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February 28, 2017.   Issue No. 4,318.

First Flight ...Blain RV-8

Cold calm morning at PVF. Handed Doug the keys. Time to see what it does. He orbited the field several times within glide distance. Returned and reported straight and true. Does not have a heavy wing. No rigging to adjust. ICom gave us some fits with all of the possible program parameters. Small oil leak at a rocker cover.

Terrible video even after editing. Oh, well, better then none at all.

3 years and 9 months of steady work. Our landscaping reflects my lack of interest in anything other then the RV.

Wow, I built an airplane...........


Baffle Clearance to Cowl ...TimO (RV-14)

I don't remember who tipped me off to this, and I couldn't find it on a forum search, so I started a thread about it for everyone else.

Someone told me that they had worn thru or almost thru their cowl because the aluminum engine baffling was rubbing on the cowl top. I just put it on my checklist for the next time I had the cowl off. This week I did, and sure enough on both the left and right sides, I have spots on the cowl top that are wearing in pretty harshly. If I had to guess I'd say I'm worn in maybe .030 or so.

The locations are, if I measure from the front outer corners of the cowl by the air inlet, about 9 or 9.5" in from the front corners of the cowl. The groves run maybe 1.5-2" long and then skip about 4" further back and then there is another spot that hits. With the baffle seals installed, it's tough to get a file on without wrecking the baffle seal, but I did manage to file it down in those areas slightly.

I put some gorilla tape over the spots and flew it for a couple quick flights, and yesterday I pulled the top cowl to check it again and it's still hitting a little. It's pretty good now in most locations with just one really heavy hitting area. I would suggest maybe when you do your baffles, you look at those areas and maybe about 8.5" to 15" back from the front corners of the cowl, I'd lower the baffle sides about 1/8". That should help eliminate the issue. You could go even further lower perhaps.


RV-14 Wings Done ...control in Sweden


John Mastro Plane Fun (RV-8)

Great weekend in Naples with the EAA Ford Tri-Motor.  Went for a ride with Cody (Chief Pilot). Eric gave up the front seat so I could get a better view!  Thanks Cody and thanks Eric! And congrats to Eric who received his final check in the old bird.


3D Printed RV-12 Step End Caps ...madmaveric (U.K.)

While waiting for the finish kit I brought a 3D printer and got a bit carried away at first printing epic world dominating monsters (albeit a couple of inches tall and made out of orange plastic ) but then looked at doing something for the aircraft that wasn't structural or hard for a first time CAD design.
I made a 57mm panel drilling guide, then a rivet pusher (to help push those rivets in the tighter holes) and finally a step plug (just the fronts, I have left the backs open to allow any moisture to get out).
3D part.


Build Update...jwoolard and wife

We now have the fuselage ready to add side skins - but it looks like we're going to be moving house soon, so will probably be a bit of a pause.


7A 'Unbending' Status Report ...kentlik 'rebirthing'

This afternoon I finished riveting the center section. I had pretty good luck for the most part. The difficult rivets were...difficult. Having the correct tools helped immeasurably.
Now to flip it and get the skin on.



February 27, 2017.   Issue No. 4,317.

N705BC Airborne Today! ...Ben

After two months worth of weather delays, etc. my RV-7A N705BC took flight today. I received transition training from Dave Austin out of Denton, Texas who did a phenomenal job showing me the ropes. I highly recommend Dave as he is a calm voice in the face of information overload and unusual attitudes. Seriously, he has been one of the most patient and effective instructors that I have had.

The plane flew beautifully, no squawks other than it will probably need a small trim tab on the rudder due to the fact that "yours truly" nailed the vertical stab straight down the fuselage centerline rather than offsetting the leading edge 1/4" left of center. I read the instructions after the fact. Really not too big of deal but with 200hp on takeoff, a lot of right rudder is needed.

I started the project in 2004 with a really slow build. Building was so much fun and flying is just icing on the cake! I learned a lot and plan on building a 777 for my next project now that I know so much!

Much thanks to God who gave me much grace to do this (my nose art will say "by the grace of God"). Much thanks to my family and friends in which everyone pitched in with a helping hand at one time or another. Much love to my wife who loved me enough to let me spend many days and nights at the hangar. Many handshakes for those on VAF that provided tips, advice, and answers to my endless list of questions. I'm not sure that I would be finished yet if VAF members had not have been there to give such great advice to get me thru the head scratching moments. Lastly thanks to the many vendors on this site that provided great products, great support, and great customer service. The home building world is truly full of great people!


RV Aerobatic Clinic scheduled. Sign up here!

Several months ago I posted a poll to gauge interest in an aerobatic clinic just for RV pilots. Enough of you showed an interest so it is going to happen! The clinic will be held at Russel Regional Airport, Rome, GA (KRMG) on 22-23 April. Chapter 3 of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) will be hosting the event and ground school presentations will be made by myself and IAC Advanced World competitor, Mark Fullerton. Aerobatic flight instruction will be provided by top IAC competitors and judges.

This clinic is intended for RV pilots who have previously completed basic spin/departure training in either a civilian or military environment and have some degree of aerobatic experience. Flight instruction at the clinic will be from ground observers. You will not have an instructor in your airplane with you as we will NOT be providing basic aerobatic training. We WILL be providing instruction and critiquing from the ground by highly experienced IAC competitors and judges with the objective of preparing you for your first IAC competition.  continue


IFR rating, a birthday present to myself ...Walt

The IFR rating was one of those "bucket list" items for me, and finally after having my private for over 40 years and approaching 2000 hrs, I finally was able to get it done!

This last year all the stars finally aligned to make it happen. The Garmin G3X panel upgrade a couple of years ago and the GTN650 install last year set this all in motion. This year finding a great flight instructor that I really connected with, who had both the type of experience that I was looking for (I didn't want to be training the CFI on glass) and a personality I could deal with (I'm a liberal minded New Yorker that says F&S a lot) was key. Someone easily offended by my NY trash talk and sarcastic sense of humor wasn't going work for me, or them.

I will say this, my flying is now on a whole new level. My understanding and command of the systems and how to make this avionics panel do what it was designed for has ramped up 10 notches.  continue


SIDs/STARs Visually Depicted

FltPlan Go app (free).  A couple of screengrabs off my iPad today.  Enter an airport in the route, then click on 'Procedures' from the 'Edit' tab (pg 41 in the manual).  Tapping on one of the routes lets you add it to the route.  The split screen option lets you look at the plate and map...or overlay it over the map.

The interface isn't as user friendly as others, but it's hard to beat FREE.

click to enlarge



$10 Microbrew Valve-o-scope ...Pete Howell

Is it awesome, no. Does it do the job, yes. Is it the price of a micro-brew, yes. The $10 valve-o-scope. It works for me - YMMV. Well worth the 10bux.

Here is my setup: Cheapo $9.12 borescope(waterproof!!) The scope is taped to a length of 14ga copper wire to get the required hook.

An old laptop running Linux Mint 18 with the "Cheese" webcam program displays the video and can snap pics. Linux Mint is a cool, free OS. A phone or tablet would work, too.  continue


GAIRS Report for ADS-B Rebate ...Joshua Wyatt 9A

"...the FAA report was all green on the first try, and all parameters had 0.0% fail. Hurrah! This is a GTX355/GPS.
Tip learned during the 91.413 transponder check: on the standalone 335 (and I presume 345) models, you may need to enter "ground test" mode to complete the test. Power off and hold the "cursor" key while powering back on; keep holding until the main screen appears. Power off to return to normal operation mode. I didn't find this tidbit in the pilot's guide or install manual, but I've filed it away since it'll be needed every 2 years."


Questions from Non-RV Owners ...Scott Martin RV-10

So, I was loading up my 10 last Monday for a 1.5 hour flight back to Nashville.

I had my wife, my 15 year old son (who is taller than I am), my 12 year old daughter (who is the same size as my wife), myself, our 50 pound dog, our luggage, a K-cup coffee maker (luggage), and 40 gallons of fuel.

A friend of mine at the airport saw this and asked me who was staying behind. He was serious.

I said, "no body - we're all headed back".

He couldn't believe it.

I was still 120 pounds under the weight limit and well withing CG. Could have still been within limits with full fuel.

And I easily made 170 knots at 7500 feet all the way home.

RVs rock.


Panel Upgrade Shot ...Dreamin9

Recent upgrade installed by Jesse Saint, designed by Jesse and myself. A simple design that took a lot of back and forth to get just right

Twin Dynon Touch
Garmin G5 on the left
Top center are the Knob, Autopilot, Comm controllers. Then Garmin 625, Garmin SL40, Garmin 240 audio panel



February 24, 2017.   Issue No. 4,316.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Eagle's Nest Projects - Josh Enberg 1st Solo (Central HS WI)

Introducing Josh Engberg – Central High School’s most recent “1st solo” pilot.
Please welcome Josh to the VAF community, and if you have any words of wisdom or encouragement for Josh, please share that too. We’re all proud of you Josh… keep up the great work!

Remarks from Josh:
“I felt nervous as I began my first solo flight, but it quickly turned into one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. Being the only passenger in the plane made it handle very differently; it felt very light and maneuverable. I feel blessed that God put Mr. Senft, Mr. Putra and the Eagle's Nest Project in my life because I want to pursue an aviation career. All the mentors and donors are so dedicated to the students. I know only a handful of students get this opportunity; it's amazing that I'm one of them!”  continue


Aerosport RV-10 Panel Install Videos ...Geoff Combs (VAF advertiser)


Alaska trip - video ...hawkeyestof

Some (hopefully) motivation and a cure for your mid/late winter building blues - 8 or so minute amatuer video/photos of my RV-8A trip to Alaska. Texas to Whitehorse, Fairbanks, Nome, Denali,with some float plane and bush plane flying. Enjoy - keep pounding/pulling them rivets.


New website with new options...bind insurance coverage online

(Leah Ringeisen @ Gallagher)
Exciting news, YOU now have an option to bind coverage automatically online! By completing an application and PAYING WITH A CREDIT CARD , you may be able to bind coverage in about 5 minutes. This is great for those impulse weekend purchases or if you just want a quick quote. Please visit our website for more information and click on the “Buy coverage online today” option. Here is the link to our new and improved website https://www.ajg.com/s/light-aircraft-insurance/ Of course, if you would like for us to shop your new purchase with all of our companies, we will be happy to do so. Just click on the “Get a quote from our team” option.


What Is Flutter? ...RV8JD Presentation

Although Flutter has been discussed in previous threads, I don't believe it has ever been defined or explained well. To remedy that, I extracted some slides from a presentation I previously put together. It first explains basic concepts such as vibration, frequency, modes, damping, etc., so the concept of flutter can be understood. Since flutter is only one of several aeroelastic phenomena, others such as buffet, static divergence, and control reversal are also discussed.  continue


Synthetic Vision Failure Incident - Safety Report ...rjtjrt (Australia)

This is a report from Australian Safety Bureau, relating to synthetic vision misleading indication on take-off.

Whilst this is due to misleading input from rad alt causing the synthetic vision to malfunction, it is still of note that Synthetic Vision is fallible, and highly experienced pilots had enormous difficulty ignoring the false display even when they realized it was misleading, as well as the usefulness of a standby instrument that did not have synthetic vision.


Cowl Interference ...BluSkyRidr

This is my current issue I am working through. I bought the titan engine new from the manufacturer. Before I bought the motor I placed a call to Vetterman for one of his exhaust systems, He mentioned that I need to only use the Superior cold air sump with his exhaust. I let the salesman at titan know that tidbit. Unfortunately, with the cowling on I do not have enough room for the throttle servo to mount the induction snorkel, let alone have the approriate clearance with the cowl. It has a little less than 1/4". (See attached photo)

The sump is a superior cold air sump and the throttle servo is a Silverhawk.
I have no experience with either. Unfortunately Titan doesn't make their injection system anymore, that would have been the best option as it was 2 inches shorter. I think I bought the engine right as they stopped making their injection system. The motor was purchased before continental motors bought them.

My question for this forum is which option is best or are there other options that won't cost me power and/or screw up the cowl lines?

A) I go to a 7 degree Titan sump. This means that I can't use the Vetterman exhaust. I will probably have to use the titan exhaust. Will I loose power? The motor dyno'd out at 204hp. The more power the better in my opinion. This means no cowl modification. Depending on what Titan does this could add on a significant cost to the airplane.

B) Modify the cowl with a pimple/blister to accommodate the longer throttle servo and try and fill it as best as possible. The blister will be around 3/4" out on the cowl and would screw up a **** good build and airplane in my opinion.


+1 for Cat Whiskers on Top of VS ...ScottSchmidt

I have Bob Archer and it does not have the range of a cat whisker. If I were building again, I would put the cat whisker on top of the VS. Strasnuts on this forum has that on his RV-10 and it looks great and is completely out of the way from people (at Oshkosh) breaking off your antenna.

Just cut two slots in the top of the VS and it fits perfect up there.



February 23, 2017.   Issue No. 4,315.

Hello Old Friend....

Susie got her abdominal staples out Wednesday morning and has been cleared by the doc to drive.  One bandage left...changed daily with ease.  The Wx was nice in N.TX (in the 80's) with light winds after lunch, so I went out for .2 of alumitherapy in the skies over Monkeytown.  It had been twelve days.  Forecast windy Thursday here, so this was the opportunity.

It really, REALLY felt good to get back in the sky.


Apalachicola/St. George Island ...Crabandy trip report

My wife mentioned something about wanting just one day on the beach without the kiddos, I couldn't think of a better way to spend a day with my wife. I made all the arrangements so my somewhat reluctant wife couldn't say no. She's still adjusting to riding in the RV and this will be her longest ride by far.

Since the RV has been flying the only thing on my Christmas/Birthday wish list has been Avgas, it's been several years and I almost forgot about the stash this bank held for our trips together. I pulled out all $320, divided by $3.75/gallon = 85.33 gallons of avgas for a little over 10 hours of flying at my 8 GPH average.  continue


I'm a New Instrument Pilot ...Larry RV-6A

Last fall, I set out to gain my Instrument rating. I did all of the training in my RV-6A and today passed my check-ride. I thought it was a great experience to learn these skills in my RV, as they taught me from the very beginning how diligent you must be on flying the airplane and that any distraction can allow you to wander. I think back to my first lesson and how far behind the airplane I was. I suppose it could be discouraging for some, but when it finally comes together, it is a great sense of accomplishment. I have to say that the advanced EFIS technology really makes some of this easy enough that I sometimes feel like I am cheating. My partial panel was covering the HXr and flying off the Mini-X With that said, I appreciate that I am ill equipped to fly a 6 pack airplane and would get rededial training if I ever chose to fly one.

To those that are considering going for their rating in their RV, I would encourage you to do so. The upside here is that I feel comfortable and confident in the airplane that I will be flying.

Thanks to those here that helped me by being a safety pilot!


Lawsuit Dismissed ...mothership

click to enlarge

NTSB Identification: WPR14FA218

[ed. Thank you for respecting the forum rules regarding getting into the ins and outs of tort reform and lawyers.  Nearly half a million choices online for that.  Congrats to the factory for getting this dismissed.  v/r,dr]



February 22, 2017.   Issue No. 4,314.

2/20/2017- The second first flight of N94CR ...j-red

I watched from the ground as a remarkable professional took to the air in 94CR yesterday afternoon. I can't imagine I could have been more excited even I were in the cockpit myself. Almost as soon as the ground roll commenced, she leaped into the air. Both of us who were watching from the sidelines could hardly believe that it happened so quickly. "Was that even two hundred feet"? asked my friend. For the next half hour, we watched and listened to the yellow speck in the sky as the test pilot flew it through a series of maneuvers. It was only then that it occurred to me: This project was begun almost exactly nine months ago- it's like our family has just had a new baby! (My wife does not read this blog, or else she'd smack me right about now and explain how nine months of hanging out in the shed doesn't even come close to the pain and suffering of childbirth... and she's right, of course, but in the moment the comparison seemed appropriate!).  continue


Fire Extinguisher Position? ...in the RV-12


New Guy Introduction ...Randy Pulis RV-10

After a number of months lurking and wishing and more recently having met two local fabulous members who are building an RV7 and have just built an RV10, I've decided to commit myself to an RV 10. The empennage is "in the mail"!. I wanted to introduce myself to this group. My name is Randy and I am from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. As a first time builder, I'm very sure that I'll relying of the vast knowledge that the members of this forum collectively share. I look forward to building and to following others builds along! It is nice to belong to such a wonderful community!

All the best!
Randy Pulis
St,Albert, Alberta, Canada


ADS Rebate Program – Piece of Cake ...Chris Pratt RV-8

For those who have been thinking about installing ADS-B in time to apply for the FAA rebate, I encourage you to do so. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Keep in mind the Rebate Program ends on or about September 18, 2017 or sooner if all 20,000 rebates are taken. I have seen no information of the program status at this point. So now may be a good time to start depending on the availability of your installer.

Before I relate my experience, let me tell you what equipment I chose and why.

My primary interest in ADS-B, aside from the mandated requirement to install by 2020, was to obtain the benefit of airborne traffic alerts and weather. I operate out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the skies can be quite busy especially with VFR aircraft skirting the Class B space. Rather than install the unit myself, I asked Walt Aronow at 52F to do the install and recommend the equipment.

Since traffic and weather was important to me, and I have steam gauges other than my portable Garmin 496, we agreed the Garmin GTX345 would the best unit for my needs. I took advantage of the fact that the GTX345 can be equipped with built-in encoder and GPS, so all my altitude reporting needs would be met as well as a reliable GPS signal for positioning and traffic. This also required an upgrade of the Garmin 496 to a new Garmin Aera 660 that is designed to take weather and traffic information directly from the GTX345. Unfortunately the 496, which I love, cannot be fed the traffic or weather info.

So out came my old Bendix/King KT76A, Ameri-King AK-350 blind encoder, and Garmin 496. (I’ll be offering them for sale on Doug’s site soon.) 


RV-6 tank fit saga ...BruceMe

I'm having fits fitting my RV-6 tank. The original was all dented in from a flip-over accident, so I'm rebuilding.

For background on me... I built a 'slow-build' (non-pre-punched anything) RV-4 from 2003-2008 so I thought this wouldn't be that hard. Boy was I wrong.

I [ahem] "winged" the first new tank build referencing the plans for left/righ layout, parts and measurements but really just eye-balled from the broken tank. It all went together as smoothly as pro-seal (bleck)... Fit, drilled, dimpled, cleaned gooped and I was happy enough. The trouble came when I went to fit it to the wing. I was also repairing the outboard leading edge skin and had it off when I fit the tank... <<<< BIG MISTAKE HERE

A rebuilt this tank using the special oversized W-601 skin. They have long flanges (by design) which are there to be trimmed to match the outboard skins. Except... I didn't have them on and I didn't realize that until _AFTER_ I put the outboard skin on at which time the 1/2" gap on the leading edge looked so amateur-built-hour.

For the second attempt; I was fed up making tanks. I gave it to a very RV experienced friend who I have subsequently learned has only worked on and built pre-punched airframes. Yeah... <<< SMALLER MISTAKE HERE

A slow-build airframe is a one of a kind. Think 1960's vintage English car looks beautiful but you can't swap parts.

My kind friend made the cardinal sin of thinking the plans as gospel and the instructions are there to answer any residual quandaries.

I had to let out a good laughed when he said... "The instructions don't say anything about trimming the flang?!" To this I chuckled and replied, "The slow-build instructions are filled with sage advice like 'Attach F-401', That's it... nothing else." If you get this, you built one.

Where modern pre-punched RV kits are like hiking the Appalachian trail with a guide dog, the old builds are more like doing the same with a ratty old miners map from 1904.

So I'm on my third attempt. My first build was closest; we'll do it that way again and now that the outboard skin is on, I will trim the aft tank flang to match the bracket to the fuselage and the tank to the outboard skin. Third time's a charm

Keep the hammer down!




February 21, 2017.   Issue No. 4,313.
  A little milestone Monday for our family.  Susie and I went out for lunch (her first trip outside the house since getting out of the hospital last Thursday evening).  She wanted chopped BBQ....and got it.  Continuing to heal, and things are getting easier to do each day.  A whole new level of respect for the caregivers of the world...
  Audrey hung out with Sue for a couple of hours Sunday morning so I could drive out to the airport and check in.  Said 'Hi' to the RV-6 and promised to come fly it in the next week if possible.  Downside?  Haven't flown in too long.  Upside?  The house is cleaner than its been in a long time <g>. 


On the way to South Bend... Pete Howell photo

My son Ryan and I got up early on a crazy warm and clear Sunday in February to go have lunch with Mom in South Bend. We had a great trip. Mom was thrilled, and we had some great vistas along the way...... 800 miles in the air, an easy day in the RV.

Somewhere over Western Sconnie after sunrise, some mist in the valleys......

(click for larger image)


First Flight For RV-8 C-FDTQ

The weather finally improved enough to go for first flights combined with engine break in this weekend. All in all got in 6.6 hr with air under the tires. We have a friend who is also a test pilot in the certified world do the honours. He is also an RV-3 owner and has experience in the 6 & 8A and a lot of other stuff. His reputation is that if there is the slightest snag he will find it. I'm glad to say his list was short and mostly minor. It flew straight, stalled clean & straight, handled like an 8 should, and ran very smooth.

Son started his check out. Mine will start after I shift the ground adjustable rudder pedals aft to make up for my lack of height.

Here is the first flight video. Sorry the wind noise messes with the beautiful sound from the IO-375 four pipe.  video


The New Guy ...Darrell

Started building a kit plane about 8 years ago- a Zenith 601 and then they started having wing problems. Got rid of it and now just ordered and received the empennage kit for the RV 9A and I'm having a blast! What a neat kit with great quality. I live in Southern Oregon and would appreciate any help from anyone especially from someone living near Medford, ORE. that can give advice. I have no idea who might be the DAR for this area. Which brings up the subject, do most builders go thru a DAR or FAA for their build? I also wonder how many people use a pneumatic squeeze?
Thank you,
Medford, Oregon


I Learned About Flying From That: My Longest Trip to Vegas (Flying Mag)

Two pilots face icing conditions on a night flight across the desert.
By Paul Teirstein. Barry Ross illustration


Any Regrets?

Hey guys.  I'm torn.  I'm torn between building, buying, what to build, what to buy, etc.

Did you ever regret getting a vans kit, realizing later that you needed more space

A little about me
Self Employed
family of three girls and one man, me

My business takes me to surrounding states
love to travel by airplane, hate driving

Im not sure what i should be looking at as far as a kit planes
Want the RV-10, because i would like to think my girls would travel with me, but i don't know if that would the the reality.

Like to have a sportsman 2+2 because it s a high wing and utilizes a 4 banger

How many of you have bought with this mind set only to find out you were wrong. The mindset being passengers, you bought because you thought you would be taking more people

If i was going 2 person it would be a 14, but i really want the option of a 4 person plane. I love the RV-10, but how long will it be before vans may come out with a better 4 person plane? The 10 has been out now for quite some time.

Im just lost as to what to get. I joined the EAA and have looked for a very active chapter to join locally (metro Atlanta).

Would love to hear your thoughts on why you bought what you bought.


Fixing a random screw in elevator

I bought a used empennage kit and while inspecting an elevator I noticed a screw where there should be a rivet. It's held on with a lock-nut on the other side. When removed there's a big hole. Do I put the nut and screw back and call it good? Is there an acceptable fix for this?


New Rotax Oil Tank Weeping? ...Paul Straub

Hi all, I could use some advice....I received my new Rotax from Van's a couple months ago. In preparation for the first engine start, I have been adding all the fluids, etc. I noticed a random drop of fresh oil on the floor, directly under the oil tank. It appears to be coming from these strange indentations on the bottom of the tank. I have no idea what these marks are for?? The oil is not coming from the drain plug or washer. I guess I could fill them in with pro-seal, or should I just drain the tank and get it replaced under warranty? Thanks for any thoughts



February 20, 2017.   Issue No. 4,312.

Status Report ...David Paule

Moving along to the flap handle, another assembly that can be made now, I had the idea of using an RV-12 part, VA-110, for my RV-3B manual flap handle button. I called tech support to see if it would fit and was told that the size would be the same as for the -3 because they wouldn't change something like that. Hah! But the support guy was good enough to check it for me, and found that in fact the -12 part was too big and wouldn't fit. No surprise, really.  continue


Took the builder's class. Trip report, misc stuff.

I met my first builder, and saw his RV-14. His build is coming along very nicely and looks wonderful. My local EAA chapter meetings are Saturdays, but I'm spending every second of every weekend in the plane trying to finish my PPL, so I might not get there this month.

After getting a couple recommendations on here, I decided to take the class at Synergy Air in Eugene Oregon. It was being held on my birthday, so I found low priced airfare and went. I'd simply like to say that finding the lowest price airfare and using a certain airline made the idea of plane ownership much more attractive.

I hadn't ever been to Oregon before, and the drive from Portland down to Aurora was beautiful. The tour of Vans was a lot of fun, and after sitting in an RV-7 and RV-14 in their hangar, I'll be contacting their east coast guy for a test ride in a 14. I'm tall and I like how two people fit inside it better. If you haven't taken the tour at Vans, I highly recommend it. The staff were friendly and personable.

I spent the rest of Friday driving down to Eugene, paying my class bill and visiting the Oregon Air and Space Museum. The museum is a couple hundred feet from Synergy. If you're ever at the airport in Eugene Oregon, I recommend this museum. Entry was $7. They have some very interesting homebuilt aircraft in the museum. A 1/2 scale Vought Corsair, 1/2 scale Mitsubishi Zero, 1/2 scale Messerschmidt 109, a Bede BD, a Rutan Quickie, a few others that I can't recall. They have a collection of over 1000 1/64th scale models that a local guy built, from the Wright Flier to modern military planes, and a ton of aviation type memorabilia. The guy that I believe might be the owner walks around and talks to people a lot which was nice also.

Saturday was my class. For most people on here, this stuff is all old-hat to you, but for me the class was awesome. I had never done any of the things we learned, and loved every second. Figuring out the plans, deburring, riveting. After a fun day, we had a small part that looks like a rudder. The class was me, 1 other student and the instructor. Definitely another huge plus of Synergy. I didn't want to go home. Working in their hangar and seeing about a dozen planes in various stages of construction was inspiring.

Now its time for me to acquire tools, get the garage ready, order my kit, and get moving. If anybody has any tips, as the eager new guy I'd love to hear them.


Interior Spotlight ...Luke D.


3D Printed Seat Belt Holder


Teen RV-12 Build Program in San Antonio

We've started our RV-12 (s/n 121030) build at Hallmark University's facility at San Antonio Int'l Airport (SAT). We are building the empennage kit with a small group in a pilot class.

We are also seeking more mentors to help with this program. If you are interested, please contact me for details.

Visit our Facebook page here.


Questionable Attachment



February 17, 2017.   Issue No. 4,311.
Susie update:
 We're home as of 5pm Thursday (This & that).  Six days in the hospital.  Now the hard part starts...<g>.  Thanks again for all the kind notes of support.  It's nice to be home.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Found at Monkey's Shop

"Found on condition inspection.  Rudder was extremely sensitive in flight.  Had to keep constant pressure on pedals or plane would wildly oscillate in yaw.  Had a pounds of Home Depot expanding foam inside rudder (supposedly to prevent oil canning of .016" skin).  Rudder skin weight 5.5 lbs when removed."


Houston builder/flyers/dreamers/randoms sporadically-monthly-ish lunch

Sorry guys, I dropped the ball again last month on setting this up. Let's see if we can't get back in the groove again. Saturday is looking pretty nice, let's meet up at Weiser at 11:30 for some BBQ and tall tales.

See you there!


Status Report ...goatflieg

"...this photo says it all. I'm tempted to share this in the "Photo of your RV on the ground" thread... because it is indeed on the ground."


West Coast Formation Clinic, WCFC 2017 ...AX-O

I’m pleased to announce this year’s West Coast Formation Clinic, WCFC 2017.

Like every year we are expecting that we will receive more applicants than we can safely support. The management team will evaluate applications and contact participants as soon as possible after the application period closes. Applications will be accepted until March 1st. Please remember that the management team does this for fun and to help the RV-community be safer when performing formation flying. This is NOT our job; please give us time to figure out this complex event. There is a lot that goes into making this a safe event.

To apply and/or for additional details, visit the WCFC 2017 website shown below.

Date: Apr 28-30 of 2017
Location: Madera, CA (KMAE)
Website: http://www.rvformation.com/WCFC2017/

If you have any questions, please contact me or any of the POCs shown on our web site. Hope to see you there. Thank you,

Axel and the West Coast Formation Clinic Management Team


EFLEVA Days 2017! (Belgium)

I am proud to inform you that we scheduled EFLEVA Days for the first time. More information is available on this website: http://efleva-days.eu.  EFLEVA is the European Federation of Light, Experimental & Vintage Aircraft and respresents European aircraft builder and restorer organisations.  Feel free to send me a message if you want more information.



February 16, 2017.   Issue No. 4,310.
Susie update:
Pathology Report Finally In:  All good news.  Click the image to read.  Day 5 at the hospital.  0830 shower (first since last Saturday morning).  Got out of bed by herself for first time, also.  Real food at dinner.
  Thanks again for all the kind notes of encouragement - reading them all to her. 

Finally Got My RV! ...Superman1s

I retired from motorcycle racing last year. Received my PPL 12-27-16. Did all my training and check ride in a Citabria 7GCBC.
After months of research, today I purchased a very nice RV7. Now I need to learn the plane! Flown it a few times, everything happens so much faster than it does in the Citabria, it's going take a while to get use to! Haven't done a wheel landing yet, only 3pt. I helped the owner/builder do the annual which went very well. I'm very nervous, never owned an aircraft other than RC stuff, big leap! Can't wait to go to new places, meet new people & pilots.
A few specs:
IO-360 200 HP
CS prop
RMI engine monitors
Trio AP coupled to 430
Inverted fuel/oil and bunch of stuff I'm forgetting!


Using nutplates to on elevator counterweights ..MturnerB

Based on a few threads where people had issues with loose counterweights (and suggestions to use floating nutplates to fashion a better way to tighten them), I decided to make a couple of retaining plates for my elevator counterweights. I used floating nutplates and some scrap aluminum. I like the way it turned out. Too late to do similar on the rudder, hoping the locktite will do the job there


Milestone - Wings: DONE!....George Fahmy

Its been a long time since I've posted on the forums, been doing a lot of work (not on my plane) and reading the forums a lot, can always find the answers I'm looking for here! But, I have finally reached the point where I can say the wings are done.

Full disclosure, theres still one skin remaining to be riveted, and the wingtips, however that will be done later on when i move the project to the hangar probably.

I'm hoping to work on the project more often, but work has been keeping me busy, I have made some progress though which is keeping me motivated. I have updated information on my website and pictures of course.

It feels good to have come this far, I know I am going to enjoy the fuselage work!


Ice Cream Social Update ...AX-O

This year we will have cupcakes again and to-go boxes in addition to the ice cream.

I am working on gas prices however, we will have to wait until the next load of fuel is bought before I can get a final price.

About 3 weeks out. get the RSVPs in. Thanks.


February 15, 2017.   Issue No. 4,309.
Susie update:
  Still in the hospital - day four.  Some nausea in the a.m. (a new thing), taking meds for that which made her sleepy.  Morphine pump removed noon.  Four walks around the nurse's station throughout the day, each one a little smoother.  Many potty breaks.
  Thanks again for all the kind notes of encouragement - reading them all to her. 

Multiple Status Report / Pics ...Andy in Kalamazoo

Some more work this past weekend. Riveted the ribs to the spars on the right wing, and put the top skins on for match drilling. Lots of holes I'm starting to realize! I find I will need more silver Cleco's....

Wife made some RV builder brownie's for the group of us, which powered us through the day. (there's a few of the local EAA Chapter members that I suspect like to escape Saturday honey-do's, to work on an RV).  continue


Don't Forget the Towel

Just a friendly reminder to drop-proof your plane while riveting. Tonight I was riveting the back deck on the tailcone after removing it to replace a piece of angle (long story). After shooting a few rivets, I thought to throw in an old towel - moments before this.  I did almost the exact same thing a couple years ago - without the towel - during the initial assembly. It is now where my VOR antenna will be mounted.


Happy birthday! First condition inspection ...rightrudder

It's been a great year with the RV-9A. I've put 112.9 on the Hobbs so far, and have flown from my home airport of Cable in Upland, CA to Arizona a couple of times (Chandler and Sedona) and a quick gambling trip to Jean, NV as well. Most of my flying is 30-45 minute breakfast hops to French Valley and Camarillo, and I've been to Hemet, Fallbrook, Fullerton, Hesperia, and Gillespie Field a couple of times. Did the SFRA route over LAX and loitered a bit over Malibu. Fun!  continue / many pictures


Trust in Our Airplanes ...pvalovich

This is a take-off on a previous thread that raised concerns about the trust we have in our airplanes. I have a different take:

I have trust in the theory that stuff will happen, things will fail, and non-standard procedures may have to followed. And I better be mentally prepared to deal with it - always.

I have carefully - and often - thought through the what if's. For example:

Engine Problems: The usual suspects - retard throttle, switch tanks, elec boost pump on, check mixture, check ignitions - one Lightspeed, one mag.

Forced Landing: Be constantly aware - pick the best landing option (I regularly fly over the Southern Sierra, so this has become second nature); try to determine wind; I stall at 50 KIAS dirty - regardless of descent speed, plan to touch down at 52. Assume 1 1/2 miles glide per 1000 ft. altitude loss at 90 kts; DO NOT STALL.

Electrical Failure: Electric Bob's Z13/8 architecture gives me an 8 amp backup by throwing two switches; also have batteries in my AFS 4500 and 496 - assume 30 minutes max.

AFS-4500 failure: Know approximate prop and mixture lever positions for various flight regimes; assume conservative 10 gph fuel flow and know fuel remaining in each tank (I stay on one tank until 20 gallons used); Backup Nav: Foreflight on an iPad, SL-30 Nav radio; TruTrak ADI II autopilot and Garmin 496 for probably good enough attitude info; assume oil pressure and CHTs will be good enough until on the ground.

Radio Failure: Backup ICOM in the panel, Sporty's handheld in the navbag.

Airspeed Indicator Failure: Turn on heated pitot tube; A/S displayed on both AFS 4500 and backup steam gage; AOA installed in the 4500; groundspeed readout on the 496; knew the general feel and sound of the plane at various airspeeds - especially near stall.

Have never in 820+hours and 542 flights had to revert to any of this, but just as I trust stuff to fail, I also trust my ability to respond.



February 14, 2017.   Issue No. 4,308.
Susie update:
  Mon 0930 first food since Friday p.m. (Jello).  Still looking more Borg-like than Susie with tubes connected to her legs, fingers, arm, nose, etc., but says she's feeling better (more info on Feb 13 note below).  Ate broth at lunch, which is a big deal if you haven't had any for nearly two days.  1615 walked around the nurses station for the first time (slowly).  It's been a long day, but a little progress.  The pain is now mostly recovery-oriented (incision) and not the abdominal pain from before.
  The staff at the hospital are consummate professionals and compassionate.  A couple of the nurses are on loan from Heaven.  Thank you for the many emails, PM, texts, calls, posts of support and especially prayers.  It is very much appreciated by our entire family.

From the mothership...


Welcome SeanM

Hi All,

Long time lurker that is finally pulling the trigger (aka wife has given approval lol)!

I have assembled most of the tools, slowly working on the practice kits, and getting the garage all ready. I've taken 3 EAA workshop classes and it's all starting to come back to me now.

This April I'll be ready to order an rv10 empennage!

I am in the Utah area and would love to ride in a 10 (or any RV for that matter!) if anyone happens to be flying near KPVU or U77. I would be happy to help /w cost!

I have enjoyed following this form and I'm excited to finally be starting my own journey of building and airplane.




She's finally at the airport for final assembly! ...jseavolt


Status Report / Pics...Rubber seals in wheel pants ...Crabandy


Debriefing your flight (overlaid on the chart)

(I wrote this a few hours before we went to the E.R. Saturday)
There really is nothing special about this flight last Friday - 20 min. to take off, shoot the practice DTO ILS and back to the home field. What did strike me later as maybe newsworthy was the technology behind creating the picture of the track overlaid on the chart.  If there is anyone working on their instrument rating, like I was a little over a year ago, you might find it helpful to be able overlay your flying lessons over the charts you're practicing on.

How I created it:

1. Study for three hours and get your ham radio license, then purchase an APRS tracker. More on this at the bottom of www.vansairforce.net/APRS.htm.  Go fly.  Use www.airprs.com or equivalent to pull up a picture showing where you flew. Get a screen grab of that (if you're using an iPad you can just press the power and home buttons simultaneously).

2. Get a screen grab of your flight planning software with the chart overlaying the map (I use Garmin Pilot).

3. If using an iPad you might consider using Photoshop Mix app to combine the images (it's free).  Use a voice to text dictation program such as Dragon or your iPad's Notepad app to dictate the story so you don't have to type it…like I did with these words here.  Minor fixes on the PC afterwards...

Click for entire image

Me in the pattern at 52F - every RV flight since Oct 9, 2016 (viewed at www.airprs.com)


February 13, 2017.  
No Monday edition.  Spent the weekend at the hospital (wife had hemorrhagic ovarian cyst that presented as acute appendicitis).  Surgery...the works.  Recovering and expected to stay a couple more days.  Tired.  Talk tomorrow maybe.  v/r,



February 9, 2017.   Issue No. 4,306.

RV-3 At Randy Richmond's Shop (card) ...Roanoke, TX

...in the shop for some love.


Major Milestone ...Sully from Euless, TX

After nearly 12 years (yes I am somewhat ashamed of that number!) Mr. Mel Asberry came over and made N627RS a real airplane.


Ran Great Until it Didn't - Cold EGT and CHT at low RPM ...Raymo

I recently finished my -7A and started flying, which has been enormous fun. Lycoming O-360-A4M out of a 2002 Piper Archer that was wind damaged and had 1100 hours since OH in Aug 2014 (flight school plane).

After the 3rd flight, the EGT and CHT would drop off on the #4 cylinder below about 1400 RPM. We went through the following to get to the root cause:

* Induction leak?
-- Replaced induction tube gasket at the #4 cylinder. Tightened all clamps and torqued all bolts. No help.
* Both plugs fouled?
-- Pulled plugs, cleaned, gapped, checked resistance. All good. No help.
* Mag problem?
-- Mag check at 1700 RPM seemed normal.
* Worn cam lobe?
* No issues with #3 cylinder, which shares the same intake lobe.
* Valve sticking?
-- Borescope showed no signs of issues with the valve movement or bore.
* Idle mixture too lean?
-- Richened idle mixture at AFP servo. Improved idle but not the issue.
* Compression issue?
-- Compression checked was 72/80 (1100 hrs on this cylinder)
* Not enough fuel getting to the cylinder?
-- Blew out the injector line. No help.
-- Checked flow to cylinder with fuel pump on. Bingo. No fuel at idle and a dribble at full throttle, full mixture.

Swapped out the fuel divider and all was well again. Mine will go back to AFP for IRAN.


One Way To Do It ...flyboy1963

[Bracket for remote magnetometer...]
2 lengths of J-profile scraps, and a wedge under the longeron to produce the appropriate 8 degree tilt to match the unit in the panel. ( yours may vary)  This is behind the rearmost bulkhead, accessible, kinda, thru the tail fairing/elevator/v. stab attach point.  forward is -----> right. Not my install, but must credit the builder!


Cracked canopy repair ...firemanken

My partner and I purchased a built RV6A 7 years ago and have enjoyed it with no problems in that time.
Now we have encountered our first big problem! When we were last at the hanger we found a CRACK in the canopy. We have a slider, the crack runs behind our heads in center of canopy. The crack runs approximately 8" on each side of the center metal strip.
Researching this as best we could, we understand this happens quite frequently in RV's.
We would like to have it repaired, (even if it leaves a scar)
My question , can we have it repaired locally (Ohio) or if that is not possible , where can we find step by step instructions on how we can repair it using the proper products.
Have been grounded for 2 weeks now. :-(


Please Check My Work on the Spar Box ...Bob Collins RV-12

Page 09-03. Step 2.

I've taken a magnifying glass to figure 1 and I think it's show the two interior inspar ribs lining up with most inboard holes. And I THINK it's showing the HS 1209 spar cap spacers attaching to the the next row ouboard of those holes?

The reason I ask is step 2, which says " Rivet the HS-1211 spar caps, HS 1212 Inspar Ribs, and HS-1209 Spar cap spacers together using rivets call out in Figure 1.

If what I described in the second paragraph is correct, the only two places where those three things are riveted TOGETHER is the two end inspar rib locations. Remove any remaining clecoes

So, these questions:

1. Should I rivet the two inboard spacers with the AN426 AD3-4 rivets on the top and bottom?

2. Do I rivet, with the AN426 AD3-4 rivets, the two inboard inboard ribs to to the HS-1211. Leaving open presumably the 1/8" rivet holes? (This last part I'm most sure is correct... leave those holes unriveted)

As you can probably tell, I'm very sensitive to the literal translation of the language used in these steps and don't want to do anything stupid.



February 8, 2017.   Issue No. 4,305.

It's Been Fun ...Brian (hydroguy2) and Kris

To build something with your own hands from a vision is special as any builder knows. We've flown to see the kids, Oshkosh a few times, Fly-ins and SARL races in Texas, Washington, Idaho, and all over Montana. Commuted in it while building our retirement home 1hr flight vs 4.5hr drive away. Never planned on ever selling it...until life hands you a new plan.

The last 10+years have been a lot of fun, education, thrills and stress, but mostly fun. That all came to an end on Friday when I took my last flight in Aurora. It was an emotional day 2 weeks ago, when I said "Sold" to the offer on the table.  continue

[ed. Brian, I know that I speak for everyone who reads this website when I say that we all have both you and your wife Kris in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there's anything you need help with.

Kris, kick this thing's ass and take names. 


Welcome to the RV-9A Club ...Neal Trombley

Pulled the trigger this week.  I have joined my local met some great guys. Two 9s are being built on the field now ( located at page in fort Myers)

I never took a ride in one, is that a mistake?   Been flying a lot sat in drooled over plenty!   I'm attending Eaa workshop this upcoming weekend in Lakeland for sheet metal.

Anyway I hope it's everything I think it is.

Let the journey begin


Safety Alert for Operators ...FAA

Subject: Pilot and Flightcrew Awareness of Class B Airspace Boundaries


Extreme Turbulence - Owens Valley, CA, Today ...pvalovich

Extreme turbulence in the southern part of Owens Valley yesterday and today.

Had a Cessna 421 heading south to north yesterday afternoon between Mojave and Inyokern. Tried to go underneath clouds in attempt to find smoother air. Was rolled upside down out of control. Recovered and landed at IYK. Inner wings skins severely deformed. Haven't yet examined spar. One pilot who has some knowledge thinks plane may be totaled.

Today to the north of IYK large multi-layered lenticular clouds with more vertical development than I've ever seen. Surface winds still very strong.

Probably best to avoid the entire Sierra Crest.


The thrifty nature of pilots demonstrated once again...by me.

An overgeneralization, but it does have some merit.  Some people I know, myself included, find it physically painful to spend money on non-airplane things.  Like vacuum cleaners.

A few weeks back I mentioned how frustrated I was with my all-plastic, piece of junk Hoover 'bagless' vacuum cleaner with a non-replaceable HEPA filter. Turning a screw on this thing results in cracks in the case.  Using it requires a trip out to the driveway after each use for a complete blowing out from top to bottom with the air compressor (and hours of sneezing).  Failing to do this results in a product that won't pick up a grain of rice.

I've actually found myself scrolling through vintage Kirby listings in craigslist on my iPad in the evenings while watching the latest installment of "Ice Road Pawnshop Pregnant Teen Extreme Deadliest Tiny Car Rebuilders".  While mentioning the fact that I would like to find a Kirby from the 80's-90's that used disposable bags, airport rockstar and mechanic extraordinaire Randy 'Monkey' Richmond pointed to the upper level of his hangar and said, "I have two old Kirby's right there I was going to restore one day - one with an aftermarket bag kit. Let's rebuild it for you. I used to work at an old vacuum store rebuilding these things back in the day." 

Hangaring at Monkeytown has its advantages...

So for an hour or so over the last few days I've spent time dismantling and polishing large cast aluminum parts of a 42yr old 1975 Kirby Classic Omega 1-CB with an aftermarket disposable bag attachment. I'm currently $0.00 into this and expect to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 making it look and work like new (a belt, a new rubber bumper and a sticker set). A six amp motor spinning an impeller that looks like it came out of a Formula One engine. Every single part on this thing is adjustable, and all of the really important stuff is made out of metal - parts of it stainless. Virtually every single piece on this thing can still be bought - Randy's childhood friend from Corpus still runs a discount vacuum store (link) and we're calling him for parts.

Here are some pictures that I'm taking during the restoration, and at right is a picture of what it will sorta look like when done.   If it comes out that good I'm putting it in the corner of the living room as a piece of art.

Special thanks to Randy  for access to his King Kong Gonzo polishing station.  Things to do when your plane isn't down for maintenance and the shop is empty.  This thing was possibly built in Andrews, TX (E11).  I've stopped there for avgas and didn't know.

If I can find a disposable bag unit Kirby from the 80's/90's that needs some love, I'll hand this 1975 unit when restored back to Randy (for his living room enjoyment).

Yours in thrift and quality tools,


PS:  If you are bored at work and have the bandwidth and time, give the 40 page owner's manual from 1975 a look.  Items of note:

- the 'Handi-Butler'  - the 'Crystalator'  - the 'Shag King'
- the 'Swedish Massage Unit'   ......I'm not making this up.

PSS: I wish I had my Mom and Dad's old model 516.  Where did that thing end up?



February 7, 2017.   Issue No. 4,304.

Sometimes an RV Shop Dog Just Has to Fly ...tcard

Also known as "RV Pilot's Perspective of Living the Life".

Some days aren't so great for an RV to be on the taxiway, but it can be a perfect day for an RV-dog to be the center of attention. The middle of last year, Skylar dog found her way into our hearts and home. She was a passenger of mine on a Pilots N Paws flight, but she was destined to return home with us from the rescue. She is the very definition of an RV Dog.  continue


Tucking in the headsets and jacks ...Latintan

After flying with cords all over the stick and not having a good place to place the headsets when not in use, I came up with this idea with spare sheet metal I had at the hangar. The assembly is mounted to the back vertical center post behind the pilot and copilot. It is 3/4" off the face with standoffs in order to route the headset ends up and into the jacks. I think it's going to work GREAT on my RV6-A.  continue


Panel Status ...dtw_rv6

Laser cut panel with hard coat anodizing (durable and won't fade in sunlight).  Laser engraved labels.


Tool Porn

A pic of my late father's Snap-On set (swivel set up top not in the original kit).  Circa 1968. 



February 6, 2017.   Issue No. 4,303.

Jon Thocker ...of redlineairshows.com

Scott Hersha photo.


Plenum Tug-of-War ...JKBSouth

With the -7 build in Michigan while Dolly and I are in Florida, a project for the winter was to fabricate a fiberglass plenum lid, the oil fill door and some HDPE firewall and baffle wire pass through. I brought engine measurements (32"plus by 18"plus) and the top Vans cowl with us.

The oil door was fun, really. First try was two layers of 6 oz cloth cast onto the cowl over clear packing tape and Mother's Brazilian canauba auto wax. Two layers was too thin both in flexure and contour with the surrounding cowl surface. The second try at seven layers was stiff, but too thick. Like 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' the third try at four layers was just right but will need some anti-flex reinforcing.  ...


From the motherhip FB page...

"If anyone looks at the instrument panels in some of our old demonstrators they would never accuse us of spending a lot of effort trying to keep up with the Jones’s…………
But with our prototype/demonstrator RV-14A coming up on 5 years old and Dynon provided an opportunity to upgrade to HDX, we figured it was a great opportunity to stay a bit closer to the leading edge of technology for once.
We have had the opportunity to get acquainted with the HDX screen while doing the testing for that upgrade for the RV-12, and have already come to appreciate the improvements over Skyview that have been added, so we look forward to more chances to fly with it in our RV-14A."


David Paule RV-3B Status Report

I've been getting the smaller details completed. The gussets at the forward (middle of the image) ends of the baggage compartment ribs that are on the far right needed to be riveted to the seat baggage bulkhead. Here I've got the left one clecoed and am using a .063 plate to ensure that the right one is fair to the seat bulkhead while I drilled the flange.  ...


Vlad's Been Active...

Somewhere in NH

Hi there. Excuse me where am I? Is it NJ? Yes those two airplanes circling overhead are lost too. How is the fish? Do you have any beer?

Alton Bay

What a great day! My rough estimate was 40-50 airplanes landed there from 10 am till we left late afternoon. Why late? The Chief Rivetbanger was on the way from Maryland and we wanted to greet him.  ...



February 3, 2017.   Issue No. 4,302.
   Feb 2, '17 is a milestone day for our family. As of 4:45 PM central standard time, our 16yr old son Tate is gainfully employed at Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. First job interview he ever had in his life, and he got the dang job. :-)  "I have my own transportation, straight A's, no after-school commitments and can work any days you need me."   Hired.  Orientation this Saturday, buy a pair of restaurant friendly nonskid tennis shoes at Walmart and a new pair of blue jeans that will immediately smell like grease, even after washing.
  My first job was flipping hamburgers at Sonic in Waco, TX in 1980.  Drove my late father's Ford F-100 pickup truck there and back on a hardship permit, listening to Van Halen 2 in the 8-track player while daydreaming about airplanes.  It changed from track 1 to track 2 in the middle of 'Somebody Get Me A Doctor'.  The things we remember...
  Congrats to the Taterman!  Freddy's is now in our weekly rotation.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


Cold Day, Low Light, Big Bridge ...Pete Howell

Snapped the nearly finished bridge over the St Croix at sunset tonight. The long shadows magnified the sweeping structure. Great day to skip out early and fly!


Thoughts on transitioning to an RV-9A (long) ...Dugaru

I thought it might be useful to summarize my recent experience transitioning to a new (to me) RV-9A -- if only because I really appreciated finding posts like that when I started looking to buy an RV. Perhaps those building RV-9As might find this interesting also.

Plus I have learned (and continue to learn) HUGE amounts of useful things here, so I thought I would try to contribute for once.

My flying background is probably not too different from that of a lot of RV transitioners. I have about 940 hours, and got the instrument rating in 2010. I trained in 150s, 152s, and 172s, flew a great 1974 172M for several years, then bought a 1979 Warrior that I flew for about 8 years. It was a terrific aircraft and we had many adventures together. I sold that when I got the opportunity to partner in a very well equipped Glasair Sportsman, which had been built by the previous owner in the “two weeks to taxi” program. I got about 35 hours in that, 18 of which came after we converted the airplane to tailwheel. I got the tailwheel endorsement, but would not consider myself an accomplished taildragger operator (yet). The Sportsman experience convinced me that experimentals are a great way to fly. Unfortunately my partner’s move to Texas, in the wake of an unexpected and awesome job offer, forced an amicable airplane divorce, in which he got custody of the Sportsman.

So I launched another airplane search. The more I looked around, the more it seemed like the RV was a good fit for me. After working with Vic Syracuse for a bit, which included him giving me some absolutely crucial advice about specific airplanes I was looking at (I’ll skip the gory details), he convinced me (I think correctly) that the RV-9 was the airplane I needed for my mission, which includes a lot of light IFR travel in the mid-Atlantic. My tailwheel training convinced me that for traveling purposes, it would be nice to reduce the threat to my dispatch rate posed by gusty crosswinds, so the RV-9A seemed like the call. I bought a well-built and well-maintained RV-9A that I found here. It’s 160hp, slider, carbureted, with a CS prop.

So, thoughts on the transition:  continue


My first 100 Hours with our RV-10, Full EFII ...John Walker

Now that I’ve got some real solid time(110 hrs) on the plane over the last 7 months, I thought I would do a write up on the EFII System, my experiences and how I set up my electrical system because of it.

With the combination of a Barrett engine, the Full EFII and a 3 blade MT prop, I will say, that our plane is smother that any single engine piston I’ve ever been in. My wife has flown in planes her whole life with her parents, and she is always amazed at just how smooth it is. It starts in just a couple blades like a car, and shuts down with zero flutter.

In flight, I’ve found the system to be very simple and extremely flexible. Because out engine is pushing 300hp, I have found that unless I’m at altitude where it’s quite cool, that at optimum power settings (13.1 Air/Fuel ratio) that I can get my CHT’s up over where I’d like. I have my yellow band set at 410-425, with 425 being redline. I like to keep them below 400 obviously. However, running rich or LOP reduces the temps quite a bit. I’ve been through all the steps and have dropped my temps a bit, my baffling is as perfect as you can get. Unfortunately I did not put in a cowl flap, I MAY do that during condition inspection…☹ After the engine was well broken in I started experimenting with LOP operation (Let’s not have that argument here, to each his own). I have not mapped the fuel delivery to do it automatically yet as I’m still trying to see all the situations that could occur and really learning the plane. Since I’m rarely in a hurry, I can use LOP an not mind a little loss in speed.  continue


Welcome Aveo Engineering ...ad lives on the front page.

USA Rep: Damien Esmond


OKC FSDO - I am a satisfied aviator

Two weeks ago I listened to an EAA webinar on ownership of non-builder owned experimental aircraft. A major portion (it seemed) of the webinar was devoted to the "operating limitations" document pointing out that it is part of the airworthiness document with an originally sign document required to be in the aircraft at all times. Well, it was news to me because when I bought the airplane from the builder almost two years ago that document was not in the aircraft (at least so I thought - I ultimately found it hidden in a pocket I had not noticed before).

Anyway I contacted my local FSDO office in OKC after the webinar and discussed the issue with them. Their resident experimental "expert" called me back two days later. He apologized for not immediately getting back but said he was extremely busy working several tasks and also had to work a fatal GA accident that I had heard about on TV. We discussed my lack of an "originally signed operating limitations document" and he agreed to meet me this week. He sent me two FAA forms to fill out for our meeting and offered to review my logs (but did not require that I bring them in) for correctness since I told him that I was relatively new to aircraft ownership and had a few questions about how to do a correct maintenance log entry.

The FSDO (Todd Evans) answered all my questions, issued me a new special airworthiness certificate, and new operating limits for my geographical area so that if I need to later open a new phase one for a modification I could. We had a real good discussion on aircraft maintenance , proper record keeping, and engine operations to ensure maximum life.

I have followed an earlier thread about the difficulty one builder has had getting a Repaireman's Certificate from his local FSDO. I've also heard horror stories that people have had when they've done business with their local FSDO office. Therefore, I entered this meeting with a lot of trebidation and apprehension. I shouldn't have been concerned.

My experience was absolutely positive! The OKC FSDO is a customer friendly, service oriented office and I especially want to say thanks and let others know that there are good FSDOs who are concerned about promoting safe sky's and good maintenance practices.
Jim H.
RV7A - N523RM



February 2, 2017.   Issue No. 4,301.

Disaster in the Shop last night ...Caummisar

....and the grandkids are too far away to help!!


Cool Airshow Scenery ...Christopher Murphy

had this video on my computer but had never uploaded it.  Interesting weather and terrain at one of our favorite venues. Rough edit and no music.


From the mothership...


My solution for a perfect glairshild ...rvtestpilot


Fly to Beautiful COLORADO! ...ppilotmike

A friend of a friend made this short video of what it's like to fly around the southern part of our beautiful state, in the wintertime. If Colorado isn't on your list of places to visit in your airplane, it should be. Enjoy!
[ed. Not RV but really pretty.  dr]


Update ...Jesse

As an update, I got with Van's engineering in a fix that they approve of (the longerons were over 50% gone on the horizontal face from extra holes. Now I have to decide which little guy gets to climb back into the tailcone to drill all of these extra holes.

This thread has sure made the rounds. I have had quite a few people come into the hangar asking to see the plane that "had the bad tail".


Cheap DIY Audio Adapter ...GalinHdz

I have a nice video camera which has an external audio input jack that I want to connect to the rear seat intercom jacks and record in flight conversation. But the camera audio system is 8ohms while the airplane audio panel is 600ohms. If you connect them together without some kind of impedance matching, recorded audio gets very distorted and might even damage the airplane audio panel. Being the cheapskate that I am I decided to put what little EE knowledge I still have to good use so I designed and built an inexpensive 8ohm to 600ohm audio adapter. My audio panel is mono while my camera is stereo so I went with a 1/4" mono plug and a 1/8" stereo plug. It is just a simple resistor voltage divider and I got all the parts at my local Radio Shack. If your audio panel is stereo, use a 1/4" stereo plug instead of a mono plug and use two resistor voltage dividers each one connected to each one of the stereo (L / R) channels.  ...



February 1, 2017.   Issue No. 4,300.

February Wallpaper Calendar

AX-O at Reno.   Ken Linde photo.


Formation Practice: 1/31/17 at 52F ...1min 37sec vid.

The usual suspects.  I drove into the airport when the gang was about back - was listening to them on the handheld while driving out.  I pulled over to the side of the taxiway about two minutes before they came overhead, got out the iPad and pressed record.  Five minutes in iMovie later the following clip was born.  I have no future in Hollywood as a cameraman....and that's a good thing. 


Pano of dirt in motion

The dirt on the west side drainage project at our home field is now relocated.  Once at the link, if you have the monitor and bandwidth, click on the little stacked squares in the bottom right for bigger versions.  The original is 10,785 x 3090 pixels. 


Ground Shot ...Gene Mohr


Milestone: Rob Reece RV-8 Engine Hung...at the Van Cave.

Courtesy Rob and some of the gang from Superior.  Rob is working up a nice website documenting the assembly and installation.  Below are two teasers from yesterday.  Clicking on the pic will take you to much larger versions. 



January 31, 2017.   Issue No. 4,299.
  Kind of a milestone today (Tuesday) at my home field.  The last pile of dirt from the drainage repair project should be finally relocated.  You can follow along on the webcam if you're bored at work.  No water running across the runway after storms - what a concept <g>!
  Some of the locals have a formation practice scheduled for around 0900 CST Tue, I think the briefing starts 0830.  If you have a big monitor and the bandwidth, you can follow the launch and recovery video on the 'Horizontal' link at Fly52F.org (shows the north, middle and south webcams side by side).  LiveATC.net broadcasts the comm.  I think the lineup includes two RV-8's, an RV-7A and an RV-6.  The forecast says RWY17 (left to right in the feed).  Everything subject to change and no guarantee the cams will work ;^).
  Rob Reece's RV-8 engine arrives Tuesday, so maybe I'll have a picture of that Wednesday.
  Last but not least: Tate has no cavities (dentist Monday afternoon).  Tater!


Inspired by Sheepdog's Bush-6

My picture isn't nearly as good, nor my plane nearly as pretty, but I was pretty excited to get my new Matco w60 wheels and brakes on, along with the Desser oversized 800-6 tires.

Great day project that actually went very smoothly. Need to bleed brakes tomorrow and verify function but my back and knees tired of squatting on the ground today.


RV component furniture ...EdH

Okay, so I found the lamp in the Finish Kit.


Video ...Vlad

A good friend of mine just got his unmanned pilot certificate. We flew to Upstate NY to exercise the privilege. That's what he cut. His first time composing a video.


First flight in my newly aquired RV-8 ...Rx7thHeaven

Last week I went for my first flight/lesson in my newly acquired -8. It was my first -8 flight as well as first tailwheel lesson. The RV journey started for me back in October when I went from considering an RV to "I have got to get one of these!" when I met and went for a ride with fellow VAF member Bill (fixnflyguy). He offered me a quick ride in his -4 and it was instant love! My extensive 3 month nationwide search was over when I found a flying -8 at Bill's home base which is about 45 min (by car) from my house. The plane was just what I was wanting and the fact that it was a local plane and the entire history was known was a huge plus. Anyways, on to the first impressions... All I can say is I was in for a surprise when I strapped into this thing! I essentially had zero tail wheel time (other than a 45 min aerobatics intro lesson in my instructors Decathlon) . The plane flies like a dream and I had to quickly "re-calibrate" my hand from the massive control inputs required in the Pipers I have been flying since getting my license. Large control inputs were massively amplified when close to the ground! Pulling into a stall or scrapping a wing tip seemed to be a real concern if anything more than fingertip pressure was used at low speeds a few feet off the ground! I also found myself getting into some mild "tank-slapper" oscillations pretty quickly if I moved my attention closer to the nose of the plane after landing! I definitely learned to keep my eyes as far downrange as possible until exiting the runway. Suddenly the 10hrs of dual required by my insurance seems like it may be the bare minimum I would be comfortable with and would be happy to go for more! Bill was absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process and was always happy to answer questions or take a look at the planes I was considering, And even helped with the rear rudder pedal install after purchase so I could begin my training. Overall I absolutely love the plane and cannot wait to get proficient in it and join in on some fun with some of the great people I have met since beginning this journey!


Tip up blues ...goldbar

I have been wrestling with this far too long, wish there were a tipup near by that I could just go look at from time to time, no such luck. Several questions, all related to getting the tip up canopy fit dialed in.  This is how the forward top skin F-771 and F-702 skin match, looks right I think.  continue



January 30, 2017.   Issue No. 4,298.
  Random thoughts.  A pretty weekend Wx-wise here in Texas - pretty sure there wasn't a cloud in the northern 2/3rds of the state on Sunday.  No flying, though.  Spent Saturday climbing Mt. Email and refining my Bissell carpet cleaning skills (stairs).  Sunday was spent doing battle with a vacuum cleaner with 'Self-cleaning HEPA Filter' molded into the case that, to me, is a fine example of false advertising.  In addition to being non-self-cleaning, it's not even removable.  Thank goodness for air compressors (without it you're this guy).  Makin' it work until it breaks, then on to something more industrial, and serviceable. ;^)
  Tate spent the weekend applying at local businesses around the area.  Freddie's hamburgers is looking promising he said, based on the interview.
  Friday my ELT chirped when I powered up the avionics, so I'm going to dig into that this week sometime hopefully.  Maybe go to Freddie's for a burger.
  Hope you had a nice weekend. 


Jake's New Hand Controls ...jeterjim

I would like to introduce my son Jake. In 2000 he was in a diving accident resulting in a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down. Jake pushes a manual wheelchair; however, he is considered a quadriplegic because he has limited hand function. He was 17 years old, had soloed, and was on his way to getting his private pilot's license just before his accident.  continue


Ongoing Maintainance ...Dayton Murdock RV-4

Hi all
Yesterday I took off Carson City heading for Sacramento to see my friends.
As I leveled off at 10,500 feet I did a instrument scan in the fuel pressure was reading .6 pounds and blinking red at me , after a few moments it was reading zero .The engine was running smooth for a little bit then things got rough I turned on the boost pump and headed back to Carson. What a shame the air was smooth the snowfall on the Sierras was absolutely beautiful I could've continued on my boost pump but I thought better of that plan. I just thought I would share the experience. My new pump will be here on Tuesday and all will be better again.
Dayton Murdock


Ground Portrait ...flyboykelly


The adventure begins! ...Ray Dosh (Marion, IN)

I inspected Lloyd Chaffin's QB -14 kit, serial 140212, yesterday and am now making arrangements for Tony Partain, who I spoke with earlier this week, to deliver the kit to me from the Lone Star State. Lloyd and his brother-in-law built the vertical stab (and did a very good job, from what I can see!) while getting out of the way of a fiberglassing expert working on the BIL's RV-7. Other than that, the kit is pretty much untouched. I love the way Lloyd has organized and labeled all of the small parts. I only wish that I could do the build in his BEAUTIFUL shop!

Lloyd, now you can place the G3X order for your -8A. Enjoy!

I can only hope and pray that the project goes as smooth as this deal has. Even worked out that a company flight got me to the Metroplex for a couple of days so Lloyd and I could seal the deal. Even worked out for one of our crews to skip the airlines for a trip home from Bombardier recurrent training on one of our Lear 45's.


9th annual ice cream social, Inyokern, CA: 11th March ...mark the calendars


Cowl to Plenum-redu-with pix

My 9A has the standard Vans Cowling and a plenum. There is a small air gap all the way around, between the two. How do others mate the two together so they can be detached easily? thanks Larry


Love of Hardware ...Al Girard



January 27, 2017.   Issue No. 4,297.
  I'll send you into the weekend with a picture of the currently broken (but usually working) pump at Gainesville, TX (KGLE).  They'll fuel you w/the truck at the pump price while it's down.  The cover was off for repairs and I thought the internals were so interesting it warranted a picture.  Click on the pic for a 2,448 x 3,264 pixel monster that shows the rust, patina and 'years of enjoyment' in their full beauty.  How many tens of thousands of aviators have used this pump?
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

(full size pic)


Desert Southwest Trip ...crabandy


Get the Lead out ...vic syracuse

This week while performing a pre buy inspection on a gorgeous RV-9A I happened upon a big block of lead bolted to the tail area underneath the vertical fin! This RV-9A had a 180 HP Lycoming with a fixed pitch prop, of which I have seen and flown a few of. Nothing out of the ordinary stood out to me in this airplane that should indicate a need for ballast in the tail.

In looking at the W&B paperwork it became clear to me that they had added the weight to get the aircraft CG inside the envelope while it was on the scales. I'm sure most of you know this, but the only time the aircraft is required to be within the recommended CG envelope is while it is flying, not while it is empty.  ...


Eagle's Nest Projects - Student Achievement - Meeting the Challenge


Building a 7A v. 12 ...Bob Collins

People had opined that they wanted to hear my opinions (whaaat?) once I started the RV-12 and how it compares to the RV-7 project. I suspect very much my initial thoughts would mirror those of RV-6 owners v the 7 and 9 "crowd" when the prepunched kits came out.

Anyway, a few main thoughts.

1. I'm not building (at least not yet), I'm assembling. Because I'm building as an E-LSA, I have to do things exactly the way I'm told. These kits are incredible. There's (at least so far) nothing much to do but take the piece and match the piece to another piece that has been finely punched and pre-punched and pre-formed. The extent of "getting your hands dirty" is snipping off a part, kind of like when you had those plastic models and had to snip them off from all the other parts. Fortunately, no airplane glue needed.

2. I miss the ISO drawings.
The step-by-step instructions are completely dummy proof although once you build via the old method, it's REALLY hard to get used to the RV-12 instructions. It's like assembling something you just picked up from Ikea. I find myself longing to see how every part relates to every other part in the big scheme of things. But with the 12 plans, you just have to trust that eventually everything will fit together, so just shut up and do what the step tells you to do.  ...


New Years Baja Trip! ...kgood


Class Act:  All Parties


Scary situation found during condition inspection ...Jesse



January 26, 2017.   Issue No. 4,296.
  A .3hr flight around Lake Lewisville 0900 Wednesday morning - listed as 'Alumitherapy' in the calendar.  On the iPad before and after.  Dallas skyline off in the distance, 25.16 statute miles away if you trust the ruler on Googlemaps.  We're dipping back down into the 30's for the next few days, so a few of us wanted to enjoy one more flight without bundling up so much.
  Our daughter Audrey is somewhere in this picture wearing a lab coat and safety goggles (some of those little bumps on the horizon to the left of downtown are SMU).  That made me smile. 



10" G3X Touch in an RV-3B ...KatieB RV-3B

So after years of poking around with pipe dreams, drawings, lists, budgets, and mission evaluations, I’ve begun installing the brains of my -3. It was a long and arduous road, but I’ve decided to go with Big G. Yeah, Garmin. “But you’re the GRT chick! What happened?” Well… it’s a long story.

The bones of my plane as it sat in the junk yard came with a Dynon D180. I sold that to a fellow VAF'er with another RV-3 and paid off my car loan. Sure, I could’ve kept it all as Tony had it, but I had way too many hours flying behind GRT Sport systems, which blew the D180 away in features. SO that was a no-brainer, even though it would add many months and a few grand to the budget requirements. (Every decision with this plane has added many months, so why not!)  ...

[ed. Outstanding thread, Katie!!!  Thank you for doing this.  v/r,dr]


PnP Mission Tally Badges ...Dan Landry

I thought it might be a good idea to promote PnP with attaching a mission tally badge to the airplane. It would promote discussion as well as identify pilots in the program and their commitment.  ...


Milestone: David Paule Thread

300 replies (most by David).  94,000 views.  David is documenting some of the construction of his RV-3B with occasional updates in this thread.


Accusump Failure: Immediate Total Oil Loss ...RV7DES

I have just had my plane lose all its oil just before shutdown when the accusump blew its top. Has anyone had this issue? I lost almost all the oil in a few seconds. If it happened during flight I would be going down.

So far Canton has said maybe I shouldn't fit a valve direct to the accusump, and maybe the vibrations caused the top to seperate. However I am not impressed by the thickness of the unit around the tread, and believe it was an issue waiting to happen, and would not be happy fitting one again until I know why. I'd like to share this with as many others that have these units fitted. Until this failure I loved the system, and have done lots of aeros.  ...



January 25, 2017.   Issue No. 4,295.
  I thought you might like this picture I took of the fuel truck up at Gainesville the other day (KGLE) - items of interest marked below.  Clicking on the image will bring up a 3264 x 2448 pixel version for your patina enjoyment.
  How many thousands of planes has this fueled?

(full size pic)

Checklists ...Blain

Primary training emphasizes checklists. Built this handy little book from the POH that was someone else's hard work.  Includes pre-flight, run up, normal maneuvers and emergencies. Laminated and bound thanks to the wife's craft supply.


Overhaul of O-320-D3G Begins ...KazooRV-9A

This past weekend we started into an exciting phase for the build, the overhaul of the O-320-D3G engine! The core engine had come along with the entire project purchase, and I've been patiently waiting to do the teardown to see what we have.

It was a rare January thaw up here in SW Michigan, the thermometer topped 60 degrees last Saturday and we even opened the shop doors for a bit to let some of the sunshine and outside environment in. You can get cabin fever up here this time of year and this was a day to ward that off. RV building it turns out, is a great cure for cabin fever.  ...


Spruce Creek Bonfire Flyby ...Ted Chang video

This year 49 airplanes participated the flyby. It was opened by a DC3 leading four RVs. The 2nd flight was a TBM Avenger leading two Bonanzas. A P51 Mustang closed the flyby. In all, 20 RVs and 2 Rockets participated.


Systems ...David Paul RV-3B

I've been thinking about where things are going to go, and this is my current iteration. All this is tentative, of course; in most cases I don't even have the stuff yet. Please remember that this is for an RV-3, and it has a smaller cockpit than the other RVs.

Here's the instrument panel equipment:

MGL V6 Com
LH Pmag switch (I'm reviewing the various wiring approaches from VAF)
RH Pmag switch
LH Pmag power switch
RH Pmag power switch
Master/alternator switch
Autopilot engage/disengage button
USB port (or on side panel?)

The engine controls will be in the left side panel, and the right side panel will have some miscellaneous stuff. There won't be any switches on the stick:

Wingtip light switch
Landing light switch
Autopilot servo power switch (both servos on 1 switch)
Headset socket
Microphone socket
Starter button
Oxygen regulator
12 V outlet
Fuel pump switch
USB Port (or on panel?)
Push to talk button (throttle)  



January 24, 2017.   Issue No. 4,294.

NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite sends first images of Earth

Higher-resolution details will lead to more accurate forecasts.


Finally starting ...welcome Frank Cordrey RV-7

I've have been looking and reading for some time now. I really got serious about RV's this past summer and went beyond just walking past looking. I was still trying to define my mission and was between the 7 and the 9.

I decided to do the EAA Sport Air sheet metal class that was held in Manassas Va. this past September just to see what it was all about. I really enjoyed it! I then found someone to give me a demo 9A flight in late fall. Very nice airplane but my desire to do light acro just rules it out. So fast forward through the holidays and other life distractions and I find myself in touch with another very generous forum member beginning of this month. We arrange to meet and he gives me a demo 7 flight on 1/15 ....that did it!
I've wanted to fly a 7 for at least 3 years now and that flight confirmed that is what I want.

I came home and talked it over with my WONDERFUL wife who thinks I am crazy but is supportive! So with out waiting any longer I placed my order!

I just got through inventorying the empennage tonight and organizing my rivet/small parts bin . I ordered tools before faxing in my order to Vans and still don't have all the tools in yet! Oh well....a lot of information to look over.

No tools to work with and lots to read over. More to come...And lots of questions I'm sure.


Status Report ...Gregg Brightwell RV-4

I got the fuselage far enough along, that we all got a chance to sit in it.


Rudder skin edge break mistake ...tims88

Despite practicing on some scrap metal I still made a mistake while putting the edge break on the rudder skins. I was using the vice grip edge forming tool and while I was pulling it along the edge the skin moved outside of the flange on the roller and I bent the skin way too far. And to make it even worse I did the same thing again a little farther along the edge. I did my best using my hand seamer to straighten the edge out and clean it up but there was only so much I could do.

Since the trailing edge is so important on control surfaces I'm wondering if this will be a bigger problem than a cosmetic issue and if anyone has any suggestions on how to smooth the skin out a little better.

Here is a picture from right after I made the first mistake.  ...


Things you would have done differently ...RV-10

Q: Working through all the fiberglass fun of the finish kit on my SB -10. For the past 3 years (just looked at my sig block; exactly 3 years today) I've followed some of the more thorough build logs (at least the ones I've found) - Tim O, Ed K, Bill T, Mike J, Justin T, B&B U. Now that the aforementioned have been flying for a good amount of time, I'm wondering what you all (and any other -10 builders) would do differently if you could go back?

I'm at the point - airframe still mostly opened up, before systems install - where most changes/adjustments wouldn't be too terribly difficult.

I appreciate the insight.

A: I wish I had installed access panels in the tunnel for the pump/filter.

A: And access panels for airing up the tires without having to remove the wheel pant.

A: I am glad I installed rudder trim.

A: Although I installed seat heaters, I very rarely use them, and the wiring is a pain------would not repeat if building another 10.


Glad that step is over ...mciaglia RV-10

Ever since purchasing the empanage kit and reading about the infamous trim tabs, I have been dreading the tip bends. Well, this weekend I tackled them and can't believe they came out. A lot of thanks to all the builders and forum posts about this in the past, your insight and experience paved the way for a successful weekend. One big pieec of advice I can impart is to make sure the wedge block does not move. Creating the wood wedges and then using the yardstick was a huge help.



January 23, 2017.   Issue No. 4,293.
I got in a short .6 on the 20th (gas run) and did a software upgrade on the screens.  Saturday was fixing stuff on the daughter's car and Sunday was spent driving the Bissell around the living room (winds gusting 34kts).  All in all, no complaints.  Got stuff done.  Hope your weekend was nice.

PIREP: Eagles Nest Granbury, TX ...Pat Stewert


Loose carb bottom ...jacksel

I have a MA-4-5 carb on my RV-6. I recently noticed the bolts connecting the 2 halves of the unit have become loose. The anti-rotation washers are still in place but somehow all the bolts are a little loose. It's possible to jiggle the whole bottom half of the carb. Do anyone sell a kit for repairing this sort of problem?


Definitely not RV related (but cool) ...Turbo flies the P-51


Safety Video
Accident Case Study: Time Lapse – misunderstanding in-cockpit weather displays can lead to tragedy


Status Report ...Raymo

Haven't yet flown due to weather here in GA/SC. Had a great experience with Lewis Blackwell (DAR) out of Charleston, SC for the inspection and paperwork.

Planning to paint after phase I, wheel pants and a few minor tweaks.


Double Rainbow Captured at 52F ...

(click for 3,844 pixel-wide version). 

Yes, there are now (3) webcams at www.Fly52F.org

And from 2010...Youtube viral video:
Full On Double Rainbow All the Way ...what does this mean?!? <grin>
(spit milk out on my keyboard again...)


Initial Draft: RV-type Performance Briefing ...VAC



January 20, 2017.   Issue No. 4,292.
 Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

Good RV flying Wx returns to TX.  The rains have passed...

RV Spotting While Goofing Off at Work

My home field now has (2) webcams, north and south.  The windsock is in the north camera's field of view.  If you want to watch the occasional RV takeoff and land while stuck in the office, and your company firewall allows it, the links are on the P.O.A. website at www.Fly52F.org.  There's always your smartphone.  I had one monitor set to north and the other south a little after 5pm Thursday afternoon.  Randy Richmond in the yellow RV-8 (iPhone pics of monitor below) warmed up a little after work.  After he took off I followed the dot well into the crosswind leg. 




Finally!  First flight of 2017! ...colojo

Due to work, travel and weather I've been grounded since early November. Absolutely miserable and unacceptable. Fortunately, the stars aligned today... I didn't need to go to work and the weather in Colorado is absolutely perfect. So I launched in my 8 at about noon to do some snowy sightseeing around Denver.  many pics


Mothership Hobbs Meter

As of January 19, 2017 9,586 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!



January 19, 2017.   Issue No. 4,291.

Fiddling w/Apple pencil.  dr


RV-3 Class Photo ...Tcraft128

This is N12JV after a year long restoration. O290D2 and a smoke system! Tons of fun. Here it is on a 1900ft one way farm strip.


2016 Edition of Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (FAA)

...download to your phone/tablet.


Is my front/middle baffle seal pointing the wrong way ...Dreamin9

From reviewing this thread it would appear my front/middle baffle seal is pointing the wrong way. It's edge is tucked under(behind) the wrap around portion of the top cowl. I thought maybe the pressure inside would be higher than the pressure behind the gear and keep the seal tight?

Or, does this seal need to be angled backwards for better seal? If so, does the seal where it curves backward need to be redone?

PS This RV-9A is new to me and runs hot.

Hope the picture compensates for my poor description.


Operation Donut ...Ben Meyer

Today was pretty much the worst day I've had in a while. Yesterday, on the other hand, was pretty much one of the best. So, let's talk about that one. I can't think of a better way to use our freedoms than to go get some donuts and BBQ

Mission, Leg 1: Donuts
Route: FFC-AHN-Zombie Donuts

Maggie (and Teddy) and I climbed aboard N6PU at about 9:30, headed to AHN.  ...



January 18, 2017.   Issue No. 4,290.

PnP mission Ottawa - Sept-Iles and back ...Lycosaurus

What to do on a cold -28C morning.... why not fly two RV7 and one RV9 to Sept-Iles QC from Ottawa ON, a 500 nm leg and bring back some dogs for PnPC.   We had 7 pups and two adults of which they thought one might be pregnant. Just beautiful dogs melting your heart away. Tried to sneak one in my coat, but got caught every time.

Left at 7 AM and returned back to Ottawa at around 7 PM. Twelve hour trip, with about 8 hours of air time, over 1000 nm round trip.  ...


PnP Mission - Pickup @ Marathon-FL Keys ...Dan Landry

I had an opportunity to do my 2nd PnP mission.  Pick up 3 chihuahuas in Marathon(KMTH) and deliver them to Airport Manatee(48X), just south of Tampa.  Temperatures in Marathon a balmy 80 degrees & a beautiful day for a mission to help out these 3 friends.  ...


Mothership News


The first flight ...daviid

Today I was showing some of my employees the airplane I am building in the warehouse. One of them felt it was quite small so we decided to sit inside the canopy to give it a feel. Right then my sister (who is my admin assistant) walked in the warehouse to ask me a question. She stopped in the door, turned around, turned back and grabbed her phone and snapped this.


Deerspotting & Alumitherapy

.3hrs off the surface Tue a.m. - first flight in five days.  47°F.  (8) deer spotted spread out over (3) locations - spotted (3) of them walking on a trail that they are often on.  20+ egrets and some ducks.  Got a wave from 'Mema on the porch' over by Propwash.  Estimated $10.70 in avgas burned.  Mental gyro recalibrated.  Back home on the computer working by 11am.

Track here - for 1,919 x 931 pixel version click below.

fmi: All about getting your APRS tracker (bottom of page at link)


Ep. 8: Kangaroo Island in 24 hours ...haydnc RV-7 (Australia)


rockwoodrv9 Snowbound ...Meridian, ID

This is what you find at KEUL when you go to get in your hangar. To be fair - the snow falls off the roof to form the piles. Then it re-freezes and I either wait for spring or get a backhoe to dig it away.  There is a NOTAM closing the runway because of snow and ice. I got an email from the airport manager today with his cell phone number that a pilot could call and get permission to take off or land.

Maybe Im a wuss, but I am having difficulty getting too excited to work on the plane when the inside of my hangar has ice on the floor!


Pilot v8.6 Out



January 17, 2017.   Issue No. 4,289.

CAVU Pacific NW ...Carl N. rubs it in <grin>

"...Anyway, the last week or so was pretty nice up here, a little chilly, but a nice break from our normal winter WX..."  ...


Weekend Flyer App Update

...now with winds aloft.  (VAF advertiser)


Let the Roomba Do It ...David Paule

I was working on one of the bulkheads and decided it was time for a good shop floor clean-up. I let the Roomba do the job.

What a difference!

And I vacuum regularly, too. This was additional.

(If you are making work benches, make 'em high enough for the little guy to pass underneath).


Stock photo off web...


Status Report ...KazooRV-9A

Completed a good portion of the interior painting this past weekend. Parts were primed, sealed and color coated, came out great. Had to use low temp reducer, but painter Greg does this every day.  Now we can continue more of the fuselage assy!  more pics


Builder Used Wrong Screw Size - Now What? ...Saville

Now that I've acquired some countersinking skills I can get to the REAL problem:

I'm replacing the battery tray in my -8 to accommodate an Odyssey 925 battery. The footprint of the Odyssey battery is not the same as the Gill that was there - it's narrower side to side. So I bought a new battery tray from Van's and riveted in new angle for the new footprint. So far so good.

The tray is fastened to two flanges aft of the baggage compartment 3 holes on each flange (numbered 1-6 in this picture):  ...


Conduit Routing ...Bill Boyd

"...under the rear seats and baggage floor has been "Starkey'd" and looks like it will serve the purpose well."



January 16, 2017.   Issue No. 4,288.
  This weekend North Texas was misty, overcast and very Pacific Northwest like in the winter (screen grab from the N. 52F WebCam Sunday morning).  So I spent the weekend continuing to trying to catch up with accounting and email.  Fat chance ;^).  I'll get there eventually!
  It slipped my mind to remind you in the Friday edition that Saturday night my Internet provider would be doing updates on some hardware and there could be some time between Saturday night and Sunday morning where you would not be able to access the site.  My apologies if you tried to get on around 10 PM Saturday night and couldn't.
  Hope you have a nice week, and that you got the day off.


ZU-IIS First RV14A to fly in Africa ...Jan Hanekom

Somehow I became involved doing the inspections on this project. My friend Larry Beamish did the maiden flight and I have done some of the other test flights. Below is the RV in front of my house/hangar.  ...


Article.  "On Wings of Waste: RV-9A fuelled partially by plastic waste completes trailblazing flight"  

British-born pilot and environmentalist Jeremy Rowsell has made history this week by flying a light aircraft across Australia using a conventional fuel blended with fuel derived from plastic waste. 


First Engine Run ...j-red text and video

This post is almost a duplicate of the one in my builders log forum, but I thought I'd post it here given the many who responded to the engine build video who might be curious but who might not lurk there often.  ...


Alternative to Alton Bay Found ...Vlad

Year 2017. A very unique opportunity has opened on Raquette Lake in Upstate NY it won't last long. For several years I was observing the ice condition there and I wasn't able to land. Ski planes and bush wheelers go there on regular basis. There was a lot of snow in the beginning but then a couple of warm days came and the snow melted. Then the deep freeze made it solid. Couple phone calls and couple emails answered and I am airborne.  ...


Found oil on the floor, grounded ...Steve Melton

I had been weeping some oil at the front end and had contacted Superior with pictures but it was inconclusive until today. I walked into the hangar and found oil on the floor and more on the cowl. I am grounded.  ...


Missing Rivets ...DonFromTX

Looking back from the baggage bulkhead into the tailcone for a final check before covering up that hole - look what I spotted. I dread getting my old body folded up and back in there to do a couple of rivets. How did I ever miss them? (the photo is sideways, that is the center bottom of the tailcone.)



January 13, 2017.   Issue No. 4,287.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  

Magic of Flight ...Jeremy video

I took my nephew for his first flight about a year ago. My brother put together this video. Enjoy!


Mo's Ottawa River Fly-In Cancelled (for this year) ...Mark Briggs

This just arrived in my in-box. I'm very disappointed to hear this news as Mo's has traditionally been a fantastic opportunity for brave aviation souls to gather and share terrific camaraderie, not to mention some darned good chili, around the warmth of the fire. It is my sincere hope this is merely a one-time cancellation - my best wishes go out to Mo for a speedy return to full health.

Mo's 28th Fly-in cancelled

By Patrick Gilligan, COPA
Maurice Prud'Homme has been organizing his ice fly-in on the Ottawa River since 1989, at that time my daughter was 5 years old and I was rebuilding turbine engines at Rolls Royce Canada.

Mo has never missed a beat every year doing his annual runs for sponsors, picking up banners, inviting celebrities to attend, printing and distributing his posters, scheduling volunteers and snow plowing, also cooking and serving enormous batches of his famous Chilli to hundreds of fly-in pilots (Maurice was master Chef at the Parliamentary dining room). Unfortunately his famous fly-in is cancelled this year because he will be undergoing heart surgery and will be required to rest for a month or so.

Our thoughts are wishing Maurice "Mo" a speedy recovery, COPA National.


My new Wingman here in SC! ...Jim Lechleiter

Meet my new wingman here in Charleston:

From me trying to fly up alongside my friends with slow Mooney’s, Bonanza’s, Swift’s and other quote “fast” aircraft down here in Chuck Town, I’ve finally found a single engine that can keep up with me in formation flight other than my good RV buddies; it is a bit noisy though unless I’m in the Lead!

Also, Slot really sucks big time too, plus I have to un-soot my tail after every flight as well which is starting to become a pain besides my noticeable hearing loss.

Enjoy and Blue Skies to all my flying buddies in 2017!

Lech N702PL
Jim Lechleiter
787 Design Engineering
Boeing South Carolina


T-Hangar NW Regional 52F For Rent ...Sid Mayeux

Please PM me or email SidMayeux -at- JEEMAIL-dot-com.


January 12, 2017.   Issue No. 4,286.

RV-10 Panel Design ...Justin in OKC

I started my panel design on a plan piece of paper with a pencil. After awhile I moved to MS Paint where I would cut and paste things together in a Frankenstein manner trying to get something that made sense. Yesterday I decided to step it up to Visio and include it in my Electrical plans book.

This allowed me to show a bit more detail and move things around without trying to cut and paste a JPEG. I'm at a point now I thought I would share it out and solicit any feedback. Visio allows me to show quite a bit of detail that I wasn't able to do in paint. Should note this isn't to scale per se.  continue


Mag timing - alignment ...Drippy

So I went to time my right mag and can't get it to the proper spot. As I try to rotate the mag to the left CCW as part of the timing process the mag hits the attachment foot. I chamfered the foot but still need to go a bit further.  ...


Various iPhone Mount Ideas



January 11, 2017.   Issue No. 4,285.

From the factory... FB page


Static Electricity - Pro Tip

Do not vacuum up micro/epoxy dust with your plastic bodied shopvac while standing on a vinyl floor wearing tennis shoes. Particularly during a period of low humidity.

Unless you need a jolt or three to correct your Atrial Fibrillation, bring Frankenstein's monster to life, or something like that...

Kyle Boatright
Atlanta, GA


Periodic Status Report ...David Paul RV-3B


A Few Cars/Restaurants Added to the Courtesy Cars & Food List


Status Report ...ZazooRV-9A

We fabricated an engine stand for the O-320 we're about to start overhauling. And the Fuse is in the paint booth for some preliminary interior painting.



January 10, 2017.   Issue No. 4,284.

San Angelo...and Houston Unexpectedly  ...tcard Pilots 'n Paws mission

The last pilot for the day asked that we get started as early as possible, and since I don't fly at night, it was a 15 minute before sunrise departure. I picked up husky Mesquite in San Angelo (KSJT) at 8:30, and headed for Taylor (T74). As I arrived in Taylor, I thought something was amiss. I hadn't heard the other pilot on common traffic, nor did I see her sitting on the ramp. Sure enough, when I got to my phone there was a message that she couldn't get her plane started.

I fueled up, and headed for the terminal building where it was out of the wind and at least above freezing. I touched base with the coordinator and pilot of the 3rd leg. He and I agreed to each go a bit further, basically splitting the second leg.

I offered to return my co-pilot to his car, but he was in for the entire adventure, so off we went. I had a huge head start since I had already finished my original leg and the other pilot was coming in from New Orleans, so my co-pilot and I took our time and did some meandering on our way in to Houston.  ...

All cozy in the back of the 9A. He wasn't so sure he wanted to get out.

tcard's APRS tracks... (Jan 8th entries)


Spanky and Tims Double Missing Man ...Smokey Ray

Today in Texas was Spanky and Tims memorial at 1st UMC near Plano. After a very emotional and inspiring celebration of life, 4 T-6"s performed a double MM.  Burial at USAFA Thursday.


Garmin G3X Touch v5.1 Update

related: VAF thread


IFR Current ...me

1/9 I went out to Bridgeport (KXBP) for gas ($3.39), and while there I shot the VOR approach five times.  Three times when I arrived (tan lines), then landed to fill the plane's tanks and empty mine, then two more times after take off before departing to Decatur (KLUD) for their VOR approach on the way back to 52F.  That was one impressive run on sentence...

Bump city and tired.  Winds in N. Texas Monday were 180* gusting to 25 (runway heading) so it actually ended up being sort of a nice, easy landing.  The winds at 2,000' were 42kts from 200*...the flight path indicator was nearly off the screen on the inbound course (fun math).

I owe Gary P. a steak dinner, and maybe a bottle of whiskey also.  Lotta bumps.  Logged 1.6hrs.....that's a lot for me.

(click for tracks)



January 9, 2017.   Issue No. 4,283.
  The garage door opener gear finally gave up on my side this past weekend - worn enough to start skipping.  At least it wasn't the morning when it was 13*F....waited until Sunday when it was little warmer.  Replaced the gear on the wife's side about six months ago.  I'm glad I ordered (2) when I got her replacement.  The shipping was more than the gear - might as well order two.
  Hoping to fly some practice VOR/ILS approaches this week in VFR for currency.  The Jepp DB is expired in the 430W (Yoda voice) "and the thrift force is strong with this one right now it is, so /A you will do."  There are (7) VOR and/or ILS approaches in the local area, all with cheaper gas than my home field (Sherman 55¢/gal cheaper and Bridgeport 36¢).  A mission:  Gas and approaches!


Springfield & Mothers Brewing Companies ...crabandy trip report

I finally convinced the wife to take another day trip in the airplane, she's tolerated several flights in the RV but hasn't ever been exactly comfortable with it. I'm hoping more flight time and other destination incentives will build her tolerance enough to enjoy it.
A tad warmer today than it's been, 18*F-blue skies and mostly smooth skies for our late morning departure. My wife is definitely not tolerant of cold, ski bibs and a Columbia parka help....   more


Do we have another build in us at 59 ...people around 59 chime in!

Greetings everyone, it's been years since I posted but now I have the bug again. Building my –6 20 years ago kicked my butt, I remember the long nights for years, tennis elbow, aches and pains in my shoulders etc. in the end it was all worth it and I loved that airplane.  Now at 59 I'm feeling very well but not sure I have what it takes to spend another three or four years in the workshop or whether or not my elbows and wrists can take it.  My days of getting a second wind at 10 PM and staying in the shop till two in the morning are over…

Are there many other builders my page with the same concerns? ...


It Begins (again) ...Bob Collins

2001 RV-7A start ........ 2017 RV-12 start


Winter Soldiers ...Vlad installment

Sport Island Pub is couple yards away from airplane parking.


Year 10 Performance Numbers ...Pete Howell

In the process of finishing the 10 yr annual on 9er-Pop-Hotel and had a nice cold day to do some performance runs. The old girl still scoots pretty well!

Same config since day one: ECI O-320, carb, Pmags, Hartzell. I am running 92 Mogas, LOP. 1750hrs. She has some scuffs and scratches now, but I am still thrilled!


Ep. 7 of the Australian Adventure ...haydnc


All pics of the panel upgrade ...Tony T

Descriptions on nearly all of them...


Another hard to reach rivet (rudder) ...Reflex -14

I must have done something wrong or missed an instruction. Last night I dry fitted (haven't riveted the skins together yet) my rudder skins. I wanted to see how everything fit before I put adhesive on the trailing edge.


I be smokin :^) ...Brantel

I received most of one of Marvin's kits (Smoke System Helper) for Christmas and promptly ordered the rest of the parts that Santa did not bring me. Marvin was a joy to work with and sent my remaining parts right away.  more


Article on RV-6 'Bigfoot' ...Jan Sport Aviation (Pg 72)



January 6, 2017.   Issue No. 4,282.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Milestone: Flipped the Canoe! ...Z-EDD (Harare, Zimbabwe)

Well, today was the biggest and most satisfying day in the project since unpacking the kit. I started riveting the "canoe" together around 8 weeks ago. In that time I have managed only 4 sessions, but 2 of those were marathons. It has been frustrating at times, but in the end it is well worth waiting for a highly competent riveting partner. Most of these rivets were shot by my buddy Kev whilst here on layover from his airline job. Kev worked on the hangar floor for a few years before becoming a pilot, so he knows his stuff. If we had to drill out one of his rivets it was probably my fault. My father in law Alistair helped with the final session and today we finally "flipped the canoe". What a moment!  more pics


One Less On My Bucket List ...DonFromTX RV-12

Well for those that have grown used to me in the 6 years on this board, a milestone was passed today with the official change of my pile of parts into an AIRCRAFT! Only thing left in the bucket is "Test Pilot", coming soon! It better come soon, I turn 80 years old this year.


HS ON ...Gil Brice RV-7 McKinney, TX

Last night I got my horizontal stabilizer drilled and attached to the fuselage. This is definitely one of those measure twice / cut once operations. My HS tips are within 1/16" measured to the same spot of the firewall. That took a lot of time and interrupting my spouse from catching up on Top Chef.


A Few Restaurants Added to the Courtesy Cars & Food List

Bishop, CA.  Miller, MO.  Hastings, NE.  Urbana, OH.  Honesdale, PA.  etc...


EFIS Reliability Survey - Tell me your gripes ...KatieB

Hey Y'all... As part of an application to grad school, I'm looking for an overall opinion from 100 RV owners about the reliability of their EFIS systems.

If you own or fly an RV regularly that has an EFIS system installed as a Primary Flight Display, I'd really appreciate your input. I'll publish the results in a week or so. Actually, if you own any Experimental aircraft with an EFIS, that will do just fine. It doesn't have to be an RV. You can tell me the type in the comments box at the end of the survey.



January 5, 2017.   Issue No. 4,281.

Back in the Saddle

APRS track...click for my history
related: RV APRS tracking

It's been over a month since I took the RV-6 up (condition inspection, Christmas, ELT that failed the shake test, etc).  Tue I finally got her all buttoned back up, so Wed 0800 I headed out to 52F for a 31*F flight to see how things looked (29*F in the air).  Colder Wx rolling in later Wed, and we don't do cold very well here in Dallas, so I opted to go out and fly before it went to the low 20's.  Drove around the area in heading mode watching the engine gauges and traffic screen.  The oil didn't get as hot as I would have liked in flight, the mains need a little air (hard to push in the hangar - it was warmer when we put on the new tubes), and I tightened the nut on the tailwheel fork too much.  Little nits that I can address.

Felt swell to RVate again in the phenomenally nimble RV-6.  I felt a little rusty, but checklists and a minute or two shook that off.  Rolling onto final in that cold, thick, smooth air, on donut and trimmed with the field to myself...a little smile formed.  Good to be back...


New builder ...Bob Collins


He obviously ran out of fuel because the President's speech ran long, right?

Do you remember back in June of 2016 when one of the Thunderbirds crashed after an overflight at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony? Speculation on the Internet was that he ran out of fuel because POTUS was running late and the T-birds were kept in a hold. Here are some Google links if you don't believe me.

Well it turns out he didn't run out of fuel.  It was a hardware failure.  In actuality, they had to offload 900 pounds of fuel from the aircraft before they could put it on the trailer.  Another data point in my belief that speculation is almost always counterproductive.  Here is a link to the 41 page United States Air Force Aircraft Accident Investigation Board report.  It'll take you all morning to read, and I promise you'll learn stuff.

Yours in safety,

PS: And here is a link to over 600 probable cause documents published by the NTSB over the last 30 years in regards to RV aircraft.  Talk all you want about these reports...PLEASE!  There is a dedicated section in the forums for it.


RV-10 #41741 Colorado ...tims88

On January 1st I started work on the empennage kit for my RV-10! After nearly a year and a half of research, planning, preparing, and dreaming it's an incredible feeling for my wife and I to finally be able to say that "we are building an airplane" instead of "we are going to build an airplane".

A huge thanks to Mike (ppilotmike) who showed us how to build our first practice kit, and Justin (J Twilbeck) and Myles (met through EAA chapter 43) who took us for rides in their RV-10's.  ...


The Amazing Ubiquitous Diaphragm Fuel Pump ...15min vid.

Have you ever wondered how an aircraft fuel pump works? This short video by Aero Accessories, the manufacturers of Tempest brand diaphragm fuel pumps, breaks it down in easy to understand terms.


January/February Issue Now Online ...36 pages.



January 4, 2017.   Issue No. 4,280. 

20 Years Ago This Week ...work started on RV-6 N617AR <g>

Page (1) of my builder log - click to enlarge.  The 'small empennage box' was full of wood - tail feather jigs.  I have a video somewhere of me opening the box, thinking there would be little aluminum pieces.  I was green enough to log it as .25hr instead of .2 or .3.  And I changed the column headings to 'time in' and 'time out' starting on the 2nd entry.

Upon reflection, I think this sums up the hobby nicely.  It's rarely going to be what you think, and you might have to change the plan often.

And, it will be worth it...


Flying Year 2016 Finished With 752 hours ...Vlad

2016 was a great year of flying. Probably the best I've ever had since I started flying my RV9A five years ago. 752 hobbs hours logged in 2016 with total over 3K on engine/airframe. Many interesting places visited.  ...


2016 In Review ...Jay Pratt

Logged 211.2. Hours in all planes. Mine and customers.  Home base is Hicks Airfield, T67. Fort Worth, Texas

Flying Trips:

Super Cub 'Shooter' to Big Bend Area of Texas, 19.2 hours of pure eye candy! Flying canyons, camping, and visiting local folks.

C180J 'Paul Revere' to Florida and Key West. Fun, fun, fun!

Exp Super Cub to Oshkosh. 64.8 hours. We landed Every North Dakota Public Use airport all 79. ND has a passport book and a stamp for each airport. We landed most before heading to Oshkosh. After OSH we flew back to get the 7 we missed on the first try. ND gives prizes for different levels of accomplishment in their pass port book. Fill the book! Land every airstrip, and you get a Cap, a Flight Bag, and a Leather Flight Jacket. I told Carol, this will be the most expensive Leather Jacket ever. We have to go back up to get it! The rewards are given out March, 5th.. burrrr

C180J to Port Aransas, Texas for a stay at Amelia's Landing. Always, a fun time!

RV8 'Borrowed Horse' took us to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a river rafting adventure, then to Colorado to visit friends. It did lots of Lunch runs. And short trips to Oklahoma, to visit friends.

We attended the Texas STOL competition. In Llano, TX.

Can't believe we only went to Port Aransas, once in 2016? Usually get a few trips down there.. perfect trip for an RV for us.

We were at Reklaw Fly-In. Always fun!

My shop saw 2 new RV8s fly in 2016. Hope to see more than 2 in the coming year.

All in all a successful year.

The C180J got a new engine. I dropped the deposit check off in person on the way to Florida. The salesman was surprised!  My log book ticked over the 5000 hour mark. A personal milestone. Now it has 5123.8.

Did not fly to Idaho, first time to miss since DR and I went so long ago, 12 years? Plan to go back this year.

Let's here about your adventures from 2016. Wishing all of you a healthy, happy 2017!  Hope for tailwinds and clear skies.


Turbo Subaru RV8 Flies in Australia ...Geoff Braddock's RV-8


New Year's Weekend ...j-red

Having done pretty much everything that could be done in the shed behind the house, it was time to call the tow truck. This is the same driver who came to haul N601DR almost exactly two years ago. I don't know whether he was surprised to see me still alive or not, but his wild-eyed expressions that seemed to say "You're kidding, right?" were gone this time. Great guy to deal with. Came at a moments notice and only charged $150 for the trip which, considering the time and effort required to rig up some type of support system on a typical pull-behind trailer, was well worth it.  ...


December Construction Time Lapse Video ...gfb



January 3, 2017.   Issue No. 4,279. 

Courtesy Cars & Food

Cupp's Drive Inn (Waco, TX).  Serving since 1929.

Added a food column.  I've been thinking about doing this for quite some time.  Combining courtesy cars with the heavy patina, character-filled eatery in a smaller town might motivate someone to fly to a nearby city for the first time.  I started with Texas because that's where I grew up, live and fly.  As others email me with their favorite dive near a runway I'll add/edit the entries.  Explore the page a bit, and I hope you click on the links for Cupp's Drive In in Waco, TX in the upper right.  One of those touchstone places that to me always represents 'home'. 


C-FDTQ has a Cofa ...Champ

Had final inspection a month ago and got the C of A from Transport Canada in the mail today - Wooohooo!

Two things that were done to plans needed changing - vertically mounted fuel filter changed to horizontal (to eliminate a potential vapour lock in the 180deg loop above it) and flap bottom rod end bearings from Vans "unibody" to Aurora with bolt & safety washer.

Paint is DIY SW Acryglo. Scheme is sons design.  We have a professional test pilot lined up for the first flight, and my & sons training. Test pilot owns & flys a RV-3.  Working on the POH and flight test cards. Weather permitting hope to have air under the tires and the RV grin before to long


2016 Trip Report - Schmidts - N104XP

Cheers! I hope it was a great year for you and your family. We will miss those we lost, are thankful for the new additions and look forward to more adventures and memories in the near future.  continue


Dad's Snap-On Ratchet

Last week Jake Lewis sent me this date code graphic after I mentioned my late Dad's 40+ year old Snap-On ratchet.  The symbol appears between 'On' and 'Off' on the ratchet head.  Jake, thanks to you I've identified it as produced in 1968.  Turns out it's closer to 50.  I was three when it was made, and used it again Monday to tighten those front six screws on the cowl that are hard to get at.

Of special note is my Dad's signature with an engraver.

(click to enlarge)