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Fri, Mar 30, 2012.  1132z 
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Hoping to get a little air under my wheels this weekend - the Wx looks promising!
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First Flight N45678 ...Joel Graber

Jeremy Constant RV-7A Reassembly Timelapse

After two years of flying her, Stella finally got to the paint shop (T&P Aero Refinishers in Salinas, Ca) and I flew her home a week and a half ago. 3 very good friends, Harry Crosby (Rv6), Steve Richard (Lancair ES), and Ray McCrea (Long EZ), gave me rides back and fourth and helped put her back together. Ray set up his still camera to take a shot every 10 seconds I think and then put together this time lapse covering the couple of days to put it together. In the final shots the rear fairing isn't in place as we didn't fly it back that day and there was still some buffing to do, but I was desperate to see her outside!  Can't wait to get back from tour and fly her. I think I'll be able to make Golden West this year so it should be fun to take her out and stretch her wings.


Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Bob Axsom Gains Another 1/2 kt

The speed was 184.3 kts or 1/2kt faster than the test with the center separator alone. I think this is a keeper. The sound is pretty awesome as well.

FS: RV-8A ShowPlanes Project
...Joe Ferraro (N.TX)

[ed. Five Grand cheaper than a QB kit...and further along!  Joe is a good friend, he and his wife live about two miles from us.  Seen the project several times, and maybe even helped buck some rivets, but don't hold that against Joe. ;^)  ]

(from Joe)..."It’s pretty much at the point that it needs an engine, instrument panel, wiring, canopy and fiberglass finishing. On the gear, it’s well beyond the QB stage. It’s been built with weight savings and CG balance in mind (aft battery/ELT, O-360 with Catto planned). Tail was fully primed with PPG DP50. For wings and fuse, only the mating surfaces were primed with self-etching PPG SXA1031 rattle cans. Interior is painted with Krylon rattle can “Satin Pebble” (light beige).

Project includes many add ons/upgrades: Duckworks leading edge lights, electric elevator/aileron trim, SafeAir pitot/static/AoA system, Grove high performance magnesium main gear wheels & brakes, Beringer nosewheel, Andair fuel selector, Skunkworks pedal extensions, Van’s fuel pump, capacitive fuel senders, Van’s deluxe lockable fuel caps, on-pedal brake fluid reservoirs, 2 speed Safety Trim module (to be installed), hidden oil door hinges and push-button releases (to be installed), unheated Dynon pitot tube.

Also included: Used Dynon D-10A w/battery, Garmin SL40 Comm w/harness (open, never installed per Stein), Used Ameri-king AK 450 transponder. “Tray” for Garmin GTX 330.

I have a whole box of loose items from Stein/AC Spruce that has yet to be inventoried…basic electrical kit stuff, LED dimmers, switch guards, LED mini-map lights, upgraded vents, etc. I can price it all and sell it in addition to the project, if interested".... more

Note engine turning on firewall and Beringer nosewheel.

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.

Van's SnF Lycoming Specials


● Dynon SnF Announcement


● From Ztron Labs


Ameritech Industries, Inc. SnF Promo for VAF

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Thu, Mar 29, 2012.  1149z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Gathering on the Field at Van's Tent ...SnF yesterday evening (mothership FB page).

3rd Issue Sun 'n Fun Today

In The Shop
Building up a small area on cowling  ...how Jeff Jaughan did it

Video from a nice flight in Northern Sweden

...This is a flight from Gällivare airport ESNG. The position is about 67°8' north. 20°49' east.  Sadly there are not much left of smaller military airports.  There are not a lot of airports in the northern parts, but you can go to Norway and Finland also and with a RV the distances get shorter :-) Skis would also be an interesting option this time of the season...


Radio Horizon Circles ...new feature for APRS users on APRS.fi

...The horizon circles show the estimated reception range at 5 degrees and to the horizon. They are specifically targeted at airplanes "for estimating the distance at which the station can be heard [and] gives pilots an idea of the large amount of digipeaters and igates in range"

I take this as another example that those of us flying with APRS trackers need to educate our brethren on configuration. I think the VAF readers are way ahead of the curve on being responsible and this forum has been especially helpful for me.

I believe WIDE2-1 is our best option presently. At the same time, I will reach out to the amateur radio community to help them understand the significant dynamic operating range aircraft operate and the challenges with further "damping down" airborne configurations. If I find a better configuration, I'll post updates... more

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Built the left flow fence
 ...Bob Axsom (outlet fairing mod)

This photo shows the right flow fence and the center separator fin. I finished building the left flow fence today (yes building - you wouldn't believe the tedious details) but I have not installed it yet. I should get it done late tonight...

Update today:  "I finished the left flow fence installation at 06:18. The sun isn't up yet and the plane is in semi race configuration without lights so I can't test it yet. I'm sleepy but the sky is lighting up a little I guess I'll hang around for a few more minutes and do the test".

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 Gary Platner showed me this...

Wed, Mar 28, 2012.  1145z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Dealing with the Occasional Overwhelming Feeling of Building

...good reply by Steven Jensen

When I first got the plans sheets, I looked at them carefully for a couple weeks and concluded, "This is impossible, there is no way I can build an airplane". The blueprints got used for fire-starter that winter.

The bug wouldn't go away, however. The following spring I got another set of RV plans. Looked at them all that summer. Thought about it. A lot. How would I do this? How would I do that? How much? How long? Bothered the heck out of Roger, a BD-4 builder, who was in the radar group upstairs from me at work. Every lunchtime for weeks: What's a cleco? What's an NAS bolt? Which tools? Where and how much? (I owe that guy a lot, he taught me the basics. Gotta go see him again soon, he lives on an airport...)

Bought the kit that autumn. Never shot a rivet in my life. Never worked with sheet metal (ok, I spot-welded a tool-tray in 9th grade). Never used a reamer. Read all the books, but didn't know diddly. So ... what's the first thing I tried to build? The wing spars, of course (this was pre-historic Van's, where you built your own spars). I'm an idiot - shot all the rivets through the spar caps bent over sideways like golf clubs. Had just enough smarts to take 'em to an A&P before going further. Scrap.

Ok, try something easier - the tail kit. Still an idiot - scrimped on the jig, a flimsy thing. It wobbled. Result was predictable: a month later ... more scrap.

Awright, what's wrong with me?? Go back to page one: what is the philosophy of airplane building??

1) Build parts to fit other parts, assemblies to fit other assemblies.
2) Don't build anything until you have to.
3) Always practice on scrap with new materials or techniques.
4) When in doubt, ask someone who knows.
5) Walk away from it when you're tired.
6) Be committed.

The last one is important. If you get to the end of the build and discover you've REALLY messed up something critical, will you fix it? Will you start over again, build new wings if you have to? Weld-up a new engine mount? Do whatever it takes??

If the answer is yes, you're committed.

I probably replaced half the stuff I built in the first two years - shelves of ruined parts I did over again.

I built the rudder perfectly ... and then dropped it. Big Freaking Dent. Scrap - do another one.

Cut the aileron skins wrong - get new ones.

Bent the flap leading edges wrong - do over.

Made a dozen parts ahead of sequence, to dimensions only. Skimpy edge distances with the holes in the mating parts. More scrap (always make parts to fit other parts, dummy!!)

Then a point in time came when the progress was steady. I was making fewer mistakes, ... then no mistakes. Assemblies got built and joined with other assemblies. Interfaces I had planned years before (wing/fuselage, canopy-frame/cockpit) went together without a hitch. Like a sort of critical-mass. Von Braun said you have to make 65,000 mistake before the rocket will fly. Same thing for new builders - dozens, maybe a hundred goofs before things start going smooth. You have to make those mistakes, there's no other way to learn. You will! And if you're committed, you'll get over it, keep going.

Then, first engine start - that was even more startling than the first flight. Airplane sits there silent for years, then bursts into that unmistakable, growling unmuffled Lycoming sound.

The smell of hot oil, hydraulic fluid, and cockpit leather.

Inspection & signoff. Cockpit papers.

First flight.

Flight tests, a few glitches.

Forty hours.

A point in time will come when you realize you're no longer *building* an airplane, you're *maintaining* an airplane. Out on an airport. Near a runway. With a tower and other planes and engine sounds all around.

Another point in time will come when you drive out to the airport on a Saturday morning. Sky is burning blue. Preflight. Roll the airplane out of the hanger, climb in. The seat is just the way you want it. The panel and controls have that look you dreamed about for years. The paint-job looks just right, exactly like the drawings you made. It will hit you at some point: This thing changed me. It made living worthwhile. If I fly it right, it'll take me on amazing adventures, and if I don't, I could get killed. Even if I do everything right, some freak thing could end it all: a mid-air collision, a smashing wind, a bird strike.

The question will arise: is it still worth it?

Still committed?

- Steven
700+ RV3 hours
(two more last weekend!)

Welcome www.phaviation.com ...run by Pat Hatch

SnF Today: Issue #2  

VAF Family

2 Ship Breakfast Formation

My wife gave me a Drift HD170 Steath camera for Christmas this year. The weather has been excellent for flying this winter so I have been experimenting with mounting locations, editing, etc..

Low approach over NASA Shuttle Landing Facility

My son came to visit and we decided to make a low approach over NASA Shuttle Landing Facility. When we arrived the NASA tower gave us a clearance for at and above 100'. It took a while to fly over the 15,000' runway. Here is a video for your entertainment

Avweb Video on the RV-1 at SnF

First Flights ....mothership

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Tue, Mar 27, 2012.  1146z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Van Says Hello To An Old Friend (at SnF)

...Van and the first RV reunite after 40 years.

Jerry Morris photo.  (more pics)

In The Shop
RV-10 Construction Videos You Should Check Out

...(26) of them to date.  Courtesy Ed and Colleen.

Brandi Unrein Panel Status

Builder Question ...nice use of inserting pic of plans.


Watch How Little You Have To Move A Prop...

... to have the engine start.  Clicking on the link below should have the video start right at the correct location.


Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Nose Wheel Pant broke in Half

This happened on landing. The rear broke in a clean line and was on the runway.  Aircraft had just passed 500 hours recently.

Inspect your brake reservoir

In current annual, my brake reservoir was found to be 'dangling' from the firewall. My A&P thinks it was just poor quality welding on the part that failed over time. Sorry no pics yet.

We're going to weld/repair and reinstall the reservoir. Since we all use about the same parts, chances are good there will be others in the same shape.
Don Hall

Event News
Mar 27th Issue of Sun 'n Fun Today


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Mon, Mar 26, 2012.  1124z      (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Loose Fuel Line Fittings, a very close call !!! ...Walt Aronow (A&P)

This guy was extremely lucky, he asked me to do a prop balance and check for what he thought may be a vaccum leak because the engine was running "a little rough" (the aircraft had recently made a long cross country trip into our airport).

Well when I taxed the aircraft over to do the balance I could barely keep the thing running unless I kept working the throttle. No way I could balance this thing without fixing whatever was going on first. After about a 2 minute taxi over to my hanger, I shut it down and proceed to do a preliminary inspection.

It didn't take me to long to spot the rather large fuel puddle that had already accumulated on top of the airbox and fuel dripping everywhere. Further investigation revealed that the 'B' nut on the fuel manifold was loose and fuel was spraying on the engine block and running down the fuel line inside the fire sleeve .

Keep in mind the fuel pressure in this line at idle speeds is just a few PSI, at high power settings the pressure goes much higher. I had a really good leak going at idle, at full power, fuel would have been spraying everywhere.

This is why I always say: put a wrench on all critical bolts and fittings everytime you do an oil change or at least every condition inspection. Merely looking at things is not good enough!!!

Somebody was watching over this guy...

Here's the 'B' nut that was loose (left), you can see behind it all the blue on the bracket and engine case. Fuel was also running down inside the fire sleeve. The top of the fire sleeve "had" red silicone sealing it, I peeled it away to inspect the hose fittings (it was loose and coming off anyway at this point from being soaked in fuel).

Needless to say I checked the rest of the fuel lines FWF and found a few others that were under torqued.

The prop balance came out good: from a very high 0.523 to nice 0.022 IPS

Be safe out there folks, and take care of your machine.

(Mike Kullenberg) ...the back story.

First of all, I want to give Walt a HUGE THANK YOU for finding this.

The issue was on my airplane and here is the back story. This airplane has just a tad under 100 hrs total time, and has been a perfect runner the entire time I have owned it. I took the airplane to Walt's field to get the airplane painted at Glo-Custom in the middle of Feb. On the last leg of three from the Farm, I noticed that the fuel flow was very slowly creeping up. The engine was running fine, and the EGT's were stable at 30 deg LOP. The only indication of an issue was the .75 to 1 GPH higher fuel flow, and a sub normal #3 CHT. There was NO smell of fuel at all, and the heat was on. On landing at 52F I could barely keep the engine running for the short taxi to Grady's, and now had some real concerns about the return trip in six weeks. I had already set up with Walt to do the prop balance, and to fix a tank leak. I also asked him to investigate what I thought was an induction system leak (no fuel smell at all) , as that was what I thought might be the problem. I was obviously not going to fly the airplane again until these issues were resolved. Walt emailed me last night with the prop balance results and what he found with the fuel line. That was an OMG moment if there ever was one.

It seems obvious that the B nut was under tourqued and that over time it had been vibrating loose. It finally got loose enough to spray fuel on that last leg. Now as Walt said, someone was looking out for me, because the fitting was spraying fuel at some rate for the better part of an hour. Only providence could have kept that airplane from catching on fire.

So folks, take Walt's advice to heart and check stuff every time the cowl is off or other things are open on the airplane. I KNOW I certainly will.

I will end this missive by saying again that Walt has jumped to the very top of my good guy list. He is a wonderful resource for all of us in the Van's world, especially us RV newbies.


...let the viral marketing begin <g>.

Pictures of RV-10 N242BD ...Bryan Douglass

Wings on and off in 6 minutes


Video - Re-Edited


FS Transponder, Encoder

From my buddy Gary based at 52F.  I can vouch for him (not that means anything).  I can give him grief if you're not happy with your purchase....and that does mean something.  ;^) 

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Saturday, Mar 24, 2012.  1228z   (contact)  Thoughts on safety

First Flight - N74VB ...Bart Filipiak

N518TP first flight

After 5 yrs. 3 mos., my rv-10 flew today. As many have said, wow what a plane. What a rush. Based at KLNA.
Thanks to everyone for their help and discussions along the way.

Tom Hanaway
Boynton Beach, FL

Team RV Night Show KPGD


VAF Family
Ken Scott article on John Scurlock ...aopa

Event News
RV-1 Tour Info

RV-1 at SnF

(Louise Hose) The RV-1 will have a place of real honor thanks to the Sun'n'Fun folks (and some good words from Joe Blank). Please come and visit us at Exhibitor site MD-21, across from the Van's tent. The plane will fly in Monday morning, following a Team RV escort.

We will need a team of folks to attend the plane during "business" hours and it would be great to have some of you folks come by and volunteer for a couple of hours during your stay. You'll be sure to meet a lot of RV folks! Drop by the display site or give me a call on my cell: 713-816-5259.

For folks who want to follow our progress via the Spot, current plans are to launch from Waputka, AL, early on Sunday morning to stage at Pilot Country airfield near SnF. You can find the Spot link at the lower right corner of RV-1.org.

Look forward to seeing you folks at SnF!

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Thu/Fri, Mar 22/23, 2012.  1147z
   Good morning.  I'll be doing funeral stuff today and tomorrow (a relative), so there will not be a Friday edition.  I'll publish one on Saturday morning instead.  

Spring Training ...Tony Kelly RV-7A

A native of the Philadelphia area I have never been to Florida to see the Phillies (MLB) in spring training. With my condition inspection recently completed I thought this was as good a time as ever. The weekend weather was looking great.

Heading south out of Philadelphia along the east coast it is rare to have a tail wind...but I did!! 170 kts GS all leaned back at 7.2 GPH continue

I love Texas ...Vlad RV-9A

I've never been to TX before and was planning this trip for a while. Several things I needed to activate the plan. Incidental business, stack of charts, the same thickness stack of money, suit and tie. Check, check, check. Ready.   continue

Eagle's Nest Two ...Bob Kelly

Eagle's Nest Two begins! Tonight was the intro night for prospective builders at the Patriot Academy (ngpatriotacademy.com). As near as I could count, there were 42 students that showed up, and 19 stayed to talk and ask questions about the program. Who said there is no interest in aviation among our youth!

We unpacked the tools and I demonstrated some of the techniques they will learn in the next few weeks and months. It appears to be a very good group, and I am excited to see how it will go. This has the chance to become a permanent part of their training, and it is a beta testing program for how other programs will be set up, mentor training and material storage being of most interest. I hope to observe rather than doing direct mentoring. That way I can best polish our start-up procedures. We unpack the first Big Box next week.

This will be my first time back in a military environment in over 40 years. The prospect of being "Sir" instead of "Mr. Bob," as with the Eagle's Nest One, will take some getting used to. Look for a bunch of these soldiers at Oshkosh. Thank them for their service, and ask how EN-II is coming along.

In The Shop
RV-10 Nose Gear Washers ...Todd Stovall

Q: For those that have installed their nose gear, I'm stumped on the orientation of the "cupped washers" that are below the fork. The plans state the outside perimeter of both washers must stay in contact with one another, but that leaves 3 possible orientations.  It's not intuitive to me which option to choose: A- both convex sides up, B- both convex sides down, or C- top convex up and bottom convex down. What did you guys do?

A:  'C'

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Ride the STS Booster (w/enhanced sound) ...up and down in 400 seconds.
If you have the bandwidth, make it HD and full screen.

Wed, Mar 21, 2012.  1137z  

VAF at 4,500ft ...Jamie Lee (Brisbane, Australia)

I was flicking through the photos of my last trip and found this funny photo.  On a long cross country flight, what do you do?  Read VAF forums!

RV Hotel Updated and Current

RV-6 N198RV Gary Palinkas ...new Virtual Hangar entry.  Multiple pictures.

Well, I finally got around to finishing the wheel pants, leg fairings and intersection fairings. Painted them 2 days ago and installed them this morning.  I now pronounce this aircraft done..... with the usual caveat that "it is never done".   I am proud to follow another "Buckeye" in this section, Jon Thocker. Looks like we both had Ohio State colors in mind when we dreamed up our paint schemes.

RV-12 Revisions and Changes.....mothership

Off-field Landing ...all O.K.

From the factory FB page...

VAF Family
Women Who Love To Fly ...Vlad

Melissa and her husband (behind scenes took pics) visited NY recently. Both are Marines. Wanted a ride and enjoyed it.

Terry Ruprecht's RV-9A ...Chad Jensen EAA Experimenter

● From Mark Burns...

RV-10 Carpet ...from Walmart

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Tue, Mar 20, 2012.  1132z    

Brian Kilby.  6A.  Based at KCTJ (Carrollton, GA).
'bkilby' in the forums. 
Jason Abney photo.

Welcome Newton Consulting ...new advertiser.  Fuel valves and locking gas caps.

Welcome ACS Avionics...new advertiser.  Panels.

In The Shop
Got to do some riveting today ...'bruceh' My RV Build Project entry.

RV-7 Vertical Stabilizer Conduit Installation

Is this proseal job acceptable?

I'm beyond the point of trying to make this look good. I'm now just trying to make it seal and have some measure of smoothness to it to prevent blobs from breaking off and plugging fuel lines.

So. My question is this. I don't have a good feel for how it should look. Does this look acceptable to you? My build log has a description of how I'm doing things. And here's a couple of pictures of the inside of a couple of stiffeners. What do you all think?  continue


Short RV-10 family flight ...Troy Branch RV-10

Had some video from a flight last weekend that the family took. Figured I would find some editing software and see if I could figure it out. Messed up the end music a bit and only noticed after I completed it. Oh well something so work on for next time.

The day was one of those strong cross winds days that you could pick either runway to land on. First time I ever had the rudder to the floor and the nose still wouldn't come over. I was able to have it just straight enough at touch down with the intent to go around if the controllability was not there. The advantage of a nose wheel I guess because I would not have tried it when I was flying my RV9.

I had my wife do some circuits at a near by airport into the wind for the first time to. It gave her sweaty hands, she is starting to really like doing the flying. (No video of that)

Hope you like it. I might just have to try more.



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Mon, Mar 19, 2012.  1041z
   Good morning.  As you know, I've structured VAF as family-oriented.  With it I try my best, with the help of some amazing people, to weave the story of RVation into part of the family fabric.  But in the end these are just planes...just a small part of our lives.  An amazing part, but still just a part.  The importance of family and friends was brought home this weekend with the passing of my brother-in-law Richard Jurek at the too-young age of 56.  Brain tumor.  Our daughter's Godfather.
   Many of the friends we have met here in this corner of the VAF interweb have sent Susie and me emails and texts, and offered prayers to Richard and his family.  It means everything - much more than flying ever could.  We're lucky.
   Rest in Peace, Richard.  

Partially polished RV-6 at Richmond Aviation (52F)
...modeled after Curtis P-36 Hawk
(click to enlarge)

RV-10 N400DD Flies ...Dwight Drefs.  'Space Cadet' in the forums.

Yesterday on a warm and sunny Denver morning, N400DD took her maiden steps into the air after 4 years and 5 months and 2750 man-hours of building. Short flight due to very high CHTs, but it flew nonetheless. Can't wait for more!

In The Shop
RV-8A #83423 N-251WM

RV-9A #91894 Bruce Hill

VAF Family
Welcome Matt Willett

● Joe Blank ...RV-6 GoPro Video Screen Grab

Sunday Service ...Tayna Card

Scott left me for two days and flew 10+ hours to help ferry the RV-1 to Alabama and return Roy to Hicks. He even managed to get some actual IFR time. None of that is even remotely fair, so Sunday was my day. It was looking to be a good day to practice two skills - an actual IMC IFR approach and crosswind landings.  continue

RV-7 Mini Dreamliner Factory Rollout

N88XP Finally Goes To The Airport

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Winter Ops

I found this portable heat unit shown on a Cub site.  I have no idea what any of it is (other than the battery and the propane bottle) but thought the mobile nature of it was pretty innovative.  That would fit in the back of your truck for use in an 'Open T'.

Flight Test Data ...Ken K.

When I built my -8 a year and half ago I installed a wood sensenich 2-blade prope 71" dia pitched to 83. I really liked the look of the wood prop and was very happy with the performance but happy is a relative term and often elusive so....

Today I installed a new Catto 3-blade 68" dia, pitched 75. I entered myself back into a 5 hour phase 1 test period and am not notifying the FSDO.  continue

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
RV-1 Maintenance in the Field

RV-1 tour info

Totally Off Topic

The Scale of the Universe ...Audrey Reeves sent me this.  Load and scroll left and right to zoom in/out.

Fri, Mar 16, 2012.  1132z
   Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  

New 'Virtual Hangar' Entry:  Jon Thocker

My 6th completed RV, shown here with my daughter Haley, and Grand Teton in the background.  continue

related: How to list your flying RV in the 'Virtual Hangar'

Some RV-1 'On Tour' Shots

Final word on AD's from the FAA ...or not.

New Forum Section:  My RV Build Project

Think of this as your lazy/poor man's substitute to an online build log - a companion to the 'Virtual Hangar' area (allows posters to showcase their completed RV).

One thread per RV project please. Naming the thread something like the examples below will allow you to alphabetize the list later on by model:
RV-8A John Doe


RV-12 #12345
Embed the occasional picture update using any of the techniques described here.

What you have entered will be time-stamped and searchable. You can even print it off down the road as proof you built it. Of course, you'll want to have copies of all this on your own computer (please don't use this as your only copy!)..

It's free, works on a Mac, and you can update it from your (or anybody's) smart phone, tablet or computer.

PS: This area was 100% Ed Kranz's idea. He is building an RV-10.

TruTrak yaw damper problem resolved ...Tim Lewis

I've been trying to resolve poor yaw damper (YD) performance in my RV-10 for 2 years. Even flew it to TT HQ, where they found a wiring error I'd made. But issues persisted, including a long period (6 sec) hard yaw oscillation.

Finally figured out that the bracket I was using for the YD control head had a little bit of flex, which must have allowed the YD head to vibrate/oscillate in flight. I screwed the yaw damper control head to the belly of the plane (with shims to keep it level). All performance problems appear to be resolved. YD now works fine. It does a great job of damping yaw induced by turbulence - far better than I can do with my feet on the rudder pedals.

TruTrak support was very good throughout the process.

Totally Off Topic

High-def Kodachrome photos from 1942, with some really cool photos of workers at aircraft manufacturing plants during the war

2012 Changes in Formula 1 Racing  
         ...2012 season starts this weekend!  Set those DVRs!

Thu, Mar 15, 2012.  1117z  

Some Pretty Kick@ss RV Digital Renderings ...by forum user 'dmaher'

Some more Australia RV Travel Photos ...Jamie Aust

The RV1 escort (part 1) ...Scott Card
        - (part 2)

Monday morning saw low crud over my field and most of the way to Fort Worth to start the journey of the RV1. The weather was low enough to not be able to return to the field if I launched IFR, which is one of my "soft" limits. I waited around on the ground until I was comfortable with my options and finally launched on a local IFR. Of course the field went vfr just a little while later. The quick run to Hicks was easy. The brief with Jarhead was quick and easy and we were on our way in short order. (My approach to RV1 escort: The RV1 always, when possible, takes off and lands first and is Lead when in the pattern or on the airport surface.) Just a few moments after leveling at 2500' I got the first "gimme one". Oops, sorry, "roger". I heard this many times in the next 15min while we got the speed dialed in. So, we threaded our way around / under the DFW Bravo with me squaking and talking. Keep in mind, the RV1 has no real nav guidance in this modern world that we're so used to. All it has is a compass that isn't exactly accurate.

After clearing the Bravo airspace, we climbed up just a little for most favorable winds. My oil temps prompted a second glance. OAT was about 65deg and my oil temp was more than 15deg higher than I've been seeing recently so I opened up the oil cooler door all the way. No problem. We had been droning along at 106kts indicated for almost half an hour... RV1 escort tip #2: The RV1 likes to fly at 106kts or 122mph! Don't believe the airspeed indicator on the RV1 it is reading quite high . I think Jarhead said this speed produced around 2500 rpm. It does climb nicely when you put the power in though. Anyway, the escort should be well prepared to control oil temps to fly this speed the whole way. I imagine there are a lot of people that just aren't up for that.  continue part 1  (part 2)

In The Shop

New 'My RV Build Project' Entry...

Rolling Wing Stand

Fun Videos On The Way To Sebring ...Turbo


Canopy Done ...Jason Tremble 'UnPossible'

Big day today... I am officially calling calling the canopy done! I've been dreading the canopy since I started building my 7A. Just a few minor things to finish FWF and I'll be ready to hall her to the airport in a week or two.

I like how the Targa strip looks, but not sure I'd do it again.... it was way more work than I expected.

I don't know about everyone else, but I had some pretty large gaps at the "10 and 2" position of the front skin of the tip-up canopy. I thought about welding the holes shut and redrilling them, but I don't think that would help much as the center of the skin lines up almost perfectly.

I'm really glad I took the time to build these up with fiberglass now before I am flying. It only took a couple of nights and while I'm no expert, they look pretty good to me now.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Garmin G3X panel replaces BMA

I decided to completly re-do my panel using a 2 screen G3X system, 430W nab/com and a 106 cdi. I used the existing 340 audio, sl30 radio, 327 transponder and TruTrak upgraded my digiflight to a GX pilot. I took the bma and all the analogue stuff out. I will be doing the first "new panel" flight on Friday! Excuse poor quality pics

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
Here is a picture of the...

...first Asymmetrical panel out of the mold. We are working on the symmetrical mold and should be completed early next week. Panels will be available to order within a week.

1918 Air Map of the DFW Area ...Scott Toornburg cell phone photo.

Of special note is there is NO Lake Grapevine or Lake Lewisville.....

Totally Off Topic

Hump Day, Mar 14, 2012.  1125z
   Well, I'm officially an old has been.  I picked up my 'lined' bifocals yesterday from the eyeglasses place (pic right).  Tried 'progressives' about a year ago but they never gelled with my brain - got tired of having to turn my head to find the focus.  I miss my younger eyes, and their ability to focus up close.
   Must admit though, it's kind of nice to be able to read my watch again. <g>  So what's this Metamucil I've been hearing great things about?
    Hope you have a nice Wednesday.  

RV White Pages Updated and Current
     ...courtesy our daughter Audrey Reeves. 
        She does this in exchange for her cell phone. ;^)

Contact info for 3,079 RV builders/pilots in 26 countries. 
Lists available sorted by Name, by Location and by RV Model
(39) page PDF file.

First Flights on the Factory Site ....7,618 completed and flown!

Next Bahamas Fly-In/Help Out is Oct 25-28

(Will Carlton)  Bahamas Habitat has just released the dates for the next Fly-In/Help-Out weekend. It's October 25th – 28th 2012.

We'd love to have you join us for a great weekend. You'll get a chance to work on a few homes, tour the new children's home, and see some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.

We need LOTS more RVs this fall.  more

RV-1 Tour Battle Damage

In The Shop
Just a follow up post: Wiring Removable Co-pilot Stick

(Bruce Hill RV-9A) Just a follow up post. I went ahead and did Mark's solution by epoxying a 9 pin D-sub connector in the middle of the stick. I found some 5 minute epoxy gel that wouldn't run at the local auto parts store and got both connectors installed without any drama.

RV-10 HS Inspar Ribs Not Lining Up?

I'm clecoing together my HS ribs for the first time, and I know these holes don't get drilled until the skins are on, but I'm seeing something that just doesn't line up.

The holes on the front of the HS inspar ribs are about a half a hole behind the holes on the spar flange.

I read that some others had this issue (some on other RV models). Some final drilled the parts separately, and some mentioned that clecoing the skins on would push everything into place.

This is the hole in question (and all the other HS-904 ribs are about the same, the HS-1004 ribs are better, but still not perfect).  continue

● "...yes, that's safety wire holding the insulation panels on the garage door."

(forum user 'bkthomps')

VAF Family
SoCal Ravens on Cover of Kitplanes

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Jason Rovey's Exhaust Extension

(Bob Mills)  Jason Rovey is watching this thread, and sent me a couple pics of his latest mod tonight. He extended the collector on his 4 into 1 exhaust quite a bit, and says he gained 2 KTAS on his already fast RV-8, as shown in multiple tests. He's having trouble posting pics, so I'll post them here, and hopefully he'll jump in with the data from Cafe and the info on powerflow exhausts he used (per his e-mail). Looks interesting, and he's considering a cowl extension to enclose it now, based on this thread. Good for more discussion!

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A Really Nice PIREP on Avery Tools

(Matt Sturgis RV-8)  "I just wanted to tell you, not sure if you are the one who pointed Bob Avery to my post about my son getting better, and starting on the RV again, but I just had to say I have never met a person or company as amazing as Avery tools. He sent me everything I needed no charge even when I specificly said I wanted to pay for them.. In the end he wouldn't take my money

The vast majority of good customer service experiences I have had have come via the RV world. People like Bob who truly care about other people, deserve all the success this country can give them.

I ended up donating the money I would have spent to Texas Childrens's Cancer research in Bob and Judy's name...."

url: www.AveryTools.com

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Mar 12, 2012.  1121z 

Following the RV-1 prototype 'on tour'....
Left monitor on the Wx.  Right monitor on the spot link (click to enlarge)

(Where's it at now?)

RVs and Aircraft Carriers ...Tobin Basford

As a Navy pilot (helicopters) I've landed on aircraft carriers (in helicopters), but, man oh man, what I'd do to land my RV on a carrier. Yesterday while flying back from lunch with my wife we spotted the Enterprise heading out for her last deployment before decommissioning. Can I use my tailwheel as a tailhook??

The Enterprise is America's oldest carrier and first nuclear powered carrier. Commissioned in 1961 she's over 50 years old!!

That's my left wing tip in the photo. The Airwing flew on not long after we took the photo. You can read about it here.

PS - For those wondering, the photo makes us look closer than we actually were. I'd estimate we were roughly 5-7 miles away and we were at 6,500'. The ship had just come out of the Chesapeake Bay and was just entering the Atlantic


Was finally able to add some pictures from the (online) newspaper ...Axel


RV-X in the Bahamas ...Will Carlton video


In The Shop
Fixed ...mistake mounting HS.

I finally finished the fix today. I've been traveling a bit and so this task got strung out a bit.

I'm very pleased with the results. I did decide to replace the angle. I removed the top deck which went very smoothly. No enlarged holes from drilling out rivets. Then I removed the old angle. I filled both holes (the small angled pilot hole and the bolt hole) in the longeron with JB weld. Later I re-drilled the bolt hole so that JB weld only remained in the angled pilot hole.

I fabricated a new angle and installed it. Before re-installing the top deck, I fabricated the gusset. Actually I made one for each side just so they match. It looks nicer. I then match drilled the gussets to the top deck so I didn't have to back drill through the holes to install the gussets.

I then re-installed the top deck, and finally installed the gussets.  (photos)

●  Forming aluminum for a cooling outlet fairing

(Dan Thompson) Gary has started an epidemic with this fairing! Haha. I talked to Gary a few weeks ago before this fairing picked up steam again. I made my first mockup out of cardboard, then used it to trace my pattern on scrap. 02 aluminum. I was going to use this as a test piece, but was too flimsy so I used the .02 piece to cut out .032 and formed that with some pliers, hammer and my work bench. Not pretty, but will allow me to test the fairing before permanent install.  continue


(Brian Carroll) 
I managed to get to the hangar after all and started roughing out the AL prototype. Should have a flyable version on Tuesday. I have a 4 pipe exhaust so will be different than others. Also looking up the lower cowl, I have a very restricted and cluttered outlet. 4 pipes, engine breather tube, exhaust hangars and heat muff in a opening smaller than factory cowl....I've got work to do.


VAF Family
Aluminum Lady is in Monthly French revue " Volez" ...Remy (Paris, France)

I do not resist to send you the first page ( in French or course) of an article issued in March edition of " Volez", a French monthly magazine talking about aircrafts, Ultralights, gliders...  Aluminium Lady was the guest for this month and is very proud to be so. The journalist was very interested by all Van's aircrafts, and as he was previously Military Pilot, he loved our test flight.  For those who want the complete article in French, please let me know.

Rosie's Flying Trip ...Craig Jace

I'm the new guy (Craig Jace) with the 6A (N133JL). Rosie flew with me from MS to So California this last weekend. Cant think of anyone who I would rather have in the seat next to me avoiding bad weather and flying over the Rockies then Paul Rosales. The time he took to make sure I got the right plane and also get the plane home safely was above and beyond. (Doesn't matter that he kept yelling at me to look out for traffic and keep airspeed at 80 when landing over the last 2 days!)

Paul gave me my first ride in his plane over a year ago and has been in contact with me since that time. Since I got the plane, Paul already has ideas for my 6A that I would not have a clue to do without his help. And I still have some transition training to finish with him. Just wanted everyone to know the kind of guy Paul is! (but you all knew that ) continue

HS/Elevators Done ...Jason Hess

Totally Off Topic

Bird Steals The Show (1min 30sec mark) ...David Maib sent me this.


Mon, Mar 11, 2012.  1133z
  Good morning!  Despite the rainy weekend here in Texas, I did manage to get in a little .3hr flight Saturday morning before the rains started.  Had that 'Oregon feel to it' - overcast, cool and damp.  Touch 'n go over at Propwash (map) and following creek beds around the area at low power with no particular mission.  Found a house that had a lap swimming pool in the back yard - one lane wide and Olympic length I'm guessing.  In the middle of cattle country.  Go figure.  After landing (90° xwind at 8kts kept it fun) got to meet a couple of guys visiting from Brazil that were up at Tina's Pilot Shop.  Both have RVs.  Nice guys.
  Today starts Spring Break in our household.  Everyone's still asleep as I type this. ;^)
  Hope you had a great weekend.

My First Passenger ...Brent Owens RV-8

My son Mitchel was my first passenger yesterday in the RV-8 he helped build. (He's 16 now). It was awesome! We had perfect conditions and he had the time of his life!  I can't wait to take him up again!

RV-1 Tour Begins ...with painted wheelpants.
     -  RV-1 Tour- Alabama and Georgia

No better way to start a weekend!!!!

   Last Friday morning at 10:33 this picture was taken of me, on the right, receiving my airworthiness certificate on N729PG. The build took 1320 hours, (quick build), spread out over five years and three months. The other pictures are one sitting on the ramp at the Foley, Al airport. I had just calibrated the Dynon fuel gauges. The last was taken last Tuesday after the first engine start and a quick taxi around the ramp. Now for some transition training then I'll see if I can persuade "two niner papa golf"... I like that... to leave the planet.
   I've been practicing my RV Grin!   more

In The Shop
Installed an AFS 5500

(Stu McCurdy) After doing my annual condition inspection, I (with the help of Deene Ogden) updated my Instrument Panel by removing the RMI Engine Monitor, Blue Mountain EFIS G3 Lite, Turn Coordinator, and VVI and cutting a new panel, then relocated the Garmin 420 and Indicator, and then installing and calibrating an AFS 5500. Also installed a TruTrak Gemini ADI as a standby ADI. Now to train my eyes to look in the right location to get info. It has Synthetic Vision and Maps to include GPS, Sectionals, IFR Low, Airport Diagrams, and Approach Plates.

VAF Family
Morning Drop Off

(Scott Mills)  Just got back from dropping the Ferry Masters off at KFTG. A breezy morning, around 15 Kts and a bit brisk. After deciphering the weather they departed and headed for a northerly route around the Rockies.

Snapped a pic once they got their gear loaded into Craig's new plane N133JL

Looked like it might be a BuMpY ride over the Rock Pile today. Winter weather is always a bit more challenging, but very doable if you are cautious and plan well. After their departure I went up and put an hour of "Cloud Chasing" on 339A.

It was our pleasure to have them bunk with us for the night. They reported that the basement digs aren't too bad if anyone else needs a place to "crash"

Larry Buller's RV-7A ...'NDrv8r' in the forums


High Altitude RV Flight

(L.Pardue)  Just an alert for those of you who don't get "Sport Aviation." I got the March 2012 issue today and found a nice article by Mike Kerzie of Arizona. Mike took his Parallel Valve IO-360 powered RV-7 to 26,900 feet about this time last year. That was the absolute altitude for that airplane at that weight on that day.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Wingtip 'delamination' and what to do, RV-6A

Recently new RV owner, picked her up in December and been enjoying ever since. I did not build it, as I know my own limitations well regarding time, projects, etc. Got a hanger full of unfinished business.  So, went out today to enjoy some Colorado spring weather and saw this on the right wingtip, on the left edge of the wingtip section adjacent to the aileron.

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Carbon fiber NACA duct- 4 inch tube

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Mar 9, 2012.  1225z
   Friday!  Last night was open house up at the elementary school.  Our son Tate is in fifth grade there, and it's our last open house (until grandkids).  The painting below was the big surprise that he had for us - accompanied his report on Dizzy Gillespie.  When I saw it I immediately thought, 'tomorrow's top story on VAF'.  You can click on it if you want some wallpaper <g>.  Thanks for letting me brag on our kid.
   Oh, and I got in a quick .2hr flight in the -6 before the storms hit yesterday.  Panorama pic after landing of the approaching storm here /
panning version.
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


A flight in to Packwood

My friend Hal_San and I depart Thun Field to test his auto pilot and headed up into the Tatoosh Wilderness to visit the small town of Packwood, just south of Mt. Rainier. A beautiful day in the dreary Northwest.

From the Factory FB Page RE: the new Rotax

"Yeah, we saw it too - Rotax has released a new fuel-injected version of their 912 engine.

We´d been aware of this project for some time, and the concept is exciting; but there are several reasons that, in its present form, the engine is not suitable for the RV-12.

Weight: The Rotax press release says the f.i. version weighs 6 kilograms more than the carbureted version. For the metrically-challenged, that´s 13.2 lbs - a significant increase and difficult to absorb, given the RV-12´s forward-cabin configuration and legally limited gross weight.

Size: The photos accompanying the Rotax press release make it quite clear that the engine will not fit in the RV-12 cowl. Re-designing the cowl and making new molds would be an expensive and time-consuming project, increasing the cost of the kits.

Cost: We haven´t seen final numbers, but the new engine is likely to be priced significantly more than the one we use.

We will consider the pros and cons of the new engine, but for now and the realistic future, we have no plans to offer it, either as a replacement for the existing engine or as an option.

For further information visit www.rotax-owner.com"


Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Firewall Forward at 1450 Hours ...Paul Dye RV-8

I mentioned on another thread that I am essentially doing a “Top Overhaul” on the Valkyrie right now due to significantly increased oil consumption and dropping compression. Of course, having everything opened up and removed is a great time for an in-depth inspection, so here are a few things that I have found:  continue

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Mar 8, 2012.  1228z

Cracked Dimple Repair.... 3/32" hole became 7/32"

Today I tried to repair a cracked dimple in the F-811 Bulkhead, but end up enlarge the hole to a size 7/32 before all the cracks are gone.

Do you guys have a better way to fix these cracks? Luckily, I don't get these often, but when i do, it's almost certain an oops rivet or even 5/32" will be used.

For this particular boo boo, Can I use a AN4 bolt to fill in that hole? Or should I leave it open and fill it with some sealant or something?

  Some Replies:

You could put an AN525-10R8 in the hole when you assemble it.
An aluminum washer under the nut would protect the structure.

It looks like you have plenty of edge distance.

The head should be to the outside.

If you wanted a little higher tech you could use a Hi-lok but I think that would be over-kill

Providing that the issue is "only" on the flange of the bulkhead, my suggestion is that you cut off the horizontal portion of the offending flange. Bend up an L shaped "scab" flange to replace the bad portion. A "scab" flange is commonly used to repair certified aircraft with a problem like this. One portion of the L is positioned against the rivet hole in the skin. The other portion lies flat against the web of the bulkhead and is riveted to the bulkhead. I had to use a number of "scab" flanges on my HS and wing main ribs, due to less than perfect manufacture of these items on my project. I have supplied a few photos, if the written description leaves you scratching your head.
For your situation, a simple L shape made from 2024-T3 of the same thickness as the bulkhead will suffice

Like Tom said, a Hi-Lok prob. would be overkill, but I would def use one over an AN525 panhead. I would recommend an HL18-8, prob. a 3 or 4 in length. You can go with an HL600 collar or an HL70 collar


Stuck flaps problem

I was doing pattern work today and on the fourth landing, when I went to deploy the electric flaps on my RV-8 they did not move. I diverted to an airport with a longer runway and did a no-flaps landing and taxied to park.

With the engine shut down I tested the flaps. There was no noise. I checked the breaker and it was fine. I applied a small amount of down pressure on the flap and tried the switch again and they worked fine.

I am not the builder so here is my question - is there a limit switch that would cause this behavior and if so, is it located at the flap motor under the cover panel at the rear passenger seat? If not then what else might it be?

I plan to open it up this weekend.

  Some Replies:

Every RV is different, but my guess is it's probably not a limit switch. The switch would naturally only prevent actuation of the flap motor in one direction. Otherwise you would never be able to deploy them when retracted or retract them when deployed.

There are a myriad of different flap setups in RVs. Perhaps a little more insight into how yours works would help. (i.e...do you hold down the switch to drop flaps or just tap once)?

My guess? You've got the classic RV flap motor failure. A simple service job can usually fix it up. I've personally never experienced it but others have

Well, there might be a limit switch if you can flip the switch to the "up" position, and when it gets all the way up, the motor turns off...does it do that? There are no limit switches in the motor itself, but many of us add them into the circuit.

However, this is not a new problem by a long run - many folks (including me) have had the problem of an intermittent flap motor - usually because grease migrates out of the gearbox and into the motor. I had to clean mine up at about 300 hours, and just had to do it again at about 1400.

It's really no big deal at all to land an RV-8 with flaps up - you might use 5 - 10% more runway. Flying a cross-country with the flaps stuck DOWN is going to be a real pain. You can sometimes get away with taking off the rear seat side cover and tapping on the motor with a screwdriver handle (or a little hammer). If they are stuck down, this might get them up to allow you to return home. All this takes is a Phillips head screwdriver to get the cover off

I have and built an RV8 and haven't had any flap problems. There is no limit switch but Vans has had problem with the electric flap motor. Check the RV service notices on the web page. Van's changed suppliers and the new ones had to much grease in the moter and caused then to short out

I've had enough flap problems with the migrating grease issue to the extent I don't use them (unless necessary) especially on a flight away from home.

Landing without flaps is a non event, flying any distance with extended flaps is a problem - its about like a Piper Cub cross country and takes for ever

Just experienced this problem on Sunday. Had to fly 40 miles home with full flaps. No warning, no sound, no nothing, just stuck there. As David, said, took like what seemed forever.

After double checking connectors, my older brother came by with a voltmeter, and found it was jetting juice at the connections to the motor. I pulled it out with a couple of 7/16 wrenches. Without any diagram or anything, he took it apart, and immediately found what he thought was the problem. Sure enough, like others have experienced, there was some grease that had worked its way to the part the brushes rest on. He took a needle, cleaned the groves, and used a cleaner so that you could see shiny copper again.

A little bit of a hassle getting it all back together, with the main issue of keeping the springs under the brushes why we slid it back down into the case. We eventually ended up using the twist ties for garbage bags, and then pulled them out after we got the brushes to stay put. I'm sure others have easier ways of doing it that they have discovered.

Works great now, and the best part was, the local A&P mechanic said you can’t fix those, you have to buy new motors

wd-409 tailwheel, F-711, pull

Need a little guidence.
I drilled a #30 pilot hole for the AN4 bolts that attach the WD-409 tailwheel assy to the F-711 bulckhead.

Refering to the picture below. I only have 0.300" from center to the edge. At a minimum I think I need 0.375"; this would give me [1.5 x bolt diameter] edge distance.

How can I pull this hole before final drilling to 1/4"? Or is 0.300" good enough? (once drilled it will only be only 1/8" from edge of hole to edge. 

In The Shop....
Practice makes perfect

Like any acquired skill, if you stop using it your proficiency goes down hill quick. At my airline if you haven't flown for 60days you are required to jump in the sim for training.

So since i'm getting back to working on the -8 for the first time in well over a year, you can imagine my reservations about shooting rivets again. To make matters worse my first rivets back are the wing ribs to the spars.

So I decided to take out the scrap pieces I used when first learning. I bucked and drilled out about 20 470 rivets before I was ready to take on the ribs and spars. Very happy with my results, nothing to drill out and not a single ...

VAF Family
Tim Dawson-Townsend and Anton Nielsen Get Some Press

Hat Sighting ...Matt Mulder

Just a quick note to say I came home yesterday evening to find that my VAF hat had a new owner. My best sighting yet.

Dog (Max) Loves RV-10

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Mar 7, 2012.  1138z

Rest in Peace: Mr. Anthony Johnson, the Island Monkey

(from Stephen Humphrey, regarding our online friend Anthony Johnson)

I'm sorry to share that our friend Anthony Johnson, who contributed often here with the username islandmonkey and who kept a wonderful build-log for his RV-3 and RV-4 projects, is reported by his partner Christiane to have passed in his Uster hospital near Zurich from the ravages of cancer he had been fighting since November, and which he wrote about eloquently in this thread.

Tony was always a model citizen in the VAF community. His final post here last month was an offer to help Bob Axsom upgrade the power in Bob's plane whenever Tony next flew to the United States. His second to the last post was a touching story of losing a favorite dog Levis and gaining "Me Dags"--Snoopy, Floyd, and Windy--a post he wrote to help console Dayton Murdock when Dayton lost his lab Walter. These and all his prior posts showed all the characteristics of a fine man: Friendly, Helpful, Good Humored, Patriotic. It will be easy to remember Tony for the rest of my life as an example of the kind of person I want to be.

Tony is preceded in passing by his father David and his mother Sarah. He is survived by his lovely partner of eight years Christiane, his daughter Louisa, his son Paul, his daughter-in-law Claire, his sister Mary, and many loving family members.

For the last several weeks, Tony and Chrissie wore "Hang Tough" bracelets which were gifted to him by Mannan Thomason. He was thrilled by these bright yellow bands and spoke of them often, especially when he was struggling on hard days. "Hang Tough" became his motto, and that he did, right to the end.

Hang Tough, Tony! Rest Well, and Blue Skies, our friend, until we meet again.

Video first engine start March 5, 2012 ...Paul Gray RV-7A

Well yesterday, I confirmed there is fire in the belly of my aircraft. After belching a little smoke she agreed to cooperate. The first engine run and a short taxi went fine. I did discover I have a connection problem with my strobes though. I suspect I know right were the problem is and it should be an easy fix. DAR will be here Friday... looking forward to getting that over with. As the build draws to a close I've been excited but now, I'm really excited! Here's the you tube link to the video.


Strange leak what is it? ...Vlad

It is not fuel. I opened the covers and checked with mirror. It's not oil too far from the engine. It's not brake fluid all connections checked. Tubes inspected inside, penetrating AN fitting clean fluid level normal.

The spot looks sticky and greasy. Doesn't smell. I didn't taste it <g>.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
ECI Cerminil Cylinder – Service Life Experience...Paul Dye

The engine in the Valkyrie (my RV-8) was built in early 2005 out of all ECI components, and has been one of the smoothest running engines I have ever flown behind (others have remarked on that – it’s not just me!). Smooth and powerful - but it has never had what I would call “great” oil consumption – the best being about 8 hours to the quart, the average being closer to 6.5 hrs/quart. While the engine has continued to run great, the past year has seen increased oil consumption and, more recently, decreasing compression. I finally decided to go ahead and pull the jugs and do at least a re-ringing job.  continue

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.

Tue, Mar 6, 2012.  1215z
   How many times do you think the RV-1 prototype will ever be parked next to your RV?  Yeah, I was guessing the same number.  Danny called the other night and said it was in his hanger (I rent a corner from him).  It was there over the weekend so he could deliver it down to GLO Custom paint shop for some touchup starting Monday morning early.  After the kids got off to school I made a special trip out just to get a photo for my scrapbook.
   I sat in it one more time (still small).  That it's almost exactly the same age as me gives me big smile.  The date on the data plate shows 8-16-65 (eight days before I was born).  It also makes me smile knowing my kid's signature is on the baffle under that cowl.  On the left side. 

#1 and Flash.

Cowl Comparison - Real Numbers ...DanH

As mentioned elsewhere, Ken Kopp, Sonny Wiersema, and yours truly have instrumented our cowls to gather no-nonsense hard numbers. There are multiple goals.

The key here is to develop simple methods any RV owner can use to gather the same information. We want benchmarks directly comparable across the entire line, and certainly across RV's of a particular model. With standard methods and benchmarks, any RV owner can compare his cooling performance to known values.

We also wish to compare different cowl models and modifications. We want (within reason) precisely measured results, and more important, insight into why we got those results.

Of course we all have personal reasons, questions, ideas, and problems. You've seen Ken's clever adaptation of a variable exit specific to the RV-8, a fine example of an individual project helped along by the group project. We know it works....because we have methods and measurements.

Last, it's fun.

So, plenty of interesting things to tell in due course. Please be patient. For now, we have a job opening. We want a fourth member for our little band.

The New Guy will have a very specific airplane; an RV-8, fixed pitch, 180 horse parallel valve, with a James cowl and plenum. If interested, you should expect to mount piccolo tubes above and below your engine and run small diameter soft tubing to the cockpit. You'll also need to tap your aircraft static system. Last, you'll buy or borrow a manometer. (The Chinese import available on Ebay at $45 delivered turned out to be a good tool; we've all bought one.) We'll walk you through the installation and the flight tests to gather basic pressure data....and more if you want.

Any takers?

In The Shop....
Plan Revisions RV-12 ...dated posted 2/29/2012

Wings on ...Pat Garboden

We moved the plane to the hanger last month and began the process of attaching the wings and tail. Here we have the wings final set with horizontal and vertical stabilizer attached. This month we plan on attaching all the control surfaces and final wire to the terminal ends. Still a long way to go but it was nice to see progress after nearly 600 man hours of prep, primer and paint. We still have some buffing to do then wax and rebuff. Mechanical work first.

What is this port on the spider for-

I'm wondering what the open port on the pics below is for? (Lyc IO-360).  It's marked "GAGE" so maybe it's for a fuel-pressure gage?

I'm using the fuel pressure sensor on the firewall according to the drawings, so no need for a gage port here.  If so, I guess I can just blank it out? (I have a suitable fitting)

March/April ...now online.  36 pages.

Totally Off Topic

Cool Video  ....Dave Nellis showed me this (watch it HD and full screen!)

Mon, Mar 5, 2012.  1233z
   Good morning!  Regarding the Economic Musings and Dreams of Low and Slow
RV Flight (RV-15?) document I pushed out last Friday morning, I'm pleasantly surprised to report (77) people emailed me and asked for their name to be added to the 'I would start building this right now' list.  Addendum published today, addressing some questions raised (and a few more thoughts).  Seventy two hours.....seventy three people.
   Hope you have a great Monday!

Addendum to the bare bones RV test balloon that I floated up last Friday

...addendum added to last page of the document, and duplicated below.

   Some people have asked how I got my '$20K in the air' RV-15 figure.  Van's sells the RV-12 wing for $5,700 (includes their profit margin).  The KK-1 was built and flown by two Van's employees as a side project for $8,500 - including powerplant.  It still flies today.  We don't need the KK-1 wing....but I went ahead and included it in the price anyway.  The RV-12 wing and the KK-1 together total $14,200.  I tacked on another 45% for more profit, some basic avionics in addition to what the KK-1 had, and a little more just for good measure, bringing the total to $20,500.
   What I was hoping to determine with all this is to see if there is quantifiable interest during our country's economic meltdown of a bare bones RV.  In other words, what is the least expensive pre-punch model Van's could get out the door quickly?  As in six months to flying the prototype quick.  There are a few models out there quasi-similar to this, but those do not already reside on Van's hard drives as CAD files ready to load into Trumpf TruMatic punch presses (RV-12 and KK-1).  And none of them go together with the speed (pull rivets), documentation and pre-punched accuracy of an RV-12 kit.
   How many unfinished RV-6/6A/7/7A/8/8A/9/9A/10/12 projects still needing $40,000 or more in parts to get airborne are setting in garages around the planet on indefinite hold due to our lackluster economy and unstable job market?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  These wonderful folks are completely sold on the Van's product, so much so they put a lot of their money down.  But, the economics changed in mid-build.  Stats say 50% of the builders will get divorced.  That certainly effects cashflow.  Their dream of RV flight is on hold, if not gone.  I ate lunch with a guy last Thursday who has been working on his RV-6 for 14 years - three of which it sat untouched.
   What percentage of these builders could, right now, afford to build this RV-BB (bare bones) in the mean time and fly it now.  If and when times get better, they can continue with construction on their higher performance model RV.  Then they would have the best of both worlds on the rebound - two RVs that allow for different, complimentary missions.
   A few folks have chimed in saying that unless it has 2-seats they aren't interested.  I would respectfully suggest they pursue one of the eleven* existing RV models that already have two or more seats (I myself have one - and love it!).  I'm pushing a 1-holer in this particular instance for a very specific reason: least expensive flying RV possible for everyone involved (factory to design and customer to build).  The wing is designed and already in the computer ready to punch out.  Same with the tail group and firewall forward.  And as for 'Total Performance', with full-span flaperons (RV-12 wing) and weighing in at somewhere between 500-600 lbs, it might take off and land within the length of the Aurora, OR runway numbers.
   A few have asked about the engine.  Well, I don't know what they would want to use, but the KK-1 used a VW (info), the same as Sonex's Sonex, Waiex, Xenos and about 60 other VW powered designs over the past 40 years.  Direct drive, air cooled and lots to choose from for under $5K.  No PRSU to worry about.  Sure it's a tractor engine.  I like tractors.  They help you out when you're in a bind.
   During the last 365 days I made 137 RV flights.  All but 15 of those were solo (89%).  Ten of those 15 were for IFR training, so the percentage would have actually been 96% had I not been doing that.  This data, gathered over the course of a year, shows my true mission to be solo flight.  And my economic circumstances have certainly changed (whose hasn't?).  Funds are going to be tight for the next 8-10 years in our family.
   Will there ever be an RV-15 like this?  I have no idea.  But sometime down the road, as car/avgas, hangar rent, insurance and engine costs continue to rise (they never fall), it is comforting to at least know there is real, concrete RV community demand for something like this in our favorite factory's lineup.
   Vans sells their slow build RV-3 kit for $15,000.  The needing-more-aluminum 2-seat RV-4 is $16,930.  If they offered an RV-'BB' kit for somewhere in the middle, having only to design a fuselage from the firewall back to the start of the vertical stabilizer, it would get in the air MUCH cheaper than any RV-3.
   There will always be folks with plenty of money that can order any model Van's puts out.  I'm just not one of those guys (but I'm trying).  A gentleman from Spain emailed me (to add his name), and said his last fill up on his RV-8 was $460 USD.
   Where's the break even point for this idea to work?  I haven't a clue.  But in the 72 hours since the document went live last Friday,
73 people have emailed me and asked to have their name placed on the 'ready to order now' list.
   Along those lines, my RV-3 QB wing kit (untouched) and RV-3 fuse kit (untouched) are for sale - can't afford to finish it.  Daughter on short final for college...our son is on left downwind with college in sight.

        * RV-4 / 6 / 6A / 7 / 7A / 8 / 8A / 9 / 9A / 10 / 12

RV-1 Volunteer & Vendor Appreciation Day
  - Ernie Butcher
  - Larry Pardue
  - Marthajane King

RV ice cream social PIREP ...Axel

The ice cream social went very well. The weather could have not been any better. We consumed 6 gallons of ice cream, 3 bottles of chocolate syrup, 2 of caramel, 4 cans of cherries, 3 bags of M&M, 2 bags of Reese’s pieces, a container of peanuts, four 2-liter root beer bottles and 4 cases of water. We estimate about 150 people and 35 airplanes.

I would like to thank everyone that came and spent their time with us. My apologies for not being able to speak with everyone for a significant amount of time. I feel really bad about it. I was extremely busy today. This event has grown every year, hence the reason we moved. Hope we can continue to entertain the group for many more years. I was so busy that I did not take any pictures, count the number of planes or people. If you have a few nice pictures, my wife and I would love to see them.  continue

  - Photos

Vetterman Exhaust News ...Paul Berg RV-8

I'm sending the following pictures at the request of Larry Vetterman of my four pipe double heat muff system on my RV8.


VAF Family
Nice job Tanya Card!!

Flying pics of Dan Benua's RV-3 ...Joe Blank

1st engine start RV8 SP

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Flying joined two strangers from two different countries: a man and a women.

A common dream was the spark of a challenge, a flight around the world, and love for each other made them husband and wife in the middle of their adventure.

How can such a dream come true, with a low budget?
What are the sacrifices that have to be done, to make this flight a reality?
What does this flight imply, other than being a pilot?
Which is the right airplane, for this purpose?
Where is that airplane that consumes the least gas?
So many questions, so many sleepless nights, so many defiances.

But one day this dream transformed into a reality. A plane was born from thousands of aluminium pieces, a journey was planned. A journey of 240.000 Km or 150,000 miles, six times around the world.

The first part is done: from the tip of Florida, USA, to the end of the world: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Then to the Andes of Peru, to the far away Galapagos Islands, 1.100 miles, a 6 hours flight over the vast Pacific Ocean with no landing possibilities. Returning back to the States, flying from West to East, and South to North.

The travel is a free spirit, and so is our flight. Improvisation and surprises were encountered, and the most important of all: many friends, many people that shared with us a part of their lifes, a part of their knowledge.

Come and join them in their adventure, learn how also your dream can come true.
It does not matter which dream you have, it does not matter if your ambition is to sail or to climb a mountain, for what really matters is to have a dream and to make them come true.

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What a spectacular DVD for a great gift

Totally Off Topic

My daughter sent me this...

Friday, Mar 2, 2012.  1129z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

Economic Musings and Dreams of Low and Slow RV Flight (RV-15?)
       ...please read this and email me if you are interested in it.

RV-15 someday?  You never know...

Crude First Flight Video ...Bryan Douglass RV-10


Tip- Don’t Overtighten Fuel Sender Connection Screws!

One of the minor squawks we have had on our RV-3 has been an intermittent left fuel sender. Well, it started out intermittent, then went from “mostly dead” to “all dead” after awhile. Since we use the extremely accurate totalizer for fuel management, this was just an annoyance that we wanted to fix before the paint shop, and with the week’s forecast calling for continued glop, Louise and I figured it was a good tie to tackle it.  continue

In The Shop....

VAF Family
Rest in Peace: Rachel Winkler, former manager of O61 ...Mike Starkey's neighbor.

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Exit Drag Testing ...Ken K

I've been conducting pressure, temperature and drag survey tests on the stock and modified RV-8 cowling for several months now and thought I'd share some results.

Need to throw out a teaser first - Dan Horton, Sonny Wiersema and I have instrumented our RV8 cowls with Piccolo tubes and co-axial dynamic pressure probes, which Dan elegantly crafted in his usual expert manner, connected to digital water manometers. Each of us has a different cowl configuration: Dan has a plenum with modified inlets and exit, Sonny has a Sam James and I have the stock RV8 (although I've modified it with an exit nozzle and variable exit flap now). The purpose of our testing was to compare the various cowl configurations and develop comparisons in pressure recovery and a metric for cooling efficiency. We will release our findings when we are complete with all the testing....look for it - we think you'll find it very interesting and helpful!  continue

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Mar 1, 2012.  1226z

March Calendar Wallpaper Online. ...RV-1 in the flare.

Listen to the RV-1 Webinar if you missed it

.....a.k.a. an hour of your work day spent well.

February 29, 2012 - The history and restoration of the original RV-1 with a very special guest, Dick VanGrunsven. The RV-1 is owned by Friends of the RV-1, currently undergoing a full restoration for a 2012 flying tour before being presented to the EAA Museum at AV 2012

71 minutes, 16 seconds

related: RV-1 Fly-In / Party details ...this Saturday

A day trip to Key West ...Ted Chang

It has been a few months since we made our big trip. Today we decided to make a day trip to Key West. We decided to bring our folding bikes (thanks to Alfio for introducing Dahon bikes to us) for local transportation. Key West is about 300 nm from where we live. The best route is direct KMTH, then KEYW. On the way, we picked 2IS (Airglades) as our fuel stop (my wife always say that pilots consider filling cheaper gas a game). We were planning to leave early, have lunch at Key West, then come back for dinner. This morning most of the area were covered by dense fog. We waited until almost ten before we departed.  continue

OK, I think this works

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Tank Leak and Green Peanut Butter

I didn't build my RV, I bought it. I mostly learn from this forum and don't have much to give back. Hopefully the following will help someone.

Round about December I noticed a fuel streak near the right wing root. I pulled the root fairing and found this.  continue

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We now carry Pig Form-A-Funnel® Tool in small and large sizes. Form-A-Funnel® Tool is a rubber coated, moldable flat sheet of ultra soft aluminum alloy that allows you to drain oil from aircraft oil filters without making a huge mess. It's far easier to use than the "bread bag" method and is a snap to clean up. Check it out. If we didn't love it, we wouldn't sell it!  continue

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When students find an Anagram Generator online....