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December 31, 2015.  0055Z.   Issue No. 4,021. 
WAASUP!:  Antennae Placement Matters 

(quick/dirty bullet points because I've got a lot on my plate year end)
The video is at: https://youtu.be/3rQC5IC0zgE

  • 1080pHD should display using FireFox.  You might be able to read the panel using that.  My I.E. browser displays it in 720pHD.
  • Background music 'Sleepy Head' used w/permission of the singer/co-writer (Jamie Woodson of the band 'Room Full of Walters').  I worked with Jamie in cube land for a few years.  The first words of the song are 'Three coins in a fountain...'.  Jamie's falsetto main vocal with normal range voice in background really works.  Hook city.  Prince-like.
  • Broken layer 700' less than 200' thick a little north of our field breaking up fast.  Perfect for IFR baby steps with still-wet rating.
  • Launched 52F VFR and climbed to 2700.
  • The straight segments of the flight with no audio were sped up 800%.
  • Contacted Approach and asked for the RNAV 36 at nearby DTO.
  • DTO was broken at 700 and reporting IFR.  If you look close, there are some clouds for a bit.  I swear.
  • Around 2min 30sec I active 'Vectors-To-Final' and get the LPV annunciation.
  • Around 3min 40sec the WAAS logic decides it doesn't like that my fuselage is between the antennae and the WAAS satellite (described in detail bottom of list).  Within a minute the vertical guidance went away (I was VFR, as the clouds had broken up faster than anticipated).
  • LPV annunciation reappeared and disappeared.  LNAV it is...raised minimums per the chart.
  • A big hole in the clouds let me stare at the runway the entire way down.  No clouds were hurt.
  • The guy in the DTO tower sounded like he had a jawbreaker in his mouth when I went missed.
  • VFR back to 52F.  Cool to see how much the stick really gets stirred around in the flare.
  • An email exchange with TOP. MEN. later produced the following:
    "Background reading: HERE .  Real time GPS satellite status map: HERE .  Decoder ring for the previous: HERE .
    For your location, you were likely using WAAS satellite 138, which happens to be straight south of you. In fact, if I plug in the lat/lon of KDTO into this webpage: HERE ...it shows that PRN 138 is at an azimuth of 198 degrees, and an elevation of 50 degrees above the horizon."
  • My WAAS antennae is the upper left one below.  Starting the GS segment of the approach pissed that antennae off.
  • I wish I could play guitar as well as Jamie, and I miss playing acoustics with him during lunch when we lived in the movie 'Office Space'.
  • Logged .5hr,  .3 in the IFR system.
  • Progress.  Still hard to believe some of this stuff actually makes sense to me now.  I'm as shocked as you.


Mag timing most foul ...Bob Collins

I need someone to look over my shoulder and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Just got the Slick 4371 mag (with impulse coupling) back from inspection. Set the engine to 25 degrees BTC and, with timing pin in, attached said mag, and reinstalled hold down nuts loosely.

Attached light in which open points are indicated by LED going out and beeping starting.

Adjusted mag til I found the sweet spot and tightened (removed timing pin before doing so). Then swung the prop around and the next ti!me around on the #1 compression stroke, the points didn't open until almost TDC.

I repeated this process several times with the same results. What am I doing wrong?



I win the dumbest all time mistake ...Michael Burbidge

I was removing the long studs to install my p-mag. I used the double not method which worked well, until I dropped one of the nuts into the accessory case. Talk about taking the wind out of my sails.

Any suggestions for retrieving the nut? I suspect it is in the oil sump.


Brian Chesteen Update

Folks that have followed me over the past 2 years know that I have made some drastic changes in my life to do my part in improving my chances at a long life to be here for my family and to enjoy flying the RV.

Losing 135lbs and taking up recreational running and participating in half marathons on each coast of the country and training up to 30 miles a week have been huge milestones in my life the past 2 years.

Some also know that I became the owner of 2 coronary stents at the ripe old age of 38 back in 2008. Since then I have been tied to the special issuance medical program in order to fly as PIC. It was touch and go back then to realize that I was building a RV that at the time I did not know if I would ever be able to fly as PIC of or not. Lucky for me, I met the SI standards and flew the RV in 2010.    continue


DIY Painting Update ...Steve Melton


And the flooding begins ...plehrke

Last weekend's 8-10" of rain across most of Missouri is starting to take its toll on the general aviation airports. Smartt Field (SET) already had water over its runways yesterday and many airplanes flew over to Creve Coeur (1H0) but now Creve Coeur is slowely starting to flood. Just a few inches yesterday on the north east hangers but rising. Latest prediction is it will get to my hanger on the north west corner.

I am in the middle of condition inspection so RV is total disassembled. Thought it would be nice time to do a bit extra inspection during the holidays. Then came the rain and who would have thought of flooding at Christmas.

Prediction is I will have 1-3" of water in my hanger 3-5 days from now. Time to hustle the final items on the inspection list and get everything back together and off the floor.

I think it is going to be a long winter and spring fretting about flooding until August.


December 30, 2015.  0046Z.   Issue No. 4,020. 
Still Fiddling w/1080pHD 

Uploaded a short 5min clip from Tue in varying lighting conditions to both https://vimeo.com/150283053 and https://youtu.be/41yAOX3wfjY.  18min flight monitoring approach and KAFW tower.  Youtube will show it in 1080pHD if I'm view through Firefox, but not through I.E.  Vimeo wants $60/yr to show 1080p.  So, click on the Youtube link using Firefox ;^).

Thinking of ways to build a custom mount for the camera that would place it just above my right shoulder, closer to the panel.  I really want to be able to read the panel clearly, hear the audio and capture the fun more accurately.

I'll make it work...still fiddling. 


New pilot in Socal ...Brian Pham (Optometrist. Long Beach, CA)

Hi guys. I'm a new pilot (just passed my check-ride for light sport 2 weeks ago!!). I'm interested in buying an RV6 and was wondering if there's anyone here in Socal who would like to meet up/ hang out/ fly and let me pick their brains a little.

My plan is to get an RV6 and find someone who will train me in it for me to get my private certificate. The trick is to find a CFI who also has experience in an RV and willing to train me in it.

If there's anyone here who has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated!

I'm looking at an RV6 right now to buy and it seems like a great deal, so I'll need to act on it soon. But I want to make sure I can find someone who will train me in it before buying.

Thanks in advance for all your comments/ suggestions.



EarthX Battery Box Photos ...Darwin Barrie

Here's the battery box I made for the 36C, installed on the firewall of my new 7. I used 1/2" angle and some scrap .032 sheet. The box was powder coated. 6 ounces. TT to build about 4 hours including a rough sketch.


I have quit flying  [ed. Our friend needs our prayers. dr]

...for a while.  My wife has a Glioblastoma Grade 4 tumor in her brain..this type of cancer is awful.

Surgery was on December 17. We start radiation/chemo process today. It will run 5 days a week for 6 weeks, will resume flying when I can.
David Domeier
RV-7A...Sold #70374
The RV-8...#83261 flying as of 6/16/2014


Uneven Airflow Update ...N412HC

So, the numbers are in. I replaced my ECI updraft sump with the superior updraft sump. Unfortunately the numbers did not improve as much as I hoped. Here are the numbers from my test flight climbing to 8500':


EGT's - 1220,1080,1215,1070
CHT's - 386,372,365,359


EGT's - 1195,1260,1190,1280
CHT's - 352,397,334,384
GAMI - 1.2

So, the numbers are a little tighter and GAMI went down a little, but not enough to justify the money I spent on the new sump. Oh well. So, I need to look elsewhere to figure out the uneven airflow.


7A Pic ...Stan Bahrns


December 29, 2015.  0051Z.   Issue No. 4,019. 
VansAirForce.net Shirt Wearer Walking the Walk

(click to enlarge - note Witt's shirt <g>)

(from Whit Nanna)  "I wanted to share a photo from West Africa where I've been deployed for the last couple months. We volunteered at a nearby orphanage yesterday and got to spend some time playing soccer with the kids. What a blast!

They have several children in need of sponsorship and I figured there may be some in the RV community that would LOVE to help. It's similar to a lot of other programs and for $35/mo, school, supplies, food and medical care are covered. Also, Sheltering Wings is tax deductible and accepts paypal donations if anybody is looking for an additional year-end giving source and a chance to make a huge difference.

Hope all is well in the States. There are definitely no winter storms out here near the equator. Stay warm!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

fmi: About the site logo / how to get it on stuff


How many fuses needed?

Seems like a simple question, but proving not to be.
How many fuses are needed in a full IFR dual screen system?

I'm on my 3rd panel on the -6A, and every re do added more fuses. Now I'm planning the -10 electrical. I'm at the point I need to start mounting the fuse block and don't want to get caught short on fuses.

Btw, I am set on fuses not VP or breakers.
Fuse block is being mounted to the wall where my left knee would be.

I am thinking I will go with the Cooper Bussmann 15712 or the 15401
You can have up to 32 fuses on these. The 15401 adds relays to the block.

The advantage to the 15712 is it can have a low profile cover if only using fuses.
The advantage to the 15401 is the addition of relays, but it has a tall cover.

Both can use Cooper's circuit breakers in the blade type fuse holder. This adds the advantage of going with a few breakers in the same fuse block. But this drives a higher cover.

Would I need more than 32 fuses?
Relays might be nice for switching on the 2nd buss or to use micro switches on the panel. They were not needed in my -6a's system, but might be nice in the -10


New 9A builder

"Now that I have airplane parts in my garage I want to officially introduce myself. I am David Randall from Western New York. I bought Aaron Arvid's kit in Minneapolis. My wife and I flew out there and packed up his finished tail and unfinished wing kit in early December.  Recently finished my wing stands. Now to learn how to use all these tools I have never used before. Here are my sons learning with me as we work on the practice airfoil kit. I got each a Van's tool box kit for Christmas so we'll start those soon. In 2 weeks we take my older son to Daytona to his first semester at Embry-Riddle University so I want to get him rivetting before then. Couldn't hurt learning that since he is an aerospace engineering student.  I'm sure I'll have many questions so please be gentle on this newbie!! I want to thank Vlad for my first RV ride and Andy Turner for following up the week after that with a ride in his beautiful RV-10. You guys are great RV ambassadors."


Broken Throttle Springs ...RV-12

I have experienced three broken throttle springs now in 80hrs of flight. They are the new springs (Vans part SPRING-00002, McFarlane part 6822) made by McFarlane for the vernier throttle. See service bulletin 14-12-16.

The springs were installed by hand, so it could not be nicks caused by pliers.

Ken at Van's support was not aware of any issues with the new springs. I also have an inquiry in to McFarlane.

Anybody else out there having problems with the new springs breaking?



December 28, 2015.  0043Z.   Issue No. 4,018. 
Hydroguy2 House/Hangar Update

[ed.  That is drop dead gorgeous, Brian!  Very happy for you!  dr]


First Engine Start ...rightrudder pics and video


Story of the Year ...from Bob Collins' day job

"...a tribute to everyone who moves forward."


How many miles did you fly in 2015?..Rosie throws down


Los Angeles to England in an RV-8.  By Mark Albery (Avweb)


Almost Done w/Fiberglass ...KHeidorn pics


212kt GS ...Joe w/a 40kt tailwind


Site Mascot Gets Into Some Chocolate

While in Waco on Christmas Day, Moondog found some Hershey Kisses under a chair (possible placement by grandkids).  So, we spent some time that afternoon/evening at the vet getting an X-ray to see if he ate the foil wrappers, too.  Didn't.

  • Gas money to/from Waco for Christmas with Mom-in-Law:  $40
  • Cleaning supplies to clean up dog barf: $5
  • Finding a vet open on Christmas: Priceless $233.  ;^)

We're glad the little fart is going to be OK. 

Moondog requested the modesty screen.
I may have exaggerated it for comedic effect.


DIY Painting ...Steve Melton update


From the Mothership 


Family Christmas in the Hangar ...Mike Hillger

Normally, we push the plane out for our large family Christmas party. The West Texas Blizzard forced us to let the RV7 be included in the celebration.


RV-7 Status Report ...George Fahmy


Found Online: German Guitar Maker w/RVs on the Fretboard



December 24-25, 2015.   Issue No. 4,017. 


Goodbye 2015 ...Vlad starts it

It was a great year of flying my RV9A. I had 245 VFR Days and flew 587 trouble free hours enjoying every minute of it (vs 262d/620h in 2014). Looking forward to better 2016!

Highlights of the year. Mo's Ice Flyin on Ottawa River Canada.  continue/many pics


From the mothership FB page


More DIY Painting Pics ...Steve Melton

"...fairing looks good, no immediate orange peel, urethane likes to be room temp, cold paint goes on too thick and can cause orange peel when hanging to cure. I'll post of picture of this tomorrow to see the overnight effects."


North Pole RNAV (GPS) Rwy 18


20 minutes condensed to 6   

Tuesday morning I flew over to KAFW and shot the 16L ILS.  Captured the flight from radios ON to clear of the active - experimenting with the VIRB camera.  This at 720pHD, so you can't really read the panel.  You can probably make out when I turn onto the localizer and put the chart up on the MFD.  A sunset flight should be next test of this equipment, and at 1080pHD.  90% of the video is played 800% faster than recorded...you shouldn't get too bored.  I turned the autopilot on for a bit while established on the GS, just for giggles.

The VIRB video editing software has some new overlays which were neat to see (the 'gauges' on the right side).  And I'm sorry our runway is as bad looking as it is.  Several of us are quite embarrassed and are working the problem.

Anyway, something to do at work for six minutes if you're bored. 

1080p HD upload test of a portion of this video:
(seems to work on my FireFox but not in IE...looking into it)



12/23/2015.  0001 UTC.  Issue No. 4,016. 
DIY Painting ...Steve Melton

top cowl. I heated the paint and reducer to 70F before mixing by placing in a box in front of an electric heater. I heated the hangar to 24C and the booth temp for the first coat was 80F and finish painting booth temp was 70F. I used DT885 reducer to try to get a nice smooth finish. I painted the part upside down. the warm paint was thinner, had better flow and was overall easier to work with. added that to my checklist. towards the aft I managed to loose the paint line and also got the gun to close and saw the effects of paint "swoosh" in all directions from the air pressure. I thought I had ruined it but slowly it began to heal itself. other than this defect I'm happy with it.

also, the day before I forgot to clean my gun after K36. that took a full hour to clean. another painful lesson.

the "swoosh" run is just behind the reflection of the wire. I will get another picture of this tomorrow to see the effects of gravity overnight.  continue


Surgery Update ...Ed Wischmeyer

Was surprised and disappointed when they said they'd keep me overnight but boy was that a good call on their part!! Was hurting immediately post op. And I'm getting IV antibiotics.

As advertised, this surgery was lots less invasive than the last one - I was able to eat dinner the day of surgery. Letting the bone graft heal won't be any faster, though.

Will go home today to a very clean house.

Thanks to all for prayers and support!


Towbar ...DanH

A personal tradition; I build a new towbar for every new project. Thought you might like to see this one.


Mods ...Lance Logan

Here's a couple of pics ("I hope" says the caveman) this is a little different than what I did on the RV8A. The 6 exhaust is angled much more sharply down, so no center piece. The ramp that guides the air out of the cowl is likely as responsible as the 'flow straightener', but I'm too lazy to take the cowl of just to get a pic. Sorry about the dirty bottom... been doing a little acro.



12/22/2015.  0021 UTC.  Issue No. 4,015. 
Early Winter Fun ...Jesse Bentley

Breakfast at Lone Rock Saturday morning then down to Ron Moring's place for a little airplane geek out session. (He's well along on a Glasair Sportsman project) Ron grabbed these pics as I departed in the snow. Amazing how a little snow in the grass shortens your landing roll out!


Glass RV10 ...Troy Branch

Today I was given an early Xmas gift by one of my Employees. I talk airplanes often at work and she is so nice to always listen. Her hobby is making all kinds of things out of glass. Everyone needs hobbies and melting glass is a pretty cool hobby to say the least.

She surprised me today with what she thought was not the perfect airplane and was concerned about what I would think. Well it is an amazing feat to make such a thing out of glass and I was very happy with what I saw. You have to hand cut all the parts and then lay them on top of one another before placing them in the oven. You never really know what the final result will be. I know many hours was spent on this and I am very thankful for such a gift. It is melted onto a colored glass and then placed in a frame. I had not idea you could do this with glass.

I took her and her husband in the RV10 this summer, both very nervous flyers on commercial jet aircraft....they can't wait to go back up in the RV10. Much better experience for them.

The Branchair family is happy to hang this on the wall.


Status ...Gregg Brightwell

Flipped the Canoe! Big Milestone for me.  Well, the last week or so, I have been taking care of odds and ends, while waiting for a rivet partner. Steve was able to come by today, and we knocked out the right side of the forward fuse, and a few fasteners on the firewall. Here is a pic after we were done riveting.


AcroBox- an app for aspiring aerobatic pilots

...free app from Brad Benson


What happen to this cotter pin?

(AX-O)  I went flying again yesterday and during my preflight I found this. It was not there before the previous flight. no signs of hitting anything. Any ideas on what could had caused this? I was thinking a rope but I have not been around any ropes. BTW, that is a DJM 4 inch wheel. Love it.


Carlos' Static Line Run Pics



12/21/2015.  0107 UTC.  Issue No. 4,014. 
Surgery and Full RV Proficiency ...Ed Wischmeyer

The good news is that I'm getting my third (and hopefully last!) back surgery on Monday, but the challenge is maintaining the high level of proficiency required to make RV flying rewarding.

The brief history:
* Three years ago, laminectomy with bilateral foraminotomy. The challenge after that surgery was regaining G tolerance. I don't think that I ever got it back more than about 3 Gs, pretty low.
* A year ago was the mother of all surgeries, spinal fusion from L1 - L5, with full recovery taking a year. I started flying after six months (with a CFI buddy, a really good call, even in my docile old Cessna), and when the Cessna sold, bought an RV-9A and added a second G3X touch screen. What with weather, flu, and other interruptions, I'm barely up to comfortable proficiency with the G3X and have not flown the RV-8 nearly enough. My last flight in the RV-8 was within my acceptable limits but I was working too hard;
* Monday, I'll get extreme lateral interbody fusion L1 - L2 because, as sometimes happens, the last surgery didn't heal completely. No riding in cars for two weeks, no driving for six, but full recovery after 12 weeks;
* I'm now 66 and have been physically fit my entire life.  continue


RV-14 Avionics Update ...from mothership



DIY Painting Update ...Steve Melton

The long gear leg fairings developed slight orange peel when left hanging vertical. I painted these horizontal and they were perfectly smooth. the paint gun did not cause orange peel. it was simply the vertical orientation. the small fairing more horizontal surfaces (where it fairs for the attachment holes) are smooth. for this case, my conclusion is orange peel was simply caused by the paint flowing downhill. there are probably other causes for orange peel.


Probable Cause List Updated

The (14) probable cause documents (duplicated below) in the list have been published since 9/6/15 (the last time I updated).  The publication date is the last column on the far right side.  Two had fatalities, and all but one were VFR.

Accident Number Event Date Location
GAA16CA018 10/12/2015 San Marcos, TX
CEN14LA424 08/09/2014 Russell, IA (fatalities / IMC)
CEN15LA179 03/23/2015 Marathon, TX
WPR15LA092 01/26/2015 Seabeck, WA (fatalities)
WPR12LA321 07/14/2012 Novato, CA
GAA15CA093 05/23/2015 Lorain/Elyria, OH
GAA15CA056 04/30/2015 Tunica, MS
GAA15CA040 04/11/2015 LaFayette, GA
ERA15LA205 05/05/2015 Bartow, GA
CEN14LA471 09/01/2014 Las Cruces, NM
WPR13LA093 12/31/2012 Las Vegas, NV
ERA14CA265 05/25/2014 Harpswell, ME
CEN14CA264 05/21/2014 Rockwell City, IA
WPR14LA046 11/02/2013 Wickenburg, AZ

PLEASE read, digest and discuss these...and learn.

Yours in promoting safety,


How tall is your Xmas Tree?

Vlad's is 309,000'...


PMAG Issue/Fix ...AX-O

Today i wanted to go flying. So i did the preflight, had my test plan ready and pushed the plane out. During the preflight i moved the exhaust pipes and the right pair felt a little different. Humm, that is a little weird.

I started the plane and all appered to be working well. When i did the mag checks i knew something was wrong immediately. After troubleshooting i noticed that the number 3 cylinder egt was dropping as soon as i killed the good mag. Pretty easy to see with the engine monitor.

So i taxied back and started to remove the cowl. As soon as the cowl was off, the problem was easily spotted, one of the PMAG wires (#3, imagine that) came off the back of the PMAG. I put the wire back in but the standard click when correctly set on the PMAG did not happen. I found an unused new wire and gave it a try. Click!! So i checked some of the other wires and 3 more were extremely easy to remove. No click. I took some needle nose pliers and crimped the metal portion of the wire. Now they all click and feel secure.

I am not sure what happen. The plane now has 15 hours on it. I know that when i made the wires, they clicked nicely when installed. I will keep an eye on them.

As i was checking around before putting the cowl back on, i found a broken adel clamp. The one that held the right exhaust pair to the engine mount. Well that makes sense.

Got everything back together and went flying. Had a great flight. Has anyone had a similar issue with the wire coming off the back of the PMAG? My guess is mine came off during last flight because the previous mag check passed on the ground.


Never seen this before

Poking around in Garmin Pilot low level IFR charts over the weekend, and came across squiggly lines.  Screen grab below.  I have no idea what it means - my guess is 'don't use this line'.  Thoughts?

(update from FAA friend)  "unusable route segment. usually some sort of restricted area or warning area is nearby or overlaps the 4 mile width each side of center."


Mods and new cruise speed ...hlangebro

Finally, I broke 170ktas with my 160hp 7A!!
The changes since last time was: vhf and vor antenna fairings, ailerons reflexed to match the flaps (-2deg), elevator trim rod fairings, aileron fences!
170ktas at 75% and 160ktas at 65%!
This is a 2-3ktas increase since last change.
So far I have a 12.7% drag reduction since phase 1. Flat plat drag has come done from 2.36sqft to 2.06sqft.
My cruise at 65% is almost the same as the cruise at 75% when I started modding!


3.8 Cumulative GPA So Far...update

Permit me a moment to brag on our daughter (the 'AR' in N617AR).  The daughter who earned her allowance for years by updating the RV White Pages.  Audrey got her Fall '15 grades from SMU over the weekend (junior majoring in chemistry) - formula sheet for her Physical Chem class HERE (wow). 

Posting this so you can 'keep track of your investment'.  Go Audrey! 



12/18/2015.  0107 UTC.  Issue No. 4,013. 
Pop-Up IFR Clearance Works

Baby steps with this new IFR rating, and keeping the brain cells stretched out a little.  Thursday 18 minute CAVU VFR fuel run up to KGLE.  My home field is where it says 'Active Log' in the pic....Gainesville upper left.  After gassing up ($3.40) I launched and contacted approach while circling at 2,500' a couple miles west of Gainesville (waiting for a pause in a very busy approach frequency).  They gave me a squawk, a climb to 3,000' and vectors to the localizer on the 16L ILS approach at KAFW (the red line below is the IFR portion of the day - WIGZU is where the little bend is).  Switch to tower when told, joined the localizer, captured the glideslope and hand flew down to minimums where I went missed and cancelled IFR for the VFR return to 52F.  Blue lines logged VFR.

Added about .2hr to the normal fuel run, but gave me a tiny bit more experience "in the IFR system".  Eighteen minutes more experience to be exact.  No clouds were harmed...or even seen.

This might be my new fuel run routine.  Again, baby steps.  Good brain food.

(click to enlarge)

related: Doug's IFR Checkride


Tom Swearengen Update ...from Tom

Welll since its the time of year to state what we are grateful for, I have a few. I've previously mentioned the Dr's, nurses and staff that saved my life. To Suzanne, who has been by my side for 5 years, but even more the past 5 weeks. To the RV community and Doug and Susie, all of you have been so compassionate, it makes the healing process much easier. Lee Logan, Dennis Argetsinger, Ray Eaker for constantly checking on me, and offering lot of help. (no my 7 isnt finshed yet) .

Santa does come around. Thought he was in Texas at Rick's place but he found his way to SC, but in the form of a Realtor. Leased a house in Ridgeland, pretty close to 3J1, and we will be moving mid January.
What that means to the RV community is that I'll have a much larger area to develop and build the components and assemblies for you. Suzanne will have the office space she wants (I think), and over all a better deal for us. We arent foreseeing any delays for customers (normally), although the past 5 weeks havent been normal to us anyway.

WE certainly want to thank all the RV community for their prayers, cards, emails, phone calls and text messages from all over the world. Its a very great feeling to have!

Merry Christmas to all----and keep building and flying.
Tom and Suzanne.


Status Report ...crabandy

I'm playing around with making my own round inlets for the front of the cowl. Time to fire up my Wife's router for the first time, It was her not so popular Christmas present several years ago.......go ahead and laugh I really should've known better....   I ordered a circle jig and several router bits, the first cut was on the circle jig itself to make room for a 7/8 core box bit.  continue


Vinal Wrap's effect on LEDs and Comms (a good news story) ...Sid

So I've been flying my newly-wrapped RV-7A KELLI GIRL (thanks again Scott Farnsworth and AircraftWraps.com). She flies as good as she now looks, but right up front I've encountered a totally new issue involving my LED nav/beacon lights and my VHF comms.

The airplane.

The lights: AeroLED Pulsar nav/strobes in the wings, and the SunTail position/strobe in the tail.

The radio: PS Engineering PAR100EX. (BTW, my comms 2 is the Dynon SkyView VHF, but this problem didn't impact that radio).

The problem: With the strobes and nav/position lights turned on, I got terrible noise on the PAR100EX radio on all frequencies. To be clear, it's not through the intercom function: It's through the radio when that radio is selected. The PAR100EX radio transmitted clearly, but the noise was excessive in receive mode. My friend Blake Graham and I checked both VHF antennae to be sure they were mounted properly (the AircraftWraps folks had to remove them for the vinal wrap job). Yes, they were properly remounted and grounded to the ground plane. We also swapped both antennae to see if the problem migrated from Comm 1 to 2....no dice.  continue


Special Sealant Gun Package Deal for VAF - Limited Quantity Available ...Brown Tool

We recently purchased a LARGE lot of used/surplus tools from a major aircraft manufacturing facility in Wichita, KS. Included in that lot were a quantity of used Semco Pneumatic Sealant Guns. If you bought these Sealant Guns 'new', they would cost you $150 - $200. We have put together a combo/package deal with a used Sealant Gun and a kit of brand new accessories. Everything you need to EASILY apply aircraft sealant right where you want it. This is a one time deal and is limited to our surplus Sealant Gun inventory on hand.

1 ea. USED Semco Pneumatic Sealant Gun w/ 2-1/2 oz Retainer
(Sealant Gun is used - it will have all of the nicks, scratches, engravings, etc. that you would expect to see on a used Sealant Gun. It has been thoroughly tested and is in EXCELLENT operational condition and has plenty of useful life left.)
5 ea. 220323 NEW Semco 2-1/2oz Empty Sealant Cartridges
5 ea. 220544 NEW Semco 4" Sealant Nozzles
2 ea. 229394 NEW Semco Sealant Spreader/Squeegee
1 ea. BAT-SSK3PC NEW 3pc Sealant Spatula Kit w/ Pouch

If you bought all of these items separately, you would pay $81.25 (If you bought a new Sealant Gun with these accessories, you would pay around $200!) Take advantage of this special VAF package deal and pay only $60!


Garmin Pilot Introduces Lockheed Martin Flight Plan Filing ...v8.0

When filing an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) or Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flight plan within Garmin Pilot, on iOS and Android devices, the app conveniently files the flight plan directly with Lockheed Martin to ensure precise delivery in the standard International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) format. Flight plans may be filed without credentials and are immediately available to air traffic control. Pilots may also select an FAA domestic flight plan filing option within the app, depending on preference and location. Pilots also receive preferred routing, which presents a summary of similar routes that have been cleared by ATC to other aircraft flying the same departure/destination airport pair.

Additionally, Garmin Pilot for iOS devices has incorporated a redesigned Trip Planning page, which includes a few additional features that provide convenient access to pertinent flight plan information. Within Trip Planning, pilots may view specific details regarding their flight plan and display details pertaining to their flight in a navigation log format. The addition of a weather brief icon within the Trip Planning page allows pilots to conveniently receive a legal weather briefing via Garmin Pilot, which displays testual weather products including: SIGMETs, AIRMETs, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs and more.


VAF Migration Update

Upgrading the server here in a month or so (Plan 'A').  Three more processors, 30% faster disk drives, 4GB RAM, some SQL tweaking, etc.  I'll keep you in the loop.  *Should* equate to faster site. 


Reeves Family Christmas Update

Drove down to Highland Park in tuxedos and gowns to look at the competition.  By tuxedos and gowns I mean sweats and baseball caps.  The top picture is a house of interest down by where Jerry Jones lives.  The second pic is my daughter's apartment at SMU a few blocks away.  I actually kinda prefer hers...  dr

32.832630, -96.796603 (ish). 
Beverly street in Highland Park (Dallas).



12/17/2015.  0121 UTC.  Issue No. 4,012. 
28,180' ...Nigel Speedy (Tehachapi, CA)

Today I set out to find out how high my 8 would go. I did some level accel's from 2 to 18k to determine the climb performance and then came up with a climb schedule to do a ceiling climb. Taking off out of Mojave at 1600 lbs I used 120 KIAS to 10,000', 100 KIAS to 15,000', 90 KIAS to 20,000', 80 KIAS to 25,000', 75 KIAS to 27,000' then 70 KIAS which got me up to 28,000'.

Some observations. It's bloody cold up high. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat. Pens and iPhones don't work very well when cold. The RV-8 cabin heater is no match for -40C. The Dynon Skyview system stops reporting OAT below -32C.

The flight was spoiled by being passed as traffic to a jet climbing out of China Lake as "a very slow moving RV at 280". Granted 38 knots ground speed is a little on the slow side for an RV.

These planes really need a blower or turbo to increase the shabby high alt performance.

(from a later reply by OP)  "I work at NTPS and we have a good relationship with the controlling agency for the Isabella MOA and they routinely allow us to operate aircraft VFR up to 290 and above. So I just put myself on the flying schedule and flew to work and used a work call sign. I actually asked for 300 in a fit of optimism and they approved that once airborne. You could just file IFR though. Be prepared for a long climb, it took me 40 minutes to get from 2700' to 28000'. I spent about 5 minutes up there messing around with different mixture settings and airspeeds but the novelty wore off pretty quick. One of those things you do once to say you did, but I think 18000 is a more practical ceiling (the engine actually makes enough power that the heater works & you can use a cannula instead of a mask) unless there was a scorching tailwind that you just couldn't pass up. I wore a pulse oximeter and lowest I saw was 92% O2 Sat. Have fun exploring."


My first GoPro video ...kaweeka

My first attempt at video editing. A few flights in my -9A from Sacramento to Tahoe compiled with music. Suggestions welcome. I'm hoping Santa brings me a second one to mount at the tail...


DIY Painting Update ...Steve Melton words and pics


Critique my panel, please

We are up the stage of panel layout. Most of the equipment is purchased - just trying to fine tune the layout.



12/16/2015.  0027 UTC.  Issue No. 4,011. 
Condition Inspection - Trick Learned ...Randy Pflanzer (Martinsville, IN)

I'm about 2/3rds of the way thru the condition inspection and I discovered a little trick that, at least I, didn't know about before. You know how difficult it is to get the bowl off of the Andair gascolator on the -12? Well, pulling it off has always been difficult for me........until my brain checked in. I realized that I was pulling against a vacuum in the fuel system. Once I pressed and held in the drain valve, the bowl slide right off into my hand. DUH!! Thought I'd pass this along in case you hadn't heard of this either.

Haven't found much of anything so far, just a loose stop nut. I'll be moving on to the 200 hr Rotax maintenance items next.


Courtesy Car List Updated

New listings in:


Slightly Oblong hole in Wing Spar ...Garet Hess (Edmonton, AB)

Well.. I've managed to put myself in a bit of a spot. While match drilling the W-726 spacers/W-731 Tie-down to the Wing Spar for the AN3 bolt, one of the holes managed to get slightly oblong in the Spar Web. At its widest point its 0.207" across. The hole in the spacer is good as well as the Tie down bar.  more


Panel Upgrade ...Rob Hickman post

How can you improve an RV-8 that just won a Bronze Lindy at Oshkosh this year?

Why you can upgrade the panel from VFR to IFR with a new Avidyne IFD-440. We sent a new powder coated and labeled panel center section, IFD-440 and PS Engineering PAC-15 remote audio panel to Synergy Air in Eugene Oregon.

Since this plane was built with our plug and play Advanced Control Module the panel "rewire" was as simple as plugging in the new GPS Navigator and Audio panel harnesses into the ACM.  more


222kts ...Craig Taylor (Plano, TX)

On a recent trip from Pagosa Springs, CO to McKinney TX we showed 222 KTS ground speed. Mixture was 40 degrees LOP, 6.7 GPH, 2400 rpm and airspeed was 162 KTAS. The 566 NM trip took 3 hours 33 seconds takeoff to touchdown. I'm just glad that we weren't westbound!


Pop-Up Clearances ...Avweb article

Weather's gone to pot? No IFR flight plan on file? Don't worry. ATC can usually work with you on the fly. But, you must take care of yourself until they can take care of you.


85 Hours In ...InlineTwin RV-10



12/15/2015.  0120 UTC.  Issue No. 4,010. 
RV10 First Flight ...David E.

First flight of N96KE was Tuesday 12/8/2015. This is my brother, Keith's, plane that I helped build. We used the Additional Pilot Program for the first flight. A 20,000 hour pilot with 1,000 in RV's went along with Keith. Airplane flies great. Equipped with Dynon Skyview, IO-540 and Constant speed MT-Prop.


Re-learning old lessons ...Matt Giordano RV-8

I've been flying since 1989 and I was a flight instructor through the 90s and it's amazing to me how every once in a while you relearn an old lesson.  Today was a beautiful day 70° in December so I thought I would bring out the RV-8 for short flight. Doing the pre-flight I got distracted by a man asking me questions about my airplane and of course I'm a talker so I answered his questions and then moved on. Putting gas into the airplane I got distracted again by a new pilot asking pilot asking questions about the RV and complementing me on how well It looked. Again I was distracted from the task at hand. I had reeled up the fuel hoses and got my receipt then another plane pulled up behind me to get gas at the pumps so I rushed I got in the airplane started the engine and started to move forward and out of the corner of Me eye I saw the orange ground cable that was still connected to my exhaust pipe I promptly shut down the airplane an unstrapped myself and got out and remove the ground cable. I don't think anything would've happened it probably would've just put in the ground wire off however there were other possibilities like I could've ripped the ground strap and flew with the ground wire hanging behind me at any rate something happen but it just reminded me to pay attention and don't be distracted by others. So pay attention when distracted by others.

[ed. The thread is turning into a 'confessional booth' of sorts.  A great read!  dr]


Steve Melton Paint Update


Hangar Concrete Floor Problem ...UnPossible

Hey - we are just a few weeks out from moving into a new home at the airpark in Pecan Plantation. However, we have run into a minor snag with the hangar that we are having built. In the pic below, you can see that the concrete floor rises as you move to the left... it looks like for whatever reason the last 10 feet or so is 3/4" higher than the rest of the floor. The rest of the floor to the right (which you can't see in the pic) looks to be level, as the gap appears consistent.

We are working with the contractor to figure out a solution, but they are coming up blank, so I figured I'd turn the the VAF experts. Is there anyway to grind down the last 10' or so by the required 3/4" to get things back to level?

If not, what is the least bad approach to fix this? Jack hammer it out down to 6" and repour?... entirely cut out that section and repour?


Michael Schofield of Dynon Discusses Enormous TFR over East Coast

So a summary of what we know, and a few thoughts:

A couple of weeks ago, the first reports of the enormous TFR over the east coast showed up on our forum. It took us some time to get a data log that contained it (we're in WA; TFRs are broadcast for the area near the transmitting ADS-B station), so we weren't initially sure what to make of it. During that uncertainty, it's possible that our technical support team jumped to the conclusion that there was a bug in SkyView. It's definitely the sort of thing that smells a bit like a software bug, but we don't think it's one inside of SkyView in this case.

What we know so far, as of right now:
  • The "TFRs" that people are seeing on the east coast are NOTAMs (actually, all TFRs are NOTAMs) that are being identified as TFRs by the bits in the ADS-B data stream that identify what type of information a particular record is.
  • Non-TFR NOTAMs are normally appropriately ignored by SkyView's TFR drawing. However, since these NOTAMs are being categorized as TFRs, they're displayed like other TFRs.
  • It looks like at least some other systems devices that receive TFRs over the ADS-B radio broadcast (UAT/978) are seeing the same thing.
  • It appears that programs and apps that get receive TFRs via an internet connection are not seeing this phenomenon, which is why some thought it to be a bug in SkyView.
  • The NOTAMs in question definitely aren't TFRs; It's not clear why they're tagged as TFRs. They seem to all have to do with outages the ADS-B system, which is we suspect why they're being treated differently than other non-TFR NOTAMs that are broadcast (just a hunch).
  • We're reaching out to other folks in the industry and the the FAA to figure out if this is by design, a categorization mistake, or something else.
  • Whether there are any adjustments to SkyView's software that might be appropriate are dependent on the above questions, and are still TBD.
  • In the meantime, you can reduce the visual prominence of these TFRs by turning down the interior opacity/shading of the TFRs in MAP MENU > MAP ITEMS > TFR OPACITY. If you go down to 0%, you'll have red outline similar to how other airspaces are depicted. You can also play with the zoom level that the TFRs are shown at in the same menu to affect when they're shown.

As for the other comments about various aspects of our company and support: First, thank you for speaking up. We try hard to support a fleet of thousands of aircraft that fly behind our products. I think we delight our customers most of the time. On rare occasion, we get it wrong or fall short of your expectations. I don't want to get into a public back and forth about individual cases, but if there's anything that we can do for any of you, please reach out to me in a PM for a more personal conversation.

Michael Schofield
Dynon Avionics



12/14/2015.  0120 UTC.  Issue No. 4,009. 
Listen to the sounds your airplane makes....it may save your butt ...Walt

While doing a panel upgrade and condition inspection on an RV4, I was hearing a very slight scraping sound when the stick was pushed full forward, obviously one of the elevator torque tubes was hitting something in that position and for a moment, I considered letting it pass, it's was one of those things you say to yourself how often does one really use full down stick so is it really a problem. After locating the area I found it to be under the passenger floor pan which of course is riveted down and the flap mechanism is bolted on top of it, so this was not going to be a 5 minute job. But letting it go kept nagging at me so I decided to just tear into it and find out where the interference was, have a "quick" look at the tube to be sure it wasn't damaged and grind off the offending material.  continue


C'est fini: Post-condition Inspection Flight

Condition inspection complete - finally got N617AR back together.  New EarthX battery installed this time around....MAN that thing is light (4 lbs)!  A pair of AeroLEDs Pulsars are next on the project list, replacing my 20-yr old strobes.  Gas at Denton is currently 65 cents cheaper per gallon than my home field, so that was a no brainer (pump here).  A .4hr flight Friday with no drips, runs or errors, as Jay Pratt has been known to say.

Kneeboard to record any issues (none).  It's time to do a VOR check for the logbook and a couple of approaches under the hood for currency this week.  If I intercept the 131* radial of the TTT VOR at the overhead break point at my home field, the VORs pass.  Every overhead break becomes a VOR check <g>.

What an amazing airplane!  Felt wonderful to get it back up in the air. 

(click to enlarge)


Acro on Top  ...Brad Benson 6A (Maplewood, MN)

I've had the itch to do some acro for the last several days - I usually am able to go at least once or twice a week but the weather has been pretty sour for longer than that. Thinking there must be a way around the issue, came up with a plan and threw it up for comments in another thread and talked with several people whom I trust & respect. Not hearing any downsides to it, I set about the plan.

The first step was verifying that the weather would be acceptable for what I wanted to do. That meant no ice in the clouds and relatively low (<5000ft) tops. Today satisfied those conditions - freezing level was about 8000' and tops were between 4000 and 5000 according to fresh PIREPS.

The second step was figuring out how to tell ATC what exactly I wanted to do. This was pretty easy and they fully approved - I simply filed a flight plan from KSGS to DOKTR, which is a fix near the airspace I usually use for acro. This was important; non-compliance with 91.303 wasn't something I wanted to get in trouble for. I added a 30 minute delay at DOKTR ("DOKTR/D0+30" in the routing) and added comments that I'd like VFR-on-top for some maneuvering 5 miles west of the airway. Filed it and away we went.  continue


Playing Around With Free Checklist Editor Software

...from Garmin (link) for display on my G3X.  Screengrab of the software on my PC below - subject to a thousand changes...many since I grabbed this image.  I might decide I prefer to keep the paper list down the road, or not.  I like how easy this is to change the list around to 'adjust the flow'.
  One wish for the software would be the ability to add color somehow to certain areas, such as in the 'EMERGENCY' section.  May be able to do that and I just haven't found it yet.
  Fun to play with!

(click to enlarge)

fmi: Garmin blog entry on this


Life in 2015

Monitoring family data plan use.  You would think the dad, running a family business, would use the most data.  No, that title goes to the 15yr old son - chart below courtesy my AT&T app.  And thank goodness for unlimited texts.  The 'group chats' those kids get into boggles the mind. 



12/11/2015.  0115 UTC.  Issue No. 4,008. 
Laziness, dead electric bike, AVGAS and food ...Darren in Canada

Captain Stu, my fellow aviation adventurer, from my local field, wrote an article for the monthly newsletter entitled, “Will fly for food”. He commented on most of the $100 hamburger joints in and around Southern Alberta. These are places that most of you will have no knowledge of, but that’s not the point of this little narrative.

At the end of his article he mentioned a few other smaller rural Alberta towns that looked to be potentials. They are located a little further away from Calgary, but definitely within RV distance.

This unusually warm December was all the goading I needed to plan a mission. Thus “Will fly for food Part 2” was born.  continue


Nevadan wants help to get the horse before the cart

I thought buying the hanger before the plane was backwards, but I did this anyways. However when I looked up on Van's website for an instructor they are only teaching people who already have an RV which is almost worse.

I would love to meet someone who can introduce me to these wonderful planes I have dreamed about most of my life.

Quick introduction to myself. I fly sailplanes out of Minden, NV (MEV). I have no need for a plane or a mission it would fulfill. I just always thought when I retired I would build an RV. However now I can actually afford one it seems buying a flying one makes more sense.

The member listings show many people at Carson, Dayton, Reno, and even one in Gardnerville (Minden) and one in Incline. If any of you have your ears on and feel inclined to talk, post or send a PM.

I would love to read from anyone what questions to ask of sellers or instructors.

Buying a hanger, then the plane, then learning to fly it seemed backwards at first, but maybe this is how it is done?


DallasNews.com Article:  McKinney students take flight with aviation program by building — and ultimately flying — their airplane   

In a hangar classroom at McKinney National Airport, students from McKinney’s three high schools are learning to fly — as they assemble an airplane piece by piece.

Quinn Dauenhauer, a senior at McKinney North, signed up for an introductory aviation course because he needed an elective. Now, in his third year with the program, he wants to study aerospace engineering at Texas A&M University.  more



(Rich at aircraftextras.com)
"Are you able to detect a low oil level while you are in flight? We just received a new batch of our Low Oil Level Sensors. This has been a popular choice for RVs and other aircraft. It will fit right in most O-360 engines and lots of others too. We also have shorter models we can offer now for shallower oil pans. If you want a custom sensor designed for your aircraft, let us know. See our Low Oil Level Sensor and more at www.aircraftextras.com."


2016 Calendars are HERE!!!



12/10/2015.  0114 UTC.  Issue No. 4,007. 
Panel Upgrade Status ...Joe Blank

Just finishing up my panel upgrade (as well as a thousand other things on the RV-6) from the past year. The new panel, anchored by 2 Advanced Flight Systems 5600's integrated with Dynon XPDR, Comm, ADS-B, ARINC; TruTrak Vizion A/P; Garmin GTN650; PS Engineering Audio Panel. The main harness was fabricated by Pacific Coast Avionics. These systems are simply amazing in their capability and features. Rob, Jeffrey, Ken, and all of the folks at Advanced flight Systems have been wonderful to work with. (Including my lovely wife Tricia... Yes, I am a lucky guy) They've all been really great! A big thanks to all of the folks involved in this effort!

While digging into the manuals last night as I sat in the airplane, the Northwest was again getting hammered by another pacific cold front. As I was sitting there, I could watch the ADS-B Nexrad data update, check airport info around the area (KUAO 17023G35KT 4SM RA), and see occasional bizjet and airline traffic targets going over probably wishing they were on the ground. All from the comfort of the stationary cockpit. Meanwhile, I could see what the weather was doing in Miami which looked way more pleasing than the NW deluge that we were about to suffer...

As I finish up the myriad of software settings, component checks, user training and return to flight test cards, this system should be light years ahead of what was in my panel for the first 10 years of it's service. I'm sure it will take a few hours to master but the additional capability is very impressive!


FP to CS Conversion Unintended Consequences

I recently converted from FP to CS and ran in to a bit of a problem…. I am sharing this in case someone else runs in to similar symptoms and in also to get community feedback.

Engine: O-360-A1A (one regular mag, one pmag, overhauled, currently w/ ~460 hours)
Governor: Jihostroj (New)
Stainless steel prop governor oil line (New)
Prop: Whirlwind 74 RV (New)

First and second ground runs had expected engine behavior and oil pressures. Logbooks updated, FSDO notified and first flight was ready to go.
On first flight, the oil pressure was initially normal on initial take off roll but after 160 seconds post take off start the oil pressure alarm went off while engine still maintained power. (The oil pressure alarm was set to go off at 25 psi.) I immediately reduced power and returned to land but before I could land the oil pressure got as low as 6 psi but then recovered to about 30. I’m thinking I would have an aircraft covered in oil but there was not a drip to be found. Therefore there could be an issue with the oil pump, prop governor, oil pressure sender, bearing or something entirely else.  continue


November Construction Time Lapse Videos ...gfb


Status Report ...rightrudder -9A

Finally, ready to put the wings on for good! Should happen this Friday, if my self-employed helper doesn't get any last-minute jobs.

Fuel inlet tubes match up perfectly with the tank fittings with a measurement of 2.50" from the fuselage side to the flare.There's a bit of give in the line, so you could be off by 1/8" or so and it would still be fine. Much peace of mind that they came out to the right length!

Looking forward to the W&B, I've located a set of Longacre racing scales from a friend who competes in autocross. I'm just guessing from looking at other people's #s, but the mains ought to be about 365-375 lb. apiece, and the nose wheel at maybe 300-315 lb. So now I'm putting ALL the stuff back into the plane for W&B, only to take it ALL back out for the DAR inspection. Putting it ALL back in after that will be pretty painless, because at that point it's time to fly.

All the placarding is done, checklists are made and laminated, ELT makes all the appropriate noises on 121.5, and POH is about 90 percent done (obviously a continual work in progress as I fly Phase 1 and determine what the numbers are for my plane). I still need to finalize some settings on the EFIS, and set reasonable limits so the display doesn't light up with warnings during the first flight.

I've also contacted Reuven at KSEE about transition training, which is tentatively set for mid January. So first flight in March? That's what I'm hoping.


RV-14A Engine Start Video


Milestone ...cderk RV-10

Woo Hoo... making progress. 50+ hours in and I've got a vertical stabilizer and rudder. Starting to look like something.



12/09/2015.  0109 UTC.  Issue No. 4,006. 

AX-O photo...


Why is This RV Smiling? ...Paul Dye

Because she got her prop back and went flying for the first time since late September!  Whirlwind replaced all three blades, machined the hub and put it all back together beautifully. The box they shipped it in is a keeper - ready for the next maintenance cycle, it would be a shame to lose it. I ran it up on the ground after installation, checked for leaks, then took it up over the field for about twenty minutes. Running great, very smooth - but we'll still look for a Dynamic Balance somewhere here in the Reno area. Walt has always done our balance work, but he's a long ways away.


More Steve Melton Painting

...horizontal stab, bigger parts, booth temp 75F at first coat, second coat 70F. it didn't seem to flow as well. perhaps for the bigger parts use a higher temp reducer like DT885 but overall I am pleased with it. usually it is better the second day after flowing out. painted upside down. sprayed the floor with water.


The Tru Trak ECO Autopilot really flies! ...Paul Dye

I know that lots of folks saw Tru Trak’s prototype demo of the low-cost ECO autopilot at Oshkosh a few months ago, and many looked forward to seeing it in action. I got a chance to fly it this weekend with Andrew in the Tru Trak RV-10, and I have to tell you folks – this is revolutionary from both a cost and performance perspective. For $1,000, you get a two-axis autopilot that will hold heading, track a Nav source, and hold altitude – the three things we all do with our autopilots about 95% of the time. For a VFR pilot, it is hard to think of anything else that you absolutely NEED. It has good control authority (I couldn’t tell much difference between it and Sorcerer installed in the airplane as well), and a unique feel – because it flies with trim tabs, rather than manipulating the controls.

And then there is the Envelope Protection – another cool feature that could very well make a huge contribution to GA safety.

I did a little write-up about it HERE, and there will be a full review in Kitplanes in an upcoming issue.


New RV7A Blog Describing First Flights ...James Clark IV

After seeing some of the other professionally done blogs about flight testing: I'm trying my hand at documenting my experiences flying my new RV7A in a wordpress blog. So far its only flights #1 - #4, but it seems like a nice way to keep track of all the new/changing/items and information in one place.

Follow along if you like, and please feel free to make suggestions as I'm pretty new at this:


Museum Month ...Vlad entries


My New Bookmarker

Mark Pensenstadler runs www.RansClan.com, and we occasionally bounce ideas off each other.  He also runs www.AircraftStickers.com, and is an advertiser on VAF.  I got the picture below in the mail today.  Made my day, and the 'modded' picture is my new placeholder for books.  Love it!  I could grow the beard like that, but I'd need a lot of coloring <g>.  Even rebranded my RV...

Plotting my next move now... ;^) 

(click to enlarge)



12/08/2015.  0036 UTC.  Issue No. 4,005. 
IFR Sunset ...ChiefPilot

I went for a short IFR currency flight from KSGS to KSTC and back today; KSTC was reporting 200' and 1/4 mile viz so I knew I would be going missed but wanted the practice. Tops were 2500 and I was cruising back at 4000' when the sun set. Scenes like this are one reason why I love to fly.

Punch List ...KRviator

So the story starts off Tuesday last week, when I'd arranged for a local L4 Amateur-Built Inspector to do the pre-flight final inspection on Aurora Australis. On Monday morning, I loaded up the 4WD with tools, fuel, a couple of spare parts and a jerrycan of fuel to fill with Avgas on the way. Problem being, on the way home from the airport the after flying that afternoon, I had tyre issues with the 4by so I took the KRviatrix's car the following day.

The hangar key lives on the 4by's keyring.......

So....I drive an hour and a half to the airport, and as I'm walking back from the fuel bowser, I see her fluorescent-yellow car (the only man-made thing besides the Great Wall of China that can be seen from space) in the car park, the penny drops as to what I've done, and an expletive was uttered that was heard for miles around. No one else could get into the hangar and as a result the inspection was put off till today.  more

Sam Buchanan's Next Plane Ready to Fly ...Sam also has a RV-6

Good news about Trish "SchoolMom" Russell...ronschreck post

Many of you know Trish Russell. She flew with the West Coast Ravens and has attended a number of formation clinics across the country. She retired from teaching last year and moved from California to North Carolina with husband Mark. They are building a beautiful home just two doors down the street from me at Gold Hill Airpark.

On September 30th Trish Russell was rushed to the hospital. She had an AVM in her brain that ruptured. An AVM (arteriovenous malformation) is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the brain. It’s a congenital condition; she always had it and never knew until it ruptured. Trish had brain surgery on October first. They removed a portion of her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain and because the rupture was repaired quickly there is a high probability that Trish will make a full recovery. I visited Trish on the day after her release from the NICU. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t open her eyes and had lost all movement on her left side. We conversed via a white board. I visited her in the hospital three weeks later and was amazed at the progress. Her eyes were open and she was talking and talking and talking! Very slight movement on her left side gave her hope that she would be walking before long and perhaps even returning the left seat of her RV-6A. Through it all Trish’s husband, Mark and daughter Angelie have been by her side night and day. Their support and encouragement and Trish’s determination are all centered on one goal: getting her back in the cockpit.  continue

Flight Testing Continues ...AX-O

Finally... flight testing continues. I was able to log approx. 4 hrs this weekend. I installed a new Catto 2-bladed test prop (more pitch). This one got me closer to where I need to be but still not quite there yet.

Landing with a flat, and how to patch a tube with velcro and superglue ...CATPart

I didn't land with a flat, as it happened in the 30 seconds I waited for my takeoff clearance. Clearance granted, I tried to taxi to the runway, but could not roll at all, just did a 360 around my right leg, regardless of how much left brake and rudder. I was convinced my right brake was stuck. Tower let me shut down and hop out for an inspection, wheel pant is on the ground, tire as flat as can be.

My first thought, "there is no way they can tow this tail dragger (RV-4)". Tow cart shows up, and yea, not going to happen. So I hitch a ride back to the hangar (3/4 to 1 mile probably), load up the FBO golf cart with my tools, borrow a jack and air tank from them, but we can't find a tire patch anywhere. The fbo guy looks in the toolbox and sees some tape, superglue, adhesive backed Velcro, windex, we grab it all.  continue

Status ...Jesse

Just tried MOGAS, didn't go well

After getting the first 90 hours on my -9A, I decided to tried the 91 Octane autogas that is sold at my home airport. Being overly cautious, I completely drained the left tank of 100LL and filled it with autogas. On the next flight, I took-off on the right tank (100LL) and once leveled off and with everything stabilized, I switched over to the left tank. About 30-45 seconds later, I felt a noticeable loss of power and the engine began surging from cruise power to lower power. I had the engine page up on the PFD during the tank switch just in case and the fuel pressure was dropping, accompanying the power surge. My IO-320's fuel pressure usually runs at a steady 18 psi, but it was dropping to 8-9 psi for a second, then back up to normal, then down again (again with a power loss).  more

Paint Update ...Steve Melton

spinner and intersection fairing. I was cautious not to put too much paint on these for a fear of a run. I thought about painting the spinner inverted on the way home. the perimeter decreases because of the cone shape and if you have a run it could become worse. it worked out for me and was easy to rotate the spinner while painting. next time I would do it the same but use a stronger rod thru the spinner holes because the .042 wire is not strong enough and will bend at the holes. for the final and second coat, the booth temp was 65F, I used DT870 reducer.

W&B ...Greg Niehues

Got my first weight data yesterday, with IO360 and Whirlwind C/S prop, full glass panel, dual alternators, battery in the mid-tail, extended range tanks and complete Classic Aero interior (seats, side panels, carpet, the works).

Empty weight is 1111 pounds at 77.92" from the datum, just about 10 pounds heavier than I anticipated before I started building. Blasted primer! <g>

Tom Swearengen Update

Morning all. I just wanted to give an update to everyone. First---thank you all so much for the prayers and very kind words. Suzanne and I greatly appreciate it!. I started building a few hoses last week, to try and get caught up. Getting my strength back has been a bigger deal than the knee issues. Knee is fine, other than therapy makes it sore. I'm still about a week behind schedule, but in actuality probably a week ahead in getting it back to 100%. On a bike at therapy now, so its accellerating.

I think Im now caught up on all the small orders. Several packages to do this week for some VERY patient customers. The RV community has been very patient with me during this time, and thats something that we wont forget. Hopefully by the end of the month, things will be back to normal.

From the mothership FB page

Seen While Flying Monday Morning 

The highlight of my .2hr flight.  Crummy iPhone pics somewhere near my home field.  Zoomed in a bit later in Photoshop.  Don't ask me where exactly, I enjoy watching this guy.  ;^)  Sometimes he doesn't even look up from eating when I fly by.



12/07/2015.  0019 UTC.  Issue No. 4,004. 
Trip - Venice, FL-Albuquerque-Phoenix-Venice ...GLPalinkas

(in four parts)  First, as a former aerial photographer, one would think I would have brought a better camera than my iPhone. Alas, I did not…sorry

Well, It all started Oct 12 when family/life issues came up and I needed to wing my way West again from Venice, FL to Albuquerque. My lovely wife and I loaded up and I decided to RON in the Dallas area as a 10 hour flying day wasn’t in her cards…(neither were the very high winds forecast for central Texas) but we did get an early start.  <g>  ...


Selecting an Engine for the RV-14/14A

(mothership FB posting) 



Status Report ...Gregg Brightwell -4

After a lot of work the last week, the fuse is ready to finish riveting, I just gotta bribe a buddy to come by. (Kurt / Steve / Aaron - beer is in the fridge).  I cut off the jig uprights today after all the skins were clecoed on, and I put a couple alignment pins on the inside to replace them. Now I can access the firewall easier. After all these clecos are removed, I'll flip the canoe.


ECI Factory Visit ...Kyle Boatright

One thing I've found is that a friendly phone call will get you into a lot of interesting places. I've been on tours at Boeing, Lockheed, General Dynamics, Raytheon (ooh, laser guided bombs!), Legend Cub, GEC Avionics (a big HUD manufacturer years ago), plus a few more aviation related businesses based on a phone call or having a personal contact.

Since we planned to be in New Braunfels, TX for Thanksgiving this year, I reached out to ECI/Titan which is nearby in San Antonio and asked if I could tour the factory while I was in town. They graciously accepted and we worked out that I'd drop by the factory on the day before Thanksgiving. It was understood that the factory would be in the process of winding down for the holidays when I arrived.  ...


Where SMO Mounted his Camera

Put mine in the cowl. You don't have to use a Virb, any camera with composite video output will work - ie a cheap/light bullet cam.

(later in the thread: SuperCubDriver's setup)


Look at this oil filter ...Vlad

Several oil changes ago I noticed the paint on the base of my Tempest oil filter was strangely deformed. Never happened before and couple filters after there was no indication of similar orange peel. I still have one oil filter from that batch will put it in next month and watch...
I change lubricating oil every 50 hours on average and oil filter every 100 hours or so. Can somebody give me a suggestion what caused this paint warp? Rocketbob come back <g>.


From the mothership FB page...


Fuel Leak ...paul330 RV-10 (Wiltshire, UK)

After my last flight, there was blue staining on both sides at the wing root and down the gear legs. Not a huge amount, but obviously needs fixing. Had the root panels off - no signs of leak. So seats out and tunnel panels off. Sure enough, the leak seems to originate in the tunnel and flowed out across to the wing root.

I should mention now that my fuel system is modified a little. UK regs require a gascolator but with the wing fuel drains being at the low point, it's a bit redundant. A mod has been approved to remove the inline filter and put the gascolator in the tunnel to act as a fuel filter only. Using the Andair version means easy cleaning by screwing off the bowl. I also use the Andair fuel selector. All piping is standard flared aluminium fittings.  ...


Milestone: VS Finished ...N890GF


Honoring Pearl Harbor Day


12/04/2015.  0122 UTC.  Issue No. 4,003. 
RV-14 Taildragger First Flight...the video is out.

(from the mothership FB page) 
All of our cameras were out for the first flight of the RV-14 Taildragger on June 16, 2015. We've been working so hard on the kit we haven't had any spare time to edit all the footage together, but now we can share it with you! Mike Seager did a fantastic job as test pilot, and extra kudos are due to the Proto Shop for getting her ready (and painted!) in time to safely debut at Air Ventrure 2015."



Proud Dad ...Marshall

My daughter passed her PPL check ride yesterday.   Now, to make it RV related. We'll have to get her checked out in the 9A. <g>


The Radial RV is an airplane!!! ...flyboykellp

On to flight testing!


Eagle's Nest Projects - N904EN takes flight at Central High School (WI) ...R.E. Butcher

N904EN "Falcon One"
11-18-2015 - Airworthiness by Connie Martin, Milwaukee FSDO
11-25-2015 - 1st Flight - Jim Senft, Pilot

Central High School recently completed extensive renovations to their CTE facilities including the addition of a large 'shop' area which will comfortably accommodate their next Eagle's Nest Project - scheduled to begin early February 2016. The support for Eagle's Nest Projects from the School District, community, Central's principal, Lisa Albrecht, Eagle's Nest project director, Jim Senft, and the dedicated mentor team has been overwhelming and each deserves special recognition and accolades. Congratulations to Central High School Aviation Club for a "job well done"!
more (with video)


Going off reservation with changes,,,,,

(op ed) 
"Current and future builders,
One of the most distracting and sometimes paralyzing things a builder can do is go off reservation and make changes. Sad but true. It usually starts by reading something here on VAF or seeing something at Oshkosh and wanting to incorporate it into your build. Every change I have done during the course of my build has cost me time and sometimes money. At some point, you have to freeze the design and finish the dog-gone thing, at least that's what I've been telling myself. Guys like Horton and others come up with some of the best stuff but those great ideas have added years to my build (little exaggeration here if I may).  more

"I would agree that the “no mod” rule is an excellent guideline; particularly with regard to flying as soon as possible. I would also say that many RV builders have made excellent, safe (and safer) modifications to their RVs, but, yes, usually at the expense of building time. Like several others, I would agree that structural modifications should not be pursued as a rule. Also, aerodynamic modifications are extremely risky without professional analysis and testing.

On the other hand, that does not mean that RVs cannot be improved by careful, competent designers and builders who thoroughly analyze and test everything they are doing. Van successfully modified the Stits Playboy. Many of the people on this forum are capable of doing the same. Also, as a result of experimental aviation, there is a strong, mostly well-vetted, experimental aircraft service and modification supply business. Many of these businesses advertise here on VAF and are quite successful and well-appreciated."  more


Evening flight with RVators in Scandinavian ...video



12/03/2015.  0040 UTC.  Issue No. 4,002. 
Slo Mo RV-8 Take Off

Gary Platner launched Wednesday morning out of my home airport, and I was able to walk over to the taxiway and put my iPhone on the 'slo-mo' video thingy before he went by.  Nothing really groundbreaking, but I always like the 'thump thump thump' of the prop in slo-mo.  dr


Doing things that don't need to be done ...Steve Smith RV-8

I'm most of the way through my condition inspection. This is the fifth one (flying six years). So I thought I would be extra thorough.

I pulled the wheels and cleaned and re-greased the wheel bearings. This was a waste of time. The bearings look like new. Compared to typical service exposure of auto hubs, our wheels are hardly ever used, hardly ever exposed to unpleasant environments. Wish I had not bothered.

Completely anecdotal, but I remember hearing of a study that was done by Greyhound Bus on whether it was better to periodically clean and re-grease wheel bearings, or just leave them be. The ones that were regularly cleaned and regreased had a higher failure rate. Suspected damage to grease from residue of cleaning solvents.

I pulled out my conical K&N air filter (it is in a ram-air housing similar to the Bower system but my own design, gets filtered air from the cooling inlet)
It looks like new. It is still pink from the oil saturation. I looked up on the K&N website for guidance on when we should be cleaning and re-oiling them. Some graphic pictures show when it is dirty enough to need cleaning. Mine was way cleaner than the 'clean' picture. Like I said, looks like new. Again, compared to automotive, very small environmental exposure. I even operate off of dry dirt fields occasionally. Wish I had not bothered.

dr pic.


Critique my ELT mounting


Experimenting With Ignition Timing ...Michael Robinson

Much has been written on this forum concerning the pros and cons of electronic ignition and more specifically, the level of advanced timing they offer. Plenty of testimony that Lycomings "like" more timing than offered by the fixed magneto, and plenty of testimony that the factory knows best. There has also been dyno testing between the two, but the results have been less than convincing for either side. The current crop of electronic ignitions have fairly limited to zero adjustability and the curve seems somewhat mysterious. In my mind, what is needed is a completely adjustable ignition which you can tweak on the fly. Being able to set power, then move the timing around to see where the engine is happiest should put the issue to bed, shouldn't it?  more


2016 Calendar Now On Sale


Smokey residue at cowling hinge ...kritsher -12

I could use some advice on this. This is a picture of the right side of my RV-12 where the lower fiberglass cowling (on the right) meets the aluminum fuselage structure (on the left). The lower of the two hinge pins on the lower cowling runs down the center of the photo.


PIREP ...crabandy

More destruction, man I was so proud of those ramps. I used foam/glass to continue the spinner curve of the cowling onto inlet ramps so the black baffle material had a nice smooth transition to push against. I didn't have the heart to throw them away...



12/02/2015.  0104 UTC.  Issue No. 4,001. 
2015 Grass Strips ...Vlad

"2015 was a good year. 36 new grass/other than paved runways were added to the list which now stands at 127 total."


Officially a repeat RV builder ...Chad Jensen

I just took possession of kit number 1184, a completely untouched 4 tail!  I'm excited about this on as it represents a great spot between today's pre punched kits and a plans built airplane.  Let the winter project fun begin!! Good to be back...


4,826 Days Since First Flight*...ongoing maintenance.

Got out the 'riveting things' and the left wheel pant now has some replacement nutplates - replaced three that had twisted-off screws in them.  I've stopped using a cordless screwdriver to put new screws in, BTW <g>.  And my pnuematic squeezer isn't working, so I used the manual squeezer.  Always learning...  Always maintaining...  Wax on / wax off. 

*Microsoft Excel date functions are your friend ;^)

(click to enlarge)


Aerosport Products New Aerovents

Aerosport Products would like to announce our new AERO VENTS.  These are precision machined from aluminum and anodized either black or clear. The vents come with either the 2" scat tube nut or ring nut.  They require a 2.125" hole and have a 1.20" outlet. These vents seal off when closed to 99%


Visible Signs of Fun

Worn paint around N617AR trim switch outside of my left knee (a few years back).  It's now on the stick.  To this day when I get to 'TRIM SET' in my pre-takeoff checklist, many times I reach over my left elbow for a switch that isn't there.  Why'd I move it?  On a cross country trip a decade ago my resting arm held down the trim without me know...until the autopilot got frustrated and disengaged itself.  The resulting climb rate scared the living piss out of me for a couple seconds until I figured out what had happened <g>.



12/01/2015.  0041 UTC.  Issue No. 4,000. 
December Calendar Wallpaper

...courtesy Mr. Ed. Hicks.


Turkey Day: a Trip PIREP ...Vlad


Don't drop that BUCKING bar!


Shimming the Frame


First Flight(s) ...BigD


New Old Tool


A new RV Pilot --)


WW-151-H - Unexpected Issues at Overhaul


Part 2 of my RV-7A Aerobatics Lesson


Freezing Fuel Vent?

I designed this simple small tank just for plugged fuel vents whether it is plugged from bugs or ice or other foreign matter.
There is a one way check valve on the short hose that can take air in but not out so that the cockpit will not fill up with fumes.


The Sloooowww Reassembly of N617AR

I might be the world's slowest at putting a plane back together after its yearly inspection, but it presents opportunities to fiddle with stuff (and that's cheap fun).  It's cold here, and damp, and the floor is an ice cube...and I'm taking my time.  I got exactly (1) wheel pant back on Monday - new screws and washers, pant cleaned and waxed.  In the process of wiping down some more stuff in the engine bay I came across a spot where some scat tubing rubbed the paint off part of the motor mount - exposing bare metal.  Addressing that next. 



11/30/2015.  0057 UTC.  Issue No. 3,999. 
The Vinyl Wrap Transformation of RV-7A N260KM to KELLI GIRL

...Sid Mayeux discusses his newly-dressed 7A in six parts.


Thanksgiving First Flight ...JamesClarkIV

I thought you all might like to see some pictures from my airworthiness inspection and first flight:

Three things I'm very thankful for this year: My wife, my 8 month old son, and my fresh airworthiness inspection (10/16/15) on N997RV:  ...


RV-7 Journey Begins ...welcome George Fahmy

One week ago I began the journey of the RV-7. This being my first post, I thought I'd share that I have been reading the RV-7 forums for more than a year, and after transitioning into my new job, I finally purchased my tail kit. I can say in the week I have been building, its been awesome so far! Check out my builders log and if there are any critiques about my work don't hesitate to let me know. One thing I've enjoyed about these forums is the vast knowledge that everyone has. I look forward to being a part of this community and sharing my journey!


RV-8 Video ...Hamburg / EDHE


Out of the Paintshop Pics ...Tom Power


Jim Thill's RV-4 Fly-by Pic


Update ...Tom Swearengen

Good morning all. Its Saturday ( I think)---I'm in Virginia at Suzanne's moms for thanksgiving. I just wanted to give a short update for all of you.
Currently, I have no pain, just soreness in my lower calf, which is another word that I'm improving. Walking without crutches, or any other help aid, with no difficulty. Not fast, but steady. I'm about a week behind schedule on therapy, but other wise doing well.

I'll probably start building some hoses when I get back on Monday. So, should be back on schedule in about a week. I cant say enough about the RV community. We we unundated with emails, and texts, some of which I or Suzanne answered, alot of which I still need to address. Point is that all of were thinking more of my health than your projects, and that means more than you can imagine. Many of you are voices on the phone, printing on an email, but over the past 2 weeks have formed into real people. Its amazing that at the point of crisis, people bond together so best wishes actually become a force to combat the issue. Inner strength, strength from beyond, whatever you want to call it, it comes through alot of you.

When an email comes in from Australia, and the person is writing only to say hello, and offer best wishes, gee, that touches you right in the middle of the heart, and you can only smile that the way this happened was because of the great RV Community we have. I havent been to Australia, but sure would like to, and personally thank that person for the email.

Long medical story short, a reaction to the antibotic, Rocephin, given IV during pre-op. By the time I was wheeled into OR, the anesthesia, and the Rocephin were well on its way, doing their jobs. Last I remember was a tickle in my throat, which I tried to cough out. What we now know, is the tickle was the beginning of the airway clossure, and with the surgery almost completed, the airway completely closed, and flow rates began to drop.
Repeated attempts to get an airway failed, so a Tracheotmy was performed, all the while, my orthropededist was finishing his part so they could transport me.

OK enough about the bad stuff. Good Stuff------I'm told heroic efforts by several members of combined OR, ER EMS, ICU staffs have gotten me to where I am today. Deeply indebted to all of those people. In debted to the RV Community for its understanding, and expression of Love and well wishes. You just cant make all of this up. Hospital visitors included Lee Logan and Dennis Argentsinger, my building buddies from 3J1, seeing what they could do to help. Even though we've been friends for years, its still pretty moving to have them come an check on me.

Best thing is I'm on the healing side now. Should be 100% shortly.


Pics ...Trapper's -8


Visiting Jeff ...Vlad

Jeff I got picture of Madison over downtown Louisville. I will expand on the trip here as soon as I sort out all the pictures. Thanks for everything!


DAR Listings Update

Added listing in Virginia.


Panel Status...John Walker -10


VAF Courtesy Car Updated

Somerset, Kentucky.


Painted Pics! ...RV7AJeremy


Paul Roy's License Plate



11/26/2015.  0033 UTC.  Issue No. 3,998.
 Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, and a safe, RV-filled weekend.  Like the mothership I'm taking Friday off, so I'll see you Monday.
I'm very thankful for all my RV friends. 


Soaking up the sunset...acroflyrgirl pics

Today, I had a pleasant shakedown flight. Tested my new interior and associated heated seats. Also tested the new autopilot that TruTrak so speedily sent me.  Hopped to PRC to see a friend then came home chasing the sun. The sky was splashed with beauty.


Courtesy Car List Updated


From www.tostenmfg.com


Status ...crabandy pics

I roughly measured my right inlet with the more restrictive upper cowling ramp in 3 different places, front-middle-aft end of inlet. Due to the shape and access, the cross sections are basically square and I used pieces of paper to gauge the size and measured the papers. Almost the same vertical dimensions with expansion sideways. The top page is the side view and measurement of the inlet in inches. The bottom page shows the inlet from the front-black, middle-red, and rear-purple with rough total areas denoted in their color square.


RV6 For Sale ...[ed. A very nice example of how to list an RV.  dr]

1991 RV6, 2700tt, 363 smoh on 0320 160hp, CHT, 4 cyl EGT. Narco 810 com, Navaid AP-1 autopilot w/altitude hold coupled w/GPS, Narco transponder w/mode C, Lowrance Airmap 2000 color GPS, Dynon D-60 EFIS, 2 place intercom, fuel computer, electric flaps. Good paint and interior. $44,500


200kts ...RyanS

Somewhere over Minnesota...



11/25/2015.  0112 UTC.  Issue No. 3,997. 

It can be rewarding ...Larry Pardue

I have a friend in a nearby town who mentioned several months ago that she wanted a favor. She wouldn't say what the favor was, so I was apprehensive that this was a big one. Well I finally drug it out of her.  more


First Flight ...Charlie Luke 7A

I thought it was about time I updated the status of my project. The inspection was Friday the 13th, all went well, received my airworthiness certificate. The inspection was done by an inspector from the local MIDO and 2 from the local FSDO. ...


Van Celebrates His First 60 Years of Flight



360* Video

You move the mouse and your field of view changes....


Passing of our friend Carlos Fernandez

It is with a very heavy heart that I send this email. Many of you may remember Carlos from when he worked for GRT Avionics. He helped many of us here on VAF set up our panels and was always there to answer our questions.  more


I'm stuck already ...cderk



11/24/2015.  0104 UTC.  Issue No. 3,996. 

Flight Pics ...acam37

RV-10 Build - N311CJ ...Charles

Hello to the VAF community. My empennage kit arrived September 30th and I've been enjoying nearly all of the work so far. When I started I didn't appreciate all the satisfaction this type of work would have or how I would maintain interest for the several years it will take to complete. But now that I have started it does not feel like a slog or something that I hesitate to go out to the shop to continue working on. I am definitely looking forward to this process of building an airplane, and in the end I will have a really nice airplane!

I am logging the build at: www.charlesoconnell.com

54LH ...Tim Threw

My first post, so we will see if I do this correctly. My "adopted" RV7A, 54LH picture is attached - RV grin included!  Thank you to:
- Vans and the builder, Larry Hackney for doing a great job!
- This site for helping me decide which model was best for me and what to look out for - thank you D.R. and the members.
- Jan Bussell for initial training.
- Tom Berge for pre-buy, helping me get her home and the remainder of my flight training.

I have looked at RV for decades - finally joined the club! Boy, am I happy I did

Status ...jcaplins

Here it is after the 2nd test run of the engine. 1st run was without prop, 2nd was with prop. Runs great, just have some minor issues to iron out.

Dolly, milkshake, RV, and aerobatics

Broken piece on corner of tilt canopy

200 KTS Finally ...Nicholas Bachaert

I know many people have done this before me but I finally did it so I thought I would post pics of it. I travel cross country to see my son and on Friday the weather was giving me a little push. One is straight and level and the other is with a 500 fpm descent. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a safe and RV filled holiday weekend!

Who uses airplane to commute to work?

So there's a possibility I may be spending 3-4 days per week in a different work location, starting next year for the next 3-5 years. Relocating family is not an option. Driving distance is 90 miles each way and I figured I would drive up early Monday morning, spend Monday and Tuesday night away from home and drive back Wednesday. Thursdays may involve occasional daily commutes. It is a 90 minute drive each way, regardless of traffic or time of day due to roads I would have to use.

Home airport to local airport at work location is 50 NM. My home to home airport is 15 mins, and it is 15 mins at the other end to work location. This makes it possibly marginally quicker to fly.

There are so many variables purely on the $$$ side to consider that its hard to know where to start when looking at economy: cost of overnight accommodation, food and car fuel as driver, versus cost of "parking" the plane and airplane fuel as an example. For those who commute by plane, what factors should I be considering to see if this is viable? Is my commute too short to make the airplane worthwhile (purely from commute standpoint)?

The biggest plus I can see, assuming costs are close to a wash, is that I could spend every night at home. The biggest negative is that I am VFR only so flying commute would not be all-year round (but I live in Northern CA so get good flying weather 9 months of the year minimum). Please help me with other things to consider.

Panels Shipped in the Last 2 Weeks ...N402RH



11/23/2015.  0100 UTC.  Issue No. 3,995. 

1,000th RV-9/9A Takes Flight ...mothership Hobbs meter

related: About the 1,000th (thread)

First Flight ...BruceP

N7756B took to the air this morning for its first flight! All went well and the plane flies beautifully. Was well prepared after doing transition training with Mike Seager a couple weeks ago. I may have actually had a better landing than all of the 59 I did with Mike! I was two weeks shy of 11 years to build but it was worth it. Thanks to Doug Dodson of EAA Chapter 1000 for being my Technical Counselor, Flight Advisor, and being there to fly chase in his Glasair! Can't wait to get on to flight number two!

When a stuck valve is not a stuck valve ...Carl Froehlich

A few weeks ago we had an interesting engine issue on an RV-8A. The specifics are provided for your information and engine file. Here are the details:
• Engine is a standard compression IO-360, 180hp parallel valve with AirFlow Performance fuel injection
• Total engine time since new is 800 hours (over 13 years)
• Running dual pMags for the last 450 hours (dual Lightspeeds before that which were removed for repeated failures)

The engine started to show signs of a stuck exhaust valve:
• Rough idle on initial start up (classic indication) but the problem did not clear when the engine was warm (at idle) – not a classic stuck valve indication.
• #4 EGT way low – as if the cylinder were simply dead
• Exhaust pipe “popping” at idle
• The engine ran fine at cruise and full power.

Uh oh

The RV-12 and giving rides ...Dgamble

"I was looking for a word that would make a distinction between those who are attracted to airplanes because they can be a fast, efficient way to travel, and those that are attracted to airplanes because, well, because that is simply who and what they are. The former may look at a Cirrus SR-22 and appreciate it for its high speed, sophisticated avionics, and its potentially life-saving ballistic recovery parachute.

The latter? They see it completely differently. Yes, they too may have consideration for the aforementioned utilitarian aspects - the distinction that I am trying to make is by no mean mutually exclusive, but the second set of folks would be just as attracted to the graceful curves and elegant aesthetic balance of the Cirrus even if it plodded along at 90 knots, guided by a magnetic compass and an old Timex watch."

Thanks Everyone for Your Patience and Help… ...Jim Stricker

I’ve been pestering you guys for the past several weeks to get information for the flying RV-12 I recently bought. Everyone has been very kind to respond to my requests and I have been able to fix little squawks and now thoroughly enjoying the new plane. I just want to say what a joy it is to fly the RV-12.

A little history… I’m currently age 62 retired mechanical engineer. My other aviation interests are here http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=237058 and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GE7V7NPVzQ My father flew B-17’s in WWII and taught me to fly when I was in high school a very long time ago. We owned a J3-Cub together for 23 years. My total flying history is 1200 hours - all in 65 hp vintage tail draggers. Fast forward to today… My father passed 8 years ago and I still miss him terribly. A month ago I traded “our” Cub plus a wad of cash for a beautiful flying ELSA RV-12 with only 50 hours TT. I rationalized the decision by saying I’m getting older and I had better do this sooner than later.

My thoughts on my decision…. Wow, what a nice flying airplane! The owner/builder of the RV-12 I purchased is a flight instructor so he gave me a checkout which amounted to four takeoff’s and landings to a full stop. I felt comfortable in the plane immediately. The plane, as different as it is from the Cub, was never out ahead of me. I’ve only flown one time in a Van’s aircraft and it was as a passenger in a RV-8 with no stick in back seat. I’ve never flown in a RV-12 until this deal came along. Nice airplane – solid, smooth, comfortable, visibility extraordinaire, good climb and speed, economical, extremely easy to fly. My next goal is to take the 16-hour LSA Repairman Inspection Aircraft Course at EAA AirVenture this coming year so I can do my own maintenance and Condition Inspections.

Glad you guys welcomed me into the RV-12 fraternity. I think it’s going to be a long association…

Piper J3
Hinckley, OH

Exhaust Hanger Broken

Status Report ...Av8torTom

Installed my canopy this weekend with Sikaflex. Quite happy with the result.



11/20/2015.  0110 UTC.  Issue No. 3,994. 
   Yearly inspection continues on N617AR...on the reassembly side of the curve.  Let's see...I put anti-seize on the new plugs and got them all in and torqued.  Cleaned/oiled the air filter and got that reinstalled.  Drilled out (3) nutplates on the wheel pants that had the screws broken off in them (used stainless on a few by accident over the years)...enough are broken now to have a 'fix party'.
   Cleaned all of the screws that I'd taken out (below), and when they are down to zero the plane is back together.  Sometime next week.  I tend to drag my heels during reassembly - gives me more time to look and drag a rag over things.
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


Mr. Alan Tolle ...Rest in Peace

(From Van on their FB page)
"Longtime friend and RV builder/pilot/promoter Alan Tolle died on Nov. 9th.

Alan became a member of the RV clan around 1976 when he built his first RV-3. At the time, Alan, his wife Diana, and their family lived in Bakersfield, CA. John Harmon had already put Bakersfield on the RV map by building an RV-3 in record time and letting others fly it. John’s airplane infected Bakersfield with the RV virus and many projects sprang up. When a college teacher confidently announced that he was going to build an RV-3 “over the summer” my reaction was: Yeah, I’ve heard that overoptimistic prophesy before. Well, he (and Diana) did it -- in something like 75 days elapsed time! That, of course, was my introduction to Alan Tolle. Obviously, his stock rose considerably in my eyes.

I believe that he built another RV-3 soon after that, and built one of the first RV-4s when that kit became available. He followed with an early RV-6 and RV-6A when they became available in the mid-late 1980s. He flew a lot, showing up at most west coast fly-ins as well as Oshkosh and Sun’N’Fun. When Van’s started having banquets at these major events, Alan MC’d the after-dinner programs for many years. It would be a gross understatement to say that Alan was a great RV ambassador. For many years, he waved the flag for us and no doubt brought many builders into our fold.

Alan’s ability to build quickly was due to his ability to organize and stay on task. He was a consummate scrounger, and would shop at the fly-ins for avionics and instruments he needed and be well organized at the starting bell. Having everything on hand and sticking to his plan set him apart from so many builders who let distractions and “analysis paralysis” delay their projects. The accompanying photo was scanned from the July 1991 issue of Sport Aviation where a feature article by the late great Jack Cox covered the RV-6A that Alan had recently finished. Build time---6 months! That was from a standard kit (no QB available then) with no holes punched or marked, etc. When you compare that to the progress most of us are able to make on our “new and improved” kits, it is an even more remarkable achievement. Of course, Alan did have an advantage; his wonderful wife Diana provided invaluable hands-on help throughout.

At some point Alan felt that he had built enough RVs and built a Questair Venture which enabled him to reach his fly-in destinations quicker. Later, he acquired the remnants of the defunct Questair company and provided parts and services to Venture builders for a number of years. He also became interest in the rotary engine that Everett Hatch and Steve Beckham had developed and built another RV-3 using one of their engines.

Eventually, Alan and Diana relocated to Independence Airpark, west of Salem, OR and not far from Van’s. Their son David had moved to Western Oregon, so they felt that it was time for a change of scenery and an opportunity to be near their children and grandchildren.

I remember one time in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s, Alan told me that the RVs would soon become the most popular and numerous of the homebuilts. While I appreciated his optimism and confidence, I dared not take his prophesy too seriously. These where the days when the RVs were in the “also ran” category and the Vari-Ezes, Glasairs, and Quickie IIs were the darlings of the show. Obviously, I’m glad that Alan’s prophesy came to pass, and readily acknowledge that he help make it happen.

I’m sure that many of you had met Alan at one time or another. Because he was less active over the past 10-15 years, many newer RVers may not be aware of his role in the RV picture. Alan Tolle epitomized the support and contributions that “RV Family” members have made to our community’s strength.

RIP Alan, and our condolences to his wife Diana and family."

related: VAF Thread on Mr. Tolle


Back in the Air ...Tommy Lewis

We got our RV7a back yesterday with a new wing skin to replace the bird damaged right wing. Randy Richmond on Northwest Regional airport did the repair and it came out great. Check out these pictures.


Need Help w/Wood Prop ...Steve Lindberg 7A

My ten year old Aymer-DeMuth wood prop needs refinishing, I believe. Two photos show my two areas of concern, both on the same blade. The scratches go down to the wood, and there are cracks in the finish letting moisture inside.
Any comments? Can anyone recommend a wood prop expert who could do the work? The airplane is a 180 hp RV4 in a closed hangar. Thanks!


ELT Install kit available for the RV-14


From the mothership...



11/19/2015.  0013 UTC.  Issue No. 3,993. 

'Battery Diving'.
A dr picture of Smokey Ray at the Van Cave.

Review of the art piece:
"The artist brings the viewer face to face with their own preconceived hierarchy of cultural values and assumptions of artistic worth. Each pixel imaginatively propels its viewer forward into the seemingly infinite progression of possible reproductions that the artist's practice engenders, whilst simultaneously pulling them backwards in a quest for the 'original' source, or referent, that underlines Reeves' oeuvre."

We Are Worthy! ...BigD

Received the certificate today; Vic Syracuse did the honors at the fabled Monkworks facility. 3 years and 3 months, almost 2800 hours since starting...looking forward to the transition from builder to flyer.


Redneck Avionics ...jpowell13

The problem: just one panel mounted radio, no audio panel and no room in the panel for one, and my radio transmissions are hard read in the 131 to 132 MHz range.

Resources: A backup radio in reserve, and a extra Bob Archer VOR antenna in the left wingtip.

Solution: Hang the second radio under the panel, connect it to the VOR antenna, and plug a handheld mike into the mike jack. If they have trouble reading me on Com 1, pick up the handheld mike and transmit over COM2.


Garmin’s new GAD 27 interface module pairs with G3X™ Touch to streamline installation

...and add more capability!


RV-7 First Flight for Steve from "Flight Chops"


Fresh off Stein's Workbench...


G3X Touch Software 4.0 is out

Changes made from version 3.90 to 4.00:
Add support for GAD 27 electrical control system
Add config mode option to remove knowledge of previously installed MFD2 or PFD2 display
Add option to hide map field on split-screen flight plan page (GDU 46x only)
Add ability to create a user waypoint from Nearest Waypoints page
Add ability to create a user waypoint from User tab of Select Waypoint page
Add ability to acknowledge CAS messages by touching the CAS message area
Add option to display estimated time to VNAV (ETV) field in data bar
Add heading bug reference line to inset map, review pages, and traffic page
Improve Bluetooth communication and Connext interface
Improve CAS message display when there are a large number of messages
Improve selected altitude intercept arc
Change Flight Log page to appear on PFD1 display in a multi-display system
General improvements to system operation
Includes update to GSU25 software version 3.40
Includes GAD27 software version 2.00
Includes GAD29 software version 2.20
Includes GDL39 software version 4.60
Includes GEA24 software version 2.60
Includes GI260 software version 2.70
Includes GPS20A software version 2.10
Includes GSA28 software version 3.00
Includes GSU73 software version 3.40
Includes GTR20/200 software version 2.70

v2.9 Transition Training Syllabus ...Vac



11/18/2015.  0038 UTC.  Issue No. 3,992. 

Hong Kong RV-8 Local News Video (and more) ...Hank Cheng

[ed. And yes that is Hong Kong International Airport. dr]

Status Report ...David Paule -3B

I'd previously gotten the flaps to the point that except for the hinges, they were ready to be deburred, dimpled and riveted together. With the ailerons on, it was time to locate the hinge, the hinge brace and do some more drilling.

Update ...Tom Swearengen

ALL====I was relaeased from the hospital yesterday afternoon.
Trying to rest---yeah right---.
I'm greatly moved by all the outpouring of love and prayers from you guys. I say that in all sincerety. I'll do my best to live up to it!
I found out that medicine is like experimental aircraft. What you dont know you dont know. As I'm told, I was given an antibiotic along with the anesthesia. This was supposed to be a fairly quick proceedure to fix 2 partially torn meniscus in my right knee, that I had quite frankly got tired of dealing wth. So, 30 minutes, in and out, go home, and in about 10 days be back to normal.
Apparently very early in the proceedure, my throat started closing, O2 levels dropping, and scared the **** out of one of the best orthropediic surgeons in the country, a long time friend, and a Hudson Hornet fanatic.
I'm told that several Doctors and surgeons went to work on me, and essentially gave me the airway to save my life. I was in an outpatient surgurical center, very close to the hospital, so I'm told that EMS trasported me to the ER, and the staff worked on me for quite a while. Quite the commotion for a hose guy.

Long story short, in trying to get an airway, they broke a couple of teeth (you gotta do what you gotta do), so I have that to deal with. Trach hole is about the size of a -10 bulkhead fitting. Guess they wanted to test Don Rivera's flow data. Seems its right on the money.
Looks like the big issue will be the trach hole, and taking care of that. So, probably no cutting teflon hose, or any of that stuff for a bit-----until I can come up with a way to get it all covered up.

In talking with the Drs, we still dont know what caused it, but have narrowed it down to the antibiotic. I'd never heard of it, nor have I ever had it in any other proceedures. They have run a series of blood tests to see what else is strange about me, and we'll figure all of this out.

I want to express my deep appreciation to all the VAF and experimental community for the outpouring of support. Suzanne and I have been blown away by the emails, phone calls, and VAF posts. WE'll answer them all. I might take a little time, but its important for me to let you all know what you mean to us.
I found out, after the fact, that life can change in a instant. You NEVER think it can happen to you, but it happended to me, and for a while was pretty serious. So----if you havent hugged your Dr or nurse today, do it. Alot of people worked on me, and I'll probably never know all that were involved. BUT----they are the ones that gave me a second chance------to help you guys and finish my RV.

I'll keep you updated as I can.
Tom and Suzanne.
Tom Swearengen, TS Flightlines
Teflon Hose Assemblies for Experimentals

More on the Panel ...BSwayze update

Well, with most of the panel now cut out, I have finally been able to put a few more things in the panel, so it's time for another update!

RV10 three blade prop & first time pics post ...Stamper

Video Update ...gfb 9A time lapse

Cowling Inlet Reshaping ...crabandy pics

I recently sent my prop back to Catto, I've been watching it closely since hitting a rubber cone at OSH. I found that the scratches in the prop from the cone haven't grown lengthwise but one scratch started to open up slightly when I twisted the blade with my hand.
While the plane is down why not turn a small project into a big one...

Rudder stiffeners not lining up ...thoma015 RV-7


Film - Time Flys 2015, An Aviators Yearbook ...Richard Welch

3rd Annual VAF ski trip Jan 16 -23 2016

Attention skiers, the 3rd annual VAF ski trip to Colorado is Jan 16-23 2016.
Currently there are 2 bedrooms left at Casa Syvertson @ $75 a night per room.
Rental cars and food for the house are split equally among the group. The house is on a 9000 ft peak just west of Beaver Creek. We typically ski Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckinridge, Copper, Keystone and Snowmass. A room may be available on a nightly basis but not sure. If you live in Colorado and just want to ski with us you are more than welcome. Please respond ASAP as availability is first come, first serve.

John Morgan



11/17/2015.  0051 UTC.  Issue No. 3,991. 

Neat air to air moment today ...gerrychuck


Tom from TS Flightlines Update

Spoke with Tom again this afternoon and the news is that the doctors have still not released him to go home yet. Up and around though and expecting to be released tomorrow. I understand there were a couple more sign offs on his "annual" required, resulting in the delay. Happily, he sounded pretty good on the phone.

He should be home tomorrow (Tuesday)
Lee Logan


Status Report ...Gregg Brightwell RV-4

Well, haven't posted a status report in a while, as Axel and Arlie (among others) have had far more interesting, and important reports to share. Today was a big one for me though. I got a buddy to come by and get in the tube to buck some rivets. The canoe is riveted from the tail, to the back seat. All the forward skins, and the belly skin, are drilled. I can't wait to flip it! I want to get it out of this jig.


RV-10 - N688CD ...Charlie Derk's online project

Been lurking around here for a few months. Took delivery of my empennage kit mid-October and began building November 1. So far its been pretty exciting. I've learned a wealth of information here on the forums. Can't imagine what it would be like building without this resource - so thanks to all of you who make it happen.

I set out thinking that my "log" was going to be done the old fashioned way... pen and a notebook. And for FAA purposes, that's what I'm doing (along with notes in the Vans instructions). But then I remembered how helpful it was reading blogs and kit logs from all of you - so I decided that I would keep a log online in the hopes of giving back to the community who has helped me out.


Step Weldament Failure Warning ...Bob Kibby RV-12

The pilot side step (WD-1233-L) failed as I started to man the aircraft. WD-1233-L fractured at the lower end of the welds on both sides of the channel that mounts the step to the fuselage. The step did not separate completely and ended up hanging from the bottom of the airplane. I removed and inspected the right side step. WD-1233-R appears to a small crack at the end of each of the 2 welds where WD-1233-L failed.

Other than being surprised by the step disappearing under me there wasn’t any problem. If the step had failed when I was exiting the aircraft then I might have had a problem.

I’ve submitted a RV-12 Feedback Form (Safety Alert) to Van’s Engineering this morning but I wanted to get the information out so you can take necessary precautions when getting in and out of the airplane.
I am 6 “5” tall and weigh 215 lbs so the pilot’s side step does get a work out. I am trying to confirm that there are cracks on the passenger step since it doesn’t get the weight and cycles that the pilot side does. I’ll update the passenger step information when I get an expert opinion. The aircraft has logged 268 hrs over 380 flights


RV White Pages Updated ...network with RVators in 26 countries.


Plane Finder AR (Augmented Reality) ...free app for iPhone

Mike Warren gets credit for bringing this app to my attention in this thread.

From a nerd standpoint it was fun to play with for a bit.  Download the free iOS app to start with.  From their site, "Plane Finder works by picking up ADS-B plane feeds used by all commercial planes to transmit their name, position, destination and lots more."  A couple of screen grabs from my phone below - you move the camera around and the flights just appear on the screen.  Completely OVC when I did this...just aimed for the sound to get the closest plane's ID.  And BTW, the full size program online is pretty awesome when you spread it across two large monitors.  Lot of stuff up there...

Looking out my office window showed (6) airplanes at various distances.

In the driveway facing south.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure KDFW is that direction.


Courtesy Car List Updated ...go to lunch in an old Sherriff's car.



11/16/2015.  0044 UTC.  Issue No. 3,990. 

Congratulations to Hong Kong's First RV-8

Ready for Flight ...Bevan (BC)

Just got the final C of A paperwork back from the feds last week. The first passenger ride went to the "Boss". She approved it too...100%.

Friday the 13th ...Smokey Ray trip write-up

"...Recently, a chance to inspect and deliver a 9A from Coastal Oregon to a customer flying from my hometown airport in FL was too tempting. Another RV trans-Con? OK, twist my arm, I'll do it!..."

Effigy Mounds National Monument ...Pete Howell trip write-up

"...There are some hidden gems in the National Park System that beg to be explored with our little planes..."

Starter Failure ...AX-O

Rolling shutter explained

LuLu's Fly-out Friday after Thanksgiving - Black Friday

Battery Box From Scrap ...bret



11/13/2015.  0049 UTC.  Issue No. 3,989. 

Important TS Flightlines News ...Scott F. post

"Just received a call from Tom's wife, he is in ICU after having a BAD reaction to a drug combination during knee surgery. He almost joined another thread on this forum according to her.

Prayers for his speedy recovery are needed and if you're near him or know him, his wife could probably use a RV morale boost.

Needless to say, parts delivery will be delayed."


Podcast Feature Richard VanGrunsven ...1h 40min

A very nice listen.  BTW, you don't need a smartphone to listen, or even have to know what a 'podcast' is.  You can click on the play button noted by the red arrow below to just listen in your web browser. 

I would like to thank Dick for mentioning the site here around the 57-58 minute mark.  That was a very nice surprise, and much appreciated!  dr


Trying to Find All the Planes That

...had thier pics taken at Petit Jean



A leaking water pump in the car is getting priority these last couple days, so progress on the RV-6 condition inspection is slowed.  Bought new plugs and some air filter oil, so at least made a tiny bit of progress. 


New Eagles Nest Project? ...Dan Weyant

Just wanted to share some really exciting news.

I teach the PLTW Engineering program for Georgetown ISD, just north of Austin.

I've been working with our administrators to try and get permission to offer the PLTW Aerospace Engineering program in conjunction with the Eagles Nest Project.

Last week I flew two of our central office folks from KGTU over to Pearland to meet with Ernie and the folks running the program in League City. The guys I took over where extremely impressed, and really enjoyed getting to fly over in a "private" airplane (I borrowed my former partners Cessna 177B).

Yesterday morning I received word that the district has tentatively approved the program for the 2016-2017 school year!

As long as I can show enough interest in the program from the kids we should be good to go with the program for next school year!


RV-4 Status ...Jim Soutar



11/12/2015.  0133 UTC.  Issue No. 3,988. 

A ride for 'the little girl next door' ...Bob Collins

"Have I mentioned how much I love giving rides to people?

Have I mentioned how much I like the expression passengers get when I make a crosswind turn, and that beautiful RV canopy fills up for the first time (for them) with a perfect view of America, America?"  more (w/video)


RV-14 Finish Kit PIREP ...Jay Pratt

Received RV14 Finish Kit Yesterday 11-10-2015

First impression is how big (and heavy) the landing gear and engine mount are.  The angle valve is heavier than a parallel valve.  I received all the parts including the canopy struts, springs, that were backordered in the fuselage kit.

All the parts look quality +!  So,,,, it is back to work today. This 14 is going to be a super nice airplane, looking forward to flying it.


Powder coat crack?

After changing my oil I was inspecting the FWF with the cowl off and I noticed a crack on my lower engine mount. Not sure if it's just a powder coat crack or the mount itself. I'll probably need to buff off the powder coat to expose the metal, if it's the metal I imagine the repair could be grinding out the crack and fill with weld.

Anybody else have any thoughts?


AOPA Aviation Education Symposium report ...Bob Kelly

I just returned from a short trip down to Lakeland where AOPA held its first annual AES. Since the RV-12 was a topic of many discussions, I thought you might like to know what went on. First, it exceeded their expectations by at least 5 times! There were 150 attendees. We spent all day Monday hearing from some of the best and brightest in aviation education. A highlight (at least to me) was Barrington Irving (google him) who, although not an RVer, has the spirit of aviation far beyond his years.

I represented AviationNation, our new program of building RV-12s in schools. Interest was quite good, and I got many good ideas from the people there. AN currently has only two projects being built, but at least two more are scheduled to start next year, and a third probably will begin in a local college. That will be a first, and a big step forward for aviation. Expect to hear more about AviationNation!  more


''Perfect" Landings- The Search Continues in my RV-7A ...vid


Removing barriers to aerobatics- (IAC Competition on a Dime!) ...ronschreck

I hear it time after time: “I’d like to get into aerobatic competition but it’s just too expensive”. And I get it. If money was no barrier to competition we would be flying an Extra, MX or some other exotic bad-*ss aerobatic monoplane. But we fly RVs and the gas to get to and from a contest, hotels, parachute, and entry fees and on and on… It all adds up. There is a way.

1. Find a buddy with an interest in aerobatic competition.
2. Join the International Aerobatic Club (IAC). Dues for new members are half price right now!
3. Get with your local IAC chapter and tell them you want to start learning about competitive aerobatics. They will be VERY helpful.
4. Practice. You should have your buddy coach you from the ground. If you try doing it without coaching you will only become very proficient at doing it the wrong way!
5. Find a contest near you and sign up.
6. You and your buddy fly to the contest in one airplane. Share travel expenses.
7. Stay in a hotel with your buddy. Share a room.
8. Share a parachute with your buddy or borrow one from another competitor. If you are at a contest with me I will gladly share my chute. If you contact the Contest Director before the contest he/she will gladly arrange for a borrowed chute.

If you encounter any other barriers to competition that I haven’t covered send me a PM with your phone number or email address and I’ll do whatever I can to help you out. The season starts on March 17th in Donnellon, FL (X35). I’ll be there. Come join in the fun!


RV3 ranked in top 30 airplanes of all time...Esquire article



Veterans Day.  0012 UTC.  Issue No. 3,987. 

Thank you for serving.


RV7 Timelapse Flight ...Michael Jensen video


Finished ...Arlie Conner

Our project has finally made it to the finish line. She is signed off and ready to fly. But no plane is ever really "finished" is it? Our paint scheme is a warbird that is shedding it's skin to reveal it's inner racer. I think it turned out great.


And the first flight announcement ...acam37


NYC Hudson River corridor & Sky Acres 44N ...Lycosaurus Trip Write-up


Status Update ...David Paule

The ailerons are hung, if you can call a couple clecos at each hinge "hung." I haven't drilled the holes out for bolts yet. They check out with a straight edge lining up the tooling holes as well as fitting my shape jig.  more


The Avery's ...Mitch Lock

I have been building RVs for close to 30 years. The first two I built using a hand squeezer. When I started my RV-7 late last century, I decided I could afford a pneumatic squeezer with all the yokes and accoutrements. Avery was having one of their sales at the time so I placed my order. It was the probably the best tool purchase I ever made.

Anyway, a number of RVs later and it just didn’t have the pizazz it once did. So I boxed up the main body, enclosed a blank check and sent if off to Bob with instructions to repair it and fill out the check as necessary.

First, how many vendors are you willing to send a signed blank check? That says a great deal right there.

Second, the squeezer came back two weeks later all spiffed up and anxious to get back at those rivets. My blank check came back as well. Huh?

I called Bob. He said he repaired it under warranty. Warranty?! The thing was ten years old and had obviously been used on countless rivets and dimples.

Our country’s economy rests on the back of great small businesses like Avery Tools. We in the aviation community in general and the RV world in particular are diminished by their so well deserved retirement.

God bless you Bob and Judy Avery.


Another reason why this community is so awesome  ...people like this.


Status Update ...Martin Leroux


A Piece on Garmin's RV-7A Test Bed/Demonstrator ...page (34) in Avionics News Nov Issue.

(click here to download the PDF version of this publication)


FS: RV-3B Emp/Wing/Fuse Kit FS (still in crates) ...$8000


Here's How You Secure It ...Mike Starkey



11/10/2015.  0001 UTC.  Issue No. 3,986. 

My RV-7 was Parked on the Boeing Ramp!

"...my plane at Saturday’s Boeing Charleston Family Day Open House. I was a very proud papa to have her there and on display next to the 88-30 bldg, and even had Van's Aircraft provided brochures which I handed out to people interested in taking on a project like this someday! The kids were by far the most excited and my back is paying the price for lifting far too many of them in and out of the cockpit. I eventually had to close my canopy for that very reason.

I told a lot of my teammates that I kind of felt like when I was younger and it was "Show and Tell Day" at School."

Jim Lechleiter
787 Design Engineering


The Importance of a New Set of Eyes on Your Work ...vfrazier entry

It's sheer insanity to not have other qualified RVers look over your shoulder when you have the chance. It might save your life!

I recently was helping with the condition inspection on a 15 year old RV-6A. It had been inspected previously by the owner and one other mechanic. I was poking around and was astounded to find 3 bolts near the left main gear leg/spar carry through that had nuts on them that were visibly loose (gaps). These should have been easily seen previously.

It pays to have a fresh set of eyes look over your work, no matter how experienced you are!

Stabilizer Tips - the problems & the plan ...ERushing

Since my QB Wings & Fuse won't be here for at least another month, I've decided to finish the tail fiberglass.  more


Garmin VIRB Video Displayed in GDU 4XX Display ...g3xpert

Yes, if you connect the composite video signal output from any model Virb camera to the video input on the back of your GDU 4XX display, you will be able to see the camera image on the display at all times whether you are recording or not.

Additionally, the wireless control built into the display will control the Virb camera and allow you to start/stop recording and take pictures.

thread one info

thread two info


Mystery Structures ...Vlad


The Avery's ...Jim Pappas chimes in

In the early summer of 2010, as many of you know, I was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery in June that year.

Among the hundreds of you that sent me get well messages and encouragement were the Avery's.

I told them in private chats, that I planned to make it to Oshkosh even though I would only be about 6-7 weeks post op.

I told them I was tempted to push it, and go to show that you CAN beat cancer.

They knew the odds, and had dealt with it too, so they knew what I was planning was not wise but they were supportive beyond belief.

They sent me a couple free VAF Tshirts so I could emblazon "I BEAT CANCER SO WHATS A LITTLE RAIN" on them, as the forecast that year did not look good.

They gave me FIRM instructions that I was to check in with them as soon as I arrived at OSH, and they would have cold water in the booth for me.

Well when I walked in first it was hugs all around, then I think they realized as others would later that day just how bad I looked, and immediately made me sit and drink and cool off. They were so worried they kept asking shouldn't I go home? Not me, too stubborn.

They kept me there for about half an hour? When I got up to go visit other friends booths they said I had to check in on my way out!

Then more hugs and words I'll never forget "It's great to see someone beat it for once".

I didn't make it long at OSH, in total maybe 90 mins.....but I had to stop by on my way out to once more say good bye, and head home realizing what a huge mistake it was to push it that soon, but I was so glad to see them and to show them that, yes, I had good news.

I still have the shirts, I'm still cancer free 5 1/2 years later, and as it turns out that was the last time I got to go to OSH and see them.

As they go into Retirement I want them to know that beyond the planes, and tools, and Shows....

They had a huge impact in helping keep a very sick guy recover before, and beyond that day, and I was only one of many I am sure that they helped in some way, so it should not come as a surprise to anyone what these folks did over the years for so many of us.

Thank you folks for always being there for me, and for us, if you ever need the favor returned. Assuming there's a way I can do anything close to what you did for me all you need is ask.

God Bless and many more wonderful years to you all.

Updated FAA NOTAM Search Page Goes Live

related: User's Guide



11/9/2015.  0001 UTC.  Issue No. 3,985. 
  College ball, some exercise, Mass, yard work, NFL games...and the weekend is in the books.  Hope you had a nice one, and got off the surface for a bit.  

Ollies BBQ Flyin @Loves Field Is In The Book For 2015!!!


Sebring Aerobatic Championships- Most RV entries ever!

Kathy and I just returned from Sebring; 3.1 hours and over 2 hours IMC. The Sebring IAC Chapter 23 put on yet another outstanding event and four RV pilots competed. I recall that there was a "one design" contest in Giddings,Texas in 2008 but even after re-designing the Primary sequence to eliminate the spin only three RV's showed. I think we have proven that the RV is perfectly capable of flying the Primary and Sportsman IAC sequences without modification (spins included) and the four attending the Sebring event are proof of that. Bill McLean and I flew the Sportsman category and first timers Curt Sullivant and Mark Wesson flew in the Primary category. Curt flies a very nice RV-6 and Mark flies a very aerobatic RV-9 (yes, RV-9!). Both had a great time and promised to continue competing and hopefully bring a few buddies along to share the fun. Bill McLean took home a couple of third place medals for the first two flights and the rest of us had a good time too . I make no excuses but I will mention that I found that some highly qualified national IAC judges will not recognize a RV snap roll unless they see a definite positive pitch change prior to the roll. After getting a few "hard zeros" for my avalanche (loop with a snap roll on top) I was told by the contest director Marcus Cade that high performance monoplanes (Extras, MXs, etc) with full-span ailerons can do an aileron roll as quickly as a snap roll so to determine that a snap is not just an aileron roll the judges need to see a positive pitch change just prior to the rotation. Of course the RV with it's little ailerons can't possibly do an aileron roll as quickly as it can snap but most judges don't know that so I need to insure that the pitch up prior to my roll is more recognizable. I'll work on that.


Courtesy Car List Updated

I've streamlined the process.  Updates will show up MUCH quicker. 


Ready for airworthiness inspection ...Rayh

Wow, I am so ready to get my plane in the air before the snow starts flying. A week ago I called the FAA MIDO office in PA that covers WV and asked for some assistance in having someone from the FSDO office in Charleston, WV 80 miles away from me. Still waiting on a call back if they are willing to help. Normally the Charleston FSDO tells people they will not do them, so we shall see.
I may have to go the DAR route but it appears there aren't any closer than 3-4 hour drive time away.
My other option is to take the wings off and trailer it 30 miles away to Ohio where the Columbus FSDO will come and do it.
If I have to go the DAR route does anyone have any recommendations of one that is near the East side of Ohio or West side of WV?

Wheel Bearings Greased...annual inspection continues.

Randy 'Monkey' Richmond has a nice setup for re-greasing wheel bearings.  Surprisingly fun.


David Henderson, Rest in Peace

I received a very sad notice from our EAA chapter690 president this morning on Dave Henderson's passing. I and all his friends will miss Dave immeasurably.

He was the one I wanted to make the 1st flight in Miss Sandy, my RV7.

He was a good friend, I'll miss you Dave.

My First Big Mistake ...[ed. And welcome to the club.  We've all done it!  dr]

Long time listener... first time caller....

Started my RV10 build a week ago, and I think I made my first non-recoverable mistake. I had the vertical stabilizer cleco'd together and everything was going fine. I removed the skin for dimpling. While dimpling, the skin somehow moved as I was swinging my hammer and i wound up making a new hole, right next to the one that was supposed to be dimpled.

I'm thinking I need to call Van's tomorrow and order a new skin.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Canopy Opening / Prop Strike

Pasted in below is my copy of the incident report submitted to my insurance company. Hopefully it will be of some help if anyone has a similar problem. Yes, I am well aware of what I could have/ should have done. I've been through those 2 seconds MANY times. I had the canopy pop open during my second or third PAP flight 5 years ago but that was at cruise conditions and 2500 feet and was a non-event-- other than scaring me at least half to death. I really believe if I'd had another 10 or 15 feet of altitude this might have been the same.

Yes, I plan to install the canopy warning system-- can someone tell me just how that works? It is really necessary to leave the canopy up on the latch handle during long taxies in the summer, and I don't want an alarm scaring my passengers. What I'd REALLY like is a better latch system. preferably one that secures the canopy to the side rail.

Got my fire suit on

Wayne 120241/143WM 351.5 hours/5 years

30 October 2015
RV-12 N143WM

On this date I was conducting a local area VFR flight with the intent of burning off fuel in preparation for the annual Condition Inspection I planned to begin the next day. I shot touch and go landings at Greene County Regional, my home airport, Dayton-Wright Brothers airport, and Moraine Airpark (I73) before making a full stop landing at I73. After talking with friends for a while, I began departure from I73 intending to return to I19. Checklist and run-up were normal. Takeoff was made with takeoff trim set and the recommended 1 notch of flaps.
Almost immediately after lift-off the canopy popped open an estimated 8-12 inches— it varied with airspeed. Wind blast knocked my hat off, taking my headset and glasses with it. The aircraft pitched down, there was a loud BANG, and rebounded into the air. I regained control, reduced airspeed to 50-55 knots, and continued to climb. I continued to an open area West of I73 and found that at 1 notch of and 55 knots or less I could pull the canopy back down to get the latch bar under the rollover bar but could not latch it because the sides had spread due to air loads and the canopy pins would not go into their slots. Experimentation showed the airplane was stable and controllable with no apparent problems at 55 KIAS.
Returning back East (I19 is East of I73) I saw a truck drive out to the runway intersection where I’d hit, Circling I73 there was no radio call so I assumed that there was no damage and returned to I19 (10-minute flight at 55 KIAS). Flew a normal pattern (at lower speed) and landed at minimum speed, holding the nose off as long as possible. When the nose dropped it became obvious there was no nosewheel. The prop did not strike the ground and the engine continued to run until shut down. I had no problem remaining on the runway. Inspection showed the nosewheel was gone (recovered later at I73), the fork had folded at the lower bend, and there was about 1/16 inch ground off one prop tip and just slightly more off the other. There were no prop marks on the runway at I19 bet there were at I73. Inspection of the nosewheel fork showed that the welds broke, allowing it to separate from the fork

I have a Master’s in AeroSpace Engineering and spent 37 years as an aircraft design specialist in the Conceptual Design Group ay Wright-Patterson AFB. This is what I believe happened. It is possible that the canopy latch was not completely engaged. It WAS engaged enough to prevent air coming into the cabin (Cool day!) and enough to keep the canopy from rattling during engine runup, mag check, and takeoff run. When the canopy opened, the latch handle sheared the heads off three rivets in the bottom of the roll bar and damaged another. The airplane was trimmed for takeoff and had just lifted off. In those conditions the stabilator is exerting a large downward force to maintain pitch-up angle of attack with the increased wing pitching moment with one notch of flaps. With the canopy up 8-10 inches I believe the airflow over the tail was sufficiently disturbed to reduce the effectiveness of the stabilator and cause the aircraft to pitch down, resulting in nose-first impact with the runway, followed my main gear hitting, then rebounding,at which point I was able to counter the pitch-down force until I was able to almost completely close the canopy.

Things to check (annual)

While replacing the broken bracket I lifted the coils beneath the ignition modules and found the powder coating worn completely through (located at the end of the red line).I primed and painted this small area then used a washer at each end of the coil attachment to shim vertically and prevent further abrasion.



11/6/2015.  0039UTC.  Issue No. 3,984. 
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  

From a J3 to an RV-12 ...Jim Stricker

Not first flight for the RV-12 but first flight for me flying an RV-12. Big RV smile...    Previous 1200 flight hours were exclusively in a Piper Cub.  I owned a ’46 Cub for 23 years and traded for 12058 with 50TT. Flew it right out of the box with just an hour transition with the owner/builder.


From New Zealand

It has taken more than three years, but a group of young Nelson men have finished the aeroplane they started building as students.  ...


The importance of a new set of eyes on your work ...AX-O

You have heard it before, you will hear it again. I am familiar with the concept and have used it. In fact, before my first flight, I had about 8 folks look at "Dilemma" before the DAR inspection.

Last week I identified that I had a leak on the manifold side due to the engine having troubles idling and the MP only going down to 13 inches vice approx. 10 inches during idle. The plan was to remove and replace all my gaskets on my fuel servo and intake tubes because everything else was fine. Not really a hard job but time consuming. A buddy (nameless to protect the innocent) wanted to come down and spend the day talking planes. So I told him “you can come down but we are working”.

As we are going over the plan of attack we kneel down next to the motor and he pulls one of my MP lines and it falls out on his hand. As Homer Simpson would say, "Dohhhhh". How embarrassing!

This particular line had a number 2 aluminum hard line flared and connected to an AN fitting on one side then a “plastic” type line over the OD of the aluminum line going towards the MP gauge. The aluminum line remained inside the AN B-nut but the flare was completely separated. So from the outside looking at the line/fitting it looked fine. We ran a rubber line directly from the engine MP pick up to the MP gauge and the plane idled fine. I later replaced all my lines with new rubber lines. His trip saved me a few hours’ worth of work and head scratching.

The story does not end there. As my bud filled his aircraft with fuel I was looking at the trailing edge of his flap where it meets the fuselage (as we all do when we are trying to figure out how you will work on your own aircraft). I noticed that his flap had a small crack starting to form on the trailing edge most likely due to the flexing caused by when the flaps are retracted and they meet with the fuselage. I pointed it out to him and he was not aware of the issue.

So, the moral of the story. Have someone look at your work periodically and volunteer to do the same. When you identify something make the owner/pilot aware of the issue in a tactful way so no one’s pride gets hurt. And at the end feel good about the fact that you helped your bud be safer, you mitigated an issue, and potentially reduced EAB accidents in general.

Go check your MP lines and flap trailing edges.


The Yearly Inspection Continues....  

Wheels off.  Tread looks good.  Brake pads look good.  Picking up new plugs tonight (running NGK BR8ES car plugs....using two Pmags).  Repacking wheel bearings in morning.



11/5/2015.  0111UTC.  Issue No. 3,983. 
   Let me take a moment today to tell you that there is hope for this world.  Our next generation has some shining stars in the making.  Yesterday I got a call from Citicard saying someone tried to use our credit card number to make an online $400 purchase in Washington state.  They tried five times.  Then two more amounts at two more online sites, both denied.  This is not the person I'm talking about, BTW.
   As a precautionary action they locked down the card and said they would mail us a new one FedEx priority. They did say, however, that since it was after 3 PM that we wouldn't get the card the next day, but instead on Friday. I explained to the lady that we only have the one credit card, asking if there was any way to do that thing where they guarantee delivery the next morning for a slightly higher fee.  No.  Twenty years as a Citicard customer, and the first time we actually needed the card the next day...no joy.  And I know what you're thinking....one day without a credit card could be the very definition of a first world problem.
   So anyway, back to the hope aspect.  I got together some cash bills so our family could operate on a cash basis Thursday (gas for the truck and a few groceries most likely).  When I went upstairs to our spare bedroom office, resting on my keyboard was $170 in cash that our son had laid down. The note said, "You can use mine if you need it.  Pay me back when you can."
   He is 15.  Thank you God, once again, for letting this wonderful young man be a part of my life. 


New England Flight ...Gary Sobek

Took this yesterday heading East out of Rhode Island. Photo taken in the vicinity of where Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island meet.


Status Report ...Don Patrick

Big day today....brought the fuselage to the airport on Saturday and got the engine hung today. Sequence was top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left.

Some frustrating moments, but with a little help and persuasion, she's bolted on.

Now I have to figure out how to rotate the back of the prop governor about 180 degrees.



N124TT restoration is officially finished. The conditional inspection was signed off today. It's ready to fly. Glamor shots to follow.
Arlie Conner
RV-4 (N124TT)
KOCH Nacogdoches


Nov/Dec Special from TruTrak


The Yearly Inspection Continues.....Dirty Under The Floor

WHERE does all this muck under the floorboards come from?!?!  Where the pushrods enter the side of the fuse I suspect.  I need to boot that off better.  Every year I spend time with Simple Green and a rag on my hands and knees wiping down in here.  And look at all the gunk around the hinge line for the seat backs.  Flying since 2002 equal sign dirt in ALL the crevices.  Amazing how filthy these airplanes get!

No major surprises this time around so far.  Cleaning the plugs and repacking the wheel bearings tomorrow.  That's the plan at least.  Heavy rains forecast which might change everything.

(click to enlarge)


Mothership Stats



11/4/2015.  0001UTC.  Issue No. 3,982. 

Pine Bluff Formation Clinic Cancelled - or was it? ...chipf

I spent the first 6 months of 2015 earning a commercial certificate. Being very goal oriented, I was looking for the next flying challenge so I decided to see what formation was about. I don't have any aspirations of team aerobatics, but flying in nice diamond formation over the football game seems just my speed. So I started studying and that led me to trolling for a formation clinic to attend. The Pine Bluff clinic popped up and I signed up and made the hotel reservations.  continue


The Averys ...Mr. Collins starts the thank you thread.

I guess when Avery Tools wasn't at Oshkosh this year, it signaled the end of an era and today's note that Bob and his wife are retiring and ending the business is good news for them. So, congratulations.

That said, it marks another iconic passage. Such is life and all but the Avery family (the whole employee group) were a beacon of helpfulness at a time when there weren't forums or the Internet to get help and answers outside of a call to Van's.

They also set a standard for customer service that others who cater to our sport/hobby are required to meet because that's what we're use to and what we demand.

They were, above all, "one of us." That's important.

Thanks to the Avery "family" one and all for being there for us. We wish you happy travels.

[ed. Mr. Avery, I'm right there with everyone with my thanks.  You spent thirty minutes with me back in 1996 showing me how to drill, debur, dimple and how to use a pneumatic squeezer.  Private lesson!!!  You and Judy enjoy your retirement!!!  ]


McKinney Eagle's Nest ...philcam

McKinney Eagle's Nest now has their online blog set up. All blogging is done by the students. Follow their progress here:


First Flight N243RB ...Larry DeCamp RV-3

"The -3 meets it reputation and expectations. 762 LB empty climbs and flies like an Angel on ball bearings."


November/December 2015



11/3/2015.  0051Z.  Issue No. 3,981. 
   Can I brag on my son a bit?  He raised his science grade in the second semester of freshman high school science from a 75 to an 83.  Go Tater! 

Fresh out of GLOCustom.com (Grady and Brandon)


Dad's Tools Never Stop Helping

Due to interests in skateboards, floor routine, trampolines and soccer as a kid, I've worn my left knee pretty much to minimums.  As such, it is always harder to crawl back in that baggage area of my RV-6 for the yearly inspection (going on now).  This year, the 13th inspection, I *finally* had the good idea to plug some of my late Dad's socket extensions together and see if I could loosen those screws with a little less bending.  Success.  Many of the screws were removed without even getting in the plane.  Picked them up with one of those grabber thingys.

Screwdriver bit in a 1/4" socket held in with tape.  Of note are the Snap-On TM77 ratchet adapter and TMS70A spinner, purchased in the late 70's I'd suspect for next to nothing.  I know he would smile if he knew how some of his tools are still on the job....being operated by half a copy of his DNA.

(click to enlarge)


Carbon Fiber Finishing ...Bob Kuykendall reply

We call that "aesthetic carbon." We don't do much of it; we're mostly a structural carbon shop.

It is rather difficult to get a pinhole-free surface with epoxy unless you are using advanced techniques and materials. Epoxy beads up on a waxed surface, and it is hard to get all the beads to hold hands even with the best of technique.

Two tricks we have used to get reasonable aesthetic carbon parts:

* Paint the mold with polyester resin, let cure, and then do an epoxy layup on top of that. The polyester wets the waxed mold OK, and the epoxy wets the polyester OK.

* Make an epoxy/carbon part, cure, and demold. Clean and acetone the molded surface, varnish with polyester resin, and then spritz with acetone to smooth out the varnish.

In my experience, the black carbon fiber surface will probably have a limited aesthetic life when used where it will get direct sunlight. Unless you're using a high-temp process like pre-preg, the high temps and temperature cycling will cause the surface coat to go either yellow or chalky pretty quickly.

Thanks, Bob K.


Status Report ...greghughespdx

Recently most of the work has been on elevators and rudder and stabilizer hanging, fitting, etc. Just last night the tail feathers went on the fuselage for good (I hope hah).

[ed. BTW, I think Greg is doing a wonderful job of documenting his build using the forums.  Note how he created a dedicated thread in the 'My RV Build Project' section, and hosts his pictures on Flickr.  I think this would satisfy any DAR, especially if you look at the 'printable version' that could easily be saved as a PDF file on your tablet/phone.  Timestamps, dates...the whole smash.  My whole site is backed up weekly in a dedicated, secure data center, and I'm betting his pics are also.  Lastly, he has a link to 'his thread' in his autosignature.  Great idea! 



Advanced Flight Quick Panels ...Rob Hickman

"October was a record breaking month for Advanced Flight Systems. The Advanced Quick Panels are proving to be extremely popular. In fact, we shipped 4 of them on Friday.

Looking to upgrade your old panel that has a GRT EIS or Dynon EMS?
We just released a new software update that will let your existing EMS (D180, D10 EMS, D120 EMS, GRT EIS) provide engine data to a AF-5000 EFIS. The new software makes upgrading to a new Advanced EFIS with an integrated engine display even easier."


Fuel System PIREP ...David Paule RV-3B

I don't think I posted this photo before. The photo was taken a year ago to show any prospective inspectors or buyers that yes, indeed, I installed anti-rotation parts on the fuel lines.

It shows the anti-rotation devices that I installed on the fuel lines. Note that no safety wire is needed, and I didn't bother to drill any holes for it. Yes, if I ever need to remove the fuel pickup line I'll have to unrivet the brackets (nutplates could have been used), but I decided that was unlikely.

Putting the bracket on the nut blocked two rotational degrees of freedom at once: the nut can't unscrew, and the fuel pickup line can't rotate in its hole in the access port.

The one on the left is a bit bulkier than I like but that's what it took. Keen weight-conscious readers might observe that I could have lightened these parts, and I agree. I should have.


From Bill Miksich...



11/2/2015.  0128UTC.  Issue No. 3,980. 

Update: Painted ...Lars


Bob & Judy Avery are Retiring.


Hangar Broke on Me ...Weasel


From the Mothership FB Page


Panel Status ...BruceMe


First start ...Rayh

Today was the day. Finally pushed the 12 out and fired it up. Started fine. Two issues though. After about 5 minutes, CHT left and right went above above 200 degrees. I shut it down before they got any higher. Also, right EGT on dynon not registering any temps. I pulled the top cowl off and everything appeared fine. I will dig further into troubleshooting tomorrow.

Another formation with my Buddy...RV8iator


Prop Strike/gearbox check- Questions ...Wayne RV-12

Had an incident yesterday where the prop tips touched the runway. Did NOT break props, did NOT stop engine. One tip has maybe 1/16" abraded off, the other 1/16 to 1/8". One a standard category engine this would not be a problem but I've been told that Rotax requires that the gearbox be torn down and inspected and that this requires the engine be pulled and sent to an authorized facility.

1) is this in fact the case?

2) Is there a facility closer to Ohio than Lockwood>

3) suggestions?

Panel Status ...Dayton Murdock


Keep an Eye on Those Ring Terminals ...Michael Robinson

Took off this AM for a quick flight around the neighborhood. Within a few minutes of takeoff I feel a sharp pinch on my bare leg - like a bee sting. A search of the cockpit does not reveal any critters, and my leg looks unscathed. I'm about to write it off as nothing when I catch sight of a pinhead sized metallic object drop out from behind the panel and land right on my leg, with the same painful results as before. I quickly figure out that it's molten solder, leaking out of my instrument panel. OK, time to land and figure this one out. Ammeter shows nothing abnormal, but a careful hand survey of my strobe light switch reveals that the wire is loose and too hot to touch. All lights off and uneventful landing ensued.

Inspection revealed that the screw securing the soldered and crimped ring terminal to the output lug on the switch/breaker was slightly loose, causing enough localized arcing to generate considerable heat. Enough to melt solder. And yes, the breaker is functional.

So the takeaway for me is that you can have a very high localized heat condition that won't show up on the ammeter, pop a breaker, create any radio noise, or show up at all until stuff starts to smoke. I was fortunate in a sense that the builder of my Rocket used soldered connections that gave me an "early warning".

I have a new focus area on my future inspections - just thought I'd share the experience.

Too cute video by Ron Schreck