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April 28, 2017.   Issue No. 4,361.
  Made room for airplane therapy and spent an hour removing wheel pants and the top cowling so I could bleed the RV-6 brakes - the left one is a little spongy lately and it acts like there's an air bubble in there.  While all this was off, I stripped the tailwheel area down to clean/re-grease (the key wasn't grabbing in the lock position like it usually does).  The rest of the time lately my world has been orbiting around email and accounting.  My 1-employee (me) small business was randomly selected (Yayyy!!!) by the Texas Workforce Commission* for an audit, so gathering up that info amongst other normal life processes has me loosing ground in the Battle for Timely Email Comms.  Apologies to those reaching out that probably feel I've blown you off (it's me, not you).  The inbox is many pages long, but I'll get through it eventually.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, low email count, RV-filled weekend!  ;^) 

     *it says 'we're here to help' in their banner logo <rolling eyes>

Left Coast Trip ...blahphish RV-10

Our adventure machine got us safely through 25 hours of flying and 4,000nm on an amazing trip out west.  ...


RV-10 Paint Update #2 ...Auburntsts

So with the white base on, the stripes and N-number shadowing has been applied. After that's all dried, the color for the cabin, top cowl, and wing/emp flashes will get sprayed.


Rib Deburring made easy....DIY ...Erik Lanning

Take 1 inch scotchbrite wheel and cut into pie pieces. Then thread pie piece onto threaded Dremel adapter. Finally, shape scotchbrite pie piece into a cone. Then debur away......1000x faster.


RV-14 bottom cowl misalignment with air filter frame cover...Rocky005

Our RV-14A bottom cowl has a misalignment with air filter frame cover and the bottom cowl air intake scoop is too low, this is causing issues with fitting the rubber seals. I have linked a photo of our issue and the other side not in the photo is the same (ie its symmetrical and not twisted).  Our cowls have been fitted as per the plans and the gap around the spinner is perfect.  It looks like a few other builds has this issue from photo's on their blogs but I have not seen a description of how they remade this area with a mix of cotton flox with epoxy resin. Anyone also have this issue and please share a few photo's of your repair?


Plenum Thread Activity ....chock full 'o pics



April 27, 2017.   Issue No. 4,360.

It Flies! ...az_gila

Today was the big day, with a nice calm morning after a few windy days.  ...


3D Small Brackets ...Weasel

I am finding that the small unique items that we fabricate are so much easier with 3D printer.

Here I was fretting over a mount for a small Deutsch electrical connector.

Easy enough to make with all fiberglass but would have required quite a bit of time to get the dimensions exact enough so that the connector could "latch" into the hole and remain secure.

~15 minuets on Solidworks and then walk off. ~15 min later stop back in the office and pick it up off the build plate.  ...


New Basic Med and your Insurance policy ...Jenny at Gallagher Aviation (VAF Advertiser)

We have spoken to all the carrier’s and they are all on board with this new rule as long as pilots are meeting all the guidelines set into place by the FAA. There may be some circumstances where a carrier may still require an annual medical but those will be on a case by case basis. Also in the event of a claim the insurance companies will ask for the physicians statement and the online training certificate as required by the new rule.

If you have any questions contact us or your current broker.


Don't forget to re-torque ...vid of prop falling off in flight

(Rans S-10....close enough)


Allen Aeroshow...vid


Show of 4...vid


Panel Comes to Life! ...mikeyj350

So I was really hoping to wait until the panel is "done" to post it here, but last night I got to a point I'm pretty happy with so I figured why the heck not?  ...

of special note...


Antenna fell off ...Norcalrv7

This weekends flying camping trip started with intermittent mode c, that progressed to transponder failure, then finally no transponder or adsb in. After returning home, it looks like the bottom half of my cl-105 transponder antenna fatigued at the factory glue joint, and fell off! Made for some easy troubleshooting at least.



April 26, 2017.   Issue No. 4,359.

Our Friend Kay Gets a New Call Sign

Kay flies his RV-8A out of my home field - we eat lunch together on a fairly regular basis.  A few weeks ago he broke his leg, and it wasn't healing as strongly or quickly as his doctor had hoped.  Plan B was 'Tibial Fracture repair with Titanium Intramedullary Rod', and that surgery occurred Monday with good results.  Look it up on YouGoogle, it's pretty yucky.  Might be home already as I type this.

Post-op in his room, a few of us visited to give him the appropriate amount of ribbing that any good friend would expect, making sure to include how nice the flying was that morning.  We'll get the same from him when our turns come.

And he got a call sign.  It had to be....of course:


'K-Rod' for red carpet events and when fine dining.

Heal up fast, Rod.  We miss your daily beating up the local pattern in that 8A.


Painting Underway! ...Todd Stovall RV-10 pics


Flying the Skyview- the ILS-lite ...Dave Gamble video

Skyview 15 has added some nifty new features, but one in particular intrigued me. I call it ILS-lite.

With this version, you can select a particular runway to land on at your destination. If you do so, you can then configure the Skyview to provide vertical glideslope guidance to the autopilot. Note that this IS NOT a true ILS approach - it does not use and land-based navigation equipment. It is also NOT an approved method of making a real live instrument approach.

But it IS quite interesting.  ...


East River Exclusion Go Fly It ...Vlad RV-9A

10 years ago a man from Ohio introduced me to NYC flying. My RV was still couple years before completion and I didn't have pilot license yet. He was visiting with his RV9A and gave me a ride. Being a CFI he explained me in details how to navigate the Big Apple airspace. That was an enormous amount of motivation. Thank YOU you know who you are. I remember that flight.  ...


Flight Testing N437T ...Chattin35 in Phase 1

Flight test #5 completed successfully.


Flight time: 1:32 min / 1.5 hrs. 18.6 gallons burned.

Flaps up, full power, static takeoff.

Trial run with EFIS set to MPH instead of KTS. I learned I prefer KTS.

Climbed out at 100 mph for cooling - not needed, though.

Took off with the fuel on lt tank. Once stable and everything running well, I switched to the right and burned until I saw the first indication of drop. Immediately switched back to the left and burned off that tank for the rest of the flight. Gassed up after I landed and noted 6.1 gallons to full in the right tank. when on the ground and note how much added. This will give the fuel amount above the sensor. Burn off the left for the rest of the flight.  ...


The picture they wanted ...scard during the usual gang's Caribbean excursion


RV-9 Back ...B. Hassel in Santa Fe, NM.

I ordered my emp kit for the 9 (there were no A's then) in Feb of 2002 and proceeded with the build. Life got in the way, we had a couple of other kit/plans starts along the way including getting pretty far through an RV-12. In the end I just couldn't pull the trigger on the next $50k - 60k on the 12 for the final pieces; engine & avionics. I think I can get this built for less.

Now I still have that emp kit in the office, well protected after a few moves and I'm thinking about getting the 9 wing kit.

How long is the wing spar?

Also, I built the 12 wing flat on a 4'x12' work bench and it came out great. Is the wing stand still being used for building the 9 wing? I build an EAA wing stand to hold the wings after they were built but that's different; I'll build another after the 9 wings are built.


Sun 'n Fun 2017 Trip Write-up ...Mike B. RV-7



April 25, 2017.   Issue No. 4,358.
  I took Flash out for a .3hr hop up to WIGZU for the ILS 16L practice approach at nearby KAFW Monday a.m. before my morning stab at climbing Mt. Email.  As I pushed the plane out, the sunlight hit just right for the idiot camera hobbiest in me to raise an eyebrow.  That I pushed the buttons in the right order, and the plane did what I thought I told it to do, was just icing on the cake.  Win win...  

(click for full size)


Eagle’s Nest Program continued to affect Students after graduation ...jsenft

I would like to inform you how the Wisconsin Eagle’s Nest Aviation program has continued to affect the lives of our students beyond our direct reach. Billy Bablitz (’15) was one of the first students to get involved in our program. Billy is currently working on his Commercial pilot license at Lewis University. He will complete his certification by the end of this semester. Billy plans to continue his education while obtaining his Certified Flight Instructor rating. I have a standing offer to Billy to come back and be a full-time flight instructor for our program. Nicole Jackson and Olivia Rasmussen (’16) both just received a $2,000 aeronautical scholarship. This scholarship was awarded based on the work and skills learned in the Wisconsin Eagle’s Nest Aviation program. In addition, Nicole just participated this weekend with her Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) team in an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) rocket launch. This competition includes all the major colleges and universities in the Midwest region. Nicole used her aeronautical knowledge gained from our program to push her team to first place. She and her team will now compete at the national level.

The Eagle’s Nest program has helped students accomplish something wonderful and also ensure that the excitement, challenge, and fun of personal aviation carries on to the next generation.


3D Printer GPS Antenna Glare Solution ...for when you're parked in the hot sun


Avionics Tech Needed ...Jay Pratt of 'RV Central' (Ft. Worth, TX)

Need a job wiring panels?  My buddy Jay is looking for some help in his shop.  Must enjoy talking about airplanes, guns and sailboats.  And Jeeps. 
(817) 439-1220.


Brass to Alum Galvanic Corrosion? ...Steve Melton

A brass tube (C260) section fits nicely into this fuel drain fairing and protects the alum drain boss from the set screw turning and provides a secure fit but is it a source of galvanic corrosion?


Overvoltage Protection with EarthX battery?

Call Stein...(click here if you're lazy as me)



April 24, 2017.   Issue No. 4,357.
  I'm beginning work on compiling the annual 'RV Social Calendar' for OSH and will put it in the daily rotation here on the front page starting a few weeks before the show (we're still 91 days out).  Planned events are starting to show up in the forums (the BIG event...the 'RV Social' Monday, as well as a beer tasting and RV-10 dinner on Sunday).  I'll continue to look for things popping up over the next three months.  I'll add the banquet when I know that, Van's forum talks, and the model-specific gatherings that always show.
  I really enjoy the organic manner in which most of these gatherings come about, and that they orbit around current, future and past RV builders and owners hanging out shooting the RV breeze.  I've had the thought occur to me more than once that these social gatherings get more outsiders interested in the RV hobby, and motivate more current builders, than just about anything.
  Hope you had a good weekend.  

Major Older RV-6 Repairs Complete ...BruceMe

Another grand bird back ready to be flown soon.

Not exactly a from-scratch, but I just finished all upgrades and repairs and I'm ready for the first conditional inspection on this plane in 3 years. It's been quite a journey. In many ways more technically and emotionally challenging than thee full RV-4 build, but I feel really good right now that it's done and just wanted to tell VAF. Thank you all!


N183RC first flight ...Rick 'rjcthree'

With Dave Ross at the controls, N183RC took flight for the first (and second) time this morning from KPLR (Lorain County). Once the first flight bug was worked out (more later), Dave spent about a half hour over the airport confirming performance and handling, returning back with a perfect landing.

Post flight inspection revealed a single issue where a bit of baffling was contacting the ring gear (H2, different geometry around the snout), to be adjusted before next flight.

Pictures, video and a long list of thank you's to follow, but for right now, thank you Dave for you skill and time, and my lovely wife Irene for indulging my little airplane addiction.

N183RC: RV-9A, Tip-up, O-320-H2AD, fixed Sensenich, half Classic Aero/homegrown interior. Painted in SW Genesis M and some accent vinyl. D-180 w AP, SL-30, GTX 327, G496. Empty weight 1113 lbs @ 77.69" with full fairings.


Putting an RV Grin on a Former RV Builder's Face ...N941WR

My neighbor Nick had his father visiting this week. Walt is in his mid-80's now and is a retired airline pilot. Nick followed in his father's footsteps and is an active airline pilot.

Walt had built an RV-4, -8, Hatz, and a Zinair 750, which he currently flies. He is also helping a friend build an RV-7.

Just before lunch I texted Nick and asked if his father wanted to go for a ride. The obvious answer was a resounding YES!

Walt is not very tall, maybe 5'-5" and after sitting down in the -9, he realized that he couldn't see over the nose and asked about that. He had flown his -4, 8, and a 6 before but he said he had never had a problem seeing over the nose. No big deal, he didn't want to do the takeoff or landing.

We took off and after we climbed about 400 feet he took over the controls. After some gentle turns, a couple of 1G stalls, and some other maneuvers, he declared that the RV-9 flies like an RV. He also was surprised that in level flight, the nose dropped away and visibility was better than he had feared with the tail down.  ...


RV-7 Status Report ...Simon Hitchen

The final piece to be painted.... getting ever closer to the move to the airport.


RVs and Serving ...terrykohler

A U.S. Navy P8 recently completed a training mission, and before heading home, made a stop at The Marine airbase at Cherry Point, N.C. During the stop-over, one of its crewmembers, PO2 Erich Kohler, officially began his third tour in the Navy with a swearing-in ceremony conducted onboard the Poseidon.

Erich is the son of my brother Mike (RV6 – N8491K), is currently based in Jacksonville, Florida, and serves as flight crewmember for VP8. Erich started his service in the Navy as an electrical/instrument repairman, followed by a crew position on a P3 Orion, before eventually transitioning to the new P8 Poseidon. He’s also currently heading for the finish line at Embry Riddle University (as is his younger brother, Alec, who’s now in the midst of an instrument rating to go with a degree). I’m very proud of these young men. Erich honored our family by asking his cousin to handle the recent ceremony.

Delivering the oath to Erich was Lt. Commander Dr. Leah (Kohler) Spring. Leah is our eldest daughter, a build assistant on N323TP, and is currently serving as Staff Dermatologist at Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune. When she completed flight and aeromedical training in ’07, N323TP took me to Pensacola where I was privileged to pin the gold wings on her. Afterwards, Leah served as Flight Surgeon for Navy VP45 out of JAX before assignment to the Marine KC130J group based at Futenma. It was in Okinawa where she met and married Major Tyler Spring USMC, then an aircraft commander with the Mighty Sumos. For a guy with mostly heavy metal time, he’s a pretty good stick with 3TP.

Eleven years before all of this and a recent medical school graduate, Leah received her own service oath from Captain Roger Bentlage, USN (Ret.). Roger is a very close friend; he built and flies an impeccable RV-7 as well as a Pitts S2 out of Marquette, Michigan. Roger spent 3,000+ hours putting together N531MR from quick build wings and fuselage. The extended build time was the result of an engineering background combined with Germanic lineage. Everything is on CAD and there’s more documentation than an A380. Nuff said.

Finally, I should mention that my youngest build assistant, daughter Lauren, is slated to return stateside this summer following a three year stay in Germany. Lauren and family will be moving to Rhode Island, where husband, Army Major (select) Josh Fender, will attend the Naval War College (Josh has already received a little flight training in N323TP and can expect more). Lauren is a former mental health counselor for the DOD and an adjunct Psychology Professor and, while the only fruit salad on her blouse was likely put there by one of her young daughters, she’s very much ‘Army’.

Besides family, the thread that ties much of this together is an incredible little airplane “we” built in our garage over 13 years ago. Today, it resides at KPTK, next to an RV-7A, N442DP (Dave Pohl) and an RV-6, N16TG (Ted Gauthier). For the coming year, the primary mission for N323TP will be to provide Peggy and me with timely, regular transport to Camp Lejeune and Newport, with an occasional trip back to the family camp on the shore of Lake Superior.

Life is good.


Dropped Pmag Retaining Bracket into Accessory Case ...erich weaver

Bad day. As i was reinstalling one of my pmags I dropped the aluminum retaining bracket and it disappeared through the mag hole I nto the accessory case. My heart sunk as I realized what I had just done. Reached my fingers as far in as I can to retrieve it but I can't feel it and I don't see it with a lighted mirror. Thinking it has likely dropped down into the oil sump and I will have to remove that to get it out. Does that sound like the right course of action?


Thanks for any words of wisdom you may have.


RV-10TDI Pictures ...Flandy10


Test Flying (flights 2 and 3) ...Chattin35

On the second flight, I planned to stay up for a couple hours and run the engine as hard as I could to help it break in. Well, the #2 cylinder was indicating about 100'F colder than the others. At 290'F it was below Lycoming's recommendations for continuous ops so I decided to land and see what was up.

I pulled the plugs and probes on the #2 and #4 cylinders to make sure they were connected properly and the plugs were firing as expected. I also peaked inside both cylinders with a borescope. Everything looked normal. So, I put all back together and took it up again. And, guess what... it was working fine. #2 is now my hottest cylinder by about 10'F. All were within 20-30'F of each other.  ...

Test Flight #4 ...Chattin35

5.1 hours on the tach after shutdown.  The plan was to fly it hard until it reached 5 hours, then land and do the first oil change.   Flight data at mid-flight:  ...


Transition Training in Virginia ...trib intoduction

I just wanted to let the group know that I am available for transition training in my RV-6A in Virginia at Chesapeake airport (KCPK).

A little about myself- I finished building my 6A in a short 13 years and began flying it in 2009. I have a bit over 500 hours in it now. I retired in January of 2016 after 33 years as a nuclear engineer. After receiving my transition training in 2009, I thought it might be something I would be interested in doing during retirement, so before I retired I obtained a LODA from the FSDO to allow me to perform transition training in my airplane. As soon as I retired, I went to American Flyers in Pompano and completed their CFI/CFII academy and obtained my rating (I highly recommend them if you are interested). I’ve now been instructing for about a year and decided I’ve gotten my feet wet and it was time to start up the transition training. I’ve also been fortunate enough to get a position flying right seat in a group of three corporate jets (Hawker and Challenger), which is a blast.  ...


Finally! PPL checkride complete! ...Scott 'punkin'

I drug it out too long, two airplanes, lots of solo time and messing around, finally got in a 172 long enough to get comfortable-ish and did my checkride today.

I had zero solo time in a 172...it was all Pa-20 and RV-6...but I learned enough about steering a nose wheel and going slow to get a handshake!

Now, time to go give my girls a ride in the RV!


Jackpoints Available (RV-8 now and others coming soon)

Don is about to be an advertiser (I'm working up the ad).  In the mean time, here is his product and contact info:

fmi: info: ecckers@cox.net   ph#760-518-2198



April 21, 2017.   Issue No. 4,356.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  

N437T is now an airplane!!! Whoohoo!!! ...Chattin35

This turned out to be a much larger, frustrating, rewarding, and educational experience than I ever anticipated. I put a ton of my blood (literally), sweat, and many curse words into this project. Yesterday culminated two+ years of effort with the first flight. The collection of parts and hardware that became N437T earlier this month left the ground and officially became an airplane!

The -7 flew great! Van's designed a absolutely phenomenal aircraft. And, the IO-360-M1B / Hartzell BA CS prop is a sweet sweet combo. The plane has tons of power and felt perfectly balanced in all axis.

Although I spent quite a bit of time planning contingencies. Ie: what I was going to do in X situation at X altitude, everything pretty much went out the window when I pushed up the throttle. It doesn't look like it from the video, but my hair was on fire.

However, the flight was pretty much uneventful. Engine ran smooth and cool. The max CHT I saw was just over 400'.

Man, it feels good.

Like many awesome things in life, there were many people involved in making this happen... So, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone here and say thanks for sharing your hard earned wisdom. This wouldn't have happened without the direct and indirect help from this community.  pictures and videos


Proof of Years of RV Enjoyment ...Turbo

"the slider piece finally broke after 18 years and many hours of use. and by blind luck i found a new piece in my rv drawer. have no idea where it came from easy fix for a non builder. i like these kind of issues."


Spherical Magnets ...Greg

Q: I just received an order of some gear leg fairings from Van's. Included was a sub-kit Bag 1002 with 20 spherical magnets and nylon washers. While they are really fun to play with, I can't find any reference to how/where they are used. They aren't on the included drawing and I've searched VAF and the construction manual to no avail. My only thought is to hold the fairings to the gear legs while mounting/aligning them. What am I missing?

A: Try Page 5-18 of the latest rev. level of Section 5


RV-10TDI Update ...Flandy10

Flight testing has been proceeding VERY SLOWLY- currently at 10.6 hours.

Why? similar reasons it took almost 9yrs to build. LIFE-work/ weather/moving to a new house and now I can blame the USPS.

This engine that I have is a preproduction engine that doesn't "conform" to any type certificate. It is a "C" model with a few changes- Type Certificate is on FAA Website if your interested. As such, CMI is watching it closely (wouldn't you?) via engine data analysis and oil samples. USPS misplaced two separate Blackstone oil samples from 8 to 16 days before delivering them and each report was needed prior to resuming flight testing- that was the entire month of FEB gone.

March was lost due to work (airline pilots having lots of time off is a MYTH-wanna see my schedule) and resealing BOTH fuel tanks. What? RV-10 builders--The fuel tank stiffeners forward of the spar shouldn't be used as a place to step- if you knew that already, good for you. I had the same three rivets on both tanks start leaking and if you saw my proseal work you too would wonder how that happened.

So, here is what I can tell you about it so far.

It is an air-cooled 304 cubic inch turbocharged diesel cycle engine (no-#2Diesel is not currently an approved fuel like the CD-135 in the Twinstar). 230HP from SL to about 10000 and then drops off to 170HP at 20K. Max TO fuel flow is about 12.5GPH. Working on a more accurate FF measurement system as current aviation version is unable to read it at idle(+/- 9GPH) and significantly off (1-2GPH) at cruise pwr. If you understand the old school Bosch system, you'll understand why. The only real world burn numbers I have right now are one hour at 154 KIAS at 4K below ATL Class B. That flight only took 8 gallons from the JetA truck to top off. I'd been limited to "gliding distance of a runway" for the first few hours so that flight was at max cruise to continue break-in and check CHT and oil temps. Both of which I am happy to report are in a comfortable range for current conditions.

Hot or Cold (engine or OAT), it starts very quickly. The only preflight check is to exercise the prop and wait for the oil to meet min. flight temp.-150F-which doesn't take very long in GA.

Looking forward to roaming my Phase 1 box.


Polish Picture ...Antoine.S

"Here it is after the cleaning with the method i've tried, i think it look's quite like brand new polishing action was donne.  cleaning was a bit harder than usual with it, but worth the price i think    (even if as you know polishing work will always look better in picture than in real)

last real hand polishing (axial) was 3 mouth ago,

bad isolation in this hangar so:

-during winter the plane is covered with painting plastic trapaulin with a liner made of tree antifrozing white flee lining (like paper/coton tissue) used normaly to avoid trees to froze, used here to avoid scratches from the plastic trapaulin and moisture to sit between plastic and aluminum.
everthing cut to size the airplane, a cover easy to made for a ridiculous price, tools need : tape, cisors, good thickness painting trapaulin, tree antifozing liner and voila! oh and a big surface to size and cut it on the floor.
(not a long therm cover mine is 2years old and the liner is cracked near every protruding angles of the plane (wing tips corner etc), ugly when on, but do the job to protect it from moisture

-after the colds night when spring is coming i switch to an old TAP parachute (domed) with the top fixed on the roof and the rest all over the aircraft like a tent to cover it from dust"


The Cards ...charity cap sighting.

Via RV, St. Kitts at Brimstone Hill Fortress.  17°20'48.1"N 62°50'10.9"W

related: About the cap



RST Engineering has earned the right to provide Appareo ADSB In and Out to the experimental aircraft community at a highly discounted price. We recognize that many RV owners are also an EAA member and the discounted price is ONLY available to EAA (and AOPA) members. Appareo has made it clear that nobody can advertise a price below their minimum advertised price, but we can quote individual members (via email) our discounted price. Please visit rstengineering and link to the Appareo ADSB site and we will email you the password to our EAA/AOPA page so that you can see our special member pricing. Thanks, Jim Weir



April 19, 2017.   Issue No. 4,354.
Audrey's Honors Convocation was Monday night.  Here's a short clip of her walking across the stage.  As is usually the case, I felt like the least intelligent person in the room, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the moment with Susie, and smiling until it hurt.  Dinner over pasta afterwards was meaningful and laughter-filled.
  She absolutely pulled her weight, holding up her end of the academic bargain.  Having said that, she was given steering vectors by thousands of wonderful people, seen and unseen.  Those things that are giving us a boost sometimes, we forget how special they are and how fortunate we are to have them.  It's surprisingly easy to lose site and forget how helpful those 'tailwinds' can be.  I was watching a video Tuesday morning before climbing out of bed on research being done at Cornell entitled 'Headwinds/tailwinds asymmetry: Availability bias in assessments of barriers and blessings'.  It suggests you take time to recognize those tailwinds in your life for what they are.
  So thank you, you tailwinds, for helping our family grow and live the human condition in its varied splendor.  Those tailwinds don't get enough credit, and last night's ceremony was another reminder of just how strong and appreciated they really are.


Lassen and Shasta ...joe rianbolt

My latest day trip takes us up to 14,000' and down to (nearly) sea level. Along the way we get close up views of the snow capped peaks of Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta. The flight time on this trip was only 3.5 hours.


Snorkel Gap Regret ...Mike Hillger

The biggest regret I have with my 7 is not making the gap larger between the baffle ramps and the edge of the cowl! I cant remember what the planes call for but it isn't enough! A simple piece of the rubber or silicone material cover this gap so another .25-.5 inch would have been no issue. It makes removing the bottom of the cowl a real pain when the ramp and the edge of the cowl is too close.


Loose 912 uls carburetor

After landing on rollout the engine started running very rough. It turned out that the left carburetor screw had backed out of the intake manifold exposing the intake to atmosphere on the left side cylinders. It appears no combustion was occuring since the egt probe showed only 170 degrees. checked the threads, not stripped, re-torqued to 18 foot-lbs & 1 drop of lock-tite. Restarted & seemed to run fine. Best guess is that the engine ran for 5 min on the right side only. Do you think that there is any severe engine damage ? Plan on flying in the pattern later today or tomorrow. Thanks for your expert advice.


PWM Conversion Update and Solution ...cdeerinck

Still Stuck

The final result


Crimping Nicopress Sleeves

I mentioned on the Taxi Testing thread that a Nicopress sleeve on my rudder cable let go on me during taxi testing. After searching the forum, I didn't find any information on properly crimping those sleeves, so I thought maybe folks could learn something from my foolish mistake. That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger

Here is the 3/32" copper sleeve that failed on me:  ...



April 18, 2017.   Issue No. 4,353.
  Please excuse the early push of the Tuesday edition (here is why).  I'll try to get a picture ;^). 

Dawn at Triple Tree ...Rob Traynham

Thought you might like to see this. I made this photo this morning at dawn at Triple Tree Aerodrome (SC00). What a beautiful place and yes, hydroguy's Aurora is in good hands and adds another beautiful element to the photo. We camped overnight (I volunteer there and had a group of kids yesterday) and my son and grandson obviously enjoyed the early morning flight.


Got my N Number ...Bob Collins RV-12

There was a thread here not long ago about how difficult it was going to be to get the N Number I wanted because of some punk who'd set up a system to shake people down to pay for the number he'd swoop in and steal.

I didn't have the problem when I reserved the number for the under-construction RV-12.

Of course,there weren't that many N numbers available that met my needs, those corresponding to dates, for example , and initials . You'll recall N614EF was named after my parents' wedding day and their initials.

But I got an appropriate one, anyway.


612 being the primary area code for MN. 12 also being the model I'm building. And the reference to parents remains.

Hopefully by the time I build the third plane, N613EF becomes available and I'll be able to get a heck of a picture at Oshkosh.


Picture Status Report ...crabandy

I installed the rear baffling piece and RTV'd the Oil Cooler Boot to the baffling. The extra bracing around the oil cooler junction left the ol' center case to baffling angle brace unneeded so I removed it. Ultra Black RTV seems to stick to the urethane rubber pretty well and it's a little more flexible than the ureathane specific glue smooth on sells. I also had to re-route the spark plug wires.


Recent Loss of GPS Signal ...TomVal

Just a few reflections on reliance on GPS navigation: Last week I helped my friend, Jim, fly his newly painted Baron from Eloy, AZ (south of PHX) back to Charleston, SC. Heading eastbound out of El Paso on our IFR filed GPS route, we lost GPS signal (not unusual in that area due to military activities). Reported the loss of signal and was cleared direct to Salt Flats VOR. Our routing after that was about a 300 nm GPS direct leg to Waco, TX. I told Jim that we should most likely get the signal back about 100 miles east of Salt Flats and we did. It was nice to have the VOR capability (while it lasts).

On day two of our travel, for most of the route, both i-pads went to no-data from Waco to Charleston. Jim is with AT&T and I’m with Verizon.

Of course having center available for course guidance is comforting, assuming you are on frequency and high enough to communicate with them. Having a GPS signal is anything but reliable. With all the GPS only panels going into planes…keep those dead reckoning skills current!



April 17, 2017.   Issue No. 4,352.

First Flight Videos ...Jeff Kudlo

RV, ‘Seven Victor Quebec’, dispatched for the skies after a ten year build on Tuesday April 13, 2017. Test flown by EAA advisor and mentor David Ross resulted in an amazing day. The RV-7 performed as expected powered by an Aero Sport Power IO-375 and pulled by the Whirlwind RV200 propeller. She weighed in at 1105# without paint and is equipped with some sporty Garmin gear. Thanks to my Lord for the ability and blessing me with the stamina to persevere, my wife who gave up her garage for many years and for the many that encouraged me throughout the journey.

Let’s go flying....(two videos)


Airworthy! ...Gil Alexander


Airworthy!! (well, on paper anyway) ...Paul Straub


Homeward Bound ...Brad Benson picture

On the way home from Tracy MN last night at sunset, level at 9000'. Bases were at about 700' with 2 miles visibility but tops were only about 5000 and clear above.

I kept thinking about Steve51B describing altitudes in this range as "Indian Country", since that's where oil burners come down and find Apaches, Cherokees, Seminoles, Aztecs, Comanches, and lots of other Piper products named after native Americans. Last night, though, I think was the only one around under FL290 until I got close to the Minneapolis class B airspace.

I love the way the plexi distorted the sunset - it looks somewhat ethereal to me in this view. The fuzzy haze layer just on top of the clouds probably has something to with this this, too. Whatever the cause, I like the effect.


Messing With the Kids

...(she's not really sick).


Motivation - YE Rally and RV-8

EAA Chapter 301 conducts a monthly Young Eagle Rally and flies an average of 50 Denver-area kids per rally. Lots of RVs and other experimental and production aircraft are flown during this event.

I just received a video that was made by one of the groups of kids that participates each year. The footage is from a recent rally conducted in February at KFTG. Fred Hollendorfer's RV-8 is one of the "stars." Thought it would be a good motivator as we head into the weekend.


Daryl's AERO '17 PIREP (FB)


DID YOU KNOW high speed taxi testing can potentially void your insurance policy? ...Galagher Aviation (VAF advertiser)

Many times Vans owners call to increase their coverage from “Builders” (not in motion coverage) to “Ground and Taxi.” The Ground and Taxi only covers the hull of your aircraft until you reach the active runway thereby excluding hull coverage for high speed taxi test. The main reason for this is that even though you may not intend to get airborne it can happen fairly easily and unexpectedly. If you are unprepared it can be very a dangerous situation; you may not have much gas in the tank, you may not be entirely ready to solo your freshly built aircraft, and whole host of other reasons. Typically people do not opt for this coverage because by the time they are ready for this coverage they are only a few short weeks away from flying. It’s of little financial value to switch to Ground and Taxi unless it’s going to be longer than a month before you’re ready to fly.


Mothership's New Panel ...RV-10 Demonstrator


How to Find Source of Fuel Smell ...Jim Stricker

I just did the Fuel Tank Attach Modification Service Bulletin 13-12-19. I accomplished the modification by carefully removing the tank lid to gain better access to the lower front edges of the tank. All went well and tank was resealed with ProSeal. Tank was filled with 20 gallons 93E10 to calibrate the fuel gauge. The airplane sat for a full week with completely full fuel tank and no fuel odor was noticed when canopy was raised. I even left the fuel shut off valve in the open position to static test the fuel lines up to and including the gascolator. Very good.

Now I have flown the plane three times for roughly an hour each flight and have 5 gallons remaining in the tank. On the first flight I noticed fuel smell occasionally on climb out and occasionally in cruise flight with a fair amount of turbulence. Second flight was a little less fuel smell and the third flight was still less but smell was occasionally still there. I suspect the leak to be very small, and of course, difficult to find.

I see no evidence of a leak at the tank. It might be carb float bowl overflow but I don’t see evidence of residue in the drip pans. I have searched VAF and found a thread for RV-12 Fuel Tank Leak that’s not much help.

My question is… has anyone used a dye solution specifically made for detecting fuel leaks? I found a UV dye additive for auto fuel that fluoresces under black light. Anybody try anything like this?



Over the past year, we have been experimenting with an aural AoA system. I thought an RV-focused training video that illustrates how ON SPEED can be applied during different phases of flight might be of interest to some of the folks in our community:  ...


Special Request from VAF Reader

Buddy of mine Jim Pappas is selling a vintage poster.  Here's the info, and contact Jim if you need more.  VINTAGE CIRCUIT DE SAINT CLOUD ORIGINAL FRENCH RACING POSTER by GEO HAM.  $3000 and my email jimpappas13@gmail.com

[ed. In striving to keep the signal-to-noise ratio in the forums as RV-specific as possible, I am happy to post a non-RV personal request like the one above up here on the front page when emailed to me.  v/r, ]



April 14, 2017.   Issue No. 4,351.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled Easter weekend. 

Eagle's Nest Projects - Visit to the Texas Capital and Serving the Community

It’s been a busy week for Eagle’s Nest students at McKinney Aviation Academy (TX).

In addition to regular studies and completing the final touches on their RV-12 build project before flying it to Oshkosh, the Eagle's Nest students at McKinney Aviation Academy attended the Texas Capital by invitation from Red Bird Flight Simulators and Texas State Representative John P. Cyrier. Representative Cyrier is a long-time supporter of general aviation and is the Chairman of the General Aviation Caucus. Rep. Cyrier holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and is planning to draft legislation that will enhance Texas’ high school aerospace and STEM curriculum.  ...


Houston area monthly lunch (April)

Here we are again, it's the third Saturday. This time we'll be back to Weiser for some Carl's BBQ, at 11:30 or thereabouts.

We can all celebrate me finally having worked on my plane again!.


Seen at Phil's

Phil is working on a high-wing Super Cub type at our home field and has one of the skins peeled back in a unique way to provide access to the internals.  Used a long, thin board and some wood screws to make a place for some tie down rings that straps could hook on to.

Two large pictures below (click to enlarge):



Story Continues ...mbauer purchased RV-6 flight back to Alaska

Yes, part of flight to Minden was when Electronic Mag quit-worked fine for engine runup test before taking off.

Contacted the FAA about doing an overflight with the temporary registration. They issued a piece of paper that will allow me to do the flight without the registration.

Quick and easy-just need to contact the FAA registration department and request: Declaration of International Operations.

After faxing the form (1-page) waited 1.5 hours and they faxed back the Temporary Certificate of Registration.

After the number that was assigned it states "This facsimile must be carried in the Aircraft as a Temporary Certificate of Registration for N999SN". It goes on to list the serial number and the aircraft builder on record-stating it is good for exactly 1-month.

Due to weather, decided to park the RV in Idaho and go down on Memorial Weekend to fly it back to Alaska.


Seen in Monkeytown...things getting thin.

Randy is helping install an updated glass cockpit in an RV-4.  What struck me was: 1) how much information is soon to be in front of this pilot and 2) just how little depth these instruments now take up.

Two large pictures below (click to enlarge):




April 13, 2017.   Issue No. 4,350.

Serrated holes after dimpling ...Casey M

I have a question regarding dimpling. I am seeing a very odd looking serrated rim on the pointed side of the dimpled hole after dimpling and I don't know if this is something that I have caused or is just a result of normal dimpling.

Here was my process:
For match drilling the 3/32 holes I used a #40 new drill bit from pan american and deburred both sides with a dog leg speed deburr tool.

For dimpling the holes, I am using Cleveland's 426-3 spring back dies with a DRDT2 dimpler. I did follow the directions with the DRDT to make sure the ram was adjusted correctly.  ...


How I Ended Up Here (into RVs) ...Mark Ciaglia installment

I guess I might be kinda out of the normal pool of pilots on here. I am a hand surgeon and have the disposable income to purchase the kits without a formal budget.

BUT....it took a long time to get to this point.

As a kid I worked hard to be able to fly. I bused tables at a Mexican restaurant and built RC planes for the guys at the flying field for a fee. I also had a small business fixing crashed RC planes and reselling them. I sold my Carl Goldberg Sukoi with a Saito 120 so I was able to solo. I had my pilots license at 17 after 52.5 hours. But then college, medical school, residency, fellowship happened. I didn't fly for 15 years. It killed me but that was the sacrifice to get where I am today.

My time/unlike money is my rate limiting step...cause I don't have a lot of it. Busy practice, wife, 5yr daugther and 22 month old son. But the joy of seeing my family come together and dimple, deburr or just hang out in the garage and play with clecos is priceless. I also try every day to do a little bit of work. I didn't get to be in the position I am overnight...and building a plane to fly my family around in won't happen quickly either.

fmi: https://marksfamilyrv10.wordpress.com/


Possible Smoking Rivets ...Dean Pichon

Q: I just noticed a few "smoking rivets" on the underside of the horizontal stabilizer of my -4. The aircraft is about 16 years old and has about 800 hrs TT. The rivets shown in the attached photo fasten the skin to the flange of the aft spar. One is loose. The others seem secure. Here are my questions:

What is the urgency to repair these?
•Before further flight?
•At my convenience (within the next month or 2)?
•At annual (November)?

Should I drill them out and replace with new, or re-squeeze?

Should I install a new rivet between each smoking rivet?

A: A lot of good advice in this thread and seemingly a not uncommon problem on the early kits. The problem seems to stem from overly deep countersinks in .032 skin, so any repair will need to take this into account. Simply replacing the rivets will probably just result in them smoking again down the road. If its only a few then I would lean toward new rivets in between.

A: First, I'd make sure they are all smoking. Oftentimes, rivet dimples can collect oil and exhaust and look like they are smoking, but really are nice and tight. If one is verifiably loose, then by all means replace it - but some of them may just be dirty. I never casually replace rivets, because you always end up with oversized holes (at least a little bit).


Wago Distribution Panel ...cdeerinck

I just got these in, and wanted to share. They are cheap, small, reconfigurable, and very useful. Prior to this, I was using a Fast-on distribution panel, and it was twice the size, and a complete mess. These look and function like a dream, and allow much better access and organization.

They hold wire from 12 to 26awg, and will carry 35 amps each. You can mix and match however you want. They securely hold a stripped wire, and you can remove a wire without cutting it. You can also do a circuit test without removing the wire.


G3X Touch v5.30 ...is online


Brake line at wheel / rubbing- How to retain?

I just purchased my first RV. Right side brake pedals had just been installed. Noticed brakes dragging when flying from right which led to diagnosing. I noticed loose backing plates/(Pant retaining bracket?) on both sides which led me to remove wheel pants. Found a bent backing plate, & the disk rubbing it, also, lines just sitting there & one rubbing the disk. Is there some reason there isn't any kind of line retention to the backing plate to prevent rubbing or drooping as in my case? I'd like to secure the lines, at least loosley? How have others with flexible lines secured this?
(The dragging/applied brakes was caused by the pedals binding slightly & not releasing all master cyl pressure). How "hosed" am I with the condition of the backing plate, line, pads, etc? Also, all three bolts/nuts were loose that hold on the pant bracket. Suggestions?
600 hours on airframe.


SDS EFI Presentation in Mojave ...this Saturday

Friends Ralph Inkster and Bill Beaton just took off from Springbank, bound for the Mojave Experimental fly-in on Saturday. We're hoping they'll have decent VFR weather on the trip down. Ceiling was about 1000 AGL as they left here.

Ralph is flying an RV8 and Bill is flying his supercharged Rocket.

Assuming they can reach Mojave, they plan to do a presentation on SDS EFI and CPI for consideration in the Experimenter of the Year Award.

Dave Anders is also hoping to be there, again, weather permitting.

It would be a good opportunity for anyone interested to see the installation on Bill's Rocket and Dave's RV4 plus touch and see some of the hardware.



April 12, 2017.   Issue No. 4,349.
Attention bird lovers!  I took this picture an hour after landing Monday as several hundred American White Pelicans passed about 1,000' AGL over my home field (1200' OVC).  They were not transmitting.
  Anywho, heads up.  They are on the move.  Nine foot wingspan.  30 lbs.  Big sky theory may not work with this.
  related: Migration route map 

Click for 3,264 X 2,448 pixel image


From Skies Magazine ...article


How the screen works ...g3xpert

All of the G3X Touch displays (including the new GDU 470) use an infrared touchscreen technology with a matrix of light beams traversing the surface of the display. One of the reasons for choosing this technology over others is to support the use of gloves.

Your gloves should work fine.


RV-9A N363SB ...JSBergen

After six years of effort....


Airplane Tools Re-tasked

Used my 10-yr old 'Tailmate' to help rotate the Jeep tires this past weekend.  The LT255/75R17 BSW Off-Road tires are too heavy to pick up by myself without straining back muscles.  The Tailmate made it a pleasure - took only a little wiggling to get the lug holes aligned. 

You can also hang a 5-gallon Home Depot bucket off it in the fully raise position to catch the oil without crawling if you have access to a lift.

Why didn't I figure this out years ago?!?!  Stupid brain...

(click for full size)


Mothership Stats



April 11, 2017.   Issue No. 4,348.

The Road to My First Aerobatic Contest- a New Guy's Perspective

I just got back from my first aerobatic contest, the Hammerhead Roundup in Borrego Springs, California. My purpose for writing this post is to describe what a contest is like from the perspective of a new guy. Until recently I knew nothing about the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) or how to get involved in competition aerobatics. Are you like me? If so, I hope this post is helpful.  ...

Glass & Spins

I just completed a phenomenal spin course. It was great!!

However, during the ground work, I was shown a video from the back-seat of an RV-8 with a glass display ...which CLEARLY lagged big-time behind the recovery. The aircraft was back level, blue sky up and the display still showed it to be upside down!

I'm curious for those of you that have glass and spin your aircraft ..is this a "normal" situation .. I haven't tried my GRT AHARS yet ... for such a lag for the display to catch up. I told the instructor I'd research with the experts.


Grass Strip #200 ...Vlad

Airstrip #200! Uncharted, very difficult to find. I was lucky to have the best navigator of all times my good buddy Jeff. After having a light breakfast at Sky Bryce we crossed into West Virginia searching.

Runaway overvoltage Need help! ...climberrn

Sorry for the long post.

Was flying XC talking to Oakland Center today and noticed the voltage going up and down from 12.5-15 volts. I believe my Dynon only reads to 15 volts but not sure. I turned the field wire switch off, no changes. Pulled the 5A circuit breaker for the field and no changes. Was taking a bit of time to process what to do, and after about 30 seconds I see the voltage spike to 15+, hear a "pop" and EVERYTHING goes dark, and I smell electrical smoke for a second. Loose radios, both EFIS's, audio panel, etc. Turned the master off, although nothing had power anyway and used Foreflight on my iPhone to find the nearest airport within reason.

Plane has an "Air Tec" automotive style alternator, less than 300 hours. Full Dynon setup with PS Engineering audio panel, and a couple of GTR-200's. Have PMags and an EarthX battery.

1. The CB's on the PMags popped. Landed with engine power but the engine quit pulling off the runway below a certain RPM. They worked as they should in the air. On the ground with the Pmag CB reset, as soon as I turn the master on, both CB's pop. Talked to Brad at EMag, and will need to send in. He offered to overnight some. Thanks Brad!!  ...

202kts ...jwyatt

A brisk wind aloft pushed us to 202kt GS on the way to dinner this weekend over Wisconsin. This is rich cruise; typical 75% LOP config after this photo gave 187kt GS, about 32 SMPG.

Gaining Confidence ...Mark Dickens

As a long time flyer (almost 36 years) of certified airplanes, I find myself still amazed that this experimental plane I built (99% by myself) in my garage actually flies like a real airplane and apparently is tough as nails, based on my extensive testing of bounced landings. I've also found that for me, Phase 1 Testing is a legal artifice, a formality to check off, because I don't think I'll really get finished with testing until somewhere around 100 hours.

For me, testing has so far fallen into two categories: 1-learning to trust the airplane and proving that it won't fold up like a cheap card table...I'm 99% there, and 2-learning to trust myself as a new tail wheel pilot (~40 hours so far). I'm about 30% there.  ...

Possible Lightning Strike?

On the flight home from Sun 'n Fun, I discovered several issues with my plane and I am trying to determine if I need to dig deeper for potential other issues yet to be discovered.

•TruTrak AP roll servo is no longer executing roll commands. It will engage, but just holds the stick in whatever position it is in. Pitch and Yaw still operate correctly. Continuity has been confirmed between the control head and servo.
•One or both of the TCW heater actuators was in the open position. A recycle of the control corrected this.
•GTN 650 was registering touches in the incorrect location. An in-flight reboot corrected the issue.
•Aveo tail strobe/position light failed. Bench testing confirmed.

Everything else seems to be working as designed.

The morning that we left, there was a pretty bad thunderstorm that came through. We had one lightning strike that was so close, we felt the ground shake. Is it possible that the proximity of the strike caused these issues? If so, would grounding the plane while parked outside help in the future?

IAC Scores are Up ...(2) RVs competing

Internal Antennae Pics ...VNS

Going to try both. The COM gets to the other side of the field but we will see. Expect some degradation being 45 off vertical.

Lyc Fuel Pump SB 621B ...TimO

This may be old news, but it was something that caught me so I figured I'd post it here for you RV-14 builders who may have purchased new Van's engines for their RV-14.

I bought mine in 2014 at OSH, and set delivery for just after the 1st of the year in 2015.

Just recently I was trying to obtain a good parts manual for our version of the IO-390. Mine's a YIO-390-EXP-10. (Unfortunately I don't think such a parts manual exists for us but we may have to use a different variant of the IO-390). While on the Lycoming site I ran across a fuel pump SB that I hadn't seen before. It is SB 621B, which supersedes a few others so it's been issued before similarily under other numbers. ...



April 10, 2017.   Issue No. 4,347.

gbitzer's Smoke Setup

Turbo's SnF PIREP

what a great week in lakeland. hot early, cool and cold at night if you didn't have a winter sleeping bag i heard. my oil is draining and the plane is filthy as expected. more of the same, less exhibitors, lots of gyros, nice gyros, one i must have. eclipse 10 from brazil, 120 mph and gorgeous. nice seeing everyone there. lots of fun. had some company yesterday for part of the trip. love this truck with a radial engine

Nitty Asks for Help w/Borescope Pic

PilotjohnS Status Report

After 10 months I have the tail feathers done and am working on wings. I am trying to spend 20 hours per week, but rarely can achieve that due to life, the universe, and everything else.

ILikePike's Internal Antennae Setup

More 3D

mbauer Purchased RV-6 Flight Back to Alaska ...continued

Upon arriving at KMEV, topped the tanks off and then looked for parking.

My son and I were moving the RV by pushing it, when a woman stopped and said to just tie it up at one of her Glider tie-downs. She runs the Soaring Nevada hangar-while talking with her she recommended her mechanic for some squawks I had. This was on Saturday the 1st of April.

Waiting until Monday the 3rd, contacted Jim Croizer with Minden Aircraft Repair. He said to bring the RV over for a look see.

On the flight from Parker, the fuel burn seemed high with a low cruise speed. Wasn't sure if it was because my son was now flying with me.  ...

Blain's Baffle Retention Setup

David Paule RV-3B Status Report Pictures

200KT RVDan


We got home early this morning(1:30am) from Sun N Fun. We took our other RV, a 5th wheel this year. Yes the weather was hot(our A/C quit on Tuesday) and the breeze did little. The air shows performers were great. We were parked in Miss Betty's North Pasture 24hr generator area. I believe there were more campers this year than last year as this was the only area with spaces available when we arrived early Tuesday morning. Then vendors were about the same this year as last and we found what we were looking for at Flyboys, SkyOx and Aircraft Spruce. I walked by the HBC on Wednesday and it seemed sparce, but by Friday the number had picked up as the weather had passed. ...

Crabandy Status Report Pictures



April 7, 2017.   Issue No. 4,346.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  

Carl Bell / Rafael Lopez RV-14A ...optimized for C-Leg user.

Meet Mr. Carl Bell. He and his building partner Rafael Lopez recently completed their RV-14A in Aiken, SC. On 4/6/2017 it left the paint shop (GLO Custom at 52F), and I had the pleasure of going to lunch with him. After lunch Carl allowed me to take some pictures of their newly-painted 14A.

Carl’s userID in the VAF Forums is ‘C-J’ and he and Rafael’s build log can be found online at www.RV14A.com. The aircraft was constructed so that Carl can fly from the right seat (‘T’ hand brakes) and Rafael from the left seat (toe brakes).

Leg amputees take note:
If you are interested in building an RV-14A, you’ll enjoy these pictures, and hopefully you’ll get to meet Carl someday. Fascinating guy!

[ed. Remember the pictures are HUGE.  Look for the symbol and select 'Original' to view at full res.  v/r,dr]


From Cynthia at the Mothership

The word needs to go out again regarding second hand kit owners that need to register their planes with the FAA. Builders need to contact Van’s, NOT the FAA, when beginning the registration process. Van’s will issue the 8050-2 to the current owner once all documents (bill of sale, license agreement, waiver, and questionnaire) are on file, and all kit components have been purchased. For example, an 8050-2 will not be issued with just an empennage purchase. If there are any questions, they can email or telephone me.

Thank you!

Yours truly,
Cynthia A. Schrantz
Administrative Assistant
Van's Aircraft, Inc.
14401 Keil Road N.E.
Aurora, Oregon 97002
503-678-6545 ext. 322


Some More 3D Printed Mods ...'YvesCH' in Switzerland


Purchased Flying RV6 Flight Back to Alaska


Purchased an RV-6 located in Jackson, CA.

Met Craig from Catto Propellers while there. He installed some tape-strips on the Catto prop on my RV. He said it was one of his first designs and that it would not be possible to install the nickel leading edges. Tape will protect prop if caught in the rain.

Flew 5-hours with a CFI to get my PIC Check-Ride completed for insurance requirements. Not sure about mentioning names, the CFI was extremely good, Dale C. was thorough and I enjoyed flying with him, his RV-4 was incredibly well built and the paint was flawless.

After admiring his RV-4 we climbed into my 6, no co-pilot brakes meant I flew from the right seat at first, once Dale was convinced I could fly (5.9 hours recent time after a 21-year layoff), we switched seats and I flew from the left until he signed me off.  continue


3D 'Pressure Recovery' Profile Fuel Drain Cover: Prototype ...Snowflake


Mitch Lock Fly-In ...June 10th

"Helen Woods runs the flight school which includes a few RV's at W29 and is friends with Mitch Lock. (She is also the person that puts on the famous Holly Run every year to Tangier Island.) In any case, she is sponsoring a going away party/fly-in for Mitch on June 10th. She enlisted my help to get the word out to the RV community and hoping you can post this on VAF as well. Now that his status has been officially announced we are hoping you can help with getting the notice out.

"Please join us at Chesapeake Sport Pilot (W29) Saturday, June 10th from 10-2 for a celebration and send off party for our friend Mitch Lock as he moves into a new roll at Van Aircraft. RSVP to info 'at' chesapeakesportpilot.com so we know how many burgers to toss on the grill."

Mitch knows about this and has confirmed the date to be there.

Mike Regen"



April 6, 2017.   Issue No. 4,345.

Courtesy Cars & Food List Updated and Current.

...new listings in Texas, Wisconsin, California and more.


For those not knowing yet...

...Mitch Lock has been named President of Van's Aircraft (POVA*) to replace the retiring Scott Risan.  Congrats to Mitch (it's nice to be able to talk about it finally).  A genuinely good guy.
*I call dibs on coining 'POVA' if nobody thought of it before me! ;^)

fmi: Paul Dye's write-up at Kitplanes



Note from Cynthia at the Mothership

"Would you mind putting a little blurb on your web site to the effect that I will be out of the office from April 11th until April 24th, and if anyone needs a transfer of ownership or FAA paperwork, to contact me either before or after that time frame, please?"

Cynthia A. Schrantz
Administrative Assistant
Van's Aircraft, Inc.
14401 Keil Road N.E.
Aurora, Oregon 97002
503-678-6545 ext. 322


Welcome 'steelbut' ...Colorado Springs

If all goes as planned, after many years and many airshows across the country my neighbor and I will start an RV-14. For work, we sell hangars but I have been working with Schweiss hangar doors, in there booth, teaching me about trade shows for the last 3 or 4 years. Each airshow I have to check out Van's booth and get a new hat because you can't wear the same one forever. They are very gracious about all my questions.

I have been trying to figure out how to buy a VAF hat in case I end up in some place that would need a sighting photo.

I am really grateful for the VAF site! I have surf'ed for a long time in the back ground as questions come up as I am researching an RV build.

BTW, I am in Colorado Springs and plan to fly out of Meadowlake KFLY


From the Mothership FB page...


Welcome 'Cth6'

Probably way too much info but may provide context around my questions. My wife and I have been working on defining our mission for some time now as it relates to flying; Weekend Cross Country Jaunts ( ~< 400 nm), Local breakfast runs and solo around the patch.

Have three options...

1. Continue to rent ~ $ but tied to the rental schedule / availability
2. Buy completed plane ~ $$$ No schedule to hold us back. top contenders RV-12 S-LSA or C172 (familiarity, I have most hours here.)
3. Build plane ~ $$ but takes time and space (RV-9A seems like it will fit the bill)

Why the RV-12 vs RV9A. RV-12 can be delivered as S-LSA. Right or wrong, I am shying away from a used Experimental due to the unknown around the quality of the builder. If I am going to make the leap to build, The RV-9A seems to be a better fit due to the useful load and cruising speed.

Now to the questions at hand.  continue


Wisconsin to Florida in a Student-Built RV-12

Due to airshow commitments in Georgia later this week I found myself driving to Sun ‘n Fun for the first time in over 30 years. The normal two-hour flight turned into a 6 -1/2 car drive down I-75. So there I was sitting at the pool at the Hampton Inn in Plant City when two guys come through the gate, one of whom was wearing a Van’s cap. What a surprise! It took all of two seconds to strike up a conversation and the excitement that exuded from these two was fascinating!  continue at Kitplanes


Milestone: N748PK is No Longer Reserved ...Kurt Haller

...but registered as of 31 Mar 2017, ONE DAY after the USPS Priority Mail package of paperwork was delivered. Don't have the registration hardcopy yet, but it's in the database at faa.gov.

Guess I hit an unexpected pocket of clear air efficiency.... 

Signature updated...best get with a Flight Advisor and DAR...still a few bits to bolt together in the meantime.


Special Request from VAF Reader

(dr) All regular readers here know Trish Russell.  Got this from her yesterday:

"Why I'm writing: 6 days before the brain flood (AVM rupture) I signed on as a commercial real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty. I am just starting to get back to it, or started, since I really didn't get a chance the first time.

One of our neighbors here at Gold Hill Air Park needs to sell his home. He gave me the listing (link at http://trishrussell.kw.com/). Paul needs to sell his house. He needs to move to an assisted living home near his family. And GHAP could use another RV member."

Best Regards,
Trish Russell
KW Commercial
6001 Gateway Center Drive, Suite 105
Kannapolis, NC 28081

[ed. In striving to keep the signal-to-noise ratio in the forums as RV-specific as possible, I am happy to post a non-RV personal request like the one above up here on the front page when emailed to me.  v/r, ]


Welcome Justin from Chattagooga, TN

Q: "...I'm very interested in an RV10. I'm in Chattanooga TN. I'm an air traffic controller. Would gladly trade a tower tour =)."

A: (Pierre) Justin, I'm near Augusta, Ga at 2J3. Come down here and you can fly mine, left seat!

A: (Gary) I am a little closer in SE Atlanta. I am in Conyers but keep the plane in Monticello.



April 5, 2017.   Issue No. 4,344.

750 mile day trip ...joe-rainbolt


Starting my RV10 ...welcome Brian Lester

Just wanted to introduce myself to the group as I expect I'll be posting dumb questions and looking for advice as I being my own project.

Been lurking for a bit and spent the last year cleaning up my garage and purchasing the needed tools. I'm headed to Sun N' Fun for the first time on Wed and hoping to run into a number of you.

Delivery of my Empennage kit is scheduled for the Monday after Sun N Fun, so I'm trying to learn as much as I can so I can just right in!


Want a reason to get out of bed and fly your RV? ...RV8Squaz

Well, I just returned from my second IAC contest, the Snowbird Classic in Dunnellon, FL hosted by IAC chapter 89 in Ocala. I can tell you I'm hooked! My experience at this contest was just as fantastic as it was at Sebring. It was another very well run event by some of the finest people I've ever met. I can't tell you how welcomed everyone made me feel. It was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. I also got to know a little better some of the people I met at the judges school I attended a few weeks ago.  continue


Trust but Verify ...terrykohler

Tried to fly on Saturday, after installing my replacement SD card in the GTN650. Turns out I had downloaded the Nav data, but not the base map or safe taxi database to the new card. Seems these reside on the card and are not downloaded into the resident memory of the 650. Need to get with Garmin to get updates to allow me to use my second/replacement card.

In the run-up area, while swapping cards and turning on/ shutting down my electrical system, I happened to switch my EI voltage gage over to Ammeter readout (most times, I leave it switched to read voltage). Suddenly, I’m seeing current draw drop as I’m adding appliances to the load. Back to the hangar, shut down, and run another check just off the battery. Now I’m showing draw decreasing as I start flipping switches to the “on” position. Blood pressure rising, I decided to head home.  continue


7A UL Power Pics Added ...taverroi


Rest in Peace: Mr. Ron Banks

Ron Banks of Nampa Idaho passed away last Thursday. His service is Tuesday at the Mission Aviation Fellowship at 3:00.  Ron was a real nice guy. He came over to my house a couple times to look at my build and to my hangar once I moved the fuselage there. He was working on his 7 while he was a missionary and working on the mission planes. I got the chance to see his work at his house and he was a good "mechanic". It looked well done.

Ron's wife is as nice as Ron was. Keep her, their children and grandkids in your prayers.


Super Tracks Mod ...VAF advertiser


Is it OK to shorten the Pitot Mast a little?


Panel Pic ...TJCF16


OSH NOTAM Issued ...know it, love it, live it.


 Protecting push pull cables from heat


Status Report Pics...Z-EDD


RV9 at Caspian Sea beach


iPad Checklist



April 4, 2017.   Issue No. 4,343.

April 4, 2017 is a very special day in my life. On this day I mark 10 years of doing this website as my full-time job. Three days after that it will become the longest running job I’ve held.  The first impression that comes to mind while sitting down to write this is just how incredibly fast it went by. It’s actually sort of scary to be quite honest.


In 1981 I started my working career at Sonic in Waco, TX as a car hop (later cook).  I knew nothing about nothing, and had .5hrs in my logbook (a birthday present from my parents that I believe cost them $30).  Years later as funds and time allowed I finished out my pilot’s license at age 35, while working at a law firm as the ‘computer guy’.   While there, as a student pilot, I saw my first RV and was hooked.


Now back to the work history.  All the jobs below, in order:

  1. Sonic (sophomore in high school).  $2/hr plus tips.

  2. Casa Del Rio (busboy / later waiter).  Junior in high school.  $2.20/hr plus tips.  Great memories working with friends I still keep in touch with to this day.

  3. Leland Collier Electric (apprentice electrician).  Senior in high school through the beginning of my junior year in college.  I worked here during my first two years of college at McLennan Community College (Waco) and the start of Baylor.  Music major with a minor in Marketing at MCC, then Entrepreneurship major Marketing minor at BU.  $3.05/hr.starting salary.  Met my future wife during this time.  She said she went to Baylor….so I said, “Me too!”....and immediately took out student loans and transferred to Baylor.  We’ve been married 27 years this June.  I learned a LOT at Collier Electric.  How to wire a house, talk trash and work through pain, cold, heat and wet (and rat poison).  One cute story:  Collier had a contract to wire several buildings at BU, one of which included a couple additional stories on a business building I was taking classes in.  One day at the beginning of a new class the professor asked out loud where the switch was to lower the projector screen.  “Behind that post to your left”, I said.   “How did you know that?”  “I installed it.”

  4. Baylor University Computation Center (work study program to qualify for student loans).  Delivered and set up computers (first generation Macs and Digital dumb terminals).  Ran and punched down cables.  Last half of third year of college.  

  5. Musician (final year of college - paid for ¾ of my tuition….and my food).  It never entered my brain to be a professional musician, as it turned out I didn’t particularly enjoy playing the same songs several times a week.  To this day I change stations when I hear any of about a hundred songs.  Our keyboard player however, was wired for it perfectly.  He was country singer Tim McGraw’s touring keyboardist for something like twenty years and saw the world from the stage.  I wonder what that guy is up to every now and then.  We’ve led very different lives.

  6. Micro City (Manager…..computer sales).  First job out of college.  Moved to Dallas from Waco.   $19,000/yr. starting salary.

  7. Computer Support Services, Inc. (CSSI).  Taught computer classes / consultant.  A little bit more money.  A lot more stress.

  8. Republic Health (IT employee). A little bit more money.  Worked there nine months, then they were bought and moved the HQ to another state.  I like Texas, thank you.

  9. Fanning, Harper & Martinson law firm (the I.T. guy).  A little bit more money.  This is where I worked when I started construction of our family’s RV-6.  Audrey was born while I worked here.  Coat and tie.  Every single piece of paper that came out of a printer was billed to a client.  Every piece.  I sometimes miss WordPerfect 5.0.

  10. Archon Group (Asset management co).  IT employee.  A little bit more money.  Worked here 10 years and two days.  Purchased by Goldman Sachs there at the end and got depressing.  Tate was born during this job.  I started VAF while employed here, working on it in the morning before leaving each day and again each evening - essentially having two jobs for the last four years of that decade of employment.  I don’t think I could physically (or mentally) do that again…. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Office Space’ you know what that job was like.  The building I was working in is actually IN that movie!

  11. VansAirForce.net (founder / janitor).  Some years a little more money, some years a little less.   But it has been worth it so far for many reasons, few of which are solely about money.   I have met people over the last decade I would have never met had I not taken a chance.  I’ve seen things I would have never seen.  And I am, above all else, profoundly grateful.  


I tried my best to not burn any bridges, and remain friends with people from many of these employers to this day.  Never been fired, knock on wood.  I took Cynthia Collier, of Leland Collier Electric, for a ride in the RV-6 a couple of Saturday’s ago.  I was flying a vacuum cleaner down to Waco to give to my sister Donna, and her and Cynthia are lifelong friends (college roommates).  The Colliers offered me a job as a teenager and I’ll always be grateful.  I still have every tool I used there.  On your first day they would drive you down to Dealers Electric and get you a tool pouch and the screwdrivers and pliers that you would need to do your job (stripping 'Romex and wiring in ‘fart fans’).  They took a couple of dollars out of each check until they were paid off.


So what is it like to run VAF for a decade?  Most of my notes preparing for this piece fell into ‘Pro’ and ‘Con’ columns, so here they are in no particular order.  The ‘Pros’ first:

  1. No ‘justify your existence’ meetings with each new boss.  No rotating management styles with the week’s newest buzzwords.

  2. More family time (no commute).  More time ‘in the moment’.

  3. Stay home to watch a sick kid?  No problemo and don’t have to ask for permission.

  4. I can see the sky more.  I discovered over the years I start feeling a little off if I couldn't see blue sky on a fairly regular basis.  Having spent decades in carpet covered cubes with no outside view, I really, REALLY appreciate being able to look up and see blue.  God Bless Texas.  I’ve learned it’s exceedingly important to my mental well being.

  5. Less is more.  In the last four jobs prior to VAF there always seemed to be an underlying competition to have the newest house, car, stereo, phone, golf club, TV, whatever.   Over the last decade our house got less cluttered, there is a minimalist look to it actually, and the urge to buy the latest whatever has been replaced with a form of contentment and happiness with what we already have.  Maybe it’s just age...

  6. It’s easier to work out.  I can do it in the middle of the day if the mood strikes.  Some retired airline pilots have loaned me their exercise equipment on the condition I never return it.

  7. Shorts and flip flops are acceptable attire.

  8. Meeting some of the best friends you’ll ever meet, and none of them ‘have an angle’ to climb the org chart ahead of you.  They just want to talk about airplanes.  Or dogs.  Or jeeps...

  9. Project flexibility.  If I think it would be a good idea to start a ‘Panel Pictures’ section, I can do it five minutes after the thought occurs.  No committee approval.  No review process.  No permission from three layers of management above me.  If it works it works, if not I can kill it with no harm or foul.  I didn’t anticipate this being as big a deal as it turned out to be and am, again….grateful.

  10. When your wife’s appendix nearly ruptures and she needs to go into the hospital for a week, you don’t have to worry about what meetings you’re missing (none).

  11. Technology freedom.  I’m not forced to use any tech I don’t want to.  This turned out to be a big plus.  I’m typing this on an IPad Pro - something I didn’t own two months ago.  Using a word processor app I download two hours ago.  Saving to a cloud solution of my choosing.  I’ll do the final assembly on the PC that I got seven years ago, not what the I.T. Department told me I had to use.  I can change all of this tomorrow if I find something that solves my problems better.  Or not.

  12. I can take a short nap after lunch.  I’m not joking when I say how much of a big deal this is.  It makes the evening work that much easier.


Now the ‘Cons’.  Running a small web based business, and betting your family's financial well being on it, isn’t without its downside.  Again, in no particular order:

  1. It seems like more stress.  When I get up at 0330 to use the restroom, I check to see that the servers are up.  Some hiccup that knocks things offline for a bit?  You’re stomach is in your throat, because some days there are 10,000 visitors, and that's a pretty good sized basketball arena checking in.  Light a candle in your living room then try to go to bed.  That gnawing feeling that you never really get used to…. Are things OK?  Exercise helps.

  2. No days off.  Christmas morning?   Check the servers.  Monitor things.  6,200 days in a row and counting if you include the time I was doing it in the mornings before and in the evenings after my shift at my last two jobs.  Last tech-free vacation was pre-2000.   ‘Time away from the internet’ isn’t really an option.  No cell coverage = I can’t go.  Sometimes that kinda sucks…but I've been trying to think of some ways to get around it.

  3. Health insurance as a small business owner.   $37/day whether I use it or not.  No comment...

  4. Some days with a web-facing business you can’t seem to catch a break.  Things you’ve neither said or done are attributed to you online.  Turn the other cheek is all you can do.  A wise friend told me once, “You can stand on a street corner handing out $100 bills...and someone will still call you an a$$h@le.”  ;^)


Would I do it all again?  Yeah.  Looking back, I should have done it two years sooner.


The cons aren't larger than the pros, so again the word that comes to mind is grateful.  Grateful that I found this wonderful hobby,  and so many wonderful people to share it with.


Here's to 10 more years, and thanks if you actually read all this...



April 3, 2017.   Issue No. 4,342.

Moving Day ...Piper J3 RV-12


She's legal! ...Chris 'Chattin35' Chattin in Boise, ID

Time for the real fun to start.


Selfie ...Av8rRob


Bay Area Hills ...rph142 photos

The hills have reached peak green here in the Bay Area. These shots were taken between Byron airport and the hills south of Livermore.


TeenFlight RV12 For Sale by Auction ...TimE


SkyView v15.1 from Dynon adds Yaw Damper, VP-X on HDX, and more


All of the bits together ...Gil Alexander

Somewhat of a breakthrough...

I knew all the "bits" fitted, but they had never been assembled at the same time.

It actually all went together and even looks like a plane. Will be ready for W&B as soon as I make some 4 1/4" platforms for the main wheels.


Selfi ...BlakeB and kiddo


Another ...BlakeB and kiddo


3D Printing ...Steve Melton


Garmin GTX 335 w/GPS and Antenna, $2,995


Special Request from VAF Reader

Chino's 'Planes of Fame' Airshow needs your signatures (not donations).  Apr 4 deadline - online petition.  A number of RV's fly in for the airshow and lots of RV activity in the Chino area.  fmi: THIS link.

[ed. In striving to keep the signal-to-noise ratio in the forums as RV-specific as possible, I am happy to post a non-RV personal request like the one above up here on the front page when emailed to me.  v/r, ]


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...snopercod

Today my RV-12 buddy Owen and I met at Spartanburg, SC [KSPA] for lunch. He flew down from 3NR3 and I from AVL. The FBO loaned us a crew van and we drove about a mile to Fudrucker's for a $30 hamburger. It was fun. (Cue "Ebony and Ivory" with the words "Aluminum and Fiberglass")



March 31, 2017.   Issue No. 4,341.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

Calendar Wallpaper April

I hope you don't mind that I went with a little different angle with this month's calendar.  Motivation for those still building, and what they'll see.  Spring is here and the green is popping back into view.  This image from my RV-6 just east of Justin, TX, 1000' agl looking away from the sun.  Morning scan for deer, turkeys, fish near the shore and feral hogs.

Small town America, in springtime, in our wonderful RVs...


It's Composite Time ...Bill Boyd

"...and despite having literally read every post of every thread in the -10 forum in the last two years to get prepared for my build, I find sometimes there are more questions than answers. Until you actually hold the parts in your hands, it's not always clear what the answers and advice mean, or what the questions/difficulties were to begin with.

I did all the composite work on my 6A two decades ago, and I'm sure I did it "wrong" compared to best practices, but somehow I powered through and made something that worked well enough for me. I want to do my best this time. I can't put it off any longer, having run out of non-composite tasks I can do on the build for now

Last night I pulled the cabin top out of the corner, brushed off the shop dust and cobwebs, and studied it in some detail, picking out scribe lines, cross-referencing the plans, looking at some VAF threads about how to scribe and cut and rout things to fit. Lots of heat but a disappointing amount of light and clarity -- seems like I'll have to jump in and figure most of this out as I go, hoping that having read the VAF archives will be like a med student taking gross anatomy: you won't possibly remember much of it, but you'll be a better builder for having been immersed in it at one time."  continue


Status Report ...goatflieg

This month's blogspot blog entry is finally complete. It's a long one... very long, actually. I guess I got a lot done on the wings. I get the feeling they're all going to be very long entries from now on, he said with a heavy sigh. But like the plane, I started this thing... I must see it through. Click on the blogspot link in my signature to see it. Here's a teaser photo...


Status Report: Skin in the Game ...David Paule RV-3B

According to other builder reports, the aft-most bottom fuselage skin is especially difficult. It's thick at .040 and arrives poorly bent. Mine was no exception. I spent some time attempting to unbend the bends that were in the wrong place, and rebend the skin with bends in the right places.

One thing that makes the aft portion, around F-311, easier, I've read, is making the slot for the tailspring mount to protrude. Remember that mine is a bit higher than standard? In my case, it looks as if it'll be completely covered by the skin -- so no relief there. No access slot required.

Unfortunately I didn't take photos of the as-received condition.

After working at it a couple days, here is the skin resting on the F-309 bulkhead, the most forward bulkhead this skin covers.


RV10's at Sun n Fun ...Chris Wilson's first post

Hello all. First post here. After starting and stopping several times over the past 25 years, I'll be doing my private checkride in the next month. My plan is to start on a 10 within the next year. I'll be at Sun n Fun Friday thru Sunday. I have a million questions. I've only flown in old 172s. I would love to sit in or even ride in an RV10. Happy to pay for some fuel. Looking forward to meeting fellow RV enthusiasts and learning a lot.
[ed. Welcome Chris!  v/r,dr]


3D DIY Speed Mods: ABS Avgas Testing ...Steve Melton

"...after 3 days soaking. note the color change. strength test by hand, I didn't notice anything. seemed to be original in shape and was not affected at the surface. go figure. I like it. ABS plastic. returned to the avgas for another four days."


Tim's RV-14 Interior ...and a shout out to Abby



March 30, 2017.   Issue No. 4,340.
  Please excuse the early push of the Thursday edition.  Airport board meeting Wed. evening my home field and I'm taking the minutes...  

Need Building Motivation? ...AX-O

My friend George Ford and i went flying last weekend. We recorded a few scenes around my local area. You may recognize his name. He is the guy behind those great large formation videos.

He made a short video of our flight and posted it today. I did not know he was doing that.

So if you need building motivation, watch the video then get out there and build!!!


Special Request from VAF Reader

"I am interested in keeping some dollars in the RV community if possible so figured I would give it a shot seeing if the were any RV/Maltese breeders. I really do have the parts I could add as trade goods too. My wife (head riveter) and I are the proud owners of a RV-8 based at Merrill Field in Anchorage Alaska, built with a lot of advice from this forum. We have also been the proud owners of several Maltese dogs in the past. We recently had to put down our last dog and are seeking another Maltese puppy. The side benefit to a small dog like this is that they can fit on my wife's lap in the back seat of the RV8. We are seeking a female and are not in a tremendous hurry to get on. Location not to much of an issue but I do have a bunch or relatives in and around Dallas Texas..."
Burke Wick  (Berchmans in the forums)
Flying RV 8
Anchorage, Alaska

[ed. In striving to keep the signal-to-noise ratio in the forums as RV-specific as possible, I am happy to post a non-RV personal request like the one above up here on the front page.  v/r, ]


Hidden Oil Door and Magnetic Latch ...Karl Bambas

Just upload this 6 minute youtube construction video.


Fluting HS Ribs question

Folks hoping for some guidance here. I've read section 5.13 of the construction manual a few times and also read a bunch of posts on fluting and watched some of the referenced youtube videos.

I just can't seem to visualize what needs to be achieved from fluting. If you look at the below pic, when I lay the HS rib web flat on the bench it sits significantly raised up on both sides. To me this looks like it's due to the center of the web being bent a bit which I could reverse by bending at mid web in the opposite direction.

Or is the goal just to get each section of flange fluted so the web underlying just that particular flange lays flat, and not necessarily the whole rib web laying flat all at once.

Really confused here so thanks so much for any help!



March 29, 2017.   Issue No. 4,339.  Updated 1100Z
  Hail storm update:  I woke up to an email from Nigel Goad.  Owns an RV-9A and hangars it at my airport across from Walt - he's a roofing guy by day.  Call him and before lunch he's on my house with a tape measure (that's him on the roof waving).  Lovin' this RV community!  I stopped counting all the roofing trucks that drove down our street yesterday.  Must have had ten flyers on our door before sundown. 
  I'll go with the RV guy, thank you very much.  Nigel's card below if you live in the DFW area and want it on file.  Things slowly returning to normal, and thanks Nigel for reaching out!


Garmin TeamX introduces new G3X Touch display for experimental aircraft

(click to enlarge)

· The new portrait G3X Touch display features a robust, infrared touchscreen for use as a PFD or MFD when paired with multiple G3X Touch displays or as a single, standalone screen comprising of a PFD and MFD

· Aircraft owners can easily upgrade a G3X system to G3X Touch using the existing sensors and pin-compatible connectors

· For aircraft where space constraints are of concern, the portrait 7-inch display offers more flexibility and configuration options in panel design for EAB/LSA

· Up to four G3X Touch displays of varying sizes can be incorporated into a single aircraft panel

· A single G3X Touch display starts at $2,995

· Additionally, the new, cost-effective GMU 11 magnetometer for EAB/LSA is smaller, lighter and easier to install and can supply magnetic heading to more than one G3X Touch display or G5 electronic flight instrument simultaneously

fmi: Garmin Newsroom


Garmin adds visual approach guidance to GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators

· Visual approach guidance is now available within the GTN 650/750, which provides advisory vertical guidance in visual flight conditions based on a published glide path angle or three-degree glideslope

· Aircraft with a GTN 650/750 navigator can now display and control the GTX 8000 TCAS II/ACAS II system and GTX 3000 transponder

· Traffic information is overlaid on the moving map and traffic pages and incorporates patented TargetTrend and CLEAR CAS

· Aircraft with a GTN, GTX 345 and Flight Stream 510 can now receive attitude information provided by the GTX via Flight Stream

· Pilots operating into airports throughout the world not served by WAAS/SBAS can now receive advisory vertical guidance (LNAV+V) while flying LNAV approaches with the GTN

· These new features are expected to be available in May from Garmin Authorized Dealers

fmi: Garmin Newsroom


Garmin brings home theater sound quality to the cockpit with the GMA™ 345/342

The GMA 345 features Bluetooth audio connectivity and a front-mounted USB charging port, while the GMA 342 contains a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack that allows pilots to connect a mobile device directly to the audio panel
• Suitable as a slide-in replacement for the popular GMA 340 audio panel, as well as a wide-range of select third-party audio panels, the GMA 345/342 offer aircraft owners an easy, cost-effective upgrade path
• Home theater-like sound effects add to the rich audio characteristics provided by the GMA 345/342, which include pilot-selectable bass boost levels and equalizer effects
• Advanced auto squelch automatically adapts to the noise level within the cockpit to allow for natural conversation through headsets
• A built-in digital clearance recorder can record up to 60 seconds of selected radio transmissions
• The GMA 345/342 also incorporate 3D Audio, which spatially separates sound to reflect how people process sound and conversation
• Beginning today through December 31, 2017, Garmin is introducing the GMA 345/342 free trial money-back guarantee program for slide-in replaceable products like the GMA 340; contact a Garmin authorized dealer for additional information
• The GMA 345/342 are expected to be available in late April starting at $1,895 and $1,595 respectively

fmi: Garmin Newsroom


Another Conehead spotted ...Lorne Montgomery comedy

"So,  one of those wacky creatures entered our hangar. Rumor has it they show up when you're doing gear work or prepping for paint.  This one looks scary, but is actually harmless.


RV-10 Panel Porn ...Eladio Gomez


Glamour Shot ...Lars

My RV-7 next to my ground transportation unit, the colors of which I decided to use when it was painted.


Garmin Aera 795/796 V5.20 Software 

Some of the significant new features:

TargetTrend traffic information showing a track vector where traffic will be in a specified time in the future relative to your aircraft was already available on the dedicated traffic page, but not on the main map. With this update, it is now available on the main map.

A much requested feature is the display of airspace segment altitude upper and lower limits similar to what is provided on VFR sectionals. This is now displayed full time on the map page (at appropriate zoom ranges) without having to first touch an airspace segment.


Outstanding Ground Shot ...Dan Morris


Status Report Pics ...David Paule RV-3B

After locating and drilling some holes in the bulkheads for the pitot-static lines and the ADAHRS cable, I decided that a cable clip would be a good idea under the baggage floor. Here's the clip all by itself.  more


Glamour Shot ...Eladio Gomez

Sunny Days in South Florida!



March 28, 2017.   Issue No. 4,338.
  So you know how insurance adjusters say that if you live in North Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas you'll need a new roof on average every 8.5 years due to hail?  Our neighborhood drew the short straw Sunday night.  Please excuse the short edition today.  I've been on the phone with insurance adjusters planning the new roof ($2,300 deductible) and repairs to our son's truck ($500 deductible - he was at work).  And cleaning our yard up of debris.  I'll be a little out of the loop for a bit...
  Our neighborhood was targeted by baseball-sized frozen dumb bombs for nearly fifteen minutes.  Thousands of them (pic below of three I picked up).  Cracked windows.  Holes in the gutters.  Yard lights smashed.  Snapped tree limbs.
  With the wife's recent surgery ($10K deductable), 2017 is kinda pegging the suck meter so far. 
  At least it wasn't a tornado, so there's that.

In our kitchen.  9:15pm Sunday.

Behind this guy Monday after lunch.

The car in this story is one mile from my house.



March 27, 2017.   Issue No. 4,337.
  Wx and calendar schedules allowed me to deliver the Craigslist Kirby vacuum cleaner I found for my sister awhile back to her this past Saturday morning in Waco, TX.  The pics and words pick up at this link about 2/3rds of the way down.
  Got to give my sister (below) a ride in the RV (as well as her college roommate).  Lots of smiles and laughs.  Saturday was really nice in Texas.  Hope your weekend was nice, also.

Cynthia Collier photo.


RV-4 Aerobatic Checkout...vid from Sweden


New Panel Install...BHunt




Ground Shot ...MercFE


3D Printed Drain Fairing Update ...Steve Melton

I attempted to make the fairing removable if needed for access or to clean out mud.... I used the same idea as the JD fairing because it's good, a set screw at the fwd edge.



March 24, 2017.   Issue No. 4,336.
  Formula 1 racing starts back up this weekend, so I'm jazzed and the DVR is set (virtual circuit guide for Australia).  The changes in the '17 season are summarized HERE.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Eagle's Nest Projects - Space Center Houston ...Ernie

Eagle's Nest Projects was the greeting exhibit at CCISD's 4th Annual Science Extravaganza held at Space Center Houston.  Couldn't resist the opportunity to stray a little off course to get this photo of N911EN, Clear Springs High School's 3rd RV-12 build.  more


Cooling and fuel vapor lock helped by cowl flap ...Flflyer

My RV7 is not the Oshkosh show winning baffle installation, but it is in decent shape. Still, I've had cooling problems in the hot weather, such as reaching 400F CHT before I'm ready to level out during climb. I've checked fuel flow, tried various baffle and cowl tweaks that I've read about here, and finally a nice guy told me to check out AntiSplat while I was chatting at Sun n Fun.

I ended up ordering one cowl flap, figuring that I could get another if I needed it. It was easier than I thought to cut the hole with the template. I used one of those vibrating cutters with the half-moon fine tooth attachment. I was a little worried about crushing the cowl with air hammered rivets, but used soft, flush rivets and it was pretty easy with a mushroom head on the rivet gun. continue


Do you want to buy an airplane built by Vancouver Island teens?


New Checklists Added


RV-10 Garmin panel coming together ...Greenley

A few weeks ago I got a couple of large boxes from Stein. These boxes contained two G3X Touch screens, auto pilot controller, G5, audio panel, GTR20 radio, etc. Stein also cut out some insert panels for my aerosport panel.

I have been working on mounting the electronics and gotten a good start on wiring. Here is the current status, with enough hooked up to apply some power:


Rudder Issues ...BruceMe

I'm replacing the vertical and rudder and it's not fitting.

My plane... Mid-90's slow-build RV-6. I think it's a very old serial number.

Several problems..

I had a heck of a time finding a vertical that even looked like it fit right. There are at least 4 "flavors". I finally found and stuck with the smaller counter-balanced vertical/rudder. I think is one of the last QB RV-6 vertical/rudders built.

So I put it per the plans with the normal front spar tab and plate and bolted the rear spar to the last bulkhead.

First problem...  continue


New Dual Band ADS-B Receiver from Dynon and AFS


7A Rebirthing Progress ...kentlik



March 23, 2017.   Issue No. 4,335.

So it begins.. RV-9A started


My tools have arrived courtesy of Brown and Cleveland, thanks to both for fast and professional service.  I have two practice kits from Vans and I am doing the wing kit with my EAA group to get insight on setting up dimplers/rivets etc..

I hope to start the VS this week....

Looking forward to working with you guys/gals on this build..
Neal Trombley
SW Florida
Rv9a Empennage ordered 2/6/17


Bottom wing skin to fuselage overlap mismatch ...sbalmos

Don't ask me how this happened. I have no idea. When I first fit the wings and drilled the screw holes into the left side fuselage bottom skin "flap", everything aligned. It even aligned while I was final-fitting the wings with the good bolts. At some point, somehow, the wing skin looks like it's angled outboard, getting worse starting at the the 4th screw hole forward from the aft spar, as you head forward to the main spar.

I'm trying to decide whether to leave it alone without screws. Or should I try and have someone push down on the wing tip to see if that would bring it back to alignment?


RV-9 N941WR Condition Inspection Checklist Added

...to POH/Checklists section.


Status Report Words/Pics ...crabandy

With the lower duct and cooler clamped in place I found it easiest to cut the individual piece of foam to fit and them glue them together with epoxy/micro.  continue


Polishing Before/After

Have been busy with school work and exams. I gave polishing a go because the longer my parts are sitting the in the shop the more I like the idea of polished aluminum. I did scratch the parts quite a bit with the SB while I was deburring. I wasn't sure if it would come out but it does after quite a bit of elbow grease.





March 22, 2017.   Issue No. 4,334.

Forced Landing PIREP ...Bill Anton

I'm the guy that this thread is about. I've never made an engine out landing in 42 years of flying. However, some days it's better to be lucky than good. Flying from Western Kansas that morning to Tucson for our son's Air Force retirement ceremony (F16 pilot). Refueled in Truth or Consequences and headed west over some very rugged mountain country. We were northwest of Lordsburg NM when I contacted Albuquerque Center (see Craig Brenden's post) for flight following so he could hand me of to Tucson International's approach control. Probably 5-10 minutes later the oil temp started increasing and at the same time oil pressure started decreasing. I talked to Center and advised him of my situation letting him know I was going to get it down as soon as possible. I was looking for a airport close to get to (Wilcox was about 30 miles in front of me) when the oil ran out. Something let loose in the engine, which was obvious with the extreme vibration, and I immediately shut off the ignition and pulled the throttle. I pulled the nose up to decrease my airspeed to get the prop to stop windmilling. Never thought I would be thankful to have an engine stop. At that point we're a glider (I do have a glider rating) and I'm looking for a place to put it down. I10 was directly under us and not a good place to go. Just south looked like some vineyards with farm roads. Some had power lines which but as I got closer saw one road (I say road but this was merely a farm road between two field that the farmer had graded) maybe 1/2 mile long with no power lines approximately into the wind. I flew a pattern over the road and lined up with it on a final approach (no go around in a glider). As I touched down I noticed a 4 wheeler in the road maybe a quarter mile in front of me facing the opposite direction obviously unaware an airplane was approaching at 70 kts. I steered over to another adjacent parallel road to get it slowed down and stopped.

I'm writing this long winded story to let you know a couple of things. First, this incident didn't happen because this was and amateur built aircraft. It took me 8 years to build, 1st flight was July 1, 2006. The RV8 has over 700 hours on it. The engine is a Lycoming IO360 that was a rebuilt 0 time engine when I installed during the build. Second, it reinforces some of the cross country principles we all learn. 1) Altitude is you friend, esp in rough country. 2) Always be looking for a suitable landing place, esp in rough country. 3)Keep up you flying skills (study & practice engine out landings) 4) It doesn't hurt to get some glider training (besides it great fun). Thanks to the Cochise County sheriff and SAR people who showed up and assisted us.

Next project is to pull off the wings, load everything on a trailer and get it home to assess the solution to getting back in the air.


The 48 State Traveling Salesman ...joe rainbolt

I'm looking for input on a proposed 48 state "road" trip.


3D Printed Fuel Drain Fairing ...Steve Melton

From concept to holding in the hand in about two hours and I had to watch a youtube video for training. I am still amazed by this technology.

I see Solidworks can complete CFD airflow analysis. I'll post a couple slides of that. Not that this simple fairing needs any analysis but just to share. Maybe someone can chime in on that.

My youngest daughter, 9th grade, runs circles around in solid modeling and is beginning to talk about stress analysis. Now we have something to discuss!


Creased edge while using edge rolling tool....mfleming

So I've creased the edge of my RV-7 aileron skin using the Cleveland edge rolling tool.

In an effort to prevent the tool from rolling off the edge, I obviously was putting too much force on the tool and it rode up up onto the skin putting a crease in its path.

Any suggestions if this is fixable?


200kt GS...flyboy1963

(50kt tailwind)  "so my RV-9a, 150 hp, finally joins the 200 kt club!!!"


RV-10 Center Brace too short-

I'm working on my RV10 cabin top and am fitting in the center brace. On page 43-8 the instructions say to insert the cabin center brace into the fwd top skin and "slide the brace as far forward as it will go".

When I do that, the four holes on the top part of the brace no longer reach far enough for me to drill them into the cabin top! See here for proof:

There's room for me to slide the center brace back, BUT there's not much meat on the center brace to drill into behind the panel.

What should I do? Should I try to split the difference? Or should I try to fill in that area of the cabin top with structural filler before drilling through?

Would love some thoughts on how to proceed



March 21, 2017.   Issue No. 4,333.

All (66) Public Virginia Airports Visited ...Vlad's Milestone

Now I can brag I visited all public airports in Virginia. Recently flew to Roanoke......So all public airports in Commonwealth of Virginia are visited. Some of them were just a quick hop for the stamp but the majority I explored. At least dozen I visited multiple times.


Dirty Side Up ...kentlik re-birthing status

I finally got some help to flip this bad girl over! What an accomplishment! Not difficult to flip, tough to get a couple extra hands to make it easier. All is well and I can make some good headway this week.
I just realized I have had this project right at a year! Working on it in that year maybe only 4 months available. Of that time maybe have done 300-350 hours! I need to step it up!


SuperBloom 2017 in the Anza-Borrego Desert

...Bruce Hill 9A Trip Write-up and photos


Turbo Sug RV-7 in Norway ...rv6ejguy post

Bjorn Anders Horne flies this EZ30 turbo powered RV7 in Norway. He reports 570 trouble free hours on the setup as of March 2017.


WFAA Features McKinney Eagle's Nest HS Students ...Earnie

Richard Rensing and Erica Swenson are McKinney ISD high school seniors, Eagle's Nest Projects build-students, and are the only two students in McKinney ISD to earn a Private Pilot license before graduation. With a burning passion for flying and their RV-12 build project still under construction, these outstanding students went the extra mile in pursuit of their chosen career and partnered with Monarch Aviation for their flight training. Please share a warm VAF welcome to Richard and Erica.


Ground Shot ...starkw1

My RV-7, started in 2001, is finally painted and after the recent light snow here in the Twin Cities I took the opportunity to shoot a few pics.

The transformation from unpainted Al and primer grey is pretty amazing.

Paint design by Scheme Designers, Inc.
Paint shop, Midwest Aircraft Refinishing, Hibbing, MN

It was a pleasure working with both groups

Warren Starkebaum
Plymouth MN


SportAir workshop reinforced what I was afraid of

So before I'd allow myself to begin building an RV I knew I needed to take a primer on sheet metal. I attended the SportAir sheet metal class in Oakland this past weekend. I was very, VERY lucky that a spot opened up just a few weeks before the class... and that I live 5 minutes away from it.

I went into this so excited that I tried not to think about it for weeks. I was afraid that I'd either be a natural at more delicate metal work or worse be horrible at it.

The entire weekend was a blast and I cant recommend the classes enough. My only complaint is that they don't stay in one place for a week so that you can take all of the classes.  continue



March 20, 2017.   Issue No. 4,332.

Airworthiness Certificate in hand! ...Jeff Kudlo

After 10 years, the rocket ship is built. After a thorough inspection by an EAA technical counselor (Thanks DR), and an additional inspection by the MIDO out of Cleveland, the airworthiness certificate was issued. What’s next? On to Vernonia, Oregon for transition training.


RV-8 forced landing, Wilcox, AZ ...all OK.

Plane Forced Landing Update...Willcox.  Two people were in the aircraft at the time of this incident.  Pilot and wife passenger are ok, no injuries. Engine failed and was able to land on a dirt road next to a pecan orchard.  The pilot called Albuquerque Center FAA Air Traffic Control Center and told them of the engine failure. They kept talking to him until he was close to the ground then lost radar and radio contact. He landed on Last Outpost Road.  Thank you SAR and all involved in responding to this call! 
P.S. Albuquerque (common spelling) corrected in this post thanks to SAR Coordinator David Noland.


Fun With SVT Expert AP Mode ...Tony T

I'd like to tell you about some RV-12 fun with VNAV. Although I am instrument rated, I’m not current and would certainly not try this for real. It’s just for fun. As a matter of fact, fun is the reason I built my RV-12. I had no plans to ever fly it in IMC, or to the NW Territories or even to Oshkosh. I like my comforts, and am a bit too old for that all day in the cockpit, or busy IFR stuff, I’ll be eligible for the UFO’s two years from now.  continue


Milestone: A&P ...Paul Dye

When I was a kid, infatuated with anything that flew (still am that kid) and reading every book I could get related to aviation, I came to the conclusion that to be a complete aviator, you needed to be able to fly, design, and work on airplanes. I don’t know why I figured it out that way – just did. So I became a pilot in High School, and went to college to learn to design airplanes. Checked off two of the three. I started working on airplanes when I was thirteen, and have been doing it ever since – but always on either experimental aircraft or under the supervision of a licensed mechanic (when working on certified aircraft). I never had the time to go to a two-year trade school to do the formal training for the A&P, and when I lived in Houston, the local FAA office made it pretty difficult to take the test based on just experience.  continue




Dave 'BigD' RV-10 POH and Checklists Added



March 17, 2017.   Issue No. 4,331.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Back in the Air ...Alex Peterson

I completed the panel about a month ago. It took a bit over 300 hours, but at least half of that, perhaps 2/3's, was redesigning and redoing the electrical system. More details here if you are so inclined, in the December 2016 and March 2017 editions.

I'm very happy with how it turned out, and I've found no big deal in transitioning to the efis display from the old gauges. I retained the A/S indicator as a backup, but I only look at from time to time for comparison.

I've got a few more labels to modify and/or generate, but here's the final product:

The goals of the project were met, namely, replacing some gyros and A/P parts that needed repair, ADSB in/out capability, coolness of big screen, etc.. I also had a major goal of making things easy to maintain, specifically minimizing the need to climb under the panel. A few more thoughts are in the newsletter linked above.


BNP Paribas Tourney ...rph142 trip report

I haven't posted a trip report here in a while so I figured it was time after my recent day trip to the BNP Paribas tennis tournament. My plan was to fly from KCCR to KUDD, watch a few hours of pro tennis, then fly back before sunset.


David Clinthorne's 300+ page RV-4 POH ...13MB MS Doc

...added to the POH section for your reference.


Another Empenage Fairing Question ...snoopyflys

Working on fitting the empennage fairing and while it fits pretty well, I have a pucker near the leading edge on the left side.  Even after building now for these past 8 years, I'm still a little intimidated working with fiberglass. Not sure what would be the best solution other than hacking the fairing up and re-glassing to get the fairing to lay flat on the HS skin. So anyone out there have any words (pictures) of wisdom on how I can best solve this minor issue?


Courtesy Cars & Food List Updated


Status Report: So Close ...Chattin35

Down to the single digits of rivets left to pound... Can you tell I'm getting excited?


Status Report Pics ...David Paule

...lotsa pics.



March 16, 2017.   Issue No. 4,330.

Episode 9 ...haydnc

"...We find a pretty little coastal town built on the banks of Lake Albert, with an airstrip really close to the the town centre. It was a place we’d never heard of before, but really glad we stopped, it was a gem of a town - Meningie in South Australia."  continue


Mike Toews RV-4 POH ...94 page PDF

"...My POH has been re-written to coincide with the new equipment in my airplane and a copy is attached.  Thought you might like to post it on your website and let people know they’re welcome to copy / follow its formatting (the actual content doesn’t apply to any airplane but mine – obviously)."

[ed. You really have to see this document to believe it.  VERY detailed!  v/r,dr]

related: POH section


Power Loss RV-12 Rotax 912ULS ...n233va

Today 3/14/2017 a friend flew a RV12 to Williams Arizona, KCMR. Airport elevation 6691 ft. outside temperature was low 70’s. Flight in was normal. When he went to leave, just after becoming airborne the engine stumbled and lost significant power. An aborted landing was successful. An A&P from Prescott, AZ was contacted. The A&P had built this RV12 as well as a second one he flies. The A&P flew the second RV12 to Williams. He checked the carburetor bowls for debris on the first RV12 as well as doing a full run-up. All seemed normal and no debris was found. A second attempt to take off was made by the first RV12. Again the engine stumbled and failed to produce full power. The decision was to leave the first RV12 in Williams and fly the second one back to Prescott, planning on returning in the morning. The second RV12 did a run-up, which was normal, and started the take off roll. The second RV12 experienced a similar engine stumble and extreme roughness. The second RV12 could not develop take off power. Both aircraft are Rotax powered with 912ULS engines. Both are identical in the fuel system and carburation. Both also experienced fluctuating fuel pressure during the attempted takeoffs.

Both aircraft were burning 91-octane auto fuel with ethanol, purchased locally in Prescott Arizona at two different locations. It appears that both aircraft experienced vapor lock while applying full power for take off. The weather has been much warmer in Northern Arizona than usual for this time of year. We believe the fuel, which is in all probability, a winter blend, has too high a vapor pressure, thus causing the vapor lock.

For those of you RV12 drivers using auto fuel at high elevation airports in warm temperatures BEWARE. Both RV12’s will be flown out of Williams tomorrow morning when the temperatures are expected to be in the high 30’s to low 40’s.

Until or when we can determine that the refineries are producing summer blend auto gasoline, we will be changing to 100ll. And may continue with 100ll during the summer months to avoid the possibility of vapor lock at high elevation airports, regardless of the auto fuel blend.


Panel Porn ...kaweeka RV-9A

Finally finished!


RV-10 Question ...Bill Boyd

Unable to insert the control sticks any further than this into the weldments. The powder coat is way back from this line. Plans say to insert "as far as it will go" before match-drilling.

Far enough?


From the Mothership FB page...


DIY Snorkle ...crabandy

I used regular autobody filler to finish shaping over the foam, I can spread it and be sanding in less than 30 minutes. Probably took 7-8 layers, filled only the low areas first then slowly skimmed the entire surface.  more pictures


Charity Cap Sighting ...Anthony



March 15, 2017.   Issue No. 4,329.

Welcome Chris Simpson

Progress Pictures ...Bill Boyd

She's starting to get a "soul" as the control systems slowly go in. You can tell the pile of parts is going to be quite airworthy one day.  Reaching that point in the build where you start to feel the "thousand cuts" of Aircraft Spruce orders - can't find my AN23-10 clevis bolts for the rudder cable links and not sure I want (to or have spares) to substitute an AN3 bolt here, so off goes the latest order for two dollars in parts with three dollars shipping (not that any of that pricing is unreasonable, it's just that I probably own and simply misplaced those buggers somewhere when I opened and separated all those paper bags last year). I remember going through this 20 years ago. I'm going to start being better about batching these orders while I build on in other areas and come back to it when the parts arrive. Won't be long before I will have glass cloth, epoxy and other related goodies to bundle the nut and bolt orders with :

IFR Training in your RV ...Ralph Capen

Like a number of others, I am working on getting my IFR rating in my RV. In my case it is a 6A with IO360B1F6/MT 3 Blade CS prop, 430W, SL70, SL30, and S-Tec-30. Round guages on the pilot side except for the HSI replacement GRT-Mini-AP.

A bunch of hood time has made me better all around from a procedures perspective.

Hardest part for me is maintaining airspeed and altitude simultaneously. What are you been-there-done-that types using for your approach airspeed and how do you maintain it?

MAP, RPM, and mixture are things that I am trying to standardize on and my instructor is pushing me to checklist these items. We're currently using full rich, 2500RPM, and about 16"MAP as part of the stabilized approach technique.

Suggestions and best practices appreciated!

3D printed glare shield - crushable ...Steve Melton

...sized for Dynon D100 - velcro attach. weight = 0.07 lb

Milestone: Panel IN ...stevenbgross

Panel is in airplane - month 13 of slow build 9A.

All Garmin, full IFR panel with permanent IPAD dock in front of co-pilot.

Wings complete.
Empenage complete.
Fuselage complete.
Gear/fairings/wheel pants complete

I was holding off the front top deck to enable the avionics installation. Now that the avionics are in, and everything is working, I am going to put the front deck on, finish the windscreen and canopy, and then on to the engine.

This thing is starting to get very exciting!

Based on current progress, I plan to have the 9A out of the garage, at the hangar for final assembly in the fall. I am in the DC Metro Area. Hangars are expensive and hard to get. I have been on waiting lists for 3 years. The hanger is 40 minutes away, so I am kind of dreading the time when the project leaves the nest.

02-03/2017 Update ...j-red

(multiple pics)  I've officially got the RV grin! After the test flight several weeks ago, I, through the aid of a forum member, located a local qualified CFI to give me transition training and start the turn to final on my PPL.

Those who suggested that the transition to the RV would be relatively simple and that the 6A was an easy flier were totally right. I have about 100 hours in a low wing, stick and rudder LSA, and so this plane just "fits" (albeit with out-of-this-world climb performance, perfectly balanced controls, and gobs of speed!)

I've got a Sport Pilot license and lack about 5 hours of instruction before taking the PPL practical. The instructor was thorough and systematic in what he needed to see from me, yet sympathetic with the need for the engine to break-in. His goal was to check me out as quickly as practical so that I could spend the next few weeks running at the power levels needed to seat the rings, yet the whole time he tried to be aware of the need to keep the power up. To that end, we tried to put the low power maneuvers at the end of the time in the air. The engine now has about 5 hours on it: I have yet to see any sign of oil useage and temps are very reasonable, so my fingers are crossed that our training didn't harm anything.  continue

Taxi Vibration Solved ...istrumit

I have posted a few times about this....vibration during taxi in a low speed range.

No amount of air pressure adjustments, etc, has made any difference.

So, today, it was time to tackle this problem once and for all, along with different problem I which I had a brake lock on landing.

I changed the brake liners today (not too hard to do) and, as a last step, I jacked up the pilot side main gear to rotate it and make sure the bearings sounded good.

Low and behold...that tire was out of round like crazy...very badly out of round.

So, two new tires are on the way (I am sure the other one is a mess too) and I expect this will solve the vibration problem.

I suppose this is what happens when you purchase and airplane that sat in one place for nearly two years...I expected to have to put about $5000 into it to get it right...so far I am about $3000 into that number. I am happy with that!



March 14, 2017.   Issue No. 4,328.
  Seeds down (at my home field).  The drainage improvement project (pics) is getting green.  Rolling out more green mats in the next days.  100% the doings of the P.O.A. at 52F.  Love seeing that progress... 


RV-14 Canopy Fairing (and more)  ...Tom Martin pictures

I have done a number of canopy farings in the past and had intended to proceed as normal. In the spirit of learning new techniques I followed Van's videos and plan directions for laying up the canopy glass faring.  multiple pics


De-lamination Repair Suggestions Please ...jeffkersey

I did not build this airplane. On the right side of the my RV7A. The skirt around the windshield is start to delaminate. Not sure if a passenger caught it with a foot and got it started or what? Will super glue bond this. Hoping to not have to do a bunch of gooping, sanding, and painting to get it to stop...
Thanks for your thoughts...


ELT Activation - After Stepping Up On Wing

While pre-flighting yesterday I hear a beeping coming from the cockpit. All switches are off. A quick glance at the ELT indicator light shows nothing, and besides, the ELT sound is a whoop-whoop, right?

So I'm thinking it may be my high/low voltage buzzer, but the alarm light is not blinking. So I continue to pre-flight while trying to figure out what the beeping is.

Then my phone rings - its' the Air Force asking about my ELT going off!

I look back in the cockpit and notice the ELT light flashing.

I have a new ACK-E04 406 elt bought and installed last August.

When the annunciator lights up, there is a delay between flashing which may be why I missed it the first time. Also, I was doing this in bright sunshine so maybe that contributed to me missing it the first time.

Also, I was expecting to hear the same "whoop-whoop" that you hear over the radio. I was just wrong about that.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to do next? The only thing I could have done to trigger it was climb up on the wing - and I'm a slow moving old guy who weighs about 150 pounds so this should not have triggered it.

Any suggestions as to why this triggered and what should be my next steps in resolving this?


Panel Porn ...frghtdg


First - Fly the Airplane... ...Greg Niehues

Had an interesting moment yesterday, I lost my airspeed indication on rotation off the runway. With 2600' of runway and wires on the end, it was a "keep going" situation.

This is when knowing the airplane really pays dividends. I know full power solo with full tanks will give me 2000'/min climb, so I just held about 1000'/min and knew I would be good. I leveled off and set 2500 rpm and 17" MAP which will always give me 100 knots, and came back around to a long final. Pulled all the power and dumped 20 degrees of flaps and stuffed the nose down to the same angle I use every time, and it worked this time just like every other, from my flare and float I'm guessing I was maybe 10 knots fast over the threshold. Turned out to be a non-event.

I chased the problem down to a broken TEE fitting where my pitot line splits behind the panel to feed my backup EFIS with airspeed data. This particular fitting came from the aviation department at Lowes Hardware, and after 135 flight hours it decided it had served its sentence and gave up.

Anyway - the upshot of all this - practice some slow flight occasionally without airspeed info, or just turn off the EFIS entirely and play with it. Learn how it feels and sounds, you never know when that experience and time spent will pay dividends.


Governor Ball Joint Connector ...gyoung

I'm getting ready to attach my prop cable to the governor. This is a redux of a circa 2001 install which used a ball joint connector. The ball stud stayed on the governor arm but the cable side has been lost. That was the standard method back then but Van's doesn't seem to sell them now. ACS does but before I order a replacement, is there a reason I don't hear any discussion about this method and only about rod ends?


Vlad might be planning an 'around the world'

...guessing that got your attention <g>.



March 13, 2017.   Issue No. 4,327.

New Powerplant Milestone ...Norcalrv7

Nearly a year after starting this Subaru-Lycoming conversion, my RV-7a took to the sunny skies over Eureka, CA. The engine ran silky smooth without any hiccups. CHT's stayed in the mid 300's, and I ran the engine at 25" and 2500 RPM at about 11:1 AFR for break in. After the flight I cut the filter open, and found nothing abnormal. Success! Now to fine tune all my fuel and timing values in SDS.  more

Late Winter Trip to Meet Some Aviation Friends ...Luke in Italy (video)

16 yr Old Daughter Riveting ...pilot 28906

I had some riveting to finish on the fuse that required two people. My 16 year old daughter used the rivet gun for 4 hours this morning. She was a trooper and is quite good with the gun. Not sure if the photo will work but my wife snapped it. I am in the tail cone!

RV-8 Grin ...Champ

Son Tom checked out and down after first RV solo. Me to - soon.

Alton Bay Vid ...Vlad

Weight Reduction Mods ...Brantel

Just because the 3rd class medical is sort of a thing of the past for some of us, that is no reason not to be responsible and take care of ourselves so we can continue to enjoy our RV's for many years to come.

Mid February I got back on the bandwagon in an effort to continue to improve my health. Running every other day with at least 4 miles of extra walking on the off days. Hitting the gym for strength training every other non run day for at least an hour.

I decided to do an experiment to show myself how bad I was destroying what I had worked so hard to accomplish over the past month. Here is the result of that:

Turbo's Round Gauge Entry

Play in Wing Tip Hinge Install ...skyking902001

I realize this is an old thread, but may help someone in the future. I also had a loose fit on the right wing tip and already had both halves of the hinge riveted in. I tried some .091 oversize pins--helped some, but didn't cure the problem. The issue with the hinges is there is some horizontal play between the eyelets on the two halves—about .032” gap when one end of an eyelet is butted against the opposite side eyelet. My solution was to add another piece of hinge butted opposite from the existing hinge. I drilled out 3 rivets holding the hinge, then I cut off 3 eyelets with the dremel. I used some scrap hinge which I flipped upside down—I wanted to keep the old hinge piece (less eyelets) in place. The part flipped needs a .060” spacer to keep the eyelets in line. I installed some dummy hinge with a pin to keep everything lined up, then I used side clamps to secure the new hinge piece as well as a small screwdriver blade jammed between the eyelets to hold the piece in place. I match drilled using the wing tip and existing hinge as a guide. After it was all clecoed together, I checked and sure enough, no play in the hinge! I squeezed in some -6 rivets and called it good.

Multiple Panel Pics ...Jpm757

RV W&B Academic Briefing ...Vac first draft

Instrument Access Panel ...Niho_Ni's take



March 10, 2017.   Issue No. 4,326.
  Audrey is at Irvine, CA being wined/dined re: their PhD Chemistry program Fri/Sat (they paid for the flight and hotel stay).  She flew out Thu a.m., so of course I looked up her flight on FlightAware.  Dads must supervise...  Filed route is the first grab below (HIMDU.DSNEE1).  After looking at the planned arrival, I felt obligated to inform her before she boarded via text that she was taking the 'yellow brick road'.  If you click on the second grab you'll see 'GITRR DUUNN' on the MARUE.DDSNEE route, also.  IFR humor...
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


IFR Rating at 65? ...Chris Smith asks

I am a PPL and have about 1,000 hours, all VFR in non-glass cockpits. I started flying in 1967 and stopped in 1982. I started again in 2004 when I decided to build a Sonex. I flew that for 150 hours and then bought an RV-4. I flew that for a couple hundred hours and sold it and bought an RV-6. I flew that for a couple hundred hours then sold it.

I'm 65 now, and being retired I have time on my hands. I thought about going back to school (I live about 10 miles from UCF, where I graduated in 1973 when it was still FTU!!), but then I thought maybe I should go for an instrument rating.

So, a few questions for y'all:

1) Am I too old to take on such an undertaking?
2) How much can I do on my own, and how much do I need ground school for?
3) I've seen concentrated courses offered, for high sums. Are they worth the money, and do they teach you how to fly IFR, or just how to pass the written and flight exam?
4) Any other things I should be thinking of or considering?


Bending Roll Bar Inwards ...tgmillso

I discovered today that the WD-641 roll bar for my RV-7 slider was 3/8" too wide, thus I consulted the instructions:  "It can be adjusted quite easily by hooking one end behind something and pulling (to make it wider) or by putting one end on the floor and leaning against it (to make it narrower). Go slowly. It is easy to do too much."  So I leaned it against the floor and put every ounce of my pathetic 150lbs against it, and absolutely nothing happened. I then went and got a truck ratchet strap, wrapped that around the posts as low down as I could get it, and cranked as hard as I could whilst still leaning on it, yet nothing happened (ok, it bent now, but not enough to get even a fraction of plastic deformation). It is apparent that when building an aeroplane, one must calibrate their definition of "easily".  continue


Home Ground Station - ADS-B on PC? ...Michael Robinson

My flight department at work has a giant flat screen TV behind the front desk that we display SkyVector upon. I thought it would be great to also provide ADS-B traffic on that display that emulates our tablets in the cockpit.

So then I figured we would just get a subscription to ForeFlight and add a simple ground based ADS-B receiver on a pole outside the building....

But then I made the leap that perhaps we should just buy a Stratus 2 (or equivalent) for the flight department and then just plug it into the PC for the times we are not using it to fly (dual use).

So - is there a plug and play architecture that allows ForeFlight (or equivalent) sectional chart based flight planning software on a PC and also allows input from an ADS-B receiver?

Does anyone have a PC based "ground station" at home using some of their airborne equipment?

Thanks for the anticipated input.


Round Gauge Entry ...plehrke

Simple and traditional.  Panel for the first 10 years of flying up to a few weeks ago. In process of removing all vacuum instruments but will be retaining the round instrument look.


New Guy Chimes In ...Jim A. in Denver.

Hey Guy's - Been lurking around for a while... Love the forums and decided to join.

I fly a Bonanza and an RV-7a (currently being repaired because of a nose gear failure and prop-strike ).

Love the commentary on this site!



Status Report ...(5) kentlik in OR pics

Straddling the CTR section to pound the rivets.



March 9, 2017.   Issue No. 4,325.

Seen at Monk's

...2014 Penny used as the button for opening the RV-8 oil door.

Pic 1 / Pic 2 / Pic 3


Enjoy the Video...Welcome John Licht

Van's RV-6/6A Formation practice in preparation for anniversary celebration at Oshkosh.  Taken at Whiteside County Airport, Bittorf Field, Rock Falls, Illinois
July 23rd, 2016.


The 'Round Dials' Thread Starts ....tdhanson's idea

I'm proposing this thread to have a place where one can view various old-style round gauges such as airspeed, altimeters, turn/bank, engine gauges, and misc. for those designing a panel using traditional gauges. It's easy to see the latest EFIS panel screens and there's templates and pictures for that already by major vendors.

Sometimes a builder wants to build or replace a hole in their panel with a 2 1/4 or 3 1/8 or other size hole.

Sometimes the look makes a difference. These could be true analog guages, or even electronic or mini efis or led but fit in round holes.

I'm proposing simple pictures and a link or mention of brand/model/size/particulars if needed.

John Goodloe's entry


RV-10 Panel Status Report ...Patrick Kelley

So, sometime back I fried my VP200 units just in time to find that Ballard had stopped supporting the system. Thankfully, that was before I had completed my installation, so I sent it back to Aerotronics for rework. While the VP-X system is not as nice (I was really looking forward to the mode switching and being able to operate my system from outside the aircraft using the key fob), it still does the basic job though the lack of circuits meant I needed two VP-Xs and also displays to operate them since the G900X does not support Vertical Power. The solution? Replace my Dynon backup EFIS with two GRT Sport system, one slaved to the other and each supporting one of the VP-X units.


DIY Interior ...what Jim did

How about just gluing (spray contact cement) low nap carpet to the sidewalls....


Baffle Clearance to Cowl Update Pics ...TimO RV-14

I took some pics today. Slightly larger ones on my website. The pics aren't great but at least you can see the locations of where the concern is. The pics here are *really* pretty poor, resized to 800 wide. The lighting was bad, too.  more



March 8, 2017.   Issue No. 4,324.
  A sad day around our parts.  At the time of publication, a fisherman is still missing 1-mile from our airport (story).  His 2-yr old turned up in the woods 0930, and they found the boat, but the 38-yr old father hasn't been located.  I saw the news Tue morning as I was headed out the door, and was planning on going up for a bit, so I planned to avoid the area.  When I got to 52F, I could see there weren't any choppers in the search area so I turned that way and loitered over the creek for a few minutes 1,000' agl looking up and down the banks.  I was hoping one of the SAR folks on the ground would see my APRS tracker and HAM ID moving around on a laptop map and put 2 and 2 together (that I wasn't a rubbernecker).  I had KAFW tower in standby and was going to chime in and IDENT if I spotted something - the only plan I could come up with at the time.  Monitored 121.5 on the second radio.  You could see boats looking up and down the creek as well as fire trucks off in the distance.
  After a few minutes a SAR person on the ground came up on 122.9 and told me they were searching up to 400' with a drone.  I asked if they wanted me to leave, but they said they could use the eyeballs if I could stay high.  Absolutely.  I orbited the area for 45 minutes until a chopper for channel 4 chimed in that he was five out inbound.  I figured since there weren't any other aircraft searching, the RV maybe could be helpful until others showed up.  More than one chopper was over the area for the next several hours.  Pretty helpless feeling...
  Please keep the family and friends of those involved in your thoughts and prayers. 


IAC Regional Series Winners

Congratulations to the IAC 2016 Regional Series Winners!!! (list)

The aircraft types aren't listed, so I'm just going to highlight the ones I know:

Ron Shreck RV-8 1st place Sportsman Northeast region
Patric Coggin RV-4 2nd place Sportsman South Central region
Bill McLean RV-4 2nd place Sportsman Southeast region
Ron Hill Pitts 3rd place Sportsman Southeast region
(yeah, Ron Hill flies a Pitts, but he has been known to fly an RV-6 on occasion, so we'll give hime some credit! Plus he's active here on VAF)

Way to go guys!!! I'm sure there were other RVs that placed, so please shout out.

Just so y'all know. To be eligible for a regional place, you have to have competed in at least 3 contests in the region. The national championship can count for one of the regional contests. That's a lot of practicing and flying to and fro.


Wanna Run the RV-3 Online World?

...Randy Lervold might be looking for someone to hand it off to.  I enjoy talking with Randy, even if he doesn't own an RV anymore.  Good guy.


RV Metal Signs ...Stephen

Here's a finished RV-10 sign that's for sale. $65 + Shipping is what I am going to sell them for. The design possibilities are endless and if someone wants a custom order, we can do that! You can reach me @ 713-259-5125 and email is stmetalworx@gmail.com for orders.


AcroBox 2.0 Available ...Brad Benson RV-6A

Interested in aerobatics and looking for places which might be potential locations to practice your IAC routine?

I wrote this app last year to simplify the process of finding potential practice boxes and it worked pretty well. This year, I've updated it with support for more devices (iPad Pro, etc.) and additional sharing features. For example, if you have a box that you like, you can instantly share it with someone else via AirDrop - no WiFi setup, no email, no texts - just share it and it opens in AcroBox on their phone or iPad.

As before, it still allows you to examine a location against both VFR and IFR charts to ensure separation from airways, special use airspace, etc. and it now also has street maps available in case it's helpful to provide an approximate address for someone judging from the ground.

A couple of quick screen shots showing the box used at Newton, KS last year for the Aces High contest put on by IAC Chapter 119. The aerial view shows the box, the boundaries, and the judges area, while the IFR low chart shows conflicting airways (requiring a waiver, which they had).

As always, the app is completely free (no ads, no unlock fees, etc.) - aviation is expensive enough as it is.



March 7, 2017.   Issue No. 4,323.

RV-10 Construction Milestone ...Mark Ciaglia

What a rewarding experience. I have enjoyed every cleco, dimple and river. I just passed the 200 hr mark.


What Just Happened?...Scott RV-10

I have been having a wheel vibration during a low speed taxi at a certain speed (RV-10). Not bad, but irritating. The recommendation has been to lower my tire pressure.

Last weekend I noticed my fairing on the pilot side had some play in it. Maybe 1/2 an inch. So I took it off, managed to tighten up the mounting plate (crows foot wrench, wo having to take the tire off). I also broke the bolt holding the extender to wheel, so I had to extract that and replace.

Anyway, long story short, it got it all back together and it was solid, so what to do ? Go flying of course.

It was a very cross windy day, so when I landed I did not get aligned and I landed pretty badly actually , in terms of alignment. I was crabbed to the right, so the left main was leading the right main.

As soon as I touched down, the whole plane started shuddering like an earthquake. I seriously considered I might break off a main.

I stomped the breaks and come to a full stop on the run way, shuddering the who time.

Then, I tried to taxi. But no luck. It was going to be a left turn, not matter how hard I stomped the right brake.

The fire truck came out to help me. I shut down and took a look. No flats, no fairing rubbing...nothing obviously wrong.

So I started up again, tried taxiing. Got the shudder for a second and could only turn left. Then it stopped and everything was normal again.

I have no idea what just happened. It seems like a stuck brake on the left side or something jammed between the brake pad and the rotor ?

Any ideas ? I am going to go take it all apart tomorrow, but I don't even know what to look for.


Another Student-built RV-12 Start-up

Chapter Number 4 begins today in Omaha. AviationNation, Inc enters its third state (Nebraska, now with Indiana and Texas) with the delivery of their RV-12 tail kit. Jim Beyer, recently retired Air Force pilot and now United pilot, will be the Chief Mentor. Look for more start-ups in the next couple of weeks.

We are thrilled to be able to offer more and more students this great opportunity. If you have aspirations of starting something big, working with students might just be for you. Let me know what you would like to do. See our page here for more info, or PM me. [ed. Bob, in case you don't know, the FB link you mentioned is set to non-public - people (like me) who don't use FB can't see it.  Maybe you could have it set to public?  v/r,dr]


Status Shot ...Chattin35 -7

She wants out...


Tip Up Canopy Stops ...wjb DIY

Here are some photos of mine, made from L-angle. Fore-aft length is 1.5 inches, the slanted vertical piece is sized so that the hole for the positioner lines up with the existing tooling hole in the bulkhead (which I enlarged slightly). The positioner is a mushroom head screw originally intended for furniture assembly, available at any HW store. If I was to do it over, I'd install a nut plate on the back of the bracket and use a AN-3 bolt with a polished head. Once you're in position, you only need to a few 32nd's of adjustment range.


Rusty Pilot Confessions ...Don

I felt the need to share my recent experiences of trying to get back current after 24 years of not flying.
This came about since I had just received an AW for my RV 12 and needed to fly it of course. My gut feelings were telling me that you don't "forget" how to fly, so just crank her up and go be a test pilot! Another little voice inside said, hey look at all the old guys that built a plane then had bad experiences trying to fly it. I am lucky, there are several RV12 owners, CFI people, that have a LODA, letter of deviation authority, so they can instruct in their experimental. One was only 500 miles or so away (Jetguy) and I had received good reports from some friends who had used him, so I scheduled myself.
I am so glad I did that. Maybe you don't actually forget how to fly, but I can attest that you can sure get REALLY RUSTY! I could not believe how bad I had become, and had I decided to just go fly it, it would have ended badly for sure.. After 6 hours of dual in an RV12, I had to interrupt for weather and scheduling, and I am STILL not ready to fly this little simple plane by myself. With some more hours, hopefully I will get back my skills as a pilot. If you THINK you are ready, don't chance it, go get some dual and see if you really are.



March 6, 2017.   Issue No. 4,322.

Thanks for the ride! ...wpar777

Jim Thill was kind enough to let me come up to his great hangar at Cedar Meadows in WV and get my first ride in an RV-8. I am currently building one and can only hope that it turns out as nice as his.  Hoping to be able to fly my own in for his 2018 BBQ!


One Week Out ...AX-O ice cream social

One week out.  ....Just worked out the gas price. It will be $4.09 per gal.  On a different note. If you sent me an email about attending, thank you. This year for some reason the emails have been minimal. I have about 20 people called in thus far. If you are coming out, please let up know so we can buy enough supplies. Thank you.


How did you do that? (tight space rivet) ...Reflex


Your Experience, Exhaust Fumes in Cockpit Momentarily ...ron sterba

I have flown in (3) RV9A s and have noticed a smell of exhaust gas momentary at different speeds. Doesn't last but a few seconds. I am thinking that like a semi pulling a long trailer in foggier conditions where you see the trailing air disturbance behind the the rear of the trailer's aft door that the same maybe happening where as the exhaust comes in at the rear of the fuselage by the elevator horns at rear of fuselage. I have the DOT carbon monoxide card mounted on the instrument panel but never see it change color. Your experience or thoughts. Was wondering if any pilots with the exhaust pipe ends that were made pointing downward makes a difference.


3d Printed Accessories ...dtw_rv6

Here are a few of my 3d printed accessories - all in polycarbonate and printed on my home brewed Prusa i3 style printer. 3d modelling is in solid works, and I use both Cura and Slic3r to output the machine codes:


Rough Engine - Pool of Brake Fluid ...ELEDSALL

My latest attempt to run mogas in my Superior O-360 was not good. I had good luck running it until the temps warmed up and then problems. I suspected that my rough idle was due to mogas so I drained one tank and replaced the gas with 100LL. No problems in the flight around the patch. After landing, I switched to the mogas tank to see if it was indeed the problem. Sure enough, before I could return to the hangar my engine was barely running; coughing and loopy idling. Super I thought; no engine problem just mogas.

After I limped back to the hangar, I felt my right brake go soft. After shutting down, I noticed an ever larger pool of brake fluid forming around the right tire. I rolled the bird back in the hangar and within a few minutes, I had a pool around the left tire. I thought that the vibration might be enough to brake the al tubing that runs down the gear leg. I ordered braided lines and installed them this a.m. As I went to reverse pump/bleed the brakes, fluid immediately started running out of the brake caliper. I had not found any breaks in the al tubing so I was already questioning my analysis.... now I am baffled. Ideas please.


Cockpit Noise Solution ...flightlogic

Just a quick note to relate how we solved a high noise cockpit. This is in OV-10 Bronco's. Lightspeed mic and headset. We found installing not one... but sometimes two or three of the little leather covers from David Clark fixed the issue. Cheap and easy. And yes, they still need the hole in the back AND the front for the passive noise cancel to work. (CAL Fire working planes).



March 3, 2017.   Issue No. 4,321.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

A Gift for My Sister ...using the RV-6.

Yes, I used my RV-6 Thursday to pick up a used vacuum cleaner I found on Craigslist.  And yes, I'm thinking about starting a 'What is the weirdest thing you've used your RV for' thread.

You have to know my sister to know how much she'll like this...


3D Landing Light Bezel ...Weasel

Just an idea if you run into this.  When mounting a landing light in the wingtip, there is a gap around the light that needs to be filled to finish the installation cosmetically.  Here is what we came up with.  Thanks again to EAA and DS for providing Solidworks to us for drawing the part in 3 dimension.


Updated Construction Pics ...kentlik 7A


Oil Cooler Air Inlet Work ...crabandy photos


Status Update ...Martin Leroux RV-8

Per my last post from yesterday evening, please see here below the final product. With a new Throttle Quadrant Mounting Plate raising the Throttle Quadrant by 3/8 inch, it is now flush with the cover. Looking nice


RV-10 for Sale ...Mike Starkey

"With the impending retirement of my wife, and our relocation to Nevada, it is time to turn over the keys to some lucky person who is in need of a couple more seats than we will require in the future.  ...we need the extra cash to build a house and hangar over in Dayton.  We will not even have a space for a plane until then."



March 2, 2017.   Issue No. 4,320.
  A little milestone....Susie went flying with me Wednesday.  Surgery healing doing OK.  In and out of the plane easy peazy.  Up to KGLE and back for gas (her first flight in the RV since 10/22/16).  Route flown here courtesy AirPRS.com - note the 193kts data point on the way back (gonzo tailwind down the centerline).  That's 221.9 mph GS.  She obviously doesn't fly much...so little in fact I put a little 'S' in the margin in my logbook on flights she goes with to remind me when (an 'A' for Audrey and 'T' for Tate). 
  Clear and a million today in N.TX.


(17) Ship Formation Including (4) RVs ...tc1234c

This month's calendar photo showed three RVs in a formation flight. It was from a formation flight of 17 mixed airplanes. The flight was to give an honored guest a ride in a formation. British Air Marshall Sir and Lady Ian MacFadyen are friends of a few residents in the Spruce Creek. When Sir Ian requested to fly with us we were happy to do it. 17 airplanes showed up, so we briefed and walked on the ground before flying. Sir Ian flew with #17 Goofy and Lady Sally flew with #16 Stu. Here is a video of the event.


March/April FAA Safety Briefing ...40 pages


RV-12 Nose Fork Data Point ...AllThumbs

On Feb-13 my wife flew me down to KWVI so we could look at an RV-9A for sale. The RV-12 we flew had been carefully inspected and there was no visual indication on the nose fork of any stress or cracking. The plane is in of a club of 5 people, 2 of whom were the builders. I did the wiring on it so we know this plane very well. She joined the group to have a nice cheap way to keep current and has really enjoyed it. RV-12s are magic.

Before we get a pile of replies: Yes we all knew about the SB. The plan was to replace with the new fork model at the next condition inspection.

She made a perfect landing, gently set the nose down, and taxied off uneventfully. But when we got to parking we had to make a fairly sharp turn that probably turned the nose wheel to the stop bolts. This was apparently the last straw for the nose fork and one side sheared at the weld. Fortunately, there was no prop strike and we didn't even realize it had failed until we shut down and got out.

Thanks to the fantastic builder community at KWVI for coming to our aid! Sayid and Bill quickly gathered tools, helped us get the nose wheel pant off, and assessed the problem - it was pretty obvious since the wheel was at a 30 degree angle and the fork was clearly broken at the weld.

Sayid knew of an RV-12 builder who was nearing completion and called Bob. Bob drove 20 miles to the airport to open his hanger, removed his already installed nose fork, and loaned it to us. Sayid and Bill helped us (actually we just helped them) to install and tension it and we were back on our way home just a few hours behind schedule. We removed, cleaned and UPS'ed the fork back to Bob the next day.

This is the first time we've experienced this wonderful side of the builder community in time of need and though I've been flying an RV-6 since 2007 I was just amazed and grateful to these folks. Thank you guys!


Budget DIY Foggles ...greghughespdx



March 1, 2017.   Issue No. 4,319.

March Calendar Wallpaper ...courtesy Ed Hicks.

"17-ship mix of all sorts of types, but Ted Chang in his 9A leading a -9 and a -12 caught my eye."


Status Report ...KazooRV-9A

Last weekend was a good one for RV building. Snowed all day here in Kalamazoo and after having about a week of 50-60 degree weather, it looked like the middle of winter again. So turned up the oil burner in the shop and set to some building, with help from a couple of guys who were surely escaping honey-do's back home.

The goal was to do something that would provide some measure of visual progress. So the fuselage was targeted and we managed to:

Install the landing gear mounts
Installed the flap drive
Temporarily installed the fuel selector valve
Installed the Aux fuel pump
Moved the brake reservoir to the right for dual setup
Bent/formed the vent lines
Began to form the fuel lines

I'm beginning to realize that the hard part is keeping parts on the plane. Seems like everything has to come back off 3 times before they stay on for good!.  multiple pictures


Status Report ...Chattin35 RV-7

Initial engine start yesterday. Fired right up and ran well. No leaks! Only squawk was an inop EGT & CHT probe on the #3 cylinder (I probably swapped red wires on the EIS4000 harness -- should be an easy fix).

Getting closer to becoming an airplane


Mis-aligned camlock hole fix? ...rockwoodrv9

I have a James cowl I am doing the final fitting on and somehow I have 3-4 holes I drilled that are off by about 1/8" or so to make the fit along the top firewall correct.

I don't think just filling the hole with epoxy and glass fibers would hold up to the shaking of the cowl. Putting another layer of glass on the inside will make it too thick to fit properly.

My thought is to try and grind out on the inside so I can fill the hole and put a glass patch to spread out the repair area.

The other option is to remove the camlock receiver plates, replace them moved to make it fit better. I don't think I could re-use the plates because they would only be moved a small distance and the holes would not work out for distance. 


Pedal RV Just Completed ...Mark for his son


DIY Foggles