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Fri Nov 29. 1250z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Turkey Runs ...Brian

...oh wait that doesn't sound good....   Who went flying on Thanksgiving. We're doing our Turkey dinner on Saturday when Jake and girlfriend can come up. So today I went for a loop around the valley.  more

G3X RV-8 upgrade

Lookn down on the mighty Kissimmee river ...Turbo

Dynon and Seattle Avionics Black Friday Sale!

It finally happened

Trutrak Vizion officially released!

Some of you may have seen this on Facebook and I know the buzz is going around (because I've been on the phone all morning! ). The Vizion autopilot series is officially released! This includes only the 380 and 385 two-axis versions at this point, the single axis versions will be a little later down the road.  more

N717EE Headed NE!!

With very mixed emotions my RV7 headed to Mora Minnesota with its new owner, Dan Larson yesterday. Tom Berge was along to do the pre buy and begin Dan's transition.  more

First aerobatics for my pilot friend in RV-7 (Argentina)

Shop Safety Neglected




Wed Nov 27-28. 1243z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow (no Thursday edition).  I hope you and your family get to spend lots of quality time together, and their travels are safe.  I'll see you Friday.  Gobble, gobble. 

Milestone: Engine Hung ...Trevor Conroy

"We reached another milestone today; hung our brand new YIO-360-M1B! First time with no experienced helpers and it took about an hour. Noticing the lower nuts would be the most difficult to get on, we put those bolts in first. Took maybe 10 minutes. The top two took a little more finagling and moving of the engine. I spent too much time trying to move the engine to align with the rubber biscuit only to realize rubber is a lot easier to maneuver than steel. I used the webbing from a tie-down strap and wrapped it around the forward biscuit. This gave me just enough leverage to move the biscuit hole to match the engine bolt hole. Installed the bolt with aft biscuit/spacer and that was it! We ended up needing 2 washers on the bottom bolts and 3 on top. Installing the cotter pins on the lower nuts was a pain."

Different rough engine problem (RV-12)

After finishing the 200-hr inspection, C.I., and pump replacement (in that order) I now find that when I've been at Flight Idle (throttle closed. RPM 2100-2600 depending on airspeed) that when I add power again the engine "stumbles" noticeably for something LESS than a second-- rough enough to shake the panel. Goes away when power is back on and isn't really noticeable on the ground. I can get a little bit of roughness (less than the "stumble" at power settings of 2300-2800 in flight at about 60-65 knots. Full power is normal as is the rpm at 75 kt. climb.

My first guess is that the carbs are slightly out of synch at low power settings. Don't know how it could be ignition since it's not a steady thing. I did not pull the carb bowls after installing the pump (flushed the lines, though) but here again I'd think anything in the carb would be continuous, bit momentary and at one rpm range..

I'd really like some thoughts from those who know and understand the Rotax.

Xwind landing RV-4 ...video (Christopher Murphy)

90* off centerline 14 gusting 18.  "I took the go pro along a few weeks ago for a special missing man flight and had it on for a cross wind landing at home base."

My -7 weighed in on the heavy side today, but that's OK

(Alf Olav Frog: Norway)  Today, we performed weighing of my new -7.   As I expected, it came out on the heavy side.

Here's the base:
Basically built acc to the manual, except for dual heatmuffs and a defroster-system.
Lyc IO-360, 8,5 compression
Dual P-mags
WW 200RV prop
Single landing light
Vans RV-7 light system incl Whelen strobes
Elec trim
Manual rudder trim
Rudder pedal extensions
Full interior incl full floor math set, by Classic Aero Designs
Smoke-system by Smoking Airplanes
VFR panel, incl dual AFS EFIS: 4500 + 3400.

First ZFW with empty smoke-oil tank:
LMLG: 246.5 kg
RMLG: 247.0 kg
TW: 38.5 kg
Total 532.0 kg

Then ZFW with full smoke-tank (13,2 litres)
LMLG: 253.0 kg
RMLG: 250.0 kg
TW: 42.0 kg
Total 545 kg

Note: the plane is built with the R/H seat as pilot seat, thus the smoketank is placed behind the left seat.

Just for fun, I also noted the weights BEFORE we added all the removable parts: hatches, covers, panels, seats, interiors, wheelpants, fairings, spinner etc. (in other words all the things which are removed during annual)
LMLG: 222.5 kg
RMLG: 222.5 kg
TW: 34.5 kg
Total 479.5 kg

Quite a difference....

It came out about 21 kgs heavier than my first -7 and that makes sense: my first -7 does not have the full floor math set, nor the smoke-system.

I haven't done the math to figure out the CG yet, that's tomorrows task.
For now, just by looking at the figures, it looks like the CG will be within limits at ZFW. Then we'll see how the CG goes with different load-configurations.

The factory is closed 11/28 and 11/29

"Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web Orders placed after 12PM noon (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, November 27th  will be processed on Monday December 2, 2013."

related: 2013 Holiday Schedules of our Shipping Carriers



Tue Nov 26  1254z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Thoughts From The Recliner
  I have a unique job running this web site, a job that runs a lot smoother if I'm continuously near a computer.  It could be as simple as answering emails with my iPad or iPhone on the armrest of the recliner in the evening during the 49ers/Redskins game.  But typing on these things is hit and miss (90% miss).  Yesterday I bit the bullet, after some research, and finally bought a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad/iPhone.  What a game changer.
  I opted for the Logitech K811, one that charges off the same USB cable used to charge my wireless PC mouse, and that with the tap of a button becomes the keyboard for my iPad, iPhone or wife's iPhone.  Watch this video.
  This rig doesn't replace the daily VAF heavy lifting done by my HP desktop (primary) and HP laptop (backup).  Not by any stretch.  But, it nicely fills in the communication gaps when I'm away from the desk.  Case in point, I went to Whataburger yesterday, surfing/researching on the iPad while typing up notes on the iPhone.  Typed the words you're reading here as a matter of fact, all in my iPhone's plain 'ol Notes app.  Regular old keyboard - not stuck in autocorrect he'll.
  While I don't have any fewer emails waiting on me, digging into the pile now requires less time in the office chair, and that's a good thing.  That and I don't have to go upstairs now to use the full size keyboard for a lengthy email that needs to get sent (that I forgot about).
  I have this idea of Paul 'RV-8/3' Dye of Kitplanes using something like this, writing copy for the magazine from the top of some mountain out west.  Or not <g>. 

Strange thing happened at the airport ...Bob Corriveau

Admitting to a Weight Problem

My name is Michael and I have a weight problem...

...actually, my airplane does.

TS Flightlines Press Release: RV-12/Rotax Hose Package

fmi: www.tsflightlines.com

2014 Van's Calendars ...go get 'em.

ACS carries new aircraft heaters

November 'Experimenter' Online

Thanksgiving Holiday Sale ...Don at Airflow (VAF advertiser)

NO WELD HANDLE ...Rich Meske
  "We just received a new batch of NO-WELD Handles. These handles allow yourself and your passenger to get your aircraft without stumbling or leaning on something fragile, like the canopy. They really help the older people, like my dad, . . who is not too steady on his feet. At least he was still able to get in and enjoy the ride! For more details on this and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit www.aircraftextras.com."



Mon Nov 25  1255z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Badger Bus Beater ...Pete Howell trip write-up.

You guys finally did it
  After browsing this forum for about 4 or 5 years. You all finally did it. You made me fall to peer pressure and place a order for a 10 empennage kit. I blame you all
David King

From the mothership
  "We will be closed on Thursday November 28th and Friday November 29th"

Panel Shot ...jpowell13

Light IFR is a myth ...Bill Pendergrass
  I have always mentally agreed with the title of this thread but yesterday it was handed to me on a platter such that it is now engrained in my heart.
  I departed Asheville for a short hop to Lincolnton. It was marginal VFR but of the low ceiling-very good visibility type. I decided to go VFR. No problems encountered.
  Weather was predicted to be the same or improve for the ride home. It was until I reached the mountains surrounding the Asheville valley. For some reason I could not receive ATIS (unusual). Approach said 1000' and 2.5 miles. Should be no problem. I squeezed in to take a look and decided to ask for a special and contact approach which was granted. However, I ran into a wall cloud and had to terminate. continue

Old skool - DJM style ...R.Williams

3D Printed Part

New FFI Wingman! ...Tanya 'Cookie' Card

Hat Sighting ...Turbo

Sept/Oct'13 FAA Safety Briefing 

Project TeenFlight RV-12 Finds a Home Nearby ...eaa piece

Hangar Rash ...John Kimmel

Workshop Lighting Design - Free Tool

Who said no night flights? ...some do it, some don't (a discussion)

One more reason I love my RV
 I just returned home from a grueling 36-hour trip from Ahmedabad, India, through the hellish Bombay airport, a 16-hour flight to the east coast of the US and then a 6-hour transcontinental flight. The long flight from India to the US wasn't the problem...it was the *planeload of screaming, bratty toddlers* on the US flight which just about pushed me over the edge. It was like round-robin shrieking, screaming and temper tantrums between 3 or 4 toddlers whose parents were either incapable of controlling them, or oblivious to the extreme irritation their little darlings were imposing on the entire plane.
 But come Monday, it's me and MY airplane, departing when *I* want to, for a week of trips with me and my passengers, no pint-sized terror machines. I can't wait for the peacefulness of flying myself for Thanksgiving visits, and not having to deal with surly TSA agents, rotten parents, crappy airline food, etc.
 I love my RV. I hate airline travel.
 Now, if only I had an RV that I could use on these overseas trips.

VAF hats - charity ...Joe Parish
  Donations made to Make-A-Wish.

Tip- Easy Location of Tire Valve on Wheel Pants ...with laser.



Fri Nov 22  1259z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
 Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

I painted my -8 again. On canvas this time ...Paul Tuttle


At Pacific City (KPFC) ...Joe Blank photo (after landing his -6 there).

(click to enlarge)

Dick VanGrunsven Joins EAA Board of Directors

November 21, 2013 - Three aviators with extensive experience in diverse areas of the aviation community have joined the top leadership of the EAA as the newest members of the EAA board of directors. Dick VanGrunsven, Joe Brown, and David Pasahow were invited to join the board during the group fall meeting on November 14-15 in Oshkosh. As Class III directors for EAA, they will each serve one-year renewable terms on the EAA board.

"Each of these three EAA members has a diverse aviation background and, more importantly, a longtime connection with our organization in multiple areas," said Jack Pelton, EAA's chairman of the board. "We are grateful that each of them has stepped forward to represent our membership and help lead the association as we pursue our mission of growing participation in aviation."

VanGrunsven, EAA 3204, of Hillsboro, Oregon, is founder and CEO of Van's Aircraft, which has become one of the largest kit aircraft manufacturers in the world with more than 8,500 airplanes completed worldwide. An EAA member since 1964, VanGrunsven has received EAA's Freedom of Flight Award and August Raspet Memorial Award, and is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. He is also a founding member of the Aircraft Kit Manufacturers Association (AKIA), an industry group created in 2012, and an enthusiastic sailplane pilot.

Brown, EAA 795555, of Centerville, Ohio, is president of Hartzell Propeller and chief operating officer of Tailwind Technologies, a holding company that owns Hartzell and three other aviation businesses, including Hartzell Engine Technologies. Brown, a graduate of Middlebury College, is an instrument-rated pilot who flies diverse aircraft ranging from a Glasair Sportsman to a TBM 850.

Pasahow, EAA 269376, of Dallas, Texas, is founder of Blue Line Advisors, an executive search and leadership firm focused on the aerospace, transportation, and other selected sectors. He also has more than 30 years of experience in executive and leadership consulting services. An EAA member since 1986, Pasahow is a pilot and homebuilder who previously served on EAA's board from 1991-2009.

related: Join EAA

The cold returns to N.Texas 

Late afternoon Thursday it arrived, and once again it's too cold for shorts - screen grab from Garmin Pilot (app) on my iPad below of the front's arrival.  I'm half through with a brake pad job on the wifey's car, so it's time to go get the portable propane heater out of the attic.  I really don't know how you folks up north do it.  I'm guessing not much RV flying around here this weekend.

(click to enlarge)

VFR Pattern Procedures?

(Bill R.) In another thread poster commented that while in the pattern all he looked at was the airspeed and altimeter.

This got me thinking about how we fly the pattern. I’m not looking for a discussion regarding overhead breaks, 45 entries vs. straight in, etc. Everyone knows, or should know, that the FAA doesn’t consider you in the pattern until you are three miles from the runway, etc. Assume, for this discussion everyone is flying a left hand pattern.

While our planes are mostly the same, they are also very different based on engine, weight, prop, and model. This leads me to ask, how do you fly the pattern in your RV?

(Landing lights and boost pump are turned on three to five miles from the airport, once I reach TPA.)

I fly downwind such that my left wingtip traces a line along the center of the runway. Unless noted, my altitude is 1000’ AGL. I check the windsock to make sure I am not unknowingly landing with a tailwind. Call downwind. Abeam the numbers, throttle closed, I put in full flaps and trim it for my final approach speed. (55 to 60 Kts in my -9 depending on load.)

My goal is to make my designated landing spot without touching the throttle again. That landing spot can be the very end of the runway or a fixed distance marker on large runways. It doesn’t really matter but pick a spot and aim for it.

I look right for aircraft on wide base and straight out for aircraft on long final while cross checking my speed. As soon as the touchdown point slides behind my left shoulder I turn base, cross checking the airspeed and slip ball. I also look to see where my wingtip is in relation to my touchdown target, leading, lagging, high, low, etc. Call Base.

On base I start to look for cues as to my glide path. If I need to make adjustments, I use power for distance and pitch for speed. My speed should not waver from what I have elected to use. (A FP -9 will glide forever, if you pick up even a little extra speed.)

The base to final turn generates another quick glance at the airspeed and slip ball. (This is not a good time to stall!) It also provides another time to look for aircraft on final or executing a right pattern. On final I look to see if my glide path is going to take me to my intended touchdown point. I will slip it, if necessary to hit my mark, but only at 60 kts (or higher). Call turning final.

On final I determine what kind of crosswind I’m dealing with and keep in a crab until just before touchdown. My eyes will move between my touchdown target and airspeed indicator, slipping as required. If I have done everything correctly, no slipping is needed.

The touchdown is typically performed with my eyes looking way down the runway to judge my height. In a crosswind I will kick the plane straight and lower a wing, as required and land on one wheel just before touchdown. Because our planes so light, I will “plant” the mains on with a light forward push (My RV is a taildragger.) and hold the tail up until well past flying speed. (The -9, with its longer wing, is very susceptible to wind induced ballooning. That and trying to pull the tail down too quickly after a wheel landing will cause you to find yourself floating three feet off the runway waiting for the bottom to drop out.)

Once the tail is lowered, I pin the stick back and hold it that way until engine shutdown.

[ed. Like Paul mentions in his reply, I also do the 'shadow check' (on downwind), and pump my brakes once (learned that from Rosie.  ]



Thu Nov 21  1244z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Semi-occasional BBQ lunch yesterday at Gary/Clayton's hangar in N.Texas.  62*F and tastey.
RV-4 and RV-8 in background.  I still feel bad about knocking the onions over.  Sorry, again.

After Thanksgiving Fly-out

Fly-out Friday, November 29, 2013.

TO: LULU’s in Gulf Shores, AL

Time: Lunch -----try to be at the airport by 1100 local if possible.

Usually on or around Thanksgiving we start taking about a fly-out to someplace for lunch.

A lot of times people have off work but the family get together are over so it works out great to go flying.

In the past years these have been some well attended trips and a lot of fun to just go flying for the day.

EAA1189 chapter member Tim Higginbotham has done the grunt work this year in checking places that would be open and ready for a fly-in.

The decision was made to go to Lulu’s Restaurant in Gulf Shores, Al.  more

Frosted Windshield

Sorry, not really an RV-12 specific question. After my plane has sits overnight I get frost on the windshield. Currently, I start the engine and turn the plane into the sun to melt the frost burning fuel. Can anyone recommend a spray that I can use to defrost the windshield without damage?

P.S. Move to Florida is not an option for my wife.

Elk are starting to gather up ...NW Colorado (several pics)

Near collision with US military C130!

I saw on here a long time ago that there was a place to log issues with military planes, near misses etc. Anyone mind passing that along?

My wife and I were on a vfr trip cruising on a/p at the correct vfr alt in uncontrolled air. We noticed a plane off our left wing, miles away...it seemed to turn and head towards our destination CYQG. It was 2:40 pm we were heading sw. A little while later we noticed it heading across the lake, and assumed it was US training out of Selfridge ANG. No issue, at this time of day and direction the sun and glare makes vision on the horizon a little tough. About 5 min later, we noticed it off our front right, ahead of the wing. Looked and looked, actually discussed what it was doing and if we could see the direction it was going. HOLLY **** !!! ITS COMING AT US. No really, its coming right at us from front corner and fast. I dropped 1500' and veered to my left, down and away. It happened so fast, I cannot be sure but I think he actually pulled up and to his left.

I am not chicken or a nervous flyer at all. I have flown to osh, sunnfun, blah blah. I have flown through more busy airspace than most of my buddies and enjoy the challenge. This was dangerous.

Scared my wife a lot...as this was a big big plane C-130 I believe and it was at exact same alt and we would have been very close to a collision if I hadn't acted fast. I took a few hours to ponder this today.

The issue is, I was on mode C squawking 1200. I was at 4500ft heading sw. I was on autopilot and any radar or tcas would have no issue finding and understanding my path. I had been monitoring the only airport nearby, nothing of interest being broadcast. continue

RV-12 Self Portrait ....wife and I (AlexHeatwole)



Wed Nov 20  1249z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)


My skirt is too short!

Looking for some advice from the composite gurus.  I had the canopy skirt nice and snug, then after riveting on the canopy, it is too snug. both sides rub just enough to make it difficult to close and obiously scratches the skin. After much contemplation, I cut a few slots in the aft sides and closed the canopy over a spacer on the skin and floxed in the slots. Didn't help. So.... Any recommendations. I thought the next step would be to cut the aft portion of the skirts off an inch below the rivets and rebuild the skirts from scratch, attached to the remaining portion of the original skirt. That sounds over my pay grade but I don't know what else would salvage the current situation.

Page (4) of this story on Flying Mag site

...re: Van commuting to work.

First Avionic installed

Not sure if you can use that as a singular, but liked the sound of it. First box arrived today; more on the way.

Cleaveland's DJ Lauritsen RV Interiors, Planning and Design Video

Cleaveland Aircraft Tool's DJ Lauritsen put on a great Online Builder Hanout last night thanks to some great questions from the participants. Check out the archived video and get an intro to RV interiors from design to installation.





Tue Nov 19  1243z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  About yesterday's 1-hr forum outage:  (from the ISP) "We identified the issue as being a NS server not propagating your DNS records properly. A cutover was made to a new NS server that re-established the propagation of DNS.  Our apologies for the loss of connection during this cutover."
  After a quick IIS reset, we were good to go again.  Sorry for the hiccup, gang.  Technology happens.  Apologies.  dr

Photos ...from the Inyokern show. (Carrie Marie)

I better post a few pics of

the flight. I think this is now a historic thread. It was a flight of 11. Then we split to a flight of 8 and a flight of 3. (AX-O)

R.I.P. Alex Cuellar (VAF Make-a-Wish)

Panel labeled, tail and wings

(BruceH)  A very productive weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon with John (jpharrell) learning the intricacies of the Decalpro system. The panel came out fabulous! Not something you can rush, but after 5 hours of laminating, cutting and applying, the panel has some really nice looking labels. This morning I put some flat Krylon clear coat on it.

After another long weekend ...Tim Blake RV-10 Interior Upgrade

Welcome Ray Hollen

I am excited about just ordering my first RV12 kit. After meeting with Mitch in MD and going on a demo, I was sold. Better yet, my wife was sold!  Cannot wait to get it delivered and started. I have a question. My friend just built an RV6 and going to lend all of his tools to me. Which clecos are mostly used for the 12 and how many is recommended to have on hand?
Ray in WV

2013 Rocket 100 Results and 2013 SARL Wrap-Up

(Bob Mills)  Well here's a thread that Racer Bob Axsom woulda started, so I'll make a feeble attempt to get the word out on the really fun time had by all in Taylor, TX on 9 NOV, during the last race of the SARL season, and the year-end awards. I'll post a few pics in two posts, and perhaps a few of the other RV racers will do the same!



Mon Nov 18  1244z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Ditching Sunday School... Oops!

RV Owner/Builder Colorado ski trip is on!

Dates: Jan 18-25, 2014
Where: Vail & Beaver Creek Colorado
Accommodation: 6 bedroom home 20 min west of Beaver Creek


This is a picture of my friend, Dan Grimm's plane (2nd owner). It was finished in ‘02 by Wayne Ray, has O-360, c/s, DJ’s Interior, 570 hrs & going strong. Got Milk?

Announcing GRT Mini

204kts GS

(Greg Arehart) From a few months ago (February). Yes, straight and level.

In-flight Portrait (Rhino889)

First Engine Start a No Go - Got Brrrrrrrr ...RV-12

Filled engine with coolant. Filled engine with oil; pressurized and got 30psi when spinning prop. Filled gas tank with two gallons. Got fuel pressure. Turned on master, throttle full idle, choke on, Skyview on showing oil and fuel pressure, both ignitions on, turned starter key and got Brrrrrrrr sound. Engine did not turn over or start. Checked fuses and none were blown. Battery at 12.5v. Tried to start engine again with no choke and full idle; still got Brrrrrrrr sound with no prop turn or engine start. Any suggestions on what to look for to get the engine to start?

Hat Sighting:  Sid Mayeux (RV-7A)  at the BU / TT Game Last Saturday in Cowboy Stadium

...an hour before kickoff (it was nearly sold out)



Fri Nov 15  1259z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Taking Flash out for a short walk in N.TX an hour after sunrise with a cloud layer 12,000' above.  dr


Another One Joins the Fleet ...bobrath

RV8A N584BR built by Bob and Irene Rathburn took flight today from its home base of Poplar Bluff, MO (KPOF). Thanks to the training skills of Tom Berge (KMIC) there were no real surprises in the flying. We got a nice mid-term exam from EAA volunteers Brent Hill and Chris Santchi and a thorough final from DAR Neal Sowers. The forums were invaluable over the four years we labored...thanks to all of you. This has been one of the most challenging and remarkable experiences in my lifetime....and it's only going to get better.
Bob Rathburn

You know its a bad landing when you're upside down! ...Chuck Hagerty

Well, here’s something that I obviously hoped I would never be writing about… but it happened, so now I’m just trying to make something positive out of a bad situation. Maybe this will help someone else to evaluate their own skills a bit more closely. On June 15, 2013 my RV 7A was out of phase one with about 50 total hours on her. She was flying great and I had already taken up two different CFI friends of mine for several hours, so I knew how she would handle with the weight of two people. My son was visiting from Raleigh NC and he wanted to go flying in our new plane. The day was perfect… blue skies and calm. We made it to the airport around 8:30 am. By 9 the plane was out of the hangar, the preflight was complete, instructions had been given and we were ready to take off. Everything went well, with a great one hour scenic tour over the Blue Ridge Mountains and a smooth landing at the end. We both had a great time and he really enjoyed the RV.

Immediately after the flight I called my wife to let her know we were down safely, and that our son had to leave and return to Raleigh. She then suggested that, since the day was so nice, we fly up to PA to visit my folks like we had wanted to do the weekend before. Of course, with very little arm twisting, I agreed and proceeded to fuel the plane, and look over the airport diagram and radio frequencies for our destination airport. I also called 1-800-WXBRIEF just to make sure the weather would remain good.

She arrived at the airport (W24 in Lynchburg, VA) around 11:30 am and by 11:50 we were strapped in and feeling the rush of heading down runway 10. Takeoff was nice and within a few minutes we were at 4,500’ and headed north. The view over the Appalachian Mountains was beautiful and the ride was just a little bit bumpy since the winds had picked up a bit from earlier that morning. My wife had been up for 3 short hops previously in the RV, so this was not her first time in this piece of metal that had taken shape in our shop over the last several years. We were both enjoying the flight and she was taking pictures.

Ten miles out from our destination airport (KAOO) I announced our location and our intention to land. Another pilot, who was taking off, announced that he was doing so on RWY 030. Of course, you would assume that the winds would be favoring 030, but I spoke with this fellow briefly just to confirm that that was indeed the case. Our northerly heading had us lined up with 030 for a direct final approach and since there was no other traffic at the time, that’s what I announced we would be doing. The wind had picked up to around 10 knots and there were some gusts coming toward us from an angle of around 2 or 3 o’clock, but we were doing fine… centerline and on speed. The runway is 100’ wide and over 5,000’ long, so compared to what I was used to landing on, this was a piece of cake (check out W24…they literally use it for soap box derby races in the summer). The time was around 1:15 pm according to my timekeeper wife. My flair was at the right height, flaps were 40 degrees down and airspeed was bleeding off nicely. The mains touched down and suddenly everything went very wrong.

The mains were on the ground for just a second and then we were back up in the air. Did I bounce it? I could have… I won’t say that’s never happened before in C172 flights. Did a combination of ground effect and gusting wind make enough lift to bring her back up? That’s what I thought initially. Either way, I came down hard and bent the front wheel. The bent wheel pulled us to the left and off the runway where we hit the soft dirt with just enough momentum to cause the plane to raise straight up onto the spinner and then flip over onto the canopy. Between the panic, the adrenaline, the injuries and the shock, it’s pretty hard to describe what it feels like to be upside down in a plane that just flipped.

Now, what’s the point I’m trying to make by telling this lengthy story? Like I said in the first paragraph, I hope this helps someone else to evaluate their skills more closely. Especially those of us who are low time pilots. With 18,000 readers on this site, we all can’t be like the guys who make long cross country’s look like a walk across the street and amazing aerobatics look like something they could do in their sleep. I am in awe of you guys who are just that good and I appreciate all of your input to this fantastic site. However, along with myself, there are probably at least a few of us out there who may love these RV planes but who also have only a couple hundred hours of total time PIC.

Take the time to read Doug's threads on safety, especially Van’s article on “How to land an RV”. Then find a CFI with RV experience who will spend as much time with you as needed. You’ll also want to look carefully at rvflightsafety.org.  VAF contains so much more than just how to form the perfect rivet or hang an engine. The safety information here is invaluable.

I broke my neck in five places, had two complicated surgeries, wore a halo for 14 weeks, am still wearing a hard neck brace and have not been able to work or drive since June 15. My wife cracked two neck vertebrae, cracked three ribs and tore a rotator cuff in her shoulder. Thankfully she did not have to have any surgery. Hurting someone you love is much worse than hurting yourself. This is an embarrassing story to tell because even us low time guys like to think we’re good enough that something like this would never happen to us; but if sharing helps to keep someone else from getting hurt, then it’s worth being embarrassed.
Chuck Hagerty
Lynchburg, VA
RV-7A N954CH

Labeling the control stick

Houston RV Group Lunch This Weekend

...Hooks Airport at 11:30 am

EAA, AKIA Focus on Homebuilt Issues ...AKIA President is Dick VanGrunsven



Thu Nov 14  1248z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Alexandre Marton photo (video) ...Brazil 9A

Bob Collins Update ...[ed. I never tire of reading what Bob has to say.  dr]

"And even more updates:

A gentleman was kind enough to send me an FAA medical examiner bulletin from 2007, detailing the woes of an airline captain with Meniere's. He eventually got it back after an injection of gentamicin, a substance that is toxic to the little hairs in your ear that wave around and, thus, send signals to your brain regarding which way is up. It kills them, and is an alternative to a more radical surgery -- a labrythinthectomy, which takes all of your hearing and balance nerves with it.

"I've been thinking about that for you," my neurotologist said to me when I emailed it to him last month, and I followed up today for a love conversation (my nursing-student son in tow) to evaluate the next course of action.

There's not a lot of hearing left in the ear, but I still would like to keep what little is still there. It's possible the Meniere's has completely burned itself out in that ear, but we don't know that and while this is not a guarantee there'll be no future episodes, it's a pretty good bet as a next step."  continue

Aerosport Products seat lever

Aerosport Products has a newly designed seat lever. It will make it easier to adjust your front seats. It comes with all the hardware you need.

Plan Revisions (dated 11/6/13)

...'3' document all models except -12
...'5' document all models.

Status: Rhino889 RV-8

From the factory...

Tom Beiser RV-14A Status ...multiple pictures

9A N57KB Status ...Ken Boyd (Ohio)

I just finished painting the fuselage and now I am in the process of assembling pieces that were painted earlier in the year. Cold weather and snow has now caught up with me and not having a heated hanger I will have to wait until spring to paint the wings.



Wed Nov 13  1249z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Dear Stein, Bob Collins and the rest of the RV gang up in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area,

  The cold arrived here yesterday.  It's in the high twenties (F) this morning in DFW.  Uncle.  You win.  Please turn off the cold valve and let the heat work its way back in here.  OMG....make it stop!  Please.  And good morning. 

Fall colors, an unconventional look

(Vern Little) Picture is of a Remembrance Day flypast (Veteran's Day to the USA). There are two Swifts, and RV-4, and RV-6, an RV-7A, an RV-9A (mine) and an RV-8.

This flight crossed over several (nine?) cenotaphs in the Vancouver, BC area. Aircraft are based out of Langley, Pitt Meadows and Victoria BC. For the first time in memory, we were not at VFR minimums.

Despite the quality of the image, it somehow captures a lot.....

First Flight: Bob Marshal RV-6A (Bob'sRV6A)

"First Flight for N364BT
Finally, fifteen years after I bought the tail kit, she flies!! Got my Airworthy Certificate on Saturday from Adam Valdez (Bakersfield, CA) without any problem other than a few embarrassments over missing cotter pins. My friend, Mike flew her for her first flight yesterday, and today was my turn. Oh boy, words cannot describe it. Lots to do, we want to get her ready for the paint shop on Friday and then, lots and lots of flying. Thanks to everyone on this forum for more support and encouragement than anyone could ever want."

RV-12 N417E Build Milestones

(Randy Pflanzer)  Final step for me was sealing up the rear window. I over-drilled each attach hole and used a rubber bushing to protect the window from cracking. This technique is discussed in another thread regarding the installation of the rear window.  I loosened up every screws and used shims to hold the window off the aluminum. I then used a syringe to inject fuel tank sealant progressively around the window. I slightly tightened the screws and wiped off the excess.  more

Bruce Hill -9A Status

Panel painted and filled with all of the avionics. Final wiring has started and I am working on the labeling.  Oh yeah, and I have a hangar at the airport!   Hope to move the project in this weekend.

Cleaveland Tool November Online Builder Hangout

DJ Lauritsen will be taking the reigns this month for Cleaveland Tool's November Online Builder Hangout, where she'll be discussing RV interiors...Best practices for design, and tips for installing. Be there: Tuesday 11/19 at 7:30 CDT.
Register Here

Tom Weiss (tweiss) Status:  Multiple pictures

Today was a lot smoother. This morning I began with attaching the plate nuts to the tie down brackets. Then did the whole debur, clean up, prime and assemble routine, which brings the spars to completion for now.



Tue Nov 12  1245z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

North Texas Fall Colors....taken yesterday just east of Justin, TX.  dr.
(click to enlarge)

Another RV-8 is flying over Chilean skies ...Fernando Abasolo

Today morning I maiden fly my friend Patricio Alfaro RV-8 over La Serena (SCSE) Chile. Airplane flew just great, engine temp at 25/2500 were 180 degree for oil and all CHT around 395, indicated speed was 155 to 160 Kts at 3000 feet and I think that is great without wheel pants and fairings.

Here is some pictures taken from Hernan Santibañez RV-7, who made a great job flying as a chase plane, so thanks

First Flight Video ...Brian Steeves RV-10

Status ...Jesse Bentley

Final fitting of the cowl yesterday! As things come together, I'm a bit conflicted about covering up the wonderful complexity beneath the skin. Like the human body (though on a much lesser degree obviously), relatively simple outside. Inside? Not so much!

A short IFR hop ...60av8tor (several pics)

The NZ school that built an airplane

The high school in Mercury Bay, NZ started this project about two years ago.

Fresh BBQ, 1 RV, and 4 Hot Rods

SoCal - Chino to Laughlin, with my Dad

Hat Sighting: Camp Pendleton, CA.  Area 52, Marine School of Infantry

RV Pilot Forced to Fly Certified Aircraft!

Un-named (ex) government sources close to the project have confirmed that RVator Louise Hose passed her Commercial check ride yesterday in a tired old Piper Arrow. This is the number one reason that Van’s needs to develop a retractable-gear aircraft – so that RV pilots never have to suffer the embarrassment of bringing a certified airplane to a check ride.

What’s the first thing Louise is going to do with her new certificate? Go make peace with her beloved RV-6 (Mikey), sadly neglected the past few months as she learned to remember what the “U” was for in GUMP….

Paul F Dye




Veterans Day ...United States holiday.

Mon Nov 11  1253z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
Good morning!  I squeezed in a short 13 minute RV flight around the area on Saturday morning.  Didn't intend to, but the weather and circumstances were too nice to pass up.  I went out to wash the car, since the hangar is where the pressure washer lives.  When I drove in the airport there didn't seem to be that much activity going on besides the normal Saturday crowd at the restaurant.  Let's fly for a bit then.  Of course, coming back into the pattern was another thing, as apparently the reason the field was quiet was because everyone was out flying <g>.  If felt good to get off the surface, and I never get tired saying how amazing RVs are.  Even got around to washing the car.
  I don't want to alarm you, but this guy has passed the 15 hour milestone this year <mouths agape>.  Broken out in the little .2 and .3hr increments I log, that's a short RV flight every four days or so.  Semi-respectable in the watch-your-pennies economy we find ourselves in.
  Hope you had a nice weekend, and got off the surface a bit as well.


Church of the high speed pass  ...veteran related.

A special RV grin

Painted: Frank's (PropMan) RV-6

The Hangar Rises ...Paul Dye


RV-8 Andy Karmy ...RV-8

I don't know my own strength!
  ...Bill R.

Emirates Airlines engineers build an RV-12!

Aerobatic video - lyrics ... NOT related !

(Luke in Italy) First attempt to do a decent four points roll in the scenery of a perfect (rare) fall Sunday!

Hat Sighting ...Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Introduction: Charlie Luke of Harwinton, CT
I've been lurking and donating for about 4 years and thought I should finally register and introduce myself. I'd like to thank Doug for operating this site and also thank everyone who contributes for making it such an informative as well as entertaining site to visit. I'm about 1600 hours into a RV-7A build, I think it will fly Tuesday....

Fun with Redline ...Jon Thocker

...Warbirds over Monroe 2013 Air Show

First Snow in the Cascades

(Steve Rush) Here is some video that I shot last Monday in the North Cascades. The wet Saturday that we had here in Western Washington dumped a good bit of snow in the mountains. I drove through Stevens Pass the week before and there was no snow there at all.



Fri Nov 8  1250z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  How 'bout those Baylor Bears!!!  For the critics, might beating OU 41 to 12 count as playing a 'real team'?  My Bears, ladies and gentlemen, have arrived <g>.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Go Bears. 

'Texas Edition' Headset.....Danny King paint job.
click to enlarge)

A couple weeks back I handed Danny King the cups of a headset, asking if he could slap some paint on them the next time he was painting a model or something (he is a man of many hobbies).  He said, "How do you want them to look?"  I said, "Surprise me."   Two days back he called and said that my pink headset was ready.

Yesterday he handed them over, and it turns out he went with the Lone Star State instead.  Took 'em for a short flight yesterday over to Decatur for gas ($4.99), humming 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' the whole time.  I took the pic above while gassing up at Decatur.  BTW, the goggles in the pic at right are how I address bird strikes when not wearing the helmet.  Google 'motorcycle goggles over eyeglasses' and you'll find lots of choices.  Passed three different groups of turkey vultures at my altitude on the trip and back for gas.  They weigh up to five pounds and can have a 72" wingspan.  Video from last year.

Back to topic, the red is 'Ferrari Red' that was left over from when he recently touched up his RV-8 'Beautiful Doll'.  Every RV fan on the planet knows 'Beautiful Doll'.  The white also.  I don't know if all this increases the value of the headset or decreases the value of the Doll.  Maybe both.  Either way, Danny is a great guy to do this for me, and I owe him a few lunches.  You don't want me painting unless it involves Crayons.

Have a great weekend, and thanks again Danny! 

I survived but the shoulder...

(Pierre Smith) ....was junk.  Took an hour longer to remove fragments of bone on the ball that caused limited outward motion. (Right aileron).

still groggy....later...and thank all of you,

Pierre Smith

Where do you find 20-30 RVs on a Wednesday?

SEBRING, FL of course. It's the Wednesday turn out place to be. If you can't fly, drive in.

From the Mothership....

Here are the latest pics...

...taken during my current inspection. the last one is the cylinder wall.

Latest from the shop at UpNorthAviation.com

November Sport Aviation Online



Thu Nov 7  1245z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  If you'll permit me, I'd like to brag today just for a moment on my daughter at SMU.  Freshman BioChem major.  She took her third Biology exam yesterday morning.  At 9:28pm we got a text that she made a 96.  The last exam she scored 90 with a class average of 78 (300+ students).
  Back to RVs...(and good morning). 

Plane Wash ...Roberto

This weekend we did another show of acrobatics in Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I guess I just can’t trust me ...Veetail88

I hang my head in shame before you all to let you know that I’ve reaffirmed what I know to be true about having others go over your work.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been running a thread about some problems I’ve been having with my brand new motor. From first start it hasn’t been running right and I’ve tried a lot of things trying to solve it.

I ended up with two problems. One, the motor was running rough. But not always. It would run fine at maybe 1700 RPM, and after several seconds it would choke and shutter for a bit, then start running fine again for several seconds and repeat. The other was low pressure from the mechanical boost pump.

I explored some of the ideas that came in from the VAF brain trust. I verified the mechanical pump was indeed the high pressure model required for fuel injection. I ran the motor with the red cube bypassed; I ran the motor with the mechanical pump bypassed. I checked the fuel lines for a loose fitting or b-nut, I checked the fuel filter for debris along with all of the fuel lines FWF and found nothing. I even removed the fuel pump and tore it apart looking for something wrong in there. Still nothing.

I had plenty of fuel pressure with the boost pump on and the engine still ran rough so I assumed I had 2 separate problems. I surmised that for sure the mechanical pump was bad at least, and that I had a separate problem that still needed discovery.

Well I finally fixed it all last Sunday and the problem was me. 

When I made up and assembled the fuel lines from the fuel selector through the filter and boost pump, I torqued all the b nuts and put a dab of torque seal on them, so, when “many” others on this site suggested I might have a loose fitting, I checked every one of them…….that didn’t have torque seal on them.

So last Sunday, after unsuccessfully fiddling with things for what I’d determined was the last time, I was going to pull the fuel pump back off, send it out to be tested/overhauled and shelf my motor problems until spring. I then decided I would go through all the fittings one more time, starting at the tanks and going all the way through to the injectors but this time, I’d check even those I “knew” to be tight.

You would be surprised how well that motor ran after I found that loose nut! You know, the one with the torque seal on it? Sheesh! What a dumb a**. Incredibly the mechanical fuel pump is producing 20 psi at idle and more at higher speed, and the motor isn’t stumbling and choking anymore! Idling real smooth now too!

So the moral of the story is the same one that is preached here all the time, and I hope I’ve learned it well. ALWAYS have 1 or more people put a wrench or screwdriver on EVERY nut, bolt, screw, etc. on the airplane!

Hope I’ve taught me a good lesson!

Fully developed spin ...video

(schristo) It sure was a nice day out with dramatic cloud layers and colors so I decided to attach a GoPro and go play. I really enjoyed the scene but I ended up a bit higher than anticipated so I started my decent with a fully developed 5-turn spin

You can see how the rotation and deck angle become very stable in the last couple of turns; at this point it takes quite a bit more time and effort to stop the rotation.

Welcome AircraftStickers.com ...ad in the Previous Day's News


Possible Mod to the Panel to Accommodate a 6' 5" Frame

Does anyone see a problem with this mod?

I'm 6'-5" and have started sitting in my QB fuselage and was a little concerned about the mounting/dismounting gyrations I would have to do...my long legs and size 13 feet can't be pulled back to the spar because my knees hit the bottom of the panel. So I started looking into modifying the panel.

Are there any concerns that I don't know about that would make this setup inpractical?.

Mis-drilled tie down ...options please.



Wed Nov 6  1245z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Freshly polished floor.  John Goodloe RV-8

Under the surgeon's knife tomorrow

(Pierre Smith)  Mornin' guys 'n gals.

Kindly keep me in your thoughts/prayers [ed. Today. dr], as I undergo right shoulder joint replacement surgery tomorrow.

Pierre Smith

New To The Forum

(Jeff Shaud) Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum. I just bought and I'm going to start an -7 emmpennage kit. I bought it from a previous owner whom only completed the vertical stabilizer and a small portion of the horizontal stabilizer. I must say that the workmanship is outstanding. My compliments to this builder and for the trusting words from Mr. Jay Pratt which helped me to make this decision. I look forward to beginning the project and will, in all likelyhood, be asking for assistance from this forum.

RV-10 Ruger

Hello to all!

First off I wanted to say thank you for the wealth of knowledge and information available on this forum. It has truly been a guiding factor in taking the RV plunge and a source of calm every time I come across an issue or problem during the build, and I am sure it will continue to be.

Figured it was time to come out of hiding and say hello. Ruger (my dog) and I are building an RV-10 (yeah, he's not very helpful). After 4 weeks of building, I am making slow but steady progress.

I'm also cataloguing the build with time lapse video for future builders that come across the site (http://rugerrv10.blogspot.com/), and it is available for any to see.

Cheers to all!, -M
North Carolina

Tina's November Specials



Tue Nov 5  1244z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Rob Reece (RV-8) in theVanCave yesterday.
Took a vacation day...

Coast to Coast to Coast ...apkp777

I am not sure how rare this is, but I don't expect that I will do this ever again. In the past 30 days my plane has seen (with me in it) both the Pacific Coast of California, the Atlantic Coast of Florida and Lake Michigan. I flew altogether about 45 hours this month cross country and about 5000 miles or so.


Beginning Date and Time : November 06, 2013 at 2130 UTC
Ending Date and Time : November 07, 2013 at 0330 UTC

Mystery Pic

Something's getting painted.  More tomorrow. 

RV-12 Status ...Randy Pflanzer

I just finished up three weeks of very intensive work to finish up the installation of the canopy. I build the fairing off the airplane and then glued it in place using fuel tank sealant.  more

RV-10 Aft Tray

Here's my version of an aft tray for equipment. I started with the idea from N541RV, but wanted to do something different for support. I ended up ordering two more F-1029 ribs from Van's ($13 each) and trimming, bending etc to fit. After test fitting the tray I was unhappy with the amount of flex on the outside edge, so ended up making two 'shelf brackets' that double as wire channels with grommets. It's probably more space than I will need (I hope, at least) for fuse block, ELT, transponder units, and it did suck up some extra build and head-scratching time, but so far I like it.

Still trying to decide if I'm going to route the #2 wires through the space in front of the tray, or drill holes and insert grommets for them to sprout out of it.

Magneto Mistake, Part Deux - an expensive lesson



Mon Nov 4  1249z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)

Jeff 'Freightdawg' Rich ...RV-10 HS complete

RV-10 Status ...Brandi

Brian drove up to the paint shop last week to take the doors off and snapped a couple of photos of the primed plane and parts. We were super excited to see what had been done in just 4 1/2 weeks!

Super 8. Documenting an engine overhaul...Mike 'Kahuna' Stewart

Petit Jean FB Page ...Deb and Scott Mills

Radial RV

...engine arrives.

Race 71 Remembered...

New Product from Abby at Flightline Interiors

Keep the sun from burning you with an easy stick on- peel off window cling.  These come to you in a soft case to protect them from scratching while storing.  They block 99% of UV rays and reflect 55% of the suns heat. Visit the Accessories page here for more information : flightlineinteriors.com



Fri Nov 1  1158z ....some interesting tidbits plucked from the VAF forums (posting guidelines)
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

(click to enlarge)

N207KS as Tillamook, OR.  You can't see it in the picture,
but some wag installed a basketball hoop just above the door.
(Ken Scott photo)

November Calendar Wallpaper

....Adam Burch in a RV-12

RV-14 Emp/tailcone Photos

(mcattell)  Here are a couple photos for you of my emp/tailcone kit I picked up yesterday. Lots of parts!  I'm guessing that the tailcone sheet metal is about 7' long and the spar about 8' long but I'd have to check. The spar is not shown in the photos and everything is bigger than it appears.

The two piece ribs in the rudder and elevator look like a great idea so they can be back riveted. The assembly looks like it'll be much easier than my -9 emp. Similar in size to the -9 but under the skin appear to be much different design. I'm very impressed with what I see so far just browsing the plans.

Petit Jean 2013 Vid and Pics ...Bill Schlatterer

Charity Hat Sighting ...Dvalcik

Greeting trick-or-treaters...

E-mag thank you

I wanted to write a short note of thanks to Brad Dement of E-MAG Ignitions for his October-long "Do It Today" drive that donated to VAF for each mag system sold during the month.  Brad has a first class setup, and my RV-6 flies smoothly behind two P-mags here for the last several years.  That Brad came up with this idea just to help the site out speaks to the quality of his character.

fmi: http://www.emagair.com/