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Thu, May 31, 2012.  1130z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Glad I Looked Over My Shoulder

Occasionally I stop in at McDonald's for breakfast after pushing out the site (free WiFi and Dr. Pepper refills).  There's this one guy who always seems to be there when I stop in, his paper spread out over the entire table and nursing his coffee.  "Going flying today?"  "Right after these pancakes."

Some thunderstorms were out to the northeast, so I went that direction to stay between them and the runway.  About 15 minutes into the flight I saw some lightning off in the distance - me go home now.  Just before joining downwind I looked over to the east one last time and saw this over Lake Lewisville (below).

And there it is again....the reason I love to fly, even for five minutes.  Mother Earth occasionally gives us lucky pilots a view that surface dwellers just can't appreciate.  They don't know what they're missing.

An hour and change after leaving the home office I was back on the keyboard, mental gyros realigned and recharged. 

(click to enlarge)

RV-8 N218HM First Flight(s) ...Jeff Atkinson

Since I have not one poetic bone in my body, I'll just give you the facts....after nearly five years and nine months of building, N218HM has finally taken flight. First flight was yesterday morning around 8:00am out of Fort Worth Meacham in the capable hands of Roy Geer....thank you Roy. He was nice enough to fly the airplane for 20+ minutes and reported no discrepancies afterwards. Wanted to thank my dad, whom I could not have started OR finished this project without his help. Also have to thank my wife for the help and putting up with my madness over the past few years.  continue / video


N562E First Flight ...Jerry Gaulden RV-12

N562E took to the skies yesterday evening. The uncontrolled airport is vacant and nobody is there to witness – not advisable. I’m frozen at the end of the runway for almost five minutes wondering if we’re ready for this and trying to muster the courage to run up the throttle. Once we reach 55 knots and pull back on the stick, there’ll be no turning back. I’ll be committed to depending on the plane to function smoothly and on my limited skills to land us in one piece. Finally with heart racing release the brakes, ease in full throttle, pedal dance, and quickly everything happens really fast. Acceleration, pull back, and suddenly the ground is rushing away from us. Climb to 3,000 ft at 75 knots and keep telling myself to calm down. Level off. Airspeed builds rapidly to 110 knots - pull back on the throttle. Heavy wing? No, stick is centered. Adverse yaw? I don’t think so. Ball is pretty much centered with feet on the floor. Calm down! Trim tab – oh yeah, let’s use it. Nice. Engine instruments are all in the green as we do some wide sweeping 360 degree turns to the right and left over the central Washington desert.  continue

First Flight of N29JV ...John Volkober

After six years and two months of building, the first flight of RV-9A N29JV took place on April 15, 2012. The flight occurred after spending two days chasing down a problem with the pitot static system, a chase that underscored the principle of checking the obvious, simple things first. I was fortunate to be supported by a dedicated crew consisting of Rolph Untenaehrerr, John Winter, Roger Archie and my wife Teryl all of whom were gracious enough not to point out that the problem was created by the pilot early on the first day. Enough said.  continue

In The Shop
From the Factory ...RV-12 Revision

Out of the paint shop ...Marc Hudson

Totally Off Topic

Well there's your problem right there...

Wed, May 30, 2012.  1142z  
I know they give out awards for everything under the sun these days, but since he's my only son I hope you'll indulge me bragging a bit.  He's 'officially' out of elementary school.  18sec video clip
  Congratulations to young Mr. Reeves and the outstanding person he is becoming!
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Employee Parking Lot - Van's Aircraft ...from their FB page

After days and days of rain, the skies over Aurora finally cleared today. Everybody seemed to have the same idea...let´s fly to work! Joe Blank thought it was a good photo opportunity. Van, once he´d parked his RV-12, agreed. So here´s a sunny day in the Van´s Aircraft back yard.

Shown back to front, nose right: Joe Blank´s RV-6, Scott McDaniels´RV-6A, Dick VanGrunsven´s RV-12 and RV-4 (the first ever built from kit components). Nose left: Ken Krueger´s RV-4, Dave Cooper´s RV-12, built and still flown occasionally by Ken Scott, Gus Funnell´s RV-6 and Scott Risan´s RV-4. In front, Scott Risan and Van.  continue

My G-I-B is a D-O-G

Most single rv-4 & RV-8 pilots are looking for that special travel companion - the "girl/guy in back". I'm no different.

When she first came into my life eight years ago, we traveled a lot. That was before my airplane so that was all road miles - 10,000+ a year. We had. Lot of fun and visited a lot of places.  continue

In The Shop
Windscreen fairing edge

I am very happy with my fairing but I have nothing to compare it too and no experience with longevity. My windscreen is glued on and by itself is plenty strong the fairing is nothing more than airflow distribution and cosmetics. I like the look I have (low profile no big hump at the top) I put 5 layers of electrical tape and butted and sanded to that thickness (5 layers of cloth in total, 4 tape and top BID). the aft edge measures .050 to .055 thickness goes up in thickness in the middle and then back to the 5 layers at the windscreen.

The fairing will flex if pushed on the edge but not at the thick part. I am not worried about having this be a hand hold I can get myself in and out without using the faring for support (and no handle in the roll bar).

So anyone out there with a thin edge, how well has it held up to wind and vibrations? My thickness will build some as I apply several coats of plain resin to seal the holes.

Here are some pictures. I have a couple spots to fill but like the contour and I am ready to start the clear resin to fill pinholes.

  - Looks good

I just finished mine a couple of weeks ago. I only used 3 - 4 layers of glass and only overlapped the canopy gap by about 3/8". I only had about a 1/8" gap between the canopy frame and the roll bar. I think it should be plenty strong, we'll see. I was able to feather the glass down to 1-2 layers of electrical tape and the edges came out really nice. I was dreading this job, but like most like most jobs I've dreaded on this project, it wasn't too bad at all. I really recommend using the Dura-Block sanding blocks and self-adhesive sand paper. It really helped with contouring this.

RV-8 83274 ...Eric Risdon 'My RV Build Project' Entry

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
New Slider Canopy Handle

"JD Air Parts is excited to announce the release of the long awaited canopy handle for the Slider Canopies. It was worth the wait. This new handle will retrofit to any existing canopy without the worry of having to drill new holes or matching existing holes. Polished to a brilliant shine, the handle will be a nice addition to your canopy.

The unique precision machining locks the handle in place quickly and securely. Extensive testing both on the ground and in the air demonstrate the functional security of the handle. Installation only takes minutes."

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Tue, May 29, 2012.  1122z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Success! One flight Monday morning from level with engine power alone. Inform press ...Kelly Johnson 9A

Wow! I can't believe that I'm posting this. After almost 9 years of off and on building, my flying machine took to the sky today: Memorial Day, 2012! Oh man, what a feeling! Going aloft in an airplane that you built is indescribable.

I, like all of us, have had my share of ups and downs during this project. This was a project with some doubt, too many second guesses, and a fair amount of bloodshed (literally). It took me quite a while to actually take ownership of this collection of parts. At first I really didn’t think that I would get through it. I wish I had a nickel for every time I asked myself, “What the heck do you think you are doing here?” My wife knew otherwise. She knew that I just don’t quit and I guess she was right.  continue

continue Part I | Part II

Mom's First RV Flight ...Bruce Sacks

My mother was down here in Georgia for granddaughter Diana's high school graduation this past weekend. She visits from Pennsylvania about once a year but we never had good flying weather during her visits until now. She is not a big fan of flying but was willing to trust me and my little plane. At 74 years she only needed a little help getting into the -9 and less help getting out.  more

N964JB is officially an airplane ...Jason Tremble 7A

Hey - had my big inspection yesterday and N964JB is officially an airplane.
Overall, the inspection went well, only a couple of issues with the engine running a bit rough needing to be addressed before the first flight.

It won't be long now....

● New Advertiser: www.TailwheelTransporter.com (new model for RV)


fmi: www.TailwheelTransporter.com

Wednesday before work ...Richard Connell (Australia)

It is Alive! ...Wade Lively

Well after 14 years and 3 months the engine offically came to life. Wanted to do the first run without my shroud so we could see everything. No leaks.


Once we got the cylinders cleaned out, it ran nice and smooth, about the 1:57 mark. Next up is to install the shroud and start the long run.

Love the sound of the 4 into 1.


Finally, first engine start ...Ryan

Nuf said. Thanks for answering all my questions lately. Today I was able to awaken the beast. Getting very close now.

First push of the button, fired right up..IO 360 AIA with dual pmags.


Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
"Aircraft Extras, Inc. is announcing that the Center Consoles are available again.  Bryan is in a better situation now and can supply them again.  Please check them out at www.aircraftextras.com.  See the rest of our great products there as well."

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Memorial Day, 2012 
In observance of Memorial Day, there will not be a Monday edition of VAF.  May God Bless those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the United States Armed Forces.   (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Fri, May 25, 2012.  1134z  
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled Memorial Day weekend!
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Flying Kids with Cancer:  Karsten Woltering (Germany)

This is how a kid (Markus Berg) looks like after a trip in an aircraft in the West of Germany.  I am curious how this boy will smile when my RV-8 gets finished and I promised him one of the first rides.  We are flying kids with cancer now for 9 years.  Maybe next year I fly these kids with the 8.

Step #1. Build Airplane. Check. ...Bob Collins

"Getting the airworthiness certificate for the airplane I've been building for 11 years was nice. But hearing FAA Designated Airworthiness Inspector Tim Mahoney, right, say, "you're a real detail-oriented person," and "I wish every airplane I inspected was this good," and "you did a really great job on this airplane" was about as good as it gets. I'd like to dedicate this moment to Mr. Provenzano, who flunked me in shop in junior high school. Hey, Provenzano: I built a frickin' airplane."

Factory Fleet Hours ...Joe Blank FB entry


VAF Family
Hat Sighting: Tom Martin in the RV-1 Prototype

(Gary Wilcox post) ...over Toronto in the RV-1, Tom Martin at the controls. May 23 2012

RV-assisted Eclipse Viewing ...Joe Blank RV-6

...I flew my RV-6 from my home in northern Oregon down to the southern end of the state (Grants Pass/3S8) to intercept the northern edge of the path of totality on Sunday. The overcast skies of the northern part of the state gave way to partly cloudy skies down south, perfect for eclipse viewing... Until totality came around. A pesky cloud appeared and threatened to obscure it, but it wasn't totally successful allowing us to experience the event...

Below are the results of the trip. A very cool astronomical event to see! The next one scheduled for 2017 will go right over my house so it won't require an RV ride unless it's to escape the weather again....

What are the odds of spearing a bee with pitot ...Randy Hooper (RV-8 owner)

There have been several discussions about insects clogging vents and airspeed plumbing but what are the odds of hitting a critter so as to plug the pitot in flight?  This afternoon on takeoff at rotation speed I had an airspeed fluctuation. Compared to the other indicators it didn't agree. Soon Followed by FADEC warnings along with a list of other system malfunctions.  Just under max landing weight, we returned to find this bumble bee tail first in the pitot tube with it's head too large to enter.  I have to say, never saw that before.

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
From the Factory....

iEFIS. Let the fun begin

● Recent SteinAir Work....

fmi: www.SteinAir.com

Totally Off Topic
If you like the show 'How It's Made' ...you're going to like this.

Construction of Piper Cubs (1943).  27min 24sec.


Thu, May 24, 2012.  1131z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Introducing “Tsamsiyu” ...Paul / Louise RV-3 out of the paint shop

"After two years of building, four months of testing, and six weeks in the paint shop, Louise and I are happy to introduce “Tsamsiyu” – the RV-3 formerly known as “Junior”.

While we were building, we suspected that this airplane was going to be something different, but it wasn’t until we had flown that we were sure – it isn’t just different, it is amazing! Have you ever flown like a bird? I mean…being so free in the sky, maneuvering so effortlessly, going wherever you want to go – like a bird? Flying the RV-3 is as close as I have ever come to being a flying creature – the handling qualities are so natural that you simply think about what you want to do, and the airplane does it."  (much more)

Meet Stella! ...Jeremy Constant

"I finally got Stella's tail art on and got some air to air time with Barry Weber flying photo ship Cover Girl (RV4) and Ray McCrea strapped in facing backward with his cameras.

My wife Sharon designed the paint scheme and tail art and has flown with me 3 times since Stella's been painted. Each time, a compliment has come over the radio, so Sharon's been enjoying the fruits of her talents too!"  continue

Flying longer than Building! ...Stephen

Wow, time flies

Thursday, May 24 marks a milestone for me and My Beast... now a flying machine for longer then it was a project!

Construction begins - October 26, 2008
First flight - August 10, 2010... 644 days later

As of May 24, 2012... flying for 644 days!

10 Oil changes, 430 hobbs, 390 flight, 380 on the tach.
Lots of great travels - Vettermans Bad Lands fly in, GLO for paint, Sun-N-Fun 2011, Oshkosh 2011, LOE 2011, Sun-N-Fun 2012...

Keep pounding those rivets!

VAF Family
A man and his magnificent flying machines ...by Becky Cairns

Got My Pink Slip! ...Jerry Gaulden RV-12

N562Echo (Kit #120221) passed her Airworthiness Inspection this past Saturday, May 19, 2012. It was exactly three years ago that I drove down the Columbia River Gorge to Aurora, OR and picked up an empennage kit. Although I haven't flown it yet, this little plane far exceeds my expectations. The DAR spent about three hours going over the plane and had one comment. It seems that the leading edge of the right flaperon contacts the LP4-3 rivet heads on the rear spar when the trailing edge of the flaperon is pulled up against the stop. This would be a bank to the right. When trying to dislodge the right flaperon by pulling up on the left flaperon, nothing moves. But using the control stick, you can't feel any binding at all. I lightly touched the rivet heads with a file to knock off any burrs that might have been created by the rivet puller and he finally accepted it. This week is focused on re-assembly and one more final inspection. I hope to experience the first flight next week after a much needed Memorial Day Weekend road trip to Glacier National Park. Gotta clear my head a little.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Prop Balancing & Vib Spectrum ...Walt

Did a couple of RV prop balances yesterday and thought the results were interesting. One engine came from Matituck and one from PennYan. The crankshaft 2.0x tell the story on internal engine balance (piston/rod matching weights primarily). There are no "limits" on this and we are talking small differences but interesting to see.

Both aircraft were out of limits on propeller vibs, both ended up with great final numbers of 0.010 and 0.011 IPS after just 3 runs

Both aircraft owners will definately notice smoother operation based on the large decrease in first order (prop rate) vibration.

Totally Off Topic

Wed, May 23, 2012.  1121z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Tales of Frugal RVator...Vlad

I love my airplane. I spent five years on her three of them pounding rivets almost every day. She is not a Broadway show girl but she has young and trained heart, excellent hearing and a push button. Only one button and it turns her on third blade.

She brought me to places I've never been and continues to do so. She introduced me to wonderful people I've never met and I enjoy it. She does it in a very fun, efficient and safe manner. Did I tell you she has my DNA?

I will do a compilation of my short travel stories here. I'll try to be a bit fun and a bit serious. There will be no struggles with weather phenomena, troubleshooting complex equipment (she has none) it will be the simplest ever stories about an airplane and destinations. I love photography and there will be bunch of pictures.

This time we went South. I have a cousin (our common Uncle's name is Sam) who bought a nice RV somewhere in Oregon and brought it home alone. He is also a beginner artist/novice writer and his novel about the adventure is here. He likes to fly by me. His airplane is nicely painted and very visible. Of course he steals all attention and gets all the credits after flybys. OK this time we went South. Cousin's landing strip is about 20 minutes in RV9A speed, ten minutes in RV7 speed. When I fly to his place I usually get a lot of wakes from aerial buses.  continue w/ Part I

Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V

In The Shop
Interior Painted ...Steve Melton

She picked the interior color and thinks it's great!  Special thanks to Bill Duffy.

Recent Ed Hicks Photos 


Executive Summary: Safety Study on Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft

A bad day ...Scott Jordan

On Saturday I was part of a formation demo team at the EWB "Fun Day". At the end of the demo as we passed in front of the crowd, we stopped, 90 left and lead called "Smoke Now!" I hit the smoke button on my throttle as I pushed the power up to about 1700 RPM to increase the smoke volume. Despite full aft stick, in the blink of an eye, the tail rose. I chopped the power but it was too late. The momentum of the tail continued until the prop left it's signature in the taxiway. The tail then came down. Hard.

But why?!?! Simple, my flaps were still full down. If you have not yet seen or experienced it, the prop blast against the flaps will raise the tail of a typical (forward CG) RV-8 at around 1500 RPM even with full aft stick. I experienced this several years ago while doing an engine run but fortunately, was adding power slowly when the tail came up. On Saturday, I had momentarily forgotten the experience, didn't check flaps up prior to a quicker application of power. It was all over in an instant. Prop destroyed, engine to be torn down. The force of the tail coming down also put a bow in the tail spring so that will have to be replaced.

No injuries other than my pride and wallet.

It has since come to my attention that this is not a well known phenomenon so I post here to warn all, maybe prevent it from happening to someone else. Check flaps prior to advancing power above a low idle!!! If you feel that I have possibly saved you from a similar incident, the customary 5% contribution is appreciated. ;-)

Totally Off Topic

Tue, May 22, 2012.  1138z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Ready For Inspection ...Bob Collins 7A

"N614EF was rolled out for the official three-view photos yesterday. She's done and awaiting a DAR."

Live Stream of NTSB Board Meeting 0930 am EDT Today

Topic:  Safety Study on Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft

AAA LED Flashlight Fire Hazard ...Bill R.

Some time back I bought a cheap, all metal, LED flashlight at the auto parts store, identical to the one in the image below. They only cost a few bucks so I grabbed a couple of them and tossed one in the tool bag I keep I keep in the RV. Heck, you never know when you are going to be stuck on a ramp after dark, trying to sort through a problem.

While going through my tool bag the other day I pulled out the flashlight to check the batteries. (I had long ago changed out the cheap batteries it came with.) I turned on the light and it came on for a few seconds and then went out. Taping the light in my hand caused it come on and off. No big deal, so I tossed it aside to be looked at later.

Well, tonight was later. I turned it on with the same results as before. It must need three new batteries, or so I thought.

When I opened it up, I almost burned my finger on the spring that makes contact with the battery pack. What?

I put in three new batteries and tried it again, with the same results. Again I pulled the back off and touched the spring and found it extremely hot to the touch. (I know well the definition of insanity, so no need to post it here.)

Searching the internet, I found nothing that indicates these things can cause a fire but based on what I discovered this evening, it is only a matter of time until we hear more about these small incendiary devices.

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Bob Axsom Speed Mods Continued...

Worked from midnight until a little after 4 am on this new approach. There is a race in Terrell, TX Saturday.

First Engine Start Ground Cooling Shroud ...Wade Lively

"Almost ready for first engine start. People have asked for pictures of my home made cooling shroud, so here it is. Want to get a good long engine run on the ground before flight...."

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
N5678C gets a new canopy!

Returning from Truckee, CA to Colorado about six weeks ago, N5678C developed a huge canopy crack, starting at the aft canopy bow, right up to the top of the canopy. I knew that I could replace the canopy by myself, but with a brand new grandbaby in California, we needed our transportation back quick! A number of people came forward to help me with the project, and we completed the project in 2 ½ weeks!  continue

Totally Off Topic

 You're probably going to want to watch this....   dr

Mon, May 21, 2012.  1111z  
A good Monday morning to you.  Here is yesterday's solar eclipse f
rom our airport, just after putting the plane away following an evening flight with our daughter Audrey.  This pic shot from the ramp in front of Stan's hangar - we had about 60 seconds of view time.  What a way to cap off a flight with the daughter!
  Hope you had a nice weekend.    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

From the airport...

- VAF forum thread with pics from RVators
- Eclipse over the Prairie (Pete Howell 'from the RV' pics)

Another Hudson River Air Tour ...Ted Chang RV-9A

Two days ago we went to NYC for our younger son's graduation from Parson School. Friday morning before we departed the area we made another Hudson River tour. This time with a Drift HD170 camera on the left wing tip.

We have done Hudson River tours several times. In the past we flew the SFRA Class B exclusions. That means flying VFR below 1,300'. After seeing our residential NYC expert - Vlad, routinely fly over Newark Liberty International we decided to follow suit. I figured that he must flew the NY Heli routes. An email to him confirmed my suspicion.  continue

Long Island, NY ...Vlad 9A

Our area is congested both on the ground and in the air. But if you take off early Saturday morning you might get smooth air, light traffic, pleasant and relaxed controllers and great views of Long Island. This was from yesterday.

RV-1 Stanley N.S. Day 2 photos. ...Paul Tuttle

In The Shop
Worlds best panel, well I think so ...discuss.

VAF Family
Congrats to Ron "Smokey" Schreck! ...Eric Sandifer post.

Congrats to Ron who flew his RV-8 in our IAC 19 Carolina Boogie aerobatic contest this weekend and placed 3rd among a deep, skilled field of Sportsman pilots. I guess it took him two flights to warm up, because he won the 3rd flight. Ron, FYI - that's how ALL flights are supposed to be done! He was competing against three Pitts', two Giles 202's, an Extra 200 and a Super D. It was nice seeing the RV in there with all the other usual suspects!

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Snap! (Followed by cursing) ...Chris Hepburn RV-8

Hi all,

Well, with 2.9 hours left to go in my phase 1, and a beautiful long weekend ahead, it figures that something would try to delay me.  Anybody ever had this happen? Engine Started....now, Avionics ON. EFIS On ---SNAP   These are Tyco switch breakers. (New ones!!!) Yup. The toggle broke right off at the root. C$%p!

Totally Off Topic

Well there's your problem...

Fri, May 18, 2012.  1150z 
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  It's prom weekend in our neck of the woods, and Daddy is a little off his game.  Wasn't she five years old just last week?  Related....(below).   
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

We have a winner! ...Bob Keith

For the curious - "What an RV-8 with an O320 is like"

I've received several PM's and emails asking about my RV-8. They all inquiries as to what it's like to fly and RV-8 with just a 150hp O320 and a fixed pitch propeller. I'm happy to field emails and messages but I also wanted to give the information a more permanent presence. So here goes ...

I preface all of this with "I a buyer not a builder" but add "it's exactly the airplane I wanted" and "I am very happy with the RV-8 150hp FP as a fun and economical cross country airplane".

Does the RV-8 perform OK at this low end of the engine options?
Yes. As many members of VAF have pointed out, the speed:fuel ratio is pretty consistent. Thus, the O320 pumping out 150hp burns about the same fuel and goes about the same as a bigger engine throttled back to output 150hp. Of course, there are other considerations such as electronic ignition vs mags, quality of the air frame, etc. but within the margin of error, its works out to be the same. Of course, as others have noted, if you are at the limits of the O320, there is no "go faster" lever.  (continue)

In The Shop
Baby Takes Her First Steps

What can you get done in 2 1/2 hours? Well, if you have some serious heavy lifting gear, a friend and his two young strapping sons you can get the gear on AND mount the engine .

Do it yourself cowl hinge pin (and other stuff) ...Rick Gray

Engine ears

Well, I was primed today to mount the engine, but ran into a snag. I knew I had to change out my large-hole engine mounting ears for small hole ears, but I had purchased those some time ago and had them in storage. Problem is, my small hole mounts have short guide pins on the bottom, but my engine case is not machined to accept them (more)

  Some Replies:

used to be machined in the cases on some of the earlier crankcases. The pins are a real booger to remove but a good pair of small vise grips will usually remove them. chuck the mount ears in a vise (Aluminum jaws here), clamp as tight as you can on the pin. Using a flat tip screwdriver, gently rotate the pin and use the screw driver to put outward pressure under the vise grips. if it doesn't budge and gets chewed up, grind the pin down

Or drill/tap & pump out with a grease gun.

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Step Mod for RV-10 ...Patrick Kelley

Event News
Airventure Cup Race organizers are issuing the following statement regarding the Airventure Cup Race

Over the past week, there have been many posts on social media sites and web forums regarding the 2012 Airventure Cup Race. This statement is meant to clarify and correct some of the statements that were made, as well as provide the public with information regarding the fate of this year’s race.

Last week, we were contacted by EAA officials announcing they would no longer support air racing, including the Airventure Cup. This move was a shock to us as much as it was the rest of the aviation community and we are still in the process of evaluating our options to continue the race. However, in an effort to clarify some of the misinformation that was shared in the public forums, we would like to offer the following facts. (continue)

Totally Off Topic

It's called 'Sleeveface Art'.  Here's a website: www.sleeveface.com

Thu, May 17, 2012.  1142z  
  (Palm slapping forehead)  It never ceases to amaze me when someone gets their head torqued up into the rafters over the fact that a post showing pictures of an F-16 flying in formation with a C-130 gets deleted on VAF.  Or a video of anvils being blown up.  Or dancing cats.  Always an entertaining read, those emails.  I save some of 'em.
  We live in a world that continually bombards us with thousands of unwanted visuals and sound bites, all fighting for our attention every waking second.  I sometimes go through (8) stations on the radio before finding one that isn't playing a commercial (same for the TV).  As a refreshing change, and by design, VAF is only about RVs and their builders and pilots.  Right there on the rules page.....in bold 14pt red letters....."Keep it RV-related".  The one exception is my 'Totally Off Topic' image on the front page - and that isn't in the forums.  I think F-16s are amazing too, but they have their own fan site.  And yeah, there is one for the C-130 folks.  Plenty of other sites out there that encourage you to talk about any topic under the sun.  If your post starts with 'This might get deleted, but...', well, yes.....it will.
  Thanks for keeping it just RV here....and for the occasional entertaining email.  I do appreciate the feedback.  
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

N56RK ...Bob Kurrle's RV-7

click to enlarge

"I was the proud recipient of the reserve grand champion at Sun-n-Fun this year for my 2011 Vans RV-7. Kit was ordered August 2008. The build was 1918 hours, built entirely by myself except when extra hands needed for bucking, installing wings. DAR inspection and airworthiness certificate 09/17/2011. I was the test pilot for the first flight on 10/03/2011. I used the EAA tech advisors for progress inspections along the way. I also used the EAA flight advisor for the first flight. This was Mike Kelly who spent time before the flight making sure the plane was ready, I was ready, and that we had a safe test flight plan. It went perfectly.

N56RK has the following features:
-Sam James cowl/plenum/wheel pants
-Lycoming IO-390
-Ram Air
-Aero Composite 2 blade CS prop
-Electronic Ignition - Lightspeed x 1
-Remote oversized oil cooler
-Throttle Quadrant
-Access panels forward x 2
-Custom Panel
-Oversized air vents welded in panel corners
-CNC cut panel
-AFS 4500 MFD x 2 and Trutrak Autopilot
-Garmin center stack
-Annunciator panel w/10 led lights
-Drop down fuse panel and 6 circuit breakers
-Wig-Wag landing lights
-Handmade intersection gear fairings
-Vetterman 4 Pipe exhaust ceramic coater
-LED Nav/Strobe lights
-Canopy handle lock
-Carbon fiber canopy skirts
-PPG base coat/clear coat

The plane has about 55 hours on it and flies beautifully. No trim or heavy wing issues. Ram air adds about 1.9 inches manifold pressure and 10 knots. I am seeing TAS in the low 190kts at WOT with ram air. Had some oil temperature issues initially that now appear to be resolved with some baffling directing the air out of the remote oil cooler to the cowl exit and a small 1/2 inch air deflector extending down from the cowl air exit.

Bob Kurrle"


Will this thing work?

I am getting back on my RV-7A project after a two year layoff (what was I thinkin'?).

I picked up a 90* oil filter adapter somewhere way back when, and decided to stick it on the engine. IO 360A1B6. At the time I was told it would fit the motor.

Below are pics of the new OFA, and the old one I took off the motor, as well as a view of the back of the accessory housing.

The two obviously look a lot different. With moving the vernatherm from the bottom of the original to the side of the new one, and the differences in the look of everything, I just want to confirm that this 90* adapter will (or won't) work correctly...

  Some Replies:

With the proper gasket or by modifing the gasket style you have it will work fine. If using the style gasket you have trim it slightly where the vernatherm will seat against the accessory houisng so that the gasket will not hold the vernatherm off the seat and it will work fine. The proper gasket doens't have gasket material in that area.

In The Shop
On the Bench at SteinAir ...Shannon Hicks

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
No fins, no bumps and no covers test ...Bob Axsom

I flew the test twice today and the speeds were all over the place on each leg. I never came close to meeting the USAR test method requirement of five 20 second interval recordings within 1 kt. Regardless, I recorded a large number of speeds and divided by the total to get the inputs for the NTPS spread sheet then I repeated it. The input average numbers look right but the results are disappointing. 178.8 kts and 177.6 kts respectively. Test fuel cost $71.50. The RPM was 2720, the EGT on CYL #4 was 1300, the CHTs were 357, 369, 365 and 342(?) but the power didn't seem as robust as it had been in the past. For what its worth here are the updated charts

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Aviation Laboratories - 3 Month Delay for Oil Analysis Results

Anybody experienced long delays getting results from Aviation Labs for oil analysis? I sent them a sample in early November of last year, and didn't get any results from them until early February - ALMOST THREE MONTHS! When I called them they claimed that the US Mail can take UP TO TWO MONTHS to deliver the sample, which to me seems a little unbelievable. I can see maybe a couple of weeks for 3rd class mail or whatever their packaging uses, but not the 8 or 10 weeks they are saying. And they also claimed to have a machine down as well which they said explained 2-4 weeks of delay. The whole point of doing oil analysis is to give you timely warning about a problem developing within your engine, and 3 months is not timely.

My next oil sample is ready to be sent off, and I am debating whether to use another lab or take another chance on these guys. Problem is, I bought a bunch of kits from Spruce, which I guess I could return.

Anybody else have any experience with these guys?

  Some Replies:

I'm not at home and can't provide exact details but my last oil analysis by these folks, about the same time as yours, took months and not weeks. And, I get my results by email/website, not US mail

Aviation Labs told me that my recent oil sample took about 1 month to arrive. My sample was sent in March and I didn't receive the results until early May... I had to call them to get the results published on their website.

I sent an oil sample in late November and received results in February.

Same delay problem here

Totally Off Topic

Wed, May 16, 2012.  1115z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

DIY Cowl Pin Covers ...Rick Gray

Step by step photos

On the Flying Magazine Web Site ...

In The Shop
3rd Gen Panel Overhaul for N159SB ...Brian Chesteen



I hate when this happens

It was a nice warm sunny day. After work, I decided to head to the airport to do a bit of cleaning. After all, it's time to get this RV-7 project back in gear.   I start moving things around then, all of a sudden, I hear a crash. It couldn't be! Can it? But I keep them in a locking storage bin!

Yes! It WAS!

Why did I leave the bin open? Oh well, they'll go in a misc bin somewhere until I feel like sorting them.


Click for 2,000 pixel-wide image.

Lake Lewisville homes (most built in the 60's & 70's).  photo.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues

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New Garmin Rebates

GTN-650/750: $750
GMA-35/350: $250
GTS-8xx: $1,000

Totally Off Topic

Fun with coworkers...

Tue, May 15, 2012.  1130z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

G-TWLV Gets Some Paint! ...Jerry Parr (England)

G-TWLV has had some stripey paint applied courtesy of Mick Allen & Son Aircraft Resprays (UK based). It had its first public outing to the RV Bonus Day Fly-In at the historic Duxford Aerodrome on Saturday.

(Scheme was shamelessly based on an Australian RV-7A belonging to Brian Degenhardt that I saw on the VAF pages ).

(more pics)

Alex to OSH (Update)  ...Mike Rettig

Last weekend, Jim Berry offered up his RV-10 (and his time) to take Alex and his mother flying here in Denver. It was a "Goldy Locks" day, as Jim puts it. Not too cold, not too hot, juuuuuust right. Alex is definitely getting stronger, although he still has to pack on quite a few pounds to be ready for the food choices at Airventure. Below is a link to pictures from the day.

As an update, I'm still seeking pilots who would have an empty seat in their RV (or other type plane) to get Alex and his dad to Oshkosh this year. If that doesn't work, we'll have to go commercial. Lodging is almost confirmed, so the only things remaining are transportation, EAA tickets and potentially ground transportation.

In The Shop
TK's RV-8 'My RV Build Project' Entry


N964JB First Engine Start

Totally Off Topic

Fun with coworkers...

Mon, May 14, 2012.  1133z  

Down to see Mom for a Bit on Mothers Day 

An RV-6 and a little technology turn what would normally be 4 hours of fighting traffic in the car into something quite pleasant.  If you would like to zoom in on some of the pictures, look for the icon.  The pictures were uploaded full size, and some are 2,900 pixels wide. 
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Nice gathering of RV's in Hartford, CT

What a nice day in the NE, arriving in a 7a to see the RV-1. Awesome planes!! Great to pick up some building tips from other builders.

In the Shop
Seal/Material for RV-10 Enclosed Door Hinges?

For those of you that have closed out your door hinges (usually those using the McMaster Carr door seals) as shown below, have you done anything to protect against water pooling inside these "compartments"? I'm wondering if rain/water will get through to this and when the door is opened, the geometry of the opening seems it would make a direct run for the cabin interior.

I'm wondering if a closed cell neoprene or some other material that is removable for maintenance could be cut or formed and slid into these pockets to keep the water from pooling. So is the water an issue and what have others done to prevent the problem?

  Some Replies:

Nope.  I didn't do anything. Every time you open the door, anything that might be in there will fall out anyway. I haven't flown much in the rain yet, but I can't believe much if any water will accumulate in there unless it's maybe sitting on the ramp in a rain storm. Even then, the way the pockets sit, they aren't likely to get anything in them. You might have some water sitting on the door jams, but it should run down the sides and out.

I just covered the area just like it appears you are doing. I am hoping that if water accumulates it would just run down the roof or the jam when it rains. I thought about using some silicon baffle material and making a small gasket to fit around the hinge and gluing it in place.

Event News
L.O.E. 2012

"Come join the grass roots RV flyin that started over 20 years ago. October 12-14, 2012 at Weatherford, OK. We are looking at doing a Poker Run this year on Saturday October 13, 2012 if there is enough interest.

Because of the rain out last year we are planning a rain date of October 19-21. We will call the rain date on Wednesday October 10, 2012 if heavy rain is likely the weekend of October 12-14.

FYI last year the airport operations, owned by the City, lost over $6,000.00 because of the rain out but they are exicited about doing the Fly In again this year. Saturday evening at LOE 2011 there were only 11 airplanes on the ramp (6 left early to beat the weather) but because of the great support of those who flew in and drove in we raised the small crowd that dug deep in their pockets and we raised more for the BACKPACK FOOD 4 KIDS charity in 2011 than we gave them in 2010.

2012 will be the third year of holding the LOE grass roots RV flyin at Weatherford, Oklahoma. Put it on your calander and join Russ Kamtz and Russ Daves (Co-Chairs) for the Fly In event at which every penny raised be the raffle goes to the Charity in cash at the close of the raffle."

Totally Off Topic

Fri, May 11, 2012.  1145z  
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Daniel Burgess photo.


Workin' in the Bahamas ...Bruce Sacks

Yeah, I couldn't believe it either but there I was at Bootle Bay, near the west end of Grand Bahama island, with a hammer in one hand and a piece of siding in the other. Sweaty, dirty, and hot. The only salvation being a delicious ocean breeze which never stopped, thankfully.

My brother-in-law bought some beachfront property with access to the boat canal and is building a dock/guest house for future fishing trips and a getaway location for family and friends.

I put in my 16 hrs of work for Tommy and earned my right to visit anytime! Four hours in the RV from my home base make this a fantastic flying definition.  more


DIY Paint Booth for the Hangar ...Scott Elhardt


Welcome New VAF Sponsor Bruce's Custom Covers ...ad on the front page.


In The Shop
Tip- Aileron leading edge skin

When building my RV9 ailerons, I found it a real challenge to bring together the top of the leading edge skin to the aileron spar. I solved this problem with a ratchet strap under the work bench and up over the aileron.  I used a piece of 2x2 steel tube stock to weigh down the aileron which also made a convenient place for the ratchet mechanism to sit on (and not scratch or dent the top skin). The steel bar also assured everything came out nice and flat and true. I can't tell you how much easier this makes things. I used the strap to final drill the rivet holes, and then again to cleco everything back together for riveting.

Tassilo Bode Panel

Argentinian RV are having too much fun!

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● Tina's Weekly Special...

Totally Off Topic

Thu, May 10, 2012.  1108z  
  My sister-in-law up in Paoli, PA might be interested in taking a few flying lessons (empty nesters).  I gave her an airplane ride about two weeks ago - her first flight in small aircraft.  I would be interested in talking with any RV folks with inside gouge on good instruction around the Brandywine airport area, if any are reading this.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Motivation 101
Please excuse the portrait-mode image below.  I turned my 25" HP monitors on their sides recently and have been playing with wallpaper.  I'm enjoying the monitors like this - like reading a newspaper one whole page at a time.  Ahhhhhh.....

Here's Randy 'Monkey' Richmond yesterday morning.  The winds were calm and the skies clear here around DFW, so I made the executive decision to blow off breakfast and get some time off the surface before the school zones went hot.  Randy had the same thoughts as me, and I had the camera...so there ya go.  Back home on the keyboard by 0930.  Mental gyros all aligned.

For those who think RV's are too expensive, note that this flying RV-6 was purchased two years back by Randy and a friend - they have under $30K in it total.  Fifteen grand a person...

click to enlarge to 1065 x 1759 pixels

● Testing Continues (#18 and #19) ...Bob Axsom

In The Shop
10" Skyview ...Richard Fazio

...as others have said, go 10". I often have the three screens active on my 10", the engine page, map and flight. With all three open you want as much landscape as possible. I only have one 10" but have provided room for the second on the copilot side. When I can afford it I'm going for the second screen

VAF Family
● Kelly Johnson ...yeah, that one.

Aerobatic Video virtual view ...Luke in Italy.


Totally Off Topic

Wed, May 9, 2012.  1134z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety


...wasting your time here and get building. What's wrong with you anyway?"   ('flyinmonque' post of Flaming Gorge)

(more pics from the RV)

First Flight(s) - CHT Temp?

The first flight(s) of N29JV have gone off very well. (I have yet to write up a first flight report). No significant issues. Plane flies straight and true hands off. All electronics and instrumentation work fine (Dynon Skyview system, GNS430W and PAR100EX radio/audio panel/intercom). However, I have been experiencing high CHTs on climbs, particularly the intial climb, on all but cylinder 3. Typical temperatures in cylinder order for initial climb on an 80 degree day at IAS of 130 are 420, 422, 373, 409. Typical cruise temps - 370,375,370,371 or lower. Cylinder 3 consistently runs in the 360 to 370 range climb or cruise.

I have meticulously sealed all gaps between baffle and engine and replaced sagging baffle seal made up of the material supplied with Vans FWF kit with the heavier 1/8 silicon fiberglass reinforced material from ACS, which slightly improved temps.

Regarding break in (the engine is a new Lycoming O-320), oil consumption appears to stabilized after 14 hours.

I am looking for suggestions regarding 1) why temperatures are high in climb and 2) what would explain the behavior of cylinder 3 which run so much cooler than the others in climb and does not very much between climb and cruise

  Some Replies:

Just a suggestion...try switching CHT probe between #3 & # 1 and see if problem follows the probe or #3 remains the lowest cht

John, if you're not going at least 135-145 MPH during the climb, speed it up....you're still early in the break-in

My temps were high in climb until recently. As indicated, the engine may have stabilized in oil burn at 14 hours but is not completely broken in.

I kept climbing at higher speeds until recently (I have 66 hours) and now the temps are all within a normal range for climb and cruise. (and that's at higher OAT's here in Florida. Oh, and yes the gear leg fairings and wheel pants help increase flow if yours are not on yet

RV-12 Tank calibration

Can somebody mail me their calibration readings of the tank.  One can scroll through all the steps in edit.  I found unusual non lineiarities and end up with Skyview telling me the max is 16 gallons whilst i poor 20 in.  The readings are linear up to 13 gallons and triple in voltage steps for the last few gallons.  I checked the sensor over its full range before closing the tank and it was fine and liniair.  Very annoying is that during calibration the window does not scroll after line 8 so you cannot see what's being stored  in edit you can scroll but not during the calibration process

  Some Replies:

Look closely at your fuel tank from the side and visualize where the float is when it is "floated" to the top of the tank.
Now look at the tank behind that point. It slopes upward to a higher elevation than the point where the float is located. Because of this, the sensor does not detect any added fuel that is located in any of the area above the highest level of the float. This is not an issue since it only effects the first 4 gallons that you will burn during a flight (as long as the indicated fuel level begins to drop after 45-60 minutes of flight, you know everything is normal. If it changes to indicate 15 gallons in a shorter time than that, you know that something is wrong (maybe a leak).

As Pilots, we usually care the most about fuel gauges being accurate when we start getting near the lower fuel quantities. On an RV-12, the fuel level indication is actually very accurate from about 15 gallons on down to zero (but normal cross check procedures using time should still always be done to verify).

In The Shop
The Workshop is Coming Together ...Tony Kelly

Don't forget the screws in the Andair fuel valve ...Jason 7A

Hey - getting ready to start the engine for the first time and found one of those things that will keep you up at night.

I was going through my fuel system to make sure that everything was locked down... when I checked the one of the fuel lines going into the Andiar valve, the nipple came out of the valve still attached to the fuel line ..... none of the screws that attach each of the nipples to the valve were installed

When I got home, I found the box the valve came in... and there were the screws with a note that they left them out incase you need to change the orientation of the nipples. This is the first thing in my build that I have screwed up so far that I think really could have killed me.... so if you are using an Andair valve, you might want to check to make sure you have those 8 small, but very important screws installed.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Flap Tape Removal ...Tom Lewis RV-10

Today I removed the flap tape from my RV10 because it had yellowed badly. I bought 2 eraser pad wheels and for an RV10, it took both. This is a picture 20 min into the process. I did get both flaps done today and they look much better.

Totally Off Topic

Tue, May 8, 2012.  1130z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Ladies and gentlemen...I HAVE AN AIRPLANE! ...Kelly Johnson 9A

How Often...

...do you fly an RV-8, a 90% scale Spitfire and a J-3 in the same day?


The Dreadful, Wonderful RV-1 ...AOPA blog entry.


May 5th Entry....TeenFlight

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Bob Mills Cowl Mods ...fore and aft

RV-10 Lower Cowl Slots ...Mike S.

I have a removable scoop for the Bowers ram air, and the slot runs up into the scoop opening-----I have only a small amount of the original glass at the front of the cowl to hold the unit together when the scoop is off.

I made a "U" shaped reinforcement out of alum, about 3" wide, .090" thick that helps keep the lower/rear portion from being too floppy, (it is like the front fork brace on a dirt bike) when the scoop is off.

I also made up a filler like Sean did, and added a bit of wet suit material to close out as much of the slot as I could, but allow freedom of movement to the nose leg.

It is still a pain to get the lower cowl off, as it still needs to be carefully jockeyed over the nose pant, and between the two prop blades.

Here is a comparison to a stock 10 cowl.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Silverhawk to Fab fuel leak

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      - brochure 

VAF Family

More VAF Real Estate....

Turned my two HP 25" monitors on their edge and selected 'landscape' in the Control Panel / Display settings.  That's much better for hours-long surfing and getting the site ready for the next day.  Cell phone picture.... 

Totally Off Topic

Mon, May 7, 2012.  1119z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Hat Sighting ...Luke's (lucaperazzolli) wife at OSH.  They live in Italy and fly an RV-8.

related: 100% of VansAirForce.net cap/shirt profits go to charity.
Order one. (site says out of stock but they just got a new batch)

Flight in Northern Sweden

Just landed. (To be honest I really haven't landed yet :-)  Two hours of flight and 10 bounce & go's and some cloud dancing at 9000 ft's. The 4 is so amazing to fly   enlarge

RV1 Visits Heritage Field today

Today was a great day for the gathering of the RVs at Heritage field (KPTW) and the honor to host the RV1's visit, even with the delay due to weather. Low ceiling till mid-morning delayed the RV1 till early afternoon. With that said we had 40+ planes arrive for the fly-in and the majority of the planes were RV’s from the area. Everyone at Heritage opened up their hangers and welcomed everyone. Today was especially fun since we had time spent talking to fellow RV builders and airplane enthusiasts!  more

From Sparks Nevada to Chino

At the Hangar ...Brandi Unrein

Totally Off Topic

Fri, May 4, 2012.  1135z  
  Friday!  Tomorrow will be 28 years since I met the wifey (10,226 days).  I've also been a private pilot for 5,650 days - solo'd a little over 502,156,000 seconds ago (it's a spreadsheet).  Nerd.  On a related note, since I only get to say this once a year...."May the 4th be with you."  Is this mic on?
  Wishing you and yours a a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

RV-8 First Flight Today!! ...Casey Mottinger

more photos

Good things happen to good boys -) ...[ed. You're gonna want to watch this. dr]

VAF Family
Cool birthday card ...David Dalton

New RV3 owner

I'm a newbie in the RV world, just purchased N51RV, a "3". I have 3000 hours of taildragger time, have owned 2 Cubs, 2 Stearmans, and currently also own a T-6D Texan. Without a doubt , N51RV is the finest flying airplane I've had the privilege to fly. Wow. I get it now. Looking forward to the RV universe...
Stan Markus, Oconomowoc, WI.

WCFC 2012 Video ...Axel


FOD in the engine. please don't laugh

Ok, here's the story. seems that this time i really need some help:

as you all know the lycoming baffles are attached to the engine via several bolts, some at the cylinders and some at the crankcase. one of these bolts is located right behind cylinder #3 and very close to that funny hole that is there to house a black plastic tube thing where you screw in your oil dipstick. maybe some of you now suspect what happened...

i tried to final attach the baffles today. to get access to that aforementioned phillips screw i removed the black oil dipstick tube and wanted to get the bolt into the hole. then a heard a noise like this... bling, ding, ding, dong.

thing is that one bolt, one washer and one lockwasher are now not where they supposed to be. these suckers where falling through the dipstick hole and do now hide somewhere inside the crankcase.

if you should sympathize with my problem, you are maybe willing to answer the following questions.

1. is that an issue? (i guess yes)

2. if yes... any idea on how to remove the FOD?

3. why do strange things always happen to me?

In The Shop

Event News
Download Your AirVenture 2012 NOTAM Today

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Thu, May 3, 2012.  1116z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Jeff and Rob's RV-8 ...Jeff Wellum start their 'My RV Build Project' thread

December 2010 my brother, Rob, shows up and places a piece of paper on my desk and says " You OWN half of this" (pic). The paper turns out to be the receipt for an RV-8 empennage. A few days later it shows up.  Last fall we purchased previously owned but untouched quick build wings, quick build fuselage, and finishing kit.

Empennage is finished except for the glass work. Currently working on the wings. I had hoped to get more work done over the winter but there were a few other projects that got in the way.


In The Shop
Tip- Crankcase Vent Tube Elbow

There's been lots of discussion on the forums about the rubber elbow that Van's supplies to connect the crankcase vent fitting on the engine to the aluminum tube that runs down the firewall. Basically, this elbow is a NAPA 9816 formed 90 degree heater bypass hose for some car or truck. The problem is that since it is a coolant hose, it doesn't stand up well to oil vapor in our application and turns gummy after a while. Proper MIL spec hose is available - but not in a formed 90 degree elbow which is what you need to hook up to the aluminum tube from Van's. What's really needed is a 3/4" diameter formed 90 degree Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) hose.

After digging around quite a bit, with no luck, I finally ran across this...more

● Latest....

May/June Issue of FAA Safety Briefing Now Online ...36 page PDF file.  TOC below:

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
RV-12 Engine Mounting Cap Inspection Door (original cooling shroud)

...If you have the later modified one you should be able to get a ball-end allen on the top left bolt after removing the carb. If you have to take off the drip pan you will need to replace the O-ring so you might consider ordering that ahead of time. You can find the part number in the online Rotax Illustrated Parts list.  If you have the original cooling shroud then you will need to modify it. As Marty said the service bulletin shows how to modify it. Before the company service bulletin came out some of us did it by making a removable piece to allow access to the bolt...  more pics

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Garmin GDU 37x Cockpit Display software version 6.40 Released ...download for free at link.

Picture of the new G-meter option:

Picture of new 'Track Up' HSI

fmi: Download the manual (388page PDF file)

Totally Off Topic

Wed, May 2, 2012.  1133z  
   Pushing 90ºF here in N.Texas yesterday.  Shorts in daily rotation and went to WalMart for a bag of (5) 2XL white T-shirts last night (on sale for $12).  Summer uniform is here, I'm afraid.  
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

From House to Hangar ...on foot.  Nate Benson 9A (Ephrata, WA)

Sunday evening we had friends over for dinner, so instead of walking the dog.... We took 608MA for a walk.  It's about a mile from my house to the hanger, and it was perfect weather for a walk.  My buddy Nate was the mule. I was tugging and steering.

(from another reply)  Nobody even knew about it. It was an impulse...  The conversation went like this:

Friend: "Dinner was great. Where you at with the plane Nate?"
Me: "I'm running out of things to do on it. Mainly just fiberglass stuff. Fuse is ready to move out of the garage so I can get the wing tips done and get the wings installed."
Friend: "Let's move it."
Me: "Ok!"

Didn't even think about having someone take a decent photo or video (which I regret now).

New RV-7 Hybrid ...Dan Landry

Actually got my new 7 gear on but haven't removed the old gear yet.  Looks strange in mid morph mode.

Cool RV Flying Filmed From "UAV"

Some friends of mine came to our annual fly-in BBQ last weekend to test their new remotely piloted camera platform. Much of the video in this clip was shot at our fly-in. Very neat. Watch for the blue and gray RV-9....

No Leaks...Tom Argentieri 9a (Yardley, PA)

Spring 2012 Issue of 'General Aviation Security' Now Online (free)

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
● RV-9 Floatplane ...owned by Karl Johnston (Alaska)

Plane does around 145 - 150 mph IAS on floats at 75% down low. It has a BA 72 " CS propeller. I put it on Baumman 2100 straight floats. It gets on the step right now and takes off remarkably quick. Empty weight is 1235#.

Geo-ref'd ILS/LOC RWY 16L at KAFW ForeFlight on the iPhone...from the hangar my RV-6 is in.

Totally Off Topic

Tue, May 1, 2012.  1140z    (contact)  Thoughts on safety

The First Flight of N110JT..Oh, How Sweet It Is! ...JT McCracken

more images / video

A Pilots Perspective ...Make a Wish flight.  Gary Zilik pilot.

It was a cold windy morning in Denver last Saturday, 43F and wind 270@22G30, a perfect morning for Young Eagle flights. Yeah right. I was standing out by my plane talking to some of the ground crew when our YE Coordinator came running out of the terminal and I new it was me he wanted to talk to.

"Gary, have you met Alex yet?. Well your about to as its your turn to fly" I went to the terminal with Rudy and met Alex and his mother. We walked out to the plane with Alex shivering the whole way. He strength was not great so I had him crawl up the wing (no step 6A) and help him into the seat. I quickly jumped in my side and closed the canopy to get us out of the wind. With the sun through the canopy Alex quit shivering. Engine start and marshaled out of the parking spot and we're off on our adventure.

While taxiing I queried Alex about his current health and we talked about the upcoming flight. During run-up ground asked another pilot if it was bumpy today and the reply was, Yes, very bumpy. Oh great.

After a short hold for landing traffic we were cleared to takeoff on 26 with a right turn to downwind. Takeoff was short with the 22G30 knot wind and the climb to crosswind was smooth. We had 5 miles before we got out of the Class D and into the Class B. This went fast as the winds at 6500' pushed us along at 190kts across the ground.

Once into the 7000 foot ceiling of Bravo I turned NE and demonstrated to Alex how easy it was to fly an RV. After a couple of minutes I said the airplane was his and had him practice some turns, first left then right. The bumps turned into lumps which was good. Alex was a natural. I don't say that about many kids but Alex maneuvered without the standard altitude deviation of most YE's. At this point I told Alex that if he was my only YE today, so be it. We turned north till we hit the Platte river and followed it NE for a while and practiced more turns doing slow s-turns till we got sick of s-turns. We eventually headed back to the airport and after 1:05 from takeoff to landing we were back. I think Alex enjoyed his ride.

Alex is a bright aviation oriented 16 year old with more courage than I. He's facing an unknown with his tumor but is upbeat and generally a happy young man with dreams of going to Oshkosh. I hope we can get him there.

Extraordinary Young Eagles are few. Alex is one that I will always remember.

May Calendar Wallpaper ...Luca Perazzolli RV-8

Cristian Magro photo.  Used with permission.

Painted ...Chris Hill RV-8

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Bob Axsom Photos and Comments

...last couple of day's worth.  Clicking on image takes you to each different reply.

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