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Wed, Oct 31, 2012.  1152z  
Happy Halloween!
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November Wallpaper Calendar Online

Erratic Low Oil Pressure (Solved) ...Catbird

Well . . . I solved it.

Friday afternoon at the hangar I reached in behind the engine to jiggle the two spade connectors coming from the nefarious oil pressure sensor. Nothing violent or extreme; just a jiggle to show a friend which connectors were to be inspected. To my surprise, the red sensor wire immediately broke off at the entry to the crimped barrel of the connector. It must have been hanging on by a single strand. The wires coming from the sensor are multi-stranded 22 gauge, or possibly even smaller. I suppose vibration had taken its toll. Another contributing factor is that I was using a single crimper tool and not applying a second crimp at the end of the barrel to secure the wire insulation. Later in the project I had purchased a double crimping tool, but had not bothered to recrimp these connectors since they were 'hidden' down behind the engine. After reworking the wiring from the sensor to the D-sub connector behind the panel, my Dynon oil pressure reading is solid and relatively stable.

I apologize for the false alarm. Now if I can only find a way to blame my amateur crimp job on that Honeywell oil pressure sensor...

From Sin City to Underworld ...Vlad (of course)

In The Shop
End of October update ...Strike69

After several weeks of travel for work (and one more overseas trip coming up), I have made slow progress. Of course this weekend was dealing with Sandy. I'm into some details and getting little things done when I can.

The roll trim servo was the first installed component to actually have power applied! Still have to rivet the parts in but it works like a champ. I still need to run wires to the panel but I couldn't help myself from seeing the display come to life.  ...


Dominating 2012 RV Blue Racer - Gary Shelley

(Bob Axsom) The RV Blue Class featuring RVs with 360 cu in engines has been dominated all year by class point leader Gary Shelley in his striking red/white /black #81 RV-8

I think I have a FI issue

I have ~300 hours on the engine. First flight was August 2010.
IO360M1B SilverHawk FI.

Saturday, cold, ~35 degrees, I took off and saw #1 and #3 EGT got higher than normal, ~1400 degrees. I checked to be full rich. Fuel pressure was normal and the boost pump was on. No big concern, but this is different. Fuel flow was 15-16 gph. As I leveled out all was normal. I have a standard Van's fuel installation. I do have the red cube between the fuel servo and the spider. Left impulse coupled mag, right Light speed plasma 3.

Thoughts, suggestions?

(I know, 35 degrees is not that cold, but for a south Alabama boy, this is also NOT normal)

AND another thing, yeah, yeah, yeah, probably over instrumented. But, I am and I do see it. And for all of those going to tell me to use the search engine, I did. Searched Silverhawk

  Some Replies:

I'll take a stab at it.
It appears that your fuel flows are normal.
I suspect an ignition problem possibly one of your plasma coils or connections.
Having only one plug fire would cause such a condition. What makes no sense is that Cyl#1 and#3 are hot. If one connection on the coil is bad you would see #1 and #2 hot. An arching spade connector can cause temporary or intermittent ignition outages and is hard to spot unless you pull the connector off to look at it.
Something to look at while others come up with a better solution

OK, bunch of questions.

1. Did you do a mag check in the air? You may have two dead plugs or failing to perform under load. Is this an EI with an unusual spark distribution system?

2. What happened going LOP? Dd you do this? If you have had some debris in the fuel system and it has partially blocked those two injectors, you would see them peak well before the others and run rough at a normal LOP setting.

3. I suspect as they have bitten me several times, the inlet gaskets. Or the inlet hose clamps?

4. Mixture cable length? I have seen as the engine rubbers sttle the cable gets pulled tighter at takeoff, and if it is at the end of travel it just pulls the mixture leaver back a fraction. maybe this is just enough to affect those two cylinders. So did you do any experimenting after you levelled out that is logged?

Do you have a data file from your EMS. Maybe I can help with that?

March 22-24, Ada OK, you could learn all this troubleshooting and a whole heap more. And no its not just about how to run LOP, (thats about 5% of the course).

I'm running the same set-up you are except with a Plasma II. The airplane just turned 300 hrs. coming home from LOE. Consider Dave Brown's suggestion #3 very closely. My RV 7 started doing something very similar. And it ever so gradually got worse. I finally put two and two together when I noticed it seemed more dramatic while taxiing than when airborne. If your egt spread between cylinders seems to be more dramatic at idle or partial throttle when engine vacuum is higher, my two cents is on Dave. I torqued the intake flange bolts before leaving for Weatherford and she was good as new

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Welcome AdvancedAero.com ...carbon fiber RV parts from Australia.

"Advanced Aero Components have always been at the forefront of aircraft component design and continue to build world-class products for aero industry. From warbird restoration to race plane builds, Advanced Aero Components have been providing products that stand the test of time and perform flawlessly under the most demanding conditions.  We also specialise in Carbon Fiber wing tip tanks for RV`s.  Also Carbon replacement Naca scoops & many other things."

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Oct 30, 2012.  1200z  
  Hoping our friends getting soaked by Sandy are doing OK.
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Bringing N257SW Home...Don

Life can change quickly, and sometimes for the better! At the beginning of September I figured I was 6 -12 months (or more) away from flying the 9A in my basement. Cousin Vlad came by to critique my slow progress and encourage me with stick time in his 9A and teasing about my very slow build. Somewhere during his visit he said, “Sell your Cherokee, sell your RV project, and just buy a flying 9A.”

I couldn’t sell my beloved project but the rest of his crazy idea sounded good. The more I thought about it, the more rational it sounded. I could sell the Cherokee, buy a flying 9A (or any other flavor RV) and have more flying fun and flying options open to me while I finished MY nine.  If I sold the “temporary” 9A for what it cost me, I’d be flying for free - or that’s what I told myself. Wife even liked the idea of being able to go places, and see grandchildren. So, the search for an RV began. Wife is pretty darn special.

What an interesting education it was. The short version is I found what looked like (and has turned out to be) a primo RV-9A with just under 500 hours (now just over 500 hours) on an Aerosport O-320. Located in Mesa, AZ it looked like I’d have the added fun of bringing the plane home.  ...

Lunch trip to KC...N8RV

As my wife approached 50, she started compiling a list of stuff she wanted to do during her 50th year. Unfortunately, that year coincided with the downturn in the economy, plus her list kept getting more complicated. So, she amended it to "50 Things I Want To Do In MY 50s." That way, she still has a few years to complete the list.

We had intended to drive there this weekend, leaving IN on Thursday evening after work, driving part-way and arriving on Friday afternoon. It takes roughly 10 hours to make the trip, and then drive all the way back on Sunday. We've done it many times. However, it looked like the weather might actually cooperate for a flight in Smokey -- 5 hours of flying vs 20+ hours of driving -- to kill two birds with one stone. She'd get to visit her mom and also check off an item on her list.

She's not much into flying. However, one of the things on the list was for me to fly her to Kansas City. No big deal. I flew into Wheeler Field a couple of times in my Yankee many (many) years ago. However, having just flown into Lee's Summit with the RV-1 entourage -- and given that the MIL lives on the south side of town anyway, it seemed as good a place as any to land for a visit.

Well, the forecast weather for Friday didn't develop. It was cold, overcast and blustery. Saturday promised warmer temps and sunshine for both the origin and destination, with even better weather on Sunday. So, we decided that flying to KC on Saturday and coming back on Sunday afternoon would be acceptable.

Then Sandy Frankenstorm arrived.  ...

Copperstate Trip Report...YellerDaisy

I zipped over to Casa Grande, AZ (CGZ) for Copperstate last Friday. I posted a full report here on my blog.

I had a great trip and the -3 ran great. Sipped about 7 gph at 150 kts and saw some spectacular scenery! Sadly, I was only the RV-3 there, should have gotten an award or something!!

Tsam and the Val do Wings Over Houston ...Ironflight

Foiled by Friday’s low weather that kept Louise from getting out of College Station in time to make LOE, Tsam took it upon herself to round up the Val and head over to the Wings Over Houston Airshow at Ellington Field. That young girl just likes to get out in public and show off, and boy, did folks take lots of pictures! We let the two airplanes preen by themselves (under the watchful eyes of EAA Chapter 12 members) on Saturday, and we were there all day Sunday to answer questions (see the thread on “questions non-builders ask” – they’re pretty much all there…) and enjoy a beautiful sunny and comfortable day with the two of them. An awful large number of Houstonians showed up for the event, and Chapter 12 did a great job showing the flag for the Experimental world with the two RV’s, a T-Craft LSA, Long-EZE, and a couple of Gyrocopters.

In The Shop

VAF Family
Youth aircraft build news from EAA Chapter 92, Orange County, CA...from the mothership FB page

I want to thank you again for your generous donation of the RV-12 Vertical Stabilizer kit for our Boy Scout build project. The management of Yank´s, Frank and Cristen Wright, graciously allowed us the use of their restoration hangar on Saturday, September 22nd with, California. The kids had a great time and got the stab built to completion.  ...

Houston, we have a Crapper*...

Downside: The money I made selling my 60's Triumph motorcycle is now officially gone - it built and furnished 'the cave' up to this point. 

Upside: theVanCave now has a toilet, shower, sink, doors and the sheetrock is floated and taped.  The contractors are now gone, and the rest is up to me as time and funds allow.  I'll do the exterior and interior painting soon, build a little shelf to put my laptop on, and eventually get some carpet.  And doorknobs.  I'll save for the air conditioner over the next several months.  Baby steps... 

The helmet is done....

Selling one of my Zulu headsets paid for most of this, and selling some guitar effects pedals from twenty years ago paid for the rest (thanks eBay).  Gibson-Barnes sent this finished photo yesterday.  Can't wait to see it in person! 

click to enlarge

fmi: About the whole helmet thing


Totally Off Topic

Mon, Oct 29, 2012.  1134z  
  Monday!  Back to the grind.  LOE'12 had just about the best weather you could possibly ask for on Saturday - mid 50's, light winds and not a cloud in the state.  Rough count of RVs around lunch was somewhere in the mid 30's - not bad for a rain date.  The raffle raised over $9,000 for the local children's charity in Weatherford.  If you bought a ticket or donated a prize, THANK YOU for helping make this happen.  Russ and Russ did an absolutely outstanding job of organizing this event, and the folks at the Weatherford airport had registration, parking, food and more running smooth as a Swiss watch.  What a wonderful group of people.  Very laid back gathering.
  On the home front the daughter pushed 'the big button' on the computer Sunday afternoon - the shared college application, with finished essay, was sent to SMU, TCU and Austin college.  Screen shot at right....  Why are my hands shaking - are yours shaking?  Do you hear dogs barking?  Who's cooking popcorn?  Real Life 101.  Yikes.
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VAF Honor System Donations Update ...help keep the pirate ship afloat.

First Flight N58DG ...Don Garrison RV-8

I am pleased to report that Sunday, Oct 29 was the first flight of RV-8 N58DG, Serial # 82397.  All went well with minor issues noted... it flew and handled well, even in blustery conditions (the windsock speaks volumes).  I spent 4 1/2 years building, with the last four months especially grueling (it was typically 104 degrees and 80% humidity in the hangar --- welcome to Florida!!!).


LOE'12 Pictures

●  Russ Daves Write-up on LOE'12

Weather was cold and windy on Friday but warmed up some on Saturday and winds calmed down a little. Very low turnout on Friday, about 10 RV’s. Social Hour beer and wine provided by Richard and Steve Fowler of America’s Engines and served by Casey O’Connor (wife of Lucille’s Roadhouse Manager, Justin O’Connor who provided $6.99 free appetizer coupons to one and all to use at Lucille’s Roadhouse).

Social hour ended 4 hours later and most people retired to Lucille’s Roadhouse and could not eat all the food with all the free appetizers.
Saturday turned out to be a great day to visit and Lucille’s Roadhouse supplied lunch out of their lunch wagon with either burgers or brats, a drink and chips for $5.00 with ALL proceeds, not just profits, donated to the charity. Senator Jim Inhofe spoke after lunch to a small crowd. Mostly about politics but a little about the Pilots Bill of Rights he sponsored in the US Senate.

Happy hour started early on Saturday (earlier for some more than others who went down to watch Texas Tech be embarrassed by Kansas State) and continued through dinner. Russ and Ann Daves having attended every LOE event except one since the year 2000 and the majority of the crowd felt that the food this year was the best ever!!! BBQ on one serving line, Shrimp Cajun Food and Gumbo on another serving line. Seconds were had by many!!

After a prayer the running of the Russ’s took place tossing out ball caps donated by Lightspeed Headsets and GLO Custom Painting. Followed by a long list of thanks given to all the people both from the airport as well as those who just pitched in and made the event special.
Over $17,000.00 in raffle prizes were donated with the drawing done by a couple of cute 6 year old girls. 49 Raffle Items were awarded. Because of the small turnout, 17 RV’s, 1 Long Eze, and 1 C-182 on the flight line for the Raffle there were a lot of multiple winners.
The Raffle sales raised $4,560.00 for the Charity, plus the following: $260.00 Cash Donation from Lunch Sales by Lucille’s Roadhouse and $240.00 individual cash donation from Justin ‘O’Connor Manager of Lucille’s Roadhouse and wife Casey O’Connor.  $100.00 Cash donation by Doug Reeves; $100.00 from re-sale of one raffle prize; and $300.00 from Auction of one raffle Prize.

Russ Kamtz raised over $4,000.00 in Cash Donations from various businesses and individuals prior to the event in Colorado by holding a golf tournament and getting a Christian Charity Foundation to match the funds raised at the golf tournament along with just talking up the LOE Charity Fly-In event to individuals and small businesses who put money in the pot. Such $4,000.00 was NOT for purchase of raffle tickets just straight donations. Way to go, Russ Kamtz!!! You de man!!!

Barbara Jones, Director of the FOOD 4 KIDS program in Weatherford thanked everyone for their generosity and the $9,560.00 and reminded the crowd that last year Russ Daves challenged her to expend the FOOD 4 KIDS program at the Elementary School on to the Middle School as well, which because of the donations received from the LOE Fly-In she was able to do this year.

Naturally the diehards retired to Brahm’s for ice cream after the raffle. Women reported that the shopping was great in downtown. The airport staff did a fantastic job with everything on the premises to make the event top-notch!

An executive decision was made to set the date for next year on September 27-29, 2013 with a rain date of October 4-6, 2013, again at Weatherford Airport (KOJA). So, put this on your calendar now! Mark it on your calendar. Russ Daves and Russ Kamtz agreed to Co-Chair the event another year.

Raffle prize winners:

Blue Angels visit Houston Eagle's Nest Project ...Ernie

The Blue Angels are in Houston this weekend for the "Wings Over Houston" airshow and as a public service they addressed the student body at Clear Springs High School in League City, TX, with a slideshow and a powerful message; "Find your passion, work hard, don't let anyone tell you that you can't or won't succeed, and follow your dream". Following the student body presentation, Capt. T.J. Harrell and other team members visited Mr. Elder's PLTW Aerospace Engineering class to see their Eagle's Nest Project first-hand. Mr. Elder's 2nd and 7th period classes are building a full-size 2-place airplane (Van's Aircraft RV-12) under the Eagle's Nest program, a unique education program sponsored by Friends of the RV-1, Inc /Eagle's Nest Projects.

100 saga continues (Vlad) ...start here

More Vlad Travels ...start here.

Southern Rockies Fall Colors...Guy Prevost

Helmet update....

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Oct 26, 2012.  1141z  
  Hope to see you at LOE'12 this weekend in Weatherford, OK.  The Wx calls for temps in the 50's on Saturday with 10mph winds.  Nice, crisp fall flying weather.  Hope you can come, even if for just a few hours to say hi.  Over $16K in raffle prizes (below), with all the money raised going to charity.  Russ and Russ really knocked it out of the park this year!
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
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RV-14 Wing Kits on Sale NOW!

Awesome Flight #2 ...Brantel video (17min)

Did some more Fall flying yesterday. Trying out different GoPro mount positions. I need to work some more on the vibration proofing of this mount. Sorry for the shaky video. No audio on this one since I did not want Youtube to flag it.

Flew over Max Patch TN/NC, Good view of the Smokies. A little hazy and I missed the peak of the colors a bit. ...

In the Field
I have this for my Rudder ...John Ferguson

Being stupid with fuel ...N546RV shares

This is a somewhat old story, one that, for the longest time, I kept between myself and the other two occupants of the plane. Mostly that was out of shame, looking back at the series of stupid decisions that stacked up on me. As of late, I've been more open about the story, and I might as well go ahead and share it here.

To set the stage, I'd had my private for about 14 months at the time. Two friends and I decided to take a week-long trip to the Florida Keys, and mindful of the 14-hour drive, I proposed we fly down, a proposal that was welcomed. The flight down was totally uneventful; one fuel stop about halfway down, a bit of a diversion due to clouds in the peninsula, nothing to it.

Our original plan was to fly back home the following Saturday, but as the day approached, the weather forecast wasn't shaping up well. In the face of potential storms across most of the Southeast, I elected to postpone the homeward flight to Sunday. Sunday morning dawned bright and lovely; the forecast now called for only isolated/scattered storms in southern Florida. Figuring I could circumvent these, and keep nearby airports in mind in case I had to put down, I decided to go.

The forecast turned out to be somewhat erroneous; about 45 minutes into the flight, there was a solid-looking wall of ominous dark clouds ahead. I turned west, thinking that perhaps I could do an end run, but there was no way out. So I decided to backtrack to the nearest airport in Homestead.

(Side note: the folks at Homestead were GREAT. When I landed, I was a sweaty, nervous semi-wreck. Weather diversions/delays like this were new to me, and I was worried about getting home. As soon as I walked in the door, the lady practically threw a bottle of water at me. Later, they cooked us hot dogs while we waited out the storm.)

Two and a half hours later, the storms had rolled through and everything looked peachy the rest of the way home. At this point, I was feeling significant (self-imposed) pressure to get us home. It didn't help that I wasn't night current.

In retrospect, I was setting up for a classic case of get-there-itis.

The next factor came in the form of fuel. I figured I might as well get gas while I was on the ground, but the line guy filled the tanks to the top instead of just to the tabs as I requested. That put us slightly overweight, but also opened the possibility of maybe making it home without another fuel stop. The pressure tinged my judgment, and I took off with full fuel.

Now came another problem; even though the storms were gone, significant cloud cover remained. At first, I stayed under the clouds...a safer option, but it was hot and bumpy down there. For a while, I climbed above the clouds into smoother air, but eventually I started getting nervous about getting stuck on top with no way down, so somewhere around the GA border I went back down under.

Then, another dumb mistake: Since I still was holding on to the possibility of making it to PDK on the fuel on board, I started eyeballing the fuel gauges. Rationally, I knew that counting on those probably wasn't smart, but in the moment, I convinced myself I could find a way to do it. Eventually, I formed a plan to make my go/no-go decision on a fuel stop: I'd leave one tank about a quarter full (by the gauge), then fly on the other until it ran dry. If I was "close" to home, I'd proceed, otherwise, I'd have to stop. In the meantime, I'd keep a close track on nearby airports with gas available.

(A particular bit of self-criticism: "Close" does not cut it for a decision point. Looking back, I was basically giving myself an excuse to press on if I wanted to, rather than having to make a hard and fast decision.)

Somewhere in the vicinity of Milledgeville, GA, it happened. I thought I detected a bit of roughness in the engine, but thinking only of milking every last drop out of that left tank, I didn't switch. Maybe a minute or so later, I abruptly lost power. OK, time to switch! This was when things went horribly awry, and I got an object lesson in how a mostly tolerable situation can become extremely intolerable by the addition of one small, additional factor.  (continue)

● Office/Restroom Update ...10/25/2012

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NationAir Has A New Website

Van's RV link: http://lightaircraft.nationair.com/insurance-services/specialty-programs/vans-aircraft-insurance/

Totally Off Topic


Thu, Oct 25, 2012.  1147z  
  LOE'12 begins tomorrow!  Bring your coat - it's going to be crisp.
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Flying Formation with Smokey Ray

Last Saturday was a big RV day for me beginning with a dawn patrol launch from God's Country (AL) with my best bro and Combat wing-man Ned "Linchmob" Linch in his RV4. Formation Flying with somebody you spent over 250 hours over bad guy land together, (mainly at night) is so natural it lulls you into a familiar pacing unknown to the uninitiated.

LM bought a new go pro and demonstrated "NVG fluid" while we watched the sun rise from an airplane (one of many, most over unfriendly skies) then flying over the Fall colors in Southern NC/ North. GA.

NVG fluid is a "Night Vision Goggle Combat Patrol fluid formation. It's a night formation we perfected over the skies of Iraq where lead is using the targeting pod staring at a cockpit MFD heads down while flying the F16. Lead is using the pod sensors similar to a sniper looking through a scope while 2 is a safety man, staying in a 30 degree fluid cone while lead patrols. If somebody shoots at you, your airplane gets more than 30 degrees of bank or 10 degrees nose-low, 2 will let you know, quickly. Of course, with RV's it's all pretty much N/A...

 You can select 1080pHD and full screen after the jump (wouldn't let me embed it, sorry).

First Flight of a different sort...douglassmt

The airplane's first flight was pretty cool, but the first flight with the first grandchild is pretty incredible too.

First RV Ride...BGS

Over the last 3 1/2 years I am been building a slow build RV-10. The summer ended up being very busy and have not had anytime to work on it. This of course weakened by motivation to get back to it.

This last weekend I got a visit from Bryan Douglas of Missoula, MT. He was in the area visiting family and took the time to fly to Wahpeton, ND and show off his RV-10. Fist of all, what beautiful aircraft. It was great to see in detail all the different areas of the part of build I am at. He was great at going over all the little things to watch for during the last portion of my construction.

The best of all however, was the actual ride itself. Have never been in any RV and to actually get in a 10 was absolutely awesome. I now understand the excitement everyone gets in flying these great machines.

My motivation is back and at its highest point. Now back to building.

Thanks again Bryan.

Brian Steeves

Van Chimes in on the EAA Leadership Change ...on the company FB page.

In The Shop
Canopy cracking when pulling rivets

Folks, I am worried when I go to pull the AACQ-4-4 rivets on the canopy frame it will crack the canopy. As you are aware, you can't control the pressure. I need to ask therefore; if any of you out there have had any problems, especially on the forward portion of the canopy frame where the rivet makes direct contact with the plexi.


Some Replies:

clean everything, deep breath, HOT plexy canopy, slightly deburr holes, run slowly, everythings will go !

Warm the canopy

I hear that the rivets crack the canopy when:

  • You don't use the correct rivets (which are particularly "soft")

  • They are "old" (=hardened)

When we did ours, had no issue, avoiding above. Of course, you will have plenty of spare plexi and AL, so do some practice with some spare riverts if you are not confident

As Luke says, "slightly deburr" holes. We went one further and used fine sandpaper to polish the holes such that the "countersink" corners were all smooth

Like Andy says. You will find that the recommended rivets require very little pull pressure. It therefore puts little pressure on the plexi

Navegueta 2012 Agentina

● Moved to the Hangar ...turneraero (Jerry Turner 9A of Stevensville, MT)

Hartzell propeller low pitch setting

I have a blended Hartzell propeller and I am trying to adjust low pitch setting, I have 2690 rpm at full static and on flight, so according to Hartzell manual if I turn one turn clockwise I should reduce 140-150 rpm, I tried first with half a turn, nothing happens, today again another half turn, but I still get 2690 static rpm, how much turn are you aplying to a stock blended stock Hartzell propeller with a Lycoming YIO-360-M1B to get 2650 RPM static?

  Some Replies:

Just to be clear, there are 2 things controlling the minimum RPM of the Prop - the fine pitch setting, and the governor. The RPM will be limited to the more restrictive of these 2.

The fine pitch setting will govern RPM according to the airspeed of the prop, as a FP prop. So it is no use considering the setting at anything other than ~zero IAS. So your <<and on flight>> is not really relevant.

If you tie the aircraft down, and gently run it up to full power, the governor will limit RPM to whatever it is set to. You will not see the "low pitch" Max RPM unless you either adjust the governor to a much higher RPM, or "slam" the throttle open to try and beat the governor.

Personally, I hate running RVs at full power on the ground, with people on the tail or tied down. In the test flying I do, I check the RPMs:

Governor: In flight.. Rarely need adjusting from factory setting unless owner/builder has been "playing" with it

Prop Pitch stop: Either check on takeoff, or an aborted takeoff. Check all clear ahead, brakes off, and open throttle more aggressively than you normally would. Watch the RPM gauge closely and note the maximum you (briefly) see. This is the static RPM. Now adjust this ~1 turn a time and try again next flight. As you say, I would go for 2600-2650RPM unless you operate out of a VERY short strip.

From your post I suspect you are seeing the governor RPM?

Both the hartzell prop's I have set up required at least 1 1/2 turns in from the factory setting.
As Andy pointed out the governor will most likely be controlling the speed unless you slam the throttle open.
The easiest way to set it up is now you know that the governor will hold 2690, keep winding the low pitch stop in until you get less than 2690 when doing a run up. You only need to go to full power for 1-2 seconds. Just make sure the plane is either has the tail tied or stick hard back with plenty of space in front of you if the brakes can't hold full power and it moves forward

I like to monitor RPM (if you have peak recording tach it easy) on the takeoff run (minimum airspeed) rather than strap the aircraft down. It's not unusual in my experience to have to go 2-3 turns or more to get the drop.

Good for you for adjusting it, I think many folks forget or ignore this important adjustment


● Updated construction shots of the office

1.Upstairs 'porch' handrail installed.  Sheetrock hung up top.
2. View from the porch
3. View from the office

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Garmin SafeTaxi Supports Canada

Our Canadian friends often miss out on some of the great features like ADS-B that we enjoy in the U.S., but whether you fly with a portable, G3X or G1000, we have added something new just for you.

SafeTaxi airport diagrams (integrated into the basemap) are now available for 266 airports across Canada. A list of Canada airports for which SafeTaxi coverage is available can be downloaded here.

SafeTaxi databases options available through FlyGarmin include Canada-only, North America (U.S. plus Canada), and “Full Coverage” (U.S., Europe, Canada.)

Read more about it here.

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Oct 24, 2012.  0603z  
  Got a donation check yesterday from 'Old McGregor Rd, Waco, TX', and recognized the address as one from my childhood.  I looked up the address - a place
to get your kid some braces.  Located across the street from where I was the bat boy on my sister's softball team around 1971-1972.  I had to look up the number and call.  We visited on the phone while I waited in the parking lot to pick up Tate from school.  When I got home I grabbed some screens from GooglMaps and relived some of my childhood....
  Not in the screenshots below, but nearby,
is the (now vacant) lot where my Mom's parents lived for many years.  My grandfather was a furniture maker and had a shop in the garage.  My Mom turned their dining room there into a dress store named after my sister (Donna's Fashions).  Probably forty years ago.  The nursing home, about a seven iron away, is where my wife's grandmother lived for many years.  We still go to Mass there when we're in Waco.
  Thank you Dr. Taylor, for the donation and for the walk down memory lane.  Once again the RV hobby comes full circle, somehow returning me to my youth in unexpected ways.
  I'm pretty sure I know where my son's braces will be put on - about a hundred feet from where I was a bat boy, and a mile from where I dreamed daily of flying.
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

A: Where I was bat boy....
B: Collier Electric - where I worked as a journeyman electrician around high school and college classes.
C: www.BrazosBraces.com, where the donation originated from.

Zoomed out a bit...
A: My childhood home.
B: Where my elementary school was
C: Where my Jr. High was.
(Red 'A':  www.BrazosBraces.com)

Moving Day!...Don Jones

Yesterday was the big day. After spending the last few weeks painting the fuselage, it was time to get it out of my way, so off to the airport it went to join up with the canopy and some of the other already painted parts. Painting the tail stuff now, then will get the wings done. Looks like I might actually finish this thing sometime soon.  ...

First Flight Prep - Lost Engine?...dbuds2

To all that have gone before me, that have more experience and probably more skill, I'd like to ask the VAF family for comments and review on an idea.

The FAA declared N88ZP is airworthy, transition training says I'm RV airworthy. I read and reread AC90-89, studied as many VAF posting as I can find, I've created first flight test card and most importantly I want to bring this father/husband/RV8 home for many more sunrises.

Here is a diagram of my airport, I plan to use runway 13 with no winds. I've estimated I'll be at ~500ft crossing 8R-26L. The question is what would you think of taking a heading of ~160(30deg more westerly) to provide both runways for the worst case engine out scenario? If it happened before 200ft, straight back to 13. If before 500 ft, ~80 deg left turn to 8L. After that the best available straight ahead turf.  ...

How to get intercom audio into GOPRO cam...dicoreijers

I'm looking for a way to get the audio from the intercom into my GoPRO Hero2. I was thinking that I'd just plug a connector from the backseat headphone jack into something that converts it to a 3.5mm jack (which connects to the GoPRO)... however I'm not sure where to get this cable or what it would even be called.  ...

  Some Replies:

Just got thru building me a cable to do this exact thing.

There are two issues with just pluging a cable into a headphone jack and the mic input on the Gopro.

First is that the headphone jack is way too much power for the high gain of the microphone jack. It may even damage the camera over time.

Second is that the impedance mismatch that will cause distortion.

While if you plug it straight in, it will work, but it will sound bad and you may damage your camera.

I built this:


I used the 20db pad with the AC coupling capacitor. You need to double this circuit for stereo.

You will need a 1/4" male and a 1/8" male plug. Also some sort of y adaptor if you still want to use the headphone jack for headphones at the same time.

Works perfect for the GoPro!

AIrcraft Spruce also sells the same thing in a store bought version if you don't want to make your own

What I did was buy a separate voice recorder, $50.00. Get one that records to files you can copy off to your computer. They record in mp3 files. Then I add the file to the video as a music clip. You can sync it and all, if you are using the right software. See some of my videos here:


● Office/Restroom status shot from Monday

click to enlarge

Totally Off Topic

DHC Caribou doing 'Wheelbarrow'

Tue, Oct 23, 2012.  1139z  
  Jury summons recap from yesterday....  Was one of the 140 initially picked from the pool of 270.  2nd degree aggravated assault with deadly weapon case.  31st in line as seated for voir dire.  Missed the jury by five people when it was named at 4pm.  Nine hour day in a variety of wooden chairs set to varying torture levels.  Read a lot of an eBook on the iPad during the times electrons were allowed to flow.
  Highlight of day?  Doing my civic duty as a grateful citizen.  Lowlight?  Being forced to watch Barry Manilow sing multiple songs with Kathy Lee Gifford on the Today show....on six TVs circling the main waiting room...at near full volume.  Feel free to enjoy it online here.  That there were not 270 more cases of aggravated assault strikes me as being a small miracle.
  One of the two earplugs I brought with me went MIA going through the X-ray machine - I had to tear the one remaining in half.  Lesson learned....keep (3) earplugs in my back pocket.
  Back to RVs.....LOE'12 starts this Friday!
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

First Flight S/N 120476 ...Craig Templton RV-12

I completed my first Flight today. I asked Gary to be the test pilot. He took it for a high speed taxi. Then he came back on completed 3 full stop landings. After that, he flew it out over the ocean and did some flight testing.

After he returned, I hopped in and took it out for a spin. Everything went great. I'm looking forward to getting through my phase one flight testing so that I can take it on my first long distance cruise. (video)

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon ...Capflyer

I'll bet most of you didn't know that there is a Grand Canyon in Pennsylvania. When we found out it existed we just knew we would have to fly it. The canyon is about 45nm long and we happened to hit it on Saturday during peak foliage and I had my video camera rolling. Three ship extended trail with Claw and Clogs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9rzECL26AI.


First small Cross Country in RV3...ShannonEvans

Well, I took the RV3 on a small cross country today to get a little better feel of the plane. DW followed along in his RV4. Plane flew nice & it was fun to fly with a friend. Went from K17 to KGBD to KDDC to K17. Looks like the plane is an honest 180 - 185mph plane. I was hoping for a little faster, but I think a few "aero" clean ups are needed this winter & will help. It was very even or touch faster than 150hp (Hartzell Contant Speed) RV 4 in Level flight, but Dwight could outclimb me on take off (I figured on that). If weather good & can practice more landings this week planning another trip next Sat. Likely from K17 - KWDG (for breakfast) - stop by LOE - back to K17. Will see, but this could cost me alot of avgas.

RV performance - thank you...NM Doug

When I rode a motorcycle, I appreciated that my ability to out-accelerate problems could sometimes help me get out of developing situations. I recently had a similar experience in the 9A.

I was taking off from an uncontrolled airport at a quiet, residential airpark. The preferred runway for calm or low wind is 27 - it's about 1% uphill. We're in the desert southwest, and the density altitude was maybe 8000, and the wind was slight and out of the east.

I listened on CTAF during taxi, announced my intentions on CTAF, and looked around before departing. On takeoff roll, with my nosewheel a few inches above the runway and still a few seconds before lifting off, I thought I saw something heading toward me, but I couldn't be sure. A couple seconds later, I saw an aircraft about 20 AGL heading the opposite direction.

The runway is only about 30' wide, I have only 15 or so hours in the 9A, I was probably going 55 kt, and I didn't know if the oncoming aircraft was taking off or landing...so I didn't abort the takeoff but continued, lifted off, and made an immediate jog to the right away from the centerline. The oncoming gyrocopter passed me within 2-3 seconds and made a radio call, "traffic now in sight." My guess is that the other pilot heard my call, ".....departing 27, northbound departure...." and assumed I had already taken off and was already turning to the north.

Now I know I might have departed on 9 if I were in a 172, but I would have been in even more of a bind if another, also unseen airplane were landing 27. Being in an RV instead of a 172, I lifted off considerably sooner than I would have and was able to make a controlled evasive maneuver. It was a dangerous situation, but I know the RV's performance helped me do what I needed to do.

Hightower Resigns as EAA President/CEO

- discussion re: this in EAA forums

In The Shop
● Panel ...Tiger 74

Transitions near airports ...Mike D

Great flying day here in TX, so everyone and their grandma was out flying.

This led to some closer than I like "near misses". All were around the edge of class D airports where one plane was heading to the field and the other was just scooting outside the airspace so they did not have to call in. All were at or near 1500 ft AGL. One was a high wing flying through our gaggle of 4 planes and the other was me flying about 100 ft above a tight formation of -8s. The scary part is, it was the big blue sky, not skill, that kept an accident from happening.

I do scan the sky's, but on both incidents the plans were approaching from perpendicular angles. In the incident where I flew over the formation, I was really busy transitioning into approach to a very busy airport. ATC was calling out traffic, dealing with the folks who didn't have a clue, and giving clearances to multiple planes coming to land. The tower never called out the formation flight as traffic to anyone, but it was not her job, nor did she have time. They also never showed up on my EFIS as traffic. And I only saw them when there was nothing I could do but pray. The formation was not higher because of a class B shelf at 2K and they did not call the tower because of ATC being so busy. So in no way do I blame anyone here.

The other incident we were scooting between tall towers and a class D, with a class B above. The cessna flew right through our gaggle, only missing us due to luck.

So maybe the question here is, what should you do when transitioning a very busy airspace? Do you scoot outside and say nothing? Do you give a wider space? Stay at odd altitudes? Any ideas on how to be safer in these types of situations?

What about formations (loose or otherwise) in busy airspace? Is it better to stick together and have all eyes outside, or should you break up, all transponders on, and everyone for him/herself?


Ongoing Maintenance Issues
I Busted It…Paul Dye

In the nanosecond between when my mind realized what my fingers were about to do and when the muscles contracted, there wasn’t time to put out a “Don’t Do it!” order on the neural net….and the next sound we heard in Mikey’s cockpit was this horrible “clang….whirrrr……” Yup – pilot-induced kickback! It was my leg to fly after a fuel stop on our way to an airpark fly-out, and it was one of those hot starts where it cranked a few blades, fired, then didn’t, so I let off…and just as I was going to try again, it fired again – and the six-year-old Flyweight didn’t have a chance. After some inappropriate language on my part, I climbed out and went around front to give a tap on the cowling – and the starter "tapped" back – it was definitely loose underneath there. It was pretty ugly - but at least it was a clean break!  ...

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www.tinaspilotshop.com October Specials....

AOPA Live Piece on Vortex Generators (on RV-4)

● Creative Name For A Plane ...selhardt

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Oct 22, 2012.  1107z  
  Good morning!  Can't talk much today, as I have to report for a jury summons here in a couple hours.  See you tomorrow and have a nice Monday.
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Don't Have 100 Roubles Have 100 Friends ...Vlad

"Don't have one hundred roubles better have one hundred friends" says old Russian proverb. It's surprisingly true on this side of the world. I doubt I could make this trip to South West without great camaraderie of RV folks.

Fair amount of thought and planning went into it. I had no doubt about the Diligence my RV is simple, still young and well trained. The driver with one-year old private pilot certificate has accumulated several hundred hours of flight time and was ready for next adventure. Weather looked legal for upcoming week.  ...

Awesome Flight!!!!...Brantel

Fall colors about to peak in East TN.  I am lucky to get to fly in this part of the world.

Chris Pratt's RV-8 ...parked on the Charlie taxiway in front of theVanCave this past Saturday.

Gee Whiz Statistics...Ironflight

So I was catching up my logbook today, and got to thinking wistful thoughts.

It’s been over forty years since I first took control of an airplane, and no, I don’t have airline-type hours up in the tens of thousands (No need to get into total hours in anyone’s book for this exercise – first liar doesn’t stand a chance anyways). Many entries have gone into the logbooks over those years, but what can we take away that is incredibly simple? Maybe something tells the tale of how we spend our time? I have used my airplanes for many things, but they can be boiled down into local or cross-country flights. Lots of the local flights are training, practice, or Acro. No record of Acro time, but I do log total landings. I took a look at the bottom line in the last book, and came up with two numbers – you can do the same. … Divide “Cross-Country” hours by your Total Flight Time. Then divide “Total number of Landings” by your Total Flight Time. Like this:

Cross Country Ratio = 41%
Landings per Hour = 1.96

What do these numbers mean? Well, I have spent a little less than half my flying career droning along (in peace, or in terror) on cross-countries, watching the scenery and weather go by. And when I am local, I like to land airplanes! I used to spend a lot of time shooting Touch and Goes in my old Grumman. And I have quite a few logged landings (and more I never logged) in the old “Heavy Glider” simulator at work. I shoot far fewer landings in the RV’s for some reason – things happen fast in the T&G pattern in an RV I suppose. I bet the career heavy guys here will have a much higher cross-country percentage. The career CFI’s will have lower X/C and higher landings/hour.

Doesn’t mean much – it’s just a curiosity about how we spend our time off the planet’s surface!

Right Break...panhandler1956

New video I posted on YouTube. It's not too fancy and the camera wasn't overly stable, but if you have 2:55 to kill here you go...

200kt GS Club ...Bill Pendergrass 7A

RV History
RV-1 Aircraft Log Books


● Office/Restroom Construction Shot From the Weekend

Saturday 5pm

Rob Reece photo.

Totally Off Topic


Fri, Oct 19, 2012.  1143z  
  Friday!  Note that the LOE'12 raffle prizes have passed the $16,000 mark (below).  The guys doing the heavy lifting on this (Russ and Russ) are knocking it out of the park this year, and some local charities are really going to benefit from the money raised.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

RV-1 enters the EAA museum. ...cjensen

...At about 2:30pm on October 17th, the RV-1 made its way (under tow) from the Homebuilders Hangar to the EAA museum. I'll update as it moves along to the display area, but for now, click on the link to see it enter...

EAA Chapters Provide a Special Flight...Jay Martin RV-8A

EAA Chapter 93 of Madison, Wisconsin, and Chapter 1389 of nearby Middleton co-hosted an EAA Young Eagles and Eagle Flights event last month at Morey Field in Middleton, Wisconsin.  ...

Want Your RV in the 2013 Van's Aircraft Calendar?...deadline Oct 26.

VAF Family
Luke (RV-8 Italy) Birthday Cake

Last Saturday, after a work day, I returned home and I found a nice Birthday Present from my wife Katia that likes cake designing.

Was fun

200kt GS Club ...Vlad newest member

RV-10 Owner Sam Robinson takes reporter on ride

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GDU 37x Cockpit Display 7.30 Released - ready for download

  • General improvements to system operation.
  • Includes GDL 39 system software version 2.51.

The Van Cave
● Construction of theVanCave's Office & Restroom Begins...

Honest to God nailing and stuff starts today 0900.

Totally Off Topic

Time-lapse video: Endeavour's trek across L.A.


Bonus pic:

Thu, Oct 18, 2012.  1146z  
  Got the application form for getting the water turned on at theVanCave notarized yesterday, and met with the contractor that will begin construction on the office/bathroom next Monday (I'll be reporting for jury duty that day).  The structure was dubbed 'Conflag 2' by Rick Freeman (RV-8) and Ross Burgess (RV-6) yesterday during a visit.  Ex-Navy pilots explaining to me part of the below-deck workings of an aircraft carrier.  Google turned up a real pic.  I like the name (like I had a choice).
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

a) b)

a) Conflag station #2: USS Midway Museum
b) VanCave office mock up

Mystery plane

Any guesses?  Disclaimer: I can personally take NO credit for this beautiful aircraft, it is from the shop of a talented multi builder.


WAM Diesel Update / Trip Report ...kgood

I thought the Alternative Engine forum needed a trip report of its own! So here goes:

My son and I flew our RV9 / WAM 120 diesel down the Baja to Loreto, Mexico last weekend. On the way, the hobbs turned over 400 hours! We're now at 408 trouble free, zero problem, fuel saving, cheap flying hours. The engine performs today the same as it did when it was new. I couldn't be happier with it. This is my third trip to Mexico, so you can see I've got confidence in this engine... One of the WAM RV9A's in the UK has over 630 hours, so mine's not the highest time.

Now, the trip: We left Friday early, fueled and cleared customs in San Felipe. The Mexican government puts you through a lot of paperwork, but it's not hard as long as you're patient. There were several planes flying south. My diesel RV9 was declared the "king of the ramp" by the linemen. I was proud!  ...

More Detail on the Recent KC Flight – NFL Chiefs vs Ravens - Breast Cancer Awareness Flight...Phil Lamb on the factory FB page

"...Back at the game during a time out, all of the pilots were brought down on the field and presented a check in the amount of $10,000.00 to the University Of Kansas Hospital for breast cancer treatment and research."  ...

Welcome Aircraft Specialty

(from Steve at Aircraft Specialty)  We started Aircraft Specialty in order to provide our fellow RV builders with top notch products, excellent customer service, and great pricing. We are constantly working to pioneer new innovations that add value to these aircraft. We just introduced the "Signature Series" line of products that includes only products that we have designed and manufactured in house.

We also have designed new interfaces that make ordering custom engraving, battery cable assemblies, etc easier and more intuitive. We give instantaneous price quotes online and let you order directly from our site. We have also developed strategic partnerships with other vendors to bring only the highest quality products to you.

We will continue to grow the business and will always be responsive to your needs. We want to carry product lines that you want, so please feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we can do better to take care of you.


UK RV-8 Ready for flight testing! ...
Tiger 74 (Chichester, UK)

After tooo long, my 8 is painted (nose still to finish off) and ready for flight testing.  Hope you like it...



I'll let you know how it goes!!

David Davidson.

Schmetterling Aviation's RV-12 is BUILT ...Dave G.

"So, there it is. The last step of the build manual. Stay tuned as I move into fixing, adjusting, inspecting, credentialing, and eventually flying!"

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
No Simple Mods….But lots of fun! ...Paul Dye

One of the outcomes of our trip to Van’s back in September was a religious conversion (courtesy of the evangelical Jerry VanGrunsven) to a belief in the effectiveness in AoA systems in reducing a measurable percentage of EAB accidents. I’ll be doing some writing on this in the near future, but in order to come up with meaningful comments, I figured it was time to install a real, sensed system in the Valkyrie (and compare it with the derived system I have on the GRT EFIS), so last week I received a nice box of parts from Advanced Flight Systems, and the Val went down for minor surgery.

Of course, minor surgery is a matter of perspective. The Advanced Pro system is very well packaged, with good instructions, but it is a bit invasive – I needed to run sense lines from the wingtip and an additional micro-switch to pick up a “flaps deployed” indication – which meant pulling up floors, removing a wingtip, and pulling the intersection fairing. Then, of course, there is the brain box, switches, and indicator, which means that the panel had to come out....   continue

Pine Bluff Formation Clinic Wrap

(Stu McCurdy) Falcon Flight made it home safe to Georgetown and Ft Worth despite the initial strong headwind and low ceiling, which cleared out and died down.

Thanks to the 28 who worked their way through the murk on Friday to make the briefing.  Kudos to KC Flight for pressing on despite a BIG wall of storms and two unplanned stops. After the briefing Bulldog had a ribs and brisket BBQ and some good fluid refreshment.

Saturday started out with 1/4 mile viz and 100' ceiling, but we briefed anyway and the weather cleared in time to get round 1 up. Rest of the day went as planned. We got three RED SCARY guys soloed, three solos evaluated for FFI Wing, and Bulldog passed his FFI Lead check. Everyone else got some good practice in and my thanks to the Safety Pilots for sacrificing stick time to help the RED SCARY guys learn the great discipline of formation flight. Then Bulldog and the EAA Chapter put on a fried catfish dinner that was THE BEST catfish ever consumed by me along with some SUPER desserts. Thanks to our great hosts.

Sunday morning about 0330 the front came through with a BANG on the windows, heavy rain, and high winds. We delayed the van departure from the motel and the ALL UP briefing by an hour and left the planes in the hangar. We briefed the ALL UP thinking it would be just a practice brief for the education, but at the end of the brief the skies were looking better with the promise of strong crosswinds. We got the planes out and the winds looked okay, so we made the takeoff and conducted the ALL UP as planned in somewhat choppy conditions. About 6 pilots participated in their first Diamond of Diamonds in a 20-ship. Congrats to all for some challenging but good formation flying.

Then planes started departing for RTB with a couple staying over to wait better weather in their direction.

A successful formation clinic with a whole lot of learning and training going on.  Thanks to all for your dedication and discipline. Thanks to Bulldog and the EAA Chapter for a great and very friendly hosting and GREAT FOOD

Useless Trivia
Visits to VAF from Germany ...this month (a.k.a. Fun with GoogleAnalytics)

(385) at 0149Z....OMG.

Around 8:49pm Dallas time last night I checked in on the forums, as I've been known to do from time to time.  There were 385 people in the forums, surfing and chatting away all things RV.  I thought two things almost immediately: 1) I've created a monster, and 2) What a kick@ss monster.

Thanks again for making this community what it is. 

Totally Off Topic

Roses are red.
Bacon is also red.
Poems are hard.

Wed, Oct 17, 2012.  1148z  
  Yesterday John & Liz Goodloe delivered their RV-8 to its new home at theVanCave.   Liz showed up a few minutes in the car to get John.  First thing she said was, "Could this place use a TV?  We have a 13" TV at the house doing nothing."  Did I mention I'm really liking these folks?
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Day 7 of the Lycoming School ...Bob Axsom

Today Each 2 person team completed the reassembly of their engine. I guess I was going too far into the course description yesterday so the loss was not a big deal. The fact is this was an outstanding door opening opportunity for me - not a career move but a status move worth anything I could pay to get there. The opportunities are very limited and the instructor said he will not teach more than 8 courses per year.

I feel very comfortable working on the engine now and I learned many practical things about it. If you are into Certificates two certificates are awarded for the two courses (The Lycoming Service School - 4 days and the Disassembly/Reassembly Course - 3 days).

Today we installed the hydraulic units, pushrods, tubes, seals, rocker arms, shafts, caps, etc. then the valve covers, then we set the mechanical timing with the crankshaft gear, idler gears and camshaft gear, installed everything under the accessory housing and installed the accessory housing, sump, alternator and starter. When we were done the instructor took one engine and showed us how the set the timing on standard mags. I hope this gives you enough insight to the course to decide if it is right for you.  ...

VAF Family
Jeff Moreau's RV-8A Gets a Little Love ....starting on pg 88 of the Oct Sport Aviation

Cowl fire in Oregon...Indy

Spoiler alert: for those looking for updates on the Cross Country of Justice, updates are coming, but you'll see why they're delayed...and how it ended.

After landing in The Dalles, Oregon (okay, technically the airport is in Washington) for the night, and starting up to taxi from the fuel pump to the tie downs I developed an engine fire. Engine wasn't starting--figured it was flooded and didn't want to run down the battery so I hopped out to push it to the tie downs...and saw a glow under the cowl. Looked down and saw flaming fuel dripping out the back of the cowl. Full story will come later (want to make sure all appropriate reporting with insurance and authorities is complete). Bottom line, all damage is forward of the firewall, but the fire burned long enough to need a complete new cowl. I had to return home to North Carolina, but the wounded bird is still at KDLS. Mechanic there can get the engine operational/safe again and do a temp patch on the cowl to get it to the Portland area (most likely) for the new cowl. Looking for anyone out there who might be willing/able to hire to do the cowl (including paint if possible--I've got the paint codes).  ...

Update on my Helmet .....construction update.

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New Side Panels for RV7 and RV9...Janekom

Totally Off Topic

Entertain your kid....

Tue, Oct 16, 2012.  1147z  
  Progress on the seal.  Got the prop off.  Seal looks good.
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

RV-8 G-JBTR Panel ...Ed Hicks photo

Ring rainbow...tc1234c

Yesterday while overflying some rain clouds at 12,500' I saw this ring shaped rainbow. Cloud top was about 9,000'. I have seen it once before while riding an airline. I did not have my camera that time thus no pictures

Visiting my original RV6 Trainer in Holland

(Alex DeDominicis)  Many of you guys have done your Transition Training in this aircraft. It was great seeing her again in such good hands. Thanks again Henkjan.

Van's 40th Anniversary Patch-Afghanistan Style

(Tobin Basford) The other day one of the guys I fly with mentions that he's going to get some squadron patches made here on our base before he heads back to the states. Patches? You can do that here? Sure, down at the bizarre, just inside the main gate. Hmmm...I've been wanted to get patches done of Van's 40th Anniversary logo just because I think its a good looking logo. Quick email to Van's and they say, yeah, go ahead, as long as its just for me and not a money making deal. So I had Hajeeb (sp??) make me up a couple and the price was very reasonable considering I only wanted a couple. He even put velcro on the back.  ...

Eagle's Nest Award!

Eagle's Nest has had a great couple of weeks! The best was last night. We keep EN-1 at OVO, and last night, OVO was awarded the coveted Indiana Airport of the Year award. Principle reason given was their "outstanding community outreach" in providing support for the Eagle's Nest Projects One and Two. As part of the award, ENP was given $1000 by the Indiana Aviation Association.

It was great to get to address about 200 aviation professionals at the banquet last night. It is further evidence that these projects are being accepted by a wider audience all the time. One of the EN-1 builders was there, along with a mentor. It was a very special evening.

Other great events in the past two weeks included getting EN-1 back together after repainting the fiberglass, getting other significant donations of of money, and the donation of a very nice Navion which we will sell to finance other ENPs. Contact me if you are interested in donating, or in taking this Navion off our hands.


VAF Family
Piece on Danny Kight at IndependentMail.com

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Oct 15, 2012.  1143z  
  Great Sunday flying weather here in N. Texas, but I'm down with a blown front crankshaft oil seal (split kind).  I bet the airport was clobbered yesterday with activity.  Doing a compression check and pulling the prop here today or tomorrow to replace that seal - should be good to go sometime this week if everything goes OK.  Saw a few drops of oil and decided to pull the whole cowl.  Yep, crankcase oil seal pushed out - second time in five years.  Using this opportunity to go over the engine compartment - I'm a wuss fan of taking an extra hour day to give it all a good look see.  Cheap insurance....and cuts down on the avgas bill. ;^)
Baylor lost, UT lost, the Cowboys lost in a nail biter....at least Ferrari got a podium finish in Korean.  Lots of DVR playback on Saturday and Sunday in our casa.  That, the Red Bull Stratos event and Mass Sunday afternoon put the weekend in the books.  Got some insane thunderstorms late Saturday night.
  The kids got their report cards Friday, and since those readers who donate yearly (along with advertisers) are funding their education in a very real sense, I thought I'd give you a status report on your investment.  Audrey (senior) got all A's.  Tate (6th grade) got all A's and one B (89).  Audrey recently advanced to the next round of the All-Region Process (Alto 2).  I'll keep you in the loop.
  Hope you had a great weekend and that Monday goes swell.
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

First Flights...

N124RL flies...woodsideraff
First flight and CHTs...Bill.Peyton
First Flight Report - 72302...jrdavis060447

Moab and the Magnificent 7 - Oct. 2012...ScottSchmidt

Saturday we took a day trip to mountain bike a new trail called the Magnificent 7 in Moab. We originally planned on riding a trail called "The Whole Enchilada". This is my favorite ride and is probably one of the greatest mountain bike rides in the world, you will have to look it up. Unfortunately, it poured rain on Friday which put snow in the mountains and shut down the upper portion. Rather than ride the lower portion we decided to try a new trail system that was put in this past couple of years.
We did not know how the weather would be on Saturday so we tentatively planned on leaving around 7am so we could catch a shuttle that dropped us at the top of the trail system around 9am.
That morning turned out to be great. We had two planes going (mine and Sean's RV-10's) with 2 bikes and a passenger in each plane. I took my friend Adam who I have known since jr. high. I have mountain biked with him more than anyone else. He's a strong rider and always makes me feel fat and slow. Sean's passenger was his friend Trevor.
After loading the planes with the bikes we departed and climbed above the clouds near Salt Lake. We had a great tail wind and were seeing around 200 knots to Moab. The flight took around 50 minutes. ...

Continue Part I  Part II  Part III  Part IV  Part V

Airborne just before the sun came up...Van's RV-8 G-JBTR by Ed Hicks, on Flickr

[ed. Multiple photos by Ed.  Beautiful!  dr]

Settling in at theVanCave ...Rob Reece RV-8QB

(from Rob's text on Saturday) "table, plans, air compressor, fuse, drill press, ban saw, grinder, iPad streaming tx ou game over wi-fi.  awesome!"

RV-12 landing gear analysis: Update Oct 12, 2012

VAF Family
Took my youngest daughter up yesterday ...panhandler1956

Airworthiness Inspection ...cfiidon

Larry Pardue's Picture of Redbull Stratos From His RV-6

...I wasn't going to go out of my way to go look at it and judging by the wind at home when I left I didn't expect it to launch. As it turned out, after a leisurely breakfast they were just about to launch and I wasn't too far from the airport so, since I was going to fly anyway, I took off and headed up toward Roswell.

Center was into the moment. They were vectoring airliners around it and everybody was interested in where it was. I started seeing it about 40 or so miles away and ended up flying almost directly under it when it was at about 40,000 feet.

Had to take some snapshots of course. They aren't much for quality, but I took them out the window of my RV and I did get to see a nice moment with my own eyes...

Totally Off Topic

FA18 extended view of Space Shuttle Endeavour's flyover Southern California

...link sent to me by Terry Pierce.  15min long and in HD.  Looks good full screen.


Fri, Oct 12, 2012.  2007z   SPECIAL
RV-12 landing gear analysis: Update Oct 12, 2012

Fri, Oct 12, 2012.  1154z  
  Friday!  Don't forget the LOE'12 gathering has been pushed back to the weekend of the 26th.  The graphic at right is the current forecast for Saturday across Oklahoma.  Fly-in location in the red stuff.
  Are there any general contractor types in the N.Texas area interested in helping me complete theVanCave's office/shower?  I've been starting the process.  I can promise you that people in Australia will know of your work.  Well, that and money.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

Roanoke and Getttysburg...bsacks05

My son and I flew to Roanoke, Va. last Friday to do some hiking. We were on the Appalachian Trail at 9am Saturday for the 3.9 mile hike to McAfee Knob. It took us two hours to get to the top and about 1.75 hours to hike back down - 7.8 miles total of forested trail. A great experience for both of us!  Part I continued | Part II

Van's Announces S-LSA RV-12!

October 11, 2012
For Immediate Release:

(Introductory Video)

Van’s Aircraft, Inc. is pleased to announce a new program to build completed, fly-away, RV-12s. Better yet, Van’s has a working agreement with Synergy Air of Eugene, OR to manufacture the airplanes in the U.S.A.

Nearly 200 kit-built RV-12s have been completed and flown as E-LSA and E-AB aircraft, accumulating thousands of hours in the hands of typical pilots. Production S-LSA RV-12s will include the benefits of this real-world flight experience, rather than just factory testing done by professional pilots.

Introductory price of the completed airplane is targeted at $105,000. Standard equipment will include the Rotax 912ULS engine, Dynon Skyview EFIS (which includes a Mode S transponder and GPS), Garmin SL-40 comm radio, Flightcom stereo intercom, 406Mhz ELT, Flightline interior, and LED lighting for night flight. Options will include wheelpants, ADS-B, a two-axis autopilot, premium paint finishes and Oregon Aero seats and interior.

Synergy Air is building an initial production run of twelve (12) aircraft to define and codify the production process. We plan to offer these 12 aircraft as "Signature Edition" models that will include all options at an introductory price of $115,000, F.A.F.

Van’s is working to establish a network of Service Centers to maintain and repair the RV-12.

We plan to begin accepting orders before the end of November 2012, and expect initial deliveries in early 2013. Those interested in reserving a delivery position may contact Van’s at the AOPA Summit (Oct 11-13) or contact us at the factory in Oregon.

Van’s Aircraft, based in Aurora, OR, is the world leader in the kit airplane industry, with almost 8,000 RVs flying around the globe. The company produces high quality, accurate kits for over 500 complete airplanes each year, using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology.

Synergy Air is a well-established company providing instructional seminars, videos, and builder assistance to complete kit airplanes, located at the Eugene airport.

For further information www.vansaircraft.com or contact Gus Funnell at Van’s Aircraft.  Gusf 'at' vansaircraft 'dot' com, 503 678 6545

- Discuss

Some metal working tips...azrv6

In The Shop
Phil's RV-10 Panel

Thanks for the great folks at Aerotronics, I’d like to present to you my panel for the RV-10.

We’ve been working on this for the past 18 months and I’m really happy with the final results. I got exactly what I wanted with regards to equipment, a professional layout, and the Aerotronics team was able eclipse my expectations with regards to functionality and resiliency. Some of their ideas for the design of the electrical system and integration of the components exceeded what I would have been able to come up with if I had rolled my own panel. So I’m a very happy customer.

The electrical system is dual buss/dual alternator/dual battery. The primary displays are the Garmin G3X with the GPS and XM options. I have a Dynon D6 that is backing it up for a rainy day. The audio panel is a PS Engineering 8000 BT. The GPS is the Garmin GTN-750. The second NAV/COM is a Garmin SL-30. The transponder is a remotely mounted (controlled through the G3X) Garmin GTX23 ES. The autopilot is the Garmin GX Pilot that can be coupled to either the G3X or the GTN750.  ...

VAF Family
Brian Eisner RV-4

Here is a photo Paul Tuttle took of me at Stanley (CCW4) on Monday Oct 08 2012.

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Ebneter E-1 Partial Wheel Pants on a RV?

Has this type pant been tested against the pressure recovery wheel pant in a wind tunnel by 'Top Men'?  I was reading where Mr. Arnold Ebneter set another fuel efficiency record with his E-1 aircraft (source).  I was curious, after reading the piece, of whether replacing my RV-6's wheel pants with something like this would result in a top speed increase.  Smaller frontal cross section by what, 30 percent?  Smaller total surface area, too.  Maybe even less weight.  That with a tailwheel pant might make for a fun project....and possibly free knots.

I'm not a wind tunnel guy, however, and Mr. Ebneter mentions in a SA piece that "He mentions possibly replacing the E-1’s partial wheel fairings with full wheelpants."   Looks beautiful to me. 

fmi: Piece on this plane in Sport Aviation '11

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NEW Flap Handle ...fits over existing toggle)

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Oct 11, 2012.  1158z  
  Tate got his birthday cell phone - put it under a dinner table place mat and called it when he was in the room.  One could say he was excited <g>.  For the Trivia Pursuit crowd, the first text he ever received on his phone was the word 'Poop', from his Dad.  Setting the tone and all....
  Back to flying....don't forget that LOE'12 got pushed back to the rain date due to the wet forecast.  Spread the word.
  theVanCave is officially 'FULL' on the renter front.  Welcome to Mr. Robert Owen in spot #3 (RV-8A QB under construction).  Three RV-8's and a lone RV-6.  I'm outnumbered!
  Finally, if you're one of those folks that only checks the front page here once a day each morning, you might want to check it out this afternoon before you leave work for home.
  Oooooooo!  Suspense!   ;^)
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

Proof he (Vlad) was here ....rockwoodrv9


Results By Time:

Race # Name Aircraft Class Elapsed Time Speed (MPH) Speed (KTS)
Race 35 Mike Smith SX300 Sport 0:31:12 286.75 249.35
Race 91 Bruce Hammer Glasair I FX Blue 0:33:38 266.00 231.31
Race 390 Jerry Hajek RV-8 RV Gold 0:39:25 226.97 197.37
Race 81 Gary Shelley RV-8 RV Blue 0:39:48 224.79 195.47
Race 71 Bob Axsom RV-6A RV Blue 0:41:06 217.68 189.28
Race 82 Chuck Wallace RV-8 RV Blue 0:41:23 216.19 187.99
Race 77 Jim Huff Bonanza FAC2RG 0:43:18 206.62 179.67
Race 673 Don Polan Bonanza V35 FAC1RG-T 0:43:43 204.65 177.96
Race 11 Les Burril Mustang II RG Red 0:45:17 197.57 171.80
Race 201 Rebecca Cutri-Kohart Mooney M20J FAC3RG 0:46:28 192.54 167.42
Race 456 AnnElise Bennett C-182 FAC3FX 0:55:05 162.42 141.23
Race 55 Team Ely Grumman AA5A FAC5 0:56:37 158.02 137.41
Race 7 Stan Humphrey Starduster Too Biplane Blue 1:06:47 133.96 116.49

In The Shop
● (Pitot Tube Install)
I put mine in the exact location shown on the plans: and here's how I did it.

Matco Valve Mounting Bracket for Grove In-line Parking Brake...comfortcat

I also used the Matco and built a nice little mounting bracket for it. Two big plusses for the matco: 1) It can tilt to make adding the 45 degree brake fitting a snap to install, and 2) Tech support at Matco is EXCELLENT!

Helmet Update ...painting begins.

Helmet being built at: www.Gibson-Barnes.com

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Fuel Leak

I have recently developed a weeping fuel leak between the fuel drain flange and the wing skin.  They are QB wings and I have just done 50 hrs TT.  Can anyone help out on the best fix on this? Is it just a case of going in through the fuel sender panel and redoing the proseal?  BTW loving flying this aeroplane!!!!

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Oct 10, 2012.  1147z  
  Our son Tate turns 12 years old today!  He doesn't know it yet, but when he gets home from school there will be a cell phone waiting for him (cheap one that only makes calls).  I couldn't be more proud of the man he is becoming - what an honor it is to be a part of this kid's life.
  On to RV news, Russ2 (Russ and Russ) have activated the LOE'12 rain date plan.  Forecast calls for the wet stuff.  Mother Nature wins this round.
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

RV's @ Union Parish Airport (F87), Louisiana...Bunker Hill

My father and I were out at the hangar on Sunday after just receiving the inspection sign-off on our RV-4. For such a relatively small and unknown airstrip, F87 has become an amazing hotbed of RV activity. Below are few shots of some of our local RV's enjoying the cool, clear Northern Louisiana afternoon this past Sunday. We have a total of seven RV's currently based at the field, two of which are still under construction. RV-8 "High Cotton" based out of Mississippi stopped in for a little formation practice with one of our local pilots and his RV-6A. Lots of RV building and flying activity at F87 if you're ever down our way!  ...

VAF Family
 RedBull Stratos Jump - The RV connection  ...mother ship FB page

Red Bull Stratos, a mission to the edge of space, will attempt to transcend human limits that have existed for 50 years. Supported by a team of experts Felix Baumgartner plans to ascend to 120,000 feet in a stratospheric balloon and make a freefall jump rushing toward earth at supersonic speeds before parachuting to the ground. His attempt to dare atmospheric limits holds the potential to provide valuable medical and scientific research data for future pioneers.

The Red Bull Stratos team brings together the world's leading minds in aerospace medicine, engineering, pressure suit development, capsule creation and balloon fabrication. It includes retired United States Air Force Colonel Joseph Kittinger, who holds three of the records Felix will strive to break. Joe's record jump from 102,800 ft in 1960 was during a time when no one knew if a human could survive a jump from the edge of space. Joe was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and had already taken a balloon to 97,000 feet in Project ManHigh and survived a drogue mishap during a jump from 76,400 feet in Excelsior I. The Excelsior III mission was his 33rd parachute jump. ...

Line Abreast Pic...gerrychuck

Took this from my RV-6A with my son (and IP) Devon in the right seat (he instructs in the T6/Harvard II on behalf of the RCAF) and friends Steve (sjhurlbut: he flies CF-18's in his day job) and his lovely wife Denise in their RV-7. Great day with lots of formation flying enroute. Strangely, Devon and Steve are better at it than me Go figure. Photo taken over southeast Saskatchewan.

Ottawa, Seattle, Las Vegas, Sedona...Lycosaurus

[ed. You're going to spend an hour enjoying this trip write up!  dr]

So summer has gone by so quickly and we have some vacation time to use up. I need to book my vacation time so weeks two and three of September looks promising. "How about a flying vacation out west" Shirley says. How can I argue with that :-)

No plans, just fly west from Ottawa and hit Vancouver or Seattle. We decided to fly through the northern states and then figure out what to do when we arrive in Seattle. No bikes this time, however we did bring some oxygen along.

Travelling from Canada involves a few extra procedures like filing eApis, file flight plan, make appointment with US customs, and hope weather holds up.  ...

Totally Off Topic

The only acceptable paint job for a smart car...

Tue, Oct 9, 2012.  1123z    (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

Pink (RV) Smoke for Breast Cancer ...Chiefs vs. Ravens  10/7/12

KC Flight , with Falcon Flight, West Coast Ravens, Cincy River Rats, & Hawks, oh yeah and Pooner put up 17 planes to kick off the Chiefs Ravens game.

related:: video

News Piece on RV-6 Pilot/Photographer John Scurlock ...brought to my attention by Barry Jenkins

(Michelle Esteban)  "Washington pilot and photographer John Scurlock describes Washington's mountains as picturesque, awe-inspiring and extremely alluring - especially in winter.

They are mighty and majestic, but the North Cascade Range is so remote and rugged that the only way to see some of Washington's backcountry beauties is from the air.

Scurlock does just that."  ...

Breakfast Run to Escalante...fstringham7a

Great day here in the desert SW of Utah to make a breakfast run and to check out a factory where some innovative and making our planes safe parts are manufactured.

Stratus and External Antenna ...n5lp

I was a very early adopter of XM satellite weather. What a heady time that was. Near real time weather, including doppler radar, right there in my little homemade airplane. It was a good run.

Recently I became extremely motivated to eliminate all my Sirius XM subscriptions, and new technology has made that very feasible. I have 10s of thousand of songs on my phone that I like, and that are easy to play in the cars. Ok, well what about the airplane weather.

Normally my desolate area is the last to get any new technology, but that isn't so with ADS-B, we are well covered now.

After a bit of study I decided that the the Stratus ADS-B weather receiver would work well for me as I have already adopted iPad charts using ForeFlight and since I always carry the cell phone, that makes a good backup.  ...

Donations List Updated....thanks for helping keep this site in the black.  dr

VAF Family
VOLARE - Italian Magazine has a VAF presence

Sunset and Moonrise over Seattle

Seeing Pink ...cln1owner

Totally Off Topic

You're doing it wrong right...

Mon, Oct 8, 2012.  1148z  
  Renter #1 at theVanCave is in.  Helped get Rob squared away Saturday morning.  In the 50's and wearing jackets for the first time in about six months.  It was pretty nice.  Friday the planes were arriving for the Alliance Air Show at nearby KAFW, and you could see and hear them from 52F.  Below is a pic I stepped out and took as the Snowbirds arrived...
  Hope you had a nice weekend and Monday goes swell.
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

Southern Vermont ...Vlad

In The Shop
First go with safety wire

RV-8 #82950 ...first rivet.

Robert Kochman RV-10 ...fresh out of GLO Custom at 52F

Ongoing Maintenance Issues

Ever wondered how well your pistons are balanced?

Getting started on new panel...Brantel

Been working slowly on getting started with my new G3X based panel.

I have been tossing the idea around my pumpkin to allow Front Panel Express to cut, finish and engrave my panel and have come up with the following as a design

Not sure on color yet as they offer several options in both anodized and powder coat.

This is going to be a 3 screen G3X system with:
TT Gemini PFD backup (re-use)
TT GX Pilot AP
PSE Audio panel
Garmin 430W (re-use)
Icom A210 2nd Com (re-use)
Stein Vents (re-use)
VPX power system
Garmin GDL-39 behind panel (re-use)
Garmin GTX-23ES behind panel
TT TS-83 behind panel (re-use)
Backup battery behind panel
Van's dimmers (re-use)
ELT controller (re-use)

Plan to keep my 796 and mount it on a ball mount to hang just below the panel centered.

The panel is 1.5" longer vertically than stock. Same as my existing one.
I plan to re-use the aluminum angles that wrap the top from my existing panel. Bottom edge will get a new reinforcing angle. These angles will get bolted on with 4-40 screws. I am bolting in the radio stack support rails.

The existing panel support ribs will have to be relocated and I allowed space for them and pre-drilled the holes.

So what do you guys think...Did I miss anything? Any gotcha's going to get me? Would you just have to change something? Do you think I am crazy?  ...

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● From MGL Avionics....

● From www.upnorthaviation.com

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Oct 5, 2012.  1147z  
  This weekend renter #1 moves in, as do temperatures in the 50s!  Hello Fall!  I'm meeting Rob Reece out at the airport at 0800 Saturday to help move his RV-8 QB project from its current place over to his new spot.  I worked with Rob in cube land for over a decade and he always cracks me up - really looking forward to having him around.  Great guy.  Expect construction progress shots...and comedy!  Joe/Liz Goodloe move their RV-8 in at mid-month, leaving one more RV spot available.  When full, the hangar will be 80% Van's Aircraft, with temporary room for two more travelling RVs (like Van's demo pilots on the way to SnF, or the occasional overnight RVator staying in the area).
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
 (contact) Proprietor of The Van Cave | Thoughts on safety

Mark Wyss RV-4 First Flight

"992MM became an official airplane on the afternoon of September 25.  The grin was permanent for the rest of the day (and continues).  She climbed great and was as responsive as advertised.  Thanks to my EAA buds and the RV guys at KHAO for the help and constructive critiques.  Working out a few squawks, radio, warm #3 (solution found on VAF) , rich mixture etc. but nothing major.  Five hours of transition training with Jim Delveau in his RV 6 in the Des Moine area got me ready."

Breakfast at Martha's Vineyard ...Vlad

Part I | Part II | Part III

"Bombs Away!" ...DakotaHawk

Late September in the Seattle area provides some wonderful flying opportunities. The air is cool and stable, visibility is usually very clear, and the colors are amazing! Last weekend, I was finishing up some minor maintenance on my RV-7 and looking for a good excuse to go flying.

I found a small fly in was scheduled at Shady Acres, a tiny airstrip located south of Seattle. Attractions included a salmon bbq, flour dropping contest, and spot landing contest. It looked good enough for me - an excuse to fly and bbq salmon!  ...

RV-12 SB 12-09-26 Addendum


RV-12 landing gear analysis: Update Oct 4, 2012

"RV-12 Landing Gear Channel and Side Skin Update…Oct 4, 2012

In response to field reports from RV-12 owners/operators, Van’s has recently re-tested the RV-12 main landing gear per ASTM F2245. Additional testing not required by ASTM F2245 was conducted to simulate extreme and asymmetric braking conditions. No failures or permanent deformation occurred at limit conditions. Loads were then increased until failures occurred similar to what has been reported in the field. The first point of failure is the narrow strip of skin below the opening for the wing spar in the F-12070 Side Skin. Because the right wing spar opening is further aft, there is less material to transmit loads in this area…a possible reason for why there have been more failures reported on the right side of the aircraft. Once the skin has failed below the wing spar opening, the structure aft of this point is relatively free to move aft causing brake line damage and side skin deformation.

None of the static load tests performed here at Van’s have resulted in failed center sections (cracking around the U- 1202 bolt holes). Cracking is associated with fatigue. Cracks around the bolt holes are most likely caused by loose gear leg hardware resulting in impact loading to the center section under the forward bolt holding the U-1202 and landing gear in place. Van’s recently released Service Bulletin SB 12-09-26 which covers inspection and torqing of this hardware.

A standard repair for damage seen in the field is being installed on our test fuselage. This fuselage will be subjected to all ASTM F2245 landing gear tests. Subsequent service information will be made public upon completion of this testing. Any parts and instructions necessary for repairing damaged aircraft in the field will be made available as soon as possible. Although final testing is not complete we are confident repairs will not require the removal of the center section. We thank you for your continued patience regarding this issue and will provide a tested solution as soon as possible."

Van's Engineering Department

Let Me Tell You a Little About My New Helmet...in assembly.  The actual helmet pictured below.

It's currently being assembled by:

...a VAF advertiser.

VAF Family
Rest in Peace: Mr. Tom Webster

(from Bob Leffler) I was just informed that Tom Webster (tomwebster on VAF) passed away this morning.  I don't have many details at the moment, but will follow up as I learn when his services are scheduled.

Tom will be missed by many in the Central Ohio area and the Ohio Valley RVators. Tom was known to stop by every builder's hangar at KDLZ on the weekends to catch up on the build status and the local gossip. He was very active with the Ohio Valley RVators and flew to a local UFO every weekend as the weather permitted.

I was fortunate to fly and room with Tom at Airventure this past year.

He was a great friend and mentor. He will be missed by all.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
The pitfalls of not following directions. Metal in the Engine ...Kahuna

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Oct 4, 2012.  1000z  
  I got in a little 15min. hop yesterday after pushing the site out at 0653.  Around $8.75 in avgas burned.  While sitting on the couch in the 'lounge area' putting on my flight suit, I was struck by the symmetric, converging lines of the hangar door and concrete floor.  Like something out of an art class perspective exercise.  iPhone pic below.  After the flight I hooked up the Wi-Fi - messy for now but working.  For you Trivia Pursuit types.....the very first email ever sent from theVanCave was to Joe Blank up at the mother ship.  No, it wasn't a dirty joke. <g>
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Wi-Fi is now up and running at theVanCave.  Anyone who has
worked in an I.T. department will appreciate the chaos.
I'll make it look pretty later...

In The Shop
Avionics backshell connectors ...Matt Burch

Q: (PhilB) Anybody have closeup views of the Garmin backshell connectors (gma340, gtx327 style), specifically the horizontal bars that screw together to put pressure on the individual wires as they exit the backshell? For the life of me, i can't figure how they go on and screw down in a horizontal fashion.

I get the larger gold colored back shell and the c shaped support piece, but not the two pece bracket!!

A: (Matt) Make sure the sharp edges are pointing away from the wires. I also like to use silicone tape around the wire bundle where it passes through the strain relief. ...

Geoff's Overhead Console Lights (RV-10) ...douglassmt

I used Geoff's, and I had a pink cabin top - love his stuff. I went to the trouble of glassing it in and filling the transitions all around the edges to make it look good so I didn't need a headliner (see pics). The OHC fit really well with very little cutting/fitting; most of the work for me was making the transition look good around the edges, which you wouldn't need to do if you are using a headliner.

I put a lot of lights in mine, and love them when I need them, but don't use them very often - mainly when I'm starting up in the dark for an early departure, and the occasional night flight. They are all LED (of course) and include some simple "dome" lights for overall cabin lighting, red map lights for the front seats, and indivdual "eyeball" reading lights for all four seats. All are dimmable. I used the cheap black eyeball reading lights but I think I would use the fancy ones with the dimmer on the light (Sean Strasburg used these) if I did it again.

I used the Stein air vents (great) AND I added Geoff's NACA vent controller because you just can't get all the leaks out of it and it's really nice to be able to shut off all air to the OHC in the winter.

You will need to figure out how to butt the OHC up against the aft bulkhead (top half) so that it seals, but I just did it with a little piece of rubber seal just like the gap cover seal that goes under the HS.

One other thing. The OHC is great for running wires as well. I used the tube over the glareshield to run cables to the three GPS antennas I have up there: two external and one internal to the console. I also ran the power/ground wires for the LED lights. Without an OHC it would be real hard to put antennae on the cabin top.  ...

Tip- Moving airframe in shop ...rockwoodrv9

I did the first complete assembly of my airframe last weekend on my driveway. After staring at it for quite awhile, it started getting windy and ready to rain. I took one wing off thinking I could get it through the 16'x8' garage door with everything else on. It was close, but didn't fit.

As it started to rain, I remembered the little furniture dolly's I had from HF. As luck would have it, the wheels fit exactly in the slot keeping them about 1-1/2" off the ground. With 2 dolly's and moving the plane with the tail wheel, I was able to easily roll the plane into the garage with no problem. For $11 each, it is a very easy way to move the plane around in any direction you want. ...

A few (cockpit) thoughts ...azonic75

Here is what I did. Inspired by what I've seen others do with a few tweaks.  G3X with GTN 650, SL-30 and GMA 240. GX pilot and remote mounted GTX 23ES transponder.

Weekend Formation Flying ...N111BN

Some weekend formation practice with the excellent West Coast Ravens.

Should I Remove Piston Oil Squirts? ...rwtalbot

I'm currently in the process of changing out my Group B ECI Cylinders (AD 2009-26-12).

Over the last 350 hours I have had issues with high oil temperature. I knew the engine had cam squirts but assumed no piston oil squirts. So imagine my surprise last week when I pulled the cylinders and the LAME commented that I had piston oil squirts.

I’m wondering if I should bite the bullet and remove these during the top overhaul? Has anyone done this and what was the effect on oil temps / CHTs? While I can see the advantages to reducing oil temperatures I don't want to just move the issue on to high CHTs.

A few other details about my installation:
The engine is a 180 HP Mattituck IO-360 with P-Mags. I have installed a Sam James Plenum.

I have tried many things to reduce temps including sealing baffles, fitting louvers, vernatherm testing, timing adjustments etc. Finally in desperation I installed a RV10 cooler and attached it to the firewall with a 4" SCAT hose.

All the work I have done to date has resulted in marginal oil temperature. I generally cruise 30F LOP and at that sort of power setting I see 180-200F oil temperatures. If I cruise ROP, the oil temperature rises to around 210-220F on an average day. On a really hot day (100F) I have seen oil hit 230F in the climb out.

CHTs have been reasonable - around 330-345F in LOP cruise. However, #4 runs about 30F hotter than the rest - no doubt due to the large volume of air being extracted from the baffling right behind the exhaust valve.  ...

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Oct 3, 2012.  1153z  
  Yesterday I got a new (slightly used) battery in the RV and went for an 8 min. hop around the patch.  Felt great to get off the surface!
I've received some questions regarding buying a hangar instead of renting a space.  I worked up some short answers and added them to the bottom of theVanCave page.  Hope this answers some of those asked.  Nutshell: it costs less this way.
  Tomorrow's edition could be a couple hours late, I'm guessing.  Taking the wifey to DFW airport for an early departure.  Yoga training/certification thing.  Maybe I'll just wake up a couple hours early.  We'll see...
  Have a great Wednesday!
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Fall in Ottawa Valley ...chepburn

Leaves are just starting to turn here...  Weather here looks iffy for our Thanksgiving weekend...so I took a quick flight this evening...  Here are a few shots. Hopefully we will get a chance to get more at their peak!  ...

In The Shop
(dealing with) spark plug wires way too long

My problem was obvious as soon as I began to route the plug wires. I have a newly purchased Vans IO 360 M1B installed on my 7A. The top plug wires are 24" and 19" too long on the left and right sides, (top only) respectively. After rounds of communication with Vans and Lycoming, I have been to told they are spec'd that way to provide for different engine configurations. Really, what configuration is so different from the standard baffling shown in the plans as to require an additional 24 inches of plug wire? Color me very skeptical. Anyway I was told to just "make it work". Sound familiar?  ...

Wire panel to a single connector...Steve Melton

AMP 37 pin connector is full. now I need another one...

VAF Family
RV-8 Owner Bill Goeken Flying the B-29 FIFI

...Bill was shuttled up to KTUL from 52F yesterday via RV-6 by Ross Burgess so he could reposition FIFI over to Wiley Post airport.

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Pistol Grip Turned Into Throttle Handle ...AX-O

Totally Off Topic

 Working miniature V-8 engine...

Tue, Oct 2, 2012.  1139z     (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Paint Job finally Done! ...wera710

Been wanting to do something to honor my older friends before the last one passes away. Most of the pilots I've known from WWII/Korea are have already flown west. Two flew P-51s in WWII and one in Korea. As I've always felt my generic Vans paint scheme looked pretty much like every other, I decided to do the P-51 thing. My buddy John passed away before I could pin him down on his paint scheme, as did a guy named Don, who taught me formation, so I decided to go with a general scheme that would represent the 357th Fighter Group, 362nd Fighter Squadron (Sqd code G4), although the OD was applied in this manner to aircraft from all three squadrons, the 362nd, 363rd, and 364th. Some had OD/Neutral Grey, some just the top in OD, and some just OD on the cowl.  ...

Flight to Smoketown ...wera710

Took a little trip to Smoketown Airport (S37) PA. RV-9, RV-12 and RV-8. Saw a beautiful Bald Eagle enroute at 2100 feet. Did not hit it thank god, which is more than we can say for a friend who took out a flock of geese in his immaculate T-34 on Saturday. But I digress.

If you are in or near South Eastern PA, Smoketown aiport, generally, has decent fuel pricing but more importantly, it has a little secret just outside the airport. A tiny little, red brick restaurant. Hidden behind the big tan hanger with the white fence on the south side (FBO side) of the runway, this place has a great menue and is a favorite of the local pilots. Just park in the grass by the white fence. Look south. Walk to the east end of the tan hanger. Go south. Contemplate the growing pile of old used aircraft tires. Walk further across a macadam lot and out to Route 23. Look Left. There it sits. Inexpensive, yet really good food. We had a thanksgiving sandwich for $5.00 that was piled high with turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes.

Now if you are wondering why I am posting this, it’s because Dave V., the RV-12 guy, couldn’t wait to get another photo of his recently completed (in only 11 months!) RV-12 on VAF one more time! Seriously, the boy just LOVES seeing that thing on “TV”. Vlad, you had better watch out because the man is on a mission. He almost has his 40 hours flown off and once the gates are open, you’ll find him dogging you all over the planet! ...

theVanCave in N. Texas Has (1) RV Vacancy (flying or under construction) (52F)

...position #3 in the floor plan at www.theVanCave.com

a b
 a) map showing where 52F is (look for the cursor). 
 b) showing where theVanCave is.
         Drive times:
         18 min. from Denton. 
         27 min. from downtown Fort Worth.
         17 min. from Southlake
         28 min. from Coppell
         Directions from your location

Van Cave Update:
Added a tiny deck to the plans of the office/shower.  Clay (RV-9A) Romeiser gave me this idea (sent me a picture of something similar).  This allows a sliding glass door (better view out).

shows how much floor space is used with this setup.

¯VAF¯ Marketplace
Surplus goodies - Audio Panel, Servos, etc ...SteinAir

List will get updated throughout the day...

Out of the Paintshop ... pgroell RV-7A (Croissy-Beaubourg, France)

FMI: http://www.notreavion.net/

Luke Updates His Website ...Italy RV-8

"I changed my website look after the building process, where all the story was 'building related', it's time to give it a new look with places for videos and photos.

Building my airplane was not only 'all about learning' but 'all about friendship' too; so a friends story page will coming soon."

Totally Off Topic

I see what you did there...

Mon, Oct 1, 2012.  1119z  
  Morning!  Random thoughts...  No flying Sat/Sun here - rained most of the weekend.  I like the free water and all, but it got old.  The Texan in me likes an air conditioner on each floor and a sprinkler system that runs daily.  Even if it hadn't rained I was hosed on Saturday.  The wifey's car no starty, so I spent the day coordinating a flat bed tow and loaner car.  Some computer behind the dash probably forgot to carry the '1'.  I miss simple cars...  At least the car had the courtesy to blue screen in the garage instead of between waypoints.
  Did you catch the Baylor / WV football game track meet?  BU scored 63 and still lost.  133 combined points.  Scratch track meet...that's a basketball game in helmets.
  LOE'12 raffle prizes value passes $12K mark this weekend and is less than two weeks away!  The dynamic Russ duo are doing an unbelievable job coordinating these prizes!  You're registered, right? (all LOE info below).
  Goal this week is to start framing up the cheapest, tiniest bathroom/office at theVanCave I can get away with.  Japanese micro hotel efficient (rimshot).  That and get the Wi-Fi repositioned from Danny's hangar over to its new spot.  The first confirmed renter of theVanCave is Mr. Rob Reece of Irving (position #1).  He's building a QB RV-8, have known him for about twenty years, and am looking forward to being able to help document his RV's construction so easily.  The other two spots are up for grabs still.  Getting some calls.  You don't have to move anything to get your RV in/out, and you're 300' from the runway (straight concrete taxiway).  More info below...
  On to my RV, I need to put a new battery in the RV-6.  Some idiot got distracted and forgot to turn off the master a few days back.  That idiot would be me.
  Totally off topic, there was a M3.4 earthquake yesterday here in Dallas about 2,000' south of where, the same day, I ate lunch with relatives (centered here).  Earthquakes in Dallas.....whodathunkit?
  Hope you had a nice, dry, VFR weekend and your Monday goes swell.
 (contact)  Thoughts on safety

Pictures From Our Friend Vlad

Local   |   Local-2

RV White Pages Updated and Current

...courtesy the lovely and talented Audrey Reeves (I pay her phone bill....she updates this list).  Contact information for over three thousand RV builders and pilots in 26 countries.

October Wallpaper Calendar Online

N37CP Complete ....Bill.Peyton

Yesterday we put the finishing touches on our project after 2 years of full time building. Next week we will have our inspection and hope for a first flight soon. The interior consists of mostly Aerosport products including their new seats. The finish was done using Jetglo, which took us 3 months of with the assistance of our friend and his elaborate paint booth, which was only available on the weekends.

Want Your RV in the 2013 Van's Aircraft Calendar?...deadline Oct 26.

In The Shop
New Circle Cutter

VAF Family
Major problem on my 9A project ...airguy

So I'm working along today, made the final holes on the canopy and working on the canopy skirts. Lots of cardboard boxes in the cabinets with expensive avionics waiting their turn next, engine in a crate 20 feet away, life is looking pretty good for a change.

Wife calls. She's pregnant.

Life just took a left turn through the bar ditch, heading for the fence. Gonna be different!

Airplane schedule and budget just took a big hit, but it's going to be worth it!

VAF Cap Sighting: KTLA (Los Angeles) news at 10pm on Friday 9/28/2012 ...Rosie

So I'm getting my dose of local news before bedtime on Friday night and there's a VAF cap on the Los Angeles news for all to see: Mike Warren with wife Lisa at his side! ...

(from the guy on TV)  That was me and my wife on vacation in LA. She looks alot better than me on TV.Taking a break from building.Happen to run into Johnny Deep sitting next to us at the Italian Feast. People everywhere make fun of our North Carolina accent, but to us, we aren't the ones with the accents. Who would have thought that two North Carolina "country bumpkins" would have to travel all the way from the east coast to the west coast just to put VAF on TV!  ...

My first RV ride - Unforgettable! ...meloosifah

So... My first ride in an RV was in an award-winning RV8! I am enjoying reliving the most exciting moments in the air I have ever experienced. Never mind that the flight ended with me white as a ghost, on the cusp of losing my huge, greasy breakfast (hindsight mistake, perhaps). Never mind that my wife (flying formation in an RV7 (another award-winner, by the way) has now decided that our -8 project should fatten up into a -7 project. Never mind that the planned Dramamine never made it into my stomach. Never mind that I ended up napping for an hour to recover... My wife tells me when we land that she wants to get her pilots license! Talk about the best intro to flying an RV that a guy could ask for! Thanks Dave and Wayne for the most memorable flying I could imagine! Now I am certain that I made the right choice to build this plane - just have to convince my wife that the -8 will be ok...  ...

AOPA Video Piece on RV-14

Almost Bought the Farm Today! ...dabney

It was a beautiful day for flying in Southern California today. Visibility was 50 miles, negligible wind, some high Cirrus clouds, moderate temps. For those familiar with SOCal flying I will describe the route that nearly ended tragically for me.

I planned a flight from Agua Dulce (L70) to Fullerton (KFUL) (distance 46nm and 18 mins) in my RV6A to pick up my daughter for a weekend visit and some flying. Between those two airports there is a mountain range, Burbank Class C airspace, and the outer rings of the LAX Class B airspace and a couple of airports with Class D airspace. I studied the LAX TAC chart and plotted a route that would keep me north of the Burbank Class B airspace which would take me to El Monte airport (KEMT). After passing KEMT with the top of the Class D at 2600 I could turn direct to KFUL and descend under the floor of the Class B airspace which is 4000 ft along that route. I had my chart on my lap and was watching my G496 as a crosscheck for airspace boundaries. For the flight up to KEMT I was monitoring SoCal approach but not talking to them. When I passed KEMT I descended to 3500 on a heading of about 155 and after listening to FUL ATIS switched to FUL tower. I was about 8 miles out.  ...

Totally Off Topic