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February 28, 2018.   Issue #4,511.

Charlie Kearns RV-8 Takeoff 52F.



Interior Sound Reduction ...BSwayze entry and discussion

My RV-7A isn't quite flying yet, so I can't give a report on effectiveness, but I installed some soundproofing from Aircraft Spruce. I will also install carpet, so I hope to get a double benefit. I found this on someone else's website, and it really impressed me. This guy was installing some soundproofing in his RV. The benefits not only go toward reducing some of the noise inside an airplane, but provide some insulation and vibration reduction, too. more pics


Winter Ops PIREP/Question ...martinair

yesterday was probably the coldest day for my 1998 RV4, which was buildt in California. OAT was -15°C (5F) in FL85, and the oil temperature never exceeded 63°C (145F). Usually I am keeping that around 90°C (194F). during descent, even though I kept the revs up, cyl 2 cooled down to 85°C CHT (185F).

question: for the next flight, my idea is I just use some duct tape, maybe strenghtened with a small sheet of aluminium, for example on the lower half of both inlets, to reduce the amount of cool air coming in?

what do you guys think, how is your experience in winter flying, what do you do?


A Special Request

If any VAF readers have access to a large format printer I would like to hear from you if at all possible.  I'm on the board at 52F and we are in need of a large printout from the Denton CAD Webmap site of our airport (https://www.dentoncad.com/gis/) to hang on the wall of our airport office.

In a perfect world, we need to be able to see the property ID number clearly - with or without sat layer.  We have a wall that is 7.5 feet tall by 12 feet wide.  Covering most of that wall with an airport map would be the plan - something suitable for stick pins and such.

I can offer 5 billion Dougy Bucks* for your kind help.  And, "This map made possible by the most awesome Your Name" will appear on a label under the map.  And we can pay for the printout...

*Dougy Bucks are made up of unicorn flatulence.


RV-7 Panel/Cabin Photos ...RV7AJeremy's entry

...and about a billion other photos! <g>


New Guy Chimes In

(Harry Maroney)
I joined the force a few months ago and figured it was time to introduce myself to the membership. My name is Harry Maroney and I am a retired commercial pilot, ex-military (C-141), and have experience as a first officer in several business jets. I am an aviation enthusiast and have owned several certified aircraft, most recently, a BE76 (Duchess).

I met Vlad, perhaps the most prolific flier at N51 where he keeps his RV 9A.
He is a great Van's enthusiast, flier, and goodwill ambassador and introduced me to the Van's experimental world. I no longer have my Duchess and have been reading up on all of the Van's models to learn of their different attributes. I like them all!

I have never built an aircraft but enjoy and appreciate the cooperative spirit and dedication displayed by the members. I've learned a lot in the short time I've been a member and plan to purchase an RV in the near future.


So, I broke a Tungsten bucking bar, in half. ...CubedRoot

Well, this is the first time I have ever seen this. While working on my flaps the other night, I was happily riveting the top skin to the spar, and I noticed that my bucking bar felt....weird.

I keep it wrapped in athletic tape to make it easier to handle, and to keep it from scratching my surfaces on the non-bucking ends. But after about 20 rivets or so, I noticed it felt "floppy". After un-wraveling the tape, my heart sank just a tiny bit. One of my favorite tools had given up the ghost...


Jaybird Has Some Stuff For Sale


West Coast Formation Clinic Application Process Closes Wednesday

So says AX-O...



February 27, 2018.   Issue #4,510.

RV'ing for a gone west EAA'er  ...crabandy

Thank goodness for the low ceilings/temps on Saturday, I could make the re-scheduled due to weather memorial fly-over for Ralph Bond (Gone West EAA'er) on Sunday afternoon. It's been months since I've gotten to fly with McDoogle and my little boy's been bugging me daily to go flying. Mid day temps around 50 degrees as we saddle up and get ready to light the fires.  ...


Looking for web pages and photos of RV-7/7A panel & cabin forward ...iluke entry

I'm at a similar point an here's what I'm doing. You might find it useful. I'm planning to buy all Dynon stuff so I got the unit dimensions from their website and made up cardboard replicas so I could play around with positions. Turns out that I will be able to fit everything on the aft face of that panel just forward of the instrument panel. What this means (I think) is that I can reasonably expect to be able to install it all after riveting on the forward top skin, but just removing the instrument panel for access.


Show us the status of your 8/8A project! ...Don Patrick

Another quick update.

Here is the rudder masked, blue shot, then the clear.

Horizontal stab this week, elevators next week, and the wings are getting done after March break. The fuse will hopefully be done mid April.


RV-9A, C-GCPT, Flying Canuck (starts a build log thread)

Hit a couple of milestones on my RV-9A project this past weekend, so time to post a few pictures.

I logged my first time on this build 3 years ago today. This past Friday afternoon, C-GCPT climbed out of my garage/workshop and onto a trailer to make the cold 18 km journey to its new airport home, meeting up with the wings that made the trip 7 months ago.


Cowl Misalignment With Inlet Ramp ...Bootscooter RV-14

Hi All,

I was pleasantly surprised that all you had to do to fit the lower cowl was to trim to the scribe line, some fine tuning with block sanding and it fit perfectly.

Except for one area and that is at the cylinder #2 inlet ramp, the cowl is about 3/16" blow the ramp. The top cowl and the prop spinner are aligned where they should be.

The fix for this would be to trim the cowl further back and fibreglass/flox/and make up a new rubbber ramp.

Just wondering if anyone had any pics of this process and how it turned out?
Rgs Chad


New Guy Chimes In...Dallas TX



February 26, 2018.   0005Z.  Issue #4,509.
Saturday morning it rained, so Suz and I treated ourselves to a game date in the afternoon to see our Baylor Lady Bears play TCU 45 minutes from our house.  $10 walk up general admission tickets and free parking.  Found some seats 20' from the court and enjoyed a nice, affordable game.  Fun to finally see Kristy Wallace and 'The Trees' Lauren and Kaloni play in person.  Much better than TV.
  Hope you had a nice weekend.  Go Bears.

15min to tipoff


Mo's Fly-in - Ottawa River - 29th Edition ...terry.mortimore

Hi Mark, that RV-6A would have been me! Sorry I missed you, we had to wait for the weather to lift around Sudbury. I think you were just leaving when we arrived.

That was fun, thank you to Mo and all the volunteers that put it on. Hope to see you next year.

(PIREP from Terry.mortimore)
So, you learn something every flight. Here’s what I learned yesterday.

I use Fore Flight to file my flight plans, yesterday on the way down we had a 4 knot tailwind. We were 2 hour 25 minutes going down. When I filed to come back Fore Flight used the mornings winds aloft to calculate the time enroute.

So there I was fat, dumb and happy at 10,500, but only seeing a 140 mph ground speed. As a result we we’re 3 hours coming home. When I called London Radio to cancel my flight plan I got a stern lecture on being overdue.

Now, this was the same guy I talked to twice for weather. Once south of North Bay and once North of Gore Bay. I was on 126.7 which is also the frequency for London radio for the last portion of the trip. I had it in mind to update my ETA when I called for weather at Gore Bay, but I let it slip. My Bad!

So the take away is that I have to update fore flights weather, before flying a return trip on the same day. Normally I’m within WIFI when l’m planning a flight, darn no WIFI at Mo’s.

If I had thought about it I could have used the hot spot on my phone to update the weather, or I’m thinking I’m going to try one of those Scout ADS-B in receivers. That way I will have on board weather when I’m close to the US border.


California Custom Purple Metal Polish...BHunt

I decided to try polishing as long as I could stand it. I don’t need a show quality finish so thought I’d give CA Customs Purple Polish a try.


3D flap bracket fairing RV-9 ...Steve M

...finally getting around to removing the tape and securing these aft fairings (grey to white) with a dab of goop. upon inspection, all fairings look good. no signs of wear or distress on anything.


Arizona Family History Trip ...crabandy Trip Write-up

[ed. I featured this Friday, but over the weekend Andy added some more pictures and words.  Absolutely worth visiting again!  v/r,dr]


3D Printed Ignition Wire Guides ...KJBSouth

Our 3D printer is a Wanhao Duplicator 6 purchased at a 3D printer store north of Tampa. After the magnetic oil door latch, I turned my attention to other 3D printable parts. As Experimental Aviation Association members we have access to no-charge personal use copies of SolidWorks Design Software.


Tip When Posting in the Classifieds

If you don't want there to be any discussion going back and forth on your entry, simply click the 'Close This Thread After You Submit Your Message' box.  Couldn't be easier!  v/r,dr


On the Ramp at Graham, TX Sunday

Sid M. photo.  Sid Mayeux ‘s KELLI GIRL RV-7A.  Jay Pratt’s BORROWED HORSE RV-8. Blake and Monica Graham’s RV-7.  Sid said there were also RV-10, 7, 6A and 4 models represented.



February 23, 2018.   Issue #4,508.
  Somehow Oregon's rain ended up in N.Texas for the past few days (and the next few).  I don't know how you folks up in the rainy NW stay sane.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, rain-free, safe and RV-filled weekend.  


Scorch in the Flare ...RV-6 @ 52F. dr

scaled / full


Looking for web pages and photos of panel & cabin forward  ...Bill Bencze replies

Hi Larry ... here's how my bird is coming together. I elected to build a avionics tray that mounts to the bottom of the ribs from the firewall to the subpanel. It's secured by piano hinges; the pins come out the front side of the subpanel and it simply drops down and can be removed for maintenance I'm going Garmin, so this panel holds the remote comm radio, transponder, EIS box, battery backup and CO detector. All wiring from the aft comes through four connectors in the tray near the firewall: continue


Mothership Stats


Wing Incidence Problem ...efitzgerald RV-7

I temporarily mounted the wings.

After making relief notches to clear a rivet at the top of the rear spar stubs, the sweep and triangulation is less than 1/16" off.

But when I check the incidence with the rear spars lined up to the bottom of the flange:

The left wing is 0.2 degrees high on the trailing end at the tip.
The left wing is 0.1 degrees high on the trailing end at the root.
The right wing is 0.0 degrees at the root
The right wing is 0.1 degrees low on the trailing end at the tip.

The best I could do was to lower the stub of the the left wing spar approximately 3/32""

The left wing is 0.1 degrees high on the trailing end at the tip.
The left wing is 0.0 degrees at the root
The right wing is 0.0 degrees at the root
The right wing is 0.1 degrees low on the trailing end at the tip.

So it appears that there is some twist to the wings. Also the flap / fuselage interface is not going to the same on both side as the left is slightly lower. Edge distance is not a problem, there is lots of room. This is a quickbuild kit, the quality seems to be good other than a lot of scuffs and scratches.

Q: What are you recommendations?

A: One tenth of one degree is pretty good IMHO. You would not even see that with an old fashioned bubble level used by builders pre digital age.

A: One of my wings had about .2 degrees of twist. I set the incedence in the center of the wing and guess what, it flies straight and level with the ball centered. A tenth of a degree is nothing. One of my flap skins also has about a 1/8-3/16 joggle to meet the bottom of the fuselage.

A: I seem to remember this in a search. Basically the consensus was make them both the same at the measurement point in the plans. I did ask about sweep and was told make them the same. A call to Vans would be prudent before drilling the rear spar holes.

A: To quote an old saying, "BUILD ON!" Your errors are WELL within build tolerance.


200kt GS Club ...jbell2355 RV-7A entry


Skyview Problem

In the process of installing dual Dkyview HDX. I am getting a message 'Skyview Network Connection Fault - Data 2 Pair (Pins 4 & 8)'. At the same time, Skyview is not detecting my two AP servos nor the Adahrs. Any ideas would help.

A: You'll want to ring out your serial/network cables for proper continuity and make sure you don't have recessed pins in any connectors. If both screens are showing the same error, look for a common connection to start troubleshooting.

A: I have seen this problem with a bad auto pilot servo, but usually it is a network cable that is not working correctly. Go into the settings and then to network status and see what devices are showing the fault. This should help you figure out where the problem is.

A: Start here. Check the pin locations in the AHARs. I had them wrong. Once put in the correct locations all three will be detected if the rest of the wiring is correct. Can’t for the life of me figure out why I had them in the wrong locations, but I did.

Closure: "I would like to thank the persons who replied to my post. It did turn out that the adahrs was wired incorrectly. It is now up and looking very happy Now on to the ap servos that have not been detected either.
Thanks again."


52F's New Windsock in the Works

...sock models Pokey and Dixie (aka Barky and Bitey).

enlarge ...Rob Reece photo.

And there is actually some specifics in doing this right.  See this 11 page PDF doc.


SB 18-02-02 PIREP ...found crack (John Clark RV-12)

90512 290 hours on the Hobbs. I had not applied dye penetrant before but had watched the application on larger part.

Facing forward, it was at the right outboard hinge bracket, upper bolt nutplate, inboard rivet. It was about 1/8 inch and went into or came out from under the rivet. The good news is I need only one stop drill whereas it appears to me the SB example would need two.

I needed the dye to see it. In fact, I missed it the first time with the dye but was not satisfied with the developer cover, too thick I thought. Since it was a tight area, the spray dye was too much and is probably still wicking down the spar toward the tip. I did spray it lightly.

The next 3 or 4 times I wiped the dye on with a rag. Wiping on seemed effective as long as I kept the surface wet. Cleanup was much easier.

Once I knew where the crack was, I could see it with a 10x loop or use the macro setting on the camera. I could not have found it without the dye.

I tried it four times instead of three because when I wiped the third test, I could see the crack but could not see the end. On the fourth test, I center punched the spot with the dye and developer still showing the end, I hope.

The servo tabs did not present a dye indication.



February 22, 2018.   0003Z.  Issue #4,507.
  Question:  Does anybody reading this use one of the HP ENVY Curved All-in-One - 34-b025xt computers at home?  Pic right.   My 9-yr old Gateway DX4840 desktop (3.2GHz and 6GB ram running Windows 7), the PC I currently use to build this daily edition for you, is finally starting to make noises from its power supply.  I've been turning it off for the past month or so when I'm not using it to maybe keep it alive for a tad longer.  I bought it an hour after the last one went kaput.
  It might be time to finally break down and get a new computer.  I've been looking at the HP all-in-one as it would turn my 2-monitor system into one monitor - there are 8 software packages I need open simultaneously to do my work.  I need the desk space. ;^)  


Arizona Family History Trip ...crabandy RV-7

On a previous trip to AZ, we left our contact info at an Old cabin/homestead in the Arizona Mountains. Long story short my Great Uncle Ivy's side of the family whom we've never met contacted us and we set up a family reunion. My dad tends to worry about a lot of things, I was planning on picking him up in Wichita at 6:30 am for our flight to AZ. After a 4 am txt about it being "awfully windy," I headed to the airport for an early start. There were strong gusty winds from the north down low which beat the 40 knt headwinds at altitude. There were also some narrow bands of OVC that we went on top of. Watching the sunrise behind us flying over an overcast.  ...


In Regards to Sideslipping RVs ...Steve Arnold

No one has really explained why slipping may become a problem and why you probably got the advice.

First of all they slip well. However, depending on how the fuel tank was built and how much fuel is in the down wing could lead to an engine stoppage. This happened in our RV-9. If your down wing tank has flop tubes this is unlikely to happen as it will still be able to pick up fuel

If the down wing tank has a standard pick up tube and it is low on fuel the fuel flows away from the pick up in the down wing. Of course it will take a few minutes for the carb to empty but FI may be affected by it pretty quickly.

So if you are going to slip, make sure either you are on the raised wing fuel supply, have plenty of fuel in the down wing is still taking fuel from that tank, or there is a flop tube in the down wing.

In our case the engine restarted soon after the wings had been leveled but the pilot got a nasty surprise when it stopped initially and then again when it started making power again.


Upcoming IAC (International Aerobatic Club) Events

Hello Everyone,

2017 was my first full year of aerobatic competition and what a year it was! Last year started off with the IAC judges school in March and then the following contests:

Snowbird Classic March 2017, Dunnellon FL
Sebring Aerobatic Championship May 2017 Sebring FL
Bear Creek Bash June 2017, Rome GA
East Coast Championship, November 2017 Sebring FL 


200kt GS Club Entry ...Janekom


Need help w/Fuel tank sender possible weeping screw

Doing the first annual since putting this rv6a back online. There were no apparent leaks before this, but this year’s annual revealed some blue staining around the sender after I took the wing root fairing off. It appears to me that the leak is just a weeping screw based on the pattern of the stain and the gummyness of the pro seal around that screw. Then again, the pro seal that has been touched by the fuel is also soft enough that I can scratch it off with my finger in places.

If it is the screw, can I just drain the tanks, wait for it to dry, and apply some new sealer after scraping the old stuff off? Is there anything else that might work better for this application than proseal? Wicking loctite?
Or does it look like I’m going to have to pull the tank and remove the sender and do the whole thing?


Please Welcome Our Newest Van Cave Team Members

...Moppy II and Squeegy I.  We look fwd to their many years of service.  And yes the locals can borrow them. ;^)



February 21, 2018.   Issue #4,506.
Moppy 1 experienced a multi-year corrosion induced hardware failure at the Van Cave on 2/20.  She was a really good hangar mop.
  Farewell, Moppy 1, and we thank you.*


The Ladies at Van's Aircraft ...getting some much deserved recognition.


RV-7 Panel/Cabin Forward Pic Submit ...Raymo

A pic of my slider sub-panel. The hole left of the EMS module goes fwd through the firewall. The hold left of the transponder goes fwd and down between the pilot/copilot for things like AP, trim, flaps, lights, etc. I also have some circuit breakers on the panel for things I want direct control or visibility over


How He Moved It ...9GT

You can not beat a rollback deck flatbed. Make sure the deck is wide enough for the -10. The first truck he came out with had rails on the side that were about 6" high for tie-offs. Not wide enough! He had to go back and get the true flat deck. You can see the tires are just barely fully on the deck. Did it on a low traffic Sunday morning. Under $100.

How He Moved It ...upperdeck

I used a flatbed tow truck for my 7. They were pretty excited to help, charged me $100.


Engine Dehumidifier Musings ...Michael Henning

I assembled a dehumidifier today. It is a fish tank air pump that feeds into the bottom of a 12”long (vertically oriented)x 3” diameter pvc pipe. I screwed one end cap to a board, then glued the pipe to that, with a threaded end cap for the top. On the base, I tapped in a brass fitting for the air from the pump, and filled tube with blue desiccant that turns orange when saturated. Off of the top cap, I tapped in a air tool filter/dehumidifier as a final filter, and tell tale for the desiccant inside the tube (the filter from harbor freight also has the blue desiccant visible). From that filter I put a barbed adapter to connect the plastic airline to my engine oil breather tube. It continuously pumps dry air through engine.
Comments??? Concerns??? And, no, I don’t have my breather tube notched.


New RV Flap Actuator - New Product Intro ...VAF advertiser

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new RV Flap Actuator. We have been testing 3 prototypes in our RV-6 aircraft for the past 6 months with excellent results.  ...



February 20, 2018.   Issue #4,505.
Tuesday morning at 0800 the winds were 50 kts at 3000 feet, and two hours later it was 50 kts at 6000 feet.  Overcast, warming and humid enough to turn the hangar floor into a slip and slide.  Obviously it was a maintenance day. :-)
  Please excuse the early push on the Tue edition - board mgt tonight at 52F.


John Goodloe RV-8 Rotating.

scaled / full


Weekend with the Grandson ...MarkW

Found out last week that my son will be moving further away. This makes seeing the grandson more difficult. I have in the past been able to fly from Orlando to Charleston SC on a Friday afternoon, pick up the grandson and return him Sunday evening. A move to Virginia will make this a little more difficult.
So I decided to take advantage of the good weather and RV speeds and pick him up this weekend for another visit before the move. 


Due North to Minneapolis ...Pete Howell

Andi and I have been helping to care for her mom down in Ames over the last few months and Little Kate is a sophomore at Iowa State - so the RV kinda knows the way all by herself.....

The heartland terrain is not exactly exciting, but add a bit of sunset and some settings on the camera phone, and it looks almost sexy!

From the flight home Saturday - complete with JJ Abrams lens flare!


RV-12iS forward lower fuse mating problem ...B.Collins

I wonder if there are supposed to be two more slots on the forward end of the mid fuselage skin.

Here's why.

When you make the lower forward fuselage, there are two large -- for want of a better word -- ribs that rivet to the bottom skin and the firewall; these also hold a engine mount bracket/gusset.

You don't rivet the most aft hole on each, though, because those are common to the mid-fuselage skin too. ...


Damage to foot box? RV4 ...337 Driver

This is some damage from a previous accident 25+ years ago that is left on an RV4 I'm looking at. The owner claims this area is non structural and it passes air worthiness. What say you RV experts? The wings were replaced at the time of the accident so I have to question why this was not repaired even IF its non structural and deemed air worthy.



Nose wheel pant bracket

Q: A couple of the brackets that secure the nose wheel pant are broken on my -7A and Im trying to figure out the correct part numbers to order. Vans is closed today, but searching here I found a reference to V-1013C-L and -R. However, I need both front back brackets and I dont think they are identical, so I have missed something. Can anyone help me out?

A: Old style.  I believe your looking for; U-813D Left & Right.  U-813C Left & Right


Build Status Report ...Andrew Z RV-7


Some Interior Shots ...Luke

...spotlighting James Jula RV-7A



February 19, 2018.   Issue #4,504.

Jim Turner's RV-14A (pics)

  Weekend went quick.  Got a short flight Saturday after the showers, but Sunday was OVC and BR.  Mass, some grocery shopping, watching LivePD off the DVR, lotsa computer time and the weekend was in the books.  Hope yours went well too.
  A few of us saw Jim Turner's recently painted RV-14A the other day (picked it up from GLO).  Stunning!  Jim visited with us for a few minutes (really like that callsign) and he was kind enough to let me take some pictures.  The blue REALLY stands out when you see it in the pattern.  Just a beautiful plane up close and from a distance.  Pictures HERE.  Thank you Jim!
  New topic:  Might anybody have an idea how to tie my Byonics MT-AIO APRS tracker (right) into ship's power?  It goes through (8) AA batteries like nobody's business, and I haven't been using the tracker for the last couple months because of that.  The user manual says, "The Micro-Trak AIO was designed primarily for battery powered operation using the internal battery pack. The Micro-Trak can be operated off any clean external source of DC that does not exceed 13.6 Volts."  It uses a little battery holder that is 4 wide by 2 deep (picture right).  A standard 9-volt battery connector plugs into it.  Tips appreciated.
Last:  Congrats to the Tate Man, son extraordinaire, on his 1yr anniversary at Freddy's Steakburgers (his part time job).  First job.  He got a pin for his work cap (below).

related: About APRS tracking


Alton Bay Feb 2018 ...Dvalcik

Cold crisp day in Maine and conditions were most likey the best they would be before Alton Bay closes, so off we went. Short hour flight with Temps -15c at 3000 feet and plenty of sun shine we arrived at Alton Bay, NH (B18). They were closed on Friday due to warm weather and standing water on the ice. Got down to -2 last night and refroze on the surface. Good news no water, smooth and level conditions, on the other side of the equation smooth, slippery, glazed Ice. It was just like the Zamboni had been working overtime last night. No braking and virtually no steering with the castering nose wheel. Actually I had to have a little help on the way out taxing, you can see in the video below.  ...


First RV-Grin From Inside the Future N904KM ...longranger

I needed to remove the control column to adjust the stick angles, and couldn't reach it from inside the airplane, so I took the opportunity to document the first time sitting in the airplane.


RV-8 to Lunch ...Steve Rush

Last Monday (2/12/18) was also a nice day in the top left corner. A friend and I headed to Bremerton for lunch, then on out to the coast for some sight seeing. Bremerton is a nice lunch place, but I really wish there was still a restaurant at Hoquiam.


Builder inflicted spar damage

Hopefully damage overstates the severity of the issue! Looking for some advice as to how I should prep the ding made by an errant bucking bar.

Thanks in advance!


RV8Squaz Wood Tail Lift

Here’s my version of the wooden Tail-Mate. I’ve got inverted oil on my airplane and the quick drain is on forward part of the sump. Consequently, I like to raise the tail high enough during oil changes to ensure I drain all the oil. I super-sized my Tail-Mate!


Bob Meyers RV-14A Ready for Its Closeup

While I finished and first flew my 14 last June, I just finished getting it painted last month.  Here are the beauty shots.


3D Printing Design Tweaks ...Steve M.

the more I looked at this it is apparent the off angle of the cable to the rudder bar will wear the components. the upper clevis aft outer hole edge and the forward upper alum bar hole edge and aft lower bar hole edge. I added a lube hole to the fwd upper to fairing to be able to add lubricant easily with a spray tube like LPS or one a drop or two of heavier lube with a syringe. the lubricant will pass under the bolt head to the shank. still working the cotter pin attachment method and need to adjust the clearance of the fairings to the bar but some progress. I'm really trying to stop dragging my nuts thru the air stream.


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...2/18 PIREP

Sorry about your cold. Darwin had to cancel today, too, due to having a cold so don't feel bad. In fact, Owen was the only RV guy that made it today. By pure luck, though, another Lancair happened to fly in from the Atlanta area and park next to me. We invited Andrew and his passenger Taylor to eat with Owen and I and we swapped lies about our true airspeeds for about an hour. Andrew is a corporate jet pilot and flies his Lancair for fun. Owen was commiserating over the SB as well, but the food at the Runway Cafe was good as always. They were really busy today since the weather was absolutely beautiful and everybody has been socked in for two weeks.


Transition Training with Mike Seager

Just got back from 3 days of transition training with Mike Seager. I'm in Alabama, he's in Oregon, wasn't sure it would work but SouthWest had $330 flights so I booked it.

I highly recommend his transition training. We spent 6 hours flying and as you can imagine it was mostly pattern work.

At the very end he turned off the EFIS and had me rep the pattern without any avionics which was a lot of fun and some of my best approaches and landings.

We did a simulated engine outs, etc.

His field is a grass strip and my first takeoffs and landings off a paved runway (rental companies won't let you land on grass strips). Most of our work was done at a nearby paved airport.

Mike is a wonderful person and a patient instructor, wish I had an excuse to go back for more. Loved the work and the visit!

Highly recommended, 5/5 stars.



February 16, 2018.   Issue #4,503.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. v/r,

SB 18-02-02 (RV-12) ...8 page PDF.

related: VAF Forum thread on SB 18-02-02
related: SBs All Models


Backyard Method ...Scott C

"This works, too, if you don't mind putting local vegetation to the test with ratchet straps."


Possible New Mold for old style lenses needing replaced ...donagin volunteers

(from Don)
"Vacuum Forming Lenses?  If anyone has a set of old lenses that are crazed or hazy, they could be used as a mold to vacuum form several sets.  I'd be interested in trying - but someone has to have originals for me to get the dimensions right."

Lenses from old kit no longer made.  120* angle.


Status Report ...rvanstory RV-10

Today is the day! I finished section 29! Posting here to celebrate! Seems like a milestone day.

I now know why it's referred to as the "infamous section 29". Bending longerons, trial fitting gear legs (and then pulling those #@$%& bolts back out), and a few more trials and tribulations.

But, now that it's done, I have an RV grin without even flying.


One Cylinder Suddenly Runs Cool?

IO-360 (200HP - Bendix) in the RV-8. Engine was misbehaving with a little intermittent misfire on a recent cross country, so I installed new plugs (gapped and Ohm checked) and removed the Pmags for a visual inspection and it is timed correctly. (jumper in, slightly retarded). Did a compression test and all are strong, as usual.

Test flight saw an improvement to its normal, turbine like smoothness.

Last cross country saw #4 cylinder a little cooler than usual - both EGT and CHT. Going to my normal LOP cruise, #4 continued its trend of acting too cool by being the last to peak by a LONG way. My first to peak was 100 LOP before #4 finally peaked. The "GAMI Spread" was probably .8 GPH. LOP ignition stress test was normal and smooth. Resetting all to ROP then LOP shows the issue is consistent and repeatable. Fuel flow is within the bounds of normal.

I have not accomplished a fuel flow test (the bottle method) yet, but that's my next course of action.

If the cylinder was acting lean, it would be easy to suspect a partly clogged injector, but #4 is strongly indicating a rich condition, isolated to this one cylinder. It's possible that the other 3 have junk in them and are all slightly lean, but this seems very unlikely.

Any thoughts before I dive into the bottle test?


BBQ PIREP #47 ...RV8Squaz

Actually just kidding about the #47, but those of you who know me, know that I have flown to a fair number of BBQ spots. Here's my latest. I flew to Walker County Airport (JFX) in Jasper AL and went to Son's Smokehouse.  ...


Wood Tail Lift Movement Continues ...M McGraw

I “borrowed” this idea. The second picture is a slight modification I needed to eliminate binding while returning the tail to the floor.

Thanks to Sam for the idea.


Houston RV Gang Lunch This Weekend


Steve Sokol Thanking Luke and Classic

The last traces of 1970s decor have finally been eliminated from N101PR. A huge thanks to the good folks at Classic Aero Designs for these beauties.  They arrived yesterday - a month ahead of schedule! So much more comfortable.



February 15, 2018.   Issue #4,502.
  Lent begins...and lots to pray for.  I'm giving up music in the car while driving to/from the airport daily (an hour total).  Listening to the Holy Rosary instead on a free app via bluetooth.
  RV-related next...can anybody identify this wing tip plexi lens company?  Looking for a fellow RVator. v/r,


Proof of RV Enjoyment…glove edition

The Nomex flying gloves on the right were used exclusively until about two years ago. You can see the tear on the right index finger which corresponds nicely to the friction lock on the throttle of our family’s RV-6. I've actually spent so many years adjusting the knurled friction knob with my right index finger, putting side loads on it, that I have accelerated what I believe to be arthritis in the knuckle of that finger. I've had to adopt a different technique for the last year or so of holding the second and first fingers side-by-side and using them in concert to lock down the throttle. Adapt…


The pair of gloves on the left (the replacements) had their first thread blowout about three weeks ago, and the hole has been getting bigger with each flight. The 3rd set of gloves arrived yesterday and things are looking up from a hand modeling perspective...for a couple of years. ;^),



Vlad's Snow Pics

I was visiting friends in Great White North the other day. I didn't care about OAT because I was wearing a fur coat and mukluks. It was windy. As soon as I left the shadows of the hangars it took me 15 minutes to taxi 300 feet. I stopped three times and had to turn the airplane by hand. Couldn't fight the winds. Made it to the runway and took off from the middle. My hat is off to tenants at this airport.


A New RV Grin in MI ...Dale DeWeese

I have been lurking and learning from this group for the past year or so, as I searched for a flying RV-9A. You have already answered more questions than you will ever realize.

On Jan. 12th, I became an RV owner for the first time. I flew my new-to-me RV-9A (N94KJ) from Oregon to its new home in Michigan in the best and worst of Winter weather.

I have been flying certified planes for 14 years, but nothing has come close to the performance I have experienced in the RV-7A I flew for transition training, and now the RV-9A. My wife is enjoying the plane, too.

We already have many new destinations on our bucket list.
I'm sure I will have questions as time goes on. I'm learning something new about these planes every day.
I just wanted to say hello and say thanks for the help along the way.


Tool OCD (a good thing) ...Andrew Z

This was taken almost ten years ago, and was before my drill bits were added, but it works great:


And more ...azrv6

I've been working on a project with parts at my home shop and parts at the hangar and routinely move this back and forth as needed. I always use a digital caliper to confirm drill size before drilling. Drill size and tap chart on my phone for easy access when needed. Looks messy, but over the last several years this has worked out great.


West Coast Formation Clinic, WCFC 2018

(two weeks out)
2 weeks out from our deadline. We have 55 people thus far signed up. If you have not submitted your application, you may want to do so.


RV-8 and the Mountains ...Steve Rush

Sunday was another nice flying day in the Northwet, though windier and bumpier than I would have cared for. I flew around the mountains East and North of Arlington and this was the result.


Petit Jean - The Best Parts

Catching up here...Roy and I have not let any moss grow under our feet, or rather, under the wings, since November. I can't believe this was three months ago! This was our second trip to Petit Jean, and I'd looked forward to it since our 2016 trip. We had a great time again this year. Here are the Very Best Parts:


First flight video (1/18)......VH-EAB

Hot day 100degF plus and Lucerne on the farm getting long.


Bragging on the Tate Man

STRAIGHT A's as a junior in HS!  Please excuse this proud parent bragging on his son.  Of note is a Pre AP Calc grade that went up!



February 14, 2018.   0002Z.  Issue #4,501.

Game Face On

Sid in the flare at 52F in his 7A. A couple weeks back I had the 200mm lens on and shot a few dozen images of usual suspects doing TnGs.  I like this one - he's holding a little left rudder and right aileron for what must be a right to left crosswind.  You can just see the elevator counterweight peeking under the right aileron.  Full size is just under 3,000 pixels wide if you have the monitor acreage... 

scaled  / full size

First Flight ...Gary Simatos RV-7

Holy Cow--did the deed this morning. 5am at the field. Canopy would not close.  Could not find the flash light. Got it sorted out, spilled my coffee on the wing which immediately froze. Cleaned that taxied out and took off.  Engine hot in Climb CHT 420's cooled a bit in level flight but then got manifold press drop to 4!!

WTHeck........I didn't know it could go to 4. Back to field. Trimmed baffles off the front of the forward cylinders, fixed the interference with the seat. Off again Temps better, squelchy radio and the manifold pressure gremlin seems to have disappeared. I'm exhausted but ecstatic........Perfect day really Yahoo Thanks to all you guys for your encouragement and help over the years........Cheers Gary


You can’t soar like an eagle...

So surround yourself with eagles, or Mustangs.  HulaGirl is staying warm and swapping stories with her new friends. (BruceEicher RV-8)


Drill Bit Organization - I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours ...R.E. Burtcher

The photo below was semi-staged, but it's not far from what I often find on my workbench.

Seeing that our community is in constant pursuit of a 'better mouse trap', the custom wood tail lift, Randy Richmond's tool box, and Steve Melton's 3D designs immediately come to mind, I'd like to see what other have done to solve the problem of keeping various bits, cages, and the like organized.

Thanks in advance from a height and organizationally challenged builder.


Fuse Floor Pans ...Randy V. RV-10

In process of putting in front floor pans on RV10. All is going well EXCEPT, the holes that are to be riveted to the lower fuse channels are WAY off! Match drilling all went well, but now, they aren't even close. I can't force it over enough to even get close.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?


Seen Out In the Field


Build PIREP ...David Paule

Glued the RH Tailcone Side

I gathered together the same crew as last time, experience counts, and we glued on the right-hand tailcone side today. Like before, we used thickened (this version comes prethickened) G/Flex epoxy along with an exoskeleton framework that will come off when the glue sets far enough.

But that's in the near future.

Today, we spread the glue, put the skin in place, and clecoed on the exoskeleton and filleted the glue along the inside edges of the bulkheads and the longerons against the skins. In fact, that's what Dave is doing in this photo. 


3D Printing Speed Mods ...Steve M.

"... these have speed written all over them !  needs some tweaking, then bam, time to fly!"

Cold PIREP ...longranger

Severe CAVU with about minus 2200 ft DA here in SE Michigan. Still plenty cold for good braking action on our snow-packed runway.


RV-6 and RV-7 Over San Juan Islands

Fly along on a beautiful scenic flight from Friday Harbor, Washington​ and around the beautiful San Juan Islands! James Polivka is flying the Cessna 172 photoship with Bernardo Malfitano flying his Van's Aircraft Inc.​ RV-6 and Shawn Li flying his RV-7.


RV-12 OLD (ULS) vs NEW(iS)

I wanted to show the difference between the old fuselage and the new iS Fuselage. Thought it might be interesting for some to see that are going to build the new iS, or those who have built the old kit and have not seen the new kit. This view is from the rear. You can see some of the structural changes just from this view. Will post some more at some point.



February 13, 2018.   Issue #4,500.

Friends aimlessly fly the west coast ...Norcalrv7

Armed with my RV-7A, My best friend and I headed up the West coast on a 1000NM weekend trip to see what we could find! What a blast!


Status Report ...Jason Hess RV-7

Big milestone for our build this last weekend.  Both wings can now come out of the stands and into the cradle.  Got a new riveting partner in the form of my second son. He can no longer claim he's not done it now.


Status Report ...Crabandy

The bendable retention flange wasn't so bendable, I ended up using a couple small angles on the side of the box and little tabs as hold downs. After lots of holes it weighed 6.9 oz , I'm curious if the one EarthX sells is .032 material.


Video: Short Final into Shelter Cove, CA (RV-10) ...Chad


Flying > Warm ...fl-mike

Saw all those posts with white stuff on the ground, so I decided to post a couple photos from our formation hop Saturday. 82F on the ground and looking quite summer'ish.


Alton Bay PIREP ...Vlad

I was the only airplane on Friday noon. A welcome from airport crews. ;^)


RV-9 Elevator Leading Edge Spar to Skin Riveting

Q: Just started the right elevator and keep scratching my head as to how to rivet the spar to the skin. There is an option for blind rivets on the bottom on the skin/spar but who is to say not the top? I can not for the life of me figure out how to get my hand in there to rivet that top section of skin to spar on the elevator. I really hope I explained this well...

A: (Bruce Hill) You can bend back the skin quite a way (well over 90 degrees) to get in there with a small bucking bar.


Ready For My Closeup ...engineerorange


Open Flight Solutions Looking for VAF Input

Steve Sokol of Open Flight Solutions is an RV owner and VAF sponsor. He makes the FlightBox line of ADS-B receivers and has been the ADS-B guy in his EAA chapter for the past couple of years. Last week's VAF Forum discussion on Economical Panels prompted him to reach out. He put together a blog post covering a new product line using iPads and other off-the-shelf gear to create a complete VFR EFIS - PFD, MFD, EMS, etc. He would appreciate any constructive criticism or other useful feedback the VAF community cares to share.


Fuel Pump Autopsy Photos ...jonweisw

I cant say I found anything outwardly wrong with it and given the intermittent nature of the problem, I am not surprised. Nor would I ever profess to have ANY idea of what I was looking for other than something obvious.  More hours on the new pump with the same observation; the pressure is a steady 10psi above where it was before the swap without any wavering.  Here are pictures of the inside of the fuel pump.



February 12, 2018.  0001Z.  Issue #4,499.

RV-8 and the First Second Flight ...Steve Rush

"...bought a new (to me) RV-8 back in December and the weather has been so lousy this year today was only the second time I have flown it since. It was a nice day and fun was had by all.

It went something like this..."


Movie Test

...and some gag reviews :^)

"I thought the casting was excellently done, but the writing was a little derivative." ;^)


Rob B's Double Tall Creeper

I'm sure I'm not the only short pilot on this forum. For working under my RV I find the standard mechanic's creeper puts me too far from the under side of the aircraft. I thought about purchasing an adjustable creeper but after seeing the price tag I gave that up (for the amount of time I would need it).
I purchased a new creeper as my old one is getting run down and I got looking at it then realized that I could mount the frame upside down. Now the bed is up higher than the castors rather than hanging down inside the castors. The holes in the frame have square holes to keep the head of the bolt from turning and by putting the frame upside down you have to hold the head with vise grips but so what. Been using this set up for quite a while and makes working under the engine or fuselage much easier. I can even see what I'm doing now.
Good luck


Flying > Cold ...Pete Howell pictures.

It's cold, but clear, and takeoff is a blast-off. Might be a Minnesota thing............


Practice Routine for Keeping Skills Sharp?

...many chiming in.

"...want to go practice today and I was thinking about what skills to work on. I was wondering if someone had worked out an efficient practice routine?

I'm imagining something that would kind of flow together to make the most efficient use of time in the air. Kind of like the type of process that an aerobatic pilot uses for a routine.

It may start with a particular type of takeoff, then some various types of practice during a long climb-out, then at altitude a series of practice routines, then a multi-step descent with various maneuvers during a step down, etc, until landing.

I could put something together myself but sometimes it's nice not to have to figure stuff out when someone already has a plan."


My RV-6 one piece wheel fairings (2 piece if you include the intersection fairing)

Made another video...this one is of my one piece wheel fairings...enjoy


Mike Seager FP pattern diagram in KNOTS

Just to add to previous postings of Mike Seagers neat handout on pattern speeds/power settings for Fixed Pitch RVs.  I took the previously posted diagram and turned mph to kts to match my RV-6A instrumentation.


Maybe Two Pieces? ...Steve M.

this may be worth a look. not much clamp on the clevis, if any. I suppose some adhesive could be used. plan to bend these downwards to fit the bar angle and add some fairing taper.


Status Report RV-7 ...Bullseye


Don't undo that because.......!

Throttle cable came apart......

Don't undo that nut I said...

Shortly after that, my mate found a partially disassembled RV12 Mcfarlane throttle cable on the bench.


Does anyone have a quick fix to reassemble the friction part with the 6 teeny, tiny rollers in and stuff it all back down the tube please ?

He should be out of ER by Wednesday



Q: Anyone got good RV4 videos?

A: Yes



February 9, 2018.  Issue #4,498.

Data Integrity Check....RV style

The N.Texas RV gang can confirm with gusto that as of this writing the line in the VAF Courtesy Cars & Food List describing Decatur, TX is accurate.  Some of the usual suspects formationed over to nearby Decatur (KLUD) Thursday for proficiency, gas and food.  RV-8A, 7 and 6 models were represented.  The courtesy car had an empty 5-pack of Bud Light in the back seat with the caps screwed back on, and a Norman Lear style cap on the dash.  Plenty of warning lights on the dash kept us entertained on the 2-mile drive to the Whistle Stop Cafe, and its homemade pies.  Mashy shown below modeling the ambience between guffaws.  A born showman...

Mashy Reece: Male Model

The specials were meat loaf and roast, and the pie slices come out as appetizers.  I didn't finish my roast, but I did finish the chocolate pie.  Back to the airport and some of the clearest blue skies we've had around these parts in a good while.  Lots of airplanes out this day, as the winds pick back up and the clouds lower over the weekend.  Get it in while you can...

More formation practice back to 52F with full tanks and stomachs.

Low calorie appetizers

If there are two better splash images for a weekend edition I haven't found them.  Friends, flying and food made for RV greatness.  It always does.

Dilly Dilly!

PS:  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


RV-7A Status Report ...Larry Larson

Aft skins.  I fit! Maybe a good dog house for when Sweetie gets mad at me.


Sam B's Wood Tail Lift Safety

"...if you look carefully at this photo you can see the eyebolt safety inserted into the ramp....that lift ain't failing. But hey...if it did fall it wouldn't be as violent as some of my landings! <g>"


From Ken F.


RV-7 Shots ...RV7 To Go


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...snopercod

It was cold and windy, but we had another fly-out to Rutherfordton [KFQD] for lunch today. It was a short hop over the mountains (18 minutes) from Asheville, but the enchiladas were worth it. 57alpha.com.   continue


Mothership Stats


v5.70 Release ...Garmin G3X Touch (GDU 4XX)

Changes made from version 5.60 to 5.70:
•Add option to display roll reference markers for standard-rate turn on PFD
•Add option for QWERTY keyboard layout
•Add support for flight director TRK mode
•Add support for hectopascal air pressure units
•Add support for new GTS 8xx RS-232 interface format
•Add support for 24V trim motor voltage
•Add support for GMC 507 autopilot mode controller
•Add display of AFCS preflight test status
•Change flight director VOR, LOC, and GS modes to operate without navigation database
•Change appearance of PIREP symbols
•Change maximum limit for Type K thermocouple sensors
•Improve traffic target information display
•Improve visibility of aircraft symbol on chart page
•Improve data log time offset value when UTC is selected
•Improve flight plan editing
•Improve weather text report time display
•Improve display of winds aloft
•Improve com radio frequency search page
•Improve GSU 25B true airspeed display
•Improve EGT/TIT display when Celsius units are selected
•General improvements to system operation
•Includes update to G5 software version 5.10
•Includes update to GDL5X software version 2.10
•Includes update to GMC507 software version 2.10
•Includes update to GSA28 software version 4.00
•Includes GAD27 software version 2.20
•Includes GAD29 software version 2.30
•Includes GDL39 software version 4.80
•Includes GEA24 software version 3.10
•Includes GI260 software version 2.70
•Includes GMA245 software version 2.40
•Includes GMA245 audio software version 2.20
•Includes GMA245 Bluetooth software version 2.00
•Includes GMU11 software version 2.00
•Includes GPS20A software version 2.20
•Includes GSU25 software version 3.70
•Includes GSU73 software version 3.70
•Includes GSU73 IGRF database version 1.03 (Base Year 2015)
•Includes GTR20/200 software version 2.90


Gary's Hud Testing

Gary Platner was helping a company test a hud for GA in his RV-8 Thursday at 52F, and the rep gave me permission to take a photo.  Shot video in flight for the coders to use for tweaking.  More info when I get it.

scaled / full size



February 8, 2018.  Issue #4,497.
28.9*F and windy said the APRS Wx station three miles north of 52F Tuesday morning, but I went RVating anyway. Long johns, Red Wing boots, two coats and winter motorcycle gloves. Actually wasn’t that cold in the cockpit.  Big bumps at all levels.  Did I mention the 48kt wind at 2700’?
   So I did what anybody in that situation would do…..I flew north a few miles and turned around so I could use that massive tailwind to get a picture, in level flight, of my 201kt groundspeed.  Then I landed, found a heater....and took an aspirin.

   PS: NOTAM at 52F (crane….ends 2/9) !FTW 02/107 52F OBST CRANE (ASN UNKNOWN) (275FT E 500FT S APCH END RWY 17) 640FT (30FT AGL) NOT LGTD 1802071742-1802092300.

From the photo vault.  dr

scaled / full (3,367 pixels wide)


THANKS! ...Rich Gurr RV-10

Well after four years and four months, two house moves, two Grand kids, a bunch of everything else in life, and toss in a hurricane, I still pulled it off.
N924RL is a gas burning machine with a wopping 7 hours TT (and rapidly increasing). The thanks is to all of you who have inspired me to persevere, provided needed information, and who have shared in the same frustrations of the build. Im still in a bit of disbelief Im actually flying this plane, as I circle and circle and circle and circle around within my 100 mile radius at 150 knots. Thank God (and Vic Syracuse) for not making it a 50 mile radius).

All I can say now is wow!


I did a thing! (Restarted Building RV-7) ...Andrew Z.

(walks up...taps microphone...)

Well, I’m back!!!

To make a very long story very short, back in 2013, I sold the RV-7 kit to a gentleman in North Carolina after reaching the conclusion that at my (then) current build rate, I would likely need a four-seater (RV-10?).

Well, after a smooth transaction, the family and I made 3 cross-country moves chasing fun Flight Test jobs around the country and finally settling somewhere in the midwest.

Standing in my large garage (ahem….airplane factory), I started dreaming about building again. On the exact same day, the gentlemen who bought my kit happened to post a FS: RV-7 thread on VAF. I didn’t really want to start a used kit, so I was thinking of a new set of preview plans, but I thought I’d investigate anyway.

Whoa, that’s my kit!  continue


Wheel landings FINALLY

After flying my Husky for 1000 hrs and 2000 landings I am finally getting proficient at wheel landing my 7. It took a while as I am used to BIG tires and slower speeds. The RV landing gear is just so less forgiving and I kept bouncing it. Just took a little time to get the sight picture correct and the speed just right. I was three pointing it most of the time and the wheel landings are just easier on the plane in my opinion. I read through the past discussions on this topic and i really helped a lot. Jumped in the 7 and did at least 50 landings this past weekend. The key is getting the mains planted and stick forward. These plans are just plain fun to fly. Got it to 17500 on oxygen and I was amazed how fast it got these. Looks like I am stuck with two plans as I cant decide which one I like better.


From the 'Economical Panels' Thread...



Dynon is Hiring


Sent to me by RV builder and friend Don Hull (rocket dude)

"Hey Doug. I know you'll enjoy this.  Breakout your headset or earbuds and watch this.  https://youtu.be/ImoQqNyRL8Y
By the way, this guy works at Redstone Arsenal



February 7, 2018.  Issue #4,496.

Grab from the camera.
Live Feed from the Car...

  I was going to write something about RVs, but after watching the launch of Falcon Heavy stream on YouTube around 3pm Tuesday my mind has honestly been elsewhere. When those two boosters landed simultaneously I actually screamed out loud at my monitor and slapped my hands on the top of my head.  Pantaloons were very nearly shat.
  I was four when Apollo 11 launched, so this was a lot of fun to watch.  The live telemetry, music and employees cheering in the background added to the enjoyment. Lunch discussion material.
  Later I popped over to RV-7A/12 builder Bob Collins'  'News Cut' site and saw he was equally gobsmacked.   Something about spaceflight that resonates with more than a few RV builders/pilots.  I think I read once in the forums that there are a couple of Space X employees building RVs.  On the small chance they are reading this, congrats!  I would really like to someday tour the McGregor, TX SpaceX facility.  I'll fly my RV down there and write up a story.  And buy your lunch. ;^)
  The car was a nice touch in lieu of a block of test flight ballast made of concrete.  Sometime down the road don't be surprised if they announce David Bowie's ashes are in that car orbiting the Sun for the next billion years.  You heard it here first...
  Well done, SpaceX.  Godspeed Starman. 


Long Overdue Update ...crabandy

I've wanted to add a short update on our PennyPie for some time now, but I'm still trying to nail down a new photo hosting source. Short story is she is doing GREAT and better than ever expected by her Dr. As of our last visit we are close to 90% kidney function compared to 60ish% a year and a half ago. The Dr.'s goal is to actively monitor kidney function so that these 2 little kidneys will last her lifetime. Prayers answered and prayers continued.

We flew to her last Dr. Visit to downtown KC...continue


How do I rivet the elevator root?

Hey guys, I messed up 4 of 4 here https://youtu.be/BGj_2nSDEs8
does anyone have any tips?

Should I make a special bucking bar?


West Coast Formation Clinic, WCFC 2018

*****carded folks, please fill out your application as soon as possible, so we can determine clinic size.*****

I’m pleased to announce this year’s West Coast Formation Clinic, WCFC 2018.

Like every year we are expecting that we will receive more applicants than we can safely support. The management team will evaluate applications and contact participants as soon as possible after the application period closes. Deadline for applications is Feb 28th Please remember that the management team does this for fun and to help the RV-community be safer when performing formation flying. This is NOT our job; please give us time to figure out this complex event. There is a lot that goes into making this a safe event.

To apply and/or for additional details, visit the WCFC 2018 website shown below.

Date: Apr 20-22 of 2018
Location: Madera, CA (KMAE)
Website: http://www.rvformation.com/WCFC2018/

If you have any questions, please contact me or any of the POCs shown on our web site. Hope to see you there. Thank you,

Axel and the West Coast Formation Clinic Management Team


10th annual ice cream social at Inyokern, CA on March 10th

Sorry for the somewhat late notice, been busy with the new project. If you want to see it or find out what it is, show up.

The 10th annual ice cream social will be held at Inyokern, CA airport on March 10th from 1100-1400.

The ice cream social is just an excuse to get together, eat some free ice cream and fly. It started as a way to get folks involved and has grown every year. The most aircraft to ever show up was 48. Being that this is the 10th year I am aiming at the number of 50. Lets see what we can do.

If you would like to attend, please email me at axel_alvarez "at" hotmail "dot" com Use "Ice cream social" on the subject line of the email for spam filter reasons. If not, it will end up in the "trash/recycling bin" and I won't know you are coming. The head count will be used to figure out how much supplies my wife and I need to buy. All I need is your name and the number of people attending by March 3rd. Please DON'T wait until the last minute.  more


Design Shamelessly Stolen (his words)



February 6, 2018.  Issue #4,495.
Monday 0900 I met Sky at the hangar so he could put his wife’s car up on the lift to hopefully find what the rattling noise was at highway speed. Answer: a plastic shroud underneath was flapping.  Fixed.
  Jumped in Flash for a quick orbit just to say I did, but mostly to get out of the 24*F temps that I underdressed for. Flew NE of Lake Lewisville to hopefully spot a grass runway Monk told me about. Didn’t spot it, but found it later on GoogleEarth - hadn’t gone far enough north. Did fly over Deion Sanders’ old house in Prosper.  Years ago as a student pilot his land was big enough for a 3000' runway and uncrowded. Looks like it has been sold off now and lots of homes are being developed. The new Kroger is in his former yard.
  RTB 52F and the 3 mile call coming up initial. Former F-8 driver Gary was on the ramp warming up so I took the opportunity to use some verbiage I looked up on the interwebs awhile back. Turning final I keyed the mic...“7AR, RV Ball, .18” (had 180 lbs of gas).  He didn’t say a word for ten seconds, but when I was in the flare he keyed his mic....“Nerd”.  (explained)
  Perfect comeback….and a little true. ;^)

Space X Falcon Heavy is supposed to launch 1:30PM ET Tuesday.  If it works (3) boosters return to the pad to be reused, and a convertable goes to Mars.  Watch Live

The RV-6A featured here yesterday for sale sold in 13hrs 50min (sale pending). Backups still calling says the Monk Man.


Picture of my panel ...Dave Cobb RV-7

Well finally I have hooked up the Dynon Skyview D1000 touch to some of the network stuff i have been fortunate to have purchased used from other builders and fliers.

I would like to thank those private vendors and Stein for having provided me a budget favourable option to EFIS. And they all worked!

The mission for the airplane is simply VFR Day / night so nothing fancy. The Syview stands alone. It is supported by steam gauges for Oil pressure and temp. , as well as Ammetter. The RPM gauge is driven by the engine and the Airspeed and Artificial horizon are stand alone units as well. That way flying at night a power loss is a non issue as you can safely navigate.


Eagle's Nest Projects - Montgomery High School (TX)

(comments from Ernie)
"Take a guess who has the most fun and/or rewarding experiences during an Eagle’s Nest high school aircraft build project; the mentors or the build-students. Well, it really depends on who you ask. Ask any build-student and they’ll certainly convince you that the students have the most fun and best experience. Ask any mentor at Montgomery high school or any other Eagle's Nest high school and they’ll more than convince you that the mentor team has the most fun and offer up a list of reasons why the experience is among the most rewarding in their life. And the correct answer is… it’s a draw!

The mentor team at Montgomery high school is a top-drawer group of professional pilots and RV builders based “on top of the hill” at nearby Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport (KCXO). Under the leadership of Joe Waltz, the mentor team has taken to task the largest group of build-students (48) at any of our high schools. The ‘team’ is doing an outstanding job of organizing the students, the build process, and through it all an excellent level of build quality. Build sessions at Montgomery high school are two days per week with two back-to-back 50-minute class periods of 24 students each. Their current build-project, EN-19, was started at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year and is on track to be completed and on display at Oshkosh this year. Just mention “aircraft build” to any of Montgomery’s 1,600 students or staff and you’ll be greeted with a response filled with pride, excitement, and an invitation to visit the build classroom.

Mentor debrief sessions at Montgomery are typically held at one of the local burger joints immediately following each build session. I’ve attended several of these debrief sessions and it reminds me of a bunch of kids in a candy store; smiles, laughter, and never-ending stories about the really cool or absolutely unbelievable experiences each shared with their students that day. Two of my favorites stories are (1) the ‘engineering’ student that didn’t know how to read a ruler and the mentor’s experience through the teaching process and (2) the student that didn’t know what a saw horse was. I found the saw horse story a little hard to believe and it prompted me to ask our waitress if she knew what a saw horse was. After a long wide-eyed blank stare, she timidly said no. Confirmation that today’s youth need a little less ‘screen’ time and a little more vocational training.

Eagle’s Nest Projects is the most successful and prolific high school aircraft build program in the USA. Seven and one-half years- 14 completed (flying) aircraft and 7 aircraft under construction at various high schools. Build projects are implemented as a companion lab project to existing STEM based engineering curriculums (ex. PLTW Aerospace) and the builds take place in the classroom lab area during regular hours. Students are graded, most receive dual academic credit, and above all, students are held accountable for attendance, conduct, level of participation, and knowledge base.

Community and education partnerships are the supporting pillars of the program’s success. Eagle’s Nest Projects is partnered with Project Lead the Way, the nations leading provider of STEM curriculums, Embry-Riddle, the nations leading aeronautical university, and with a number of other aerospace and engineering-based education organizations. Community partnerships include school districts, municipal airports, local businesses, and hundreds of individuals who volunteer their time as mentors. If you missed it in the above captioned video, ABC Channel 13 News was so inspired by the great work at Montgomery high school that they reached out to Southwest Airlines and announced in the video (surprise to us all) that SWA has offered their support and intern opportunities to Eagle’s Nest build students. When you think it just can’t get any better, a new community partner joins in support of the program with new and exciting opportunities for Eagle’s Nest build-students to further empower them on a pathway of leadership and a productive life."


When Worlds Collide  ...Scott Chastain

On Saturday, January 27, 2018, I got sent to the old Fritzsche Army Airfield, now the Marina Municipal Airport (OAR), where I got out and looked around. The place felt abandoned. Nobody was around. I put the canopy cover on as the morning sun began delivering the promise of heat across a tarmac that at once held history in its structures while a light breeze sighed vacantly beyond.  ...


Trim Selector Switch & Indicator ...GalinHdz

Back in 2012 when I designed my all glass instrument panel, I thought I had covered every possible situation you could encounter while flying. I was quickly proven wrong when I did my first flight with my wife. As we flew along she rested her hand on the co-pilot joystick, and since both joysticks have trim control, she accidentally changed the way the airplane was trimmed. Since I fly actual IMC, this was not part of an acceptable design to me. So I re-wired the trim circuit and installed a trim selector switch. This way the trim can only be controlled by the pilot flying while the other trim is inactive. This setup worked to perfection, until last month.

I was flying with a pilot friend who wanted to do some practice approaches. He flew the airplane for about 1hr then it was my turn to do some approaches. But no matter how hard I tried I was fighting the airplane and could not keep it where I wanted. After about 1/2hr I realized the trim switch was still set to co-pilot so no matter how much I moved the trim, nothing was happening. As soon as I turned the switch to pilot, I could properly trim the airplane and everything fell in to place. I realized that unless I was looking down at the selector switch I couldn’t tell who had control of the trim. The last thing I want to do while flying actual IMC is to be looking down to check the trim selector switch position. Again this was not part of an acceptable design to me. So I went back to the drawing board to come up with an acceptable solution. The process is too long to post so here is a link to a .pdf file that details my "solution".


Now 3D Scanning! ...Steve Melton

...the tail is a 3D surface so I thought I would try the scanning camera



February 5, 2018.  0001Z.  Issue #4,494.
More than one moderator in the past has asked for an alphabetized listing of the businesses that advertise here (helps those mods with posting rule #1). After a little digging in Quickbooks I found a report that, with a little tweaking, I could turn into a list like you might find in the back of a magazine. Here it is...
  Todays 'Off Topic' is a 35 minute video on the Linotype machine used for typesetting up through the 70’s. My uneducated guess is that you’re going to want to block out 35 minutes to watch it. I watched it twice, then found a film online called ‘Linotype: The Film’ that just might end up buying (it wasn’t on Netflix).
  Hope you had a good weekend. v/r,


RV-6A For Sale ...410 hrs TTAF.  410 hrs since new Lycoming O-360A1A. 

Additional Items Included
1. Two Lightspeed headsets.  2. iFly GPS.  3. N-number is a decal (not painted).

If interested contact Randy Richmond via email at: rrv8er 'at' yahoo 'dot' com or (817) 401 - Eight Zero Nine Six.
More details and more photos


RV-8 Panel Progression - The Saga ...Jeff A

Just thought I'd share how interesting the changes have been over the years...


...and on the other end of the spectrum...


Economical Panel Entry ...Simon Hitchen

Here’s mine and it was quite inexpensive.
A used 7 inch dynon skyview
Used ASI & ALT
Used Garmin GTX-327
New Garmin GTR-200 com radio
IPAD Pro running ForeFlight connected via WiFi to the skyview thereby using its AHARS and gps antenna. Can also send and receive flightplans between the two units.

I already had the IPad so the whole panel cost me around $3500 USD. It’s obviously not the flashiest but I like it and with two kids heading off to university it’ll be staying for a while

Solid VFR that I fly through some of the busiest airspace around. Works beautifully. You really don’t have to spend a fortune if you’re looking to fly VFR comfortably.

Forgive the clamp on the cabin heat, the friction needed adjusting.


9A Status Report ...PilotjohnS


David Paule RV-3B Status Report


kentlik RV-7A Rebirthing Update

Decided to start on the canopy...initial fit before cutting anything.  Looks like I have a way to go with this puppy...


Wood Tailwheel Lift ver. 2.0 ...Sam B.

Refined the wood tailwheel lift to make it easier to roll the aircraft's tailwheel into position. The bottom of the dolly was originally wood but it's been replaced with steel angle and plate which sits at floor level. It's amazing how well such a simple device works.


2018 KC Flight Formation Clinic

2018 Formation Clinic is set for May 4, 5, & 6 2018 at KLXT.  Follow the link, once you are in the group you must add a record to the Database.  Hotel info is in the description, the cutoff for room reservations (Block held under KC Flight) is April 7, 2018


Closest thing to a hug ...Steve M.

"...a pat on back is close to a hug.

I took off at -10C at 5PM. A Cessna 320 was inbound and I knew the voice. Hey, Bob how's it going, chit chat. Upon him entering the pattern, I heard "Steve, I can't get my gear down". He was returning from the Avionics shop that had installed a L3 and new audio panel. I asked him to join me perpendicular to field at 5 miles to have a look. The gear was up. He began to crank the gear down manually for his first real situation. I verified it was down. He swung a 180 and landed uneventfully and then stopped over at my hangar afterwards. I got a pat on the back but it seemed like a hug.

This is the same avionics shop I walked away from a couple of years ago because it didn't seem focused. Even for a transponder check.

Why was I flying when it was so cold, -14C at 3000 ft. Why was he inbound at exactly the same time I lifted off? Why was it a perfect execution? He is trained and he flies angel flights. He mentioned it felt good to have someone there."


Questions on my Workmanship

I know what "perfect" looks like, but don't have a handle on "good enough." Two quick questions:

1) Scratches. These were caused by the squeezer while, if I recall correctly, I was standing on my head. Are these scratches something to fix when prepping to paint, something to buff out and prime over now, or absolute death to the part?


RV-14A Status Report ...jwoolard

Mid and forward fuselage just joined...



February 2, 2018.  Issue #4,493.
  A quick .3 Thursday morning looking for deer (spotted six) while in the background Smashing Pumpkin's 1993 ‘Mayonaise’ played over the Dave Clarks.  Sigh.  The sounds of adolescence…capturing the uncertainty, boredom, innocence, and confusion of growing up.  Strings fed to an Electro-Harmonix late-70s Op-Amp Big Muff pedal.  Lovin me that song...and that overdubbed fuzz so perfect for increasing your hearing loss.

“Fool enough to almost be it.  Cool enough to not quite see it.  Doomed.
Pick your pockets full of sorrow.  Run away with me tomorrow.  June.”
                      ---Billy Corgan

  Being in the air makes the music that much more sharp.  At least for me, listening to a song in the air often changes how I interpret and enjoy it. *Had the headset set up to play ATC over the music…loudly.  Quiet morning with very little comm.
  Wishing you and yours a heavy distortion, SAFE and RV-filled weekend.

   - How to play 'Mayonaise' .  Eb Bb Bb Gb Bb D tuning.

Tease Part Deux
(helping a friend)

164 pictures of a really nice 2007 RV-6A coming up for sale.

All the specifics and hopefully some A2A pics in the Monday edition (goes live around 0001Z).  I apologize for the washed out color from the drone shots.  The light brown grass and a too-high sun made for tough auto-balancing.  The shots with some blue sky in it more accurately represent the aircraft's paint colors.


RV Hotel List Updated

...Colorado and California.


VAF Courtesy Car and Food List Updated


Seen at Monk's

Oil cooler door mod on RV-6.  Neat!

scaled / full


Mothership Stats



February 1, 2018.  Issue #4,492.

First Flight RV-7 ...BillL

It finally happened. A very cool, but calm day.

Heavy left wing, but otherwise very familiar handling characteristics. The cabin heat worked nicely at 6500 ft and 25F. A little draft from the spar box.

Smooth and wiggled at ~47 kts with 20 deg flaps. Nice cruise at ~150kts with 23" and 2340 rpm.

Now comes the tuning, data collection and airmanship proficiency improvement.  Several people deserve some personal thanks, as well as the VAF members at large. A new beginning.


A Tease

...really nice 6A coming up for sale at 52F. 

Fresh annual.  Insanely clean.  View (27) pics of engine compartment.  All pictures here 2,560 x 1920 pixels.  The bigger the monitor you have the better. 

More info tomorrow.


February Wallpaper Calendar ...Ed Hicks photo


RV-Lancair Brotherhood Day ...1/31 entry

The RV contingent called in reinforcements from as far away as the Atlanta area; I was vastly outnumbered, and parked in back so as not to take away from those four beautiful RVs. We all took the courtesy van to Jason's Deli in Spartanburg. After lunch the RV-4s did some formation flying.


Alternate Battery Location ...RV-14 (M McGraw)

This is a PC680 mounted in the area you are interested. You will need to build the mount from inside the airframe because the access panel pictured is not part of the -14 kit.


Audrey Reeves (the 'AR' in N617AR) Got Published Again

...a proud papa bragging on his kid.

A Chemiluminescent Probe for Cellular Peroxynitrite Using a Self-Immolative Oxidative Decarbonylation Reaction (abstract)

(from Audrey)
"...most of the data I collected is in the supplementary information, which is available from that link without paying for the article. I did a lot of the reactions there, and collected the data for figures S5 and S6."



January 31, 2018.  Issue #4,491.
  Washed the RV-6 Tuesday instead of climbing on the treadmill, and while drying it the light reflected off the wing in a way that caught my attention.  Interesting reflection where the flap trails off and the epoxy-painted floor begins (stands out more in the full size pic).  Lotta blue sky Monday in Texas, as you can see in the pic.
  The winds and fire watches return Wednesday here in N.TX, so heads up.

scaled / full


New to the forum ...Rick Meyer (Iowa)

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I am from eastern Iowa, I farm and have an excavating business, I am 59, received my pilots license six years ago, and fly/own a 172M. I believe in goodness, I believe in doing the right thing, and I believe in working hard to make the world a better place. I also believe I want to build an RV! I am unsure of which model, however I am leaning towards the 14. I would like to here the thoughts of others who have flown or owned the 14, especially as compared to the other models. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rick.


Trying a Baffle Cutting Idea ...greghughespdx 14min video

I'm currently working (when I can find some time away from my job, it's been crazy-busy) on the engine baffles for my 8A project. I actually have two baffle kits. One is the "old" style kit that was available circa 2000. The other is the newer style kit that is more refined and has modern drawings and plans pages.  ...


New Product - RV-10 Wheel Pant Tire Pressure Ports ...VAF advertiser.


Alternate Air in RV-8 Snorkel

...seen at 52F.  Some pics....






More 3D ...Steve Melton


Ground Shot...Planecrazy232


New Beta 'Walk Through' Feature at RapidsetBuildings.com ...VAF advertiser

"...we have the beta of the "walk through" and "walk around" live online.  When you design a hangar let the system generate the plans after the quote form like usual then you will see the "walkthrough" and "walk around" option buttons appear."



January 30, 2018.  Issue #4,490.
  A pic of the bottom of the oil door on an RV-8 at 52F being built.  Of note is the glassed-in support on the underside (stiff foam underneath).  Haven't seen that before...

scaled to fit monitor / 3,200 x 2,500 pixel full size


RV White Pages Updated and Current

...as of 7:09pm Sunday night.  Sorted three ways.  PDF documents.  Use Ctrl-F on a PC or Command-F on a Mac to search for a name or town.  dr


Initial RV-10 cowl sanding

I'm working an RV-10 but I suspect it's the same for any RV cowling. I want to ensure this looks correct before committing to any drilling.

The diameter both horizontally and vertically is roughly 13" ... hard to be exact without a straight edge. I do have a bit of a gap to accommodate the later painting and whatnot. The top still protrudes out a bit further than the bottom. I can probably sand a bit more on the inside of the top to get it tighter. Thoughts?


Scouty has gone West.......... Pete Howell

Nine and a half years ago, I met a best friend and discovered a great new use for these flying machines we love. Then named Olivia, a little Boxer rescue, Scout came into our lives via a plane ride in our family's magic carpet.

Kate was just a little girl then, but she made the executive decision that Scout was coming home. Since that time, Scouty, even with all her quirkiness, wormed her way into our hearts, especially that of my wife, Andi.

It was especially hard to let her go this morning, but we know like all good girls, she goes to a better place. I'd like to think that finding her started me, and several other VAFers, on the path to perform many rescue flights all over the country.

She truly was a good girl, and we will miss her dearly........


Alton Bay Ice Runway is Now Open

“Alton Bay ice Airport Runway is now Open. Runway 1 /19. Runway is 100’ wide x 2800 ‘ long surface conditions all ice no snow very slick . Runway is marked with yellow cones every 300’ on both sides with triple cones on both ends marking thresholds . Taxi way is on east side of runway marked with orange cones into parking ramp on south end. If you have ice cleats for your shoes I suggest you bring them.” - Paul LaRochelle Airport Manager


Over Dimpling?  Any answer to the original question?

I cant seem to find an example of over dimpling. I keep reading over and over its hard/unlikely to over dimple but in another thread I was discussing my results with a new set of dies and was wondering if under dimpling could be the cause. I went back over some holes and hit them pretty hard with a hardwood flooring hammer and the c-frame on the concrete floor. To me the dimples look crisp but from a distance the whole row looks rippled. I think it may be what the OP was trying to describe. Its very hard to capture the ripples on camera.


Engine Fuel Pump Failure

Adding a data point on this.

I have about 900h on my RV-8 with a Lyc IO360M1B, which was installed new with the airplane. Nine months ago, I upgraded my panel to dual G3x's from, among other things, the Grand Rapids EIS system.

At about the time that I was testing out my new avionics, I noticed occasional fluctuations in fuel pressure, from a baseline of about 24psi to momentary lows as much as 14-15psi. The dips were transient, occurring maybe once or twice per hour, and not associated with any changes in engine output, RPM/MP, or sound/tone. They seemed to happen at higher altitudes during prolonged cruise (6-9000'), but were not associated with temperature. There were no changes in fuel flow. Activating the Aux Fuel Pump remedied the low pressure without hesitation or fail. It is possible that this was occurring with the EIS system and that I missed it.

I decided to have the fuel pump replaced before it failed outright. Upon removal, there was nothing out of the ordinary; no debris, no leaks, no undue chaffing or obvious wear. I did not take the pump apart to inspect the diaphragm.

The new pump is generating 32-34psi consistently, hence confirming (to me at least) that the original pump was in slow failure mode.

I was under the impression that these pumps rarely fail.

Hope this helps someone in the future.

Jon Weiswasser
N898JW, RV-8



January 29, 2018.  Issue #4,489.

Custom-built wood tailwheel lift ...S.Buchanan

There was a good thread recently about how to raise the tail wheel for maintenance and the formerly available Tail-Mate was part of the discussion. I fully intended to fabricate a copy of the steel Tail-Mate but decided to first whip together a wood version out of scraps in the shop. I moved it to the hangar today and made its first flight and the thing works incredible well.


Cherry Max Rivets Preparation and Setting: Van's Aircraft Builder Tips

(Rian at Van's)
"I just made and posted a video on Cherry Max rivets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb9miRllZDo.  I plan on making many more of these. This one was in answer to a tech help question we have been asked again and again."


Old Farts Update ...turbo's 1/28 entry

Our trip to Arcadia (X06) worked out wonderfully! The weather cooperated with winds coming straight down Runway 06, mostly sunny skies and tolerable temps. The big winds held off until we were all back in our hangars. Our hosts, George Chase and his Friends of Arcadia Airport, again went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed for our cookout. Randy and Beverly Barry, owners of Eagle Vista Aviation and operators of the X06 FBO, went out of their way to make sure we were welcome. They shuttled Old Farts from the ramp in their golf cart and offered up tours of their agricultural aerial spraying training facility. And finally, as an unexpected treat, we were allowed a look at an incredibly rare Antique Aircraft based at Arcadia. What a great day! Oh... I counted 31 Old Fart aircraft and we went through sixty burgers and six pounds of BBQ chicken!!!


Changed my signature today

First flight of VH-EAB. All went well. Started the build Aug 2011.
RV-9 "Cloud tinnie"
Registered VH-EAB


Status Report: RV14A N225HK ...kiljoy

So I've been lucky and have had an over abundance of time the last couple of weeks to work on
the left wing a little bit more. I've gotten the ribs on, the rear spar on along with the aileron hinge
brackets and today got about 50% of the top skins on.

I'm so glad that I built those two work benches and even happier that I kept the tops of them
at 8' long.

Here is a pic of the left wing with the rear spar having been riveted on and the top skins cleco'd
in place. I'd left the J channels in place to test the fit. They hadn't been primed yet:

.....and some video feeds of the construction:


RV accident data analysis ...John B

I wanted to learn a new data analysis tool (Power BI) so I decided to build a simple dashboard based on the NTSB database. I thought it might be interesting to the community so I am sharing the link with you.



January 26, 2018.  Issue #4,488.
  Passing over the top of Denton's class D on my way back to 52F - quick gas run up to GLE.  Garmin G3X.  Even though I'm not in their airspace I usually check in with Denton's  tower to let 'em know I'm listening and can move if they need me to.  They have a lot of training traffic and seem to appreciate the check in.  Target rich.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, SAFE and RV-filled weekend. 

full size


Probable Cause List Updated

...(16) new documents posted since the last update.  PLEASE read, discuss and digest these probable cause publications so that you can hopefully be a safer pilot!  Please!  Newest listings at top...

Note:  This page is over 8MB in size.  Make sure you're on Wi-Fi before clicking on it.

Dedicated area in forums to discuss probable cause documents.


An Unexpected Builder Risk - Radon

Here in this part of Colorado, we often have high levels of radon in our homes. Radon is a radioactive gas that comes out of the ground under our homes. Relatively low doses are a risk for lung cancer. Getting rid of it takes a straight-forward bit of work, which I won't go into, except to mention that it generally includes a suction applied below the house to exhaust the radon before it can enter the home.

You can see a map of the U.S. that shows relative levels across the country here. Click on your state for a closer look by county.

Radon can't be detected except with a radon tester. There's no smell to it.

My neighborhood association has a radon tester and I borrowed it. It spent a week in the unfinished basement, a week in the main part of the house, and a week in the shop, otherwise known as a garage among people who aren't building airplanes there. Since I've been spending 500 to 600 hours a year there, it seemed a good place to check.

The results are in picocuries per liter:

8.8 in the basement,
8.6 in the house,
and 17.9 in the shop.

What's the risk? I'm a non-smoker, and the numbers get much worse for smokers. But at a level of 8, about 15 people per thousand could get lung cancer. Out in the shop, for me, it's probably twice that.

But catch this: there is no safe level! But EPA recommends getting it fixed it it's over 4.0, and even there, the risk is about 7 people per thousand getting lung cancer.

I've got to get quotes and get this thing fixed, for sure. Especially since now it's out on the internet.

David Paule (RV-3B)


Gap around flush rivet mfg head

I started my project with mainly used/borrowed tools from a friend and have been adding tools of my own as I go along. The dimple dies I was using were giving good results but they have built a whole airplane already and I figured why not get a new set of my own. I bought the Cleveland spring back dies to use on the skins. I also bought a set of the sub structure dies just to try it out. I tried on a scrap before going to town and everything appeared to look good. I went ahead and dimpled real parts and during assembly I started noticing a slight gap around the manufactured head of the rivets that I wasn't getting before with the old dies. I pretty concerned so I took some scrap, made a test part, and took a cross section of the joint on a wire EDM machine I have at work. I think the joint looks OK (other than the shop head being a little off) but you can see the little gaps around the head. It looks like the new dies leave a larger radius and is the reason for the gap.

What is everyones thoughts on the gaps I am seeing? Could there be a different reason this is happening?


Jerald Folkerts Thanks the VAF Community

Wednesday, January 24th, at high noon, N25SR, a Murphy Super Rebel, SR2500, took to the skies for approximately 45 minutes. I could not have built this airplane without the incredible resource Vans Aircraft Forum provided. I purchased all of my avionics from individuals on the site, many of my engine accessories and wiring tools, swapped a set of incorrect Lord mounts with a Harmon Rocket builder, and even learned how to build my own panel with an excellent pin out diagram from Stein. I even managed to wade through the many controversial topics documented in the database, and made informed decisions on priming and Pro-Seal application techniques. And perhaps most important, I made numerous friends through contacts on this forum, and then had the chance to put faces on at Oshkosh, where I volunteer in homebuilt camping.

I bought the kit in 1995, took delivery in 2000 due to overseas USAF moves, finally retired and began construction in 2011; finished a Cygnet; built a hangar; designed, built and began marketing the Pedal RV; restored another Cygnet; and then, after 7 years and 4000 hours, it all came together. Empty weight is 1650 lbs, max gross weight is 3000 lbs. It carries 80 gal of fuel in a wet wing, and is powered by a Lycoming O-540 (250 hp version) with a two-blade Hartzell constant speed prop. The avionics are second generation King and the EMS is a VM1000C. The panel is traditional round dial with all electric instruments.

The flight was relatively uneventful with only a few minor discrepancies. Notably, the airplane was really fast and I wasn’t able to get it up to the 75% power range for adequate engine break in procedures. I broke ground within the first 600 ft and was almost immediately into the yellow range of airspeed. We had cloud cover at 2500 ft limiting my ability to climb. Consequently, it wanted to go too fast and I had to throttle back more than I wanted for the chrome cylinders. I’ll wait for clear skies on future flights. No adverse handling characteristics and I’ll pat myself on the back -- awesome landing. It’s going to be a real performer.

Jerry Folkerts


Is this scrap? ...RV-7

E713.  I drilled through into the counter weight to final size of #10 than realizing the E713 called for a #12.
When dimpled for a #8 screw I am seeing a gap at the root when the bolt is installed.
An issue?


Smokey Ray Air to Air

52F was doing the RV beehive thing Wednesday. 00000KT and a pattern clobbered with people playing with their toys. Tuesday evening Smokey Ray texted me asking if I had a short mission planned for the next day. Nope. Ideas?

Me, “Meet me over Ponder CCW turns 1000 at 2,500’ on 122.85 for some A2A pics. Preload 122.75. Standard briefing.”   I was there watching my second hand sweep past 12 at 1000 sharp.  I won’t rub it in too much that Smokey was three minutes 17 seconds late. ;^)

Still air called for 1/250th. Shot (47) pictures just pushing the button every few seconds on the down-sun side of each circle. Maybe he’s in the FOV. The 11yr old Canon G9 is small enough to hold in one hand, and it auto-does just about everything for you. Shot RAW at 4,000 pixels wide, hoping to crop out the best stuff later. Link below. The bigger your monitor the better. It’ll scale if you have the acreage.

Not too bad for not looking.  Remember back in the day when getting descent A2A shots was hard? I kidd…

Other stuff going on around the field besides me and Smokey, so I got some pics of some of that too. Other than the brown grass it almost felt like Spring. A great day for RVating around N. Texas.

Wish you were here.

RVs rock. v/r,

See the rest of the pictures...



January 25, 2018.  Issue #4,487.

RV-6A Split Screen Panel ...Planecrazy232

This is a 6A not a 14 but this is how I have my panel set up. I like the screens on the pilots side.


Amanda wants a tang ...3D printed stuff Steve M.

So, Amanda and I were test fitting fairings and we concluded that the eyebolt threaded distance variation from the wing skin was too much to deal with using a simple cone. Some folks thread these more than others. She wants a tang. So there it is. Getting closer.


Slow-Build Wings ...Dr. HC Phillips RV-14

Hi All,
I started building my slow-build wings around mid-May last year. At the time I had just completed my empennage after about 5 months of effort. Based on that experience I (laughingly) thought I would be done with them by this past Christmas, or about 7 months of effort. I am now about 8 months into the wings and have only gotten this far:

I'm at the step where you rivet the outboard leading edge to the spar assembly. 8 months and there is still so much to do before the wings are finished-fuel tanks, pitot, wiring harnesses, aileron trim, aileron servo, magnetometer, flaps, ailerons, and bottom skins. At this point I'm thinking it is entirely reasonable for it to take a full year to finish them. I'm curious; am I just a slow builder or do the wings really take this long to finish for most folks? I'm 15 months into the build and I estimate I have about 600 hours in the total project. Those are actual build-hours. I don't include head-scratching, cleanup, or other putzing around the shop hours. How much time/effort has it taken you slow-build guys to finish your wings?



January 24, 2018.  Issue #4,486.

Cupp's Drive-In via RV-6, RV-6 and RV-8A...

Three of us flew our RVs down to Waco for a burger - longest trip in a good while (39 minutes).  Grabbed the courtesy truck at Texas Aero with 172,000 on the odom and drove shimmied out to Baylor to eat at Cupp's (est. 1929).  They fueled us while we ate.  It's the restaurant pictured at the top of the Courtesy Car/ Food list.  The road to the food took us past the piece of dirt where the hospital I was born in used to be, and the drive back went past my old college dump apartment and the church Susie and I were married in.  I had my driving companions more than adequately bored.  Pics below include the scars from the grass fire in our neck of the woods that occurred Monday.  Yikes.

PS:  Most of the pics are at least 3,800 pixels wide in full screen mode.  If you have a big monitor it will scale accordingly.

See the pics...descriptions in the titles of each pic.


Build Update ...KazooRV-9A

Finished riveting the top skins and J-stringers in place on the Right wing, it's a good days work to do all that riveting. Be sure to have a plan for communication between rivet'r and bucking bar'r, you can get riveters brain fade with all the repetition. Luckily nothing happened that was bad. But I did use my first Oops rivet, that was overdue..


High Temperature during take off in RV-7  ...givo in Italy

I guess this issue has been already discussed many time in this forum . Nevertheless I’m relatively young in experimental field and in RVs so I post the following question , hoping someone is so nice to give me some suggestion .

I have problems of temperature in my RV-7 180 CV . I have two CHT , one on the most cooled , one on the least cooled cylinder .

I have also a small door on the lower cowling ( I miss the English term , in Italian is “ flabello “ ) that can be open with a servo .

With this door open , during take off also in winter with externa temperature of 30 – 50 F° , the temperature of the less favorable cylinder goes from 350-400 °F to 450 °F . The other more cooled cylinder will stay around 400 °F .

After take off I usually level the aircraft quite soon reducing power as soon as feasible and until both temperature return to 350 F° but it take quite a while .

Than I resume normal level flight at 75% power .

From now on temperature are relatively stable around 350 °F but if I start to climb also starting from an altitude as 3000 ft the temperature of the less favorable cylinder goes to 400 ° F .

Question : there is a way to improve ventilation inside the cowling ? Shall I install second door on the lower cowling ? or may be shall I enlarge the bottom opening ? regarding the baffle they seems to sit quite tight with the cowling … tank you for suggestions … Giulio


What's this part?


RV Washing

Q: What is the best way to do a complete wash of your RV?

A: Find a 15 year old kid that wants a ride!


How it Went Down


Attaching the canopy to a QB fuselage ... is this a problem?

This is a QB fuse.

On page 35-22 it shows the location of a fuel tank sealant line as follows:



January 23, 2018.  Issue #4,485.
  Pic below a blast from the past.  Randy Richmond at 52F after take off.  1/250s.  f/13  ISO:100  226mm.  Canon EOS-1D Mark II N.

scaled to fit / full size


Thoughts RE: the Thermal Expansion of Plexi ...AlexPeterson

I re-read this thread, and have some thoughts.

It seems we've been discussing stress concentration factors, which are typically used when, for example, one places a strip of material containing holes under tension. The stress is "concentrated" around the edges of the holes in the manner depicted here:

However, this does not fit our situation entirely. The above depiction assumes the tension is not being applied directly on the edges of the hole. In the case of canopies attached entirely or partially by rivets, once the acrylic has contracted enough to contact the rivets at the extreme ends, the force is applied at the hole. We now have a local contact stress which may be extremely high.

Bill's interesting test of attaching a strip of acrylic to a steel angle might have a different outcome if the strip were wider, yet still attached in the same way. The resulting force on the fastener will be proportional to how wide the strip is. Our canopies are really wide, as analogized to this strip test.

I guess for me, what remains a mystery, is why they don't all crack... When I take mine from a 45F hangar out into 0F or so weather, the clicking it makes is horrifying, once the engine is running and the rapid cooling begins. The clicking is presumably the acrylic shifting relative to the frame, as the mounting scheme was designed to allow. If it stops clicking I need to worry.

It has been doing this every winter for 1600 hours/16 years, and hopefully it will continue to behave. The -8 is obviously worse case, given its length and the apparent mis-match to the curvature near the aft end.


Motivational Video ...Nigel

[ed. After watching some of the video I said to myself, "Hey, that's the same airport I'm based at.  Then I had a light bulb over head moment and remembered this is the nice guy who put a new roof on my house after the last bad hail storm (his day job is running a roofing co.).  Thanks again Nigel!!!  v/r,vafdr]


Low time Pilot, New (to me) RV, motion sickness

Hi All, long time lurker here, only a couple of posts.

I received my recreational cert. back in 2012 (Australian equiv of a sport pilot i suppose).

My 1st flight was in a Fly Synthesis Texan, on a hot bumpy day. Another student on the ground before my flight said, "Don't throw up!". We got into the circuit started doing basic effects of controls etc. I'm getting greener. I said to the instructor, "i'm going to spew!" He handed me a towel and I used that. Nothing actually came out of me, just a big burp, was a strange experience. We landed, and I called it quits for the day.

I ended continuing my training, and it took me, according to my logbook, about 19 hours to go solo. I battled air sickness the whole way. I then completed the endorsements I wanted (cross country, radio, passenger etc).
My instructor was(and is) convinced its all in my head. I, to a point, agree. Sometimes I would feel sick before we were even airborn. It was never a case of being nervous about the flying or the landing. I knew I could land it, fly it, navigate etc. I was afraid of being sick.

I kept flying for another year or so in a rented aircraft, which was a ICP Savannah with a very light wing loading, STOL kind of aircraft. Probably not ideal for our climate. Hot, humid, bumpy etc. Then work rosters and things changed, didnt have time to continue flying.

Fast forward to present day. I now have a lofty sum of 60 hours total time.

On the weekend, I pulled the trigger and bought a RV-7a superior io360 cs dynon SV touch etc, nice plane.

Went for a short flight with the owner, and again its the middle of our summer, hot humid and bumpy, After 15 mins, I'm asking to go home. No vomiting, just the sweats and queezy.

I know it has been a considerable amount of time since I've flown, and I'll never be an aerobatic king, but I'm stubborn and have wanted an RV ever since I found a stack of sport aviation magazines in a secondhand shop when I was a kid.

But now I'm thinking I've made a mistake. More then anything, I get angry/disappointed/ashamed about being sick, and disappointed that I cant enjoy what has been my passion since I could talk!

Sorry for the long winded post.

input/opinions appreciated.


Flap rod rod end bearing

Going through archives and found this post. I’m installing my flap rods and have run into the same issues with the rod end bearing running out of enough tread after washering out from the flap end rib. This is a RV4. I’m sending my drawing, I’m having trouble understanding the “spacer” added to get the rod spaced further inboard. Did you use a different rod bearing than specified? Thanks for any pics drawings or info you can share. I could make this work, it’s just a lot more hole running up the fuse than I wanted.

RE Flap Pushrod Testing for Fauilure ...Scott


3D Printed Tie Down Ring Fairing Update ...Steve Melton

I've never been faster. 141 kts at 20.5 MP, 2325 rpm at 2500 ft. low power setting. low clouds. this is about 6 kts faster than my normal speed. temp = 10C.

Flap bracket fairings with buttons and tie down fairings, both sides. Slipping thru the air. The tie down fairings worked perfectly, concept 1 rev 2. I plan to evaluate concept 2 in the future but I'm pleased so far.


A Stiffener Mod to the Lower Cowl of a RV-8 ...seen at 52F.  dr photo

scaled to fit / full size

scaled to fit / full size


Mothership Stats...



January 22, 2018.  Issue #4,484.

First flight ...Scott Ahrens

After a long, slow build my RV-7 finally takes flight.


A Father's Blessing ...Scott Chastain

A blast of rain and cold weather swept through California at the end of the week, and I awoke Saturday morning to clear, crisp flying weather. I drove out to the airport and put some preheat on the engine while I waited for the old man to show up. My dad and I were heading to Paso Robles (PRB) for brunch to get the weekend off to a good start.

As my flight instructor when I was just a boy, and as my primary rivet bucker during the build of N898W, my father would be the first passenger to fly in the Dove since the canopy repair. At nearly 82-years old, the 1961 Cal Berkeley graduate climbed into the back seat and strapped in. Soon enough, we were airborne.


Greg Novotny RV-14A ...Luke D post (VAF advertiser)

I'm trying to get back to doing regular updates on pictures that our customers send us. These are from Greg N. in Washington State. His RV-14A looks great. Very professional. Thanks Greg!

Also, click the link below to see more detailed info about Greg's RV-14A. We've redesigned our customer galleries to make them easier to use.


While flying to breakfast.....

My wife and I were flying to a Saturday breakfast we ran across this farm field. Not sure who it was for, but I wonder if it worked?


RV-Lancair Bro Day

We finally, FINALLY!, got some decent flying weather today, so Owen, Darwin and I saddled up and flew to Gwinnett County [LZU] for lunch today at the Flying Machine. It was roughly a 45 minute flight from Asheville, and the weather was clear, and smooth. On the way back, some scattered clouds had formed at ~6,000' over Toccoa, with associated light turbulence underneath. It was fun!


Wing skins on!!

Right wing bottom skins on. Both wings skins are now done. Enlisted the wife for some of the harder to reach ones. This is one small milestone I've been looking forward to. It was warm today in the garage. 38 degrees


Flat Tire Update ...airguy

My new tires and tubes showed up so I jumped into the task today. I had a little damage on both main wheel pants from pulling off into soft dirt and a little grinding action on the flat tire side, nothing some touchup paint won't solve. Apparently I picked up some piece of debris on the takeoff roll or very shortly before, in the wheel pant that cut the sidewall of the right main and got through it to the tube. I did not find the offending piece of debris, just the evidence of it's passage. I replaced the Vans OEM tires/tubes with Desser 6-ply retreads and Michelin Airstop tubes. Incidentally - kudos to Desser - they include a small baggy of talc powder with the tubes for convenience, nice to see that. No instructions on how to use it - they expect you to know that already - but it's nice that they include it.

My OEM nosewheel looks like the day I installed it, with 205 hours - guess I'm treating it correctly.


from old fart Roger.........

Old Farts

I want you all to know that I really appreciate the numerous “Thank Yous”, compliments and “Atta Boys” sent my way for running this outfit. However, I often feel the shoe should be on the other foot. Today’s event at Punta Gorda (KPGD) is a case in point. It was way too cold to fly my old Stearman an hour each way. No problem, Old Fart Jeff Weston chauffeured me in his 1958 Comanche 180... a truly great airplane. Once at EAA Hangar 565, Old Fart Larry McClure and his crew fed me, and even gave me an “Old Fart” coffee mug. Then Old Fart Walt Fricke chauffeured me across the field to the hangars where we were all treated to a tour of incredible aircraft. The tour was made possible by Old Fart Jim Lyons. And, more than twenty of you braved the cold and flew in to let me look at your airplanes.

Makes me wonder who should be thanking who? How about a big, “Hip, Hip Horray!!!” all the way around?

What a great venue!!! The EAA clubhouse was once the concrete backstop for sighting in P-40 Warhawk machine guns. The airfield was a WWII training base. It is the only WWII building remaining on the field.

Here’s a pano shot of the interior. I think Larry’s crew fed well over fifty. 



January 19, 2018.  Issue #4,483.
  00000KT this morning (23*F) so I gotta go fly for at least a few minutes.  I mean come on.....00000KT.  Saw the cause of a recent column of smoke around our area.  Grass fire here - pic below.
Two quick site items.  First, the VAF 2018-2019 online calendar has been activated, so if you want your RV gatherings to start showing up on the front page of VAF and at the bottom of the forums (when logged in) you can now enter those RV events.  Second, the link to the GOES East Vis/Fog Sat image on the Wx page recently changed.  I adjusted it to the new link.  Sorry I didn't catch that earlier.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled (and warm) weekend.

scaled to fit / full size


Fuel Pump Failure Mode ...Craig Taylor

Our RV8 has IO360M1A and a Tempest Fuel Pump #L15473. When cleaning up the aircraft yesterday after a long cross country I found a trail of gasoline dye behind the fuel pump drain tube. As a check, I pressurized the fuel system with the boost pump on the ground and no leakage was seen. Also, when pressurizing the system with the engine driven pump by cranking the engine, no discharge from the fuel pump drain was noted. The pump has accumulated 1400 flight hours since new.

Does anyone know how these pumps fail? Does the diaphragm slowly crack, or can the final failure be catastrophic? (I had planned to attend the 75th anniversary of my Navy Attack squadron in California this weekend but feel it would be risky to attempt the 9 hours of flight time over barren countryside.)

Any knowledge that you all might be able to provide will be appreciated.


RV-10 Build Update ...mciaglia

"..I think its time to move the wife's car out of the 2 car garage. Its gettnig kinda big."


Gallagher Aviation

DID YOU KNOW about switching coverage from builders to flight?

During all of your hard work while building your aircraft, you couldn’t wait to get it up in the air. When it’s time to fly, make sure you remember to update your insurance policy. In fact, it may be beneficial to update the policy prior to being ready to fly. Did you know there is no coverage under a builder’s risk policy once the aircraft is moving under its own power? You can put fuel in the tank and you can start the engine, but if the plane gets away from you, there’s no coverage. We want to make sure you have the right coverage at the right time. If you’re ready to get a full flight quote or even if you just started building, give us a call for quotes. At Gallagher, we have our girls that work specifically on Vans, but we also have several other people on our team that can quote just about any type of aircraft you can come across.


RV-3B Build Update ...David Paule

Seems like it's been a long time... in fact it has been.

The things I've done in the last month are small stuff. I'm getting ready to attach the next long side skin, and while it's still off, wanted to do some of the smaller stuff. These are things like riveting those bulkhead flanges that I made to the bulkhead's webs. These are finally done, along with a few less exciting things.


PnP Data Point ...AndyRV7

I've flown a few dogs in my 7 and none have been crated. I looked around for a soft sided crate but they don't seem to be made to fit an RV without giving up some useable space. And they seem to be unable to hold a curious dog in place, from the reviews I've read. Also, the dogs are mostly crated when they get to you, whether you are the 1st leg or the last. I always specify I can't use a crate for size reasons.

If I fly the flight alone, I take out the passenger seat and put 2 or 3 harbor freight moving blankets down and create a little bit of a cradle with them. They are ALWAYS on sale for $5.99 and once folded to fit the plane space, will contain any potential "issues" you may have. I have not had an issue yet... If a friend wants to come with me I put the blankets in the baggage area. Most dogs have been energetic and curious once loaded but all have slept once we started taxiing and the canopy was closed. I tether to the support behind the seat and keep it long enough for the dog to lay down, but short enough to keep them from reaching the controls. You can add some shade in the Summer.

Like someone else said, it's a great thing if you like helping animals. I began just taking trips that had 15 pound sized dogs. My last trip was a VERY energetic Springer Spaniel of about 25 pounds. I realized then I could probably handle a 40 pound dog. Incidentally, the tether is more to keep the do in the plane during open-canopy ops prior to takeoff. Every dog I have transported has been an attention hound! Just some ideas. Give it a try.


Build Update ...Andy C 9A

Finished up riveting the outer leading edge. Then time to pressure test the right fuel tank.  The wife had a bicycle pump, but it seemed to only fit a 1980's Cannondale tire tube,,, so no joy there. But I found my trusty Mastervac and pumped things up sufficiently to soap up all the seams and rivets, and no leaks indicated, Yay!  Installed the tank and now onto riveting the top skins.


New Guy Chimes In ...Steve F.

I just ordered my empennage kit so after lurking for some time I am on my way and hope to meet new people and make new friends.

This will be my third airplane project. I currently built and I am flying 902AL which is a Zenith, CH650B air-frame (essentially the same as the RV-12) powered by a Lycoming 0235-N2C with MGL Avionics and Comm, uAvionix ADSB.

I love 2AL but I have decided I want to step up my building as well as piloting game.

If anyone has any newbie advice I am all ears.

Looking forward to the RV-Grin One Day.


RV-9A Build Update ...dwranda

Left wing bottom skin on!! 12 degrees outside and I'm riveting the right wing bottom skin in my unheated garage. Tired of waiting for warmer weather. Let's Git er Done!!!


RE: Acrylic Thickness and Thermal Properties ...Clive in New Zealand

A couple more complicating factors:

The thickness of acrylic sheet stock as it comes from the manufacturer can vary slightly across it's surface. Part of our business is making acrylic aircraft windows (including RV12 rear windows for the local builders btw) and for say a typical 3mm thickness we have seen occasional variations from about 2.8mm up to 3.2 in the one sheet. Generally not a problem because many of the windows we make are relatively small so we can avoid any issues. But for the bigger canopies who knows, this might be contributing to the cracking problem.

Something else to consider is that when a canopy is blown, especially the longer narrow types such as the RV8, there is a lot of stretch and thinning of the acrylic happening at the highest point. Starting off with say 3mm acrylic could easily see it reduced to around half that thickness in some cases (think of inflating a balloon). Add in slightly thinner than spec acrylic to start with and this could go some way toward explaining why some installations fair better than others.

I always cringe a little when I think of the compression forces being applied when rivets are used to directly secure acrylic. Not disputing that many get away with it for years on end but it's not ideal. With bolts many hundreds of psi can easily be applied when over-torquing nuts and bolts. That's why good practice is to tighten to a firm fit and then back off a full turn of the nut. It only has to be lightly tightened. Also the hole in the acrylic should be half as big again as the bolt diameter with each bolt centred in the hole i.e. 4mm bolt - 6mm hole. This is another disadvantage of rivets because they try to expand to fill the hole as they are pulled.

Personally I have gone with Sikaflex for my canopy and screen. Trying to give myself the best shot at a trouble free installation. Time while of course tell!



January 18, 2018.  Issue #4,482.

50 to go to 5,000 ...turbo

Almost sold her a few years ago but couldn't part with her.  Felt much better to do some upgrades and keep what I felt so comfortable with.  I love this plane and where it has brought me over the past 18 years.  Hope to pass the 5,000 mark and keep on going till..........

Fly your bird, these planes are the best.


Why RV-12's have wing-tip handholds (resurrecting an old thread with video)

I know I'm resurrecting an old thread here, but I thought I'd close the circle on this one by posting a video of an RV landing on Sollas beach last summer.

As Keith found out the hard way, you have to carefully identify the correct area of beach to land on, and the surface is not always as dry as in this video, but Sollas beach as marked on the charts will definitely take the weight of even the larger RV's.


A careful inspection before landing for ridging or washed up debris is a good idea though, or even better a briefing from someone on the beach!

[ed.  I enjoyed this video very much.  Full screen!  v/r,vafdr].


Rudder Leading Edge Started ...azflyer21 RV-14

Today I set up my bench to roll the Rudder leading edge. I successfully finished 2 sections, now that I'm comfortable with the process I should be able to finish the rest tomorrow.


Bottom cowl closeout glitch ...RV-14

We just finished our 1st Conditional Inspection at 150 hours on N199MJ. I'm happy to report everything looks like new except for this glitch with P/N FF-00003A (bottom cowl closeout). I would suggest using a doubler to strengthen this thin aluminum where the bracket is riveted. Happy New Year to our RV family from Roger and Myra.


3D Printing Fun ...Steve Melton

Kicking this idea around with Amanda. maybe something like this?


Workbench Retract Wheels ...Mike Rettig

I build my (3) work tables with "retractable gear" too. The "lock blocks" simply drop into place when you pick up the table. Later, I took some thin nylon rope and tied it to little eyes in each block and then to another eye under the bottom of the table. The rope was left loose enough so that the blocks drop into place when you lift the table edge slightly. However, when you want to "raise the gear" you simply pull on the rope, lifting the lock blocks back up. Hence, no need to bend over whatsoever.



January 17, 2018.  Issue #4,481.
  Cold down here in Texas (for me at least)...no RVating observed.  Spent an hour at the health club I jokingly call 'VA Fitness'...the exercise equipment in the corner of the hangar with a propane heater nearby.  Taco Tuesday lunch at Rosa's with the usual suspects ($2.62 discount) and back home to bond with electrons on the QWERTY.  No time in a plane, but I got to look at one from the treadmill, so maybe that counts for something ;^).  Probably not...
  Hope it's warmer where you are.

First Flight: Another RV-7A Takes to the Sky! ...Walt at 52F

Good friend Mike Ciaccio made his first flight yesterday at 52F, everything went smooth as expected. Congratulations Mike!!


Workbench w/Retractable Wheels

...video shot at my home field Tuesday.  Wheels are from a $10 furniture dolly bought from Harbor.  Maybe another $4 in hinges and wood.  Beats buying those massive castors that are $15/ea.

Video of Wheels Being Extended / Retracted

Photo: scaled / full size


Martin Buehler's RV-4 Pilots 'N Paws Setup

I've done a medium sized dog in the back of my RV4 which would be similar. I removed the back seat and stick which made the whole back area a "crate". Plastic down for accidents, then pillows and blankets on the floor, and the dog seemed to like having sun or shade depending on where he lay.


Panel Pic ...FitzRX7

Finally posting full view of my finished panel...if only to nudge Oly to put full glass in his.


From the Mothership FB page...


Ikea Shop Cart


Tie Down Ring Fairing Concept 1 ...Steve Melton 3D printing

"...to be spring loaded for quick removal and install. you know, I fly around with these tie downs hanging out and use them only occasionally but I don't want to be threading them in and out when I need them. not a good idea if it's gusty. I want to leave them in place and add a quickly removable fairing. the goal is to be able to remove and install the fairing with one hand."


Turf wars between new Avionics and F-402C

I'm in the early stages of designing and building a new panel for my -4. This is what I've dreamed up and skillfully laid out in the most technical manner...

It's recently come to my attention that there's a part of the F-402 bulkhead behind where I'd like my 430/327 radios to go. F-402C goes right behind the panel, across the width of the fuselage.

How are others getting around this? Has anyone modified F-402C? Has anyone ever moved it? Is it just something that everybody is building around? It's really limiting me on placement of my radios...

p.s. Yes, I've seen panels with radios mounted between the pilots legs... I'm trying to avoid that at all costs because I have a firewall mounted battery and some really awesome cabin heat I don't want to modify (or cook the radios).



'Rebirthing' Update ...Kentlik 7A

Flap motor.



January 16, 2018.  0008Z.  Issue #4,480.
  Got in a quick loop, two rolls and a split-S before the Wx arrived Monday in our area (pano pic below).  And the 16L practice ILS at KAFW.  Passed the NASCAR track after going missed and turning east RTB (look for the Texas-shaped pool in the full size version).  Could have worn shorts before lunch.  Not so much afterwards.
  It's cold again.  Bleh.

scaled / 6,480 x 2,407 full size

scaled / 3,264 x 2,448 full size


Flight Testing of Repaired Canopy Crack ...Scott Chastain

The San Joaquin Valley winter fog finally broke on the afternoon of Sunday, January 14. I raced from Church to the airport and put some preheat on the engine while I prepped the Dove for her first flight since the canopy repair. After taking my dog, Gracie, for a little adventure walk around the airport, I pushed the plane out of the hangar for the first time since Christmas Day. It had been 3 weeks since the canopy was removed.


Will helmet (or head) break the canopy?

With my seat a comfortable height for normal (blue-side up) flying, I find when I do neg g maneuvers my helmet hits the canopy. I cinch up the belts but it still happens. I have a slider and was concerned if I could crack the canopy?

If I am not going to be doing aerobatics, I don’t wear the helmet and my head doesn’t hit even in turbulence. The things I have thought of: lower the seat but that will restrict forward visibility, pad the helmet, don’t wear a helmet, or don’t worry about it.

A: I have heard of one occurrence, here in Colorado, where a very seasoned RV-6 pilot smacked his head during turbulence and cracked his slider canopy enough that it needed to be replaced. That being said, I believe the canopy had flown for many years before this occurred. Although it's always been hangared, it sees a lot of flight hours too.

A: Ages ago, I learned aerobatics in an open-cockpit airplane over the ocean. The first thing we'd so was roll upside down and roll back upright. Then we'd tighten our safety belts as much as possible. We repeated this and if necessary, we tightened again. Having no canopy and a cold ocean underneath made this seem important.


Show us Your RV-4 ...Jvon811

I actually was fortunate to join the club back in June 2017 but this is my first pic post! N249P is early-ish (S/N #715) with 327TT. O-320 with a Ben Warnke Prop. Improvements in the works are a new panel, "Poor man's cold air intake", heated seats, and many others. Located KFNT, Flint, MI.


RV-7 Status ...pazmanyflyer

Finished horizontal intake.  Started and finished trimming baffles over this past weekend. I have a nice evenly spaced (3/8"ish) baffle to cowl. Still need to do the air gap seal.

Video on oil cooler


Build Update ...KazooRV-9A

Continued working on the right wing leading edge. Had a couple of days last week in the upper 50's here in SW Michigan, worked with the shop door open for awhile!
Leading edge now on, finally something permanently installed!


Stand-by Alternator Photos

Anyone have photos of installation of a stand-by alternator on the rear engine case? It's kinda crowded back there and I am wondering about interferences. Thanks.



January 15, 2018.  0001Z.  Issue #4,479.
  A bit of a rarity occurred Sunday....Susie, Tate and I all flew via RV to lunch.  Tate flew in the back of Chris Pratt's unbelievably beautiful -8 (his first ride in an 8 - pic right).  We ended up with (8) RVs on the ramp and enjoyed a fun walk to and from the Hard Eight BBQ.  Pictures.   It's been too long.  Susie and I launched early so we could stop in Mineral Wells for cheaper gas on the way down ($3.79).  Five minutes added to the trip to Stephenville, but saved nearly $10 total (KSEP was $4.33).  We called Mineral Wells Unicom ten miles out asking for fuel and the nice lady said 'shut down next to the fuel truck'.  The truck was running and ready to go when we taxied up.  Had us on our way in about ten minutes.  What great service!
  It's always nice to catch up with other members of the B.C. Squadron, and we always end up asking ourselves why we don't do it more often.
  Hope you had a nice weekend also. 

She Flies


Old farts converge on Okeechoobee...turbo's words <g>


Wrapping my RV-14A ...Jared Solomon


New 3D Printing Service Bureau Announcement


1st Photo Post ...egp8111's RV-4

Hoping to get the W&B done next week and scheduled with the FAA for inspection


RV-4 MS1095 ...new 'My RV Build Project' thread


Baggage Door Alarm ...RV-10

I put a micro switch in the upper rear corner. It seemed like the best location to not be seen or snagged on something going in or out of the door. I made the bracket loop around the switch to provide protection. The bracket can be lightly bent to position the switch accurately.


Jim W's RV-4 ...Smokey Ray post




Build Update ...kiljoy



January 12, 2018.  Issue #4,478.
  I would like to publicly welcome Gary Platner (RV-8) to the Board of Directors of the airport we are both based at (www).  Scott Doores stepped down after six years of hard work and Gary has replaced him.  There was talk last night at the board meeting of a RV Fly-In at 52F sometime this year - food trucks, fuel trucks and parking need to be worked out.  33.052481, -97.231992.  Centrally located in the middle of the country.  Got to celebrate that new runway Texas-style!
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  


Done ...laz RV-8

"All I have to do is fly."


From the Mothership...


We are now required to collect sales tax on all parts and kit orders from our customers who are receiving shipments within the state of Georgia. This includes engines and propellers purchased from Van’s Aircraft and drop shipped by our OEM suppliers. Since the tax amount varies based upon the county of the shipping address, the tax cannot automatically be applied during checkout for online orders. Therefore, the tax will be computed and included as part of the invoice total, subject to our payment policy prior to shipment. If you are a business and have a Tax Exempt permit, please send us a copy of your permit with your builder’s number to orders@vansaircraft.com so we may attach it to your account.


The Unhappy Cracky Club ...Scott Chastain

On the night of December 1, 2017, I flew my RV-8, N898W, Descending Dove, to Tehachapi, CA (TSP) and spent the night in the pilots’ lounge. I found after-hours access to a room with plenty of space on the floor to inflate my mattress and unroll a sleeping bag. I wanted to explore the town of Tehachapi the next day.  ...


Pics from Petit Jean '17

I'm a little late in posting these links but Petit Jean 2017 was something very special. What a great group of RV drivers and riders! I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves! The links to albums at the end have hundreds of spectacular pictures of you and all your RV buddies and buddettes! What follows is just a sample of all the miles of smiles!


Wrapping ...JasonM

I too decided to wrap rather than paint. Also using the 3M 1080 film. There are a few tricks to learn like when to use heat and when to not along with where to start applying the film when it comes to complex shapes. Overall it's pretty easy and if I don't like it simply peel it off.

Here are a few pictures of my wingtips and ailerons


Updated Panel Pic ...Walt


Tall/Short Pilot Input ...catmandu

Finally got some today, here's the base, aft looking forward, seat back installed in the forward position. You can see there is an interim set of nutplates as well, should we ever have a 5'7" pilot, I guess

Here is a picture of the top of the seatback with the extension I riveted on to the plans-specified extension. Tried to rotate it, Imgur fail on my part.


Seen at Richmond Aircraft (52F)

...I took these pics Thursday.  vafdr

RV-6 Cracked Motor Mount Repair w/Gussets and new paint

scaled / 3504 x 2336

scaled / 3504 x 2336


Attempting to Wrap the Cowl ...sahrens

Well Bruce I took your advice. After finishing the oil door I was going to wrap the empennage fairing but I decided to have a go at the upper cowling. Moving to a much larger peice of vinyl was a little more difficult than I had imagined. The backing material that is removed is fairly thick and does not want to bend. I was hesistant to remove all the backing for fear the vinyl would stick to itself. It did anyway and much like duck tape, it really sticks. There is a happy place in there somewhere where just enough backing is removed to allow applying the vinyl and removing too much.

All that said about 1/3 of the way into this I knew it was going to get pulled off. The material is relatively strong, it will stretch and it will shrink. It will also tear, especially when heated or over stretched. Long story short I had some small pock marks of damage that I wasn't satisfied leaving on the aircraft. Once that decision was made I just made this a learning project working on technique, how much heat was too much and how to work compound curves.



January 11, 2018.  Issue #4,477.
  Please excuse the early push of the Thursday edition.  There is a board meeting for the airport I'm based at this evening and I'm on the board.  vafdr

RV-12 w/Stearman Mirage

RV-12 on the taxiway at 52F with a Stearman in the distance - taken a few months back.  Click on 'Full Size' to see the 4,000 x 2,248 pixel original - if you've got a big 'ol honkin monitor.

Scaled / Full Size


Finally Thawed ...Pete Howell

Got over 40 today in Minne - sunset pic of the Emerald City.......


Flat tire on landing - a little western

So I went goofing off today with my uncle, just a chance to burn some fuel and recalibrate my head. 0.7 on the hobbs and the sun is going down, time to park it. As soon as the mains touched down on the 30-foot wide pavement I noticed it pulling right, within less than a second it was pulling right A LOT and I knew what was happening. Full left rudder was OK through about 40 knots then left brake and more left brake, to the point I was almost sliding the left wheel coming down through about 10 knots but kept it on the runway. It was swervy to say the least, but I kept it on the pavement.

Pulled the wheelpant, the tube would hold air for about 3 minutes so we just aired it up and used our Rhino tug to pull it back to the hangar, took 2 mid-way stops for more air to get it put away. Datalogs showed it was 14 seconds from wheel contact to full stop, that would have been a rather impressive short-field landing if I hadn't been so busy trying to suck the seat cushion up my butt. My condition inspection was due to start in 2 weeks, I guess this just moved the start point up a bit.

Be careful out there...
Greg Niehues


Water Bottle Speed Mod


From the Review of my panel Thread

...Ed W's comments

Here are a “few” comments, and of course, your mileage may vary:
1. The USB port on the left is so close to the throttle that there may be interference with the port or the cables;
2. If there is anything dangling from the ignition key, it may hit the stick when deflected or be a nuisance on your leg;
3. Things that earn their way onto the stick are those that you use frequently and need promptly, or need to access when both hands are busy. Boost pump does not qualify. Also, there’s the concept of flow, that you move your attention around the cockpit in the same order as they appear on the checklist to make sure that the switches are all set. Boost pump on the stick probably wouldn’t fit that concept well;
4. Similarly, the only reason for having flaps on the stick is if you need to dump flaps on the rollout. I’ve thought about doing this on my RV-8;
5. Nice that your stick grip is not left or right handed;
6. I’ve learned to fly my RV-9A with left hand on the stick, and it no longer has the awkward feeling it did when I started. You’ll have all of Phase 1 to get used to it, so you might not need the dual throttles;
7. Good that you grouped your switches instead of having a long row;
8. I’d put strobe at the end, rather than in the middle;
9. If you ever do go inside cloud, it will be strobes off, pitot heat on. You might consider putting them next to each other;
10. The parking brake is in an area normally reserved for power controls, and more specifically, for carburetor heat. I’d move it. Similarly for cabin heat;
11. No point in putting warning lights on the center stack, put them in front of the pilot;
12. Having a light for fuel pump on is no longer considered by all to be good human factors (quiet, dark cockpit concept). The argument is that it gets you used to seeing a light on;
13. Move the seat warmer switches closer to the pilot.

Hope this helps,



Wrapping project

Well, not only am I nuts for polishing my aircraft, I also am using vinyl as well. So I started with the easiest component I could find, the oil door. It took about an hour to explore how much the vinyl would stretch / shrink..it will also tear.

All in all it was fairly easy to work with once I got started.


And more wrapping ...

I did use the end roll piece approach to vinyl wrapping and had my kids cut them before applying (nice family project ...):


Split Screen or 2 Portrait displays

(Des) As a new builder, panel questions are coming up, and I wonder if there are any comments or suggestions about which setup would have better utility.

The 10" model allows a split screen, so I wonder if anyone is finding advantages of using two of the 7" Portrait displays? (well, one could serve as a backup). Looks like you lose a control knob on the 7" model. And I haven't seen any examples of the 7" screen allowing a full screen view of traffic, weather or engine monitoring.

None of the "Show us your panel" images in the forum showed the two Portrait displays side by side (also not shown in the photo galleries of Steinair or Aerotronics).

The mission is for long cross countries, not yet IFR ticketed.

(Walt) I'm a big fan of the portrait displays, probably because thats what I've flown in my own aircraft for a number of years now. The 7" is taller than the 10" but the 2 7's don't have quite as much screen area as the 10". I chose to keep my seperate engine monitor (MVP-50) so that I don't lose the screen real estate to the eng instruments. Doing it this way gives me a larger/taller map than I would have on the 10" display. I also prefer to have both screens in front of me for redundancy purposes, with the flip of a switch or on screen button push the MFD is immediate a PFD so it's a total non event if one of the screens fails with this arrangement. I'll post some update panel pictures showing the 470 touch screens I now have and a few other changes I've made (added a 660 which I mainly use as a full time traffic page or IFR plate). I'm considering (if I ever have time) to change this to a 3 screen setup but honestly I'm VERY happy with the current layout.


Doug Eves RV-6 Ground Pic


Alternator failure ...make sure you read the last paragraph

So there I was 30 miles to go navigating through the rain and wind trying to get home, then a battery warning light comes on, O **** I knew instantly I had to take action and start load shedding electricity to keep the computer alive to fire the sparkplugs to keep the engine running, as the battery is on a limited life and draining quick, if the battery dies, the engine dies! I needed to decide what goes off NOW, all lights off, It was getting dark and could barley see, all fans and heat OFF, windscreen started fogging up and it was getting cold, then the engine rpm started fluctuating unexpectedly, WHAT THE!, more warning lights started coming on the panel and then the most scary, the engine started to miss and started shaking bad, then no power, them more power and stumbling, very worried I was not going to make it home, it then started slowing down and I got real scared! then I touched on the brakes and those lights brought the computer operational voltage below operational threshold and the engine Died!  I used the very last amount of velocity to make the final turn.............into the driveway.

WHEW! yes this was in my car tonight, but it was good practice for my all electric Fuel and IGN powered RV! my goodness I hope I never have to experience this in the air.
7A Slider, EFII Angle 360, CS, SJ.


RE: Thermal Expansion and Canopies ...Chris Pratt RV-8

Hopefully this is not too far off topic, but 5 or 6 years ago, after hearing of a rash of cracked canopies that occurred in cold weather with the aircraft parked in the hangar, I decided that when my RV-8 is parked I would not completely close the canopy, i.e. I do not latch the canopy when parked in the hangar.

I figure there's no need to put stress on the canopy when it is just sitting especially with the rapid changes in temperature we can experience in Texas. Perhaps it has helped, I have no way of knowing for sure, but so far no cracks. If you currently are latching your canopy when securely parked in a hangar, consider leaving the canopy just slightly open. It may make a difference.


Semi-related:  Our Site Mascot

I was going through some pics and found this gem of Moondog.  I thought I would share.  He's a sweetypie, an older, set-in-his-ways sweetypie.

scaled / full size



January 10, 2018.  Issue #4,476.
  Fog at the home field Tuesday 0900 - no RVating before noon.

scaled / full size


First flight today

Finally, it’s been an eight year part-time project but we had a decent day here in Michigan for a first flight. 1.5 hours breaking in a new engine at 75% power and all performed as expected. Chts below 350, oil temp butterfly worked great to adjust oil temp to 200. Fast and heavy on the controls at those settings, did a lot of autopilot flying, checking systems. Today was basically keeping eyes on engine gauges, a few stalls, slow flight. Landings need some work though, takeoff was sweet.
Dave Ford RV-10
Cadillac, Mi


More info on Sam Buchanan's Tug

Got to the hangar today and refined the towbar so it will be more suitable for pushing the RV-6. I removed the carabiner and fabricated a pin hitch:

It is just two steel straps bolted to the Cessna-type towbar handle. This should work while pushing or pulling and is what I would use if I had a nose-dragger. The drawbar is fabricated from steel angle and bolts to the brackets that used to attach the front of the mower deck.


Memories of the Master

...written by our own Paul Dye (RV-8/3) about his former coworker (and moonwalker) John Young.

[ed. And be sure to read Critical Burn also.  v/r,vafdr]


Things Crammed in a RV-10

Cholera Clinic Supplies.  Surgical gloves, bed pans, saline solution, HRP's, gas powered pressure washer, solar powered water purifier.


Page 06-02 step 6 ...RV-14

I ordered my RV-14 empennage kit so now it's time to start asking really, really basic questions. On the very first page of the build instructions, it says to "dimple the rivet holes on the aft face of the VS-702 Front Spar and VS-01401 Front Spar Doubler" and then in the associated Figure 4 it says "dimple flush aft." Does this mean to dimple toward the aft or dimple toward the front so the flush side is to the aft? I assume the latter, but I don't want to act on a bad assumption on the very first page of the kit.

I look forward to getting started on the build. Rest assured that I will have more basic questions as I go, and for posterity I will make future builders even more comfortable asking their basic questions since they can't possibly be more basic than mine


Review of my panel design/layout

Hello everyone.
So I'm working on FWF and will be moving into panel and wiring next. I have held off long enough and think I need some input on my panel design/layout. Please let me know your thought pro's and con's. RV7 - tipup


More on that Dog

We are not sure if Truman likes flying or just hates being left at home. He has been flying in the RV-10 since he was 8 weeks old. We picked him up near Mt Shasta CA on the way home from Oshkosh 2016.


AeroSun VX install attempt #1

Today I removed the right wingtip and read the installation instructions for the AeroSun VX landing lights. I thought I understood them pretty well and started to make the cutout for the light. I placed the template in the tip and drilled both holes to #30, marked out the area for removal with a fine sharpie and used a cutoff wheel to remove a large portion. Then I used a small bit in a air grinder and cut up to the line being sure not to remove it. Some 100 grit sand paper was used and I sanded into the line a little before checking the final fit. It took about 3-4 times of removing just a little here and there before the light would fit in the cutout like it says in the instructions. I think they call out about 1/2" on the inside and 2" on the outside that the light protrudes from the opening. The instructions don't say anything about trimming the light but I had to remove a little material at the flanges that hold the insert nuts so they not hit the tip. (pics below) All looked great and I went ahead and drilled the two screw holes to #27. I assembled the screws and washers and springs.... Uh Oh.... something isn't quite right. It looks like by inserting the screws that the whole light has moved outward by almost 1/8". What used to fit perfectly now fits like ****. I checked the template against the left side light and the holes in the template seem to line up pretty well. Not sure whats going on but I suspect that I may have to fill the holes and drill new ones. I'll figure this out tomorrow but I do want to say that I am looking for perfection here. I like working with fiberglass and I want a perfect even reveal all around the light of about 1/16". Heres some random pics of the process and some of me just taking pics at different angles trying to figure out what to do.


Well that didn't go as planned...opening pandora's box.

So I pulled everything down to ready to remove cylinders, then had one of the engine shop guys come help me pull the cylinders for my piston upgrade.

#1 and #2 no problem, pulled #3 and there is a lifter that's chewed up and it would appear that I have an issue with a cam lobe.

This "inexpensive" horsepower upgrade just changed gears.

On a brighter note, it sure will be easier replacing the two studs on the impulse coupled side of my case for my pmag...with the engine off the airplane.

I guess we all get little surprises like this somewhere in our aircraft ownership tenure...

Well, Poop. That's what I said when he showed me. Poop.


Vinyl shark teeth on a -7a?

Im looking to add shark mouth and teeth to the lower cowl on a RV7-a. Like to do this with quality vinyl press and stick instead of paint so it is less permanent. Anyone know of any US shops with vinyl experience doing this on a -6a or -7a? lower cowl. I can apply. Want to keep it simple, and not obnoxiously big.



January 9, 2018.  0001Z.  Issue #4,475.

Things Crammed in an RV-10 ...N402RH wins the internet today.

Two people, Four full 7 1/2 gallon Kegs, a Dog and his birthday cake to a beer competition in Sisters Oregon.


Aircraft Tug-or how to salvage an old Murray ...Sam Buchanan

Even though the paved ramp outside my hangar is nearly level, the RV-6 just seems to be getting more difficult each year to pull into the hangar.....the plane must be getting heavier.....

In order to avoid straining high-mileage body parts I decided to replace the soft tissue tug with something more substantial. There was a thread on VAF some time back about how to repurpose various means of locomotion so they would move an aircraft into a hangar.

The father of one our VAFers has a yard-full of lawn mowers that is in a constant state of flux as he buys, trades, swaps with the community. He loaded an old, ugly derelict Murray riding mower of 1993 vintage on my truck and I proceeded to resurrect it as an RV tug. After some minor refreshening of the engine, tubes in the dry-rotted tires and a complete tear-down for cleaning and paint after throwing away everything that didn't look like a tug, I have a rig that effortlessly pulls the RV-6 up the ramp and into the hangar. My regular towbar attaches to a drawbar on the front of the tug and it backs the RV-6 into place. My back and knees will live to fly another year.


Go/No Go - Spar Caps Trimming

I started on my van’s RV-10 Empennage kit and in the first step of the Vertical Stabilizer, it calls for trimming the rear spar caps (Section 6, Page 2 - Step 1). I made the markings, drew a straight line and trimmed it. When I came back and read the plans again I realized I didn’t straighten the bow while I drew the straight line.

Attached is the picture of the rear spar cap clamped straight. I placed a piece of scrap aluminum with a straight edge against it to show the issue. Now the question is, is it acceptable to go forward?
Rajiv Chalasani
RV-6 - Red Phoenix (N111BN)
RV-10 - Tail Kit Started


Having No Plan to Fly to Tullahoma

The Petit Jean Fly-in was next on our agenda. That started Friday, and it was only Tuesday. We’d be checking out of the Buckhorn Inn the next morning, with no plan between now and then. I always like to have a plan. I like to know where we’re going, where we’ll find dinner and where we’ll sleep.

With our new vagabond life, we can't always have a plan. Slowly, I'm learning to relax


Sunset Flight ...j-red

I found my old gopro knockoff camera in a drawer this past week and welded up a mount to fit in a tiedown slot. The video quality is pretty poor, as this camera doesn't handle low light very well, but it was fun just the same to get a little different perspective on the flight. This might just be what inspires me to buy one of the newer action cams, and ill have to try some other mounting locations in the future too.


G5 or GRT Mini

I ended up with the G5 and Backup Battery. My panel is mainly Dynon so I wanted a backup from a different manufacturer. The G5 has a serial connection to the GTN650. The Mini would have been my first choice but it didn't fit in the space I had after removing the Dynon D6. The Mini is 4.35" wide, the G5 is 3.42"

I have been very happy with the G5. Garmin did a nice job with the internal GPS antenna. I thought for sure I'd need to use an external antenna but the internal one works great, even at the top of the center stack in the 10.



Michael Kalfsbeck's G5

Get the G5 with battery back up. I've been running it now about 2 months and love it. See pic below...


A case of tall pilot/short pilot

The lady and I both have separate partnerships in certified aircraft but are thinking of selling off and getting our first plane together, an RV-6. Thankfully, we live in an RV rich area with an active EAA chapter. We were able to do a fit check in a local RV-6 to gather more information on whether this platform will work for us. We came away with a few A-HA items.

1. I am 6’3. She is 5’4. The a/c we sat in had about 3” of fwd adjustment on the seat to get her closer but even full forward, she would need the pedals closer to her feet. We could put an extension on the pedal, but we’d also be swapping seats regularly. Anyone dealt with an issue like this? A back cushion might help but then we would need to ensure the ability for full aft stick deflection. Perhaps not a major issue since she is small.

I was told the placement of pedals are one of the design decisions made by the builder and can vary between airframes. The builder of this test bird was tall like me so perhaps this example was ideal for me?

2. Canopy headroom. We sat in a slider. Does the tip up provide anymore clearance? My guess is not. Fortunately I wear a halo headset instead of an over the top, but I probably wouldn’t be able to wear at hat.


Stuff Crammed in RV-10s ...aturner


Quick Update

The 20 year old K&N in my RV-6 was 18 1/2" round. I think that has shrunk around 2 inches from the 20+" of the new one!

I now think the bottom plate on the K&N in my FAB is meant to be there as it is exactly the right length for the rib around the new K&N to go around it.
Rob Swain.


Makin 'em Fit


Doug Eves ...inflight.



January 8, 2018.  0007Z.  Issue #4,474.
  Kinda blue today.  Our daughter is back in CA working on her PhD in 'chembio' as she calls it - visited for 3 weeks over Christmas (rare).  Drove her to Love Field 0500 Sunday morning for the SWA flight back - maybe Smokey flew her back to Oakland.
  The highlights of the break were time with her, of course, but also watching her learn to drive the zero turn mower in the driveway, and flying the drone.  Took her for an hour RV flight and got a couple of waves from her in the driveway as I flew over once or twice.  That's her birthday and initials in the N-number.  The first pass over the house lets her know she has about 30 seconds to get outside before the second.  Rockin those wings...
  I gave her a kitchen knife set and Texas-shaped cutting board for Christmas.  Subliminal.
  During the break she sent me the link here, a newly published paper entitled "Activity-based sensing fluorescent probes for iron in biological systems."  She did the illustration on page one.  It'll be free online for 50 days and then you have to pay to read the paper.
  Advertisers and donations here helped pay for the laptop and undergrad education that went into the skill set needed to produce that illustration.  I thought you might appreciate some of the fruits of your kindness....science that will hopefully make the world better.
  I hope you had a nice RV weekend and have a swell RV Monday. 


Brantel: Running Bad@ss ...and RV-7 builder/pilot ;^)

I did it! Again!  48.6 miles in the bag!


A Steer, A Tandem Bike, Mountain Bikes: What have you hauled in your RV-10?

I saw another thread recently that talked about how great a bearhawk is at hauling things. I don't think many people realize how much you can get in an RV-10. It's got the largest, most comfortable rear seats of any piston single I've been in. That includes a several aircraft noted for their interior volume including a C-182, Trinidad, and Piper Lance. The Lance of course had more total volume, you just had to choose between legroom or shoulder room as a passenger.

Ultimately, the 10 is so useful, so fast, and still so much fun to fly I barely miss the 8. Yes, I do miss aerobatics, and the 8 is a much better formation platform. That said the 10 is surprisingly capable of formation at least up to the FFI limits.

I'll start: I've hauled my family of 4 and a week's camping gear including a huge tent to Oshkosh. I've carried the (frozen and edible parts) of what was once a 1200lb steer, our new tandem bike, and two full size mountain bikes. I'm curious to see what others have done.


J_Turner Status Report ...RV-7

Today I wanted to get the wingtips in place and drilled to the wings. I only got the right one drilled to #40 but it is straight! To start I made an aileron center jig and clamped the aileron to it. Then I had to cut some material off the bellcrank jig to allow it to clear the Garmin AP servo brace. Once those were in place I adjusted the pushrod length and tightened it down. Next I clamped the bell crank jig to the bolt that holds the pushrod so I could get the wingtip aligned.


Cold Wx Flying ...terry.mortimor

Hi gang, with a certain Texan recently complaining about a little cold weather while flying I just had to post a few pictures of some real cold weather flying in my neck of the woods


300 Hours: Then and now ...Bob Collins

I hit 299.6 hours this morning in the RV-12iS project. It's been almost a year to the day since I took delivery of the first kit. In the first year, there was a lot of waiting around. I didn't realize how quickly the emp kit went together so I had 12 weeks to cool my jets before the wings arrived. I knocked those off in six weeks but by then the 12iS has been announced so I chose to delay delivery of the fuselage kit to get the redesign.

I'm continually amazed by how quickly this has gone together, even with the stuck-in-traffic pace.

I looked up my RV-7A build and was surprised to see that 300 hours if about a year's work on that project too. That makes sense. My routine is roughly the same: About 1-1.5 hours of work after work, and a few hours each weekend day.


Pondering if thermal expansion can break a canopy

"...Assuming a canopy built to plans we have the following numbers:

A #40 drill through the steel rail. (0.098")
A #27 drill through the canopy. (0.144")

12 " between fasteners. (Lo in the equations)

The thermal expansion Ct for steel is approximately 0.00008 in/inR
The thermal expansion Ct for acrylic is approximately 0.000417 in/inR

I'm going to take a lot of liberties with my assumptions from here on (feel free to shoot me down)

Lets say we go flying at -5 degF outside. Lets also say that our cockpit/sun heater is able to bring the interior of the cockpit up to 32 degF for a deltaT of 37 degF as we fly around.

The expansion of a material dl = Ct * deltaT * Lo


The steel will expand by: 0.03552 inches between fasteners.

The acrylic will expand by: 0.1851 inches.

Yikes. But wait, we have some slop in the holes of 0.046 inches (#27 - #40)..."  continue


A thank you video...AX-O RV-4 Fastback

I made a video to say thank you to some of the folks that have supported our team at Reno and during airshows in various ways. It has pics and footage recorded over the past 2 years. This video took for EVER to edit. Hope you enjoy it.




January 5, 2018.  Issue #4,473.
  A milestone of sorts is shaping up for the weekend possibly - the 1,000,000th VAF Forums post.  Thanks again as always for goofing off at work ;^), and for being a part of the online RV collective.  Humbled and honored to call so many of you friend.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 


G-RMPS Inflight Photo ...Scotland


Fort Bragg CA, weekend get-a-way ...joe_rainbolt

A wine tasting, beer sampling, Christmas Parade watching, overniter to California's North Coast.


J_Turner Status Report

Today was fun, I match drilled approx. 302 holes in the right lower wing skin. Deburred about 1100 holes, dimpled around 500 holes and set about 30 rivets. I think I'd rather be doing fiberglass work but hopefully tomorrow I can finish the skin and start on fitting the wingtips. Oh yeah, I also made one extra hole while dimpling. I didn't get too upset, just but on some flat dies and squashed it flat.


Vandenberg AFB

10 miles out at 5K I watched a launch out of the coastal fog then disappear through a high layer. A clear sky would have given a better result but in the end, hearing my engine drone on instead of hearing and feeling the energy of the launch made it less exciting than being on the ground near the launch site.
RV-7 N314SY


See the Launch Schedule

A good source to keep up with the launches including launch schedule changes is:


(Yes, even us gov'mint types cross reference the civilian web sites to keep up with what's going on...!)
Don Hull
RV-7 Wings


RE: Mountain Bikes in RV-14 Cargo Area ...Jared RV-14A

The RV-14's baggage space is large. With that being said I believe the challenge may be getting the bike's frame between the seat back cross-member and the roll bar. You'd probably have to turn the frame on it side to pass through and then rotate it back to right side up. Not sure if you'd have to remove the fork as well. I doubt you'd be able to get a second bike back there, due to the manipulation required as described above. Possibly if you remove the fork/handle bars. Probably one of those things you'd have to try. Like others have eluded too, if you plan to transport a mountain bike regularly, the wear and tear level on your plane may be high.

related: Jared's YouTube channel


Alton Bay (B18) PIREP ...Glen

As of Wednesday (ahead of the storm hitting the east coast) Alton Bay reported ice ranging between 9” and 10.5”. Still not the 12” minimum everywhere but getting closer.

BTW: if you use Facebook, you can catch their updates including video posts.  here


Frank Jackson RE: Sticking Exhaust Valve

Wish I had read this sooner.

I should have looked at this sooner. Yesterday the #2 exhaust valve on my Lycoming IO360 stuck completely and bent the pushrod. Fortunately I was in the pattern at a nearby airport and immediately landed. It's now at the FBO at the same field getting a rebuilt cylinder. It had been running rough at idle and low power settings but smoothed out at runup power and higher. The engine had only 380 hours on it. I'll be doing a wobble test on the other cylinders.



January 4, 2018.  Issue #4,472.

Stuck in Lake Havasu, bad electric ignition

NotePlease check thread to see if/when problem is solved.  Mike may chime in after publish time with more info (don't want to swamp his phone).


Pushrod Boot Pattern


Aileron Push Rod Boots...Sam Buchanan

Here are notes and photos of boots being constructed using the above drawing from Fred:

Mine have been flying in the RV-6 for nearly 18 years and continue to work as designed.


RV Friend Brantel's 2nd 'Dopey Challenge at Disney World'...wishing him luck!!!

Fellow RV friends,

Just wanted to give you an update on my battle to stay healthy enough to keep enjoying my RV7 (and most of all be around to love, support and enjoy my family). As many of you know I started taking this battle seriously about 4 years ago.

While I have had a few setbacks, I am proud to say that tomorrow I will attempt to complete my second Dopey Challenge at Disney World. It is a 4 day progressive 48.6 mile road race. 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon.

For me running has been the best way for me to maintain my RV performance enhancing weight loss and for me to keep my known coronary artery disease in check!


Twitchy Ailerons

I had an interesting experience regarding this topic with my RV-7. You can read it on the Twin Cities RV Builders website: here
Doug Weiler
Hudson, WI


RV-8 Builder For Sale ...Dan helping a friend's family

Guys: I have volunteered to help sell a deceased friend's RV-8 fastback build. The Kit # is 80406 initially bought July 25 1997, he was the third or fourth owner. This kit is well past the quick build stage.

The kit includes Dynon D-100 and D-120,True Track ADI PilotI/II Autopilot(2 servos mounted and wired),GTX-327 txp, Garmin 496 mount, Flight Comm 403 mc, intercom, hobbs meter, stby airspeed, altimeter, 12 Circuit Breakers, Split Master, 5 switches, and spare blank instrument panel.

Wings, tail feathers, flaps, and ailerons are finished. Fastback kit is 1/2 finished, pull out handle option is finished, finish and firewall forward kit, engine control cables with throttle quadrant, military front stick grip, snorkle, baffle kit, prop spinner kit, Vetterman exhaust NIB, oil cooler, Van's 60 amp alternator, Hooker harnesses, complete set of hand tools, all hardware, heated pitot, 2 canopies, 1-tinted, 1-clear, 121.5 ELT, aileron and elevator electric trim, and landing, strobes, and position light, all included.

I have pictures and will post them on a site or can send on request. The price is $44,500. Not willing to sell pieces, all or nothing. Buyer arranges shipping. Dan from Reno


My photos from the Lake Havasu gathering

I put my photos here.

Had a great flight out and back and the food was very good. Wish I could have had a beer (or two).
Bruce Hill
RV-9A N5771H flown over 500 hours!


Cutting Subpanel for Garmin 430

Thanks Scott
Your photos are helpful. I went ahead and cut the hole. Photo at link. Seems ok. Van's told me to reinforce as necessary. Now I need to figure out where to route the cables back behind the subpanel so they can plug into VPX.

Steve Lynn
90% Finished
Working on Wiring


FAA Safety Briefing

Back to Basics | January/February 2018



January 3, 2018  0001Z.  Issue #4,471.
  So Tuesday morning only one aviator on the field was stupid enough willing to go up for a flight in the 23*F morning air via RV-6, and that idiot person was me (note one hangar door open).
  I know, I know…I’m a wuss from TX and people up north take saunas in 23*F water. ;^)
  I should have worn long underwear (and where is mine?), I need to stuff some foam into the NACA ducts to keep the leaking air around the closed vents from bleeding in, and heated motorcycle gloves that plug into 12V are seeming more and more attractive. Other than the 14 minutes it took to get my oil to 100*F, it was a pretty nice flight. The wing sure liked that dense air.  Hadn't flown in five days...felt good to get off the surface for some alumitherapy slash mental re-calibration.
  And I need to tape off some of my oil cooler. We really just don’t get that much insanely cold air down here.
  It's forecast to be above freezing today for the first time in 80 hours, so we're pumped.  That fountain ice near the airport is gonna melt. 


New Years Flights

Very cold here, +9F this morning and got up to +17F in the afternoon but had good sunshine and basically no wind. I couldn't stand it and had to go flying, went goofing off with a buddy and shot some touch and goes, just burning fuel.

Interestingly, we have quite the strong temperature inversion parked over west Texas right now, at 5000' it was 12F outside and at 8000' it was 41F. Altimeter was the highest I've seen it, at 30.56 this afternoon, by setting to my known private home strip altitude.

Bob Mills photo.


Regarding Buldged Control Surfaces

For anyone else interested, there is potential for this to have a negative impact on handle if it exists on other control surfaces as well....

A bulged control surface will make it act as if it were narrower in cord.  That will reduce the aerodynamic feedback... I.E. make the control forces lighter (possibly to a degree that impacts control ability)

It can also impact static stability. If the aerodynamic feedback force of the control circuit is lower than desirable, it has a lower working force against any friction within the system.

A small bit of turbulence or an occupant bumping the stick might induce a small movement of the system that doesn't return to the same position each time because the system feedback is too low to overcome the system friction.

BTW, this is also why friction in the pitch circuit is such a bad thing. Even if the elevators have the proper shape they won't re-center the same each time they are displaced if the friction is too high.

A mis-shaped rudder can also have a negative effect by reducing centering tenancy (once again hinging friction being a bad thing) and making the airplane appear to have reduced yaw stability.


Maintenance Tracking Board

In another thread (which was in danger of being hijacked), I was asked by Plummit about my maintenance tracking board:

Questions, with answers:

Did you apply the divider lines? How?
Answer: I applied the divider lines using line tape from Office Depot.

Where did you get the board?
Answer: Office Depot.

Bonus info: The Event and Interval text is applied using permanent marker (although alcohol will wipe that text easily). The Last Completed and Text Due info is done in normal white-erase marker.


One RV-10 Coming up...Soon...ish?! ...new guy checks in

I'm excited to announce, I have finally decided to build an RV-10. Ordered a kit and built a EAA Work Table (modified to my needs). Tail-kit should be arriving tomorrow (DFW).

I started with a RV-7 and later decide to buy a RV-6. I have flow a bit more than a couple of hundred hours in an RV-6 now and I feel a RV-10 fits my needs better. One of the main reasons for me to decide to build an RV-10 is the VAF Community. Big Thanks to Gary Sobek who helped me fly the RV-6 from San Diego to NJ. I learnt so much from him on that trip, great guy, I can't thank him enough. All I had was 60 Hours of Cessna 172 and 10hours of RV-6 (transition and tailwheel time) so it was quite a jump. Flying along with Vlad for a while, a couple of years ago has helped me immensely to change from a Mission Based Mindset(Flight school) to a Fun Based Mindset.

I assessed my situation and the biggest roadblock I have is time. I travel for work Sunday Night - Thursday (Currently to Montreal). I also have a couple more hobbies other than flying(Motorcycle Track Days, Rock Climbing, etc) so it is going to be challenging. Since I'm already flying, this project is not critical, albeit very significant. It will be an interesting journey working on it and finishing this project.

I'm looking forward to connect with other RV builders in the DFW. Email me and I would love to get in touch.

Happy New Year to all!

Rajiv Chalasani
RV-6 - Red Phoenix (N111BN)
RV-10 - Tail Kit Started


Feb'18 Issue of Kitplanes

...has a nice article about an RV flight over both poles.  "Have you ever wanted to fly around the world? Just imagine the organizational nightmare of it: You would need to book dozens of flights and land in many foreign countries, each with its own language, laws, rules, customs, and regulations. Add to that the dreaded idea of extended traveling with strangers to stranger lands. And after all is said and done, it still could not be said that you actually “flew all around the world,” because in all likelihood you did not fly over the North Pole, not to mention flying over the South Pole."


What does over dimpling look like?

I’ve completed the dimpling on my Empennage skins, I don’t have pictures yet because I can’t seem to capture what I’m seeing. Does anyone have pictures that I can compare to my skins?

I use a C-frame, the dimples look crisp, there is no pillowing around the dimple from what I understand that to be. Looking directly above each dimple there is no distortion, however looking down the rivet line with the skin at eye level, you can see ripples along the rivet line. Only when when light hits it at the right angle. Did I over dimple the skins causing distortion in the metal along the rivet line?


What I Love About This Place

...people like this.


Job Opening at Garmin

Sales Manager Experimental Aircraft and LSA Markets-17001EY

As a leading worldwide provider of navigation devices and wearable technology, our focus is on developing, designing and supporting superior products. Our advanced technology promotes performance, safety and ease of use in every market we serve. That makes us an engineering and technology company with a keen focus on recruiting talent in those fields. But the same vertical integration business model that keeps all design and manufacturing processes in-house also gives us the incentive to hire top performers from different backgrounds, including operations, finance and accounting, information technology, sales, marketing and communications.

We are looking for a full time Sales Manager, Experimental Aircraft and LSA Markets for our headquarters in Olathe, Kansas. This position is primarily responsible for all sales activity within the Experimental Aircraft and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) market segments and will focus on facilitating Garmin’s growth in this expanding market segment, offer superior support to Garmin dealers and end-customers and identify and cultivate sales channels to maximize revenue.

In this role, you’ll also be responsible for these essential functions:

•Develop and execute sales strategies which maximize sales growth and market share in Experimental Aircraft and LSA market segments
•Participate in public forums such as Van’s Air Force as a knowledgeable product expert and member of Garmin’s “Team X”
•Be immersed in the market to understand LSA manufacturer, dealer and end-user needs, evaluate and communicate competitive landscape, specify market requirements and identify innovative solutions for success
•Assist end-users with purchase decisions and basic avionics installation considerations
•Serve as technical and operational resource to customers who have Garmin Avionics for their Experimental and LSA aircraft
•Aggressively promote all non-certified and certified products as applicable within this market segment
•Aggressively promote the display of Garmin products in this segment at select trade shows
•Coordinate, schedule and present seminars and webinars focused on Experimental Aircraft and relevant product offerings, hosted by Garmin
•Coordinate strategic LSA and/or OEM market-specific initiatives with all sales managers globally
•Build long-lasting relationships with key industry partners
•Identify specific product line and feature growth opportunities and develop analysis for the company’s consideration
•Develop and harmonize product line presentations and marketing communications to this market segment
•Coordinate with the industrial design team to develop or update kiosks used at major tradeshows
•Contribute content and work with others to manage the experimental avionics portion of the website and social media marketing
•Through complete understanding of the competitive landscape, recommend product pricing for new and existing products
•Responsible for the creating and/or updating 1-year rolling forecast (on a monthly basis) for these product categories
•Review and contribute to the 5-year strategic forecast on a quarterly basis
•Provide diligent follow-up to dealers, customers and internal requirements, regardless of travel

Other responsibilities include collaborating with Marketing Communications to deliver creative and high impact printed collateral, video media, website content and product launches. Additionally developing marketing strategies which increase aviation product exposure and sales with Aviation Dealers via their print, digital, web and tradeshow marketing efforts.

A Bachelors Degree from an accredited four year college or university AND a minimum of 2 years experience in Avionics Sales or a position substantially similar to the essential functions of this job description are required for this role.

Qualified candidates for this role will possess the following education, experience and skills:

•Demonstrated experience as an Experimental Aircraft Builder including avionics installations
•Active private pilot
•Demonstrated proficient technical understanding of the avionics competitive landscape, products and systems
•Proven track record executing sales and marketing projects and programs
•Must be team-oriented, possess a positive attitude, work well with others and possess a strong passion for customer satisfaction
•Must be detail-oriented and have the ability to work proactively and effectively with minimal supervision
•Ability to prioritize and multi-task in a flexible, fast paced and challenging environment
•Demonstrated strong and effective verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
•Proven ability to interact with diverse teams from various internal and external organizations

Job Sales & Marketing
Primary LocationUS-KS-Olathe
Organization Aviation Business
Schedule Full-time
Job Class Exempt




January 2, 2018  0004Z.  Issue #4,470.
  Something we don't see too often in DFW (ice).  Photo taken 1/1/18 near 52F (33.059896, -97.215713) by Randy Richmond.  It should stick around another day, before it gets above freezing on Wednesday.

related: Live Chill Map


New Guy Checks In ...SpeedyMedina

Hi Guys!!!  Happy new year!!!  I'm actually working on an RV-9A! Im trying to have it ready to Sun n Fun, Maria hurricane delay me a lot but still working on it!!
here some Pictures!


Need More Heat!

Happy New Year Everyone,

Flew the RV6A today in this 16 degree weather. To call the heat system inadequate is an understatement. I have a Vetterman exhaust with one heat muff, no mufflers, coming into the cabin in the toe area. Is there anything I can go to get some more heat into the cabin? I'm thinking add another muff to the other side and wrap them with an exhaust heat wrap. What is everyone else in cold climates using for cabin heat?



RV inverted spin no fear

Having done hundreds of inverted spins in my RV4 since it's in my free style for competition for the last three years, I can offer some advice. It takes specific inputs, attitude, and timing to make an RV spin inverted as other RV competitors will concur. I received advanced instruction in an Extra 300 before I tried it. Here's a video of a botched hammerhead that starts a tail slide and possible inverted spin at the 1 minute point, but it never gets to the rotation part:

The error with this hammer head was dragging the right wing, kicking left rudder too late which wasn't effective in rotating the nose down.
Be careful and hope to see y'all in the box this year,
Bill McLean
RV-4 slider
lower AL (roll tide)


-8 acro vid ...ronschreck

There's a half snap at 1:10 and a quarter rolling circle at 3:05.


Canopy fairing fiberglass

Can I do the fuel tanks again? Fiberglass sanding is tough work! When is says don’t worry if the glass overlaps the forward edge the work needed to sand it away isn’t mentioned.

The front center is looking pretty good.

On the left side I attached a pic. Getting the overlap off on the front sacrificed some of piece A. There is also metal showing on the aft edge. You can’t see it but there is a bit of a swale depression between the two.

I was going to lay in another piece of glass cut to size to cover this metal and lay it over some small strips in the depression.

On the other side that little corner where the window meets the aft structure looks a lot better but a little bit of the tip of the metal at that corner shows. How critical is that? Should I keep glassing it until I get a edge of glass to the top of the metal? Or will the final epoxy and primer cure my worry?


Getting ready to order some wings! (slow build) ...SeanM RV-10

I just about have the RV10 emp kit finished up. I'm just waiting on some composite materials to arrive. In the meantime my mind has now turned to the wings. I need to get things in order before I place my order.

Vans Wing kit options-

1. Landing lights- I will probably go with the sunspot LED landing light kit that vans supplies

2. Aileron trim- Will be doing this. "operates independently from autopilot". If I want an AP system does this mean I'll need different servos for that too? At what point do I need to start thinking about an AP system?

3. Float fuel sending units- Will be going this route.

Things I'm starting to look into:

1. Wing and tail position/strobes.
2. Pitot (will probably upgrade to something heated)
3. Stall horn (is this included in the wing kit?)
4. AOA
5. Would like to do a Garmin IFR type setup /w AP, but I need to research this more. should I be looking into this now as well?

When is the right time to get some wiring/crimping tools? Now? Or are they not needed until mid-way through the wings? (I'll probably splurge on the steinair master kit).

Is that a good list? Is there anything else that I should be researching right now?




January 1, 2018.   Issue #4,469.

January Wallpaper Calendar Online

Ed Hicks photo.


Mothership Closed Today

"We will be closed on Monday January 1, 2018 For New Year's holiday.

Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web Orders placed after 12PM noon (Pacific Time) on Friday, December 29th 2017 will be processed on Tuesday January 2, 2018."


Last flight for 2017 - cold day in Maine ...and video!

My last flight for 2017, cold day in Belfast. -17c and -23c @ 3000 ft. Got the chance to get close to 40 min of flight time searching for warm air, but no luck (just cold).

I installed the Bender mod and have an in-flight adjustable oil cooler shutter. I was able to keep the oil temps up to 215 to 220 not too bad with some warm air from the heater. 


Unknown Black Box - What is it?

I'm helping a friend who purchased an RV8 that has no known electrical documentation. The original builder is deceased. I came across this small black box that has 4 wires and surgical tubing attached. It has no markings on the visible surfaces. I have not yet tried to trace the wiring and where the tubing ends up is not apparent.
If you happen to know what is it let me know.
Thanks in advance.


My landing gear needs some suggestions, quick!

A few weeks ago my left tire went flat on rollout. I bought new tires and tubes which I installed today. My gear has been shaky and I thought the new rubber may help. I previously reviewed the wheel/axel alignment and it looked ok.

Today after the tires were installed I started to check things and found I could move the left gear by hand back and forth a few degrees. I looked up and saw the gear/engine mount bolt moving. I removed the bolt and found this. (yes, JB Weld was involved) 


Alton Bay (B18) PIREP ...Glen

There is a hard cold snap gripping the Eastern United States which isn’t much fun unless you are trying to make ice

Just a week ago Alton Bay was reporting open water but today they are watching significant ice developing!

”Good Saturday Morning! It’s over cast and 3 degrees below 0 in Alton Bay. I checked the ice we have approximately 71/2” to 8” in the bay it’s coming along!!”
They need a minimum of 12” everywhere - runway, taxiway, parking, access routes, and snow removal & equipment areas - before they can open. Then also need to be able to keep everything plowed.


Waiting for Spring


Hangar Lighting - The importance of Color Rendering

  Hangar Lighting is a common topic discussed here and a very important one for anyone building an airplane indoors.  There are many factors that go into a quality lighting design but one often overlooked is Color Rendering. CRI, Color Rendering Index, is a number from 0-100, 100 being the most true representation of all colors as viewed with the human eye.
Traditional older lighting sources still commonly found in our hangars are T12 Fluorescent and Metal Halide. Both of these sources have very poor Color Rendering, usually 60 CRI or worse. Other newer sources like T5 or T8 Fluorescent, or LED typically will have better color rendering.
  Here is an example. The top pic is 400W MH, the bottom LED. The MH I would estimate at 60 CRI or lower as they degrade with age, the LED is 70 CRI. 


DIY SS Firewall Penetration Kit: $7.85 ...9GT


RV-14 Build Status Report Video ...control.


3D Printing Speed Mods Update ...Steve Melton


Scott Black's Panel is Cut