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Mon Dec 31, 2012
  Last day of the year, and the 2012 pledge drive.  Advertiser income went down (economy slump) by almost the same amount as donations went up, so all in all our family ended up about the same place as last year.  Thank you for donating this year - it ABSOLUTELY made the difference.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I'll bug you about money again in about six months, and I'm hoping you enjoy the website in 2013.
It has always been very important to me that the logo this site uses represent the act of giving to those less fortunate. If you weren't aware, every penny that I have earned on the caps and shirts over the lifespan of this website has gone to charity - many thousands of dollars. It is my wish that this continue. None of this would have happened by the way without the generous help of the folks at Avery Tools. They shipped VansAirForce.net caps and shirts all over the world for years and never made a penny from it - they gave all the money made to those less fortunate.
  A few people have asked that the logo be put on some different types of merchandise, and that sounds like a good idea to me. Since I can't afford to front the money for this, as I'm a small business and have a kid about to start college, here is what I propose to make it happen.  I'll provide a high-quality logo image on the site soon that anyone can download to their computer and/or memory stick. This file can be taken to any local embroidery shop near you and placed on any item you desire. I offer this image up for use with one caveat: that you agree to donate at least $10 to the charity of your choice for each item you have madeI'd ask that you also try to insert an image of the item after you receive it in the 'Acts of Charity' section of the VAF forums with a short description of the charity that you selected.  I certainly want to spotlight these on the front page!
  This method will make my life a little easier, will support small businesses across the country in a troubled economy, will continue to help people less fortunate, and will provide you the site logo on the exact item that you want it on, whether that be patch, silkscreened T-shirt, long sleeve hoodie, sticker, or whatever.  I hope this meets with your approval.
  Happy New Year to the best flying community online!
Kindest and best,
Doug (and family) 

PS:  I flew the RV 25.4 hrs this year - frugal flying that saves that college money!  On the upside, if you look at that number in little .2-.3 hr increments, how I fly it, it comes out to a short flight about every three or four days.  No complaints!

PSS:  No edition Jan 1st.  Mothership closed on Jan 1st also.

D-EEET is Airborne

Last Pilots n Paws mission for 2012

X Marks the Spot...Smokey Ray
What do get when you cross and RV-4 with an RV-6? The RVX or “X” as I call it! Over the past twenty years I have been privileged to help build and re-build three marvelous personal aircraft. Markedly different, but marvelous nonetheless.

RV-7 N117TR

Go Get Megan!

There's a first time for everything ...accidental VFR into IMC (great read)
  Being an instrument rated pilot, I never really gave much thought to the "accidental VFR into IMC" thing. I mean, sure, it's great to tell folks without the ticket right? Anyway, this happened to ...ummm... a "friend" of mine recently. Ok, it was me. And I prostrate myself before VAF in the hopes that my experience might help someone else.  continue

Oshkosh 2012 - Written by Van
 ....on the mothership FB page

Christmas trip

One more milestone

Panel Status ...SteinAir plug.

RV-4 Project Mouse Tales !!

Fri Dec 28, 2012
  Wishing everyone a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

RV configured for snow...

N262NJ first flight...Jerry Jackson RV-10
  I flew my RV-10 today for the first time after 2 years of work. It has an IO-540 with electronic ignition from Aero Sport Power, and a three-MFD Garmin G3X with 650 GPS and Trio Avionics autopilot on a beautiful panel by Pacific Avionics.
  Flew out of KRNM on a cool, beautiful morning. The plane was very stable and a joy to fly.
  Thanks for all who gave their advice on this web site. It was much appreciated!

As long its not colder than -30C
 ....cold weather flying discussion.

Garmin, TruTrak, Dynon, etc.. surplus goodies for sale!...SteinAir
  "Once again we are cleaning out our excess surplus at the end of the year. The deal with these items is the first person to get hold of us and has the money on each particular item gets it . Best is to email or PM or call! Items do not include shipping charges."

796 Pirep & GDL 39 ...Kahuna
  Recently made some panel changes to get the 796 on it. I primarily went for this unit due to its feature set and ADSB weather integration with the GDL 39 which I also wanted to move to off XM.
The bare wire install with the docking station is a nice installation for the RV-8. I do not like things running around my cockpit like ipads and things. I preferr clean and usable.

  I mounted the unit with screen tilt up and inward toward me more direct field of view. This is useful and makes touch screen activity easy.
  I found this my first touch screen in the cockpit to be actually very nice. The speed at which you can move, select, pinch, expand, scoll etc on the unit is faster than I can mentally keep up. ADSB weather comes available at ~2k'agl.
I thought the GPS signal quality running around the hanger and house with it was going to be fine and not need an external antenna. I was wrong. In the weather at night I have twice lost gps signal while airborne. I have the remote antenna for the 796 on order. Ill add that to my low profile antenna farm on me glare shield.
I remote mounted the GDL 39 and remote mounted the external ADSB antenna to the belly of the plane. Again I dont like things running around the cockpit. Boxes in view, antennas sticking up etc. It fit nicely between the right gear tower and the baggage wall. A 90deg SMA connector on the RG400 kept a low profile install. Neat, clean, and out of the way.
  I have tried both hard wire and bluetooth on the GDL 39. I found bluetooth less reliable with the GDL unit mounted a couple of metal plates away from the 796. So I recommend hard wire for remote installs between the GDL 39 and the 796.  more

Here's the follow-up...
  ...Scott Stewart rough engine
  Last night I was able to follow up on a couple of the suggestions offered here.


Thu Dec 27, 2012

N1966S Flies!...Walt Shipley RV-12
On Saturday morning at 11:00, I took off from our 3,000' strip here at Hensley Airpark in NE TN in my RV-12. She flew like an RV, which is saying a lot. No problems except for a slightly heavy right wing.
  Now I'm officially a 3peater, having built and flown an RV8 and an 8A.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Build update...Al Girard

Turbo's RV Hotel in action

Christmas greetings and a status-report from Norway to the RV-world

22C gets a new home
  ...Scott and Tanya Card
  "I have recently discovered the joy of a short 20 minute flight after work. Before, I couldn't stomach to drive for over an hour for such a short flight."

Panel...Bob Walden 7A

Scroll visits theVanCave

Christmas eve flight over Tahoe ...Greg Arehart

Finally brought the 7A home ...Jon in Sumter, SC

Memorial for Mr. John Marshalll...Dec 29th at 11am at KGEZ (SE of Indianapolis)

Cold weather and flying

Hot weather and flying

Hat Sighting ...freedive spearfishing in Mexico

Mixture Cable Routing with
AFP and Vertical Induction

Fri Dec 21, 2012
  To get you in the holiday spirit, please enjoy these Christmas tunes performed by the 6th grade trumpet section at a local Barnes and Noble (my son in the Santa cap next to the teacher).  He's playing the trumpet I used back in 6th grade, purchased by my parents.  Hope you enjoy!
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  See ya Monday.  dr


One more RV-7A for the Hobbs Meter
...Jay Bell
  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me build and fly this plane.  It has 20 hours of testing on it so far, and flies well.    Looking back, I received a lot of help from family, friends, and people in the aviation industry.
  Some of the people that helped include:
- My wife and family for patience and help to build it
- The staff at Van’s for a great design, quality kit, and helpful advice.
- My friend Don for teaching me about airplanes for the last 20 years
- Kitplanes Magazine for two decade’s worth of inspiration and information
- Doug Reeves and contributors to VansAirforce
- Suppliers such as Aero Sport Power, Catto Props, Sabre Manufacturing, Vetterman Exhaust, Dynon Avionics, and Aircraft Spruce for good products and service
- Jerry Mulder for helping me through the Transport Canada inspection process
- And especially to Mike Seager for teaching me how to fly an RV!
   I included a few photos below that remind of the best parts of the building process.  I’m sure you have 10,000 other customers with similar pictures and experiences.
   Thanks again


Rebuilt engine re-hung on old school RV-6... my bud (and A&P) Randy 'Monkey' Richmond's ride.

Seen at theVanCave (.com) ...Rob laying up some fairings for his Grove gear.

Bob Hassell Starts his RV-12

Mothership Holiday Schedule

VansAirForce.net Holiday Schedule
  There will be a Monday edition (24th), but not on the 25th or 26th.  No edition on Jan 1st.

Thu Dec 20, 2012

Sebring, FL Breakfast Crowd - Usual Suspects

First engine start!  ...Don Jones video

DIY shopvac cyclone separator

Forward Spar Assembly Drilled off center

GTX23ES Harness...Brantel

Excited FNG!
  I've been scanning the forums for quite some time now and finally decided to sign up. There is a phenomenal amount of knowledge and help flying (no pun intended) around here and I am really looking forward to being a part of it.
  Well, a little about me. I am a current Active Duty Marine, stationed in Beaufort South Carolina. I am actually an Ejection Seat and Environmental Control Systems Mechanic on F/A-18's by trade, however currently I am the Airframes Division Chief. My division covers everything from sheet metal work, hydraulics, landing gear, flight surfaces, cabin pressurization, oxygen systems, ECS, the Ejection Seat, as well as the pilot's flight equipment.
  On top of that, I am also a entrepreneur. I recently started an Auto Glass business in my area and it really seems to be doing well. I consider it my "exit strategy" for when I get out of the Marine Corps in less than a year.
  I am looking to start an RV-8 build and am just in the planning stage and "tool acquiring" stage for now. But, like I said, this place seems awesome and I am looking forward to absorbing as much knowledge as I can. Thank you all in advance and I look forward to seeing you throughout the boards!
-Matt Kinsey-

Christmas RV Towing

Here is how I did this...closing off 9A HS lightening holes.

Mach 2.25...sorta.

Wed Dec 19, 2012

Made the Jump.....Again! ...Randy Pflanzer
  Just fired off my FAX order to Vans for the the -12. This is definitely my last airplane. I swear, it's the last one. No more.
  Plans are to build E-LSA and paint it like my Rocket. Hope to finish in a year or so now that I am (soon to be) retired.

Coming to RVTraining.com ....RV-14A

One way to run wires through the stick - run 'em outside (then cover)

Spring 2013 Synergy Air Class Sched.

tkatc Status Update

From the mothership FB page...


Tue Dec 18, 2012
  A few folks asked where they could find a larger version of the 'Transparent RV-14' image.  It's
right heredr

Hello from Flight 3040!!!...mill2978
  My wife and I closed on our house in the Erie airpark the day before Thanksgiving and it has been wonderfully crazy ever since.

Tip up canopy buldge fwd ends (RV-7)
  Seeking advice on how to eliminate my canopy outward bow where it transitions to the C-702 skin.
  I have already aggressively trimmed the canopy and the C-702 with not much success.

Christmas Early ...Brantel
Well my birthday is Dec. 26th and all my life I have been sorta shorted in that regard since it is so close to the birthday of Jesus. I mean who can compete with that????
  Anyway, this year makes up for it!

Tip ...for small parts.

Made it to the airport !...704CH
  This weekend the RV went for its first ride all the way to Paine Field ! With borrowed truck and enclosed trailer, the move went without a hitch. Even though snow flurries started as Bekah and I got to the airport. The plane is now safe in its permanent home and I have a long cold winter of work ahead of me. First flight this spring ? ? Hope so!

All the parts and pieces...Flyguytki
  All the parts and pieces should be going to the paint shop first thing in January, a couple of weeks of paint, a month or so of final assembly and then it should be ready to go. Its starting to get exciting.

New ...Don Hull post.

Mon Dec 17, 2012

Transparent RV-14
...by Adam Burch



First Flight of N807SH...SteveHRV7

Pilot and Paws Mission - East Coast - NC to NJ

200MPH Cheese ball express

RV3 sighting PA...Dvalcik

Here is a couple of pretty

Brantel Panel Upgrade Progress Report

Self Portrait...Becci and Carl

First flight video...ChiefPilot (N164BL)

Inspection passed...912ry

Two more -10s airworthy...JDanno
  N616JJ got it's pink slip after 4 1/2 years. On the same day my hanger owner and good friend got his pink slip for his -10 (N710LE). Two in one day and both out of the same hanger at 2M2 which is in central Tennessee. Our DAR was Gary Meuer from Tullahoma area. Great guy!
  Almost a bit of a let down after working so hard to accomplish this huge task.
We also got our repairman certificate a few days later. The Nashville FSDO was really great to work with. Turned out to be a nonevent with just paperwork to fill out.

Just posting a few more...AX-O

Just home from the shop.

First engine start! (video)...Flying Scotsman

The 10 seems a little faster than the 12...video

Fri Dec 14, 2012
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

RV Flashback: RV-4 flies to Antarctica (link)

Modification to ease aft fuselage riveting
  (RV-10) I just sent an email to Vans about this, but thought VAF might have good input as well:

  The question is whether it would be okay to remove the metal beneath the purple line on the fuselage frame shown. The line is drawn to provide 2D edge distance.
  This would be advantageous because it would allow the J stiffeners to be back riveted to the skins before installing the skins on the frames. I think this would be significantly easier and reduce the amount of time my bucking partner (wife) has to spend in the aft fuselage!
  (Update:) Van's approved this mod with the two letter response "ok". Gotta love Ken Scott.

Manual elevator trim - what does this part do?
  I was trying to find the source of a little noise when moving the elevator during preflight, and when inspecting the the manual elevator trim cable, I noticed that the rubber end on the metal sleeve (toward the left side of the photo) is starting to disintegrate. (This doesn't seem to be the source of the noise, but the sleeve caught my attention.)
  The whole sleeve can be turned (and slid a little, IIRC). The rod attachment to the trim tab is itself secure, and I haven't had any issues with trim while flying.
  What is the function of this sleeve, and should it move as I've described?

A note from a VAF reader (Tim Bennett) about his late son Phillip:

Another firewall insulated

G3X Bendix Hall effect RPM ...on single "dual" bendix mag?

Tina's Pilot Shop Xmas Specials

Sorry about the downtime yesterday....
  The ISP had "an influx in traffic causing latency" - what they called it.  VAF was un-reachable for about 1.5 hrs total, spaced over roughly 3 hrs yesterday afternoon.  The VAF servers were never down, just the connection somewhere between them and the outside world was constipated.  They put a man on it...hopefully with a bat.

Thu Dec 13, 2012

First Flight - N800ME...Mike Elliott 8A

Crawling into the tailcone

Throttle Lever Range Discussion

Seen at theVanCave ...Rob Reece and Jay Pratt drilling Grove gear legs onto Rob's -8 project (Rob rented Jay for the day)

related: www.theVanCave.com

Brantel Panel Upgrade Status

Getting ready for my 1st IFR trip, need some tips

Identifying G-forces-

Ski Truck

Wed Dec 12, 2012

Seeing in the Dark...Paul Dye
  There is no doubt that an engine-out in a single at night is objectively more dangerous than in the daylight. Unless you happen to be on top of a lighted airport, knowing what you are going to find when you meet the earth is a bit of a dice roll. Synthetic Vision is a big help in keeping you out of the big rocks of course, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually SEE a mountain clearing, a large field, or a country road? How about if you pick out a nice unlighted runway shown on your EFIS – but it happens to be a night-time party spot for deer or wild horses? They aren’t going to show up in the computer models! What you need is a way to see in the dark…
  I have been flying recently with just such a way – a FLIR pod (Forward Looking InfraRed) that is offered by Grand Rapids Technology, with the video displayed on the Hx (and now Hxr) screen with flight data overlaid. It looks for all the world like what you might see on a Predator video on the evening news. The Pod mounts to an inspection cover under the wing of the RV, and adds no noticeable drag or yaw moment. The wiring is simple, and a little video converter turns the composite video into a USB data stream that feeds into the GRT EFIS. GRT is needing to do some tweaks right now to the video interface because the folks that build the converter changes something, which means GRT needs to do some re-coding….so they told me to say that they can’t fill orders for it immediately – but they are hoping to make it a priority. They’ve actually had the FLIR pod for a couple of years, pretty much as long as the Hx has been around, and had video capability….they just haven’t been marketing it much. I, for one, think they should!  continue/video

Little Teaser ...Stein 'teasing' a customer, all in good fun.

Here's mine ...fuel tank flapper door.

Rudder cable bulkhead hole

Need Advice -- Drilled into spar
  Need some help. While match drilling the root rib to the tank baffle, my drill stop slipped and I drilled into the spar a good 1/16" (see picture - a little hard to see, but follow the arrow).
  Besides drop kicking myself into the next county for letting this happen, any ideas how I can salvage this?

Tue Dec 10, 2012

TeenFlight Update
  TeenFlight has been working since October on the avionics and the engine. After prepping the engine on a seperate bench, and after installing the avionics in the panel and tailcone (not to mention the various firewall sensors, oil cooler, oil tank, etc...), we hung the engine on the airframe Saturday. The plane is coming along. Next steps include the propeller/spinner, exhaust system, and cowl fitment.

Shout-Out To Rocky
  Rockwood Shepard was in Denver this morning and very kindly drove up to my hangar at Longmont, LMO, to deliver my new engine. This was one of two he'd found. He's using his on his RV-9A, which is several years ahead of my RV-3B. ...

New developments! ...BSwayze
  Wow! How about this! My baby is growing up. She now has legs and is on her own gear.  more

Oil cooler shutter ...Dvalcik RV-12

Dave Farmer's Oil Cooler Cover

Landings at San Diego Int Airport Nov 23, 2012 (in 26 seconds) ...vimeo video

Partain Trading Company
    ...note from Tony (RV kit shipper)
  Hello Everyone
  I feel the need to address a couple of issues that have arisen out of the accident with a carrier that had the load of aircraft on board.
  Partain Trading Company has been in business for 19 years and in this time period we have moved over 20,000 shipments with an estimated 45,000,000 load miles and in this time period there have been TWO accidents involving carriers. One in 1998 involving a load of produce and the recent one involving a load of aircraft. The produce load was settled in 45 days. Typical of most claims.
  In regards to shipment of aircraft. We have the proper insurance documentation in place. The insurance agent provided us with a certificate stating the carrier had broad form cargo coverage with Partain Trading Company Inc named as additional insured. The problem is that the insurance agent provided the carrier with insurance that DID NOT cover airplanes but provided Partain Trading Company documentation that DID cover aircraft. We have a legally binding documentation with the insurance agent. The insurance carrier refused the claim because the agent wrote a policy that did not cover aircraft. But since the insurance agent made a mistake on the insurance certificate issued to Partain Trading Company the Errors and Omissions coverage from the agent pays the claim. I know that one of the customers has settled. I have spoken with the claims adjuster and they have sent out the release forms to the other two on the load will be sending the pay offs out this week or next.
  In the 19 years we have been in business this is the first time this has happened. If you are going to ship anything make sure that you have an Accord Certificate from the insurance agent and check it over, failure to do so can cost you the price of the cargo if anything happens. As a policy we required that all carriers name us as additional insured to maintain coverage for our customers.
  We have a very good contingent of carriers that have provided great service over the years. Some we have been doing business with since 1994. Some as big as 400 trucks. Some that are specialized aircraft haulers. The majority of our customers have been very satisfied with our service over the years and with over 20,000 shipment there will be a few that are not happy. For those that were not satisfied for whatever reason sorry it didn't work out to your expectations. For the satisfied customers Thank you for your business.
  I also want to address one more item. It’s been said that we don’t have insurance. That is incorrect. We are named as additional insured on the policy of EVERY carrier that we use to ship aircraft. Insurance is in place to cover your shipment.
  The big picture is that we are here to fight another day. Mike Cobb who was kill in the accident is not. Life can be too short so keep your eye on the ball and what really matters. Live life as if was your last day. Try to be considerate. Take care of your family and yourself.
  Build well and fly safe.
Tony Partain

Partain Trading Company
Bend Oregon

The HOBBS Meter ...updated yesterday at the factory.

AeroExpo UK 2013 ...sent to me by Peter Pengilly (#4 in the middle of the diamond)

Mon Dec 10, 2012
  Good Monday morning.  Donations have been updated, and my heartfelt thanks goes out to those regular readers who help our family keep this website afloat.  This is the second of three planned top-of-site announcements regarding donations during the December pledge drive (I don't send emails or mail anything).  Some of the notes our family have received...well...we're keeping them forever.  Thanks again to those who help out.   dr

Decorating for the holidays - RV Style

RV becomes MEMA ONE ...

The Big Move

RV-7 #74152 Half Moon Bay, CA

Hot #3 CHT - SOLVED!

Mystery Puncture

Pre-Christmas Status: Mike Messer

First Flight N604DD...Doug94
  Add one more to the list.... N604DD broke the bonds of gravity today and took to the sky. Performed just liked I hoped it would... pictures to follow

Over the bridges and through the woods

Eagle's Nest-3 / Another Milestone

Rob Reece's Rolling Fuse
  Seen at theVanCave over the weekend.  Rob put his fuse on these rollers so he could work on it out in the open.  dr

Caught a VAFer returning from Bahamas

LODA list...Sam Buchanan
  The EAA has pushed out a new page listing instructors by state and aircraft that have obtained a LODA (Letter of Deviation Authority):  LINK
  These instructors are authorized to offer transition training for hire in their aircraft.

Panel ...William Slaughter

Brantel Status

Fri Dec 7, 2012
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

RV-14 Wing Kit Photos


Panel Ripping Time!...Brantel
  Spent a couple hours tonight starting the ripping out of the old panel....
  First step, removed everything from the interior that is not nailed down


Metered line...RVG8tor
  I ran my install with Don at AFB, the fuel line that runs from the fuel control to the purger valve then the spider runs up between the 1 and 3 cylinders. I had to get a new hose but the flow now goes from the fuel control to the flow meter which is suspended with cushion clamps on my engine mount tubes (RV-8A so there a lot of them. Then this connects to the line to the spider. Don really likes the flow meter to be in this line, not before the engine pump or fuel control but many have installed the flow meter on the firewall and other such places. This is what I did.
  I passed the AW the other day and hope to fly when the weather gets better maybe next week.
  This will be wrapped in fire sleeve as well

Got my medical back
  Yesterday I got my special issuance Third Class from the FAA after having double bypass surgery in April 2011. I had let my previous certificate lapse prior to needing surgery. I was kind of waiting until the ruling was back concerning the Third Class exemption that the EAA and AOPA was working with the FAA on but I feel the plane will be ready to fly before then so I put the plan in motion back in August to get my medical certificate. I thought I would have the plane flying by now but reading the Travels of Vlad, I decided I really needed the plane to be painted first before the airworthiness inspection so thats what I'm trying to do now. Hopefully I will have that first flight before I have to renew my medical in September.
RV-9A - finishing tasks
switching over to painting - so no fly in 2012

Fall Flight 2012....video

Thu Dec 6, 2012

RV Dealer as a Paint Booth ...douglassmt
  I found a great solution, but not sure how many like it there are out there. The largest Recreational Vehicle dealer in town has a 50' state-of-the-art paint booth and had just recently painted an RV-9A for the owner's father. The store owner is also an avid pilot but not a builder or experimental guy. Anyway, after talking to several auto shops in town (2 of which had done planes and were willing to do mine), I ran into the RV shop painter and he said they might be able to fit me in. Long story short, they did a great job, half the price or less of what I'm reading people are spending to paint their -10s (they let me provide the grunt labor, of which there is a LOT), and we painted most of it between Thursday night and Sunday night. We finished a few of the misc pieces within a week. Bottom line, I got a professional paint job with top quality paint for just under $5000 and I got it done within about a 10 day period...couldn't be happier.

Riveting separation
  Hopefully I don't win a prize for dumbest first post ever, but here goes...

Painting Outside ...Wesael
  I have painted several auto's and about 4 airplanes and hated the work on every one of them.
  Having said that I don't really see any other way to get the results I wanted.
  The -10 was painted outside with no paint booth and into the night holding a light.......
  The idea was to prep in the evening with the night temperature in the low 40's and then start painting first thing in the morning before the bugs start moving and without a paint booth if we mest up 1 coat we could probably sand that back off and redo it in way less time that we could build a paint booth so we took the chance.
  It worked fairly well but due to some of the coats having to be applied in specific time frames from each other we ran into the night one time.
  I think we only had to redo about 2 different coats.

It is real simplel ...to get the canopy gas strut nuts onto the aft gas strut flush screws (Bill R.)

Prop trailing edge clearance

Dec 'Experimenter' Online ...50 pages

Wed Dec 5, 2012

Four RVs in various states of completion at theVanCave.

(click to enlarge
Here's Rob Reece working on his RV-8QB wingtip.
His workbench is part of the bowling alley he grew
up going to in San Angelo, TX.  Top that! dr

Various pics and discussion from the 'Who Painted Your Aircraft' thread:


Paul Tuttle





RV-14 Wing Kit Awesome!
  There's an advantage to living close to Van's. No crating and no shipping of wing kit required to take delivery. With the help of fellow RV-8er Randy I got the wing kit home this afternoon.
  I'm currently taking inventory but very happy with what I see so far. Here are a few of the highlights.  ...

Oxygen system - Make your own. ...RickWoodall
  I decided I wanted an o2 system after enjoying flying high and crossing the the US and Canada. Looked into buying a ready to go one and found it a nightmare, even just getting it refilled in Canada is a battle if they know its for aviation.
  SO, figured I would make my own and learn how to not only build one but also be set up to get cheap refills and not have to get into the certifying the tank etc costs.
  Here is what I got and the costs. I am 100% happy but am certainly open to ideas or improvements.  ...

RV-10 Status ...J Twilbeck

tkatc Status Pics ...

Dialysis help ...with an RV-10 (Wesael)
  We had a reunion over Thanksgiving weekend and one of the family is on a dialysis machine for 2 hrs every day.
  The family member is from Kokomo, IN and the reunion was in TN.
  On Saturday afternoon he tried 2 times to hook up the machine and both attempts failed. This was the last of the disposable paraphanelia used to hook it all up and the only option was to head home.
  I offered to take him back with the machine on Sunday morning so that he would be able to stay and and at least take in Saturday evening.
  He jumped on my offer like a Hobo on a hotdog.

Tue Dec 4, 2012

My friend Randy's newly painted 'old school' OD green motor mount.
Bringing a 'vintage' RV-6 back to awesomeness....with a vintage feel.  dr

The RV-1 seat.  What it was, what it became, what it is now. ...factory FB page.  By Richard VanGrunsven.
  OK, it’s past time for my side of the story. The cockpit ambiance of the RV-1 has taken bad press over the past couple of months. When I was 6’1” and about 175 lbs., I flew the RV-1 for hundreds of hours, including many three hour flights. I don’t recall it as terribly cramped or uncomfortable. But as different pilots flew the restored airplane, I began hearing things like “extremely uncomfortable,” “good for 15 minute flights at best,” “no one over 5’7” need apply,” etc. ...

Tip- Elevator Trim Tab Riblets

New Advertiser: www.showplanes.com
  "For the last 15 years, Show Planes has been customizing RV aircraft around the globe with our unique products. We are fueled by the passion sport aircraft owners have for there machines and are honored to be a part of that. You will find easy online ordering and prompt professional service for all of our exceptional products. New products are always under development to complement our evolving line up of RV and sport aircraft products, please let us know what you would like to see in your custom sport plane. Aircraft assembly has been the backbone of Show Planes over the years and if you are looking for assistance in customizing a project, contact us and we would be happy to discuss it with you."

Alclad really works!

RV-9A Michael Burbidge ...My RV Build Project entry.

A Celebration of the life of Deb Darley is this Saturday (Vern Darley's wife)


It's only a joke ...Luke in Italy.

"Deburred" too deep

Form shots

Inelegant but effective downdraft paint booth

From Dynon....

Mon Dec 3, 2012

Rock solid panel...bentlage
  I have over 200 hours on our -7 and the panel has performed flawlessly. I'm a retired Naval Aviator and have never enjoyed avionics with this much capability, thanks Advanced Flight Systems and Garmin.

Prop Mounting Orientation
  I am trying to verify the installation of my propeller. The Hartzell documentation shows two examples - R flange and F flange. Trying to correlate that to the prop itself and the flywheel there are some differences. On my flywheel there are two NON-protruding sockets - leading me to believe this is a R flange. But on my prop there is only 1 hole that is not countersunk.
  So other the obvious alignment of having the non-countersunk hole line up with one of the non-protruding sockets, is there any other orientation to take into account? Does it matter which non-protruding socket to use?

RV-4 to Hoquiam ...10min video if you just want to fly along while at work.

Status shots: tkatc RV-8

Uh oh! Fuselage crossmembers! Scrap?
  Here are the crossmembers I dimpled instead of countersunk. According to Van's, the instructions call for countersinking because the material is too think to be easily dimpled by hand. With a pneumatic, it was a piece of cake!