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Fri Nov 30, 2012
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!  dr

December Wallpaper Calendar

Freedom of Flight 2012...Scott Chastain
  With winter coming in and putting a big, foggy wet damper on the 2012 flying season, it was time to compile a few memories to relax by before taking out the seats and floors for the beginning of my annual conditional inspection. For you hard rock & rap fans out there, this is how the old geezers roll. Until next time, smooth air!

Caption Contest...from the factory site.

Not RV, but pretty dang cool!
...daugher solos Great Grandpa's Cub

Thanksgiving with an RV ...Don
  I’ve seen a number of posts about Thanksgiving vacation RV travel. My travels were pretty modest by RV standards but I broke a little new ground. It was the first XC flight in an RV for Wife, and the first ever plane ride for our Sheltie Merle. I also got to check two items off my ‘RV bucket list’ - visit my granddaughter and visit good friends in North Carolina. ...


Satellite photos of my RV-4
  How often do satellite images show you in two places?!?!...snip.....I wonder if this is a plan by my wife to know my true whereabouts....

Storing engines this winter
  I purchased (2) O-320D2A new engines earlier this month - one for me and one for Dave P for his -3. There is NO way they are staying in the garage when it is getting in the 10-20 degree range at night. I was able to convince my wife to let me put them in the entry until I get the garage heater installed. I think they look pretty nice in the house. My wife says they have to be back in the garage before the grandkids come for Christmas!

Thu Nov 29, 2012

First Flight CC-AFN
Hernán (HSANTIBANEZ) Santibáñez in Valparaíso, Chile

video HERE

Has Your RV Been to Class B Airports?
  (Vlad) Interesting to know how many of you RV drivers landed and spent overnight at Class Bravo airports? It's obviously an expensive endeavor in terms of hefty fees but anyway - can you share your experience? IFR or VFR was it a challenge to get to/from?
  I've been to only one VFR to KLAS Las Vegas McCarran International. Trip was easy and fun not much different from a regular towered airport.

Removing a recalcitrant fuel drain

Bad Fluting and Bad Scratch
  I came into my building process where I have to prepare the ribs by deburring and fluting them. I have seen some fluting youtube videos long time ago so I thought I know what I am doing.. So I attacked the 1st rib and here is the result!

  So is this reversible/fixable? I thought of ordering a new one but since I don't live in the US it will take few weeks to arrive at my door steps.
  When I watched the videos again I new my mistake that I should do it light and gradually with checking each time
  Also Another mistake I did with another rib (HS404) is this

  I think I accidently did that while filing the two notches in the aft flange. Can I just sand it? or is it a write off?

Dean Wingard Photo ...ronschreck post
  A few years ago I gave a ride to a gentleman while we were performing at an air show at Decalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK) in Atlanta. He was one of the most enthusiastic of the many riders I have taken up on media/sponsor rides. Shortly after he emailed a few of the pictures he had taken during the ride. They were awesome! Since that day Dean Wingard has become a great friend to Team RV (now Team AeroDynamix) and has taken thousands of pictures of the team at many air shows and has become the official unofficial team photographer. This shot showed up this morning on Dean's Facebook wall. Taken from Kahuna's back seat during an early morning photo shoot during the Boshears Air Show in Augusta, this has to be one of his best!
  That's Jerry Morris (Widget) and me on the back side of a loop. If I had known the ground was so close I would have closed my eyes!

RV-7 Takeoff...

Hump Day: Nov 28, 2012
Thanksgiving trip to Florida...tkatc
  Flew down to Saint Augustine over the Thanksgiving break to stay with my sister in law and family.
  My brother and I flew the -7A (with Brutus!) while my wife flew commercial with her mother. We beat them down to Florida between the drive to and from the airports and security screening. Gotta love that!

Back to the Brothers...Tony_T
Yesterday was one of those fabulous Pacific Northwest days where you can see 100+ miles.

RV-8 Status: David Domeier
  Thanksgiving holiday is over and its back to work on the RV.
Yesterday the elevator servo was installed. I primed the parts in the cold hangar after a shop warm up and then moved them back to warm area for cure. That worked well with minimum primer odor in the shop area. I have a wood box warming oven with a light bulb cycling on a thermostat so the primer is always warmed up ready to go for small jobs.
  Frustrating thing happened last week when assembling the servo push rod. One of the inserts to be riveted in the tube simply disappeared. I thought it dropped to the floor and spent over 2 hours on the hands and knees looking for it but it just was not there. Bummer. I contacted Jerry Hansen at Trio and he immediately sent another, being somewhat amused at the event having had it happen to himself a number of times. Yesterday, about one hour after installing the new insert and unfolding a small towel I use to protect the fuselage skin while working inside, there was the lost insert. Evidently it had dropped out of the tube while doing a trial fit last week. I was so impressed with Mr. Hansen's immediate response from Trio, I will return the found insert to him. ...

How I want to spend EVERY Sunday
  This was taken right before the holidays. Smooth air and fine seeing! Just a few of the guys we practice with in PA/MD/VA. The Red Star in the image is on a Chinese CJ-6 flown by a buddy who is looking to buy an RV-8. If you have one for sale, contact me. PLEASE. PLEEEEESE! While I love seeing 5.6 gph on the flow meter when flying next to him, formation next to the CJ is like a slow walk in mudd. It cannot be good for the engine!

A new RV-12 is born ...2000typer of Medford, Oregon

ANT (ADS-B) placement...Dvalcik -12
I don’t have the Dynon, but have the NavWorx ADS-b and installed it on the passenger side of the rear bulkhead and the blade ANT by the second empennage rib just right of mid line, just enough to get the needed distance from the Comm. Ant. The ADS-B works great and I love flying with it. I know this is different since I went EAB, so we will have to wait to see where Vans recommends the equipment.

Mystery Hole in 9/9A VS Spar
...Chris Johnson

Factory Hobbs Meter of First Flights/a>

Turkey Vulture in the Merge.
  I'm in an almost zero-spend mode for the next 8-10 years (college saving, etc.), so it wasn't surprising to find while counting up the logbook last night that I've only flown the RV-6 an embarrassing (19) hours during 2012 (less than 2 hours a month).  Mortified, I thought I'd go put .2 on it Tue morning.  Spend some time refining the audio situation since cutting over to a helmet.  Nice flight, cold air that the wing liked, and a good opportunity to add ten or so more seconds of GoPro footage to the pile for a little highlight clip I'm slowly compiling.
  During the 14 minute flight I got in the merge with a turkey buzzard with a 5-6' foot wingspan.  Not really in my face, or so close a little jink wouldn't clear it, but I got it on the GoPro even with it's wide angle feature turned on.  If you go full screen and 720pHD you can follow it past the baggage area window.
  Bird-rich environment down here in DFW.  8 seconds clip embedded below...and we're up to 19.2 logged.
  Liking my brain bucket more and more.  .

You can select 720pHD and full screen to see the vulture better...

Mon Nov 26, 2012.

Hidden Art Work

Happy Birthday Dad...rv6ejguy

Pre Thanksgiving jaunt to Key West

Most over populated lake ever! ...from Scott Schmidt RV

AF-5000 Updated Terrain Database

Injector Line Failure In Flight

related: SB

Cool Rudder Tip Red LED Beacon ....Matt Burch RV-7

I put a simple terminal strip

Service Bulletin 12-11-09 (Main Landing Gear Upgrade)

O-320 oil screen to oil filter retrofit recommendations?

7+ Miles (viz).....Paul Dye

Fix or Scrap?

Eagle's Nest (EN-3) - Young Eagles Day

Dallas Trip-nivana Flight

RVing on my holiday break ...Bruce Sacks

Formation take-off bird strike

N410BL Build Update

Distracted riveting...

VAF Hat Sighting – Thailand

Thanks, good RTB

Ear Buds in Helmet ....AX-O

A GREAT homemade tool for flathead AFS (any) EFIS connector-screws!

Cylinders on the engine...bruceh

Wed Nov 21, 2012
  The front page here will be closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.  Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving weekend!  dr

Mothership closed Thu and Fri for Thanksgiving

"Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web Orders placed after 12PM noon (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, November 21st  will be processed on Monday November 26th"

GoPro Hero3 Test Shot...Larry Pardue

9A Panel ...JSOliveira

Here is the panel in my 9a. Mission is Day/Night VFR.  I tried to resist scope creep for a couple of reasons. I wanted to keep the cost down (it was under 10K) and I wanted to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time.

I used Vans wiring harness and switches. Vans Airspeed and Altitude as backup to the Dynon 180. The center stack is top to bottom: Garmin 495, Icom A210, Garmin 327 Transponder, and flightcom intercom. To the right of the intercom is a pot to adjust the volume of the audio input from the D180. Flap and trim are on the panel to the left of the intercom. They are easy to reach just above the throttle.

Engraving is courtesy of a Brothers label maker with White on Clear tape. I have a map box on the right side. LED map lights are on the side column, left and right.

A fellow builder here took a look at it and said, wow, you still have room to add another 20K worth of avionics on the right side.

Everything is right in front of the pilot and very accessible. I have about 70 hours on it now and so far, I would not change anything.

I did add an oil cooler shutter with the cable next to the mixture control. Engine is IO320 with Sensenich prop

(more pics)

How often re-grease wheel bearings?

Lots of opinions...(annual / when they need it)

Fuel Pressure on start-up issue...ScottSchmidt RV-12

Need some brains to help me better understand an issue we are having during the start-up.  Today, during the start-up, we were unable to see fuel pressure from the electric fuel pump. Before starting the engine the checklist says to turn on master and check for fuel pressure but there was no fuel pressure.

At first you would say it was a bad electric fuel pump. We shut everything down and checked the flow rate from the gascolator with and without the fuel pump on and it definitely is creating pressure but didn't know how much.  We then started the engine and fuel pressure came right up to 4-5 psi. We shut down the engine for a few minutes, then turned the Dynon screen on and checked that fuel pressure was 0 psi. Then turned the master on (fuel pump comes on too) and the fuel pressure came up to above 2psi just as it should.

Has this happened to any of you?

So, why would it work after we started the engine but not before.

The plane has about 20 hours on it.
It has the new Dynon fuel pressure sensor installed.

Could sitting for a week cause the fuel to run out of the line and the 2 psi from the electric fuel pump not enough to prime the system?

Is there a position on the mechanical fuel pump that would not allow the fuel to flow past it?

John Jacobsen GoPro Mount on Wing

Top of wing...


Andy Hill's Proposed RV-3 Electrical Layout

No Master (Electrical) Relay, may include a mechanical battery isolation sw. Start Master sw is to remove a single point failure leading to activation of the Starter. Comments welcome

VansAircraftTIRES.com has a few RV-related specials going on...

- 10% New Builder Special
- 10% Main Tire Special
- fmi: www.VansAircraftTires.com


And finally...

Tue Nov 20, 2012.
Collecting Grass Strips....David Maib's (RV-10) entry

Too many to count and remember over the years. Some favorites include Beaumont, KS (07S) where you taxi down the road in to town to the Beaumont Hotel for a good breakfast. Cedar Knoll in Geneva, FL (01FL) for their third Saturday of the month fly-in breakfast. This one is only 20 NM from my home and is a really great fly-in.
Gaston's White River Resort in Lakeview, AR (3M0) is a great spot for a stop for lunch or stay and partake of some world class brown trout fishing.

However, my all time favorite is the Ringneck Ranch, in Tipton, KS. This is a private strip at the home of an old friend. I have decades of fond memories flying in for pheasant hunting in the fall, 4th of July festivities with old friends, and Y2K New Years Eve with good friends figuring we could hunker down and stay there if the world really did quit working at midnight!  I've flown in there in my old Tri-Pacer, various Cessna's, my old Bonanza, my RV-10, and even made a "photo op" low pass in landing configuration in a biz jet in a prior life. This place is heaven for an old Kansas boy!

VansAirForce.net Cap on Italian TV ...lucaperazzolli

(Luke) "Ok, ok, ok it's not in English, BUT for this Italian TV interview I was wearing my VAF Hat.  Enjoy!"

[ed. I didn't understand a single word you said, Luca, but I really liked the footage!  You rock, my friend!  dr]

Adding an oil separator ...schristo@mac.com

After nearly 500 hours on the tach I have decided to give an oil separator a try... I have been using one quart of oil every 8 hours; not unreasonable but I seem to get most of it as a fine film on the belly.

Recently Anti Splat Aero added a vacuum check valve to their stable of products to go hand in hand with their oil separator setup. Dan H documented a similar valve installation and is in the process of testing for any real world measurable improvements in performance. I am interested in the potential of what I have read and plan to give the check valve a try this spring for SARL events next year.

For now, I have installed the basic oil separator system to address oil consumption and a dirty belly.

I started by test fitting the separator... looks nice in white but it does mar easily.  ...

AFS 4500 Install ...Dayton Murdock RV-4

I just thought I would give you a shot of my progress with the install of my AFS 4500. All of the engine and fuel tank sensors are finished; I remove the left tank to run the wires for the OAT. What’s left to do is mount the Ahars, connect the radios to the efis, and then button everything up after all the calibration is done.

Shop Design ...welcome Stockmanreef

This is my first post to this website. I have my heart set on building an RV-10 and would like a little advice about setting up my shop. Of course, the exact plane does not matter for the shop setup, but I thought that it would be useful to mention.

Basically, I have a blank slate. I would post a picture, but I don't know how successful that would be in a first post. What I mean by blank slate is that I am in the process of building a 24' x 24' garage with 10' ceilings. Main door will be a 9' by 16' (which should allow the height to get the plane out eventually) and a back door 7' by 9'. The outside walls have been sheathed with OSB and the floor and lead up ramp will be poured this week. Hope to have to have the main structure done is a few weeks, then I have to wire electricity and gas. For the former, should I wire up 120V or should I bring in 240V? The latter will be for heat. Any suggestions about heat (live in mid MI)? I plan on insulating the walls and ceiling. Is there any insulation which would provide any sound barrier? Also, I plan to seal the floor with epoxy (most likely a plain gray, so I can see stuff I drop).

1. best lighting--fluorescence or incandescent.
2. Outlets in ceiling?
3. Compressor (I was thinking of 50 gallon oil)
4. I am going to fix benches around the perimeter. Best width 36", 48", etc. plan on mounting tools in place.
5. is it necessary to put in central vacuum dust collector or is this just overkill?
6. would is be useful to make a bench on wheels to be able to move around? If so, then what would be the optimal size. Do I need something large enough to put the entire wing on or do I need a cradle to hold the wing during construction.
8. best way to store parts-in process and finished? Should I build shelves to hold the wings? I could put them above the back door. OR can I hoist them up and use ropes and "hang" them up.
9. thought on setting up an area for priming parts.
10. Any other useful suggestions would be welcome.

Brief bio: Chemist. Flying for about 3 yrs. IFR certification 2 weeks ago. ~260 hours of flight time. Currently a part owner in a Piper Cherokee six. I always need a hobby and in the middle of Michigan there is not much to do, so building a plane will keep me busy for a while. I have taken the Grov-air building course along with the rest of my family (wife and two daughters, so I have others to help out) about a yr ago and have been researching longer much longer. I hope to take advantage of the local EAA chapter; in particular, Dick Sip who has built an RV-10.


Centex mini-flight ...head mounted video by moll780. 14min 4sec.


Holy Crop Circles.

10:45am CDT.  577 people
So, I'm sitting at the desk doing paperwork a few hours after pushing out the Monday edition, and take a moment to glance down at the 'Currently Active Users' section of the forums.  577 people in the forums, happily surfing away.  I'm guessing it's the before-lunch crowd on the east coast, mid-morning web break in the mid-USA, and just sitting down to work on the west coast.  Nice peak.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't do a double take.  Had to grab a screenshot (blue bar across the top says 577 active users....115 registered and 462 lurkers.

Many thanks again to the builders and pilots that help make the RV online community here so robust, entertaining, motivating and welcoming! 

Attention All A&Ps ...March 31 deadline.


Aircraft Extras, Inc. is now offering custom aircraft interiors for models RV-6, RV-7, and RV-9. Choose your own materials and we will make your seats, armrests, and stick boots. The seats feature an inflatable lumbar support. An optional EZ-Step can be incorporated in the seat. Please take a look at them if you haven't already. Also, check out our newest products at www.aircraftextras.com.
Rich Meske P.E.

Tina's Pilot Shop Specials


And finally...

Mon Nov 19, 2012.
Pre-RV Grin First RV-12 Flight...Skunkworks

Had the opportunity to take a ride in a RV-12 N25DV with Dave Valcik to a breakfast fly-in at N40 Sky Manor, Pittstown, NJ. This was my first flight in an RV-12 and the view was spectacular. Dave let me take the controls en-route while he played with the ADS-B. Scott in an RV-8 caught up to us and we followed him in to Sky Manor. We had a good breakfast, fueled up and returned to PTW Heritage Field, Pottstown, PA. The Pre-RV Grin is evident. I can hardly wait to complete my build N470MB and completing transition training with Jetguy.
Dave thanks for the Pre-RV Grin! 
more pics

Vlad ...quickly becoming the most traveled RVator on the planet

Latest installments:
- Will I ever finish this write
- Seen lots of mil heavies in
- Overnight in Allendale. It's
- Wrapping Up
- Anybody ever listened to
- Off to Sebring next morning
- What a cool place Sebring is!
- Gary gave us a great tour. I
- Morning was even better then
- I was so fascinated with
- Good people at Oceana and
- There are no pictures to

RV-12 Training in North Texas...Dances with Bassets

I recently completed my RV-12 transition training with Jetguy flying out of Denton airport in Denton, Texas. This was an extremely pleasurable experience and I highly recommend this to any other pilots that are getting ready to fly their RV-12 for the first time.

I have had very little seat time during the building process but now I feel much more confident in my ability to handle my first solo flight in N912TR. John is very thorough in his syllabus and covers all the important skills needed to make your first flight a successful and memorable one. The aircraft is in immaculate condition and flying in North Texas in November can be very pleasant with afternoon temperatures in the high 60's.

Here I am prior to one of our afternoon transition training sessions - thanks again John, AKA Jetguy.


Status Update: The airframe is complete, wings and tail sections fitted. Gear mounts on and working on the wiring. Canopy fitted and hanging in the garage. It is actually starting to look like an airplane.  ...

Titan Missile Museum - Tucson ... n5lp

I took the Top to Bottom Tour today and recommend it. Near the end of the tour I got the best close up look at airframe details. I was struck with how familiar it all looked after having built my little RV-6. Edge distance OK? ...

Pre-Thanksgiving Progress...Strike69

It has been slow going with all of my travel this summer but with the exception of a couple of short overnight trips to DC, I am home and can work on the TARDIS (an ode to my kids favorite TV show "Dr Who").

The wing build-up continues with the wing tips drilled and fitted to the wings. I am using the Cleveland RV wing tip kit with #4 screws and nut plates. I do wish the -8 wing design had an additional inspection plate toward the wing tip. I am contemplating adding one. If anyone has done this type of mod I would be interested in getting some pictures. ...

Trip home from RAF Leuchars "safety day" in Scotland...gblwy

This 16-minute video is a flight in “Papa Sierra” my RV12, back from RAF Leuchars in Scotland to my base in Perth, in less than perfect weather. The only audio is RT chat tapped from the intercom.

RAF Leuchars is an RAF front-line air defence base. During the cold war they regularly intercepted Russian “Bears” approaching UK airspace, with Phantoms, and latterly Tornados. Recently they have re-equipped with Typhoons (Eurofighters). The base is under threat from closure. Meanwhile, they open the base up to GA traffic one day per year for a “safety briefing”. This year’s briefing was on 6th August, and the weather was typically Scottish i.e. heavy showers.

In spite of many GA aircraft making the trip, Leuchars decided the weather was too poor for the all-weather Typhoon to give us a planned air display, but we were nonetheless expected to make our way back home! And this was following a couple of hours of safety lectures...

I have spared you the 20-minute departure hold, but I have left just a little time on the ground at the beginning so you can see a Typhoon taxying left-to-right in front of us. The 15 minute flight home is virtually unedited. You can see the rain on the camera lens, and at one point I can be seen mopping up drips of rain trying to get into the radio stack ;-)

The flight home was made at relatively low level, so you can hear the lady in the GPS starting to get a little nervous of the terrain ahead. The two bridges on the right are over the Tay (a large salmon river) at Dundee. The leftmost of these is the rail bridge. Historians may be interested to know that an earlier bridge fell into the river while a train was crossing.  ...



And finally...

Fri Nov 16, 2012.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr

Mark Giron's Updated Panel

"...I finally finished my panel upgrade.  Did the entire thing myself.  Having not built the aircraft, it gave me great gratitude in installing all of the avionics, routing the wires and installing a two axis autopilot, along with all the sensors with the help of a few great friends along the way.  Bottom line, if the builder has an "RV Grin", then I must have at least an "RV Smirk" because it was incredible to fly the panel after all the changes."



Help me save my HS! ...YellowJacket RV9

Actually I hope the situation isn't that dire, but I'm looking for some advice about how to proceed after a screw up. While riveting the inboard nose rib-spar-spacer-rib assembly, I royally screwed up a rivet and had to drill out. But thanks to the awkward angle, I ended up drilling it out at an angle, which I didn't notice until I re-riveted, and AGAIN it came out all funky. So now I have a terrible rivet off to one side of an enlarged hole. Needless to say, I've stepped away and practiced my rivet removal technique.

My thinking had been to either

-drill out again, put a reinforcement plate on the elongated side, and re-rivet
-Enlarge the hole to round, and bolt it (but I'm not sure on edge distance, although I don't see much reason to suspect shear forces at this spot), OR,
-Drill and new hole between the middle and bad rivet, and re-rivet there.  ...

Some performance numbers with 81" Sensenich...ronoc74

We've tweaked the flow gauge parameter and corrected a static error, so now that I have accurate fuel flow and TAS within 1 knot at 140 kt, I can report some accurate numbers. I chose the 81" over the 79" to get good cruise performace with one P-mag, and it worked out very well. Australia doesn't have any high-altitude airports so reduced climb is ok.

Engine: Superior XP-IO-320-A1AC2
Ignition: 1 P-mag and 1 Slick mag
Prop: Sensenich 70CM7S9-0 (81)

Static RPM is about 2240. It will climb at 1700 fpm solo with full fuel.

Top speed at 8,500 ft (9,700 DA) leaned to 75 ROP is 172 kt TAS at 10gph. It hit 2640 rpm so I pulled it back after finding top speed.
LOP cruise 159 kt TAS at 7.1 gph WOT 2470 rpm.
LOP cruise at 9,400 (11,500 DA) returning from the solar eclipse was 150 kt TAS at 6.2 gph WOT 2350 rpm. I think the lean-mode EGTs in the photo aren't accurate but there was room to richen a bit.

It seems to have gained 3 - 5 kt since I removed the tiedown rings. I didn't realize they made that much drag.

I remember reading ages ago that the Superior XP engines have smoother intake ports which results in a couple of extra hp. YMMV

Milestone - Eagle's Nest-3 ...Ernie

After six weeks of building, the students at Eagle's Nest-3, Clear Springs High School-League City, TX, are making airplane noises!

With the enpennage, tail cone, and wings complete, the students took it upon themselves to strategically arrange the completed sections for a photo shoot and some airplane noises. Pictured below are the 2nd and 7th period students proudly displaying their progress

TK's Build Project Update ...in the 'My RV Build Project' section


Michael 'Strike' Messer's F-15E Bird Strike Photos....from back in the day.

"As promised, I found the pictures of my near-fatal birdstrike back in 1996. 
It took place on a low-level flight north of Seymour Johnson AFB.  I was #2 of a 2-ship F-15E flight headed to Dare County bombing range when I encountered several herring gulls (~6 ft wing span).  We were at 500' AGL at a speed of 510 GS.  The end result was a destroyed canopy and a lot of damage to the back seater.  It doesn't look like much, the small protection afforded by the helmet and visor saved Swamp's life.  He did require some reconstructive surgery after but he was alive.
I know we don't fly 500+ knots in an RV but we do fly fast and the bird population is not getting any smaller.  Having been stationed at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls for over 5 years teaching pilot training, I understand the migratory routes you have to deal with in your area.
Beside looking cool and the visor acting as high-tech sunglasses, a helmet is well worth the investment.  Gibson-Barnes built a comm cord adaptor for mine and I couldn't be happier.
Hope you are enjoying yours and check six."

related:  My RV helmet (vid)

Mothership closed Nov 22nd and 23rd ...and the front page of VAF also.

Mothership blurb...


And finally...

Thu Nov 15, 2012.
RV-6 N225WD First Flight...dsvajda

The FAA said that N225WD was airworthy last Friday. This morning, my super slow build, drill all your your own holes, RV-6, kit number 22209, put the grin on my face exactly 12 years to the day that I put the first entry into my builders log. Total build hours 1438.

Flew as advertised. Transition training with Jim Delveau helped take most of the worry out of this morning's adventure. Flew out of Gardner, KS muni (K34).

Solar eclipse...ronoc74

Three RVs flew north to intercept the solar eclipse in north-east Australia yesterday. I flew my 9A accompanied by friends in a 6 and a 10. Here are a couple of videos and some photos taken from 9500 ft. I was surprised to be met with turbulence at totality. The umbra, which is visible in the 2nd photo, was very elongated due to it being early morning. In the second video it had passed to the south-east but the darkness from the tail end of it is still visible. ...

Moon's shadow...

RV-7 in formation with L-29.....Villa Cañás, Santa Fé, Argentina

Because it is what we do...Lemmingman

"Like many of you I received my AOPA Aviation eBrief in my email yesterday. Most times I skim through it and find little of interest to me. This time I found, at the top, a link to a blog post by Dan Pimentel titled "Because this is what Airplanistas do". It talks about one of the things about aviation that I love, how pilots help oher pilots without a second thought. We see examples of this shared community experience here on VAF all the time, and I don't mind admitting that having other VAF members as my "emergency chute" is a comfort."

Link to story

Vlad Travels to the Spaceport

- Forward to Spaceport America!
- Niet! - said Approach. ALL IS
- Spent good half hour on

Update on Eric's (BASE1127)...RV-4 blown cylinder

"...I got up with Joe at Shilo and we're going to dig into the problem tomorrow morning and get her back in they air.

Much thanks to VAF for your outpouring of support! If anybody ever finds themselves in Watsonville, CA (KWVI) in need of a hand, please feel free to contact me."   Original thread

RV-12 Gear Update...dated November 13 from the mothership

My Panel - Day/Night VFR 9A ...Don

Here’s a rundown on N257SW’s panel. I purchased the plane last month to have some added flying fun while I finish building N702DA. It is the best day/night VFR panel layout I have ever flown behind. This is not to say it is the perfect VFR panel, nor that it would suit your needs or tastes, but rather, it simply is a fine example of good work flow and matching the equipment to the mission. In talking to the builders, I discovered it was their third try.  ...

N159SB G3X Panel Upgrade Status...Brantel

And finally...

Wed, Nov 14, 2012.
Red Marron's place out in Mimbres, NM is available for lease

Runway, hangar, mountains, the darkest night sky you can imagine, and peace and quiet.  More photos at the link.

related: Where is Mimbres, NM?

Marred skin with flush set ...solutions.

More DanH Mod Talk  ...and another pic.

Here's one with the door more than half open. As the actuator pulls on its center arm to close, the arms on the ends will eventually parallel the linkage rods. Linkage ratio goes to infinity.

The black heat shrink thing on a wire is a temperature probe. The actuator was subject to about 160F in this location. As you can see the location shields it from radiant heating.

Hat sighting ...Paul Tuttle

"...These are the men featured in Mel Gibson's "We Were Soldiers" and Robert Mason's "Chickenhawk"..."

Firewall Brackets Edge Distance Fix (RV--10)

I thought I would share this in case anyone else ran into the same problem.
I had some edge distance issues with my upper firewall brackets (WD-1002). They are match drilled through the frames from above and if they are like mine don't line up well enough to leave any reasonable edge distance with the rivets. I even tried using a clamp to pull the tabs into place, but it wasn't enough. So here is how I addressed the problem. ...

Alex De Dominics of RVtraining.com visits theVanCave

Alex dropped off his 7A to Randy on our field (A&P) for its annual.  Lots of builders do their own annuals, but Alex doesn't (neither do I).  Randy always ends up finding something that needs addressing, and I learn more each time on what to look for.  Anywho, Alex needed a ride back over to his home strip (2TS6), so we used the opportunity for me to get my BFR knocked out.  Some flying, some questions, some talking on the ground, a 13kt 90° crosswind with the controls to the stops made my transition trainer smile....and I'm good for a few more years.

Thanks Alex. 

Some pics of Alex at the cave...

● Welcome...

From Dynon


And finally...

Tue, Nov 13, 2012.
Exit panel Ver.4 got its shakedown cruise last night...DanH

Exit panel Ver.4 got its shakedown cruise last night. This one extends 4" further aft than previous, meaning 4" aft of the firewall. The slope in the RV-8's inset exhaust ramp means the primary exit is again progressively smaller than previous exit panels...

....possible because this one incorporates additional exit area on demand.

The door is hinged just forward of its center, so the forward edge raises up into the cowl as it opens. The result is two additional exit areas with the frontal area addition of one. Having eliminated the entire exit chute from the bottom of the RV-8's cowl there just wasn't much virtue in frontal area addition, even in slow speed operation.

The center-hinged door also reduces mechanical loads on the operating mechanism, a linear actuator with a linkage rigged to be over-center when the door is closed.

Ok, preliminary data, a shakedown cruise. I launched with the door open and climbed from 200 feet to 10,500, WOT, 2700 RPM, leaning in the climb, at 105 knots indicated, arriving with oil temperature on 197F and CHTs of 347, 330, 355, and 334. OAT was 70F on the ground and 49F at 10,500.

Pushed over and established the usual settings for fast cruise, WOT, set RPM, lean to 100-125 ROP for power, trim, altitude hold on. Indicated TAS settled in at the usual 181 knots, which is what I had with the previous exit.

Now the good part.....thumbed the switch to close the door, and picked up four knots...

Me like.

I'll now move into an extension of the cowl pressure and temperature data gathering that Ken, Sonny, and myself have been playing with since last winter. In the photos above you can see the brackets for an exit pitot-static and a temperature probe taped and riveted into the exit. We'll publish here on VAF in due course. Probably rig a video camera too. This one may be worth some yarn and tape.

How to jack up an RV ...and other stuff (mothership)

Calendars Shipping Soon ...from the mothership fb page

BMP, engine mismanagement or not?...N427EF

With so much talk about the Big Mixture Pull,"BMP" and experts like Mike Bush,
as well as the good folks from APS advocating this kind of engine operating procedure, I decided to try out this old and now newly discovered engine management technique.

The graph shows a one hour flight where I did everything I was tought not to do.

Based on what Mike Bush explains in the latest SA article I tried the following:
Full throttle, reduce RPM only "oversquare", BMP on climb out "1500 feet"
Climb out well lean of peak with Cylinder Head temperatures well below 380.

Mine dropped to less than 300 F but EGTs where much higher than on the rich side of peak. Fuel flow was about 5 GPH less than on the rich side of peak. The GAMI spread as calculated by the EG view software shows 0.00GPH on this flight. All was done on mogasE10 which I have been using for almost a year now and avgas in the left tank only for take off and landing.  Looking at the numbers, I can't see anything wrong with my new technique.  High MP and low RPMs contribute to a much more quiet cockpit environment and less friction loss apparently. The fuel savings are obvious and although my engine does not suffer from high temperatures of any kind, lower CHTs are even better.

Flame suit on, what do you think?

200kt Club ...Troy Branch RV-10

  (and 23.3mpg)

Seen at theVanCave.com Recently

Stan Price drops by in the newest thing he owns.

Maintenance on the site this weekend.



And finally....
Matt Burch sent me this.  He gets all the credit.

The Saturn 5 explained using only 'the ten
hundred words people use the most often'.

Mon, Nov 12, 2012. 
Son just passed his PPL checkride in my -9A! ...

My son Aaron started flying lessons in our -9A last summer. He managed to solo with only about 7 hours under his belt. After a break over the winter while he was off at college, he got started again this summer and knocked out the rest of his lessons.

I went up with him a week ago as a refresher before his flight test and he was clearly ready. It was pretty cool to see how far he'd come.

This morning he headed out to the Anoka-Blaine airport and a few hours later came home with his airman's certificate and a big smile on his face.

I'm sure it won't be long before I hear "Dad, can I borrow the plane today"?
Mike Behnke
RV-9A - Flying
RV-10 - Tail Kit
Anoka-Blaine (KANE)

Vlad's Travels Continued...

San Diego!!!

We descended, checked out

Way back was familiar but I

February 2014 Ron- Chips

Sweet spot Yuma! $1

They carved a corridor here

I thought Yuma was dense on

Off to visit Mom...N941WR

With a few weeks off between jobs, I decided it was time to stretch my legs. Nothing like what Vlad does but still a bit longer than the usual BBQ run.

After installing a new battery in the -9 on Wednesday, my wife dropped me off at the airport Thursday, just before lunch.

At 17:15Z I fired up the O-360. While the oil was warming up, I plugged in IKW (Midland, MI), dialed in the altitude (8,500’) on the Dynon AP, did a control check and basically waited for the oil temp to climb into the green.

With the oil up to temp I taxied to the end of runway 5 and checked the ignition. Everything seemed normal, so it was time to launch.

While still under the Charlotte Class Bravo I called up Charlotte departure and requested flight following. They were kind enough to give me a squawk as I was passing through 3500’. Then, just about as I cleared their mode C ring, they canceled flight following and suggested I contact Atlanta Center, if I wanted flight following. Heck yes, I wanted flight following, I was heading up over the mountains and wanted to make sure someone had my back, if things got quiet.

Atlanta picked me up quickly and asked me to squawk 7142. 

Winterhaven FlyIn

Blackhawks do UW-Whitewater Fly-Over...video

Vlad Pics Post-Sandy

- Hours before it struck I took

- After couple days I tried to
- OK. This was today. The

Defuel Rig

Red Cube mounting solution? ...agirard7a

Per recommendation of the manufacturer, the cube is to be mounted downstream from all pumps. I came up with this mounting solution which seems it should work. Please feel free to comment if anyone sees potential problems here. This is mounted on an 0320 carbureted standard Vans cable attach bracket. I built my own hoses and have yet to fire sleeve

Oil Consumption and Breather Tube ...DanH

Recently installed an oil separator/case evacuator system on the 390. Having built similar systems for roadrace bikes back in the 80's I am comfortable with the concept.

The separator itself is very similar to the one sold by Antisplat, a nice design. Mine started out as an old Delco AC accumulator can. Just buy Allen's if you don't have a TIG and a junk pile. ...

Mt Baker Flight

Today's living right story...Bob Axsom

Damon Ring from Ohio is flying to Taylor, TX to compete in tomorrow's Rocket 100 air race in his 390 powered RV-8. Wayne Hadath from Canada is flying to Taylor, TX to compete in tomorrow's Rocket 100 air race. They decide to fly along together. A governor oil line fails enroute with no indication in the cockpit to Damon. Wayne sees it streaming oil and reports it to Damon. Damon makes an emergemcy landing in an isolated airport of opportunity that had been hit by a tornado but is being used by a crop dusting operation. They had the parts, made him up a new hose and sent him on his way. When I heard the story tonight the canadian with Wayne said he had heard of southern hospitality but this that the first time he had experienced it first hand. He was impressed. Where did it happen ... Arkansas.

Is it possible to shift a maingear wheelpant sideways?

● RV-10 Status ........

200+kt GS Club ...docsuresh

IO360A1B1N4 For Sale ...from Joe Trampota at ECi

2012 donation list updated...and thanks for helping keep the lights on (and food in the fridge)

Pi Crust

Sun, Nov 11, 2012. 
  This Veterans Day I'd like to offer my sincere, heartfelt thanks to those who serve.  Thank you very, very much.  dr

Fri, Nov 9, 2012. 
  Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  Windy and maybe wet here - probably no flying.  dr

A short hop to the Brothers Wilderness...Tony_T

The Brothers Wilderness lies just outside of the Olympic National Park and is noted for the double peak which is 6860 ft MSL. The area is just a short flight from my home base at KPWT. This morning was clear and sunny with a brisk north breeze and mountain clouds. The Oympics looked clear of clouds for a short time but that window closed before I could launch and climb to altitude. The Brothers were obscured but still afforded some pretty good photography:

Part II

Reno RV Photos...Bob Axsom

More spar-avoidance paths...az_gila (RV-6)

One path exists, similar to the one mentioned earlier by RV-6 Flyer but more hidden.

Shamelessly stolen from another builder.

You can come up the side panel under the forward seat pan and run over the top of the spar to the fuel selector area and then down the center tunnel.


Hello from Switzerland.  This is the panel of my RV-8 that is going to fly first time soon....

Trutrak is looking for another engineer!

We're expanding our engineering capabilities and are looking for someone to join the Trutrak team.

Position requirements:
-Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field.
-Proficiency with the following software languages: C, ASM, Visual Basic (Freescale HC12, Microchip preferred).
-Understanding of embedded level graphics.
-Proficiency in schematic and PCB design.
-Familiarity with analog and digital sensor systems.
-Understanding of communication protocols (RS232, ARINC, CAN, SPI, I2C).
-EVENTUAL relocation to Northwest Arkansas will be required. (Great area to live!)

Trutrak offers competitive wages and benefits packages and a team oriented, family-friendly environment.

Please submit resumes to lucas (at) trutrakap (dot) com or fax them to 479 751 3397. Thanks!

Some light acro & pattern work to test life w/a helmet...dr

Was wondering if throwing it around a little with the extra mass would affect things.  Didn't seem to.



Post-Sandy ...Don Oberlander sent me this

Thu, Nov 8, 2012. 
First flight of new RV-9A in Russia...Alex_K (Moscow, Russia)

Last Thursday my RV-9A made its maiden flight. All went fine dispite a little trouble with instruments. That has already been fixed. Here is the short footage of 30 minute flight.

- http://youtu.be/Ogtd9pNSzHM
- http://youtu.be/56KKaWgqNsY

Video screen captures.

WillyEyeball Wins Sebring...MNForrest

Rumor has it that Bill McLean won Sportsman at the Fall Sebring IAC Contest in his "Competition Customized" RV-4. Nice job Bill!

So close I can smell it...mill2978

Or maybe it's just the VOC's from the floor paint.  Our house at KEIK is almost done, we are 8 days from closing! Our builder is done with the basement so Lisa(better half) and I were able to epoxy paint the floor.

I picked out a light grey to reflect more light and make it easier to find parts I drop. The picture is pretty dark but you can see the floor paint and the sliding door that will let me get the 8 out of the basement.

Aaron Miller
N127KT -Reserved
Tail feathers 9/10 done
Wing kit standing by

Status: Jason Hess (West Jordan, Utah)

Teamwork in action ...Ernie

How many does it take to rivet the bottom skins on an RV-12 wing?

At Eagle's Nest (EN-3 Clear Springs HS) it takes a "team"!

And they may have set a new time record ... 55 minutes start to finish to lay the skins, final drill the tie-down hole, dimple two locations, and fully rivet the skins!

It was poetry in motion...

RV Stuff in November Sport Aviation

pg 12




Wed, Nov 7, 2012.  1121z
First Flight ...

Today was the day! I had planned the flight, scouted the local area for off airport landing sites appropriate to the planned circuit and ask a couple friends to be my ground crew. Today N188DW became a real flying airplane and I flew in a machine built with my own hands. An absolutely priceless experience.

The engine, an Aero Sport Power IO-375 turning a Whirlwind 200 RV prop, ran strong and remarkably smooth. All numbers were well in the green and the only issues were a couple minor calibration things to be revisited.

Many thanks to the wonderful Houston area RV and sport aviation community and a special shout out to Doug Knab for his encouragement and assistance.

Chuck McCluggage
Sugar Land, TX
RV8 IO-375 WW 200RV
Flying phase 1

Travels with Vlad Continue

All right, wifi is still down after Sandy and I am using old trusty dial-up. Time to finish that trip story I covered almost 1/2 already

... After exiting Death Valley I need three things; First - to kill 2.5 hours. An airshow was in full strength at Miramar and TFR would be lifted at 5 pm.  Second - get fully gassed up on the way to Coolifornia coast I heard fuel is expensive there. Third - something meaty to bite.

According to famous planning software the cheapest fuel was at 39 Palms.

- Battle with Tanks at Chiriaco
- Runway at Chiriaco looks good
- There was no wind and very
- 30 more minutes to kill

Team RV is now Team AERODYNAMIX

Help me decide (Oil Cooler)

Firstly i am running a 160Hp O-320 E2d on my RV6. The engine has a custom cooling plenum already fitted instead of baffles, So mounting on the firewall is the go.
Temps over here are between 70F and 100F

My Question to all you engine nuts out there.  With my engine purchased I received the larger Positech 20004c cooler, I also have the smaller Vans supplied cooler 20002A with my FWF kit.

I need some help selecting which one to use....

Using the smaller one
1. would make my install so much easier as i already have a firewall mounting kit for it
2. and weighs about half the amount

The positech is obviously a lot better quality and bigger to provide more efficient cooling but is that a good thing ...... I would obviously have to install a vent to adjust if it overcools, is it all worth the effort or should i just stick with the vans supplied one?

Order the Van's 2013 Calendar


From Andy at iFlightPlanner.com

"I think you and the VAF will appreciate seeing our latest Quick Tip highlighting iFlightPlanner's ability to create Garmin .FPL and .GPX files that can be imported into your avionics via USB key or SD card. The video features screenshots of the import process on the Dynon Skyview.   If you Google ".FPL .GPX" the first hit is one of your forums talking about flight plan importing.  We're excited to be able to meet that need and hope you'll share this technology with the VAF!"

Tue, Nov 6, 2012.  1224z  
Testing soundcloud.com 1min 16sec.  Something to listen to while you're in line at the voting booth.  Or not ;^)

Newly added in 'the cave'.

● (VIDEO) KC and Falcon Flight Over Texas Motor Speedway ...this past Saturday.

1min 03sec mark:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4LVk8-cTew

Ross Burgess' Petit Jean People Photos

Why sump your tanks?...Spindrift

Never really found any water in my tanks, and with fuel injection a few drops aren't a big problem. However, living in the Northwest, especially now that I have to park outside at Boeing Field, I always sump just to be sure. Definitely paid off on Friday after 3 weeks of steady rainfall...

● Still alive and (kind of) Kicking....

Taken for granted! ...pierre smith

My brother is visiting from Camarillo, California and had a book-signing at our local bookstore last Thursday. In the rear seat is my friend and co-owner of the -6A we built, Larry Morgan, our mayor.

Dan's been very busy minding all the bases and Larry has been overwhelmed with our city's remodeling sidewalks and such. ...

Post-Trip Maintenance/Flap Tape Replacement ...Ironflight

As we crossed the great expanse of West Texas on our return from California, winding our way through the Davis Mountains while dodging late-summer thunderstorms, the clock on the Val’s EFIS ticked over the 1200 hour mark, making her one of the higher-time -8’s flying. A little less than five years ago – it will be five years in a week and a half – we lifted off together for the first time. New plane, new engine, new prop….and new RV pilot! I have constantly remained amazed at how little maintenance has been required. Maybe it was my background with “affordable” spam cans, always wondering when the next financial bombshell would hit. But more likely, it is new components and a sound design that has lead to the reliability we have enjoyed.

Nevertheless, maintenance IS required, and it is always a good idea to catch up after a long trip. The airplane tucks in to the hangar like a horse after a long ride – panting a bit, dirty and sweaty – ready for a little rest, but still restless, wanting to go again. I had a few things on my list before we even left, planning ahead with orders so that parts would be waiting on our return. New flap tape was high up, as were tires. The standard van’s anti-chafe tape was crackling away, embrittled by whatever lives in the Houston atmosphere. The tires – well, I fly a lot, and we go through tires because we go through landings! On top of that, we were due for that oil change while still over the West Texas desert, so the cowling had to come off – and when that happens, it is time to look for oil leaks(a few drops here and there), inspect my ECI Category “A” cylinders for leaks (none), check the plugs(yup – 600 hours is long enough)….all those things under the hood. All in all, still in pretty good shape considering the mileage we put on together – 23 hours in ten days this last time out.  ...


Toolbox building...EdH

...but not by me. A while ago whilst ordering preview plans for the -8, I bought Karen; my better half, the Van's toolbox kit. Since the workshop is now up and running, Karen decided she would start her toolbox. "I'm not going to work on the -8 till my skills are good enough", she said. Well, that tool box is turning out pretty good.

Getting Wires Around an RV-6 Spar



Mon, Nov 5, 2012.  1242z  
Recorded the Monday morning blurb and uploaded to YouTube.   Less work.  
The lack of polish, effects, correct grammar and effort makes it distinctly me.  Enjoy.  PS:  Helmet questions?  frank 'at' gibson-barnes 'dot' com....is the guy.

Petit Jean Pictures and Write-ups

- Petit Jean 2012 RV Fly-In is ..... OVER and DONE !!  Bill S.

- Dan H.

- Mark Burns

Love's Landing RV Fly-in 2012 Report

NC Gathering

Part 3- Getting all the way ...Don

On Friday morning, November 2, about 8 am, Tom and I returned to Midwest Aviation. Midwest is located on Barkley Field in Paducah, KY and it’s where I’d left N257SW after they offered a hanger at a very good rate. They treated us well. After returning the rental car, topping off the tank, and warming the engine up, I called the tower and was cleared to depart runway 04.

I am a firm believer in flight planning - and I don’t mean having just one plan. Usually, the primary flight plan works but in addition to a primary flight plan, I like to be aware of the weather patterns in the area, the terrain, and predicted weather for several hundred miles either side of the the intended route. Sometimes the weatherman is wrong and this give me options. I find it makes flying less stressful when I have options and don’t have to develop them under less than ideal conditions.

Our general plan was fly east, cross the Blue Ridge Mountains then turn generally northeast to Tappahannock, VA (KXSA). Thursday evening the tentative plan was to fly from Paducah, KY to Mountain Empire (KMKJ), refuel, and switch pilots and fly to KXSA. Friday morning the predicted low ceilings made KMKJ look less inviting. Higher ceilings were predicted further south so changed our stop from KMKJ to KUKF (Wilkes County, NC). The weather man predicted clear skies within a hundred miles of our flight path and that was our plan B.

The first part of the trip had us flying under blue skies and light haze. While the METARS we heard said 10 mile visibility, from 7,500’ I’d estimate we could see at least 20 miles. The angle of the sun (we were flying into the sun) made forward visibility a bit worse than to the side, but by east coast standards, we had excellent weather; and we had a tail wind. We were seeing cruising speeds running 170-175 knots at 65% power, or maybe a bit less. Frankly, I wasn’t missing my Cherokee 140 a bit.   ...

VAF Family

Nationwide Race Flyover, TX

(from Stu) Congrats to all for an OUTSTANDING flyover. Lighting was great for camera visibility. At first they were showing a shot from your 1 o'clock which was impressive, but then they went to a shot from your 12 o'clock which was really nice and showed the symetry and smoke. That shot showed someone out at the left rear. They panned the racing crews which were all looking up and smiling. You could also hear the crowd cheering. Just as the band stopped you could hear the announcer say something garbled "and Falcon Flight". Very well done. The smoke was hanging over the track and they showed that several times. You could see the smoke all the way to the south to include the turn to the southwest.

Sorry I could not join you, but it was best as I have been hurting this afternoon after our GTU Airfest 9-ship performance.

For the Record: KC Flight and Falcon Flight joined forces for this flyover. BeeGee from KC Flight led. Falcons participating were Pat "Glider" Tuckey, Ron "Shorts" Walker, Bobby "Luke" Lucroy, Jim "Flagman" Averett, Winn "Dallas" Harris, Jeff "Shiner" Jackson, Rusty "Rooster" Williams. I don't know all KC Flight participants, but I know Bill "BeeGee" Gill, and Phil "Ripper" Lamb. Perhaps BeeGee will fill in the rest.

New Helmet Random Thoughts: First Use.

 - Flew through about ten birds on the very first takeoff with the helmet.
 - You know how you're always wondering if there's another plane above that Koger shade?  Not anymore.
 - Look 90° straight up, look back over left shoulder MUCH farther....no more baseball cap brim hitting the canopy.
 - It's not nearly as heavy as I thought it would be.
 - Old headset slides out of place under G's (loops and in a crisp break).  Not this.
 - My guess is it's the same width as my normal headset - at least that's how it seems
 - I can read my watch (flying in my regular bifocals - Heaven, babe!)
 - NO sunlight spilling in from the sides of my sunglasses.  All shade.  All the time.  All directions.
 - Need to lower the seat cushion about a quarter inch
 - Gotta install the ANR
upgrade.  The passive is good, but I'm an ANR snob.
 - Wife thinks I'm even more of a nerd (I'm a nerd?)
The guy I ordered it from is:  frank 'at' gibson-barnes 'dot' com.  Can answer any helmet question you got.

Quick/dirty iPhone pics from the flight

Nov/Dec FAA Safety Briefing Online

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Nov 2, 2012.  1142z  
  Friday!  The helmet arrived yesterday evening - going to the airport this morning to try it out.  I'll get some pics for Monday.  First impression is WOW!  Tate wore it all evening around the house.
  NASCAR race this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.  Fair warning.
  Susie and I voted early....my sticker below.  God Bless America.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

An attempt to bump Vlad off the front page -) ...Darren S

I do hope Vlad and all those who were affected by Super Storm Sandy are recovering and doing well. Living in Western Canada, all we get to see is the HLN news coverage and pictures. Best wishes to all.

This is a trip I did with my daughter in October. We had a beautiful VFR window on the way down to San Francisco and returning home. The trip took exactly 6 hours flying time going and the same coming.

On the way down we cleared customs in Spokane and topped off the tanks. Then a straight run to Klamath Falls for lunch and fuel. After that we made another straight run to San Francisco. On the advice of several VAF'ers, I landed at Hayward across the bay from San Fran. The BART train took us to our hotel. You'll see the fun we had

Returning home we took a slightly different route. Because of active MOA's etc... we left Hayward and made a 3 hour run to a place called Grant County Regional Airport in John Day, Oregon. A beautifully renovated FBO with a courtesy car too. From there we made our final leg of 2.9 hours to Springbank, Alberta to clear Canadian Customs.

My co-pilot slept most of the way, which I prefer. She isn't really a fan of the "70's on 7" on the XM radio

Hope you enjoy the video.

[ed. Not only on the front page, but the top story over the weekend! dr]

PIREP from Petit Jean

(Bill S) Don Moore is the first of our campsite prep team to hit the site today. All mowed and lovely but I couldn't resist posting his note to the set up team! That EAA Hot Springs bunch is a working crew and even a little poetic :-) Have 62 registered (50+ airplanes) with a only a couple of cancels, weather nice, looking good!

Don said >>>>>>

Firewood in place.
Fire pits cleaned out.
Food tent on the ground. (may try to put it up) Adding to the list to bring.
Two Thirty gallon trash cans.
10 pound fire extinguisher for emergency.
Yard rake.

Update from Petit Jean you might pass on.

Thursday morning just after daybreak looking off the mountain to the northwest towards the Arkansas river the fog was hanging low in the valleys with just the tallest of pine trees sticking up above the fog.( would have made a postcard picture) As I drove on toward the airport there were four deer feeding alongside the road in the park and three bucks on the runway at the airport. One of the bucks look like it could have been Bullwinkal himself. The geese are on the lake doing there morning wakeup call, a pair of pileated woodpeckers in the camp site doing there thing." Sounds like it should be rated 10+". The weather is clear and crisp, fall colors just past peak. Hope no one is thinking of sleeping in. What a great start to a RV weekend.

See everyone tomorrow.


end quote >>>>>>>>>>>

C U there! Last updates are out. Fly safe. Check notams, call on 122.9 and get ready for a RV kinda good time!

Totally Off Topic


Thu, Nov 1, 2012.  1132z  
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

Sometimes picking the splash pic for the day is just too easy....



(Mitch Lock on the mothership FB page) In 1987, I joined an EAA chapter, began construction of my RV-3 and made my first "RV" friend who was starting his RV-6 project at the same time. His name is Chris Moody. We were neck and neck for a couple of years. We even bought our factory new Lycoming O-320s at the same time. They were $13,000 thru Van's brand new OEM program as I recall.

I kept pounding away while Chris got sidelined for a while as one of the developmental engineers on the now implemented ADS-B system. I'd call him from time to time and for twenty plus years, our conversations always started with a "Well, not much progress over here." Then a couple of years back, the calls would begin with a "Well, I'm pluggin' away at it."

I am overjoyed to announce that Chris' simple and light RV-6 took to the skies on October 5th. Twenty-five years! Now that's never letting go of a dream. Congratulations Chris! I never doubted you once.

Chris Moody and his completed RV-6

Petit Jean RV Fly-In Camp In Update

(Bill S.)  Just two days out and looking great! Too much info to post but all of you who have registered on-line should be receiving updates from PetitJeanFlyIn@gmail.com . If you are planning on coming and haven't registered (see first post) please do and we'll get you on the update list. Registration link is in first post in this thread.

Just a reminder for those that check .... there are notams in place posted by the Airport Manager and State Parks showing the airport as "closed for EAA Event" and "except for EAA Event Aircraft" and "use caution taxing on grass". What this really means is that you need to be transmitting on 122.9 on the way in just like you normally would. This insures that we know who is coming and what to look for. By definition, if you are reading this ..... you are an "event aircraft" and cleared for the approach

Promises to be a great weekend! C U all there .

Post Frankenstorm Patrol...tkatc

So I surveyed the NJ coastline today. It was easy to tell which towns were north of the eye and which towns were south. Atlantic City and south suffered flood and sand damage...North of Atlantic City suffered catastrophic damages!!

I had to beat a Presidential TFR so I did not have time to go further North in NY but I sure Vlad will do so when his plane is back in business. ...

In The Shop

Old School
How to make your own canopy ...sorta RV related

Ferrous Metal in Oil Filter...Kwright

FYI IAW Champion AV-14 I cut open and inspected the oil filter, Champion CH48110-1, on the O 360 A1A engine in my RV6. I picked up some metal with a magnet in the plets of the filter element. So, when on to rinse the element out in solvent and this is what I found. Its about 1/16th of a teaspoon of fine metal granuals and slivers.  Engine has 200 hours SMOH accomplished in July of 1999. First ran in January 2010. Talked to the engine shop that overhuled the engine, consulted Mike Bush's articals, as many AP/IAs as I could find, local experts, and Lycoming SBs.

Responses range from "that's a lot of metal" to "check it again in 10 hours."  Most likely cause "cam or lifters."

I'll update the thread when I recheck the filter

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
Cage Fighting for Cylinders ...ECi

Job Search
EAA SportAir Workshops coordinator ...Chad Jensen

Posted on Monday this week, I am now beginning the process of looking for a new coordinator for SportAir workshops. This is a high energy position that will require some travel, but I'm confident we will find the right person to take the job and run with it!

If you have an interest, see the job description here-


Send resumes to HR and copy me if you would like.

Totally Off Topic