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Tue, Jan 31, 2012.  1229z

RV-9A first flight ...Mark Erickson

I am very happy to report the first flight of RV-9A, number 91317 N622BE. Minnesota Wing tech guru, mentor, and all around good guy, Tom Berge did the honors and reported that it flew Great with no heavy wing and all temps in the green!  more

First Flight for RV-8A N468DL ...Mike Rhodes. 

Saturday Jan. 28th, 2012 shown bright, clear and calm in the afternoon, making it a perfect day for flying.

Finally weather and peoples schedules came together to make the first flight on Don London’s RV-8A at Scappoose, OR. Dan Forney (RV-12 builder) flew with me in my -9A from Troutdale and Ray Peabody flew over in his -9A from Mulino. Don & his wife Dixie met us at KSPB at 1:30.

This is Don’s 3rd RV build, starting with one of the early RV-4’s; RV-6A and this, his RV-8A. Unfortunately for Don, he lost his FAA medical during the build period. When a friend suggested I do the flight testing, I worked out the details with Don, which brought us to today.  continue

New Video Knowledge Center Clip Added

...a folding workbench that, when stowed, leaves enough room left for an RV-3 fuselage jig <g>.

Tip:  While watching, click on 'Settings' (1),
then '1080' (2) and 'full screen' (3)
for the best viewing experience.


RV-1 Squawk Sheet

Did a preliminary inspection today and we need some help cleaning up a few items. If you're in the neighborhood and can stop buy and help take care of some of these that would be great!

1) Loose Jam nut on mix cable (at carb).
2) Oil plug drain plug, no safety.
3) Exh pipe #3 chafing on intake clamp.
4) Jam nut loose on throttle cable (cockpit)
5) R/H aileron control rod jamnut loose (at aileron)
6) R/H aileron control rod at bellcrank has excess threads showing, does not extend past witness hole ().
7) L/H aileron control rod jamnut loose (at aileron)
8) Elevator and rudder hinge pins have incorrect size cotter keys and not installed correctly.
9) Seat mount bolts loose (temporarily installed).
10) Seat belts missing.
11) Hole in fabric top of fuselage (old comm antenna?)

Jay was busy knocking out some additional items while I was there, but he could use some help to clean things up.


In The Shop....
Drilled Left Fuel Tank Skin

VAF Family
Big week for me! ...Paul Tuttle

This week we hung the engine on my RV 8 and more importantly, I got to meet my newborn grandson. He arrived this morning at 06:20. Looks like he could be a pilot to me!

RV-3 Takeoff and Landing

Ran across this video from about 7 yrs. ago of my old 125 hp, O-290G powered RV-3. Such a sweet plane. Performed well on that engine, and was light enough to comfortably make fairly slow, power-off approaches. It was very calm that day so this one was a hair under 65 mph, but I'd normally fly a little under 70, which produced a little more float. I miss that thing.

MILESTONE- First engine start and taxi! ...Kelly Johnson

On 1/28/12, I reached two major milestones: I started the engine and taxied.

I purchased this engine used over 5 years ago. That was the last time I saw it run.

The first thing we did was pre-oil the engine by pulling out half the plugs and running the starter until oil pressure was indicated. The hope was to also see oil by the rockers at this point but that didn't happen.

We then decided to start the engine with the rocker covers off the ensure that we had oil getting up there. It took a while but we finally saw some oil.

After putting the covers back on, I just had to take it out for a little spin.

It went very well. You can see it just popped right off. Not a single fuel or oil leak was found. We did find that the P-Lead to one of the mags was grounding to the shield. Only a single mag was working during the initial start and that is probably why it didn't run all that smooth. We then removed the P-lead and the engine ran much better. We reinstalled the shorted lead temporarily to safe the engine until I get a replacement or repair it.

Fresh paint!! happy days!! ...Vincent Hill

My rv 4 is getting close to being done!!! just got her home from paint!! Also just finished my tail wheel training so time to fly this old girl, with a friend that knows them for a bit though!

IFR flight test passed! ...Tom Martin

Paint 1 - Mind 0

I'm sending this before I go completely mad.

The photo shows one example (there are many more) of what I can only describe as fish-eye contamination while trying to paint my instrument panel. This is Eastwood epoxy primer, but I have seen it with Akzo also. I have tried different paint, different guns, different compressors different metal. The only thing that is common is the location (my garage), and the season(temp = mid 40s outside high 50s inside). I etched the metal and alodined it. Later scrubbed the bejesus out of it with Scotchbrite after stripping the paint for about the 3rd time. I'm sure any alodine conversion went out with the scrubbing. Then washed it with Dawn dish detergent and rinsed with enough water to flood Texas.

If this were a woodworking project, I would assume silicone contamination and coat with shellac before varnishing. So I used some rattle can of self-etching primer, and, surprise, no fish-eye. Great. Then I sprayed the epoxy primer over the rattle can primer and took this picture.  more

● Garmin GTN 650 For Sale (new advertiser on VAF - waiting on the artwork)

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Jan 30, 2012.  1259z
  Good morning and hope you had a great weekend!  I caught the crud of some type and spent the weekend sitting on the couch coughing.  Lots of RV flying this weekend reported on the web, so consider the next hour of your workday spoken for.  dr

Donnie and Reba ...Bruce Sacks

I did not do much in the way of Pilots and Paws flights in 2011 but started the new year with a PNP flight from my home base in Perry, Ga to Lake City, Fl. David Maib and Bob Timko met me in Lake City in David's RV10 to get the dogs the rest of the way to Clearwater, Fl. Donnie and Reba were well behaved and even left me a memento of their appreciation in the plane Good thing I had an old blanket covering the cabin floor.This wasn't the first time David and I got together for a dog run and probably won't be the last.

It was a good day to own an RV!  (some pictures courtesy of Tony P. RV8A)

New Section:  VAF Video Knowledge Center
        ...link added to left side menu of front page

A beginning of a collection of 'how to' video clips.  Neat thing about Stein's clips are that they were shot in 1080p HD and play full screen on my 25" monitor big enough that the hand tools are nearly actual size.  This is what we're shooting for.  More to come.  dr

Extra credit if you can figure out what is 'wrong' with this picture...or should I say right?
Stein pointed this out...

Waking History  ...RV-1 prototype engine start (Paul's comments)
  - Video


Tip- Centering Fuel Drain

...OK, I'll admit this is a little bit overkill, but I like to be as precise as I can. I was fitting the fuel tank drain to my tank skin this afternoon, and wanted to hole in the drain valve to match as closely as possible to the hole in the skin...

Fitting fuel tanks

So I tried to follow Van’s instructions on fitting the fuel tanks and ran into some issues with alignment on the Z brackets. I guess I need to figure out how to drill an “exact” hole Now I am trying a different method.

I manufactured a small plate with the same hole locations as the outboard aft corner of the fuel tank skin by back drilling the fuel tank skin. I bolted the Z brackets to the spar, clecoed the plate to the baffle and screwed the plate to the spar. You can see this in the picture. Things seem to align pretty well.

I will now use the baffle to back drill the 1/8” holes into the brackets. I hope this works better than relying on my measuring and drilling skills .

Decal Pro Pirep

...The DecalPro system has been discussed here in the past, with mixed reviews, but I'd decided that it was worth a try and purchased the setup some few months ago. The ability to produce white text labels for the dark instrument panel was the goal. Today I finally sat down to give it a test run, and can report excellent results. First I did one of the supplied test images in a nice red metallic foil, and it came out perfectly. I then printed out the text for the annunciator lights for the Gretz heated pitot in white, and ran it through the process with no problems. Two for two, right off the bat!...


Bernie Daenzer's wingman in Switzerland (RV-7A) ...not in trouble.

Bored ...Brent Owens

Ok, the weather up in Ohio has aligned itself to be diametrically opposed to flying on the weekends.  To stave off boredom, I made this :94 second video out of some discarded footage from a formation training flight from months back.  Not overly exciting, but fun to make and I'm learning more about editing these things.

RV-10 flight in Rio ...Flavio Camelier RV-10

...I’m the happy owner of a just built RV-10 in Brazil, which has a complete VFR Garmin G3X suite (overkill ? maybe, but I really like it). Both the airplane and the avionics are fantastic. I already have close to 10hrs of flight and cannot take the RV grin away from my face.  My airplane was built by Flyer Industrias Aeronauticas, which did a fantastic job.

I wanted to share this first video (which was not the first flight) of my RV-10. The video was shot this week in Rio de Janeiro using a GoPro camera, and features me doing touch and go’s in my local Airport (called Clube Ceu). The airport has a 500 meter grass runway and the pattern is quite specific, as we have several overfly limitations in the area, therefore you will see for example that I go from the wind leg to final in a non-standard way, so please keep that in mind as you evaluate my flying technique...

James Brown remix aerobatics ...note parachutes.

Zip Ties on engine mounts, don't do it!

...I just did some repair work on an old early 80s RV-4 engine mount, the right tube that comes up from the top of the gear leg socket to the bottom of the engine was broken thru and had all the paint polished off, it had absolutely no deformation, not flexing or bent, the same tube on the other side was cracked also, about 2" above the weld, well out of the heat affected zone, right where a zip tie had worn thru the paint and you could see it had abraded the tube right where the crack had formed, the surface of the tube looked like it had been work hardened promoting the crack.

My old -4 has a bunch of zip ties on the engine mount too, I will be inspecting and eliminating these before further flight!

Totally Off Topic

Why I love the internet (and especially YouTube).  Call the three clips below 'things to do why recovering from some bug you caught that is keeping you from going flying'.

1) Virtual Zeppelin http://youtu.be/Uhbzi3O8zh0
     .....can you imagine being 15 again, learning guitar, and having access to this?!?  These guys are in a 'band' and record their tracks in separate countries.


2) I remember trying as a 15yr old to learn to play this with sheet music.
http://youtu.be/qU9HiwmcLWQ will show you how now.  (song is 'The Rain Song' off 1972's Houses of the Holy)


3) Finally, watch the masters at work from 1994 with the London Metropolitan Orchestra.  Headphones and full screen work best.  A fist pump in the air is required at the 4min 45sec point.  


Fri, Jan 27, 2012.  1247z
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

Evening Bliss ...Pete Howell

My project at work is a month away from Go-Live, meaning long days and long nights at work. A status call was cancelled at 4:30 and I decided that I had had enough...off to the hangar! If traffic is light, I just might make it in time to catch the sunset. I just had the camera on the phone, but....traffic was light!!

more pics

● From Sebring ...factory FB page

Flight tested my right aileron today

Unfortunately it wasn't attached to a plane.

I am building my ailerons and I had just finished cleco'ing a large portion of my right aileron together. I decided this looks so easy I'll do left and right together, it'll save some time when I get to the left wing. Looking around the shop I couldn't find a horizontal surface suitable for this brief storage task. My eye finally caught the luggage rack on my wifes 4-Runner. Perfect! I'll just put it there *temporarily* while I assemble the left aileron. This won't take more than 20-minutes.

You probably already see where this going.  continue

In The Shop....
Wanted-Tips on how to work clean and neat

I seem to have a clutter monster that follows me around leaving clutter in its wake.

With the RV-3B kit on order, I've been thinking that it would sure be nice to work in a clean shop. But I know that there will be shavings to be cleaned up and plenty of tools that are all needed to be at hand.

Help! Suggestions wanted.

  Some Replies:

My high school shop teacher taught us we had to clean up the shop in the last 5 minutes of the class. Clean up the lathe, clean up the drill press, clean up the bench, because there was another class starting right after ours

Have a dedicated place for all of your tools and if its not a drill, rivet gun, measure device or squeezer always put it back in its place at the end of the day. Also, shop vac and wipe down before the lights go out


Building in a typical 2-car garage space, I have a wall-mounted shop vac (Sears) so it doesn't take up scarce floor space. I got a remote-controlled on/off switch; it plugs into the wall outlet, then the vac plugs into that.

During a work session I turn ON the vac's switch so the on/off remote will control it. Then doing some messy task (drilling, sanding, cutting, whatever), I can easily vacuum up the mess by leaving the vac hose near that work area and turn it on and off with the remote.

By making it easier to use the vac, I use it more, so there's less mess.

Clutter: I don't put many tools away in the middle of a task that spans several days. But at the end of a big task, I'll take half an hour and put all the tools away, leaving my single work table mostly clear.

Sometimes you'll start multiple, simultaneous tasks, each with its own collection of small parts. I got several cheap plastic sorting trays from Harbor Freight and find them invaluable not for sorting, but for keeping each tasks bits and pieces in one place, at the task site (work table, wings, fuse..).


Audio: MU2 Emergency Severe Icing Talkdown Through a Valley


Totally Off Topic

Thu, Jan 26, 2012.  1222z

RV-1 Photos - Work Day #13 - Wings/Panel

Work Day #13 report – The propeller was due to arrive Friday morning, but the freight company now says Wednesday. Saturday’s schedule was devoted to hanging the wings, but at 9am Jay and I realized that we were the only ones there – and it’s a job that really needs four people. “Do you hear that?, I asked Jay. “I think we have company”. The timing was perfect because we had just completed cleaning and inspecting all the wing attachment hardware and had moved the wings into position. When Jay opened the door to greet the new arrival, he saw Bruce “Boomer” Pauley parking “Miss Marie” into a nearby slot. But who is that with Bruce?… a new face to RV-Central that neither of us recognized. After introductions we learned the new face was none other than Bob Keith (VAF SubwayBob) and that his trip to RV-Central today was his first ride ever in an “RV”. Bob is a pilot, family man, future RV-7 builder, and an asset to the RV community. Great!… We now have the four volunteers we need to stab the wings into position. In the span of about an hour, the RV-1 once again had its wings, and once again, it stands proud and in full glory. Because the RV-1 arrived at RV-Central with its wings removed, very few of the volunteers who’ve been working for months now on the ‘restoration’ have ever seen the RV-1 with its wings attached. The new seat cushion donated by Oregon Aero arrived yesterday, so now is a great time stop by and fit yourself into the tiny cockpit! Airplane noises are optional.  continue

Aviation artist John Stahr...on the factory FB page.

Plastic tubing vs aluminum

In The Shop....
796 Upgrade...Tom Prokop

I never had a 696, but upgraded my 496 to the 796. So far, I like it a lot.  The screen brightness is just as good as the 696. The touchscreen is very intuitive to use and faster than the buttons on the 496. I don't find myself using the sectional charts in the 796 yet. So far I like the Garmin map display, it is richer in color than the washed out look of the sectional. But it is only a touch to switch between them. The only thing i don't like on the 796 (and I probably haven't figured out how to change this) is when you have navigated to the destination airport, it doesn't end navigating like the 496 did. You have to go into the flight plan and menu to end navigaton.

VAF Family
The Eagle Has Landed! ...Marcos and Anita's new RV-10 builder

Today I went out with a dream and came back with papers. However those papers are my receipt for the RV-10 Empenage kit!!!!!

After many years of dreaming and "preparing" today my wife and I took a tour of VANS factory and also did a demo flight on their RV-10. Although I had a few hours in a 7A I have never flown in a 10. I was pleasantly surprised with the handling characteristics of this bigger airplane.

I am really looking forward to start inventorying and actually building. Which is what I had plan for the next couple of days. BUT the kit did not fit in the mini van that I had brought to carry it home. Lucky for us we live about 10 minutes away, so is just a matter of finding a car big enough and the time off of work to get it home.  continue

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Here's some plenum pics...

Totally Off Topic

This video (not us) shows one laid back dog.  If you've never seen one of these robot vacuum cleaners, here's the official video.  If your spouse is pissed because you spend all your time at the airport, well friend, use this to clean the floors while you're both out of the house.  They even make one that mops.

"Well yeah, I want to spend $70K of the family money on a plane, but I'll do the floors from now on.  Deal?"

You're welcome.


Wed, Jan 25, 2012.  1221z

Service Life of an RV

I am in the market for an RV and have taken a look at a couple of higher time airplanes, close to 2000 hours.

Is there any discussion that anybody knows about on the issue of useful service life on an experimental or RV? I tried to talk to a guy a Vans about this but he was avoiding the answer (I understand liability) so does anybody know if there is a design limit or service limit? I am trying to avoid the answer of : "If you take care of it, it will last forever".

(Some replies)
There are many RV's out there with 3500-4500 hrs still performing as they did day one. Look for the quality in the build and buy one.

Nobody knows the answer to that because they haven't been around long enough. There are many, many single engine certified airplanes flying around with over 10,000 hours. RV's are built to the same standards (at a minimum) in terms of meterial strength, giving something back in stability for the sake of performance, but with superior materials. If the airplane has lived in a salty environement, take a good look at corrosion. If it's been primed inside, don't worry about it. The engine and everything else is time-limited and can be overhauled or replaced. Check service bulletins and also any AD's on certified components and let your conscience be your guide.

I did my float rating on a 172 that had just shy of 40 000hrs. I'm sure it's over by now. 99% of that time is on floats or skiis. A life of landing on waves and snowmobile tracks is a lot harder on the airframe than paved runways.

First of all I don't believe a 2000 hour RV is "high time"- I would say that is well proven.
Some cracking may be found in some weak spots such as landing gear and empennage. Also some airframe details may need attention over time such as the canopy and cowl. I believe there are many models that are built with better corrosion proofing than my 1961 182.

But you already know the answer to your question- You can't avoid that answer because it has a lot of truth to it! <g>

Service life of a Cherokee 140 wing (one that has not seen "severe duty") is around 60,000 hours, if it hasn't corroded to powder by then. Heck, even a Traumahawk gets 10K hours. I'd like to think that a well-built RV ought to last at least as long as a T-hawk <g>


Factory Site First Flights

Few Days Left http://www.vansaircraft.com/

HS-702 Flange Error & Edge Distance Question

Today, I was cutting the excess off the flange on HS-702. When I started the cut with the snips, I ended up fracturing the flange 1/8" perpendicular to the intended cut line. The blue line perpendicular to the flange cut is the small fracture.  more

In The Shop....
VS Built in 10.5 hrs ....David Domeier

Overhead RV-12 Fuse Rack ...Gary Robertson

I made this overhead rack last night to store the tailcone (aft fuselage) and stabilator, while I build the rest of the plane. It gets everything up and out of the way, and by going ahead and riveting on the top / aft-fuse skin, it also saves 150+ clecos from sitting up there doing nothing but holding down the skin .

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
New Battery Getting Tested by Bob ...2.32 lbs.

In the 'You Want an Airplane or Not?' Category

Totally Off Topic

I bet it still asks you if you want chili cheese fries with that...

Tue, Jan 24, 2012.  1238z
  Good morning!  Here today I'm going try something new just to see how it works out.  When I come across a classified listing like the one that Stein did a few days back, one with multiple items listed in one post, one that he will edit and update as items sell, I'm going to spotlight that here on the front page for a couple of weeks.  He edits the items as they sell, moving them down to the bottom of the list with 'sold' next to them - probably does this on a word processor there at his location and just copy/pastes the new text as items move.  Maybe you even list the name of the person that bought it under that item - and the runner up if the deal goes south.  I'd suggest keeping the 'master document' on your computer and just copy/pasting the text to this thread, maybe updating the original post once a day.  Like the sample post here in the image at right.
  I'm a fan of one post with 10 items in it vs. 10 separate posts with one item each - keeps the 'New Posts' function from getting clogged up with classifieds.  I want to encourage this 'multi-item' classified concept, so if it's promoted a little bit up here maybe it will take off a little more.  If you create a listing like this, and I miss it, email me the URL.
  Let's see if it helps!  Stein's listing is down in the 'Thrift' section of today's edition (and tomorrow's).
  Have a great Tuesday.   dr

RV-8 on Snow Skies ...two news items.

- Got stuck yesterday while
- Link to the photos

First flight in RV AND got to work on the RV-1!!! ...Bob Keith

So here I am reading everything I can about RVs. Five seconds after signing up on this site, and watching RVs on You tube I'm hooked. So what now? I see a post by Boomer (Bruce Pauley) and notice he live right next to me outside of Dallas. I email him and ask if I could get a ride. Bruce calls me "Hi Bob, can you go now? I mean now, whatcha think?" "Well Bruce it's midnight, how about I call you tomorrow?" (Now I'm joining a cult I figure...) What the heck, I like flowers and long hair, just not on me. Forward to the flight. Bruce is hangared 45 minutes from where we live but there is an airport in our town with limited hangars. Bruce "Boomer" drives to his plane and flys back to our town to take me for a ride! So now I joining a cult with a bunch of nice people.  more

Installing Door Handles/Gears (RV-10)

So, does anyone have a good trick to getting the gear racks to line up with the interior door handle and gear when you are assembling them IN THE DOOR POCKET? As the plans state, the assembly doesnt fit in as one piece, so you have to assemble it once the racks are placed inside the for and aft holes. When I putting the assembly together initially, it was easy to get it all to go together, but the racks and gear to be such close tolerance, that it's hard to get it to line up properly so I can insert the door handle and gear when the racks have been placed inside the door holes.

In The Shop....
Some 33 hours later

Roy Thoma's Panel

The panel is about 1" taller than stock, this allowed the radio stack with the GPSMAP296. The AFS-AP location is not ideal and caused me to remove a small amount of the canopy stiffener. The space between the radio stack and the D100 is intended for a hand held Comm (or Nav/Comm), the two screws just to the right of the 430W are for mounting the hand held.  more

Video- Cable, CA airshow 2012

Collaboration Yields Solution to Reduce Risk of Post-Impact Fires for Air Show Performers

RV-1 Rebuild
Wings On

Totally Off Topic

Cars Sliding & Crashing in Bountiful, UT ...parking like a BOSS!

Mon, Jan 23, 2012.  1231z

  Good morning!  Cleaned the sensor on my camera Friday night and tested it out Saturday just before sunset.  Some of the shots below.  A nice .5hr flight before dinner with friends.  dr

fmi: DIY cleaning camera sensor

Factory Demo Flight RV Grins (post yours)

In The Shop....
ELT Mount ...Burke Wick Anchorage, Alaska.

I used 2 pieces of 1/2 X 1/2 angle cut to match the length of the rear cargo area upper shelf. I match drilled three 8-32 screw holes in the angles using the holes in the edge of the cargo deck as a drill guide. I then cut some 1/8" by 2" wide stock to span between the two angle pieces when placed on the upper and lower longeron. The next step was to drill through the lower angle and attach the two pieces of 2" wide aluminum at proper spacing to attach the ELT mounting plate. I installed K1000-8 nutplates on the angle to allow me to install the 8-32 X 1/2 inch cap screws that I used to fasten the angles and 2" stock together. I then fastened the lower mount angle and the two pieces of 2" stock to the lower longeron using the same 8-32 screws used to install the cargo floor. I then laid the upper angle on the top longeron and clamped it to the 2 inch wide stock. With the upper angle clamped to the stock I removed the entire assembly from the plane. On the bench I then drilled the 2 inch stock and the upper angle, installed nut plates on the upper angle and re-assembled the mount completely. Next step is to re-install the assembly in the plane again using the 8-32 screws to hold the lower angle in place on the longeron and cargo floor. With this in place you can use the upper angle which is fairly rigid as a drill guide for drilling through the upper longeron with a 90 degree angle drill. Fasten the top angle in place with 8-32 hardware.

The only real down side I see to this is that in order to access the rear mounted battery it will also be necessary to remove the ELT and mount. Other than that it's a pretty clean installation.

You must be careful in drilling the upper Longeron the keep the holes centered in order not to compromise the Longeron.

1-person cowl-lifting help

I'm building my RV6 pretty much by myself and am well into the gazillion times the cowl will have to be fitted and removed during the build. Came up with this contraption. Yes it's crude but surprisingly effective and easy to use when set up properly....and it's cheap!

A length of PVC pipe, some twine and and hooks formed out of short lengths of wire. Duct tape over the gear legs and an old Vans tee shirt threaded over the prop/spinner to minimize scratches complete the ensemble.

Twisting the PVC pipe with one hand while guiding it with the other, I can hold the cowl in any position with the 'locking device'. Once the cowl has been lifted into position and the device 'locked' it is now securely suspended and can easily be maneuvered to line up the hinges. Removing the cowl is simply a reversal of the fitting process.  more

DIY Paint Booth

Engine Baffle Material Install

I'm currently in the process of doing a complete rebuild on a 25 year old 4, engine airframe and also converting it to a fastback. Over the years I've used and seen many ways to attach the baffle material to the engine baffles, an rivets, soft rivets, screws and nuts, pop rivets and more. I don't care for most of these options but have had success with softened AN rivets with a aluminum strip inside. The photos attached show how I've done this 4. some of you may like it some may not, just posting for your info, also I looked a bit for past info on this and didn't find much if I'm just rehashing past stuff here just ignore.

Ever been to Litchfield

More ideas on the "why is my tank pressurizing" thread ...Rick6a

Ed brings up a good point Dave. Since you did not build the fuel tanks, you might find this image inside an -8 tank helpful. Try inserting an inspection mirror down the filler flange to verify positive clearance between the end of the vent tube and the outboard rib. You should see something like this. If possible, try to maneuver the mirror so you can inspect the open end of the vent tube to make certain no proseal is obstructing it. I don't know doing that is possible, but maybe.

BTW, while you are looking inside that fuel tank, also verify if the shop heads of the rivets you can see are encapsulated or not and let us know what you find.

HS Attach holes

Space for project

Hey honey, can I put this here while I paint the other one?

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
● From MGL...

Fri, Jan 20, 2012.  1250z
Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

Winter Ops

...Vernonia runway (ops base for RV trainer Mike Seager).  Sent to me by Joe Blank.

Photo by Georgeanna Seager

● Welcome www.tsflightlines.com ...experimental aircraft fluid lines.

Their ad lives in the 'previous day's news' section.

A spotlight on Gavin Stracks RV-7 Website

... Great example of using a free blog to document your build.

In The Shop....
Garage Gets A Facelift 16 years after starting construction on the 1st RV.  Slightly older body rejoices...

I started building my RV-6 on Jan 2nd, 1996.  Last year I bought my first 90° air drill (B-day present), and I wondered after using it a bit why I waited so dang long to buy it.  It just made certain things so much easier.  So, in that spirit I gave myself a little present this year in the form of what I would call a "luxury workbench".  You might already know this, but if not we live in a fairly small two decade old house with a fairly small two-car garage.  Working on almost anything in the past required backing one of the cars out.  I've been doing this in two different houses since 1996.

Back to that new workbench, it folds down flat against the wall in about 2 1/2 seconds.  Installed yesterday.....

Installation pictures.

fmi: www.benchsolution.com

Prop fitting with custom spinner

Tip- Swapping the “Flat” on the Van's Fuel Valve

VAF Family
S.A.F. (spousal approval flight) ... One guy's perspective

VAF'rs show us your day job! ...~300 replies and over 50K views.

Flight Testing
Preliminary Performance Data ...RV-3 NX13PL

More 'Red Tails'

Why is tank pressurizing?

Watch Out For Loose TNC's

Last week we were happily cruising across East Texas in the Valkyrie, watching the autopilot take us to RV Central to work on the RV-1. Out of the corner of my eye, I was surprised to see the 430W annunciate that the GPS signal had become unreliable - then it went into Ded Reckoning mode. I have seen this during a series of aerobatic maneuvers, but never straight an d level! I of course, immediately switched to GPS #2 (and could have gone to #3, or #4...or heaven forbid, looked at the countryside spread out below, and the city ahead...), and figured I'd troubleshoot it on the ground.  more

ELT....here's where I placed mine

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Talk of a jettisonable canopy on the -8

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Google 'people holding vinyl records'......you'll get nothing done in
the next hour.

Thu, Jan 19, 2012.  1232z

  The site was pushed out later today than usual - this due to the fact that our daughter can now...... wait for it .......drive herself to school.  I set the alarm for 0545 instead of 0515 today, where it's been set for years.  The extra half hour sleep was nice.
  So, what did she do with her newfound vehicular freedom after school?  She drove herself to work, then drove herself back home at 1930.
  Picture of her at the bottom of today's edition.  Man that went by fast! 

RV-1 Photos - Work Days #10,11,12  ...R.E. Butcher

Another great 3-day weekend at RV-Central. AOPA PILOT Technical Editor, Mike Collins, visited the project and interviewed all the volunteers present - he also put his camera and pad down for a while and got his hands dirty working in the RV-1.

Boomer's report on projects completed and/or started: (1) Gear leg fairings- minor work still needed, (2) Instrument panel- in and hooked up, (3) New exhaust pipes and hangers- done, (4) Crankcase vent tube- done, (5) Carb inlet box- done, (6) Wiring and battery box- complete, (7) Firewall mostly sealed- just a few holes to go, (8) Bottom ramp- sealed, (9) Carb air inlet hose- complete (10) Wheel Pants- off to paint, (11) Canopy- off to paint, (12) Canopy hinge- adjusted, (13) Baffles- almost complete... will complete job after the cowl is fit to front.

Update >> on happenings after the weekend gathering - Danny King and Walt Aronow have been busy... Danny installed the new spark plugs donated by Tina's Pilot Shop and installed and tested the ignition harness. Walt completed the installation of the instrument panel and all aircraft wiring. Prop should be delivered Friday which will get this weekend's work off to a running start. We're getting close!

First Flights Page on Factory Site Updated

In The Shop....
N112SB now under construction!

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my last thread, about converting a -9a to -7a. Suffice to say, it's a lot more than I thought. And according to some of the numbers, the performance difference is not nearly as big as I thought. So I put in my -9a tail order last Friday.

Lo and behold, last night I puttered down to my FedEx depot and picked up the tail kit, arriving a day early no less! I think the desk clerk was a little concerned whether the boxes would fit. Let it be known that the tail kit boxes *do*, in fact, fit in the back of a Mazda 3s hatchback quite nicely.

And now I have a converted second bedroom / workshop filled with parts, parts, parts, cardboard, and more packing tape than I know what to do with. I started inventory last night when I got it home, and I'll skip doing work on it tonight (bad ju ju, Friday the 13th and all). I'll post up workshop pics in the gallery once I have everything half-squared away.

So... N112SB "officially" began construction (at least the first entry in the build log) on 1/12/12. Not bad, eh? Let the games begin!

Scott Balmos
Cincinnati, OH

RV-8 build begins ...David Domeier

Vans shipped the empennage kit pronto, I've at it since it arrived last Friday. Inventory was perfect. I really like the method of rivets in little plastic see-through bags clearly marked instead of the original lunch bag method.

Love the way this thing goes together and most impressed with the .032 HS skins, this airplane is no wimp. The plan is easy to follow and the parts fit. Still think about the RV-3 but I probably wound not have enough life time remaining to complete it. This was a good decision <g>.

Ask VAF Knowledgebase
Hose clamp specs needed

VAF Family
Hat Sighting ...dune bashing in Dubai

Motivation ....Reds.

Failed tank repair

I purchased my plane in March 2011. There were no tank leaks at the time of purchase. Towards the end of June fuel started showing up at the lower inboard joint of the left tank. In short time it was dripping about a drop a second.  more

One Reason Modern EFIS Systems Rock

You can keep an eye on the TAS and IAS limits.  p63 at G3X Pilot's Guide in my situation....  dr

● Related: http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?t=81427

There have been a couple of cases mentioned in VAF where people have reported encountering the very onset of flutter. One pilot described it as a "buzz." It's not common among RVs.

Before retiring, I was an aerospace stress analyst. Not long ago I got to examine some wing parts, not from an RV, which had fluttered.

What I learned from that is that if you think there might have been flutter, to check (among other things) the rod-end bearings. The ones I looked at had stretched slightly. Just something that might otherwise go unnoticed and lead to looseness, which in turn could lead to flutter at a lower speed next time.

Rohm keyless chuck- Read before Installing!

Just bought a Rohm keyless chuck. Note that there is an interference issue with this chuck and Sioux drills. If you do not place a washer on the drill drive before screwing on the chuck, the chuck will get stuck on. A single AN washer .060 thickness works fine, although Cleveland sells a specialty washer.

To remove keyed chuck: insert allen key and tighten chuck. Lay drill on workbench with head supported but key free to swing over edge of bench. Whack with hammer, counterclockwise. This will free the chuck. Unscrew.

To remove stuck Rohm chuck: Make small offering to the tool gods and ask for forgiveness. Wrap protective tape around Rohm forward knurled knob. Clamp on a pair of vice grips. Set up as with keyed chuck above: head of drill supported on edge of table, vice grips free to spin. Insert a silicone spray wand in the upper and lower slots on the head of the drill just aft of the Rohm rear knurled knob. Whack vice grips with hammer. You will probably have to whack quit a few times to loosen the chuck.

Once you get the Rohm chuck set up properly, it works GREAT. This is a fantastic time saver, I'm surprised I haven't seen it on the lists of must-have tools.

Thanks to Brown Tool for instructions on how to remove both the keyed chuck and stuck Rohm chuck.

(more from Michael Brown)  I would also add for those considering adding a ROHM Keyless Chuck to any drill, be sure to use a perfectly flat MACHINED washer and not a stamped washer like you might get from Lowes or HD. If the 'spacer' (washer) has any warp in it whatsoever, your drill chuck will wobble. When we install ROHM Chucks on Sioux Drills in our shop, we actually use a machined spacer from Sioux that is precision machined and perfectly flat.

To Alex: The ROHM chuck is a piece of art. They are made in Germany and the workmanship is superb. There is a huge difference between the keyless chucks you might see on a cordless drill from the hardware store versus the ROHM Keyless Chuck. The ROHM will close perfectly to 'zero'. I will let others give you their review of in the field use, but we selll about a thousand ROHM Chucks each year and I can count on one hand the number we have had returned.

Michael Brown
Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co

Totally Off Topic

This is our daughter driving me home from the DMV driving test yesterday (passed).
She asked me to sit in the back.  I suddenly feel very old.  dr

Same kid, about 14 years ago....

Wed, Jan 18, 2012.  1208z

Rifle Airshows -- Joe Shetterly

Winter Ops

The rear of my canopy does not seal completely and air comes rushing towards the back of my neck. Great in the summer but bad in the winter. I don't want to seal the canopy any better because I prefer the fresh air from a safety standpoint. I figured out a way to block the direct draft of cold air...it also doubles as security!

http://www.vansaircraft.com/pdf/hp_limts.pdf  ...talk of flutter.

The whole document is a great read.  Sidebar on pg 3 of the doc duplicated below.  Some discussion yesterday got me re-reading this.  You do know there are both IAS AND TAS limits on your plane, right?  You can, in certain situations, exceed the TAS limit without knowing it.  dr

Squeezing AN470 AD5 rivets

I have an enlarged hole on my flap brackets so I ordered some AN470-5-9 rivets from Spruce. They look like the rivets I need, but one thing is worrying me. I test squeezed one in some scrap (I cut this one down to a 6 length) and it felt like squeezing butter. Unlike the smaller rivets which I have to give a pretty firm squeeze to. Is this normal with this size rivet? I expected the larger size to take even more oomph on the squeeze. The rivet head has a "01DC" marking on it. The spruce item was "AN470A-5-9 SOLID ALUM RIVET AN470A-5-9"

In The Shop....
Shop Safety

Saturday I decided to do some maintenance around the shop. I wanted to get my big top skin attached to my right wing, but my wife (and main riveter) had gone to St. Louis for a hockey tournament with my son. My daughter is getting better with a rivet gun, but I'm not quite comfortable letting her rivet a skin yet. So I decided to put my left wing skeleton on my wing stand and make sure there wasn't anything that was going to need modification for the left wing. As it turned out my homemade bracket that holds the outboard rib to the wing stand needed trimming since it was going to interfere with the skins, so I broke out my die grinder and a 3" cutoff wheel.

I've never had an incident with a die grinder but, the die grinder / cutoff wheel combo scares the fire out of me. Not as much as the drill press / fly cutter, but in the ballpark. For what I was doing, though, it was the right tool for the job. To prepare for the task I needed to assemble my safety gear. I went inside and put on another long sleeve shirt. I reached for my safety glasses but decided on the face shield instead I also put on my dust mask and hearing protection. At the last second I decided that my gloves couldn't hurt either. Now I was set and ready for action. I was grinding away for about 30-seconds and it happened in an instant.


The cutoff wheel exploded sending shards all along the plane of travel of the wheel. Miraculously (or maybe it was physics) none of the pieces hit me. Small pieces did hit the leading edge of the right wing, my table and the ceiling of the garage. I disconnected the air and took stock of my appendages to make sure they were all there and look for shrapnel wounds. All clear. I picked up all the pieces of the failed wheel I could find and noticed that a large chunk was missing. I couldn't find it anywhere. I assumed that it was traveling so fast that it tore a hole in the space time continuum and would erupt from a worm hole a million years in the future.  continue

8' from the point of failure to the point of impact

MLK day aerobatics ...note parachutes.

Wire....how it's done.

FS: RV-8 Project....$25.5K (all kits and more)

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Jan 17, 2012.  1200z

Wing tips & sighting device ...Bill McLean RV-4 Slider.

We always like to show off our toys, so thanks for the more picture request. The idea for the flat wing tips came from an1991 article, September issue, in Sports Aerobatics (Ralph Riddell) about a RV-4 modified for serious acro, and the flat wing tips increased the roll rate. I added the fences for the same reason to achieve a little more aileron effect. I'm not a good test pilot, so my estimate is the flat wing tips increased the top speed about 3 knots, increased my stall speed 4 to 5 knots. However the fences lowered the stall speed about 3 knots and also slowed the rapid spin rotation after 1/2 turn. It also seems to land better without much float. The inverted flight is slightly better with a little less nose up for level flight. For an acro sighting device, I have auto window tint strips on my canopy. The advantages of the tint strips are it's cheap, and I can see them with slight peripheral vision, and I can move them if they are not right.

RV-3- Interim Phase 1 Report ...Paul Dye

Well, we are just a month past first flight, and two of these weeks we were out of town. We’ve had a couple of “No Fly” days due to weather, but we now have 33 hours on the airframe, and I can share a few test results.

We’ve expanded the speed envelope from a flaps-down stall of 50 knots IAS to the redline of 183. We did a few limited TAS excursions (a couple of knots) above that in a smooth-air descent, but will stick with the design redline – I have no desire to test the flutter limits beyond Van’s engineering. Stalls are normal for an RV – power off, it breaks sharply, but honestly, and recovers instantly when you release back pressure. Holding it in an incipient stall with power on gives a fair amount of tail “rattle” (it’s a metal airplane), but I found nothing loose or damaged afterwards – it’s just a little noisy.

RV-12 Winter Blanket

TeenFlight 2 PIREP

Quantifying Level Flight Performance

I'm swapping props from a wood sensenich to a composite 3-blade Catto. The sensenich was pitched between cruise and climb but ended up more of a climb prop. I asked Craig to pitch the new prop more toward the cruise.

Sitting here at my desk (between flights) I realised during phase-I I only condcuted a test day conditions level flight performance sweep and didn't really normalize the data - I did it the easy way - record airspeed vs engine power and plot it. This is great for a quick look but doesn't provide an accurate enough baseline for comparisons with future data after any modifications are made, such as a prop change.  more

Resurrection of Tony Boy II ...RV-3 tornado damaged at SnF 2011

In The Shop....
Dan's Priming Station

A bottom skin from my RV-7 wing gives the photo some scale. Mesh on top is "chicken wire" with about a 1/2" grid size. There is baffling in the box to settle out most of the overspray before it is drawn through a 20" square filter on the bottom by a fan strapped horizontally to the bottom of the table.

This seemed to take care of almost all of the actual overspray. What you can't see in the photo is an industrial exhaust fan through the wall above the table which takes care of ventilation and fumes.

I have used this setup for the last 5 years and found I could prime without getting paint overspray all over the shop. I had to resort to other means for some of the larger fuselage skins and really long parts but this took care of virtually everything else. It has been really nice being able to prime and paint pretty much at will without issues from weather, etc.

Ryan Allen's RV Construction Photos ...stumbled across this

● Jon Farley's RV-8 'Redtail Angel'

LED vs Resistor

this is 2 sets of 3 Cree lamps in series. I am using a 2.5 ohm 10 watt resistor in series with each 3 lamp set. You are correct that the amps drop with volts. I have a plane power alternator and odyssey battery. My Dynon reports the voltage as 14.7. at 14.7 volts, the current is .98 amps. The aircraft voltage does not drop much with low power on landing, and I am very pleased with this set up. There is zero rfi. The dropping resistors are absorbing about 2.7 watts of power. WAAAY less heat than the 75 watt mr16 heat lamps er, landing lights.
Larry Buller

N277PM Update:  Wingtips Fitted

new iGate at 53VG

Well it took a lot longer than expected and antenna work is something I don't wish to repeat anytime soon but, aircraft transiting the Eastern Shore of VA should have much better coverage (not to mention land based operators).  more

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From the Factory...

EAA Update


Totally Off Topic

Video of first flight

Mon, Jan 16, 2012.  1219z
  Good morning!  No flying for me Sat or Sun (helping with the estate sale of my late aunt on Saturday, and sitting right seat with our daughter practicing parallel parking on Sunday).  But, did get in a little .3hr flight on Friday around lunch - iPhone pic of track at right.  Low and slow and no mission, just enjoying the view at 18"MP and 8.4gph.
  Lots of stuff in today's edition, so I apologize in advance for the office work you're not going to get done.  ;^)  dr

Defying superstition

Today, Friday the 13th, N169MJ took to the air for the first time! Stan Kremp flew his RV-7A as chase with my wife along as photographer. No big issues: slight canopy skirt "buz" above 120 KIAS and AP fuel injectioin seems to be a little on the rich side at idle. What a hoot!
Jim Averett  RV-8  TS36 - Silver Wings  Fredericksburg, TX

Going vertical

Already starting to practice for the 2012 IAC contests. Had a professional photographer at our Gulf Coast Aerobatic Club get together yesterday at Brewton, AL.

Welcome www.BenchSolution.com...for folks with limited garage space (like me).

Getting close


In The Shop....
Canopy skirts

Thoughts on F640/F639 Floor

VAF Family
Our RV Buddy Jim Pappas Needs Help Looking for COO Job

AF-5000 Series Video

Newby with a new to me RV-6

Fuse Moved to Airport

The pre-inspection inspection ...Bob Collins 7A

Bought a QB kit from a guy - questions about some elongated holes

Fuel Vent Location

LH Elevator LE Crack

Canopy Escape Tool Testing

Chris Pratt's Breakout Tool Mount 

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
FAB Brace to Prevent Cracks

Ideas on jacking aircraft

In the Yard
Chicken Wire Priming Surface

When I first started my build, I ran across an article by two guys who built an RV-6 in 56 days. One of their tricks was to lay everything out on a 4' x 8' chicken wire screen. Everything got primed very early on in the project so they didn't have to stop and do it as they assembled things (I believe they touched up parts after trimming, drilling etc)

Here are some pics of what I did to adopt their method.
Sorry for the lousy photos but these are very old digital photos (circa 1998)

Caution: even though I used their method for priming, it still took me 14+ years to build my RV-6..... LOL
Gary Palinkas


Aviation Film Uses Clay County Airpark as Backdrop ....with RV-4

Totally Off Topic

Radio Flyer Car ...Dan Horton sent this to me.

On left base turning final - parallel parking practice with the daughter yesterday.
She actually did quite well.  Gonna do fine...  dr

Fri, Jan 13, 2012.  1223z
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

Three-peat! ...Dan Benua

I'm pleased to report that my new RV-3B lifted off for the first time today. We had a rare sunny and calm winter day in Oregon that was perfect for the ocassion. My RV-4 buddy Brent Anderson flew chase, and my wife joined the party from his back seat.

The airplane flew great, climbing at 2500 fpm with full fuel. The right wing is very slightly heavy and the prop a bit under-pitched, but these are minor squawks. I'm a newbie tailwheel pilot, but the ground handling and landing were a piece of cake.

This is my third RV build, but it still took 2200 hours and nearly four years to get here. Key equipment includes an AeroSport IO-320 (160hp), Catto two blade prop, and AFS 5500 EFIS.  My S/N is 11426. I credit Randy Lervold for inspiration and my wife for builder's assistance. more

Factory 2012 Calendar SB ...sent to me by the gang at Van's.

AirScoop or smooth cowl, which is ACTUALLY Faster?

Could we be getting less power out of our engines than the cost in drag at high speeds

Dave's RV-3 Progress

In The Shop....
Electric Fuel Pump Talk ...Greg Niehues

...I did end up putting both my pumps in the center floor where Vans recommends installing the boost pump. I had to stretch the boost pump housing a bit, but both pumps are in there with check valves so they can't back flow. Each tank flows through it's own filter and check valve before entering the pump, the output of the pumps are Tee'd together and go to the fuel valve, which is on/off/ferry with a port underneath to connect a ferry tank for long over-water legs.

VAF Family
"Day job in front, night job in back."

The 'show us your day job' thread continues...

Cap Sighting

Work Shmork.  VAF on...  

VAF at work ...yesterday's edition on laptop.

Collaboration Yields Solution to Reduce Risk of Post-Impact Fires for Air Show Performers

More on this

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Dynon Remote Compass Mount ...and some serious graffiti

Out with the Old, In with the New – Upgrading to P-Mags ...Paul Dye

Seven or eight years ago, when I was buying equipment for my RV-8 project, I was intrigued by the (then) new E-mag electronic ignition. Intended as a nearly “drop in” replacement for regular magnetos, I sure liked the clean design that did not require a separate “brain box”, crankshaft sensor, or extensive wiring. It seemed to me to be a great design concept – but I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous about anything that absolutely MUST work (to keep the airplane in the air) being that new. I decided to equip the airplane with tried and true Slick mags, and keep an eye on the E-mags. I watched as numerous people went with one, then two of the units, as well as the even newer P-Mag – an E-mag that had its own internal alternator so that once it was going, it was independent of ships power to keep the engine running. This really upped the interest, since it was pretty much as electrically independent as a traditional mag (except for starting – and take-offs are almost always optional).

After some early teething problems with temperatures and mechanical components, it appeared that folks who I have a lot of respect for were piling up hours on their P-Mag installations. Reports of difficulties became few and far between, and reports of improved customer service on the part of Emagair went up. I saw both of these as positive signs, so when it came time to have an engine built for our new RV-3, we pulled the trigger and went dual P-Mags to get the maximum benefit of EI all the time.  more

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Gemini Shipping

EAA axes around 30 employees...how this affects the 'E' in the name is yet to be seen.  Developing.

About that 'E' in EAA...

I Googled 'most numerous experimental aircraft' and it returned the following as its first hit (partial screen capture below).  Here's hoping they don't forget us.

related: How to send feedback to EAA

Airport Ride FS.
Offering my '75 Vespa 150 Super VBC up for sale to help offset purchase of a small used Ford Ranger truck (our daughter takes her driving test in two weeks).  $3K.  It's a good price (source) and I'd like it to go to a VAF'r for airport use.  Comes with spare tires, rear rack and windscreen.  Buyer needs to come get it (located in N.TX).  It's coral, not pink ;^).

some pics...
  contact info

Totally Off Topic

When I put it in 'drive', nothing happens...

Thu, Jan 12, 2012.  1206z

Show us your day job!

a.k.a.  How RVators pay for their RVs.

RV-1 Photos - Work Days #7,8,9 ...Ernie Butcher photos.

TeenFlight II PIREP

Greg Blanck's Side Mount w/Front to back fuel flow (RV-8)

Grove Gear lower brake line tip

If you are installing RV-8 Grove landing gear legs (which have internally drilled brake lines) and are pondering your options for connecting the fitting at the bottom of the leg to the brake caliper you may consider this simple solution:

I was going to bend hard aluminum lines to connect these two points as the plans suggest but decided (as many others have) to use flexible lines instead.

For reference I checked to see how VA-102 (a braided fuel pressure sensing hose included in the firewall forward kit) would work and to my surprise the length was perfect.

So, I decided I’ll go with that instead of having custom lines fabricated or buying the special tools needed to make my own.

I Ordered Van's VA-102 hoses ($15.50) and a 45° AN823-4D fitting at the caliper with a 90° AN822-4D at the bottom of each gear leg to make the hose curve comfortably and applied LocTite 567 to the threads (not the flares).

Hope this may be useful to others.

Properly fitting your cowling  ...and getting 224mph out of a 180hp RV-6

RV-10 Stuff...RV-10 forum

In The Shop....
Little Garage Tweaking...making room for folding workbench.

Some 2'x2' snap together fatigue floor mat from Northern Tool bought during lunch yesterday, a light from Lowes moved from another part of the garage and a folding work bench in the works.  Building a little spot up front that'll keep me from having to back a car out.  A place to build RV-3B ailerons, flaps, etc.  That mat makes a huge difference on how cold my feet feel. 

-6 Rudder talk

(RE: the right rudder pressure needed - this from B.Axsom) I have the short tail 6 rudder and on takeoff and climb it required a LOT of right rudder. The answer for me was to install a rudder tab. The first was a commercially available (was through VAN's I think) plastic wedge pop riveted to the left side of the rudder. That worked reasonably well but as I modified the airplane for speed things changed and I needed a ground adjustable tab. Toward the lower part of the rudder I cut off a section of skin inserted a trailing edge internal alumimum wedge (not a trim tab) and covered the openings with thicker skins with two stiffeners on each skin. I made a trim tab out of 0.032 2024-T3 aluminum and mounted it with five #8 flathead screws into two tapped holes and three platenuts in a zig-zag pattern. That worked great on first flight. It still uses right rudder (but not so much) on takeoff but the ball is centered in level flight. In the initial rigging I took a lot of care to get everything properly aligned with the reference plane of the canopy deck. In natural position the left wing trailind edge required lifting, what seemed like a lot to me, to get it properly aligned - so from my experience you should not trust the automatic alignment.

Work Shmork.  VAF on...  

Event News
National Parks Free This Weekend ...if you needed an excuse to fly!

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F.S.NOW AVAILABLE! "The Lip Skid" from Anti-Splat-Aero

From Bob Pospick...

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Jan 11, 2012.  1155z

John Mastro (RV-8) Goes To Hilton Head

Last Friday night I thought...why not?

Hello, long time reader, built and flying RV-7A ...welcome Roy Thoma.

Caterpillar to Butterfly

5 weeks total time with about a week home around Christmas. Just about turned Kahuna's hair gray and I can't thank him enough. I could not have done it without his guidance, tools, knowledge, friendship, parts department and wonderful cooking.. Smokey was also always there to lend and ear or a part and Stripes busted a few knuckles too. CB was a great help in setting up the GRT stuff. He knows those buttons. And my wonderful wife, Slinky, put up with all of it.. Thank YOU ALL

Still have to calibrate the fuel stuff and get a manifold pressure problem worked out but all the electronics work perfectly. Punched on the autopilot and it just worked. Climbed, descended, turned, NAV'ed, headed,, I'm gonna love this thing. ATC said they could hear and see me, don't know if that's good or not, but there it is..
Jerry "Widget" Morris
RV 8, N8JL

Rainy yesterday ...from a few days back.

Double nut did not work, but double nut + mole grips (presume UK speak for vice grips) did.

Engine Mount Bolt/Cotter pin (RV-12)

When torqued to 160 in-lbs, the top engine bolts are far enough into the castellated nuts that it seems as if the cotter pin doesn't have a full grip:

Look over my install

Spinner to cowl transition

OK..so I finally was able to get my prop/spinner attached and my cowling on to see how I did on the set up. When fitting my cowl I did not have the prop so I used vans method of the prop spacers with spinner bulkhead... I intentionally left the engine a little high figuring I may get some engine sag over time and possibly it may drop a tad when the 80lb prop was installed. Well, the 80lb prop didn't make it sag any...at least not immediately...so I am left with the spinner about 3/16 higher than I would want it. Was not to happy to see this.

Thoughts on this?.. Is this just a cosmetic issue? guess I won't win any awards this time... Any ways to fix this at this point? Initially, I thought I could add some epoxy/glass on top of the cowl and smooth it out. But then that adds more weight to an already heavy engine/prop. Or, do I just leave it as is and reevaluate later....still looking for the engine to sag a little?

Priming Rack.....Greg Niehues style.

I took at 2x12 and wedged it between the floor and the ceiling (make sure you hit a ceiling joist runner, or you'll punch through the sheetrock) then screwed 1x2 runners horizontally to that, and used a brad nailer to put a few dozen finish nails in the 1x2's. Hang your parts on the finish nails and spray away.

Your Day Job

● New FAA Mobile Site ...   http://www.faa.gov/mobile/

Supported Platforms and Devices

DIY Seats ...Marc DeGirolamo

Here is a link to some pictures of my seats. I added extra padding and support On the front seat, so that I would have better support for my legs. I have been pleased with the results...

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SteinAir Stuff ...will probably change by the time I post this (will go fast)

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Jan 10, 2012.  1210z

Dale Walter RV-6A

Purchased from Jerry Cochran, builder.  Pic is from 2nd day of trip home: Portland, OR to Ft Lauderdale, FL.

15,000+ ...registered forum users.  Happened last night, and thanks for surfing.

Canapy stuff Bruce did

Trimming (RV-12)

Rivet help

I 'm working on my -7 Drawing 25 , Riveting the F721A-R forward canopy deck to the F-721B-R ( Longeron ).
I cant for the heck of me get any of my bucking bars in, even my little tungsten. Can I use a cherry max pull rivet in the three locations I marked in red. If can does anyone know a cherry max equivalent #?

Part Identification Help

I have been given the job of rewiring a Pitts I have a share in and could do with some help in identifying the type and output of the alternator and what the gold box is? Initially I though it was a regulator but the wire don't look big enough, maybe some type of noise suppressor.

Trim Servo Pushrod not centered through access hole

So I am almost done with the trim tab on the left elevator. All of the hinges are drilled and the trim tab edges are aligned nicely with the rest of the elevator. Only problem is that when I attach the threaded pushrod to the control horn, it is slightly off center with the exit hole on the bottom of the elevator. I followed the plans to mark the outboard hinge hole 3/8 of an inch from the edge of the hinge.

The only other thing I have noticed after looking at other folks pics of their trim tab hinge alignment is that my eyelet order is reversed. I don't think this matters much, as long as the trim tab is in proper alignment with the elevator, but perhaps I am wrong.

I think the alignment, or in this case the mis-alignment of the pushrod, has much more to do with where I drilled that first hole in the trim tab hinge. That, combined with the final placement of the hinge on the elevator side ultimately dictates where the pushrod will end up. Can some one tell me what stupid thing I did here that might have caused this?

I have no problem ordering a new hinge or digging out a sufficient amount of the elevator skin to ensure proper clearance of the pushrod. My main concern is how far over this forces me to move the trim servo mounting brackets on the cover plate to mantain a straight line to the control horn.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Room with a view...

Bendix dual mag and ACS A-510-2 questions

I have an O-360-A1F6D in my RV-4, and it has the Bendix dual magneto. I believe that one side has an impulse coupling, but I can't find out how to determine which side it is?

I assume that the left mag is on the left side of the mag housing, when viewed from the rear. If that is the case, which side has the impulse coupling?

The question comes from me getting ready to replace my panel and wiring. I have an ACS A-510-2 ignition switch. The installation instructions I downloaded from Aircraft Spruce say to place a jumper between the two lugs at position 1 if the left mag has an impulse coupling. Position 1 in the photo below is the two terminals close together at the 1:00 position. As can be seen, a jumper is not there. more

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Parking brake...

Panel Tip

Might give a thought to reducing the height of the panel (if it's a slider) as the larger panels are difficult to wiggle underneath which you'll find yourself doing a lot later on. (Not as big a deal with a tip up).

You could move the gx pilot over to where the ft50 is and move that to the right side, might have to move trim switch also depending on how much you could cut down. I cut down a new panel from Vans when I upgraded mine after so many tight fits under friends RV panels I was helping out on.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues

Seen in the Classifieds

Zaon Traffic alert

FS AFS AOA $750 Plus Shipping



FS - Complete panel

Totally Off Topic

Get it?

Mon, Jan 9, 2012.  1209z

RV people make it less of a hassle.  As you may already know, our daughter takes her driving test in about a week and a half.  Worded another way, in about a week and a half our '06 Honda Accord is going to be gone all of the time (and covered in Coldplay and Foo Fighters stickers).  So about a week ago I went to cars.com and looked through used Ford pickups - something to haul RV-3B airplane parts from the airport (stored) to the house workbench (assembled) and back.  I was about 4 min. into the search when I remembered the name Dan Horton.  You know him as ‘DanH’ in the forums.  By day he buys and sells vehicles in Montgomery, Alabama - his website is www.perryhillauto.com.

I sent him a short e-mail, the gist of was, “Gotta solid, used truck that doesn't cost too much?  It doesn't have to be pretty.  Less complicated the better.”  Then I went back to the business of trying to run VAF, completely forgetting about the truck.  Four hours later Dan e-mailed me back.  He had bought some fleet lease Ford Ranger XL trucks that had ~45,000 miles on them.  2010 models with manual everything.  Want to adjust the mirrors?  Stick your hand out the window and move them.  And you have to turn the crank to get the window to go down.  Plain vanilla, no frills small truck.   He offered one to me for a great price, and a quick check of Kelley blue book and some other sources online showed I was getting a good deal.  A very good deal.

“I'll take whichever one doesn't smell like an ashtray.”

So, how to get this truck from Montgomery, Alabama to Ft. Worth, Texas?  The shipping would run somewhere between $500 and $700, and here is where RVation steps in.  Dan had one of his drivers (Stan) drive the truck 700 miles from Montgomery over to Fort Worth this past Friday (for less than it would have cost to have it shipped).  Dan hopped in his RV-8 and flew to Hicks (T67).  They spent all day Saturday and a chunk of Sunday working on the RV-1.  Monk drove me and Tate over to Hicks Saturday morning, I handed Dan a check, he handed me the title, we all worked on the RV-1, and later in the afternoon Tate and I drove the truck home.  The truck Tate will probably learn to drive in.

I had a VansAirForce.net sticker on the back window before sundown.  The Honda Accord, and its high safety rating, is now officially Audrey's.

I think I spent a total of 6 minutes dealing with getting this used truck.  It was delivered to the airport I was already going to on Saturday.  Completely painless thanks, once again, to the greatest hobby on Earth.

Dan, stay healthy.  You will be picking out my trucks over the next two or three decades.

Didn't get in any flying this weekend, but I got a used truck, got to watch my son drill a hole into the new belly pan of the RV-1, and hung some drapes for the spousal unit.  Hope you had a great weekend, too. 

day 6,2012

Had a high thick cloud layer this morning and didn't think the light would be any good to shoot photo's. Headed out anyway hoping it would get better. Got down to the Grand Valley and had a lot of smog and it wasn't looking good. But as I started to follow the Colorado river west from about Mack,CO. the layer started to let a little more light thru. Was hard to get great shot's but then I'm also trying to see how many days I can get in this year before things change. Looking at tonights weather this might be it. If not see you again tomorrow. So I hope you've wasted some of your time rather than actually building. Hobbs at 10.5 for this year.  continue

Star of the Artesia fly-in

The turn out at the monthly (first Saturday of every month) Artesia, NM fly-in was light today. The hit was Marnie and Russ Dent's (russd) RV-9A that came over from Las Cruces, NM.  continue

● RV-1 PIREPS from Sat/Sun


RV-1 - Tate Reeves / Small Hands... Big Help!

[ed. Thank you Ernie, that was really nice. dr]

VAF Family
Jack Bilak:  RV-7

● 70 hrs and Counting  ...Don Patterson

Event News
● Mid-winter plug for Larry's get together

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Jan 6, 2012.  1224z

  Friday!  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Three quick bullet points...

  • Nov and Dec donation prize winners picked.  The winner of the Garmin aera 560 is Mark Albery (more).  Congrats Mark!  Give me a ring...
  • RV-1 work party this Saturday in N.TX at T67.  DanH flying in from Alabama to work.  Come say hey...
  • Offering my '75 Vespa 150 Super VBC up for sale to help offset purchase of a small used Ford Ranger truck (our daughter takes her driving test in two weeks).  $3K.  It's a good price (source) and I'd like it to go to a VAF'r for airport use.  Comes with spare tires, rear rack and windscreen.  Buyer needs to come get it (located in N.TX).  It's coral, not pink ;^).
    some pics...
      contact info

Grand Canyon, Hurricane UT, Sedona, Valle over Thanksgiving ...Scott Schmidt RV-10

With two girls under the age of 2 it has been difficult to keep up with lots of things in my life, including trip reports. This is a little late but still thought I would share a trip we did over Thanksgiving.

We rented a house at Skyranch Grassy Meadows airport in Hurricane UT over Thanksgiving week. It was a great week of flying. I think I put 16 hours of flying on the plane taking day trips to Valle airport, Sedona, tours over the Grand Canyon and sunset flights on most nights.  continue

day 5, 2012

Well I had a good route planned for today but life got in the way so only had an hour or so to fly and didn't get to do what I wanted so stayed local. Hope to do it tomorrow so will keep it a suprise. Another great day here saw 54* on the ground for a high and 8,000 ft it was 44*, 11,000 was showing 39*. Clear forever and almost glass smooth.
Hobbs is at 7.8 hrs this year and now and the question is will I run out of time before the next oil change, about 8.5 hrs. or will I run out of money for fuel or will this great weather change first? Oh! The drama of flying! And someone's probably still trying to decide to order that empennage kit <g>

RV-7A N967BT - Tom Lewis ...virtual hangar entry

I recently upgraded the panel on our 5 year old RV7a with 920 hours on it and wanted to share a picture of the "new" panel. I upgraded the GRT WS EFIS to the GRT HX EFIS and the UMA altimeter with a Winter Instruments altimeter

In The Shop....

VAF Family
Rest in Peace: Jeanine Axsom  ...spouse of our friend Bob Axsom.

Flying up the Beach at Hilton Head


Nickb145 is a private pilot!

● Good idea...

Totally Off Topic

Challenge accepted...

Thu, Jan 5, 2012.  1209z

Scott and Deb's EXcellent Weekend Excursions: New Year's 2011/12 in Vegas

This trip started out with the idea of trying to make the So-Cal/Arizona Groups’ New Year’s Day Fly-in to Lake Havasu, AZ at KHII. We’ve been trying to make this event for a couple of years, but somehow weather or other commitments have always gotten in the way. Part of the problem with doing a trip across the mighty Rockies in the winter is weather, you just never know what you’re going to get.

I had some left over vacation time to use and, with both Christmas & New Year’s Eve being on a weekend, a couple extra holidays to take off as well. So the plan was hatched and e-mails were sent scouring the country far and wide for others who might want to join up in Las Vegas for a couple days.

Scott and Tanya Card liked the idea, and so did Gary and Carolyn Zilik. The Cards would meet us in Boulder City at KBVU, and Gary and Carolyn would fly from Front Range with us. While there were other friends we would’ve liked to have join in the fun, schedules just didn’t permit. We were happy to learn last-minute that Rosie and Tuppergal Rosales would be able to join us for an evening of fun in Vegas after all! They would meet up with the Cards in Texas and fly to Nevada together.

With the plan set in motion, we began making the necessary arrangements. I managed to get a hotel in Henderson for the weekend using some Marriot points. While not on the strip, the room was free, and you just can’t beat free. We knew we wanted to see a show while there, but with tickets for Vegas entertainment being pricey and non-refundable, we would have to wait until we were certain we’d be able to make it.

A few days before departure, I started watching the extended forecasts, and it looked like a BIG high pressure system might be moving in to make for some nice flying weather. As it turned out, that’s exactly what happened. Some pretty stiff winds and turbulence were forecast for Colorado, but once we got south of the Colorado border, the Airmets went away and New Mexico and Nevada looked GOOD.

With the weather on our side, and after several e-mails debating which night/show, everyone agreed on Cirque du Soleil “Love” for Friday night. Thanks to some due diligence on Tanya’s part, she managed to book us eight good seats together. She also made dinner reservations at Fin, a Chinese restaurant located in the Mirage hotel. On her suggestion, we planned to do some mild hikes in the Red Rocks Canyon on the west side of town on Saturday. Then, on Sunday morning, we would head down the Colorado River to Lake Havasu for the New Year’s Day fly-in spectacular at KHII.

Read more of part 1   |   Part II   |   Part III

day 4, 2012

Weather holds as you can see. Temp. in Leadville was a balmy 39* and still had time to warm some more when I left. Had a layer of high thin clouds form but still smooth if you stayed below 12,000 ft. Wanted to fly direct from Leadville to Aspen but would of been a bumpy ride over the tops of all the 13-14,000 footer's. Still a great day was had by all! (Me).

RV-12 EFIS Software Update 5.4.3 ...on the factory download page.

From the mother ship...

Buzz saw...

Great Demo on Importance of a Good Scan

Totally Off Topic

extra points for spelling...

Wed, Jan 4, 2012.  1203z
  The first calendar entry of 2012 makes an appearance today, so it's back in the daily rotation on the front page (bottom of today's edition).  Easy way to spread RV event news - if it's in the calendar, it's on the front page here starting 45 days before the event.  And it self-deletes itself afterwards (I like that part).
  Have a nice hump day.  dr

Sometimes it works ...Mark Burns

Here's one from a few weeks ago.  The photo is not cropped. I wish I had zoomed out just a tad.  That's David Bray (RV-8) and Gerald Loyd (RV-4).

related: Some Ed Hicks classics

Fuel Consumption Over Time ...Larry Pardue RV-6

Since my airplane has been flying I have kept a running total of how many gallons of fuel I have burned. This allows me to see the average fuel consumption over the life of the airplane. I think it is interesting, but it probably says more about me and my changing attitudes over time than it does about the airplane. I have an RV-6 with O-360, carburetor and fixed pitch Sensenich prop and I have burned nothing but 100 octane low lead avgas. The chart covers about 11 1/2 years and 1100 hours of actual in flight time; no ground time.  Read more > >

Jan, 3 2012

Colorado......best spring I've ever seen in Dec/Jan days up in the mid 40's and a few 50's. 4.8 on the hobbs already this year. Hope it stays like this till Valentine's day then really turns to spring.

RV-10 Formation Shots ....Scott Schmidt post.

2011 Oshkosh was a great year for formation pictures. We had some really nice ones on the way to Oshkosh and during Oshkosh Jim Beyer took up Tim Olson's wife in his Bonanza to get this 3-ship that made the 2011 calendar.

New Year's day with Governor Mark Sanford ...Pierre Smith

Sunday dawned absolutely beautiful in Georgia and South Carolina.

John Sanford and family, own a big plantation near Beaufort, South Carolina, with their own grass strip.

Every New Year's day, they have a huge gathering for a noon-time old fashioned pulled pork barbecue and all sorts of old and restored airplanes and of course, several of our RV's, fly in.

Gregg Connell (airshows), owns this beautiful -10 that he let Gary Ward, Bonanza owner, fly left seat. Gary was very impressed

● From the factory...

A beautiful 6A panel

Once in a great while, an artist gets hold of a Lancair panel, cuts it all up and re-glasses it together again, contours it to fit the -6's cowl shape and this is the result...

Flight Testing
Expanding the envelope to acro
...Paul Dye RV-3B

I don't want to steal Louise's thread, but here's a quick report on my first real Acro session in the airplane:

Fantastic, Wonderful, Delightful, Amazing, Fast, Quick, Precise....what did I miss?

This was an envelope expansion test, the first time out of the box for any significant acro. Before the Acro, I did some power-off, full-stalls to check the signatures and repeatability of IAS at the break. Four clean, four dirty - each configuration stalled the same each time (55 knots clean, 50 dirty). It fell off in whichever direction my toe was resting on the pedal - no preference for going one way or the other.

For acro, I kept things simple - started with Commercial maneuvers (chandelles, lazy eights), did some wing-overs to see how coordinated and precise they could be flown, then went on to basic rolls (aileron and barrel), loops, Immelman's, Half-rolls on an up-line pulled down to a 45 (sort of an inverted parabolic maneuver). Everything was light and precise - no tendency for overshoot - it goes exactly where you tell it. Half-deflection roll rates are about 2.5 seconds for 360 degrees ("one-potato, two-potato, three...."). I'll have to check the G3X data files to be sure. Loops from level flight put about 3 G's on the meter, with about 65% power on the EFIS.

Yup - I think I'm likin' it better and better...

On the AOPA site....

Proof People Goofed Off At Work During 2011

Forum stats from 1/1/11 thru 12/31/11 (not the front page of VAF).  Interest in the hobby is alive and well you'll be happy to know.  3.3 million visits.  22.5 million pageviews.  Peaks Mondays, valleys weekends.

Screen capture:

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Jan 3, 2012.  1205z

Scott Schmidt January 1 RV flight ...Utah

Yesterday we had a babysitter for both girls for a few hours and had many options. Emily is now 4 months and Anna is 21 months.
Do we go see a movie (haven't done that in a couple of years), hit some of the sales at the mall? RaNae said, lets fly on such a great day.

So the two of us headed out and flew up by Afton, Alpine and Jackson Hole on January 1st. It was a perfect day to be flying and it has been almost 2 years since RaNae has sat in front with me since she is usually in the back with the girls.  Read More > >

Flaming Gorge Day 2, 2012

OMG! My first flight in the RV-3B
            ...a.k.a. Louise Hose becomes world's best RV-3 salesperson.

Oh my gosh! Is it possible for there to be an RV out there that shatters my expectations for performance and enchantment? I mean, I regularly fly two delightful RVs…..my -6 (Mikey) and Paul’s -8 (Valkyrie) and I’m admittedly spoiled by their charms. I love flying them. Mikey is wonderfully light and precise on the controls. The centerline, fighter-pilot feel in the pilot’s seat along with the 360 degree visibility (except the annoying roll bar) of the -8 makes it a fun machine, too. But, the -3 surpassed them both…..no contest!  Read More > >

"I have to wonder why the -3B
isn’t the most popular model."

Finishing RV-10 overhead consoles.....

Q- Screws in fiberglass for -10 doors-

I might be over-thinking this...so if I am, please let me know. What concerns me is that the screws holding on the doors on the -10 are simply #10 flush screws into fiberglass. I've heard anecdotal evidence of screws and fiberglass not working well (wallowing out over time) in other locations (cowling, wheel pants, fairings, etc)...but haven't about the -10 door. So is this a big deal or not?

In The Shop....
● Panel Almost Done....

VAF Family
Welcome new RV-10 builder from Auckland, New Zealand

Hi guys and gals,

Just thought I'd quickly introduce myself rather than spending my whole time lurking the forum.
I guess my profile explains me a bit but I live in Auckland, New Zealand. And I'm a homebuilt aeroplane addict.

My first offence was to complete a plans built Falco (www.falco.co.nz) and since then moved house and settled in to a place with a good size workshop to re-offend. I'm really missing the building and have now got to the stage where I've finally decided on my next build. I really want to try this tin bashing bit and the Ten really appeals to me, even though Vicki and I don't have any kids, a bigger plane just seems like the thing to do.
I haven't bought any kits yet for one reason.

This year I am going to pack my Falco into a shipping container, mail it to California and fly it to OSH! A big expensive job but when you're nuts, your nuts.

I intend to visit Aurora on the way back from OSH and put a couple of kits in the container for the return trip.

For now I'm just saving money and collecting the odd tool since I never needed a rivet gun on the Falco and about 10 clecos was heaps!

For the rest of my time I'm married to Vicki, who likes flying but prefers chasing horses around, I sit in the left front seat of an A320 for Air New Zealand and dabble in writing apps for iPad and iPhone. That all pretty much fills my time in and keeps me broke until the next build starts.

For now I'm just planning my trip and keeping entertained on this and some other fantastic personal RV10 websites.

I feel like a fraud here until I actually get started but at least you know who is lurking.
Happy new year to all.

George Richards


Saturday was a good day ...Steve Rush.

...in the Pacific North Wet. Mostly clear, calm skies so Carl (RV-8) had the great idea of going to Tacoma Narrows for lunch since neither of us had been there before. I took the scenic route, of course.


RV7 first engine start, Sydney Australia

After plugging in the wings to drill the rear spars, and then packing them away, I did my first engine start to check that I had no plumbing leaks for fuel, oil etc.

I pulled the plugs to eject any preservative oil and also to ensure that I had oil pressure and to lubricate the engine, I then stuffed up priming the engine for start and flooded it as you will see in the youtube video.

Jan/Feb Issue of FAA Safety Briefing Online

Yenka - Electrical Circuit Design & Simulation Software (Free Use)

Totally Off Topic

Yesterday's VAF edition as one picture....thought it looked funny like this.  Link below to read it...

Mon, Jan 2, 2012.  1205z
Hello 2012!  Got some upside down time during a short .3 hr flight yesterday to get the year off to a good start.  A loop, some rolls, a wing over and some TnG's at an empty airport.  Gold.  From 2,000' over Justin I could see the Wolf Ridge wind farm west of Gainesville.  Unusually good viz for this area.  Those turbines are 262' tall, and I could make them out 39 n.m. away.
  Reflecting on the flight during the drive home, thinking I'm a sierra hotel pilot who could surely give Mav and Goose a run for their money, I got a text from the wife asking me to stop at the store and pick up toilet paper.  Back to reality...Mav and Goose win.
  Few miles on the bike and evening Mass and the weekend was in the books.  Good times, and hope same with you.  dr

John Scurlock's 'Snow & Spire" Coffee Table Book ...pictures taken from his RV-6.

This hard-cover coffee-table book showcases photographs taken from the cockpit of John Scurlock’s home-built airplane, a Van’s Aircraft RV-6. In 2002, John embarked on a nine-year quest to fly to and photograph every corner of the North Cascade Range in winter. The images he captured provide a breathtaking vision of one of America’s most magnificent mountain ranges in its most beautiful, dramatic, and savage season.

[ed.  I was floored with the beauty of this book.  It's on the table in front of our couch, in the living room, as I type this.  Everyone has taken turns fighting over enjoying it.  dr]

New Years inspiration flight ...Greg Arehart

Even though some of you were stuck in bad weather, it was perfect flying weather in the Sierras today. Julia and I went out airport spotting and just enjoying the day. Hopefully some photos to inspire those of you who were diligently working on completing your build!

We departed RTS just before 10 am local, headed for Truckee, passing over Stampede Reservoir, one of Reno's water sources (and given the lack of snow this year, we may need it all!).

 Part:  1 /  2 /  3

Vlad's Jan 1st Flight

Today was one of those rare days in out hood. Big Boys were on relaxed schedule, helicopters polite and birds were still sleeping. Yesterday Red was no more.

Harris Ranch NYE Party ...via RV.

'flyinmonque' Jan 1 Flight

......just another day in paradise. Not much for snow so the skiers need to keep sharp edges for the icy conditions. Just makes it faster.

Brian's Jan 1 Flight

Woke up to a little wind and snow showers, then off to work. Got home, took down the outside Christmas lights and darn if there isn't a little sunshine and calmness. so I head out to the airport to grab some air before sunset.

RV White Pages Updated ...courtesy the lovely Audrey Reeves.

Contact info for 3,059 RV folks (maybe located near you).

In The Shop....
Stupid move of the day   [ed. I've seen me do stupider.  dr]

Ryan's RV-7 Progress

Spent the 1/1/12 installing my prop for the first time...still have to remove it again tomorrow and finish the spinner fab.

Flight Testing
RV-3- The First Ten Hours

Well, with a large break for the holidays between first flight and today, we have managed to squeeze the first ten hours of flight time onto our new RV-3’s airframe. The first six hours were pretty much dedicated to engine break-in, with lots of high-powered laps up and down the gulf coast, and very conservative operations. This mostly straight and level time was used to debug a few avionics issues (we had an intermittent Air Data board in the EFIS, which Garmin replaced via overnight express, there was a bad Comm 1 antenna connection, etc….) and get a feel for the airplane – which continues to be delightful. We had to adjust the governor cable to get maximum RPM’s, and are tinkering with a flaky left fuel gauge – but nothing else sticks out.( Getting use to all that traffic information took a little while as well!)The oil level only went down about a sixth of a quart in those first six hours, so I figure that the break-in was quick, and cleared the airplane for unrestricted engine operations. continue

VAF Family
My wife's a fearful flyer but she flew to Vegas with me

Last week I took my wife on our first real cross country to Las Vegas. It was the longest flight in my RV-7A to date for myself and my wife. From Tucson to Las Vegas is a little over a two hour flight. This may not seem like long flight for those experienced flyers but it was a milestone for me in a few ways. I only have about 75 hours in my RV-7A and only been flying it for a year.

First you need to understand that my wife is fearful of flying. When we went to Las Vegas 16 years ago on a commercial flight she had tears in her eyes the whole way. Not tears of joy, tears of fear. So once the RV was finished there was some doubt that she would fly with me at all. We have flown three flight before and all were under 45 minutes. The first two flights went well and she enjoyed them the best she could. Any turbulence bothered her a lot. The third flight (breakfast flight with other RVers) didn’t go as well due to very minor turbulence and landing at small airport in a tiny valley. If fact she said that if our first flight was like the third flight she wouldn’t have gone up again.  Continue...

Daughter's complete lack of interest in RVs!! ...RV-10 crowd.

Please help! I've had a real problem getting my daughter interested in our RV-10 project. I feel it's extremely important that she be actively involved so that she will feel a sense of ownership and pride when it's completed. However, it seems that no matter what I do, she just doesn't seem interested.

You're gonna have to click on the link to see the picture.  continue

Scott Schmidt's Take on the Above News Item

Seen on Airliners.net

click to enlarge

RV fun in Mosselbay South Africa

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Flat Wrap Conversion - Photo Highlights

First Pilot and Paws trip

Yesterday was my first pilots and paws trip from Baton Rouge into Memphis. Very good way to use the plane although using the -10 for an 11 pound terrier may have been a little overkill it still is nice to be able to do such things. Aren't planes great.
Eric Kallio
N518RV... Flying

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
Elevator Caps & Horiz. Fillers for the RV3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Harmon Rocket

(from Rich Meske) Please help us welcome another vendor and celebrate his great products.  He is offering these fiberglass fillers to enhance the look of your bird.  You might get a few knots of speed increase after the installation as well!  To see these products and more, visit us at: www.aircraftextras.com

● Factory closed today.  just fyi.

New FAA 51% Checklists Smooth Homebuilt Inspections (EAA site)

Gyroplanes, rotorcraft, weight-shift among included groups with new guidelines

December 30, 2011 - The FAA has responded to a request made last year by EAA at the annual EAA/FAA Recreational Aviation Summit by issuing new guidelines for homebuilders of helicopter, gyroplane, weight-shift control and powered parachute aircraft. The prototype Amateur-Built Fabrication and Assembly Checklists for these aircraft types will ease the uncertainty for builders who are constructing projects not listed on the FAA's approved kit list. The previous checklist, found in FAA Order 8130.35, was specific to fix-wing aircraft only. The new prototype checklists will be incorporated into the next revision of the FAA Order.  continue

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Like A Boss...