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Fri May 31  1153Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

June Calendar Wallpaper ...Ed Hicks photo.

2013 Oshkosh RV Social ...DanH (beer survey)
It's on!  First the Big News; we have a fabulous new location, the back yard at 1366 West Waukau, one of the handful of private homes just outside the main gate a few blocks west of the control tower. Nationair Aviation Insurance leases the yard for the week, and they have agreed to abandon it and run for their lives on Monday evening so properly lubricated tall tales and lies may spring forth for the amusement of all. Please look for Jenny and Shanna and thank them in some appropriate way. They will be at 1366 all week with cool drinks and shade for weary aviators. ...

First Engine Run: Michael Wellenzohn


Audrey Reeves: Hospital Scholarship Recipient
   The TX Health Presbyterian Hospital, where our daughter Audrey volunteered 100+ hours over the past 1.3 years, awarded her a $1,250 scholarship for college.  Every little bit counts, and we've applied for dozens.  This will pay for about two weeks of her biomedical engineering degree at SMU, and we couldn't be more proud of her.  She earned every penny of this one.
   The N-number on our RV-6 is her birthday and initials if you didn't already know.  We just got the tail kit when she learned to walk.  Where does the time go?
   Congratulations Ace!

Airworthy: Chris Michael (stinson46) in Liberty, NC

Rest in Peace: Mr. Chris Hand
Sad to report that Chris Hand, VAF handle = OneCharlieKilo, passed away this morning. I got an email from his wife, Kellie.    Chris was only 45."
Preserving a lost art: Formation flying goes mainstream
...aopa article/video


Thu May 30  1156Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Yesterday you might have experienced some latency issues on the site.  ISP doing stuff.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  br, dr

The High School Design Project
...best assignment ever.  Ralph Finch's idea.

So I'm an RV owner!
   ...probably the best first post by a forum user ever.

New RV8 Project.....first time
  ...welcome Eric and George Rosel.

More Paul Tuttle RV-8 First Flight Photos

Transition Training Syllabi v1.4
   ...Mike Vaccaro

In Search of Greener Grass ...Vlad 9A

Playing in the mud
  ...another use of corn.


Wed May 29  1213Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Randy Richmond's Polished RV-6....with reflection of RV-8.

I just changed my VAF status to Flying
  ...Paul Tuttle's RV-8 first flight

FLY Trip to Tenn ...acroflyrgirl

Pulling together
Indiana high school kids fly the (RV-12) airplane they built ...AOPA story

Who can resist the new Garmin suite from the X-Team- Mikey can’t! ...Louise Hose

Some neat things about Randy Richmond's Old School RV-6
(the OD green rudder pedals - with bottom grips he turned on a lathe.  note wood flr.)

Larger version of today's splash image (from Randy's plane).

HELP! RV-7 tailspring doesn't fit in the mount!

Alternative Oil Breather


Tue May 28, 2013  1206Z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

New Ensign ...and hat sighting
  "Here's my nephew, a newly minted Ensign from Annapolis. Off to become a SEAL. My vote would have been aviation but proud just the same."

RV-6 Almost Done!
   ...Gary Baker's 17yr journey

RV Over the Bahamas ...flybill7
  About the time Rosy Rosales, Scott Card, et all were returning, I headed over to the Bahamas and DR for a week in the RV7. With an old high school buddy, our plan was to island hop and try to cover most of the outer islands which we did. I made a web log for the entire trip."

FS: Special for VAF --- The Polar IceBox 'Summer A/C' ...from site advertiser

RV-8/3 Paul Dye's nice blog entry at AVwebinsider ...space stuff
"A couple of news stories this week about Virgin Galactic's progress in putting tourists into space raises the perennial question: Can it made safe? Flying in space will never be truly safe, but then again, flying in the atmosphere is not completely safe, either." ...

Vans Support 2d to None ...Brian's feedback after getting called up for duty.

I-5 Bridge Collapse ...views from the RV.

Gary Palinkas DIY Paint Booth

Aileron brackets flush rivet

Tip- Permanently installing AOA drain pin


Memorial Day (USA) ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

(the VAF community remembers those who gave everything)

Eagle's Nest--New Plane, New Pilot!
  Yesterday (the 25th) late in the day Elijah Morris became the third Eagle's Nest student/builder to solo in EN-1. Eli did a great job, really greasing the three landings. As I watched the CFI watching the last landing, I commented that we hadn't made him a lot of money (he volunteers his instruction.) He came back, "But it sure has been fun."
  Today, EN-3 put air under her wings for the first time. Special thanks to Bruce Bohannon, test pilot, who reported no problems with all in the green. Ernie Butcher did a great job supervising the build, in record time. It has been a good weekend for ENP...

Badlands Fly-in Info ...L. Vetterman
  The badlands flyin is scheduled for Sept 6-7-8 this year. We are planning to do a ground tour of the Badlands National Park on Saturday, which means you will fly over to Wall SD and get on the bus for the tour, or you may do the Black Hills aerial tour if you do not want to go on the tour. As usual we will provide information on motels, etc as we get closer to September.
  See you in September,
  Larry Vetterman

First real trip in the 8 - the magic carpet lives ...Scott Elhardt Mackinac Island.

Off to the paintshop, part 2 ...ao.frog

Wheel Chock Group Buy Opportunity
 ...from advertiser here.

Memorial weekend flight ...tc1234c

G3X Update ...v7.4 to 8.0
  - download

Sid 'scrollF4' Mayeux Gets Squared Away
  ...at my airport.  Sid stored his RV in theVanCave for a few weeks while relocating to Texas (retiring from USAF).  Sid (L) and gang came out Saturday to pick up the RV and move it to its own hangar on the field.  Great guys.  dr

How bad is it?

Today was a good day! ...Brantel
Before we started giving Young Eagle rides today, I decided to take a hop over to 0VG to get some fuel. I hit the sky early right after updating my G3X system to version 8.0 and it was clear and smooth! Dead calm air!
  On the way back, I decided to run her flat out and cranked out 180kts TAS @ 3500ft running 2710rpm.
  Not bad for an airplane built in my basement garage!


Fri May 24, 2013  1143Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Ready for First Flight ...Paul Tuttle
I don't know if these airplanes are ever "finished", but it's ready for the first flight if the weather ever clears up. It closed in shortly after this picture was taken and it's been raining ever since.

Storm Safe Room / Workbench plans
   ...courtesy Eric.  Progress continues.

   (from Eric) "It is sized to easily hold a family of 4 for the duration of a nasty storm. Note the focus is on survival, not comfort. Length and width can be added or removed by adding or taking away C-Channel. All material can be had from Discount Steel and McMaster-Carr, part numbers are on the drawing. One addition may be to run 3X3 tube under the top to give it a little more strength. Another option would be adding more angle to bolt the top to the vertical supports instead of welding. I would recommend using 1/2 inch Grade 8 bolts to secure the shelter to a concrete floor. As drawn, with full welds and A36 steel, a quick FEA analysis shows that the top surface can take an DISTRIBUTED load of over 10,000 lbs."

  related: Forum thread on this

Meeting in Argentina aerobatic pilots

Help! ...A&P near Provo, Utah needed.  F-18 jet blast bangs up RV.

Second Wind
  Big day today; just over 7 months after emergency mitral valve replacement, I received a phone call from Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medicine that I my medical is once again valid and I am cleared to return to flying. I know I don't have to explain to anyone on this forum what that means to me.
  A couple of weeks ago, a young mechanic helping me with some work on my plane asked me if the aircraft had a name. It didn't, but it got me thinking, and I decided that if and when I got my medical back, I would in fact give the plane a name to recognize the second chance at flying and life that I have been given. I am pleased, then, to tell you that the new name for my 6A is.... "Second Wind".... I hope to have the chance to explain over and over to people at airports and fly-ins for years to come what the name represents
  Now I just have to get some vinyl lettering designed and cut, and start planning my first flight in 7.5 months!
Gerry Julian RV-6A

The Time Machine ..DanH
  Do you use your RV for business?...

RV-12 Glareshield ...from the factory

Scheduled Site Maintenance 5/25 11pm CT - 5/26 6am CT
  "Our regularly scheduled maintenance window will be used to install critical patches to several hosts in order to keep your data safe and improve the reliability of your hosting services. Customers will experience intermittent service accessibility during this window."

Mr. Tate Reeves:
Director's Award and Outstanding Soloist

....received last night during the 6th grade spring concert (and he can fly an RV-6 pretty good, too).  The trumpet my parents bought me 35 years ago for six grade band is in good hands.

Thank you again God for letting me be a part of this young man's life.



Thu  May 23, 2013  1204Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Cross Country Fun….ny ...GLPalinkas
My father-in-law just had surgery again last week in Georgia. My live-in elderly mom is visiting my brother.  So my wife says, fly me up to see dad and mom in Georgia for a week. Well, OK honey, if you Insist

Sanley Fly-in breakfast RV-8s
   ...Paul Tuttle photos (I think)
Kevin Horton from Ottawa dropped into the fly-in breakfast with his RV-8 and parked next to mine. We are hoping to make the first flight within the next week or so, weather depending. Kevin made an inspirational fly by when he left Stanley.

Eagle's Nest - Roger Elder receives "Teacher Innovative Grant"
  Eagle's Nest (EN-3) project leader and Clear Springs High School PLTW aerospace engineering instructor, Mr. Roger Elder, receives $5,000 "Teacher Innovative Grant" from Clear Creek Education Foundation to support next year's Eagle's Nest program.
  Eagle's Nest -10 is scheduled to begin in the Fall semester and will be the school's second project!
Thank you CCEF for your vision and generosity!

Help requested, RV-6A Bremerton, WA area
   ...please everyone read this
  "Help I'm looking for is due to serious life threatening medical challenges I am facing."

Hat Sighting ...Brian Eisner at the Mayan Pyramid at Coba Mexico on May 09 2013

Status...Fernando Abasolo -8

20th Birthday for Cleaveland Tool!
  ...10% off.

50+ fish visible from a plane.
  The RV is too speedy for me to see this kind of stuff, which is probably why it's new to me in two decades of flying.  Yesterday morning in a low/slow Cub I stumbled upon 50+ fish in the shallows of a lake near our airport.  Lon/Lat sent to our friend Steve (fishing guide).  The iPhone took a surprisingly good picture from about 250' up.  Winds calm and blue skies after several days of storms - it felt good to get off the surface, if only for a bit.  2.5 gallons burned and the mental gyros recalibrated for a few days.

Clicking on the image below will take you to the 3,264 pixels-wide version.


Wed May 22, 2013  1152Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Phone Photo Flight ...Scott Mills 6A

Hudson Valley ...SmilingJack
Haven't been able to fly much, but squeezed in a quick flight today in the New York "Texas" heat

Avery Tools Memorial Day Sale
(from Bob) 


$1.00 FLAT RATE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $100.00 VALUE (shipping in US only on this offer).





Acro Video in Kevin's 7A
  ...it's for sale, BTW.  Note chutes.

Big holes made ...Bob Axsom

DIY safe room project that doubles as work bench you can build airplane parts on
  Randy, Clayton and I were talking yesterday about tornadoes and what they do to our part of the country.  I found a safe room design online for $3K-$5K that could double as a family tornado shelter (another design).
  Since I don't have that kind of money laying around, we thought maybe you could buy steel 3/16 C-channel locally cut to a specific length, maybe workbench height, and then weld them together with the stick welder here in the hangar.
  Unlike the online version this would have the rough stuff pointing outward - smooth interior walls. You could tie the four walls together in the corners with some angle iron and bolts. Use a hammer drill, more angle, twenty HILTI expansion bolts and more to tie it into the garage slab.
  Bolt on a work surface made out of thicker steel C-channel welded together and then cover that with wood to become a workbench.  Cut in a door with some bad boy welded-on hinges and we're good.  Paint it safety red and put a RESCUE arrow on the door pointing to the knob.
  I'm guessing something like this might support the weight of a car, and might even stay attached to the slab if an EF5 decided on us.
  Maybe there is an engineering type out there w/something better than MS Paint that finds this interesting, too.
  We're thinking about things like this with a renewed vigor around here.
  Anywho, if it comes to fruition, we'll keep you in the loop.

My dumb two minute drawing...

Pic of a safe room bolted to the slab...


Tue May 21, 2013  1145Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Not a lot of excitement to work on the site today, I'm afraid.  Our hearts are heavy from the loss of life and storm destruction across the Red River in Oklahoma.
  God Bless all those affected.  dr

Aluminum Lady was there.

  On this Sunday was held the French vintage aircrafts annual meeting of La Ferte Alais, in the south of Paris.  For the first time, Aluminium Lady was invited to put her heel of this famous airfield on which was held one of the most famous meeting for Europeans, excepted Duxford in UK.  ...

RV made the cover of GA News (again)

article pg20-21

Van's Aircraft will be closed Mon May 27
   ...for Memorial Day
Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web Orders placed after 12PM noon (Pacific Time) on Friday, May 24th will be processed on Tuesday May 28th

Airplane household?  Yes.

Completing the Set
  Paul Dye has now flown all of the RV models:  RV-1 through RV-14.


Mon May 20, 2013  1157Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Golf in Plymouth, MA ...Dan Thompson trip report.

Landing with flat tire ...Larry Pardue
  Thought I would report this just as a data point. I had the left main tire go completely flat during a short flight today. I made my normal three point landing and could immediately tell that something was amiss but the airplane was completely controllable and I even taxied down the runway to the turnoff and turned to clear the runway in the direction opposite of the flat. Took lots of throttle to taxi and of course the tube was destroyed. but the wheel pant seems fine.
  It was time for new tires and tubes anyway.

  (Rich Meske) Please take a fresh look at Aircraft Extras, Inc. custom aircraft interiors. Presently, we are offering interiors for models RV-6, RV-7, and RV-9. If you would like to purchase interiors for other models, please contact us. Choose your own materials and we will make your seats, armrests, and stick boots. The seats feature an inflatable lumbar support. An optional EZ-Step can be incorporated in the seat. Also, check out our newest products at www.aircraftextras.com

Status ...Tom Powers RV-8

Fact Sheet - GA Safety
 ...issued May 14
  The United States has the largest and most diverse general aviation (GA) community in the world with more than 300,000 aircraft including amateur-built aircraft, rotorcraft, balloons, and highly sophisticated turbojets. Reducing GA fatalities is a top priority of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the FAA’s goal is to reduce the GA fatal accident rate by 10 percent over a 10-year period (2009-2018). Loss of Control – mainly stalls – accounts for approximately 40 percent of fatal GA accidents.

Lesson Learned
  Never leave an airplane part on the floor of the garage. Even if its just for a minute.  I learned a valuable lesson today that cost me a month's worth of work. ...

Fuel Tank Rib Tooling Hole Issue
  I'm stumped by what to do with the tooling hole in my inboard T-703 rib of the fuel tank, in the area where the T-708 access plate is mounted. The tooling hole at the aft end of the rib extends beyond the T-407 cork gasket and stiffener by a tiny amount, but it's just enough to see daylight through it. The drawing shows this hole as barely under the gasket, as they appear to touch on the outboard edge. My access panel is a fraction forward of where the drawing has it located, and has just uncovered the edge of the tooling hole.

April in San Miguel de Allende 2013
  My wife Joan wanted us to stay in one place on our next trip so, since I want her to continue flying with me, I said yes. We rented a house in San Miguel de Allende for April for $1000. We took 2 weeks of Spanish Language classes and explored the area by walking a lot, and also we took taxis, and buses. We reserved a shuttle van the the drive back and forth after leaving the RV at Celaya airport. Believe it or not, it was fun, and we had a wonderful time.
  Here is our story with pictures.

Status ...Miles RV-7
  I finished the F-704 bulkhead by riveting the vertical spacer bars and vertical side members to the aft bulkhead, and the vertical side members to the forward bulkhead. I also enlarged the F-704J spacer holes in the aft bulkhead to 15/64 then reamed them to 0.249. I performed this step while the two bulkhead halves were aligned with two 7/16 bolts though both the forward and aft bulkheads on each side so I could use the final size spacer bolt holes already in the forward bulkhead as alignment holes. Many thanks to local RV-7 builder/flyer Hal Lyons for loaning his very well made laminated wood bulkhead spacer blocks to me.


Fri May 17, 2013  1208Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

An American in British skies ...photos by Ed Hicks.

...flown by an Englishman.
  The weather was kind to us yesterday, and we managed to shoot Mark Albery's RV-8. Mark's machine is still wearing it's 12" temporary N-numbers from it's transatlantic flight, but will soon be G-registered.

Welcome: Lucio in Milano, Italy

From the factory...RV-14 emp kit

fmi:  RV-14 info on factory site
RV-14 Section of VAF Forums

THIS is how to sell tools in the VAF classifieds, baby!
 ...I think they're already sold, btw.

I had to brag for her!
  Last week my wife was awarded a full scholarship to complete her IFR training. The award is the Amelia Erhart scholarship presented by the National '99's' organization for women pilots. She now has left seat control of our RV6A.

Status ...David Domeier 8
I've been measuring, trimming and smoothing the edges after each cut of the Todd canopy. It started out 4" above the roll bar and is now down to 3/8". The aft end has been trimmed once and now rests on the canopy frame rather than the fuselage. About 3.5" of material has been removed from the front of the canopy.
  This is a messy, unpleasant job and I will be pleased when it is completed and can move on to more civilized, clean work. ...

Updates on the 'Rosie and gang' RV adventure
[ed. My working theory is that nobody sells more RV kits than Paul 'Rosie' Rosales! dr]

(From Rosie)
"(A lot of this page was update for placeholders for Days 7/8/9: Posts 92, 93 and 94)

Link  (Day 18 about mid way down at post #137)

And the grand-daddy post that I just made moments ago...and I need to get up in about 5 hours (but it was worth it):
Page 22 with this post: Link  and a second because I can't have more than 8000 words (was nearly 12,000!)

Good night Krash and thanks again for this WONDERFUL WEBSITE!


If you would like to read this thread from the beginning, go HERE (also, if you're logged into the forums you might like clicking on 'Display Modes' over on the right side of the screen.  Select 'Linear Mode').  dr


Thu May 16, 2013  1146Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Good evening with RV ...Vlad
Working hours are over done for the day. Clocked out and 30 minutes run from work to the hangar. There were freshly flared brake lines for RV12. Nicely done.Tried to bend them no way brain is frozen. Here comes RV therapy

$5,870 small parts paint booth ...or less than $20 if you deduct the cost of the finishing kit.

  When I bent the F770 side skin, a crack developed at the sharp bend.
  Can I just stop drill the crack and continue building or do I need to order a new skin?

iFlightPlanner Improvement
   ....from Andy Matthews
  "You may have already noticed this but I wanted to be sure you know that we've updated the processing behind the Weather Widget on VAF to always pull in the nearest TAF for any airport in the string of identifiers that are submitted. It was an overall upgrade to the site for resources within iFlightPlanner that display METARs and TAFs, and the VAF Widget is one of the beneficiaries of the new technology running behind the scenes."

[ed. This means I can put in the identifier for a grass runway near me (XA0) and it will automatically pull the METAR from the nearest reporting field (DTO 5nm) and TAF from the closest reporting spot (AFW 11nm). dr]

related: http://www.iflightplanner.com/?MPA=VAF

Weirdest Passenger?
  When Van started selling his kits....I wonder if he ever imagined one day they would be used to Lifeflight turtles.
  I was busy watching my hockey play offs with friends and having a couple margaritas on friday night when the emergency email came. Pilots N Paws Canada needed an emergency rescue flight. Cool, some cute little dog needs to go to a new home. I would do that.  ...


May 25th:  Near Summit Point, WV
  Weather permitting, stop in next Saturday afternoon May 25 for a cold drink and some RV talk. Cedar Meadows Airpark is not on the sectional, but is a couple miles west of Summit Point, WV, just a few miles SE of Martinsburg, WV. RW 9/27 is on the south side of the railroad tracks and has (for identification purposes only) an intersecting N/S runway on the north side of the tracks. The turf runway is 3000 by 100 and reasonably smooth. We monitor 122.85 My new hanger is being constructed and should be occupied by my RV4 by the end of May. You can park by the white hangar on the west end of the runway.


Wed May 15, 2013  1149Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Pure joy of flying ...Luke in Italy
  Today the weather was VFR excellence (we are still waiting for spring software upgrade here in Northern Italy), so me and my wife took some hours of free time for a flight, pure joy to do it, spending couple of hours together in our RV-8. ...

Italian "Spring meeting"
  "..we had the honor of hosting a group of 14 RVs coming from England, France and Ireland."

Memorial Day Air Race at Terrell, TX, 5-25-13 ...Bob Axsom
  SARL is struggling with converting to a new website hosting service (I think I got that right) so things are running late as they convert to a new one. The Address is the same www.sportairrace.org but the content form etc is changing. Sorry about that. The course is not yet published but will be coming soon. Terrell is on the east side of Dallas. It has an uncontrolled airport which last year was the start point for the race.
  The current entries are:
 Race # Name Aircraft Class
Race 71 Bob Axsom RV-6A RV Blue
Race 77 JT Racing RV-6 RV Blue
Race 411 Jeff Barnes RV-6 RV Blue
Race 118 Ken Krebaum RV-8 RV Blue
Race 390 Jerry Hajek RV-8 RV Gold
Race 13 James Redmon Berkut RG Blue

Engine mount rusty - how to fix it
  I have an engine mount that I have not gotten around to using yet.. but being in my garage, it has been subjected to the cold and higher humidity (yeah.. I know, MOVE IT!!) and sadly it has developed some surface rust (Hope that is all it is)..
  Question is: How to remove/treat the rust without weakening the mount?
Should I sandblast it? (suggested media?) Wire wheel it? Should I metal prep it afterwards ? Does metal prep need to be neutralized?  ...

RV-10 #500 ...from factory FB page
  Yesterday the Hobbs Meter on our website rolled over FIVE HUNDRED flying RV-10s. That’s a big number in the world of 4-place kit airplanes. But even with 500 flying, landing somewhere and seeing an RV-10 on the ramp is still a bit usual.
  That’s because about half of the RV-10s completed so far have been built outside the USA and the vast majority of those – over 200 -- are in Brazil.
  Many American pilots don’t realize it, but Brazil has a strong aviation history, dating back to before World War I and the days of Santos-Dumont. People have been flying, designing and building airplanes in Brazil for over a hundred years. Van’s is just joining a long and proud tradition. ...

   related: RV-10 section of VAF Forums

From the factory FB page:
  "It's good to see a picture of the RV-1, RV-3, and RV-4 in the EAA Museum! Lot's of history there..."


Tue May 14, 2013  1142Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

A story about assumptions
  Fear not, this story does not involve loss of life and limb or the destruction of innocent airplane parts.
  Way back in March, the long-awaited day arrived: the truck driver called to report that he'd be at my house in about 30 minutes with me wing kit. I was overjoyed...time to get some of the Real Work going here! Getting down to business inventorying took a bit of the shine off, particularly when I saw that I had a few items backordered:

- A couple of tank ribs
- All 210 of the tank attach nutplates
- Some nutplates for the stall warning kit (which I didn't plan on using anyway)

  That didn't stop me from getting to work, though. I set about assembling the rear spars, and when that ran out, I went to tinkering on the main spars. Without the tank attach nutplates, the Big Job had to wait, but I still had inspection plate nutplates, tiedowns, etc., all of which I took care of.
  About a month in, I hadn't received any shipments from Van's, so I gave them a call to check on the status of my backorder. I found that the tank ribs had come in, along with one of the nutplate batches, but the other nutplates had not. I didn't remember off the top of my head the part numbers for the nutplates and which ones were for the stall warner and which ones were for the tanks, but it was suggested that the ones still on backorder were for the tanks.  ...

Skyview Accessory Locations
  Panel is about to be cut, Skyview 10" in front, Skyview 7" in rear.  Need help with the following for best locations please.
1. EMS box and route of sensor wires to firewall forward.
2. Remote transponder box.
3. Mounting a 7" Skyview for the rear talking freight.
4. Skyview battery box.

Glassed Filtered Air Box Alternate Air Door
  There have been some threads I've read during my build discuss options for an alternate air door on the FAB other than the stock Van's door that can't be reliable reset without removing the lower cowl. Many builders have worked up a new door design that used hardware such as aluminum guides or delrin to provide a means to slide a door back and forth over an alternate air door. But these have all used additional hardware and weight. Dan Horton had commented an alternative would be to use fiberglass to provide these rails and eliminate the hardware. So I took that challenge.  ...

"Forest of Tabs" Ground Location
  Does anyone have photos or links to URLS that show some good places to mount the grounding block from B&C on the firewall?


Mon May 13, 2013  1154Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Hope you had a good Mother's Day weekend.  I didn't get any flying in, but did spend some time with Mom (Waco isn't far enough away to see significant time/cost savings, with the two car changes and ramp fee).  Having said that, I can neither confirm or deny that she was a 78 yr old passenger in a sports car topping 110mph on a long, straight, deserted road out in the country.  A road like this.  I can also neither confirm or deny that she asked to do it a second time.
  After all this stuff that may or may not have happened, she watched the Spanish Grand Prix on her DVR.  Van's Aircraft wall calendar next to the TV.  A pretty kick@ss Mom....and one lucky kid. 

3 days up, one day back home   ...acroflyrgirl graduation trip concludes

To quote the Mastercard commercial …

Wonders never cease
  Two years ago when I bought my RV I was pretty disappointed when I discovered my wife, who was scared and reluctant to fly, would get physically ill from motion sickness in even the slightest turbulence. ...

Will a vent work here

Panel Status

Such a wonderful plane

Tell me there is enough thread showing

From the factory FB page:
EAA105 May Chapter Meeting @ Van's

RV-12 S-LSA Update - Ken

Bob Albrecht: Rest in Peace
...PnP pilot, VAF member

  It all was a good day in the air. I was on the way back from a trip and was descending through about 2500ft direct to my back yard when my passenger said "hey right there is an airplane" I looked out his side to see a P51-D coming at us starboard side. ...

Flaperons Completed ...Randy Pflanzer


Fri May 10, 2013  1155Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines).
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

Eagle's Nest #3 On display at Space Center Houston

In-flight self portrait ...David (Winslow, UK)
  Me and my 4 year old son after school one day .

RV-7 Status ...David Taylor

RV-6 Panel Upgrade Stats

  ...Craig Vincent works here.

Hand controls needed, please help
  ...Greg Marlow
  "...I believe I will fly it again, but it's going to need a modification of hand controls for the rudder and brakes.
   Does anyone have any ideas? I have a 9A, with brakes on the left side only...."

AZ-MN Graduation Trip Begins
  ...Cathy Page
  We stopped in at DHT for the night. The wind was 210 @ 18-20 G 29. We used Rwy 21. About 30 min later the windsock went limp, then briskly snapped to attention from 360 @ 20 G 33. They take their wind seriously in the TX panhandle. ...

DHT North
  This morning we headed N out of Dalhart, then wandered towards the east a bit. ...

Mc Cook NE


Thu May 9, 2013  1150Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines).

Dawn Patrol pre-Mother's Day ..GLPalinkas
  Well, since my 88 year-young mom is living full time with us, I don't get as much air time as I would like. Long trips are out for now. I did get mom to go the other day for a short flight. I'm just glad she's still around to go with me.
  Hopefully, I can get her to go again for Mother's Day.
  I am mostly relegated to Dawn Patrol, not that I'm whining or anything. I snuck in .6 this morning. Left at 6am, back by 7am. SWEET   ...

AirVenture Cup Race 2013
  The GREAT RACE called the AirVenture Cup Race is going to be run again this year but from a new location, Mount Vernon, Illinois I believe. For the second year they are going to include classes I'm familiar with in SARL cross country air racing. In the healing EAA there is support once again for the event. They say this is the 16th annual AVC race but I have only flown in it since 2005. It is a happening as they used to say. It is basic but it has style and class as well for those who participate. The website is starting to update as planning, and arrangements fall into place. www.airventurecuprace.org.
Bob Axsom
Race 71

Group To Finish Air Force Captain's Airplane As A Tribute

related: Mark Tyler Voss (VAF forum member)

Tina's May Promotions

RV-10: St Petersburg FL #41460
   ...James McClow

We have started our build and wanted to post an update.

We received our -10 on April 26th. Since I had the back surgery last month we decided to wait until Sun N Fun to order at the event.

Of course I couldn't let the crate sit unopened. We inventoried the evening it came and began work the next day.

We have completed the vertical stab and rudder but still need to install the fiberglass. I am on fence whether to do fiberglass now or wait and do it all at once further down the road. I read what Bob Lefler wrote about it and now think I may do it as I build the part. This way were aren't working n fiberglass for a month when we are finished.

I damaged one part so far. I new better but did it anyway argh...I broke the leading edge of the rudder while scuffing it after I machine countersunk it. It was a dumb move. I should have left it on the bench and scuffed it but I held onto it and of course it buckled in my hand. I used the second piece I had for the leading edge and will order a new replacement from Vans. ...


Wed May 8 2013  1142Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines).

All she wanted for Mothers Day ...Jim Wright 9A
  My sweet Mother-in-Law asked me yesterday when I was going to take her for an airplane ride. Today we crossed that off the old bucket list. She is 80 years young and had no trouble getting in and out of the plane. She had been in a small plane three times in her whole life, once when she was young and later in my Cessna 172. Today was the 3rd time and it was a perfect day for sightseeing. She has never been in a commercial plane either.
  When we landed she said that was all she wanted for Mothers Day. Boy did I get off easy! :-)

Aero Friedrichshafen Follow Up - Two Perspectives...factory FB page
  Van's Aircraft exhibited again this year at the Aero-Friedrichshafen show in Germany. Daryl Sahnow and Van were in attendance. Former Van's Engineer Ken Krueger even showed up to help out. What follows are their thoughts on the show: ...

Status: KRviator 9AQB

RV-12 Wings Completed ...Randy Pflanzer

Oshkosh 2013- Let's talk homebuilding!
   ...Bob Collins doing daily talk show at OSH again this year (trained journalist who knows his stuff, not a pretend one like me)

Blast tubes to P-Mags

Have I mentioned how much I get a kick out of the VAF community?
  "(from this thread)...Canada was 10 miles east and we had the sky to ourselves. No restrictions from the surface to the moon. My favorite wintertime activity was a contest to see who could raise the highest rooster tail of snow when we buzzed a lake......"

Ed and Colleen's Latest ...RV-10 build video
fmi: EdandColleen.com


Tue  May 7 2013  1155Z....some interes ting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines).

Made the trip ...Shelby, Montana (Bruce Eicher RV-8)

Memorial to Frozen War ...Vlad 9A
  There is a fascinating place in upper right corner of US. Two years I was trying to get there and it finally happened. An alien Air Force guy I knew closely asked me to land there. I still don't know why, the base was on his unit target charts.
I couldn't get permission to land, an authority of the phone told me they don't accommodate planes on weekends. "If something happens..." was their argument.
  Anyway, after almost three hours of flying I finally got closer to Loring AFB. ...

(and as usual, a VAF user spent time there)...."Those rusty fuel tanks in the pictures used to hold millions of gallons of JP-4. I had to manually "stick" every tank daily to ensure nothing was leaking."

May/June FAA Safety Online

Rest in Peace Capt. Mark Tyler Voss
...'RVZoomie' in the VAF forums
  (from John Anderson) Based on news reports and some of his posts on here, it looks like we lost fellow VAF member Capt Mark Tyler Voss (RVZoomie) in last Friday's KC-135 crash in Kyrgyzstan. I can't say I knew Tyler, but I saw him around USAFA from time to time and had a few mutual friends.
   ...Thankful for his brave and selfless service and proud to know that he was a part of the VAF community. Here's a toast...

May Experimenter Online

pg 18 ...DIY glass panel in RV-10

RV-10 N313KC Jeff Rich
  I guess it's time to come out of lurker mode and introduce myself.


Mon May 6 2013  1143Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines).

Video #1 Calgary to Redding...Troy Branch  RV-10
"...surprise trip to Disneyland for the kids."
Video #2 | Video #3 | Video #4 | Last video of the trip

Mark Albery's Across the Atlantic Adventure Finishes Up...

   - Lakeland to the Arctic

   - Across the Arctic

Video- "To Slick's for BBQ" Flight during the West Coast Formation Clinic 2013
  "Short video of our 9 ship to Slick's house for BBQ."

Beautiful shoreline

Charity Caps ...Mark Santoleri
  "We will be making donations to various local charities"

More Charity Caps ...David
  "I donated to the National Multiple sclerosis society in PA."

GRT Announcement ...Katie Bosman
  GRT Avionics is announcing a major price cut for all EFIS systems today. Please find the press release attached, along with a copy of the new price list and screenshots of the Sport SX (with optional synthetic vision--a $400 software upgrade) and the Horizon HXr. Please contact me with any questions.

Hat sighting ...Joe Walker
  "At the Udvar-Hazy center. Dornier 335 and Arado bomber in background."

Teaser photos from DJM

Visit to Eagles Nest 4

Rosie & Tuppergal are back home...
Day 28- Great Exuma to Pecan Plantation (TX)

Day 28- Great Exuma to Pecan Plantation (TX)

Day 28- Great Exuma to Pecan Plantation (TX)

Day 29- Pecan Plantation (TX) to Payson (AZ)

Day 29- Pecan Plantation (TX) to Payson (AZ)

Day 29- Pecan Plantation (TX) to Payson (AZ)

Day 30- The final leg...from Payson (AZ) to Southern California

Day 30- The final leg...from Payson (AZ) to Southern California

Rosie's Odometer after the Caribbean Adventure

RV gathering and Planes of Fame Airshow at Chino, CA

Status....John Courte

Welcome Amelia's Landing
   ....flying-themed hotel in Port Aransas on Mustang Island. Their ad will live on the Previous Day's News page.


Fri May 3, 2013  1139Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines).
  TGIF!  The five year old Gateway desktop I usually use to assemble the daily edition threw up all over itself yesterday evening, and once again my trusty HP laptop came to the rescue as my hot spare slash travel computer.  HP ENVY....you rock.  You gave me time to breath while I beat this desktop with a bat back into submission.
  Wishing you all a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

West Coast Formation Clinic 2013

Rosie and gang....
Day 27- Flying from Anguilla

Day 27- Flying from Anguilla

Day 27- Flying from Anguilla

Day 27- Flying from Anguilla

Big Bend State Park trip ...Mark Burns
  Last Friday Seven RV’s and a Velocity departed five different airports in Arkansas and Louisiana and headed for Big Bend State Park.  ...

Factory FB site...

A very lucky day!


Thu May 2, 2013  1140Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines).

Getting called up for active duty requires selling new XO-360 (Save $2,700)
   ....posting this as the top story for Lt Col Brian Delamater.  Least I could do.


What: Factory NEW Lycoming XO-360 A1A for $24,000. (crating/shipping or pick up at buyers expense – Located in Knoxville, TN area)

  • This engine was purchased through Vans at the Oshkosh price of $25,500. (Current Vans list price of $26,700). I received the crated engine in early October ’12 and hung it on my RV-7 in Dec/Jan timeframe. The engine still has preservative oil inside (no fuel, spark or regular oil has been introduced to the engine).

  • Lycoming confirmed that the FULL FACTORY WARRANTY (which has not yet been activated) will transfer with the sale of this engine.

  • Engine will be dropped from my project, resealed and “re-pickled” using a Tanis 4 Cylinder Engine Preservation Kit prior to sale.

Why: Active Duty Air Force Assignment is taking me outside of the Continental US, project will go into storage for 2-4 years. I’m happy, blessed and proud to serve (and flying the F-16 is no hardship)…I just didn’t anticipate an overseas assignment and planned to fly a completed RV-7 to my next duty location.

Timeline: I have until the end of June to complete this sale, I will be departing the country after the 4th of July weekend. Project will be moving from my residence in Maryville TN to DKX (Knoxville TN) sometime this month.

Misc: Completed Baffles (fit to an RV-7 top cowl), Catto 3 blade with spinner, and other Vans FWF items/accessories can be discussed/negotiated if buyer is interested.

Contact: Brian, Cell: ( 7 0 2 )  4 6 9 . 1 9 6 4
Update: Engine has sold

Rosie and gang....
Day 26- A morning diving and afternoon of sightseeing on Anguilla
   It’s Wednesday, May 01, 2013 and our last full day of ‘vacation’ vacation as we now have a ‘flying’ vacation ahead of us through this coming Sunday as we head for California. ...

Cake pan six pack mod ...Randy Richmond
  I'll just update this every week or so, if able.  Developing...

RV-3 Status ...Brian Wallis

My trans-atlantic RV-8 odyssey
   ...Mark Albery
Last Saturday I completed a 7,000 nm, 19 day trip from Los Angeles to Oxfordshire, England in my RV-8.
Having completed 4 years working in the Tesla Motors design studio in Hawthorne CA, it was time to move on and go home....


Leaving L.A

I made an extra hole
   I'm 99% sure this part is trash but thought I'd put it out here to see if anyone has any thoughts. I was dimpling leading edge skin tonight and the skin slipped off of the dimple die. Before I knew about it, I had made this new hole

Targa strip coming loose at one end


Wed May 1, 2013  1202Z....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines).
  Today's edition spotlights a lot of RV stuff in the new Sport Aviation.  A nice mix of motivation, safety and friendship.  Enjoy!  dr

May Calendar Wallpaper ...Ed Hicks photo.

So That's What They Look Like....
  Yesterday I dropped by Walt's to say hey, and while there I got a shot of him at work.  Blinking electronic thingys that I don't understand, but he does.  He is 'Walt' in the forums and runs ExpAircraft.com (one of this site's advertisers).  "An FAA Certified repair station specializing in Propeller balancing, Pitot-Static/Transponder checks, Avionics work and Experimental aircraft building and maintenance."  dr

Rosie and gang...
Day 25- Flying to Montserrat then to Anguilla

Day 25- Flying to Montserrat then to Anguilla

Day 25- Flying to Montserrat then to Anguilla

Day 25- Flying to Montserrat then to Anguilla

Request to Review LED Push-to-test Circuit...
   Would you guys mind looking at the attached circuit for providing push to test functionality to a handful of Annunciator LED's (12v) and let me know if it is okay I need some peer review... thanks.

From AOPA...

Night Flight Pics...tkatc
  "...So there I was watching a few episodes of Flying Alaska while eating dinner when it dawned on me that there should be a large moon again. I remembered I was due to fill up the tanks but had plenty to make it to the cheapest fuel airport around with reserve. I set out just before dusk with my flashlights and a plan. ..."

Sport Aviation May Issue Online
   ....some highlights below.

Homebuilts Flying IFR
    ...Stein Burch (pg 68)

The Value of Demo Flights: pg 38
   ....looking good, Gus!

Lifting off w/a 17yr old cancer survivor
   ...Lauran Paine, Jr (pg 42)

Spotlight on safety:  pg 12

Mark Phelps pg 96