successfully to the traveling public. He was the Captain of the 1975 Flight Deck Crew of the Year.

The Cosmic Wind project brought him in contact with air racing folks like John Parker of American Air Racing in Torrance, California.

Here is a list of the aircraft Jack flew: Kinner Sportster, Porterfield, Taylor Cub, Rearwin Sportster, Taylorcraft, Aeronca, Luscombe, Stinson 105, Fleet, Rearwin Cloudster, Culver Dart, Culver Cadet, Monocoupe, J-5 Travelair, Fairchild 24 Warner, Stinson Voyager, Interstate Cadet, Ox-Travelair, Stinson SM7A J-69,Ryan PT-22, Stearman, Rearwin 8135-T, Vultee BT-15, Douglas C-47a, Boeing B17g, Dourlas SB-D, Cessna170, Couglas DC-3, Citabria, Cessna 195, Douglas A20, Douglas C54, Martin 404, Lockheed Constellation 049 749 749a 1049 1049g, Navion, Bonanza, Mooney Mite, Convair 880, Boeing 707, Lockheed L-1011 Tri Star, Great Lakes, Pitts, Rv-3.

Jack’s Cosmic Wind project was sold to a gentleman from the Midwest, and his RV-3 went to an EAAer from Burbank.


Status Report ...Blain

"I can almost smell the AvGas."



Media Release
23 May 2016

Three Kiwis are set to enter an elite club this week as they each pilot a hand-built single-engine aircraft all the way from New Zealand to Australia and back.

Sitting in an aircraft no larger than a car for nine hours might not be everyone’s idea of a bucket-list adventure, but for these three pilots, the 1265-mile (2300km) Tasman crossing is the flight of a lifetime.

Making the long journey over water and outside radio and radar coverage can be quite a dangerous undertaking, but thanks to the satellite technology of New Zealand company Spidertracks, friends, family, and emergency services will be able to watch their progress live and communicate with them the entire time.

One of the pilots, Wellingtonian Peter Merwood, knows firsthand how difficult a journey like this can be, having called off a similar trip in 2014 due to bad weather.

This time around, Peter joins Aucklander David Wilkinson and western Bay of Plenty native Bill Luther on what they’ve dubbed the “Great Aussie Flying Adventure.”

The trio, with over 90 years of flying experience between them, will leave from Kerikeri on Monday and fly the 482-mile (890km) leg direct to Norfolk Island before taking off again for Lord Howe Island — leaving only the remaining 300 miles (555km) to mainland Australia at Port Macquarie.

The idea of the Great Aussie Flying Adventure was born in late 2015 when David and Bill contacted Peter to get help planning a trans-Tasman crossing of their own. Peter agreed to assist on the condition that he could try again, too.

“I wasn’t able to cross the ditch last time, but I’ve flown extensively in Australia on private flying trips and love the Outback. While Dave and Bill have plenty of experience in NZ, they haven’t flown in Australia before, so I’m looking forward to explaining the differences to them and introducing them to some iconic Outback locations,” says Peter.

He adds that the long flight over water will be the most dangerous part, but having the Spidertracks device onboard means that if anything goes wrong, people will know exactly where they are and what was happening the whole time.

“We’re required to carry a device called an emergency locator transmitter (ELT), but they have a notorious failure rate when it comes to alerting people of an accident on land and simply do not work in water. With the Spider onboard, we know that emergency services will automatically be alerted right away if anything happens during the trip, and they’ll know exactly where to look,” says Peter.

For David Wilkinson, who is bringing his father along with him for the adventure, the flight is extra special.

“It’s been a dream of my father’s to cross the ditch for a long time, but his aircraft isn’t able to carry enough fuel, so it’s nice we get to do it together.”

He adds that while the flying hasn’t changed much from his father’s time, having a Spidertracks device onboard has changed the whole idea of long-distance flying, as it provides peace of mind for his wife and three young children who will be following the flight in real-time.

“I remember as a kid having to actually pick up the phone and call the control tower to find out where my dad was on his cross-country flights. Now my kids just have to look at an app on their phone or laptop to see where I am anywhere in the world. It’s amazingly simple.

“It’s also nice to know that if something does goes wrong, it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in the bush, or floating in a raft somewhere in the ocean; if you had a Spider onboard, then someone will know where you are,” says David.

Bill Luther, the most experienced pilot of the group, says the “Vans” aircraft they are taking are perfectly suited for such a long flight, as they do not require any modifications.

“It’s going to be a great adventure. It’ll be a wonderful opportunity to test ourselves over open ocean and open desert, where everything looks the same. But that’s part of the fun.

“The Vans RV6, RV7, and RV8 that we’re taking across are perfect for this type of flight as they’re relatively quick. We’ll be cruising at around 150kts (277km/h), around a third as fast as a Boeing 737, but at least we’ll get a better view.”

The pilots took off from Kerikeri on Monday 23rd and can watch the Great Aussie Flying Adventure’s progress live on their public page HERE 

For more information, contact Todd O’Hara on +1 310 710 3654 or todd.ohara@spidertracks.co.nz



May 23, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,122.

Vlad's Grocery Run in Pictures

"Eggs, Milk, Mixture Lean, ..."


First Flight: RV-4 ...Spence Dance

Beautiful day for a first flight this morning. She leapt from the ground like a home-sick angel. EFII 360 engine ran perfect. The prop surged a little on the initial take off, but then after about 2 surges it smoothed out. I think the prop hub just needed to be filled with oil.

Indicates 160 knots with 25/25 at 5000 ft. Wheel pants are not installed yet so I will get some more speed when those are installed.

I flew for 51 minutes.

Number three cylinder stayed around 425 degrees and the other three were around 375, so I need to look at that.

Besides that, it was a non-event. Lots of anxiety for nothing.


First RV-12 lesson ...KALewis

Pretty sure he will be a stick and rudder pilot!


Milestone:  All Twos

The VAF Forums clicked past 22,222 registered forum accounts over the weekend.  Thank you from our family to all the wonderful people who make the VAF online community what it has become - really honored to call so many of you friends. 

We'll continue to try our hardest to provide you a good place to meet and promote the world's greatest hobby!  You keep goofing off at work <grin>.

Your grateful hosts,


Milestone: RV9A Painted ...Darin


Registration is OPEN: OK18 Fly-In (Oklahoma) ...Clayton

"We are quickly closing in on the Memorial Day weekend and its time to get serious about planning. I have updated the calendar event with some more details, including plans for meals, as well as a registration link.

Catfish will be on the menu.

If you are planning to join us at OK18 over the weekend, please complete the Survey/Registration form so that we can be better prepared for our guests.

All the Best,


Related: Clayton's Latest Fishing Report
[ed. As you may suspect...Clayton and I are friends. ;^)  dr]


Almost done w/panel ...KHeidorn RV-14 (4 images)


Eastern Canada Gathering of RV's - The Pics ...Martin Leroux

Today was the first Eastern Canada Gathering of RV's at St-George-de-Beauce, Quebec, Canada (CYSG). Since I was the originator of the forum thread that made this public on VAF, as a follow up, I am starting a new thread where people can share pictures of this event.

Originally, I understood that the Beauce Flying Club, organizer of this event, had only published it on French Canadian forums. Well, they didn't know the VAF social networking power, and told the crowd there they were surprised to see RVers flying in from Nova Scotia, Ontario or even the USA to attend this beautiful Saturday RV and Hot dog RV networking event in Quebec. I believed I heard 50-60 airplanes of all types, RV and others, showed up for the event. For a moment on that airfield, it felt like a "mini-Oshkosh"!  ...


A new story begins ...Martin Richer (Mirabel, Quebec)

Hi guys,
Well…it’s done. My RV-7 empennage has been ordered and was shipped today. A new adventure begins.  The only downside is the shipping cost with that exchange rate!!! I certainly hope that our loonie gets in better shape before I order my wings!

I’ve been in the aviation industry for the past 13 years so I already have a lot of tools to start with, that’s the upside.

And…I’m not yet a pilot…yeah I know it’s kind of crazy … I figured I’ll get my license sometime during the building process. Always wanted to fly and build!

I’m very proud to be part of the VAF “family”.
(sorry for my english…french canadian here) <g>



May 20, 2016.  00:04 UTC.   Issue No. 4,121.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Jacob Hollenbeck photo.

142LM First Flight ...Matt German RV-10

Well, after two and a half years of building and 8 months distractions, at 6:07pm central time at 3GV 142LM finally took to air. The flight was flawless with slight turbulence but no wind. All the parameters were in the green. Flew for 1.7 hours and looking forward for more to come.


Problem Solved (Help Needed in Bangor, Maine)

Hello all,

First off thank you for all the help and support.  The aircraft got fixed, the problem was the voltage regulator. The only indication after looking back at the flight was the amp gauge which BARELY showed a discharge.

So be aware of the amp gauge if it ain't showing 0 or + something is going on with the alternator.  I was sitting right seat so the angle of viewing during flight indicated +

When in doubt rely on training, AVIATE, NAVIGATE, COMMUNICATE.



2016 Oshkosh Social ...the Beer Fairy announcement

2016 Oshkosh RV Social
Monday July 25th
Starts When The Airshow Ends
Ends When The Kegs Run Dry (or about 10PM)
(more info)


Troy Branch Spar Update

Yesterday I cleaned the area with a scotch brite pad and took this shot. I need to do the dye test to put this to bed. It is too perfect of a curve to be a crack IMO. But it sure looks like a crack. It goes from hole edge to hole edge. I think a dumped rivet that was removed may have done this but generally the second rivet would not be able to be set perfect. This one is, maybe I just got lucky. It is to long ago for me to know what I did. A dye test will be the only confirmation I think. Not sure what the dye will look like if this is only a gouge. Not sure if it will show the same as if it was a crack.


30 Years of the RV-6/6A Design: Airventure 2016 Celebration!

...shirt/cap/patch preview courtesy EAA. 


New SB issued 6 May ...inspect before further flight

Van's Aircraft Service Bulletins


For Sale: Russ Daves RV-10

[ed. My friend Russ is selling his RV-10.  One of the nicest people I've had the good fortune to ever meet. v/r, ]



May 19, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,120.
  Our RV online friend David Domeier (7A/8) shared with us that he lost his wife to Glioblastoma yesterday.  Please keep David and his extended family in your prayers. dr

Between layers/showers on a .3hr flight Wednesday Dallas, TX.
Respectfully submitted for motivation (click to enlarge). 


Signed Off! ...Spence Dance RV-4

May 5, sign off. Now it is not just an expensive hangar decoration. Many thanks to Mel


VAF into Germany ...Bruce Eicher

Many may know Katie and I met a German RV family on VAF. Last year we hosted Matthis for the school year and then the rest of the family visited us in the summer. So now we are visiting them! The chance for the great fun and friendship should be credited to VAF!  I could write a book and fill a hard drive with pics, but I will keep it RV related.

Herman and Klaus -7s.  ...


N1488BW's Panel ...AAflyer

I slapped my avionics into my panel today to test connections/plugs, etc. I'm trying to keep it as simple as I can get away with. I added the ELT remote switch only this week, which was the first addition to my Dynon Skyview suite since I laid out my panel over 18 months ago. Hope to put power to it soon. Blue masking tape is evidence that I'm also waiting for a nice day to paint my windshield fairing and canopy bow. Some of you may appreciate my mod for this "tall boy".


Update on Clayton's Memorial Day Fly-In

Fish On...

...at least the trot line has bait on the hooks. Melissa and I got out this evening and set the trot line. Have had some rain in the area the past few days, and the river is starting to really run. Plans are, if successful with the fishing, we will have a catfish dinner over the Memorial Day Weekend. Working on other food arrangements (at least the main course) for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

We will be getting a registration form out in the next few days, so that we can get an idea of how many guest we can expect.

Will update you on how the fishing goes.

In the meantime, let me know if you have questions.

All the Best,


PS: We caught 9 nice blues and a channel cat a couple of weeks ago on Mother's Day. I'm convinced more every year (coming on 30 now) that I married the right gal - a good Okie


Upcoming Garmin Experimental Avionics Seminar



May 18, 2016.  00:10 UTC.   Issue No. 4,119.

265WD First Flight! ...John Walker RV-10 (above)

Well, I (we) did it.... On Friday, (yes Friday the 13th , but it was Top Gun day so that overruled my superstitious tendencies) our RV-10 took flight for the first time, after 2.5 years of building, with me at the controls.... For the most part it was an uneventful flight. Had some high CHTs and the oil door popped open after about 10 minutes, but other than that,she flew beautifully. Leaped off the runway in what seemed like no time at all and before I knew it I was 2000 feet off the ground. Stayed in the pattern and only flew for about 15 minutes. She flew straight and true and very well balanced. (We fixed the oil door too, been a PIA since day one... Needed to be even stiffer and the latches needed more bite)

Since then I've flown another 6 hours including the 45 minute hop to take it to Cleveland Airport outside of Tulsa to drop it off for paint.
I can't say enough good things about working with Barrett Precision and EFII. The engine starts easy, runs so good and so smooth. Combine that with the 3 blade MT, it is the smoothest plane I've ever flown.

Also a big shout out to Stein and his crew that have helped with all the little questions that arise. And the G3X guys have been instrumental as well.
Took until now to post this because... Well, I'm happy to say, I was busy flying!

My mother in law got a couple shots, but they are from behind as they had driven down to the departure end of the runway to make sure everything was ok... She said the plane was too fast to keep up with!


Scary problem accidentally found! ...Jesse

I had a guy fly up to visit my shop on Saturday. I had talked to him once or twice about how difficult it has been to start his O-360. He was able to get it started on Saturday morning to come visit me (hoping I would be here, which I happened to be). Then he couldn't get it started again to get home, which very possibly saved his life, and very likely saved his plane.

The starting problem appears to be a bad Mag, or at least bad points. We popped in a Slick 4372 that we had on the shelf in place of his 4373 after talking to the Slick guru about he compatibility and how to time it for testing. We out the mag in and it started on the second blade. We ran the engine for about 15-20 seconds. After I shut down my assistants noticed that the firewall was covered with oil. Upon closer examination, this is what we found.  ...


Milestone - - - RV-12 ...John Bender

900 HOURS on Hobbs.  Running very well. Hope it encourages those building to stay with it.


Pics from N. California RV-12 Get Together ...Paul Straub


Status Report ...crabandy

I precut the straight weave 9.66 oz (7500 from spruce), I was only able to line up the fabric perpendicular as recommended earlier on the outside surface and keep the fabric 1 piece.  ...


Status Report ...Carl in Sweden

Mostly electric work done recently, nearly finished with the DYNON installation. Just got rudder back from painter.



May 17, 2016.  00:17 UTC.   Issue No. 4,118.

Roger Von Grote departs 52F a couple weeks ago in his RV-8.  Besides having good tastes in airplanes, Roger has some interesting flying experience.  He flew the Caribou with the bulldozer in the back in the 'B-29 Frozen in Time' Nova episode.  Also, he's related to the Red Baron.  Like I said...interesting <g>.  photo.

Canopy Crack ...Mark Dickens RV-8

Probably the oldest story in the book. Cracked the canopy while riveting it to the frame this afternoon, but stop drilled it immediately. I will get some weld-on, but was wondering what to plug the hole with. I know RTV isn't a good choice, but wonder what everyone else has used, I was thinking about using a little DAP Alex caulk since it dries clear.


Electrical System Planning - Inputs are welcome ...Yves (Basel, Switzerland)

I am currently planning my Electric Power distribution and wanted to know what you think about it.

Basic infos: I am building a RV-8 for VFR and Night VFR flying.
Equipment: G3X 10" Touch, GNC-255, GTX23ES, GMA245, Garmin A/P and Electric Trim. As I will install a light Catto Prop, the Battery
(PC680) will be mounted on the Firewall. On the engine I have planned a B&C starter and a Plane power alternator "with OV".

As the Panel is glass I really want to have a Ground Power Jack.

My current Problem is that I do not know if I need a Avionics Bus to save the
Avionics during engine start (Com, Audio Panel etc). During startup the G3X, GSU73 and the GEA24 will be kept alive with the GAD27.

Here is what I have so far. Am I missing something?


RV-10 800hrs Spar Crack ...Troy Branch RV-10

So this is what my spar crack looks like. The rivet just below the pushrod hole is the location. The spar has some scuff marks which looks like happened prior to the corrosion protection. I really should have buffed them out and then primed before riveting. The crack is almost turning in on itself. Not sure where I should be stop drilling this. I have the question into Vans to get their opinion.

(later)  Vans say to leave and monitor. It is not where they would expect the crack to be from the SB. I am going to see if I can get a better confirmation of what it is. My concern with drilling out that rivet would be breaking that part of the spar material right off. I will monitor monthly and see.

(Scott M)  "I viewed your photo with Gus and I am not convinced it is a crack.  A dye pen inspection would better show if it really is, but short of doing that we agreed that monitoring it was a good plan."

[ed. I'll let you know if Troy does a dye test.  v/r,dr]


4th Annual Cedar Meadows Fly-in VA/WV

...rescheduled to June 4.



May 16, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,117.

John von Linsowe converts tri gear to taildragger


Practicing stall recovery, the fabled base to final turn with engine failure

(Eddie Seve Sydney, Australia)  "I did my BFR last Friday, as part of the review, Pete my instructor asked if I had ever practiced a turning stall with in turn rudder to get it to come around faster.

Note in the video the stall warning sounds after we are pointing at the ground

This was a very sobering exercise, watch my attempt, I was taught to roll upright before pulling to the horizon, but the surprise catches me out even though I know it's going to happen. I then stall it again in my recovery by pulling a little too hard.

Also note, there is no spin, just straight down..."


Eagle's Nest Projects - Center Stage at Wings Over Paris Airshow ...R.E.Butcher

Saturday morning in Paris, Texas, the clouds cleared and blue skies prevailed for the Wings Over Paris air show. Thanks to the efforts of repo-man Kevin Lacey (also a mentor at the McKinney build) and the overwhelming support of the airshow management staff, Eagle's Nest Projects was featured center stage at the event. Build-students from McKinney Aviation Academy were on-hand throughout the day answering questions, doing media interviews, and generally enjoying "celebrity" status. McKinney is nearing the completion of their build but not yet flying and they chose to display a flying aircraft from Houston, the 3rd completion at Clear Springs High School. It was an outstanding day for all and the airshow was as good as it gets!


From the Mothership FB page...



May 13, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,116.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  v/r,

Enjoying the greening fields of Texas for a bit last week.  dr photo.


Flaps Work! (video ...Larry Larson RV-7A

"Only builders understand why this is cool."


Friendly Neighbor ...Vlad

Here I am crawling to the airport after work for an evening fix... You gotta be kidding me how do they know so fast? I didn't tell anybody ...<g>  ...


Paint flaking off cylinder barrel. Normal? Common?

Q: My 300-hr Aerosport Power 0-320 has a fair amount of black paint flaking off all four of the barrels, particularly on the flange that connects to the case. Is this common, normal, OK?

A: Well, I see it a lot......does that make it normal?

A:  Steve after my tach flipped first thousand hours about two years ago I worried about this. Factory baked Lycoming only three years in service?

A: My Warrior has a low-time O-320 rebuilt by Penn Yan. Same as Vlad's pic above. I was told by an A&P that it is very common and not to worry. Don't know if this is true but he said years ago a paint formulation change was made and flaking became common thereafter

A: When we used to judge aircraft at the SWRFI, we quickly learned that paint was only worth a very small percent of a score. Translation= paint don't make them fly and better, just keeps them lasting a little longer. The last engine I built for myself, I spent a good amount of time prepping and painting with very good high temp engine paint. You guessed it, it flakes off too.
I know this dose not settle your concern but, this is why we work on them every week end, or so it seems


Bird strike photo

Seen at my home field after lunch Wednesday.  Plane is from out of state, I think.  Cell phone pic...



May 12, 2016.  00:04 UTC.   Issue No. 4,115.

Trying to Better my IFR Self ...a.k.a. 'Cubeworms Unite!' 

...learning the flow a bit bitter without spending much money.  Some screen grabs and short explanations below describing how I pick a random flight a couple hundred miles out and follow along on the radio so I can practice for when I need to interact with ATC in the crowded Class B environment (DFW) I live and operate around.

(click to enlarge)

Key players:
1. IFR approach chart for 18R at KDFW (my local area).  Or whatever chart is called for...
2. Notepad document open showing route of flight I'm tracking (grabbed off FlightAware shows the STAR)
3. iPad running $3.99 app 'flightradar24' (let's me display just the airplane symbol and the call sign)
4. STAR called for in the route ('UKW4' in the example here).  Or DP...
5. Handheld tied into a Centerfire VHF Special Purpose antenna on roof.  Plan 'B' is to use www.LiveATC.net if it's away from my local area.

Also of note a weather map of N.Texas radar lower left.  The other monitor on the right is for working while I do this <g>.

OK, so we had this Tuesday evening in the DFW area.  Mammatus clouds followed by TSRA.  This from my driveway before the rain...

(click to enlarge)

I pulled up flightradar24 on the iPad and started watching the traffic inbound for DFW pile up in holds.........waiting for the storms to pass...

(click to enlarge)

Tap on one to see the location of the hold.  Turned on altitude so I could see who was where, and how clobbered and tall each stack was.

(click to enlarge)

I pick an ARTCC freq and pick an airliner a ways out to follow along with - see if I can find it.  If so go look it up on FlightAware.com to get its filed route.  Copy paste that in a notepad doc and go look up the STAR they are planning to use.  Study it.

Image here courtesy this link.

Write their call sign on a post it note and put on the monitor.  Try to pretend I'm in that aircraft and I'm running the radios.  Try to get mentally ahead of the aircraft.  The game for me is to stay with it as it's switched over to approach, then tower, and finally ground while following along with the correct STAR, approach plate and airport diagram.  Sometimes they change approaches.  Sometimes runways.  Often frequencies.  Real world dynamics, and simulated practice that doesn't cost anything...  Thank you ARPANET and your lovely interweb.

Over an hour in a hold...

(click to enlarge)

I *think* this inexpensive nerdvision exercise helps me keep my ATC chops a little sharper while I'm not flying often (like now during the college years).  At least it seems to help me for when I'm talking to approach during practice IFR work.  I kinda know what to expect.

The flexible beauty of this tech is that you can find stormy Wx pretty much anywhere in the country and follow along as the dynamic stuff throws wrenches into everyone's perfect plans. 

Maybe the route of a trip you're planning on doing someday in your RV.

ATPs reading this might be rolling their eyes, but I was 50 when I got my IFR ticket, and my brain needs to be worked out more than when it was 18 to remember stuff. ;^)

It's gotta be more productive than watching 'Housewives of Alaska House Flippers'.....again.



May 11, 2016.  00:03 UTC.   Issue No. 4,114.

Follow the Sun. An RV adventure in England ...Richard Welch (England)


First Flight...Bill Vinson RV-7

RV-7 N321BV made its maiden flight today. The flying characteristics were flawless. The Dynon Skyview system worked perfectly I have a new engine so need to do the run-in over the first few hours and used the autopilot which allowed me to closely monitor all engine readings as I made racetracks on the sky over the airport. The only problem noted was some roughness from the E/I. The mag side ran smooth as silk.

On return I removed the cowling a found a few fittings I needed to snug up before the next flight. I also contacted Electro Air and they provided suggestions on how to correct for the E/I roughness.

Another RV takes to the air!!

This site have been a huge help over the course of my build. Thanks to everyone!


Tip- Match drilling for Aviation Products tailwheel ...DanH

My tailwheel spring came drilled with two holes for the stock Van's tailwheel. Some folks just drill a new hole through the tailwheel socket and spring to mount an Aviation Products tailwheel, but I prefered to match drill for the existing holes.

This is a clamp-on drill guide block. Clamp the block to the spring and drill it using the hole in the spring as a guide. Then position the tailwheel, flip the drill around, and drill the tailwheel socket using the block as a guide.


Well Shoot. A setback and a very bad night ...Eric Rushing RV-10

Just need to commiserate a bit...

I had a very bad night tonight. Just finishing up a few things on the left outboard wing skin before starting to rivet it in. (The right wing is done.)

I was dimpling the #8 screw holes in the skin for the Gretz pitot mast and a big chunk of the skin cracked and just broke away. The hole was deburred but not perfectly round. I could not get it any more round with the #19 drill so I just proceeded.  ...


Jesse Saint Saved My Day!

Yesterday I flew from my home base KBKV (Brooksville, FL) up to X35 (Dunellon) in my RV8A to get some of their cheap fuel. Just as I was turning to stop in front of the self serve pump, the seal in my right brake piston went out and it was a miracle I didn't end up hitting the fuel pump or barricades. After I finally got it stopped in the grass and saw what the problem was, I knew I was going to need some help. I had never met Jesse, but had read many of his posts here helping people with avionics questions, and remembered he was based at this airport. I went looking for him thinking he might be of some help, and he was more than I could have hoped for. He and one of his assistants dropped what they were doing and helped me get the plane to his hanger, and then proceeded to fix my blown out seal. I had been wanting to get up there and meet Jesse and talk avionics, but that wasn't my goal that day. I did, however, get to see a recently finished panel upgrade he did in an RV7A that made me want to drool. Jesse got me fixed up and on my way in about an hour. I can't believe how lucky I was not only to have avoided hitting something with my plane, but having the great fortune to have broken down a few hundred yards from Jesse's shop. When I need a panel upgrade or some other service Jesse provides in the future, you can be sure he's the first person I will contact!

Mike Belle


Status Report ...crabandy photos


Selfies ...Bruce Eicher

First trip yesterday to the coast with our new rescue, Jade. Hana is laying on Katie's lap disgusted she has to share her space.  The "Sock Muffs" have slipped in the photo, but she wears them just fine.


Hangar Request for 3 Nights ....Houston area May 16th(ish)

[ed. Needed for an RV friend.  v/r, dr]



May 10, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,113.

Pug Traffic Watch ...Rob Hickman RV-10


Valdez Fly In Pics ...Berchmans in Alaska

The annual Valdez Fly In was May 6th through the 8th this year. My wife and I flew our RV8 in for the big day, May 7th. It was a beautiful clear day for a flight through the Chugach Mountains and over Prince William Sound. Here are just a few photos.


Panel Design Feedback

It's time to cut the panel! Any comments on this layout before it becomes a lot more difficult to change?


What to do after the RV-8 is finished ...Danny King

"I restored a 1939 Maytag washing machine engine for fun and the love of old engines. After I got it running, my “motor-head” friends loved the 75 year old engine simply for what it was, but most others just didn’t get it. The most common question I got was: "What does it do?” "Well it runs," was my answer.

I gave it some thought, and remembered that I had a 1960’s vintage White Mountain hand cranked ice cream maker in the attic. It had been up there for over 30 years. I dug around until I uncovered the rusting antique churn and went to work restoring it. I ordered a small wagon, but UPS delivered them damaged four out of four! I decided that the odds of getting one delivered un-broken was nil, so I combined the last two damaged wagons to make one good one, and returned all the broken parts.

I purchased an Amish made sliding engine mount for the Maytag to act as a clutch, and a pillow bearing pulley assembly to reduce the engine’s RPM. I machined a length of 3/4 steel shaft to replace the hand crank handle on the churn so I could install a 12” pulley in its place. Finally, I had all the components necessary to build a Maytag powered ice cream machine. Below is the almost finished project. Anyone up for some home made ice cream?"

Possibly the best RV photo I've ever taken (Danny's RV-8).
I have no idea how it turned out so good.  dr


RV-12 Kit for sale ...Santa Fe, New Mexico.

[ed. I thought this was a really well laid out combination of inserting pictures and listing exactly what you're getting.  And I'm sorry you need to sell your kit, Bob.  The way you've laid things out, I think it will sell quickly.  v/r,]



May 9, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,112.

Snowy Owl release in James Bay – PnP Canada ...Lycosaurus RV-9A


RV-8 Bob "Beagle" Brents ...welcome

First builder thread post from a long time lurker. The wing kit just arrived so I suppose I'm committed. 

Back in '78, as a bald-faced boy I drew an airplane and vowed that one day I would grow up to be an aerospace engineer and design and build this:

Many years passed and I did become and aerospace engineer (Boeing) but life got in the way of "the airplane thing". One day (no longer at Boeing) I heard that a colleague was building an airplane. I asked him which one and he said "A Van's RV-8". So I did a quick internet search and thought that an RV-8 would scratch that itch from 1978.


Chino Air Show 2016 Photos ...XOverZero


Photos of Pacific NW  ...bob1392

Here are some pics taken today in the Pacific NW, NW of Seattle with pics of Puget Sound, the Hood Canal, Mt. Rainier (SE of Seattle in the Cascade Mtns), the Straights of Juan de Fuca (separates the US from Canada), the Olympic Mtns, and Port Angeles airport.


From the Sun to Uranus, my RV is Google Maps Famous! ...Brad Benson


Watch Your "Step" ...Jim Stricker's wife wins all arguments for awhile.


That River ...Pete Howell

The Big River is open for commerce again(it has been for a while) So I went out on my favorite local sunset flight to snap a few pics.


Selfies ...Dvalcik



May 6, 2016.  00:07 UTC.   Issue No. 4,111.

A&P Getting Help From CFII

Airline mechanic Eldo 'Nova' Elders gets some RV-6A familiarization instruction from CFII Gary Platner Thursday morning at 52F.  Eldo bought the plane used and is fixing it up.  Let that sink in a bit....   Professional aircraft mechanic, who already has his pilot's license, recognizes that there could be something that he doesn't know about flying this plane.  Realizing that it can be life and death, he avails himself of someone with the proper skill set to educate him.

A professional mindset demonstrated.  Nova, you're my dang hero, and a fine role model.

Wishing everyone a happy, SAFE and RV-filled weekend.

(click to enlarge)  dr photo.


Lessons from a long X-C ...Ed Wischmeyer

After six days, I finally finished the three day trip from Savannah, GA, to Prescott, AZ. (Total logged time was 14.5 hours) Some observations and "thoughts":
* If my retirement plans are to spend four winter months in Savannah and the other eight in Arizona, I might not want to make this long X-C twice a year, in May and January. In other words, leave the plane in Arizona for four months. Maybe if I were younger and more energetic... and the plane should get used to it, eventually.
* Ideally, you should have all your last minute chores attended to days before you leave so that you're really ready for the trip (ha!);
* The RV-9A really needs a constant speed prop to be a good high density altitude airplane. Once it gets going, it's fine, but a fixed pitch prop is like getting a car moving in fourth gear. And I got real tired of constantly adjusting power in the west Texas up and downdrafts -- and they weren't even up to full strength;
* The sunscreen was indispensable, even in mild temperatures;
* Had a full set of sectionals for the trip (many of them old) but never touched them;
* I've got about ten inches between the G3X screens. That's too much for reading fine detail on the far screen;
* The full screen display is preferred for reading charts (always north up) when you're flying east or west.
* The autopilot made this trip so much easier than hand flying, especially with all the bumps, gusts, and wind changes. With a wind readout, you realize that the flight planning as taught is based on averages, but it's not what you see in the air;
* I hate bumps;
* Oxygen takes the edge off bumps, even as low as 6,500 feet;
* Instrument currency would have been nice, as long as the flight was above at least 1,000 foot ceilings;
* For VFR X-C, you really don't care about ceiling. You care about the lowest clouds, be they few or scattered;
* Cheap gas is nice, but the total package is gas, food, hotel, and ride to the hotel;
* Had some good meals, some not so good meals, but the most appreciated food was a half grapefruit one morning;
* I really like an occasional inflight sip or nibble. Preferred are bottled water, bottled soda (so you can close it again), and good chocolate chip cookies, and something salty;
* There's a balancing act between good hydration and bladder discomfort;
* If you carry liquids, like cleaning supplies or oil, good idea to have them in two containers. My bug cleaning bottle leaked big time;
* Frequent changes of destination are par for the course;
* Failures on this trip were the Dynon D2 and a stuck PTT, right after the last landing;
* With the weather delays and such, my average groundspeed was about a third of the speed of the Solar Impulse.


Dog Selfie ...Rob 6A


Separation During Riveting ...agoessling

I was riveting some of the HS ribs to the spar this evening and ran into some separation issues. The rib flange sat flush with the rivet in place before riveting. It also sat flush after giving it a few taps to swell the shank. However when I went to fully form the shop head, the rib flange pulled away from the spar ~0.006". These were some of my better rivets in terms of the quality of the shop and manufactured head, but twice I had the same separation problem. I read that too low pressure can be a cause of this so I increased the pressure on the mini-regulator until it was just on the edge of controllable for me (Here the rivet was being set in less than or equal to one second). This seemed like it might have slightly improved the separation distance, but not enough. I would have liked to put the manufactured head on the rib flange but that would require an offset set so I put it on the spar.  ...


Top 10 - Stadium Flyovers (note #1)



May 5, 2016.  00:07 UTC.   Issue No. 4,110.

Yesterday was 'Star Wars Day' apparently...
Adam Burch took a stab at it...


83rd Birthday RV Grin! ...TJ

My Mom turned 83 and needed to get up to Muskogee, Ok to my sisters where they would take her for the weekend to Branson, MO.

Original plan was for my sister to drive 4.5 hours down to pick her up and drive back due to the weather. Well as luck would have it the weather cleared for the day and I flew her up! She was thrilled to fly, especially since we were at KMKO in an hour 6 minutes, beat 4.5 hours driving!

She was thrilled with the flight and was able to get in the front seat despite having 2 knee replacement surgeries last year!

RVs are great time machines and I hope I will still be flying when I turn 83! <g>.  ...


EGT Dropping Issue

I have a Superior IO 360 with mags on both sides in my RV with 325 hours on it. I have have had several incidents of my number 2 cylinder EGT dropping very low and the engine running rough as if only running on three cylinders. It only lasts for a few seconds, so its hard to note other changes. My response has been to come back on power and richen mixture. But its usually over by then.

My oil pressure has always run high, I use 100 LL only, change oil every 25 hours and oil filter every 50 hours. I usually run ROP ,but occasionally LOP if at low power settings. My only real sin is I warm up the engine at low RPM's, usually about 700 because it runs smooth and vibration free at that RPM. I have recently read a Lycoming article about idleing the engine at 1100 to 1200 RPM's so as to run the the engine hot enough to activate the the lead scavageing chemical in the fuel. I have changed my warm up accordingly.

I am in the mdst of checking the number two exhaust valve and reaming if necessary. My spring compressor and ream are ordered and should be here tomorrow.

More to follow.


Partial "glass" Panel ... what to do with the blackness ...Glen

I'm preparing for an IPC. My RV-8 has a pretty good glad panel but being and RV-8 it doesn't have huge reserves for redundant displays. It does have backups for the key systems and I've practiced using them in VMC.  ...

Note iPad covering 'broken' EFIS....


Garmin 2016 panel photo contest!

I wanted to share this link for those interested in entering our 2016 panel photo contest.

Panel photo submission link

You can enter from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. Include a brief description of what Garmin products you’ve installed and the aircraft type, and don’t forget your contact information, too.

If your submission is selected for posting to our Flickr account, in addition to being proudly displayed on our experimental webpage, you’ll be entered into a monthly drawing for a year subscription to Garmin Pilot. That’s a $150 value!

Thanks in advance for sharing your work with us.




May 4, 2016.  00:04 UTC.   Issue No. 4,109.

RVator Takes (2) 96 yr old B-29 Crew Members Up In 'FIFI'

You may know Bill 'Lurch' Goeken.  He flies an RV-8 fastback out of Propwash (16X) west of DFW (him below).  He also flies some of the CAF stuff, notably 'FIFI'.  Tuesday morning he was leading a 4-ship proficiency RV formation flight out of 52F, and I stopped by to visit for a bit before the briefing started.

He said he had the honor of flying two gentleman this past Thursday in the B-29, and that I could find it by Googling.  One of the gentleman, a former B-29 flight engineer, had left the last B-29 he was in via parachute after being shot down over Japan in 1945.  POW.

You can read the article HERE.  Mr. Hanley's POW story HERE.

Lurch holding steady off my wing some time back.


Status Report ...rmartingt

Work has progressed slowly since the last update. I've painted and assembled the bulkheads and started clecoing the tailcone together.

Why the delay, you ask?

Well, I got a new build partner.....

His name is Joshua, he's two months old, and he was a complete surprise. My wife and I have been trying to adopt for a few years, and on the afternoon of March 4th we got a phone call. We took Joshua home the next day.

Things are finally settling down enough that I can get back to working on the airplane, so hopefully somewhat more regular updates will resume.


Signed Off!!! ...Jeff Caplins RV-7


DFW-American Chemistry Society Award Winners: SMU

Dad brag time...

2016 Outstanding Student Award Recipient at SMU...Ms. Audrey Reeves (the one with the pink hair).  I don't really know how to feel about the hair yet - I understand it's 'a thing' these days with the kids.  She assured me she would dye it back to something non-neon when she was interviewing for PhD programs.  I have some pictures of me from 1987 you'll never see with a 'Duran Duran doo'....so I guess I should just shut up.

I do know how proud of her I am.  Very.

Many of you helped her get to this point by supporting this site.  Thank you again for helping make this beautiful young woman's dreams come true (and mine).

2016 SMU Chemistry Students of the Year.

First flight in the RV-6....2006.

Fuselage construction....2000.

Empennage kit arrives...1996


Caption this Photo ...Pete Howell


Mothership Totals



May 3, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,108.

RV grin sighted ...Indy

My brother hadn't flown my RV-4 in almost 2 years. He rehacked his currency during a visit this weekend, and a closer look at a photo I took revealed the RV grin--absent for 21 months. When he saw the picture he said he didn't realize he was grinning so much. Well, that's what happens when you fly an RV...


Quadrant and Controls Complete ...TimO RV-14

As I've mentioned before, one of the things that I simply would not do without in my RV-14 is a quadrant type throttle. For the RV-10, Van's had the foresight to create both a quadrant and push-pull type controls, but to date they haven't released any quadrant info for the RV-14. With a little luck involved, the RV-10 quadrant worked out real well for me. Now that I've got my seats, I was able to test out the quadrant position and there is actually better knee clearance using the quadrant in the RV-14 than there is in the 10. It is very well positioned and has plenty of clearance from stick movement as well. I'm not sure why it is taking so long for them to get this designed in, as I'm sure it would be a very very popular option. At OSH last year we were talking quadrants and we polled a good sized group of people around our campsite. Every one of them but one was using the quadrant throttle. It's something that you really want for formation flying, and I think many people would prefer it once you try it. I started out with push-pulls in Cessnas, but as I moved into beeches and pipers, they all had quadrants and I preferred them greatly.  ...


May 12th:  The Annual Ch105 Meeting at Van's Aircraft

...from the mothership FB


New school project, Columbus, IN

Tuesday we got the go-ahead for a project at Columbus North HS, Columbus, IN. We have been negotiating on this since October. I was first contacted by Cummins (the diesel engine mfgr) that they would like to see something like this in Columbus, their headquarters. We are working in conjunction with a local college, industry, the local airport (BAK,) and the local school system. The build will begin in the high school and finish on the airport, at least as it is planned now. We begin this August.  ...


May/June FAA Safety Briefing ...40 pages.


Too Cool Not To Include Here Today ...video

...new hoverboard record:  1.4 miles (confirmed by Guinness World Records)



May 2, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,107.

San Diego Trip ...Mike Dale RV-7

Update to the Project ...George Fahmy

Yesterday was a huge step for my RV-7 journey! I took delivery of both my QB fuse and wings! I have a write up on my blog, www.n890gf.com, but i thought id share here as well. I haven't had time to go through all the pieces and parts, but i think the first thing i need to do is make a Wing Stand. If anyone has any tips or can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome.

I have felt a little bored since completing my empennage and now i can feel the excitement all over again, except on a much larger scale! I know its not the same as building the slow build, but with my schedule and current life obligations, I don't think there is anyway I would have been able to get a slow build -7 complete in a reasonable amount of time. The QB option is worth every extra penny spent.

And with Vans AirForce support I have had nearly every question answered for me, I am very appreciative of this community!

Trish 'SchoolMom' Russell is Back in the Air! ...ronshchreck

I accompanied Trish on her first flight in her RV-6A since her stroke. With a little help on the rudders Trish completed two landings and got a standing ovation from the whole neighborhood at Gold Hill Airpark.
Way to go Trish!

Test Update ...Bayou Bert

DIY Wrap vs Paint ...Bevan (wrap)

Having one of those BAD days ...Tom A.

Hangar Finished and More ...The Swede

Hangar floor rubber rolled in Swedish april weather...

Drilling the Spar --- Eek! ...StuBob

Just double-checking before I do something stupid. I'm on the first step of SB RV8 wings. The manual says to rivet the tank skin platenuts to the spar after countersinking. But the holes in the spar aren't up to size. I assume I'm supposed to drill them to #40 and debur the bottoms of the holes? (The tops will be countersunk.  ...

Reference - Oil routing ...zkvii

Over the past week I've learnt a lot more about the flow of oil through our -360 engine. I thought a few photos and words might be useful for the next person trying to understand.  ...

David Paul Update

I'm slowly working on getting the fuselage jig ready. Like the jig outlined on SK-39, the Fry jig intends for the firewall to be mounted 3/4 inch from the support members. David Howe advised me that this doesn't leave enough room to easily get in for riveting, and to increase it to something like 4 inches.  more