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February 29, 2016.  0023Z.   Issue No. 4,062.

Girls Lunch ...Weasel RV-10 pics

Unannounced to us we were surprised by 2 out of state sister n laws showing up for the weekend. We showed them some southern hospitality.  They seemed to enjoy themselves.  See the pics...


Follow Up Report ...DanH

Started flying this oil cooler air supply duct in early 2013. The goal was to reduce the temperature of the air reaching the ducted oil cooler; measurements said the air picked up as much as 17F as it made its way from the cowl inlet to the rear baffle wall.  more


Gratitude ...GigAir

I was building the rollover structure in Section 37, and admiring how all the compound curves fit together like a big Leggo. Next, I broke open the newly acquired Finish Kit and began to marvel at the quality of everything from the crating to the components inside. It made me stop and really appreciate what a World Class product, Van’s has developed in the RV-14/14a. After 1600 hours of building, we are highly impressed. (Note: I am building with assistance from an 8 time “Repeat Offender”). I know that the RV-14 program has had its fits and starts, but I feel Van’s has done an excellent job overall, for a small company with limited resources. I have a ton of gratitude for all the fine personnel at Van’s. Thank you!


Dangit!  Cracked Wheel Pants ...Vlad


OAT - TAT vs SAT and why you might care ...SMO

There is an old thread that discusses this in some detail here.

I have a G3X Touch and a GRT Mini in my panel, each with their own OAT probe. The probes are mounted side by side under the wing on an inspection panel. In the hangar the GRT reads 2*F higher than both the G3X and the thermometer on the wall.

Level at an altitude of 8000 ft with a true airspeed of 195 knots (174 indicated, 2300 rpm, lean of peak, 11.5 gph) there is a difference of 9* F between the two OAT readouts, with the GRT Mini being the higher reading. I have confirmed that the G3X converts their probe's data for "Ram Rise" to provide Static Air Temperature (SAT). It is obvious the GRT Mini is displaying Total Air Temperature (TAT).

Why should you care?
  • If you fly IFR;
  • If your OAT displays TAT and you think it is displaying SAT;
  • If you are about to enter a cloud and are not concerned about icing because your OAT is reading high enough;
Then you just might get a big surprise when ice accumulates on your airframe and canopy. Avoiding surprises in the air is good.


So...this happened yesterday ...mbishop


Welcome Weekend Flyer ...NWS LAMP and MOS data visualized.

...app created by RV-6A builder/pilot Thomas Court.  30 day free trial.  Ad lives in the Previous Day's News section.

(from Thomas)  "Since building my RV-6A five years ago I've found it to be a fantastic cross country airplane even with its basic VFR configuration.

But for every trip I took, I thought about the even larger number of trips I avoided taking. Thinking back at all of those forsaken trips I realized they had one thing in common, concerns about the weather. And for anything but a day trip, it wasn’t concerns so much about the weather outbound, it was worries about the weather for the return.

The National Weather Service(NWS) does have detailed forecast data for over 1500 airports in the lower-48 states called LAMP and MOS. LAMP covers the next 24 hours and MOS covers the next 2 ˝ days. Unfortunately the NWS hasn’t created an easy way to see LAMP or MOS forecasts for anything more than a single airport.

That's why I wrote Weekend Flyer for the iPad and iPhone. The name is based on the app giving you a forecast for your return flight Sunday afternoon before you depart Friday evening. It takes the LAMP and MOS weather forecast data and displays it in an easy to interpret way. Here is the app showing most of the United States:

All of the significant weather information is shown on a single screen. The flight categories are shown with color, cloud coverage with pie chart symbols, high winds are shown with a blowing swirl icon and thunderstorms are shown with an anvil cloud and lightning. The map behind the weather symbols is the VFR Wall Planner you often see at airports.

The screen (right) is showing the forecast for Wednesday 11:00Z. Changing the forecast time is done by sliding the ‘thumb’ along the time control ‘slider’ on the bottom of the screen. I spent significant effort to make sure the app ‘animates’ the weather quickly and smoothly.

You can zoom in, plan routes, simulate a flight to see what the weather will be around your plane and more.

For more information or to try it out for free for a month, Download on the App Store."


Yin & Yang ...Turbo and Vlad 



February 26, 2016.  0021Z.   Issue No. 4,061.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  I'm nursing a pretty good sized head cold, so I'm hoping to do a fair amount of nothing this weekend.  We'll see ;^). 

8th Annual RV Ice Cream Social Update ...AX-O (near China Lake, CA)

"Folks, we are approx. 2 weeks away and I only have 1 confirm via email.

If you would like to attend, please email me at axel_alvarez "at" hotmail "dot" com Use "Ice cream social" on the subject line of the email for spam filter reasons. If not, it will end up in the "trash/recycling bin" and I won't know you are coming. The head count will be used to figure out how much supplies my wife and I need to buy. All I need is your name and the number of people attending. Please do not reply to this post with attendance. I monitor way to many "boards" and it is a logistical problem taking info from multiple sources. Thank you.

Btw, gas is $3.99 per gal right now."


Sloshed tanks...again ...777Dave

Well after several years of dealing with sloshed fuel tanks on my RV4, I have decided to deal with them once and for all. It should be noted that I added fuel filters several years back and also finger screens inside the tanks.
Even though they look awful, I have never found any slosh in either of the fine bronze filters.  Reading previous articles on VAF about sloshing compound, I was made aware of Paul Beck. He operates WeepNoMore, a Company up in MN. that removes slosh and reseals tanks. Paul received my tanks yesterday and has started stripping them. He sent these pics.  I will update his progress.  I know there are several older threads that document this operation but since there are still questions popping up about slosh, I figured I would add my 2 cents...


Slick mag SB ...ongoing maintenance

Q: I have a mag that falls within the Slick SB F-1100-SB3-008, which mandated 100 hour inspections because of premature carbon brush wear.

At 270 hours, I decided just to have the 500 hour overhaul done (which has made a huge difference, by the way)

Question: Does this eliminate the need for 100-hour inspection compliance under this SB?

A: Depends on the part that the overhaul facility used, although I can't imagine they'd have a stock of the old, bad brushes and knowingly use them on overhauls. They should be able to provide documentation.

From the SB:
6. Service Bulletin ending compliance can be documented if existing magneto is replaced by new magneto with serial number 08080454 or later, or if the carbon brush and/or distributor block has been replaced by one manufactured after August 14, 2008, or replaced with parts in Champion Aerospace packaging, or if the magneto has accumulated 500 hours of engine operating time and has passed the Service Bulletin inspection requirements. Make an appropriate logbook entry


Birthplace of my engine ...Vlad pics & words

Paul Dye and Gary Sobek were attending an engine school in Williamsport PA. There was a gap in their course over the weekend and out of boredom they called for a meet-n-greet. The weather was nice and some of us decided to come visit our two RV heavyweights.

Williamsport KIPT Lycoming County PA. A towered gem, well hidden between the ridges. Andy and Scott came as a flight of two I saw them converging. You can't see them in the picture but they are there...   continue


SkyView 14.0 Technical Service Bulletin ...issued 2/25/16.

"Some Dynon Avionics pilots have experienced unresponsive SkyView displays in flight after their system has been upgraded to version 14.0.  We believe this issue only affects earlier manufactured SkyView displays, and only when they are running version 14.0.  Although a complete software fix is not currently available, updated public test versions of 14.0 are available that both improve the behavior and allow willing customers to help Dynon isolate and fix the issue through better diagnostic capabilities.  If you are affected, you may also opt to revert to SkyView software version 13, which does not have this issue.  Please see the full technical service bulletin for complete information about this issue."


Are these flares okay?

I'm working on the fuel lines for the fuselage and although my flares do not have cracks or splits they have what I would describe as flaking or light scoring. I used a couple drops of oil on the flaring tool and deburred the tube before flaring. Some photos are linked below. Everything else on the flare I believe looks great but not having the inside look polished smoothed has me a little concerned.


A Note From Your Host...

Donations updated as of 2/25/16 10:32:18 CST: February reminder.
My gut feel is that last year I didn't do a very good job of conveying how crucial the yearly honor system donations are at keeping this 1-family small business afloat.  So this year, in an effort to hopefully raise more awareness, I'm reminding readers on the last Friday of each month.  Updated chart and all.  (444) unique donors to date
(11 people auto-paid a smaller amt monthly, so their data is reflected multiple times in the chart).

Thank you to those who support this site!

Donations by year compared to registered forum users


Help with feedback while transmitting

Q: I have had the GTR200 installed in my RV12 for several months. Recently I have experienced what seems like feedback or echo while transmitting. The video link first transmission shows what I am hearing intermittently while my second transmission sounds good. Usually only occurs while in the pattern at low rpm. I have gone through all the GTR200 settings and I believe they are set properly. In the RV12 low rpms drops voltage to 13.1 but the GTR200 still transmits transmits at the normal 3.5 volts regardless of the bus voltage.
I would appreciate any hints...    (audio)

A: I had the same thing and resolved it by adjusting the mike gain


He made the widow cry ...Bill R. post

I live on a small airpark, maybe 20 homes and a smooth 2500' grass strip down the middle.

A friend with an F1 Rocket called me Saturday morning and as it turned out, he was in the neighborhood topping off his tanks on the way home.

I was out helping a neighbor clean up his hangar when we heard the sound of a high speed airplane approaching. As we stepped outside, we could see the F1 circling high overhead. The F1 completed the last circle, and dove for the end of the runway, in compliance with our HOA operating procedures, he performed a low "clearing" pass, pulled up, dropped his flaps and promptly landed.

We stood outside, by the F1, talking airplanes and catching up.

Eventually, it was time to go and he asked which way was best for his departure. After point to the other end of the runway, he climbed in, fired up, and taxied down the runway.

At midfield, he turned around and departed in spectacular F1 Rocket fashion. Meaning, he rolled about 200 feet and then went almost vertical. After doing some mild acro, he again made a departing pass down the runway, zoomed up and disappeared behind the trees.

As I looked down the runway, I notice one of the long time residents standing by the edge of the runway, It was BettyJane. BJ's husband had died a year earlier and he was an amazing guy; A26 Marine pilot in WWII, NASCAR in the 50's, and Pitts pilot (his neighbor in FL was Curtis Pitts).

As I approached BJ, I realized she was crying. She looked at me and said, "This is how Cotton used to fly! Make sure he comes back and does that again! Oh, and I want a ride!"

What a great lady!

One other thing, after he left, my neighbors started blowing up my phone with text messages. The best message was simply, "WOW!"



February 25, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,060.


Status Report: Multiple Pics ...crabandy

I plotted the ordinates "x" and "C" on a piece of cardboard, I then took C/2 and plotted the curve underneath. I averaged/drew a curve between the two and made a template for my lip curvature. The new curve seems doable to shape into my existing cowling. I made a short and a long template, the short template shows the inner lip next to the spinner was already close to the right shape.  continue


How much runway do you need?

Q: I'm getting really interested in buying a Farm that's for sale near where I live. Basically, I'm planning to use a grain store as a hangar and put in a new grass runway.

The details will be

- 1300' length (400m)
- 80' wide (25m)
- There is a slight downslope - 11' over the 1300' length
- At one threshold (the "lower" end) are some power lines - 20' timber pole for domestic supply running 90 degrees to the runway
- Both approaches are clear and straight for at least a mile
- The soil is "Type 3" and I'm expecting it to be well drained most of the year
- There's Drainage ditches at both ends - so no run off's
- It's about 100' above sea level
- The direction is pretty much the best compromise for prevailing winds

My aircraft is an RV-6 taildragger, 160hp, fixed "vans" sensenich prop, 1066lb and I'm fairly proficient in flying it.

I would appreciate any thoughts / comparisons from other RV owners who fly from similar runways

A: (Mel's text in blue)
- 1300' length (400m)
- 1500' length
- 80' wide (25m)
- 20' wide
- There is a slight downslope - 11' over the 1300' length
- Slight downslope from middle to each end - 10' drop
- At one threshold (the "lower" end) are some power lines - 20' timber pole for domestic supply running 90 degrees to the runway
- 6' fence across road (north end) and 6' railroad at south end
- Both approaches are clear and straight for at least a mile
- Same
- The soil is "Type 3" and I'm expecting it to be well drained most of the year
- Class 5 soil. Finally had to go with asphalt
- There's Drainage ditches at both ends - so no run off's
- Good drainage
- It's about 100' above sea level
- 640' above sea level
- The direction is pretty much the best compromise for prevailing winds
- Same
My aircraft is an RV-6 taildragger, 160hp, fixed "vans" sensenich prop, 1066lb and I'm fairly proficient in flying it.
Rv-6 taildragger, 175hp, Catto 3-blade prop

A: (Michael Robinson) I think it is well within the capabilities of the airplane - Isn't Vans personal strip pretty short?

And I also think you grow into your requirement. I have 2600 x 20 of pavement which I think is luxuriously long, but plenty of people find it intimidating. I also have a crosswind dirt runway that is 1800 feet long and can get the Rocket down and stopped by the intersection (900 feet) without much drama.

I suspect that you will learn to bring your "A game" every time, and that 1300 feet is going to eventually feel excessive.

A: (Scott) The bottom line what do you think?

If you are already quite proficient in your airplane, you likely already know what you would feel comfortable with (or you could do some test flights and find where that point is).

A: (Kevin)

  • What is the shortest strip you are comfortable using with your aircraft today?
  • There may be days when landing proves difficult, either because the winds are not as you thought, or because you simply aren't as sharp as normal. Will you have a convenient alternate strip you could land at, if your strip proves to be a poor choice after you are already airborne?
  • How will you get home after using this alternate strip?
  • Do you have the discipline to go around if you are off speed, or too high or the aircraft isn't nicely on the ground before you have used up too much of the available distance?


Thank you Eagles Nest Projects!

Some nice person from the EaglesNestProjects.org group sent me a plaque in the mail yesterday.  What a wonderful gesture!  Proudly on my shelf right next to my keyboard!


High CHT's

Q: I've been reading about excessive oil temps, of which, happily, I have none. Oil temp is, at highest 169 degrees, and at cruise steady 143 degrees. But, after 5 hours in my RV9A, we are still experiencing CHT's, with OAT's 16-26 F, @450 at TO for #1, being the highest. At cruise 2100 RPM, we're 370 for #1, the others are lower, but not by alot. We have a rebuilt O-320 B1A with chrome cylinders, conical mount. The prop is a metal Sensenich recommended by Van's (79") pitch. Two IA's have looked at the baffling and didn't find any obvious causes for the high temps. We have RTV'd waste areas and lowered a small amount of the intake dams on both sides of the intake per recommendation of the IA. Seemingly no change. I removed two small fiberglass rectangles from the exit of the lower cowl thinking that that would increase airflow. Still no change. VAN's tech said they have not experienced temps that high. It's built per the plans, no mods. I'm not seeing squawks from any of the 1100 or so 9 builders. Does anyone have a clue here? We're at wits end. EIS with GRT HXr.
Thanks to all.

A: (Steve) A lot of questions. Not so many answers.

You do not mention quite a few things that may help in anlysis:

  1. what kind of fuel flow gets that 450 Deg?
  2. What mixture settings during climb/during cruise?
  3. Are these temps while running Full Rich, ROP (how far), LOP (how far)?
  4. What is your climb rate when seeing the high temp (Vy, Vx, cruise climb)?
  5. What is your airspeed during this high CHT time?
  6. What is the RPM, MP during these high temp readings?
  7. Where/How are your CHT probes installed?
  8. When the high temps occur what do you do to bring them down?
  9. You state your cruise CHT temp on #1 is 370 with the others not far off that. How far off are the others? The GRT should give you all cylinder readings. What are they during this high temp rate?
  10. If they are close, how close?
  11. Do they move in unison with each other when they do move?
  12. I assume the reported temperature is while running somewhere ROP but not full rich. Have you attempted to run with various differing mixture settings to see what that does to the temps?
Ok, enough with the questions. Well, maybe one other. That may also lead to a 'WHY' answer. Have you checked the induction tubes, fittings, rubber, etc? It is possible there could be an induction leak somewhere? Just one possible answer.

Maybe there are others with questions, and answers, but these are the ones I have now

A: (Kurt) 1) Check timing. Advanced timing can cause this. Do you have electronic ignitions or mags?

2) Get rid of the #1 and #2 cylinder dams. They can be added back later after you solve other issues and determine the right height by experimenting with different widths of aluminum tape.

3) What is your climb profile like? Where in the climb are you seeing these temps? You're unlikely to be able to climb unlimited at 85 kts without the CHTs going high. Vy to safe altitude (1000' AGL or so) then lower the nose for cooling

A: (Vic) My experience has been that the RV-9's will cool much better with a climb rate around 120 KTS. Even with a fixed pitch prop climb rates are usually around 900-1000 FPM. Climbing at VX for any length of time will cause high temps


Mothership Stats


Status Report ...Axel (AX-O)

Last Sunday I got to 40 hours on the aircraft. Although that is the number assigned to my aircraft for exiting of Phase 1, I have not completed all the test and I am not comfortable taking anyone along yet. So it will remain in Phase 1 until she (and I are ready).

After landing I did a mag check and one of my ignitions did not pass. The PMAG dropped cylinder 3 and 4 (OMG, how nice it is to have an engine monitor with history data). I pulled the PMAG, talked to Brad, over-nighted it to TX yesterday, and will get the fixed PMAG back tomorrow. The failure was to the coil that puts out spark to cylinder 3 and 4. They replaced the coil at no cost and they have been extremely responsive and helpful. In the process of checking the mags I found out that I got my left and right labels mixed up on the PMAG switches. The plane operated as if nothing happen while it operated on one mag.

After first flight, most people stop posting and sometimes it is difficult to understand if a change worked or not. So…..

- if you have a Superior cold air sump, calibrate the engine oil stick. It is way off. Do so by adding 3 qts for the initial reading then add 1 qt at the time and mark your stick. It is a non-linear relationship. I used a hole-puncher to mark the location at 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 qts.

-I removed the Rod Bower's air filter. It kept coming lose. The 3 set screws on the unit were not enough to hold the unit on the fuel servo. I spoke to other folks with the same feedback. I call Don at Airflow performance and he made me a "Y" intake tube for the FM-100. That is working much better though I now have to figure out a way to add an air filter inside the cowl.

-The last configuration of oil cooler, oil cooler location, oil cooler orientation and engine plenum interface seems to be working. As the OATs go up I am starting to see CHTs going up too. So I may not be done sizing the in/exit area. For the most part the oil temp is operating at approx 135 deg warmer than OATs in flight. Now that I have a good Idea on how she is operating, I will start the cowling instrumentation (per DanH’s guidance), Cowl flap design (similar to DanH’s) and exit area clean up.

-My airspeed indicator is showing 2 to 3 kts slow depending on the airspeed being flown. So all those people that keep saying the safe air static ports don’t work…. Well, mine does fairly well. I don’t have the means to measure instrument error so the total error is being blamed on the pitot-static system/location error.

-I spoke with Nicole Catto. I am going to the 5 th prop design. They are moving to a 68 by 84. She told me that this will be the one. Fingers crossed. They are reducing the cord width and prop length to increase the takeoff rpm and increasing the prop pitch to reduce the cruising rpm to 2700. With the airspeed error taken into account, the plane is cruising at 189 KTAS. Hopefully I can see 190 straight and level after this change. If not, after the aft wing fairing and horizontal angle of incidence get worked out.

- I replaced a set of brake pad at 38 hrs. That is ridiculous. I had my other plane for over 400 hrs and replace the pads once. This aircraft rolls much easier than the previous one and I keep 40 psi on the tires vice 35 on the previous, so it taxis really fast. I am always taping the brakes. Also I have been landing long in case I have engine failure but still trying to make the first taxiway so I have been using the brakes. I always pump the brakes prior to start and prior to landing. Well I did that prior to start and my pedal went limp. Got out and saw a puddle. #$%^@ turns out the brake puck came out because my pad was so thin. Will keep a closer look at this. My previous plane ate tires for breakfast. This one may eat brake pads.

- got the heavy wing fixed by re-rigging the flap up on the light wing. One turn on the flap rod did the trick. I then lined up the light aileron to the flap position in flight configuration. Which interestingly is not the same position as it is on the ground when retracted.

-Bags of dog food facilitated cg range testing. My dogs will have food for a few months now. Kind of like those folks that prep for the end of the world.



February 24, 2016.  0022Z.   Issue No. 4,059.

Betty Lou is Getting Used to Her New Home ...Jeff Kersey

My wife named the new plane "Betty Lou", I guess she had the Bob Seger song on the brain.

I have been reading all the posts about RV landing gear issues on non paved strips and was concerned about how it would perform at the field where I wanted to keep it. I am fortunate that my elderly friend who sold his plane and quit flying offered up that I could keep my plane at his place if I bought one. 2 minutes from my house. Steel hangar, 1150 ft flat and useful. In and out from the west. The winds favor north and south in my area of TN...

I have seen some video of RV landing gear looking very sketchy and have read about some of the available mods. Anti-plat etc. I decided to video my gear and see what it looks like an the ground and I am pleasantly surprised. Not sure that I will do any mods. It already had the matco hub.

Here are a couple links to video of the gear on the strip. I love my airplane!!!!


Can I say WOW ...and welcome to Marlon from WA

So today was my first ride in Van's RV 10 in Aurora, OR. Me+Pilot+back seat passenger+50lb of lead weight...about 740lbs total in cabin. Runway is 5000 ft long if I'm not mistaken...we started at beginning, and before we hit the 4000 ft remaining marker, we were airborne and off we went...up up and away!! All is I can say is WOW!! So here is the kicker...and I kid you not...a Cirrus SR-22 takes off just a few minutes after we land...and she gobbled up about 1/2 the runway length.

I would not have believed if I wasn't there myself, the RV-10 is AMAZING!


Full Moon Over Portland ...Bruce Eicher pictures

Full moon and clear skies Monday night got me away from the weekend bathroom remodel!


RV-14 Firewall Forward Turntables ...Adam Burch

RV-14 Firewall Forward turntables have been added to the Van's Aircraft Website. Enjoy!

Click and drag to rotate the image. Mouse wheel or swipe to zoom and pan.


VAF Courtesy Car List Updated


Status Update ...Ed Fleming in Zimbabwe



February 23, 2016.  0030Z.   Issue No. 4,058.

Landing an RV-10 on a Rough 2,200' Strip in Baja ...Sean Strasburg video


Assessing Brake Pad Wear ...Larry

Q: I have my wheel pants off for painting and thought I would replace my brake pads while off, but I realize that I don't know what thickness is considered worn out (i.e. near the rivets). My pads are currently the thickness of the backing plate (I think it is 1/8", but not sure). Can anyone give me guidance on how close they are to worn? If I need new pads, was hoping to order them before I go back to the airport next.

A: pads are so cheap, i just replace them when i have the calipers off for any reason, good insurance and peace of mind

A: when I had the pads off, or installing new ones?...I mic'd the depth of the face of the pad to rivet distance....then filed a notch in the top edge of the pad to almost the same depth.
Thus at a glance, I can see how close I am getting to 'the rivets'....assuming fairly flat pad wear, which isn't always the case

A: RAPCO pads have wear indicators. See this thread for more details. It is almost the same as this new one.

I think the Cleveland brake min thickness spec is 0.100". Parker Aerospace (aka: Cleveland) give away a plastic thickness gauge at Oshkosh AirVenture booth that can be used as a go gauge as it is the minimum thickness.

One can also check the Cleveland Service Guide

A: Cleveland guide says "lining worn to a minimum thickness of 0.100" (2.54mm) must be replaced

A: This is also a good time to look for even wear between inner and outer pad to confirm the caliper is floating properly. Always replace the pair if one is below .1"

A: Most brake pads have a small instep at the ends, that indicate the max allowable wear. It closely represents the depth of the rivet head. Often your time is worth enough to change them every annual even if you have a bit of comfort left. It is faster and less costly than refacing the discs.

All I can add is that if you have Groves Discs and calipers,you will do very well to use Groves replacement pads.

ACS only had RAPCO pads. SO I used a few sets, however they have really coarse pieces of bronze that are far too aggressive for the groves discs. I hosed a set of discs prematurely learning the lesson.

The Groves pads do a fine job of braking as designed, with much less gouging of the discs.

The groves pads cost more than the rapco, but are worth every penny.

YMMV and good luck


Milestone: The Wings and Tail Have Been Fitted ...Sam Bovington RV-8

The last few week have been busy fitting wings and tail. the wings are hanging on 4 drift pins per side. Have drilled out rear spar and tank attach. Now finishing up flap fairings. I've been able to run flaps on internal battery power. I had similar issues that other have had with flap fairings, but things turned out OK.


Starter Engages (delays) Update ...ao.frog

This is an update to the tread I started a while back:

Two things has happened since then:

1) I have replaced the starter relay but the delay is still there.

2) The delay has gradually became longer: now it's 13-15 secs.

Therefore, I have decided it's time to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Today, I did some more checking and here's the results:

Immediately when the starter relay "clicks", there's power on the out side of the starter relay and the starter turns the engine.

When I manually put 12V onto the starter wire, the starter immediately turns the engine.

Therefore, it seems to me that the starter and the starter relay is OK.

I measured the volts on the little terminal on the starter relay which receives power from the ignition switch through a small wire.
I guess that's the terminal who makes the starter relay engage when you turn the key.
(I have the A-510-2 ignition switch)

There I discovered something strange: when I turned the key to "start", the volt on the little terminal showed 9,2V and then slowly started to increase. After approx 15 secs, the volt read 10,5 and didn't go further. (the starter key was held in "Start" position all the time)

Then I made a new wire, and connected it from the terminal of the ignition switch and to the little terminal of the starter relay.
The result was the same: approx 9,2V when the key was turned to "start" and held there. The volt climbed slowly to 10.5 and stopped.

Finally, I took a wire and connected it directly from + on battery to the little terminal on the starter relay, and now the volt read 12,0 right away and stayed there.

Based on these new findings, I'm thinking the fault is within the A-510 ignition switch. It seems to me that 9,2V on the little terminal shows that somewhere from the ignition switch and to the little terminal, there's some resistance who "steals" the volt.
The wire from the ignition switch and the little terminal is short, so I doubt the fault is there.
That leaves me with a faulty 510 ignition switch.

Before ordering a new one, I'm wondering if any of you have some other ideas?




February 22, 2016.  0042Z.   Issue No. 4,057.

900 HR update RV-10 ...multiple GREAT pics courtesy Weasel

related: The RV-10 Forum


Strange Looking Cylinder Wall ...Kevin Horton

The IO-360-A1B6 engine in our RV-8 has been making some metal. I first noted it when inspecting the oil filter after an oil change in August - I found roughly 50 shiny, ferrous flakes. I consulted Lycoming SI1492D, which describes various types and amounts of metal one might find in an oil filter, and recommends action. Based on that recommendation, and after consulting with three Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (an AME is the Canadian equivalent to an FAA A&P), I flew the aircraft for two hours and checked the filter again. I counted 7 flakes, so I flew 10 more hours (I was away for most of the rest of the year, so this took until January). This time I found the rate of making metal had gone up quite a bit, and now I was seeing what looked like aluminum along with the steel, so I grounded the aircraft.  continue


Flying home last night ...NovaBandit RV-10

Had a nice IFR flight up to KSTC and back to drop off my CFII's brother. It was really a nice night, and a great view after breaking out below the overcast!.


7A Status Report Pics ...bret


Mark your calendar August 20th, 2016 ...Vlad


Second annual condition inspection wrapped up ...PilotBrent -12

Finally finished last few items for my annual inspection / maintenance today. 205 hours. Few tidbits....   continue


Vividia VA-400 Borescope Review ...Kevin Horton


Panel Status Milestone ...Jeff Green



February 19, 2016.  0038Z.   Issue No. 4,056.
  Susie and her 90 yr old mom are going to the Iowa State / Baylor Lady Bears game Saturday at 2pm CT (televised on FSSW+) with one of Susie's childhood friends (Marilyn) at the Ferrell Ctr in Waco.  Susie and I watch the games regularly and always look first to see if Marilyn's dad is there - 2nd row, straight up from between the 'B' and the 'A'.  Pic at right.  I *think* Susie and her mom will be sitting on that row.  I hope so, as these are great seats.  What a treat!
  We try to visit with Marilyn's family when she comes back during holidays (Mar lives in CA), and when we do it always ends up a discussion on building airplanes.  Even after 5 years of building and 14 years of flying, they can't believe somebody can build a plane in their garage.  To them it's like I went to the Moon.  To you and me it's the most normal thing in the world.
  If you've never watched the Baylor Lady Bears (roster) on TV, give it a try.  Their coach Kim Mulkey is the only female player to have ever won championships as a college player (LSU), Olympian ('84 gold), assistant coach and head coach.  The team is good.
  Tate and I are going to stay home, eat potato chips on the couch, leave garbage on the floor, and maybe have a burping contest.  Might even go flying for a bit, Wx permitting.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Go Bears!


Status Report ...Ian Warburton (Canberra, Australia)

Well, after taking nearly a year to build the horizontal stabiliser, I’ve managed to increase the pace a bit. Vertical stabiliser took 18 days and 24 build hours. Now, if I can keep this up I might finish this aircraft in a respectable amount of time.


Engine mount wear due to cables ...KatieB

I found a few wear marks on the engine mount as I was taking the engine off the other day. There were PVC (I think) plastic shrouds around the cables in the areas contacting the mount to prevent them from rubbing, but it looks like they didn't do much good. I don't know if there was just a lot of grit that got down in between there or what.

This wear mark is after 450 hours of operation. I think it's just through the powdercoat, but I won't know til I clean it up some. There is a corresponding flat spot on the plastic. There are a few more spots like this as well.

So I post this as a caution to people who might think having the plastic protectors is all you need. And, I'd like to know if there's a better alternative that might not wear so badly. Is there a better material to use for this, or should I just be careful to keep the thing cleaner?


The problems with cheap 5v adapters ...Glen

There have been a few posts regarding the use of the 5V cigarette plug chargers for mobile devices. One issue is that some of these generate interference in radios and other electronics.

The fact is they do.

Some are better made and better filtered than others.

I recently diagnosed an issue that was directly related to a noisy cheap 5V adapter (thankfully not in my airplane)


Free shot bags for you, feedback for me ...Stewie

I am developing a "kit" of small shotbags to be used as building aids


RV Buddies Get Seaplane Rating

Clayton McMartin (RV-8) and Gary Platner (RV-8) sent me this text Thursday, "Greetings from sunny Florida from the only two friends you have.....with seaplane ratings."  Gary was my CFII for a lot of my IFR ticket, and gets extra credit for wearing his VAF cap <g>.  Clayton, well you just have to meet that guy.  National Treasure.

I admit I'm a little jealous, but I'd never admit it to them.  Maybe I shouldn't be typing this... 


Quick-Build versus Older Design Slow-Build ...David Paule

Got to help inventory an RV-10 quick-build last night. I'm building an RV-3B and have a Cessna 180. Some impressions:

1. The plans are so much improved over the old plans. Now they're in 11 x 17 format with well-illustrated step-by-step detail.

2. We put away much fewer rivets than from my standard-build kits even though I have a smaller airplane. The missing rivets? Already installed, sweet.

3. Quality of the riveting was generally excellent.

4. One thing made an impression - a line in the inventory list said "ailerons." I built four of them to get a couple of decent ones and they took me 44 to 50 hours each. Last night we checked the item off the list in seconds. "Ailerons - check." Dang! That was easy.

5. We found one rivet in parts where the fit of the formed pieces wasn't all that hot (the rivet was fine), and another part that wasn't shaped all that well. These were things very similar to what I found in my kit. Looks like Van's still has trouble with some forming operations, especially at the leading edges.

6. The shop had good lighting over our work table, and not-so-good elsewhere. It's really important to have good lighting for the whole shop.

7. The -10 uses electric flaps and I was surprised at how heavy and how small the actuator was. My -3B uses manual flaps and they are so much lighter. My Cessna 180 also uses manual flaps and I love them.

8. I didn't measure the RV-10 cabin but it appeared significantly wider than my Cessna 180's cabin. Guess Van's has taken the measure of modern U.S. adults and found them, well, wider. This won't be an issue for the very fit builders of this particular airplane.

9. The RV-10's floor wasn't flat. Hard to imagine how it could be with the spar there. The Cessna 180 floor is flat, except for the front seat tracks, and that's come in handy a few times.

10. The -10's baggage door is ample but there's a fixed cross-brace in front of it separating it from the rear seats, which could be a bit awkward.

My overall impression is that this airplane will be ready for major assembly and systems installation quite soon.

related: The RV-10 Forum


AF-5000 Now Supports the Dynon EMS-220/221

The AF-5000 series of EFIS screens now support the Dynon Skyview EMS-220/221 Engine Monitoring Modules.

With the latest software update the AF-5000 will now support all of the the Dynon Skyview modules.


RV-14/14A FWF Kits Now Available for Order ...mothership news.



February 18, 2016.  0101Z.   Issue No. 4,055.
It's been (476) days since my last larger-than-two-airplane formation flight.  Wednesday the schedule worked out in a way that I could be part of a 3-ship with Scorch and Scroll.  Detailed briefing, game-faces-on .5hr flight flown by the book, and an informative debrief that helped restore some of the motor skills to a slightly re-honed state.  Felt really nice, and reminded me again what a perishable skill this is.
  To date I have (287) hours of RV formation.  Time well spent for a nobody Baylor business major former cube worm.


Virginia Aviation Ambassadors Program ...Vlad

Couple three years ago an RV builder and flyer Don Alexander sent me a booklet and a passport. I forgot about it till recently. I was looking for a place to fly and it struck me I've already got a destination. So I dug the old paperwork out and learned that Virginia Department of Aviation has a great program. The program is designed to encourage pilots to fly to all of the airports in Virginia as well as visit aviation museums and attend safety seminars. 66 airports to visit? I am in

Due diligence on a cold morning of Feb 13, 2016.  continue


DIY Painting Update ...Dennis Enns (Kingsville, ON)

Finally started exterior paint. Process has been to scotchbrite, solvent wipe, acid etch, rinse, alodine, rinse, prime with AkzoNobel. First time using an HVLP gun. Still need to tune this a bit.  continue


Total Solar Eclipse Van's RV Party? ...Chip Freitag

August 21, 2017.  Path of totality below...


Win a $25 ACS Gift Card!!

...Paul Dye wants you to take a survey

"Hey you - yeah, the one with the stack of wing ribs on your desk waiting to be deburred! Want something else to do for about five or ten minutes?

Help us make Kitplanes Magazine even better - take our survey and enter to win an Aircraft Spruce gift card or free subscription.

We know there are lots of Kitplanes readers here on VAF and we want to know what you like—or don’t like—about the magazine. So we need your help. We’d like you to take a short survey that will help us learn what kind of stories you enjoy most, and what topics you rarely read."  continue


Good Advice That Needs Repeating Occasionally ...Mel


Emailed to me by someone who shall remain nameless...



February 17, 2016.  0039Z.   Issue No. 4,054.

Charlie Kearns RV-8


My first build- RV-8

...welcome David Kimber from Tusla, OK

I've been lurking on this site for a few months and want to say thanks to everyone for the awesome information so far. I learn something new every time I'm on here. I'm new to building airplanes and have a ton of questions. It seems like every time I get an answer to a question, two more pop up.

After much consideration, I think I'm ready to pull the trigger on an RV-8 quick build kit. Before I order plans and empannage, I want to make sure I'm going with the correct model.

My main mission is to fly back and forth from Central Colorado, south of Denver to Tulsa. I've wanted to fly for as long as I can remember and now seems like the best time in my life to do so as we are moving to CO and I would need to go to and from Tulsa occasionally for work. I also want to putt around with the wife and see the sights, go on some fun trips and learn as I go. This is what has turned me on to Vans the most as they seem to fit the bill for all. Above all of that, my two biggest concerns are speed and fuel burn (that may change as I go). I'd like to be able to make the trip around 3 hours. I'm not much on aerobatics (that may change, I have never ridden in anything but commercial aircraft and medical helicopters). I'm choosing the -8 over the -7 as there is a little more room for each of us, and I'd like us both to see out of the sides (more her preference; happy wife, happy life, right?). We are both around 6 ft tall. It would be me flying solo 95% of the time. So far, does it seem like the RV-8 would be the right model for me?

As far as motors, props and all other things, I don't know enough yet to make a fully informed decision. I'm all ears!

Also, if anyone in the Tulsa area has some insight and wants to help a new guy out, I'll buy the drinks and food just to listen.

Again, thanks for the info so far, this website has been an awesome resource!


Dogs In The Shop ...Av8torTom

Let's get this bird in the air already!!!


234kt Groundspeed / 154kt IAS ...RVbySDI

Thanks Mother Nature. . . I think!

After reading many of your posts on this thread, I did not think there would ever come a day when I would be posting here. After all, I typically fly around 160-170 MPH TAS in cruise. That is a far cry from reaching 200 KTS. Even ground speeds do not usually get me close. Well, last week I had an opportunity to see what it is like to get up to these speeds.

Courtesy of a High rotating in one direction and Low rotating in the other direction the two fronts were squeezing the air right over Oklahoma. It turns out I had to make a flight on the very day this was going on last week. I had to fly from OKC almost directly in the same direction as the screaming prevailing winds. The photo below is of the EFIS and Garmin Pilot during cruise on this flight. The lighting was not ideal but hopefully you can see enough of the details. 182 MPH TAS (158 KTS), Winds 324/101 MPH (88 KTS), Tailwind component 79 MPH (69 KTS), Ground speed 234 KTS, Fuel Flow 6.8 GPH that equated to around 40 MPG! The flight was only 132 nautical miles but made it in less than 40 minutes!  continue


Trying Ghost-S HD Camera on My RV-7A


Link to Dawie Botes 89pg RV8A POH Added ...Australia



February 16, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,053.


Tate Reeves is now updating the RV White Pages!!!!  His first work session is now online <g>.  We both expect some trash talk shortly from his big sister.

PS:  Michael Elstien, we didn't get all your RVWP info.  Can you resend please?  Thank you!


First Phase 2 flight ...Anthony

Our flying club flew out to KDED (Deland) to have Valentines day breakfast at "The Perfect Spot". You get to eat out on their patio while people jump out of a perfectly good airplane. My Valentine was my first passenger breaking the bonds of my 75 mile/40 hour restriction.


RV Family Portrait ...Robin Marks

Preflight in our RV-10. Enough room for my Wife, Daughter, Friend & 3 dogs!  Mutt Muffs or ear plugs + Bandana mandatory when flying.


RV-12 Canopy Lock Official Release ...Aircraft Specialty


Dog in RV Pic ...RGLives



February 15, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,052.

Completed RV-8 ...Tom Ellis


Women's Air Race Classic now accepting experimental's for exhibition class

Looking for Women experimental teams to fly in the Air Race Classic race in Late June. All info can be found HERE.
Cyclone (Stephanie) and Gretchen, RV-7, out of Denver are entered as Racer #24. This is the old Power Puff Derby started in 1929.

It's a 4 day transcontinental, about 2500 miles. June 17-21. I have flown the race as co-pilot 3 times and can answer any questions. You learn so much about your RV, you increase your piloting skills are have a blast. It is one of those life events you will always remember. I have a 15 page presentation that walks you through the whole process of entering to finishing the race.

So what do you think..... Bonnie, Louise, Marion, Cookie (Tonya), Gail, Slasher (Kathy)?????

RV-7A - In Paint


Cowl Mod Progress Pics ...crabandy


Milestone: Wings done (mostly).  Fuse started  ...Bjorn Nilberg


Dog RV Selfie ...pmshep


N427DK first flight video


Dog RV Selfie ...RV8 Tom


N914VA RV-14A First Flight Video ...Mitch Lock


Wings Over Southern Ohio ...KALEWIS pic


Dog in RV Selfie ...BruceEicher


Cold weather flying in the RV12 around Maine ...Dvalcik RV-12

It was -17c today at 3000ft. My modified oil cooler shutter was working like a charm. I was able to keep temps up to 235 allowing the cabin heater to work and keep the cabin warm. The Rotax was purring at 5400 RPM with great performance.


Welcome CustomAirplaneGrips.com

...ad lives in the previous day's news section


Non-RV: You know you're getting old when....

...apartment complexes you helped wire as a teenager in '82 are being torn down.  If memory serves, I wired up every dishwasher in this complex after school and on Saturdays - at $3.05/hr <g>.  I had three hours logged as a student pilot, and I still have (and use) all the tools.



February 12, 2016.  0105Z.   Issue No. 4,051.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Woof!

Dogs in RV Selfies ...Bryon Graves


Flying in South Florida ...Turbo report

"We had a huge group of Florida flyers land at Indian river aerodrome, just west of Vero beach, for a nice lunch and then a special treat.  Here is Roger's summary..."


She's DONE! ...KRviator 9A

After nearly 5 years of blood (yes, really), sweat, tears and reaching the threshold of AIDS twice - but no drilled finger strangely enough - Aurora Australis is now, OFFICIALLY, an aeroplane.

Wearing the numbers 19-8519 on her side, she joins only 1 other RV-9A on the RAAus register, with only a forgotten signature on the W&B form holding up the registration process for a day. I was fully expecting another bunfight with RAAus about having "another RV" on the register, but after finalising the punch list items and sorting out the paperwork, it went smoothly, so a big thanks is owed to Leanne in RAAus HQ!

Until I get home to button up the access panels and prepare for the test flights, the registration is deemed "Provisional", with it moving to full registration once the test hours are flown off and the finalisation form submitted.


Interior Panels Painted ...Larry Larson


Pair of RV-14a Kits

"Hanging around the hangar at DVT awaiting the FWF kits."


Mothership Closed President's Day

"Van's Aircraft will be closed Monday February 15th 2016 for Presidents' Day.

Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web Orders placed after 12PM noon (Pacific Time) on Friday, February 12th 2016 will be processed on Tuesday February 16th 2016"


Dogs in RV Selfies ...Duncan, BC


Welcome Open Flight Solutions

$200 ADS-B Quick-Build Kit.  Ad lives in the Previous Day's News section.



February 11, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,050.

Flight Profile View Now in Garmin Pilot...v8.1.0 iPad

When I powered this up last night it told me v8.1.0 was available for download.  With it comes a new Flight Profile View.  So I installed, found some Wx and created a flight through it - click to enlarge screen grab below.  Items of note:  You can 'grab' the altitude line and move it vertically to see how that affects your time, obstacle, and airspace clearances.  It shows where the cloud layers, their coverage and wind speeds at different altitudes are.  Tapping on anything in the profile lets you drill down in the data for more information (airspace, clouds, etc).  v8.1.0 has other improvements, but the profile view got my attention first.

(click to enlarge)

I also discovered a new (maybe just new to me) feature regarding winds when choosing an altitude for your flight.  This morning when I hopped up to GLE for some gas I *think* I noticed it giving me more info than it used to.  Specifically fuel used, ETE and Wind components - helpful when picking an altitude on a longer trip.  iPad screen grab below...

My flight to KGLE and back used the profile below - threading the space between the top of DTO's 2500' Class D (I was talking to 'em) and the floor of DFW's Class B.

Slight tangent about displaying info...I have read a few books from Edward Tufte over the years about presenting large amounts of information graphically, and this profile view got me thinking again of the work of Charles Minard.  His chart drawn about the French Army losses during the Russian Campaign of 1812-1813 available for viewing (in English) HERE.  Spend some time on these last three links if you have time to kill at work.  I dig this stuff more than I probably should.

Back to airplanes and bringing it home, yes, I would love to someday see Tufte Sparklines (example at right) in my EFIS as screen resolutions increase.  EGT, CHT, Oil Pressure - band of normal range with historical data overlapping.  Maybe bluetoothed out to the iPad retina display.  Thousands of data points in the size of a postage stamp. 

The data reporting just gets better and better these days.  Exciting times.  This profile view got some creative juices going, I guess.

Nerds of the world unite! ;^)


First Flight: Doug Kott RV-9A ...multiple pics and lotsa text

What a rush. Earlier today I pulled back on the stick of an airplane I built in my garage. It leapt into the air and stayed there!!!!

Perfect conditions at Cable Airport: a balmy 77-degree February day (El Nino on hold temporarily!), some light cirrus clouds at about 20,000 feet and zero turbulence. P-factor, etc. caught me a little off guard on the takeoff roll and I veered a little to the left, but I lofted the nose wheel a few inches and she was flying in 500 feet or so. I've done this hundreds of times in rental Cherokees, DA-20s and 172s, but I have to say it's a little surreal when you, your-own-self, have built the thing and point it skyward for the first time.  continue


Do I have a CHT problem? ...Clark Carroll


My RV-6A ...John Bonewitz

Hi, Just wanted to check in. I'm the proud new owner of an RV6-A. I'm not the builder, but I had previously built an O-235 powered Kitfox Series 5, which I sold a couple of years ago. I've been wanting an airplane better suited to long trips, and had been looking at RV7's, and I went to take a look at this airplane so I might have a basis of comparison between the two models. Once I saw the amazing build quality of this airplane I knew I'd be hard pressed to find one as nice. Plus, the price was right. The airplane is powered by a Lyc. O360 with a FP prop and was finished in 1999. It has only 215 hours on the engine. The panel is a bit dated, but I'm planning a refresh in the future. Right now, I'm trying to solve an issue which as developed with the Electroair ignition. I'll post a question about that on the General forum.

I've been lurking the forum for awhile now, but I'm looking forward to contributing more in the future.

All the best,



February 10, 2016.  0004Z.   Issue No. 4,049.

Monday's Off, Quick Beach Run! ...Bruce Eicher RV-8

After entertaining for the Super Bowl then overnight guests that hung out till early afternoon (she was the daughter and ground crew of a famous Gee Bee pilot, so I tolerated the stay) I was so anxious to take to the warm blue skies!

Katie and our Dog Hana quickly jumped at the chance for beach and dinner in Manzanita...

Twenty minutes over the coastal range, cross winds until swirly winds below the treetops landing, always keeps you on your toes...   more


Exhaust Valve Questions ...jdeas

Did a leak down and scope last night and had some questions given the difference in the exhaust valves. Cyl 1 and 3 I expected however 2 appears to have abnormal lead buildup and 4 is really cleaner than expected.
1 80/74  2 80/65  3 80/75  4 80/77


Mothership Totals


Cleaning and Preparing Before Leaving for Paint ...Carl in Visby, Sweden

related: Where is Visby, Sweden?


RV-4 Electrics Update ...The Swede

Firewall forward all connected, only flat thread remains to be applied here. Waiting for some 3x22AWG shielded wire to arrive with the return of the programmed ELT, then I can proceed with connecting all the DYNON D-sub pins.


Recycling at theVanCave

Thanks going out to Smokey Ray for the table he didn't need anymore.  It fits perfect in the hangar office (with 1/2" to spare on each side).  We're still in the 30's-40's (F) these mornings, so setting up the daily backpack office is much easier with this table.  The desk I use at home is a little 2-person table like this that Susie and I bought at Target in about 1988.  Smokey, I might use this table for decades...  ;^)

Three RVs visible out the office window.  How could you ever improve on that view!?!? 

(click to enlarge)



February 9, 2016.  0005Z.   Issue No. 4,048.

Seen at the airport...

....a good idea for getting air and lights off the ground.


Post Deployment help needed

Q: Hello VAF!

I'm getting home from an all expense paid four month vacation to the Middle East on Saturday. I was excited to get back into my RV-8 to go fly home until I found out that the plane wasn't used while I was away. Long story short, the plane hasn't been flown in at least two months and the weather has been very cold! Fortunately, it was in a hanger the whole time.

Bottom line, what do I need to do to make sure the engine is safe to fly? When I left, there was only about 15 hours on a fresh oil change.

Thank you for your time!

RV-8A Owner

A:  Change the oil and go fly after a very thorough pre-flight and ground run.

A:  Don't spend one minute fretting over it not flying for 2 months.

A:  Since the oil was relatively new, and if you parked it hot (oil had been up to 180 or so) then the acids would be quite low and being parked a non issue.

A:  Thorough preflight, let the engine come up to temp and go fly it.

A:  ...it is better for the engine to set than to ground run it.

A:  Heck, I've left an RV-8 sitting untouched for longer than that and I see it every day!

A:  ...don't sweat the couple months of it sitting.


Video- Flying down the coast --Australia (Perth)


Fiberglass Fun


From the mothership...


Status Report: Autopilot Servo Pic ...David Paule


What Have I Done Wrong? ...K Edmunds -14

Q: I have made it the step 8-12 on the empanage and am starting to cleco the HS spar together. My experience has been if it doesnt go totgether i did something wrong. It has happened a couple of times. So right now I am battling with the HS Stringer Web Assembly aligning properly with the spar.

These parts obviously don't line up the way they should.

A: Back up to page 08-09.  Note that the flanges on the stringers go the opposite direction (aft) than the flanges on the web (fwd).


Ski slope ...Vlad



February 8, 2016.  0400Z.   Issue No. 4,047.
  Congrats to the Denver Broncos and their fans!  Great game!  No flying this weekend, but Tate and I went out to the airport so he could practice parallel parking in my soon-to-be-his truck.  Those are Smokey Ray's old kitchen chairs <g>.  Life w/an RV sometimes means using the taxiway for other things. ;^)  He did great!
  Hope you had a nice weekend and your Monday goes well.


First flight N16GN ...Greg Niehues RV-9A

After 5 delays for various reasons, the weather was decent and the requisite family members and friends were present, and N16GN finally slipped the surly bonds! I bent the first metal in January of 2008, and I've got 1895 hours in the build so far, with the wheel pants and gear fairings still to go.  continue


Year 2015 recap ...Shawn Li video

I had great fun in my RV7 in year 2015, flew about 130 hrs in it (I know that is not an impressive number, but the fun factor is high , including the first trip to Oshikosh in my own plane. Here is a short version of recap. There are a lot of rides that I don't have picture or video of, I will do a better job to capture the fun in 2016.


Colorado Winter Flight ...Joe Zuffoletto RV-8


Cedar Mills Update ...Chris Pratt

Hurray -- my favorite restaurant and landing spot is reopened. Looks as good as new.  more


DIY Painting Update Pics ....Steve Melton


Milestone ...Charlie Derk RV-10

Elevator Finally Finished!  This has been the most time consuming piece so far... probably the most frustrating too!


Dick Bangsund RV-12 Status



February 5, 2016.  0003Z.   Issue No. 4,046.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

"I was tinkering with the GoPro on a gorgeous winter
day in western Maryland recently and came
up with this . . .Happy 2016!"  -- Dave Hirschman

When did you first see / hear of an RV?

  • Bill R. - It was in 1988, my wife and I were taking a tower tour at SNA along with another young couple. They had just started building an RV-4 and we're rightfully very excited and told us all about it. I sure wish I had taken him up on his offer to look at his project.
  • Claude Pitre - I first heard of RV's when I saw it modelled in Microsoft Flight, 4 years ago. Beautiful RV-6A in that short lived flight simulator.

    3 years later (Feb 2015) I saw (flew in/flew) my first RV, it just so happened to be the exact plane that the Microsoft Flight version was modelled after, same paint scheme, same registration number. This was at the Axsys Air builder course in Washington.
  • Vern Darley - Seeing Van and the RV-3 at the Oshkosh was it for me plus reading about it in various periodicals. At that time, tube and fabric planes were still the rage
  • Terry Ruprecht - Saw my first RV on my first trip to OSH in 2003. I was blown away by the quality and finish of them. Like most of The Masses, I previously assumed "homebuilt" aircraft were built with bubble gum, bailing wire, and old lawnmower parts. Til that moment at OSH, I never dreamed an amateur-built aircraft could be so gorgeous. I was so struck, I created a simple chronological to-do list when I got home ...a) ground school at the local community college, b) FAA medical, c) flight training, d) order the first RV sub-kit - once I had my ticket in hand. Praise the Lord, it all worked out. Been flying my aluminum sweetheart now for 3 1/2 yrs
  • Joe Zuffoletto - I first learned about RV's when I bought my Mooney Acclaim in September, 2011. I had never heard of or seen a Vans aircraft before that. The Mooney seller also owned an RV-8 and he took me for a ride in it. I instantly fell in love with the 8 and spent the next year and a half trying to find one that was built right. The effort paid off in May, 2013 when I found my gorgeous 8 on the other side of the country.

    The Mooney seller warned me that if I bought an 8 I'd fly it more than the Acclaim. He was right!
  • Vlad - I started researching kit aircrafts around 2005. Spent my first Oshkosh looking and calculating. I am glad I chose Vans. Couldn't imagine how I would build and enjoy flying something else.
  • John Goodloe - I saw my first RV at Oshkosh 1980, when I saw the RV-4 prototype. I thought it was the coolest home built ever. I still have a copy of 'Kit Planes' magazine from 1980's where the RV-4 was on the cover. I ordered RV-4 plans (s/n 424?) and a tail kit in 1982. As they say life got in the way and I never got to build my RV-4.

    Jump ahead 25 years or so and I was finally ready to build, by then the RV-8 was aviable and it better suited my typical mission. So after and extended build time with a SLOW build kit, I finally have my RV. My RV-8 has been flying for just over six years. I could not ask for a more wonderful airplane!
  • Dan Langhout - Around 2005-2006 I was searching for information on home-made paint booths online. Google search came up with portions of Sam Buchanan's web site about his RV-6 build. Had never hear of RV's before (the flying kind) and had never really thought seriously about EAB planes before that.
  • Sam Buchanan - I was at a grass strip in 1992 looking at a Fisher Super Koala because I was about to start building mine. A little low-wing plane started buzzing the area at a very high rate of speed and I was told "that is (can't remember the name...) in his RV-3".

    A couple of years later I saw 2-3 RVs at Sun-N-Fun. But it was in 1997 when I saw my friend Mark's RV-4 going together that the RV really got my attention. It was obvious the RV was a "real airplane" as opposed to some scary odd-ball homebuilt. Then hangar-mate Robin started his RV-8 and I had to join the party in October 1997 with my RV-6 project.

    It has been quite a ride!


RV8 Gas run video ...Ed Soderblom video

Thought I would post this video to take you along on a flight to go get some fuel at BLI from a private strip called Meadowmist. The gopro is strapped to my hat in the attempt to put you in the drivers seat while I run my mouth a bit.


Eagle’s Nest Projects – A busy week at the McKinney Aviation Academy

...Phil Campbell words/pics

The students at McKinney Aviation Academy are having a very busy week with their Eagle’s Nest Project RV-12!

The McKinney Aviation Academy is comprised of students from all three McKinney, Texas High Schools – McKinney North High School, McKinney High School and McKinney Boyd High School

In addition to supplementing the student’s STEM curriculum, Eagle’s Nest Projects goal is to enhance the students’ pride in their school and to encourage community involvement.

We all know, general aviation is shrinking. With barbed wire topped fences, cameras, access controlled gates and no trespassing signs, for a youngster, getting to the airport can be daunting. Where do they start?

Well at Eagle’s Nest Projects we take the airplane to the kids!  continue



February 4, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,045.

Ethan Beswick 9A ...welcome

Hello All-

Being that I am relatively new to VAF and have recently started a RV-9 project, I thought it might be appropriate that I begin a thread to document my build progress. I purchased a partially completed emp. kit towards the end of last year, and I have since completed work on the H.S., V.S. and I am now in the final stages of completing the rudder and right elevator. I have found a wealth of information here, and I am extremely grateful for this site (Thanks Doug!). Progress will be relatively slow as I plan to complete the emp. kit, then take a bit of a building hiatus while I attend grad school.

Some pictures of the beginning stages:

That's all for now, but I look forward to the journey and posting updates as I go...


Step repair/reinforcement service offered. WD-657-R & L ...Russ McCutcheon

As you know or may not know I build these steps for Van’s, we have built these from the beginning. I am in no way interested in pointing the finger of blame at anyone for the steps that have cracked or broken, not Van’s not myself and not you guys. This service is offered to try and give a solution for those that have a problem or anticipate a problem with their step/steps, that’s all.

After looking at the steps on Van’s airplanes and repairing/reinforcing a couple of steps a couple of different ways I have decided to offer the same or very similar reinforcement to what Van’s has employed on their airplanes.

The price will be $30 per step, $60 for a set. The step can be new or it can be used and cracked, even broken off so long as you have both pieces.

The plan is you send in your step/steps (with paint removed) in a box with a check for payment and a paid return shipping label.

Don’t send it in yet, I need to order the gussets from the laser cutter first, they are ready to go but I need an idea of the number to order before we get going. Send me an e-mail russmccutcheon@gmail.com letting me know what you want, right, left or both steps, when we are ready in a couple of weeks I’ll tell you to start sending them in, in the order you e-mailed me.


Want your RV-6/6A in Kitplanes?


Status Report: Cowl Mods ...crabandy

I've been gone for a couple days, just so happened I was in a window seat just forward of the engine. When takeoff power was applied fog/vapor was forming around the inboard edge of the inlet until approximately 60 knts. I'm guessing the engine was sucking air from behind the lip until airspeed was delivering the correct amount of air, at that point it was spilling over the sides. Unfortunately I didn't get my phone out fast enough to take a pic of the vapor/fog.



...a bunch of Ed Hicks photos of the RV-14A


Review my panel ideas ...two renderings



February 3, 2016.  0053Z.   Issue No. 4,044.

First rivets!! Guess I'm a builder now ...David Randall of Jamestown, NY

After a lot of practice on scrap pieces I dove in yesterday and squeezed my first real rivets. My wife is gonna get sick of me running around going "look what I made". The kit I bought had the wings started and am at the point in the instructions where the tanks are to be done. No way do I want those to be the first major thing I do on the kit so I'll probably rivet the leading edges first. These aileron brackets looked simple enough so here ya go.


Team Aerodynamix Light installation ...Anthony Greco pictures

I have received so much information on this site that I wanted to give back by showing how I cut leading edge lighting into my plane.

When I bought my 6A it had a small dent in the outer portion of the right leading edge in the second bay. Hangar rash for sure from something bumping it. The plane had no nav lighting at all- so my mission was to add nav/strobes and landing/taxi lights.  continue


The Adirondacks ...Vlad pictures

Passed by the Adirondacks the other day.


More on Rob Hickman's 'EFIS Still'

While technically this is not RV related I will try and make a connection. My micro-brewery is located in our hangar along with my RV-10 and yes it is using an AF-5600 EFIS to control it. We live on Dietz Airpark (OR40) just east of Van's and just over a year ago two of my neighbors Rion and Mary (both RV-4 owners) started brewing beer. After watching Rion and Mary brew a few batches of IPA in their shiny new conical fermenter I decided that this looked like way too much fun. You need to understand that Oregon is the center of the micro-brewery world and we take our IPA very seriously. After our Bonanza flying and IPA snob neighbor proclaimed “there has never been a Homebrew beer that is worth drinking”, my competitive nature might have taken over. One of my overachieving close friends has a saying “You don’t want your equipment to be the limiting factor”, so with all this in mind I set out to brew beer.  continue

[ed. I'm guessing the OP closed this thread - I know I didn't.  I liked it!  It had an RV EFIS in it! Rob, that is way awesome!  ;^)  dr]


20 years in our RV-4 ...Gary McDaniel video


Red Thunder ...Timothy Wilde pics

Me and my little RV holding our own with CJ’s and Yak’s as part of the Red Thunder (RPA Formation) team at the Vinton County Airshow. Our RV's can do everything a CJ/Yak can do (sometimes much better) for ~1/5 the hourly operating cost...thank you VAN! <g>



February 2, 2016.  0002Z.   Issue No. 4,043.

Hangar/Flying Pics ...Brian


Takeoff configuration effect on takeoff distance ...Nigel Speedy

The other half of my learning how to land my 8 was learning how the takeoff configuration and technique affected the takeoff distance. I did an experiment to find out by doing a series of takeoffs using flap 0, 10, 20 & 40 degrees. For the ground roll I also used a tail up attitude (approximately 0 deg pitch attitude), tail low (approximately 5 deg nose up pitch attitude) and tail down (tailwheel lightly held on the ground to hold the 3 point attitude of 11 deg nose up). So a matrix of 12 takeoffs overall, which I measured with a DGPS on runway 24 at California City, L71, in nil wind at 1540 - 1600 lbs. For each takeoff I adjusted pitch attitude after liftoff to achieve 1.2 Vs for the particular flap configuration at 50' AGL. This resulted in 72 KIAS for 0 deg flap to as low as 60 KIAS for 40 deg flap. Each takeoff started with mixture rich, prop full fine with the aircraft held stationary on the brakes until throttle was fully forward. There was only one attempt at each configuration so there is no statistical relevance. I've made no attempt to correct for runway slope, aircraft weight, wind, air density or power so these results are only representative of my aircraft on the test day, which is a polite way of saying they are incorrect everywhere else so don't use them for operational planning. I was really only after the relative changes not absolute distances.

The results are shown in the graphs below:  continue


Branson Picture Story ...Weasel

[ed. There were 2 words in the entire story...and it still told a great story! dr]


I'm back in the building game! ...JR in Shreveport

Well, I had previously posted my emp and wings for sale so that I could finance my CFI/CFII ticket. Well, I couldn't wait till they sold, so I went ahead and got my CFI/CFII prior to selling them.

I had a deal fall through on my kit, and I'm glad of it! I have decided to keep my emp/wings, and just buy the fuse in a year or two when I get my CFI/CFII training paid off. It all worked out just how I wanted. I was having some pretty serious sellers remorse while I thought the deal was going to go through!


Bet you never imagined this ...Brantel

Now we can truly say that these modern EFIS systems can do it all!


Alton Bay Recon ...Vlad

Second recon mission on Alton Bay. Not promising. Runway clearly marked with yellow cones but not groomed. Got on the radio with Paul the airport manager (you can see him by the runway) and he said it's only 8" he wants ice thickness at least a foot to open the airport.


From A.E.R.O. (VAF advertiser)


Stewarts Systems Fish Eyes ...Troy Branch

I know there is a lot of smart people on here and I need some help. I have painted my last airplane with SS and had no trouble. I love the paint. It worked perfectly. Now I am using it again and for some reason my Yellow gets a random fish eye. If I look really close the paint almost falls in places like the beginning of a fish eye. Like something is going wrong as it cures. They start to form around 5 minutes after shooting. I have been trying to solve this with the Stewarts factory for 2 months now.  continue


Overspeeds, and how much is too much

On my 9A I've got an IO360 and Whirlwind RV200 prop with their Jihostroj governor. Over the last couple days doing taxi testing prior to first flight I've been doing some progressive higher power runs, including sudden full-throttles, mostly to see if I could make the engine stumble or miss or do anything else that would concern me if it happened in the air. For this purpose I was being intentionally "ham-handed" with the throttle and throwing it around rather quickly, much more so than would normally be done in a non-emergency scenario. As I said, I was trying to make the engine do something bad.  more



February 1, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,042.

Wallpaper Calendar for February ...courtesy Vlad Karpayev

In (8) different monitor sizes.


Another RV-14 In The Air

"In case people haven't noticed, the hobbs meter value for flying RV-14's his clicked up one tick to "3".  I guess Mitch is too humble to toot his own horn so i will blow into it for him.  Congrats on a successful first flight yesterday Mitch.  More info on Van's Facebook Page."


Vref as a function of Vs


Set Hamburger for 15 minutes ...David Paule

One of the shop tools I use is a timer. Now I know that we all have our own kinds of timers. This one's mine, a gift from a friend.  Here're the bottom skins clecoed in place. I've trimmed the holes for the inspection plates. The skins are in place so that I can locate the holes in the plates at the spar flange, which I somehow didn't do earlier. Now it's the left wing's turn.


Fixed a Broken Map Link on The Wx Page


My GAMI Spread is now ZERO!!! ...carrollcw

For those who have not seen my other thread about uneven airflow, I figured I repost a rundown of what has happened to get my GAMI to zero.

I have a new Titan IOX370 running dual EFII ignition and injection with vertical induction. With the stock setup, I had a GAMI spread of 1.3! In trying to determine how to reduce the GAMI spread, I realized (with the help of my neighbor Rusty Crawford) the root cause of the high spread was uneven airflow between the 1/3 cylinders compared to the 2/4 cylinders. This was determined because when ROP, 1/3 had the hottest CHT's, but when LOP they were the coolest (and I verified it was not due to injector imbalance).  continue


More status pics ...Carl RV-4 in Sweden


Selfie ...Aero Octaveus


Surprise during taxi testing ...Greg Niehues

I'm only days away from first flight (waiting on current strong west winds to drop for my north/south runway) so I'm doing some taxi testing. Life is good - so much so that a good friend of mine wanted to ride with me and kick the rudders a bit for grins himself. In doing so we discovered an issue - the right hand copilot brake pedal was sticking and would not return. After he kicked the pedals around a bit, the right brake was dragging and quickly got hot. This is not something I would have caught until who knows when...

This is why we test - because we don't know the things we don't know.


Great Sacandaga Lake, NY Ice Patrol ...Vlad pics


Carson's speed for RV's ...KRviator

I got bored today and got to thinking what is the best speed to fly in my -9 for the least amount of fuel used, which is commonly known as Carson's speed. Fortunately, I fly (or at least, will very soon fly) an RV-9A, for which CAFE performance data is readily available, via their APR flight testing.  more


DIY Painting Update ...Steve Melton

"...right wing, I rotated the plane instead of the booth. it just fits."


RV-14A #140-260 - England

Johannes Woolard and his Sevenoaks, UK blog.


Cabin Creek ...hydroguy2

I didn't land on a lake, but the runway at Cabin Creek (97MT) was slicker than I expected. Good thing for big rudders, as there was zero braking available. I could barely stand up when I got out of the plane.


Quirkies ...newt and jarhead



January 29, 2016.  0112Z.   Issue No. 4,042.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Progress ...Warbo 7A in Canberra, Australia

Been a while since I posted here but I have been making progress albeit very slowly. I got to the step in the plans instructions that said, "Congratulations! You've finished the first major sub-assembly on your new airplane." Figured I should post a pic


DIY Painting Status Report ...Steve Melton

"...left wing, two coats on bottom, three coats on the top. I picked up a little dirt on the top. for some reason the wing was hard to paint for me. not sure if it is the orientation of the wing and crawling on the floor or that I am tired. I am beginning to see the end of the painting, right wing still to go and a couple stripes on the rudder. outside air temp = -4C. baking wing at 65F."  pictures


First post, hello everyone! ...Mike in Santa Rosa, CA

This is my first post.

I just got word that my deal finally went through, and I'm the new owner of a 2013 RV-12, with all the bells and whistles.

Only 140 hours on it. PPI is being done now, as soon as I get the AOK from the PPI, along with answers to a couple questions I had (how much AVgas or lead has been run-but with only 140 hours total on the engine/plane I expect a good report), I'll be sending the remainder of my money and then they are delivering the plane to me!

I have a hangar lined up, we still need to iron out a few things like who's going to carry the insurance (owner is personally financing a small amount for 1 year), but in a week or 2, or 3, depending mainly on weather (it's been raining solid here for a month in NorCal), as soon as we get a good enough break in the weather they'll be delivering my new (to me) RV-12 to my home airport!  continue


Milestone! ...Chris Chattin of Boise, ID

We have an engine!


Status Report ...crabandy -7 (and DanH input)

I think the foam strip guided epoxy/flox/filler lip may do the trick, the lip radius is looking better and I think I can fair it into the cowl a couple inches back. I think using the foam as a guide will help to make a more consistent shape around the lip.  pics


Milestone ...AdamB RV-10 in NH

Today I took delivery of my RV-10 emp kit.  Looking forward to getting through the inventory and getting started. And the fun begins!

related: The RV-10 Forum


Quirky ...Vlad


Gas Run w/Some Button Pushing

.4 hrs VFR flight plan to KSWI for gas ($2.95).  Played around w/Garmin Pilot and built a VFR plan that would have me steering from runway to runway - always something flat on the nose.  Texas has a lot of runways.  Just drove it around with the heading bug.  Used the app to file, activate and close (pretty easy actually - first time using this feature). 

.5 hrs IFR flight plan back to KAFW (then VFR to 52F at missed).  No clouds, but good button practice and time in the system.  ILS 34R.

4.1 RV hours this month.  Not much, but productive! 

VFR up.  (click to enlarge)

IFR back.  No tower. 1630Z void time.


Getting steered around to the localizer by approach.
Minimums bug set.  Tower in standby.  (click to enlarge)


RV-10 + Cloud = thrilled toddler ...IFR work with Rob Kochman

fmi: (including some IFR trips) http://kochman.net/N819K/?cat=20


Donation List Updated ...January reminder

I took a pay cut last year.  So this year, in an effort to hopefully raise more awareness, I'm going to remind folks about the yearly donation aspect of this website at the end of each month.  Readership in 2015 was up over 10%, but donations were down 7%.  My hunch is that many people don't realize just how few readers donate.  I'll post this reminder, and update the chart with totals going back nine years, on the last Friday of each month.

Thank you if you help keep this site going! 



January 28, 2016.  0042Z.   Issue No. 4,041.

N4932L Painted ...Dwight Frye

I don't post much but thought I'd share the fantastic work done by Boss Aircraft Refinishers (aircraftpainting.com) in Salisbury, NC. I'm a slow builder and got her flying in 2013, then finally got around to finishing the wheel pants and gear leg fairings so I could get it painted. The painting took roughly 3 months. BUT, the long time to complete was all my fault as you'll see from the pictures included below.

My wife Theresa and I dropped it off on October 24, 2015 and picked it back up yesterday on January 26, 2016. We disassembled everything the day we dropped it off, but it took two days to put it all back together again at the end.  more


Slick Magneto experts - Please help w/question ...Bruce Swayze

I recently pulled the right magneto off my engine, to put it up for sale. It's a Slick 4370. I see what I thought was an impulse gear assembly on the front of it. But one gentleman here saw my post in the classifieds and told me the impulse mag is always the left one, not the 4370 on the right side. I'm obviously new at this. I don't know these things. I'm hoping someone can give me more information. What do I have here? What is this thing? Any part number or model number?

My main purpose is to try and get some idea of what it's worth, so I can offer it at a fair price to a potential buyer. But I'm also wondering if this is useful for our RV's, or better for some other aircraft. ??? Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. Here are some pictures:

it appears you have a standard 4730 with some kind of an adapter. The gear is usually installed directly onto the shaft

You need to keep that, it is part of the engine.  The engines without that adapter suffer from the dreaded "magneto drive cushions fall into the engine during magneto R&R" issue.

That's not an impulse coupled magneto. Depending on the hours on it,,,it is pretty much core value only. Maybe $100,,,,$150 at most. You will get the most out of it on eBay

They were installed on engines with vibration issues mostly caused by different propellers. They are very expensive new but I have not sold any used so I don't think it would carry much extra value. You may check to see if that was why they installed that adapter assy!


Before and After Pics ...Xkuzme1

I have owned this RV-4 for nearly a year now. When I bought it, it was all white. I loved the all white, but I needed some way to spruce it up a bit. Id love to see what you all think. I used 3M vinyl to do it


Quirky ...mark in Sydney, Australia

The coal train between Leigh Creek and Port Augusta derailed near Parachilna in 2011.

500' AGL flyby at a safe distance: The train has broken into several pieces.

I only did one pass. A TV news chopper was inbound, we really didn't need to be in each others' way.


Updates ...crabandy pics

DanH sent this to me in a separate email, it illustrated the point nicely for myself. I need to lower the AOA of the inlet lip.


Panel Feedback Requested ...Chattin35


Quirky ...Mark



January 27, 2016.  0100Z.   Issue No. 4,040.

Ray Sage ...Larry Pardue post

Mannie Sage Bemis photo

I just saw this photo for the first time today when a friend posted it on FB. This is Ray Sage who lived in Las Cruces, NM until his death in 2014 at the age of 93. He practiced law until his retirement at the age of 88.

Ray flew P-51s in Europe and as a civilian was a long time flight instructor. Ray's daughter's post on FB has the following quote. "Daddy, a former P-51 pilot, WW2 vet, and independent flight instructor, said the RV-6 flew more like the P-51 than any other plane he ever flew. It was the last time he would ever man a cockpit."

I knew that I enjoyed that day very much but never thought about the fact that that was the last flight this great man made from this world.
Larry Pardue
Carlsbad, NM
RV-6 N441LP Flying


Painted!...Mike Messer

After 4+ years and 2000 hours I am declaring the TARDIS complete!  more

[ed. Tally of our lunch table PIC models.  We didn't count Tony's.
He started with "J-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...".  Not enough paper.  dr]


Australian Adventure ...Episode 1 is online (haydnc)


Two questions ...RV-12

1. I am a bit of an electric dunce so bear with me. Is there anyway to test the wiring of the landing, position and strobe lights before buttoning everything up.

2. I have a few mis-drilled holes and would like to fill them. Reading the forums it is clear that bondo is to be avoided so does anyone have a any suggestions. I have a West marine store very close by, but any suggestions would be appreciated

A:  Are they rivet sized holes? If so, pop a rivet in them. If there is a way to dimple it and put a flush river in the hole that is best, then maybe a bit of filler to conceal it

A:  I did one of these on the empennage and called the factory. They said to fill with JB Weld and build on! Good luck with the repair.

A:  I tested mine with a couple alligator clips and the spare 12v battery from my cordless drill. Everything worked just fine.


14 Years and Counting ...proof of fun

I had the cowl off the RV-6 to tighten the alternator belt, and while putting stuff back on took a pic of where the landing gear pokes out of the fuse.  Signs of roughly a decade and a half of RV enjoyment.  Light scratches and smudges - I like the patina.


30th Year Anniversary Celebration of the RV-6/6A Design Update ...Rosie

MANY CONGRATS to ART WOODS of Albuquerque who is #200 to sign up for our HUGE Celebration of the RV-6/6A design at AirVenture 2016!!!!!!

Gerry Julian was #100!

If you are planning on flying into Oshkosh this year and have not yet signed up, please take a moment to register your RV...ANY RV MODEL at www.eaa.org/RV6

I'm hoping to set a record for RVs in attendance so I plan to see you ALL at AirVenture 2016! Rosie

PS: Keep poundin' them rivets because it's ALL WORTH IT!!!!.


Quirkies ...John RV-8 entries

Someone earlier asked about the "LUECKE" I've flown over it hundreds of times but this picture is from Google. The airport in the lower center of the picture is 84R, just to give you some scale of the size of the letters in LUECKE.  Another quirky thing is the Oklahoma sand trap / Texas putting green.  It is located on about a 2nm final to runway 31R at the DFW International airport. Again the picture is from Google as I'm usually occupied with other duties when I fly over it.


RV-12 ADS-B Update ...from the mothership



January 26, 2016.  0126Z.   Issue No. 4,039.

Snowbound Update ...Vlad

Engine quit on stall practice

Today, I performed some acro, and a stall. After reducing to idle speed and have my speed drained at about 53 kt engine quit, a few seconds later a restared with no issues, so on ground idle is about 700RPM pump on and off does not affect idle. Very weird.
Guilherme Plassmann (Brazil)

I had a similar issue and eventually traced it down to a section of aluminum fuel line that went between my gascolator and the fuel flow meter. Once I insulated the fuel line, the problem went away

Lightweight props also play a role. Mine idles at 480-500 but I have electronic ignition and associated timing changes, engine runs fine during stalls but quits during hammerheads

I had a plane years ago that would freeze over incredibly fast without carb heat under the right conditions after idling down in a glide

DIY Paint Update ...Steve Melton pics

Low Fuel Pressure Update ...Kyle Boatright RV-6

I was down for a weekend due to the plague or some other malady, but got to take another pass at the problem last weekend when a buddy and I checked all electrical connections, tightened all fuel connections, and eyeballed the entire fuel system. We also scratched our heads a bit. I performed a run-up and no problems were noted. On that note, I went flying and saw no problems during a 15 minute flight.

This weekend, I repeated the test flight. Upon arriving at altitude, and after turning off the electric fuel pump, the fuel pressure (as measured by the GRT EIS4000) dropped again. It fell to a negative value of between -0.3 and -0.7 PSI. The engine continued to run fine in that condition for the duration of the flight - about 30 minutes.

I suspect I have an intermittent measurement problem. Funny enough, if you look at GRT's online troubleshooting guide, it mentions that their VDO senders often fail and become erratic at 200-500 hours, particularly on carbureted engines. On the other hand, the troubleshooting guide did mention that the erratic pressure tends to happen on the high side, rather than the low indicated pressure I saw.

So, I guess I'll order a new sender from GRT and see if that resolves the problem Unless one of you has a better idea. If you do, I'd appreciate hearing it..

FINALLY! She's Painted!!! ...Terry Ruprecht 9A pics

Quirky Entry ...Vlad

Quirky Entry ...n5lp



January 25, 2016.  0017Z.   Issue No. 4,038.

Burrowing out...Vlad


Inflight Pic ...Jim Stricker

Flying home after buying RV-12 SN120058 from original builder with 50TT. You can't see the smile...<g>


High cost of poor gust lock ...rstisser

We are in Venice for the winter with the RV6A tied down instead of at home in the hanger. Some rough weather came thru last weekend and now I have work to do. The wire that I use as a rudder lock came out and allowed the rudder to swing and hit the edge of the elevator. It made about a 2 inch gash in the middle of the rudder and made the trailing edge a little crooked. Now hoping to be able to patch the hole well enough to get back to Illinois. A new rudder is a must, but hard to do here. Better gust locks are also in the works.


VAF Ski trip ...LAMPSguy pics

2016, 3rd annual ski trip.


RV-8 Winter Flight Along the Colorado Front Range ...colojo pics

Today we have perfect weather in Denver before rain and snow move in tomorrow, so I took advantage of the opportunity to fly my RV-8 down to Colorado Springs and back.


Another RV-10 is conceived ...rjhecker

Good Morning Starting Jan 1st, the adventure of building a 10 began. I have been doing ALOT of reading like most of the new builders do and just want to put it out to the world that if your into reading and watching new guys pound rivets and have all sorts of questions please subscribe to the blog and follow along. And as always, advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance -Robert


I'm finally in the club! ...jeffkersey pics

I have been admiring these airplanes and looking for one to purchase for over a year now. Tuesday, I finally purchased a flying RV7A and flew it from North Carolina back home to Tennessee. Exciting stuff. After 12 years of flying, this is my first airplane purchase. I have been lurking on this site and am blown away by the community of talented and generous people flying Van's aircraft and sharing knowledge and ideas. Thanks to all who contribute here. I am sure I all be spending lots more time here in the years to come. All the best to everyone in 2016.


Long time lurker finally a new owner ...merlin3

Hello everyone, been a lurker on the forums for a while now and have been reading everything I can. Finally started looking for an rv4 pretty seriously a few montha ago. Well as of a week and a half ago i am a proud new owner of a rv4. Its the first plane I've ever owned and pretty excited to put a lot of hours on it this summer. Heres a couple pics.


RV-8 Mid-Fuselage panels ...cdeerinck

Maybe I'm losing my mind, maybe not. Maybe some of you can help me decide. Certainly, I might be losing some of my memory.

Picture #1, showing my rear throttle quadrant. The plate pointed to by the yellow arrows: Is this a Vans part, or did I custom build it? I can't find it on the plans, but I can't remember making it! It looks factory, so did I just do a good job?


From the mothership FP page...



January 22, 2016.  0040Z.   Issue No. 4,037.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

It's about the journeys--why we traded RVs ...Guy Prevost

I had a unique experience yesterday. I watched my RV-8a, better known in the family as Jane Plane, take off without me in the front seat. She’s headed east to her new home in a heated hangar next to a private paved runway. This marks the first time in her entire existence she’s flown without me as PIC. 2500 wonderful hours of building, 550 glorious hours of flight time. And now she’s someone else’s airplane. I’m a little sad to see her go, but not as sad as you might think. These machines are about the memories they make and the journeys they enable. We're on a pretty amazing journey right now.  continue


Don ...Dean Eiland RV-9

I guess I haven’t thought about giving rides much. I don’t give many rides. However I did give my father-in-law a ride last week.

My 78 year old father-in-law, Don, lives in Ohio and I live in Texas. He drives down and visits us in Texas about once a year. I really hadn’t thought about it much but he was involved in my building an RV since the beginning. In 2009, when I decided to buy a kit, he drove with me 3,333 miles from Dallas to 500 miles north of Toronto and back in four days to pick up an RV-9 kit. (Insanity and obsessions come in all forms. Don’t judge.) I couldn’t have bought that kit without him.

Since he visits once a year, or so, he has seen my plane in various stage of the build process. He was visiting last week and I mentioned taking a flight. He jumped on the chance to fly in my plane, "like a chicken on a June bug". We went up for about 1.5 hours last week and just puttered around the north Texas, Southern Oklahoma area. Nice day and nice flight. Didn’t give it much thought.

He left last Sunday and a few days later he called my wife from Florida and asked if I’d text a picture I took of him and my plane to a friend of his.

I really didn’t think much about the flight until your article. Thanks again Dave. I think the flight meant a lot to Don and again I hadn’t really given it much thought. I needed to.


The Perfect Workshop ...Bob's take

I just finished building a workshop for my project. I had just enough room that I could make the building just large enough to put the wings on sans tips, and do the control rigging/checkout and the fuel connections. I have time, but eventually I'm going to need to find a new home for some things if I actually want to do that

I'm not sure how building codes work over there or what construction methods are popular, but here are a few things I did/wish I did:

First, I would have subbed out a little more of the work. Just prepping for the foundation pour took me three months, and framing took three or four more, because I was doing all of the work myself up to that point, with no helpers. The project would have gone faster and made for much less irritation with the wife had I just subbed most of it out. As it was, had I not paid someone to do the roof, siding, and drywall, I'd still be working on it. I learned a whole lot about construction and building codes, though, and I would still do the wiring myself.  continue


From the 'Quirky' Things Seen From the Air Thread ...things to show your passengers.

Heart shaped house (Texas panhandle)

Texas Shaped Pool (from the 'Quirky' thread) ...


Aerodynamics and streamlining computations

Q: So, if I have a cylinder of length L and diameter D sticking out into an airstream at, say 210 Knots, what is the most effective way to streamline it?

A streamlined bubble (half teardrop) is convenient, but it also has a lot of skin drag. What is the break-even point? At what size does the blister have the same drag as the cylinder?

A streamlined mast (airfoil cross section) of length L (think pitot mast) also has a drag coefficient. Same question as above.

We all hate the little things that stick out.... Fuel drains, vents and so on. Is it better to leave them alone or to fabricate streamlined fairings for them? I know what the gut feeling is, but is it supported by science?

A: video

A: book


RV-4 Status ...Carl in Sweden

Making progress, just have to connect some wires then paint and get the seats done and I guess some paperwork:-).


Creeping Along ...Bill Boyd

Half the workshop floor was epoxied yesterday with the Rustoleum product from Lowes. Results were okay (we didn't grind the concrete first) but the odor in the house was awful the entire day. I really anticipated more airspace isolation between shop space and living space upstairs with the mini-split HVAC and the fully finished walls and ceiling. Instead it was like the painters had applied the epoxy in the living room - the volatiles in that stuff are just like spray paint - xylene, toluene, with a hint of coffee, leather and spice. Which reminds me, I suspect the shop is not going to double well as a cigar lounge as far a the upstairs occupants are concerned.

Here's the 10 on the half that just got painted. It's in the way, but they are working around it best they can.


RV-10 Horz Stab

Q: Do I need to tear it open?

A: The MIL SPEC actually allows for using a flush rivet set on the manufactured head of AN470 rivets and a cupped set to be used on the shop head side. There are specific requirements that are detailed in the document.
It is not possible just from photos to tell whether a lot of these rivets meet the requirements but they might.  Read through the document and then do some measuring. Pay particular attention to the 3.3.3 Driving procedure Section. Maybe you would only need to replace a few


I Might Still Be Building if I Hadn't Met Jay

I was thinking yesterday about how our RV-6 got to the first flight finish line.  I built at the house for 5.5 years (66 months) while working two jobs, raising a family and all the other stuff you do while you still have energy in your mid 30's.  Mind you this was an 'old school' kit where you drilled every hole in the fuse and hammered the spar webs together with a baby sledge / C-tool on the garage floor (it chewed out a little spot in the slab).  5.5 years at my house to get it to the point that required a completely different skill set.  I came to the conclusion that in my situation it would take another three years to finish, so I took it over to Jay Pratt's RV Central for help with the engine, avionics, fiberglass and rigging.  It was ready to fly in 5 1/2 months.  I'd drive over there after work a few times a week and work with Jay until 10pm.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  Most of my memories from there involve laughter, and I learned a lot.  I consider Jay a good, GOOD friend now.

Here's one example regarding how it's set up.  He doesn't change drill bits.  Instead, he has a drill for each bit, and multiple air lines, because that makes things go faster.  The whole shop is optimized for speed.  It works.


Months and percentages...

Red arrow points to my RV-6 at Jay's in 2002.



January 21, 2016.  0107Z.   Issue No. 4,036.

RV-4 "Windrunner" and RV-7 "Windrider" in form ...pics

New spars in progress ...Steve Smith

If you peek once in a while on the HP-24 project page, you have seen us laying up composite skins for new tapered wings for my RV-8 and Bob Mills Rocket-6.

8th Annual Ice Cream Social, Inyokern, CA

All, just a quick post so you can put the event on your caledar if you are the planing type. I will post more particulars later.

Date is March 12th. Hope to see you there.

This year will be a lttle different (we learn every year). I will have a few folks taking care of the ice cream and house keeping required so my wife and i can spend more time with people visiting.

My family will also be traveling from all over the country to come see all the RVs.

We had a tremendous turn out last year. I hope it is as good this year.

Crabandy Status Report in Pics

David Paule RV-3B Status Report

Back when I was laying out the bottom skins, I'd forgotten that Van's had included pre-punched inspection hatches for the bottom of the wing. Oops.

I went ahead and made my own, and of course the holes in the backing ring were incompatible with the pre-punched ones. Mine were slightly different sizes, too. Imagine that - Maybe 20 pre-punched parts in the entire airframe and I didn't use four of them.....

I left the cut-outs in the bottom skins until the deburring/dimpling stage. The cut-outs are now complete and I had to match the holes in the hatches to the holes in the spar. Yeah, I'd gone ahead and made holes in the spar for the hatch without including the hatches, another sequence error.

This next part I figured out before riveting the skins on. What I did was cleco the skins on the wing, cleco the hatch back-up rings in place, and screw the hatches on. Of course then the wing was covered up and I couldn't back-drill through the spar. A bit of tape held the hatches in place and the leading edge, attached, gave me a solid fore-aft reference, and with the skins removed, I could easily back-drill through the spar to the hatches.

Here they are drilled and clecoed.

Tailwind Tuesday - Monday also ...Rick A

Since Doug did his front page showing the great tailwinds on Tuesday, I had to mention my flight on Monday.

I flew the RV-12 I built to it's new owner in Florida on Monday. During the first leg, I flew at 7500 and had 10 - 20 kt tailwind.

On the second leg & third legs, I went up to 9500 and had a 40+ kt tailwind. I was making 160 - 165 kts over the ground! Not bad for a 115 Kt airplane. (I was showing 110 indicated & 122 true airspeed).

Quirky Things Seen From The Air in Your RV

Enormous TFR Over The East Coast ...Dynon

To close the book on this:

The FAA has investigated and found they did improperly uplink a "SPECIAL NOTICE" NOTAM as a TFR. Dynon's system received a TFR over ADS-B with no way to tell it was anything but. On top of this, there was an error in the transmitted data with one of the points of the outline being over near Africa instead of in Florida. This caused different mapping systems to draw it differently (including not drawing it at all).

The error was only in ADS-B uplinks. Any device that got it's data any off the internet would not have seen this or if you called Flight Service they would not have had it as a TFR either.

One element that made this situation more obvious on SkyView than other systems is that our default settings shade the inside of TFR's red to make it clear you are inside a TFR. SkyView does have a TFR opacity adjustment in the map settings. If you prefer to only see outlines of TFRs and not have the interior shaded, you can adjust this to zero at any time. The outlines of the TFR will remain in red.

We're sorry that this caused confusion among our customers, but in reviewing what happened here, there is no way for Dynon to protect against showing a TFR like this when ADS-B tells us it's there.

--Ian @ Dynon

P.S. Thanks to everyone that helped us and the FAA identify and get to the root cause of this issue. With your datalogs, we were able to give the FAA the exact data they had sent over ADS-B and quickly demonstrate that the issue was in the raw ADS-B data.

DIY Painting Update ...Steve Melton

RV Interior

(from Rich Meske) Take advantage of the Winter and plan to add one of our interior packages to your aircraft. We are offering interiors for models RV-6, RV-7, and RV-9. Other aircraft are possible as well. Choose your own materials and we will make your seats, armrests, and stick boots. The seats feature an inflatable lumbar support. An optional EZ-Step can be incorporated in the seat. It is a convenient place for a person to put their foot upon entering the aircraft. See this feature along with our newest products at aircraftextras.com



January 20, 2016.  0030Z.   Issue No. 4,035.

The value of the RV Community ...Dgamble RV-12

I have given a lot of people rides in both my RV-6 and now in my RV-12, and I always enjoy it as least as much as they do. Having been blessed with owning a Van's RV for what, nine or ten years now, it's easy to forget what wonderful little airplanes they are. Just as humans can get used to just about anything, there is a similar risk of getting so used to things that they start to be taken for granted - flying with people that have never been in a small plane before, or pilots that have never experienced the physical freedom of a nimble little sport plane, tends to remind the owner of what a special privilege it is to have one of these things.

I have to be honest, though: I don't remember everyone I've given a ride to, but they sure remember me! There's one guy at the airport that has had to remind me twice now that he took a ride with me. And now I realize that I've forgotten his name. Again.

On the other hand, there are some that are very memorable. There was a 50-something guy that had never flown in an airplane of any type, despite a life-long interest. And, or course, many of the very pretty young women are easily recalled.

And then there was Phil.

Phil called me one day last May to introduce himself as a fellow RV-12 builder in search of a ride. Naturally I told him that I'd be happy to give him one, and all he had to do was let me know when he wanted to come to the airport. There was a pause.... then he somewhat reluctantly told me that doing so would be a three hour round trip. "No problem," I told him, "I'll fly out to Zanesville and you can meet me there." That's less than a half hour trip in the 12, so it was no big deal at all.

The ride was memorable mostly because of how ebullient he was. I've seen that in younger people, and sometimes in 50-somethings as mentioned above, but seldom in the late-60s to 70-something group. That's not to say that they don't enjoy or appreciate it, because they do, but this guy was almost giddy. When we landed, we went though the obligatory "can I give you same gas money" dance, wherein they offer a couple of times and I respectfully decline.

Besides the fact that accepting money flies right in the face of FAA regulations, I really don't think it's necessary. I enjoy the flying, and the hourly costs of flying an RV-12 are so low that my out-of-pocket cost is nearly insignificant. And besides, I'm really just re-paying the debts incurred from when it was I that was asking for/receiving rides in RVs.

It's really just part and parcel with the mores of the RV Community.

What I have failed to consider is that what I consider to be a small favor may very well be of a far higher worth to the recipient of my minimal largess.

Obviously Phil had been one of those. When I got back to home base and picked up my phone to close my domestic flight plan (the text I send home to tell my spouse that I had cheated fate once again), I had a text from Phil telling me to make sure to look over to the passenger side - he had left something in the plane.

I did so, and found two wadded up $50 bills.


I had to do something with them, so one of them now rides in the map box, just waiting for the next time I find myself out somewhere and short of cash. The other rides in the glove box of my car, awaiting the same type of situation.

Late last November I received a message from Phil's wife telling me that he had passed away.

She told me that she thought I would want to know how much that ride had meant to Phil.

I took a day to absorb that, then remembered that I had taken a couple of pictures of him during the flight, which I try to do with everyone that rides with me. I was able to dig those out of my picture repository and send the better of the two to her, for which she was very grateful.

Then I had a thought.

I never know how to approach these things, so I cautiously composed another message to her that went something like "I apologize if this is inappropriate, but if you need help selling the kit, please let me know and I'll be happy to assist."

She took me up on the offer this weekend, so I drove out to the very nice heated garage where he had been building the plane to assess the situation. As it turns out, it's in extremely good condition, very well organized, and should be very easy to sell. In fact, I may have already sold it.

I also suggested that she would have no trouble selling the specialty tools as well. As I was winnowing them out from the more day-to-day tools, I came across one that I need myself, so I told her I would be making an offer on it.

When I had all of the airplane parts separated out from lawnmower parts and the like, I asked her how much she wanted for the tool, based on the price I found on Aircraft Spruce.

She paused, clearly thinking it through, then finally said, "Well, I guess I need to know what your fee is going to be first."

I have to confess to being momentarily stunned by the question; I can't imagine anyone in the RV community would even consider charging a fee for what I had done for her.

I told her that there would be no fee - in fact, it was a nice opportunity to use the knowledge that I spent three years building, only to never need again. Happy to do it!

She thought for a few minutes, then said "How about $100 for the tool?"

Perfect! I had half of it right there in the car, and the other half sitting in the map box of the plane!!

Thanks, Phil!

Oh, and she also asked if I had known he was ill at the time we went flying together. I had not, but as it was cancer, he probably did.

He very likely knew that our shared flight would be the only flight he would ever have in an RV-12 - I'm tearing up just writing this.

Now I better understand the worth people may be putting on those rides that I consider to be just another chance to fly my airplane.

It can be quite high.
Dave Gamble
Grove City, OH

RV4 with Garmin Panel ...Walt

John's Rotisserie

Paint Update ...Steve

Status ...rmartingt

Maryland Added to the RV Hotel List

Maryland - Glen Burnie/Baltimore/Annapolis - Mike Messer - 443-961-4552
I have two spare rooms when my kids are not in town (48 weeks of the year) and can comfortably accommodate up to four (full size bed and bunk bed). Centrally located (20 min drive) to KMTN (Martin State), KANP (Lee Annapolis), and KFME (Tipton) and 5 miles from BWI. Depending on the day/time, I can pick you up. Pool (June-August) and gym facilities in the complex. No smoking and sorry no pets.

Texas Tailwind Tuesday

Gary Platner (RV-8) sent me this pic.  20"MP, 2380rpm and 2,700'.  Pretty dang good for less than 7gph.

The winds at 3,000' at the time of this photo.
Gary was flying northeast in the yellow part <g>.

Panel ...SMRacer

Where has your cap been?

...and what charity did you give to?  The one below went to nearly 70,000'.

related: The 'Acts of Charity' section of the forums



January 19, 2016.  0004Z.   Issue No. 4,034.

RV-8R second test flight prelim data ...radial RV-8

We had a successful and event free test flight number two today!!! Prelim numbers show a cruise speed of 155mph at 23" of mp and 3000 engine rpm. This is 15 mph faster than my initial design goal. This is also only 15 mph slower then my fathers 200hp RV-8. These speeds would not have been possible without the use of the GT electric prop. After shutdown I laser checked the cylinder head temps. None of them were over 200f. The baffling is doing its job quite well! Time to de cowl and do a visual inspection and filter check. Video is posted below.  video


DIY Painting ...Steve Melton update and many pics

"...pulled the n-numbers at four hours after paint. paint is very soft and not tape free. called in the reinforcements to pull paint mask. they had fun. the numbers came off well. Amanda dug into the "5" somewhat with the razor on the right hand side and she told me so, I said it was OK, no worries. she did better on the remainder. the memories of the help are worth it. I had some runs on the cowl. this is how to turn a nice white cowl to blue runs. one day I may understand how to paint but with the help at the end of the day it was a good day. outside air temp -12C when we pulled the n-number mask."


Update on N914VA...east coast RV-14A demonstrator

(Mitch Lock)  "It's gonna be a little while before I can give demos. Being certificated under Experimental R&D which is the precursor to Market Survey/Crew Training like all of Van's factory airplanes, I have a 50 hour phase one flight test, plus a paint appointment next month. Should be up and working by mid March."


The RV Hotel Update ...21 pages of places to stay for free

(newest entries)
British Columbia
We are about 10 miles from the airport (CYSQ) and have a guest cabin that will sleep 2-3. Not far off the Alcan route. Plenty of parking at the airport. Can pick you up at the airport. We’re typically in residence from late May through mid-September. Lots of great stuff to do here. Best contact is email (arehart 'at' unr 'dot' edu) as we don’t have a phone there.
Greg & Julia Arehart

We have a hangar at RTS, home of the Reno Air Races. Sometimes can squeeze in another RV, or it is empty parts of the summer when we are traveling. We have a spare bedroom with double bed and can sometimes lend a vehicle if needed. Best contact is email (arehart 'at' unr 'dot' edu).
Greg & Julia Arehart


Update on 'Morning Sickness'

Well, it looks like Mike was right all along

I took the lower cowl off and found the mixture arm was about 1/4" or so off its stop. I then found I could move it that bit extra using the cockpit control. There were witness marks on the cowl - on the angle of the air intake section. A quick "re-profiling" with the Dremel and all now works as it should.

I have another couple of jobs to do before rolling her out and running the engine but I think the problem is solved. Thanks guys!

(later)......Just to close the thread - started up today and back to its normal, sweet self. I just wish all snags were so easy to fix. Well, easy when you have thousands of experts on VAF!

Thanks again, guys.


For Those Making Their Own Seats...



v3.0 of Vac's Training Syllabus is Online

Version 3.0 Summary of Changes

-Corrected FAR Flight Review reference
-Changed assumed weight for parachutes for the purpose of computing weight and balance to actual weight
-Scrubbed all Knot/MPH references throughout all Parts and adopted the following convention: “Van’s Aircraft provides RV-type airspeed performance data and limitations using MPH. In accordance with current practice, this guide presents airspeed in knots and MPH (generally presented in a KTS/MPH format). If a speed is a factory specified limitation, it is converted from MPH to knots and rounded to the closest appropriate knot. In some cases when converting from MPH to knots, a small interpolation is made to produce an easy to reference “round” number ending in zero or five if it does not exceed an airspeed limitation. Due to variation between individual aircraft, calibrated airspeed is utilized in lieu of indicated airspeed. Indicated airspeed for a specific RV-type can only be determined through flight test.”
-Revised figures and some discussion in RV-type aerodynamics briefing.
-Edited bounced landing ROT of page 434. Added ROT regarding retracting flaps abruptly (manual flaps) on conventional gear types during wheel landing.
-Edited LANDING section in PART 2. Added additional power-control discussion and established “no later than” point for stabilized final approach criteria.
-Added RV-3B weight and balance limits to Table 1-1. Limits obtained from Van’s tech support, including note regarding wing fuel weight inclusion in maximum allowable aerobatic gross weight.
-Added knots to Tables 2-1 and 2-2: VNE TAS quick reference data.
-Added RV-3B data to Table 2-4. Revised notes.
-Added RV-3B data to Table 2-5. Re-ordered notes.
-Added RV-3B data to Table 2-6. Added suggested asymmetric G limits (asymmetric G limits are not specified for RV-types by Van’s). Revised and re-ordered notes.
-Added RV-3B data to Table 3-2. Only VFE provided for RV-3 is 100 MPH/95 KTS. Note: No factory guidance available stating VFE for half-flaps or less is 10 MPH higher as is available for other RV-types.
-Added RV-3B data to Table 3-7. Revised and re-ordered notes.
-Revised note 1 in table 2-3/3-8.
-Revised and added to Appendix D: RV Handling Rules of Thumb



January 18, 2016.  0103Z.   Issue No. 4,033.

Air to air pic ...Guilherme Plassmann (Brazil)


9A Status Report ...Tom Argentieri pics

Finally had some time after the Holidays to Sikaflex in the aft window on my tip-up canopy. Lots of clamps, but the mess was manageable.  more


Status Report ...Gil Alexander 6A

Actual progress. Wings on with the real, final bolts.


Trigger Happy ...Charlie Derk RV-10

I got a little trigger happy with my drill and step bit. What was supposed to be a 5/8" hole is now a little less than 3/4". This is on my RV10 elevator.

What is the best way to "fix" something like this? New spar? New (larger) bushing? Silicone? VHB?


DIY Paint Update ...Steve Melton pics

"...cowling paint line. I do not think where the line is matters, I was only going for symmetry.

I pulled a tape line for the bottom blue across the lower cowl for each side half way and met close to the middle. I picked the one I liked best and made a template and duplicated the other side. mark the template with a pencil and cut the line. the trick is to find the cowl center with the template. the trial and error method worked for me on the 5th measurement. very little wasted tape with this method. this 1/4 inch tape in the picture is the negative. I latter swept a 1/2 inch blue tape around the entire cowl as one piece to match the 1/4 inch one. the wider tape gave a smoother line and was still able to contour..."


Welcome Heartland Machine & Mfg.

(in the Previous Day's News section)  "Heartland Machine & Mfg is offering their John's Rotisserie Kit to the VAF community along with other unique products related to building EXP aircraft. This rotisserie kit provides builders with the key components needed to quickly build their own rotisserie using two pieces of common lumber and hardware. See pictures and a video at heartland-mfg.com"



January 15, 2016.  0021Z.   Issue No. 4,032.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


N914VA Ready to Fly! ...RumbaChad

Van's east coast RV-14A demonstrator received her airworthiness certificate Wednesday evening from DAR David Schober.

Congratulations to Mitch for all his hard work (and patience)!

related: The RV-14/14A Forum


Intermittent Fuel Pressure Problem

I own a RV7A with an IO-360, fixed pitch prop. with a Dynon SkyView that I bought from the builder and have been having an annoying fuel pressure issue since I bought it. At WOT during takeoff and in a climb with the electric fuel pump on, fuel pressure seems fine (30-35psi) If I shut electric fuel pump off I sometimes get a drop in my fuel pressure and an audio "low fuel pressure" warning from the SkyView. Drops to about 12-14psi. This doesn't happen all the time. When this first happened, I thought it was the mechanical pump, so I replaced it with a new one and checked my filters. That didn’t solve the problem. Engine always runs strong and I haven't had any issues. A week ago, after preheating the engine with a red dragon heater, starting and waiting for oil temps to rise above 100 (OAT was 25F) I performed a run up and I was getting a high fuel pressure warning. I believe it was around 40-45+ PSI. without electric fuel pump on. I waited a while to observe engine performance. All seemed well. I decided to take off and stay in the pattern. After engine warmed to operating temps all seemed fine, fuel pressure came back to normal and I had an uneventful 2 hour flight.

My questions to you all, is: Since I already replaced the mechanical fuel pump, what should I check next? Does temperature effect anything? Why was I getting high fuel pressure in cold weather and low in regular temps? Is it possible my fuel lines are effected by different temperatures? Is it possible it is just a bad sensor? Also, when I turn on my electric fuel pump, according to the SkyView fuel flow goes up a bit. Is this common?


Eagle's Nest Projects - Central High School (WI) Banquet honoring Student Builders


One Lonely Neglected RV at Leadville Colorado ...turbo :^)

Took a drive thru the airport yesterday while being out here enjoying the cool wx. The airport guy said it flew twice last summer. What a shame. The airport is looking great though.


Status Report...crabandy

I'm finally satisfied with the new shape of the cowling, I think. I bought a gallon of auto body filler to do the final shaping mostly because I could spread it and be sanding in 25 minutes, it was also cheaper but I missed the workability of the west systems. I did add some West Systems and flox immediately aft of the inlet rings. All the foam, filler etc is getting removed after the glass is on and cured.

My reference lines have mostly been sanded out, but they helped me keep things uniform as far as I can tell.  more



January 14, 2016.  0058Z.   Issue No. 4,031.
I was offered a ride in Sid Mayeux's RV-7A 'Kellie Girl' today at the cave and was happy to go.  Beautiful plane that flew exactly as advertised.  Sid's request was for me to show him my usual spots for seeing deer.  "I have the aircraft."  During the flight Monk joined up for a bit, and I got this pic while Sid flew.  The Wx is pretty good around here right now, and the skies are busy with RVs.  Good times...


Morning Sickness

I have an IO-540 fitted to my -10 and have been having some minor issues first flight of the day.

Everything was fine until I was away from home for about 6 weeks so decided to install desiccator plugs. The problem started after I refitted the normal plugs although I have difficulty believing it has anything to do with that - just coincidence.

On the first flight, the engine starts fine but then starts to stumble. I don't believe it is an ignition fault as it dies and then recovers if I give it a bit of throttle. It's almost like a vapor lock but can't be. Putting the electric pump on makes no difference. There is no evidence of any water in the system. I also do not believe it is the traditional "Morning Sickness" of a sticky valve - the engine is only 25 hours old and it is definitely like a weak cut rather than a misfire. By the time I have done the engine run-up all is well. Second flight of the day, no problem.

The first time it happened, I put it down to the engine having sat there fore 6 weeks but it occurred again the next day, although not as bad. I haven't flown since as I am away and the engine is again inhibited. I am hoping to fly again in the next few days, so any ideas?

In summary:

- doesn't feel like an ignition problem
- doesn't feel like a sticky valve
- can't be the EDP as the electric pump ON makes no difference
- can't be vapor lock as the engine is cold

That leaves water. The drains are clear but I suppose it could be collecting somewhere else. The aircraft is kept in an unheated hangar so could it be condensation in the fuel? This is the first winter the aircraft has been finished and flying.

More than irritating as the engine had been running absolutely sweetly! Any thoughts appreciated.


One less naked plane ...David Nelson

After flying naked (the plane, not me) for just over four years, she's finally got paint!


Rest in Peace Mr. Tommy Holland (RV-6A)

[ed. Mr. Holland passed away a few days ago, and David Jones sent me the following article that was written three or so years ago.  Reading this article will be time well spent.  ]


Status Report ...Aero Octaveus

Well. Finally reached a mile stone for the project. Wings are mounted on the wing stand and ready to rock.


New from Dynon- SkyView 14.0 Released & SV-GPS-2020 Shipping

We're excited to share two pieces of news. First, we are now shipping our 2020-compliant ADS-B Out position source - the SV-GPS-2020 GPS Receiver. We've also just released SkyView System Software version 14. In addition to support for the SV-GPS-2020, SkyView v14 includes over 30 new capabilities and improvements.

Michael Schofield
Dynon Avionics.  (more)


Houston Area Builders/Flyers Monthly Lunch

Looks like the last time we did this was back in November at Carl's, so let's make it Hooks this time around. Let's get some B-52 burgers at the Aviator's Grill this Saturday at 11:30.

I need to talk to you guys and get motivated again, I've been back from vacation for a couple weeks now and still haven't gotten back to work yet...


Updated- AcroBox for iOS


Mothership Stats



January 13, 2016.  0132Z.   Issue No. 4,030.
Might any VAF readers sell Jeep Wranglers for a living?  In the next few months I need to turn over the Ford Ranger to my now-old-enough-to-drive son.  I'm looking for a base model no frills that can be cleaned with a leaf blower.  Manual window cranks will be just fine.  I don't enjoy car shopping and would rather deal with a RV builder/owner who is in the biz than, you know, this guy.
  vansairforce 'at' gmail 'dot' com if you might be able to help...and thank you.


Radial powered RV-8R flies!!!! ...video

"I am happy to announce that the RV-8R has flown for the first time! She was test flown by my father, Mike Kelly at 8:00 am EST. test conditions 45 F, clear skies, calm winds. Chase plane was a 160 Hp RV-9.

She flew straight and true, and did two circuits over the airport to a landing. Engine and oil temps remained low. The propeller from GT performed flawlessly and cycled to maintain 3300 engine rpm. Top speed achieved was 130 knots. At one point the chase plane said he was at full throttle and couldn't catch up. These are all very preliminary numbers and will be verified with more test flying. But for now I can say that 10 years of painstaking effort have come to fruition.

Time to un cowl and inspect. A huge thanks to everyone who made today possible."


N789KD's First Passenger

Today My lovely wife/building buddy was the first passenger after Phase I was completed. As she was my "Kathy the Riveter" when I couldn't reach both sides, that made her the K in the K&D Aircraft factory in my backyard.

Nice cool morning with little wind, that made for a smooth demonstration of our 9A. For someone that isn't into flying she had a great time enjoying every minute. Jesse Saint was the cameraman, thanks again for all his help.

Now we'll be doing some traveling

I guess I'll have to revise my profile.


A riddle for you mountaineers ...Vlad (3 pics)

How long will it take to recognize this mountain?


Dormant RV-6

Looking for some input....knowing full well the broad topic at hand.

I am looking at purchasing a 15 year old RV-6. It has a factory new Lycoming O-360 A4M with 540 TTSN. The drawback here is that the aircraft has been hangar for 10 years, without a single flight hour on it (owner grounded for medical).

My natural concern is corrosion. Is there a good way to check for this without cracking open the case? At this point, I was thinking of valuing the aircraft with the engine core and getting it overhauled myself.

Thoughts, advice?



PIREP for the Property Owners at my Airport

fmi: http://www.fly52f.org/


Update on David's Wife ...David Domeier

"...At present we are into week 2 of radiation/chemo treatment. Marge is taking it very well but is tired and growing weaker, she can walk be it slowly and steps are a problem, can't tell if it is the tumor or side effects of treatment. They won't take another MRI for several months to see what's going on. We have a weekly appointment with Doctor on Wednesdays of this six week session to check progress.

We (Marge's oldest son) and I have looked at other prototype treatments. As our surgeon said after surgery, there are many, he has tried many, all are experimental. We've decided to stay the course here for now.

The Duke research is encouraging, 2 persons have had remission but 11 others of the initial 20 have died. The is much to learn about the polio virus treatment. The trauma of moving Marge to Duke and live in an apartment would be very stressful for her. At present she is very comfortable in her home just 12 minutes from treatment. She is age 74 and also suffers dementia.

Again thanks to all for sharing your prayers and thoughts. It is people who make life worth living. Airplanes are fun but in the end it is people who really matter."



January 12, 2016.  0107Z.   Issue No. 4,029.

Polyphosphazenes and BBQ

Meet Patricia.  She is a chemistry major at SMU and works in the lab across the hall from our daughter Audrey.  Audrey invited her out to the airport last weekend to get a ride in 'Flash'.

It was pretty much a brochure-perfect orientation ride.  Cold, smooth air.  Good viz.  Some deer to look at, and a bit of formation on Randy's wing.  Followed by lunch at the Hard 8 BBQ.  For about 30 minutes there, I think I was actually what the kids would call 'cool'.  Well, maybe 10 minutes.

Patricia tried to explain over lunch what her lab time is spent working on (this stuff).  Trying to modify polymers so that, in one application for example, there is a lower rate of rejection in the body when implants are used during post-mastectomy reconstructive surgery.

Very impressive!

Randy Richmond photo.


First Flight VH-MQB ...Michael Brooks 9A (Melbourne, Australia)

I'm pleased to report that VH-MQB (serial number 91939) now does what it's supposed to do.  Father and child are doing well, as is the test pilot Tony Manning, who did a magnificent job. Thanks to this great forum and its contributors. Without it I would have been lost.  Apart from a few niggles it was a relatively painless experience and flies "hands off" straight and level.


RV-8 Status Report ...Martin Leroux

Ever since I received my fuselage kit, I resisted the temptation to play with parts and build the airplane on cleco just for fun, then dream and making some airplane noise...Please admit will all do this !

Now that I work on my fuselage in a rented shop shared with my father and my uncle, they come almost daily witness the progress on my aircraft. Last November, they kept asking questions about aircraft parts, such as "What's this ? Where does it go ? I don't understand, show me and explain..." Therefore, because of "family peer pressure", over a period of about two week-end days, I built the fwd fuse and the mid fuse on clecos. And when they came back, now they could understand how my RV-8 is built.....And then they started bringing friends to show the airplane in the garage When they came back a few days later, they were disappointed to see the aircraft disassembled..."Hey dude, I have to disassemble it to make it for real later" I told them

Anyhow, this week-end of work spend building the fuselage temporarily turned out to be a great exercise. I got to know my parts and where they fit better. Definitely not a waste of time as I expected. And then I got fewer questions all the time...


DIY Painting Update ...Steve Melton


Jeff Update ...via Vlad

"Just got a progress report via SpyNet "



January 11, 2016.  0055Z.   Issue No. 4,028.
  I had the honor of attending Red Marron's funeral on Saturday.  The infamous B.C. Squadron was represented well!  There was some sadness, but rest assured there were many, many laughs.  What a life well lived!  Red, I'll see you on the other side someday.  You set the bar pretty high...

The Passing of a GREAT!!!!!


Happiness is...

(Jesse starts the talking)  "Now I realize some people reading this know what I truly believe is the source and cause of happiness. That hasn't changed. The title would more appropriately read "Happiness in aviation is...", but that isn't as catchy.

Happiness in aviation is walking out to the car after work and saying, "I think I'll take the -6A up for a spin." 25 minutes later I'm again walking out to the car with the biggest RV Grin. 0.3 hrs on the Hobbs, 1.8 gallons of $3.12 100LL, 2 aileron rolls and a majestic setting sun. Does aviation get any better than that?!

What is your "happiness in aviation is..." moment like?"


Pink Slip!! ...Greg Niehues

Still a few weeks away from first flight due to some lingering squawks and a few family commitments, but N16GN is official!! Thanks Mel!


Stuck! ...Vlad

I thought I would fit but the gap between the poles is 3" shorter then my wingspan.  Any ideas where I am?


From the Mothership FB page



January 8, 2016.  0035Z.   Issue No. 4,027.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend! 

Sigh of relief ...Ray in WV

Received the pink slip today from Charlie Monola, FISDO Charleston, WV. He made the FAA look good with his great attitude, professionalism and here to help attitude. Now the fun begins. It's time to put to use the skills I learned from John "Jetguy" Asbury during the transition training last month.


Retired! ...Gerry Julian 6A

As of Thursday, Dec. 31, I am officially retired after a 35 year career as a physical therapist/clinic owner. Of course, this means more time at the hangar (finally get that GRT EFIS I've had lying around for a year installed), and more time in the air. There...this post is officially RV related! Time to start putting some real hours on Second Wind <g>


Rolled the Canoe ...Larry Larson 7A


Matt Dralle Update ...FB/Tim Brandt/Bob Leffler

Matt & Katie Update: Matt was moved today to the rehab hospital in Walnut Creek where he will be for the next several weeks. He starts work tomorrow.

Once we know Matt's schedule I will try to have a way to schedule people to go see him at the rehab hospital. I would like to have at least one visitor per day so that Matt has encouragement and friendly faces as Katie will not be there during the week after this weekend.


A few Maintenance items. Parts 1 and 2 ...John RV-12

Just replaced those cute little plastic inserts in the carb throttle arm where the springs attach. See parts 74 and 73 in the first pic. 788 hours on each one.


TeenFlight Puyallup celebrates 1st Flight

TeenFlight Puyallup celebrated the first flight of it's first student built RV-12 on December 10th, piloted by Marv Scott.  This is the first of three RV-12s currently under construction and we are expecting the next first flight by end of this school year.


Status Update ...crabandy pics


It's Alive!!! ...RV7Guy

Finally, my panel is lit up. I'm using the Vertical Power Primary Power System that provides power to the VP-X. There were a couple of wiring issues that Chad Jensen helped me work through. After that was done, we got the VP-X configured. Then, hit the switch and powered everything. All smoke stayed in the boxes. At this point, there are only 2 minor issues that I'm sure I will trace back to me

The equipment is as follows. 2 AFS 5500T (touch screen) EFIS's, Garmin 750, Garmin SL40, TruTrak Gemini 880, Garmin 330 remote mounted, CO Guardian 455, XM weather and radio, NavWorx ADS-B.


Thursday Morning No Flying

LIFR around here Thursday, so instead some talking, doing DB upgrades, solving the world's problems and lunch at Wendy's.  Afternoon looked good, though. 



January 7, 2016.  0036Z.   Issue No. 4,026.

  Me.  PIC.  IMC....the video

This could be the most boring video ever uploaded to the internet, but it means something to me.  My first PIC in the by God clouds in OMG IMC flying IFR.  LOL.  2,400' OVC and mist around N.Texas on the 6th, so I went up to KGLE (VFR) for $2.99 fuel, then got a pop up clearance back into KAFW on the way back.  ILS 16L.  At DH in VMC I cancelled and went back to my home field 3n.m. to the east.

It's only 1min 49sec, but it documents previously unseen white stuff around the canopy as I joined the localizer.  Kind of a non-event looking back.  I reached down to turn a knob and when I looked back up everything was white.  Eyes went straight to the PFD as trained.  Pretty neat feeling. 


related: My IFR Checkride


9A Status ...Ken Boyd

My RV9A flew for the first time on November 14, 2015. As of January 6, 2016 I have 25 hours of my 40 hours of test time flown off. I am very happy with the finished product.


All log books backed up! ...turbo and others

"...it only took ten minutes and a camera. this was my new years resolution to my aircraft. filed away in a safe deposit box, time well spent. the plan is to update the sd card at the beginning of each year. there are many good reasons to do this."


Met the newest RV on the block! ...Vlad re: Charlie

I flew to Columbia County airport 1B1 the other day. Look who is here. Charlie Luke and his brand spanking new RV! She is a beauty with dual GRT screens my old girl liked her.


Seat Belt cable magnetism with ADAHRS...need a fix ...Chad Hesterman

I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a process to reduce the magnetism of the seat belt cables? I am having a bit of interference with my Dynon D6 and a much less extent, my Skyview. I have mounted the ADAHRS and D6 compass on a cross bar aft of the baggage compartment. The seat belt cables pass about 5 inches from them. I am getting some heading swing if I move the cables around. I am in the build stage of my 7A still, so I am looking for an easy solution if there is one. I have wrapped the cables in two layers of plastic shield, but no help.

Thanks for any ideas.


GoPro Mount for Top of VS ...rightrudder

And a Little Pull Ring


Upgraded Panel ...Walt

Another one I finished recently, nice clean simple VFR panel with room for upgrading to IFR later if desired.


WANTED: Beta Testers for New Construction Log App

(Ryan Asleson) "I'm nearing completion on a software application that experimental aircraft builders can use to log and record the construction process of the aircraft. The application allows the builder to create entries detailing specific work completed, including photographs. There are other features included to help the builder track the construction progress that I won't detail here, but are intended to help the builder visualize and document the construction progress.

I'm looking for builders who are actively in the construction process to serve as beta testers for the application. The ideal beta tester:

•Is actively constructing an experimental aircraft
•Uses a desktop internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge/Internet Explorer
•Actively uses an iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android mobile device
•Is willing to provide feedback such as bug reports, comments on features, or general recommendations

In return for their assistance, beta testers receive free lifetime use of the product.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please call 612-246-4550 and leave a message that includes your email address and the type of mobile device (Android or iOS) you have."



January 6, 2016.  0024Z.   Issue No. 4,025.
  I spent the day nursing a sick kiddo.  The Tater's doing better, and I got a chunk of paperwork done.  


The Move to the Airport in Pictures ...John Walker RV-10

Finally catching up on an update.  We got a lot done in the week before Christmas.  Did the Matco Wheel and brake upgrade (finally) as well as the front axel upgrade. They had been on my list since the beginning but were in the "can happen anytime" pile... Along with some new Desser tires (oshkosh Special) and The plane Around Fairing spacers...

Related: The RV-10 Forum


David Paule RV-3B Status Update

With the flaps and ailerons done, I wrapped them in bubblepack and put them in the shop rafters. I think I should have adjusted the aileron pushrods before I did that, and I might pull the ailerons down and do just that. In the photo, we're looking almost straight up. The tan stuff is the sprayed-in foam and you can see one of the four electric radiant heaters, too.  more


Garmin Connect and D2

I've been loaned a D2 watch to abuse for a bit, and I thought I would ping out a thought or two.  Some screen grabs from the Connect app that you use with the watch below - three grabs from a walk on Monday afternoon, and some from a flight some time back.  It is similar to an iWatch re: its activity tracking features, but the flying aspect is actually kinda convenient.  For tracking a flight, if you're just wanting how far, how high, how long and a ground track, it's pretty painless, actually.  You just select 'Fly'...and then look at your phone after your flight.  It 'syncs' using lasers and ball bearings, or something.

Of note in the flying grabs you can see the green elevation graph showing the ILS into KAFW and then the RNAV 17 into Decatur.  In the pace graph of the walking grab you can see where I stopped to cross a couple of streets (waiting for cars) and where I stopped to talk to one of Tate's friends I passed there at the end.  Pretty neat.

Click to enlarge pics....

The 'high level' screen... ...tapping on the map gives... ...and tapping on the little square with a line graph in it gives you....  Bet you can tell when the autopilot was on <g>.


High level same as above... ...tapping on the little piece of paper with the bent corner gives... ....and the graph is like above.


Mystery Boats ...Vlad


Matt Dralle Update ...via FB via Tim Brandt via Bob Leffler

Matt & Katie update: Today Matt got to start eating semi-solid foods. He also is waiting for a room on the 4th floor so he is moving out of ICU. The boss and I went to see him at lunch and he looked really good. Really strong grip and doing well. There is a lot of work ahead for Matt but I know he can do it.

Matt will be soon moving to a Rehab Hospital sometime this week in Walnut Creek for several weeks.

Thank you for your continued prayers as Matt progresses.


1st GoPro video from my RV-4 ...Dean Pichon


Status: Dave Grimmer RV-8

Entered the canoe stage with the help of my son, who is becoming a good riveter.


New hole in my left finger

(JohnP MI) So, after telling myself over and over and over that it wouldn't happen to me, I managed to drill a neat 3/32" hole in my left middle finger.

How it happened... I was drilling the last hole in the right elevator outboard rib trailing tip of my RV-4. The space was too narrow to fit my standard wood drilling block, so I whipped out a new one from some 1/4" plywood I had laying around. I was down to the final two holes and was thinking ahead to the next step - deburring. In went the block of wood, the drill was centered, and I pulled the trigger. The next thing I knew, I could feel the drill bit twisting into my finger. Ouch. I was bleeding sawdust, aluminum, and blood.

What I learned... 110deg split-tip HSS drills cut through plywood like warm butter AND the drill stop exists for a reason. From now on I will be much more diligent about setting the drill stop depth correctly.



January 5, 2016.  0025Z.   Issue No. 4,024. 

Visiting family and friends ...N941WR

"Sometimes we simply forget what great traveling machines our RV’s are. More importantly, we forget what great friendship machines they are!

Three years ago, while attending the Triple Tree Fly-in my son, who was four at the time, and I walked back to the plane to get a toy out of the back and two gentlemen were giving it a pretty good inspection. As we walked up, I introduced myself and asked if they had any questions.

It turned out the son, Paul, had built an RV-6 and his father had just started on a -9 and was trying to decide where to put the little wheel. Neither had flown in a -9 or -9A so I offered both of them a ride, which they gratefully accepted. After the post flight debrief we each went our separate ways.

Later that day, while talking to another friend (I think it was Pierre), I noticed my son was running around with two little girls, the younger one being his age. After finishing with Pierre, I introduced myself to the girl’s mother and grandmother. While chatting with Mom and Grandmother, and watching the kids runaround, expending more energy than I expend in half a day, the two gentlemen I had previously given rides to approached and started chatting. As it turns out, the two ladies were their wives and the girls where their daughters/granddaughters."  continue


Crabandy RV-7 Status Report

Best build session I've had all year.....last couple of months included! Mr. Baby is down for a solid nap while the oldest 2 are actually interested in learning how to apply math with tape measures, ratios (mixing epoxy) and power tools while the 2 year old plays in the bucket of soapy water......

Here's the blank slate so to say, its been the front of my plane for 2 flying years and attacking it with 60 grit and sloppy epoxy has been the biggest hang-up of this project.  many pics


Mr. Ollie Washburn...Rest in Peace

(from Miles)  "Ollie Washburn, an RV-6A driver and the host for the Love's Landing Fly-ins (and my Dad's next-door neighbor when Dad was still there) passed away last week (Tuesday, I think) after a short illness. I haven't seen an obituary, but Ollie himself posted on Facebook on Christmas Eve that he had been in the hospital since Monday that week and was not feeling well. Then last Tuesday condolences on his loss started showing up.

Ollie and Loreen hosted my Dad's Celebration of Life in 2008 and for that I and my family will always be grateful."


Jan/Feb '16 FAA Safety Briefing is Online ...TOC below


Bagels and Cream Cheese ...Joe Wilbur RV-10

You know you've been at it a little too much when you feel compelled to sand your bagel after meticulously filling all the nooks and crannies with cream cheese.

Thankfully after a couple weeks of daily work on the cabin top, I can say it's finally done, painted, and almost fully installed. It isn't perfect, but it's pretty good if I do say so myself.



January 4, 2016.  0121Z.   Issue No. 4,023. 
Sunday morning before Mass I scooted out to the field for my first flight of 2016.  34*F and calm on the surface.  Thick air that works so well for spotting deer at slower speeds - counted sixteen in half an hour.  I don't think any of them even looked up.  Must be used to me.
  Back in the pattern, trimmed up with the AOA dialed in for final, I got one of those 'this is the greatest hobbies in the world' type feelings again.  I had the airport to myself, there weren't any bumps or crosswinds, and right as the wheels touched I dumped the flaps, stopping in 932' if you believe the ruler feature on GoogleEarth.  What a confidence builder!  These planes are absolutely amazing.
  Back home by 0930 for food, God, work, workout and football.  Hoping you had a nice holiday.  Lot of stuff in today's edition...lots of RVating over the holidays! 


First Flight Jeff Reins

"My Vans Aircraft RV8, N37HR, S/N 82310, was inspected on December 31, 2015. First flight was January 2, 2015. Flight was performed by Jay Pratt of RV Central, Saginaw, Texas. The plane is powered by an OX-340S-A1A2N, propeller is Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF weight is 1043 lbs. Jay was excited about the acceleration on take off. Thank you Vans for the experience!
Jeff Reins
Canton, Texas"

From the test pilot Jay Pratt, "He used a ECI. O-340 Stroker rated at 177hp.
I was the pilot. I am impressed with this engine in Jeff's RV8!!! He has A Hartzell prop. The airplane weighed in at 1047."


Happy New Years from Maine @ 3000 ft ...pics from David

Hope everyone had a good holiday, took it easy last night so got up and headed to KBST for a 1st flight in 2016. A little cold -9c with 12kt crosswinds gusting to 18, but still nice day!


Update on Matt Dralle


2 Years to First Flight ...David Otero

One week shy of the 2 year anniversary of the day I started my RV-7, N505RV took to the air. Couldn't have happened without the help and support of my wonderful wife and great friends. I'll post more later.


RV-8 Blog ...welcome Chris Dupin


Mr. John Farnham...Rest in Peace  (posted by his son Ross)


2015 Review ...Jay Pratt starts the ball rolling

"...186.2 hours logged in all airplanes.

Flying Trips!

Sun N Fun and Key West in RV8 Borrowed Horse

Flew the Skywagon 'Paul Revere' to Spearfish, SD, Winifred, Montana, Kalaspell, Montana. Drove into Canada. Johnson Creek, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Utah, visited Park City.

Oshkosh in The RV8 'Borrowed Horse' ... After OSH, we flew to visit friends in Indiana, and Maine, drove into Canada, Prince Edward Island, camping along the Main and Canada coast. Then Flew to Watertown, NY and stayed a week with friends in a cabin on the St Lawrence River. On our way home we stopped and visited more friends in Missouri. Saw a bunch of springs and parks."  continue


Status: Katie B's RV-3

Tail's on! Temporarily, of course. Still a lot of work to do with control surface rigging, trim tab cable routing (grrr), and fiberglass.


New Years flight ...Brent Connelly RV-12 video


Teen RV-12 Build Project - Brighton, MI (45G) ...Jason Burton

Now that my first official post on the board was a plea for help regarding fuselage instructions, my second post is a formal introduction of myself and the RV-12 build project that my son (Collin, 13) and I have become heavily involved with since August.

My name is Jason Burton and I am a Private Pilot and one of the lead mentors for a teen RV-12 build project that is taking place at Brighton Airport (45G), in Brighton, MI.

We have approximately 12 boys ages 13-17 who work on the project twice per week with between 3 and 9 adult mentors. Admittedly, this is my first time building and airplane, but I grew up in the Tool & Die trade, and my career involves engineering and manufacturing of tools for stamping, molds, medical, etc..., so I consider myself to be mechanically inclined, and love working with my hands. Most of our mentors, including myself, are members of EAA Chapter 384, which is based at 45G, and are either experienced pilots, builders, or both. In face, one of our main sponsors completed a beautiful RV-6A several years ago, which he still owns.  continue


cderk RV-10 Status Update


143WM is flying again! ...yankee-flyer RV-12

After waiting 6 weeks and 1 day for new prop blades from Sensenich and then almost two weeks of miserable (300 and a half one day) Ohio weather, she finally flew today-- two flights working on prop pitch and just enjoying being off the ground again. Still a little tweaking to do on the prop but she's close.

Thanks for all the help, information, and encouragement, too.

P.S. No fuel flow alarms with new Kavlico sensor installed while there was nothing else to to.


Cascade Range - Mt Baker Area ...rockwoodrv9 trip writeup


DIY Painting ...Steve M. updates


Rocky Mountain New Year ...mchargmg

Sabrina and I took the Sabrina Lee to Buena Vista today. A beautiful trip as always. Here is the view coming into town.


Famous Visitor ...Joe

The world's only flying RV-14A, spotted at my house!


James Clark IV First Eight Flights....and some polishing



January 1, 2016.  0104Z.   Issue No. 4,022. 
Farewell 2015.  Wishing you, your families and your friends a happy, safe, healthy and RV-filled 2016.  Thank you for letting our family be a small part of it.  The people I meet through this site make me a better person, and for that I am forever grateful.


Vlad Wishes Us Well ...as only he can.


Matt Dralle Recovering

(Bob Leffler)  Many know Matt due to his Matronics mailing lists or his Mykitlog.com website and Kitlog build tracking application.

Regrettably, Matt had a stroke earlier in the week. I'm posting this on VAF because to minimize any potential hate mail sent his direction for lack of responsiveness in supporting these products. Unfortunately it's going to be awhile before he will be able to respond to any inquiries.

Matt needs our prayers as he recovers. The following was posted to his FB page last night.

Matt Update: He is responding to comments being made by squeezing Katie's hand and he was able to answer his age by using his one hand. All early indicators are that he is doing ok.

Katie sends her thanks for the prayers and that they are definitely helping


Check those oil screens ...Vic

I come across many RV's who's operators forget to check the oil screen on the engine. It should be checked at least once per year during the annual or whenever the internal health of the engine is in question. Here is a picture of one I removed from an RV10 yesterday that should drive the message home. IO-540 with 10:1 pistons and only 600 hours. I don't know when the screen was last checked, but clearly there is lots of blowby. All of the chunks were carbon, the screen was about 50% blocked, with one cylinder at 48/80 and 54/80 and all of the leakage going by the rings.


New Years Day Nor Cal Willows Lunch

There are a few of us planning to fly to Nancy's in Willows CA at 11:00 New Year Day. If we fill up Nancy's like last year it's a short walk across the freeway to Black Bear Diner. Hope to see a lot of you there. Happy New Year start it off right with a log book entry.


Is this the correct accessory case for my engine?

I have a disassembled O-320-E2A that I want to overhaul. Someone else had started it before me.

The accessory case had already been yellow tagged, cleaned and painted but I am a suspicious type. It looks like this: