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Thu Jan 31, 2013

RV-12 Status: John Halcrow (Irvine, CA)
"First major milestone: four months / 197.0 hours build time. Will hold off on mounting the tail surfaces and installing fairings until later in the build. Rudder and ASTs are on shelves, out of frame.  Wings are next...kit is on the floor, waiting.  Note: I don't always work in full dress uniform - thought this occasion was special enough for it."

Spring training? ...Bob Collins 7A
  Anybody interested in getting together for a few spring training baseball games in Arizona? I'm thinking about flying down to Goodyear to watch the Tribe play. I think there's a little airport right nearby.

Dynon Announces Skyview v5.1, Featuring User Configurable Data Logging

Joe Blank (and the RV-14) on the cover of the current Kitplanes

Update (with video) of Brian Chesteen's Panel Upgrade Project
  Major cold front passing East TN today...started the day at 68° and by midnight it should be in the 30's. Huge amount of rain and flooding since the ground was already soaked and all the creeks, ponds and other low spots were already full of water. Tons of tornadoes in the South East. Hope all the RV'ers got out of it unharmed!

200kt GS Club ...Jerry Morris entry.

Bend radius of integrally sleeved teflon hoses


Mounting elevators; is this normal?
  Is it normal to have to trim this much of the HS skin to allow travel of the elevator counterbalance arms? Just want to make sure I don't cut off anything I can't put back. Thanks!

Jon Thocker Yesterday

Wed Jan 30, 2013

RV-10 Fire Extinguisher Locations

Finalizing Panel- All thoughts welcome
  I am in the final throws of sending my panel of to be CNC'd and engraved for my RV-10. I am after any and all comments as to the layout to ensure I have missed no specific issues and I have covered all bases.

In Flying
...RV-12 spotlighted as one of the successes

New App for Idaho airstrips
  ...Brian Carroll brought this to our attention.

related: Video about the app

Oversize holes
  I was match drilling the skin through the J stringer into the F-779 skin. It was hard enough trying to keep the centre line of the J stringer in the centre of the side skin (F-773) hole of the tail cone let alone line up the hole in the F-779 on my RV 9. This was the result, figure of 8 holes and oversize holes.
  I have emailed VANS. I am thinking of drilling out the holes to #30 and using a 4 oops rivet. Not sure of my options here and are asking for advice. Many thanks in advance.

Don Patrick Starts his -8 Fuse
  Picked up my fuse kit in Lewiston, New York today. Boy, there's quite a bit to sort!
  Hoping to be attacking that firewall sometime this coming weekend!

Tue Jan 29, 2013

From the factory's First Flights page...Mr. Mark Fabiano's RV-12

Safe Cold Weather Engine Operations
....from the factory FB page

G3X Install Tip...Jon Thocker
  I'm just finishing up my third G3X install in the last 14 months. Something came up that hadn't been an issue in the 2 previous planes.
  This particular RV7A has a rudder bottom mounted Whelen Nav/strobe light. When running the magnetic interference check I found that it failed when the nav lights were turned on. This hadn't happened on the previous RV8's with magnetometers mounted in roughly the same place. (RV7A on the aft deck, the 8's mounted just fwd of the same last bulkhead). The 8's both had wingtip mounted Nav/Strobe combo's with integral white aft facing lights(No tail lights).
  A friend had an uninstalled Whelen LED tail light combo, so I tried that and ran the mag interference test. It passed with flying colors.
  The wires run in the center of the fuselage bottom to the tail, and are probably 18 inches from the magnetometer. This is a big no no in the install manual, but it would be hard find a perfect place. If left alone the heading slews 2 degrees when the nav lights are turned on. This could be zeroed out in the calibration mode if done with the lights on, so not to big a deal. Or just live with it, and calibrate with them off. The other option would be to replace the tail light with an LED version.
  Hope this helps those planning a G3X system.

Hobbs Meter on the Factory Site
..."As of January 28, 2013 7,988 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!"

Welcome: Dan West's F4 Style Mirrors ...new advertiser in the previous day's news section.

Thread talking about the mirrors
(until he can get a web site up.)

Annual / Conditional / Flying Inspection
  Can I perform a staged or progressive Annual? That is to say, can I do the engine one weekend then button it up and fly the next day? Then, do the fuselage the next weekend, button it up and fly...and so on?
  Or, do I have to take the plane down until the entire Annual is done? This is what I used to do during my owner assisted Annuals years ago on my certified airplane.

Panel Upgrade Status ...Brian Chesteen
  Warm today so I left work at noon today and plan to take the next two days off to work on the plane. It is suppose to be 70° here tomorrow and 66° Wednesday.
   Tied the VP-X into the plane today. It sure is getting tight behind that sub-panel and access is limited at best. My dreams of this thing coming out looking like a work of art are slowly fading. It will be safe and durable but it won't be looking like a masterpiece. Once all of these wire bundles start trying to occupy the same space as fixed objects, it becomes a nightmare to keep it all organized.
  I have had to abandon the idea of using cord to lace all of the wires behind the sub-panel. There is just no way my big arms are going to twist in that many different directions at the same time. The pre-built panel harnesses are all laced so that will just have to do. Tons of zip-ties will do the job.
  I hope to get to the point of installing the new panel tomorrow. I want to ensure everything possible is done that I can do before putting it in because that will make access even harder.

 Selitz Bay Flight in RV-7 ...Spencer Rice video

Harcourt RV 7 LZU Over Colbert ...David Jones video.

Mon Jan 28, 2013

Tony T
 ...by Bob Bogash (RV-12 AIRWORTHY!)
  What is a friend? Friends are special. But that word is thrown around rather loosely. Too loosely for my taste. Tony Tessitore fills the bill in my book. He's a very special guy.
  Most people on this Forum know Tony. He is a prolific contributor. His postings are always knowledgeable and on-point. He is ever helpful. His photo website has become the "Go-To" place for anyone building an RV-12. He has helped many builders via his comments. And via personal visits and demo flights. He has personally helped local builders during their journey. And, he has personally helped me - and gone way beyond the call of duty. Way beyond.  more

Formation Flying with Mysterious Black RV

As promised, I am including a few pics of my gust lock

RV-4 Cowl Differences -

Lower longeron question

Here is how I installed mine



Rock Solid N.TX RV-8 for Sale ...from my friend Don Christiansen (He recently finished his 3rd RV.  It's a solid plane.  I've flown with it for years, including at least one trip to Idaho's Johnson Creek.  I personally know the history of this plane and can vouch for it and the owner). dr

Robin Marks RV-8 Panel
  Here is a panel layout that has all the elements you are considering (Dual G3x, GX AP, Garmin Stack, Gemini, labeled switches) all stuffed in a standard RV-8 panel. Note Gemini in custom side console. As far as panel removal that is a nice feature but there is less need with the new EFIS displays since they remove easily and leave you two huge holes to access the backside of your panel if needed.
Note: I used the lighted Honeywell switches with engraving vs. stickers or screen printing to mark the switch function

D6 tilt going in

Iron on YouBagSpaceBookTube ...RV-8/3

    related: Paul's new career

RV-14 K.C. Berner

Follow up after first set of ribs

Fri Jan 25, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

Rolling shutter of my iPhone camera strong-arming Don Christiansen's prop. dr

Sebring LSA Expo ...Ken Scott
When I woke up and peered out my bedroom window at the sixth straight day of freezing Oregon fog, the Light Sport Aircraft Expo in Sebring, Florida started sounding pretty good. Forget that it’s 3:30 a.m. and I’m facing a long, long day in a middle seat…I’m goin’ to Florida! Three hours later the Airbus lifted off Portland International’s runway 28 and I had plenty of time to think about my first trip to Florida, almost exactly fifty years ago.
My mother grew up in DeKalb, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. During World War 2, she moved to California, following an older brother in the Air Corps, and quickly found work at Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica helping build C-47s and C-54s. One of her strongest memories of those times was how she found herself sitting on the bench outside her rooming house, wearing a light sweater, waiting for the bus that would take her to her shift. In a flash of revelation, she realized “it’s December. If I were back in DeKalb, I’d die if I sat outside in a sweater in December!” She never returned to Illinois…and I suspect she told her parents the same story, because in the early Sixties they left DeKalb and relocated in Ocala, Florida continue

Tail Wheel Cold Weld
  Has anyone had this to happen. I was pushing plane back into hanger and bumped a inch and a quarter door lip to roll into the hanger. The weld just snapped. I have been flying my RV for almost 400 hours.

(possible) If you were going backwards when you hit the 1.25" high lip, I think that it is possible that the loads on the weld were actually pretty high. As you go backwards, a load applied to the tailwheel by an obstruction will tend to pivot the tailwheel spring down, increasing the vertical force on the tailwheel and making it harder for it to roll over the obstruction

HS brackets distance
  I just started building my new RV-4 and first issue arose.
  I drilled one side of each HS bracket to the spar.  Now, manual says to mate the other half of the bracket installing the bearing with nut and bolt and a thin washer (AN96010L). In this way the proper distance between the two halves is achieved and the second half of the bracket may be drilled on the spar, too.
  Problem is that the edge-to-edge distance of the bearing itself is 16/32'' (not including the washer thickness) but drawing number 3 and 5 call for 7/16 gap. Also the bearing table at the beginning of the manual says a 7/16 thickness for MD3614M bearing. I measured those bearings and their "body" is in fact 7/16, but the edge-to-edge is 8/16''.
  Now, if the distance between brackets is set to 7/16'', provided that the bearing overall thickness is bigger, torquing the nut will produce an angle in the bracket side, since at the top of the bracket, where the bolt is located, distance is bigger than that at the bottom of the bracket, where bracket is riveted to the spar. I guess this is not good.
  So, I am almost convinced to distance them of 8/16''.
Will this be OK?

Ron Townson -8 Battery ...and some nice firewall swirls
  I wanted an extra air box for rear seat heat so put my battery in the upper left. Still not complete but havn't hit any snags with it so far...

Need Advise Over Counterweight Screwup
  After reading all the posts I still screwed up my elevator E-703 tip rib when I drilled the counterweight. Take a look and let me know! Second time of course was a charm, perfectly in the middle. Is this 703 toast or is there a fix?

What I Did To Fix Mine ...Arnie

Cool Live Flight Tracking Sites


Thu Jan 24, 2013

18 Hours into Phase 1 ...Dave Svajda RV-6
  I spent the first 11 hours making sure the engine was broken in. Then 6 hours of lots of slow flight and landings. For 17 hours the airplane was hands off, centered ball all the way to 165KIAS at 6500MSL. After I quit patting myself on the back, I decided to put the wheel and leg fairing on. On a today's test flight I was about 1/4 ball out to the right at 130KIAS at 2500MSL, then about 1/8 ball to the left on an idle descent at 120KIAS. Looks like next flight will include a 8" balsa wood rudder trim wedge. I guess that's why we do Phase I. At least everything is finally bolted on and in place.

Airworthy! ...Dave Gamble RV-12

My (RV-10) flight analysis
  ...Sean Strasburg
  I think this is great info. I would have loved seeing this as I was building just to see actual flight info including: Speeds, EGT's, CHT's and so on. As you can see there are a bunch of options. This is a flight from SLC to DVT while running LOP. I welcome any comments.
  You may have to create a log in but well worth it.

Window Defroster-system

RV-8 Status ...Chris Michael
  RV-8, Lycon IO-360, Sensenich fixed pitch, Dynon FlightDEK 180, Garmin 300XL, Dynon autopilot, Garmin 796 panel mounted, electric trims, DC load center, showplanes cowl.
  Progress is good planning summer flight test.

Vans has a sense of humor
  The end is near and Vans just now in the Firewall Forward shows a sense of humor in this step. Truly this can't be the only buried joke.

Dollies under wind stands

Pancake Kill Stickers ...Gil Moll

Wed Jan 23, 2013

...ao.frog photo (on the Norway ice)

Winterflying with landing on a frozen lake in Norway ...ao.frog
  Hi folks.
  Today, we woke up to GREAT winter-weather here in the south-eastern Norway, so the wifey and me decided it was time to let our -7 get some air under it's wings and to do this seasons first ice-landing.
  Since a couple of the runways on frozen lakes in our local area opened for the season last week, we chose the runway situated in the northern part of Mjøsa, close to the city Lillehammer, as our destination today

Getting on with the cowling
 ...Bruce Hill 9A
  A nice long weekend to get some progress on the cowling.  It is slowly starting to come together. I just had to get the full effect with top, bottom and spinner on there temporarily. Finally starting to look like an airplane!

Rest in Peace Mr. Paul Bowmar
  ...of PlaneInnovations.com.  We've lost a friend, and it hurts.

Windshield scratch/scuff repair or polish question
  So our painter absolutely destroyed our windshield and canopy. I guess whatever he used to cover it and all of the fiberglass dust he got on it really messed it up. It is swirled and has what can best be described as permanent hand prints. It is hazed and smudged all over and really looks awful. It's very distracting when flying when the sun hits the canopy. I wouldn't recommend this painter to anyone.
  Anyway, see the picture below for an example of what I am dealing with and let me know if there is anything that can be done about this. Plexus has no impact on it. Its like its permanently dirty. Thanks everyone.

Panel Layout Questions

Tue Jan 22, 2013


Ugly Duckling to Swan - It's Painted! ...John Volkober

Baptism in Pro Seal

Found Object Engineering II - or what to build now that the plane is "done"

9A Status: Greg Niehues

Avionics Master Fused Separately?
 ....Ernst says 'Sure!'

GA News Article on RV-8 ..pg 20

Engine Primer Plumbing Install Notes

Update on the site logo...

Repair complete
  Time to move on -- FINALLY! Used 3/8 four flute cutter, then smoothed with 3/8 carbide burr sitting on a small square of maroon Scotchbrite, then hand polished with 600 wet/dry sandpaper, and finally Dremel buffed with polishing compound.

         related: factory input on repair

Mobile Wing Work Stand

Mon Jan 21, 2013

2 Weekends, 2 Daughters
  ...Kelly Johnson trip reports.

Roll your own iPad mini Knee board

Blast Tubes

JDAir Tail Wheel Yoke Improvements

Hero 3 Outside RV10 ...Troy Branch

Panel Update...Fernando Abasolo (Chile)

Juan Pablo's RV-8 LV-X418 on the cover of Argentina magazine!

Storing the HS between the wings
  ...Robert Owen wing rack.

Cool cup holder in -10 back seats

DIY $10 Gust Lock ...woodmanrog

Damaged ring gear - how serious?

Fri Jan 18, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

What's it like?...Dave Gamble
  I wrote a blog post about what it's like to build an airplane, or at least what it has been like for me. I sent it off to the editors of Sport Aviation to see if they'd like to print it, but got no reply. I just thought I'd go ahead and share it here. It's a bit wordy for a single post, so here's a teaser:
  You get a lot of questions from people that find out that you are building an airplane.

  Some become routine.
  Some test your ability to suppress an eye roll.
  Examples of those are "When will it be done?" and "A real airplane? And you're going to actually fly in it??"
  After awhile you build up a library of ready answers for the most common ones along with the ability to spit out a wordy non-answer when the real answer would require too much time and effort. You know, much like a politician.
  The hardest question of all, though, is, "What's it like? What is building an airplane like?"
  It's hard to answer because there is no simple, concise response that can truly convey what the experience is like. Most people have never tackled a project that requires the level of commitment, persistence, tenacity, frustration, elation, perspiration, dedication, and time that comes with the job of building an airplane. There are parallels that can help people to understand, of course, but few of those result in a day when you are going to trust your very life to the end product. It is that aspect, I believe, that erects an insurmountable communication barrier between those that have and those that haven't. It is also why one of the more routine questions, albeit almost always a rhetorical one, is "Are you crazy??"

Glamorous Elena ...video from Italy.
  "Here's a short video of two friends flying the RV7 "Glamorous Elena" in northern Italy.
Watch the awesome pics at the the end of the clip."

Shink tube printers....

Eagles Nest kids featured on the news
  ABC13 news, featured the Eagles Nest 3 project.

Engine School Photo ...randyintejas
  Everyone else seems to post their new Engine pic’s so I figured, why not? I had this little SLACKER built up a couple of months ago…
A1A Case 1st run by CrankCase Services, Inc. - All new Lycoming parts – Cam has Centri-Lube Tech LLC. STC.- Lycon 9:5:1 Pistons, Superior Cold Air Induction – AFP Fuel Injection – Pure Power Lifetime Oil Filter – New Oil Nozzles - Case Modified with Lycon O Ring STC, Gap-less Rings – Lycoming Cylinders Flow Balanced – Crank Balanced – Slick Mags (for Now) Alum Oil Filer Tube - Sky Tec Starter – Plane Power Alt and Bolting up a Vetterman 4 Pipe Exhaust.

Hat Sighting

Team AeroDynamix Coming to OSH'13
  "January 17, 2013 - Team AeroDynamix, which made a spectacular EAA AirVenture Oshkosh debut in 2012, will be returning this year as a featured act in the event's afternoon and night air shows.
  The 61st annual EAA fly-in convention, known as "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration," will take place July 29-August 4 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh."

Thu Jan 17, 2013

DIY pre-heat on a Budget. 
  This is the pre-heater of Randy 'Monkey' Richmond, my great friend (and A&P).  If I remember the conversation yesterday at lunch correctly, it was $20 for the heater, $4 for the aluminum flange that he pop-riveted to the unit, $7 for the choke-down flange and $5 for the ducting.  $36 total.  Blanket over the top of the cowl and towels stuffed in the cowl intakes.  1hr to raise the oil temp to 100°F.  Heats the entire engine...not just the oil.
  He might chime in the forums if I got something wrong (highly possible).  His username is 'Monkey' if he does.

Acknowledging the supporter...Paul Tuttle
  I put the name of my long suffering and patient supporter under the canopy of our -8 yesterday.
  I told her there was something I wanted her to see when she had a minute. She seemed very happy with the addition. I think I would have given this up a time or two if it wasn't for her help and encouragement through it all.

Milestone ...AX-O's panel powered up!

Mixture Push/Pull Alignment Issue
  I've got a stock set up with the YIO-540 from Vans with the stock Fuel Servo. I just connected my push pull cable and secured it to the stock push/pull cable mount adapter between the servo and the engine sump. When I attempt to use the stock hardware (bolt, washers, etc..) the bearing is at a severe angle to the mixture arm.  more

The cabinets are in and packed with hangar stuff ...Turbo

White Metallic Flake

Wed Jan 16 2209Z SPECIAL
(from the company FB page)
  "The Sebring LSA show is on this Thurs/Fri/Sat, and Van's guys Mitch Lock and Ken Scott should be there. Ken will make it OK on the airlines. However, bad weather has stranded Mitch (and our East Coast RV-12 demo airplane) in Maryland.
  So... if any RV-12 owner is flying to Sebring, or wants to go, we can offer them a free parking spot on our booth. Might even buy 'em lunch.
  If you're in the neighborhood, and want to show off your RV-12, contact us here at Van's (503-678-6545). Thanks!"

Soot buildup in exhaust pipe tips

Where do you read VAF?


Wed Jan 16, 2013

Like a Boss
(inventory on the living room floor)

First Flight! ...Don Jones 9A
  On Sunday January 13, 2013 at 2115Z, N151E fought against gravity and became airborne for the first time. The event occurred 4 ½ years after receiving the tail kit. It flew beautifully as expected. Temps were all normal in the crisp air and the engine ran strong and smooth. It is an all standard build RV9A sporting a Sam James Cowl, Catto 3 blade propeller, Rebuilt O-320, Full Classic Aero Interior, Dual 10” Skyviews and all Garmin stack. Thanks go out to my wife for putting up with me through the project, Russ Dent for all his help with the final assembly at the airport and VAF for lots of good information.
Here is the required RV Grin Picture (Russ Dent photo.

Fuselage Kit Box Turned Into Shelving
  Thankfully there was a lot of paper in that box taking up space.
The box ended-up making pretty decent shelving.

Paint Scheme thoughts
  Any help would be appreciated but here is what I am thinking. I really like the dark blue and white. I have accented it with yelow and black in the past and I like that. I have tried different stripe widths and even showing the white between the stripes but so far this is my favorite. I am trying the painting myself so simplicity is important. I have been thinking that the dark blue might be hot here in Florida but I sure like it.

A new VAF friend ...Luke in Italy
  I like to introduce a really special friend.
  His name is Francesco 'Franz' Dante and he had the privilege to be the 'one-and-only one time' pilot who flown my 8 from the front cockpit.
  Obviously he's sporting his 'RV Grin'.
  He's building his own RV-8 and we plan to fly our formation routine in a near future. He's my mentor in formation flying beeing an avid Italian Air Force instructor pilot from 1996 on MB 339 CD.
  On this photo he doesn't wear his VAF hat but believe me he does everytime. Is an outstanding photographer too and he shot the best pictures you saw on my past threads.
  This year we'll be together in Oshkosh to join that great family members.
  Stay tuned.

Drum kit....RV style

Repair spark plug lead?

Best Shot on the Ground...steve91t

Sean Tucker's Teardown in one day (more info) ...sent to me by Matt Burch

Tue Jan 15, 2013

Sunset formation flight of a Cub with two RV-8s
  ...John Fleurent photo / Ted Chang post


Family Portrait...you can get a print (Van's FB page)

New Team AeroDynamix Video
  We did two shows in Pensacola in 2012 and we will return in 2013...

F1 Rocket "Busts a Contrail"
  Or maybe broke the speed of sound. Or...the speed of light?. Or the index of
refraction (or reflection?), or ummm... Hey, here's an idea: Maybe I was just
leaking fuel?
  Anyway, I submit this as the best picture of a Rocket with a "contrail"...so
far...this year...

GRT HXr screen shots
  I've been flying behind the GRT 10.4 in HXr for a week or so now and am really impressed by what it offers.
Here are several screen shots with explanations of all the information that I thought might be of interest to everyone that's not familiar with glass cockpits. It's a lot to absorb at first, but once you get used to it, the situation awareness is wonderful.

New Garmin Radios ...Stein post
  Garmin has finally released details of their new radios. Note that I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing street prices are likely to be pretty darned close to the current radio offering, and finally with a good quality usable built in intercom as well. I'll try to post some pictures shortly. more

Tear around hole after dimpling
  Accurately feathering the trigger on a pneumatic squeezer is a very useful skill in producing nice dimples on the rib flanges. Unfortunately, it's a skill I apparently still need to work on...
  I closed the dies a little too quickly, with a little too much misalignment. About 1 diameter of misalignment. This, of course, made a rather funny looking hole(s)/dimple. Two flat sets in the squeezer flattened this out nicely. But, as you might expect, when I re-dimpled (this time, without the misalignment and twitchy trigger finger) the material around the dimple tore due to the damage from the initial misaligned dimple. I had tried to file/scotchbrite before dimpling the second time to remove any stress concentrations, but I think the initial goof-up did me in.
  So, I imagine I need a new rib (VS-706 -- $7.90), but I thought I'd throw it before the court for any other ideas before I pull the trigger on ordering a new one. Thoughts?
  The evidence

Anyone have pics of Ipod Mounts?


Mon Jan 14, 2013

RV on a stick!

First Flight: Alf Olav Frog (Norway)
  ...2nd RV for Alf

Mann Thomason Heart Valve Update
  From Mannan's wife...
  "The surgery went very well and he is sitting up and taking nourishment as he would say. He's is to be moved out of ICU to a regular floor later today. His humor is still in place. He'll write an update later.
  Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts. They really really made a difference!"

First flight in a Small Plane
  ...Chris Pratt's RV-8

Another perfect day at Cedar Key

Just a time lapse of me in the garage

On-line range ring generator

[ed. I put in my lon/lat for 52F and spaced the intervals for 140kts each hour...for values I used:
140nm,280nm,420nm.  I used the lon/lat converter at the top of the screen at the link to convert my lon/lat into a format the site wanted.   dr]

VAF on Italian flying magazine

6 Year Old Flies Dad's RV...Troy Branch

Hanging up the (MCC) Headset...Paul Dye

RV-4 N18LM Russ McCutcheon

One year later

How bad is this ding

Behind the panel pics ....Randy Pflanzer currently winning.

Oregon Aero 15% Off Special extended thru 3/1/13...on RV seat cushions and upholstery.  Call 800.888.6910 and mention 'VANS12' to recieve the discount.

Knob-To-Be Looking For A Use

Fri Jan 11, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

Daddy/Daughter day.....Luke in Italy

Pirep – Lasik Eye Surgery - A little long
  I recently had Lasik surgery done to my eyes and decided to write a Pilots Report about it for those curious. To keep this on the proper topic I wanted the procedure to be able to fly my RV-6 without glasses.

Echelon Right
  I have a bunch of photo's of formation flying, but every once in a while one really just jumps out as being a great photo and telling a story.
  Our good friend and a great photographer, Dean Wingard, from Augusta, GA. went up with us last year at the Boshears Skyfest for some air to air. He got some great shots of our large formations and then we broke off into 4 ships for some acro. Some of you may have seen some of those on his Facebook Page.
  This one was on initial back into Daniel Field just before the break. Dean was in Kahuna's plane and caught us in just about a perfect echelon right formation. It's one of those moments in time where everything was just right.
  Stripes, Smokey and RB look like they are out for a morning stroll.. What a great memory

Photo test ...turns into weld-envy.

Hess Trip To Airventure 2012

  - same here

Valve job ...Mannan Thomason
  Going into The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for an aortic valve replacement in a couple of hours. Prayers appreciated!!!
  Guess I won't be flying the RV-8 for a while.

If you haven't seen the January Experimenter, it's here.  56 pages - almost all about E-AB. ...really nice issue.

Update on recent off-field RV-10 landing   
  (Dave Saylor post)  ...*From my notes:
  Jerry had been flying his plane for one week. *It was his fourth flight with six hours on the Hobbs. *He had flown for two hours the day before. *His habit had been to decowl after every flight to look for trouble. *He landed at two airports in his test area and practiced some steep turns. *He departed Aqua Caliente (L54) and climbed to 8500 feet. *Note that the terrain in the area (33 *00.143, *-116 *42.912) includes very little flat land, peaks above 6000 feet, and deep canyons. *He was headed back to his test base, Ramona airport (RNM), when he noticed oil pressure dropping. *The plane is equipped with a 3-screen Garmin G3X panel, which includes a complete engine monitor.  more

RV-12 Status ...Tim Pyle
  After years of dreaming I am finally building my RV.
  VS is almost complete. Just waiting for my new hydro-pneumatic rivet puller

Thu Jan 10, 2013

Eagle's Nest (EN-4) kickoff - Emerald Ridge High School
  Eagle's Nest 4 has started! We got off to a slow start but we're not in a race so that's ok. The students at Emerald Ridge High School in Puyallup, WA had their first meeting this past Monday. We meet Mondays and Saturdays for about 3 hours each day. There are 12 eager students and 4 mentors (officially) on the project. I doubt we'll keep pace with EN3 (wow!) but we are excited to finally be building. The students are all members of the schools aviation program and after school aviation club.
  If you're in the local area and want to drop in during one of our session feel free to shoot me an e-mail (darrin at boxbar dot net).
  I would like to give a special shout to Ernie Butcher and Bob Kelly (regulars here). Their coordination and support to get this off the ground has been instrumental. Thank you both!
  Let the fun begin!

Construction Update
  ...EdandColleen (NovaBandit RV-10)

Coiled vents

Here is my Harmon Rocket II panel

by Van's Aircraft Inc. on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 7:36am
 ....factory FB page.

RV-8 Draft Buster
  RV8 Wind draft Buster stops draft & reduces cabin volume for better heating
Lexan sheet 0.065 cut to close off canopy behind rear seat
  MD weather seal part number 01025 black Marine and Automotive all-weather EPDM rubber
  It’s a double D self-adhesive seal and I wrapped and glued one D on each side of the 0.065 Lexan
  But with the two Ds approx. 0.25 inch above for compression sealing. Then the lexan is velcroed for quick removal and installation.

Thanks to Bill Crothers!
  For my introductory ride in an RV, specifically in his beautiful RV-8 this afternoon. I can't imagine a more picture perfect afternoon and enjoyed every minute of the flight! Still grinning...
CP Berry

Finally back at it after the holidays

Wed Jan 9, 2013
  Got in a little .3hr local flight in the RV before the rains hit yesterday....light drizzle on the canopy, 6.3gph and putting along - looking for deer out in the wet.  Slidddddddd to a glassy landing - you only get it with a just-wet-still-film-of-oil-on-it runway.  Smooth air and a half hour before the hard stuff arrived.  Really pleasant 18 minutes.  No deer spotted, but time well spent.
  What a wonderful airplane.  dr

Luke in Italy

7,962 Finished
...that the factory knows about

Make a book ...Ed Hicks post
  Just before Christmas, Bob surprised me by sending me a copy of a book he made using photos from our sunrise shoot.

[ed. Wouldn't that be cool for a build log after you're done building?  A coffee table book of the experience!  dr]

Helmet ANR kit install progress
 ...  I had a few minutes last night to start the Headsets, Inc. helmet ANR kit install.  Nothing really here yet except some 'how it was' shots, a cut wire or two, and a drilled hole.  The Headsets, Inc. folks worked up an all-in-one cable for me.  Developing...

  ...video from the folks at iFlightPlanner.

RV Parts as Musical Instruments!
  Well, as a brass player, when I saw the silencer unit for our RV-12 sitting on the table I just couldn't resist.  Just wondering if anyone else is as crazy as I am .

Ed and Colleen RV-10 Time Lapse Videos

  The latest...


  The rest...

Tue Jan 8, 2013

Summer 'Downunder'

Introducing...Don Jones 9A
  N151E! Sunday was the day and the 4 1/2 year project became an airplane. The inspection was done by Mel Asberry and went with only a few squeaks(not really squawks). Now to put it together and get on with Phase 1. First flight should be soon. If only I didn't work for a living.

Gap -- VS-412PP to VS-803PP
 ...Graham RV-7
  Another quick question...  In clecoing together VS-412PP and VS-803PP, there is a small gap on each side as the upper VS-412PP hinge bracket contacts the radius of the VS-803PP spar flange bend. I assume this should be made to lay flat before match-drilling and riveting?

First flight in 7-8 weeks, anything special to do before startup?
  ...ao.frog (Norway)
  I've just had an instrument in the US for repair, so the -7 has been on the ground since the 16th of Nov.
This week, it'll FINALLY be back so I can get the bird in the air again.
  Since the first flight summer -08, I've flown the plane with 1-2 weeks intervals, and sometimes every day.
This so the engine is run with short intervals.
  Point is that the engine by now never has been sitting still so long before, so I'm wondering if there's anything special to do before startup?
  Of course I'll check both tanks for water, charge the battery if needed, check the engine oil, brake fluid etc, but I'm wondering if there's any other smart things to do? Prime the oil pressure sensor for example? (like you do before the very first engine start)
  Maybe I should pull the prop through 4-8 revolutions? Or maybe not to touch the prop at all?
  Good ideas appreciated...

RV-4 Turkey Vulture Birdstrike
  ....Dan Landry post.
  An EAA chapter member of mine had an encounter with a turkey vulture 2 weeks after he purchased this beautiful RV4. Fortunately, He was able to fly it back the 40 miles to his home base in Brooksville, FL (KBKV) after the tower confirmed he still had his gear intact. This is an amazing feat considering the damage incurred. It just goes to show how incredibly strong these aircraft are engineered.
  We checked the wing alignment Saturday to insure the spare had not been compromised. It had not.
  We'll be able assess in more detail once the wing skin is removed.

My Headsets, Inc. ANR kit arrived in the mail yesterday evening 7pm (for my helmet).  Installation pics shortly...

 - related: article in 'Flyer' about this

Up on the gear and the engine mounted
  ...Bruce Hill 9A
  Finally back working on the project after the holidays. I was able to get all of the decorations back up in the attic and clear out my shop. I had to move everything around so I would have enough room to mount the engine. Got the gear legs on, then with some help from my son and daughter, we were able to get the engine completely mounted.  More photos on my web site.

Mon Jan 7, 2013

16th Birthday Solo in RV-12!!
  At 9AM today, Austin Malcomb soloed in N901EN, Eagle's Nest One. Austin turned 16 today and is a builder of the airplane. Austin is a third generation pilot, and both his father and grandfather were present. I doubt if there have been many builders solo in the plane they helped build, and do it on their 16th BD. Being involved in this whole process has been fun, but nothing beats today. Seeing these kids get their instruction, and of course their licenses, is a dream come true

Wing mount video...AX-O

Building with the power off / and in the snow

Winter Fun Flying...Alex P. video

Review of my first long trip in my new 6
  Flew from C56 just south of Chicago with my ultimate destination McAllen Texas down in the Rio Grande Valley. A distance of about 1050 nm. All was well until I hit Carthage TX on Thursday 12-27 when IFR ceilings at 400ft socked me in for two nights.
  All was not lost though because I made two new friends. Panola County Airport manager John DePresca was a big help by hangaring my plane and shuttling me back and forth from the hotel. The fuel delivery system is out of service at the airport for now so before you fly in to take advantage of their super low fuel price ($4.20) check Notams. Other than that it is a beautiful facility with no shortage of friendliness.  more

FreeFlight XPlorer ADSB to AF-5000 EFIS

 - related: AF-5000 912iS CanAerospace bus released

Wing Progress...JurgenRoeland


Colin McGeachy Hat Sighting ...Cape Tribulation, Queensland

Brantel Panel Upgrade Status

Jan/Feb Issue Now Online...40 pages

My belly looks and feels a lot better now

Fri Jan 4, 2013
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

Lake Havasu New Year's Day...Rosie
Happy New Year to our ever-growing RV Family of Friends!!!!! I've not been on the computer much over the past two weeks as I've been enjoying my two weeks off from work, yee-haw! But I made time this morning to get pics up from our annual Arizona/SoCAL RV New Year's Day flyout, again to Waldo's BBQ on the Lake Havasu (KHII) airport on the Colorado River.
  As always, kudos to Katie Velvick who does all the legwork in getting the groups together, and this year, for a record-breaking 46 RVs!!! There were also other RV enthusiasts/friends who flew there in non-RV aircraft (including the Whiteman Bunch) so there were well over 50 airplanes there for our BBQ lunch. The crew at Waldo's did a great job at handling our big group and look forward to having us there next year!

NYE Fireworks by RV
  We took the attached photos of the Sydney NYE fireworks the other night from 3,500' 3NM west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The photos really don't do it justice - the view was just incredible and we spent most of the time just taking it in. Fireworks were going off all night - everywhere you looked. We even had a display quite literally in the circuit area at Bankstown as we came in to land. more

Spinner Art ...Mark Wyss RV-4
  I made two attempts to get my spinner right. First I went mechanical and jigged up the spinner on an ultra slow turning axle. Had motor reduction unit laying around from another project. Although it seemed like a good idea, after several attempts, I could not get the stripes right. The next attempt was done using the 3m 1/8 tape (see link below). I shot the background base coat of the cream color you see in the photo but not the clear coat. I cut the tape into small squares and applied it to the spinner in the approximate positions where I thought the lines should go. The corkscrew lines in the final result are different widths at different points on the spinner. Once I had the squares where I wanted them, I sequentially removed the squares and wound the tape to the square's previous positions.
  I then used green body shop tape and green body shop masking paper to complete the masking.

The Door is Done...David Domeier 8.
  First task of 2013 was to take on the forward baggage door. After all the parts were final drilled, de-burred, and dimpled the assembly process began.
  (this is old hat for those who have been down this road but perhaps there is some useful information here for those starting the build effort)
  The inboard and outboard support angles were easy to back rivet to the outside skin but it was clear the forward and aft ribs would be a challenge due to the surface curve and closed angle of the pieces. I decided straight away the rivets had to be bucked and it would take 2 guys to do it right so I called a couple buddies and the 3 of us got it done in about 30 minutes.  more

Flying down the Sydney Australia Coast via Victor 1

Rosie & Tuppergal are alive and well!

Eagle's Nest (EN-3) - How to inspire 1,800 high school students...

Measure the panel tilt w/an iPhone...free
  I saw, in a recent "project thread", a builder using a digital level to accurately set the 8 degree bend in the forward bulkhead.
  I needed to do something similar but didn't have a digital level. Then it dawned on my that my iPhone has a bunch of built in sensors and there must be "an app for that".
  Sure enough there is!

Tip- Attaching Stabilator
  ...Gary Robinson RV-12
  For those who have installed the stabilator, you well know how those pesky, tiny, thin washers will most likely fall off from the hinge points...the washers that Vans instructs you to temporarily attach with super glue? The concept of the glue is great, but I had no luck with them staying put during the installation. For those about to perform the stab installation, perhaps my tip will help when/if your glued washers fall off. My trick was to get the stabilator held into place by partially inserting the bolt/outside washer into each side. At least now the stabilator won't fall off. But the problem is access to the inside washers. There is VERY little room to slide the inside washers into place. Despite having most every kind of tool available (including a device made to hold washers), there is such little room to work with that the task seems impossible. The trick? Make your own washer holding device! I found an old manila file folder, cut a piece of it as shown, used an Xacto knife to cut around the perimeter of the washer, then super glued the washer to the manilla folder tool. Use a very bright flashlight so that you can see into the tiny workspace. Mark a few reference lines on the tool, against the washer. Once inserted into the hinge area, about the only thing I was able to see, were the reference lines. The idea is to get the washer somewhat slid into place, then use the reference lines to line up the hole in the washer as best you can, with the center of the bearing. Hold the washer in place, then push the bolt through the bearing, through your new washer, and up against the nutplate. Once you get a few threads of the bolt started into the nutplate, simply tear away the washer holding tool. Worked great for me.

What a way to start the year, 400,000 miles ...Turbo

What to do with empty oil bottles

Thu Jan 3, 2013

  Bill Whidden overnighted at our airport (52F) Tuesday on his way from Seattle to Central Florida in the Rocket he recently bought.  The fairing work around the canopy was so nice I thought you might enjoy a pic.  Bill has a strip in Florida with a similar ID (52FA).  Look it up on GoogleEarth sometime....I gotta land on that crooked runway someday!
  Great visiting with you, Bill!  Beautiful airplane.


Introducing Joe Rainbolt ...and family
  I've been working on this project for 1 year. The Empennage is done and the wings are in progress. Like to waste time? Click this link to learn all about my project.

My first RV-4 ...LukeJ from Kansas
  I bought it a few mouths ago.. Some will recognize this plane. It lives in the KC area now. Based at K59.

Sent to me by Russ Daves..glad all OK.
  "Talked to Bob Kaufman a few minutes ago. Failure was due to the elevator pushrod tube coming apart at the bolt on the WD1010 control column. Nut was missing but it could have fallen under the floor.
  Bob and Sidney are fine, just a few bruises.
  Bob lost complete elevator control on landing at Las Vegas."

from www.upnorthaviation.com

Unhappy Exhaust Valve ...Scott Card
  This is an unhappy exhaust valve. ECI O320 550 hrs on this jug which I just pulled last night. I'm not seeking any advice, but I thought some might like a picture, and the commentary might be interesting.

iPhone Panoramic Photos
  It took me a little while to figure out that the new iPhone software upgrade included a panoramic photo mode. That thing works great. You take a photo similar to a video while moving the phone and it stiches it together as a photo. Below is a sample shot from yesterday. I started just outside of the prop arc and went all the way to the tail. Other than the canopy glare it turned out great. This photo was downgraded 50% to post but you can still zoom in to see the mountains in the Cascade Range.

Need help understanding Vans
...instructions for canopy base molding strip

Wed Jan 2, 2013

Who went flying Jan 1st? ...Stephen Christopher photo


Jan'13 Calendar Wallpaper Online...RV-14

Back in the garage again...Dave Gribble

Flying from Seattle to Texas for paint
 ...Rob Kochman RV-10

  I have been extremely pleased with my GRT Sport SX since I installed it. The GRT products and support have been second to none for me.
  When I saw the 10.4" HXr I thought "I NEED that".
  With the help of good friend James "CB" Clark we tackled the project last week and 3 days later I had my NEED fixed

Polishing fun ...Bob Collins 7A

Moisture Effects
  On a trip not long ago I took some screenshots showing the the TAS speed change while flying through high moisture air (clouds) and dry air (clear).

Yet another Gust Lock...Bill Peyton RV-10

New Years Eve Brunch
  Well, too nice of a day (finally, after mostly bad weather for the last several weeks) to miss an opportunity to go somewhere for brunch. So, three of us headed off from RTS (Reno-Stead) to WLW (Willows) over in the California valley. Helped that it was a bit warmer there than here. Took a few photos on the way.

 - video

Lars' Jan 1st Flight
  You were heading west over the Sierras as I headed east, though I just did a big joyride circuit over Tahoe, then returned to the valley. And yeah, the weather was basically perfect .