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Tue Dec 31. 1247z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy and Blessed 2014.  Thanks for making 2013 so special here. 

Severe clear FINALLY (but -20C) ...Chris Hepburn (Ottawa, ON)


Paul Shad (Tom's son) and Tim Terry

...somewhere between Ft. Worth and Gainesville, TX.  Tom Shad photo.


Tip- Riveting 101

Walt Disney Industrial Training Film....in Technicolor!


Dual 7" SV screens


Wings to their new home ...Michael Burbidge


I Took Up 'Smoking' ...johnfurey


Factory Closed on January 1st.

I may or may not push out a Jan 1st edition....let's see what happens.


First Pin


Last Day ...donations updated as of Dec 29, 2013 13:46:20 PST

2013 donations as of today
compared to registered
VAF forum accounts.


Before I begin, please understand I hate asking for money.  With. A. Passion.  It's an uncomfortable conversation, and there is already enough stress to go around during the holidays.  Let me get this over then as quickly as possible here in the next few paragraphs.

I have to earn your yearly donation with a good product/service, and there is competition in this world, so I spend more than a fair amount of time each day trying to make your experience here more pleasant, informative, motivating and entertaining than any other RV site.

So where do we stand?  Total income for our family business here during 2013 is down.  Expenses are way up.

I know there are many ways to look at the numbers, and you can make them look good or bad depending on what metric you choose.  The reality is it's my responsibility to pay the light bill and buy food for my family, and since this is an honor system business model (my choice), the job falls to me to remind folks about it occasionally.  We're getting to the end of 2013 and I'm on short final for some sizeable bills.  Servers and bandwidth aren't free.  Add to that my family's health insurance is going up 21% in February - raising VAF's operating costs by $133 each month (insert 9-page political rant here....then delete it, cuz we don't do that talk here).

So far this year, 2,491 people have sent in an honor system donation.  Thank you!  2,491 out of how many visitors?  Well, it depends on what you want to compare it to.  There are over 18,300 registered forum accounts.  There are an additional 20,000+ unregistered I.P. addresses hitting the site on a regular basis - maybe those are unregistered lurkers....maybe spambots.  Probably a combination of the two.  You'll notice when in the forums that there are usually two unregistered guests online for each registered one.  Lots of folks prefer being anonymous in today's digital world, and that's fine.  Google says that the site gets between eight and eleven thousand visitors a day, and that they view on average seven posts in the forums during each visit.  The classifieds are ALWAYS hopping with activity.  Maybe it's one person using eleven thousand devices, maybe 5,500 people using two devices daily.  Google says over 800,000 unique visitors have visited the forums this year to date, whatever the world that means.  There is some crazy math involved in those calculations, so fair warning.  The point I'm hoping to make is there is no concrete number I can give you.  'A lot of people' is my educated guess.

Do you get 48 cents worth of value out
of this site each week?  That's the size
of the donation we're talking about.

So, here we are again at year end crunch time, and there are 1 days left.  If you got $2.08 each month worth of value out of this site during 2013, and you think it should continue, and you haven't donated yet, it's time to vote with your wallet.

You can donate with a credit card in about sixty seconds using the link on THIS page.  This late in the year I'd actually prefer credit cards, even with the 3% hit I take, as it's a slam dunk, drag and drop operation from an accounting standpoint.  And I hate accounting.

If you like this site, please support it.  If you don't.....don't.  The marketplace will decide if it stays.  And please no 'people should donate' threads in the forums...simply read this and decide on your own.  Those threads creep me out ;^).

If I could just get one billionaire to write me a check for a few million, I'll do the site for free and never ask for a penny again.  Until that day I'm afraid you're going to have to put up with me begging a few times a year.  I know it sucks, but the groceries and college semesters aren't going to pay for themselves.

If you support VansAirForce.net with your hard earned money, thank you again.

God Bless and Merry Christmas,

Doug, Susie, Audrey and Tate Reeves.....and Moondog.




Mon Dec 30. 1255z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

click to enlarge

Plan 'B': The Short, Perfect RV Flight

The original plan Friday was to fly up to Cedar Mills for lunch, then take Clint up on his offer to haul us over to his remote land near the Red River so I could properly render safe for the tech recycle bin (6) old VAF hard drives that I've collected over the years.  Rendered safe via small pieces of lead going ~1,100ft/s.  The mission got scrubbed before launch due to damp pastures, so the disks get a temporary stay.  But, since I was already out at the airport, might as well take the RV-6 up for a bit anyway.  What a great plan 'B'.

It's odd to me.  Even after eleven years of flying this wonderful aircraft, this plane still amazes, humbles and floors me with its agility and shocking performance.  Especially on these cold, still mornings.  Even though I haven't put much time on the RV-6 this year (16.9 hrs), that time was broken up into 51 separate flights averaging 18 minutes per hop.  Call it close to once a week.  Not shabby for 'the kids in college' years.

The OAT was 32*F and the winds 000@00kts - hard to keep it on the ground in this dense air.  Viz five, no bumps.  Using Stephen Coonts' words, "The errors were mine alone."  After a bit it was time rejoin the surface dwellers, tanks now more empty than full.  A gentle curve onto downwind, throttle back, prop in, mixture rich, pump on, landing lights, pump brakes, trimming up, flaps ten, scan up final and down the runway.  On the step, on speed, good energy, flaps twenty at the start of a tidy base and rolling wings level about five seconds before the flare.  Got lucky and stopped the descent rate right as the outer atoms of rubber touched the high points of our crappy runway.  It took about a second for the tires to fully spin up - these landings rarely happen, and it's time to stop and smile when they do.  Click 'Save Track' on the Garmin D2 watch they've asked me to try to break....I want to look at that track later (up top).

It's such a mechanical marvel, this work of art, trimmed in, warm and guided with two fingertips.  I wonder if flying an F-16 in the flight levels feels remotely like this?  Such focused energy, directed so precisely.  Honestly, for me it taps into something emotional on these perfect flying days.  At shutdown in the hangar I just sat there in silence for almost a full minute, listening to the cool down clicks of the engine, drinking in the wonderment I'd just experienced.  The dozens of moving parts, the trillions of electrons hopping from atom to atom in the wires, the temperature deltas, the tons of centrifugal weight being spun around that hub, the hydraulic processes, the physics of it all, the gravity...the honor of being a part of an amazing flying community.

I'm grateful.  Appropriate thoughts for a year's end...

Sunday morning, before the cold front arrived....I took it up again just for the hell of it.  The landing blew chunks, spoiling my cockiness, but I got in that 52nd flight so I could raise the '13 average to one RV flight a week.  Check.

It's an amazing airplane.  If you're thinking about building an RV....I'd say go for it.  For me it was life changing. 


Dec 29, 2013 13:46:20 PST 

Two days left in the yearly VansAirForce.net pledge drive.  Totals for 2013 as of the timestamp above.  A few envelopes arrived with 'for 2014' in them, so I've placed them next to my keyboard until Jan 1.  Thank you again for helping, along with some wonderful advertisers,  keep this site online. 


First Flight by Owner
  ...from Jay Pratt at RV Central
  "Tim Terry did the second flight of his RV7 N246TT , 12-27-2013... I did the Test flight on 12-18-2013, No Runs , No Drips, No Errors!!!!!!!!"

(from Tom Shad) "Attached are a couple of pictures of Tim Terry making his first
RV-7 flight.  Actually, Jay test flew the airplane a couple days earlier, but this was the second flight and Tim's first solo flight in a RV.  I had given him some dual in my RV-6 earlier, and we flew over to Jay's place at Hicks to fly the bird.  Everything went without hitch.  We left the plane at Hicks and returned to Gainesville.  My son, Paul, joined us in my RV-8 and he and Tim flew back together leaving me solo in the six.  We'll be heading back to Hicks this week to pick up the airplane, fly some time off and get
it to Grady's for paint."

Trip to Mystic, CT ...Mike Bullock RV-7

Back in the air ...Mike Stewart

Rosie's favorite map

G3X Software Update Version 8.5 Released

200kt GS Club ...UnPossible

Status ...tweiss

N888EX - Buttercup Ready for flight..

First Flight- RV-10 959RV
  ...David '9GT' C.
  I started building the tail feathers of #40637 in January of 2006. I then took a 2 year hiatus to finish the Cozy MKIV I was building and had sold to a friend. After the Cozy MKIV was flying in Phase 2, my buddy came out every weekend on a Saturday to help me finish building the RV-10. The first flight was pretty accidental as I was doing final taxi testing at lower rpm settings due to how fast the RV-10 reaches take-off speed. A little too much back pressure on the stick and she was off the ground. I added full power and as I had expected from my transition training with Alex De Dominicis, 959RV started to climb like a home sick angel. The plane was WAY out of trim but once I was 2500' agl and sticking close to the airport I was able to trim it to fly pretty mush hands off. Some obvious squaks: The airspeed is not reading correctly on the G3X or Dynon screens pegging out at 36-38 knots, and the MP readings dropped to 11" although the engine ran exceptionally well. U used the GPS ground speed to fly and land the plane coming in a little hot for a safety buffer. I flew for .8 hours too feel the plane out and let the engine EGT and CHT readings stabilize. 959RV is officially in Phase 1 and there is obvious trouble shooting to keep me busy in a cold hanger.

Another RV Flyover - Belk Bowl - Cincinnati vs UNC

Who owns the runway?  ...safety discussion.

RV-6 Elevator damage

Ayrton's first Christmas and first RV ride

Special holiday memories in the shop...a family that rivets together

GoPro for inspection!

Some nice clear weather over Seattle around Christmas ...AirShowFan 6A

Subaru to destruction ...Rupert Clarke




Fri Dec 27. 1259z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Chasing Santa ...Vlad the Amazing


First Flight N89SE ...Scott Emery RV-8

So it took about 14 years!  In a perfect winter afternoon, with temps in the upper 30s, no wind, blue sky, and near sunset. With the sun behind on final.

I only flew the circuit once and landed, the prudent thing with an alternate engine. It ran wonderfully and the RV-8 airframe was totally awesome.  Marilyn had me fly her RV-4 to 'check for a vibration' but I think she wanted me to have a warm up flight, and I'm grateful.

THANK YOU VAN!  Thank you, everyone who helped, offered advise, or simply put up with me.  Thank you Doug Reeves for this 'place'.

Now on to flight development, wheel pants, a little more paint, and lots of flying!  Marilyn and I are looking forward to making that radio call "RV flight of two".  Next destination: Formation Clinic! (after 39.8 remaining hours of Phase 1)   For the detail oriented persons who know me:

I always predicted the first flight would be on Friday. I was anticipating doing this tomorrow, but on that one fateful high speed taxi test, I simply neglected to pull the throttle at .7 take-off speed.


Day after Christmas trip to 4V1 ...Geoff McHarg


Christmas Day 2013-First Time RV Grin for my 15 Year Old Nephew ...Kelly Johnson

Yesterday, my 15 year old nephew, Ethan, was out visiting California from Texas. This was his first visit to the family on the west coast for Christmas since he was 3.

I got the opportunity to give him his first GA flight AND his first RV flight yesterday on Christmas Day. Judging from the RV grin, I think he kind of liked it:


Motivation shot...


Stein's Videos


Hanger Space for Rent ...N.Texas (52F)

150' from 'theVanCave' (OK, that might not actually be a positive).


From Amy at EAA




Thu Dec 26. 1307z   ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! ...schristo


The Advanced Vans Practice Project


Flying my RV9A in SoCal - Oceanside


RV-9A N459PM ...status update


Lake Charles/Galveston Story Continues ...Ted Chang


RV-14 Kit Updates ...factory


Introduction: Hervey Bay, Australia  ...welcome Perry McNeil


RV Jewelry



Tue-Wed  Dec 24-25. 1300z
some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Merry Christmas

photo credit

May God’s blessing shine down upon you and your family this Christmas season. Sending love from our family to yours.

Doug, Susie, Audrey and Tate Reeves


Best Christmas present ever...! ...Christoph Becker (Hamburg)

Today 11:34 UTC I got airborne after 1 year and 2 month of building.  The first flight took 20 minutes over the airfield and was smooth and without any stress moments. It flies like on rails...

My RV 8 is now officially a RV 8 CB registered as D-ERVC.  Equipped with a Lycoming IO-360 Angle valve, a MT 3 blade counterweight aerobatic prop. and a single 10" dynon skyview with auto pilot.

Simply:  It's a dream!!!  I wish everyone a great Christmas time and happy new year!


Lake Charles and Galveston visit ...Ted Chang 9A

Our son David took a job in Lake Charles, LA. We decided to spend the Christmas with him and pay the area a visit. We were planning to leave on Friday 20th but the forecasted bad weather in this part of the country made us move the trip a day earlier.

The trip is 660 nm long blocked by several restricted airspaces in Florida. A direct flight is not possible. In the past we have flown the shoreline corridor through Eglin restricted airspace. However, the route north of Eglin offers several cheaper fuel stops and that was what we took.  more


4 ship rv departure with f-16 in pattern ...Christopher Murphy RV-4

I had this clip of 4 RVs taxiing out and departing with a South Dakota Guard F-16 in the pattern. The ATC guy was great to accommodate us when he was so busy. This is an example of how our ATC FAM flights pay-off.


Another step closer ...Bruce Hill 9A

Passed my flight review yesterday! I hadn't flown at all in 22 years, so getting back into flying took a few sessions with my CFI. It took about 4 hours of flight time in a Cessna 172. I had never flown this type of aircraft before, so it took about an hour to get the basic processes down pat, then another hour of doing all of the basic maneuvers and stalls. Finished off with lots of touch and go landings to get my coordination of controls working again. After the holidays I will get in some solo time, then some more work with the CFI to get familiar with the local airspace around San Diego and visit some of the other airports nearby.

The flying club has a Citabria, and I think the next step will be to get checked out in that and start working on my tailwheel endorsement even though I'm building a nose gear model. That should get me up above 150 hours and ready for some RV transition training.


20 and 30 years of service at Van's ...Dale Guise and Daryl Sahnow (from the factory FB page)


180 Turn Back to Chino ...Peter McCoy 9A

This last Saturday my wife and I decided to fly up to Big Bear, from our home base of Chino. The sky was a mix of clouds, haze and several very large openings where I could easily fly up and over the clouds and haze. At least that was the plan. I called FSS and got a weather briefing. My route of flight (all 25 minutes of it) was listed as partly cloudy. Chino, Ontario and San Bernardino all had partly cloudy skies, VFR conditions with haze and visibility of 6 to 10 miles. Big Bear was clear with unlimited visibility. Driving to the airport I had noticed several areas where the sky was overcast, but plenty of large gaps in the clouds to climb on up. When I arrived at Chino, the sky was hazy but clear above and to the North East. My assumption was a direct routing to Big Bear, which would allow me to climb up through the clear sky I could see heading North East. The sky directly North looked worse, and had a overcast layer around 3,000 feet.  more


You might be an RV builder if...


Build Anniversary ...Mike Messer

I looked back throughout my builders log and today is the anniversary of starting the actual build. 2 years and 800 hours later I look back and still can't believe I am doing this. Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement, advise, and assistance.

So an early December update ...  more


Norway: Six GA planes (incl 2 RV's) flying a "Christmas Star" formation



Mon  Dec 23. 1258z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Santa Flight (Angel Flight West) - Dec. 2013 ...Scott Schmidt RV-10


Back In The Saddle ...Terry Kohler

After nearly 9 months from the date of my "incident", I received my SI medical. I certainly learned a few things along the way:

1. While current guidance for placement of a stent has been reduced from 6 months to three months, this really has to do with you physical, not the actual receipt of the SI.

2. If your cardiologist is not intimately familiar with the FAA, and they prescribe "new" drugs not on the FAA radar, you're going to get delayed due to requests for "more information".

3. If your cardiologist is not intimately familiar with the FAA and insists on providing information "their way", you'll encounter more delays.

4. If the government goes on shutdown, more delays.

5. All of these delays, by the way, come with the same weekly response - "You're slated for review". When? "Don't know".  continue


RV7 I-MKLK, Marco Grilli ITALY


First time on full power. The -7 is soon ready for first flight! ...ao.frog


A letter from Van....[ed. Please read. dr]


Airspeed indication issues

On a recent trip back to Canada from Florida (Dec. 16, 2013) I experienced some pretty serious A/S (airspeed) indication fluctuations. In fact, when I landed at my home field CYKF Kitchener Ontario my A/S was reading zero and had done so through 4000' and below.

A little background. A couple of months ago before I left for Florida I had a similar thing happen to me when landing here at my home field just not as severe, some fluctuations below normal air speeds on short final. This worried me some but the next time I flew the airplane the A/S seemed to function normally so I ignored it.  continue


No unusual attitudes tread- 2014 Primary Routine


First mistake


Mystery operation...Vlad


Oil accumulator EXPLOSION

IFR southbound climbing through 11K west of reno NV when a loud bang up front gets my immediate attention, when my voice returned I let center know I may have to dive in to reno. As everything sounded ok and all gauges were in the green I proceeded south while trying to figure what caused the loud bang.

To make a long story short the top had blown out of the moroso tank, I had left the valve closed when starting fortunately or all the oil would have been pumped out.

This just happened two days ago when I have more information I'll let everyone know also will post pictures as soon as I figure out how.


Ground shot ...KALEWIS


200kt GS Club ...Mark Albery


Christmas & New Years Hours

Both Van's Aircraft, Inc and VansAirForce.net will be closed on December 25th and January 1st.


What to use a canoe for ...during this time of year.

"Nobody ever goes on that side of the garage but me."



Fri Dec 20. 1243z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Fun Thanksgiving Flight ...Scott Schmidt post and pictures


Still in Fantasy Land ...Jesse Bentley

I know it’s true, but I still cannot wrap my mind around the idea that when I’m finished with my -8, I’ll be able to do things I’ve never been able to do before. I’ve been building for 5+ years and fantasizing about the end result all along, but even though I can see the light at the end of the tunnel it still doesn’t seem real.  continue


Solo Flight ...Cutler McMartin

Thought I would share a few pictures of my son Cutler's solo day (December 16, 2013). He started his flight training over the summer, and is home from college on Christmas break after his first semester at Colorado School of Mines:  more pics/words

[ed. Clayton (Cutler's dad) is building an RV-8 a few hangars down from me.  dr]

The shirt cutting...


RV-12 Wins Flying Magazine Editor Choice Award! ...factory FB page


Night VFR ...Luke in Italy (on the ground, anyway)


RV-8 Cabin Heat Mod ...Scott Hersha

I decided to try improving my cabin heat distribution in my RV8 to allow more than just my left foot being roasted…..

I did the same thing as Jerry (Widget) Morris - only different..

I'll try posting pics, but I'm not very good at it, so bear with me. I'm looking for comments and warnings about things I may not have considered, that may make this unsafe - like not having a fresh air vent to the front seat for the winter. I figure I can reach behind me and open the back seat vent to get some cabin ventilation if needed.  continue


New Dynon Preflight Brief Site (and new videos!)


Tracking Your Investment

...Audrey Reeves Fall 2013 grades.  1 down.....7 to go!

3.85 GPA after her first semester at SMU.  We got the news last night re: grades, and I thought you would like to know what your donations were used for.  Lousy iPhone pic of her laptop screen.



Thu Dec 19. 0959z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Exhaust Pipe Fixed: Kahuna Update

Decided to fix this pipe. Fixing this pipe was not difficult. I'm fortunate to have friends and resources on the field here. My star smart guy is Mr. Gary Dehart, retired crew chief Hendrix Motorsports. If he cant do it, it cant be done. We set up a jig on his welding table, cut out the offending piece, & fitted in a new one. The joints are not straight by design. With stainless, you also need very tight butt joints before committing rod to metal. Plus he is a perfectionists. I kept telling him we were not going to the moon here. But there is no convincing him that one day this exhaust might have to see duty on the space station or something. I love hanging out with Gary. I always am humbled and learn from the best. Thanks Gary for sharing your shop today.


Tank Status: blueflyer

I am now working on prosealing my tanks. Now that I have the hang of it, and I have a feel for mixing better portion sizes, this tank work ain't the worst thing in the world. It is slow work when it comes to covering each rivet head with proseal though. Here's a couple of photos of my progress. I hope to get them finished up this weekend.


Gary Sobek aka "Condor" arrived in PA

So Cal has lost a great friend, pilot, DAR and encyclopedia of RV knowledge. Pennsylvania has gained one. I just got off the phone with my friend and he was pulling in to the driveway of his new digs in PA. Just thought those that know him and knew of his move would be glad to know he has arrived safe.

Now I am off to move 64GH into his old hanger at CCB <g>


Bird Strike -- Almost ...John Banister

Here is a video of a landing close call I had this week in my RV-8.

In retrospect, a couple of things come to mind:

1. After exiting the runway and advising the airfield folks about the situation, I wondered if my pre-landing scan of the runway had been at fault. After viewing the video, I was impressed with how hard it was to see the big birds on the ground. No problem seeing them when they flew!

2. Many years ago we deployed a squadron of F-4's to Ramstein Air Base in Germany for a month. At the safety briefing, we were told that it was not uncommon to have deer on the runway. If this happened, the best advice from experience was to not try and avoid them. Just keep on taking off or landing. I found this advice to be useful in the buzzard situation just viewed. Going around would have put me right into the birds. Turning during landing could have easily put me off the runway.

P.S. I didn't see any deer at Ramstein, but I did have a flock of starlings fly in front of me on takeoff at about 140 kts. I hit at least four (none in the engine, fortunately). No damage. The Phantom was a strong bird


Riveters Elbow

Just diagnosed. Also known as tennis elbow. No rivet gunning for 2 week, or more. Any advice for the next time?



Wed Dec 18. 1240z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Flying my RV-9A in SoCal ...Peter McCoy videos

I have posted a couple of new flight videos on You Tube. I like having all the audio calls for tower, traffic, flight following and CTAF included in my videos. So with that said, I tend to edit out the flying, till something comes over the radio.

Here are two flights from last Sunday. Enjoy.


Do you Pump Your Brakes Before Landing?

Simple procedure question - I had it drilled into my head early on in my tailwheel flying to ensure the brakes are pumped up just before touchdown. If they are soft, I can either try fix it or at least plan for a "no brake landing".

The habit of pumping the brakes on short final has saved my bacon more than once... Just wondering how widespread it is.

Votes as of 1226Z 12/18


Hartzell with a Loose Blade ...Ongoing Maintenance

Just a heads up for those with a Hartzel C/S:

I was just out in the hangar talking on the phone and since I was standing next to the -8 I just idly grabbed the propeller tip and gave it a shake. To my horror, it moved… A bunch! Fore and aft about ½ inch; lead/lag about ¼ inch. Moved around like the shift knob in a VW bus.

Called the prop shop and yep, this happens sometimes. We have not opened the prop yet, but it’s likely a bolt that sets the preload on the shim pack simply broke. It’s a simple fix, but expensive to open the prop.

I bring this to your attention because it goes from “good” to “bad” instantly. Just in case you were wondering, this is not an old, junk prop. It’s a Blended Airfoil unit with less than 350 hours on it.

I’ll get back with a full report once it’s fixed, but wanted to give you all the “heads up” to check this EVERY flight. This was a new one on me.

One circuit at Adaminaby: home of Snowy River Aviators


RV-12 Flight from 'RV6Pilot'




Tue Dec 17. 1236z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

John Jones (right seat) giving Rick Aronow a ride in his RV-12.
Rick built/flies a 7A and is building a -12.

Pink slip ...RV9A Bill (Lawton, OK)

90716 has been registered, inspected, and almost put back together. I am a first time builder(and last) and very slow. Much appreciation to Rick Liles, Russ Daves, Tanner Evans, my brother James, Rob Scott, and Darrell Vines. And to all the RV folks in Lubbock. Thanks for all the help along the way. First flight not far away now.

About a thousand elk from the RV ...flyinmonque

click for more...


Wedge rudder trim piece

I am changing the little piece on my rudder so I don't need so much right rudder pressure in cruise.  Does it matter which side of the wood i put on the skin itself?  I want to use the smooth side out so the paint will lay nice.  However the 90 cut would have the smooth side on the skin


KatieB Answers some GRT Mini Questions

1. What drives the heading bug? Manually set to a heading or can input from external handheld GPS flight plan drive it? You can do both if you have the external magnetometer option. On the Mini-X, you can use the left knob to set the heading bug if you have the magnetometer. Either way, you'll be able to track either the internal or an external GPS flight plan or direct-to.

2. What do you mean by stand alone GPS Navigator? You will be able to enter and track a GPS flight plan using the Mini's own internal GPS, showing a GPS CDI needle, and time/distance/bearing to waypoint.

3. Can you flip/flop display between indicated air speed, true airspeed and GPS ground speed or will it show all three at same time? You'll be able to configure data boxes on the PFD screen to display TAS and groundspeed as supplemental information near the airspeed tape.

4. By limited Auto-Pilot do you mean it will only control pitch and roll and no altitude change? Yes. The Mini-X will have Heading mode (with magnetometer), ENAV (GPS tracking), and Altitude Hold. It will also track a VOR/LOC signal if you have a serial nav receiver connected to it, such as an SL30.

5. Nice offer to initially include the Magnetometer with the Mini-X. Any chance offering OAT probe and battery as an alternative to the Magnetometer? Do I need a Magnetometer if I have a compass? You won't need a magnetometer, but it will add some good functionality to the Mini because it will give you use of the heading bug, and actual heading will be displayed instead of GPS track. To keep it simple I'll say no substitutions, but if you call and talk to Todd, who knows what he'll tell you.

Avery Tools Christmas Tool Sale Ends December 24th


End of Year VIDEO Awards!! ...Peter McCoy gets the ball rolling.

One of the things I love about VAF is logging in and getting to go along for a flight via a video that was posted here. Back when I was building, it was a source of major motivation for me. Now that I am flying, I look at a great video posting as inspiration for something to add to my flying bucket list. Oh... I have to plan a flight to go do that....

With that in mind, it seems to me that maybe I missed one or two great flight video's this year. If you saw a great video this year, re-post it here and maybe we can all enjoy it one more time...

As for the awards..., maybe it should just be recognition for an awesome video in a particular category.

Here is my vote for the "Awesome Scenic Video".   continue

Bruce Hill 9A Construction Status Update

Got some time in over the weekend to start putting the tail pieces on the fuselage. I fitted and drilled the tail pieces probably 2 years prior, but this time I can start messing around with fitting the empennage fairing.  continue


December Special on Smoke System Kits ...VAF advertiser

I guess it is time to get into the spirit and offer a Christmas special. Any complete smoke system kit ordered during the month of December will be $25. off. Offer definitely ends Dec 31. I have custom smoke oil tanks to fit any model of RV airplane including "Hidden" tanks for RV-6-7-9 which use no baggage space and a custom tank that fits into the deep well of the RV-8. All RV-3-4 use a standard aluminum tank. Santa says to go ahead and treat yourself. http://www.smoke-system-helper.com



Mon Dec 16. 1246z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

One RV-6....24 minutes....33 deer.
(click to enlarge)

(27) of (33) deer spotted on a recent .4hr RV-6 flight.  dr photos.

First Flight: JDanno RV-10

After 5 1/2 long years, RV-10, #40853, N616JJ took flight today. Ceiling was low and so was the flight. ...

Tony’s (tkatc) RV-8 build continues

On this snowy Saturday, some of guys from PA got the opportunity to help Amy and Vlad move Tony’s RV8 project to the shop so Vlad can continue the build. The quality of workmanship Tony started will continue and we look forward to helping Amy and Vlad.  continue

First engine start! ...Alf Olav Frog (Norway)

mnrvdude's RV-8 ...first flight 9/17/13

Lake Havasu New Year's Day Flyout 2014 ...Rosie planning

Sig600 Panel Status

I had the gentamicin ...Bob Collins medical update

I had the gentamicin procedure 10 days ago. So far. So good. That is to say, the brain did not like having balance nerves in one ear killed off. After 5 days, I had a vicious vertigo attack. The neurotologist assured me this is normal and will subside as the brain, eyes, joints, and remaining good ear learn to compensate. And, indeed, I am feeling better and going back to work after a couple of weeks off.

So, in effect, I've reset the 6.month clock for seeking special issuance and feel pretty good about things. Hearing in the bad ear is gone for good, though. I'm going to need a good ANR headset.

The plane goes to the paint shop on April 15th so we're keeping hope alive for now.

Tip up side skirt overlap on fuselage ...JanRV6UK

Appreciate some feedback from anyone who has made the canopy skirt overlap the fuselage – So far the following photos show my work up to now … Not sure about the gap required between the skirt and the fuselage – To stop it scratching off paint. My thought is to have a gap of .025 to .032. Then use a strip of the flap tape on top of the paint once that has been done ...

Pilot physiology - evaluating a cross country trip ...humptybump

When it comes to pilot physiology If you do everything right, you start the day at 100%. Everything you do from that point on will be a deduction. The goal is to make the deductions as small as possible and as few as possible. What follows is how I completed a recent cross country flight with that goal in mind.  continue

ACS Stocks New Camera Mount

December Sport Aviation Online



Fri Dec 13. 1314z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Tomorrow is an anniversary of sorts.  5,000 days ago tomorrow I purchased the domain name VansAirForce.net.  Doodling around in a spreadsheet a few years ago I figured out the date.  Put it in my phone calendar and forgot about it - the reminder pinging to life this morning.  13.69 years....also known as 5,000 days.  Just to keep me humble, my ISP had something go stupid between my servers and the world early this morning for a bit, keeping the site inaccessible for a few minutes around 1200Z.  They put a man on it.  It took a few more minutes after that for things to spool back up to speed - sorry if you tried to get in during that time.  Technology happens.
  Thanks for goofing off at work on this site the past 13.69 years.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, RV-filled and gateway-freeze-free weekend.

First Flight: Russ Daves ...12/12/13 (repeat repeat repeat offender)

Colder than a well digger's butt...David-aviator

Just 8 days ago when my wife took this picture it was 69°. It's about 2 above this morning. What ever happened to global warming?!!

The hangar is cold, mighty cold right now but I am getting some tasks accomplished. The empennage fairing has been trimmed and match drilled and nut plates will go in next. Also installed a canopy aft stop so it will not contact that fairing when full open. The engine is running ok but I have not had it to high power yet, just up to 1600 rpm for a mag check. Fuel pressure, oil pressure, and temperature indications all appear quite normal at this point.

Other than that, I've been making beeswax candles for my grown kids for Christmas. One of them requested some so I finally got around to a back burner project of making candles - I've had a supply of raw beeswax for about 28 years since leaving Connecticut, it came from a beekeeper I knew in those days.

Amazing stuff, it never gets old or wears out. Honey bees are wonderful creatures. My oldest son owns a bee-honey business on the big island in Hawaii. We were over there for a visit recently and came away knowing a lot more about bees than before.

Service Bulletin 13-12-12

...RV-12 SLSA aircraft serial numbers up to and including 12012 and fuselage kits shipped prior to December 13, 2013.

RV-12 S-LSA Newsletter From The Factory ...FB page

Yep, these sorts of things

%$#@! Brake Lines

Update: RV-8 Blain Stumpf #83362

From Tina's Pilot Shop



Thu Dec 12. 1250z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Sunset flight coming home from St Pete ...turbo

related: Turbo's update on the 'Yearly Odometer' Contest

Big day today for the radial RV-8R ...engine on

23 RV's Sebring Dec 2013 ...GLPalinkas

Sensenich Reconditioned Prop Discounts

Denise sends me a blurb at least once a year.  Here is the latest one....and we're talking (5) props at almost $700 off.

Why a lot of RVating has slowed in the DFW area ...Sid Mayeux photos

...and that's ICE locking the doors in place, not snow.

Sid's North facing hangar

My North facing hangar...one big ice cube.

Snow and Ice in North Texas! ...Jetguy

Somethin' a little different! ...Mark Pensenstadler



Wed Dec 11. 1256z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  A 'Thank You!' today to Mr. L.S. Howe of Lemoore, CA, who sent homemade peanut brittle to our family for the holidays.  Very much enjoyed, Sir.  Gone in one day!  dr

Check those fuel lines ...Walt (A&P)

I hate when I find this stuff, it's a lot of work to fix .  All this stuff in the tunnel of a 10.  more pictures

Note the link to the tutorial on flaring fuel lines.

RV-7 static line water trap

I removed the 90 degree and installed a tee so water would be trapped below the line running Forward. Is this overkill.

From the factory

2013 Holiday Schedules of our Shipping Carriers

GTN CDI/GPS "button" vs. Skyview HSI "Source"

This one is a tough one.. Please HELP ! I am working on my IFR Proficiency Now, as you can tell..

When on an ILS, the CDI button should be initiated when joining the localizer to ensure that you have CDI sensitivity vs. VNAV sensitivity that the WAAS GPS would normally be providing during an ILS approach. This is common practice I believe for the GTN650 and 430. Always switch to CDI when joining the localizer… That said, the GTN has two separate Arinc out sources to my Skyview. First is the “Nav” Source which sources direct from the Nav frequency on the GTN, the second source is the “GPS” source which sources the GPS information from the GTN. Either of these sources is selectable via the HSI on the Skyview.

So my question is I have a couple options to “legally” fly the ILS with this equipment.

1) If my Dynon HSI is set for GPS Source while enroute and upon joining the localizer I switch the HSI source to be “Nav”. This now disregards the GPS Signal and uses the frequency tuned into the GTN Nav. In this case the HSI is flying the actual Localizer signal. This is legal even if the GPS was left on VNAV, i.e. the CDI button was not pushed.

2) If upon joining the localizer I switch the GTN from VNAV to CDI by hitting the CDI button, the GPS then puts out the “Nav” Signal using CDI sensitivity from the GPS Source, so I could continue to fly the Dynon HSI on the “GPS” mode. (i.e. without switching the HSI source to “Nav”.)

3) Alternatively I could Switch both (Skyview HSI and GTN) Modes.. Skyview HSI to “Nav” and GTN GPS by selecting the CDI button. In this case the Skyview HSI would be flying the “Nav” signal from the Nav frequency tuned into the GTN Nav, and also the Readout on the GTN and the GPS source from the GTN would put out CDI sensitivity for the Localizer approach. (note in this last option, the HSI wouldn’t care because it was already tuned to the “Nav” source from the GTN)

Is someone close enough to this problem to Confirm the above ?

That little piece of metal behind the prop ...

Jumping back in the pool and building a RV-10 ...UnPossible

Well, after spending from 2008 to 2012 building my RV-7A, I realized that I liked building nearly as much as flying. After kicking it around for a while (and getting my lovely wife's approval for the 2nd time!), I've decided to jump back in the pool and build a RV-10. I received empennage kit 41515 early today.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed flying my 7A for the past 18 months, there have been numerous times when I wished I had a bit more room. By the time the 10 is done, my kiddos (who are nearly 11 and 9 now) will be getting close to leaving the nest. I'd really like to get involved with PilotNPaws and think the 10 will work wonderfully for that mission. It will also be a fantastic cross country plane if the kiddos decide to go to college a distance away.

I realize that this means that I will have to part ways with my 7A sometime in the next 2-4 years to help finance the 10, but it will be a lot easier knowing that the next one should be nearly ready. Building the 7A, I was sad to see it finished, as I finally felt I knew what I was doing, about the time it was done!

Anyway, time to dust off those tools and get busy. Looks like I'll be hanging around here for a bit longer.

RV-14A effect on 35 years of saving ...Barney Johnson

After years of not being able to part with items that I thought had value, my garage is just about aircraft worthy. Thank you Vans. I am on a first name basis with the Salvation Army attendant and the dumpster at work has been a tax free employee benefit.

4'x4' bench with retracting casters, band saw, drill press, buffer, 1" belt sander, vice-check
Shelves for parts-check
Cleveland tool order-check
EAA sheet metal workshop - check
14A empennage on hand -check
EAA chapter 1000 workbench-to be built
Parts primer booth-still scratching my head over this one
Dues paid and time researching this forum- PRICELESS

Hope to have the factory running in 2 weeks. Can't wait.



Tue Dec 10. 1259z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

'Dragon Flight' over West Virginia.
Mike Fizer/AOPA photo.

Mike "Chef" Regen sent me this.
Added to the 'Patches' page.

FS- Fly This Beautiful RV-8 Project by Spring!

...I thought this was a very well put together example of a classified listing.  Lots of embedded pics.  dr

Brantel Panel Upgrade Status ...12/9

F-412 Repair Update ...chris mitchell

Here are a few photos of work in progress. I'll add some more later when the garage has warmed up a bit!!  more

Second last airshow of the year! + Velocity! ...videos

Formation Video ...walkman

I found some old footage of some formation flying and decided to use it to try and learn more about iMovie and the GoPro. Some of the positioning and signals are non-standard, I know where the flying is weak. But, I didn't run out of gas during the flight so things are looking up :-)

Constructive criticism on the camera settings, iMovie, and Vimeo are appreciated. I'd especially like to hear if anyone knows why there is a wavyness to the video.



Mon Dec 9. 1306z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Hope it's more thawed out where you are.  School cancelled again here (ice) and we are just starting to be able to move around a bit..

N117TR takes flight! ...crabandy

Wing Mounted GoPro Thanksgiving 2013 Watsonville and Hollister, CA ...Kelly Johnson

Dear Santa- Move along, got all I need! ...catmandu

Air Compressor Tank Blow Up - Leg Amputated ...Kevin Horton post

Early Xmas Gopro Hero3 - Flight video Chino to Cable

Tyler Voss's RV8

Status: akarmy

Donations updated: totals and names ...12/9/2013. 1500Z.

From the Gang at TruTrak



Fri Dec 6. 1249z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Probably not much RVating around N.Texas this weekend - we're iced in ().  Wishing you and yours a warmer, happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

'Dragon Flight' over West Virginia.
Mike Fizer/AOPA photo.

Another RV-10 Is Airworthy- N959RV ...David C. '9GT'

I received my first box from Van's in January 2007 and worked a few weeks on the tail section before setting it aside for over 2 years to help finish the Cozy MKIV I was building and sold to a friend. Fast forward to today and my buddy has almost 400 hours in the Cozy and returned the favor helping me out almost every Saturday working on my -10. I put it off long enough and scheduled my Airworthiness Inspection for 4:00 pm today. DAR Ted Gauthier did the inspection and found no squawks. Afterward we retreated to the warmth of the new terminal building at KOZW to complete the required paperwork. No obligatory photo of the handshake but trust me, N959RV has been issued its airworthiness certificate and awaiting first flight when the time is right.


Fiberglass Suggestions for Slider Windscreen

For the slider canopy skirt, I went with fiberglass and did most of the work off the airframe. Any reason not to do that with the windscreen? Van's instructions have you building both in-place.


AF-5000 EFIS now shipping with Skyview Network Support

(Rob Hickman) "All AF-5000 systems are now shipping with support for the Dynon Skyview network. We replaced the original CAN Buss interface with the dual path Skyview Network. Unlike the single path CAN Buss the Skyview network has two separate data and power paths. The Skyview Network is constantly switching data between Buss1 and Buss2 and will automatically switch all data to the working Buss in the case of a wire or network failure. The Skyview Network also continuously checks for shorts and breaks in the Network power path. If a power short is detected the power output will be turned off leaving the second power source to power the network devices"  more


SkyView 7.1 released with support for European Charts

(Michael Schofield) "We're excited to announce the release of SkyView Version 7.1, which adds support for European charts. In addition to VFR and IFR procedure charts and airport diagrams, European chart subscriptions include the visual approach, landing, and area charts that European pilots need to navigate effectively near airports"  more


Donations updated: totals and names ...12/4 as of 1550Z



Thu Dec 5. 1259z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

'Dragon Flight' over West Virginia.
Mike Fizer/AOPA photo.

It's Official !! ...crabandy

It is now an Airplane! Thanks to the wife for putting up with me the last 8 years and 11 months and Ray my building mentor and VAF for helping me obtain my airworthiness inspections. Thanks ICT FSDO for the inspection, i couldnt believe not 1 squawk. Come on decent weather!

Astronics acquires Vertical Power

I am pleased to announce that Astronics acquired the Vertical Power Electronic Circuit Breaker product line on November 26, 2013. Astronics is a leading provider of advanced technologies for the global aerospace and defense industries, including Electronic Circuit Breakers for business jets such as the Eclipse 500, Pilatus PC-24, and Lear 85, under the Astronics’ CorePower® brand. Astronics will continue to manufacture, sell and support the Vertical Power ECB products and is excited to enter into the experimental aircraft and Light Sport aircraft markets under the Vertical Power brand.

Vertical Power offices will be closed during the month of December as the team moves to the Astronics’ offices in Everett, Washington. Please be patient with us during this transition; E-mail and telephone call-back support will be provided during this period.

Thank you for your support over the years, and I hope you are as excited about this next step in the journey as we are here.* I truly believe that we have found a great new home for our products with Astronics.

Kind regards,
Marc Ausman.

Inspections & Brown Cleco ...hydroguy2

It's bitter cold around here this week. -3*F right now heading down to -15 by morning. No fun flying in that, so started my Condition Inspection.  more

Miami Beach and Marathon Key ...tc1234c

Our son David came to spend the Thanksgiving with us. The day after Thanksgiving we made a day trip to Marathon Key and on the way did a air tour of Miami Beach. David got to enjoy flying RV9A and I got to practice to be the camera man for Vlad the next day.  more

Alternate Air Cable (Horizontal Induction) ...Matt Burch

From the "picture is worth 1000 words" category, here are some shots of how I did my alternate induction air cable (IO-360-M1B, horizontal induction).

Instead of the plans method, I made little steel brackets and attached the cable sleeve to some handy sump bolts...    more

Rivalries Between the Services Alive and Well...Gary Platner's "VNAF" Shirt

Gary ordered a cap here locally, and while picking it up asked the guy behind the counter how much for a custom shirt to goof on me a bit.  About ten bucks it turns out.  I got a call yesterday from Gary...."You coming out to the airport?  I have a shirt to show you."

While he flies an RV-8, he'd like you to know he is also a retired Naval Aviator ;^) 

From the factory FB page....


Donations updated: totals and names ...12/4 as of 1550Z



Wed Dec 4. 1254z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Over the next several days, I've been given permission to spotlight a series of photographs taken by Mike Fizer/AOPA up here as the daily splash image.  Clicking on them will bring up a larger version.  Mike takes remarkable photos.  dr

'Dragon Flight' over the Shenandoah Valley in West Virginia.
Mike Fizer/AOPA photo.

How do I repair this wingtip

Jim Lechleiter RV-7

Here is a nice picture of me and my Time Machine landing at Triple Tree Aerodrome where the grass is always green and beautiful

Mark's License Plate

X marks the spot ...Smokey answering some questions about his RV-X

The X construction was based on three sets of plans, RV4, 6 and HR2. The RV4 and six wings are identical vice one center section rib bay and the larger fuel tanks in the six. So we simply laid the 4 plans on top of the six plans with a bright light underneath and voila', the instant comparison!

Mike: The HR2 uses similar dimensions as the six but with thicker skin (one piece top skin on mine) Thus, the conversion included building a beefier center section to mount the wing. It matches the RV6 plans dimensionally but we used the Rocket drawings for bolts, doublers and attach points. We also zeroed the HS, Wing and engine incidence. At 180 Knots indicated the HS and elevator are perfectly matched. We worked very hard on the CG as well getting the light nose feel I wanted without being tail heavy.

Grubbat: The 0-360J comes stock with 7/16" lugs in the flange so my engine seller (E.E.) mounted 1/2" lugs in it for me before I received it. Craig Catto told me the 7/16" lugs are fine for his 0-360 props, even with 180HP. The 0-360J2A also uses a MA-4SPA Carb on the R22 to de-rate it to 160HP. Using a MA-4-5 Carb (180HP) or fuel injection servo for an 0-360 brings it up to 180+ horses at 2700. Difficulties? Even though the engine is mounted horizontally in the R22, it is electric fuel pump only, therefore you have to remove the accessory case housing and install a lobe gear for the mechanical pump, or mount another electric pump inline. (if you want redundancy) Installing the cam lobe gear for the mechanical fuel pump requires removing the accessory case housing and sump, a several hour job. Otherwise an easy swap from the 0-320 if you have a conical engine mount. The lower stock 0-320 cowl with an MA-4-5 won't work with the VANS FAB. I hired a welder friend to build me a RAM air-box very similar to my HR2 and RV4 with a K&N filter by-pass. (I can send you dimensions and a picture if you like). It works great and I didn't have to cut up my pretty cowl! No fiberglass work! If you don't want to use a MA4-5 Carb, The Ellison or Rotec TBI for the 0-360 will work with the Vans 0-320 FAB with nearly identical height as the MA4-SPA. Good luck, the 0-360J2A is a great engine and slightly lighter than an 0-360A1A.

Turbo, Gary, Deal: Anytime sirs! (FD33)

Assistance with a Dynon Pitot/AOA probe

I have a question regarding my Dynon heated Pitot/AOA probe.  It caught my attention that the stagnation port (opening facing the wind) is not completely open (or otherwise round) all the way through the pressure hole or tube.

It raised my concern because it can somehow restrict the flow of air coming in from the outside, thus having different readings at different attitudes.

VAF Site Scheduled Maintenance 12/7 11pm CT - 12/8 6am CT

Window will be used to install critical patches to servers on the network.  Some might experience intermittent service accessibility during this window.



Tue Dec 3. 1245z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Popsicle Toes ...the story picks up here (five more installments)

(acroflygirl) So, after thawing out and heating up the engine too, we got out of Cottage Grove. We didn't have far to go now so we headed west to the coast to enjoy a rare fog free ride up the Pacific.  continue

Sumping your fuel system ...Jim Plaster

We had an interesting situation at our local airport happen last week and feel its worthy of noting here...especially since another airplane was severely damaged. We had a gentleman fly up from Florida for an overnight stay at his parents house here in nc. He purchased fuel and took his mom flying and had an un eventful flight. Worthy of noting ...I purchased fuel right after he did. Next morning it was 22 degrees f. And he had planned on flying home to Florida. He preflighted (?). ...which supposedly included sumping the tanks....he also had to jump start due to a dead battery. He warmed up ....did his run up and taxied out. Once he cleared the departure end of the runway things went south FAST! It started running rough....surging as well... Lucky for him he had enough intermittent power to maintain altitude / airspeed to make the dreaded 180 back to the runway. Touching down fast and overrunning the end of the runway...all three gear collapsed on the airplane,luckily no one was hurt. Investigating further we found the gascolator on the firewall inaccessible with the cowl on the aircraft...( if you're going to mount one...at least make it accessable on your preflight). Had this been done during the build,and drained prior to the flight ,we wouldn't have drained nearly 8 1/2 ounces of water from it post flight. Has anyone ever had water freeze in their gascolator or sump? If this could happen we could have a false negative on a preflight water inspection while sumping. This could have contributed to what happened here....all the while it began melting on the warmup ...finally making it to the engine on takeoff... It wasn't an RV and was a injected lycoming....details haven't been released yet so I'll leave that to the Feds.....I later sumped my ship,since I hadn't flown since buying fuel and found no water at all.....be careful folks....check that sump!

Brian Citler's License Plate

FS- Garmin, PSE, etc.. goodies! ...Stein

Andrew Squires 'Show Us Your RV-6/6A' Entry

You never know how it is going to go ...Larry Pardue

I doubt if anyone has ever built or purchased an RV with the idea that it will be a great photography platform. I know I didn't. I built it for cross country speed and fun aerobatics. And the truth is that it is a pretty lousy photography platform.

The things is, over the years, I have been flying fewer and fewer cross country flights and more and more local scenic/photography flights. I generally don't have much of a plan. I will drive to the airport and fly the direction of something I am curious about or to an area I haven't been to in a while.

I enjoy this and get a kick out of it when other people like and want to share the photographs. In addition to the ordinary family and friends outlets quite a few photos taken from my little garage built plane have been published in scientific journals. Today, for a first, I was asked for permission to use one of the photos in a college textbook.

The RV isn't really the tool for the job, and I would still like to have something with a high wing and openable door/window for better quality but the RV works for pleasure photography and I do enjoy the fact that you get to the subject area in a hurry.


(Bob Avery) "Avery Tools has a limited number of new pneumatic rivet squeezers for sale at special holiday prices for Christmas stocking stuffers. We have single cylinder “C” units and tandem cylinder “C” units. These are all new U.S. made tools and they are painted red to celebrate the Christmas season. Quantities are limited at these prices, so get them before they all disappear!!

Single cylinder “C” Squeezer Body (body only / no yoke) PART # RED7500 PRICE: $ 375.00 each

Tandem cylinder “C” Squeezer Body (body only / no yoke) PART # RED7650 PRICE: $ 475.00 each

Also, Avery Tools has an online Christmas sale on many other tools + $ 1.00 shipping on all domestic / ground shipped orders. Visit www.AveryTools.com for details.

The Avery Tools family wishes all our customers and their families a MERRY CHISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Bob & Judy Avery.  (817) 439-8400"

It's coming along ....Don Patrick panel



Mon Dec 2. 1253z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  So you know that Charlie Brown 'Good Grief' feeling?  The one you get when you're two minutes from leaving the house and your iPhone falls out of your pocket into the about-to-be-used toilet?  Yeah, me too.  This 'toilet baptism' as it's called online lasted about three seconds, followed by pouring, powering down, towel drying, speaking colorfully and gnashing of teeth.  Did you know if you Google the words 'iPhone toilet' it will have an idea of what you have done?   The interweb said put it in a bag of dried rice, then drive to the hardware store and get a $4 bag of 'Damp Rid' desiccant.  Replace the rice with this stuff.  Leave it like that for 24hrs and you *shouldn't* have to go to the iStore and plunk down $229 for an out-of-warranty replacement phone.
  It worked swimmingly.  The phone not only works again....it's cleaned up a bit.  We labeled the baggie 'For When the Phone Falls in the Crapper Again' and stored it above the microwave for later use.
  I'll finish this story with the fact that maybe it wasn't my phone.  Having said that, I'm too much a gentleman to embarrass my wife in such a public medium, so the secret stays with me.
  Now that you're hopefully smiling, please take note of the little red pledge drive box in the upper left corner of the site.  It's that time for me to pay bills again.  Those who donate, thank you for helping keep the lights on here at VAF (toilet jokes and all).  Audrey wrote a short note on where she stands grade-wise at college.  Her Dad encouraged this as a way for those who donate to 'track their investment'.  You can read it over on the right side of the donation page.  During December I'll try to keep the donation totals/names updated every two days or so.
  OK, back to RVs, and have a nice Monday.  And careful with those phones.

Fun with RVs ...Brent Owens

A Day Trip to Dry Tortugas ...Ted Chang

Lulu's After Thanksgiving - Black Friday ...Weasel write-up

Turkey day Over Iowa...Pete Howell

KFLY to KLAR ...Geoff McHarg

December Calendar Wallpaper Is Online

For no other reason except I got my tail wheel endorsement today
   ...Ken Owen

TruTrak Cyber Monday Sale

Field Testing the Garmin D2 Watch (specs)

Twenty years or so ago I had a Garmin 89 (pic).  Now I have something graphically similar to play with, but much more flexible, on my wrist.  Dick Flippin Tracy.  I get to use one for a bit courtesy Garmin, and it's growing on me.  My gut feel is some Cub-type owners and UL folks, and RV folk, will love this thing as a way to pretty painlessly document where they have flown using GoogleMaps (or similar).  That and it tells time.

First impressions:

  • look at me crazy large.  in a cute way though
  • nice red light that stays on for 3am trip to potty.  turn it off when you want it off - the light that is.
  • hold down NRST button to get list of airports near you.  cycling through these is faster than entering airport identifier manually, if it's a semi-local flight
  • hold down DIRECT button to enter airport code manually
  • when the GPS function is on, it's tracking your travels for later viewing, e.g. trail running, walking, Cub flight counting deer, etc.  select 'save track' to save what you got and start a new file.
  • plug it into your USB port and it is seen as a drive on your computer
  • suck the .gpx file into www.GPSvisualizer.com and you can see where you went.  If you circle the deer/hogs when you come across them, you'll have a nice location later on the map (below).  you can hold down the orange action button and create a waypoint also.
  • (unexpected bonus) the watch has about 20GB of free memory out of the box, so I copied some accounting and RV White Pages backup data from my PC over to it so I could have another offsite data option.  Garmin probably didn't plan on cube worms using it for offsite data storage, but there you go.

First track with the watch:
0830 12/1/2013.  8 deer, one at least 8-point.  20(ish) wild hogs.  2 red tail hawks.  35 minutes.
(click to enlarge)

Nov progress ...Mike Messer

Bruce Hill Status