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Thu Feb 28, 2013

Big Bear to Carson City:...Louise Hose
- Antelope Valley - Owens Valley - Bishop
(photo album)

Origins of the RV-14 fuel cap ...Ed Hicks

Where my fire extinguisher lives ...Richard Connell

Quick Guide to OSH'13 Changes

How is everybody doing?...Vlad
It's been a while I posted here. How is everybody here on VAF doing? Heard a lot of things happened within last months. Somebody got retired and somebody newly hired
  Long story short I lost my old job 67 days ago and just got hired again. Feels good to be back in the workforce. Not easy these days to get a job. Especially for those who had the same job for many years. Thanks VAFers for good wishes and support. Personal thanks to Doug who emailed me next day and offered help. Thanks to my multiple "cousins" for good references and suggestions I do appreciate it. Thanks Glen and Mark you guys were ready to shelter my RV if things wouldn't go as planned.
  Everything is stabilizing now but flying will be scaled down considerably. Sequestration of burnable budget is the primary reason. Pay is less and work is more. There will be no monster trips this year and paint job is postponed again.
  The plane is based in NJ at Princeton airport. My hangar mate is building a 12 and I would love to be involved in his project. Anyway, anybody in the vicinity who has nothing to do, stop by Hangar #3 at 39N every Saturday and say hi .

Sitting on the grass strip at home ...jordanRV6


Wed Feb 27, 2013

Ready to go ....Robert Neilsen of Flower Mound, TX

Willamette Aviation (north end Aurora State Airport - KUAO) conducts monthly Second Saturday Seminars in their education hangar
  The March 9th event will address experimental amateur-built (E-AB) aircraft safety. This seminar should be of interest to anyone building, buying or flying an E-AB aircraft or considering doing so. The program begins at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 1:00 p.m. Lunch can be ordered through Willamette Aviation. Attendees will earn FAA WINGS credit.
  Seminar Panel Members:
Jim Hultgrien: PDX FSDO, FAASTeam Program Manager, NW Mountain Region
- Gil Hutchison: Long time EZ flyer/racer (and high school buddy of Burt Rutan)
- Scott McDaniels: Head of Van´s Aircraft Prototype Shop
- Mike Seager: Long time RV CFI conducting transition training
- Dick VanGrunsven: Designer and founder of Van's Aircraft

March Sport Aviation Online

Some RVs/RVators in the Issue:
Terry Lutz...pg 13

Brady/Don Elliott ...pg 40

pg 55

pg 92 ...Mario Alexay

I found that I could mount mine on the flap coer in front of the rear passenger.
   ...RV-10 fire extinguisher

Robert Goyer Photo Tour of Van's Aircraft   
   ...Flying Magazine


Fresh off the bench at SteinAir...

Engine Oil Return Port Options

The NTSB determines the probable cause of this RV-7A accident to be:
  "The pilot's improper fuel management, which resulted in a total loss of engine power due to fuel starvation, and the subsequent nose-over during the forced landing."
     pg 1

     pg 2

WTB- RV6(A) Left Fuel Tank (AOG - Birdstrike)
  In need of LEFT Fuel tank for RV6.
Quickbuild **might** work.  If you got one you might part with give me a holler. Otherwise is proseal time. :-(
  Need to get back in the air ASAP (Air Show season approacheths).  Evan cannot get to me for TWO MONTHS!
  Large flying creature took on "Papa Juliette" and lost but "PJ" suffered major damage to fuel tank.
"CB" ... Team AeroDynamix
jclarkmail (over there at) gmail.com
803 238 2113

Give the finger ... for safety

Press Release: www.AeroLEDs


Mon Feb 25, 2013

N52KS on the ice runway at Alton Bay, NH ...Tim Dawson-Townsend

My RV-4FB going on 4 years old

Fired the 20,000th rivet !
  "Bekah and I finished riveting the last skin on Saturday. What a great feeling to have the riveting behind us! :-)
  Now on to the weigh in, running fuel through the system, doing some FAA paperwork and a few other odds and ends, then seeing if the noisy thing on the front works !
  Heading down to Mike Seagar in Mid March for Transition Training" (more)

TK's RV-8 Build Update in Pictures

Bubbles in Paint...fuel tank.

Probable Cause: RV-6 (adopted 11/7/12)
  "The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:  The pilot's inadvertent use of the wheel brakes during touchdown and his failure to maintain directional control. Contributing to the accident was the flight instructor's delayed remedial action."
fmi: NTSB (accident #: ERA12LA456)

9/9A Tailcone Fitment issue

Probable Cause: RV-6 (adopted 8/15/12)
  "The pilot contacted his friend and told him to be at the beach and watch for the airplane. The friend reported that he saw the airplane make about three passes up and down the beach. On the third pass, the airplane made a steep left turn, which the friend believed resulted in a stall. The pilot reported that, as he arrived at the peninsula, he proceeded across the shoreline, crossed the beach, and dropped to an altitude of about 100 feet above ground level. He made a right turn, and then, after passing the bridge, he made a tight left turn and “felt a bump/drop, as if my left wing lost lift.” He leveled off, slightly nose high, and headed in an east to southeast direction. The pilot could not recall any further details of the accident. The airplane impacted just offshore in about 5 feet of water, and the forward fuselage sustained substantial damage. The airplane’s sudden wing drop is consistent with an aerodynamic stall.
  The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be: The pilot’s low altitude maneuvering, which resulted in an inadvertent stall and subsequent impact with the water."
fmi: NTSB (accident #: CEN12CA294)


Mon Feb 25, 2013
  Friday avgas was $4.35 at KSWI (47nm away) and $5.05 on my field (raised to $5.25 Saturday).  Seventy cent per gallon spread....no brainer.  Since I needed at least 25 gallons, the savings gave me about an hour of flying at low power for a tad over $10.  15" of MP and 22mpg.  Half hour there and half hour back, following creeks and looking for deer.  The last time I logged over 1 hour in the RV was Dec 8th, and the last time I filled up was Jan 7th (my flights are usually .2hr).  The wifey and I are in full blown college save mode, you have probably surmised by now. ;^)
Just for giggles I started the exercise app on my phone before takeoff, the free app that logs how much I've jogged/run/walked/crawled/thrown up (
runkeeper.com).  While most of the tracking info was n/a (burned 758 calories while flying?), the track over the map wasn't half bad as a free 'where I flew' record.  Some screen captures below, along with a pic of the ag plane boneyard over near Sherman.  I'd like to walk that someday if I could get permission.  In boots.  With a snake bite kit.
  Hope you got some time off the surface this weekend, also. 

Shocking Reminder ...DanH
   "I reached for the dripping valve......and discharged a fat blue lightning bolt about an 1/8" long directly to the wet brass."

I got to fly the Jabiru 3300

What to do after you land?


Strange crack in skin. Why would this happen?

Kids and RVs

The RV Photoshopping Continues....

Stupid Trim Tab!

  "Please take a fresh look at Aircraft Extras, Inc. custom aircraft interiors. Presenty, we are offering interiors for models RV-6, RV-7, and RV-9. If you would like to purchase interiors for other models, please contact us. Choose your own materials and we will make your seats, armrests, and stick boots. The seats feature an inflatable lumbar support. An optional EZ-Step can be incorporated in the seat. Also, check out our newest products at www.aircraftextras.com."
Rich Meske P.E


Fri Feb 22, 2013
  I'd like to wish my Mom a very happy birthday, and all of you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

(Stu McCurdy) Falcon Flight recently conducted our "Rub The Rust Off" rendezvous to get ready for the 2013 Airshow season. Briefed a little, practiced a little and took a few pics. Here's one that was taken by our staff photographer "Red Walker".

The hi-res VansAirForce.net logo is now online for the cap/shirt you're wanting
 ...special thanks to Adam Burch.

Last Week of Avery Tools Sale

My First Row Of Skin Rivets. Is The Gap Normal ...Mike Buckler RV-14 wing

My Good Side ...John Canty

RV-10 Panel ...Charlie Waffles
Here's a slightly improved picture as some people asked for better clarity of a few items.

Northwest Sport Air Races ...2013

My trim system failed yesterday! ...Pierre RV-10
  As I levelled off at 2500' yesterday, I needed some down trim so I pushed the button...WHOA!!...it pitched UP!
  The trim indicator bars worked but not the real trim, so I immediately landed. On the ground, I looked over my shoulder at the trim tabs and heard the trim motor running, both up and down, but no motion of the two tabs, so I got out and walked back there.
  Grabbing a trim tab, I moved it up and down, the other one accompanying it!


Thu Feb 21, 2013

New Team AeroDynamix Video...Sebring

It has begun
  My dad has just ordered an RV-10QB kit and should be here in 10 days. He does not have an account on here so i will be asking the questions and documenting the build for him. I am looking forward to building with my dad and getting the support from this community. For a little back ground he is a retired mechanical engineer, and I am going to college for mechanical engineering. I will go ahead and say thanks for all the input that will be received.
Matt German
Lees Summit, Missouri

Requesting Panel Layout Feedback

An Expensive Flight!
  Just wanted to say thanks to Dave (mtnflyer) for the intro to RV's today. What a phenomenal aircraft! Only downside, I fear, is that the bank account is going to have a hurtin' put on it. Now, if I could only hit the Powerball, it would make this sooooo much easier!
Ron Hasenbeck
Summerland Key, Florida

Factory Hobbs Meter
  As of February 20, 2013 8,036 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!

Van's RV-10 Build Vid #201. Fuse Inventory 1


Wed Feb 20, 2013

Getting engaged AND painting the hangar floor in the same weekend.
 ... David LaSala

Lower baffle tie
  I followed Vans directions in making this lower baffle tie. Does it look acceptable?
  Also do you know if the steel rods that are used in the hinges for the cowl are the same stuff that is used for the baffle ties. I messed up my first attempt and I have some of the rod left over from the cowl. I measured it with my calipers and it is exactly the same thickness.

Albany Formation Flying Team Greet the Celebrity Solst
  ...video.  "Spectacular scenery as a group of RV pilots fly in formation over the cruise ship 'Celebrity Solstice' on its arrival to the Albany harbour port."

Nice Video of RVs Enjoying the Countryside ...France I think.

227kt GS...John Mastro RV-8

J channel flub

More Mancave Art - You're Going to Want One

 9A First Flight Video (38min) ...Tanner Evans video


Tue Feb 19, 2013

Death Valley (part 1)...Kelly Johnson
So, I have this airplane that I built in my garage. I hear these are pretty good for flying fast and far. I really haven't flown mine all that far yet so I was looking for some time and an excuse. Well, this holiday weekend came up (Presidents Day) so I had the time. Now I needed an excuse. Well, I've never been to the lowest airport in North America. I've never been to the driest place in North America. And I've never been to the place that has had the highest official recorded temperature in the world (sorry El Azizia, Libya). I could kill all three birds with one flight. So yesterday, 2/17/13, I killed said birds. (continue)

N964JB Construction Log and First Flights Video ...Jason Tremble 7A

Pitot route to Skyview ADAHRS

Wind Prediction

MT prop spitting grease after overhaul

Typical Holiday Mission ...Larry Pardue
  [ed.  I very much enjoy my friend Larry's RV outings.  A mix of RV flight, southwestern scenery and geology with maybe a little wildlife thrown in. dr]

ECi Announces Engine Assembly Program


Mon Feb 18, 2013

Jim Thorne's RV-7A in F-86 Sabre paint...Pat Dulaney photo

Nice day to fly! ...Pete Howell

Solo! (Another Eagle leaves the nest)
  Ross Porter (RPorter on here) just called me to let me know he had soloed. I'm sorry I wasn't there, but couldn't be more proud. Ross was the Student Project Manager on the very first ENP, and in from day one. That is three from the Eagle's Nest One build (the first was about a year ago and not in EN-1, the second Jan 4 on the pilot's 16th birthday, we believe a FIRST for a builder.) We will have at least four more from that build, maybe a couple more. That will be over half of those involved with the build. With over 100 kids introduced to aircraft building, we expect many more after that.
  The RV-12 is a great trainer. It does everything you ask of it, and has no bad habits. Eagle's Nest is well into phase two (flight training) and fulfilling my belief that kids ARE still interested in aviation, and can be brought in to fill our thinning ranks. Many thanks to our mentors and other volunteers, especially Ron Huddleston, volunteer CFI. I want to thank those here who have helped make this possible, and remind the rest that we do have a place for you.
  Let Ross know how you feel about this!

Elec System Integration - Comments?

The Photoshopping continues...

Factory Closed Today ...President's Day
  Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web Orders placed after 12PM noon (Pacific Time) on Friday, February 15th will be processed on Tuesday February 19th.

Finding your comfort zone
  Picture the scenario:
  100 miles over open ocean in a single engine homebuilt shortly after departure.
  Green and yellow bands of rain shortly after departure.
  Endure this condition for an hour or more, IFR, while climbing and taking clearances over the radio.
  Three trusting passengers whose lives you're responsible for!

Tina's Pilot Shop 'Doug Sent Me' Discount

Tanks Continue
  ...Eric RV-8 (Cessy, France)

Panel Update ...Brantel


Fri Feb 15, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

Robin Marks -8A (more)

One of My Favorite Types of Flights
  I got in a short 15min flight yesterday morning after pushing out the site, and was lucky enough to spot (11) deer.  I watch the tree lines on nearly every flight looking for turkeys, wild pigs, coyotes and deer - put a total in the logbook entry.  Plodding along the creeks around our local area between towns at 500' agl, 16"MP, 6.5gph...wishing I had a corn dispenser under the plane to give 'em a snack.
  Simple, affordable pleasures....$21 in avgas on this flight, best I can calculate.

(8) in one shot...some under the trees.  There were three more under the trees that I found later while going over the pics:

(11) deer annotated in Photoshop:

The Photoshop'd RVs continue....

Use a cotter pin here?

RV-12 Emp/Tailcone Cradle


Alumicard ...Bill R.

Safety Wire for Alt tension arm bolts



Thu Feb 14, 2013

Lake Havasu Formation Clinic
A Formation clinic was held at Lake Havasu AZ over last weekend. This clinic was a first for Arizona.  We had a safe and enjoyable clinic despite the cold front that passed through on Friday. This clinic included 30 RV's and three Thorp T-18’s .
Photo's by Pat Dulaney- below is the "London Bridge". (more)

Painted ...Jim Kiloh RV-7A

Show us your best picture of your RV Photoshop'd

Key West!  ....Pierre rubs it in.

  out Pierre's RV-10 window.

  Google Earth

Charlie's RV ...welcome.

Sensenich Ground-Adjustable Propeller.
...on the factory FB page
  "It´s finally here!
  We can now accept orders for the new Sensenich ground-adjustable propeller." (more)


Wed Feb 13, 2013

Matt Giordano Sr.(and Jr.) RV-8 N861MM

Elevator E-713 Counterweight Hole
  OK don't know why this happened but when dimpling e-713 counter weight I got a crack. Is this trash bin or not?

Best thing since pre punched skins
  I finally broke down and built a rotisserie for my fuselage. Made a big difference on installing parts on the inside of the fuse. Also made painting the inside a lot easier. I recommend it for anyone.

RVs and Photoshop...could be the start of a nice thread

Good example of when to call Van's

Budget Sight Gauge

Build the RV you want ...discussion.


Tue Feb 12, 2013
  I flew for the first time in (18) days yesterday.  A little 12 minute hop around the local area a day after a storm system pushed through.  Great viz and cool temps.  Felt nice to get off the surface.  dr

'maxpearcy' RV-4

"...the only two color control surface was the rudder, as mentioned this made painting easier. I tried to stay away from straight lines on the wings; the wings are square and straight lines add to it. The only other advice I have would be to make sure any accent stripes are wide enough to see them. You see a lot of stripes so thin that they are only visible on close inspection."

Parking RV's in the 110 degree desert?

RV-10 flight with Audio Input

RV-14 Wing Revision (2/8/13)
  ...on the factory site

Panel Upgrade Status: Brian Chesteen

How to make an RV-3 cowl look really sharp! ...Tony Spicer

-9A Weight & Balance ...Peter McCoy
  Ok, things are really starting to move along. This photo has my plane up on scales. Yep, I am a fat boy! The scales came in at 1,140 lbs. That creates a Center of Gravity (CG) of 77.51. For a Vans RV9A, that CG number works out just fine. At my current weight I can carry myself, fuel fuel and just under 200 more pounds in the 9A. Yes, 'I' am on a diet. That will be the best way to carry more load. Shed some pounds off the belly, and fly with additional weight in the plane. I am now walking 10,000 steps a day and watching what I eat. Five pounds down so far!

Fuel Injection 101 Class Mar 1-3
 ....Don at Airflow Performance


Mon Feb 11, 2013
  If you'll permit me a little bragging, our son reclaimed 1st chair on trumpet in 6th grade band this past Friday.  Hope you had a nice weekend.  dr

Bob Leffler RV-10 Getting Close (more)
...wings on for good!

Mark's RV-10 Panel...the bar gets set higher!
  Here's my completed and installed panel in my RV-10. Specifications below. All work was performed by myself.

Forward Fuselage Wire Runs ...bruceh
  I ran wires down both sides of the center tunnel. There is no crossing over of wires in the tunnel or at the spar. If a wire needed to be on the left side, it goes down the left and likewise for the right. Some wires go in front of the spar and use the outboard pass throughs, others use the pass throughs in the center tunnel

Tail Kit - Check! ...Rob K.
  I'm happy to announce we completed the tail kit yesterday after 180 hrs, spread over 18.7 weeks. (I was away from home for four of those weeks, but I have been able to maintain a 10 hr/week construction schedule despite my travel requirements.) There's a few items on my punch list including the tips, and I may rework the trim tab, but otherwise it's complete!
  On to the wings!!

Hello ...David Oakes -7
  Just want to say hello.
I am new to the site, my RV7A is complete and airworthy according to the FAA.  But it has not flown because the weather and my Florida experience did not cooperate.
  I will be back in Central Indiana in March and maybe the weather will be good to do the first flight.
  It is N1243A and slider, 2 Dynon SV; SL30; VP-X Sport; IO-360, CS prop.
This has been my first total build, but have done rebuilds (C-170) and tail of RV-10. Thanks to all who helped me along the way, glad to be done.

How do I drill between wing wall ribs conduit?

Canopy center rail fit into receptacle

Getting there....Ken Owen RV-14


Fri Feb 8, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

RV-12 First Flight Write-up...Dave Gamble

Built my RV-9......in ONE Day!!

Biggest oops so far
  I bought my -7A with the empennage mostly complete, so I get to make my newbie mistakes on the wing. How exciting!

Manifold Pressure Reading Fluctuations

Feb EAA Experimenter Online

Advice Needed...riveting ding

Ongoing Maintenance Update: Bill R. RV-9
  With just 103 hours on the new engine (O-360) I found the baffle cracked vertically just aft of the #4 cylinder, where it supports the oil cooler. This surprised me because I thought the plenum would have offered enough support, but apparently not.
  Rather than try doing the same thing I had done with the O-290 I elected to nestle a piece of heavy duty aluminum angle in the corner. I rounded the edge of the AA and riveted it to some new baffle pieces from Van’s. In addition, I widened the spacing for the oil cooler holes so it would better fit the Stewart-Warner cooler I installed.
  With well over 100 hours on this fix, there isn’t any sign of cracking.

CNC Panel fresh out of www.UpNorthAviation.com




$3.00 FLAT RATE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $100.00 VALUE (shipping in US only on this offer).  

TOOL KITS – BUY A TOOL KIT DURING THIS SALE AND GET $3.00 SHIPPING ON YOUR TOOL KIT (savings of $30 to $60 off shipping – in US only). 




Thu Feb 7, 2013

New Paint Job ...N567VB

Severice Bulletin 13-2-6 Issued ...RV-12 Chafing Coolant Hose at Engine Mount
   related: thread

Q: Cot or air mattress?
     ...airshow season approacheth!

A: Cot.
A (alternate): Air Mattress.

200kt GS Club ...newest entry Bernardo Malfitano (Everett, WA)

200kt GS Club: Denis L. of Lachute, Quebec, Canada

Tulip fields in the Netherlands from the air
(source/more pics)

Grounded (after 42 years)! What Would You Miss?...Terry Kohler 9A
  This past week, in preparation for foot surgery, I had to take a complete physical, including stress test. Physical - good. Blood work - good. Stress test - good. No, wait, you need to come in.
  Next thing I know, I'm scheduled for a same day cath. Semi-coherent on the table, I hear the cardiologist say "Give me a stent, size xxx".
  Shamefully, the first thing crossing my mind wasn't my wife, my family, or my business - it was the airplane. How long will I be down? What do I need to do (not for me, but for the FAA)?
  I quickly learned that I'm grounded for a minimum of 6 months (automatic with just about any cardio issue). At that point, more testing and lots of paperwork to the FAA will determine my future.
  In the meantime, I'm moving to add fellow RVers and best friends Ted Gauthier and Dave Pohl, as well as my brother Mike, as named insured for N323TP - they've all got time with her already, and I'm good in the right seat.
  What will I miss?
  Long cross country flights with my wife to visit our daughters and their families in Texas and California, as well as trips to the family camp on the shores of Lake Superior. Perhaps just as much, I know I'll miss the occasional descent into the crud for a precision approach - there's something really satisfying about breaking out a few hundred feet above the ground with the approach lights leading you in. I'm also going to miss the occasional/frequent 15-20 minute solo "therapy" flights that Doug Reeves always talks about.
  As far as rehab, I'm highly motivated. Not even thinking about an end to many years in the air. In the meantime, What Would You Miss?

OT:  Online room planner.
  Kinda unrelated, but might be used to make room for RV parts in your house.  I'm playing around w/it to see how I can make my home office a little less crowded.
  If I could make my home office look like this, I'd be a happy guy! 


Wed Feb 6, 2013

(click to enlarge)

"Here at Spruce Creek the RV8’s keep good company as in this photo with a P-51 Mustang!  John Fleurent on the Mustang’s right wing and Mike Kelly is on my right wing.  It was a kick and a beautiful night."

-- John

Hat Sighting: Dr. D. Allan Stern
  ...Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania, Africa)

      (about the crater)

No-conduit wiring?  Maybe.
  After fabricating conduit brackets for future wiring under the baggage floor and seats, it occurred to me that brackets might work by themselves without the use of conduit

  The brackets take a ¾” ID plastic grommet which pops securely into the hole. Sturdy but extremely light. So I’m thinking--I could eliminate the conduit by using 5 brackets per side instead of 3 to support the wiring, as long as the brackets were aligned for an easy feed.
  Is there a downside to eliminating the conduit?

Interesting Panel Observation
 ..."Narco VTR 2A will fit perfectly into a hole made for a Dynon D180"

Aux tank RV-6

Rocky Mountain Formation Flyers

Brian Chesteen Panel Upgrade Status
(details)...vid embedded below

From www.EdandColleen.com (RV-10 Build Vid #188 (flaps))
...watch for the dog!



Tue Feb 5, 2013

8,000 RVs Flown

more on factory FB page / VAF thread

Here's 8,000 little airplane symbols to give you an idea
of just how many RVs this represents (click to enlarge)

As of February 04, 2013 8,000 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!

New RV-4 project and website
   ...Rome, Italy
It is one month since I started my new project.  This is an RV-4 (after an RV-9A).

Rolling Plans/Parts Easel.....



My Paint Scheme Idea
  Just wonder what others thought. Red and white will be paint and the tail and stripes will be a combination of paint and vinyl. The artsy stuff on the bottom i could do without or put something on later but it would be vinyl.
  Do the lines add to or take away from the natural line of the -4 with the fastback?
  All the tips are supposed to be white...
  I wanted to do something a little different than I've seen on another rv-4 fastback or rocket.

www.TinasPilotShop.com Feb Specials
  ...it says to mention this site for a discount on most of the stuff.

DJM tail wheel feedback...AX-O
  Just wanted to give you guys some feedback on the DJM tail wheel.


Mon Feb 4, 2013

Andrew Barker (COO TruTrak) RV-4 fresh out
of Grady's GLO shop (more pics)

Flinders Island Australia Day long weekend

Remembering Summer....

HS chord line trail...LASERS!!!!!
I'm trying to decide whether or not to drill my elevator control horns before trimming the HS skin and freeing up the elevator at the counterweight arms. Is there a better way to check it than this? It can't be this easy.

SD8 alternator adapter question
  I got my SD8 alternator and tried to mount it up on the vacant vacuum pump pad on my IO360 tonight, and ran into a problem. The adaptor currently on the vacuum pump pad is (as close as I can measure it) 1 3/8" deep, and the SD8 will not seat fully on it, it appears that the adaptor need to be about 1 1/2" deep. Does this adaptor come in various thicknesses? I have been unable to find what I'm looking for online, and I have confirmed that the gear is indeed fully seated (the adaptor block itself would stand proud if it wasn't) and the adaptor block is firm against the engine block. Here is a pic showing how it fits up, the gap is right at 1/8".

Back from paint

Dare the seats

A Quick Trip to Van's ...video.

Valve Extension by Aircraft Extras
  "Make sure you fill your tires up with air this Winter. Our valve extension makes the job much easier in those frigggggid temperatures."

Trailoring RV-12 to Painter

RV6 elevator horn stone damage

Princess Diana and the Queen
  ...Rosie and Tuppergal trip write-up.
  We started 2013 with ~3550 hours on the hobbs meter, and since our first flight, our plane has been our 'magic carpet' that has taken back and forth across the country (and to other countries) more times than we can count. With the price of fuel always on the rise, we have found ourselves foregoing the shorter trips so that we can take longer trips. However, there are always exceptions...
  With Los Angeles right over the hill within an hours drive from home, we've spent our entire life driving to visit some of SoCAL's famous destination spots including Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm and the Queen Mary.

Another landing on a frozen lake in Norway

Massaging the last Knots out of the "School Bus"
  I have always wanted to tape all the joints and fairings up on this airplane and see what speeds it will make in a semi-race configuration.
  Yesterday afternoon I found time to completely wax the airplane man what a job. Reminded me of polishing a 38' smooth side aluminum dump trailer when I was trucking
  I then taped up all of the seams and intersections to provide a smoother air flow across the joints and to prevent air from entering or exiting.

Hat Sighting (Italy) ...Francesco Dante

Ready for Takeoff!

Will this work?

250kts GS ...164IAS

8A Status...Strike69

Video ...testing new tailwheel



Fri  Feb 1, 2013
  It's prize time!  This time around I went with the minimum of effort, while hopefully giving the winners the most options.  As most of you already know, every so often I pick a winner from the list of those who have donated (link top line of site).  This time around I picked twelve random folks from the 2012 list in one swoop - all the 2012 names on one piece of paper with our son throwing a dart twelve times from ten feet away.  Picture at right before darts-a-flyin.  One person for each month of 2012.
  Each winner receives a $50 gift certificate from the Van's Aircraft, Inc. Online Accessories Catalog.  Winners listed below.  You'll need to contact the factory and prove you're you before placing the order (driver's license photo, RV build number, etc).
  Thank you for helping keep this small family business going with your yearly $25 donation, and wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

The 2012 VAF Prize Winners

Stuart McIntosh Lauren Munro Alain Van Severen
Richard Pedersen Tim Andres Fredrik Diehl
Darren Lucke Kliff Black Neal Howard
Kenneth Broussard Roger Evenson Scott Brega

RV White Pages Updated and Current
...courtesy the lovely Audrey Reeves (she keeps this list current in exchange for her iPhone)

Experience with Subaru at 358 Hours
 ...Ross Farnham (related: thread)

Sensenich Announces new RV prop -- the first and only composite RV prop to comply with ASTM F2506

Panel: danP

Calendar Wallpaper for Feb online
 ...courtesy Ed Hicks

224kts GS ...Weasel

FAB intake alignment (space OK?)
  First of all, I am building a RV6 and the cowl is the older style where you need to attach the intake scoop yourself. My engine is a o-320 E2d and the carb is a Ma4 spa.

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