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December 31, 2019 - January 1, 2020.  Issue #4,988.
  Dec 31 is a sad day for me now - my dad passed on this day in 1999 age 69.  I was 34.  Today it's twenty years, and it still sucks.  So today, as I've done for the past two decades, I once again tell the world how incredibly grateful I am for the RV community and Van's Aircraft.  This company and these people have kept my life full of cheer, amazement, hope, compassion, wonder and fulfillment.  I'm continually amazed at my good fortune to be associated with such people.  Both my family and I are indeed Blessed to be a part of the world's greatest hobby.
  I'm taking January 1st off just like the mothership (actually I'm flying right seat as an unpaid 'intern' in a King Air 200 for experience), but I'll be back on Jan 2.
  Happy New Year everybody and God Bless all of you.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Harness Porn*

The more I look at these didn't-give-it-a-seconds-thought pictures I took the other day, the more I like them.  Click on full size to make them your wallpaper.  SteinAir does amazing work, and I couldn't think of a better splash image to ring in the new year.  Going into buddy James' RV-4...

*If 'Harness Porn' isn't a thing, I call dibs.  v/r,dr

Full size

Full size


Initial Contact ...Chris F. RV-12

Hello VAF! I've been working on an RV-9A project for the past 2 years but have recently reevaluated my mission and have concluded that the RV-12is would be a better fit for me. So, I have switched gears and have started on the -12. The information and discussions in these forums were extremely helpful in making this decision. Thanks to DR and all of the contributors for this great resource!


Status Report ...jcarney RV-7A

I finally have some grips in the ole bird! The installation of the Tolsten grips was easy peezy. I did have to take off about 1.5 inches from the stock length of the sticks which I really didn't want to do. I wanted to keep the sticks as long as possible but there was interference with the controls. Sounds like a lot of people have this same problem and 1.5 inches is very common. Now the wiring of the grips commences, ok I really just have to connect the wires. lol   many, many more pics


Motivation Pic...74-07's RV-8


Christmas Pic for the RV ...Gagarin737

I bought myself a Christmas present; an insulated engine cover from Aircraftcovers.com. The red bag is the storage bag. I'm really impressed by the quality and fit (even a protrusion for the exhaust). The Reiff preheater is switched by a WiFi switch (DRH-704). Will take some temperature measurements next week.


My birthday present ...agent4573 (Paul Mantegna)

Got this from the girlfriend today. We've been talking about building a plane for a while now, and about a month ago I asked her this question. We placed the deposit 2 weeks ago for an RV7.



December 30, 2019.  Issue #4,987.
  We're in the flare in 2019 now, and Susie, Audrey, Tate and I hope you enjoyed our family business here over the last twelve months.  We thank those that sent in their honor system donation, those folks helping us keep it online while we try our hardest to motivate and entertain this amazing RV community.  We will keep on keeping on to bring you a quality product worthy of your kindness.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

RV-8 and the White Christmas ...ArlingtonRV

2019 brought about the kind of white Christmas that I prefer. The kind where I go to the white and not have the white come to me. Snow is fun to see in its natural habitat, but I don't like it so much down in the lowlands where I live. That's not entirely true, I enjoy it for a day or two, but after that I have to leave the house. People around here don't know how to drive in good weather, throw in some snow and it's best to stay on the sidelines.  more pics / video


First Flight ...lr172 RV-10

N11LR took to the sky today for it's maiden voyage. One hour flight went without incident. Seemed to have a bit of left wing heavy, but later realized that I had burned off way more fuel in the right tank with all of the ground run in, and by the end of the flight was levelling off a bit, so too early to tell. Barely a 1/3 of a ball off, so not much rudder trim will be required. Thanks to the 40* air temps, highest CHT didn't go north of 380. I was expecting an initial CHT drop in that first hour, but never got it. Oil temps climbed to and remained steady at 193 for the whole flight.  more


Old Dog, New Tricks

2020 is the year I'm turning four bigger non-flying things that don't get regularly used into four or five smaller things that will. I'm converting both a '67 motorcycle and '83 scooter, along with a couple of electric guitars from my teens that I don't play anymore, along with some (hopefully) commercial flying side jobs into some much needed avionics and interior upgrades for our 2002-era RV-6. It's been needing it for years - the outgoing avionics are off to a new home and a new life.

First up is the easiest to upgrade...around 40 seconds...the audio panel. Replaced the GMA240 with a GMA245. My installation video and lengthy caption: HERE.

Garmin's promotional video: HERE.  Touch screens are next (replacing first gen non-touch GDU470 screens containing slower processors with touch screen versions that are faster. These can tie into a GMC507 dedicated autopilot control.

The 330 transponder is off to Garmin for ADS-B Out love. Back in a few weeks.

Later the GMC 507 install and an GDL 52R for ADS-B IN (Wx, traffic and backup attitude out to my Garmin Pilot app - Garmin promotional video HERE).

More to come...


Clarifying What You Get With the RV-14 RE: Baffles ...greg and scott


RV Holiday RVating ...TShort

Flew to IA for a couple days before I had to work the holiday (KUMP->8C4)  90 minutes in the RV is far better than 5.5 in the car each way!

Sunset crossing the Mississippi over Quad Cities:


N14ZM New Panel ...Danny (F1)

N14ZM is finally flying again with her new all Garmin panel. This was a major project that (as always with me) had some major scope creep. The original panel was a mix of 1st generation Dynon, Tru Trak, and Garmin radios. The electrical system was all CB's located on the panel. What originally was planned as a Dynon display update and ADS-B install quickly turned into a completely new all Garmin panel, which then turned into a re wire of 90% of the airplane. Every switch was replaced and the electrical system split between a new fuse box and a few panel mounted CB's. Lots of work for sure but well worth it.


Slow Cranking Results Found ...74-07

Read up on all of the other threads. RV-8, 320 hours, IO360 200 hp., one blade and stop then, next try would crank. Used all the info here and once again, like many others, found starter contactor burned and pitted. Replacing both contactors. I do have one question. The airplane has EXP2 Bus system. Starter contactor has diode but master does not. Any reason they both shouldn't have a diode?


Stall Spin in the Base Turn Video ...Vac

Recently there was some excellent discussion regarding slipping RV's that evolved into discussion about stalling while slipping. As a result of participating in that thread, I thought it might be helpful to put together a short video demonstration of slipping and skidding "departures" (the airplane doing something I don't want it to do) in the base turn:  more


Battery relocation, G3X Wiring diagram ...jamesrw2002

Monk found a brilliant fix to a possibly sticky scenario, the plan for the center radio stack pretty much hinged on relocating everything under the floor that would be affected. So the Battery and relays needed to move - the firewall seemed like a good place because this would help with the aft CG of my airplane and free up some much needed space. The only issue is, apparently on my airplane there isn't any room to do this so Monk devised a genius plan and mounted it on the engine mount, it will sit in the cheek of the engine cowl. Barring any unintended consequences of placing it here, it should be perfect!  more


Only an RV-9 Can Do This ...Steve Melton

Wichita full tanks, 36 gal
Cincy travel 3:43 hr, 610 nm, 20 kt tailwind
then local flights:
local flight 1
local flight 2
local flight 3

and still 9.6 gal in the tanks.

that means all of that flying on 26.4 gallons.

Three Cheers for the 9!


On Fire! ...Square Feet

The last time I was in the RV-6, it was on fire. *That was 12/26/2019 about seven hours and three beers ago.

I headed out west to the Lake Michigan coastal airport of Frankfort to fly the RV a couple weeks ago. *There was a small, dried puddle of something around the right wheel pant and the right brake pedal was mush. *The right line from the master was visibly white, and empty to the reservoir. *I removed the right pant and inspected the caliper and brakes in place. *Line and fitting were dry - the caliper had fresh 5606 drops dangling, the pads were wet and there was 5606 mud in the bottom of the wheel pant. *But no real culprit at this point. *I clipped the safety wire and plucked the caliper thinking the piston o-ring must be misbehaving.

Incidentally, the return from annual inspection was the last flight, and more than a month ago, where we had installed new tires, tubes, etc., and packed wheel bearings. *At the time, the left brake pads looked new, with the right showing slight wear, but definitely serviceable.

Back to the shop a week ago, an inspection of the cleaned brake assembly showed absolutely no signs of wear on the piston, nor the bore of the caliper. *The original o-ring had no visible defects, or stiffness, but it was likely 20 years old. *While I was at it with a new o-ring, just for good measure, I installed new brake pads at the shop then took the clean, fresh package out to install in today's 50+ degree balmy weather. *With the hangar door open, the bright sun lighted my workspace and warmed the recently-frigid wrenches and pliers to the bone. *The classical music station (keeping the mice out, because mice have no class) still played Holiday music; even the day after. *Bing, and Nat. *I was loving life.

We know that our phones will answer any question on the spot. *This would be a good time to take a micrometer to the brake disc, and compare to minimum thickness from Cleveland's specs. *The mic in the box was metric, but translated to .175-ish on a couple spot checks with min. spec for the 500x5 in the .160's. *Installed, the pad-to-disc clearances looked like a new installation.

I gas-ragged the 5606 mud (dirt and hydraulic fluid) from the belly of the right pant, pumped new brake fluid into the right bleeder, tested the right pedal until rock-firm while letting the volatile blue 100LL flash off before final installation of the pant. *Many brake cycles, no leaks, so on went the pant.

Now, back to the phone for a reminder of the Cleveland brake lining conditioning sequence... Oh yes, taxi 1500 feet with engine at 1700 rpm and brake(s) applied. *Stop. *Let cool 3 minutes, then test the brake-hold at a full power run-up. *If it holds, go fly. *If not, repeat process.

So that I did. *Sort of. *The frisky wind on the 15-33 runway was 200-240 at 12G22, so I thought maybe I'd just break-in the brake today instead of fly. *AWOS was showing an enticing downward trend of wind however, and I was being tempted to fly as I taxied in the stiff-ish left crosswind. *Dragging the right brake for the prescribed 1500 feet I couldn't hold 1700 rpm. *That's nearly take-off power in an RV-6 with a 160hp Lycoming 320. *Sub-1400 rpm *was getting me there just fine. *And largely because I was only breaking one brake in, (the right) as the left pads were fine, remember? *Everything was splendid. *The right brake was holding my taxi straight in the stiff left crosswind. *And braking was firm and effective. *I probably *ran an extra 500 feet to the run-up area with the break in procedure to generate glazing heat because of the cold.

When I finally slowed, then stopped at the runway end I could, not surprisingly, smell a little heat from the right brake side. *Then maybe a glimpse of smoke? *Or was that my imagination? *Nah, couldn't be that hot. *Then, at this stopped position the right brake pedal suddenly went limp. *#*!$$@. *Now what's going on? *And I'm 3000 feet down the runway from the barn. *Well, the now-right crosswind was a blessing having no right brake, I was able to idle very slowly, cautiously and carefully back to the hangar-ish. *All left turns, and all very slowly, and deliberately, because once the tailwheel unlocks, any asymmetrical braking situation, as in this case, makes this plane spin about aimlessly like a dazed housefly. *I was actually wondering about my insurance coverage as I straddled this delicate situation.

I did seem to get an occasional whiff of heat on the way back, but certainly no additional heat could be generated by the now-dead right brake.

I taxied to within 50 feet of the hangar before I ran out of directional wind benefit, and it's maneuvering luck. *I stopped, and now saw another puff of smoke. *Or not? *Could it be? Fuel off! mixture lean! electrical off! *key off! I hopped out and rounded the beak only to see the right wheel pant of my favorite airplane burning like yesterday's Christmas hardwood in great-nephew Kenny's home-heating fireplace. *I mean really burning, and right under the wing tank. *Yes, very momentarily, but there was again denial on my part. *Then an immediate *sprint to the hangar looking for something wet - yet not frozen. *Nothing in the wash bucket... Windex won't be adequate... WD40? *McGuiars won't ever put a shine on this again... the 5 gallon can of 100LL avgas sure ain't gonna help this situation!

"You idiot. *You have a fire extinguisher in here somewhere." And there it was., by the door, where it's supposed to be. *Dated, but there. *I grabbed the extinguisher, pulling the pin as I sprinted to the burning airplane. *You know, an extinguisher about 4" in diameter and 18" tall isn't quite adequate to put out a wheel pant, and now, tire-fire. *In retrospect, I wish I had choreographed this moment ahead of time to include time for a quick photo, or video, or selfie of this persistent, olympic torch. So a sprint back to the hangar for the bucket hoping the frost-faucet at the terminal building is working. Then a sprint back to the rekindled campfire with five gallons of water. *Boom! went the new $350.00 tire and tube combo with the five-gallon surgical douse of cold water. *And it wasn't out yet. *So, another sprint to the terminal building and another wet five, which got things under control. *Then one more, walking this time in disbelief of what just happened, and what nearly happened.

Well, with a little neighborly help, Richard, the Airport Manager, and another neighbor were able to help get the right gear on a dolly and back into my hangar before dark. *I still have a plane, but also a boatload of redundant, needless work.

The way that fire-retardant 5606 hydraulic fluid and fiberglass combo burned has me re-thinking the aluminum vs. composite construction world. *My wheel pant was very difficult to extinguish, and turned into a literal dishrag that I simply ripped from the mounts before dollying.

What a day. *Now, I need to think about *the root cause of this event. The quick answer may be that there are times "to go the extra mile" but riding the brakes on break-in, or ever, ain't one of 'em. *Funny, it could even happen in a fiberglass sailplane with no fuel aboard. *Some have disc brakes, and of course, that flame-retardant 5606. Dang, I always felt safer with no gas aboard. Does that even make sense?

Parachutes, Baby!
Happy New Year.




December 27, 2019.  Issue #4,986.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

In the RV Over the Holiday ...RV8JD

Christmas Eve proved to be a great day for a sightseeing flight over the central Washington Cascades while listening to Christmas music on the iPod. It was clear, smooth, and quite serene. Beautiful, actually. The low Winter sun angle illuminated the South facing slopes of the mountains well.  many more pics


Dynon Pitot Heater Module ...Surfdoc RV-9

Q: Just wondering for all those that installed the heated pitot from Dynon in their -9. Where did you mount the heater module? Any photos or advice is greatly appreciated.

A: (airguy) Just like this, with the screw heads facing the inspection panel so you can remove it if needed.


G3X ESP Learning Experience ...Aaron RV-10

Thought I would share a recent experience with the G3X in the interest of safety. Last Saturday, I got distracted during the preflight and forgot to remove the pitot cover. Realized my error on the takeoff roll but decided to continue the takeoff and return to the airport. I know the sound and feel of the plane well enough that flying without airspeed is not a big deal.

At 500 feet the ESP system kicked in. It seems like it saw the zero airspeed, and aggressively started to push the nose down. It automatically turns on the autopilot to do this. Best I can tell it then started to trim nose down as well when I started fighting the autopilot. Fortunately it appears you can override the G3X trimming with the trim button on the stick, so I trimmed nose up, and then pulled the trim circuit breaker.

At this point, I was on downwind and still fighting the autopilot. My first thought was to turn off the master and kill all the electronics, but then I remembered the ESP turn off switch wired on the panel. Flipped the switch and all was well from there.

So my lessons learned:

- Make sure you understand the ESP system and how it works
- Know how to turn off the system, especially if you don't have the cockpit switch
- Know how to quickly turn off the trim motor. I have a yellow cap on my circuit breaker that allowed me to quickly pull the correct breaker
- Make sure the autopilot torque is set so you can override in flight
- Fly the plane

I consider myself lucky that I have significant hours in the RV's and had the bandwidth to fly while dealing with the issue. It all happened very quickly and near the ground. For this to happen on a first flight that near the ground, it could have quickly become dangerous.

(g3xpert reply) Agree with Walt that we would like to review the log file to confirm what happened with this aircraft that was flown with no airspeed.

Back in V8.50 software we also made improvements in the ESP logic to prevent use in a blocked pitot scenario, so it will also be good to learn what software was being used in this aircraft.

ESP correction activities do not result in auto-trim being run like would happen when the autopilot is engaged, so it is unlikely that any pitch trim changes were occurring.

A reminder to everyone that pressing and holding the AP DISC button that everyone has on their stick activates circuitry in the GSA 28 servos that physically disables both the servo motor drive circuit and the trim motor drive circuit, so no matter what the servo processor might be trying to do, there will be absolutely no way for any control forces to be initiated by the servos.


Mr. X Early Morning Thursday ...over the Gulf of Mexico


Fuselage crack RV4 ...Stewbronco

Hi and seasons greetings. I recently bought an RV4 with O-360 and the newer style fuselage weldments. Wish I could post a picture but there is a vertical crack in the right fuselage skin that extends about 2-3 rivets above and below the lower edge fibreglass cowl cheek extensions. It is JUST aft of the cowling . Of course looking to fix but wondering how extensively ( if at all ) I should extend the patch (.040) past the standard 3 rivets beyond the crack . The fibreglass cheek extension will have to come off and be modified to go over the patch .
Once again. Wish I could post a picture but I thought that given the perpensity for hard landings to wrinkle firewall maybe something that goes a bit lower picks up the rivets that tie skin to lower weldment might help ? The minimum upper limit will be about 2/3 of the way up inside the cowl cheek extension to extend 3 rivets past the end of the crack .But maybe higher to balance load .... structure still needs to flex for sure . Obviously will be stopdrilled .
I have a picture of problem and outline of my proposed fix that I can gladly email to anyone willing to offer an opinion and again apologies for not being able to post that picture.
Could be just overthinking this but I believe that overkill is right where I like to be ! Many thanks in advance Stew. stewhansen 'at' shaw 'dot' ca


Birds Wing In Sync With Frame Rate (video) ...DanH sent me this


Rare for KDFW...the other morning.  0 miles viz.



December 26, 2019.  Issue #4,985. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

My family described in one picture. ;^)
One gift tag...four years and counting!  dr


Buck Meets RV....the Next Chapter ...Av8safe

Well today Santa delivered a check from AIG for my RV7. I am told the aircraft will be going up for auction on the AIG site in January. If you are a builder (and I wish I was) looking for a project this would be worth checking out. The avionics and engine alone would be a bargain...

N5559B is sporting a dual Garmin G3X Touch system with a GTN650 navigator and an XIO-320 (360 case, 320 cylinders, angled valve, fuel injected, P-mag) engine with less than 140 hours since overhaul.

As for me, I am going to begin the search again. Quality craftsmanship is the top priority, with IFR current panel that is either a Garmin integrated system or similar. Vic will be doing the pre-buy...again, so that tells you how much I value his experience and safety mindset. Check your jam nuts (and everything else on his recent video) before we arrive! So if you have an exceptional RV7 and are eyeing that RV14 kit to start building, or you're just looking for a new home for your pride and joy...pm me.


Mr X Pic

"Worst rime ice I've seen, yesterday...."



RV-7 AOG West Memphis

Need suggestions!

RV-7 configuration
- 0-360 Titan
- Constant speed prop.
- 900 hours
- Left standard mag
- Right electroair electronic ignition
- upper spark plugs Bosch Automotive
- lower spark plugs Regular champion aircraft

- Engine stumbling on cruise power settings, max power seems better.
- Stumbles - power loss for 1to 2 seconds and then runs smooth for 45 seconds (all times are not exact and varies unpredictably).
- Fuel pressure reads good and even during the event.
- Manifold pressure drops during the event.
- Doesn't seem Mag dependant. Run-up mags check fine.
- Run-up no problems.
- #1 cylinder few hundred degrees higher EGT than other three on takeoff and climb out

Things checked and flew again with same symptoms.
- Gascolator checked filter -good
- Carb checked filter -good
Both little debris was found but nothing concerning.
- Lower Spark plugs cleaned removed and cleaned - normal for hours
- Very careful checked manifold pressure lines aft of firewall and all good.

Currently talking with a mechanic on field but will not be able to help for several days.

Hospitality has been great and someone is loaning us a hangar while trying to figure this out.


HS-609PP ...RV701775

I just finished rounding and beveling the edge of the HS-609PP that fits against the rear spar. I am curious if I beveled it too much where it could have removed too much material. I still have 1/4in edge distance to the last hole, but the thickness at the edge is only 0.14in vs. 0.1875 in thickness. I did not want to bevel it too little, but it was difficult to judge what was sufficient.

I would appreciate any feedback



Lycoming Engines Vans Fly-In/Tour ...May 15th. 

Mark those calendars!

(Devin Albrecht - Sr. Design Engineer Small Engines. Lycoming Engines, Textron Systems)
Good morning and Merry Christmas VAF-ers!

I am organizing a fly-in/tour of my new employer at Lycoming Engines 652 Oliver St, Williamsport, PA 17701. I have locked in the date for the tour with Lycoming Marketing as May 15th, 2020. The current plan is an arrival on Thursday May 14th in the afternoon/evening and then a 9am plant tour of the engine shop and manufacturing facility May 15th. Those choosing to fly into KIPT will have ramp space at the Lycoming hangar available for the weekend for as many airplanes as we cant fit at no charge (bring tiedowns and chocks). Overflow can check in with Energy Aviation. I would also encourage an evening out on the town Friday night followed by maybe a fly-out to breakfast Saturday morning.

I have also arranged for a tour stop in the Lycoming Thunderbolt build area, known to us as the ATC, to see the custom engine shop not typically seen during tours. This portion of the tour will only be permitted to US Citizens.

This is going to have to be a group effort for sure depending on the size of the group. It is important to note that Williamsport is a small Pennsylvania town. I will get with the Lyco Marketing team and talk to them about an associated hotel in the downtown for a group rate but I cannot make any promises regarding lodging or ground transportation. That information will hopefully come in later posts. Ground transportation will have to be a coordinated effort as well being that Lycoming can't help us there. Once we have a rough number, going into the spring, I can coordinate with a hotel.

Doug will be making a post in the VAF calendar so that the date is posted and it is possible that we may even have some Mother Ship representation.

I kindly ask you to RSVP to my work email using the subject "VAF Lycoming Tour RSVP" Please RSVP ONLY if you will be joining us for the tour and also let me know if you will be flying in. (please keep the messages on topic and brief keeping in mind that this is in fact my work email) If you are a "Maybe" or "interested" please save me the email traffic and only RSVP once you can definitely make the commitment.



December 24-25, 2019.  Issue #4,984.
  Susie, Audrey, Tate and I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.  We thank God every day for the friends we are Blessed with, and wonderful people we get to interact with in this amazing hobby.  We are a lucky, lucky bunch.
  As I was typing this I got an email invite for an interview in six weeks at a local sim for some possible side work that could maybe lead to some possible jet SIC side work.  And the kids are both home.  Did I mention how grateful I am?  Now where did I put that suit...
  God Bless you all and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Merry Christmas!


RV-12 Build ...mwjohn63 video

One year after my first flight and 80 + hours later, I finally have a video of the build. The plane is still flying great and currently going through the CI, but hope to be back up soon. I still can't wipe the grin off my face thinking that I'm flying something that I built. Over the past year I completed the all test cards, made it to Oshkosh (survived the storms), gotten the plane painted, and made it over to the east coast a couple times to visit family. This plane was a joy to build and even more to fly. Thanks to all those who supported me along the way.


Mothership Hours

[ed. Related, no VAF edition Christmas Day. v/r,]


RV-12 In-flight Photo ...mwardle7

RV-12 over Canyonlands National Park - Maze District (Utah)


James' Christmas Stuffed Toy...courtesy Cathy (hand made)


Deaf pilots ...Bob Collins questions

Just wondering if there are any pilots here with severe hearing loss using two hearing aids who've come up with a solution to properly amplify the radio.

I ask because yesterday I flew with a friend in his RV-7 for the first time since I lost (most) hearing in the remaining "good ear" and while I could make out what he was saying on the intercom (it helps that I could see his lips while trying to make out what he was saying), the calls on the radio were another story entirely.

We could boost the radio to a higher level (I had the level on my Zulu II headsets pushed all the way up), but at that point, it was too distorted to be able to understand anything.

The hearing aids I have can receive a Bluetooth signal, which I use with a device (ComPilot) for my cellphone, pushing the audio directly into the hearing aids, but I'm unaware of any similar device for flight radios.

I know deaf pilots are probably a very small number but I'd be interested in any experiences anyone on here has had on the subject.


Santa Checks His RV Sleigh ...TimO

(Tim) "Every year just before Christmas, Santa has to take his sleigh out for a pre-Christmas check flight. Sometimes that fat and jolly old man has a lot of fun. Enjoy watching this pudgy and jolly moron play around for a couple minutes."


RV-8 Interior Finished ...rv8ch

Really happy with how mine turned out - only took a bunch of years (won't even say how many). Can't believe it's done!



December 23, 2019.  Issue #4,983.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

The back of the Christmas card AX-O
sent our family.  It's on the fridge now ;^).


B-double-E-double-R-U-N Beer Run ...petehowell 9A

Nothing says Christmas like a few rounds of New Glarus' finest, and what makes it more fun is you have to FLY to get it. You know what that means.....BEER-RUN!

1)Daughter Kate in tow - check
2)Bernie on the wing - check
3)My college buddy Ken and his son Justin (Kate's college buddy) inbound from Iowa- check

We had the makings of a fine day in Badgerland!

The scenic Upper Mississippi was our guide on the way down. We were IFR....wait for it.....I Follow Rivers......  more


December is Pledge Drive Month ...one week left in 2019.

Totals updated 12/22/19 1946Z

Dear VAF site/forum readers,

December is pledge drive month and as you know we use the honor system. If you are a regular VAF reader and haven't donated yet in '19, PLEASE consider it (
how to). Working VAF full time while trying to get a part time commercial side gig thing going (haven't broke even yet but am embracing the suck) and putting some resumes out there for a possible third part time gig in a sim (fingers crossed). Small business owner life is stunningly expensive and 24/7, and there is very little down time (flown the RV 39.8 hrs in '19).

Bill Gates I ain't and donations really, really matter in our family.

Please take two minutes to read the 'Support VAF' page if you haven't, and thank you if you are one of the
1,908* people who have sent in a little over $27K after taxes so far this year. We're approaching 28,000 registered forum accounts. Call it 5% donated so far, half that if you include unregistered 'lurkers'.  Pie chart at right...

I'll never swamp you with emails, letters or pop-up ads. I'll NEVER track or sell your keystrokes and clicks like all the other social media sites, and I'll never ask for more than $25. Two bucks a month...a cup of coffee...for a nice, civil, non-politics (a rare thing) virtual watering hole promoting the greatest hobby and people on earth. 

Please help me keep it afloat.

I hate having to even have a pledge drive, but without it we're in the red as a business. The margins are that tight. Thanks again to those who help keep this site going...and my family fed and sheltered. I'll keep trying my hardest to bring you a quality product.

Kindest and best,
Doug (and Susie, Audrey and Tate).

*as of 12/22/19 1946Z
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


Status Report ...kentlik 7A

servo brkt: Got some time away from figuring out electrical to pound a few rivets. I had to use some existing holes for the servo brkt so not quite even but it will work just fine.  ...


Surgery Update ...Mel Asberry

Well, It's time for an update. I had total knee replacement 31 Oct.(Right knee). Surgery went well except that my prostate didn't play well with the anesthesiology.

Prostate surgery 18 Dec. Surgery also went well but recovery will be slow.

Hopefully things will improve and I will be back in service by mid January.

Not one of my funnest Holiday seasons.


Status Report ...jcarne 7A

After a bit of travel for work I am back to building. I have actually been doing things here and there but not much to show. I did however get a couple antennas installed.

You can see here the ADSB and XPNDR antennas installed in the aft fuselage. A little over two feet apart so they are good to go according to Dynon. ...


What did you do with your RV over the holidays? ...it begins

I will start... The condition inspection on my RV-9A was wrapped up last weekend, and flew it from Oregon to San Diego last Sunday and Monday. Today I took it down to San Diego Brown Field (SDM) to get some cheap gas. From there, I flew over to Montgomery Field (MYF) to get an iPad mount so I can easily use my iPad Mini 4 with ForeFlight while flying. After getting the mount, and a small lunch, I headed home to Carlsbad (CRQ) and put the airplane back in the hangar.

During the condition inspection, I installed the SkySensor, which is a companion to the SkyBeacon from UAvionix. The SkySensor is basically an LED nav/strobe that also provides ADS-B IN via WiFi. I am really happy with it, and find that it works great feeding either the iFlyGPS, or the iPad for ForeFlight. No doubt that it works great with other GDL90 compatible EFB applications.

Also during the inspection, I installed an Infinity grip, and I am really enjoying that. It's great having so many functions available, all on the grip.

I hope that everyone has a safe, enjoyable holiday season. I am eager to hear what you've done with your RV over the next week or two!

(Colin P)
I'm planning to depart Dallas Sunday morning, headed to Phoenix. After Christmas I am going to LA, then back to Dallas just before new-year. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

Loaded the 10 up with 3 dogs 1 cat luggage and Christmas presents for a week with the in laws. Love the flying family truckster.


Santa Visited...

Santa visits my neighborhood ...dr



December 20, 2019.  Issue #4,982.
  The RV-12iS demonstrator reflecting blue sky and clouds during a Texas visit awhile back - might make a nice wallpaper for your desktop (proof mine).  Click on pic below for full size.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

2,560 X 1920 enlargement


RV-10 Engine Data Review ...RV-10

I had and episode yesterday in the -10. Entering the pattern, the engine started running very rough and had a significant loss of power with EGT spikes over 1600 on four cylinders and EGTs gone cold on two cylinders. Understand there is a user on VAF named "Marion"?? that is willing to review engine data logs. I would like to pass these logs on to him/her for review.

Thanks to all


RV8 Video - in 360 view ...sjhurlbut

Hope you enjoy the latest video. Its intended to show the capability of the 360 camera. While its good at adding cool views to a video it can get a bit overwhelming (the cuban 8 is barely tolerable). I won't post every video like this but the post processing (labour intensive) is a significant amount of work. Enjoy share and subsribe to the channel.

The rudder movement on landing is more than expected hahaha


Vernatherm Oil Leak ...Mark Dickens

I have an oil leak around where my Vernatherm screws into the oil filter adapter. It's a 90 degree adapter. I've retorqued it to 25 ft/lbs and it still leaks. So I bought a replacement gasket and I note that, like the spark plug gasket, one side is flat and one side has a little bulge to it. Is it correct that the flat side of the gasket is against the Vernatherm flange and the bulged side against the oil filter adapter? Or do I have that backward?
RV-8 #81077 Super Slow Build


Robert (Bob) Snedaker GONE WEST ...Steve Barnes post

With great sadness I received the news that Bob passed away this morning at 80 years from a short illness. Bob was living in Everett WA near his family. Bob was the founder of Fairings-Etc. and supplied hundreds of builders with various fiberglass intersection fairings for their RV projects till 5 years ago when the business was sold. R.I.P. BOB


Crack Discovered During Install of AOA Retrofit Kit ...Strappe

Yesterday, while routing 1/4" tubing during the installation of the AOA Retrofit Kit, I discovered the crack (complete break) in the bearing brace Part# F-1206F affected by SB 14-12-06. We bought the plane from its builders in 2017 and have put about 200 hours on it. The aircraft documents reflect compliance with the SB via replacement of the brace. I have done two condition inspections, most recently in September, and never noticed this crack, though I admit I was not looking for it. I had checked the torque seal on each occasion, but I believe the crack would have been hidden behind the flaperon push rods.

This break looks to me to be the result of a rather violent force. The support tech at Van's thought it the result of a direct blow of some sort. He shared the photos with their engineers, and they arrived at the same conclusion.

That seems very odd. That's not a place where it would be easy to strike the brace with enough force to break it. Even so, the dent in the brace away from the crack and what looks like a scrape in the metal are hard to dismiss.

(I have also posted an image of a problem I found at the last inspection in September where 3 of 4 rivets were missing from a rib.)

Anyone have other thoughts?  ...

A major abnormal load event would have had to occur to cause the damage visible in the photos.

I think the flapperons and the entire flapperon system, including all hinge brackets, etc., should be very carefully inspected.

missing rivets - In the photo it looks like all 4 are missing. Were any loose rivet pieces found loose in the bottom of the tail cone? An abnormal, high localized load applied under the bulkhead (such is lifting from below) could have sheared all the rivets


Carbon Plug&Play Tailwheel Fairing ...lucaperazzolli

After a long development process, I'm happy to let you know that I've completed the Tailwheel Fairing with the plug & play installation on the very common Screaming Eagle Retrofit Tailwheel Fork from Flyboy Accessories.

You catch the fairing, enlarge a bit the axis hole, probably file a little bit the top big hole (just to clean the fiber) and you are ready to install.

This is the first production prototype ready to start the test period in the concrete and grass airfields.

Let me know your opinions.



December 19, 2019.  Issue #4,981. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

From the vault...


N11LR is officially an airplane ...RV-10

Brought the plane to the hanger a couple weeks ago and received my A/W cert yesterday. Very exciting. I hope to be doing the first flight this weekend or early next week. I will post a pic once I get the hanger door open later this week.

Would love to hear any pearls of wisdom on first flight. I have read numerous docs on the subject, but was hoping for some specifics related to the 10. I have a few hours in another 10, so comfortable with the transition from the 6.



New SidVid  ...Veterans Day Flight


Sent by a friend today...dr


John Bright receives Van's $750 "Golden Ticket"... donates it to ENP!!!

Eagle's Nest Projects
December 17, 2019

This was the year of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' at Van's Aircraft with Charlie being played by none other than our very own John Bright (johnbright on VAF). Like most of us, John ordered his calendar in the usual manner and with little hope of also receiving a Golden Ticket. John's calendar arrived postage paid by Van's a few days after he placed the order. Upon opening the envelope, John noticed something peaking out from behind one of the calendar pages. Yes!, it was a Golden Ticket... and not a ticket for just a shirt and cap. It was the big kahuna... $750 towards a new tail kit!

"The rest of the story" is that Eagle's Nest Projects received an email from John offering to donate his good fortune to help in the continuing success of our program. Thank you John!!! The kindness and support from individuals like John is what keeps our program strong; inspiring and empowering high school students to become good citizens and leaders in their chosen field.

In appreciation of John's generosity and in recognition of the support this forum provides to our community, we've forwarded a portion ($100) of John's generous gift along to Doug in hopes of keeping VAF and our community strong. From the entire Eagle's Nest team... Thank You, John!!!  [ed. Thank you!!! both John and ENP!!!!  v/r,dr]


Anthony's RV Weekend ...RV-6A

Ok, a little late to the party here, but on Saturday myself and a safety pilot went practicing under the hood for an hour and a half.
Three RNAV approaches at 3 different airports with a hold and circle to land. I let the autopilot take the easy parts and hand flew down the glideslopes. (you can tell by the squiggles) Fun stuff!!


Flying with the dog: funny but serious ...Ed 9A

From NASA ASRS: I departed this morning on a Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) flight plan, and my intention was to maintain 1,400 feet until [laterally] clear of [Class] B airspace, which would keep me clear of the Flight Restricted Zone and all [Class] B airspace. At approximately 1,200 feet in my climb, my dog, which had been harnessed in the back seat, leapt into the front passenger seat. In doing so, he hit the dash, somehow managing to clear my flight plan out of my Garmin 430. He pulled my GDL 39 out of the cigarette lighter (my backup navigation), he knocked my tablet (also my backup navigation) onto the passenger side floor, and he ripped the microphone port of my headset out at the connector. I didn

t initially realize that had happened, and I could still hear the radio because the listening port was still plugged in. In trying to keep my dog off of the controls, and flipping the autopilot off to hand-fly, I inadvertently made a climbing turn to 2,200 feet and may have broken into Class B airspace. Upon recognizing this, I immediately descended and made my initial radio call to Potomac. At the time, I thought they had acknowledged my call, but in retrospect, I don't think they did. A few minutes later as I was still trying to re-trim the airplane, Potomac was trying to reach me, and it was clear to me they couldn't hear me. It was at this point that I realized my microphone port had been unplugged, and the cord was now wrapped around my 50 pound dog, which was dead weight on top of it. I finally freed the cord and made contact with Potomac. In doing so, my concentration was broken, and when I looked at my position, I was either in or very close to violating the FRZ. I immediately turned around and again made contact with Potomac. At this point forward I stayed clear of Bravo and the FRZ


Rudder Cable Chafing ...avrojockey

After watching Vic Syracuse's webinar on eaa.org the other day I did an extra detailed preflight to catch any of the common maintenance items talked about. Didn't find any loose nuts but I found the rudder cables chafing on fuse skin where they exit under the cable fairings at the tail. I didn't take a picture but I can tell you that it's been happening since the airplane was built 600 hours ago.

The cables look okay other than the coating of aluminum built up over time. The fuse skin has worn down to sharp edge where the cable is chafing. There's no mention of this issue in any of the conditional checklists in the aircraft records.

Is there an issue with galvanic corrosion with the buildup of aluminum, assuming the cable is stainless or galvanized?
Should one worry about the stress point on fuselage skin? Repair or monitor?
What fixes are folks employing to prevent chafing? I've seen a couple solutions in the picts below...



December 18, 2019.  Issue #4,980. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

New Build Site ...Bruce Lane RV-14A

"I am building an RV-14A (or more correctly I purchased a partially built project).  I hope to be flying by late summer 2020.  Here is my builder's log: http://RV14A.brucelan.com

Bruce (Richmond, VA)"

[ed. You know, sometimes you see a picture and you think, "There's no way this isn't the splash image in the next edition."  v/r,dr]


New RV Stories Video ...mothership (Robert and Gail Cutter)

"When you watch Robert and Gail Cutter of Columbia, South Carolina tell the story of building their RV, you'll understand what we mean when we say RV building can be a truly amazing and personal experience! You'll never meet two nicer people, and we're so glad they're part of the Van's Aircraft family!"  watch


GMC507 Mounted on my RV-6 Tip Up Glare Shield

Tony Kirk sent me an updated SolidWorks model last night (Van's employee working on this after hours at home).  This thing is getting pretty close to drop dead awesome.  I'll let you know when I have a GMC507 in hand with a 3D printed prototype mount.  Expect pics.

(5) full size pics HERE.
Related: What is a GMC 507


Houston area monthly lunch (December 2019)

Last one of the year! With the demise of Weiser, I suppose we're going to be sticking with Hooks for the foreseeable future, at least if we want to preserve the possibility of flying in...

With that in mind, let's grab some B-52 burgers at the Aviator's Grill this Saturday, the 21st, at 11:30. And wonder of wonders...I'll actually be there this month, and I have actual airplane building to talk about.

See you all there!


Cool Old Clamp Seen on the Bench ...at Monk's


Waiting for the warm weather ...(7A)

Bad timing: I'm ready to start working with canopy plexiglass but it's in the freezing middle of winter. Nope! Gotta look for some other stuff to do in the mean time. Looks like there is plenty of canopy related work, but the plans have you doing them after the plexiglass is in place. Any reason that some or all of these can't be done before the plexiglass work? Canopy reinforcement brace kit, side skirts, canopy lift struts, aft canopy latch lugs (the parts that engage with the latch "fingers"), interior canopy handle. Do I really need the plexi fit to do these?

If I really have to wait, I guess I can set the canopy frame aside and work on the engine mount or something. Or start fiberglassing the empennage. Or start installing avionics. Or the wiring harnesses. Or the stick grips. Or pull the trigger on a panel. Come to think of it there's plenty of stuff to do at this stage!
Ryan Drake



December 17, 2019.  Issue #4,979. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Hangar floor reflection.  dr pic.


GMC507 Glare Shield Mount Update (related: thread)

Tony Kirk, Van's Aircraft proto shop guy, sent me a few screen grabs of a 3D printable housing for a GMC507 that he mocked up over the weekend from home (non-Van's time).  A work in progress, and a few back and forths via email, and I'll keep you in the loop.  If I can make it work in my plane and there aren't any hiccups, Tony would like to share the model with the community.  There are many business that will do the 3D printing for you if you hand them a file.  I'll keep you in the loop.  Very exciting.

Tony's 6A build pics (link)


Pete's RV Weekend ...petehowell 9A (MN)

Little Lunch Down South
Temp was a little above zero in Minne, but we had not flown in a while, so we set up a lunch with a RV7 builder and college buddy down in Iowa where it was a balmy 10 or so.............
Gotta Shovel out......
Minne looks awfully cold........


With pics: EarthX EXT900-VNT in aft battery location...jliltd

I have been following the Earthx discussions and have a friend whom I helped install an EXT680 on his RV-8 firewall after Oshkosh 2017. It has worked great for him.

My RV-8 had the aft battery location with a Concord AGM aircraft battery. The airplane was down for a few months while Barrett Performance went through the engine. The battery didn't fare so well sitting around and had to be replaced. I opted to try one of the newer vented battery versions of the EarthX, the EXT900-VNT. I chose this vented model because of my battery location and wanted any smoke that might arise to be contained and vacate the fuselage. I added the optional EarthX vent adapter kit that takes both vent tubes and combines them into one larger tube. Included with this option is a machined vent port to send any smoke overboard.


Fluting Issue ...BobbyLucas

These parts are far from flat/straight and the instructions say to flute, but how in the world are you supposed to flute material that doesn't exist due to the scallops? Am I supposed to flute closer to the holes? Or do I need to grind down the tool so it reaches further in on the flange?


Paint Work and Canopy Done ...Sibirsky


Jim's RV Weekend ...jliltd

Dana and I flew to Prescott, AZ to watch my niece graduate from Embry Riddle with an Aeronautics degree. Weather was awesome. Winds stiff out of the West. Hit 260mph ground speed on the way home.


sjhurlbut New Video ...Canada


Status Report ...LCampbell RV-10

I was going to let the last update stand for the end of the tailcone work but thought someone mind find some use out of this addendum fiberglass update...

I will totally come clean that when it comes to aluminum metal working, I'm at the bottom of the learning curve. But when it comes to fiberglass, I've been working with it for ages... different cloths, e-glass, s-glass, carbon, Kevlar, different resins, additives, micro-balloons, cabosil, cotton flox, vacuum bagging, etc.

So, after spending the last year being blown away with the incredible accuracy of every prepunched, bent or formed piece of aluminum, I was surprised that the fiberglass wasn't up to similar standards. Two photos below show how out of shape one of the worst was. I know that shipping or not storing it properly can deform it over time, but still, some of these were quite out of shape. I decided to solve it 3 ways... First I clamped it for several days in the shape it should be. Then for the worst of it, applied gentle heat while clamped and pushed into the shape it should be. I've found you have to be incredibly careful here, but it can help. For example, the HS leading edge fairing pictured below, I applied 150 degrees (the most I would feel comfortable with) for about 5 minutes with a heat gun (monitoring with a temp gun), then let it cool down on its own for the next hour with the clamps still in place. After that process, it retained about 80% of it's new, proper shape.


First Flights Added...mothership


James' New Panel ...on-the-bench pics courtesy SteinAir



December 16, 2019.  Issue #4,978. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Chris Johnson (9A) from the 'What did
you do with your RV this weekend?
' thread.


Close to First Flight (RV-7).  Question ...Kays

Hi All,
i started the standard build 7 back in 2009. Made good progess but then i stopped working on it for seven years due to life and stuff. Last year i called a buddy of mine who had a truck and we picked the airplane up from the farmers barn where it was sitting in the corner for all those winters. Since then i worked on her a lot and now she's really not far away from first flight anymore. Wings are mated, all systems (seem to) work and there are just some "cosmetics" left, like sanding some fiberglass here and there. At least i think so.

Long Story short...after seven years of zero acticity on the project it was not hard to dig in again. Just needed several weeks and i was back on track. Problem is that i forgot all those things that i wanted to check before first flight. So my question: Is there some technical checklist prior first flight for the RV7 available? Like "check bolt so and so, put this piece into that place etc..."?


Status Report ...David Paule -3B

Thanks to a couple of friends, Dave Dooley and Glenn Potter, the last skin on the plane was riveted today. It'll still be a while until I can do some riveting, so these guys came over and finished riveting the turtledeck to the fuselage. They riveted the right longeron and all four bulkheads. The left longeron had already been riveted, thanks to Dave Dooley, who helped me do it.

Here's Glenn riveting one of the bulkheads. 


Uncommanded Trim Tab ...beneditoangelo RV-12

My RV 12 has just over 35 hours flown
Everything was working fine but on the last few flights I've been having trouble stabilizing the plane.After takeoff and with the plane in level suddenly it assumes a strong nose down.Using the trim up I can stabilize the plane but the same happen again other times. Can someone help me?


Don't Do This ...Plummit

A few weeks back I had a dead battery (don't ask) So I pulled out my trusty jumper and connected it in to a charged Odyssey 925 battery. The jumper cables and my plane have the Cessna/Piper 3-pronged plug. I had used this once before in 2015 but this time it didn't work. The Volt meter showed no voltage at the plug so I opened it up:


Annual Findings and a Question ...Tacco

Annual - wow, that took a while!

Found I had not primed inside counterbalance arm but no corrosion visible. Left it for now. Anyone else forget to do this?

AoA failed leak check. Tracked down the fitting at the ADHRS box. Just reset it, passed fine.

Do yourself a favor, replace the Phillips head screws on all the cockpit panels with Torx....soooomuch nicer to deal with.


Autopilot Guidance Panel on Glare Shield ...Mona44

I did exactly that with my Dynon boxes when I upgraded the panel. The location works very well from an ergonomics POV and doesn't impede on visibility in any way, regardless of flight conditions. Including aeros.



December 13, 2019.  Issue #4,977.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Kicking Around an Idea I Have For My RV-6 ...dr

I'm thinking of maybe mounting a GMC 507 dedicated autopilot control in a cutout on my glare shied - centered in the middle.  For the last decade I've been turning on AP modes with a series of soft keystrokes at the bottom of the PFD.  Hear me out on this for a bit before you form an opinion.  It's only an inch deep, weighs almost nothing, and I think I might be able to find somebody in the interwebs to 3D print me a mount that would allow both securing the 507 in the mount, and the mount to the glare shield.

While talking with Brad from Garmin over lunch he mentioned something about some people 3D printing switch housings for stuff.  Later in the day it dawned on me I could use this maybe as a GMC 507 solution.

The edges could be tapered down to a point on top and bottom to make it look a little more professional in appearance.  You could put holes on the side for pencils.  Horrible rendition here...

- will it compromise the structural integrity of the glare shield.  I don't think so but I'm not sure.  I'll call the mothership during non-peak hours.
- will it impact my FOV on T/O and landing (NO - I made an actual-size cutout and sat in the plane (more pictures HERE).  Put the camera lens right in front of my pupil on one of the pics.
- will it impact my ability to see the switches (NO - see above)
- it would travel up/down as the canopy is opened/closed.

Anyway, I'm still thinking this through.  It sure would make interacting with the AP more similar to the stuff I've been flying lately on extra paper routes.  99% of that flying is spinning HDG and ALT knobs and pushing buttons on that panel.  Commonality of workflow...

Has anyone done this in a side by side RV?  Fun to think about.

More to come and happy to hear feedback.  I created a thread.  v/r,dr

Supporting images:

AFCS control panel on Pilatus PC-12NG

Guidance panel on Falcon 900 (EASy II)

Flight guidance panel Cessna Caravan


Old Farts Flying Club OFFC '19/'20 Season  ...turbo

"...this is all from our fearless leader roger. florida flying at its best every thursday wx permitting. message me and i will get you on the email list for the greatest show going. Turbo out.

Old Farts...
Here's a quick recap on our Thursday, December 5th Lunch at Aero Acres (FD88). The weather was just about perfect... so 52 fixed wing and three whirlybirds showed up. WOW! All went without a hitch. The food was catered by the nearby Carter's Grocery. It was incredible. If anyone went home hungry, it wasn't our fault. Ribs, chicken, potato salad, baked beans, green beans, collard greens, cornbread and peach cobbler. The early arrivals went through nearly 100 cups of coffee and two big trays of pastries. When we tallied up the money... it showed that we fed 110 people and cleared $130. That goes into an Old Fart reserve, to help cover the dreaded event when WX causes a bunch of no-shows and a catering bill to pay."  continue


Seen at Monk's

I took this picture of a mod'd brake fluid bottle Randy uses around his shop (he goes through a lot of brake fluid working on planes).  He added a valve so he can easily pressurize the bottle.  Said that 30 pounds is perfect - if you put in 31 the escape valve on the right side pops up.


James' New Panel

...it begins (RV-4).  Out with the old.  Developing....



December 12, 2019.  Issue #4,976.
  Brad and Justin from Garmin were in the area Wednesday visiting dealers (Walt at our airport) and looking for BBQ.  Some of the locals tagged along and had a nice visit over good food at Hard 8.  We discussed a little shop, like me finally getting off my buttocks and squaring away an ADS-B OUT solution for my RV-6 before the end of the year.  World's worst procrastinator, this guy.   I've got a plan now on ADS-B OUT, AND got to eat BBQ with interesting folks.  A good, productive day.
  Justin and I have some similar interests in space it turns out.  Always nice to meet another astronomy/space fan.  Made me think back to the time 22 years ago I tried to stuff a 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope into the passenger seat of my under-construction fuse in our garage with dreams of flying to dark skies.  If I tried that today I'd need a new spine, not to mention I sold the telescope two decades ago. ;^).  A guy can dream...and I miss that telescope sometimes <g>.
  You meet nice people in this hobby.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Southern Arizona Teen Aviation | Tucson, Arizona
RV-12iS #121042 ...reported on mothership

Congrats to the Students and Mentors of Southern Arizona Teen Aviation who completed their new RV-12iS!

We are an organization that works with High School students. Thank you Eagles Nest and Teen Flight for the inspiration and coaching. Over the course of 2 1/2 years 15 students and 7 mentors worked on the plane. With much fan fare, with about 50 parents, students and donors watching and the TV station cameras rolling our first airplane took flight. Our #2 airplane has a tail, wings, a 50% complete fuselage and a finish kit on the way. We are having so much fun we ordered a tail kit for our #3 airplane.

More first flights on Van's mothership


Tom Checks In ...his wife passed recently

All---again thank you so much for the very kind thoughts and support during this very difficult time. It doesn't matter if you have a loved one pass suddenly or have 2 years to prepare, the void is very real. Some of you already have known that, and have offered much appreciated advise. In laws left for home this morning---house very quiet. Even her dog is looking for her. (Guess thats why I'm up at midnight writing this.)

Suzanne beat cancer at it own game-----it can't hurt her any more, cant weaken her because she's in heaven---or at least has a ticket to go. Right now she's flying higher than I ever have, looking down on us. At least I believe so.  Babe----make room for Tim----he's on the next shuttle--.

For all of you----I'm working. I may not be myself, but will try to give the best service I can----Steve and our team have been awesome and have given me the flexibility to take care of Suzanne, and now me during this time. But---we must go on. The one thing constant in life is change as we all know. Mine just changed dramatically, but I'll come out better, stronger, probably not taller, but better able to help all of you. Going to take some time, and I greatly appreciate all the texts, emails and phone calls.

Tom Swearengen, TS Flightlines LLC, AS Flightlines
Joint Venture with Aircraft Specialty
Teflon Hose Assemblies for Experimentals
Proud Vendor for RV1, Donator to VAF
RV7 Tail Kit Completed, Fuse started-Pay as I go Plan
Ridgeland, SC
www.tsflightlines.com, www.asflightlines.com


RV-4 Oil cooler location vs cowling

I heard Vic Syracuse at Oshkosh say NOT to mount the oil cooler on the cylinder 4 baffle (I think he meant for any RV model), but Van's baffle kit (RV-4, Lycoming O-320, fixed pitch, carbureted) was so straightforward I put the oil cooler there anyway. Now starting the cowl fitting, I don't see any way the top cowling will fit with the oil cooler there. I've begun trimming the top of the baffle metal and there doesn't seem to be any way to leave the oil cooler on the baffle. Would anyone share their experience with this issue? I can fairly easily move the cooler, but maybe I'm missing something simple. Thanks for any feedback.

lots of picture in the "engine" section of my pics. Look below at my signature for the links. 260 hrs in this configuration. I did re-enforce the baffles around #4. Currently remaking the baffles as I am in the process of installing a 360, but I am doing the same thing.


Taxi with Doors open? ...RV-10

Q: If you own a RV-10, then you know all the other door issues. My questions concern taxiing.

1. Is it safe to taxi with the doors open slightly? If so, do you hold onto the door handling while taxiing?
2. I've heard that some pilots taxi with the doors fully open. I would think that adds far to much stress to those 2 hinges at the top, and a gust could potentially take a door off. Also, the prop wash could stress the door hinges. Thoughts?
3. What do you guys do when taxiing and it is really hot?

A: (rvbuilder2002)
The factory Demo RV-10's are regularly taxi'ed with the pilot side door slightly open and held by the pilot.
Taxi'ing with the passenger side door slightly open might be done if the seat is occupied by another factory pilot or experienced employee, and they are holding the door.

The doors are never fully open for taxi or engine start.


Engine Out Pictures

(RV4/6 owner DeeCee 57)
"...had an engine out experience a few years ago on a Falco equipped with a Lyco O-320 coupled to a Hartzell prop, pics HERE.  Conrod failure during climb out with associated oil loss. Prop kept windmilling and the resulting braking effect had us rejoin Terra Firma in a short time. The ROD was way higher than anticipated = rapidly diminishing options...

Still thanking my guardian angels."

[ed. Takeaway:  I need to practice engine outs more often.  Amazing pictures sir.  Thank you for sharing.  v/r,dr]



December 11, 2019.  Issue #4,975. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Hello World: Joseph Rodney Haines ...'goatflieg' first grandson

It was a tumultuous weekend for me. At 0230 EST Saturday, Pearl Harbor Day and coincidentally my father's birthday... it was also the actual birth day of my first grandson. Joseph Rodney Haines has landed safely; he and mother Naomi (the rosy riveter that helped me put the top aft skin on my RV-8) are doing well.

After not much sleep and the usual Saturday morning breakfast with the PTK gang, I paid a visit to Naomi and Joey at the hospital before heading over to Windsor to get an hour of instruction in the CH2A Chipmunk; if you're interested, check out the video on my YouTube channel. When I got home Saturday afternoon, it was definitely Beer O'Clock; rested and basked in the glory of the day. Sunday we visited with Joey... and through all this I did manage to get some work done on the RV-8 this weekend. The bottom cowl hinges were dialed in and the cowl hung on its own for the first time. Now working on the Skybolt flanges along the top edge of the bottom cowl. So... yeah... good weekend.

(BTW I've been to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation; very cool place.)


Maxing Out the Fun Factor ...Vic S. on Kitplanes.com

For those who have experienced it, the fun of going on a flying trip with your friends and their families in the airplanes you built comes pretty close to maxing out the fun factor for many of us. What really makes this experience enjoyable is being able to share it with a group of competent pilots who understand that the key to making the trip enjoyable is all about the preparation, especially as it relates to maintenance. Having just returned from one such trip again where we had 100% dispatch reliability across 11 airplanes over the course of a week and 25+ hours of flying, I want to share with you some ideas, learnings, and observations for those of you who might be considering such a trip.  read more


RV-8 Gear Legs - Free plus shipping, etc. ...David

"Steel RV-8 gear legs left over from a build that went with the lightweight legs. You must have been one of the 1650 who have already donated by December 8th , and donate another $25 this year , and pay ground shipping (They are a bit heavy, but I'll look for the best deal). These are the flat RV-8 legs, not RV-8A legs. Each leg has two U shaped milled brackets.

If you're exempt like this poster, you still must meet the above criteria.  The idea is to reward those who donate on a regular basis.  Photos, etc. available on request by email (click my username to access my email).

Cheers, David

[ed. They were gone the same day.  I wanted to thank David for this creative and uplifting way to give back to the community.  Much appreciated David!!!  v/r,dr]


Aileron Pushrod length question ...Terry Shortt RV-7

On the old 2006 vintage wings I bought, the print says to cut the tube 65 25/32" The new preview plans I have call out a longer dimension, presumably to deal with the problem I've read about on here where people were finding them to be too short.

The callout on the new preview plans as pretty fuzzy and isn't any better on the electronic version, but I believe it says 66 26/32"

Q: Can somebody verify that from a set of full sized new-ish plans? I get that the idea is to make it about an inch longer than it used to be, but it just seems weird that they would increase it by 1 1/32"

A: (Larry Larson) 65-25/32" on my plans. I cut them 3/8" longer. 66-5/32".

Update from Terry:  Thats odd. These wings are from 2006 and the 15A print that came with them definitely shows the old 65 25/32 dimension.  However when I look at my new preview plans they show the bigger dimension, even though the title block shows that it hasn't had a revision since 2003.  I put a screen shot of the new callout in my build log.


G3X Touch v8.60 Install PIREP ...Spirko

This morning I installed v8.60 (never installed v8.50)

MFD took approx. 30 seconds.
PFD took approx. 30 seconds.

All other components (including all below) loaded in approx. 5 minutes total.
-GSU 25
-GEA 24
-(2x) GSA 28
-GAD 27
-GAD 29
-GMA 245
-GMC 507
-GEA 24
-GMU 11
-GTR 200

Glad to see AGL back in the Data Bar, helpful practicing Eights on Pylons.


Fumoto T202N Quick Drain PIREP ...bruceh

You can drill a small hole on the flange in order to safety wire it in place. Buy some 1/2" hose at your auto supply store and use it to direct the old oil into your drain pan.


Tater Early Christmas Present ...

(Encouraging the technical skill set)

I bought him a new screen (was cracked) and battery (was almost dead) for his phone off iFixit.com.  The catch was he had to do the swap out.  He watched the online videos, read the instructions, and absolutely crushed it.  He was done in about an hour.

Of note the piece of paper with tape folded over sticky side up to hold the screws in place.  That iFixIt.com site is pretty awesome if you've never heard of it.



December 10, 2019.  Issue #4,974. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Grinning Again  ...JTJones RV-14 (Haleiwa, HI)

Well, after removing my engine in January in compliance withe the XP-400 Recall/Buy-Back I have finally received my replacement engine. I went with an IO-390-X built by Barrett using my Superior case and sump. First flight on the new powerplant was 12/07. Flawless. It has been a long wait but I got the grin back!


My RV Weekend: Operation Good Cheer  ...Dennis Glaeser RV-7A

I joined about 250 of my close personal friends flying Christmas gifts for foster care kids all over Michigan for Operation Good Cheer. My flight was from the PTK base to Holland MI, (KBIV).

We were blessed with good weather, and a whole bunch of controllers with a huge amount of professionalism and patience


My RV Weekend: Finished up the Condition Inspection  ...crabandy

Finally finished up the condition inspection (5 weeks), my lil' dude helped me grease wheel bearings and inspect the landing gear portion of the inspection.  more


Learning for Almost Free ...

There are some sites online that will generate flash cards for study, and I found a few for the PC-12NG limitations (the plane I'm 'interning' on now and hoping to start getting paid down road in for some side money).  Problem is, understandably, these sites want $$$ to show me the answers.  They show me the questions, but not the answers.  Soooo, I went to the Pilatus site and downloaded the 1,336 pg PIM PDF for free and got those answers on my own.  Now I have something productive to do when the urge to look at the phone pops up.  Surprising thing:  They work!  I'm coming up to speed fast on the limitations.  Behind that 'Max ITT T/O Temp' card?  850*C <g>.

Set the pile in my lap and begin flipping over towards me.  Answer to the previous card appears magically.  No internet connection needed.  Write the page number of the answer in the bottom left for more detail.

I should have made hundreds of these for my instrument, commercial and multi ratings.  Total outlay....about a dollar on flash cards from Walgreens (lifetime supply).  And I bought a candy bar...SKOR.  Tate called it an 'old man candy bar'.  What does he know...


RV-9A Status Report  ...PilotjohnS

It has been a while since I posted; its been a fun summer, not much building thou.

Brakes are in as shown below. Still have a question if I will stay with the plastic, or move towards the AN lines. I guess the first fill tests will determine if there are any leaks. I used the solid stainless rods for the brake pivots. The brakes are very nice with good return force. I have a set of helper springs which I do not plan on installing; the pivot rods worked out so well, I don't see a need for helpers.  more


Stearman Field Update: KS ...swaltner

Just an FYI that they've recently poured some more concrete to roughly double the ramp parking here at Stearman.The parking issues should be addressed.

Watch out for the VASI lights on the East side of the runway that poke up through the center of the new concrete area between the restaurant and the runway.

This was done due to all the jet traffic that is here during the week. They were always short on overnight parking for the jets that would get staged on the ramp for early morning flights.


Christmas Ideas from Aircraft Extras, Inc.  ...Rich Meske

"Center Consoles for RVs
A new batch of center consoles just arrived. Purchase now before price increases in 2020! Please check out our NEW Center Console for the RV-14. We now have two models of the E-Z out center console. They will fit the RV-6, 7, 9, and 14.

Tip-Up Slider
We still offer the Tip-Up-Slider option for RV-6, 7, and 9s. This is a great add on for already flying RV aircraft. It allows you to load all that baggage with great ease.

We offer seats, stick boots, armrests, and center consoles. If you haven't seen our interiors lately, please check out some of our new pics.

Stocking Stuffers
Don't forget our Stocking Stuffers! - No Weld Grip Handles - Tire Valve Extensions - Relay Boards, and more. . .

For details and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit www.aircraftextras.com."



December 9, 2019.  Issue #4,973. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

RV Smiles!  ...Rob Traynham pic

"My son had the next generation of family pilots at the airport today helping to get our new (to us) RV-8 even cleaner! In exchange, they get a little stick time. With RVs, even hangar flying brings on the smiles!"


Rest in Peace:  Mrs. Suzanne Swearengen

(from Tom)
All of you are family, so I wanted to let you know that my wife Suzanne passed this morning. It was a fight to the end, but her passing was peaceful.  She loved aviation, experimentals, and loved interacting with all of you. She did meet some of you at various events, and considered you all family.

So as family, I just wanted to thank all of you for the calls, emails, and cards of support. It means so much to us.

Yes----I'm ok--and will carry on the work of TS Flightlines/AS Flightlines--she helped get it going and was instrumental in keeping me straight. She insisted that I work during her illness---That our clients deserved the best effort we could give. WE will carry on the promise we made to her to do just that.


Steve H Build Video


Rest in Peace: Mr. Dwight Smith

(Mark Dickens post)
I haven't seen anyone post this yet, so I thought I'd just let everyone know that Dwight Smith of Williston, TN passed away last week. He built and flew a very nice RV-4 and was based at our airport at Fayette County, TN (KFYE). Dwight acted as a Tech Counselor in the local EAA chapter and was active for many years. (Obituary)


What did you do with your RV this weekend (12/8-9/2019)?

(Greg Niehues 9A)
Made a hot round trip from Midland to Houston and back yesterday to sign the papers on a shiny new ride for my wife. She'll pick it up in a couple days. You can't do that without an airplane!

17,000 on the way down there with 30 knots on the tail, 10,000 on the way back with about 15 on the nose, 5.2 hours roundtrip.

(Dan Langhout)
A group of us from Moontown (3M5) planned a flyout Saturday down to Gulf Shores, AL (KJKA) for some seafood at LuLu's. Problem was, the weather turned crappy in south Alabama. What to do? Why - fly north instead to Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge (KGKT) at the foot of the Smokies of course!


Greg Walker RV-8A First Flight

What a day! Conditions could not have been more perfect. After almost 20 years of off and on building the time finally came!

Configuration: Lycoming IO-360A1B with Dual EMags and Backup Alternator, 3 Blade Catto Prop, Dynon Skyview, iPad running Foreflight and Stratux as backup instrument.

Started the day tidying things up in the cockpit, making sure cowl was secure, and fueling up. Did a short high power run to make sure my recently overhauled fuel injection servo would hang in there. (ACI at Clark Field in Justin, TX does great work!). Did a warm up flight flying right seat in an RV-7A to fly the first flight profile and remind me of emergency landing sites. Upon return checked cowl and underside for any oil or fuel leaks.

Took the runway at KGDJ and climbed up to 5500 feet and made many laps around the airport. Don Christiansen pulled up behind me in Yellow Bird to look things over. Andy Duff provided ground support. Oil temps stayed 190-200F. CHTs 330-350F. I do have a very heavy left wing that will need a remedy. Descent, landing, and taxi back were uneventful.

One Duh moment. Kept the plastic on Dynon Skyview since build. Screen looked great with it. Thought I would take it off for first flight. Could not see anything with polarized sunglasses! Put plastic back on but it came off in flight with cockpit air. Another pair of glasses to buy!

So many people to thank:

Ed Stout - Uncle who gave me my first airplane ride and taught me a bunch
Don Christiansen - Tech Counselor
Patrick Richardson - RV Transition Instructor
Pat Stewart - KGDJ Airport Manager
Kliff Black and Andy Duff - RV Building Motivators
Chapter members at EAA 983

Greg Walker
RV-8A (N528GW)
Aledo, TX


Large baffle leak ...vernon smith

The picture below is the baffle at the rear of the engine with the top motor mount protruding through it. I'm looking for an easy effective way to plug up/cover this huge pressure leak.


Webinar on RV MX  ...Dec 11 7pm CST (Vic Syracuse)

Vic Syracuse will help educate builders and non-builders on the various common problems across RV aircraft that he sees as a DAR, prebuy inspector, and maintenance shop owner. The presentation will educate and motivate attendees to go take a close look at their airplanes.. Vic is a designated airworthiness representative, and has built 11 airplanes, and is chairman of the EAA Homebuilt Aircraft Council. Qualifies for FAA Wings and AMT credit.


Borescope #3 - Any comments? ...Ross


My #3 has burned cooler than the rest since I bought the plane. The temp difference is around 50-70 degrees. 1, 2, 4 all seem to run pretty similar. I ruled out the sensor.

Just wanted to see what people thought of the borescope. Specifically the oil on the top of the piston, and jagged edges on the valve. (last shot)

My airplane uses lightspeed ignition with automotive plugs on top and mags with aircraft plugs on the bottom. Top plugs look new. The bottom is a bit oily but not fouled.



December 6, 2019.  Issue #4,972.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Cold Lake, Long Shadows ...petehowell (MN)

Good to get out on a short day.......


N86TF First Flight ...Zazoos RV-6

I was very excited and nervous but the weather was perfect for my first flight today. I received tail wheel and transition training with Jan Bussell last week and that was a fantastic experience. I highly recommend it. I had never even flown in a tail wheel aircraft prior to meeting Jan. We flew 10 hours over the course of 3 days and it really paid off for my first flight.

I would say the biggest stress factor of the first flight was the glass panel. My limited flight experience has always been with conventional instruments. I managed it but for the next flight I am going to have the Dynon display the traditional six pack on 1/2 of the screen and the engine monitoring on the other half. I had the map up on the first flight but really didn't need it as I was just circling the airport at 2500'. After I get a bit more comfortable I will transition back to the tape layout.

I did have a fair amount of shimmy at about 20kts on takeoff, but it lessened around 40kts. Thinking maybe the tubes where getting situated in the tires. Pressure set to 38psi. No shimmy noted on landing.

Fuel pressure with boost pump on and rpm's low in the pattern result in a high pressure. Around 8psi. Is that ok ? If so, for how long? If I turn the boost pump off the pressure drops to about 5 psi. Otherwise engine parameters where all good. (0-320)

I flew about 45 minutes and while I didn't really do any testing the plane did fly very nice and didn't seem to have any issues.

Looking forward to the second flight.

Thank you to all the VAF members for all the help.
Trent Flemming
Hallsville, TX


RV-8 Status Report ...goatflieg

Been awhile since I contributed to this thread. I'm between blogspot updates, but thought I'd share a recent panoramic photo I took with my iPhone during initial cowling fitment.


RV-10 Build Status Report ...LCampbell

When coming to a close of the tailcone section, you really have a sense that you're building an airplane, which is fun when it starts to come together. At this point, it's all done except a little of the fiberglass work, which should be done in short order. My Tech Counselor suggested that I leave the top rear skin only clecoed in place for now, to simplify access to wiring and other things for later. Since he's navigated numerous RV's and several RV-10's specifically, it sounded like good advice.  continue


No oil door.... judoka5051

I was hesitant to post this. What seems like a great idea to one guy... Anyway my recently finished RV8 doesn't have an oil door. It does however have an oil access hole; with a gas cap in it. Not only will I never have an oil door pop open, if I ever break or lose a gas cap it's no big deal, got a spare right there! I figured I'd post this since two other Rv'ers wandered into the hangar and thought it was a good idea.

Truth be told, I went a little crazy on a number of things. Moved the baggage door to the left side, made my own fastback turtledeck, hinge pins go in from the back, fiberglass wing fairings etc.

Just got it flying, and yes, I'm wearing the grin!


Milestone: Emp kit ....... Finished. ...Pittsartist

My 5th build / 2nd RV.

Planning a '7 with Slider / 180hp V/P and Night VFR clearance here in the UK.

I'll do wings next winter and Fuz & finish the winter after. No rush as I have my '6 and a Pitts to fly meanwhile.

The '7 kit is noticeably better than the '6 I built in 2016 ... I'm guessing things will have moved on again if I ever do a '14


Panel Upgrade Experience: Very Positive ...RhinoDrvr

As I've posted earlier on the forum, I am the happy owner of N88MJ, Michael Robbin's RV-8 built in 2002. I bought the airplane from Mike in 2017, and have been flying it for 2 years all over the Western US, and to Oshkosh twice. It's been a terrific airplane, and dispatch reliability had been excellent.

With the upcoming 2020 ADS-B mandate, I wanted to bring the airplane into the 21st century with a glass panel, and see how much weight we could scrape off her somewhat portly 1177lb empty weight. I did countless hours of research during my two trips to Oshkosh, and settled on a Garmin G3X touch system for the airplane.  continue



December 5, 2019.  Issue #4,971. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Charlie Kearns photo.
Dawn flight. (full size)


First Flight Video ...Chris McD

This is a video documenting the first flight of my Vans RV-7 and the years leading up to it.


RV-12iS Mandatory Safety Directive SD 19-12-03 (supersedes SB 19-10-11)... mothership

RV-12iS Safety Directive SD 19-12-03 was published this afternoon by Van's Aircraft. This document directs owners to newly-updated Rotax documentation covering mandatory replacement of affected fuel pumps on certain Rotax 912 iS aircraft engines.

Note that this Safety Directive refers to the same Rotax 912 iS electric fuel pump issue as, and supersedes, previously-published Van's Service Bulletin SB 19-10-11.

As was indicated in the Service Bulletin, compliance per Rotax is required and must take place before further flight on affected aircraft.


RV-8 Build Status Report  ...MDeCraene13

Started this summer on an RV-8. Sort of had QB empenage since I bought a partial kit. Working on the wing rear spars now.


A pretty impressive use of the internet

RV-4 buddy James Walsh sent me this link he found to help in my search for PC-12NG study aids online.  Just so happens their demo is the PC-12NG (a plane I'm hoping to do some side gigs in for extra $).  You click on buttons and switches and it shows you how items in each system is changed.

Got me thinking how cool it would be to have some graphics like this describing some of the RV systems.  RV-12iS electrical, constant speed prop, etc.

Anyway, I thought it was a cool use of the internet.

PS: If anyone has PC-12NG manuals lying around (QRH, AFM, etc) I know a guy who would like to borrow them <grin>.


Her Name is Lexie  ...flysrv10


A Day in the Life of a Formation Flying Team

Teresa De Mers travels to the Wings Over Camarillo air show to take us backstage with the Lightning Formation Team. Team lead, Bob "Nasty" Mills, describes the events, and team members introduce themselves. ....the team flies a fleet of experimental RV aircraft.


More milestones achieved! ...Daniel McCaffery (about to order RV kit)

Passed my written exam today! And the concrete foundation for the shop is supposed to be poured today. And big shop tools were purchased on black friday. Things are getting closer!

Edit: Oh! Forgot, I have also requested a N-Number reservation.



December 4, 2019.  Issue #4,970. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

RV-6 Oil Cooler w/Adjustable Exit Setup

...a pic from an RV out at Monk's the other day.  If you have the monitor size, 
2,560 x 1,920 pixel version HEREdr


B&C Alternator on IO-390 Bracket Issue ...TimO RV-14

After just installing B&C BC460-H alternators, I ran into a consistent problem in mounting on the RV-14's IO-390 and I thought I'd mention it here in case any of you used that alternator on your install.

The issue is this: When you order the alternator for Boss mount, you choose if you have a dual groove or single groove pulley, and that determines which U-shaped boss mount bracket you get. The 2 brackets they have, have slightly different fore-aft hole alignments that determine how well the V-Belt centers in the grooves of both pulleys. If you are not in alignment you will for sure wear the belt worse, but also have a much higher chance of belt breakage.

When I ordered my alternators, I ordered the standard Single groove bracket because that's what I have on both my IO-390 and IO-540. My IO-540 is a narrow deck older engine, but my IO-390 is new from Lycoming in 2015.

In fitting the alternator to the engine, the only way you will get a good accurate look at the alignment is if you use some sort of alignment tool. Eye-balling won't get it, because you can move your head around an convince yourself that you're off to the forward side, dead on, or off to the aft side, all by just moving your head a little or switching eyes. Fortunately the alternators ship with a flat but dog-leg bent adjuster arm that makes a decent tool to verify the alignment. You can lift the alternator to its highest position, and run that tool around the large pulley and see where it hits in the alternator pulley.  continue


RV-10 Begins in Boulder, CO ...AlpineYoda

The adventure begins! Just gave my credit card number to someone at Van's for a Tail / Emp kit, and to a tool maker for a full set!

If anyone has any reason why this man and this plane kit should not be together, speak now or forever hold your peace.

I chose the RV-10 because I need something that will clear the mountains in CO for family trips with MEAs of 16,500, can carry my wife and at least one kid, plus ski gear or the dog. I can't afford a Cirrus or Bonanza and I love to build stuff - I've built or remodeled major parts (incl water, electrical, HVAC) of three houses in the last 20 years and I'm hoping that this isn't too much of a stretch for my tool and construction skills.

My plan is:
- Quickbuild wings and fuselage - cutting a year or more off this schedule seems like a good spend of $15,000.
- iO540 Thunderbolt - 260 hp. Unless Bye comes out with a compatible electric system really, really soon.
- Dynon IFR capable glass cockpit with synthetic vision (I'm IFR and Multi-rated already)
- BRS parachute - there are very few places to land engine-out between my house and most of Colorado.
- Maybe or maybe not will do therm-x for the wings. Not sure if 85 pounds is worth it for some ice protection that falls short of FIKI. Probably better to avoid the ice altogether! I've heard about ice-resistant paint. Not sure if it is real thing yet.

If you see anything in the above that I'm missing - or anything I shouldn't do, please let me know before I get too far down the path. Will update here as I go.


RV-8 low pressure plastic brake lines ...rv8ch

I have not been able to fix this leak for some reason. Left leaks, right does not. Tried both the plastic insert and the brass. Cut the hose to ensure a straight connection. Made sure it's clean. Very strange.  continue



December 3, 2019.  Issue #4,969. (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Starting the RV-10 Rudder ...vinzer

Lots of cutting is involved in this part Looks like VAN's moves me to a new level where I have to cut parts out of bigger parts and at some point I will not be surprised to see one huge part for complete step and instructions: Cut to your needs and use file to make it to desired shape <g>


Buck meets RV...looking for QB wing ...Av8safe

[ed. Putting out feelers to hopefully help our friend out.  v/r,dr]
"You may recall my post in lessons learned a couple of weeks ago about my deer strike with my RV7. I am posting this inquiry to see if there is anyone out there with a left QB wing available for purchase or trade delivery positions for a replacement? This might help me get going on repairs faster, given the back order time for a QB wing. Quotes for building up a standard wing, as part of the total repair estimate, may be prohibitive due to labor cost. Hope to find the best way to get quality repairs without having the insurance company push to total the aircraft.

Send me a PM if you have a spare wing <g>"


RV-8 and the Day After Thanksgiving...Steve Rush video

It is unbelievable how beautiful the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend was in the ordinarily drab and rain drenched Northwest. Most years I am lucky to get one day of flying, this year I got three, just over 8 hours in three days.

Friday we went out to Forks for lunch and up the coast to Tatoosh Island and Cape Flattery. The low sun angle created some interesting shots along the north coast.


Monument Valley Webcam ...Larry Woodall

New webcam at Monument Valley at Gouldings.  Can see runway and parking, restaurant, lodge, and John Ford museum area.

webcam link


Tubing Swaging Dies ...Sam Buchanan

..."Here are the tubing swaging dies I made from aluminum angle to make a swage that isn't prone to stress cracks"

Put them in the vice and squeeze the tubing.

3/8" steel (not the soft, easily bent stuff) brake line purchased from the aviation aisle at the local auto parts emporium makes great exhaust hangars. I carry a pre-swaged and drilled piece in my flight kit for away-from-home replacement.


Dan Horton Custom Exhaust Hanger

...from the 'cracked exhaust hanger' thread.



December 2, 2019.  Issue #4,968.
Dear VAF site/forum readers,

December is pledge drive month and as you know we use the honor system. If you are a regular VAF reader and haven't donated yet in '19, PLEASE consider it (how to). Working VAF full time while trying to get a part time commercial side gig thing going (haven't broke even yet but am embracing the suck) and putting some resumes out there for a possible third part time gig in a sim (fingers crossed). Small business owner life is stunningly expensive and 24/7, and there is very little down time (flown the RV 39.8 hrs in '19).

Bill Gates I ain't and donations really, really matter in our family.

Please take two minutes to read the 'Support VAF' page if you haven't, and thank you if you are one of the 1,397* people who have sent in a little over $27K after taxes so far this year. We're approaching 28,000 registered forum accounts. Call it 5% donated so far, half that if you include unregistered 'lurkers'.

I'll never swamp you with emails, letters or pop-up ads. I'll NEVER track or sell your keystrokes and clicks like all the other social media sites, and I'll never ask for more than $25. Two bucks a month...a cup of coffee...for a nice, civil, non-politics (a rare thing) virtual watering hole promoting the greatest hobby and people on earth. 

Please help me keep it afloat.

I hate having to even have a pledge drive, but without it we're in the red as a business. The margins are that tight. Thanks again to those who help keep this site going...and my family fed and sheltered. I'll keep trying my hardest to bring you a quality product.

Kindest and best,
Doug (and Susie, Audrey and Tate).

*as of 11/30/19
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


Wallpaper Calendar for December

...Jay Pratt photo


Because I Fly! ...Scroll's new videos

[ed. Our 52F buddy Sid is pursuing a side hobby of his (video editing, etc), and these two videos are his first stab at it using his RV-7A.  Multiple cameras, nice audio and more polished than anything I could do.  Sid's the man!  v/r,]


Grass Strip PIREP: Cedar Mountain Utah  ...Vlad the Amazing

18 nm southeast of Huntington 69V at 7600 feet elevation there is a well groomed airstrip over two thousand feet long. It's called Cedar Mountain if you are ever in Utah and looking for an adventure go there you won't regret. Just know your aircraft limitations.  continue / many pics


Update Bob Kelly  ...Ross Porter

Small update, I've been visiting Bob when able around my crazy work schedule. He is slowly but surely making progress, he has made a lot of big strides from where he started. God is good, continued prayers.....


Thanksgiving Sunset  ...ArlingtonRV post

My flyin' buddy, Carl, looked far and wide to find someplace that was open for lunch on Thanksgiving. He found it, in Albany, Oregon, at the Cascade Bar and Grill. They are open every Thanksgiving from 11:00 to 3:00. Hey, it's only 220 miles, about 90 minutes by RV. Let's go!

Since we headed home late in the afternoon (3:00), the sun was at a really good angle for Carl to get some shots of his old plane, my "new" plane. Taken from his "new" RV-8.


Cracked exhaust hanger ...Bruce Hill

I was doing an oil change today, and as usual, I give the entire engine a really good look over. I found one of the exhaust hangers had cracked.

The hanger is made from thinwall stainless steel 3/8" tubing. I know I can source this stuff locally, but making the end flattened looks like it might require some special skills/tools. I don't want to just beat it flat with a hammer. My vise is probably not sufficient to pinch this, and I don't have a hydraulic press.

Any tips, or should I just call Vetterman Exhaust and get a replacement?

Would you replace all hangers, or just the one that is cracked?


Panel Status Report  ...Al Karpinski

Yep.. The center panel is removable...

Used two 24 Pin vibration resistant plug/receptacles
PT#'s on wiring diagrams in google photo drive...

One feeds all power and grounds..

Second for "Signals" (Audio/CAN)

As it turns out I have all the avionics except the two GSA28's roll/pitch servos...
The GEA24 and GMU11 mounted on/behind the main center panel.

So basically .. only audio in/out and CAN needed to come off the "Signal" plug
(See PDF's of wiring )

... Progress coming fast now...


My first serious Oh S&^*%$ moment ...blucllrplt

Have gotten thru the empennage with only a couple of tiny smilies with minimal drilling out poorly set rivets. Received my wing kit in August and have made it to the top skins on both with only a couple of "character" marks in the skin; one where my father-in-law was daydreaming and started bucking a rivet without me calling out "Ready" and another when I dropped my tungsten bar into the leading edge. None of these were significant and overall I have been pleased with my progress.

I have skipped the fuel tanks for now and started work on the ailerons. Making good progress during my break from work and congratulated myself yesterday on how nice and straight the trailing edge turned out on the first specimen. Got the top skin riveted on number 2 aileron and was admiring how good I was getting at bucking rivets. The 470 4-4 rivets holding the main rib to the spar were a little tricky to set on the first aileron so I decided to ask my wife for help holding the bucking bar. She's not a good bucking bar holder and during the operation the bar slipped and created a split rivet. No problem as I could just drill it out as nothing was damaged.

I got impatient and rather than wait for help I decided to attempt the task using my offset rivet set. I had to hold the gun in my left hand and bar in the right due to the orientation of the main rib. I wasn't holding the gun with the rivet set perfectly on top of the rivet and put a huge smiley into the side of the main rib which telegraphed into the spar. As past posters have observed, you feel all kinds of emotions after a major oops.

The rivet was able to be cleanly removed. I took some detailed photos of the damage and have sent to Vans for their opinion. Certainly not the worst mistake ever made but sure did knock me down a few rungs. Building will sure keep you humble.


RV-8 Interior Update ...Chris Pratt RV-8

After 14 years it was about time to refresh the seat cushions in my RV-8. I've been extremely happy with the sheepskin covering of my original seats - my Goldilocks seats as I call them -- they have never been too hot or too cold but just right. The sheepskin has never torn and has held up extremely well. I figure, however, the foam has probably deteriorated over time and certainly the original sheepskin coverings have faded.

As a side note, I'm surprised more builders don't opt for the sheepskin - not as sexy as leather but they sure are comfortable. Price is about the same as leather.

I opted for Flightline Interiors to produce the new seats and I can certainly recommend them (see photos below).

Abby did a great job and I appreciate the quality of the build and the advice in selection. I discussed using the comfort-foam for the core material as opposed to regular foam. Abby advised me that for the RV-8 Flightline uses comfort-foam as standard for the upper layer of the build and it was unlikely I would notice the difference to add it for the lower layers. [Note: I'm not sure if this holds true for the side-by-side aircraft seating.]

The lateral and lumbar support of these seats is a big step up from my previous set. They are very comfortable and fit like a glove. I hope I don't fall asleep when flying . I know my wife will like them.

Kudos to Abby. Thanks for the great work. I'm ready for another 14 years of RV fun. Perhaps new side panels will be next on my wish list ;^).  more pics



November 29, 2019.  Issue #4,967.
  Execute CONSUME LEFTOVERS Subroutine.....
  Orange/walnut/cranberry and peanut butter half sandwich.  My family thinks I'm weird.  I think they're weird <g>.  Hope you and your family and friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


Trim Cable Routing ...ORen RV-10

I routed the trim cables as shown in picture attached . through the small hole, while seen other routing through the big round lightening hole.  Is this acceptable?  It seems like vans also changed the rib over time, it had only one hole once.



Pro Tip ...rockwoodrv9a

I have been using hotel type card keys for years to spread epoxy, bondo, and pro seal. They work great.


Tips for Filling the Front Canopy Skin ...some ideas

Saw a cool solution for the skin-to-tube fit in Bruce's build log here. I think I'll give something like that a try. Looks like it relies on a "friction fit" against some aluminum epoxy for the pull rivets.

I took a slightly different approach and filled the void with flox (the coloring it's just me testing and not needed).


7A Rebirthing Status Report ...kentlik

I had a bit of time and ran my AOA and Pitot lines. Hope this works as not sure of the throw of elevator bell crank...



Thanksgiving Day, 2019.  Issue #4,966.
  The mothership is closed Thu/Fri for Thanksgiving:   "The Van's Aircraft offices, factory and phones will be closed this week on Thursday and Friday, November 28-29, to allow our staff to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. We will re-open as usual bright and early on Monday, December 2nd.
   At Van's, we give thanks to all of our customers, partners, friends and the Van's Extended Family. We would not be the company we are today without you! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!"
  That last paragraph?  Ditto!!!  Chances are better than good I'll push out a Friday edition, FWIW.  Home office and all...  Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of VAF and hope you get to spend the day surrounded by family and friends.  I'm thankful for all of you...
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


So, Did you Ever See That Episode of 'The Office' w/the Golden Tickets?...mothership

"So, we've stuffed all these Golden Tickets in our 2020 calendars, and there's something we want to explain. Some of these tickets may or may not have fine print on them, which may or may not entitle the holder to something more than was originally intended. Are we in Scranton or something? Sure feels a bit like an episode of The Office!"

Order a calendar HERE


Whit and I flew the VFR Corridor ...Nived17 RV-4

This past weekend, I flew my RV-4 from WBW to N43 to Pick up Whit while his RV-4 was down getting new brake lines. He flew me from N43 (in my plane) to breakfast at N40. From there we swapped seats and decided to fly the VFR corridor in NYC. Whit is a 767 FO at United Airlines. He's very used to the view only 4,000 higher on the visual into JFK. We also flew the coastline at 400' in the small area that allows you less than 5 miles away from JFK without talking to anyone. Pretty awesome experience and we've already began to plan a four ship RV-4 formation flight up the corridor in the spring. We will surely share those pictures when the time comes!  more


Q: Why Castle Nut on Vert Stab & Rear Spar attach?

Why are Castle nuts used on Vert Stab and rear wing spar attach points? I am following the plans but trying to understand why a standard Nylon lock nut is not used? Is there some type movement between these mating parts?

A: Self Locking nuts are not used where rotation of the joint is possible. The wing can flex up and down in flight depending on weight of the aircraft and load on the wing. This can over time, loosen the rear spar nut.

Yes you have self locking nuts called out on some of the control bellcranks. The location of these self locking nuts are where bearings are used and the bearing take the rotation and not the bolt - nut.

A: The fasteners you mentioned can be subject to rotation (as Gary already mentioned).
We often think of bolted assemblies on aircraft to be entirely static but they can move under certain load conditions.

For example - Under high G's, wing tips can deflect up to 1.5 inches or more depending on load and model. If the wing is deflecting, there would be a very slight movement at the rear spar clevis joint, so a castelated nut and cotter pin is used.


Seen From the RV  ...RV8JD

A Ballistic Missile sub (and its entourage) returning to Naval Base Kitsap today: more


DIY Tail Lift  ...DeeCee 57

I have a bad back which as as strange as it sounds doesn't heal with age. Since Tailmate has gone awry, I decided to build a replacement whilst trying to minimise the amount of work...

Bought a MoJack EZ - Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift as they call it, and had some welding done to it.
Christened it yesterday for a 50H inspection and this gadget works real good <g>.


Initial Contact: Brian McGrath  ...RV-10 future builder

This is my first post on VAF, but I've been here lurking and (I hope) learning for a little more than 6 months.

Initially, I wanted to build an RV-14A, but in the ongoing conversations with my better half, the mission has moved somewhat to favour the RV-10 (potential for grandchildren and friends travelling with us vs. the ability to do limited aerobatics from time to time - I'm 65, after all).

I am fortunate to have a large 2-car garage and am in the process of prepping it as my workshop. I have joined the local EAA chapter. I've run the numbers for both AC as carefully as I can based on the experiences that have been shared here at VAF and the plan is realistic. I know it's a daunting prospect, but I'm also looking forward to the whole thing!

So I've got some questions for those who are well beyond my stage. First, tools. I live in the Niagara area (Southern Ontario) quite near the US border, so I wanted to ask the community whether it made sense to buy tools from a Canadian supplier, or order from one of the popular US suppliers. I could easily ship to a US address nearby and import it myself, but I'd like to hear about other experiences before pulling the trigger. Also, did you buy the full RV kits or get a starter kit and then get additional tools more or less as you needed them.

Second, shipping. I'd love to hear experiences about having Van's ship directly to your shop vs. bringing the kits across the border yourself vs. acting as your own broker to clear the kits from the bonded warehouses.

Third, before I pull the trigger on the tail kit, I'd love to have the opportunity to see an RV-10 up close. YouTube is a great resource, but nothing beats sitting in the aircraft and talking to the person who squeezed all the rivets. I know there are a few RV-10s in Southern Ontario and my wife and I love to take long drives together. I'd be happy to come to your hanger if anyone is interested in showing us your pride and joy.

Anyway, thanks for reading my rambling and thanks in advance for your comments. I have learned that people who build airplanes are some of the most helpful and engaging people I have met.



Chekov Checklist App ...VAF advertiser

I've had several beta users of FlightView ask about integrated checklists, so I've been working on adding checklists. Just displaying a checklist is pretty cool, but I thought it might be more useful to make the lists interactive so...

I ended up building a voice-enabled interactive checklist system. You create lists using a simple editor which lets you set both the display text ("Master on.") and the audio prompt ("Set master switch on."). When you run the checklist you can respond to the audio prompt by voice, saying either "check" or a custom acknowledgement. (E.g, prompt: "Set flaps to 20 degrees." response: "twenty" or "set".)  more


The 2020 Van's Calendars are in stock and shipping!  ...mothership

The 2020 Van's Aircraft calendars have arrived and are now shipping! Randomly inserted into the 3000 calendars we've received are more than 60 Golden Tickets, which represent prizes including $750 or $250 off an emp/tail kits, a couple of our new Light Box Signs, a few $100 Van's gift certificates, and a whole slew of shirt/hat giveaways. We sold out of calendars last year, so we ordered about 500 more this year. Be sure to get your orders in early!
- $5.00 each
- $4.50 each if you order 5-10
- $4.00 each if you order 11 or more
The prices are the same as last year and shipping's included. We've kept the prices low for ordering multiples, and hope you enjoy the calendar and give some to your aviation friends - including people who don't (yet) have RVs!



Nov 27, 2019.  Issue #4,965.  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Deer on Runway ...Steve H.


Initial Contact...Brian Shrader

I wanted to take a second and quickly introduce myself and say just a word of thanks for all of great information I've received on the forum so far.

I joined the website several years ago...long before I finally got my PPL and thought "wow, wouldn't it be great to build your own airplane".

Fast forward a few years, add a great and encouraging wife, and I now have a PPL, instrument rating, and an RV14 empennage kit, unpacked, and currently being inventoried in my shop.

I really do appreciate the help and indirect encouragement so far and have no doubt I'll be asking for A LOT more in the coming days and months.


Seen at Monk's (Richmond Aircraft Service) ...patina

Came off an RV.  Of note the corrosive effects of rotors getting too hot....heat burns off paint, corrosion sets in.  No post-processing...this is the original as shot.  Enlarge/Whole Pic


Please Pray for our Friends Tom and Suzanne Swearengen

  "For all of our friends, clients, and members. I just wanted to give you a brief, non RV related update on Suzanne's condition. As several of you know we took some time off to celebrate her life and allow her to see Hawaii, one last time. WE had a great time, seeing the Na'Pali coastline from the air--Thanks to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. Little did we know that it was probably the last really beautiful place she'd visit on earth.
  We knew that her cancer was beginning to overcome the treatment, but really were stunned to see the blood tests and the CT scans. The amount that this spread in 6 weeks is unbelievable. So with it zapping her strength, the chemo dropping her HG levels, and the CT revealing new and fast spreading areas of damage in her ribs again, Suzanne made the decision to stop the chemo. Seems the treatment was probably going to be worse than the disease.
  She went on Hospice this morning--although we all know that its a formality and not indicating anything is immanent. She's comfortable, or as comfortable as I can make her. One day at a time-----her vitals are about the same as they have been for the past 6 months. Good sign in my book.
  So what does that have to do with the VAF and Experimental community? Well, of course she comes first, BUT there is the wonderful invention of a laptop and something called the internet that allows me to continue to work--mostly-- and take care of her. I'll still get to do tech support, and as I can some prototype stuff. So, even though I may not get to the shop for extended periods like I do, I can continue to service you. Steve and I actually considered this (and other possibilities) when did our merger 3 years ago. So orders get processed despite a family emergency. So for most of you, you wont notice much of a difference.
  I just felt is was necessary to let you know the situation, and to let you know that things will carry on. I'm not going anywhere.
  Thanks to all for your support, thoughts, and prayer in this really trying time.
Tom and Suzanne."


My RV Weekend ...various

(Malndi - Australia)
Red One in the right seat
We had the honour and pleasure of being joined by a former RAF Red Arrows lead who flew right seat with Eddie for some formation followed by a nice lunch at the HARS museum.  https://hars.org.au   A thorough gentleman and very generous with his knowledge. His insights were greatly appreciated and will no doubt assist us to enhance our own flying.  A new RV grin was firmly installed!

Flew the newly acquired RV-4 from Bishop, TX (07R) to Fredericksburg (T82) to check out the Hanger Hotel and eat breakfast at the diner then on to Uvalde (UVA) topped off and back to Bishop. I was trueing out around 170 kts at around 8,000 ft at 2400 rpm and 21 in burning about 9.5 gph.

(crabandy - a weekend of MX)
I strategically waited till the wife was at work to sneak the seatbelts into the washing machine after a brief pre-treat, they made a lot of noise but came out nice and clean! They were pretty dry out of the washer but I laid them over a chair to air dry completely. Pretty sure the only dirty spots came from maintenance.

Finally cut the two wing spars bolt that were found loose on inspection. The washers were not put on so you could never tighten them to torque specs. I have the RV9A so getting to them was difficult, forming a wrench to fit into the opening was a task. We got the right side off but the left side nut was rounded. Had to use a Dremel with an extension, a few carbide bits, two hours of laying in a difficult position, and finally got the nut off. New bolt, with a washer, and nut tightened and torqued. Huge step out of the way. Finally can get the mechanic back out to approve the changes.


Grease Gun Woes ...cdeerinck

Ok, I admit it, in some areas I seem to be a total fool. So I'm asking for some advice as I obviously have no clue on this one.

I have a grease gun, with appropriate grease for my wheel bearings. I also have a grease packer, that worked great. I filled both with grease when putting my wheels on a few weeks ago.

When I look in the packer today, the grease looks just like it did when I loaded it. So I know that nothing was exposed to unusual heat.

Next to the packer, in the same toolbox, is the grease gun. I bought a new one, because my old gun leaked. This new gun has now made a mess of my toolbox. It appears as though some of the grease in it has turned into oil. A little ran out of the threads near the top of the gun, and a ton just poured out of the back end. If I pump the gun, good grease comes out.

Q: Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Am I not supposed to store the gun under pressure? Why did the grease turn from a gel to a thin fluid?

A:  I learned this the hard way too.

When you're not using the grease gun, make SURE you pull the plunger back and lock it so that there is no pressure on the grease. If you keep that constant spring pressure on the grease, it will eventually separate the oils in the grease, and you will be left with grease that is not only too thick, but lacks some of those oils.

The first time this happened to me, I was sure the reason my grease gun wasn't working was that it was a crappy gun. So I bought a couple nice new ones. Turns out that didn't fix it. The grease had lost it's ability to easily be squeezed. A fresh tube fixed that.

A:  Live in AZ and find keeping the packer and guns in a Frig works like a charm. Rubber gloves, batteries and ETC. as well.

A:  All my grease guns and grease tubes reside in a 5 gallon bucket, and in clear plastic bags. Never do I leave it in hot place..stays in the cool as much as possible...and FAR from any toolbox !! Grease is like Proseal..just look at it and your guaranteed to have some kind of mess.


Garmin G3X Touch (GDU 4XX) V8.50, Nov. 25, 2019 ...g3xpert

We released G3X Touch Version 8.50 to the software download area today. Please note from the list at the bottom that many devices have new software including G5, GSA 28 servos, GEA 24 engine module, GDL 5X ADS-B receiver, GMC 507 autopilot control panel, and GMA 245/245R audio panel. After updating the software in the PFD1 with the SD card, the display will reset, and at that time it is best to hold down on the Menu button while it starts up in Configuration mode. Go to the System Information page on the PFD1 and watch all devices completing the software update before taking the PFD1 out of configuration mode and verifying proper operation for the updated system.

While the majority of the changes are behind-the-scenes improvements, there are a couple of items worth mentioning.

Simplified Fuel Flow Calibration
All of us have probably gone into configuration mode, done a little math, and made adjustments to our fuel flow calibration (K) factor to make the fuel totalizer more accurate.

This is significantly faster/easier now since you can do this after fill-up from the normal mode fuel calc engine page. Just press Menu on that page and select "Calibrate Fuel Flow" and a pop-up window will show you the fuel used and allow you to enter the actual fuel added to correct the calibration. In this example, the fuel totalizer measured 35 gals since our last fill-up, and we just added 33.5 gals to fill-up.

You can do this as often as you like until the desired accuracy is obtained.

Improved NAV Radio Tuning Support for GNC 255
We mentioned when V8.40 was released that you can now view and tune the NAV radio on the GDU (as shown below), much the same as you could with a COM radio, but that the feature was only available for the SL 30 NAV radio. We are pleased to now offer this capability for the GNC 255 using currently released V2.20 software in that unit. We will add this support for the GTN 650/750 when new software is available for those units.

Touch and Change Wind Speed Field
We have received quite a few requests to be able to touch the wind speed/direction field on the PFD and quickly change the format between speed/direction and heading/cross-wind components. This can now be done.

Changes from V8.40 to V8.50
o Add support for fuel flow calibration adjustment from Engine page
o Add option to change fuel calculator units (e.g., lbs/hr)
o Add configuration of fuel type
o Add ability to touch PFD wind field to toggle its display mode
o Add support for Piper Altimatic IIIC autopilot
o Add ability to display weight & balance envelope as moment versus weight
o Add ability to configure best-glide sink rate based on distance versus altitude
o Change low-airspeed ESP to remain disarmed until airspeed exceeds minimum limit
o Improve GSU 25C/D static pressure calibration procedure
o Improve configuration for Beechcraft 102-389012 fuel flow sensor
o Improve autopilot operation during on-ground tests
o Improve engine gauge visibility configuration on 7' displays
o Improve display of GPSS data field on 10' displays
o Improve selection of AGL height data field
o Improve NAV radio tuning
o Improve verification of LRU software update data
o Improve editing of complex weight & balance envelope points
o Improve ADS-B status display in config mode
o Improve traffic data processing and display
o Improve checklist file processing and display
o Improve chart data processing
o General improvements to system operation.
o Includes update to G5 software version 6.40
o Includes update to GDL5x software version 2.13
o Includes update to GEA24 software version 3.70
o Includes update to GMA245 software version 2.70
o Includes update to GMC507 software version 2.90
o Includes update to GSA28 software version 4.50



Typical good Van's support and lesson learned!

We found an aileron bracket issue on my condition inspection that was unexpected. We could not find anything obvious amiss, but I took some video and photos and sent some links to support@vansaircraft.com this morning. I got a reply this early afternoon, and all is well. BUT, during all this, I got a call from an unidentified number, which I of course ignored, since that is always spam, right? On reflection, I googled the number, and you guessed it: The Mothership! I immediately programmed in a new contact for Vans Aircraft, don't want to miss those calls in the future.
Mike C.


Closed 28th/29th ...Aerox



Nov 26, 2019.  Issue #4,964.  (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


Seen in an flying-two-decades RV-6 during annual.  Click for 2,560 x 1,920 pixel full size - it looks even better....or worse if you're not into the whole 'proof of enjoyment' thing.  dr


Flight around Southern/central Alberta ...TroyBranch

It has been a while that I have had time for fun stuff. Been years since I even wrote a post here. I think I have a good excuse.

We bought land late fall of 2016 to one day build our dream home and have our own runway. Spring of 2017 we began work but manage to slip away to the Maritimes for what would be our last vacation for almost 3 years. (Still need to take a break) We built a Barn, fencing, runway and just recently finished our new home all while going to my day job. All done by my wife and I along with the kids, no contractor. I thought airplane building was a lot of work. Our old home will soon get on the market then we will build the last step when it sells, the hanger at home!  more


UK RV-8 Reborn ...10w

Back in late 2017, we were fortunate enough to buy RV-8 G-JBTR from Bob Ellis. The aircraft came with a good pedigree, having been flown by Bob in the UK Royal Aero Club Air Racing events and winning the 2015 Air Racing Championship. We had a good year of flying her from our base in Scotland, where she picked up the nickname 'Wee Vans', including a European trip covering Belgium, Germany, Italy and France, as well as many excursions to strips throughout the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands.  continue


Hat Sighting / Brenham PIREP  ...tcard

The Brenham Diner had closed down for a while, but they are open and in full swing, including the wait on a Sunday for lunch. We joined our Vagbond friends, Sandy and Roy. We caught up with them on their latest trip.  ...


My RV Weekend  ...many

(Philip 8)
Hung the vertical stab. Was all ready for yesterday to end with me riveting the splice plate on and having it attached by just bolts, only to find edge distance issues with the rivet holes at the end of the forward spar.

So instead I ended the day with an email to the mothership. Pretty sure I can just add another row of rivets here and be OK (I found a post here where someone said they got this exact suggestion), but given the part of the structure we're talking about, I want to hear directly from home base on this one.

Next up: putting those flappy things on the back and getting them connected to the waggly thing in the cockpit.

(Jim Bedsole 6A)
Got it back from condition inspection on Friday (thanks Vic Syracuse!) and flew it home after a brief stopover at 6A2 to check on the status of my instrument panel upgrade order. On Sunday after church, flew with the bride to Barnstormers Grill at Alexander Memorial - GA2 - formerly Peach State Aerodrome for Sunday lunch buffet. Beautiful fall weekend in the south.

Flew the newly acquired RV-4 from Bishop, TX (07R) to Fredericksburg (T82) to check out the Hanger Hotel and eat breakfast at the diner then on to Uvalde (UVA) topped off and back to Bishop. I was trueing out around 170 kts at around 8,000 ft at 2400 rpm and 21 in burning about 9.5 gph.


Help with firewall oil cooler mounting  ...dwranda

I have a bracket that the flange of the cooler will rest on. Should I run a bracket from the forward edge of the cooler to the firewall or would an adel clamp be good enough hooked to the engine mount where you can see the piece of foam in the pic?


Panel / Avionics Status Pics ...Al Karpinski

RV8 panel /avionics fun stuff.. so far.. With GTN750 on top.. Just clears the RV8 cross bar.. First power expected 12/1/19


Rudder Stiffener Rivets - Drill Out?  ...RV701775

I finished setting the AN426AD3-3 rivets on that holed the rudder stiffeners to the skin. I did the math and these rivets area almost exactly the correct length for a 1.5 diameter head. About six of my rivets fit in my cleaveland rivet gauge tightly, but are not significantly over driven. The issue is that on one side the rivet may be 0.033in height and on the other side the head height may be 0.045+. The rivet looks acceptable except for on side of a head is a bit short.

Should I drill these rivets out or is it acceptable to have one side below the Mil-R-47196A minimum head height of 0.038in for a -3 rivet? Not sure how much this matters on the stiffeners.


E-MAG Service Bulletin

E-MAG Friends and Fans:

We just posted Service Bulletin 11_25_19 to our Service Notes web page (https://emagair.com/service-notes/). The bulletin addresses a situation with E-MAG 113 and 114 Series ignitions when installed on 24-volt systems. We estimate the number of 24-volt installations to be relatively small - fewer than 50 out of 6000 (less than 1%). That said, the one installation where failures have occurred highlights a risk to others that needs to be addressed (24-volt installations only).

Please feel free call if you have any questions.

Brad Dement
E-MAG Ignitions



Nov 25, 2019.  Issue #4,963.
  So our son called from the college Saturday and said he was thinking about driving up for a short visit, and would I be interested in helping with the gas?  Absolutely!  Send me a picture of the pump when you've topped it off and I'll send you some cash...and I'll round up to the next dollar.  Here's the picture he sent.  It was worth .97 just for the laugh.
  I know he's a chemistry major for now, but I think he'd do OK with business <grin>.  Hope you had a nice weekend and got to spend some quality time with your RV.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

My 5 Year Old Bird Left Home Today  ...steve murray RV-10

Made it safely to the hangar today. Best $75 I have spent so far on this project having a professional move it to the hangar.


On the road... I mean, In the air again  ...Capt Sandy

We departed Ajo, Arizona this morning, beginning of a three week trek. Ajo will be home base for a few months this winter. Side note: Last year I purchased a Card Machine Works head set. I'd had a nagging problem with my left ear, and could not hear ATC over the radio, even with my (popular name brand) noise-canceling, over-the-ear headset. Besides that, the headset "bar" was super uncomfortable on my head on our longer flights. The Card Machine Works CQ1 headset was a life-saver. Oh so comfortable, and I could hear the Controllers (and my hubby) again.
My ear is a little better this year, and Roy put new foam ear tips on my CQ1 headset before our flight this morning, so I am READY to FLY!!  continue


Phase 2! ...RV-7 Status Report  ...Floog

Over 40 hours on Seven now! I'm number 4 builder on a 2002 kit. It's a flying unpainted rat rod but it sure is fun! Only 2 (common) issues remain:

1) Tendency to roll left in straight and level cruise flight. Right aileron is always about 1/8" down compared to the left 1/8" up???????

2) No shimmy on landing roll out. Then around 10-15 mph ONLY when I'm braking the mains start shaking!

Comments/suggestions appreciated.

Made my first long XC a couple of days ago across the Cascades from central Washington. WOT (20.3/2,380) @ 11,500' @ 7.8 GPH = 190 mph TAS. I'm pretty happy with that!


Buck Meets RV-7 ...Av8safe

After about a year preparing and searching for my RV, it was finally time for the flight home. I had done everything the right way and taken no short cuts. Flew Vic in for the pre-buy and had my friend and experienced RV and test pilot Terry there to get me transitioned on the way home. First two legs were a dream...the RV grin in full display. And then the dream turned into a nightmare when a 7-8 point buck darted across the runway chasing a doe just after I had made my second three pointer with my new purchase. It was all a blur, and thankfully I was able to maintain directional control and get it stopped on the runway and shut down in seconds. It was after we quickly got out of the aircraft that we saw the extensive damage, including a massive hit to the left fuel tank. We were very fortunate as it could have been much worse. The plane is just a thing (and fully insured) but the most important thing is Terry and I are fine. Now I get to gain the experience of working with the insurance company and a host of others to see if we can get my 7 back in the sky with me grinning again.


RV-3B Vs Extra 300  ...rph142

Earlier this year I was unexpectedly given the option to buy a 25% share of a 300hp mid-wing Extra 300, and as luck would have it the plane was based at my home field. The rub was that I already owned a plane (my -3B) and I recently bought into a local flying club with an RV-7, C-182 and an A36 Bonanza. So technically I had four planes at my disposal; insurance requirements notwithstanding. This number far exceeded my golden formula: The minimum number of planes one should own is one. The correct number is n+1, where n is the number of planes currently owned. This equation may also be re-written as s-1, where s is the number of planes owned that would result in separation from your partner.  continue


New Throttle Handle ...Paddy

While avoiding yard work work this weekend, I decided to make a new throttle handle. I never liked the way the original felt and the fact that it wasn't centered over the quadrant. This handle is made from some 25mm OD 23mm ID tube from eBay. The end caps were turned from some 1" 6061 stock and there's another piece of it turned down and tapped 10x32, bonded inside the tube to attach to the throttle lever with the same hole as the original. Works great and has added 5kts and reduced fuel flow by 1.5gph. ;^)


Progress Report (7A) ...motodave

Great day of progress, drilled the longerons to the side skins (only drilled my finger once) and have the firewall in place and ready to drill.


Thoughts on Panel Upgrade Ideas ...James 6A

Hi Everyone,

After owning my RV6A for about 1.5 years, I am finally starting to think about a panel upgrade (in conjunction with addressing ADS-B).

Right before buying my RV6A, I got my instrument rating. Therefore, for my panel upgrade, I would like to have it be IFR capable (in good weather for proficiency and maybe marine layers). I would also like the panel to qualify as TAA for my commercial rating (essentially PFD, MFD, dual axis autopilot).

I currently have a six-pack "steam" panel with KX-125 VOR/LOC, KLN 35A VFR GPS and KT76 Transponder.

I am going to replace the KLN35A and KT76 with a GNX375 (on order).

That leaves the rest of the panel to figure out what to do with. I am going back and forth between two paths (Dual G5, G3X). Cost difference is not a real big factor, so really I want to figure out what would be the best long term for usability (not go obsolete). (Switches and breakers and radio stack location are generally laid out according to current panel)


Pic from Mr. X...Chicago




Nov 22, 2019.  Issue #4,962.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Hidden Splendor Airstrip, Utah  ...Vlad the Amazing

Hidden Splendor Airstrip is located about 15 nm northwest of Hanksville KHVE. Its location is in the ForeFlight database and any search engine could yield a lot of information. The elevation is nearly 5,000 feet and the runway is over 2 thousand feet long. Its also wider then RV9 wingspan.  more pics


Legacy RV-12 ADS-B Service Letter [D-180/GTX 327]  ...mothership

Van's has posted a service letter (SL 19-06-27) and associated new wiring diagram for original-model RV-12 owners who wish to add ADS-B Out capability to certain early models equipped with D-180 EFIS and GTX 327 transponder avionics. It leverages Garmin's GDL 82 hardware.


Eileen Collins (Mom to our RV Friend Bob Collins) Has Passed

[ed. Please do yourself a favor and visit the links Bob posted.  I think you'll find, as I did, that it is time well spent.  Bob, your mother did a great job of raising a good son.  What a touching tribute you've written!  v/r,dr]


Van's Vent Knob  ...08FATBOY

I have a legacy 12 and just got the vent knobs. Q: Can someone supply the KIA page for installation, possibly post it. Concerned about drill size and if they need to be tapped. Thanks,

A: (Greg @ mothership)
Sorry for the confusion - I'll be taking a look at our communication around this one. Note that the new knob can be used anywhere this style door is implemented - Typically used in the case of the RV-12, RV-12iS and RV-10 rear passenger seats. We will release the proper documentation to allow factory built (SLSA) aircraft modification in the near future.

The installation is documented on page 08 of RV-12iS Section 23iS/U. That document has been posted to the service information page for the RV-12iS, so you can now access it there. Below is a link to that section plus a screen-grab of the pertinent instructions. If you ordered the knob but do not have the screw that's needed, drop me a PM and I will make sure you get what you need.


Conical Bends done!... getting bigger every day  ...Dave -7

I joined the tail cone to the mid fuselage temporarily at least until I disassemble for riveting.


Shooting Headset Jack Wires - Chasing Ground Noise  ...Tim Huneycutt

I am getting a static noise in sync my strobes and constant when nav/landing lights are on in my pilot headset jack. I have been able to isolate the noise by controlling my PDA360R via AFS5XXX screens. The back seats can't hear it at all when in Crew mode and the copilot can't hear it at all when it's in ISO mode. The pilot can hear it at all times. That tells me (correct me if I'm wrong) that the issue is with the pilot's jacks.

I do not believe it's lights related as in flight I'm getting a slight alternator whine on the pilot's headset (again, can be isolated to just pilot) as well.

I'm going to finish visually inspecting the wire tonight for nicks or obvious issues, but how can I accurately shoot the wires? I know shield will obviously have continuity with ground, but I'm also getting that with the blue wire for each mic and phone jack. How do you tell if those are good or shorted to ground?

I'm thinking my issue is at the shell connector on the tray as I haven't seen obvious damage to the wire itself and haven't really messed with it since it went in and was tested originally. I did take the backshell apart for the tray during a idiot moment to add a comm swap wire (I should have and wound up putting that comm swap wire to the comm!).

I've searched, but any other advice for just one jack getting static?


RV-4 Status Report  ...Frank

Vertical Stab complete and rudder almost done, its a real life exploded view at the moment


Pre-Order IronFlight's Book

Our buddy Paul (RV-3/6/8) has written a book, and you can pre-order it.  Release date July 14, 2020.

"In the tradition of Chris Kraft's Flight and Gene Kranz's Failure Is Not an Option, from the longest-serving Flight Director in NASA's history, a revealing look at the high-stakes work of Mission Control that tells the inside story of the Space Shuttle program that has redefined our relationship with space.

Offering a compelling look inside the Space Shuttle missions that helped lay the groundwork for the Space Age from the perspective of those tasked with making them happen, Shuttle, Houston explores the determined personalities, technological miracles, and eleventh-hour saves that have made human spaceflight possible.

Relaying stories of missions (and their grueling training) in vivid detail, Paul Dye, NASA's longest-serving Flight Director, examines some of the highest-stakes split-second decisions that the directors and astronauts were forced to make in a field where mistakes are unthinkable, where errors lead to the loss of national resources -- and more importantly one's crew. Dye's stories from inside Mission Control explain the mysteries of flying the Shuttle -- from the powerful fiery ascent to the majesty of on-orbit operations to the high-speed and critical re-entry and landing of a hundred-ton glider.

The Space Shuttles flew 135 missions -- surviving initial test flights and the early days of deploying satellites as well as enabling the assembly and servicing of the International Space Station. Astronauts conducted space walks, captured satellites, and docked with the Mir Space Station, bringing space into our everyday life, from GPS to satellite TV. Putting readers in the shoes of Mission Control, the hub that made humanity's leap into a new frontier possible, Dye gives readers his own front-row seat on the missions that changed our world."



Nov 21, 2019.  Issue #4,961.
  Very-near-future RV-10 builder David Lee spent some time at my hangar Wednesday morning helping me start an oil change.  The miserable host I am, I left the power screwdriver at home.  Old school....sorry David.  TBO'd socks were converted into oil covered rags.  It's the cycle of life for an airplane owner's wearables.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


My RV Weekend  ...crabandy

More condition inspection items completed. Carb and gascolator screens were clean, the inline filter after the fuel selector seemed to have grabbed the gunk.


Milestone: Vlad (vinzer) First Big Step  ...vinzer

First big step: assembly of my vertical stabilizer has been completed today!  Now I am officially have first airplane part assembled on my own.  ...and still so many to assemble


Helicopter engines in planes  ...Radioflyer

Q: I noticed an RV-6A had an HIO-360-B1A engine. (The engine has close to 11,000 hrs total time on it!) How suitable is a "helicopter" variant engine for use as an airplane engine?

A: I have an HIO-360-A1F6D variant in my 7, but it now has a carb and electronic ignition.


Lovely Cockpit Patina ...

I was at a maintenance facility recently and took a peek in a cockpit of a turboprop aircraft getting some work done.  A panel was off and I got a glimpse...and immediately smiled and opened my camera app.  A CCD (cursor control device) rests on top of this spot, so thoughts of hundreds of T/O and landings, and fiddling with STARs and tens of thousands of trackball movements and the debris associated with it came to mind.  This is splendid proof of a workhorse being used exactly how it was designed - kicking ass and taking names all day long, in all weather.  Enlarging the pic to full size only makes it look better.

I'd buy a coffee table book of pictures like this....but I admit I have odd tastes.  I'll shut up now... ;^)



-7 Flap Lip too Close to Upper Wing Skin  ...mfleming

I have my flaps installed for the first time. Cut the flap push rod holes and trimmed the flap skins as needed. In the up position they line up pretty good with a neutral aileron and the bottom flap skins fit nicely against the bottom of the fuselage.

I measured the flap down angle at 45* which section 15 says is the max.

The concern is, the flap lip is very close to to the top wing skin. I understand that if the flap lip pops over on top of the upper wing skin and the flap is retracted much damage ensues

My question is...how do I limit the flap travel like Mel suggest to 38*?

It seem that once the flap up adjustment has been made...the down is what it is.

A lot of people say they limited the down adjustment but don't say how the did it

If the answers really simple, my apologies ahead of time

Here's a video of the flaps in action just for fun...doesn't really show the lip issue


Quirky Thing Seen From the Air  ...crabandy

Saw while holding at a missed approach point on a training flight.....



Nov 20, 2019.  Issue #4,960.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Pre-Order IronFlight's Book

Our buddy Paul (RV-3/6/8) has written a book, and you can pre-order it.  Release date July 14, 2020.

"In the tradition of Chris Kraft's Flight and Gene Kranz's Failure Is Not an Option, from the longest-serving Flight Director in NASA's history, a revealing look at the high-stakes work of Mission Control that tells the inside story of the Space Shuttle program that has redefined our relationship with space.

Offering a compelling look inside the Space Shuttle missions that helped lay the groundwork for the Space Age from the perspective of those tasked with making them happen, Shuttle, Houston explores the determined personalities, technological miracles, and eleventh-hour saves that have made human spaceflight possible.

Relaying stories of missions (and their grueling training) in vivid detail, Paul Dye, NASA's longest-serving Flight Director, examines some of the highest-stakes split-second decisions that the directors and astronauts were forced to make in a field where mistakes are unthinkable, where errors lead to the loss of national resources -- and more importantly one's crew. Dye's stories from inside Mission Control explain the mysteries of flying the Shuttle -- from the powerful fiery ascent to the majesty of on-orbit operations to the high-speed and critical re-entry and landing of a hundred-ton glider.

The Space Shuttles flew 135 missions -- surviving initial test flights and the early days of deploying satellites as well as enabling the assembly and servicing of the International Space Station. Astronauts conducted space walks, captured satellites, and docked with the Mir Space Station, bringing space into our everyday life, from GPS to satellite TV. Putting readers in the shoes of Mission Control, the hub that made humanity's leap into a new frontier possible, Dye gives readers his own front-row seat on the missions that changed our world."


Where's Vlad? ...many pics.

Mystery airstrip.  Where?  Anybody been here? Smokey its your bandit territory. Don't tell me you don't know this one.


RV Weekend Fun ...von_flyer

Took some air to air shots of my son Justin in his -4 and Gary, builder of my -7 in his -10. A whole lot of RVing going on.


My RV Weekend ...AAflyer

Flying for food.  Attended my second South Carolina Breakfast Club meeting in...  North Carolina?! KRUG, aka Mid-Carolina Airport. Delicious, well-attended gathering on a chilly day in the "Eagles' Nest"...EAA Ch 1083's insulated hangar. Clear, but lumpy skies...dodging the Charlotte Class B airspace.


First Flights Added

...to the mothership.



Nov 19, 2019.  Issue #4,959.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Milano Air Show 2019...lucaperazzolli

This past October we had the opportunity to display with our team at Milano Air Show. I like to share the video, hope you enjoy it.


Rudder Damage from Wind ...sinflrobot

Some wind got a hold of my rudder during the last front that came through. Overall it still appears straight, but I am a bit concerned about what to do with two small tears in the trailing edge. It doesn't look horrible, but I was wondering what more experienced folks think the best way to repair this is.


My RV Weekend ...thunder669

"..flight tested the new mechanical fuel pump, a quick bit of rough speed tests and a few practice landings."


Remote Avionics Mounting Ideas ...Rob Lasater RV-14 PIREP

One solution, which lucky for me was done automatically for by Aerotronics was to build a tray that mounts to the panel on the outside of your screens to mount all your boxes too. With my panel, the only things I had to mount was the remote transponder and the backup battery.


My RV Weekend ...control RV-14 (Sweden)

Moved my RV14 to a new airport (much closer to where I will move to in spring/2020)



Nov 18, 2019.  Issue #4,958.
Spent a chunk of Saturday getting an early start on the Monday edition, as Sunday was mostly all extra paper route.  Traipsed all over Kansas, Louisiana and Texas.  Pilot milestone:  FL290 in the left seat - never been that high before while up front.  Now have 16.2 hours in the PC-12NG as 'the new guy'.  All those years behind the Garmin glass in the RV is really helping with the transition - thinking a hundred miles out is a new concept for me, but I'll get there.  Not single pilot yet, but not that far off.  Baby steps and learning a LOT about aviation that I was clueless about.  The RV prepped me pretty good.  Brain still hot....need sleep <g>.
  Hope you had a great weekend.
   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

My RV Weekend ...Jvon811

Sorry to hear about how cold it was in Texas this morning, DR... [ed. :^)]

15*F when I got to the airport this morning in Michigan. Super smooth air and amazing performance in the cold air. Local group of our guys went out to breakfast at Brighton, Michigan (45G) for breakfast. Tomorrow is Owosso, Michigan (KRNP) for anyone interested!


Milestone: HS Done ...2 of 5

At least as far as I can go until the pre-closing inspection:

November 9-16: After clecoing in the 905 nose ribs, I riveted them into place. Then the completed front spar/interspar assembly was put into place and clecoed in. Skipping every other hole, I still managed to run out of silver 3/32″ clecoes. I ended up working from one side to the other, moving clecoes to the other side as I completed a section.


Aviation Nation - Bob Kelly is in need of our thoughts and prayers...

Bob Kelly (videobobk on VAF) is the President and Founder of Aviation Nation and is one of the early pioneers who paved the way for many of the RV-12 high school build programs in existence today. If you've been to OSH in the past six or seven years you've no doubt seen him always busy leading large groups of mentors and student-builders to various meetings and vendor exhibits. During the other 51 weeks, Bob stays busy organizing new build projects or assisting one of the many Aviation Nation build projects. Get well soon, Bob! /reb


RV-6 Approved for Launch ...Zazoos

This RV-6 was started in 1994 by Denny B. and I purchased it from him in July of 2016. The first 15 months the project just set in my shop for 2 reasons. One was I really didn't have a clue where to jump in and get started. Second, was I only had a light sport license for a powered parachute. I took those 15 months and researched where to get started using VAF (which has been very helpful). I also bought a light sport fixed wing and used it to get an endorsement for LSA fixed wing flying. Then built time towards the private ticket while building on the RV-6 and earned my private pilot license earlier this year. Well today the RV-6 was approved for flight. Next week I go to Okeechobee, Florida to get transition training with Jan Bussell. Obviously, I am very excited. Thank you to VAF members for your help and to Doug for this great tool.


My RV Weekend

Flying with no particular destination ...plehrke
Just flying around enjoying the smooth, cold air.

First Night Flight...rcsilvmac
Spent Friday night doing 10 takeoff/landings in my RV-6A. My first night experience as PIC...it was quite a challenge and thrill. My instructor had to save me on the first landing as I wasn't flaring soon enough, but I got the hang of it after that. I am looking forward to getting out there again at night for my cross country!

New Plugs....jeffkersey
Had not flown in almost 2 weeks as wife was out of town and had to be home monitoring and ailing dog. Starting the plane had been getting more difficult. Put in new plugs. It started in 2 blades. Leaned back to 3 1/2-4gph and putted around looking at property. Decided to sign my name in ADS-B. My skywriting is almost as bad as my penmanship...


RV-12 Greetings from Eastern Tennessee!

Hello to all my friends here on the RV-12 forum...a few people have asked about it, so thought I would post a quick update. After living in California all our lives, my wife and I bought an airpark home in Eastern Tennessee! It has been a dream of mine since learning to fly over 40 years ago, and we are loving it. If anyone on this forum ever needs a place to land/hangar for a night or two, you are welcome (Hensley Airpark 04TN). We have been in the process for a year now, but officially moved in about 3 months ago. It's a great house on over an acre, but the hangar/runway are what sold me. The hangar has a full bath, radiant heat floor and great lighting (and about 2500 sqft). I can walk out my side door and be in the air in 15-20 min (and as you 912ULS pilots know, 5-10 min of that is just waiting for oil temp to hit 120F).

I flew the plane out in late July, so I could stop at Oshkosh for a few days on the way. A new neighbor was kind enough to let me keep the -12 in his hangar until early Sept when we moved in. Anyway, I can't believe how beautiful the flying is around this region, and what an amazing place to live. Thanks to the few that wondered where I had moved, hope to see you around!!



Milestone: First Completed Part! ...Ryan V.


Air/Oil Sep Experience ...DanH PIREP

Rather than "100 hours or annually", I'd suggest developing a cleaning schedule based on early observation of the particular installation. Technically, it is not the valve which needs cleaned, but rather, the tubular tap into the exhaust system. There have been reports of total blockage at less than 50 hours for Anti-Splat RV-10 exhaust taps mounted on the tailpipe. Even after establishing a rate of accumulation, I'd keep an eye on it, as it may accumulate coke more rapidly as the engine ages and puts more oil out the breather. A change in the usual operating RPM can also make a difference.

Exhaust tap on my 390. It's welded, not clamped. Note bracing; I'm not a big fan of just welding a tube into a hot, vibrating header pipe and allowing it to cantilever without support. The disk is a heat sink; the reed valve stays cool (yes, I measured).



Nov 15, 2019.  Issue #4,957.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Paul Straub Living Room Art ...RV-12


Eagle's Nest Projects - Central HS (WI) - Tyler Moats 1st Solo Flight

After about 19 hours of flying, I (finally) soloed. All around, it was a pretty cool experience. I did a few takeoffs and landings with my instructor and then he hopped out and it was all me. The solo wasn't too bad... it was a little bumpy but nothing to complain about. However, it felt pretty great to know that I had the skills to operate an aircraft and the confidence to actually do it. Now that I'm done with my solo I can't wait to pursue and eventually get my license. -Tyler   more


Tips for fitting the front canopy skin ...Draker

I think I've had this thing off and back on 10 times in the last three days trying to get a better fit and it's not cooperating. Any tips for what to bend, stretch, file or pull to get this thing to line up with the rest of the airplane? There doesn't seem to be much build log wisdom out there on this topic--seems like people get it close and build on.

First up is the fit between the two top skins, shown below clecoed on:  continue


Do all RV's fly about the same?

Q: I have heard it said that if you learn to fly one RV, you can fly any RV. Obviously a tail wheel aircraft will be different from a nose gear type, but is there some truth to this? For example, if you train on a -9A, are you ready to fly a -6A as well?

A: Many


Barrett Precision Engines

...dyno pic from today (VAF advertiser)

Since 1984, the most discriminating pilots have chosen Barrett Precision Engines for their engine needs. Barrett Precision Engines is proud to service the RV community with new experimental four cylinder engines and custom engine builds and repairs.

Barrett Precision Engines, Inc.
2870-B N. Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74115

On the dyno today...


Tailwheel training in a Super Decathlon for RV7 suitable?

Hi All,

my tailwheel RV7 (IO375/CS prop) is not so far away from first flight. There are still a lot of things to be prepared, including myself. I am a low time pilot almost entirely with tri-gears (Katana, 172, PA28 etc.). Lately i had the chance to make ten T/O and landings with a flight instructor in a Grob G109. Fortunatly humans and aircraft were not damaged at the end of the day. I did not feel well at all in the G109. So we can assume that i am not qualified enough to do first flight/phase1.

Now there's a chance to get tailwheel training at a flight school nearby in a Super Decathlon. My question to the ones that are more experienced... is the Decathlon suitable enough get qualified to ride the RV7? Is it similar, easierer more difficult to take-off and land?

There are sveral adresses in north america to get flight training especially for RV's, but we don't have that luxury in Europe (i am based in Germany).

Best Regards


New First Flights Added ...mothership site



Nov 14, 2019.  Issue #4,956.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

John Goodloe RV-8

Sept. 14, 2019 Open Canopy ...mbauer

Sept 14, 2019 was a very nice day here in Kenai, Alaska. Temp was mid 60's, a great day for washing and waxing the RV6 before winter sets in.

A full day was spent at the tie-down. Finally finishing up around 1830 hours decided to take a short flight as it was still in the 60 deg F range.

Just washed and waxed, so had a great pre-flight completed for the controls/skins.

After moving my vehicle to the parking area, walked back and did a "quick" pre-flight, just in case.

Feeling a little tired, decided it would be a short flight. After attaching myself to the RV using my seatbelt/shoulder harness, grabbed the checklist and read through it.

Did not verify a couple of items, just read through the list......Was tired and wanting to fly, but ready to go home as well. Once again verified this would be a short flight, conditions were as perfect as you can get in Alaska this time of year, so lets get moving!

Called Ground and received taxi instructions. Run up and time to take the active. Tower cleared me for takeoff and away I went.

Smooth air no bumps, what a great day for flying. No clouds the view was excellent. Now where to go?

Flew North towards Nikiski where my home is, then decided to fly over and see if a friend was having a barbecue. Sure enough, a couple of friends were parked in his driveway, decided to get some speed up for a fly by.

A slight descent and soon was doing 200mph. BANG!

At first I thought the RV had exploded! Wind noise was present, just sat there thinking the plane was finished, it was very violent experience.

As the senses came back realized the canopy was open. How did that happen?

The RV was trying to dive rather abruptly. Applied normal back pressure on the elevator to correct. There was no pressure on the elevator, it did not work. That sensation created the urge to pull the stick all the way back "FAST".

While this was happening decided I had better make a call to the Kenai Tower and explain what was happening, loss of elevator effectiveness. Left finger on the push to talk, right hand reducing power.

Tower replied and cleared me to return to any runway.

I remember looking at the airspeed while in the nose tuck, it was extremely close to redline.

Approx. 2/3 of elevator pulled and the RV leveled and then started a climb. Once leveled I reached up with my right hand and grabbed the d-latch for the roll bar and pulled like crazy, it came way down and the elevator came back with a rush.

Now established in a climb, was able to almost close and re-latch the roll bar handle. As the airspeed dropped below 140mph, got the roll bar latch to close.

Now time to get scared. Looking around it was very obvious to see why the canopy opened.

Reading the checklist and not verifying that the side latch was closed, caused a very sobering lesson. Pay Attention to the checklist!

Being tired, fat dumb and happy is not a very good reason for reading a checklist and not checking physically what you are reading.

Good thing I had plenty of altitude for the flyby, main reason why was able to spend precious seconds wondering what had happened, during the nose tuck.

Was caught flat footed, head not in the airplane.

Interesting thing, I could hear each of the several instructors, from years past, who admonished to keep flying the airplane.

Boy did I get my head back into flying quickly, as everything was going downhill!

Rather embarrassed, when arriving at the runway with fire trucks and ambulance waiting for me. Even after calling to let them know the canopy was closed. The ambulance followed me to parking, after a short conversation all was good.

A week later received a call from the FAA located in Juneau. Not much to talk about, the caller said he had investigated a couple of fatal RV canopy open accidents, and was very happy to be able to talk with me.

One thing, was not able to latch the side lock. It just wouldn't close in flight, flew back at 80kts to ensure the roll bar stayed shut. Actually held it closed most of the way back!

Performing a post flight inspection, the struts were bent a little. No, problem as I have new ones ready for installation.

After an evening thinking about what had happened, decided to go back and do a very through post flight. The last I looked the airspeed was near redline, not sure if RV reached it, so decided to check everything with a flashlight and magnifying lens.

Besides the struts, found out that it warped the front edge of the aluminum canopy frame. Popped paint loose on the canopy frame, it was catching on the fuselage lip where the canopy rubber seal is. Using a screwdriver to re-shape the aluminum fixed the issue.

Been up several times since then. Each time before taking the active, verified that the yellow ball is LOCKED!

Best regards,
Mike Bauer


Subpanel repair question ...kaa RV-7

Hi all,

So, last week my vacuum pump failed and I took it as a hint that I should finally start my panel upgrade. The plan is to go from steam gauges to G3X. Now, I haven't built an airplane, and while I'm pretty comfortable with the electronics and wiring, metal work is fairly new to me. So I'd like to ask a few potentially dumb questions if you don't mind.

In looks like in the course of years the subpanel on my RV-7 (slider) endured some surgery:

I now need to patch at least some of these holes to mount G3X components onto. What would be my best course of action? My current plan is to make a patch out of a 0.040 sheet and rivet it with a combination of AD4 where I can squeeze them and cherry rivets where I can't (I'm not set up for riveting with a rivet gun). Would a single row of rivets be sufficient? Given how decimated the subpanel is, it's probably not very structural?

Also, F-712A-L was also cut for some reason without any reinforcement. Should I do something about it? Maybe add a angle stiffener or something?

Thanks for any advice!


Down for Maintenance a Bit:  Maintenance Debate ...Ironflight

So we live at an airpark with 30 homes. By my count, 17 have or have had experimental aircraft, 11 do right now. 18 have had certified - so its about an even mix. Of the current aircraft, 25 are certified (one guy has five Stearmans) and we've got about 15 Experimentals (Louise and I count for five of those...).

Yesterday I had some maintenance performed on my (personal) belly substructure - a non-organic doubler was installed using standard techniques, and recovery is better than expected, with only minor nuisance problems due to my intestinal system being shut down and waiting on a successful re-light (dang anesthetic!).

But now we have a neighborhood debate. We have about eight licensed senior nurses among our population, and four A&P's - no admitted medical doctors, and no IA's. Some nurses might claim that I need to stay on the ground for several weeks, and then get surgeon's clearance before flight. I informed the surgeon that since I rarely pull more than ten pounds (current lifting limit) on any flight control, I should be good to go when I am ready to eat an airport breakfast or burger. The A&P's are questioning if this is a 'Major Mod', since it involved primary structure, but I pointed out that while all human beings in the US are certificated at birth, no one can produce a TCDS for said certificate - therefore, we must all be Experimental (and I'd strongly argue Amateur built...), so Part 43 doesn't apply, and we don't need a 337.

So, I contend that since flight characteristics shouldn't have changed (there might be a temporary restriction on G's of course), no return to Phase 1 is required, a simple logbook entry should suffice, and the normal medical community's generic "wait a week" should be fine. Mel, Joe, Vic.....any arguments from the DAR community?! <g>

In good fun,



Roll-Your-Own 4-place Oxygen System...Paddy

I've built both a 4-place portable system and now a built-in system in my -10, both roll-your-own style. The portable uses a Jumbo D cylinder, 4-place regulator, 4 flow meters and 4 oxysaver cannulas. The system worked fine for cross country trips with 2 adults and 2 kids, but was a bit bulky with all 4 of the lines in use. It's for sale if anyone is interested...



Hello Van's readers,

The holidays are upon us and we are alerting you first that we are having a black Friday sale, effective now, while supplies last, on the EarthX LiFePo4 jump packs. And we are including free the 12V charging adapter for a savings of $42 off.


This is a great gift for yourself or any one else on your list!


RV-7 Build Status Report ...vernh59

Starting to assemble the HS forward spar.


Our RV Weekend ...Mike K

My wife and I took our first trip in our just out of phase one RV14a to Memphis. Flew into General Dewitt Spain M01. Great service at the FBO and hanger space available for only $25 a night. $8 Uber ride to Beale street. Great BBQ and music!



Nov 13, 2019.  Issue #4,955.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

The story on how I got to this point ...rolick22

This is the story on how I got to this point on my Kit build RV-12iS ELSA. I will take you back to 2013 when I first had the idea. Come see how I built two fuselages and why.


Weekend flight up the Hudson ...Squid

Okay, so it was two weekends ago, but such a good flight it's worthy of mention. While we still have the privilege the wife and I took the RV-6 up and down the Hudson, past NYC at 1100'. Circled the Statue of Liberty at 900' as well. If you haven't done this, I'd recommend giving it a try. A total blast!


My New NEBO Flashlight ...a short review.  Mostly pics.

I bought this online last week for my extra paper routes (needed big red light for filling out forms while in cruise at night).  You recharge with your USB port, you could probably blind someone at night with it (might be more useful than a knife for protection) and more.  I took some pics and added some captions.


Probable Cause List Updated

(7) new probable cause documents published by the NTSB since the last update here.  Knowledge is power....read and fly safe.

5MB page.  You'll want to be on your WiFi.


NTSB Aviation Accident Final Report - RV-12 Fatal, Fishers, IN, 08/31/2017

This was brought to my attention by Tom Prevost, and it didn't show up in the export of NTSB data when I searched for 'RV' and 'Probable Cause'.

Here's a direct link so you can read it while I figure out why it didn't show in the query.

Probable Cause and Findings
"The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:

The pilot's failure to latch the canopy before takeoff, and his failure to maintain pitch control following the in-flight opening of the canopy during the initial climb resulting in a subsequent impact with terrain and ground fire."



Nov 12, 2019.  Issue #4,954.
  At 0937 local Monday the cold front arrived at our home field - went from 60*F and 00000kt to 25G37 from 340 in about sixty seconds.  I had taken off thirty minutes earlier looking to hand fly the practice VOR/DME RW17 approach at nearby Decatur.  Airliners overhead were visible above 3,000' while I pre-flighted, but as I took off I could see pretty fast that I wasn't going to get to 3,000' without filing - things were lowering quickly.  You could see angry clouds off to the N in the shape of a big fist, with my name on it, so I turned back.  Got in a quick VOR check off of DFW's TTT over our field and called it a flight after 11 minutes.  It sure got cold fast.
  Wrapping the pipes and dragging out the cold Wx gear.  So long Fall...
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


(Dan Langhout) ...RV-7
Took my 29th instrument lesson. Nothing like learning in your own airplane!

Condition Inspection time week #2 for me, I drug my oldest out to the hangar to help me with the compression check for the second year in a row. She learns something, I learn something and although she won't admit it she feels more accomplished and a little sassy for the experience. Dad's also glad to have her along. ...

Bahamas.  Had a business conference to attend in Nassau this weekend and all was included but the flight. Not a problem as I prefer to fly myself anyway.  Short two hour flight from Sanford to Nassau. Lots of over water time but not a problem. Straight Thursday from Sanford to Nassau on a perfect day then back on Sunday with a stop in Ft. Pierce for customs. US customs has actually made the process easier and now there is not even a form.


Icing Heads Up ...bmarvel

When we built our -14A I put a short piece of black electrical tape on the outboard leading edge of the left horizontal stabilizer as an ice indicator. Since the surface with the tightest curvature is generally the first to get ice, I reasoned that this would be the likely place. When the black surface started to become white, it was time for Plan B.

As it turns out, we found out there is another location that gets ice first and is much easier to see. In our airplane we stuck with the plans as written and installed the landing lights in the wing cutouts. These in turn are covered with Plexiglas lenses which are mounted on the inner surface of the leading edge wing skins around the perimeter of the cutout.

A few months ago on a trip from Colorado to Oklahoma we had an icing encounter but the first indication was not on the electrical tape. As I turned my head to inspect the tape on the horizontal stabilizer, I noted a dim glow from the left wing landing light area that was clearly visible in daylight. My wife saw the same thing on the right wing.

As it turned out the tiny ridge between the plexi and the wing skin is the smallest radius on the airplane and true to predictions was the first place where ice formed. Each time the landing light pulsed there was a dim glow from that area, giving an early indication of even the smallest amount of ice.

An altitude change solved the problem but I thought this bit of information would be a good thing for the rest of you to toss into your bag of aircraft knowledge for the future.
Bill Marvel
Grand Junction, CO
RV-8A N751MB -1700 hours, sold
RV-14A N465MM


Aera 660 v3.7 is out


Horizontal stab attach - sanity check ...N546RV (RV-8)

OK folks...so I'm at the point of fitting the horizontal stab and getting the attach holes drilled. I did the holes between the rear spar and the vertical attach bars tonight - those are pretty much a piece of cake after checking level and alignment about 400 times. The holes in the forward splice angle, though, I'm spending a whole lot of time reasoning things out before I drill, since it seems like this is an area where people frequently encounter problems.

The main thing I'm running into is that, as far as I can tell, it is 100% impossible to drill these holes and maintain "proper" edge distance (that is, 2x from the center of the hole). This seems to be a fairly well-known issue, and digging through past discussions indicates that a) the mothership knows this and reassured builders frequently and b) since the bolts are loaded axially (vs in shear), edge distance is less critical.

In an effort to be super thorough with positioning these holes - as opposed to simply taking the measurements from the plans as gospel truth - I did a whole lot of drawing on the aft deck with a Sharpie. With a little work in Photoshop for some colored overlays, we can end up with a nice little visual representation of all the pertinent pieces (I've omitted the spacers since they don't seem likely to have edge distance issues):  continue



Nov 11, 2019.  Issue #4,953.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)


The White House, November 11, 1919.

A year ago today our enemies laid down their arms in accordance with an armistice which rendered them impotent to renew hostilities, and gave to the world an assured opportunity to reconstruct its shattered order and to work out in peace a new and juster set of international relations. The soldiers and people of the European Allies had fought and endured for more than four years to uphold the barrier of civilization against the aggressions of armed force. We ourselves had been in the conflict something more than a year and a half.

With splendid forgetfulness of mere personal concerns, we remodeled our industries, concentrated our financial resources, increased our agricultural output, and assembled a great army, so that at the last our power was a decisive factor in the victory. We were able to bring the vast resources, material and moral, of a great and free people to the assistance of our associates in Europe who had suffered and sacrificed without limit in the cause for which we fought.

Out of this victory there arose new possibilities of political freedom and economic concert. The war showed us the strength of great nations acting together for high purposes, and the victory of arms foretells the enduring conquests which can be made in peace when nations act justly and in furtherance of the common interests of men.

To us in America the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service, and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of nations.



RV-8 Memphis ...Jeff RV-8

Just home from the paint shop. Thanks to Mark King and his crew at GLO for her new dress. Walt at EXP then knocked out a new W&B and dialed in the 200RV prop with a dynamic balance. The flight back home was second only to my first flight! Also, a big shout out to Karl Richcreek (RV-8) for blazing the trail on this scheme. I added some personal touches to keep my Navy flying days close to heart. First flight was late Sept 2018 and still lovin' every minute of it!


WDYDWYRVTW* ...11/9-10/2019

Flew a friend over to KADS in the RV-6 Friday afternoon so he could re-position a PC-12NG. Having not been there for many years, I'd forgotten how busy it is on the ground at Addison. Waited at the departure end for 20 minutes to take off.  How in the world do students endure that environment?!?!

There were (7) airplanes in front of me (and maybe ten behind me) on the ramp when they called my N-number for position and hold. I jumped on that like a duck on a june bug <g>.

Saturday and Sunday I spent about twelve hours studying PC-12NG POH manuals - all related to trying to earn some side money for the fam.

*What did you do this weekend with your RV?  Chime in...


Crater Lake Oregon Pics ...vgb


Q: What is the end goal of a build?

A: It's different for everybody.

I am working away, making rather fast progress on my RV-14 kit. Days go by as I build, and I feel on top of the world. Other days, I feel completely incapable.

I am learning so much about myself through this build. One of the things that has really hit home and become apparent is that I am a perfectionist. Except I have never built an airplane before, and I am doing a far from perfect job with my build. I am not capable of doing a perfect build. Is there even such a thing I find myself wondering? I am building an airplane that's going to be safe and certainly won't fall out of the sky, but I don't think that I will ever have a showpiece on my hands.

Some days, I am pretty down on myself, wondering if I am really cut out to be doing my own build. But I want it. I want it more than anything. This build for me is more about learning some life lessons, having some fun (it is hard sometimes), and in the end, having something that I can be proud of to fly around.

As I find myself missing the PERFECT mark, I wonder what's out there? When it comes time to sell what will eventually be my airplane, do people expect perfection? Is an airplane that's 'safe' what people want? Or am I building something that nobody will want, despite it being safe, yet not perfect? Truly, what's the end goal of a build .. an airplane that is perfect, or just an airplane that is safe?

I doubt I am alone in how I feel. I suspect many builders have been right here before. I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on anything that I've brought up.


She comes to life! ...sapeloson

After 9 1/2 years of frustration, aggravation and unbelievable excitement, she comes to life!


PPL Checkride Passed! ...Stitch462

After a long time, a few false starts and a lot of cash; finally completed my training and passed my Private Pilot Checkride, Sunday Nov 3, 2019. Just wanted to share that with the group.

Next step: Come up with the cash for an RV-

Happy Humpday everyone!


My RV Weekend ...Jonathan Alvord

Thursday my hanger partner and I took N122EF (RV 7a) from Prosser Wa (S40) Ogden Utah (KOGD) via Gooding Idaho (KGNG) to go to the I-FLY Utah. Then Ogden to Alvord Desert, landed for a pee break and then back. RT 949miles. Friday I flew my wife to a business meeting in Spokane WA. Landed Felts Field (KSFF) then flew up to Sandpoint Idaho (KSZT) to trouble shoot some items. While there we pulled the lower plugs, cleaned (and dropped one, which then meant cleaning 4 new plugs and putting it all back together. Flying back to KSFF to pick up my wife and returning home S40. Total milage 1248 hours and approx 8 hrs flight time.


Valve wobble test out of spec.

Just did a Valve Wobble test and all 6 ECI cylinders are out of spec. Max wobble per lycoming Service Bulletin 388C for my valve is .035. Cylinders 2,4 and 6 were between .045 and .050. All other cylinders were near or at .035 limit.

I do not have any issues but decided to do the test due to the hours on the engine. The IO540 engine has 1400 hours from brand new ECI cylinders and has been running well. Oil consumption has been 1 qt per 10 hours and borescope shows good symmetrical pattern on all valves.

So my question for the engine experts is what to do next? Rework or replace the cylinders that are out of limit? I hate to do major surgery on a perfectly good running engine but want to the right thing. The SB, although it indicates upper limits for valve wobble was issued to check for tight clearances and sticky valve issue.

Thank you.

A: I would not call it a good running engine. You are wearing out valve guides like crazy. Why? I am no expert but something should be done. New valve guides seems like a good idea.

A: How comfortable are you that your jig or your technique is not the source of the high readings? Just a little looseness of the jig on the valve stem, or a little too much force when applying the side load can make a big difference. It seems a little odd to me that 3 cylinders would go bad at the same time. (The ones are limit are not bad. They could have left the factory that way).
If it were me I would fly another 20 hours and then re-test them. At the same time I would remove the intake and exhaust and do a visual inspection on the valve stems. If the first test is correct I would fly another 50 hours and see if the wear continues.
The test is meant to find tight valves due to carbon/lead build-up. A stuck valve is the real enemy. You have good oil consumption. Worn valve guides should show an increase in oil consumption.

A: How old is the engine? Old exhaust valves can have corrosion issues.


Pneumatic Squeezer Injury Lesson Learned ...mulde35d

Lesson 1: Take your finger off the trigger of a pneumatic squeezer while adjusting the ram depth.

Lesson 2: If your going to accidentally squeeze your fingertip, try to have flat dies installed rather than dimple dies. Had this been dimple dies I likely would have lost the fingertip.

This is what a flat die squeeze looks like on the middle meaty part of the fingertip. Luckily it was set for AN426AD4-5 rivets and the dies had about 3mm space between them when fully pressed.

Hopefully nobody needs to repeat my error to learn this lesson.


Milestone: Rivits! ...Ryan V.


Elevator Stiffener Oops Question

While match drilling the aft undrilled hole on a center stiffener I elongated it in one direction significantly. I re-drilled it up to #33 for use with a 7/64 (half-size) oops rivet. Two questions:

1) because this is the last hole on the stiffener and not supported by a standard 3/32 rivet is use of an oops rivet suitable or should I drill it up to 1/8 for a -4 rivet even through this will not be aesthetically the best option?

2) If I use a -4 rivet will the shop heads of the two stiffeners touch since this is right at the bend in the trailing edge?


A: Proseal the stiffeners to the skin and never look back...

I did this to all of mine and the structure is rock solid. Good way to get your "feet wet" with the proseal (flamemaster... whatever) before you're mucking around inside of a tank.

A: I would use the oops rivet and call it good.

No need to mess with pro seal just for this. The prep to the surface you would need to do for proseal would be a much more work than just using the oops rivet. If you're worried about the shop heads touching...just over buck both of them a tad. DO NOT use epoxy.

A: Try presqueezing a 3 to fill the hole you made before final set in position. You'll learn this technique later if not now (Murphy is an optimist). If it looks like too little grip, jump to a shortened 4-4. A dab of proseal on a 3 wouldn't hurt. I believe Van's still wants a dab of some stick-um at the ends before closure. That'll help, also.

A: That's how I did all my control surface stiffeners. Not a sealed install. Just a thin layer spread with a popsicle stick. I used a section of particle board, match drilled and just clekoed them to the skin against the board. Left for several days to cure. Stiff as a proverbial board.



Nov 8, 2019.  Issue #4,952.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Ed Hicks photo.


Correct terminology with ATC or Tower

Q: When under ATC control and changing frequency what is the current correct terminology to announce your presence on the new frequency, I have recently read that "with you" is not correct and "up" is also not correct.

A: Helpful links:
- FAASafety radio comms phraseology and techniques
- ATC Phraseology (Wiki)


A Few New First Flights

...recently added to the mothership.


Grass Strip / Homesite Planning ...crabandy

Looking for advice in planning our Grass Strip/Homesite, it's 660'x2640' (40acres longways north) and relatively flat. I'm trying to draw up my proposal to send to the county for the Special Use Permit and want to be as accurate as possible.

I've walked the property with my "Dirt Guy" and his advice was to put the runway next to the west side of the property to work with the natural drainage. There is a tree row along the north half that I don't want to tear out as well as I would much prefer the house/hangar on the West side of the runway.

I was hoping to put the runway on the east side of the property, this would require a several small culverts as there is not enough slope for the larger ones needed. The smaller culverts would also require vigilance as the adjacent field debris would be flowing into the culverts. More expensive to build and work to keep up.

Pics of the property after 8 inches of rain this spring, You can see the drainage looking north.  ...

An initial sketch of a compromise trying to meet our Wants, This configuration makes it runway 02/200. "Dirt Guy" thinks this is a good plan, the south half of the runway would be built up slightly to funnel the water into the finger of trees on the south side. It would also dry out the southeast corner.
--Length--depends on the layout but 2300'+ is doable in all configurations
--Width--60' is a good compromise on cost, use and maintenance
--I'm told I want to use Bermuda grass (Kansas)
--Obstacles--Bury powerlines on north, live with trees on the south. House, Hangar, Trees 100' laterally from runway centerline.
--House--500'+ off the road
--Zoning requires 150' laterally for house from property boundary
--House and hangar on West side of runway, Hangar door facing east to the runway to avoid the prevailing north/south winds and summer evening sun.
--Retain some crop land for income.   continue / chime in


Encoder Question ...Pilotjim77

I've been reading here on the forum about ADS-B, transponders, etc, and I have a question. I am removing steam gauges and installing a first generation GRT Horizon dual efis setup. I have a Garmin GTX 320A transponder. Does the GRT efis function as an encoder? And if so, is there any benefit or reason to keep the standalone altitude encoder?

I will also be installing the uAvionix Echo ADS-B package from GRT once they come in (currently back ordered.)


Prop Bolts Tight in Crush Plates ...Jim Rice

I did not build my RV-4 to know the answer to the following.

I recently began working on my Condition Inspection. I noticed some corrosion on heads of the prop bolts which needed attention. I have the old 4" spool type prop extension with 3/8" prop/ext bolts and 7/16" ext/crankshaft bolts. Also, the installation has two front plates, one on either side of the front spinner bulkhead. The front has the groove into which the bolt head fit. The second is larger in diameter and thickness. (Photos below, though rear plate is hard to see.)

After removing the nuts from the prop bolts, the prop didn't want to budge. I attributed that to continued humid conditions in my hangar at the time. The bolts were very tight and next to impossible to move. I ended up using the old nuts threaded back on the bolts almost flush and then back them off against a a steel plate resting against the heads of the crank bolts. That pushed the entire prop and crush plates out from extension rather than just moving the bolts as I expected. At that point the prop was almost clear of the extension prop bushings. Rather than forcing anything, I called it a day. I went home and ordered a new set of prop bolts from Van's that evening.

I went back a few (dry) days later and was able to slowly work the prop loose and got it off okay. Even then the bolts were still extremely tight in the prop and didn't want to move. I took the prop home and kept it inside the house to help with any humidity issues. After a couple of days, I was able to tap the bolts out of the prop...though they were still tight in the two crush plates/spinner front bulkhead.

Once I had everything off the prop, I worked on getting the plates, which trap the front spinner bulkhead between them, off. I ended up putting penetrating oil on the bolts and was able to pull everything apart. Once apart, I was able to determine the bolts were extremely tight in the front plate, the one with the recess that traps the bolt heads so they don't rotate, and snug elsewhere, but not interference fit tight.

I'm a bit concerned about how difficult it was and that putting new bolts in will possible problems. I don't want to bugger up any threads and certainly don't want to have to hammer the heads.

All that said, should the bolts be that tight tight in the front plate? Should the plate be reamed?

My prop is a Props, Inc wood prop with a 4" thick hub. I've removed and installed several props over the years, both wood and metal, and have never had one this tight.

The plane has approximately 1050 total time engine/prop/airframe. From looking at the logs, I don't see anything indicated the prop/prop extension has ever been separated/removed since 1994. Due to the tightness, I was expecting some corrosion on the bolt barrells but found none, though the cad plating was pretty scuffed up by the time I got them out.

I'm glad I decided to pull the prop off and replace the bolts now.

See attached photos which will hopefully make my long-winded description more clear.



Nov 7, 2019.  Issue #4,951.
  Please excuse the late push for the Thursday edition (9:15pm Wed night).  I worked an extra paper route Tue-Wed and am just now getting home (pic).  Long day w/Wx, ILSs to mins and Ubers <g>.  Home feel good.
  Of note the (3) jobs available at the mothership detailed further down (direct link).  Custer Technical Support Rep in addition to the TIG Welder and Engineering Drafter / Tech Writer.  
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Post First Flight Pic ...Mr. Tom Spencer


Garmin G5 and Aera 660 ...Bcone1381

Q: Greetings Garmin Exprt;

The is probable a dumb question from a novice flat panel guy. (Experience round dial guy)

I am installing a single G5 (no auto-pilot) and an Aera 660 in a non-RV experimental. I had a harness built up to connect the G5 to a Garmin GMU-11 Magnetometer. The harness came with an RS-232 pig tailed off the G5. The GMU-11 communicate to the G5 thru a series of twisted wires called the CAN bus.

So, I am thinking the RS-232 cable is for a future gizmo.

What would be the benefit to connect the G5 to the Aera 660 dock via the RS-232 cable? Does the G5 allow me to select between an HSI and PFD view? Maybe the 660 could drive a Course Deviation Indicator on the HSI view?

Help me understand.

A: (g3xpert) Yes, as David correctly pointed out, an Aera 660/795/796 can provide lateral and vertical (VNAV) guidance to a single or dual G5 installation (with or without autopilot servos) over RS-232.


Calibrating taildragger fuel levels .

Q: In the final throes of this build... any opinions on leveling a taildragger for the fuel gauge calibration?

A: The fuel indications in the EFIS systems we are using now are so darn accurate if calibrated properly, I think it makes no sense to not do it in a level flight attitude.
Doing it in level flight and ground attitude (on systems that have the capability) is personal preference but for a tail dragger I think it is worth while.


Status Report ...vinzer RV-10

And another day when I was able to work on my project.  Now it looks like a read airplane part!


76KTS Tailwind at FL170 ...kcameron years ago


Nov 5, 2019.  Issue #4,949.   (Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Milestone: First Engine run...rolick22

Please enjoy my first engine run on my RV-12iS (N112DR), It was a beautifully day at KTZR. Run was perfect with no leaks.


First flight ...chevytoo

Nov 2 2019 was the first flight for RV-9A C-FWRN S/N 91413. Project started June 2006 with a slow built kit. It has an 0-320 with a Hartzell propeller and steam gauges. Flight was at Abbotsford Airport [CYXX]. I had an instructor with me as a safety. I was very glad I had him on board as I was quite nervous throughout the flight.

The aeroplane jumped off the ground and established a positive rate of climb. We orbited CYXX at 3500 ft for .7 hours. Stalled the plane. Some slow flight but mostly maneuvering the plane. The stall warning came on at 75 MPH so that was a real distraction. I did not think to install a separate breaker for it when I wired it. Maybe a mod soon. My approach speed was too fast because of the stall warning but the aeroplane was actually quite easy to control. The touch down was again too fast so there was something shimmying. I found the RV-9A to be very light on the controls and the elevator trim very effective. It flew level hands off with the aileron trim in neutral.

I checked the nose wheel fork friction, it was OK. I read the instructions and adjusted the vane for the stall warning.

I hope to fly solo today but waiting for the outside temp to warm up a bit.


1st Annual Chili Cookoff & Fly-In PIREP ...bkervaski RV-14A

Hey thanks everybody for coming! It was a great turnout and we'll definitely be continuing next year.

We had folks come from 3 states away, thank you.

If you like football anyone that hung around got to enjoy a game or two on the "big screen".

It was great seeing everyone!

Next year we'll have some cooking stations setup for anyone that wants to bring their chili to compete with my "World Famous" recipe


Status Report ...jcarne

My new engine mount finally arrived!!! Time to put this puppy on gear!  When I opened the package the kiddo decided to help unpack. Future builder?


Silent Hektik failure ...Handclutch (Australia)

My Silent Hektik regulator (F4112) failed last week at around 180 hours. Anybody else had a SK failure?

The failure was quite sudden. I flew a two-hour leg with voltage indications normal before landing for fuel. Voltage was then okay on start-up but shortly after takeoff I got the low-voltage warning (I have the low-voltage warning set quite high to act as a generator failure warning for IFR flight). It worked!

It was a very hot day but the temperature strip on the regulator had maxed at 71* C, less than what I had previously seen on the Ducati. However, it is possible that the SK had seen slightly higher temperatures previously before I modified its cooling system.

Now for something interesting - I did a Google translation of the SK website and found that they don't guarantee the regulator unless you use phosphor bronze crimp connectors. Here is what they say:

Wrong connectors on the 912er alternator connection:
The LiMa connector plugs of the 912 engines are of inferior brass. That's a massive problem for three reasons.
- The brass plugs are not designed for the high currents, with up to 20A, and therefore overloaded and prone to overheating.
- The brass plugs have a low spring force and are therefore not vibration-proof and loosen over time.
- The brass plugs have no surface protection and oxidation then produces brownouts and malfunctions.
For safety reasons, therefore, we only recommend Tyco FastOn tinned phosphor bronze connectors . Everything else is botched.

Could this be a reason why there are so many regulator failures?



Status Report ...goatflieg

When I finally got out to the shop to inspect the situation, it turned out to be a simpler fix than I thought it would be. A bit awkward, to be sure, but I was lucky. No wires in the way, and the pilot holes were just sitting there waiting for me. Triple check the plans, remove the floor, enlarge the CORRECT holes, disconnect the cables and reroute, install snap bushings and reconnect cables. I'll sleep better tonight than I did last night. Big thanks to Chris for taking the time to point out my error, and to Chris, Carl and Don for encouraging me to do it right. If I can ever return the favor, don't hesitate to ask.


My RV Weekend ...some entries

Flew from CRQ to AJO and was picked up by Spruce. While there, I purchased an iFly 740B which I plan to try out on my Oregon trip the next two days. If all goes well, I am interested in removing my Garmin 496 and replacing it with the iFly GPS. While doing so, I'd like to add a navcom, so I have two comms, and a VOR receiver (which I'll hook up to my Dynon).

1.2 hours added to the RV. I always have a blast flying it around...
RV-9A, Carlsbad Ca (CRQ)

Went flying in a 7A and then joined the flying club that owns it.

Super pumped to be back into an IFR traveling machine.

First RV experience and man are they fun.

Moved It
Well, I changed airports this weekend...Moved my 7A from KGRE Greenville,Il. to KPJY Pinckneyville-DuQuoin, Il. ...1/2 the distance to my house, much cheaper hangar rent, and much less air traffic. Loving the quiet... Also, even thought I am hangar-anal and well organized, you just never know how much tools/equipment/supplies/chemicals/paperwork/**** you have until you have to box it up, move it, and re-mount everything.

It's not for the faint of heart.
Brian K. Morrow

Full Flap Take Off RV10 ?
Landed on little Island in Chesapeake Bay (KTGI) for late Lunch. All Ferry Boats and Tourists were gone so the 3 places to eat had already closed. Assumed I would need the "HOT START" procedure but after cranking and NO Joy the battery's began to slow crank. OOPS! that didn't work well, so opened up the Oil Door and sat alone "AOG" for 20 mins on the desolate airstrip. Try again: Blades going by slower and slower, then Vroom ! We got it going! Rattled and excited I decided to keep most everything turned everything OFF while charging the batteries. Heading down the Runway and my son calls out: Dad..Flaps..Dad..Flaps ! I was already at 60 knots and keeping the mains on the ground I flipped the Flaps switch and watched them SO SLOWLY retract. at half flap I was running out of runway so I pulled back rotated and launched. I was amazed at how quick the RV10 JUMPED into the air with still half flaps~!! My Son handed me the checklist and said 'Lets NOT do that again! But still a Wonderful weekend with a good reminder to not get rattled, READ the Checklist! I have to wonder what would've happened if we did rotate at full flaps ?? Ed N40ES


200KT GS ...Plummit

Coming back from Big Bear this morning:



Nov 4, 2019.  Issue #4,948.
Please excuse the early push for Monday (Sun 10am) - I'm doing a side thing Sunday afternoon in exchange for extra shekels for the familia.  Beautiful Wx here in N. Texas all weekend.  Hope you got to do some RVating.  I'm planning on a hop or two this coming week to get the juices going.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

Finally cleaned out my garage ...wjb

Hangar time!


(the rest of the story)


Flying with 3-4 year old in RV-4 ...Indy

Any recommendations on how to best seat a preschooler in an RV-4? I just got my RV-4 back after 2 years overseas. My 3 year old daughter loves airplanes and LOVES pretending to fly in the -4. I'm eager to take her for her first small airplane ride but struggling with how to strap her in. I tried her car seat but the headrest obstructs the rear canopy bar. I want her to sit high enough that she can actually see out over the canopy skirt but ensure her safety first and foremost.  ...


Why I love the experimental world ...fbrewer

Yesterday, 8 of us "Boys with Toys" (all RVs) flew to Llano for some Coopers BBQ.

You know it was great!

Flying home we briefed up a 4-ship flight to do some formation work.

Sitting number 2 on the wing of Bobby "Luke" Lucroy, I hear the dreaded: "Bogie", you need to abort. Your left wheel is leaking hydraulic fluid - lots of hydraulic fluid.

Dang, we eventually clear the active, so the other folks can depart, and of course "Luke" sympathetically aborts with us.

We slowly taxi our bird back to the ramp and then took the opportunity to practice turns to see when the tail wheel would unlock and so forth. Actually it was a good mindset practice, should we lose a brake ever in the future.

Here is the kicker: "Luke" has everything needed in his go-bag. We removed the left wheel fairing, and dissasembled the left brake, and found the o-ring in the piston was indeed broken.

Replaced the o-ring (of which "Luke" had several spares), reassembled the caliper and then of course, "Luke" had almost everything needed to bleed the brakes. We were short a little on the hydraulic fluid. Oh, and he had safety wires and a safety wire pliers so we could put it back together properly.

But of course, a local at the airport ("Estes") had some hydraulic fluid which promptly brought over.

From abort to repair to again taking off, we were on the ground less than 2 hours.

This is why I love the experimental world. If I had been in my Bonanza or single ship, we would have been SOL.

Thanks "Luke". Thanks "Estes". Thanks "Experimental World".


David-aviator ...an online friend passes

(Bill Peyton post) We have lost another member and prolific builder. David Domeier passed away yesterday evening suddenly after returning home from the airport. He had just finished an RV-12 project with a good friend and repeat builder. He was active in the St Louis builder community and EAA and a good friend to all of us. Dave had to his credit a Cozy, RV-7, and RV-8. He was a retired TWA captain and US Air Force aviator. Aviation was surely in his blood. David will be missed by all of us ....


Status Report ...kentlik

ADAHRS. Waiting/looking for a rivet partner so I installed the ADAHRS and mounting bracket that Vans now sells

It is pretty darn good. I would caution that the tab stops in my case were 90% correct but I needed to adjust elevation at the right rear tab to maintain level.  This would be facing the tail. This is just my case, your application may not need any adjustment.


RE Carb Fuzz in an NTSB Report ...rvbuilder2002

"...it doesn't sound like the foreign material in the carb screen was a factor in this unfortunate accident.  In fact, my guess would be that it had been there for a long time since there was no indication of the same material in the gascolator screen or pick-up screens in the fuel tanks. Likely because the gascolator screen was probably getting regularly maintained during inspections, like it is supposed to be, but the inlet screen on the carb. was not.  Fairly common, unfortunately.

Good reminder for RV owners. Do you know that the carb. or fuel injection servo you have on your airplane has an inspect-able / cleanable inlet screen?"


Status Report ...goatflieg

[ed. This is what you call a 'teaser shot'. ;^)  dr]


The First 8 Hours ...ty1295

Having spent years on here reading while I built, I am hoping this post helps others or at a minimum inspires others to keep building.

9/24/19 Vic S. came up and did my Airworthiness inspection. As expected and requested he had a few minor suggestions which were all accomplished.

9/30 First flight 1 hr. I studied and used a local RV8 owner, CFII as my 2nd pilot per AC 90-116. For anybody considering a first flight and like me a low time pilot and/or one that has not flown much if any for awhile while you were building I can't stress enough how valuable that was for me, yet allowed me to experience the "FIRST FLIGHT!"

I left the Aeliron trim completely off for the fact as I wanted to know if a wing was heavy without any influence of the trim. I am happy to say with even tanks, and fairly even people weight, it flys hands off first flight.

For the first flight we climbed over the airport, ran the engine hard to help with break in, and just circled, followed by full decowl and inspection. Things will rattle loose, things you never thought would. Be aware.

First 2 flights were all done over the airport
3rd flight was away from the tower but not far, basic check things out and come back.
4th flight was a 50 mile trip to another airport to get the transponder checked/certified. Until this point the transponder circuit breaker was pulled out. Full Dynon avionics, transponder/ads-b check was flawless.

Return flight we set the Angle of Attack, followed by a few touch and go's as we both felt the engine was ready.

As of Today we now have 8.2 Hours done. In that time we probably have 25 landings, stalls, accelerated stalls, slow flight, no flap landing, covered airspeed landings (with safety pilot watching), base to final stall (up high), simulated power out, basically anything my Qualified Pilot/CFII could throw at me to learn.

I have to say, this is one awesome airplane. Very easy to fly, talks to you way before it does something dumb. If you are looking for a good enjoyable, non aerobatic airplane to fly I don't know how you could make it perform any better.



Status Report ...SteeVaun RV-7

Has been a busy few weeks getting my feet wet with the build. I started on the rear and front spars. While drilling relief hole for the front spar, for some reason I had 3/4 in my head instead of 1/4. As a was drilling I knew something was not right. I should have stopped then and double checked.

While waiting for a replacement, I moved onto the vertical stabilizer. Everything is all match drilled and ready to be primed.



Nov 1, 2019.  Issue #4,947.
You know that awesome feeling when your computer calendar tells you your annual is due, and then you look in your logbook and see that you entered the date wrong in the computer and that you really have three months to go?  I know, right?!?!  I thought my plane was down for annual starting today, but it's not.  Garbage IN Garbage OUT.  Big smile.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a part-time contract pilot?...DFW area)

VAFcast #7 ...James Walsh RV-4


Initial Contact ...new guy chimes in.

Hey everyone. Finally at 48 I'm getting my private pilots license (only about 26 hours so far) and am looking at Vans RV (9, 10 or 12)as my first plane. Been wanting to get my license for awhile and finally have the time and money to do it. I don't want to make a career out of it. I'm a time and point in my life that I don't have to work and want to enjoy some nice flying, maybe get a job at an airport and hang around what I enjoy. I got the majority of my hours on a Cessna 162 and one time in a 182 so I don't have a wealth of info on what's out there and what I might like, I just know I didn't like the 162, too **** cramped (6' and 205) and no adjustability. Not really jazzed about the 172's either. I have motorcycles and cars that are immaculate and every Cessna I see, it looks like it's had a rough life. I know that's probably not the right way to look at it but that's how I see it. Every Vans AC looks like someone took their time on it and put some pride in it. I don't see a lot of weathered Vans out there.

I know that a lot of the Vans have Rotax engines that spin pretty fast and they sound like they're pretty reliable since everyone is sticking a 912 in 'em. What is the red 'spar pin' button for? I know one model has removable wings (12?) but don't know why it's in the other ones. I see mixture leaning levers in some airplanes and not others so I'm wondering if the majority of the 912 don't need it, is that the allure of them? I like the glass cockpits but am not opposed to steam gauges, just wondering if electronics are just as reliable.

I know I'll learn a lot from just reading forums and I'm basically in my 'sponge' stage, asking questions about everything and trying to learn as much as I can from anyone who'll entertain me or allow me to pester them about tedious 'what's that' questions. There's tons I don't know and I hope to learn a lot with everyones knowledge here.

Thanks for letting me ramble on, I'm glad I'm here.


Pics: Jlinett RV-10 First Flight ..Jlinett


F-1070 / F-1069 / F-1013 skipped rivets ...rdamazio RV-10

Hi all.

In section 29, when riveting the side skins (29-17), it tells me to skip a few rivets, notably some specific rivets that attach to the longeron underneath:

I assume these are riveted later, but I can't find where - what am I missing? When are those rivets set?

(I'm mostly wondering if it's worth/possible to skip ahead, do whatever is needed before setting those, then setting them before the mid-cabin deck is riveted, since that'll be much easier)

Rodrigo Damazio Bovendorp
San Jose, CA


Fuel line supply and return routing ...AdamB RV-10

Hi All,

I'm currently routing my flex fuel lines out to the side skin area and looking at where I should drill a 2nd hole in the side skins.
I have a standard setup where the brake lines are in the middle, supply line forward, and return line in the aft as they go through the systems bracket under the seats.
Tom had advised to go as straight as possible to line up with where they go through the systems brackets, but the gear weldment is partially in the way. The other factor is that I placed my return fuel bung on my tank just forward of the vent and not inline with the supply.

So what I was thinking is one of two things.
1) Drill a hole forward of the hole of the aileron control connection hole sort of vertically inline with the stock fuel line hole and route the supply through it, and the return through the stock hole.
2) Drill a hole aft of the aileron control connection hole and higher than the stock fuel line hole.

I've roughly marked the 2 proposed locations in the picture below:

Also a Picture of my fuel return location on the tank for reference.

Wanted to get others take on what the best option might be or things I might not have considered before I start drilling holes.

RV10 - #41687