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Mon, Oct 31, 2011.  1108z
  Today is the start of the 2011 VAF Pledge Drive.  I could write a long piece on the subject, but won't.  All I ask is that you please read this page once each year.  A heartfelt, sincere thanks to those who 'pay their tab' and support this small business.
  The Highland Village Saints lost in flag football Saturday (we'll get 'em next time Tate).  Sunday morning got in a short flight with our daughter Audrey around the TCU campus south of Fort Worth - one of the colleges she is researching.  We were talking about it afterwards, and thought the first few sentences of a scholarship application might go something like, "The first time I saw TCU, I was orbiting it in a plane I helped my father build in the garage.  I was sixteen...and flying the plane."  That might set her apart from some of the other applicants! ;^)
  Hope you had a nice weekend, thanks for reading the donation page, and have a nice Monday.
  Doug, Susie, Audrey, Tate (and Moondog).
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
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First Flight C-GOGO ...Chris Hepburn (Ottawa, ON)


C-GOGO took to the air today under the capable hands of Kevin Horton (I can't say thank you enough for that, Kevin!!)

I cobbled together an overly long video of the flight and posted it... link attached.

Thanks to my wife Karin for putting up with my obsession for the last 5 1/2 years. Thanks to you too Ben, my capable bucking partner!!!  Thanks also to all of you here! The advice and knowledge from this site really helped to make it happen!!

Its been a fun ride!

Chris Hepburn
Happy Owner of a flying RV-8!


November Wallpaper Calendar is now online ....and it is outstanding!

Hammy! ...Pete Howell

Beautiful fall day in the upper midwest just made for a XC with a purpose. Hamilton(Hammy) was a young Boxer boy out of Cincy that had some health issues and needed a relocation to the rescue folks up here in Minne. The logistics office went into high gear and arranged a multi-hop, mutli-layover trip, with Schaumburg(06C) to KANE being the last hop today. Here's how it went...

From the company FB page...

Pretty day acro ...note parachutes.

Duck Hawk Strike ...video.

I was flying this morning North East of San Francisco when I had a bird strike - or to be more acurate a Duck strike. It happened in slow motion - I remember watching it look at me and turn to avoid me, I did the same but it didn't work out. I had a new GoPro video camera mounted on the wing, shooting at 120 frames per second (to give slow motion video). From the video it looks like the duck goes through the propellor arc, but misses the blades.
When I got back to CCR I told the tower I had a bird strike even though the airplane was flying fine. The thud of the bird sounded like it came from the back so I was worried about tail or landing gear damage. The fire truck rolled, the FAA and NTSB called - now I am filling out paper work!

Event News
Petit Jean Sunset - Tonight ...Bill Schlatterer

The Petit Jean gathering is this coming weekend...

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October Avery Tool Sale



Totally Off Topic

Sent to me by my mother.....

Fri, Oct 28, 2011.  1108z
Wishing you a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
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Scott Powers RV-8 'Lil Gremlin ...Scott is 'wera710' in the forums.

"I did not build it originally, but I designed the artwork and modifications since. Anyone know how involved it is to strip and REPAINT? I have another finish in mind but not sure its worth the effort."

Tail art

Copperstate Winners

RV-12 Plan Revisions and Changes ...on the mothership.

In The Shop....
RV-3- External Power Jack ...Paul Dye

I am a firm believer that airplanes with advanced electronic cockpits need to have an easy-to-connect external power jack. If you haven’t dealt with an EFIS yet, you have no real idea how much time you’ll want to spend with power on the vehicle – training, testing and updating – while on the ground. Why impose a time constraint due to the size of your battery when all you need is a shop power supply (or a battery charger) and an easy way to connect it? On my -8, I built in a Piper external power jack close to the battery, and I can actually use it to jump start if required.

For the RV-3, I didn’t want to add the weight of a full-up (heavy) jump start jack, so instead, I used a plastic “AMP” brand, Canon-style plug that handles 12-gauge wire. I had always envisioned having a pig-tail connector inside one of our cheek-cowl storage bins, but since I had a bulkhead connector handy, I figured “why have something that will bounce around?” the orange cord is built with the mating connector to the airplane jack, and the other end can be connected to whatever source is available. We can use it for power or battery charging as required. (more)

Status:  'Shiney' in York England

N215TG: complete and operational ....William Watson of Durham, NC

● Engine Hung

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Possible Alternate Static Valve?

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Oct 27, 2011.  1112z
Thursday!  Quick update on the bare bones open cockpit -3B project.  There's a guy on the field that has one of those rip saws that measures to the nearest 64th of an inch.  Monk got him to cut the lumber for the fuse jig to EXACTLY what we wanted - to the quark.  We're making a couple of small changes to the jig for build comfort reasons, and have a couple ideas to make it one of the more level and true -3 jigs around.  I had a jig offered to me down in Houston (thanks again Paul, Louise and Stephen), but after crunching the gasoline and time numbers we figured it was cheaper to go to Lowes for lumber and build it.  What took the most time was waiting for Lowes to get a batch of straight lumber.
  The project is gravitating towards being a group effort among a few friends here at 52F.  Me on control surfaces at the cramped house shop, fuse at the airport or wherever, engine TBD, etc.  The payoff is these guys will be on the insurance and can fly it whenever they wish.  Monk, for example, likes to fly around 0700, possible because he lives there next to the airport.  I can't ever seem to get out to the airport before 1000 with kid/school/website duties, so it'll be nice to have the oil already warm ;^).  My hope is that this RV becomes the most-flown RV on our field, with per hour operating costs more in line with the current 'hold on to as much of your money as you can' mindset our economy has us in.
  Most of our group's flights are local.  My last logbook page averaged out at .35 hrs per flight.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Some Assembly Required:  RV-3B Fuse Jig

fmi: www.RV-3B.com

Tip- RV-3 Easy Pitot Connections ...Paul Dye

I have often heard the question “how do I connect the metal pitot tubing in the wing to the plastic pitot tubing in the fuselage (assuming you used metal in the wing – some don’t, and that’s fine too!). A real easy way to do it is to go to your scrap clear plastic tubing drawer and look for a piece with an inside diameter that fits tightly over both the nylon and ¼” metal tubing (they have the same OD). Wet it a little to make it slippery, push it on both sides, and add a couple of cable ties – finished!  (continue)

In The Shop....
RV-1 Update: Canopy Frame ...Ernie Butcher

Work days at RV-Central are a sight to behold – an assembly of highly skilled craftsmen quietly working in harmony. One of the craftsmen is Bob Avery, owner of Avery Tools, and below is a photo of his latest handy work – a complete rebuild of the RV-1 canopy frame. The old frame was bent out of shape and had holes drilled in all the wrong places. Avery Tools and RV-Central are both located at Hicks Airfield in Fort Worth and the close proximity made it possible for Bob to move the RV-1 down to his shop for the surgical procedure. The new canopy donated by Airplane Plastics can now be mounted to a frame that correctly fits the aircraft.

Job well done, Bob!

A&P Knowledge
More Bad Flares on Fuel Lines Found, What's up with this?...Walt Aronow

To be honest folks I'm really getting tired of finding these bad/cracked flares made with substandard tools. Making new fuel lines for already completed aircraft is not my idea of fun. Please folks, fuel lines are really important, how about using the right tools, get someone to show you how to do it properly and inspect your work (using a magnifier) before installing a bunch of defective fuel lines, please do if for me

These are off a customers RV10, found in the tunnel.  (continue)

VAF Family
Update from Rick Gray ...from Rick

Hi Folks,

After about 26 days in the Ohio State Burn Center I am now back home. I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for the many prayers, cards, emails, calls, & visitors that I received, many from folks I had never met but 'knew' from VAF......amazing! Every card was special in its own way......a great feeling to know that people really care.

Having crawled through the fire to get away from the burning plane my wounds were/are rather severe. This has been a life changing accident in many ways. As my body heals I will look foward to sharing my experience. Right now I'm grateful to be alive and to have a finger to type with .

203 kts groundspeed ...Rosie

Back in 2009 (Cayman Islands trip), Tuppergal and I departed Lee C. Fine (AIZ) near central Missouri for Cross City (CTY), Florida with a planned fuel stop at Chilton County (02A), Alabama. Winds were so favorable that we continued non-stop landing CTY (~691nm) in 3hr 45min. Rarely saw the ground speed dip below 200kts; That was cool!

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MGL V6 radio. Done. ...Rainier Lamers

Totally Off Topic

Wed, Oct 26, 2011.  1055z   Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

RVs in Kentucky ...Robert Cutter

Today I had a corporate flight from SC to Frankfort, KY, KFFT. What a beautiful day to fly even if I didn't get to build on the 7 project. I do have to try to pay for it somehow. While sitting in the FBO, I hear on the radio an experimental on final. I watch as a nice Cozy MKIV lands and makes his way to the SS fuel pump. I went outside to visit and look at the plane, but he seemed to be in a hurry and not wanting to visit. So I headed back inside and went to the homepage on my iPad, which is VAF, of course. (isn't everyone's?) Then a couple of minutes later I hear another experimental on final and look out to see what it is. Looks like an RV from here, so I tell my FO I am heading out to see it. Well, in taxis a famous RV from the forums followed by another famous RV. I introduce myself and start visiting with Wayne who built and flies the beautiful RV7 you will see in the photos and also start talking to David who is driving the outstanding RV8. You will recognize both of these, I am sure. Each has a pax riding with them. As they are fueling up, an RV6A taxis over as well. I think he is based there, but didn't get to visit with him. What a friendly group of guys and eager to talk. Made my day. They were on their way to have lunch somewhere and couldn't have found a better day for it. Thanks guys, for taking a few minutes to visit and show off your wonderful works of art. My RV will never even come close to looking as nice as these. If you are ever down toward KCUB or KCAE, stop in and look me up.

9855J Pink slip!

Monday morning after 13 years of enjoyable and educational construction my RV-6, 9855J was inspected by a FAA Aviation Safety Inspector out of the Chicago Dupage FSDO. Total time from initial FAA contact to inspection was about ten working days. The inspector helped me immensely with the paperwork and made a very thorough inspection of my aircraft. Now its time to reassemble the plane, call the insurance man and as soon as the winds die down a bit GO FLY!

Sunrise Flight ...Don Jones

I recently bought a Drift HD170 and took it along with Russ and I to Copperstate. Thought I would try it out. The view from Russ's 9A was pretty amazing. Russ even felt sorry for me and let me fly left seat both ways since mine is still in the garage. I am pretty impressed with the Drift. I love the fact that the prop doesn't get stopped in the video and can hardly wait to mount it up and take some real video. Hasn't been put to music or anything, Just airplane noise!


Wet Flight


RV3- Junior Models His Wings for the Neighbors!

How can a kid refrain from showing off for the neighborhood when he gets a chance? We had to push him out of the “nest” to make room for a party the other night, so this was the first time our little -3 has had to go outside with all of his parts attached. Believe me - as I saw it up next to the RV-8 for the first time, the word “model” was definitely going through my mind. This really does look small!

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Carry the spare

I had a flat in the hanger on Wednesday. No big deal. I had the other one go flat at the gas pump yesterday 800 air miles from home. Thank goodness some RV forum recommended that you carry a spare which I do. The FOB loaned me a jack. I pulled the tire, put in a tube and lost only an hour on a 6 hour x-country. In 1000 hours of flying I never had a flat until yesterday but it can ruin your 'hole' day so far from home. Thanks Forum for saving my bacon!!!!

John D. Artz

  Some Replies:

(Tom Lewis) After having 3 main flats on our RV7a in the last 2 years, I now carry a spare main tube as well as a nose wheel tube in the baggage stuff. Two of the flats occurred on trips out of town and one occurred while landing at home. We do not leave home without our spare tubes.

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Oct 25, 2011.  1100z   Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety


Copperstate & Grand Canyon Flight ...Rob Hickman

This was my first long trip with the new AF-5000 panel in the RV-10. When I was finally ready to leave for Copperstate on Wednesday there were low clouds and it was raining in Oregon. I ended up departing IFR in the rain and as soon as I reached 6000ft I was back in the sun and headed for Arizona. The new panel worked great, the simplified user interface and large high-resolution screens are awesome. As I passed Las Vegas the sun was setting and I decided to continue on to Casa Grande. It gets really dark, really fast in Northern Arizona when the sun goes down. I was really glad I had synthetic vision, ADS-B traffic, and the new HITS boxes for the airport runways. I managed to work my way into the dark and busy (three other planes) KCGZ traffic pattern using the traffic display on the SV screen and had a perfect landing. I left Canby at 1 PM and touched down in Casa Grande at 6:50 PM with only one fuel stop. That has to be faster than the airlines. (continue)

Rainbow in the sky

This morning I flew to KRZT (37 nm) for IFR certification. Two bands of rain activities were moving fast from the west. The first band had arrived at my destination and the second one was following. I figured that I can still made into KRZT and return after the second band passes. Half way through my trip I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. On my GRT EFIS I was following both the weather and the traffic. I saw a traffic on my level converging so I changed my heading 20 degrees. It flew right across the rainbow (toward the end of the video). Following are two photos (grabbed from video) and the video.

Feb '11 - Oct '11 donation prize winners picked ...in yellow at the bottom of this link.

If everything goes according to plan, the November and December prizes should be pretty amazing (I remind folks about the donation page a little more frequently towards the end of each year).  I'll get back to you on that.  It goes without saying how grateful I am to those who help support this site with their yearly honor system donation. 


In The Shop....
Painting ...Martin O'Hearne (York, England)  'shiney' in the forums.

I've just had the inspector over today to sign off the last few stages before closing up the fuse - he's given me the go ahead so now the it's ready to paint (wings and emp painted, it feels like I'm almost at the end of this long tunnel.

VAF Family
Mom taxiing around ...Brian Eisner

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday, Mom's first time in the RV. She didn't want to go flying just taxi around. Maybe next time.

● Formation ...Brian Eisner

Here is a photo of my friend Mike Toews flying in formation with another RV4 and a Pitts in Steinbach Manitoba. Mike is the one in the middle with the yellow RV4.

● Baron vs. RV...

Daughter Giorgia's First Aileron Rolls (Italy)

...from Luke in Italy
   (parachutes not required in Italy for this - I checked!)  dr

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● From Matt at MGL Avionics...

fmi: http://www.mglavionics.com/html/xtreme_ems.html

Totally Off Topic

Mon, Oct 24, 2011.  1102z
Good Monday morning to ya. Flew over to Dallas Air Park (F69) Friday around 11 o'clock in order to walk across the street and eat at the Mongolian Barbecue Grill restaurant. 12 min. over and 12 min. back. 75°F. A little formation time with Stan there and back, some interaction with Addison tower and some semi-healthy grub.  Rosie, wish you could have joined us - know you like that place.
   On the flight back I was watching the traffic around 52F on one of my magic G3X screens, and elected to break up the flight and enter the pattern on the 45 instead of the overhead break. As a matter of fact, about 60 seconds after I took off from Dallas Airpark I knew that we would be doing this - before I even switched over to 52F CTAF. Sometimes that technology is just amazing.
   Saturday your Highland Village Saints (Tate at right) fought the good fight, but came up short against the HV Cowboys.  We'll get 'em next time.
   Sunday Tate asked if we could go flying.  Absolutely.  There was a little two hour window of clear skies around us in the morning, and we were in it.  Spaghetti lunch, afternoon Mass and wins by the Cowboys and Rangers waiting for us on the DVR after dinner.  A day hard to beat!
   Hope you had a great weekend and that you have a really nice Monday.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

At Copperstate.  'Gib' photo (name not listed)
Pictures from Copperstate / and more pictures / and even more...

First flight of PH-OBO ...Victor Kruis and Ilse Broeke (Netherlands)


Back Home: 4,400 nm Round Trip (Australia)

Got back home yesterday after about a 4,400 nm round trip. As expected the RV performed perfectly.

Pics A  Pics B  Pics C

Leadville, Colorado trip ...Andrew Gaut

I crossed an item off of my "bucket list" this weekend and flew from Council Bluffs, IA to Leadville, CO in my RV-4 to visit relatives. The weather was perfect and the flight was completely uneventful. Had a nice tailwind on the way home--3:30 trip time and only used 26 gallons.

I was amazed how well my -4 performed. I was climbing out of KLXV at ~800 fpm this morning.

Carrying the Torch ...Mardy Chanbless

Last week Paul Dye started a great thread about "Igniting the Spark" and it got me thinking. Like Paul, I really have no idea where the interest in aviation came from. His early bio was eerily similar to mine. I too was an advanced reader and I remember that I had to prove to the librarian in elementary school that I could read the big kids books just so I could check them out. Yep, same theme, all my interest was space and aviation stuff... I too flew U-Control because RC was too expensive. I too worked at an FBO when I barely a teenager. In exchange I received ground school and flight time in a 150.

Reading Paul's history was like wow, there are so many parallels, it was sort of spooky really. But adding my comments to the thread would not have added anything of value other than me sort of raising my hand and saying hey, me too! I have no idea why I am the way I am. The interest has always been there as long as I can remember. I'm sure many others share my experience.

Now to the meat of my point. How many of you know an old guy who on occasion comes out to the airport just to hang out and talk flying? He used to fly, but age and medical issues have waived that privilege. Have you taken the time to talk to him? Have you asked him if perhaps he wanted to go fly with you? If you haven't, I can tell you from personal experience that you have missed out on one **** of an opportunity. A real learning opportunity. That old guy most likely has knowledge and experience that you don't have, knowledge that you can pass on to the younger generation. Knowledge that will make you a better pilot, history that you can't get from a book, and a view of our world that may soon be lost forever.

A couple of weeks ago I did my BFR with a retired USAF General, a local boy (70 years old) and a CFI II. He came back to his hometown after retirement and he is involved with the local flying club and he does occasional instructing. He didn't charge me a penny for the BFR After we were pretty much done with the BFR he asked if I wanted to see where he lived and I let him have the controls. He flew us over his ranch and then asked if I had ever done a lazy eight. I replied, "yes sir, just yesterday". He then pitched up into a couple of very nicely executed maneuvers. A quick look over at his face told me he was having too much fun. I looked over at him and said "If I didn't know better, I would think you were having fun" There was the slightest upward curl at the corners of his mouth, but no comment, it must be a General thing. But I knew it was an RV grin.

My main flying buddy is approaching 90. He judges his current physical status in years. Some days he's 80 and some days he's 60. Some days he's "Hot to Go" and some days he's " Sub-Standard" He was a USAF primary instructor from just after WWII thru the cold war. He flew AT-6's, T-28's, T-34's and T-37's as an instructor. He has trained some people you may have heard of; one of whom who was shot down over the USSR in the early 60's in a U2. "Not a fact I'm proud of, he wasn't a very good student" He took himself out of the game a few years ago when he began to feel he was getting behind the Glasair he built. He still fly's like he's never quit instructing.

I guess my point here is that we as RV pilots comprise a unique segment of aviation. We fly an exceptional experimental aircraft. One that flies much better than the average GA aircraft. One that flies much like the fighters of WWII. Take an old guy flying while you still can. Bring back those old memories for him. Learn from him. You will both be enriched. And oh yeah, pass on what you have learned...

RV Fun - Things You Might not do with Ordinary Planes ...Alex Peterson

The class D, no radar tower controller says "66AP cleared for takeoff, advise when clear of class delta". Then I called back about 1.5 miles from airport announcing "clear of class D" after climbing out the top.

Runway 27 is 5000', and my parking is a left turn at the departure end of the runway. I'm cleared to land, but chose to fly at about one foot altitude for practice and to get closer to the hangar. So I'm flying along at 60 knots, 1' agl, about 2/3's down the runway (I really do recommend this as practice) when the tower calls "66AP, roll to the end, left turn to parking with me", I answer, "Haven't landed yet, but when I do I'll roll to the end.."


In The Shop....
RV-10 Status

And, in what seems like no time at all, the fuselage is joined (riveting will be done in a day or so) and it's on the gear. I'm doing things a bit out of order to facilitate my building needs and putting it on the gear early just seems to make sense for me.

VAF Family
Happy New RV-4 Owner! ...Chris Watson

My name is Chris Watson. I've been lurking here while shopping for an RV-4. I saw several helpful posts by SmokeyRay and contacted him to help me find a healthy, flying RV-4. He did an awesome job finding just the right airplane for me, working the deal with the seller, conducting the pre-buy (he's an A&P) and then Smokey "Iron Man" Ray flew the thing all the way to San Antonio from Virginia in one day straight into the teeth of a strong headwind.

I flew it Wednesday morning with a local RV CFI for my insurance checkout and then I took it out on my own this Saturday hitting all my usual weekend flying spots. The crew of RV owners/builders I fly with were very impressed with her. She was the star attraction everywhere today.

If you are new to RV's (or even if you're not) I can whole-heartedly recommend Smokey's services.

Beautiful warbird paintjob after a 2 year restoration. It has an O-320 160hp with c/s prop. She really jumps into the air!

● Chris Hepburn style....

53VG Runway 3

● No Leaks!

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
TruTrak Servo Shear Pin...sheared! ...Paul Dye

Rather than take this very important thread on Pat's incident with a jammed elevator linkage in a tangential direction, I'll start a new one with a coincidental failure we had on Louise's roll servo yesterday.

Louise was off on a trip and called to tell me that her roll autopilot wasn't working. All the lights came on as if it were engaged, but there was no resistance to moving the stick in that axis. Pitch worked normally. Since we were going to inspect for the problem noted in Pat's thread anyway, I had her fly it home (recommending no loops or rolls!), and we took it apart last night. Sure enough, you could hear the servo trying to control, but nothing happened with the stick, and sure enough, when we got it out, the shear pin (a screw actually) had failed. The servo appears to be operating completely normally, the center screw was tight - the shear pin had simply failed after time.

I'm curious if anyone else has had these fail, and if they might be a life-limited item? I haven't had a problem with either servo in the -8, and plan to simply put a new pin in this servo. (BTW, anyone in Houston have a spare? I'm sure TT will send me a few next week, but then I have time to install one this weekend!)

The center screw did it's job of keeping the servo arm captured in this case, so it failed exactly as it was supposed to.

  Some Replies:

(Frankh) Mine failed in IMC on a bumpy Xcountry flight...No big deal but it does wake you up..

replace screw all well for a year and a half

(Rosie) My TruTrak roll A/P servo stopped working on the way home (yesterday) from Copperstate 2011. The plane started wandering off course, and after a few power cycles I just left if off. Got it apart and found that the shear pin (not a screw but a pin) had broken. Same as Ironflight said: "The center screw did it's job of keeping the servo arm captured in this case, so it failed exactly as it was supposed to."

It was a simple fix (new shear pin) and am back to normal ops. I checked the aircraft log and see that I have ~500 hobbs hours since servo installation, and I only use the A/P on long trips. A quick look through the pilot log book shows I have maybe ~220-ish hours on the servo.

No complaints here: Just a data point. I LOVE my TruTrak A/P system

Totally Off Topic

Fri, Oct 21, 2011.  1120z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

The 'Clown Car' arrives at its new home! ...Stein

Just to let the rest of the folks in the Black Hills know....there's another RV9 that has moved in. It's not like anyone can miss it if you see it, but thanks to Doug Weiler the Clown Car arrived safely at its new home on the ranch outside of Sturgis!  Should show up around some regional shows and for more show and tell.  Yep - it's a gravel and/or gras road/runway that it'll be living on, hence the 3 blade catto and taildragger configuration. It's a wonderful flying machine.  The 360 mufflers combined with the 3 blade prop make for one super smooth and really quiet plane.

Editorial: Paul Dye

Igniting the Spark

A common thread among aviators today is “why aren’t there more kids getting involved in aviation? When this question gets discussed, it often comes down to (1) they can’t afford it or (2) They simply lack the interest. As difficult as it might sound, number 1 can be fixed if we want to fix it – by giving away free rides and free opportunities to let interested kids hang around the airport and help us build airplanes for instance. But what if they simply aren’t interested? Why aren’t they? I’m sure that we all think something is wrong with a kid that doesn’t like airplanes…right? Maybe we aren’t asking the right question to solve the problem (because you can’t solve a problem unless you really understand it). The real question we need to answer first is, “Well what got YOU hooked?!”

I can tell you that my mother tells everyone that the first word I said was “airpoo” as I looked up in the sky and pointed at a passing airplane. I can’t ever remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by anything that flew. I don’t know why – I seem to have been born with the interest. But I know that some of the things that kept me interested was seeing Whirlybirds and Sky King on TV. I built models that I bought with my small allowance. I was excited anytime I could get near an airplane- taking Dad to the local airport to catch a commercial flight, watching the floatplanes at the local dock that gave rides over Lake Bemidji. Most of the books I checked out from the library were about airplanes and flying – big books on WW II aircraft and the air war, stories of WW I fighters. I had Charles Lindbergh’s book on my bookshelf early on. My father wasn’t a pilot, but his job as an educator put him on a NASA mailing list where he received big thick reports (full of color pictures) of every manned space mission – and they came straight to me!

I flew U-control models because I couldn’t afford R/C, then got the opportunity to work on real airplanes in my early teens due to the kindness of an FBO and some of his leaseback pilots. But that wasn’t what got me interested – it KEPT me interested. I was interested because of some sort of spark set very early on. And it didn’t hurt that flying was seen as unique – it set me apart, made me special (because ALL aviators were special!), and since I wasn’t very good at sports, it gave me a niche. And…it didn’t hurt that I could read at a level well above my grade to understand those books on flying earlier than most. {Did anyone else ever have a copy of “Ann can Fly!” in their house?}

So what got YOU interested? And how can you use that information to help get today’s kids interested? All the Young Eagle’s rides in the world won’t get them hooked if they aren’t interested – oh, they’ll take the ride…then go do something else. They need to get that spark first. How do we ignite it?



Rob Reece: RV Solo

My buddy Rob is building an RV-8 in Dallas Texas.  I worked with Rob for 10 years at my last job (he still works there).  Our buddy Scott has an RV-7 that he doesn't get to fly very often because of work.  Scott is Rob's boss.  Scott put Rob on his insurance and said "go fly my plane whatever you want".  Then Scott called me and asked if I could sit in the right seat on a few flights and maybe give Rob a pointer or two on smooth wheel landings (I am on the insurance too).  Scott obviously hasn't seen me land an airplane...

About a week ago Rob and I did an hour in this plane, logging 10 touch and goes over at Bridgeport, Texas.  Yesterday we went over to Decatur, Texas, and after two touch and goes I said, "Pull over there to the FBO and let me out.  Give me three touch and goes, and don't forget to come back for me".

Rob has done transition training with Alex, but until yesterday had never flown an RV solo.  He can check that off the bucket list now...

Had a great big old dumb smile on his face all through lunch.

video (from iPhone - don't expect much)

In The Shop....
RV-4 Rebuild Progress

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I hate paying the XM bill, but I love the service! ...Walt Aronow

Today while returning from a short flight I entered the pattern at 52F from the east side due to the TFR that comes within about a mile of the airport on the west side around Alliance Airport for this weekend's airshow.

Just after I announce my turn to downwind I hear:

"Nxxx 3 miles south entering the downwind for 17 at Northwest Regional"

AFW tower- "Nxxx on downwind at Northwest Regional I need you to call me concerning a possible TFR violation, advise when ready to copy"

Now I may not like paying the subscription to XM every month, but I gotta be honest, sometimes when I'm just local I don't do all my homework. But the BIG RED CIRCLE on the 696 is hard to miss. It popped up last week as a yellow circle so I knew it was coming but nevertheless, without it I could have been "that poor guy"

XM just payed for itself... again!

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Thu, Oct 20, 2011.  1100z   Delta Romeo, LLC. RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Jim Adams RV-8 at Piney Creek Airpark

Have you ever caught a problem during preflight?

So I was doing preflight this morning before going up for some spin training (non RV but forgive me) and I got to thinking...I wonder how often people catch problems during preflight. I'm just wondering what the hit rate is...not really trying to push any kind of agenda, just curious.

Just to be clear, I'm only talking about during the walk-around portion...not run up and control checks and stuff.

poll results so far...

  Some Replies:

Not an RV, but my preflight on the skyhogs I fly always includes a gentle up-down wiggle of the horizontal stabilizer near the root, on each side of the aircraft. I noticed some "squishiness" when squeezing the rib nearest the fuselage to give it a wiggle, which prompted further investigation. One of the bottom rib-to-skin rivets was smoking and could turn in its hole, so I grounded the aircraft.

Good thing, too, because upon disassembly the A&P found the horizontal stabilizer rib was completely cracked through. To date still not sure how it happened or how long it had been flying that way. Oh, and note the lack of primer on a certified aircraft that's over 30 years old

1. C152 with a loose horizontal stabilizer
2. Propeller delamination on my RV4
3. B737-300 with bent fan blades
4. B767-300 with a major strut leak in main gear

I turned up a missing cotter pin once in a very important place. I was told to look for birds nests and it took over thirty years of flying to finally find one but it made all those pre-flights worth while. Collapsed nose strut bottom out but that was an easy one. I test the brakes too before even looking at the check list once inside and have had one of the pedals go to the floor on occasion

NO, But I have 1st hand knowledge of 2 dead stick landings in 2 different airplanes that would never have happened if a proper preflight had been done Name and details witheld to protect the guilty

Our flying club in college washed the planes every Sat morning. Someone would take it around the pattern to partially dry them and then towel completely. Only problem was the 150 was in for an oil change and in haste to build a few minutes of free flight time a student pilot didn't check the oil or the oil pressure gauge. He made pattern alt downwind without any oil then 'landed' (sank) in a lake and survived but good bye Cessna 150

Here's a story about the "one that got away"... I was the perpetrator of this nasty deed. Lesson learned. Oh was it learned... This happened 31 years ago and I remember the details like it happened this morning.

Problem Description: dipstick not installed in left engine of B90 King Air

Background: It was my first job in aviation, working as a line boy, and when an airplane showed up at the pumps I had to drop everything and run like heck to get the customer fueled, then return to my previous tasks.

The Scene: It's a busy summer Friday afternoon, lots of people up flying, and lots of folks coming in for fuel. Our King Air was scheduled for an early-morning charter on Saturday. I was asked to do my usual "shine 'er up, top up the fluids and empty the potty" routine. The right engine needed a quart of oil and that was added without incident. The left engine cowling was opened and a check of the dipstick showed it was down a quart, too. I laid the dipstick inside the engine cowling and was about to get another quart of oil when I was interrupted - a C185 was bone dry and in a hurry, so off the the pumps I ran. (error #1 - never leave a dipstick out - dirt can get blown into the filler tube - or worse!)
When I returned to the King Air some time later, after a steady run of aircraft needing fuel, I closed the engine cowling without checking the dipstick. I committed the original sin.

BUT... things got worse... The next morning the captain and first officer just jumped in and lit the fires without even so much as kicking the tires.

The flight crew failed to do a pre-flight. As a result they failed to notice that I hadn't re-installed the dipstick after topping up the fluids. Thankfully no harm was done; a paying passenger noticed oil streaking the cowling once power was pulled back for descent into the destination airport. After securing the engine the aircraft was landed without incident, and then the dipstick was discovered, magically, right where I had left it.

While I suffered a severely bruised ego and ringing ears from a tongue-lashing delivered at high volume levels, it was the flight crew who paid the price for my oversight. Because they had failed to perform the mandatory pre-flight inspection they were found negligent and were suspended without pay for 30 days. This really hurt since the first officer was a friend who had helped me get my foot in the door to get the line boy job.

This incident taught me a lot about the dangers of being interrupted, and of not double-checking one's work. As I went on to make my living in aviation I often would find myself driving back to the hangar to double-check that I had secured a wire bundle or inventoried my tools.

Suffice it to say that casting an eye over our trusty chariots before taking to the skies is a good way of ensuring we'll get back in one piece

After the airworthiness inspection I had a flight with a CFI to get my insurance sign off. We did a verymcareful preflight and found nothing. The next week I did a pre-flight and found both lock nuts on the left elevator backed off to the point that only 2 threads were holding them on. Replaced them with new nuts and checked torque on all other control surfaces and flaps. Flew it 10 hours on the way down from buying it in CA, so notnsure why they both backed off after a 1.1 hr flight.

Glad I am anal about checking control surfaces after having an IFE in a T-33 and finding the outboard hinges broken on both elevators....everyone took a lot more time to pre-flight after that


Cool Video from the underside of the tail ...Jeff Stubbs

Took this last night using the Drift HD170 mounted in the rear tie down. This is the 720p setting. I like it better than the 1080 becuase of the wider angle.


[ed. Sorry couldn't embed it - depending on soundtrack
chosen some will let you and some won't. dr]

Serial Number 120001 Painted

RV-12 serial number 120001 is painted. Some of you may remember this aircraft as Jim Cone’s project. Jim finished the build, shipped it to me and I added lights, pants and paint. The aircraft now has 42 hours TT. Weight prior to paint was 729 lbs so I’m estimating 770 lbs finished.

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From Avery Tools....

Avery Tools rents a 3-pad set of electronic race car scales for accurately weighing your airplane when performing your weight & balance.  The scales are now professionally calibrated and certified by a local weights & measurements company.  We include copies of the Certificate of Calibration with each scale set so the builder / user can have a copy of the certification for their records.

We have 2 sets of scales in our rental program.  Rental rate is $100.00 for the scales plus shipping costs both ways.   To reserve or rent the scales visit us at www.averytools.com or call our toll free number 1-800-652-8379.

Bob & Judy Avery

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Wed, Oct 19, 2011.  1100z   Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Pine Bluff Formation Clinic

Work Day ...Brian Carroll

As president of the Cabin Creek Landing homeowners association, there is some things that need attention. Some of it is unpleasant, like filing a lien or small claims court action. I've been putting it off, since I live 250 miles away(4.5hrs drive). But today the weather gods aligned with the day off calendar.

8am: I got to the airport(8u8), fueled up(note to self: afternoon fueling is warmer than morning). A quick phone call to the Airpark to check conditions, FOGGED in!

Oh well 2hrs of coffee with the airport bums. Finally the field was clear at 97MT. so Townsend(8u8) to St. Ignatius(52S) to Cabin Creek(97MT) is normally about about 1:05 in route. Today I climbed to 9500 to reach the smooth, albeit 30kt headwind, above the peaks so it took a bit longer arriving about 1130.

The Mission Range was wonderful in the mid-morning light. (continue)

Essay: A Very Special Demo Ride ...by Ken Scott (Flying Magazine)

RV-3- Finishing up the Fiberglass ...Paul Dye

One of my goals last week was to get as much of the fiberglass to a “finished” state before we hung the wings – I know it would be easier to work around the parts without the wings being in the way, and I also wanted to be able to tell myself that we were “done” with glass (Note that my definition of “done” means that it is ready for flight, and our painter can take it from there….).

While we still have a little work to do on our “Pepto” cowl, the cowl cheek extensions, canopy skirt, empennage fairing, and tail tips are pretty much done. I sued a ratle-can primer coat to help me see surface irregularities that still need to be worked out. Mostly we have a few divots and pinhoels to work on – but the major filing and shaping is done! (continue)

In The Shop....
Panel pic....'dfwtrash'

outside pic

RV-12 Photo Flight - Ken Scott ...factory FB page

It was a beautiful fall day in Oregon, and there were a couple of RV-12s sitting in the hangar, just begging to have their pictures taken. So what are you going to do?

Here´s N112TF, the Teenflight airplane. Flown here by Dick VanGrunsven and Daniel Wanvig , one of the builders. Photographed by Ken Scott from the company RV-10 flown by Joe Blank.

And making its airborne photographic debut, N869DC "Freedom Bird" owned by Dave Cooper (who designed the paint scheme). Flown here by builder Ken Scott. Photographed by Amber Ingram (on loan from Van´s engineering department) from the RV-10 flown by Joe Blank. (enlarge photos)

Event News
Petit Jean Gathering Update

Chris Finkbiener is the local FBO and does sell fuel. He has also cut us a grass taxiway on the west side of the runway so we don't have to back taxi on the runway if the traffic backs up.

A group of our local RV guys went and walked it this week and marked any holes that needed to be filled and leveled and Chris is taking care of that as well.

He is all in for anything we need and you're right....it's going to be a great weekend.

Event info

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● Welcome www.UpNorthAviation.com  ...ad lives in 'Older VAF News' section.

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It's a Canard, and a great camera location
720pHD and full screen is the way to view this!

Tue, Oct 18, 2011.  1125z
  A cold front finally came through last night.  It's 57°F as I type this.  I'd go to the airport for a few laps around the pattern at lunch, but the winds are forecast gusting 33kts then.  Nice to be wearing a sweatshirt finally!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Unbelievable Photo! ...Ron Schreck post.

Dean Wingard has taken some great pictures of Team RV in action, but this one, taken at the Boshears Skyfest in Augusta, GA this past weekend beats them all. Thanks, Dean. You're the best!

In The Shop....
RV-10 Bracket Match Drilled Without Spacers ...from the RV-10 forum

I match drilled the angle on my torque tube brackets to the rib's web without the spacer between the brackets. This causes the holes in the rib's flange to not line up anymore when the bracket is attached to the web.

Naturally, I didn't notice this until a lot of rivets were set (but thankfully, I noticed now and not while trying to get skins in place). After hurling a few insults at myself, I began setting up to drill out all the offending rivets, but decided first to take a breath and ask if anyone thinks there might be another option. This bracket assembly was a real pain to get in place to begin with and I've read on some build logs that others have had issues with this same bracket assembly. My error was just stupidity, but maybe it's not as bad as I first thought.

If I align to the holes in the web, the flange holes are too far off to just drill out for oops rivets, but could I match drill the flange of the bracket to the flange of the rib? This would leave big figure-8s in the bracket which I could cover with a doubler plate on the inside of the bracket flange?

Or I could alight the bracket to the rib's flanges and ignore the holes now in the web and drill new ones through the angle and the web? I lean against this. I'd rather not drill extra holes in the rib anywhere.

It's probably best to just order the new angle and redo it. But if I can avoid drilling out these 15 rivets (same error on both wings), and potentially mangling the holes, it might be worth pursuing a safe alternative.

I appreciate any suggestions.

  Some Replies:

Drill out the rivets. It will only take a short time and you will never worry about it. It is just not worth trying a work around for such an inexpensive piece of angle. If you are uncomfortable drilling the rivets out, ask an experienced friend to come over and help you or practice on another piece. Those universal head rivets are much easier to remove than the CS. You will be happy that you did not compromise your build standards when it is all done.

I basically agree with Bill on this. I'm still trying to figure out how you drilled the angles without the spacer and didn't have a mismatch in the rib web when you added it. But, assuming the rib web holes are still #30, then fabricate new angles, cleco the bracket assembly (with spacer but without the angles) to the flanges, and then clamp and drill the new angles. That should fix your problem as cheaply as possible. While I swear sometimes when Van's sequence has me driving difficult rivets, in this case their assembly instructions make sense.



Good Press for RVs (and GA) ...parachutes and everything.  (sorry I couldn't embed the video - it's using music that UMG will not let you embed).

RV-3 at the airport ...Rob Holmes

This past Thursday a few friends and I loaded up the 3 in a 26 foot Uhaul truck and drove it up to the airport. Aside from having to tilt the entire plane to get the tail to fit through the door opening, all went well. There was also that 1" interference problem I encountered while driving under a bridge (dont ask).

Its based at EAA chapter 1250s insanely nice hangar until I finish final assembly.

BTW, the paint isnt quite done yet.

How to remove wing walk material ...Tom Valenzia

The material is adhered to a painted surface. What is the best technique in removing the material and also the adhesive from the wing?

  Some Replies:

Use a hair dryer / heat gun to carefully warm up the area and peal it off. Use 3M adhesive remover to get the remaining glue off. It will not damage the paint. Available at any automotive paint store.

I like to use a hair dyer over a heat gun. Heat guns get too hot IMHO. If you are careful they are fine, but too much chance for error working on a painted surface. My wife does not mind if I use her hair dryer..... if she doesn't find out.

Mineral spirits will usually take off a lot of the adhesive as well and shouldn't harm paint. DO NOT use acetone.

Rolling POTUS Bus Tour TFRs

If I'm ever POTUS, I'll put on a flight suit and ride around the country in the back seat of a F/A-18F - landing at already-secure military bases.  No TFR.  Sack lunch enroute.  I'll put the two POTUS 747s in storage.  Also, I'd like to make every other landing if at all possible.  And could we get somebody to dogfight for a bit if we're fat on gas?  Can I log this time?

On second thought, let's drop the whole thing.  I want to go fly my RV when the mood strikes....

Building Tips / Techniques/ Mods
Alternator Blast Tube Alternative
...Rick Galati

An alternative method for attaching blast tube is to use scat tubing attached to an aluminum flange with a band clamp. It is arguable that a screen is really needed in this application. In any event, aluminum flanges are available in several diameters at Spruce.

RV-3- F-1 Style Fuel Tank Vents ...Paul Dye RV-3

Here’s a quick picture of the vents we are going to try on the RV-3 project. Instead of running the vent lines into the cockpit and up (then back down) the sidewalls, we decided to give the F-1 Rocket “coiled vent tube” a try. Pretty simple to execute, and I have heard of no reported problems for the Rocket guys with this design.

We’ll let folks know how it works once we have some flight experience with it!

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Mon, Oct 17, 2011.  1122z
  Morning!  Got in a short .3hr flight Friday morning right after sunrise, and clicked off a few shots while the shadows were long and winds calm. 
All pictures zoomable (look for the magnifying glass after the jump), as well as the 'download photo' option if you want to save one of these for your wallpaper or anything else.
  I crave these kind of shots, but shooting through plexi makes getting them a semi-miracle.  It's one of the main reasons for the open cockpit RV-3B project - razor sharp focus and long morning shadows.
  Camera is a now-discontinued Canon PowerShot G9 set on 'do it all for me' and the photos are unprocessed.
  Unrelated, our son's Highland Village Saints flag football team won this weekend 36-22, unlike every other team I follow <g>.  Go Saints!

   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

see the rest

214NY First Flight!!! ...Andrew from TruTrak

Today was the big day! A quick chat with Alex D this morning and finish up a few little details and it was TIME!

214NY slipped the surly bonds of earth at 12:00 for a flawless first flight.

A special thanks to Rhonda @ Barrett Precision for a spectacular running engine, to Aerotronics for a perfect panel, to John Nys for helping finish it up, to Alex D for the transition training, and of course to Van for designing such an AMAZING MACHINE...and to my darling wife Carrie for the infinite support!

Here are a couple pics...notice the full Nomex flight suit and gloves :-)   (continue)

LOE 2011 in 6,200 miles ...Stephen Christopher

We targeted LOE as a kick off for a round robin trip to visit my folks in Florida and to drop in on family. A great week of flying and fun with lots of stops and visits along the way. Got to take my mom flying and gave rides to an aunt and uncle who were the most energetic and enthustiastic couple i have met in a long time... hope that I have the spirit and vitality when I am their age . (continue)

Operation 'Southbound' Headwinds!!!!! ..Ed DArcy

RV-3- Junior Tries on His Wings! ...Paul and Louise

Ah, they grow up so fast! It seems like only a few months ago that our RV-3 project (affectionately known around here as “Junior”) tried on his gear legs for the first time. And now, all of a sudden – he sprouted wings!

Even though we are building in our backyard hangar, we have been working towards getting everything possible complete on the fuselage before mounting the wings because ti meant finding temporary hangar space for one of the flying airplanes in order to make room for a new RV. Fortunately, we have generous neighbors, and Mikey and the Val have assured space just a few doors down, so this morning it was time enlist a little help and address one of my greatest fears on this project….would the Quick build wing fit the slow-build fuselage?! With a number of things that need to be built “to fit” in the area of the fuselage/wing intersection, we know that we’ll be pulling the spars out a few times yet, but we wanted to get the “big fit” out of the way and make a few measurements.  (more)

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RV-12 right out of GLO Custom ...eight photos (VAF advertiser).

fmi: www.GLOCustom.com


The RV-12 Forum

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Fri, Oct 14, 2011.  1103z
  Some days picking the picture for the top of the site is an absolute no brainer.  Today is one of those days thanks to my buddy Walt.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

1st Grade Open Hanger Day at 52F ...Walt Aronow of ExpAircraft.com

We were delighted today to have a field trip from one of the local elementary schools stop by for a visit. We had a great time showing them the airplanes, teaching a mini class on aerodynamics, how an airplane works, engines, propellers and doing "pilot" stuff.

Nothing like a large group of young eager energetic kids to keep you on your toes for a few hours. (continue)

Teenflight Two is Underway ...Van

The pretty little RV-12 shown here was built by a group of 12 teenagers under the tutelage of as many mentors drawn from local homebuilder ranks. Known as the “Teenflight Project”, their almost-two-year project was chronicled on the teenflight.blogspot.com site, plus a couple of Sport Aviation articles and regular mention in the RVator and Van’s Facebook page. In addition, a very enjoyable and informative video made by Portland Chapter 105 president Ron Singh is posted at the teenflight blogspot.

From the beginning, we had envisioned that Teenflight RV-12 construction would be a continuing activity. As part of that, Jerry VanGrunsven and Ron Poe, both retired and both flight instructors, began giving pre-solo instruction the “graduates” in the RV-12 they’d built. After the Teenflight RV-12 was flown to AirVenture 2011 (as reported in a 8-20-11 Facebook post) the organizers and participants spent the next month and half recovering from Oshkosh and other obligatory summer activities.

Now, we’re happy to report that Teenflight II is underway!

We had tentatively planned to build the next project in the Airway Science for Kids’ hangar at the Hillsboro, OR airport and set a tentative start-up date of Sept. 17th. As that date arrived, we did not have a project leader. (Scott McDaniels made it clear that he could not undertake this monumental task again, if he hoped to save his sanity and maintain domestic tranquility) Nor did we have a cadre of students and mentors in place, to say nothing of sponsors. We also found that the condition of the 1940 vintage hangar we’d planned to use was far from ready for our agenda.  (

Operation "Triangle" ...Vlad

The trip was well planned, I spent couple days charting it. Asked several questions and got couple nice suggestions. The main purpose was to visit the longest runway in my vicinity and take a look at fall colors in neighboring states. (continue)

Possible Group Buy on Fire Suppression System

BIRD STRIKE! I'm an ace ...Michael Robinson

I've had a few birdstrikes before, but tonight takes the cake.

Perfect evening to fly. I run over to Rosamond to get some gas for our trip to Chandler tomorrow. Upon my return to my home strip I perform the customary "low approach" to check the sock. Fairly low power, only about 165 knots - done it a million times... At the departure end, just as I start to pull for the downwind, I see the sunset blackened by a flock of birds fleeing the area. I duck just in time to save my eyes from shattered plexiglass and bird carcasses. After the "boom" I raise my head to see the large hole in the windscreen and blood and feathers all over the cockpit. As I pull into the left downwind I feel the blood running down my head... A hand swipe confirms that I'm bleeding. Logic tells me that even a small cut on the head bleeds profusely, but I still hope that I don't pass out from shock before I can get the thing on the ground. As it turns out, the approach and landing are non events and it is only when I shut the engine down in front of the hangar that the adrenaline really kicks in. In the aftermath it looks like I'm out one windscreen vs. three quail in the cockpit plus two more in the engine . I guess that makes me an ace, and very lucky to have my sight and life. Time to re-evaluate the value of the "low pass" to check the windsock. On the upside, I was looking for an excuse to do a flat wrap windscreen...

Go ahead and tell me how dumb the "low approach" is... I'm in no mood to argue. (more photos - blood)

On the gear ...Bob Johnson

One year ago I started constructing a building to build a RV-8 in. This past weekend we put it up on the gear. I had no idea how good that would make me feel. The wings are almost done also.

The time I have spent on looking up information has been plenty, but I'm glad we have this source for answers.

Officially an Airplane: Andrew's RV-4

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Thu, Oct 13, 2011.  1108z    Delta Romeo, LLC.   RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Yeah, I'm a proud RV pilot ...Luke Perazzolli

Florida DAR Found - My Project's an Aeroplane ...Gary Palinkas

After a month of waiting I received an email from the FAA Tampa FSDO last week. They were going to be too busy to do my Airworthiness Inspection and suggested a DAR.

I called around (Thanks Sam James) and found a DAR located in Ft Pierce, Fl (across the state from Venice Airport). Great guy who understood my frustration and made room in his schedule for me this week.

Today my project turned into a genuine aeroplane.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make first flight until late next week (unexpected trip to Ohio)

Here is the proud papa (and yaya) with their baby and a brand new pink slip.

Sensenich propeller has two that they cannot sell as brand-new ... save $150.

Move day...last Sunday ...Ryan Allen

Well last Sunday was the big Move day. Came about a year earlier than I planned due to we bought a new house and didn't want to move the plane twice in a year. I also have spent the last month or so building a hangar door with the a help of a friend at the airport. (it doesn't take that long, but I was very busy and only could get to the airport once or twice a week to work on it) Was a lot a work, but worth it in the end. Bought the hangar door hardware in instructions from The Ulitmate Hangar Door.

After looking around for trailers to borrow I ended up renting a 26' Uhaul truck and was able to get the wings and fuse transported in one trip...but I forgot to get pics of that.

Ongoing Maintenance Issues
Time to Retire the Air Hose ...Paul Dye

I'm not sure how long I've had this particular hose in the shop, but I bet I bought it at Builder's Square - that should date it a bit....what, 15 years or so? Interestingly enough, this had no external leaks (yet), but clearly it was leaking from an end fitting into the outer jacket. (continue)

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● From Tina....

Neighbor kids got into my shop ...Aaron Arvig

Yep you guessed it. I forgot to lock the door and the little "fill in the blanks" got in and did this to my right elevator (of course the top)...

I tried so hard to have a dent free empennage, I even replaced this skin previously because of a dent. Now those little rascals did this. Is this fillable or do I have to replace the skin?  Lesson learned, lock the shop...oh and don't expect a perfect plane...

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Wed, Oct 12, 2011.  1100z   Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

First Flight G-CGYI, UK ...Mike Newall

Another one flies!  Flew this 12 today - I own a 7 but was asked by the owner if I would do the fly off in this one, which I gladly offered to do.  Waited for weather - don't we all - got a frontal clearance with 2,000 overcast and superb visibility.  Got airborne, flew beautifully, slight left wing low which we will soon cure.

I have flown the AT3 LSA before (s2taero.com).  Similar but different if you see.  I thought the RV12 was an excellent machine, well balanced, superb vis as per our 7 tip up.

Did 90 minutes, hopefully will get more done by the weekend....

Air to Air Photo Shoot ...Kevin Horton

Early Saturday morning I finally did an air to air photo shoot with Peter Lubig, a professional aviation photographer. We've been trying to make this happen since early this year, but something always got in the way - my schedule, his schedule, my aircraft U/S, his aircraft U/S, etc.

We briefed on the phone, then I got airborne just after 7 AM, after waiting for some low fog to move off. We rendezvoused overhead the airport at Peterborough, then did the photos. The results were definetly worth the wait. You can see a whole bunch more images from the session in the gallery on his site. (more)

Across Australia to a Fly-In

My wife and I are flying our 9A across the width of Australia to a fly-in at Langley Park Perth. The fly-in is being organized by the local branch of the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA). Have a look at Langley Park on Google Earth. You will see that it is virtually in the CBD.
The park is being converted to an airfield for the weekend and about 100 mainly experimental registered aircraft will be there. The airfield is short with obstacles and we have to prove before hand that we are up to the task before being allowed to participate. (continue)

Incredible Journey, the trailer

In The Shop....
Steve Stella RV-10 Status

Well its been a long time coming ( four and a half years to be exact) and finally the tailcone was mated to the fuselage this weekend. Everything connected perfectly and its just about time to sit in it and make airplane noises

Propeller Party

My good buddy Mark built a show plane. Once in a while during last couple years I visit his hangar to pick his brains. He didn't charge me yet so I kept coming They have very active EAA Chapter and do some incredible things at KPTW.

This time Mark changed his propeller and invited everybody for a party. Weather was not cooperating so I saddled my yellow pony and departed.

To find Mark's place is really easy. You drive two something hours until you see two large chimneys, then turn left and airport is right there. (continue)

Panel ON ...Steve Eberhart

And no smoke was released.    Shows the GDU 370 and GPSMap 696 with weather sitting together in the panel.

RV Transition Training News ...from the factory Facebook page.

"RV Transition Training instructor Alex De Dominicis has just added an RV-7A to his fleet of airplanes.  Based at the Eagles Nest airpark, just south of Dallas/Ft.Worth, Alex offers transition training in the RV-7, RV-7A and RV-10.  Contact Alex for scheduling and details at www.rvtraining.com.

Van´s believes - strongly believes - that transition training is important to any prospective RV pilot, whether they build their own airplane or acquire on already finished.  You can see a list of Transition Training pilots at www.vansaircraft.com/public/trainfly.htm."

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Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011.  1107z    Delta Romeo, LLC. RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

LOE'11 Write Up ...Russ Daves (event co-chair)

Russ & Ann Daves arrived at Weatherford, Oklahoma on Thursday afternoon to start getting everything together for the Fly-In. Russ considered it an honor to be asked to serve as Co-Chair of the event along with Russ Kamtz.

Friday dawned windy and cloudy, but the winds were right down the runway from the South. Everyone coming in from the South and Southwest had a great tailwind. Coming down from the North was very problematic both for extremely strong headwinds as well as lots of thunderstorms and rain.

Andrew and Fernando, in the TruTtrk RV-12, were the first arrivals on Friday morning. About a dozen airplanes flew in on Friday, but a number of people drove in for the event. Lucille’s Road House provided Hamburgers and Hotdogs for Lunch on both Friday and Saturday, with 100% of the monies paid for lunch donated to the Charity ($391.00 total). Lucille’s and the City of Weatherford each donated ½ of the cost of the food for Friday and Saturday lunches and Lucille’s provided their cooking wagon and staff to cook and serve lunch.

After a great Friday of visiting and talking airplanes, we had a free beer and wine social provided by American’s Aircraft Engines, ECI, and Coop’s AleHouse who brought their beer wagon over from OK City. After the social most everyone went to Lucille’s for dinner on Friday night.

Saturday morning dawned partly cloudy with strong winds and a few more people flew in for the day. The Texas OU football game wasn’t very lively, what with most of the Dallas crowd being weathered in. It may have been good that one of the Dallas RV-8 builders wasn’t present; otherwise the big screen TV might have had beer bottles thrown at it. The crew from Lucille’s cooked hot dogs and hamburgers outside in the cook wagon but served lunch inside in the large screen TV room because by lunch the rain had started and continued the rest of the day and into the night.

Saturday evening, going over to the big hanger for the social with the rain coming down pretty hard, and seeing ONLY 11 airplanes on the ramp (6 left early to beat the weather) gave me a little concern about getting enough raffle tickets sold to at least raise as much for the BACKPACK FOOD 4 KIDS charity as we had given them last year. But true to form the small crowd that flew and drove to the Fly-In dug deep in their pockets and we raised more for the BACKPACK FOOD 4 KIDS charity this year than we did last year. As co-chairs of LOE 2011 our heartfelt thanks go out to those who left money for the charity even though they left and went home early, as well as those who sent money with others, and especially those at the Fly-In who dug deep at the very end to make this a great event! The rain certainly did not dampen the spirit of this crowd!

The City of Weatherford, through John Creswell, the airport manager, had booked 100 meals with the catering company for Saturday night’s BBQ banquet. With only about 50 there to feed, I approached John about the possibility of attempting to get some of the participants to buy some of the barbeque to take back home and John told me that he had asked the caterer to smoke and cook the extra meats partially and pull it off the smoker so they could freeze it and use it for another city activity later this year. John indicated that the City of Weatherford was happy to absorb the extra cost. John Creswell and his ‘girl Friday’, Sharon Fleming, went above and beyond to try and make us not only feel welcome this year and last year, but also made it clear that they want us to keep coming back.

For those of you who missed LOE 2011 you will surely want to plan on making it next year, even if you have to drive.

Thanks again for making this the biggest, per capita, LOE fund raiser ever!

Russ Kamtz and Russ Daves
A/K/A Little Russ & Big Russ
LOE 2011

- LOE'11 Prize Winners

- About the LOE'11 Charity

Trip Write-Up: Niagra Falls / Buffalo Bills ...Tony Kelly (in multiple parts)

VAF Family
Rest in Peace: Mr. Paul Lipps

- Mr. Lipps is 'elippse' in the forums

● Some Ed Hicks Photos ...photographer in Bristol, UK.

Totally Off Topic

Monday, Oct 10, 2011.  1126z
  The Food 4 Kids charity there in Weatherford, Oklahoma got more money this year than they did last year, the Baylor Bears won and Texas and Oklahoma got some much-needed rain.  It was a great weekend.  Special thanks to the event co-chairs Russ Daves and Russ Kamtz, John, Sharon and the rest of the fine folks at the Weatherford Oklahoma airport FBO, the wonderful companies that provided raffle prizes, and finally, the unbelievably generous people that gave their hard-earned money to a needy charity through the raffle.
  Russ 1 or Russ 2 will most likely write up a few thoughts on the event here in a day or two or three, so I will just provide
a link to the pictures that I took, complete with (some) captions.  One thing of special note though, Andrew from TruTrak drew the winning tickets for both the Classic Aero seats ($2,400) and the 20% discount off the America's Aircraft / ECi engine ($5,700), and then insisted in both cases that they draw another winner.  You want to talk about generating goodwill toward your company?  There it is, friend.  If you are building a RV (or any other airplane for that matter), and you think you want to put in and autopilot....consider TruTrak.
  Hoping you had a great weekend and that your Monday goes swell!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

LOE 2011 Pireps ...and pictures.

Tanya Card photo of TruTrak's Andrew Barker holding down his RV-12 in the wind on Friday.

First flight of N433BC ...Brian Cutler RV-7A

On Wednesday, October 5th, "Muttley" finally kissed the earth goodbye for the first time for 2 successful flights! No major squawks, and test pilot Tom Berge said the plane flew just fine...Looking forward to many years of great flying.....thanks to all!

A date with Maddy - part I ...Darren Scarlett

Saturday dawned and I found myself in a unique situation. My better half was away for the weekend, Grandma had some of the kids, the Nanny was watching some of the other kids which left me with only one of the five to “babysit”. Madeline, my second daughter is 11 and is the only one of the five that can handle flying in the RV – aerobatics and all. She loves it and has been wanting for some time to go for a ride.
(continue with part I)

Part II

RV-3- Cockpit Details ...Paul Dye

We’re in that stage of building on the RV-3 where everything is details. As fast as a can build a To Do list and post it on the shop door, I find myself penciling in other little things that I didn’t think about, and only came up with as I was staring at the project. Cross some off, add one or two – the other day the list went from three pages down to two, so we must be winning! Everything is headed towards finishing as much as possible before hanging the wings – it’s just easier to work on the fuselage when the wings are off, and we have some more fiberglass finishing to do.

So here are a few completed cockpit finishing details. Te first is heat – we finally finished the Half-raven inverted oil installation, and that left room for both a heat muff and a heater box – so they’re now installed. Of course, that meant that I had to find a way to control the heat, and that was accomplished with a clever little gear-thingy I picked up used at Air Salvage of Dallas a couple of years ago. Turning the knob results in a push or pull on a Bowden cable, and voila – the heat comes on and off! Next to the heater knob is the switch for the heated seats – a little luxury that weighs less than a pound, and Oregon Aero incorporated when they built the cushions. (continue)

VAF Family
Flown West: Mr. Dean Hall

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 121,000 feet in 92 seconds

Fri, Oct 7, 2011.  1100z
  See you at LOE'11 in Weatherford Oklahoma this weekend!  As I type this the Wx looks like you can get in Friday, it'll rain Saturday, then you can get out Sunday.  Hope that forecast holds.  The raffle prizes are pretty awesome this year, especially considering the state of the economy.  The local charity there in Weatherford Oklahoma that feeds hungry children is hopefully going to get a big handful of cash this weekend, made possible by 100% of the raffle and concession sales.   I will have a total for you Monday morning (and pictures).
  Wishing you a happy, safe and RV filled weekend!
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

RV-10 Virtual Status Report ...Scott Flandermeyer (Peachtree City, GA)

"Bring on the doors..."

related: The RV-10 Forum

LOE'11 Raffle Prizes...event this weekend. 
       We give 100% of the money raised to a local charity.

-20% off ECi 340-S engine courtesy ECi and America's aircraft engines.
-Aviator Seats in Ultraleather ($2,442 value) www.classic.aero
-TruTrak Gift Certicate ($1000)
-GLO Custom would like to donate $1000.00 off a complete paint job for a RV-10 or $500.00 of all other RV's. Plus anyone booking a complete paint job during LOE or the month of October, GLO will do all the pinhole filling on the fiberglass, Value is up to $1000.00.
-Vetterman Exhaust System (4-cylinder) $975
-Abby at Flightline Interiors donated $600.00 gift certificate
-Dynamic prop balance ( $150 value) courtesy Walt Aronow of www.ExpAircraft.com
-VFR transponder certification ( $100 value) courtesy Walt Aronow of www.ExpAircraft.com
-Airworthiness inspection certificate valued at $450 courtesy Mel Asberry.
-$100 gift certificate from Van's.
-Put Avery Tools down for a $300.00 gift certificate for tools / merchandise from the store. Courtesy of Bob & Judy Avery
-Vertical POWER donated a $300.00 gift certificate off of any VP system
-Brad at E Mag donated 4 sets of auto plug adapters $272.00 value
-$200 coupon to give away at the LOE courtesy http://www.eicommander.com/
-Bob Snedaker of Fairings - Etc. is donating a set of upper main intersection fairings for and RV valued at $145.00
-Jason Krause of JD Air Parts is providing a $200.00 gift card, good for any of their products (Tail Wheel Items, Rudder Pedal Extensions, Fuel Vents, Fuel Fairings, Canopy Handles, Tip Up Canopy Latch, or RV Interior Handles).
-Bonaco, Inc. brake kit and gift certificate.
-CS-8 Aircraft Grip courtesy tostenmanufacturing.com $125 value
-Romeo Victor Aerospace donated 1 set of RV-8 rudder pedal extensions and 1 brake master cylinder return spring kit
-Doug Bell Tailwheel fork ($220 value)
-Ken with Desser Tire will donate a set of (2) 500-5 6 ply or (2) 600-6 ply retreads .
-ForeFlight is donating 1 Subscription Value $74.99
-Don Pansier of Delta Pop Aviation is donating 3 Transponder Antennas, valued at $69.95 each.
-From Aerosport Products
 -) $500.00 discount coupon for any products totally more than $1000.00.
 -) 1 set of RV-10 cowl pin covers cost 95.00
 -) 1 set of RV-7 or 7A cowl pin covers cost 95.00
 -) 1 $200 coupon for any Aerosport Product merchandise

Event Specifics


Friday, October 7
 7 AM: donuts and coffee at airport
 9 AM through 5 PM: Museum open
 4 PM: beer social hosted by America's Aircraft Engines
       and Engine Components

Saturday, October 8
 7 AM: doughnuts and coffee at airport
 9:30 AM through 4:30 PM: shuttle van from airport to downtown
11 AM: OU vs UT game shwon in Apollo room
 1 PM through 5 PM: Museum open
 4 PM: beer social hosted by America's Aircraft Engines
       and Engine Components
 7 PM: barbecue dinner and raffle prize drawing

Sunday, October 9
7 AM: doughnuts and coffee at airport

The Reward Factor...

...in Dan's equation always comes out the winner when flying an RV. But sometimes in ways you don't expect.

( RISK=<REWARD in another thread )

Blasted off in beautiful fall weather this morning. The mission was to find some cheap fuel (no luck) and drop in on a few friends at one of the local airports.

The air was smooth as glass at 1500' to start with, almost surreal. Such conditions are rare and last only as long as the sun hasn't heated the surface. By 11 a squirrelly wind ranging from 160 to 190 began to change things from the surreal to a real normal flying day.

After the fuel stop, lunch and airborne again, the GPS revealed 20 knots of south wind at 1500', with almost none on the surface. The ride was rougher 'n a cob, one of those times when its best to pull the air speed back to those 2 little blue lines on the ASI.

I knew the landing on our skinny 2200x25' runway with its trees to clear would be interesting - and it was. The ride down final was a lot rougher than I care to sit through and at about 20' the bottom dropped out as a quartering head wind must have ceased. It was one of those OH SHxT deals, haul back on the stick and try to catch it before hitting the runway. There wasn't time to come in with power and as it turned out the aircraft did hit the runway and immediately was airborne again as full elevator finally took over. Not what? Cob power to it or salvage a landing? The machine began to sink again even before power came up, this time aft stick caught it for a second, squeaker landing. Whew! Glad that's over.

The reward factor here is a decent airplane that responds about as fast as your brain can compute - which sometimes takes a few micro seconds - from sensing a sinking sensation to doing something about it. They say instinctive reaction time is best when you're young, could be true, hate to admit it, but it could be true.

Well, I walked (taxied) away from the double arrival. You can go for weeks with nothing but admirable landings and then one day it all hits the fan just that quick.
David Domeier
RV-7A N707DD

New Product for RV-8 - Map Compartment ...VAF advertiser announcement.

Ok here's our latest offering for the RV-8 guys/gals. A right hand cockpit map compartment.

Keeps stuff like cell phones and eye glass cases from getting away. Pics below are from our prototype.  $85.00 ea comes with door, latch and hinge.

Advertiser's Corner...sent in by the advertisers of this site.
● Some specials from Tina at Tina's pilot shop

Totally Off Topic

Thu, Oct 6, 2011.  1105z
  Getting close to LOE'11!  Raffle list is getting big and we're planning on giving 100% of the money raised to a local charity for kids there in Weatherford, OK.  Might rain some, and I'll drive if I have to.  Looking forward to really taking my time through the Tom Stafford air/space museum there.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Monument Valley Flight ...Will Carlton (RV-7A EM)


First RV Fly-in, Pergamino 2011, ARGENTINA

In The Shop....
Wheel Bearing Grease

I'm mounting the wheels and tires now. I did a search on the Grease subject and found that water and moisture seem to be an issue.

I live in FL and taxi ways having standing water is common after an afternoon shower.

I'm thinking of using Marine Bearing Grease that is water resistant. Good to temps of 500F (150F higher then the Aeroshell called for in plans)

*** as a note: now the bearings come clean and unpacked with shipping grease.

Any thoughts on using Marine Grease? I can guarantee I'll slosh through a few puddles getting back to the Hanger.


Due Diligence
Some help understanding the RV-6 choice, please

I've made a bit of a pilgrimage here at VAF and have surely benefited greatly by the advice so far...and now I find myself here on the '6' forum.

I originally came to VAF because of my interest in building a RV-12, after a great introduction by Mitch Locke. However, I've been troubled by its low value equation (cost + effort vs. the size, payload & level of performance provided). That led me in turn to the RV-9. (We have cross-country plans and, aside from my Navy son who can meet his need in other ways, no one has aerobatic aspirations). I was again provided a very pleasing intro flight in a 9A (beautiful 779RV based at CRG) but, on reflection, both the total kit cost and the build time are higher than I'm willing to accept. And so...we now find ourselves (Patricia is also a pilot) looking at 6's & 6A's out there on the For Sale lots. But other than the Vans website and some unproductive lurking here, we really don't have a feel for what we'd be accepting (relative to the 9 and 7 series) if going with the older design and the no-CNC kit build.

I'm no doubt missing some key topics...but could I please ask some of you to address the following Q's that we have?

  • is the 6 more 'twitchy' (one notch past 'responsive', let's say) than the later side-by-side models? (I realize the 9A I tried on isn't quite like a 7).
  • for those of you who are familiar with the later SxS models, is the 6 noticeably smaller and/or with a less functional luggage area? are there any significant differences in the form factor (e.g. range of seat adjustment, wing loading, slow flight characteristics)?
  • we don't have tailwheel endorsements; just how much more of a handful is a 6 than a 6A in crosswinds, assuming the training is good and the students are capable?
  • and perhaps our main concern: how much more variability in build quality might exist in a 6 model (vs. the later CNC-punched models), and so more of a risk if the pre-buy isn't as thorough as we thought we would be getting?

If there are some other topics worth considering, we'd surely welcome hearing about them. And many thanks for your patience and coaching as we (continue to) climb the RV Learning Curve.


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New Tungsten Bucking Bar Available From Avery Tools ..."all bars on sale now for 10% off

Totally Off Topicc

Rest in Peace Mr. Steve Jobs (1955-2011).  I have an auto-calendar entry that reminds me to watch this speech once a year.  It was given in 2005 at Stanford.  He was one of the good ones.  dr

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary." 


Hump Day, Oct 5, 2011.  1106z   Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Matterhorn Baby! ...hat sighting.

Bonnie and I have spent the last month in Europe and could not leave for home without posting a picture of us with a VAF hat at the Matterhorn. Have had a great visit but it is time to head home.

Tom & Bonnie Lewis (RV-10)

New Advertiser: www.PanAmericanTool.com

"Pan American Tool is America's largest in-stock supplier of quality aircraft cutting tools.  Home of the Nova® Pneumatic aircraft tools, clecos, cobalt drills, carbide drills, double margin drills, threaded and piloted reamers, countersinks and much more. Pan American Tool Corporation is proud to supply the aviation and aerospace industries with superior aircraft cutting tools."

Carrying dogs in RV

We have got a dog (German shepherd about 60 lb) and hoping to take her on trips with us. So I was wondering how many people take their dog in a RV7 or similar and what has been their general experience with that? What is the longest leg one can expect to go with her in the back?

Calculation shows W/B should be all good with the weight.

Any tips in how to put her in the RV would be appreciate it.

  Some Replies:

Be sure to secure the pet. My friends unsecured dog leaped into his lap at lift off causing a crash

Here's how I load my 70# golden retriever in the baggage area. I bought a couple of rubberbacked bath mats/rugs. One goes on the wing walk area and the other goes over the side of the fuselage. I remove the passenger seat for loading access. The first time he wasn't sure what was happening but now jumps right in. For CG purposes, I remove everything else from the baggage area. Try this link for pictures of the process.

I usually wait until after I start the engine before I place the Mutt-Muffs over my dog's ears. He seems to realize what they are for when I do that

Let the good times roll

Fed Ex delivered the next 2-3 years of basement happiness to my door the other day. The wings are here and the empennage is done. My helpers Levi and Chase approve of the next stage of the build...(continue)

Aviation investigation report: in-flight separation and impact with terrain ...14 page PDF file.

From the transportation safety Board of Canada.  This was published a while back, but in case you haven't read it I think it's a good idea to put a link to this on the front page periodically.  A very thorough investigation, and a lot to be learned from this piece.

Factory Site: First Flights Page

Totally Off Topic

Tue, Oct 4, 2011.  1039z   Delta Romeo, LLC.  RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Van's Aircraft and Those Amazing RVs (Flying Magazine October '11 issue)

...read the article online, even if you don't have a subscription.

VAF Family
Update on Rick Gray

Rocket Landing playing with HD ...John Meyers post

Photographer had HD movie camera (Panasonic 700 series)... so we got some interesting shots, airborne and on ground. Editing HD is a chore compared with prior experience (before HD) using old Windows Movie Maker. A lot of neat stuff disappeared with advent of Windows Live Movie Maker.

Harmon Rocket II herein... aimed at photographer:


TV Story on Mark Spry (RV-8)

Flight Testing
Phase 1 & Control Towers

I have a hanger at Reno (KRNO). I am debating doing the first flights (Phase 1) at Reno or going to an uncontrolled airport.

What is the group experience with doing Phase 1 at a controlled airport? I am planning a structured testing with plenty of taxi tests, etc. This is easier at an uncontrolled field, but quite workable with the Reno traffic levels (and three runways).

I like the idea of being at a major airport in case anything goes wrong. And it is easy to stay over uncongested areas around Reno. But, how much, if any, push back should I expect from the FSDO and / or Local Tower?

  Some Replies:

I'll bet your plane is a beauty.

I flew my Phase 1 flights out of Chino which I know you are familiar with. The tower gave me no problems whatever. The paper given me by the DAR gave specific limitations on flying during that period. For the normal testing I was given a transition corridor from the airport over Corona, down the east side of Saddleback then directly east to a fairly small diameter test area over a reservoir from which I could see the Mt. Palomar Observatory. I did not have the option to go over to Corona for example and conduct phase 1 operations at the non-tower airport. It has been 7 years since I made the first flight so my memory is a little fuzzy but you may be able to work with your DAR or FAA rep. to get a satisfactory set of restrictions - I never tried. My first flight however, was one trip around the pattern, land remove the cowl and inspect. I did essential testing of ground operation systems during very limited taxi testing - the only high speed taxi testing I did was on the first flight takeoff roll. I have not been into Reno since 1987 when we went to the races with the Flying Club so I don't have a good Idea of its compatibility with Phase 1 testing. Bob Mills is based at Stead and is a SWA pilot so he may chime in with something here.

You were planning to build a RV-8 as I recall from our e-mail exchange from several years ago (it took me 8 years). I am so glad to see that you have reached this point. I am certain you enjoyed the build process and will enjoy the flying experience as well. Hope the wife and kids are fine.

Your old (1984) instrument student,
Bob Axsom

Event News
'11 Copperstate RV-10 Nest....Myron Nelson

Time for the Fourth (and last) annual Copperstate RV10 nest. (Fifth and last will be next year).

I hope to be set up all three days. Definitely the last two. All are welcome anytime for a shady place to crash and relax and grab something out of the cooler. Carne Asada luncheon Saturday noonish.

Hope to see a great turnout as we have each year so far.

Reklaw Fly-In Cancelled This Year (fire danger too great)



Totally Off Topic

Mon, Oct 3, 2011.  1114z
  The Cowboys lost twice this weekend.  Once on Sunday to the Lions and earlier on Saturday when the Highland Village Saints defeated the Highland Village Cowboys 12-6 in flag football.  I was kind of happy about the Saturday loss, as my son is a HV Saint <g>.
  Sunday morning I took my wife's yoga friend Sherry up for her first flight in a small airplane.  Liked it (husband Steve's photo at right).  Then took Steve up so he could shoot about a hundred photos of Lake Lewisville - he's as passionate about fishing as we all are about airplanes.  The lake is down and now is the time to get photos of areas you can't usually see.
  A nice weekend, and hope yours was also.  Go HV Saints.
   Delta Romeo, LLC.
             RV-6 / 3 / My Thoughts on Safety

Millie flies from Florida to Texas ...David Maib (RV-10)

We had a successful and rewarding Pilots n Paws rescue on Saturday. Millie, a senior (10 years old) German Shorthair Pointer was adopted by a family in the Dallas area last year. The family later moved to Titusville, FL. Apparently, they had some changes in their life and abandoned Millie. She was picked up by animal control wandering the streets of Titusville a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to her microchip, the rescue agency in Texas was notified and they wanted Millie back. So, Pilots n Paws was called in to action. I picked Millie up right around sunrise on Saturday at the Arthur Dunn Airpark (X21) in Titusville. Dorothy, her FL foster "mom", and a friend handed her over to me for the first leg of her trip. (continue)

Time Flies-First Passenger ...Paul Merems

Today was a wonderful moment in my life, my first passenger in my RV-7A. What makes this so special is that my first passenger was my daughter Katie. She was the only "passenger" ever to sit my my RV-4 (had to sell it to feed the family when it was finished, I never flew it). 25 years later almost to the day the 1986 photo was taken, we flew together, a moment I will always cherish.

Time sure flies. I'm getting old.....

Thinking really really long term ...Larry Pardue

Mr. Jeff Bezos; some people are criticizing him for the way he spends his money, but it is his money and I am kind of enjoying following some of his projects. Some of them are pretty near me in an area north of Van Horn, Texas. A few months ago I started hearing about the 10,000 year clock that Mr. Bezos has reportedly put more than 40 million dollars into. I went to the Website and saw that the location is in the Sierra Diablo Mountain Range. That range is almost entirely privately owned so it makes it difficult to try to find out where this project is or get a look at it, but, I have an RV.  (continue)

In The Shop....
RV-1 Work Day #3 - PHOTOS

VAF Family
In the Frederick News-Post ....on Bob Calo.


VansAirForce.net Gear Sightings

Chateau de Versailles.


4800 nm. in an RV-10

The Tailgaters

Iowa State is 4+ hrs away by car from the homestead in the Twin Cities. We were blessed with great weather in the midwest today, so Andi and I took the 90 min flight to Ames to see college friends and eat good food

Eventful flight

After filling up with some cheap fuel at LBX I’m leveled off back to BYY short hop 15 min. I felt something moving on the top of my head and it’s not my earmuff strap. So I reach up and brush it off… this is where things got exciting. A Bumble BEE comes fly around form my right shoulder eye level between the wind screen and my nose. I know this thing needed position light, black and yellow, nose art said Kill, samurai sword for a stinger a thousand steely eyes look at me as he slowly circled my head. I’m telling my self fly the airplane, and stay calm that’s a lot easier said than done. That last 6 or 7 minutes of flight had to be and hour. Just as soon as my wheel touched the canopies was slid open. After putting my 9 back in the hanger getting a cold water looking at my baby what do I see a bumble bee fly out of my plane an out the hanger door. Plenty of excitement for one day.
Has anything like this happened to any one else?

Event News
Mark Burns Photos of Team RV at Jackson, MS Saturday

Totally Off Topic